Name: 박진우 / Park Jin Woo
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1983-July-31
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: AB

TV Series

I Love You From Today (KBS2, 2015)
Fated to Love You (MBC, 2014)
Jung Do Jun (KBS1, 2014)
Medical Top Team (MBC, 2013)
Glass Mask (TvN, 2012)
I’ll Give You Everything (KBS2, 2009)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008)
Unstoppable Marriage (KBS2, 2008)
Bad Family (SBS, 2006)
Ice Girl (KBS2, 2005)
Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005)


Penthouse Elephant (2008)
Frivolous Wife (2008)
Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)
My Lovely Week (2005)
My Little Bride (2003)

48 Responses to “Park Jin Woo”

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  1. 26
    icehel Says:

    hi! Ur so lucky coz u r hundsome, prettyface, i relly like ur movie my little bride us david lee. take care olwayz..mwuaaah.

  2. 27
    acha Says:

    hye..i saw ur actin at Reversal of fate..dat story is such a blast to me…i really really like ur actin..sooo profesional..SARANGHAE~

  3. 28
    marshm@lLow Says:

    elllo0p…Park Jin Wo0

    im realy like ur act33iin….in…
    drama i’ll give u everything…

    goo_0d luck aeee……….

  4. 29
    hEartbReakEr Says:

    arE yOu hE hUsbAnd of lEe yO wOn??

    whAt a bLessiNg!!

  5. 30
    vhinah Says:

    yeah, he is.,,

  6. 31
    Inou Says:

    He is not LYW husband ,
    LYW husband is golfer, just same name,

  7. 32
    Ei Thu Says:

    Try hard!!
    I am your forever audience!!!!

  8. 33
    Ei Thu Says:

    Try hard!
    I am your forever audience!!

  9. 34
    Nann Thandar Says:

    Hi !
    Park jin Woo
    I am from Yangon…..I am one of your funs…….now ai am watching reversal of fate…the way you act in this film is so natural and you can persuade the people that they want to wantch……you are a good actor… I’ll be always your fun!…..

  10. 35
    May Says:

    hey Jin Woo,

    U r so smart , purely & so cute in acting in Reversal of Fate. I’m the one of yours’ fan from now on.

    Ever cheerful for you.


  11. 36
    nurul Says:

    ahnyeonghaseyo oppa,you so smart.you are my idol when first time i see you in reversal of fate.you have pretty and baby face.i hope you will sucess in your career.sarangheyo

  12. 37
    Lydia Says:

    I like you! You’re handsome

  13. 38
    May Thu Says:

    Hi, I am from Myanmar. I like you so much because you are handsome.
    In reversal of fate , your actings are so perfact.
    Can i know your gmail account?


  14. 39
    List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Mong Micky Yoochun Min Suk Moon Sung Geun N Na Yoon Nam Goong Min Nichkhun No Joo Hyun No Min Woo No Young Hak Noh Hong Chul Now O Oh Dae Gyu Oh Jae Moo ★ Oh Ji Ho Oh Kyung Soo Oh Man Suk P Park Chan Hwan […]

  15. 40
    [tvN 2012] Glass Mask RAW E7 | Says:

    […] Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Sun Jae Kim Yoon Seo as Kang Seo Yun – Ahn Eun Jung as Seo Yun (Child) Park Jin Woo as Kim Ha Joon RapidshareFolder(E01-04) E5 Torrent WITH450P WITH720P RapidshareWITH720P […]

  16. 41
    Wint Wint Phyo Says:

    hello i am from Myanmar. Now i am watching unstoppable marriage series. i like your acting. i also watched in reversal of fate. i like you. If you have free time, may i kindly invite you to come and visit our country. Thank you.

  17. 42
    retno mutiara Says:

    ihh park jin woo oppa akku ngefans banget sama oppa

  18. 43
    [tvN 2012] Glass Mask RAW E35 / SUB E35 | Says:

    […] Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Sun Jae Kim Yoon Seo as Kang Seo Yun – Ahn Eun Jung as Seo Yun (Child) Park Jin Woo as Kim Ha […]

  19. 44
    szt Says:

    I love your acting in reversal of fate, youre cute, handsome and awesome. You’re a very talented actor. I hope to see you in a new drama this year.

  20. 45
    Maya Says:

    Hi Park Jin Woo. This is Maya. I just watched your movie for the first time. I liked your cute face in My Little Bride. I hope to see your all dramas. I hope every dramas as well as your film will be great. From now on, i have became your fan. Never mind. Good Luck to you. I hope I get to see your all movies and dramas plus upcoming movies or dramas. Love you.

  21. 46
    cristy ann seguiero Says:

    you are so bless bec. you have a babyface i wish i could have a younger face for so long w/out any botox heheheh….im watching one of ur movie now FRIVOLOUS WIFE and i like it.i will watch ur other dramas and im looking forward for it..

    saranghae god bless you <3

  22. 47
    cristy ann seguiero Says:

    oh i remember i watch MY LITTLE BRIDE but i cant remember that you are here on this drama but i will watch it again bec. i also like this drama im full of laugh on it

  23. 48
    Devu Says:

    he is so cute………..

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