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Park Shin Yang

Park Shin Yang 01

Name: 박신양 / Park Shin Yang
Date of Birth: November 1, 1968
Place of Birth: Seoul
Height: 178cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: B
Profession: Actor
Education: Dongguk University (Theatre Arts major), Russia’s shchepkin theatre college, Russia’s shyukin theatre college
Marital Status: Married with a daughter
Family: Parents, one younger brother

TV Series

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2: Crime and Punishment (KBS2, 2019)
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (KBS2, 2016)
Sign (SBS, 2011)
The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008)
Money’s Warfare (SBS, 2007)
Lovers in Paris (SBS, 2004)
Fascinate my Heart (SBS, 1998)
Power of Love (MBC, 1996)
Apple Blossom’s Fragrance (MBC, 1996)


Dad and Daughter (2015)
Man on the Edge (2013)
Meet Mr. Daddy (2007)
The Big Swindle (2004)
The Uninvited (2003)
Indian Summer (2001)
Hi, Dharma! (2001)
Kilimanjaro (2000)
White Valentine (1999)
A Promise (1998)
The Letter (1997)
Motel Cactus (1997)
Poison (1997)
Yuri (1996)


2016 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor – Park Shin Yang (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho)
44th Baeksang Awards: Best Actor Award for Money’s Warfare (2008)
2007 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (DaeSang) for Money’s Warfare
2007 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award for Money’s Warfare
2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award for Money’s Warfare)
2004 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (DaeSang) for Lovers in Paris
2004 SBS Drama Awards: Teen Idol of the Year Award
19th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Leading Actor Award (1998)
19th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Star Award for “The Promise” (1998)
34th Baeksang Art Awards: Most Popular Actor Award (1998)
21st Golden Filming Awards: Most Popular Actor Award (1998)
18th Young-Pyung-Sang Awards:Most Popular Actor Award (1998)
18th Young-Pyung-Sang Awards: Best New Male Actor Award (1998)
17th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor Award (1996)

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  1. 1 : joyin Says:

    Would like to comment that you are really charming in your acting of ” Lovers in Paris”,especially in your smart suits. Hope to see you acting in some more dramas that you can look great. If you continue like that in future, maybe the fans will like you more despite of your married status. I sincerely wish you all the success in your future dramas.

  2. 2 : bart itong Says:

    its my first time to watch ‘lovers in paris’ and i really admired your smart looking role. i’ve never try to watch your movies or other drama series but you potrayed a good role.

    I hope could update your other movies or drama series.

    I’m from hong kong.

    Keep up the good role in the future.

  3. 3 : norm Says:

    hi, I’m from Malaysa and Ii really loves your acting in Love in Paris, …keep up the good work…

  4. 4 : starz Says:

    love ur acting in lovers in paris!

  5. 5 : jqltan Says:

    I never think i can fall in with another korean actor like bae yoon joon. But after seeing you in Love in Paris i think i hv to change my mind. Your acting is great and keep it up.

  6. 6 : dian Says:

    …This is the BEST soap operas I watched. Park Shin-yang
    is so professional and depicts his role well. Everyday i
    hurry home to watch this show. It is an inspiration and
    will always be in my heart. I wish you all the luck, good
    fortune , happiness and health for you and your family.
    Someday, I would like to meet you in person.
    Thank you, arigato and muchias gracias!

  7. 7 : dian Says:

    … do you give out your mailing address?

  8. 8 : dian Says:

    thank you

  9. 9 : beverly Says:

    …You are the best actor>

  10. 10 : jenny Says:

    I hope you will have more movies . Congratulations!

  11. 11 : irms Says:


    Congratulations! You did reallygood in Lovers in Paris. hope you can make more drama like this. Wonderful soap opera that I’ve ever seen. Watching you smile in that drama make me stressed free. I love you Park Shin Yang. Please stay healthy and be safe!!! from california

  12. 12 : Nancy Tan Says:

    Congratulations! You did reallygood in Lovers in Paris. hope you can make more drama like this. Watching you smile in that drama make me stressed free. Please stay healthy. Form Singaproe

  13. 13 : jovie Says:

    greetings from Hawaii! Park I love your acting. I don’t usually watch other soaps that I don’t understand at all. Thank you to TFC Channel that brought Lovers in Paris and translate in our language. Park I love your smile. Keep it up. Take care!

  14. 14 : dian Says:

    Watching Lovers in Paris 4x in 2 weeks gives me all the
    inspiration and positive outlook in life. Personalities like you have a special way of touching the lives of ordinary
    people. Thank you. Your ‘warm’ heart will always make
    God protect you and your loved ones.

    I hope most of your films will have English subtitles. Its
    ‘difficult’ to learn Korean.

  15. 15 : mia Says:

    PSY…you’re the BEST. Keep up!

  16. 16 : tasssh Says:

    you are charming actor

  17. 17 : blanca Says:

    i’ve never watched korean drama/series before until Lovers in Paris and just couldn’t help but get addicted to it & ended up buying the dvd! since TFC brought this to the U.S. my life has changed, i always look forward to the time when the program is going to be on and all i could think of was Park Shin yang (although Kim & Lee were good as well) but Park captured the hearts of many especially female audience and I’m one of them! you’re the best actor for me Park! hope to see you in many more projects – just saw War of Money and you proved to us once again that you’re a superstar! After seeing LIP i now have the urge to visit Korea and hopefully see you in person! Take care & be blessed as well as your family! (your wife is a lucky woman indeed).

  18. 18 : yovita Says:

    Park-Shin Yang ssi..
    Just wanna say BRAVO! for your Guem-Na Ra role in Money Walfare. You did just very very well, though I felt a bit dissapointed by the ending..
    Anyway, as a scorpion, maybe you’re not the best looking actor, but you really are have all the charisma of a man, I always admire your acting..
    Well, looking forward for your new drama or movie..
    Stay healthy and keep up the good work, God bless you as well as your beloved.. (they are lucky to have you as a husband and a father..)

