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Name: 박시후 / Park Shi Hoo
Real name: 박평호 / Park Pyung Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1978-Apr-03
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Family: Father (fashion/CF model), mother, younger brother/baseball player Park Wu Ho
Talent agency: Hoo Factory
Hobbies: Skin scuba diving and snowboarding.
Specialties: Aikido, boxing, fencing.

TV Shows

My Golden Life (KBS2, 2017)
Neighborhood Hero (OCN, 2016)
Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012)
The Princess’ Man (KBS2, 2011)
Queen of Reversals (MBC, 2010)
Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)
Family’s Honor (SBS, 2008)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007)
What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
Let’s Marry (MBC, 2005)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005, cameo)


Love After Love (2016)
Scent (2014)
Confession of Murder (2012)
Mr. Bullet (2007)
Chunhyang (2000)

Web Drama

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

Music Videos

2009 : Kim Bum Soo, “Taste of Separation”
2006 : Alex and Ji Sun, “I love you” and “Very Heartbreaking Words.”
2005 : Gavy NJ, “Happiness” and “I Will Still Live.”


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series) – Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life)
– 2015 Luxury Brand Model Awards: Hallyu Asia Top Star Award
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards with Moon Chae Won (The Princess’ Man)
– 2011 Style Icon Awards (SIA): SIA’s Discovery
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Queen of Reversals)
– 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Special Production Actor Award (Family’s Honor)
– 2007 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1451
    Daniela Says:

    # 1450 updated

    Park Si Hoo’s debut single (CD) in Japanese went on sale at 10 a.m. January 26.

    Wish Park Si Hoo a successful debut as singer in Japan.

  2. 1452
    hiravee Says:

    Don’t you really miss your fans?? I really miss your acting…
    Please come back….
    whatever you did in the previous day, i don’t care. I’m here to be a netral.

  3. 1453
    abby Says:

    Dear Park Shi Ho,
    Since you’re out of the screen, I was absent for a while in watching Korean drama and movie. Then I realize that’s something missing on the small screen.. That my favorite actor is nowhere to be seen. I was contented to watch your former drama and now I can tell you that I really want to see you on the screen, specially that my vision is getting weak. I hope your managing director will come to a conclusion to le t you appear on the screen again. I don’t really care what happens, my admiration for you doesn’t change. Your performance for me is genuine and exemplary. You give me the inspiration to admire the beauty of acting and giving justice to the role you perform. I pray for you every day that your clouds will be cleared along the way. The only dream I want to achieve is to see you in person even though I cant go near with you. Watching you from afar is enough. I pray that everything will go smoothly for you. Good Luck !!! See you soon on your new drama. Your fan Abby USA.

  4. 1454
    tigerb Says:

    hi Daniela! i see you are updating on psh activities these past months. thank you! i can just come here and learn the good news. seems like there’s normalcy now for him. i was so happy to see the link of his movie ‘scent’. unfortunately there’s no english subs. guess i have to wait.

  5. 1455
    gabysmom Says:

    We miss your acting and your smile. We know you were set up. Come back to the small screen. I still admire your acting ability and your presence in dramas. Do NOT let anyone put you down. Just come back to us. Your fans are speaking.

  6. 1456
    tigerb Says:

    hi Daniela! just finished watching ‘scent’ with english subs at ‘you tube’! have you watched it yet? the plot is nothing unique, but cute for the romantic viewers. that movie psh will be working on, from the title, sounds like another romantic one? am just happy that he is on the roll again.

  7. 1457
    Daniela Says:

    Hi tigerb! I saw “Scent” with English sub. at the link that I shared #1446. I really don’t know why don’t come out on your comp, I just checked and is still Es. I missed Park Si Hoo’s acting so much and I truly enjoyed his performance. In my opinion he couldn’t act better than he did, despite the scenario’s limitations and director’s vision he was genuine and convincing. Now, about the movie, I would qualify it as a “cotton candy” kind.
    I hope that Park Si Hoo’s new movie (Missing love) will have more “substance”, because I’m sure he gave his best effort for the role.

