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Name: 박시후 / Park Shi Hoo
Real name: 박평호 / Park Pyung Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1978-Apr-03
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Family: Father (fashion/CF model), mother, younger brother/baseball player Park Wu Ho
Talent agency: Hoo Factory
Hobbies: Skin scuba diving and snowboarding.
Specialties: Aikido, boxing, fencing.

TV Shows

My Golden Life (KBS2, 2017)
Neighborhood Hero (OCN, 2016)
Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012)
The Princess’ Man (KBS2, 2011)
Queen of Reversals (MBC, 2010)
Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)
Family’s Honor (SBS, 2008)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007)
What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
Let’s Marry (MBC, 2005)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005, cameo)


Love After Love (2016)
Scent (2014)
Confession of Murder (2012)
Mr. Bullet (2007)
Chunhyang (2000)

Web Drama

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

Music Videos

2009 : Kim Bum Soo, “Taste of Separation”
2006 : Alex and Ji Sun, “I love you” and “Very Heartbreaking Words.”
2005 : Gavy NJ, “Happiness” and “I Will Still Live.”


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series) – Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life)
– 2015 Luxury Brand Model Awards: Hallyu Asia Top Star Award
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards with Moon Chae Won (The Princess’ Man)
– 2011 Style Icon Awards (SIA): SIA’s Discovery
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Queen of Reversals)
– 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Special Production Actor Award (Family’s Honor)
– 2007 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1301
    leesulvaminho Says:

    only one word to say “fighting!!” for you PSH, i like ur acting in all dramas, n i just thinking about it…whatever ur problem …i just only know you are an actor who have a good talent….i always waiting ur new drama. 🙂

  2. 1302
    caondami Says:

    Do you think Park Si Hoo is HANDSOME? You can vote for him at http://top10.vdfly.com/
    Details please see http://parksihoo4u.com/vote-for-psh-2/
    and http://parksihoo4u.com/2013/07/26/asias-10-most-handsome/#comments

  3. 1303
    ria Says:

    keep the spirit and work…whatever problems all your fans who love the talent in the film industry still awaits…miss you, come back soon as posible okay

  4. 1304
    [K-Drama] Cheongdamdong Alice | japkorentertainment Says:

    […] who didn’t do better than her in school. The situation change until she met Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo), who is a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdamdong and he will change her life after […]

  5. 1305
    pilawan Says:

    I miss you so much:( keep fighting okay!! I always pray for u every night:* We are waitting for you PSH

  6. 1306
    Daniela Says:

    Good news about Park Shi Hoo!!! He is in USA (the West coast). PSH made a photo shoot session for a Japanese Magazine and then he will have his vacation. From that location, PSH wrote a sincere, heartfelt, meaningful letter to his fans published by Shioorang, to express his feelings, also his gratitude for the fans’ constancy. He knows that we are waiting for his comeback. However, you must read it –
    What makes my happy is the fact that he took distance from the Korean “atmosphere”.
    Now he can breathe, move freely and think what to do best.
    I hope that this letter is a catharsis of all negative emotions (guilt, fear, distrust, lack of hope), which blocked his energy and weighted this heart till now.
    I hope that his soul is joyful again, reflected in his beautiful eyes and his dazzling smile.
    Park Shi Hoo! We love you just as you are, unconditionally. Enjoy your vacation and take care!

  7. 1307
    tigerb Says:

    @ daniela: thanks for the update and good news. California is a good place to be in summer, a good move for him to be away from s.k. and regain strength to do what he wants to do, hopefully be in a drama series that we all look forward too.

  8. 1308
    Daniela Says:

    Park Shi Hoo is innocent, doesn’t exist any legal case involving him. It’s time that the abuse and the unfairness of so call voices of Korean society “journalists”, against his comeback, to stop. What they do for their country to be the defenders of morality? Nothing, instead they gained occult money to destroy PSH’s image and credibility.
    I saw in a drama that a self – restraint period for someone accused, but proved innocent was two years. I don’t know if this is a customary law in Korea, but is too long and I hope that PSH won’t be forced to respect it. Life is short and his 10 years long dream to be a great actor must live on. His dream is our dream.
    Park Shi Hoo !!!
    Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.
    (Stevie Wonder-That’s what friends (fans) are for 🙂 )

  9. 1309
    tigerb Says:

    @daniela: i like the song, i hope psh gets to read the messages here so he knows there are people who care and look forward to his come back. but for us to wait for 2 years? that long? well, we can only wait for whatever is best for him.