  19. 19 : Rene M. Says:

    Your acting is great, also with your co-stars Kim Jung Eun and Lee Dong Gun.Im a Filipino American but i love watching your soap opera,it’s the best so far for me.The acting,directing,locations,storyline is so natural and magnificent.Am planning to buy the DVD and watch it all over .and lots of times. Thank you for the entertainment. Me and my wife enjoyed it very much,of course my mom too… Rene.Hope we could see you all in person in Ca USA.

  20. 20 : blanca Says:

    congratulations park shin yang you’d been added to the list of new Korean hunks in one of the websites! well-deserved! can’t wait for your new project after seeing you in War of Money where you did a great performance! loved it – my favorite though is Lovers in Paris! you’re such an inspiration and you may not realize this but you bring joy, inspiration and positive outlook in life for me as one of your avid fans! Lots of good wishes to you & yours! Aja!

  21. 21 : geraldine Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat acting in war of money! saw the first time in lovers in paris and what a dresser you are! Your acting in the 2 series are extremely different but you portrayed them well. Can’t wait to see your next project.

  22. 22 : beloved Says:

    Hi Park Shin Yang, I so addicted to your Korean Dram Lovers in Paris, I love your acting there… I hope we could chat so that I will be updated to any of your Projects, I am a Filipino Nurse planning to work there in Korea, I will come there just for good… Hehehehe…. I love you Park even if your already taken, hehehehe…. God will protect you from any harmful and unwanted events in life…

  23. 23 : beloved Says:

    Hi Park Shin Yang, I so addicted to your Korean Dram Lovers in Paris, I love your acting there… I hope we could chat so that I will be updated to any of your Projects, I am a Filipino Nurse planning to work there in Korea, I will come there just for good… Hehehehe…. I love you Park even if your already taken, hehehehe…. God will protect you from any harmful and unwanted events in life… Im looking forward for mmore of your Dramams and movies….

  24. 24 : ajan Says:

    All I can say about u PSY..is ur are awesome!!!! you are the very first
    and Last Korean actor that I deeply admired!! Hoping to see a sequel
    of that superrrr cute (even though not really satisfied w/the ending..)
    Lovers in Paris..oh gosh…I really liked u…

  25. 25 : ajan Says:

    PSY, u are so handsome!!! I am looking forward to see a sequel of
    that superrr cute LiP(even though i am not satisfied with the ending..)
    Gosh..I really liked u!

  26. 26 : May Says:

    My PSY,
    I like your acting style in Lovers in Paris. After watching your series, I cannot forget your action and handsome face. So, Try your best! I hope you a forever shining movies star!!
    With best of Luck!!!

  27. 27 : Zenaida Says:

    Hi Park Shin Yang,
    You are really a good actor and I really admire you and Kim Jeong-Eun. It’s my first time to watch a Korean soap and I am really enjoying it. It is currently shown in Pinoy TV here in the United States. I had advertized your soap to other Filipino and they all agreed that you are the best!!! More power !!!

  28. 28 : blanca Says:

    i can’t help but respond to one of the fans here whose display name is ‘beloved’ – hi beloved – i envy you if you’re going to work in Korea & plan to stay for good! ha ha ha after seeing Lovers in Paris (saw War of Money + bonus round as where he did a splendid job) I wanted so much to go to Korea not only to visit but like you I want to stay there & live! I might see you there in the future! One of my wishes/dreams is to see our beloved idol Park Shin yang – I’ve never been so crazy about an actor Phil. or Hollywood until now! Nice to meet you here! Hope Mr Park & his family is enjoying his break from his busy schedule doing WOM!

  29. 29 : Aminah Says:

    Park Shin Yang has impressed a lot of us here in Saudi Arabia because of his charisma and his excellent potrayal of his role in all his films. I loved Lover in Pars. It was really a time for us to have a break, to refresh and to day dream after a heavy days work. PSY is not only great as an actor but gorgeous too. Best of luck in your future carreer!!!

  30. 30 : Ae-gia Says:

    Hi Mr Park Shin Yang, i am from Singapore , i really love the drama, in fact i have watched it for several times and am still loving it . I hope there will be a sequel to Lovers In Paris soon =D.. take care k ….

  31. 31 : kwaKwak Says:

    any nyong oppa!
    i love you first in Lovers in Paris,
    then i saw you in War of Money!
    both dramas had excellent
    i mean EXCELLENT ratings!
    i think that is because they chose a great actor,
    the synopsis was great!
    Lovers in Paris should have a sequel..
    with you and Kim Jung Eun.
    i don’t care if the LOVERS TRILOGY breaks.
    for as long as i see you again with Kim Jung Eun again.
    BTW, your WAR of MONEY rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You rock Park Shin Yang!
    forever in South Korean Entertainment!

  32. 32 : Aida Abuyen Says:

    Mr.Park Shin Yang,
    I love Lovers in Paris,This the first drama series that I have watch (thanks to my knee surgery I had to be off work).I was able to watch your series.You were amazing and you made me feel young again.I want you to know that I watch your DVD,before I go to bed,when I wake up and make myself take a break just to see Lovers.I think I have watch it more than 10 times and I am still at it.You did your part very well,outstanding and I hope to see you and Kim together again.
    I wish you well …..You made an old woman feel young again.

  33. 33 : Rosa Tan Says:

    You make me appreciate Korean telenovelas.You deserve every recognition accorded to you,you are a great performer.I watched Lovers In Paris many times,even my grandmother who is in her 90’s loves to watch you.You are great in War of Money,but I was not happy by the way the story ended.But you are really really good.