  8. 1458
    Daniela Says:

    Another good news!!!

    Park Si Hoo is considered no. 1 in Top 10 Hallyu Actors in Japan, due to the success of his dramas among Japanese viewers. (source topstarnews.net; hancinema.net in English)
    Congratulations Park Si Hoo for this recognition.

  9. 1459
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo will spend his birthday on April 3, 2015 with his “another family” as he likes to call his fans all over the world. The fans, who will participate in this event, will visit Park Si Hoo’s homeland in Buyeo and in the evening, will enjoy Park Si Hoo’s birthday party in Seoul. Lucky them, sigh…

  10. 1460
    Daniela Says:

    Dear Si Hoo -ssi

    Happy Birthday!
    May the light that’s within you shine always.
    May you continue to experience a rich life of love,
    health, joy, and fulfillment, both creatively and personally.
    God bless you!

    P.S. Wish you have a wonderful and unforgettable celebration of your birthday together with your fans family!!!

  11. 1461
    bless Says:

    Dear Park Si Hoo
    I wish you Health, Love, Peace and Happiness.
    May all your dreams came true!
    God bless you!
    Always support you! With love from Romania!

  12. 1462
    Daniela Says:

    The Park Si Hoo’s movie “Missing love” (or “Love after love”) will be released in the second half of this year simultaneously in Korea, China and Japan. “The movie is expected to deliver the beautiful Korean-Chinese cinematography and present what a well-made classic melodrama movie should be like. “(source: hancinema.net)
    From a Chinese source, the movie will be released around the date of August 20, 2015.

  13. 1463
    yuciel Says:

    Park Si Hoo, I miss your acting. please, return! I’ll be wait for your new drama!

  14. 1464
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans! Good news:

    1.The movie “Scent” had the premiere in Japan on May 16 on “Korean Cinema Festival 2015” and will start be showing in cinemas from June 6, 2015.

    2.Chinese media and Chinese Fashion Association recommended Park Si Hoo to be selected for Hallyu Star Talent Award in “Luxury Brand Model Awards” Seoul, May 27-28, 2015.
    Park Si Hoo’s official Korean Fan Club Sihoorang has announced that he will participate on this event.
    This will be his first public appearance in Korea.

    Just a glimpse about LBMA’s magnitude:
    “Introduction to 2015 Luxury Brand Model Awards(Worldwide live broadcasting):

    Luxury brand models and top models from around the world to compete worldwide and a Korean wave festival joined with K-pop performance, national costume, evening, swimwear and beauty shows along with other fashion shows all together with models from Asia and Europe gathered by Korean top star celebrities.
    Broadcasting in live stream over 164 countries.
    At least 10 million viewers will watch the 2015 Luxury Brand Model Awards World Final Competition & Awards in live.”

    For more information about LBMA Seoul 2015 you can access http://www.bestbrand.kr/bbs_shop/read.htm?board_code=sub3_1&idx=4698&cate_sub_idx=0 (go to bottom of the page for English) and for
    its site you must google: lbma.tv seoul .

    Wish Park Si Hoo have a great success with “Scent” in Japan and also to be a winner in LBMA competition as we know that he has a natural talent and beautiful figure for modeling any luxury brand.

  15. 1465
    Daniela Says:

    # 1464 update

    Park Si Hoo Fans!!!!

    Awesome news was released yesterday 21th May in Korean media.
    Luxury Brand Model Awards Seoul 2015 organizer announced that Park Si Hoo is the winner of Hallyu Asia Top Star Award.
    The global agencies and foreign partners made this decision as result of an objective examination.
    The premiere ceremony will be held on May 27 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza Seoul within LBMA event. (source : news.nate.com/view/20… (google translate from Korean) & hancinema.net)

    Congratulations Park Si Hoo for this recognition of your worthiness, which can bring economic benefits to your country and build the bridges between Asia cultures.

