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Ryu Shi Won

Name: 류시원 / Ryu Shi Won (Ryu Si Won)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Oct-06
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Libra

TV Shows

Goodbye Dear Wife (Channel A, 2012)
Noriko Goes to Seoul (KBS2, 2011)
Hancho, epi 11 (Japan TBS, 2010)
Style (SBS, 2009)
Joshi Deka! (TBS, 2007)
Dondo Bare (NHK, 2007)
Koi no Kara Sawagi Drama Special Love Stories II (NTV, 2005)
Wedding (KBS, 2005)
She is Cool (KBS, 2003)
Sunshine (MBC, 2002)
Since We Met (MBC, 2002)
Beautiful Days (SBS, 2001)
Secret (MBC, 2000)
Honesty (MBC, 2000)
Paper Crane (KBS, 1998)
Purity (KBS, 1998)
Until the Last Day (MBC, 1998)
Mr. Right (KBS, 1997)
Propose (KBS, 1997)
A Happiness is in Our Hearts (SBS, 1997)
Until We Fall in Love (KBS, 1996)
The Blue Sky (KBS, 1994)
A Campus Love Song (MBC, 1994)
Feelings (KBS, 1994)


1998 KBS Awards: Best Actor
1998 KBS Awards: Most Popular Actor
1997 KBS Awards: Most Popular Actor
1996 KBS Awards: Best New Actor

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  1. 1 : Sandy Su Says:

    Seen many of your dramas. You are my favourite korean actor.

  2. 2 : Sandy Su Says:

    A fan from the island of Borneo, East Malaysia.

  3. 3 : norazira Says:

    i see your drama beautiful days.you look so qiut.

  4. 4 : secret Says:

    i admit u are so cute good luck

  5. 5 : lulu Says:

    Hey you Ryu shi won i think that you are great and one day you will be more popular htat now. so keep it up! keep it up!

  6. 6 : aemy_malaysia Says:

    hey Ryu! im one of ur fans. u look really gorgeous n cool. wish u all the best in ur life. love u!!! 🙂

  7. 7 : munirah Says:

    i love ur drama wedding…

  8. 8 : nabilah_malaysia Says:

    hi ryu… i love your acting in WEDDING. Wish you all the best. love your hairstyle in wedding too…

  9. 9 : Sindora_Malaysia Says:

    hi Ryu..u r so cute in ‘Wedding’. I can’t take my eyes of you in that drama. Love Jang Nara too..seems like u r both very loving couple.

  10. 10 : RATIH Says:

    I love yr acting especially in the series of WEDDING. You and Jang Nara were so marvelous there. You were so cool, calm and cute and Jang Nara was pretty and charming. As a contrast couple + the acting of other supporting stars and the conflict that raised make this drama more touching and interesting.

    GOD BLESS YOU and JANG NARA. Make more good tv-dramas. I will always support you! Fighting!!!


  11. 11 : Debbie Mcintosh,Malaysia Says:

    Hi Ryu Shi-Won,

    You got babyface very adoreable and i’m yr great fan too, love to see you and Choi Ji Won at Beautiful Days, good luck.

  12. 12 : fatin Says:

    i like your acting….especially in the series of WEDDING… you were so cool , calm and very cute…. with jang nara the pretty woman… this drama more touching and interesting for me….. i love n hope to see you and jang nara in another series korean drama or film…. good luck……

  13. 13 : adhe Says:

    hi ryu…i’m from Indonesia…emm.. actually i’m not one of your fans, but I already saw your acting in the series of wedding, the truth is I never know about you before, until I saw the series of wedding, well..wish you luck with your career and always be a better person…JIA YOU!!! =)

  14. 14 : tulip 165 Says:

    im big fan of him, though i still wath his “wedding” drama 🙂
    he’s so cool, theyre perfect couple,,
    i hope i can see them in the others drama 🙂

    aja aja fight!!

  15. 15 : nabilah_malaysia Says:

    hi ryu!
    good to know that you have your own website.
    keep up the good work!
    saro gei!!!!!!

  16. 16 : camille resultan Says:

    Hello Siwon! How are you? I’m so proud of you for achieving many great things in life. You’ve come a long way. Congratulations because you really did well in the recent KGTC. I also like to congratulate you for your 5th album which is Babylon and for the release of your perfume…your promise. I will surely see you in your Japan concert. Keep achieving! Keep on fighting! Aja!