  34. 34 : Pam Says:

    i love to watch you in ‘ Lovers in Paris”….
    you are so cool…..

  35. 35 : Aida Abuyen Says:

    Great and awesome job…I just finished watching WOM Bonus round…..You are the best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Never have a favorite actor both in Hollywood and the Phillipines….But for the first time….You are IT..I am looking forward to seeing your next Movie.I hope it will come in English Subtittle….I am getting good at it although sometimes It makes me dizzy…..:):):):)

  36. 36 : Gloria Kennedy Says:

    Congratulation for a great performance in Lovers in Paris. And thanks to TFC for bringing an “A” class TV series to the Filipino audience in U.S.
    You’re the BEST!!

  37. 37 : Guo Qianrong Says:

    Hi Mr Park Shin Yang,

    I am one of your fans from Singapore. I really love your acting in Lovers In Paris and Money Warfare.Your acting was really awesome and your singing in Lovers in Paris was great.

    I hope to see more of your dramas. =)

    Best wishes to you and your family. All the best in your career…=)

  38. 38 : Carol Says:

    Hello Mr park Shin Yang,

    Youve done a great job in “Lovers in Paris”.You are such an inspiration,ur suave and sophisticated role…amazing! I never admire any actor back in Philippines and even in hollywood not until i watched Lovers in Paris…its only you who moved my heart,and because of ur role,it helps a lot in my long distance relationship to my hubby who is currently working in middle east.Because of u,i started learning korean and french…Best wishes and stay healthy as well as ur love ones.

  39. 39 : Qianrong Says:

    I am so sorry that i missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday Mr Park Shin Yang. Hope you had enjoyed your day with your family.

    Best wishes and stay healthy and handsome as well as your loved ones.

  40. 40 : Himma Says:

    Hi Mr. Park Shin Yang
    I’m Ana, from Indonesia…………………………….
    Since I saw your acting on “Lovers in Paris”, you were the only Korean actor that I love. I mean it.
    You’ve done the best and I hope I can see your acting for many years again…………………………………
    Wish you all the BEST.

  41. 41 : Rohanim Says:

    Park Syin Yang,

    You are gorgeous… shining star!!!
    Keep up the good work. Al, the best!

    …from Malaysia

  42. 42 : che Says:

    i would just like to say that u r handsome and i like u. i like the way u act ur really a natural actor

  43. 43 : 2Cchannel Says:

    No doubt, u r the only korean actor i like.

    Best wishes to u and ur lovely wife and daughter.

  44. 44 : hyunnadia Says:

    love you actingggg very muchhhhhh………

  45. 45 : muffin0212 Says:

    i really idolize this man..he’s my inspiration..the best korean actor for me..

  46. 46 : lora Says:

    anyonghoseyo….i’m a fan from malaysia..i really love watched you act in drama Lover in paris..i watch it 5 times and not feel bored..i love to see you went you cry at the scene airport when you send KANG TAI YONG ..heee i cry tooo…so sad..you make me fell in love with you..i hope i can find a korean man like you …i wish one day i must go to your beautiful country KOREA…and see you…good luck…acahh acahhh fighting>>

  47. 47 : rose Says:

    ilove park shin yaNG since i he’s face to lovers in paris

  48. 48 : rose Says:

    ilove you mr park WILL YOU MARRY ME

  49. 49 : rose Says:

    hi mr. park i hope u doin great in your career in korean ilove you

  50. 50 : mmlinma Says:

    I keep thinking PSY acted in one place where he was trying to fool people by speaking Russian, where is it? does any one know?

  51. 51 : Janice Says:

    Hello Park Shin:
    I saw your acting in Lover in Paris & money’s warfare. It realy great & nice. Keep it up and we will support you always!!! Hope to see your next great drama!!!!

  52. 52 : piknik Says:

    you’re such a great guy, knows how to carry or portray your role. i really like your character in LOVERS IN PARIS, your such a nice guy,a gentleman indeed! keep it up!

  53. 53 : tippy Says:

    ..kamukha nya si MASI OKA a.k.a Hiro Nakamura ng “Heroes”..!!..hehehe..
    (look-a-like of Masi Oka)

  54. 54 : liza Says:


    You are so great in all of your work and keep it up and please update us on your new movie………….

    My dream is to meet you and your family………..

  55. 55 : izah Says:

    dear mr. park,
    you’re such a good actor…….keep it up….
    Wish you success in work and success in your family life!!!
    Good health always!!!
    Hope you can do more inspiring drama series as you did in “lovers in paris”…

  56. 56 : shweyee Says:

    Hello Mr Park,
    My name is Shweyee.I live in Myanmar.I like your drama(Lovers in Paris) very much.Your acting is so natural.Keep it up and we will support you always!

  57. 57 : Maggie From HK Says:

    You are great…………I really like your drama in Money’s warfare and Lover in Paris, really want to see your next show.

  58. 58 : waimar Says:

    dear mr park,

    you are very grear. I really really like you. I really like your drama is lover in paris.I hope your next drama.

    waimar(Yangon, Myanmar)

  59. 59 : Christine Says:

    Dear Park Shin Yang,

    I was totally touched by your natural acting in the Lovers in Paris. It was truly an outstanding performance and you were very natural. I look forward to your next drama.

    Do keep us updated.

  60. 60 : april Says:

    hi mr. park,

    im april from philippines, im a huge fan of lovers in paris, you’re so handsome and your team-up with kim jeon-eun!!! you’re so great!!! keep it up!!!!