  16. 1466
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    Today, May 27, Park Si Hoo has his first official appearance in SKorea in more than 2 years and is for receive the trophy as Hallyu Asia Top Star in LMBA event. This is fabulous. Our hopes and prayers are materializing in such outstanding way.
    Let’s be with him in heart&mind and his happiness be our happiness.

    Park Si Hoo,
    May you have a glorious day and a new beginning in your homeland,
    you worth it.
    God bless you!

  17. 1467
    Daniela Says:

    # 1466 update

    We can see Park Si Hoo on red carpet and award ceremony (in fact the whole LMBA event live) following this link:

    Sugar Korea YouTube channel.

    For more information you can visit parksihoosonofbuyeo blog.

  18. 1468
    Daniela Says:

    The good news about Park Si Hoo are in abundance this days.

    1. In the tv program Star Timeline from 26th May, K Star consecrated 10 ½ minutes to Hallyu Prince Park Si Hoo.
    The link for VDO is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gbSNwO1j6w
    Here it is an excerpt of the program in English:
    “Program opens with anchor saying Park Si Hoo’s comeback is a current hot topic. She goes on to mention his upcoming movie with Yoon Eun Hye “Love After Love”.
    Who is the ultimate Hallyu Star? “You who came from the stars” Kim Soo Hyun? “The Heirs” Lee Min Ho? Neither! It’s Park Si Hoo!
    Scenes of PSH in China and Japan are shown, testifying to his immense popularity in these countries where he dominated various voting polls for 3 years.
    His star power is also proven by his recently winning the Hallyu Top Star Award at the Luxury Brand Model Awards.
    PSH’s hair stylist Euro, an Asian agent Jo Han Ju, his stylist Kim Mi Young, and his close friend Jeong Gu Yuk are interviewed (more later.)
    Video then re-caps PSH’s career, starting with his latest dramas “The Princess’s Man” and “Cheongdam-dong Alice” and going back to his earliest “Sassy Girl Choon-Hyang” and “Which planet are you from”, through his first starring role in “How to meet a perfect neighbor”. He hit the jackpot and became very hot with the 2011 drama “The Princess’s Man”. Then came his debut movie “Confession of Murder” in which he made a 180 degrees turn and convincingly played a cold-blooded killer.
    Choi Young Il (cultural critic): “PSH has a wide repertoire as an actor. In particular in ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’ he has fully digested his character Cha Seung Jo and given a superb performance, moving at ease between comedy and melodrama.”
    With each work, PSH took a step forward on his way to the top. His latest movie “Love After Love” is scheduled to be released simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan in the second half of 2015, and this marks his comeback in more than 2 years.
    Unknown stories of Park Si Hoo – as told by his friends
    PSH’s close friend and senior Jeong Gu Yuk and he went back 20 years. They first met in acting school in Seoul [ED: JGY dropped out]. JGY remembered how PSH lived in the basement of a gym because he could not afford to rent an apartment. He was doing some modeling which didn’t pay much. And then he landed a “standing” role in the Chun Hyang movie: he practiced that several times^^
    The Asian agent Jo Han Ju said PSH is really the son of landed gentry who have a huge 100-year-old hanok (traditional Korean house) with a pond in Buyeo. It’s well-preserved and is a great cultural asset. But he left home to go to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.
    What about PSH’s reputation of being kind and gentle?
    Asian agent Jo Han Ju: “He treats people with respect and consideration, no doubt due to his fine upbringing and family education.”
    PSH is said to be cool.
    Kim Mi Young, PSH’s stylist said for nearly year after she started working for PSH she thought he was difficult to approach, but now he is like a brother.
    And about PSH’s distaste for messiness?
    Euro, PSH’s hair stylist, said: “When we go on an overseas trip, PSH doesn’t like people throwing cigarette ends on the street. And in the shooting studio whenever our staff throw garbage, he would pick it up and put it in the bin, making them blush.”
    Then PSH’s friend Jeong Gu Yuk said: “You know, we always throw chewing gum wrapping paper on the ground without thinking and PSH would say, ‘Brother, don’t do that’ and he would pick up the paper. So sometimes, I tease him by throwing the paper far away so he has to run after it. He is just such a guy.”
    And PSH is poised for a domestic comeback.
    Choi Young Il, cultural critic: “This fall ‘Love After Love’ will premiere in Asia and PSH will make a brilliant comeback in the domestic market.”
    So people who know this Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo best unanimously regard him as an upright and gentlemanly person who deserves to make a hard-won comeback!
    Let us cheer his success. Fighting!
    (K STAR live, Star-News)” (credit: psh4u, many thanks!)