  10. 1310
    Daniela Says:

    @ tigerb, I understand you. We want Park Shi Hoo’s comeback on screen, because this would be the minimal justice for him. We want him healthy and happy. We want that his dream to continue. We want that his talent, all his wonderful qualities and skills not to waste.
    We really don’t understand why if is innocent has to make penitence, but I guess that is in Korean culture and “the puritans” from kmedia over exploit (at command) that, trying to obstruct any progress and downplay any achievement of Park Shi Hoo.
    My faith is that all our loving thoughts and all our warm, incentive words towards Park Shi Hoo are the good energy that he needs to go forward and win in this battle; also, I believe that he has his strategy.
    Now about the song, I think a lot to find a powerful message to reassure Park Shi Hoo of our love, trust, care and support, ‘cause in his letter he calls us his family and that’s a family is doing. What we like very much at him? His inner light reflected in his amazing smile. I had an aha! moment remembering this beautiful old song, especially the message of the refrain. I adapted a little the lyrics to fit in with us. I will use these words at the end of every comment that I will write.
    These are my opinions, but I used We instead of I, because I think that at least one fan thinks the same.
    Now the news. Park Shi Hoo came safely at home from his trip in USA. I hope that we’ll be able to see the pictures, which he shot for the Japanese Magazine.
    Park Shi Hoo go forward, no matter what and:
    “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us, for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.”

  11. 1311
    waimar Says:

    i really like your style.So fighting!
    i watching you..♥

  12. 1312
    qila Says:

    park shi oppa! please come back! we miss you so much!=’) i cant stop my tear, saranghae oppa, i’ts alright, we always with u no matter what happened=’) just please cme back, i’m malaysian fan

  13. 1313
    june Says:

    i am from myanmar. welcome to my country. i like ur action. saranghae oppa. take care of ur health. it is so cold over there. n i love snow. iwish ‘ whenever u go. have a save trip. always get successful n good luck.

  14. 1314
    lisa6 Says:


    Dear Overseas Fans.


    Hi, this notice is about appealing for your support in the in Japan.
    His currently running at Number 6 in the .
    and is. ranking at Number 9.
    The voting closes on the 30th of September, 2013.

    Let’s aim for the top ranking in the and aim for to take the top ranking in the .
    The Korean fans are doing on-line and off-line voting.
    The Japanese fans are also doing on-line voting.
    We are calling for the rest of the fans to actively participate in the on-line voting.
    in order for him to take the top ranking in the .
    and to take the top ranking in the .
    The information compulsory for the voting is name / age / sex / phone / email.
    No address is needed.

    The is a significant awards for all hanryu stars.
    and can pave the way for him to star in a drama in the future as the producers will certainly take note of the results of the Awards in selecting a drama to invest in.

    We have exactly one month left until the end of September.
    Please help us in making Park Sihoo take the top ranking in this Awards.
    I understand that the language will be the most significant barrier however.
    Park Sihoo’s fandom is known to conquer any obstacles if it means helping the actor.
    Please follow the link to the site and join us in voting for the Awrads ..
    Thank you always.

    With best regards,.

    2013 Sihoorang Management Committee.

    Credit:. http://cafe.daum.net/pyungholove/Je6P/60253.

  15. 1315
    lisa6 Says:

    For the voting update, please also see the following link:


    Cr: parksihoo4u.com

    Dear fans, let’s vote to show our support for PSH. Voting closes on 30 Sept 2013.

  16. 1316
    Daniela Says:

    From different internet’s posts (not from Sihoorang or his agency) comes this good news about Park Si Hoo’s comeback.
    Someone from his entourage (aide/friend) said: “Park Si Hoo will be returning to Korea from the USA in early October. He was originally planning to return during September, but he pushed it back a little.
    After he arrives, he’s going to rest. He has a lot of drama scripts and movie scenarios offered, but he’s not going to have a comeback to the industry this year. At the earliest, he’ll have his comeback early next year”.
    I think it’s wise to let this weird “sabbatical” 2013 to pass behind his life and to look to 2014 with confidence.
    I will look forward to his new project, happy that he is pursuing his dream.
    Park Si Hoo !!!
    “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us, for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.”

