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Song Chang Ui

Song Chang Ui 02

Name: 송창의 / Song Chang Ui
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1979-Jan-24
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: A
Talent Agency: WS Entertainment
Education: Seoul Art Institute
Album: He released a single titled “Love 101” in March 28, 2008.

TV Series

Hide and Seek (MBC, 2018)
My Man’s Secret (KBS2, 2017)
Make a Woman Cry (MBC, 2015)
Dr. Frost (OCN, 2014)
The Woman Who Married Three Times (SBS, 2013)
The Great Seer (SBS, 2012)
Syndrome (jTBC, 2012)
A Thousand Days’ Promise (SBS, 2011)
You’ve Fallen for Me (MBC, 2011)
Life is Beautiful (SBS, 2010)
Cinderella Man (MBC, 2009)
The Scale of Providence (SBS, 2008)
Yi San (MBC, 2008)
On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo
Golden Bride (SBS, 2007)
101st Proposal (SBS, 2006)
Drama City (KBS2, 2005)
The Youth in Bare Foot (MBC, 2005)
Wedding (KBS2, 2005)


Eun-Kyo (2011)
A Reason To Live (2011)
A Lone Tree (2010)
Once Upon a Time in Seoul (2008)
Pacchigi! Love and Peace (2007)
My Girl and I (2005)
Emergency 19 (2002)


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Song Chang Ui (The Secret of My Love)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Soap Opera): Song Chang Ui (Make a Woman Cry)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series): Song Chang Ui (The Woman Who Married Three Times)
2010 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Drama – Actor (Life is Beautiful)
2008 44th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Award (Golden Bride)

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  1. 1 : ruby lyn Says:

    hello!!!!i likew you….

  2. 2 : ruby lyn Says:

    hello!!!!i like you….

  3. 3 : hisfa_pink Says:

    hey???????????Dude your so handsome how i wish to see u in personal…im from philippines!actually so far..jejejejejejejejeje

  4. 4 : Julianne Says:

    You were great in Golden Bride! Such tenderness expressed in your quite voice and throuh those gentle but firm hugs, and all those sweet moments of pillow talks…beautifully done! Suffering from betrayer was so painful to watch. Although he seems happy now, like JinJoo, I feel uneasy. I’m at Eps34. I hope it will have a happy ending!

  5. 5 : me.. Says:

    enjoy watching golden bride..

  6. 6 : donna Says:

    hey.. I’ve watched ur movie, “my girl and i”… it was great!

  7. 7 : shawncha Says:

    gay do people just post this lame stuff

  8. 8 : munichreynoso Says:

    annyong haseyo song chang ui sshi,

    it was really nice watching your drama GOLDEN BRIDE with lee young ah sshi. i find you charming and gorgeous especially in those episodes while you were singing. i also watched MY GIRL and I, hehehe..although your not in the lead role. Good luck on your career, hope more movies and dramas to come.

    song chang ui sshi FIGHTING!

  9. 9 : raqz! Says:

    u seemed like a gud person it reflects from ur soulful eyes, i like ur chemistry with lee young ah i think she’s one of a kind actress hope u do a lot of tv series and even movies 2gether. God bless!

  10. 10 : VICKIEEEEE Says:

    wahhhh u were sooooooo good in Golden Bride!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and really cute too!!! lol >

  11. 11 : marsh Says:

    such an expressive eyes and face…he has the potential of being a great actor.