  61. 61 : maria avon Says:

    quite gøod acting in lover in paris

  62. 62 : soh cheng yoke Says:

    hi ,can i called u shin yang .my name is chengyoke.i saw lover in paris.
    i like ur character ,ur character is wat i dream to get a prince in reality life.i ltke u very much cos u look handsome ,cute…u really good in acting tis character…i dream myself can be his han khee joo beloved..
    cos they have a good ending…i don noe whether u can read this msg or ur assistance help u to reply but hope u can read my msg…my mail adress is www. [email protected] sarangheyo….

  63. 63 : soh cheng yoke Says:

    can i get ur mail adress?very sad i can not speak korean language n read korean word,we have a gap…communication gap…i can feel u are hardworking actor..smart ppl,u have the disposition i admire..More Graphics Comment click here.

  64. 64 : Wendy Says:

    Hello Mr Park…
    I am a great fan of yours. I really enjoyed watching the show Money’s Warfare. You are really talented and your acting skills were truly magnificent. I really look forward to watching your latest serial, but too bad it’s not out in Singapore yet.
    All the best Mr Park : )

  65. 65 : jojo babasa Says:

    park shin yang..

    its very nice actor to me i hope u appreaciate me goodluck in your successful career in your tv program…

    plz add my profile in friendster

    [email protected]

  66. 66 : judith albesa Says:

    hello… really… Mr. Park ur my idol actor…from the time i saw your lovers in paris tv serries together with vivian… im waiting for your next tv serries here in the philippines….. really,korean are very much professional in handling relationship… that’s why i appreciate the koreanzzzz….. by the way this is judith albesa of philippines…. hope to see u soon….god bless

  67. 67 : judith albesa Says:

    hi….. yah, they’re true… your character in lovers in paris is everyones dream…. mr. park, even my boy is not same as yours still im very much happy and proud of him….. i want to see you in person…. itz meh again mr park…. judith Q. albesa…. [email protected]

  68. 68 : judith albesa Says:

    hope that u will send me a reply….. itz worth reading…..judith albesa

  69. 69 : Patrick Patterson Says:

    I do not speak Korean and live in California. We own a painting by Kim Hong-do, with a calligraphic critique by Kang Se-hwang. Consequently, I have spent the past four years studying Korean art, especially Kim Hong-do.
    Is it correct that you have portrayed Kim Hong-do in a TV series? If so, is the series considered an accurate portrayal of Kim Hong-do, or is the story a novel?
    Would be interested in anything new I can learn about Kim Hong-do.
    Very Sincerely,

  70. 70 : moNeyWar_adDict Says:

    i’m hoping that i can see PARK JIN HEE and PARK SHIN YANG together again in WAR MONEY 2!!!!


    I’m a certified MONEY WAR ADDICT!!!!!

    i’m sad coz i’m not satisfied with the ending…
    wHEn the wedding of PARK JIN HEE and PARK SHIN YANG was interrupted and they did not even continue it..

    i thought that they will continue the love story of PARK JIN HEE and PARK SHIN YANG during the last 4 bonus episodes..but instead they introduce new characters like the one who replaced PARK JIN HEE as PARK SHIN YANG’s girlfriend…it makes the story complicated…

    im so sad…really…

    MONEY WAR 2!!!!!

  71. 71 : moNeyWar_adDict Says:

    huH… moNey wAr..d’Best!
    but i reaLLy haTE the endiNg..!
    i wish to haVE the sequEL..
    i don’t like aLso the story of the bonus roUnd (EP.17-20)…
    cOz PARK JIN HEE was not the love interest of PARK SHIN YANG!!!..
    why they have to change the love interest of PARK SHIN YANG?!?
    …why not PARK JIN HEE?..or even KIM JUNG HWA will do!
    they ruin the story..we’re hoping that PARK SHIN YANG and PARK JIN HEE will be together!
    i wish that in war of money 2 PARK JIN HEE and PARK SHIN YANG will live happily ever after!!!!

  72. 72 : jen Says:

    sir noah,

    hi, i’m jen from philippines………….. hope to see you sir,
    i really like the way you act. gog bless you & your family

    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have more programs that we can able to watch

  73. 73 : judith albesa Says:

    hello mr park….. you know what, Im a big fan of yours…. i really appreciate your character in ” lovers in Paris” …… Can I see you in person…
    Hmmmm…. hopefully….. In Loversin Paris, you are professional minded, that’s why i appreciate your character… it’s my ideal character….

  74. 74 : judith albesa Says:

    I’m from philippiness by the way…… The time your night episode “lovers in Paris” my night is not complete if i can’t able to see it, even a single night…. hehehe, funny to think but it’s true, during those times i did break our dormitory rules ( actually, i stayed in a dormitory during my college years, and lots of rules and regulations to follow)…hehehe…. slot of “lovers in paris” was already beyond our viewing time…. since i like and appreciate the story, specially your character, what i did is i asked our adviser to allow me or gave me permission to watch the episode….. huh! i really did my best, only to watch it…. was it funny? hehehe. but its true, i did it. MABUHAY!

  75. 75 : judith albesa Says:

    By the way, you’ve been here (in the philippines) together with your partner in lovers in paris…. was it great to be here in philippines….?heheeh…. what is WAKEKE? hehehehe. Good luck in your career….

  76. 76 : judith albesa Says:

    wazzzzup…..it’s so funny to say… it’s true, actually, i was able to watched your “Lover’s in Paris” 3 timezzzz….. I really hit the mark…..

  77. 77 : suzana Says:

    Dear Park Shin Yang,
    I’m very selective when choosing korean drama but i find that your acting and chemistry with Park Jin-Hee were excellent. You are a versatile actor. Your facial expressions and the way you immersed yourself in your roles really captivated the audiences.
    I had a glimpse of your new movie Mr Daddy and it confirm my conviction that you are one of korean most talented actor.
    Hope to see you in other chalenging roles

  78. 78 : Marjorie Says:

    Dear Mr. Park Shin Yang,
    I’m such a big fan of yours. i really like your character in Lovers in Paris.You have such good chemistry with your co-star Kim Jeun- Eon. I hope you can come and visit the Philippines again. Take care always..