  17. 1317
    Daniela Says:

    Fans all over the world, this time from an official source Park Si Hoo’s agency. Hoo Factory comes out with a press release as official apologies in the name of Park Si Hoo. If you google, you’ll find it in many places. The good news is that in text is written that Park Si Hoo is an actor :” who has the courage to start again to achieve a new beginning”. This is a great anticipation, but I think that it was already in the air like a huge energy of his fans’ wishes and expectations. It had to happen soon or later. Maybe he has already a great project waiting for him, so this press release was necessary, because this is their culture full of protocols and public behavior rules, or maybe he will go to Japan to promote CDD Alice drama or for another public event.
    My opinion is that if PSH would wait until everything is just right, that moment never would come. There will always challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions to start.
    Park Si Hoo be brave.
    Get started soon and take step by step.
    For you to be actor is a calling not a job.
    You can lose the job, but your calling never and nobody will take it from you.
    “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us, for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.”

  18. 1318
    Hope Says:

    Hi park si hoo,no mata what happen,we your fans love u so much,nd we wil stand 4 u,no mata d situation,dont give up,nd we re waiting 4 u,nd i knw u wil prove 2 ur fans dat u can witstand all obstacles! Fighting oppa

  19. 1319
    Daniela Says:

    Fans from all over the world, if you like to feel as home, where Park Si Hoo’s worldwide family members can sharing their feelings and opinions inspired by him, well this kind of place really exists.

    Please visit the new blog dedicated to Park Si Hoo to enjoy and be part of its purpose at http://www.parksihoosonofbuyeo.blogspot.com.

    You are welcome to come as guests and stay as Park Si Hoo’s family. Unselfish love can do miracles.

  20. 1320
    Daniela Says:

    Great news about Park Si Hoo!!!
    He is nominated as Best New Actor for his performance in “Confession of Murder” in the 50th Daejong Film Awards to be held on November 1, 2013, also the director of the movie – Jung Byung Gil is nominated as Best New Director.
    I think that this nomination is a success by itself and I hope that the objectivity of the jury will be beyond all doubt.
    Congratulations Park Si Hoo! I saw the movie and your performance is outstanding so the nomination is well deserved.
    “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us, for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.”

  21. 1321
    lisa6 Says:


    Results were announced on October 19, 2013.

    Park Si Hoo (PSH) is ranked #6 in the Best Actor category.

    The Princess’s Man is ranked #4 in the Best Drama category.

    Congratulations PSH and thanks to all the fans who voted online, through fax & postcards.

  22. 1322
    tigerb Says:

    to Daniela and lisa6: you ladies are great! thanks for the updates. i just keep coming to this thread to learn what’s new with psh. cheers!

  23. 1323
    Daniela Says:

    Something interesting to know:
    -the period of voting 22 Jun-30 Sep 2013;
    -at 31 July, they announced interim results are: PSH is ranked #6 and
    TPM is ranked # 9;
    -at 31 Aug, the interim results are: PSH is ranked # 7 and
    TPM is ranked #11;
    – the final results (30 Sep) are: PSH is ranked #6, and
    TPM made a spectacular advance of 7 positions in just one -the last- month of voting and is ranked # 4.

    TPM is a masterpiece drama and the result is well deserved.

    Congratulations Park Si Hoo, I think that your real place is at least in tandem with your drama.
    “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on us, for sure
    That’s what fans are for
    For good times and bad times
    We’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what fans are for.”

  24. 1324
    Daniela Says:

    The Daejong Film Awards is the only festival hosted by Skorean government.

    The director of “Confession of murder” – Jung Byung Gil was the winner as “Best New Director”.

    Kim Soo Hyun (The moon that embraces the sun) was the winner as “Best New Actor” for his performance in “Secretly, Greatly”.
    In this movie he is very alike Bi (Rain) in acting and temper, nothing egregious, nothing original in my opinion, but seems that this very young actor (25 years old) rides high in kentertainment nowadays.

    Park Si Hoo, without your smashing performance “COM” wouldn’t be the movie selected in many film festivals around the world. “There is none so blind as those will not see”.

  25. 1325
    lisa Says:

    Daniela #1324

    Totally agree with you on PSH’s excellent & awesome performance in COM.

    Have appended some international testimonies below:

    Fantastic Fest Review of COM by Evan Saathoff :

    The shot of PSH at the ambulance chase was described as “Best Car Chase of the Year, Right Here”… see link below.