  12. 12 : ann Says:

    i love the story of golden bride..especially lee young ah and song chang ui..both of them are compatible..looking forward for another movie of lee young ah and song chang ui together

  13. 13 : oyet Says:

    oh, hi song chang ui. you know never did i post any comments like this before bec i kinda find it corny. but when i watched you and lee young ah in golden bride, everything change! i just wanted to let you know and of course lee young ah that i admire you both because you really acted well in this drama and ohh… i just love the way you looked at each other and i almost feel the sincerity of your heart whenever you hug and embrace jin joo. for that alone i can attest that you have given your best in this drama! hope to see u and jin joo again in another movie or drama together. i will be looking forward to that…

  14. 14 : fasiihah Says:

    i love the drama, golden bride..especially lee young ah @nguyen jin joo and song chang [email protected] jun woo..both of them are compatible and sooooooooo cute together..looking forward for another movie of lee young ah and song chang ui together…

  15. 15 : iwul Says:

    i like this actor..and he very handsome in golden bride.. lov u …Song Chang Ui

  16. 16 : marihigh Says:

    hi, SONG CHANG UI love you!!!!

    im ur new fan in the philippines im looking forward 4 u to visit our country. at this moment i’ve watched GOLDEN BRIDE DVD im working and i’ve watched during christmas season and such a long series. you are such a great actor huh. im just curious if u are single or not. i heard korean men married late. im also single but quiet picky about men i like and it’s such weird coz i admire u so much and ur one in a million kind. hope ul continue wid ur craft and all d best 4 u in d coming new year 2009. take care, luking forward seeing u in person.gud luck. LOVE YOU!

  17. 17 : sarang ham ni da Says:

    I’m done watching Golden Bride with a lot of sleepless nights to finish all the 64 episodes and it all worth it because there was an happy ending and I enjoyed it a lot. There were many times I cried and laughed my eyes was terrible when I woke up in the morning because I always cried watching this tv series. I hope there is another tv series or movies with both of you guys because you are amazing you had a great performance and both of you deserve to receive an award and recognition for this drama. This is my first time to finished a korean drama with so many episode but you know what i really want to watch again and again because i really want to see you together… hope there is part 2. Song Chang Ui is so cute and handsome this is the first time I became a fan of a korean actor I admire him a lot. Hope to visit Philippines because I really want to see you in person…

  18. 18 : cristy Says:

    I LOVE YOU SONG CHANG UI!!! When will you do another tv series with Lee young ah? You really have a chemistry and hope you will be sweetheart in real life.. I would like to ask a question are you single or married? hope you’re still single.. hehehe. I wish you’ll have more drama series, movies and album because you really a good actor and singer. take care

  19. 19 : [email protected], Thailand Says:

    Chang Ui sshi,

    Love u from Golden bride.

    Keep doing..u r good actor and also singer.

    Will always support u.

  20. 20 : marites gerona Says:

    why is your picture here looks bad? doesnt look like you. does anybody tell you, you like like the young ji jin hee?you do! you cry so easily at scale of providence…great acting threre. a great actor indeed…

  21. 21 : nemia manantan Says:

    hello :
    this is for song chang ui and lee young ah…I loved watching golden bride…this is my favorite k-drama because of the both of you.your chemistry together is amazing and it is like that you are a real couple….your acting is very natural and the way you look at each other is very loving and soooooovery sweet. this drama portrays a loving husband who will protect his wife until the end no matter what happens…I wish that there will be a golden bride 2 and they will go to turkey and make baby no.2…i have never watched a drama for twenty times before….i just can’t get enough of those two lovebirds..hoping for them to team up again in another love story…fighting…(koren)..i wish that you will end up to be a real couple because you are very,very compatible….sarang hamnida from surrey,b.c canada…

  22. 22 : teng Says:

    hi, i like the way you act in “GOLDEN BRIDE”…i love it very much, hope to see more….

  23. 23 : jaquiline Says:

    hi there!..
    song chang ui & lee young ah such a good pair..
    golden bride is a proof to it..right?..
    ..and i can’t help myself making it my no.1 korean drama though
    i wasn’t able to see its full content..
    but the most important part of the drama? of course i didn’t miss it..
    for months ive been watching it in internet cafe spending 3-5hrs
    hehehe.. seems so expensive.. but well i can say it is really payed off
    for they were worth watching for..
    and i can’t help myself dreaming to find and be loved
    someone like jun woo..
    someone such caring and makes you fell comfortable from his sweet lil’ nothing gestures.. aahhh im really hook to it…

    good luck to both of you looking forward for your the nxt teamup hopefully realized…


  24. 24 : lyn Says:

    I like so very much Song Chag Ui. Sarang hae yo!

