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Son Seung Won

Son Seung Won 01

Name: 손승원 / Son Seung Won
Profession: Actor and Musical Actor
Birthdate: 1990-June-29
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood type: AB
Height: 177cm
Weight: 63kg

TV Shows

Eulachacha Waikiki (jTBC, 2018)
Age of Youth 2 (jTBC, 2017)
Person Who Gives Happiness (MBC, 2016)
Age of Youth (jTBC, 2016)
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (KBS2, 2016)
Remember You (KBS2, 2015)
Healer (KBS2, 2014)
Love & Secret (KBS2, 2014)
Different Cries (KBS2, 2014)


GLove (2011)


  1. 1 : maris Says:

    Keep it up son! Wish you more projects in the future..

  2. 2 : Mhiz horeh Says:

    Wow am d second to comment on ur post………..love ur acting so much in healer u are so handsome.

  3. 3 : Remember You | Movie Story Download Says:

    […] Jae Young as Min Seung Joo Son Seung Won Min Sung Wook Im Ji Eun Nam Kyung Eup Park Young […]

  4. 4 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like you in Healer. 😛
    You look fresh & suave.

  5. 5 : My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (동네변호사 조들호) (2016) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] Ki Cheon as Byun Ji Sik Son Seung Won as Byun Seung Mo Lee Jae Woo as Michael Jung Park Sang Myun Song Ji […]

  6. 6 : ssong sung min shipper Says:

    i love you so much oppaaaa .. i hope i can se the next season of age of youth … love you cant wait for your next drama ..

  7. 7 : George C Says:

    Son Seung Won Revealed To Have Asked Actor Jung Hwi To Take Blame For Drunk Driving

    December 26, 2018

    Son Seung Won tried to avoid getting blamed for his behavior.

    On January 2, the court recognized the crime of Son Seung Won and issued an arrest warrant on charges of fleeing the scene, dangerous driving, driving under the influence, and driving without a license.

    The actor was first caught driving under the influence on December 26 in the neighborhood of Chungdam when he crashed his car into another vehicle.

    Just as the public thought the case had been concluded, more news came to light and reported that on the night of the accident, Son Seung Won asked Jung Hwi, who was in the car with him, to take the blame for his actions.

    According to the police, Son Seung Won refused to take the breathalyzer test and argued that Jung Hwi was driving the vehicle when he was caught. When the police asked Jung Hwi if he had been driving, he initially answered that he was indeed the driver. However, he later confessed that Son Seung Won was the one who was driving.

    Jung Hwi said, “He asked me to take the blame because this wasn’t his first time violating the traffic laws. It was hard for me to reject his request since he is a senior actor.”

    Furthermore, several witnesses confirmed that they saw Son Seung Won getting out of the driver’s seat, which was later confirmed by a nearby security camera. In the end, the actor admitted that he drove the vehicle.

    Source (1)

    Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews.

    From Soompi

  8. 8 : George C Says:

    NEWS Posted 20 days ago
    Son Seung Won criticized for saying he’ll use military enlistment to reflect on his DUI accident

    Actor Son Seung Won, 29, claimed he will use his time in the military to reflect on his DUI accident.

    Back in December, Son Seung Won attempted a hit-and-run in an intoxicated state. The actor’s license was already suspended as he was engaged in 3 other DUI cases prior to the accident. It was also revealed he initially lied and claimed passenger Jung Hwi was the driver.

    On March 14, the second trial for Son Seung Won’s DUI case took place at the Seoul Central District Court. The prosecutor demanded 4 years of penal servitude for Son.

    Son stood in front of the judge for the final time, and said, “Throughout the past 70 days in jail, I deeply felt and reflected on my wrongdoings. I’ve regretted my past life and feel sorry to the victims. I’ve been treated for anxiety disorder since a year ago. I will accept any and all punishments and pay for my sins. I am sorry to the victims, my family, and fans.”

    Son’s lawyer added, “The defendant is worthy of criticism. However, he has deeply reflected on his wrongdoings for the past 70 days and has also reached a settlement with the victims. Please allow him to complete his military duty and live a new life.”

    The lawyer continued, “His parents divorced after his father’s business failed and he has lived a hard life with his mother. He debuted in his early 20s but he did not have a hit as he hoped. The undelayable military enlistment, concerns about his parents, and guilt led to anxiety disorder and ultimately the DUI. As a celebrity who lives off of popularity, he is reflecting on how he has caused an issue and admits to all charges. He has received the conscription order and desires to serve in the military. Please allow him to properly serve and reflect.”

    Many are expressing anger at Son for attempting to use his military service as a getaway. Comments stated, “Don’t think about running away,” “Military is not a place for you to reflect on your actions,” “Just go to jail.”

    Meanwhile, Song Seung Won’s final trial is scheduled for April 11.

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