  17. 17 : Joanna Goh Says:

    Dearest Si Won…

    After watching yr show in ‘wedding’. I am totally hooked by yr cute look and charming smile… u always say the nicest things to make someone feel special… (I know its the script lah) but its good…. I went out to buy all yr drama serials, but alas some r not available any more like the show “Secrets” i heard its good…

    I also heard that u r a fantastic…wonderful singer but i m most sad to hear that its not available in my country. Hope u can make a trip here and promote yr self… If u do… remember to visit me okay (ha ha dream on)…

    Anyway, just want to wish u good health, good luck and much happiness…

    take care and god bless u and yr family too,
    A ‘crazy’ fun from Singapore

    Keep it up, well done…

  18. 18 : kanoon Says:

    hi, Ryu..i am u’re indonesian fans..i hopefully u’ll be come to my country..When you will come to Indonesia?
    your fans here will be happy very much definitely…

  19. 19 : crazyforyou Says:

    love your show “wedding” with jang nara. one of the best.
    hope to see more of you two together. good luck on your other projects. one of your biggest fan.

  20. 20 : lina Says:

    i am falling in love with u and i hope can marry me now

  21. 21 : maylee Says:

    ur my 1st crush i korean drama..4 me ur a good actor!!& d wedding is 1 of d proof i know..take care & GOD bless ryu si won!!!

  22. 22 : Efie Says:

    Just seen your drama “Wedding”, I like u so much, you are much younger than your age (lucky u). Keep up the good work. Sarangheo ;p

  23. 23 : Amie Says:

    Wishing you the best in life & your career.

  24. 24 : harry potter Says:

    You are the best actor in Korea. I wish you all the best in your life.

  25. 25 : Elissa Says:

    Just cannot take you off my mind after watching Wedding. Why you don’t have any more new series after 2005?

  26. 26 : arriana07 Says:

    hello ryu!

    You’re such a fun and cool actor to watch, can’t get tired of watching your dramas. I hope that you will have more new projects shown as a lot of fans wants to see you more!
    Keep up the good work and stay humble!

  27. 27 : cold89 Says:

    i am moe from myanmar.
    i am your great fun.
    every night ,u are the prince in my dream.
    i love u.
    good luck

  28. 28 : kim Says:

    hie…….hw r u…..i really like ur actin…….u look very cute n u act very well especially da one u played in da role actor as a step bro who likes 2 play piano n all tat……..lol……….i really like tat serial a lot n i had watched more thn 10 times……lol………

  29. 29 : Honney Says:

    Hi, shi Won brother..
    How are you?
    You are very good actor in “Since We Met”.You are like as a baby.
    I live in Myanmar.
    Return a letter to me OK?
    Bye Bye!

  30. 30 : CRISTINA Says:

    hi! Shi Won,
    How R u?
    I’m from Philippines..
    I’ll always watching korean Novela here in the Philippines and your “WEDDING ” t.v. series…is 1 of the best!
    That’s why i’m watching all over again here in you tube! b’coz i love it so much… b’coz your such a good actor!
    Your very cute and addorable…
    I love your acting very much…
    You and Jang Nara are very nice couple…
    keep up the good work!
    I hope You and Jang Nara have another 1 project…

  31. 31 : MinJung Says:

    Ahnyoung hae yo OPPA!
    Can you believe that I just saw your drama “wedding?” and this is 2007. hehe.
    I would like to see your other dramas. I will be your biggest fan! Let’s talk and be friends..hehe I never knew you even existed.
    Na hatae jun ah jom jo yo!

  32. 32 : Pink Love Says:

    I love you !

    I love you!

    I love you!

    I love you so so so sososossoso much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33 : Heski Says:

    Hi Si Won,
    You are my favourite actor in the whole world.I love your smile. You are so cute in every angle. I hope you can become more famous and famous than now. I’m from Myanamr but I’m now in Australia. I hope I can see you in the future.
    May God Bless you!

    AZA AZA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34 : b-girl_sike Says:

    Ryu Shi Won, I’ve seen many of your drama series and I think you’re pretty good. I also like your music, because you’re great at singing falcito.

  35. 35 : LiNi Lee Says:

    I seen sum of his movies but i love him in WEDDING… much love n warm regards frm Sabah, Borneo – MALAYSIA.

  36. 36 : AddIcted Says:

    si-won…. I really, really love you, you are so very handsome and very charming… I love your killer smile it really kills me.. I also love your dimples… 🙂

  37. 37 : miraflor Says:

    you are so very gwapo,, your nice and best……. ingats God bless you and your family

  38. 38 : miraflor Says:

    hi your very nice and kind,,,,,,,,,,,, God bless you,,,,,,, and your family…
    have a nice day to you..bye

  39. 39 : catherine Says:

    hi!!! your very nice and so cute…. god bless 🙂

  40. 40 : Ekkeko Says:

    Dear Shi Won,

    I love your “Wedding” with Jang Nara so much! You both are great couple, I really wish there will be another movie coming out with you both again as couple. Love especially your smile, your voice… You are so perfect !

