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Son Tae Young

Name: 손태영 / Son Tae Young
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1980-Aug-19
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 171cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Husband/actor Kwon Sang Woo and son (b. 2009-Feb-06) and daughter (2015-Jan-10)
Education: Sang Myung University
Religion: Christianity

TV Series

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
The K2 (tvN, 2016)
Into the Flames (CSTV, 2014)
Lee Soon Shin is the Best (KBS2, 2013)
Queen of Ambition (SBS, 2013)
Two Wives (SBS, 2009)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007)
Freeze (OCN, 2006)
Yeon Gae Somun (SBS, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
One Million Roses (KBS, 2003)
Remember (MBC, 2002)
Pure Heart (KBS2, 2001)


Love War (2014)
Going Crazy Waiting / The Longest 24 Months (2007)
The Railroad (2006)
3 Colors Love Story / 3인3색 러브 스토리 : 사랑 즐감 (2006)
Sad Movie / 새드무비 (2005)
Ghost Lives / Ghost House / 귀신이 산다 (2004)


2003 KBS Actors Awards: Most Popular Actress
2001 Miss International Pageant (Miss Photogenic 2nd runner-up)
2000 Miss Korea (3rd runner-up)

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Son Tae Young 13


  1. 1 : Clover Says:

    i like ur beauty….g0rgeous! gud luck f0r ya!…=)

  2. 2 : Nakatakashi Chin Says:

    I’ve seen “To Marry a millionaire”, I really interested in your face, so nice, so beauty. Then finding your name on Internet… and so surprise when I know that you have the same age with me.

    At last, I don’t know what to say… You’re so beauty… And I think that’s enough.

    Good luck!!!

  3. 3 : fred Says:

    your the most beautiful korean actress ever,,, love yah

  4. 4 : ayelet Says:

    iam your fan now you are so beautiful…

  5. 5 : mcray Says:

    you’re smile is so adorable.. seven days a weak i feel like a freak.. coz i wish for your kiss and a touch in the cheek.. coz when i look at your face and stare in your eyes.. in a second or two, you got me hipnotized.. you are my Cindirella and Snow White in Wonderland… I wanna be your man and I hope you understand… that when the time comes…
    You are gonna be my love story…

    But oh well, im just dreamin a dream..
    I just hope you’re just a smile away…

  6. 6 : Prof.Scott T. Says:

    Son Tae Young is my Dream, I hate her lousy Boyfriend who is not handsome and not good looking, Son Tae Young must not have a Korean Husband or a Korean Boyfriend because Korean Husbands hit their wives as long as they wish, I dont want Son Tae Young to be beaten by a Korean husband in the future, he must choose me, because I am a good provider and famous, I will rescue you soon Son Tae Young, Your boyfriend doesnt deserve a special lady like you, just choose me instead and you will never regret it, ill make you a queen 🙂

  7. 7 : Prof.Scott T. Says:

    Son Tae Young is my Dream, I hate her lousy Boyfriend who is not handsome and not good looking, Son Tae Young must not have a Korean Husband or a Korean Boyfriend because Korean Husbands hit their wives as long as they wish, I dont want Son Tae Young to be beaten by a Korean husband in the future, he must choose me, because I am a good provider and famous, I will rescue you soon Son Tae Young, Your boyfriend doesnt deserve a special lady like you, just choose me instead and you will never regret it, ill make you a queen

  8. 8 : lisa Says:

    son tae young, i really do like you. your simplicity make you more beautiful. your the most beautiful korean girl ive ever since. hope to see you personally. visit the philippines pls!!!!

  9. 9 : Antoneth Says:

    you know, i really became interested to you when i seen to marry a millionaire…. i want you to become one of my friends… i want to meet you in person… i’m from the philippines.. hope you’ll visit our country soon… you’re the most beautiful korean actress that i ever saw…

  10. 10 : mcray Says:

    @ liza / antoneth, can i be with you guys. together, we can meet our idol.

  11. 11 : mcray Says:

    hey, an idea just came out popping my head. maybe Sandara can help us out. lol.. =)

  12. 12 : kate Says:

    I just found out today that she’s the girlfriend of Kwon Sang Woo and they are planning to get married.

  13. 13 : ayelet Says:

    it just a rumored she’s being linked with kwon sang woo

  14. 14 : ryne Says:

    ya.it is true she’s Kwon SangWoo gf. I saw the article oso. Make me got a shock…. do update new girls & guys…

  15. 15 : olive Says:

    yeah the gf of kwon sang woo although shes pretty but i think shes not match enough for kwon sang woos super handsome. sang woo must find like the beauty of choi ji woo, etc.

  16. 16 : marites gerona Says:

    yes its true!they are marrying in sept 28, 2008!its a whirlwind romance since they just met only a few months ago! omg! but how can they marry too soon? they have to know each other well!go to asianbite.com. fans like me are outraged! kwon sang woo endorsements are in jeopardy for they are worth millions and kwong doesnt mind bec he is soooo in love! somebody slap his face pls! fans are mad at son tae since she is involved in scandals with previous bfs!!

  17. 17 : jane Says:

    best wishes for you and congratulations to kwon sang woo… you look good being together. be strong for all the trials and don’t give for your love to each other. i’m looking forward for a big family in the future. i’m so happy for you guys…

  18. 18 : angel Says:

    hey there onni..

    want to say congratulations!! you’ll be married soon to sang-woo…

    best wishes to both of you!!

    i wish all the luck and blessings to ya!!

