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Name: 박시후 / Park Shi Hoo
Real name: 박평호 / Park Pyung Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1978-Apr-03
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Family: Father (fashion/CF model), mother, younger brother/baseball player Park Wu Ho
Talent agency: Hoo Factory
Hobbies: Skin scuba diving and snowboarding.
Specialties: Aikido, boxing, fencing.

TV Shows

My Golden Life (KBS2, 2017)
Neighborhood Hero (OCN, 2016)
Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012)
The Princess’ Man (KBS2, 2011)
Queen of Reversals (MBC, 2010)
Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)
Family’s Honor (SBS, 2008)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007)
What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
Let’s Marry (MBC, 2005)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005, cameo)


Love After Love (2016)
Scent (2014)
Confession of Murder (2012)
Mr. Bullet (2007)
Chunhyang (2000)

Web Drama

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

Music Videos

2009 : Kim Bum Soo, “Taste of Separation”
2006 : Alex and Ji Sun, “I love you” and “Very Heartbreaking Words.”
2005 : Gavy NJ, “Happiness” and “I Will Still Live.”


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series) – Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life)
– 2015 Luxury Brand Model Awards: Hallyu Asia Top Star Award
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Princess’ Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards with Moon Chae Won (The Princess’ Man)
– 2011 Style Icon Awards (SIA): SIA’s Discovery
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Queen of Reversals)
– 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Special Production Actor Award (Family’s Honor)
– 2007 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

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  1. 1501
    Daniela Says:

    # 1500 addition

    “Actor Park Si-hoo signed a contract with Newe Cosmetics by Hayan Corporation targeting global beauty market. On September 2nc, Hayan Corporation announced that they signed a modeling contract with Park Si-hoo, of which deal is based on the industry’s best conditions. Hayan Corp. said “Hallyu star Park Si-hoo’s clean and classic image matches Hayan’s company image, while we are growing as a global brand”. The company also expects they will be able to maximize the brand power by choosing Park Si-hoo as their model, who stands out as one of the top hallyu stars in China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other Aisan markets. Park Si-hoo was ranked top for two years in a row on the Korean and Japanese star voting site ‘123fans’ and top on Global K Star ranking for three weeks in a row (as of August 26th). He also stays in the top range on Korean Wave and Baidu Tieba proving his popularity in China and Japan. Park Si-hoo is coming back with OCN’s espionage drama, ‘Town Hero’ (working title) in three years. Filming begins this month. Also he also will co-star with Yoon Eun-hye in melodrama movie, “After Love” where he plays an ex-pilot role, Kim Seong-joon. The movie will be released simultaneously in Korea, China and Japan.” (credit: hancinema.net in English)

    Actually voting site “123fans” is Chinese and has a category “Japan and South Korea star popularity ranking”. Until now, Park Si Hoo won this category 120 weeks in a row (every stage of voting is one week; #1476).

  2. 1502
    Daniela Says:

    Sihoorang (KOFC) announced that Park Si Hoo will go to Rome, Italy for a photo shoot on Sep 7, 2015.
    Wish him have a safe and restful flight (more than 12 hours) and enjoy his work and Italian background.

  3. 1503
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!
    Two more news about him:

    1. Park Si Hoo continues the photo shoot in Italy from Rome to Sicily.

    2. “Actor Park Si Hoo is running an Internet travel site called PSH Tour. The website is currently gathering tour requests for the Kimje Jipyeongseon Festival from the 7th of October to the 11th. In April this year, the website held a birthday party tour for his fans.
    What’s unusual about this website is that, not only is it making it convenient for foreign fans to participate in his own events, he’s linking them to domestic festivals as well. This is only possible due to Park Si Hoo’s reputation abroad.
    The Kimje City Hall decided to collaborate with a Hallyu star to get foreign tourists to participate in the festival. Park Si Hoo was corresponded with several of their needs so they both agreed.
    The tour consists of two different schedules from the 9th to 11th of October or the 10th to 11th and Park Si Hoo will be there on the 10th. He is going to meet his fans and fly kites with them. “(credit:hancinema.net)
    Park Si Hoo recorded a short video to invite his fan participate at Kimje Jipyeongseon Festival or Gimje Horizon Featival:
    If you’re interested I’m sure you’ll find more information on internet about this festival, I only share this link:
    created by Gimjeh’s students. In one of clips, they show traditional swings as we’ve seen in “The Princess’ Man” and my imagination just goes wild thinking that maybe some lucky fans present at festival will have the privilege to remake that memorable scene between Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se Ryung with Park Si Hoo in person, it would be absolutely fabulous and a life time memorie. Good luck fans!!!