    2. Park Si Hoo participated in the “Beautiful walk-by-your-side” event held on May 26 by Itabashi Pangyo CHA Biotechnology Complex to combat intractable diseases as cerebral palsy and dementia. On this occasion, he made a donation but he didn’t want to talk about it, also he expressed his desire to be more involve in good deeds in future.

    3. Park Si Hoo was invited at Trends Annual Ball 2015 in Beijing on May 31, so he left for China on May 30.
    The ball organizers are the Chinese no. 1 media group Trends Group and the magazine Bazaar Jewelry. There will be many celebrities as stars, famous artists and weighty guests from business, fashion and arts so Park Si Hoo will have a very select company.
    Wish Park Si Hoo have an exciting and fruitful attending to the ball.

  19. 1469
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: thanks for all the updates. you’re such a loyal fan, i wish you would at least have the chance to meet him in person. anyway, my best wishes to psh!

  20. 1470
    Daniela Says:

    @ tigerb, thank you for appreciation, but we know that Park Si Hoo is worthy and moreover of his talent and charisma, I appreciate very much his determination to be independent (running his own agency) in the fierce battle field that kentertainment is and he paid a big price for this, I hope it’s over now, will see.

  21. 1471
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    The VDO – link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Up5gOYNi8

    remembers us Park Si Hoo’s great moment on LBMA event stage, being continuously supported by his fans’ (from Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere) enthusiasm. The adapted translation of his sort speech of thankfulness for Hallyu Asia Top Star Award is:
    “It’s really been a longtime since we met. I’m grateful to everyone. I’m able to get this award thanks to all my fans who always stand by and support me. I will work hard with all my heart as a Hallyu Star. Thank you so much! ”
    If you are attentive, the last word, that he speaks louder than those before, is “kamsahamnida” with a reverence in the fans’ direction and when he left the stage, he turned back and saluted his fans again. These gestures show once more how grateful and considerate person he is.

    Park Si Hoo, we are proud of you.

    (#1467 correction: it was a blue carpet not red one)

  22. 1472
    Daniela Says:

    Appendage of # 1471:

    As I learned, there are several ways of saying “thank you” in Korean, but the right one to use, largely depends on the level of respect you need to show someone.

    “Kamsahamnida” is used when you need to show someone the utmost respect and gratitude, even if its translation is just “thank you very/ so much”, in Korean has a richer significance.

    Park Si Hoo always has impeccable manners.

  23. 1473
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    This is a letter that a Chinese fan wrote to Park Si Hoo and was published on weibo after the news of his attend at LBMA event for receive the trophy “Hallyu Asia Top Star” was confirmed by Sihoorang. Majority of us don’t have access at weibo and Chinese language so we learn about Chinese fans indirectly. I share this letter as a tribute to Chinese fans, to make known their dedication and effort, not to mention their contribution to Park Si Hoo’s achievements.