  79. 79 : Mimi Park Says:

    Dear Mr. Park:

    I am from California. They just finish broadcasting Lovers in Paris and I loved it so much that I watched it 3 times back to back. I love your character in Lovers in Paris. You and Ms. Kim did an excellent job in this film. This is the best romantic and touching film I everseen. I wish you and Ms. Kim will be in another romance movie together. You guys really make my day. I wish I can see you in person one day.

    Thank you.


  80. 80 : sheen Says:

    hi mr.yang,

    i hope i can see you someday,“OMG “
    when i watched LOVER`S IN PARIS… and ur drama/action in MONEY WAR…verry classic movies….and ur verry beautiful partner PARK JIN HEE…is she ur cousin or what?HAHAHA..lover? HOPE TO SEE YOU

  81. 81 : maribel Says:

    Dear Mr. Park

    Im a big fan of you. when i was hooked by lovers in paris, my husband bought me the cd,(actually its a Christmas gift) again in year 2007, i watch the cd many times.when i got pregnant with our second son, from 1st trimester to my 8th month of my pregnancy. my baby is 11 months now, he got ur dimples. because everytime i watch you i will pause the scene, by looking your face, your smile makes my day. i hope i get responds to this comments. hope to see you in person, anyway do you have your own website?

  82. 82 : Suzuki Rin-san Says:

    Greetings to you Park Shin Yang-san!!!!

    I love your character in Lovers in Paris… and I also love you as an actor… I’m quite a fan.^^

    It’s quite a shame that you already have a wife(I was willing to try my luck…Haha) but I wish the best for the both of you!!

    Take care and I hope that we’ll see more from you!!!
    Good luck!!!!!!

    – Rin-san

  83. 83 : Ruthy Says:

    hi mr. paRk ! i shud say u r the most professional, handsome, all-knowing, talented, smart, diligent, decent and dedicated actor i had known and I’d admired as well. Your acting skills was really an incomparable one, u always make sure that every characters you have been portraying be a real one, you act naturally and the way you delivered the lines were really admirable.
    You can do many things, as i know u r good in making furniture designs, speak English and Russian fluently, how talented you are, keep it up.!
    you have the soft and good voice, you was able to soothe our weary spirit.
    You was also able to carry suits and even casual wears very nicely, u look so a real handsome man. i think one of your additional asset is your oblong-sized eyeglasses, u look so cute with your glasses.
    indeed have the killer smiles, many women adores you because of your nice dimples..
    ..You really do such a superb performance in Lovers in Paris and even in money war, really a remarkable performances of you.
    .You are really a serious type of man but full of sense of humor, intelligence and skills. very a charismatic man….

    .. but, is it true that you have been banned in acting in some dramas in the future due to the decision of CODA regarding with your unpaid large amount of wage for the 4 bonus episodes of money war ?

    Please keep on fightin’..

  84. 84 : cookie58 Says:

    Hi Mr Park, I had just finished watching lovers in Paris and am now watching Money Warfare. You are really a great and committed actor. I am charmed by your great acting. You have a captivating smile too. Love the dimples of yours. Good work and keep it up! Saranghaeyo from your fan from Singapore.

  85. 85 : Mirna ferian Says:

    Dear mr.park shin yang .
    OMG ..i love u so much ,
    from the 1st time i see u in LOVERS IN PARIS ,
    That’s make me always always thinking u .
    And then hope someday can meet with u .
    Although u have been married ,
    and i’m still young more than u ,
    but the fact ,
    i’m still like u so much .
    Your eyes ,expresion ,your smile ,
    uhh…make fast my breath !
    And since i know u and watch your movie .
    I have dream that someday i will come to KOREA ,
    and i pray that i will meet with u okay !
    I’m mirna from indonesia .
    Remember that okay !
    Love u park !

  86. 86 : bebo Says:


    I’ve become recently a big fan of Mr. Park Shin Yang, I like his work very much though I never followed korean drama before but he is the reason why I like it now, I wish I can visit Korea some day, I also hope that he gets back to dramas soon because it would be a shame if we don’t see more work of the really talented actor because of that stupid decision that banned him from making any more dramas, I’m really excited to see all his work because not only he is a very handsome actor but also has great character and talent.

    Mr. Park shin Yang, I’d like to say that you have fans fron all over the world.

    bebo from Egypt

  87. 87 : Nada & Shatha Says:

    Hi we are Shatha and Nada from Jordan
    You were amazing in The painter of the wind
    your look, your smile and your character love it.
    we are watching the serial from Korea TV it’s wonderful with all of the korean songs, programs and the series
    love you 🙂

  88. 88 : maya Says:

    Are you really could play fencing? wow it’s cool.

  89. 89 : pari Says:


    i can’t belive the act that you did in the series”painter of the wind” i fell in love with that caractor. hope to be the best a day.

  90. 90 : Hermela Says:

    Wow, means U are now 41 Yrs old, I really fell in love with the painter of the wind it is currently seen at Ethiopian Television and I couldn’t wait till friday night reaches………… oho I felt like those characters could not live on earth coz Ur acting skill made it look real all over…..actually the movie started to dig out my drawing skill which i LEFT long ago….. thanx for the movie and keep on az good works

  91. 91 : frebee Says:

    I can just call your acting in the painter of the wind pure superb, I’ve rarely fallen in love with such a passionate acting before, I also watched some other works for you, like lovers in Paris and war of money, you amaze me everytime, very talented actor and I hope to see more entertaining works from you in the near future.

    best wishes Mr. Park Shin Yang.

