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Pierre Deporte


Name: 황찬빈 / Hwang Chan Bin
Real name: 피에르 데포르트 / Pierre Deporte
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1985-Oct-29
Birthplace: France
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Bloodtype: A

TV Shows

High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009) cameo
Tempted Again (MBC, 2009)


  1. 1 : opie Says:

    I like you when you act as William Spencer at Tamra, The Island.
    I hope you will act more at Korean drama or movies.
    Fighting Pierre …….

  2. 2 : allyscia Says:

    hi…….actually i like your chracter so much when u acting in the tamna the island..you were so handsome n cool…kept it up…gambateh…i hope u will act more in the others drama too….=)..^^..

  3. 3 : Kai Says:

    Tamna the Island is so much fun to watch I have trouble understanding why the ratings were so low in Korea. Great chemistry among the whole cast and I am sorry to see it end.

  4. 4 : minhnguyet Says:

    I like Pierre Deporte verry much!I like you when you act as William Spencer at Tamra, He act veryy good^^

  5. 5 : Htet Says:

    i like you very much in the film. act in more series

  6. 6 : Paing Lay Says:

    I like you very much when I watched this film”Tamra,the island”….
    You’re so cute in this film……

  7. 7 : Barbie Says:

    ur profile photo looks bad

  8. 8 : lira Says:

    you so look great, and i love you

  9. 9 : Pia Says:


    Pierre, ur way too cool. I can’t wait for your next drama/movie.

  10. 10 : sukasuka Says:

    cute one

  11. 11 : amber Says:

    hi nice too meet you.
    you look so cute in the pic.i love your hair style it look so cool and i love the colour of the hair because it was my favourite colour “_”

  12. 12 : sha chaerin Says:

    Pierre..like your name..i hope u can act more in korean drama..u look so cute as William..^-^

  13. 13 : juju Says:

    i want to see a lot of photos of you

  14. 14 : Michelle W Says:

    I really like your act and i really hope to see you soon in other movies…
    Would you mind to let me know your twitter or facebook adress?

  15. 15 : Maria Says:

    Kakak Pierre…
    You”re act IN korean drama Tamra Islands is wonderful
    I realy excited when you using korean language hehehe

  16. 16 : Alya Says:

    hi, I saw Pierre’s brother actingin films Tamra The Island was so cool. So I want to see older movies Pierre’s brother korean drama again. Please!!

  17. 17 : Alya Rohalita Says:

    Hi, I’m your brother Pierre think it’s good, handsome, and clever. When brother Pierre want to play another Korean drama, because I want Seeing your face on the screen.

  18. 18 : rosella/rosa Says:

    I like to William.Pierre now you stay where.You do not want to indonesian.
    I love you Pierre.I want you to indonesian ad met with me.

  19. 19 : ree Says:

    : good job!!!
    i like u

  20. 20 : soran Says:

    hi iam kurdish you beautiful with long hair

  21. 21 : Ayunani90 Says:

    You look so nice in tamra the island

  22. 22 : Meg Says:

    I really want to see your another act. Please come to my country, I know there are so many people who loves you here…

  23. 23 : Ayunani90 Says:

    You are so sweet so white handsome espesially as William Spenser
    You korea Language make me shock Wow You so smart
    I love you so much

  24. 24 : ganis Says:

    sedih banget endingnya….,kasian banget William, dia mengalami semua itu krn memegang janjinya ke beo jin yg minta membawanya pergi dr tamra.setelah mengalami penghinaan dan penyiksaan, akhirnya dia harus kehilangan beo in pula…. :((

  25. 25 : ganis Says:

    more good looking with his golden hair 🙂

  26. 26 : Tulip Says:

    Pierre!!!! You must contact me asap.. I need to see you…..

  27. 27 : Tulip Says:

    Pierre!!!! You must contact me asap.. I need to see you….. Find me on FB…

  28. 28 : elive Says:

    I want to see you in a Hollywood film

  29. 29 : elive Says:

    The corean girl who in the Tarma, the island is not fair for you

  30. 30 : elive Says:

    on my own opinion I think Allyson Harvard is suited for you heheheh!!!!! lol
    Laughing out loud!!!!!!!
    I hope she will be your loved team Im so glad for that!!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!

  31. 31 : ann Says:

    he is cute

  32. 32 : Passionate wild mistress.08 Says:

    pierre… pierre.. ohhh pierre,

    Your name pierre is what i love the most in a guy. it’s something strange but i don’t know why.. ~hoho

    Your Tamra, the island will soon be seen here in Philippines.. i’m so excited to see you .. and ur dark sides (if ever?)

    wish you visit Philippines.. Pierre.. =j

  33. 33 : dhandelle Says:

    Tamra the Island will be soon seen in the Philippines?? are you for real?? when???

  34. 34 : AnYa Says:

    Tamra, the Island
    Isn’t it fantastic?!!!!

    Hwang Chin Bin! I like your wig…It suits you.

  35. 35 : Jane Neva Senerpida Says:

    my baby pierre ..

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  37. 37 : Rosemary ibekwe Says:

    Happy birthday to you Pierre… I don’t know if you will ever see this but just know I love you and hope to see you someday

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