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Park Gun Hyung

Name: 박건형 / Park Gun-hyung (Park Geon-hyeong)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1977-Nov-1
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Namoo Actors

TV Series

Working Mom Parenting Daddy (MBC, 2016)
Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)
I Do, I Do (MBC, 2012)
Syndrome (jTBC, 2012)
The Kingdom of The Winds (KBS2, 2008)
When Spring Comes (KBS2, 2007)
Miss Kim Makes 1 Million (SBS, 2004)


The Royal Tailor (2014)
Smile Bus (2011)
Mr.Wacky/Saeng, Nal Seon Saeng (2006)
Riverbank Legends/ Ddukbbang Jeonseol (2006)
Innocent Steps/Daenseo-ui sunjeong (2005)
DMZ (2004)

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  1. 1 : sim Says:

    saw him in `INNOCENT STEP\’.. all i can say is he’s sooooooo smashing and cute.. *^ ^*

  2. 2 : mm Says:

    hi gun hyung, i like you so much… especially your personality.. i like you dance…you entices anyone….do movies in dancing like innocent steps…i’ll wait more from you..take care of your career…wanted to watch you even just in movies…aja…u can do it

  3. 3 : mdee Says:

    gun hyung,,show up in movies..your the best you’re so calm and gorgeous…dancedancedance…thre’s always something when you dance..meet me nxt life….

  4. 4 : jm5 Says:

    great movie!! very good acting…good luck!

  5. 5 : Moon Geun Young Says:

    annyong haseyo!

    gosh wen i saw him in the movie,innocent steps,
    my gosh he make me groove and really he dance so great and he dance
    actually moon geun young is a perfect match 4 him..
    they had that so called”chemistry”,like wen they dance
    hope that they well make another movie like that with moon..
    and actually me and my friends was so touch on their love story
    that we cried.hu3x
    thats a great movie..

    keep it up!!!

  6. 6 : DESIREE Says:


  7. 7 : norakasmira Says:

    i’m a fan from malaysia..
    honestly, i fall in love to gun hyung when i first saw him in innocent steps…
    god he’s so cool…
    my heart beats faster everytime he starts a dance move…
    i’m looking forward for gun hyung’s next act…
    all the best….

  8. 8 : Lena Says:

    hi Mr. Park..!!! i realy like ur movie innocent steps with moon… you 2 are really a great dancer… no doubts…
    i hope u can do another movie like that again..

    2 tell u d truth i fell inlove with you when i first watch dat mOvie..
    and i consider it as one of my favorite movie of all time…

    Goodluck and may Godbless u always…


  9. 9 : Ashley Says:

    Loved the character you played in “When Spring Comes.” Looking forward to seeing more!

  10. 10 : hanin Says:

    he’s sooooo cute and gorgeous! loved him to the max in innocent steps and adored him in mr. wacky! hugs headin’ your way GH! (“,)

  11. 11 : littlemissy Says:


    Hope the producer of any movie in Soulth Korea, make a new movie again which is the actress & actor are Moon Geun Young & Park Gun Hyung again … I Lov them both … they hav Chemistry….
    Please..please…. make movie of them both again ….

    hope all the best for them both

  12. 12 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong haesayo !! Bugushippo !! Chukahaeyo in BAD LOVE!!!
    I’ve seen u in INNOCENT STEP but much better in BAD LOVE…..
    I luv both yr acting which so arrogant on surface but so soft in heart in INNOCENT STEP and so cute & humble in BAD LOVE….I’m quite surprise that u r still young coz u look older than yr age…Wiz tt kind of body & posture, u cud kills any girl wiz yr look & body…keep it up Gun Hyung!! Wish u all the best in yr career!! Saranghaeyo….Ta nyo o gesseoyo….

  13. 13 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong haesayo !! Bugushippo !! Chukahaeyo in WHEN SPRING COMES!!!

    Choe song hamneda, I was caught up wiz wrong drama & wrong hero. Byianea…I’ve seen u in INNOCENT STEP but much better in WHEN SPRING COMES…..I luv both yr acting which so arrogant on surface but so soft in heart in INNOCENT STEP and so cute & humble in WHEN SPRING COMES.