  92. 92 : 나오엘 Says:

    hi me too i’m rabe girl i ove your drama painter wonderful please act more historical drama butwith a happy end ok not sad,i hope now if dan won live to found hyewon or no,and why i wat see second part of the painter of the winds mr park ok buthappe end ok 감사합니다 오빠 박 신 양 저는 나어엘 입니다 알제리사람이예요

  93. 93 : !! Says:

    i love your series called money war!!

    my mom is a very fan of yours. .
    she likes watching you act. .

    continue your good acting skills!!

  94. 94 : alex Says:

    Hi Park Shin!

    i really like your acting powers. so great!

    i hope to see more tv series from you. God bless you and your family!

  95. 95 : Lex from Thailand Says:

    Hi Park Shin Yang,

    I Really like your drama is LOVER IN PARIS . Your are verry handsome .
    and I hope to see your next drama .

    Lex ( BKK)

  96. 96 : ren mark Says:

    hi mr. park shin yang
    i idolized you
    im 16yrs old
    i like your movie “money war”
    im very inspire
    hehehe tnx my idol

  97. 97 : ARLENE Says:

    October 27, 2009

    Hi Mr. Park:

    I am avid viewer of Lovers in Paris. Even though it was shown here in the Philippines by ABS-CBN way back in 2005, but still I watched it in the DVD when I have free time. Lovers in Paris is a story of everything, friendship, relationship between family and siblings, business, falling in love and getting hurt. The Filipinos can easily relate to the story because we are romatic people. I love your charcter is the story as Carlo, coz you are a professional, decent, strong willed, but sometimes lucks concerns to the feeling of others. I do like Martin also, because he is real in his feelings for Vivian and ready to fight for his love, but his character is sometimes childish, temperemental and doesn’t know what he wants in his life in the story. Kudos to the people behind Lovers in Paris and the people at ABS-CBN and the people who dubbed the hit Korean Telenovela in our own language, because it helps a lot in grasping the story. This is the only Korean Telenovela that I really watched from start to finish even though I work the whole day I still find time to watched it

    Hope to see soon in other Korean Telenovelas. Good Luck!!!

  98. 98 : ida Says:

    I like the ekting there, the film is always tied me to be more like, when there is going to play anymore drama I’ll let ya love you

  99. 99 : nis Says:

    hi park i love your actig and you are so cute.

  100. 100 : atai Says:

    hi park,
    I am 1 of your fan througout the world. Cant stop watching lovers in paris since last week. Ive been back to back watching the dvd.act, ive once watched ur LIP in 2004 but it took me 5 years to be able affording myself buying this precious dvd since i was still a graduate student at that time. Now, im in the process of getting all of ur tv series and movies.
    Always pray for your happines and hope to meet you soon. I would be very honoured if you could pay ur visit for your fan in malaysia

    Miss atai

  101. 101 : amor garcia Says:

    mr. park,
    anyung haseyo! im a filipina and a big fan of your acting. you’re really a talented actor. the way you carry yourself make me dream to meet a man like you portray someday. i thought im alone seeing your ‘lovers in paris’ nth times but when i red those comments, ah you’re really good. i have lots of korean friends here in the philippines. please visit philippines one time to be able to meet millions of your fans here. keep up the good work sir and may God bless you in everything you do.

  102. 102 : Kecik Says:

    Mr. Park Anyonghaseo,
    Just like what they say that you are very talented. I already watch Lovers in Paris for fourth time but i never bored with it. Wacth you in drama make me dreams that I would find someone like you and read your marital status makes me sad. But anyway you are the best.

  103. 103 : little princess Says:

    hi… i’m from Indonesia..
    I love your acting very much, especially in Lovers in Paris and Painter of the wind… you are the best actor!!! hoping the best for you and family… God bless you!!!

  104. 104 : Hanh_VN Says:

    Hi, Mr. Park,
    Perhaps, I was one of the few people who are not passionate about movies or music. So that I can not believe I watched 13 consecutive episodes in the film “Love in Paris”, I watched during from 8 pm to 5 am. Although the next day for me as a punishment. Body tired, I like a lazy cat can’t lift his leg to go to my plate. I was attracted by the details of the film and by image of actor in the film. It was a perfect man in the job but lacks a “diploma”, is a part of the sacred in everyone’s life, which is Love. And at last he learned it from a poor girl. I love Park actor, because you had built successful his character. From style, clothing, face, eyes, smile, specially warm smile, gentle eye, all of which attracted me.
    I registered as a member of your website.
    I hope from now on will always be updated with the latest information about you.
    I hope will have a chance to meet you in Vietnam in the next time, introduces you to the famous locations or particular dishes in our country.
    I wish you and your family are healthy and happy.
    Wish your career path increasingly expanded and get more successful.
    P/S: Please add Vietnam in your country list in website. And I want to talk to you, but I don’t know how to do?
    Best regards,

  105. 105 : Hanh_VN Says:

    One more time, Mr. Park,
    I have never participated in any of a fan club until I know the your website. I want to be involved in all activities of your club. However, it is difficult for me to do that. And I realized, you are really far away. I sure that you do not know me because you have your thousands of fans. I always hope you will read this text. Because I want you to know, in Vietnam, you are also so many fans. Come to Vietnam, please get acquainted with your fan in Vietnam. And what do you think when a version of your website by Vietnamese? Would be very interesting. I would be very glad if you answer my letter (from you) or spend a little time to chat together. I would like to develop a fan club of you in Vietnam. Further, I hope, I wish to have a chance to meet you in our country.
    Wishing you and your family happy.
    Wish you success and many good movies.
    Best regards,

  106. 106 : Hanh_VN Says:

    and the last one,
    Park, I love you from the movie “Love in Paris”. Warm smile, a kind man, honest. I also regret that until now I’ve just known you, remembering you in my heart. But I am sure that it is not late. I will find out information about you. I am very sorry for you about the decision of the Film Society. I will spend my free time to watch the movies you’ve ever acted. I do not have much free time. However, I will watch them and tell you about my comments. I have read some comments about you from the fans. I am unexpected that I have missed many opportunities to meet you. Hope to have a new opportunity in the future.
    Goodbye to you, beloved Park.