    Extracts of his review:

    “Seriously though, the film’s centerpiece is a three-party high speed automobile chase which supplies the setting for a simultaneous foot chase and series of fist fight happening on top of these cars. It is without a doubt high on my list of best action sequences to come out this year”.

    Another testimony:


    Fantastic Fest Hits the Road

    Austin’s trademark genre festival goes on tour

    Missing Fantastic Fest already? Don’t worry, the Fantastic Fest Tour will be bringing 8 of the festival’s oddest, weirdest, and most marvelous films to you.

    The tour will include (natch) four Drafthouse Films titles (Borgman, Cheap Thrills, The Congress, and Why Don’t You Play in Hell) but there’ll be four more films on the slate as well. Elijah Wood’s upcoming nailbiter thriller Grand Piano sits alongside the latest from shaolin laugh master Stephen Chow, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Korean dark procedural Confession of a Murder, and Quentin Tarantino’s favorite film of 2013, Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves (read our interviews with directors Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales here.)

    Announcing the tour, Drafthouse jefe Tim League said, “We wanted to bring the excitement of Fantastic Fest to other cities around the country. Genre film fans will get a sneak peak at this year’s hands-down craziest and wickedly enjoyable movies.”

    The full itinerary has yet to be released, but it includes three days of Austin screenings at the Alamo Slaughter Lane.

    Nov. 15
    7:15pm: The Congress, D: Ari Folman
    10pm: Grand Piano, D: Eugenio Mira

    Nov. 16
    3:15pm: Borgman, D: Alex Van Warmerdam
    6pm: Big Bad Wolves, D: Navot Papushado and Aahron Keshales
    8:45pm: Cheap Thrills, D: E.L Katz

    Nov. 17
    3:10pm: Confession of a Murder, D: Jeong Byeong Gil
    6pm: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, D: Stephen Chow and Chi-Kin Kwok
    8:40pm: Why Don’t You Play in Hell, D: Sion Sono

    More info at http://www.drafthouse.com/packages/fantastic-fest-2013-tour.

  26. 1326
    ana Says:

    Park Si Hoo deserved to win the Best New Actor for his performance in COM. Again I’m so disappointed in the Daejong Film Awards. No matter the performance but interests, politics and manipulation. Too bad and sad!

  27. 1327
    lisa Says:

    I have not watched Secretly Greatly (SG); so when KSH won the New Best Actor Award, I googled for reviews of SG and performances of its actors.

    Here’s what some international reviewers have commented:

    Pierce Conran (a film journalist based out of Seoul for Twitchfilm.com) has BOLD headlines for his review of SG as “Slick, Manipulative and Disappointing”.


    “Following are extracts from his reviews:
    Starring a trio of fresh-faced and supremely popular TV stars, Secretly Greatly is a resolutely commercial film that seeks to placate one specific demographic: teenage girls.
    Following a successful independent feature that had a good showing in limited release and won numerous accolades abroad, Jang was given his shot at the big time. He took it, and, judging by the young crowds that descended upon the film upon its release, he delivered exactly what the studio wanted”.

    “Kim Soo-hyun (KSH), Park Ki-woong (PKW) and Lee Hyun-woo (LHW) may be big stars with massive appeal for young girls, but as feature film performers I can’t give them much more than a passing grade.
    Granted, their thin roles didn’t give them much to work with. You would think that North Korean teenagers/young adults sent to go undercover in Korea and promptly ordered to kill themselves would require something to be going on beneath the surface, but that’s never really the case here. Trained as TV actors, subtlety is hard to come by in Secretly Greatly’s young cast.”

    “Streamlined and commercialized to the nth degree, Secretly Greatly is nothing if not slick and terrifically easy to follow. But it’s also devoid of a soul, and when combined with the film’s clear commercial bent, it doesn’t leave a great deal to appreciate.”

    Russel Edwards (a Sydney-based film critic specializing in Asian cinema) concluded his review of SG with this paragraph…

    “How this messy, confused film accrued $45 million (and climbing) at the Korean Box office was clarified when I saw the film at PiFan (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival).
    Present for a ‘guest visit’ were director Jang Chul-soo and three of the film’s actors. It wasn’t the director or its main actor, or even starlet Lee Chae-yeong that the crowd was there to see. Actress Lee even playfully apologized for not being as pretty as her co-star, rising TV heartthrob Lee Hyun-woo, who was able to send the young female audience into swoons and pic-snapping overdrive with a simple lift of his eyebrow.
    Actor Lee was the key factor in catapulting Secretly, Greatly to mega-hit status in Korea and everyone knew it. At the end of the Q&A, he slyly sang a love song as he strolled off the stage. The place erupted. Though a reasonable on-screen presence, Lee better enjoy his moment while he can. In years hence, when ‘his moment’ has passed, the film’s popularity will seem inexplicable.”

