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Song Il Gook

Song Il Gook 01

Name: 송일국 Song Il Gook / Song Il Guk
Profession: Actor and model
Date of birth: 1971-Oct-1
Height: 185cm
Weight: 80kg
Talent agency: Barunson Entertainment
Family: Married on 15/March/2008, Mother actress Kim Eul Dong, sister Song Song Yi
Education: Cheongju University
Hobbies: Golf, swimming, skiing, mountain biking and swordsmanship

TV Series

Jang Yeong Sil (KBS1, 2016)
Fermentation Family (jTBC, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
A Man Called God (MBC, 2010)
The Kingdom of The Winds (KBS2, 2008)
Lobbyist (SBS, 2007)
Jumong (MBC, 2006)
Sea God (KBS, 2004)
Terms of Endearment (KBS, 2004)
People of the Water Flower Village (MBC 2004)
Desert Spring (MBC, 2003)
Bodyguard (KBS, 2003)
Album of Life (KBS1, 2002)
Royal Story (KBS2 2002)
Hard Love (KBS2 2002)
All About Eve (MBC, 2001, cameo)
Into the Sunlight (MBC, 1999)


Tattooist (2015)
Fly High (2015)
Entangled (2014)
The Art of Seduction (2005)
Red Eye (2004)


2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Medium Series) – Song Il Gook (Jang Young Sil)
2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Star Award (Korea)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Choi Jung Won for The Kingdom of The Winds
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (The Kingdom of The Winds)
2006 Korean Broadcasting Producers Award: Best TV Actor of the Year (Jumong)
2006 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang Award (Jumong)
2006 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Jumong)
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with Soo Ae (Sea God)
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Most popular actor (Sea God)
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor (Sea God)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple (With Han Ga-in) (Terms of Endearment)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Album of Life)


On the morning of 16/March/2012, Song Il Gook’s wife Jung Seung Yeon gave birth to triplet sons at a hospital in Seoul. Congratulations to the happy family! (Source)

triplet sons SIG 3 triplet sons SIG 4 triplet sons SIG 5 triplet sons SIG 6 triplet sons SIG 7 triplet sons SIG 8

Related Photo

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SIG1 SIG2 SIG3 SIG4 Song Il Gook 28


  1. 1 : L Says:

    Song Ilguk is a top rate actor. His performance in “Emperor of the Sea” and “Jumon” showed his prowess–using his intellectual and physical capabilities. Although his Chinese obviously had a Korean accent, he portrayed his characters with passion and conviction. I look forward to seeing him play more varied and challenging roles while not compromising his best assets.

    His eyes are strong and steady and show determination; yet he has a humble and gentle disposition. This is a very appealing quality in an actor and a man. I also found it fascinating that he shared a family photo. His mother is also an actress. Most celebrities only show photos of themselves or people they’re dating, crazy things they do to get attention, or endorsement or fashion photos. Seeing him in with his family makes one feel like he’s a very warm and personable fellow who is very much down to earth and practical in a sometimes not so practical industry.

    I look forward to many more dramas and movies starring this talented person who is in himself the Jewel of Korean Drama and Cinema.

  2. 2 : shirleybeth lopez Says:

    he sure is one of the most dramatic face on the lorean screen. he can act too. i would be looking forward to more movies and television series featuring him. Although he is the villain in Emperor of the Sea, you will never forget him.

    I am one of his fan.

  3. 3 : ann Says:

    Song Il Gook proved his great acting prowess in his character Jumong. His eyes depict intensity and empathy.

    Wish him more power and God’s blessings.

  4. 4 : mp Says:

    Song IL Guk turned the table by proving that in the drama Jumong, he’s more than just a pretty face.

    Jumong, which is aired weeknights on Philippine tv, GMA 7, is the ultimate reason why I should be home before 9pm.

    He can really act and the way he delivered his performances simply melt the hailstone in my heart. ^^’.

    To MBC, keep producing quality drama. Hope the story right of the next great drama will be given again to GMA 7 ‘coz it’s our favorite local tv channel.

    More power to Song Il Guk, the great writer behind the Jumong, and to MBC!