  4. 1504
    Maximo Says:

    Es posible utilizar solo una las 3 de estas herramientas de planificación de comidas para crear una dieta individual para la diabetes.

  5. 1505
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!
    The latest news about “Neighborhood’s Hero”: the filming will start in October; drama will have 16 episodes and will be released in January 2016.
    We have to wait a little more because this is a pre-produced drama not live-shot drama, so it will be finished before starts airing. In live-shoot system, dramas start airing after the shooting of first a few episodes that’s why we are able to watch them soon after they were announced.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a successful Park Si Hoo’s comeback drama.

  6. 1506
    Daniela Says:

    # 1505 updated

    Park Si Hoo returned home from Italy.

    On September 23, he had the usual script riding together with the cast of “Neighborhood Hero”, before starting drama shooting in October.

    Today Park Si Hoo celebrates the Korean Thanksgiving Day “Chuseok”.
    Wish Park Si Hoo and his family, Happy Chuseok! and Happy holydays!

  7. 1507
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo updated his weibo ‘parksihoocn’ with a message to the Chinese fans: “My drama go on air soon (in English) ~ Please look forward to it (in Korean) ~^^ ” and few pictures with him very relaxed reading the script and jogging nearby Luston Hotel – Jeju Island. He looks optimistic and in very good shape, what a joy seeing him so. (credit: parksihoosonofbuyeo blog)

  8. 1508
    Daniela Says:

    # 1503 – 2. updated
    Today Park Si Hoo meets his fans at Gimje enjoying together of festival.
    Here is what he said in video, translated in English by a Japanese fan:
    ”Hello, I’m actor Park Si Hoo. In order to popularize the 17th Gimje Horizon Festival widely across the world, which is one of the biggest traditional festivals in Korea, I’ve got involved and been working as a PR ambassador.
    Why don’t you have fun with me and support the festival by attending it?
    See you in Gimje!” (credit psh4u blog)
    Wish them have a wonderful time and I hope a wonderful weather too!

  9. 1509
    Daniela Says:

    Today 12 Oct 2015, Park Si Hoo started the shooting for “Neighborhood’s Hero”.
    Officially, the filming of drama began in 6 Oct with other cast members.
    Wish him as always, to be healthy and inspired; also may the filming run smoothly and safely as much as possible for this drama’s genre.

  10. 1510
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo will appear in November edition of “K-Wave” that is KBS World magazine with an ample interview and many pictures for which he had a photo shoot.

    Monday 19 Oct, Park Si Hoo has a flight to Macao
    ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau ) for the filming of his drama NH
    (source Sihoorang – KOFC).
    How lucky are his fans from there, Hong Kong and China to see him again.

  11. 1511
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    Good news!!!
    NH drama will be on air starting with 23 January 2016 at 23:00, every week Saturday & Sunday, 16 episodes broadcasted by OCN (Orion Cinema Network) channel.
    Park Si Hoo ended the NH filming in Macau and comes back home today, 27 Oct. 2015. May he have a safe flight.
    The filming of drama will continue at Suwon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suwon30 km south of Seoul) until the end of February 2016. (credits: pshsonofbuyeo and psh4u, thanks!)

  12. 1512
    Daniela Says:


  13. 1513
    Daisy Vega Says:

    I am really glad that I will have the chance to see Park ShiHoo in another drama in a few months. I think he’s a terrific actor and I missed him. I wish him much success in his acting career. Thank you Daniela #1511 for the update.

  14. 1514
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo was invited by Chinese fashion icon Li Ai, former succesful model, to appear on her Chinese TV satellite program named “Li As’s wardrobe”. The filming had place yesterday 10 Nov. in Seoul, Myeongdong district. Park Si Hoo was her host to show what is representative in that area, starting with Myeondong Cathedral and then the shoping zone including a famous Hanbok shop. (credits:parksihoossi, pshsonofbuyeo, thanks!)

  15. 1515
    Daniela Says:

    Some news about Park Si Hoo’s movie “Missing love” (“Love after love”) !!!

    It was written in kmedia the movie premiere was postponed for 2016 and because of that it won’t be “the vehicle” of Park Si Hoo’s comeback in k-ent but his drama NH or “Local Hero” (the last title).