    I’m quite surprise that u r still young coz u look older than yr age…Wiz tt kind of body & posture, u cud kills any girl …keep it up Gun Hyung!! Just wondering how u wud look like in yr classic costume (ham boko)?? I think u will look great…keep that cheeky smile always! U make my day!!
    Wish u all the best in yr career!! Saranghaeyo….Ta nyo o gesseoyo….

  14. 14 : sang hee Says:

    Annyoung Park Geon — i love your movie Innocent Steps which I just started watching yesterday! You’re so cool & a gentleman in your role as Na Young — very good chem with Moon Geun & i hope you make another drama or movie with her cause your chemistry was just great in this movie! More power to you & God bless! Aja

  15. 15 : selva Says:

    I wish you do good role in kingdom of the winds

  16. 16 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    i wish see u new drama with sig

  17. 17 : ann Says:

    love your character do jin in the kindom of the winds.
    your acting is great and you look so handsome.
    hope to see you in a lot of episodes.

  18. 18 : yara Says:

    I think you’re a very talented and charismatic young actor.

    you play the role of Dojing very well in KOTW.

    good luck

  19. 19 : peachy Says:

    congrats to the great role in kotw….you and SIG is amazing!!! wonderful performance! more power and more career’s to come!!god bless…

  20. 20 : hope Says:

    u r a very charismatic and talented actor, ur skills are increadible i like u a lot in KOTW…

  21. 21 : inchristalone12 Says:

    Love Kingdom of the Winds!! Great job acting in it. I really cannot hate your character Dojin. Take care!!

  22. 22 : Cristina Says:

    Great performance in Kingdom of the Winds. Really couldn’t hate your character on it. Wish you goodluck and more projects and more good things to come in your life! CONGRATULATIONS!

  23. 23 : houaida Says:

    he was excellent in the kingdom of winds , i don’t know him befor but i will look for he’s films he’s an interessent actor.good luck.

  24. 24 : Irene Says:

    I just finished watching Kingdom of the Wind with my mother on Korean Broadcast TV in Washington State. I am half korean on my mothers side and I dont speak the lanuage. But I did watch this drama with my mother because it had english sub titles and I just love your acting and your a very handsome man. I hope to see you in more drama’s like Kingdom of the Wind. I love the Old history type movies and I get to learn of my culture that I don’t know about…..

  25. 25 : parial Says:

    love you and i hope come in iran

  26. 26 : Cristina Says:

    Hey, Mr. Park! What are doing lately? wish we could see you in another series or movie. I miss you already!

  27. 27 : Arezoo Says:

    Hi Mr Geon. i m from IRAN.u r actorsexcellent.

  28. 28 : Arezoo Says:

    Hi Mr Geon.i m from IRAN.u r actors excellent.

  29. 29 : A.S.K Says:

    Hate is easy; love takes courage.

    Have a good time in your life.

    A.S.K – Iran

  30. 30 : taha Says:

    hi Mr.park u were great in kingdom of the winds . i saw u same with song il gook and also u are great than him to play in moo hyul personality . u are great acter. love u so much

  31. 31 : toktam Says:

    i saw that someone from iran were here im iranian too
    gun hyung u were the best actor in”the kingdom of the winds” because your character was the hardest.good luck.im waiting for even better works from u+u have very good and strong voice i love it
    god bless u honey

  32. 32 : Karina Says:

    He is smoooooooooooooooooky Hot…!!!

  33. 33 : Ala Says:

    Hi Park. You are really graet in acting.when I watch your palying in (The kingdom of the wind),I really enjoy.when you cry,smile in fact give alot of sense to me. I hope you Are ok in evry conditions of your life.

  34. 34 : AREFEH Says:

    Annyong haseyo
    Hi Dear Geon hyung, you are my favorite actor and i want to communicate with u & i want to watch u in another movie because i just see one of your serial :(THE KINGDOM OF THE WIND)i really like your hair model in the film.
    i am learning HAN GUK so that i want to come korea.(kyerhon haseyasemnika?) Iwish to succeed, Do pepkessemnida
    god bless u
    (kamsaham nida ORABONIIIIIIII)

  35. 35 : zhino Says:

    Dear Park!

    u are a great actor and u have got many fans here in iran. i hope u would act in another nice movie like kingdom of the winds. we are waiting for that!

    lots of love

  36. 36 : neda Says:

    hi mr. park i want you to come in iran(tehran).u r as good as soong ill gook.iranian love u so much.please play more serials or movies.

