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Name: 지연 / Ji Yeon
Real name: 박지연 / Park Ji Yeon (Bak Ji Yun)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1993-Jun-07
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: AB
KPOP group: T-ara

TV Shows

My Runway (MBC DramaNet, 2016)
Triangle (MBC, 2014)
Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012)
Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011) cameo
Jungle Fish 2 (KBS1, 2010)
God of Study (KBS2, 2010)
High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009)
Soul (MBC, 2009)
Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja (SBS, 2008)


Encounter (2015)
Ghastly (2011)
Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)
Death Bell 2 (2010)

Related Photo

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91 Responses to “Park Ji Yeon (1993)”

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  1. 51
    Kelvin pukhrambam Says:

    Luv u

  2. 52
    Sabrina123korea Says:


  3. 53
    Subtitle Indonesia: Dream High Season 2 (Korean Drama) « Korean Drama Subtitle Says:

    […] Park Ji Yeon as Lian (member of idol girl group HershE) Hyo Rin as Nana (member of idol girl group HershE) Ailee as Ailee (member of idol girl group HershE) JB as JB (member of idol boy group I:dn) Park Seo Joon as Si Woo (member of idol boy group I:dn) […]

  4. 54
    Nurul Queen's Says:

    love Jiyeon FOREVER <3 <3

  5. 55
    이승현 Says:

    안녕 하새요!!~
    저는 이승현 이애요
    저는 지연 BIGGEST fan 이애요
    저두 지연 언니같치 노래하고 싶어요
    나두 kpop 하고 싶어요
    지연 이 언니 T-ARA 에써 잘해요!!~!~!
    그리고 난 지금 12 살이에요 !
    나 지금 vietnam 애 살고있어요 !~
    사랑해요 !!!!!!
    your bigest fan #@# 이승현 *(LEE SEUNG HYUN)

  6. 56
    Hsi Xiao Says:


  7. 57
    Dream High 2 (드림하이 시즌2) « styrn Says:

    […] Park Ji Yeon as Lian (member of idol girl group HershE) Hyo Rin as Nana (member of idol girl group HershE) Ailee as Ailee (member of idol girl group HershE) JB as JB (member of idol boy group I:dn) Park Seo Joon as Si Woo (member of idol boy group I:dn) […]

  8. 58
    dee saah Says:

    your so cute and also so lovely
    i wish you got some project
    coz i want to see your talent
    to sing and dance…….
    also being a bad person in this character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i always there to support u>>>>..
    good luck…………

  9. 59
    djpunk316 Says:

    my lovely one. i’m so in love with her

  10. 60
    charmaine Says:

    so pretty

  11. 61
    blair Says:

    hi,park ji yeon i love your rule as lian in dream high,continue best actress

  12. 62
    tazmin Says:

    ayune yahhhh

  13. 63
    ira Says:

    Do you have any realitionship with kim tae hae? you’re just like her younger sister

  14. 64
    Zi Says:

    Are you happy if bullying someone? especially to a youngest & weak girl than you??..you’r a deviL!.. People like you will get revenge from GOD! I cannot wait to see you and your group T-ara fall down and destroy..seriously

  15. 65
    annira Says:

    Zi : want to know and remember, it was all a rumor and slander of those who are not responsible, only the uneducated people who will believe all the rumors

  16. 66


  17. 67
    sachi Says:

    you so nice and beautifull in camera. BUT IN THE REAL LIFE YOU ARE A MONSTER !!!!! CUIH,,!!

  18. 68
    pammy Says:

    Don’t know why but I saw her in DH2 and I don’t like her
    she’s really look jealousy all the time..
    also put a lot makeup in the drama

    I don’t like when people say she look like Kim Taehee…
    comparing with KTH she’e more natural, beautifull and kind..
    Really don’t like her and don’t know why !

  19. 69
    Ryan Says:

    hi, park jiyeon. i love you so much

  20. 70
    H#K Says:

    Hi,Park Ji-Yeon you look so nice!

  21. 71
    [KBS 2010] God Of Study | Says:

    […] Kang Suk Ho Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri Yoo Seung Ho as Hwang Baek Hyun Park Ji Yeon as Na Hyun Jung Go Ah Sung as Gil Pul Ip Lee Hyun Woo as Hong Chan Doo Lee Chan Ho as Oh Bong […]

  22. 72
    Jay Says:

    cute. i like her hair

  23. 73
    thazaul Says:

    hi, park jiyeon i love you so much <3

  24. 74
    Kyaw Myo Khaing Says:

    LoVe yOu sO MuCH……….

  25. 75
    sinyeon Says:

    Jiyeoooonnnnn when you will come back to the drama ? seriously, I’m very miss to see you in new drama as lead actress with Donghae or Jaejoong oppa, Hope any producers to invite you in their new project in 2013.

  26. 76
    bigFans Says:

    Jiyeons acting is superb, but just because T-ara scandal , make you fall down, I hope to see you in a new drama soonest.

  27. 77
    bigFans Says:

    Jiyeon, apakah benar kalo kamu punya bad attitude ? aku harap tidak, karena wajahmu sangat cantik, dan kamu punya talenta yang luar biasa, kembali lah untuk membayar rindu kami kepadamu.pleaseeeeeee……..

  28. 78
    Tiffany Hwang Says:

    Park Ji Yun I Like…. and You are Beautiful…

  29. 79
    mahta Says:

    i miss u…
    where are u?
    backkkkkkkkk. please.kisss

  30. 80
    jasmin rudela Says:

    Hi, miss park ji yeon =)) i hope you have more dramas, movies i really want to see you acting, you’re my inspiration in acting, also you’re great . i really can see your emotion i hope you have more =)) I’m EXPECTINGGG :DD

  31. 81
    rm018 Says:

    Very beautiful

  32. 82
    sinyeon Says:

    Park jiyeon , really miss her in a new drama, since suzy, IU, and Yoona have many more drama in 2013, when you will come back to act my pretty ?

  33. 83
    joshua Says:

    ji yeon you are the best in diz drama ” lv you”

  34. 84
    Holly Says:

    Miss u..my love..hope u can get more success…love ya

  35. 85
    t-ara queenie Says:

    jiyeon,miss u so much baby,t-ara go jiyeon go!love u forever jiyeon my baby dino 🙂

  36. 86
    asma jkini Says:

    bella. nice

  37. 87
    tg Says:

    You’re face shows a lot of emotion and they’re all beautiful.
    I think you’re face is enough to sell anything..:-)

  38. 88
    wicy sha Says:

    I am a huge fan of jiyeon unnie.She’s so beautiful! Unnie pliz take care of ur health.SARANGHAEO JIYEON unnie!
    T-ARA fighting!!

  39. 89
    Random recommendations for high school/ school related dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] fights a lot but after he studied in the special class he slowly reached his goal. Na Hyun-jung (Park Ji Yeon) is left alone in a big house after her parents divorced and only come to think that she is […]

  40. 90
    Korean Drama Review God of study | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] fights a lot but after he studied in the special class he slowly reached his goal. Na Hyun-jung (Park Ji Yeon) is left alone in a big house after her parents divorced and only come to think that she is […]

  41. 91
    justpassingby Says:

    you’re one of the wonderful creations of God. God Bless! Don’t you ever mind those people who thinks you’re a monster , they’re just like roots trying to get you down at their level. be yourself and shine bright like a diamond!

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