    “…Today is a special day for Park Sihoo and his fans. Sihoorang (Park Sihoo’s official Korean fan club) announced that Park Sihoo will attend and accept the Hallyu Star Award at the 2015 Luxury Brand Model Award on 27 May 2015. It will be his first official attendance at a public event in his homeland, South Korea. Gathered from celebrity popularity statistics around the world, this award will be presented to a Korean star who has achieved tremendous popularity globally.
    Park Sihoo deserves this award – in the over two years that he has not worked in his native South Korea and refrained from attending any public event, he continued to enjoy immense popularity.
    Other than Park Sihoo-ssi’s superb acting and his charismatic personality, the staunch support of his fans cannot be overlooked. Whether they are old or new fans, their love for Park Sihoo-ssi comes straight from their hearts – passionate, sincere and loyal. This is unlike other star chasers who are there today but gone tomorrow.
    Park Sihoo’s fans had to endure long-suffering and loneliness during those missing years, but they were patient and most important, they put into actions what they committed. They came in numbers to greet him at the airport, attended his fan meetings, went to Korea to celebrate his birthday and voted tirelessly to keep his popularity alive. They kept up with his generous spirit and contributed to the establishment of dozens of Sihoo Reading Rooms in schools, spreading love across China.
    The world can be a strange but wonderful place. Sometimes good comes out of bad. Park Sihoo faced so much adversity and challenges and had to disappear from public view. His fans went out of their way to support him and showered him with their sincerest love. Maybe this is his luck. In good times, it is easy to be loved and supported but then it is difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is not. When the going gets tough, the love and support you get will infinitely be more precious, the real “gold”. I believe that with the deep love and unerring support of his fans, Park Sihoo will have a glorious future ahead!
    I feel happy that Park Sihoo has been awarded the Hallyu Asia Top Star award. For him and his fans, it is only natural, and deserving, nothing out of the ordinary landscape. Just like when there are mountains, the water will flow; where there is grass, flowers will bloom. Perhaps, the most beautiful scenery has yet to be seen. But for us, we will be there for him all the way, to support him, to grow old with him, to be sad in his sadness and to bask in his happiness. Being there for him will be all the joy we need.
    Park Sihoo-ssi, for your fans, you are the most beautiful scenery there is!”
    (Many thanks for English version to parksihoossi.com)

  24. 1474
    Daniela Says:

    Today, Park Si Hoo’s movie “Scent” started his journey in Japanese cinemas, first Shinjuku Cimemart in Tokio.
    At the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPIJWn7MRug
    you can see a beautiful Scent trailer made for Japanese public.
    Wish “Scent” to be well received by Japanese public and showing in many cinemas all over Japan.

  25. 1475
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: i did watch a part of the LBMA event. unfortunately i did not understand a thing and after 30 minutes i got bored so did not see the portion of psh receiving his award. my bad! anyway, thanks for posting his ‘thank you’ speech, and explaining the meaning of the korean ‘tyvm’. also that fan letter from china is a beautiful expression that most of his fans wanted to say. that’s endearing!

  26. 1476
    Daniela Says:

    One of the first deeds that Park Si Hoo’s fans started to do for him a.i. was to keep his popularity alive by votes, as Chinese fan well said. At that moment we thought – at least that we can do to make him “Hard to … forget” as some, unworthy to name, believed that will be easy…
    In time, all those countless votes revealed their value and weighed this much in keeping and strengthening Park Si Hoo’s statute as Hallyu star, what is extremely important for his career.
    I want to underline one of these results because is all-time record for the voting site “123fans.cn”. Park Si Hoo set a complete record (June 13, 2015 – stage 288) as time during, number of votes and number of gold cups.
    He won continually 109 weeks, i.e. 2 years and 1 month, receiving a total number of 1,937,579,880 votes and gathering 109 gold cups, amazing isn’t it? I’m sure that thanks to fans this record will continue to increase. Congratulations Park Si Hoo, you are earning.
    Congratulations Park Si Hoo’s fans, your effort was / is very significant.
    (credit: psh4u for numbers, many thanks!)

  27. 1477
    tigerb Says:

    9,525,726 – that’s the number of votes listed in the website ‘123fans.cn’, as of this writing. where did the one billion come from? did i miss something?

  28. 1478
    Daniela Says:

    @tigerb, what you saw was the number of votes that Park Si Hoo received in current stage no. 289 (14.06.2015, 00:00 -20.06.2015, midnight) until that moment. Every stage starts from zero votes. If you check now you’ll see another number.
    What I emphasized (# 1476) was Park Si Hoo’s cumulative votes of 109 stages (1st was stage no. 180; 109th was stage no. 288) that he earned continually and set a complete record. (For more details about the voting sites, you can consult Vote for PSH 2015 | Park Si Hoo)

  29. 1479
    Daniela Says:


  30. 1480
    tigerb Says:

    thanks for the info, daniela!

