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Shin Ae Ra

Name: 신애라 / Shin Ae Ra (Sin Ae Ra)
Profession: Actress and radio DJ/MC
Birthdate: 1969-Mar-07
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: O
Family: Husband/actor Cha In Pyo and 3 children
Education: Jungang University
Hobbies: Staying healthy and billiards
Religion: Christianity

TV Shows

Record of Youth (tvN, 2020)
Ugly Alert (SBS, 2013)
Indomitable Daughters-in-Law (MBC, 2011)
My Love (SBS, 2006)
Bad Housewife (SBS, 2005)
My Funky Family (MBC, 2000)
You Don’t Know My Mind (MBC, 1999)
I Love You in My Arms (MBC, 1994)
What’s Love (MBC, 1991)
Angelic Choice (MBC, 1989)


Ice Bar (2006)


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Serial Drama), Best Actress (Indomitable Daughters-in-Law)


  1. 1 : Dennis Ariola Says:

    whenever i take my lunch at work i always watch your soap drama…Bad Wife (international cover title and House-Houseband here in Manila, Philippines) I am not quite a fan of soap dramas but i enjoy watching your TV series. Your TV soap makes my lunch hour a bit more fun..

    More success to you Shin Ae Ra..here in Manila you are known as Mina. A lovely name.

  2. 2 : Jon Says:

    Shin Ae-Ra shii! I really admire your natural beauty and compassion heart for encouraging others to adopt children. You are truly a wonderful person! God bless you and your wonderful husband too…

  3. 3 : felicia Says:

    hi !

  4. 4 : Indomitable Daughters in Law « Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Shin Ae Ra as Oh Young ShimYoon Da Hoon as Kim Hong GooHoney Lee / Lee Ha Nui as Kim Yun JungKang Boo Ja as Choi Mak NyeoKim Bo Yun as Cha Hye JaPark Yoon Jae as Moon Shin WooKim Yong Gun as Moon Se JinKim Dong Joo as Hyun Myung JooLee Young Ha as Jang Suk NamIm Ye Jin as Kim Geum ShilKang Kyung Hun as Han Hye WonKim Joon Hyung as Kim Soon JungLee Hoon as Moon Jin Woo Jun Ik Ryung (전익령) as Park Se Ryung Park Min Ha (박민하) […]

  5. 5 : ch Says:

    you are quite possibly the most beutiful woman in the world

  6. 6 : INDOMITABLE DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Shin Ae Ra as Oh Young Shim Kang Boo Ja as Choi Mak Nyeo Kim Bo Yun as Cha Hye Ja Honey Lee / Lee Ha Nui as Kim Yun Jung Park Yoon Jae as Moon Shin Woo […]

  7. 7 : june Says:

    really like ur acting in indomitable daughters in law .even u are older than moon shin woon,both of u look perfect…

  8. 8 : june Says:

    you are pretty, and look nice in latest drama ….indomitable daughters in law … like your acting and love the cast involve in this drama too.

  9. 9 : ju Says:

    yes you are very unique in your look. Not the typical korean actresses type of look, some of them look so fake! You are very comfortable to look at, pretty and charming in your own ways. Both you and Park Yoon Jae make a perfect couple in “indomitable daughters-inlaw” , hope to see both of you again in another drama.

  10. 10 : christine Says:

    shin ae ra, i really admire u:)

  11. 11 : phidao Says:

    Minh` đang xem fim Những Nang` Dâu Sắt ,trên SCTV Kênh tổng hợp ,minh` thấy fim có nội dung rất hay va` cặp đôi Part Yoon Jae va` Shin Ae Ra diễn rất ăn ý .tuy Shin Ae Ra la` đan` chị nhưng trông hai anh chị cũng rất xứng đôi anh chang` Part Yoon Jae thi` wá điển trai va`nụ cươi`tươi va` rất có duyên .

  12. 12 : phidao Says:

    Fim những Nang` Dâu Sắt rất thu hút ngươi` xem , nhơ` vao` lối diễn xuất của cặp đôi chín Part YoonJae va` Shin Ae Ra .Minh` được biết nữ DV nay` đã có 2 con 1 trai 1 gái va` nhận 1 đứa con nuôi ,tuy đã có 2 con ,nhưng ba` mẹ trẻ nay` vẫn con` xinh đẹp va`nụ cươi` tươi trẻ ,minh` dã xem Shin AE Ra đóng nhiêu` fim ,trong mỗi bộ fim Shin Ae Ra đêu` diễn xuất rất đạt ,Shin Ae Ra rất đáng yêu .Chúc Shin Ae Ra hạnh phúc luôn tươi trẻ mãi theo thơi` gian.

  13. 13 : airstrip Says:

    I ‘m really tears of’Shin Ae Ra and Park Yoon Jae in fim the ‘ iron bride Shin Ae Ra amazing wa Ihope the new drector wll Definition couples this chemistry in much the next and .

  14. 14 : airstrip Says:

    I like happy ending movies cysts iron law ,If Shin Ae Ra not pregnant competition a la trafficking wish the couple Shin Ae Ra Park Yoon Jae always lucky .

  15. 15 : airstrip Says:

    I feel Shin Ae RA is now more beautiful ‘time unmanied ad young faces Shin Ae Ra appear to be elected .I hope to see Shin Ae Ra and Park Yoon Jae starred much film next .Way of acting of Shin Ae Ra and Park Yoon Jae too great.

  16. 16 : airstrip Says:

    I love golden couple’ a strawberry iron Park yoon Jae and Definition Shin Ae Ra per view movies are always deliberate on technical performance of each character use it Shin Ae Ra and Park yoon Jae amazing wa as newly married couple exchange true .I likened the couple rang innocent Taiwan Ariel and Joe .

  17. 17 : airstrip Says:

    T admire Shin Ae Ra with slender sexy body after children and then but beautiful .I do not understand the fans in Korea how?But as in Definition Ho Chi Minh City broad cask cysts Definition the iron is attracted viewers .I two pas actors the film in very happy ending ,general OK .I hope you meet the couple strawberry wine iron on all areas .

  18. 18 : airstrip Says:

    Christmas day was ,I would like to wish family ,Shin Ae Ra welcome fun good Shin Ae Ra always fresh forever in time and has many new movie !I love Shin Ae Ra starred with Park Yoon Jae two sisters acting very well Definition wonderful .

  19. 19 : airstrip Says:

    I hope in 2013 the new director will ,Shin Ae Ra Park Yoon Jae play them in the next move ,the pair echo power iron law very well .This is similar to the expectations of the fans ,wish family Shin Ae Happy New Year and victory in all areas .

  20. 20 : ChocoKang Says:

    […] Gong Jin Joo Choi Tae Joon as Gong Hyun Suk Seol Hyun as Gong Na Ri Ahn Nae Sang as Gong Sang Man Shin Ae Ra as Jin Sun […]

  21. 21 : Joseph Says:

    Shin Ae-ra …best of all the Korean actress I have seen…in the Iron daugther in law, you are so natural and bubbly. One word sums it all – Fantastic!!!

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