  37. 37 : ariyan Says:

    hi i see most of your movies just for u. all of us in iran want to see u . come as soon as u can.

  38. 38 : marzieh Says:

    hi dear park i come from iran iwant to tell you , i love you very much you are the best actor in korea please come to esfahan in iran i love to see you i hope to be successful in future

  39. 39 : marzieh Says:

    hi honey i come from iran you were very well in kingdom of the wind you were better than moohyool i love you so much and i love to seeyou in iran i misssssssss you already i do not forget youuuu at the end i want to tell you saraniooooooooooo

  40. 40 : KimchiLee Says:

    Love your superb acting in Kingdom… you together with SIG saved the whole drama series! hope to see more of you in future action dramas but NOT WITH SIG please.. otherwise, you will leave us torn apart like Yeon not knowing who to choose!!!

  41. 41 : sam*** Says:

    Hi how you doing ? i hope you are happy. i love you so so much and i want to see you soon. oh you are so sweet and youmean every thing. then i would thank that star , that made our wish come true. ok i love you dear park & i ….

  42. 42 : sam*** Says:

    i khow faces, because ilook throughthe fabric my owneye weaves, and behold the reality beneath. ilove you just you are in my life. kiss you dear.

  43. 43 : mina Says:

    hi.I`m one of your fans from IRAN.I predict a shiny future for you.use your abilities as you can.I wish the best for you.

  44. 44 : Sayeh Says:

    I love you . you’re more handsome than song il gook . if i were princess Yeon i would choose you!!!

  45. 45 : marzieh Says:

    hi dear park i come from iran i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much and i love to communicate with you please send an email for me my email is [email protected] thank you iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu

  46. 46 : arezou Says:

    good luck!

  47. 47 : arezou Says:

    all of u r iranian in this forum!how?

  48. 48 : arefe & atefeh Says:

    anyanghaseyo dear gun hyung.
    ************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HONEY***********

  49. 49 : maria Says:

    Gooosh……………i fell in love with Dojin in KOTW …his character was really unique and i coudn`t hate him up to the end!!!! i love you park so much ………..GOOD LUCK and do more & more wonderful actings

  50. 50 : yasaman Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u park

  51. 51 : yasaman Says:

    i love u so much plz send me an email ………i come from iran and i wish see u in iran

  52. 52 : yasaman Says:

    تو نفس منی…….میمیرم واسه خنده هات…….باور کن…….تنها ارزوم اینه که یه نامه ازت داشته باشم……….هین شعر شرح حال منه
    گرم یاد اوری یانه………..من از یا دت نمی کاهم
    تو را من چشم در راهم
    با تمام وجودم دوست دارم……….

  53. 53 : yasaman Says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    i die for u

  54. 54 : Aliya Says:

    You are the best actor.

  55. 55 : marypark Says:

    hello mr park.how are you? Iwant to come to korea and see you.
    Ilove you more than of person who that love you.
    good luck.Ihope see you soon………..

    mary is my nickname. I,m iranian

  56. 56 : marypark Says:

    u are best.answer me…………….

  57. 57 : sarahning Says:

    unique eyes, fall in coz of that…. Miss u…

  58. 58 : yasaman Says:

    i love u parkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  59. 59 : yasaman Says:

    من عاشق نقشت تو امپراطوری بادها هستم
    تو واقعا بازیگر توانایی هستی
    امیدوارم یه روز تو ایران ببینمت

  60. 60 : marypark Says:

    send me an email

  61. 61 : howtolove Says:

    Я знаю, мне не быть с тобой,
    Но не могу сдержать себя.
    Лелея в мыслях образ твой.
    Хочу сказать, «Люблю тебя».

    И не могу. Любовь ли это,
    Себе признаться я боюсь.
    Себе твержу всё шутки это,
    Сама ж ночами мучаюсь.

    Ты стал загадкой для меня,
    Ведь я тебя совсем не знаю.
    Забыть! Забыть хочу тебя!
    И не хочу, не понимаю…

    Чего же ждать мне от тебя,
    Ты обо мне не слышал даже.
    А я всё жду, себя томя,
    Быть может, ждешь кого-то так же.

    Но не меня… как жаль…
    Об этом больше не мечтаю.
    Но не меня… Прощай…
    Тебя, из сердца отпускаю.