  5. 5 : maxie Says:

    I have watched emperor of the sea and song il guk acting really stand out. I have loved his acting, now i have bought the whole episode of jumon …..though quite expensive i am sure i will not regret it….I hope Song il guk will have more dynasty films….his acting is not O.A. I love his dramas

  6. 6 : felicidad lu Says:

    hi am felice from philippines song il guk drama series jumong is on aired already but before that i viewed him @ emperoor of the sea and i was captivating with his face and he is a graet actor his skills in martial art are truly amazing am looking forward to see and watch him in his upcoming movie and i gave ample time to watch his previous tv series and movie so… mr handsome song il guk keep it up and ilove you na!

  7. 7 : felicidad lu Says:

    thanks for keeping my record active GODSPEED

  8. 8 : Viverly Mercado Says:

    Hi.. I’m viverly from Philippines….. Jumong is on air today here but before i watch jumong, i also watch his Emperor of the sea…. i really luv this actor because he portrait his roles with passion.. and all of that… HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!…..hehe.. crush kita!!!!

  9. 9 : clarissaitang Says:

    hi song Il gook

  10. 10 : yumi Says:

    hi good day…..JUMONG is so cute…..I like his smiles…even though it’s late I’ve been trying not to sleep co’z I want to see him..and he is very talented in all his role….!!!
    I love you JUMONG!!!!

  11. 11 : patricia Says:

    so loving the character of song il guk in jumong.he deserve to be the best actor.i love him forever!!he so cute!

  12. 12 : Cathy Says:

    he is so handsome, so cute, so gentle. sooo loving, warm the charecter of song il guk in jumong and terms of endearment. looking forward to watch more of his movie or tv series.

  13. 13 : LAdy Says:

    …,grabeh…,i love jumong talaga…i can’t sleep at night kpag hindi koh xa napapanood!!!ang gwapo gwapo nya & very handsome…SANA,MAY ANOTHER T.V SERIES PANG MAIPALABAS XA….& if mangyari yun,,susuportahan talaga naming mga JUMONG/SONG IL-JUK FANS!!!!whhaaa!!!

    love u song-il juk!!!mwhAaaa!!!

  14. 14 : LAdy Says:

    …,grabeh…,i love jumong talaga…i can’t sleep at night kpag hindi koh xa napapanood!!!ang gwapo gwapo nya & very handsome…SANA,MAY ANOTHER T.V SERIES PANG MAIPALABAS XA….& if mangyari yun,,susuportahan talaga naming mga JUMONG/SONG IL-JUK FANS!!!!whhaaa!!!i love u jumong!!!

    love u song-il juk!!!mwhAaaa!!!

  15. 15 : dek Says:

    dang porma eh!

  16. 16 : cherryl Says:

    Hi everyone!..I’m Cherryl from the Phillipines..I’m the biggest fan of Jumong!He’s so handsome!!so cute and very talented!!I wish he will come over here in the Philippines..I’ll be waiting for him.I hope he’ll have many many more T.V. series to come.i love you Song Il Gook!

  17. 17 : cherryl Says:

    Curious lang ako..Is he single?:)lol..Baka may chance diba!..hahaha..lol More power Song Il Guk!!!You’re one of the best actor in the world!!!..at gwapong gwapo pa..Hay!naku!Kung makita kita..Ewan ko lang:)hehehe!

  18. 18 : joy Says:

    hi mga frends im also an avid fans of jumong ako din im curios if he is single? f not i just want 2 know who’s the luckies girl captivated he heart.

    i really admired him i hope he can visit here in phil.

    so that he can witness the warm welcome of his show jumong in our country

    it’s really my dreams to go to korea just to see my favorite korean actor especially song ll gook

    i love you song ll gook
    i will support u


  19. 19 : joyrem Says:

    wow!!!!! song il gook is really amazing!!!!!!!!1 though i haven’t seen emperor of the sea yet but i know it is really fascinating like Jumong!!!!!!! he’s not only cute but he has the talent , looks, and the body!!!! i always stay up late only to watch jumong every late night!!!! hope we’ll see more of him soon!!! god bless song il gook and more power to your career!!

  20. 20 : joyrem Says:

    how i wish song il-gook can come here in our country to see how famous he is here!!!!!! and i wish i could see him in person too!!! well, jumong has hit the country like a storm and it is because of song’s talent and gorgeous face i guess!!! hehehehehehehe…………. hope to see song il gook soon!!! luv yah!!!