  31. 1481
    anne Says:

    Patiently waiting for your next k-drama…
    In the meantime, looking forward to Love After Love. I wonder what’s taking them so long to release it..

  32. 1482
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo,
    Have I told you lately that I miss you ?
    Have I told you there’s no one else above you?
    Fill my heart with gladness,
    Take away my sadness,
    Ease my troubles, that’s what you do.
    Fill my life with laughter,
    Somehow, you make it better,
    Ease my troubles, that’s what you do.
    Have I told you lately that I miss you?

    (paraphrasing Van Morrison song)

  33. 1483
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: i’m singing the song!

  34. 1484
    Daniela Says:

    Yeah, a beautiful old song that teaches us something precious.

  35. 1485
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: i’m wondering and waiting when he would take a korean project, a drama, i hope!

  36. 1486
    Daniela Says:

    @tigerb, me too.
    For the present, Park Si Hoo will have the movie premiere in august #1462, (unofficial yet), so I guess he will be involved in some promo activities since they said the movie will be released simultaneously in China, Japan and Korea.
    I hope that a new project (movie or drama) will be announced in (late) autumn.

  37. 1487
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: thanks for the info. guess we might be able to watch the movie early part of next year, hopefully sooner. meantime, we wish him well!

  38. 1488
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    The next officially activity of Park Si Hoo that was announced by Sihoorang (his official Korean Fan Club) and appeared in Korean and Chinese media is a charity event on August 29, 2015 in Busan Korea at MBC Sam Joo Art Hall.
    The purpose of this event is to help a Chinese orphanage from Wuhan City in Hubei county, but also to stimulate the tourism in Busan attracting many Chinese tourists and the benefits will be used to help the orphans. The organizer is a Chinese company.
    During two hours, Park Si Hoo will talk with public, take a group photo with 50 lucky fans (raffle tickets) and sign autographs.

    For activities related with Park Si Hoo’s new movie “Love after Love” will have to wait until October, because the premiere won’t be this month as was announced by that Chinese source # 1462. (credits:pshsonofbuyeo, psh4u)

  39. 1489
    lisa6 Says:

    Neighborhood’s Hero
    Profile Drama: Neighborhood’s Hero (working & literal title)
    Revised romanization: Dongneui Youngwoong
    Hangul: 동네의 영웅
    Director: Kwak Jung-Hwan
    Writer: Kim Gwan-Hoo
    Network: OCN
    Release Date: 2016 —
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea
    Plot – Baek Shi-Yoon (Park Si-Hoo) is an ex-secret agent. He is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar and sympathizes with their pain. Baek Shi-Yoon meets a young man who works as a temporary employee. The young wants to become a police officer. Baek Shi-Yoon trains the young man as a secret agent and they fight together against evil.

    Filming begins September, 2015.

  40. 1490
    lisa6 Says:


  41. 1491
    tigerb Says:

    @Daniela: just read an article on line (kdramastars) that psh will be in a drama called ‘neighborhood’s hero’. that’s a welcoming news to hear!

  42. 1492
    Daniela Says:

    @ tigerb you’re right, thank you for notice. Our hopes and wishes come true.

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    An awesome news came out today 24 August, 2015, indeed.