    To be released in Korea, China and Japan at the same time isn’t easy, first because in China the movies are doubled by Chinese actors so it needed time to finish. In Japan, I don’t know but I assume the movies are subtitled, more over they have to promote the movie in three different countries and in this period the leading actor cannot participate on this kind of activities.
    Anyway, the Chinese production company announced that Chinese version was in post-production and the movie will be released in March 2016.
    (credits:allkpop, pshsonofbuyeo, psh4u, thanks!)

  16. 1516
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo Fans!

    OCN started to upload Local Hero (NH) catchy trailers on their YouTube channel. Just two links:
    and there you can see all of them.

    Sihoorang (JOFK) announced the first press conference of Local Hero will be held on 17 January 2016. Before that Park Si Hoo will receive the visit of his fans at his drama filming locations on 14-16 January 2016, also his fans can visit his agency Hoo Factory that will be open for them.

  17. 1517
    Daniela Says:

    This is a promo for Park Si Hoo Japanese magazine Enishi 2016 (Season 4):
    He is now how we see him in this video uploaded yesterday. I don’t know what Park Si Hoo says (only saranghae at the end) but I’m glad seeing him in his element. Enjoy!

  18. 1518
    Daniela Says:

    # 1517 updated

    Enishi Magazine Season 4 will be released at the end of January 2016.

    This is translation of Park Si Hoo’s words:
    “Hello, ENISHI readers. We’ve started shooting ENISHI Season 4. Thank you all very much for supporting me during these 4 years. This issue’s shooting is very challenging, and I worked out very hard for it, so please look forward to it. I’ll be looking specially handsome for you. Love you all.”

  19. 1519
    Daniela Says:

    Merry Christmas Park Si Hoo ssi!

    Wish you have a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends and because your drama premiere is near, I think you’ll be very busy with filming in this holiday season so wish you good health and endurance at work.

  20. 1520
    Daniela Says:

    Sorry for my lack of attention. A little bit late, but I’m glad to notice that
    since 24 December, Park Si Hoo’s new drama Neighborhood Hero / Local Hero has a page on this site. I hope many fans and not only will visit
    and support drama and Park Si Hoo’s performance.

  21. 1521
    Daniela Says:

    This is a video with Park Si Hoo’s new year message to his fans:
    “Hello, everybody! This is Park Si Hoo. 2016 is fast approaching. When this year ends, we will welcome a new year. In 2016 I will see you in a new drama. Please continue to support me in the new year. Thank you all. Love you.” (credit psh4u)

    Park Si Hoo thank you for coming back, love you too.

  22. 1522
    Daniela Says:

    How truthfuly define these words Park Si Hoo:

    “I have a dream.
    Even if I’m thrown away or ripped to shreds,
    Deep in my heart,
    I have a dream as precious as gem.
    Yes, I have a dream.
    I believe in that dream.
    Please watch over me
    Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
    I can firmly face it.
    One day I will pass over that wall
    And be able to fly
    As high as the sky.
    This heavy thing called life can’t tie me down.
    At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let’s be together.”
    (Insooni, “A goose’s dream” song, fragment)

    It’s New Year’s Eve, my wishes below are inspired by these lyrics.

    Dear Park Si Hoo ssi,
    May you stay healthy because is essential in your activity.
    May you don’t have to pass over any wall in your life of such magnitude, as it was the last one.
    May you fulfill day by day your dream to be lifetime actor and your wings never be cut.
    May you enjoy normality in career and your works be successful and valued.
    May you live your private life as you wish, surrounded by your loved ones.

    Now you can smile and we’re together (you and your fans) so this is a wish came true.

    Happy 2016!

  23. 1523
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo can be seen on “Li Ai’s Wardrobe” show today 7 January 2016, round 21:00 h Beijing Standard Time, using this link:
    (credit parksihoossi.com, thanks!)

  24. 1524
    Bayan Koreli Says:

    Sihoo oppa finally comeback great i wish success local hero fighting parksihoo fighting 😊

  25. 1525
    Daniela Says:

    # 1515
    We can see a beautiful preview of Park Si Hoo’s movie “Love after love” at link:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpznysLdPx4 (thanks pshssi.com)
    Hopefully, it seems that we don’t have to wait that much until movie premiere.

    # 1523
    This is Park SSI Hoo’s cut from Li Ai’s show. We don’t understand Chinese but doesn’t matter since we can see him:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E1_PIAXfaQ (thanks psh4u.com)


  26. 1526
    ​Neighborhood Hero - DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  27. 1527
    OK OK OK Says:


  28. 1528
    Daniela Says:

    # 1516 updated

    Sihoorang (KOFC) announced that Local Hero’s press conference was scheduled for 19 January 2016, 2pm KST.