    Labya both!!^^,

  19. 19 : KANG OSKAR Says:

    i heared you are marring kwon sang woo conguralation on your marriage
    be good to him love him he is agood nice ahandsome guy good luck then good bye…

  20. 20 : vhinah Says:

    their married on sept 28.,,

  21. 21 : mina sison Says:

    son tae young my best regards and congratulations to your baby. hope he,s doing fine extend my greetings to kwon sang woo.

  22. 22 : mina Says:

    son tae young i saw your latest photo. you are becoming sexier everyday inspite of having a baby. that is why kwon sang woo is so inspired looks more handsome

  23. 23 : jed gavina Says:

    aug. 13.09

    this is my first time looking at you.. congratulations! may you have a good life with your famous husband and GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND SON! from jed gavina

  24. 24 : nina Says:

    Hi Mrs
    U a so lucky that can married with someone u love and have a good family.
    i never interest in u as i watched sad movie but now i want to know who is lucky that can marry with a great actor..
    I wish ur family happiness:)
    i will watch ur movie again ..start to know u from now
    cuz of Mr cinderella man

  25. 25 : mimou Says:

    son tae young u r bitch ^^ … but a smart one !

  26. 26 : ligya Says:

    I iived in australia and watch all you tv drama.I saw your photo in gold coast last march.Iam every happy for your family specialy to you as being a mum is not easy and wife with a popular actor.Just trust you husband and love him.I pray GOD give you a long life and
    happiness forever

  27. 27 : ligya Says:

    hello love you husband as love youself

  28. 28 : lovekorean Says:

    hi your beautiful,, but i most likely kim tae hee when it comes to beauty faces time of stairway to heaven i read details about kim tae hee and kwon sang woo relationship that time they are real couple and i love them so much and i wished that someday they will be getting married to each other but sad to say they are not meant hehe but its ok 😉 youre pretty too i hope that someday they will have a movie or drama series and you will allowed them to work again as a loveteam only..

  29. 29 : symphoni Says:

    hi..son tae young ni hao…. i already know bout you n just know u husband is kwon sang woo. i suprise bout that n happy to your. what’s name your baby? boy or girl? i think if boy face like kwon sang woo handsome n girl like u pretty , am i right? maybe i late to say congratulation to both of you , hope you family healthy, karier always good, ok.

  30. 30 : Ada Tay Says:

    Hi hi. You are a fortunate lady. I am sure your hubby is a very passionate person. The ‘crying scenes’ to me, are so powerful and very real. I wish you, your hubby and son the very best!

  31. 31 : toh quan ming Says:

    you are the most popular actress.

  32. 32 : sorphea Says:

    im proud of you and your husband… wish your family happily alway …

  33. 33 : ameldoll Says:

    you are sooooo beautiful I love u much u and ur family (kwon sang woo & the cute rookie <3 ) wish u all the best and all happiness

  34. 34 : Kireina Says:

    Please happy ever after ♥♥

  35. 35 : Patricia Beandot Says:

    You are not very popular actress but like to pose like of those famous people. Before marry, you ‘re very bitchy, going around dating so many guy before get the great fish. Hoping yourself coming back to act, better act like an old mistress, that suit you better. BITCH!

  36. 36 : Ttuk Says:

    So, Patricia Beandot, not being a popular person and dating, qualifies for someone you would hate with such vitriol. Gee, that’s more than half the population of a country. I suppose the remainder are the ones you like and are too ugly to get a date.

  37. 37 : [KBS 2013] Lee Soon Shin is the Best RAW E02 | Says:

    […] Shin Go Doo Shim as Kim Jung Ae Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Chang Hoon Kim Yong Rim as Shim Mak Re Son Tae Young as Lee Hye Shin Yoo In Na as Lee Yoo Shin Kim Hwan Hee as Han Woo […]

  38. 38 : Machida-sann Says:

    How come the main picture she looks like she’s almost 50

  39. 39 : melanie Says:

    i had read a lot of comments about You Positive or Negative comments. You look so innocent but i cant believe about your Past having a lot of romances….Kwong Sam Woo is really crazy in Love of your Look and He doesnt care about your Past!!! You must be Lucky and Goodluck!!!! The inner Beauty is more important to others but not in everone like KSW..

  40. 40 : You Are The Best! Lee Soon Shin / 최고다 이순신 (2013) | My Little World Says:

    […] Soon Shin Go Doo Shim as Kim Jung Ae Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Chang Hoon Kim Yong Rim as Shim Mak Re Son Tae Young as Lee Hye Shin Yoo In Na as Lee Yoo Shin Kim Hwan Hee as Han Woo […]

  41. 41 : Ttuk Says:

    Time for another visit to your optometrist @Machida-sann

  42. 42 : marie Says:

    Hi Son Tae-Yeong! you are very beautiful, after all a former beauty queen You and your husband Kwon Sang Woo are the most enviable couple in Korea. KSW is such a handsome man, a highly talented and the most romantic actor in the Korean film industry. I have seen many Korean dramas and observed that Korean wives are very dominating over their husbands. Please be a good wife to KSW because he seems to be a very devoted man. Hope you guys will grow old together. All the best to your career.

  43. 43 : wea caliso Says:

    Came from the philippines congratulations you’re so lucky to have a handsom ang popular actor like kwon sang woo im a big fan of him even before i really like the way he act ng he’s also an action star..congrats and have a happy family forever…#pilipinolovekwonsangwoo

  44. 44 : wea caliso Says:

    Please give a reply to me if you read this comment..

  45. 45 : Fullheart5 Says:

    She and her husband had a second child, a daughter, on Jan 10, 2015.

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