  21. 21 : lee jin wook Says:

    i think song il gook is a good actor and good man..hoping i see yu in personal..by the way my tue name is neil and im from philippines..

  22. 22 : lee jin wook Says:

    i think song il gook is a good actor and a good man hoping i see you in personal..by the way im neil and im from philippines

  23. 23 : joan Says:

    hi..its me joan from manila well just drop by to say that this guy is very good actor…
    i like jumong so much.. and im one of ur avid fan..opssss
    i think im inlove to u..hehe just kidding

    good luck to MBC..

  24. 24 : ANN Says:


  25. 25 : kenvic Says:

    >so cute astig ganda ng jumong wala ako say dahil gwapo si soong ll-guk
    sa marami siyang image para maging background ko sa friendster.


  26. 26 : LAdy yEsOyA..., Says:

    aAn-yONg hA sE-yO…,LAdy yEsOyA miNidA…,

    hi to aLL of yOu…,i’M pArk jiN-eEh frOm korEa…34 yrS. oLd…,i’M aN avid fAN of sONg iL gOok’s shOws spEciALLy hiS nEweSt tV sEriEs,,”thE bOok of 3 hAN…,chAptEr jU-mONg…” it wAs verY eNtisiNg….,i LovE it…aCtuALLy,,i have 180 picS. of sONg iL-gOOk in my cOmputEr…,

    i LovE u sONg iL-gOok….,

  27. 27 : anne Says:

    hi there!
    I’m anne from Las Pinas City , Philippines.
    The first time i got hooked for a movie was year 1998, Titanic.
    Before Jumong, no movie could replace this to my heart.
    The first man i really idolized was Ben Adams of A1.
    Before Song il Gook, i still love this man.

    But that was before.
    And when Jumong was aired on GMA 7,Jan.8
    Wow! this movie came to let me meet Song Il Gook.
    To Song Il Gook:
    i know lot of ladies all over the world loved you.
    Including me.
    you’re time has finally come to me.
    You own my heart alone.
    Like the character Bu yeong from Jumong,
    I would always be there for you
    To help.
    When seemed the world had left you,
    Seek me and i would just be a simple
    slave that would do anything you command.

    Hope to see you soon in person.
    I would take my leave, just to be present on your future visit
    on our country.

    Realize what you have done, to made girls, like me,
    loved you this way.
    Keep up your versatility and being down to earth!
    God Bless!

  28. 28 : Florenz Says:

    I love Jumong! Since it was aired in GMA 7, I’d been hook on my television set late night just to watch it! What a combination! Number 1 actor (Song Il Gook), starring in a number 1 Korean Series (Jumong), being aired in the Number 1 Television Network in the Philippines-GMA!

  29. 29 : anne Says:

    With all respect,
    See me at my friendster account.
    [email protected]
    if ever you have time..

    coming soon my own website,=)


  30. 30 : Isa.. Says:

    Ah hi… Jumong is very impresive.. I love the way he act it is not boring… thats why I am always watching it at night … it is so amazing… not only that he is very cute, handsome, gentle but he is a good actor… God Bless and more Power!!!

  31. 31 : acissej Says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!!! I’m a JUMONGER talaga!!! Wish I can see Prince JuMong!!!!!! hehehehe,…,…the story is really really great and I can’t think for a moment to stop watching coz I admit,…hahaha!!!!! I’M HOOKED!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32 : felicidad lu Says:

    hi guys it’s meeh again felice from the land of tropical! is there any chance song il guk read our mail to him? am his die hard fan! i cant believe myself patronizing his tv series jumong though its late aired i always get ready to watch and when i watch my time stop heheh JUMONG u owed me a lot!! so what are you waiting for pleease come over here in philippines and meet your undying fans! wish i could see U… hey Song would u mind are u in relationship? see u next time I LOVE U!!!

  33. 33 : zUmokAtokA Says:

    pLeaSE emAiLed aT mEh…tNx!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34 : florenz Says:

    I hav my Jumong collection (konti lang naman)
    in my friendster account… Hope u cud visit it guyz, jejeje… Saka, invite niyo na rin po ako, hehehe…

    [email protected]

    Thanks Jumongers rules!