    Definitely, Park Si Hoo has the most loyal, loving, caring and supportive fans ever. Many fans (300) from Japan, China, Hong Kong and elsewhere participated on 14-16 January 2016 Local Hero Shooting Tour. They visited Park Si Hoo’s agency Hoo Factory Entertainment, the LH drama’s decors in Paju Film Studios (near nkorean border) and assisted of filming by Park Si Hoo of two scenes. In the evening of 15 January, they had a fan meeting with him at Seoul Garden Hotel Grand Ballroom. He spoke about drama and the scenes he likes most; he signed autographs and shook hands with each fan.

    On 17 January 2016, Park Si Hoo’s Chinese fans from sihoobar.com treated Park Si Hoo and LH’s cast&crew with a Korean beef meal at staff restaurant in Paju Film Studios; also prepared for them gifts, which they brought from China. They gave to Park Si Hoo a handwritten letter with this message:
    “Dear Si Hoo-nim, the shooting is hard. Please accept well wishes from all Park Si Hoo Chinese family – Hoo Hoo stars. While you’re working, please take care of your health too. No matter where we live in the world, we’ll always love and support you. We very much look forward to your latest work, ‘Neighborhood’s hero’. Our best wishes for your drama to be no. 1 in ratings!”.

    Many thanks with a reverence to Park Si Hoo’s fans.

  29. 1529
    Daniela Says:

    (source:pshssi.com; pshsonofbuyeo.com, thanks)

  30. 1530
    Daniela Says:

    “If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honored my spirit as truly as I have honored others’. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world.” – Jennifer DeLucy

    Park Si Hoo succesfuly faced the Korean media on 19 January 2016 at OCN Local Hero first press conference before premiere.
    He showed up confident, upright and was true to himhelf.
    Director Kwak Jung Hwan praised Park Si Hoo’s acting. He said that he admires himself for choosing him, because Baek Si Yoon is a complex character that besides being a good fighter is a human being full of emotions and Park Si Hoo is the actor who excels in both aspects.
    The echos in Korean press are favorable. There are reports about it in English too on hancinema, dramafever, soompi, allkpop …

    Park Si Hoo, your fans are so proud of you, you are one of a kind. Fighting!

  31. 1531
    Daniela Says:

    This is the day of LH premiere and Park Si Hoo’s comeback on screen in his country. Wish his drama to have a good start and catch the viewers’ interest from the first minute and let them something to “chew” after each episode so that at the end to become memorable and everyone who saw it to wish another season.
    I know Park Si Hoo’s performance will be outstanding because he gave his best effort in every role he ever played and his acting and skills have been improving continuously so Baek Si Yoon will be another unforgettable character having Park Si Hoo’s hallmark.

    Park Si Hoo, we are together, please stay light-hearted and confident that your hard work is / will be appreciated and recognized. Fighting!

  32. 1532
    Neighborhood Hero: o novo drama de janeiro do canal OCN Says:

    […] KoreanDrama (1), (2), (3). […]

  33. 1533
    Neighborhood Hero Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  34. 1534
    lisa6 Says:


    ‘After Love’ reveals film poster of Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye

    Upcoming film ‘After Love’ (director: Eo Il Seon) starring Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye has confirmed a March 2016 release, and also revealed a film poster.

    In the film, a man who is soon becoming devoid of any love meet a woman who can’t forget her first love, and they fall in love. The film is a joint Chinese-Korean production, and have finally confirmed a March release following numerous discussions.

    Yoon Eun Hye plays Eun Hong who is unable to forget her first love, while Han Joo Wan plays a man who is the only one that remembers Eun Hong’s past. Park Si Hoo plays Kim Sung Joon who is devoid of love, while Moon Hee Kyung will play his mother in the film.

    In the poster, the two are seen wearing their wedding outfits, as they placed their heads next to each other under the rays of the sun. The two are seen meeting each other’s gaze, with one being able to see the happiness and sorrow through their smiles.

    The caption on the poster read ‘the moment when memories become love,’ and left one curious about the two’s past, present, and future relationship.

    Credit: Alvin @KpopFighting.com

  35. 1535
    lisa6 Says:


    First teaser poster for upcoming movie “After Love” starring Park Si-Hoo and Yoon Eun-Hye reveals that the movie is now targeted for release sometime this March, 2016 in South Korea.