  107. 107 : Yelly Says:

    Hi Park, how are you? I’m yelly, indonesian girl, study in yaman, south of saudi arabia. I like to see you at Painter+of+The+Wind. We got Korea Tivi Channel here. I will travel to my country to Indonesia on september 2010, and maybe in Korea on November2010. Hope You have some of times to meet me. I am waiting for your reply please.

  108. 108 : Hanh_VN Says:

    Through your website, your fans expressed their feelings with you, I also was one of them. I would love you and think you are a model of the man in the family as well as career. I always hope to meet you. What will you think if you organize a exchanges with fans in Vietnam? I always wish there was such an opportunity. Not only for me but also for all your fans in Vietnam. Park, you are very busy with your work, but I hope that you will soon read my message and can reply to me. I look forward to receiving information from you, always hoping and waiting.

  109. 109 : kungkaew Says:

    Hi, Park
    Love you very much.You’re so far from me.You’re specific man in my life.Love you forever.I’m from Thailand.BYE-BYE

  110. 110 : led Says:

    i miss Lovers in Paris

  111. 111 : Huda Says:

    Wher are you sir ? whats up with you ?

    I am wite you this year in some drama but nothing !!

    khocha na ?

    back to us in more power .

    we wite you , be fine & be yourself .

  112. 112 : jesh Says:

    i read about he will make a drama comeback soon in http://www.dongdrama.com/park-shin-yang-makes-drama-comeback-in-%E2%80%98heaven%E2%80%99.html

    cant wait to see you in drama once again…

  113. 113 : Mei Lin Says:

    Hi Shin Yang,

    Where are you now? When they will allow you to do another hit making drama. I miss your show. Regards to your family.

    Mei Lin from Vancouver, Canada

  114. 114 : wee Says:

    good luck 4 ur new drama project…


  115. 115 : Baby elephant Says:

    I am just getting into the Korean drama frenzy. Boy or boy!!! Am I enjoying myself. Thanks to you in LOVERS IN PARIS.

  116. 116 : The Painter of the Wind « Mannaismayaadventure's Blog Says:

    […] Geun Young as Shin Yoon Bok Park Shin Yang as Kim Hong Do Park Jin Woo as Jang Hyo […]

  117. 117 : Korean upcoming drama “Sign” « Korea.com Says:

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  118. 118 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Sign Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul Moon Chun Shik Jang Hyun Sung Ahn Moon Sook […]

  119. 119 : Sign | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul Moon Chun Shik Jang Hyun Sung Ahn Moon Sook […]

  120. 120 : Sign / 싸인 (2010) | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

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  121. 121 : Kim Says:

    Love him since watch him On Lover’s In Paris as Han Qijun…

  122. 122 : [News - KDrama] Upcoming Dramas for January 2011 « Welcome To Happy's World! Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul Moon Chun Shik Jang Hyun Sung Ahn Moon Sook Supernova (cameo) […]

  123. 123 : Sign | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Myung Han Song Jae Ho as Jung Byung Do Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Min Suk Ahn Moon Sook as Hong Sook Joo Jung Eun Pyo as Kim Wan Tae Im Ho Gul  as Jang Jae Young Moon Chun Shik as Ahn Sung Jin Kwon Byung Gil as Goo Sung Tae Lee Jung Hyun  as Joo In Hyuk Kim Kyung Bum  as Park Tae Gyu Jung Seung Ho as Go Kang Shik Kim Young Sun  as Jung Eun Mo Supernova (cameo) […]

  124. 124 : massy Says:


  125. 125 : Nina of California Says:

    당신은 너무 귀여워! 난 당신을 좋아해요

  126. 126 : mae flor Says:

    Hi!I really love your movie…….. your totally so handsome!!!!

  127. 127 : MARJORIE ZAFRA Says:


  128. 128 : ary melina Says:

    more than 9 years i loved ur act..handsome-smart-briliant..cant wait ur next drama and movie..ur the best and always be my fav..still no 1..Hwaiting ajushii..

  129. 129 : Isti sarAnge Harfiantha Says:

    i know u since “Lovers In paris”
    and now i watch u new drama “Sign”
    i like your acting
    so waiting for u new drama
    hwaiting oppa…

  130. 130 : rainbow Says:

    Congratulations on the top rating of Sign. You are a great actor making your character and emotions all so real. Look forward to more dramas and shows from you. Sign was scary and mysterious, but people don’t feel silly watching it. I feel my heart heavy from all those deaths – the worst was your character Dr. Hope your next project is a happy romantic one!!

  131. 131 : Roxanne V Says:

    Saranghaeyo Park Shin Yang sshi! I love your drama, Sign…you are awesome! More dramas please!!!!

  132. 132 : City Hunter, 城市猎人 | PokeTV - Your favourite Asia movie guide Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Myung Han Song Jae Ho as Jung Byung Do Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Min Suk Ahn Moon Sook as Hong Sook Joo Jung Eun Pyo as Kim Wan Tae […]

  133. 133 : JJ Says:

    you’re the very first korean actor i like since lovers in paris along with lee dong gun! you both are great actors in that drama but i still hv to see the drama sign though i am not keen in hospital kinda drama! all da best in all your endavours! i hope to see you more in a romantic/com drama! you were good as ki joo in LIP you made me cry with you! ajajajaja

  134. 134 : JJ Says:

    i also luv your cute dimple! got nice set of hands too! i hope to see more of you park shin yang ssi! all da best! you’re a versatile actor, cute in comedy scenes in lovers in paris and i’ve seen most of your projects like promise where you were also great! really deserving of awards in all the ones listed on this page! more power to you! jjal ja!