  25. 25 : ai vy Says:

    chao` anh song chang ui em o? vietnam chac anh ko doc dc tieng viet nhi? anh co the nho chi lee young ah doc dum ma ^^! chuc anh thanh cong trong moi linh vuc chao anh ………. GOOD LUCK!

  26. 26 : ai vy Says:

    chao anh song chang ui chac anh ko doc dc tieng viet dau nhi? am la nguoi viet nam chuc anh thanh cong trong moi linh vuc nhe ……….. chao anh , anh co the nho chi lee young ah dich dum ma …hj ….Pp …………… GOOD LUCK !

  27. 27 : ai vy Says:

    ah ma day co fai la blog cua anh song chang ui ko nhi? sao ko thay anh ay hoi am den bat cu ai vay ta ? o? day co ban nao la nguoi viet ko zay ??????

  28. 28 : cherie may Says:

    hi oppa! know what, i like the way you act.. whew! you and yoon-ah really look good together.. i enjoyed watching CINDERELLA MAN.. it’s worth watching for.. hope to see you in more dramas.. fighting oppa!

  29. 29 : Diep Pham Says:

    I was so sad for Lee Yuong Ah because when she said she like u and then u kept on telling her you are sick but u are a good actor ;]

  30. 30 : Soshifan Says:

    He and Yoona will be a great couple.
    When I saw Cinderella Man..

  31. 31 : xiadfreaky Says:

    I really like you in Golden Bride.
    Finally, I could watch the full series.
    I’m still halfway in the drama but I’d definitely not blink ’till the 64th episode.
    and oh I’d definitely watch Cinderella Man..
    Way to Go Chang Ui oppa!
    You’re a very good actor!

  32. 32 : cookie58 Says:

    You have such a boyish and innocent look. Good work in golden bride. Keep it up!

  33. 33 : koi Says:

    koi_you look like someone did i love him so much but now he lost.so that why when i met u make me fell happey and u gife me a new life. u know i want 2 die but now since i met u in korean movie in thailand make my life better. and i have 2 say thank god.

  34. 34 : mai Says:

    i love u son chan ui

  35. 35 : mai Says:

    i love u song chang ui

  36. 36 : rury Says:

    i’m watching ‘golden bride’ for many time,
    i like the word u say to jin joo, that “love never be change, but the people whose change”,
    on that drama u trying to loving unperfect woman with unperfect heart, n that create perfect love..
    n absolutely like when you singing.. it’s beautiful voice…
    Thank You Song Chang Ui,. Your act on Golden Bride very satisfied..
    hope the best for your carrier..

  37. 37 : carolgoh Says:

    today is song chang ui birthday
    would like to said happy birthday to him

  38. 38 : neg Says:

    Never thought much of him until his recent drama series – Life is Beautiful and I was like “WOW”. I gotta see how he’s gonna take on this self sexuality finding role. His look will not be challenging with this role; but gotta wait to see how he acts out for the rest of the show. I must say, he’s probably the only one of the most “down-to-earth” young guy in Korean drama that I have seen thus far. He hasn’t given into the fad of gym bunny which most artists and actors have done so .. at least based on his on screen scenes on the show. I think that’s very cool and cuz of that, I am a fan of him.

    As a artist/actor/model, you gotta have your own style and way of dealing with things; not following trend to earn money. If so, that’s not following your passion and dream in the profession but just earn money and be miserable doing so even though it may seem as enjoyment.

  39. 39 : lee phuong Says:

    i love you song chang ui a lot forever
    i love you song chang ui very much all in my life
    good luck for you in cinema
    i hope you would go to viet nam
    i want meet you

  40. 40 : lee phuong Says:

    i love you song chang ui a lot and forever
    i hope you would go to viet nam

  41. 41 : suci Says:

    i thought that in Cinderella Man, he would unite with Yoona… they fit each other best.