  36. 1536
    Daniela Says:

    # 1528 updated

    One more big support that must be mentioned is that Park Si Hoo’s Chinese fans ordered outdoor advertising for “Local Hero” at Seoul, in the main subway stations and buses, to be dislpayed from 23 January 2016 for a month.
    (credit psh4u.com)

    Many thanks with a reverence to Chinese fans, again.

  37. 1537
    anne Says:

    Thank you, Daniela. Your dedication is an inspiration for us other fans to never lose hope on PSH.

    The long wait is over. So glad, we have something to look forward to again.

  38. 1538
    ビクトリア Says:


  39. 1539
    Daniela Says:

    @ anne
    Thank you for your kind words, but at the end of the day is Park Si Hoo who inspires us all.

  40. 1540
    anne Says:


    Indeed! It’s just so overwhelming that he’s back, and it’s only proper to acknowledge people like you, as well as psh4u, who supported PSH all this time. Good luck to PSH and to us all!

  41. 1541
    Daniela Says:

    # 1515 / 1525 updated

    Park Si Hoo’s movie “Love after Love” / “After Love” will have the premiere in SKorea on 10 March 2016. This date was confirmed by the distribution company
    Mountain Pictures.

    Wish this film a successful path to the public’s hearts.

  42. 1542
    Daniela Says:

    To Park Si Hoo and all his fans who are celebrating:
    Happy Seollal & Happy Lunar New Year!
    Wishing you a blessed, peacefull and fortunate year of the fire monkey!

  43. 1543
    Daniela Says:

    # 1541 updated

    Park Si Hoo’s movie “Love after Love” will have the premiere in Japan on 14 May 2016. At link : http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2038581
    we can see a WOW!!!, very beautiful movie poster. (credit:pshsonofbuyeo, thanks!)
    I’m sure the movie will be very well received by Japanese public as his previous two “Confession of Murder” and “Scent” which were celebrated in many cinemas across Japan during many months.

  44. 1544
    ​Neighborhood Hero Episode 5 – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  45. 1545
    ​Neighborhood Hero Episode 6 – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  46. 1546
    Neighborhood Hero Episode 8 – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  47. 1547
    Neighborhood Hero Episode 9 – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is […]

  48. 1548
    Daniela Says:

    Park Si Hoo likes to watch the last episode of his dramas at theater, surrounded by his fans. He started this beautiful tradition with ‘Prosecutor Princess’ and since then he did the same with ‘Queen of Reversals’, ‘The Princess’ Man’ and ‘Cheomdangdong Alice’. I read he declared that is like a promise with his fans and he wants to do so for as long as he can because his fans like it. Every such event is sort of mini fanmeeting with domestic and overseas fans.
    Knowing this, I was sorely hoping that Park Si Hoo will be able to continue the tradition with ‘Local Hero’ and I said to myself if it would happen then I would be at piece regarding his comeback.
    The good news is that Sihoorang (KOFC) announced that they are planning to organize the meeting of Park Si Hoo with his fans at theater to watch the LH’s final episode together on 20 March 2016, 22:00-00:30. (source Sihoorang via pshsonofbuyeo, thanks!)
    Yes, the tradition will go on and I’m grateful because my wishes respecting his comeback came true one by one. Oh blessed, sweet normality!

  49. 1549
    Daniela Says:

    # 1548 updated with … bad news!
    For unknown “many reasons” Sihoorang (KOFC) announced the cancellation of the meeting. Seemingly their plan to organize such event failed. This is too bad and doesn’t help Park Si Hoo’s image at all. Hey Sihoorang, you should learn from an idol group’s fandom how to support your artist like a pro not so amateurish, yesterday saying you can, today saying you cannot, whatever.

    I’ll continue to support Park Si Hoo with full sincerity, it seems the normality that I’m yearning for cannot be reach yet.
    Park Si Hoo, fighting!

    …not that new but good!
    Tomorrow is “Love after Love” premiere in SK. From little I know is a beautifully sad story about first love, a concept very cherished by Koreans, I think they have a cult for it.
    I wish they’ll embrace the movie with open hearts and enjoy its beauty.
    I’m looking forward to see it and have a good cry.

  50. 1550
    Daniela Says:

    Sihoorang (KOFC) announced that 10 March 2016 is the last day of LH’s filming.

    It seems that “Love after Love” premiere was rescheduled for 31 March 2016 (credit pshssi.com).

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