  28. 1328
    lisa Says:

    Omitted to include link for Russel Edwards’s review of SG:


  29. 1329
    lisa Says:

    Another noteworthy finding of Daejong Film Award is found in Wiki…. “The festival has often been marred by controversy, stemming from bribery and political pressure”.


    Given the many controversies of Daejong Awards… Are their awards still prestigious in SK and was Daejong jury credible in 2013?

  30. 1330
    ana Says:

    Thank you, lisa for these extracts and links. The jury of Daejong 2013 is not at all credible. I.m so sad for PSH.

  31. 1331
    Daniela Says:

    I believe that almost everybody knows the Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Making an analogy with Korean entertainment industry as The Emperor, who parades before our eyes, more and more we figure out that “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”.

  32. 1332
    lisa Says:

    It’s time again to vote for ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2013′.
    ‘The Nomination Round’ is from 2013-Nov-9, 00:00KST to 2013-Nov-30, 23:59KST.

    PSH fans,

    Please nominate for Cheongdamdong Alice at this link.


  33. 1333
    lisa Says:

    Rule in The Nomination Round:-
    – 1 IP address can only Nominate for 1 time/day
    – 1 time can Nominate for maximum of 8 dramas
    – Same IP address can Nominate again after 24 hours
    – The Top 8 in ‘The Nomination Round’ will go to ‘The Final Round’
    – All Top 8 Dramas will count from 0 in ‘The Final Round’

    Let’s vote every day for CDDA…it’s now rank #13..

  34. 1334
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans!!!

    You can see a short VDO filmed by him for his Japanese Magazin ENISHI- season 2 at http://parksihoosonofbuyeo.blogspot.ro/2013/11/vdo-psh-for-enishi-season-2.html
    You will see how much he recovered and seeing him so give us good feelings and more hope about his comeback.

  35. 1335
    Daniela Says:

    Update for # 1334

    Park Si Hoo fans!!!

    The post mentioned above was updated with more photos and a more accurate translation of Park Si Hoo’s words so please follow this address:


  36. 1336
    negin Says:

    the only thing good about Korea is Park si Hoo…the rest is just rubbish…
    i really feel sorry for a nation and country that treats one of his most talented and greatest stars like this…
    but i’m sure of it …PSH will shine again so soon and so bright…because he’s one of the rare real actors Korea has ever seen among all those puppet like, and unreal so called stars…i’m sick of them all

  37. 1337
    Daniela Says:

    # 1336 negin

    WELL SAID!!!

  38. 1338
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans! Good news!!!

    At these addresses you can read the first Park Si Hoo’s official interview after the incident:


    Park Si Hoo was interviewed at 2013.11.18 by the Japanese TV channel KNTV, which will broadcast the first episode of CDDAlice drama in 21 november.
    CDDAlice will make its debut in Japan on this TV channel.

    It’s so refreshing to read it! Park Si Hoo seems to be in a good and optimistic mood.

  39. 1339
    lisa Says:

    This is another PSH interview on KNTV “Cheongdam-dong Alice” (CDDA) homepage:

    Please say ”Hello” to the viewers of KNTV.

    Hello, KNTV viewers, this is Park Si Hoo who plays Cha Seung Jo /Jean Thierry Cha in “Cheongdam -dong Alice”.

    Q: What is the character of Cha Seung Jo that you played in the drama?

    A: This is a person who is distant from the image that I’ve ever played. There is also a comical side to him; he has a great emotional range. And the scriptwriter has made him a very attractive person, so I enjoyed myself while we were shooting.

    Q: Please tell us why you decided to do “Cheongdam-dong Alice”.

    A: When I first read the script, I received a very good impression. It is similar to my other works, but I always believe in first impression. First impression was good, so I decided to do it because it is a character I’ve never played before.

    Q: Your drastic comical acting became a hot topic, but how did you play the role of Cha Seung Jo?

