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Park Jae Jung

Name: 박재정 / Park Jae Jung (Park Jae Jeong)
Profession: Model and actor
Birthdate: 1980-Jun-24
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Cancer
Talent agency: EYAGI Entertainment
Education: Dongguk University

TV Shows

Be My Dream Family (KBS1, 2021)
Rich Family’s Son (MBC, 2018)
Make a Wish (MBC, 2014)
The Firstborn (jTBC, 2013)
Sincerity Moves Heaven (KBS1, 2013)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010)
Jung Yak Yong (OCN, 2009)
Queen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009) cameo
Don’t Ask Me About the Past (OCN, 2008)
You Are My Destiny (KBS1, 2008)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008) cameo
I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007)


Sketch (2014)

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  1. 1 : star Says:

    Hello Park Jae Jung, i’m your fan here in the philippines i watched you are my destiny and i like your character you’re so coolllllll…… everytime i read a pocketbook i always imagine that you’re the male character in pocketbook. Good luck to your career. Take Care and God Bless!!!

  2. 2 : star Says:

    Park jae Jung first time i saw you in You are my destiny, you captured my heart. your so cool, handsome and have a strong sex appeal. I wonder if you have already a girlfriend???? just asking he he he. I pray that you will become Kim Rye Won in the future. Wish you more tv sries and movies to come….

  3. 3 : beamonkr Says:

    I think you are simply gorgeous and doing a great job in You are my destiny. OMG how sexy and played just right. Can’t wait to see you in other dramas and movies.

  4. 4 : Bellachocolate Says:

    Congrats on doing a wonderful job in YAMD. I am in the US and I can not wait to see each ep every morning when I get up. Much success in the future, take care and GOD Bless…..Park and Yoona fighting!!! 🙂

  5. 5 : chealseyxccxx Says:

    hi Park jae jung your so cute and sexy in you are my destiny i wish you could do lots of dramas and movies good luck on your career see you xxxxxoxoxox

  6. 6 : gee Says:

    Hi! I’m from Malaysia.

    I love to watch you in You Are My Destiny which is still showing here. Tonight it’s going to be episode 56.

    Can’t wait to watch at 1.20 am (Malaysian time).

    Nice pair with Yoona. Good luck to both of you.

  7. 7 : Hanna Says:

    I think you are very handsome and have a great voice.

  8. 8 : Leng Says:

    Jae Jung Oppa, you’re 1 word – AWESOME!

  9. 9 : Lina Says:

    Hi, I’m From Indonesia

    Your my favorite one.. so handsome
    I like u in your my destiny..
    I hope u can be a Big Star someday

  10. 10 : meirav Says:

    i realy liked u on u are my destiny
    i wish u good luck in ur carrer
    and hope to see u in more drama and moives
    take care

  11. 11 : ernie Says:

    Hi handsome!! You are my destiny!! the greatest drama series that I ever watched! I’m Ernie from Malaysia. Can’t wait to watch the next episode tomorrow (e-96) and cant really wait what’s gonna happen till the end.
    You made a great couple with Yoona in there and your voice…. Just sooooo charming baby!!Such a wonderful job in You are my destiny….
    Good luck with your next coming project!!!
    Take care and God Bless…

  12. 12 : jhenhai Says:

    Hi oppa! bcoz i’ve been watching the YAMD i got the chance to learn a lot of words with the episodes that has no subtitle in it, i got the chance to work it out anyway.hehehe

    I’ve fallen inlove with the movie and i hope i could met you guys when i visit korea!:) God bless!

  13. 13 : Hanaan Says:

    Hi Park Jae Jung,

    Good work in YRMD I love it! I am here ur big fan in Somalia and loved the drama. I dont miss a single episode and now i came to love korean drama and in fact i learnt a few korean words. I hope to come to Korea soon and meet u:) Plz add me 2 ur [email protected] Thanks..

    Take care and God Bless you

    Best wishes in ur future career!


  14. 14 : bilah Says:

    hi! i’m from malaysia. i luv to watch YAMD but i think u still need more effort to improve yourself…for me you stil lack in the emotion…anyway, gud luck

  15. 15 : bilah Says:

    just wanna add; sorry if the comment above offend you…all the best!!!

  16. 16 : chaimoon Says:

    I sure love your photo on this page! It speaks a lot about appeal, machismo, male beauty and strength. It’s simply YOU!

  17. 17 : sarah Says:

    Hi, I’ sarah from malaysia.