  35. 35 : anne Says:

    hi there!

    calling the attention of the one who made this site,
    public demand po,
    i dont know how great the possibility to extend our concerns to song il gook,
    but i dont have choice but to try..
    i know this cry means a lot to all out there having the same wish..
    could you please let song know about our wish..
    i cant help but always imagine the day he will arrive her in phil.

    i would really file my leave, just to attend on his concert or any
    guestings, na mgkakmeron sya.=)

    also, want to know if DVD’s of jumong were already release on phil market ?

    great thanks po..=)
    see you soon, Song!=)

  36. 36 : dYnE Says:

    hAy nAkOH… ang ganda talaga ng jumong… every night pnpanood ko

    jumong… nka2inlove ka jumong… wish ko makita coh sya in person..

    cguro ako na pnkamasayang tao sa mundo… khit ma hug ko lng sya…

    iHhhhyyy i really want to see him in person… song il gook?? he’s a very

    gUd actor,gud looking….etc.. song il gook you have many fans hir in the

    phil. we really support you.. hope 2 see u hir in phil.

    i Love u song il gook…. kip it up… mWwwaAAaaHhhhHh….

  37. 37 : Lady zared Says:

    Song Il-gook has proved to be an excellent actor in the tv series Jumong. I haven’t seen yet the Emperor of the sea series but im sure that he has shown the same passion in portraying his roles as well. His eyes and facial expression as jumong when he face the difficulties really touches my heart. With those expressive eyes you can also feel the anguish, passion to protect his people.



  38. 38 : Mary Says:

    actually, i didnt know about him at all. But after i watched Ju MOng, i think he is a very talented, excellent, and of course good looking actor.. He definitely can act well, and his eyes are so lively and beautiful. i was so impressed with his acting in Ju Mong. He really made Ju Mong ‘alive’ with his perfomance ^^ Bravo Il Guk!! Keep a good work! looking forward to see ur next drama.

  39. 39 : cherryl Says:

    Hi everybody!!Yes,Jumong’s DVD is out in the market here in the Phil!.I also wanna get a copy of it but after the T.V. series na..I really love the way he act without limitations.His eyes are very expressive and his lips are so kissssable…Wish ko lang visit cya dito…Take care Song Il Gook!

  40. 40 : Sarah Shin Says:

    I love this man!!!
    He is the hottest, sexiest, and sweetest guy in the world!!

  41. 41 : Daisy Says:

    Hi to all! I`m an avid fan of the TV series,`Jumong`..We(my sister,aunt and cousins) always talked about its story every now and then..even if we saw the latest episode..We were very much delightful to discuss everything about it especially to those who missed the episode.We never failed to watch it every night..Eventhough we had to wait for 3-4 hours before we could watch it,we were in our seats already waiting for it..because we were very much excited and eager to follow the flow of the story.Eventhough we stayed quite late at night we didn`t care..We did the house chores and other activities early so that we would not miss even a single episode.And after watching every episode,we were left partly very much satisfied and partly unsatisfied..We were satisfied because every episode was really very much wonderful we really love the story soooooo much!!!!!!!!But we felt unsatisfied too at the same time because we wanted more…We always craved for more because the episodes were left very much thrilling.. The story is really very beautiful!!!! The casts act soooo well! They are very good!!! Two thumbs up! I love all the casts!!!!!!! I wish to buy a Jumong`s DVD so that I will know right away the whole story..Also,so that I can keep the DVD and see all the casts often..The leading actor,Song Il Gook is really very handsome and performed his role excellently,so with his leading lady(very beautiful and great actress) but my crush is Kim Seung Soo! Kim Seung Soo is very attractive and appealing! He is also a very skillful actor! He acted so well but I couldn`t hate him because I knew he was just portraying a role..I could not get rid of my eyes from him! I didn`t even want to blink! My sister is head over heels in love with `Jumong` but I`m dying inside to see and meet `Prince Dae-So`! I hope Kim Seung Soo is still single… To all the casts in `Jumong`: Take good care of yourselves,we are looking forward to see you all here in the Philippines someday!!! 🙂

  42. 42 : MICHAEL Says:

    ang gaNDA NG jumong sana pumunta si SONG IL GOOK SA PILIPINAS PLEASE GMA-7

  43. 43 : MICHAEL Says:

    SINO BS TALAGA ANG MAKAKATULUYAN NI JUMONG ??????????????????????????????/

  44. 44 : Akino Says:

    IDOL! YOURE THE BEST! I wish I could do like what you did in JUMONG, haha..like the fighting scenes, the way you portray as JUMONG, …i like the way you act there..U MUST BE THE BEST ACTOR in KBS..all i can say is that: UR DA BEST!