    Park Si Hoo returns in k-ent as lead actor in the upcoming OCN (cable channel) drama named “Neighborhood’s Hero”.
    “The production team for upcoming OCN drama ‘Neighborhood’s Hero’ (working title), has confirmed today that actor Park Si Hoo will headline.
    The drama will be directed by Kwak Jung Hwan (director of Fugitive Plan B; Chuno; Basketball, etc) and tells the story of an ex-secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Si Hoo) who meets a temporary worker that aspires to be a police officer. Baek Shi Yoon decides to train the young worker as a secret agent, and they team up to fight against evil.
    Baek Shi Yoon is described to be a well-trained human weapon. He buys a small bar after leaving his past behind, and lives a lonely life. He slowly gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar, sympathizes with them, and decides to integrate himself into their lives, and fight for them against evil.
    Filming will officially begin in September, and it will premiere early next year.”
    (source: kpopfighting.com and wikipedia^^)
    For more fresh news you can visit parksihoosonofbuyeo blog, anyway this is just the beginning. I’m happy and grateful that his talent and skils will shine again.

    Congratulations Park Si Hoo and thank you for comeback in kdrama.

  43. 1493
    Daniela Says:

    Thank you @lisa6 for promptitude, I hope that from now on more and more fans will return and share their opinions and this page will be animated again.

  44. 1494
    tigerb Says:

    @lisa6: our posts are just minutes apart! guess we are both excited to share what we learned of his incoming drama! how have you been?

    @Daniela: sure looking forward to this new drama!

  45. 1495
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans, let’s celebrate together.

    A Chinese fan of Park Si Hoo shared her thoughts on weibo after she saw a short Y-Star video report with the news of his comeback in k-ent with the lead role in “Neighborhood’s Hero” drama.

    I’m sure we can recognize our own feelings in her words.

    @Linacxl: “Although the video clip lasted only 37 seconds, but to us fans, today is definitely the most memorable day. As of today, we can shout out King Si Hoo, you have finally return back! We can resume our happy following of Si Hoo on television screen again. For such happy days, we have waited very very long, all our suppressed feelings will pour out today, unrestrained.
    I am secretly shedding tears of happiness. Thank you Si Hoo, thankful there is you. Because of you, all the sacrifices and patient waiting is worth it and you said so that you will do better and better works to return us, fans, the deep devotion we gave you. Today you are our hero, from today onwards, please regain your esteem dignity and stride forward, return to the star path that you deserve.
    You are Prince of Reversal in the hearts of every fan. You have a new name: HeroParkSiHoo. Waiting eagerly to watch your new drama, I am very excited ah! Get to follow Hoo’s drama again. I once again congratulate my Prince Hoo may your new drama rating shoot sky high, may your movie ticket sales for “After Love” achieve box office hit!”
    (Credit: parksihoosonofbuyeo blog and J.Ong for translation, many thanks)

  46. 1496
    lisa6 Says:

    @daniela @tigerb Thanks for your posts too^^ Super excited on this great news of PSH’s comeback drama! Let’s cheer for our Neighbourhood Hero^^ Yeah^^

  47. 1497
    ilknur-Turkey Says:

    great news.. finally comeback ^^ good luck

  48. 1498
    Daniela Says:

    Today, Park Si Hoo arrived in Japan with destination Ise – Shima. He will have a meeting with his fans, which are Enishi (his Japanese magazine) readers on September 4, 2015 to watch traditional fireworks together. It’s a 10th anniversary of fireworks display there.
    Park Si Hoo, may you have a wonderful time with your fans.

    ( about Ise-Shima:
    http://www.japanvisitor.com/japan-city-guides/ise-shima-guide )

  49. 1499
    Daniela Says:

    # 1498 updated

    For information firsthand about Ise-Shima event, you can visit parksihoossi.com. Its admin, fan of Park Si Hoo, is there.

  50. 1500
    Daniela Says:

    Good news are pouring these days.

    According to various Korean media reports, Park Si Hoo was selected as model for HAYAN skin care line White Mask and signed a modeling contract as HAYAN announced on September 2, 2015. They said: “Selecting a model is very important to the image of HAYAN. The noble and clean image of Hallyu star Park Si Hoo is perfect for HAYAN which aims to mature into a global brand.”
    Due to Park Si Hoo’s modeling, these cosmetics already enjoyed of successful market in China, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zns1Xv3qeWM, really beautiful. (credits: psh4u, pshsonofbuyeo)

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