  41. 41 : butterfly Says:


  42. 42 : Luna Says:

    WEDDING is the first drama I’ve seen with RSW. It’s is now one of my favorite dramas and I’m looking fordward to watching more from this actor.

  43. 43 : melanie Says:

    wow he’s old now
    use to watch his dramas way back then

  44. 44 : Alzen Bulasa Says:

    hello,ryu si won im your avid fan by the way im Alzen here in philippines you know what ur such handsome and i like your novela together with jang nara entitled WEDDING

  45. 45 : Luni Says:

    WEDDING is the first drama I saw with RSW. It’s now one of my favorite dramas. Does anyone know what other dranas he was in after Wedding?
    He seem to spend a lot of time in Japan. His working in a long list of dramas (many of them excellent) indicates that he is not only a good actor but also popular. I would like to see more of him.

  46. 46 : ROXY Says:


  47. 47 : Feruza Says:


    I’m from Uzbekistan. My name is Zebo. I live in Tashkent.

  48. 48 : Zebo Says:

    Salom Ryu Shi Von! Menga sizni kinolaringiz yoqadi! Qo’shiqlaringizni sevaman.Iltimos, rasmlaringizni yuboring.Kutaman.Siz men sevgan aktyorsiz.Ijodingizga qiziqaman.Xudo xoxlasa Koreaga borsam siz bilan ko’rishish umididaman.Ko’rishguncha!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 : carmella Says:

    i first saw him in the truth. but after that, i never saw him in any tv series or movies..he really looked like my ex..and he doesn’t look like he’s in mid 30s

  50. 50 : sakura Says:

    he looks so romantic

  51. 51 : Trisha Says:

    Hi! Since I watch Wedding I instantly had a crush on you…You really captured my interest…the way smile…the way you look…Oh my God…I am looking for all those qualities in all my suitors but no one has….Call me crazy…maybe thats the reason why i dont have bf up to now…joke…I was just a little dissappointed when I learn that your already on your 30s but anyway you still look young and so cute…I hope to see you more on T.V…..

  52. 52 : dynaz Says:

    hye..nice to know u..i really admired u..em..since i watch wedding..u look so cute..cool..smart..n handsome..u make me melt..haha..if u free,juz check out me at my friendster..this is my [email protected]..i’ll wait for your comment..gudluck in everything u do..-diyana,our fans from malaysia-

  53. 53 : eyenie Says:

    you so handsome,cute,smart and cool….
    i like you very much …..
    please come to malaysia….

  54. 54 : lisa Says:

    hi ryu si won.. .ur my fav actor >

  55. 55 : lisa Says:

    ur catholic….:(

  56. 56 : meirav Says:

    hi ryu shi won ur my favorte actor i love ur songs hope to u more on tv

  57. 57 : lim Says:

    love your marvellous acting in Wedding

  58. 58 : siti kuroisin Says:

    Hi, ryu i love you so much ………….
    I like your movies specially your acting in wedding, you are so handsome and i love your smile …………..

    I am waiting for your next movie, love you ……..

  59. 59 : meirav Says:

    just bought ur new album and i love it has great songs u have a great voice hope to see soon on tv

  60. 60 : kazza Says:

    hey,u hav such a nice voice,im 1 of your fan,ill make a myspace account n comment on your space and ask u to b my friend..lol l like the song yak sok(promise)!!i have seen u in beautiful days n a little bit in truth…i hope to c ya in more dramas!!

  61. 61 : fisa Says:

    ryu shi won is my faouvarite actor. i love all your dramas… i am waiting for your new drama. hope you come to malysia.

  62. 62 : meirav Says:

    hi ryu i love all ur songs and ur new album i think ur a great actor and
    singer and u have a uniqe voice u have a lot of fans and u can make
    to the us if u want i keep on hearing ur songs and think why aren’t
    u on mtv at the us or europe so think about it days go by so fast

  63. 63 : lizzie Says:

    hi ryu shi won… i’ve already watched a couple of your dramas thanks to the internet.(beautiful days and wedding) i am really thankful for that since i am from the philippines who loves to watch in the net during my extra time and when i am home… that includes chatting, surfing, etc etc…
    ^^; unfortunately they have been licensing them so i could watch less and less asian dramas and movies. in spite of that i really wish i could see more of you. well, really knew a litte of you but i have to agree that you are one heck of an actor and singer. i like your voice and it sounds so cool and calming.(in spite of the fact i don’t understand what you are saying i love listening to your singing voice). if am from korea and/or a korean i might be one of your loyal followers… but this is one fact i don’t deny, that i admire you very much. well, more blessings and take care always…

    ^^; and i was surprise to learn you are 10 years older than i am… since you really look so young… it’s funny, i really find it charming… you are such a baby face… *^^*

  64. 64 : trang Says:

    HI. I have watched many film you played. I like your smiles for a long time. When I was at high school I liked a boy because he looks like you. I just want to let you know I like the way you act in films. and the way you live too. bye. A girl from Vietnam

  65. 65 : yuyu Says:

    hi,ryu I like your acting in Wedding. You look so calm, handsome and nice smile. I’m waiting for a new drama. When?