    A: Rather than making ​​a special effort, I thought it was best to play it by ear, to adapt as we went along. I did not empathize while remembering other characters. He is a person who is reserved in front of strangers, but when he becomes intimate he will relax, so I thought it would be good if I could show him in front of the camera as such a figure. I made an effort to put up as natural an appearance as possible.

    Q: You’re from Buyeo in South Chungcheong Province? Cha Seung Jo lapses into dialect once he gets excited in the drama.

    A: Dialect was not in the script originally. During our many conversations with the scriptwriter, he once asked me: ”Where are you from?” And “You’re from Chuncheongnam-do? Might be interesting to use the dialect.” Scriptwriter seemed to think it reflected well my personality which came out while I was talking in dialect. It is said I looked good speaking dialect. (Laughs)

    Q: Did you not use the dialect originally?

    A: It is not used in such an exaggerated degree. That …… because it was drama. Sometimes occasionally …… ?

    Q: There are many comical scenes. Do you remember any embarrassing scene even now?

    A: Well, it is embarrassing. (Laughs). There was a scene when I was dancing with friends; it was comical but it was very embarrassing. (Laughs) After looking at it on the screen, it has become a very interesting scene.

    Q: Is there a scene that is cool and has excellent lines?

    A: The scene that is my personal favorite is the scene when I pour soy sauce over Tommy Hong’s hair. I feel that the scene is the best. (Laughs)

    Q: Do you remember the lines now?

    A: “Have you seen the movie ‘Ben Hur’? Please remember this … Arius is nervous. The new Artemis Chairman is also pretty nervous.”

    Q: Cha Seung Jo’s expressions range from the comical to the serious. Did you have any difficulty playing him?

    A: I almost never have difficulty grasping the character, but the schedule of the drama was very tight, so it was hard.

    Q: That scene of CSJ biting his nails … he seems to be the edgy, nervous type. In real life is Park Si Hoo also like that?

    A: (Thinking for a moment ) … Hmmm, are you referring to that scene when I sent an e-mail to Han Se Kyung but the reply had not come, and I was waiting and biting my nails … restless? (Laughs)

    Q: So Park Si Hoo is similar to Cha Seung Jo in the drama. Are there any differences?

    A: People close to me often say Cha Seung Jo is very similar to me. Mischievous. (Laughs) He is shy in front of strangers and in this respect he is very similar to me. Like an idiot? (Laughs) That’s how he’s different from me. (Laughs)

    Q: Please explain to the Japanese what kind of a place is “Cheongdam-dong” in the title of the drama for the Koreans.

    A: In a nutshell, I feel that it is similar to the atmosphere of Aoyama of Japan. Its trendy, stylish atmosphere where young people like to hang out is similar to Cheongdam-dong.

    Q: How has it been like co-starring with Moon Geun Young?

    A: She is above all a person who is very friendly towards her co-stars. I think that her character probably would not be such a character if it had not been portrayed by Moon Geun Young. Her acting was also very good and our performance together was perfect.

    Q: Is Moon Geun Young any different from her image?
    A: She may look young but she is a very serious person. She has depth, and she’s lively and fresh .

    Q: What are the highlights of ”Cheongdam-dong Alice”?

    A: The process by which Cha Seung Jo finds love is a point of interest. You’ll also find that he is a surprising character that I could not show up to now, and it is an interesting drama.

    (Source: http://www.kntv.co.jp/pr/interview.php)

    (Credits: http://www.kntv.co.jp. Thanks! English translation @ Parksihoo4u.com)

    Credits: Parksihoo4u.com

  40. 1340
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans!!!

    This is a very encouraging news for Park Si Hoo’s comeback.
    KBS WORLD TV will broadcast “The Princess’ Man” drama starting with 4 December 2013.
    You can find details at
    We hope that the large public will have a good reaction.

  41. 1341
    lisa Says:

    Nomination round has ended with total votes of 363,054 votes from 153 Countries. Top 8 Dramas voted into the Final Round are:-

    1. The Heirs (SBS)
    2. The Master’s Sun (SBS)
    3. I Hear Your Voice (SBS)
    4. Secret (KBS2)
    5. I Miss You (MBC)
    6. Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS)
    7. Two Weeks (MBC)
    8. Good Doctor (KBS2)

    ‘The Final Round’ has begun from today, 29 Nov
    8pm KST to 31 Dec midnight 23:59KST.

    PSH Fans, please vote every day for CDDA!
    CDDA is now #2. Please cast votes for CDDA from as many IP addresses as possible (handphones, tablets, PCs, notebooks…..).