  62. 62 : sahar Says:

    hi oppa! i love you so much! your acted well in kingdom of the wind and also i liked you in the roll of lee joung doo in when Spring comes! i wish to see you more on screen! oppa: saranheyo! 🙂

  63. 63 : Mina Says:

    I’m in love with you hyung. i love you more than everyone else good luck!

  64. 64 : maryam Says:

    hi Mr gun hyung i love u very very u are in my heart always i wish one day i can see u i love u
    maryam in iran

  65. 65 : negin Says:

    بايد بگم واقعا چهره ي مردونه و جنگجويي رو دارين توي هرجاي كره ام باشين براتون ارزوي پيروزي دارم دوستون دارم شاد باشين

  66. 66 : negin Says:

    Hi Mr Gun hyung I hope you are right.I want to say you are very able and I think you are above all the other artists in kore..you’re absohutely right and achievement actor
    I and many of the Iranian peophe have great admiration for your acting.you have exceptionally appearance as a matter of fact I should confess,I more like your haircut in the ”land of wind”TOO.at the end of we are anxious to meet you all the bes and good luck.

  67. 67 : Fahim Says:

    Hi….. . How are you mr park? I am very happy that i can write a message for you, But i don’t know you will read my speaks or not. In the fact this site is the last my hope. I have a tired heart and a world dreams and wishes. Now i wish that GOD want and you read my message. It’s my honour that you, park gun hyung, answer me, Really it is my honour. You were very special in (the kingdom of the winds). I proud of you. At the end, with all of my feel: KEEP ON YOU GOD, oppa……oppa……oppa… .

  68. 68 : soha Says:

    Hi Oraboni ! how are you doing ?
    You are best in kingdom of the winds , you’re acting is great !
    but one question :
    Why did you kill yourself in the last part ? It was the worst part of movie,
    I love you so much, I’m one of your fans ,
    I hope to see you in Iran , please come you are more lovely and sexy than any other korean actors ! your smile is very beautiful !
    If you love to have relation this is my e-mail address :
    [email protected]

  69. 69 : monalyn Says:

    dojina……I really love d way you acted in kingdom of d winds,,,you had play d role very well,& u are very handsome there you have a similarity w/ muhyul(song).I’m looking forward for your next tv series…keep up the good work!!!

  70. 70 : manal Says:

    hi am frm tanzania ur the best ihope 2 c u in another series i adore ur hair cut hv agud tym

  71. 71 : mohammad reza Says:

    hi sir park
    iLOVE you

  72. 72 : bahare Says:

    Hi Mr.park!Ihope you have good time.
    Ilove y0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0u very very much when Isaw “The kingdom of the winds”!I hope to see you in Iran…!!!you are so pretty and Ilove you more than everyone else…GOODLUCK!!!
    برات بهترین هارو آرزو دارم…
    Bye Bye…

  73. 73 : Rüzgarın krallığı Says:

    You’re best !!


  74. 74 : bilhac Says:

    you are the best :x:x i’m in love in you:p

  75. 75 : bilhac Says:

    esti tare,nu prea imi plac filmele de genu asta dar asta e frumos

  76. 76 : sara Says:

    dear Mr park

    hi my name is Sara Ashrafy and i’m from iran i love you’r all movies and musics special kingdom of winds you are so handsome so that i cut my hair like your haircut ilove you too much sothat usually i see you in my dreams i know that is so funy that sb feel like this for sb that you never seen him nearly and i’m a very Logical girl and i was never told this to any body my wish from you is that answer to this massege and i realy wanna be friend with you if you Accept me and this my e-mail pleas answer
    [email protected]

    withbest wishes for you
    regards Sara Ashrafy

  77. 77 : Arezoo Says:

    Hello to only my love ” Park Geon hyeong”
    my name is Arezoo and living in Iran.
    I like you very very much.
    I hope that you succeed always and I can see you.