  42. 42 : lynnuscs Says:

    I like ur drama .
    Good luck song chang ui

  43. 43 : Joanna Doe Says:

    i liked your words to Jin Ju, “if you don’t want to work just stay at home with mum and i will earn a lot of money for you”

  44. 44 : RIE Says:

    wow he looks awesome even i havent your film yet

  45. 45 : dd Says:

    hehe I like u in “Life is beautiful”

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  48. 48 : beeeb Says:

    i can’t stop thinking about you…way you not try to make a project with Yoon Eun Hye she was the angels of Kdrama. so…fighting

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  53. 53 : kero Says:

    hi director kim…you are so charming at you’ve fallen for me….

  54. 54 : ifah Says:

    actor in heartstring right ? chuahe ! aja2 fighting SCU ! 🙂

  55. 55 : daenielle Says:

    i love heartstring

  56. 56 : Chai Says:

    Damn I just love this guy in golden bride

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  58. 58 : Zid singapore Says:

    U hve Facebook???

  59. 59 : hkwoman Says:

    I love him absolutely. Does anyone find out he has a special way of walking that moves gracefully? I start taking notice of him since “Life is Beautiful”. He really acts well in that drama. Then i watched “Syndrome” just for him. He did not disappoint me in that charactor too.
    He is great!

  60. 60 : Syndrome | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] intern who joins the department despite having a less priviledged background than Cha Yeo Wook (Song Chang Ui), and the two develop a bickering friendship while the mysterious doctor Kang Eun Hyun (Park Gun […]

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  62. 62 : mylz Says:

    LIfe is Beautiful…… I was really amazed of your very natural cool acting in this drama….Amazingly perfect acting! I was really move in episode 20 and 21 when – Yang Tae Sub – decided to reveal his true identity to his family….you really made me cried in this episode…!!!
    Song Chang Ui as Yang Tae Sub and Lee Sang Woo as Kyung Soo should have win a perfect couple award….you both done a SUPERB and Award winning acting in your role…. You can really see the feeling of the character you both portray! That’s how Professional Actor really like.!! Congrats to both of you…Its a must drama to watch for! A very wonderful FAMILY Story – a not so perfert family tree but with those family members around makes the family PERFECT! This drama made you laugh and cry as well…I Really enjoyed watching it regardless of a very long episodes .. it does’nt give me any boring moments! Try watch it! Highly Recommended! Congrats !!!!

  63. 63 : htayapril Says:

    I am really amazed of your singing in 2012 SBS Drama Award.
    I like you in life is beautiful.

  64. 64 : jun ann Says:

    i love this man in ‘life is beautiful’. i watch ‘golden bride’ because of him and love him more! i wish to have a husband like him in the golden bride drama! i will definitely watch all his dramas & movie. Love you Chan Ui sshi!

  65. 65 : ak47 Says:

    I’m sorry, but your acting in the Great Seer is SOOOOO annoying… you ruined the drama for me because your acting is so bad. You have to act with more than just your plastic surgery eyes…

  66. 66 : Aprilian.lian Says:

    i like this man ^

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  69. 69 : elsa laela Says:

    love…love…u’r cool act,,,,
    omg,,,,realy like uu…….

  70. 70 : Mendrofa Says:

    hy song chang ui,,,
    to me, you are a perfect men, your eye, your smile so beautiful,,,
    and i can feel you are a good and kind men, every i see your face i understand the beauty,
    I hope one day i can meet you, i really really hope that so badly,,,
    hope you success, happy, and healthy all the time

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  73. 73 : izaly Says:

    Dear Song Chang Ui,
    I’ve watched you act in 4 dramas. Like most korean actors you’re handsome tall and talented. You can amazed all the women fans easily but in Heartstrings you had shown an awesome acting skills. Keep up all the good work and I’m sure you will be the respected actor in korea. Can’t wait to watch you in a new drama.