  66. 66 : meirav Says:

    hi ryu hope everything is ok i wanted to wish merry chrismess and happy
    new year

  67. 67 : fify Says:

    anyong haseyo..cho erumun fify emneeda..hehe.. hi ryu..i really2 like ur acting especially ur movies wedding..and also i love ur voice..it’s so awesome when u were singing the ost winter sonata right?oh god..i really2 love it..i wish u all da best..n i really hope u come to malaysia..lastly KAMSAHAMNEEDA..hehe..luv u..

  68. 68 : han tae ah Says:

    hi ryu!!!
    really love your acting in wedding..
    hope you will success in whatever you do!!
    hope you dont mind if i considered you as my brother..
    see you next time,

  69. 69 : senna Says:

    Wedding is my all time fav movie..i’ve wathching it for a lots of times..i’ve enjoy like watching new series everytime watching Wedding!! Hope to see u in new series!! luv u!! ^_^

  70. 70 : abigail Says:

    hi ryu
    your such a good actor
    i love you..

  71. 71 : abigail Says:

    hi ryu
    your such a good actor i love you

  72. 72 : meirav Says:

    hi ryu i heard u have a new drama coming out soon can’t wait

  73. 73 : edwi Says:

    hai ryu!
    i really like your acting in weeding. i am waiting your next drama. i invite you to come to indonesia.

  74. 74 : kung Says:

    Hi Ryu I like u so much I watch Wedding 8 time in this month
    u so cute and I love your song very much I hope to see u in new serie
    I want to see u when u come to Thailand again
    take care

  75. 75 : claire Says:

    hi,ryu shi won,im claire from the philippines..i just want you to know that i really like you a lot..the way you sing and smile it makes my day complete..i do have a cd of your drama like wedding,truth and beautiful days and i like them very much esp. the wedding,i’ve been watching it for a nth times..whenever i feel sad i’ll just watch them,i hope i can see you soon,if you plan to have a vacation here in the philippines just let me know and i’ll be your guide,i’ve been looking for a copy of all your concerts but i cant find it here..and i hope i can also be a member of one of your fans club..hope you can find time to have a chat with us,your fans,take care and God bless you always…here’s my email [email protected],hope you can send me emails and pictures of you,thanks in advance…

  76. 76 : Lhyan Says:

    hy… ryu si won… i just wanna say that I love u so much…

  77. 77 : BlOsOm Says:

    Hey i love ur movie is the best ^_^

  78. 78 : Uji Says:

    Really like him to sing..very good voice..Like him in Wedding drama..match couple with Nara..I can’t wait to watch new drama Style..coming soon to buy that dvd

  79. 79 : U.S.A. Says:

    Such an EXCELLENT actor! Especially, enjoyed ‘Wedding’ drama. Actually, watched it twice, recently. Many well wishes in all of this actors endeavors going forward. Looking forward to watching more that he stars in.

  80. 80 : ginger camanzo Says:

    Hi Ryu,
    I don’t know how you want to be called. I saw the movie Beautiful Days and I fell in love with your songs. You look so young for your age. You got that charm and smile that makes those young girls crazy……..
    Just a motherly advice, be humble and care for the people who loves you and support you all the way.
    Make time for them……..you can not reach your success without them… More power to you….. I know you have no time to read and answer email but I hope somebody will deliver the message.
    I enjoy watching your movie….. Keep it up…..
    God blesss you…..

  81. 81 : elly fitasari Says:

    hi ryu…..

  82. 82 : tian Says:

    정말 류 시원,보고 싶어

  83. 83 : anime_virus Says:

    hi RyU, i’m very surprise when i know your age.
    You look so young. Huh…..

  84. 84 : erin yunardi Says:

    Hello, i’m like watching your film. you are so good.