    Eternal Lover
    [email protected]

  78. 78 : Arezoo (آرزو) Says:

    تقديم به تو که : يادت در ذهنم و عشقت در قلبم و عطر مهربانيت در تمام وجودم است …
    عزيزم، محبت را در پاکي نگاهت، و صداقت را در وجود مهربانت معني کردم وبدان که زيباترين لحظه هايم در کنار تو بودن است…

    سلام به تنها عشقم …
    کاش میدونستی که برای من چقدر عزیزی ، شاید اگه میدونستی به این پیامم جواب میدادی…
    اما بدون که من تو رو با تمام وجودم دوستت دارم …
    [email protected]

  79. 79 : Arezoo Says:

    DOJIN ………… IS ………… ONLY ………… MY ………… LOVE …………

    ONLY ………… MY ………… LOVE …………
    ( ..)

    [email protected] ONLY …………

  80. 80 : Shayan Says:

    hi my dojin!!! i love you very much my honey! I will hope see you again in korean historic series!!! I will travel to korea and I will hope take a photograph with you!!! you are my only favorite actor Mr Park!!!

  81. 81 : ati Says:

    hi mr. park.
    you are my favorite actore.i love you.i’m from iran.i’m artist.
    i love korea and korean.i like your country custom.
    i’m learning korean at home. i really really hope, i see you in your country.
    good luck.

  82. 82 : ati Says:

    can you send a email for me?

  83. 83 : William Says:

    Im from tanzania i will be very happy if one day i saw or i hear ur on our land. We love u, we need u.

  84. 84 : mahsa Says:

    each tim imiss u astar falls down from the sky .no found it dark with no star it is all our faukt you made me miss u 2much

  85. 85 : mahsa Says:

    if you dont love me iwiil forget you .iwant to send my pictures for you.im iranian and . i still love you .do you read the my passag

  86. 86 : mahsa Says:

    songil gook cam iran .com iran .you dont want to com iran…

  87. 87 : mahsa Says:

    one my life ilove you…. http://[email protected]

  88. 88 : mahsa Says:

    theris some things that imust talk about

  89. 89 : mina Says:

    ارامترین تپش قلبم را تقدیمت میکنم تا بدانی ارامبخش همه ی وجودم تویی

  90. 90 : mina Says:

    it is not beneath you to behave like this [answer me]

  91. 91 : mahsa Says:

    one two,ilove you.tree four love me more five six,give me k..,seven, eight,dont be late nine ,ten,hug me then….

  92. 92 : mahsa Says:

    دلهرهایت را به باده بده اینجا دلی است که برای ارامشت ذستی به اسمان دارد

  93. 93 : mahsa Says:

    دل تو وقتی میگیره دل من میخواد بمیره حاضرم دلم فداتشه تا که قلب تو نگیره

  94. 94 : mahsa Says:

    what the best have. youhave it all

  95. 95 : mahsa Says:

    do you think.icould brrow your heart for afew minutes..!

  96. 96 : mahsa Says:

    answer me pleas pleas…..,whydontanswer me!

  97. 97 : mina Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanswer me [email protected]

  98. 98 : Arezoo Says:

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  99. 99 : Arezoo Says:

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  100. 100 : Arezoo (آرزو) Says:


    I am your lover …………………………

    دوستت دارم ، تا هنگامی که ضربان قلبم بودنت را برایم تداعی میکنند …
    تا زمانی که هر نفسی که میکشم ، وجود پر مهرت را در کنار خودم احساس میکنم …

    دوستت دارم تا هنگامی که جان در بدن داشته باشم …………

    عاشق همیشگی تو آرزو

  101. 101 : Arezoo Says:


    I am your lover …

    دوستت دارم ، تا هنگامی که ضربان قلبم بودنت را برایم تداعی میکنند …
    دوستت دارم ، تا زمانی که هر نقسی که بکشم ، وجود پر مهرت را در کنار خودم احساس کنم …
    دوستت دارم تا هنگامی که جان در بدن داشته باشم …

    عاشق همیشگی تو آرزو

  102. 102 : Arezoo Says:

    Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
    Treat it gently, please do not break it.
    Its full of love thats good and true,
    So please keep it always close to u.

  103. 103 : Arezoo Says:

    happy birthday only my loveeeeeeee …
    only …

    Love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile. Your loving face no one will ever take your place…

    *** for my dear park ***

  104. 104 : Arezoo Says:

    happyyyyyyyyyyyyy ……. birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy …….. onlyyyyyyyyyy …… myyyyyyyyyy …….. loveeeeeeeeeeee ……….