    Rules in the Final Round:-

    – 1 IP address can only vote 1 time/a day
    – 1 time can only select for 1 drama
    – Same IP address can vote again after 24 hours

  42. 1342
    Daniela Says:

    Update for # 1340

    Park Si Hoo fans!!!

    at this address:
    you’ll find information about how to watch live The Princess’s Man on KBS World TV, starting today 4 dec. 2013.

  43. 1343
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans!!!

    We can see a video with Park Si Hoo in Los Angeles – USA, # 1306, about the photo shoot for his Japanese Magazine ENISHI – season 2, which was released at Nov. 30,2013, at

    So good to see him at work.

  44. 1344
    lisa Says:

    More of Hanyru Results for PSH’s dramas:


    Ranking of drama series of 50 episodes or more.

    “Family Honor” is #1 (out of BEST 30).


    #1 ”The Princess’s Man”

    (Number in parenthesis is overall rank in BEST 300 dramas.)


    #2 “The Princess’s Man”

    #21 “How to meet a perfect neighbor”


    #12 ”Queen of Reversals”

    #13 ”Prosecutor Princess”



  45. 1345
    Secondary Says:

    It’s amazing designed for me to have a website, which is useful for my knowledge.
    thanks admin

  46. 1346
    Cassandra Says:

    Thank you all for the comments here (keeps us updated). PSH is such a talented actor and what a waste if we don’t see him soon in a drama or movie. He is one of the few who can really put himself into the character. Please post more news on him for we PSH’s fans are thirsty foe even a morsel of news of our favorite actor. Park SHi Hoo, I hope to see you soon. HURRY your fans miss you.

  47. 1347
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans!

    You can see at this link:

    the newest message of Park Si Hoo for his fans as an invitation to visit Re-portrait Park Si Hoo Exhibition “The Man who was there” (himself as photographer) at Osaka in Jan 11-13, 2014 organized by his Japan Official Fan Club. This exhibition was open first time at Tokio in Nov 22-24,2013 and had a section to promote CDDAlice that had its debut in Japan on KNTV – Nov 21.
    At the public request the exhibition will move at Osaka and will be enrich with new photos as Park Si Hoo said in message.

  48. 1348
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo fans!

    This is a great news that I found out today:

    “Park Si-hoo is coming back next year.

    According to various people, Park Si-hoo is revising scripts aimed for the next year. It seems that he might be coming back with a Chinese project first. This will be his comeback for the first time in a year since “Cheongdam-dong Alice“.

    Park Si-hoo plans on coming out with something abroad and then making his way back to Korea.” (source http://www.ohkpop.com)

    It seems that Park Si Hoo chose already a project for his comeback and will be in China, where he is so treasured and loved and his Chinese fans support and trust him above all.

    This isn’t a news from an official source as his agency Hoo Factory or his fan club Sihoorang, but it’s so good to hear it anyway.

    Good luck to Park Si Hoo in his choice.

  49. 1349
    lisa Says:

    Some re-broadcast of PSH dramas for fans in various countries:

    Prosecutor Princess @ Channel U, Singapore every Sunday, 1.30pm to 3pm (90 mins)

    Queen of Reversals @ KNTV, Japan starting from 17 Dec 2013. It’s on every Monday and Tuesday @ 09:30am – 10:45am

    Princess Man @ KBS World, every Mon to Thurs at 11.10pm Seoul time.

    Premiere for the 1st time in KNTV, Japan

    Cheongdamdong Alice @ KNTV Japan starting December 21 2013, every Sat and Sun from 8.45pm to 10pm.

  50. 1350
    Daniela Says:

    Update #1348

    Park Si Hoo fans!

    Park Si Hoo’s comeback in the entertainment is reality now.

    His agency Hoo Factory announced oficially, today 23 dec 2013, that Park Si Hoo will shoot a movie in China named “Fragrance” (unfixed title).
    The filming will start in January 2014 in Shanghai China and then in Jeju Island Korea. The role of Park Si Joo is a Korean interior designer. His co-star is a Chinese actress named Chen Run and seems to be a love movie. Park Si Hoo chose this role because is a challenge for him as actor, said his agency. China Film Group will distribute it. (source parsihoo4u.com and parksihoosonofbuyeo.blogspot.ro)
    Park Si Hoo congratulations for your new project and thank you for sharing with your fans this great news as a Christmas gift.

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