  85. 85 : t39uh Says:

    Hi ryu, I know ur busy, but I like you movie and you acting, especially in “Wedding” so perfect couple with jang nara. When your new drama, I will waiting your next movie. Thank’s

  86. 86 : ani.wijaya Says:

    so difficult to get the information about your series in here,indonesia. can’t hardly wait to see your new single again. so,please send me more information about your new series and song. terimakasih……

  87. 87 : lady_mhartzen Says:

    hi im frm phils….luv ur eyes..hope i can see more of ur acting in dramas….ur d best in THE WEDDING….more power!

  88. 88 : maritzar Says:

    hi…….. it is I a honor to write you I am faithful admirer of you and I am of equator you send me your mail

  89. 89 : lady_mhartzen Says:

    hi ryu…im frm philippines…heard ur preparing for a concert show in japan?..show some pics..havent seen ur pics lately and im missing u on screen..hope ul do some drama again…love ur eyes..ur cute…mwahhhhhh

  90. 90 : air jordans shoes Says:


  91. 91 : Self Storage Heywood Says:

    Enjoy reading this, thank you:)

  92. 92 : yanie Says:

    love ur eyes…….

  93. 93 : OK OK OK OK OK OK Says:

    Ryu Shi Won married on 26 October 2010 and is going to be a father in next Spring. Ryu – you are one of my favorite actor. Another handsome guy unavailable…..

  94. 94 : toh quan ming Says:

    i know your birthday were born on october and you look much younger.

  95. 95 : W Says:

    Hi Shi Won
    Merry, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011.

  96. 96 : kirey Says:

    Ryu Siwon, ouço todos os dias as suas músicas. Elas me fazem muito bem.
    Será que um dia você virá para o meu país ? Aquí temos muitos descendentes coreanos e já aprendí muitas palavras, principalmente :
    SARAENYO ! Também curtia muito o Park Yong Ha. Continuo muita fã do Yong Ha e de você. Felicidades com o seu baby. Que Deus ilumine o Yong Ha.

  97. 97 : Style | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

    […] Ryu Shi Won as Seo Woo Jin Lee Ji Ah as Lee Seo Jung Kim Hye Soo as Park Ki Ja Lee Yong Wooas Kim Min Joon […]

  98. 98 : STYLE Drama Korea di Indosiar mulai [MALAM INI] 25 Juli 2011 Senin-Jumat pukul 24.00 WIB « THREAD PANGERAN 229™ Says:

    […] Ryu Shi Won as Seo Woo Jin Lee Ji Ah as Lee Seo Jung Kim Hye Soo as Park Ki Ja Lee Yong Woo as Kim Min Joon […]

  99. 99 : Directory Site » Ryu Shi Won Wedding Korean Drama Says:

    […] » Ryu Shi Won » Korean Actor & Actress […]

  100. 100 : lee chen Says:

    ryu is soo cool

  101. 101 : Hikmi's Says:

    Ohh, Ryu shi wooonnnn. Where are you…

  102. 102 : nouvang Says:

    very handsome
    i like it…………..
    more move… more nic….

  103. 103 : swai Htut Says:

    I like you so much bcoz you’re so sweet

  104. 104 : Nilce Says:

    oi Ryu Iám your fan´s.Ilove you.

  105. 105 : [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] Goodbye Dear Wife Says:

    […] Seung Hyuk (Ryu Shi Won) runs a famous sports center and has been married for 5 years. In his past, he was a famous fighter […]

  106. 106 : Goodbye Dear Wife « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] Seung Hyuk (Ryu Shi Won) runs a famous sports center and has been married for 5 years. In his past, he was a famous fighter […]

  107. 107 : GoodBye Dear Wife « hanipoollazuardi Says:

    […] Seung Hyuk (Ryu Shi Won) runs a famous sports center and has been married for 5 years. In his past, he was a famous fighter […]

  108. 108 : terry Says:

    Happy B’Day Ryu Shi Won…

  109. 109 : warachaya Says:

    Love you…. How about your baby???

  110. 110 : Noriko goes to Seoul | Hollywood Says:

    […] as Hiroshi Han Jung Won (한정원) as So Ra Im Jong In (임종인) as Woo Jin MayBee as Junko Ryu Shi Won as Kim Hyun Jae Tani Rumiko (谷ルミコ) as Haruka Abe Mihoko (阿部美穂子) as Nazumi Kim Sun […]

  111. 111 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Want to watch more of you in Korean Drama!Fighting Oppa

  112. 112 : fourina fransisca Says:

    Ryu Shi Won, hope you in good health, actually I’m not korean drama addict, just only one drama that I’m loved, Wedding! Can’t stop to see the drama. Because you are there. You are my idol, and I wish I have husband like you #just dreaming. And I wish you will marry Jang Na Ra in real 🙂 perfect couple…God Bless you Mr Shi Won

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