    I love to watch YAMD especially you, yonna, taepung, taepung and subin’s mums. You are so handsome and your voice is very manly. I wish you and yonna will be couple in real life. I hope to see you more in drama as the leading role. I’ve missed a few episods and hope to get the VCD once it’s in the market.

    Infact i’ve learned a few korean words. I’m a great fan of korean movie!

  18. 18 : ADITHI Says:

    hey me frm india…i really a big admirer of urs….add me at [email protected]

  19. 19 : mirjalni Says:

    hi, i am a fan of u after watching the drama you are my destiny i am srilankan i know only tamil and english but i dont know korean so the subtitles in kbs world channel in english helped me to understand
    i like ur behavior
    i like u very much
    good luck 4 ur career

  20. 20 : bella Says:

    hi…congrates 4 ur acting in YAMD
    urm,jus like everyone i hope you can be a real couple with yoona..
    both of you look so matching..but you need 2 improve ur acting..actually,i am sad coz there is no kiss scene..i mean a real kiss..that will show hosae really fall in love with saebyeok..i think..but it’s okay,you can do it when you be a leading role with yoona..i hope one day there is another drama that make both of you as a leading role….bye..

  21. 21 : Jinju Says:

    annyoung park jae jung — i saw i am sam & thought i should find out more about you. thank goodness somebody told me about your name hence i’m here wanting to express my admiration for you as you’re very cute & handsome! i just hope to see more of your projects — i haven’t seen you are my destiny but i sure will now. all the best to your future endeavours! take care & be blessed!

  22. 22 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi idol! Your aura is fresh and has a lot to offer. I hope that after YAMD you will have more challenging roles to portray. You look good too with any attire you wear which is not surprising because you are a model. Keep up the good work and God bless you!

  23. 23 : nisha Says:

    ur sooo cute park jae jung,im from india nd i like ur character in u r my destiny…i just cant wait to see d serial everyday in d evening…i hope u come in more serials in kbs world….coz in india we get only dat korean channel….keep rocking!!!!!!

  24. 24 : yane Says:

    heylo bro! u r de best in “you are my destiny”…u cud be de next best Korean actor from now on..mark my words! u’ll remember my words of today & u’ll really be there someday. pls email me (msn): [email protected]. im from Brunei. c ya!

  25. 25 : Kim Says:

    I think you’re cool. Good looking and a good actor. I just watching you in You are My Destiny. I will be following your films.

  26. 26 : lemon Says:

    I’m from Thailand. I very like you. ^^

    You’re good acter. I watch You are my destiny.(from web)
    I feel happy when i see this movie.

    love you*

  27. 27 : Jess Says:

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed You Are My Destiny. The drama was hard to find here in the States, but I managed to see every episode. Your character was great and you played the role very well. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!!
    Good Luck!

  28. 28 : Shelby Says:

    Oh my god. He is the sexiest thing to ever walk the planet. Ever.

  29. 29 : tameka Says:

    I am from the states and I just love you and yoona together in yrmd. I have learned a few korean words which is exciting. keep up the good work with your fine self

  30. 30 : M&M Says:

    he’s now on a variety WE GOT MARRIED show season 2 couple with UEE from the group after school watch it on youtube, he soo cool and sweet.

  31. 31 : shwet Says:

    Hi park jae jung………myself shwet from India,I just like u very much…u have acted too good in you are my destiny….nobody can be like u….u are just amazing….wish u a happy and successfull life

  32. 32 : aNa Says:

    i luv ur acting dude…n im fallin’ in luv wid u

    im watching ur show here in American Samoa…

    one of the pacific islands…

    take care!

  33. 33 : marypark Says:

    aer u park gun hyeong,s brother?

  34. 34 : marypark Says:

    are u park gun hyeong,s brother?

  35. 35 : Noy Says:

    his character in COFFEE HOUSE as Dong Wook was so hilarious! 😀

  36. 36 : rozei Says:

    komoeeyo for ur hard work..or is it..comsameeda…lol..well im learning and i've grown a tremendous love and interest in korean laguage, culture and everything! ..especially dramas =P..luv u forever and always! fighting!^ – ^ V!