  45. 45 : JOY THE NURSE Says:

    your so cute jumong,,, i am one of your undying fans here in the philippines… hope to see you in personal…

    i love you very much…



  46. 46 : ROSE THE SUPER COP Says:

    im dying to see you personally when are you going to visit philippines,, i will be one of your close in security together with Roger the superman… hope to see you soon…

    take goodcare of your sword….

    don’t break it…

    Rose the super Cop…

  47. 47 : anne Says:

    hi all!!
    everyone seems to have the same interest here huh! (laugh)
    well thats so great to know, at least, a proof that lots of people loved tv series jumong, well esp Song itself..

    haay cant wait to see him face to face,
    even just a glimpse to my eyes, its enough if there were no choices at all.
    But of course, im looking forward to have a romantic date with him..
    haay wish ko lang,
    im endorsing him here at our office,
    and i thought with my peers, im the only one who knows jumong and planning to introduce to them, but
    im just one of his fan hooked every night and then
    in our peers.. =)
    I personally congratulate Jumong, directors, casts and all crews of jumong for touching Filipino hearts and inspires us.
    You just have proven that korean people are artistic and very talented in movie industry,
    I love you all and will support you all the way!

    To us, gals and guys, we’ll just keep supporting them right?
    Thanks to all who loves Jumong!!=)

  48. 48 : lAdy bHeiFhAn Says:

    song il gook you are so handsome and i like the way you act and it is very good so that’s all i love you all characters of jumong

  49. 49 : lAdy bHeiFhAn Says:

    i love you whaaaaaaaa hope to see you soon,,,,

  50. 50 : Joanna ruby r. lago Says:

    wooooooo!!! m so inlove with song il-gook..my gosh.. wish u ol da best! mwah! i love you so much.. take care always. by the way, im from philippines.

  51. 51 : mitch Says:

    Hi! I’ve never been much into action drama series but JUMONG really got my interest because of Song Il Gook. I’ve watched the DVD being sold here in the Phil. but it’s not complete. I hope they’d release the remaining episodes soon. Thank you MBC for coming up with one of the Best Series that I have ever seen. GoodLuck and More Power! God Bless!

  52. 52 : daisy Says:

    I was moved by the story of Jumong, It made me cry. It’s a story of loyalty, determination, obedience, love, a bit of history and religion. Altogether in one, the writer must have been mastered “The Art of War”. Jumong’s detractors played such a very good role that it brings out the best in him. Every episodes are unpredictable, you’ll be asking for more….. the setting is great…terrific! I must see Korea soon and see the beauty of it. I’ve seen the work of Spielberg, but this is one of a kind.

  53. 53 : Daisy Says:

    Hi everyone!Jumong is totally a package coz it’s not just a romantic T.V series but it’s a great story of love,struggle and victory. It inspires a lot of people to strive and to fight then never give up!Plus my X factor pa c Song Il Gook cause he’s so cute and so handsome.I’m dying to see him in person.Sana mkpagrequest ang GMA na papuntahin si Song IL Gook dito..can’t wait to see him cause he’s my ultimate crush..i love u Song..

  54. 54 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi everyone!Jumong is totally a package coz it’s not just a romantic T.V series but it’s a great story of love,struggle and victory. It inspires a lot of people to strive and to fight then never give up!Plus my X factor pa c Song Il Gook cause he’s so cute and so handsome.I’m dying to see him in person.Sana mkpagrequest ang GMA na papuntahin si Song IL Gook dito..can’t wait to see him cause he’s my ultimate crush..i love u Song..

  55. 55 : chel Says:

    Jumong rocks!!! He’s so cute. Now, I Know why it is the no. 1 series in Korea for 2006.