  105. 105 : Arezoo Says:


  106. 106 : Arezoo Says:

    سلام به تنها عشقم تو دنیا …
    امروز روز تولدته …
    اول نوامبر …
    تولدت مبارک پارک عزیزممممممممممم …
    کاش این پیام هایی رو که برات نوشتم میخوندی …
    اونموقع شاید به ایران میومدی …
    شاید …
    اما من مطمئنم که یه روز میبینمت …
    از نزدیک …
    به امید آن روز …
    …دوستت دارم به اندازه …
    اما نه دوست داشتن من حد و اندازه نداره …
    پس …
    تا بینهایت دوستت دارم …

    موفق باشی

  107. 107 : Armhna Says:

    I LOVE You. من خیلی خیلی دوست دارم. تولدت مبارک عشق همیشگی من به امید روزی که بتوانم از نزدیک ببینمت و صدای زیبایت را بشنوم عزیزم و به امید روزی که تو بعنوان بهترین بازیگرکره ای در کره بدرخشی تولدت مبارک گون هیونگ عزیزم من ارمینا عاشق تو هستم

  108. 108 : Arezoo Says:

    سلامممممممم به تنها عشقم
    کریسمست مبارک باشه
    امیدوارم توی این سال جدید بتونی موفقیت های زیادی کسب کنی
    حالا که کریسمس شده از خدا میخوام بتونم حداقل برای یه بار هم که شده از نزدیک ببینمت
    موفق باشی
    کاش میدونستی که چه قدر دوستت دارم


  109. 109 : ارسلان Says:

    بعضی ها مثل این که کمی توهمم دارن!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    هه هااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا
    اصلا به مخیله ی جناب پارک گون هیونگ هم نمی رسه که بعضی ها روی کره ی زمین وجود دارن!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  110. 110 : dujin Says:

    hi my friend
    I love you for ever

    mr park for ever in my heart


  111. 111 : Aysha Rostami Says:

    hi. how are you? mən sizi çox bəyənirəm.

  112. 112 : ino Says:

    congratulation brother

  113. 113 : عاشقت Says:

    He’s so atractiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! I love him as Dojin. ^___^

    آرزو جان سلام، دوست عزيز دوجين نومزد منه :دي
    واي خدا شبيه عروسك بيده!
    جيگرش تو حلقوم!!
    دوجين جونم بد جوري عاشقت شدم جيگري به خدا
    همسره 14 سال از خودت كوچيك تر نميخواي؟؟ :دي
    حيف كه اين صفحه رو نميخوني وگرنه به زبان كره اي برات مينوشتم!!!

  114. 114 : 신드롬 / Syndrome « Asian Drama Lover Says:

    […] Hye Jin as Lee Hae Jo Song Chang Ui as Cha Yeo Wook Park Gun Hyung as Kang Eun Hyun Jo Jae Hyun as Cha Tae Jin Kim Sung Ryung as Oh Eun Hee Kim Yoo Suk as Min Sung […]

  115. 115 : dojin 7777 Says:

    park gun hyung c’est mon prefere!

  116. 116 : sisil Says:


  117. 117 : mitch Says:

    ..i like your character in I DO I DO. it suits you well.. till the end i still hope that you end up marrying JA.. hehe.. keep it up!

  118. 118 : shey Says:

    ur very good dancer, i shows in ur postre

  119. 119 : * I do, I do staring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo 5 Stars « KDrama Journal Says:

    […] Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri Share […]

  120. 120 : mochi Says:

    Truly enjoyed your acting and characteriztion in “I Do, I Do”. Your looks have matured well and have become much more distinctive as a “Man”. I was really hoping that Kim Sun Ah would change her mind but… that’s life. Take care and I wish you all the luck in the world. 🙂 with Aloha…


  121. 121 : dujin king Says:

    i will a best be for you
    you are a my commander

  122. 122 : xia mozhgan Says:

    بعله میبینم که دوستای ایرونی اینجا رو ترکوندن…
    کاش به جای جومونگ دوجین میومد ایران…
    خیلی میدوستمش…عاشق اون لبخند خوشگلشم…

  123. 123 : sara Says:

    Love love love
    for you ♥

  124. 124 : yoona 25 Says:

    Good luck*

  125. 125 : love Says:

    You are very handsome ^_^

  126. 126 : korean girl Says:


  127. 127 : 김하나 Says:

    I LoVe YoU fOr EvEr

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