  135. 135 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

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  136. 136 : Elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    Love your Act ..Aja Aja Fighting !!!!

  137. 137 : peter Says:

    Cant wait to see SIGN

    Ever since i watched Lover In Paris i got officially hooked with this actor!!

    Money Warfare
    Painting in the Wind
    Lovers in Paris

    Hope to see more,

    Will try finding them here in the Philippines!!

  138. 138 : Tania Says:

    Love ur acting .. So much .. ^^

  139. 139 : Celestine Says:

    Its been more than 7 years since Lovers in Paris was shown here in the Philippines but my admiration for Mr Park Shin Yang has not change. He is the best Korean actor for me. His acting prowess is superb. He still got the charisma and the appeal. He looks better and better as he aged. I just finished watching Sign and I must say that this is his best series to date. Though the ending is a big disappointment but his portrayal is great. I cant wait for his next drama series.

  140. 140 : jenny hu Says:

    i luv your charachter especially when u play lovers in paris. from that time, im still looking for your other movie…..

  141. 141 : Joan Zhang Says:

    Dear Park Shin Yang.
    I don’t you can see this message or not. but i really want to show my feelings to you that i will be always support you and your drama,i knew you since i saw ,your Excellent performance,and you are really a gentleman in my eyes ,i am very like when you in Suits cause very handsome. I am waiting for you new dramas and hope everything for you is all right.
    Best regards for my oppa.
    i love you.

  142. 142 : Joan Zhang Says:

    Dear park Shin Yang.
    I have been see your drama of for many times,but have different feeling each when i saw it. i am review it again now ,your warm smile and your dimples that make me love you deeply.i waiting the day that can talk with you face to face.

    Best regards for you.

  143. 143 : agthu Says:

    Sign is the one I like best

  144. 144 : Cheryl Says:

    Hi Mr. Park Shin Yang.
    I’ve been watching Korean dramas since 2009, but this is the first time i’ve seen you in any drama…i’m talking about “Lover’s in Paris”, i really really love your character and you are very handsome. Now that i’ve seen you in this drama i will look for the other ones that you act in to watch. Keep up the good work..love to your family..oh i am from American Samoa and if you happen to come this way someday, let me know so i can show you Samoan hospitality..Good luck to you and your career, reading the fans comments shows that you are very popular…

  145. 145 : SIGN (review) | Miraculous Escape Says:

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    […] Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Myung Han Song Jae Ho as Jung Byung Do Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Min Suk Ahn Moon Sook as Hong Sook Joo Jung Eun Pyo as Kim Wan Tae Im Ho Gul (임호걸) as Jang Jae Young Moon Chun Shik as Ahn Sung Jin Kwon Byung Gil as Goo Sung Tae Lee Jung Hyun (이정현) as Joo In Hyuk Kim Kyung Bum (김경범) as Park Tae Gyu Jung Seung Ho as Go Kang Shik Kim Young Sun (김영선) as Jung Eun Mo Supernova (cameo) […]

  147. 147 : commie Says:

    No more project – movie, series since 2011? What happened?

  148. 148 : manna Says:

    Congratulations for The Painter of the Wind! The most beautiful south korean drama! Thank you, Sir!

  149. 149 : Cristy Says:

    Dear Mr. Park Shin Yang, Feb. 18,2016 I just finished watching Lovers in Paris. Superb ! but want to watch it again & again. The way you say the lines, you act naturally. I hope there will be Part 2 , in this story. I finished watching the 20 CDs in 2 days. I was very excited about the ending. I thought in going back to Paris , you will bring back Ms. Kim Jung Eun to Korea . since everybody knew the secret. But , its the other way around , it seems Ms Kim doesnt know you anymore. I think, that would really be very, very very nice love story ,if you brought her back to Korea & had a week long WEDDING CELEBRATION . Again, i hope the writer of this story, will make Part 2. ASAP. Thank you , from Cristy ( Philippines).

  150. 150 : Paul Says:

    hello. Nice drama.

  151. 151 : My Lawyer, Mr. Jo – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Jo Deul Ho Kang So Ra as Lee Eun Jo Ryu Soo Young as Shin Ji Wook Park Sol Mi as Jung Hae Gyung Kim Gab Soo as Shin Young Il […]

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    […] story of a man, Jo Deul Ho (Park Shin Yang) who once had a bright future ahead of him as a star prosecutor, and was going to become the […]

  153. 153 : My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (동네변호사 조들호) (2016) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Jo Deul Ho Kang So Ra as Lee Eun Jo Ryu Soo Young as Shin Ji Wook Park Sol Mi as Jung Hae Gyung Kim Gab Soo as Shin Young Il […]

  154. 154 : azif88 Says:

    my best actor i love you so much >>> ^^

  155. 155 : Korean Drama Review NLJDH | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Park Shin Yang as Jo Deul Ho, Kang So Ra as Lee Eun Jo, Ryu Soo Young as Shin Ji Wook, Park Sol Mi as Jung Hae […]

  156. 156 : JJ Says:

    My very first korean actor favorite of all time since Lovers in Paris as Ki joo, he was amazing & really captured my attention & the rest is history! Yesterday I had to watch LIP all over again since I have the set of dvds for this drama & once again, I had a good time watching it and his character as Ki joo! He cracked me watching him in episode 9, he was so natural and very funny, i find him really amazing! I’ve watched a lot of his dramas and even his old movies after liking him in LIP! I still have to see where to watch his latest prosecutor drama soon! Love you PSY! aja aja and hope to see more of you! You’re a gem!

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