  74. 74 : lissole Says:

    handsome guy

  75. 75 : yoo rachel Says:

    i just like him(SCE),his acting,i love him in life is beautiful,he was incredible,cool to his lover(LSW) and i hope there friendship doesn’t fall apart,after watching there interview and reading articles on them…….surely they have a magnetized chemistry,LSW is honest and truthful(he likes SCE)…. that’s why he is seen as being so close and more sticking holding onto SCE even after the filming is over….the only thing i know,they like each other alot as friends…… SCE is so shy but he is cool and still cares much for Lee Sang Woo after the filming..they still hang out together and it will take ages to wear out there character in LIB…i cheer up for them…read there translated interviews guys…..my best drama in his drama list….i cried when SCE confessed his identity ep20,21……

  76. 76 : yoo rachel Says:

    he is kinda cute,girl arm,palm(fingers) no wonder Lee Sang Woo said……… “it feels good holding his hands””reason….”because they are soft”

  77. 77 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow so sweet

  78. 78 : Dr. Frost (닥터 프로스트) | styrn Says:

    […] Nam Bong (Song Chang Ui) is known as Dr. Frost. He became a professor in psychology at early age. He is extremely bright, […]

  79. 79 : flo Says:

    I love your smile

  80. 80 : flo Says:

    I miss you dr frost

  81. 81 : vix Says:

    you never ceased to amaze me, you captured me & millions in Golden Bride & now Make a Woman Cry, i just finished Syndrome, Lone Tree, Scales of Providence all were 2 thumbs up in your acting & storyline! hope we see more of you after Make a Woman drama! you have that youthful look & ageless beauty 🙂 i’m your number one fan! fighting! all da best in your future projects! pls don’t stop making dramas/movies! you’re an asset to Korean entertainment, you have a lovely voice too!

  82. 82 : alper Says:

    i’m watching you right now in life is beautiful & also make a woman cry; by now i’ve seen a lot of your old drama & one of my best fave is golden bride, you’re such a sweet husband to jinjoo in that drama, and as taesub in life is beautiful you’re such a natural & your chem with LSW is truly amazing! you’re a very talented actor/singer/broadway star & i can go on & on, your singing voice is great!

    @hkwoman i agree with you i also noticed his graceful walks in all his dramas, so sexy 🙂

  83. 83 : SCFan Says:

    Chuka hae yo Song chang ssi – your drama Make a Woman Cry ranked first when it ended! I’m going to miss it bcoz of you & Kim eun jung! I hope to see more of you & pls don’t make us wait too long! Fighting! you’re da best of da best! God bless!

  84. 84 : SCfan Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SONG CHANG UI on Sunday, Jan. 24th!

    생 일 추가해요 송창의 씨

    May God bless you & may your wishes come true & more power to your career!
    Good Luck in all your future endeavours! Looking forward to seeing you in Rebecca musical & Mata Hari in March!!! aja aja fighting! mwahhhh

  85. 85 : drmgirl Says:

    Happy Birthday to one of Korea’s great actors! i liked him a lot in Golden Bridge, Life is Beautiful, and i’ve seen by this time all his dramas & some movies too esp Lone Tree where he acted as a dutiful firefighter who risked his life to save others! Some of you noticed his graceful/sexy walks esp when i saw it in make a woman cry, i’ve never seen any actor (at least in my view) who walked that sexy 🙂
    Saeng il chuka hae yo Song chang ssi! have a happy & blessed day & years to come in your career!
    Good Luck in your upcoming musical Mata Hari & Rebecca! More power to you!

  86. 86 : Dorie Says:

    Just watched My Man’s Secret, have time for it because of COVID19, wow, 100 episodes, you don’t want to miss any. Song Chang Ui, you are one incredible actor, a level I put on Ji Sung, Lee Jung Ki. I will now go and try to watch all you dramas no matter how old they are. Congratulations and best wishes on your future projects.

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