  37. 37 : Lydia Says:

    Waaaa u are so handsome! i think that u and eun byul at i am sam is the best couple! Awesome >.<

  38. 38 : nadyarini Says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ur character as DONG WOOK at korean drama COFFE HOUSE so fantastic, it great realy great n ur eyes are beautiful hope can see u soon at the other drama, good luck

  39. 39 : Samara Says:

    당신은 뛰어난 배우이고 난 어차피 당신은 당신은 내 운명과 행동에 재능이 매우 좋다 그리고 당신을 기다리고 있습니다 문자의 더 넓은 범위를 재생할 수있는 커피 하우스 아르처럼 더 많은 드라마에서 행동하길 기다 리라고 그들을 연주 … 좋은 작품과 싸워

  40. 40 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  41. 41 : Your are my destiny « ashabrina2428 Says:

    […] Park Jae Jung as Kang Ho Se Lee Seol Ah as Kang Yu Ri (Ho Se’s sister) Hyun Suk as Kang Chil Bok (Ho Se’s father) Yang Geum Suk as Seo Min Jung (Ho Se’s mother) Kim Hyung Il as Kang Charles (Chil Bok’s brother / Yeon Shil’s dance tutor) […]

  42. 42 : Taylor Says:

    I like u r act !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i hate SU Bin in you r my density !!!!!!!!!!! wish u have a great successful in u r actiong

  43. 43 : Nindy abun Says:

    i love u ho se
    im from indonesia ,
    ilike it this moovie

  44. 44 : sii Says:

    I like your acting ^^ PARK JAE JUNG you’re the BEST! 🙂

  45. 45 : moon Says:

    hi…iam from Indonesia…love your caracter in you are my destiny,,,love u…

  46. 46 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    the same birthday with me but me in 1993.. 🙂

  47. 47 : Zainal Arifin Says:

    hi! iam from indonesia.i like your acting in You Are My Destiny.i like your smile and your eyes, i wish that’s mine ha ha ha just kidding . . .can you give me your best photo’s to me,if you don’t mind. please send me to my e-mail address.thank you

  48. 48 : Herni Simpoha Says:

    I Like A bout park jae jung

  49. 49 : aimee Says:

    you are the best actor. great talented,
    luv you’re eyes and everything u are…
    im wait ur next movie

  50. 50 : clarysa Says:

    You are the best actor with yoon a in ur my destiny. I like ur act. I’ll wait for the next movie from u

  51. 51 : jzme Says:

    i’ve started watching your 2008 movie Try to Remember & first time for me to watch you in this drama & like you and your acting already! This is why i’m now here searching for something about you! I just don’t know why you stopped doing projects since coffee house which i still have to finish watching; i also gathered here that you’re good & a lot of them like you in You Are My Destiny so i’ll watch this for sure! i hope to see more of you soon! You’re handsome & cute! fighting!

  52. 52 : [MBC 2009] Queen Seon Duk | Says:

    […] Qri as Young Mo (Ha Jong’s daughter; Kim Yoo Shin’s wife) Seo Bum Shik as General Ga Baek Park Jae Jung as Sa Da Ham (Mi Shil’s first love; cameo, ep13) Mametkulovs Mansur as Mr. […]

  53. 53 : [MBC 2009] Queen Seon Duk RAW E38 / SUB E38 | Says:

    […] Qri as Young Mo (Ha Jong’s daughter; Kim Yoo Shin’s wife) Seo Bum Shik as General Ga Baek Park Jae Jung as Sa Da Ham (Mi Shil’s first love; cameo, ep13) Mametkulovs Mansur as Mr. […]

  54. 54 : Muskhayra Says:

    hi…. 🙂 i dont know how to express my gratitude to the korean good movie makers….i have been a fan since 2004…and i got park jae jung just a days ago while i bought cd you are my destiny….i really really really like his personality….im hoping i cod meet him…. 🙁 and have an original dvd of you are my destiny……
    im looking for a positive reply…..

  55. 55 : V.Ravindranath Says:

    I am watching You are my destiny by KBS world. It is very interesting family story like our Indian love story. I am verymuch impressed by your acting in that serial. Now I am watching the complete version online. Thanks for the ENGLISH subtitles provided. I would like to congratulate Park key Jung in person if I visit Korea or he visits India. My best wishes to him for his successful career.

  56. 56 : v.Ravindranath Says:

    I like your performance in you are my destiny. I am watching the same online since it is provided with English subtitles. You have acted nicely. My best wishes for your bright future.

  57. 57 : lily Says:

    Hi park jae-jung,

    It’s my first time to see you in You are My destiny. I just loved the character that you played in that drama. How I wish my husband would be as sweet as sweet as you.. you are performed well in that drama,. Am looking forward for more drama series.

  58. 58 : Iam Says:

    Disappointed that there are no more dramas after 2014. Hope to see more of you in new dramas.

  59. 59 : Ellen Says:

    He currently in the drama: Rich Family’s Son.
    His character is Kim Jong Yong, the uncle of the lead female character.

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