  56. 56 : mathy Says:

    hi song il gook..sana pumunta k d2 s philippines..grabe ang cute mo!!!

  57. 57 : Krizthet Says:

    I really like Soong il gook (Jumong). i love the way he smile. and i appreciate his talent.


  58. 58 : rsmart Says:

    Jumonger convert ako…galing ni SIG! Hope he can visit Philippines one of these days and do guestings…

  59. 59 : faith Says:

    Hi. I’m a koreanovela addict. Although I’m not familiar with the real story of JU-MONG, I can say that it’s really fantastic. Song Il Gook can carry out his feelings through facial expressions. I love him, he’s really charming

  60. 60 : faith Says:

    Song Il Gook, more power!! I’m 32 years old yet I seem to be fallen to Ju Mong series

  61. 61 : camille Says:

    ang gwapo moh GraBe SaNa mAkItA KiTa iN PeRsOn aNd sAnA KaSaMa mOh C hAn HyE JiN and MoRe PoWeR’S TO YOU
    I’m 14 years OlD,YOu tAkE CaRe aLwAyS and GooD HeALht
    i wish u all he best……@[email protected]

    i WiSs tHaT U cAn gO In tHe pHiLiPPiNeS

  62. 62 : davey Says:

    jumong’s a superb!!! im done watching the 60 episodes.. 20 more til end. well what can i say? it’s a marvelous story! i have never been too attached w/ these korean dramas but when i 1st watch the early episodes of jumong on gma, i already got hooked w/ it so i bought this dvd 3 volumes and did some marathon viewing for the 60episodes in just 3 days! wow!! too sad, the 4th volume isnt available in the market. this 4th volume is actually the end volume w/c is gonna be out in the market on feb27..i actually couldnt wait for that day to come.

    well folks, there r a lot of twists that are gonna happen w/ the story. from becoming a prince of buyeo to building his own kingdom.. from a lazy prince to a mighty king! i have no idea yet who he is gonna end up w/.. but to everyone, you’ll really be very excited to know it coz a new girl is coming and she’ll be setting some turning points to jumong’s life.

    well, song il gook a.k.a jumong is definitely a wonderful and brilliant actor, great handsome looks and a superb acting prowess both rolled into one! amazing! hope he comes to manila very soon!

    more power to Song Il-gook! ur a bomb!!

    to gma7, pls bring jumong in person to manila!! the korean drama jumong has already set storms to the rival network..great fish caught by gma7 i must say.. plzzzz bring Song Il-gook to the philippines!!!!

  63. 63 : Secret Says:

    I admit i am not a koreanovela fun… In fact the only koreannovela i’ve watch is jewel in the palace… but when JUMONG came out in the philippines i didnt ralize that these is so amazing that i always craving for more… i became a Jumong addict… Then i always wonder what does the actor behind jumong look like then i rush surfng the internet and found out that song il gook portray Jumong then i realize how cute he was….

  64. 64 : korean Says:


    Hi everyone~
    This is Song Il Kuk’s korean fan site^^

  65. 65 : Arbhie Nykohle Says:

    Song II-Gook : I never thought i would be hooked-up so much with your drama jumong. aside from learning something about korea, i was amazed as to how you portray the role and so does with the other actors and actresses. I should say, its one of my favorite korean novela together with jewel in the palace and emperor of the sea. I just hope you can visit you’re fans back here in the philippines who really loved watching your drama. You did a great job hence you deserved the award as Actor of the Year. more power to your career.

  66. 66 : joji Says:

    dear song ilgook

    hi i am joji of philippines. i have seen the drama series of jumong. i am soooo in love with jumong (song il gook) i hope gma 7 will try to convince him to visit philippines. i like his look when he was jailed. his hair were down and his appeal was really cute. i love the way he smile. his pouting, kissable lips. i just hope you can visit us here in the philippines. keep up the good work. are you still single? oh well, it really doesn’t matter. hope you can make more movies. good luck and see you here in the philippines

  67. 67 : lovely snyder Says:

    cute tlaga c jumong d beast cya tlaga sa kin gustong gusto k cya sna mkta ko cya s personal pagpumunta cya d2 msya n ako hellow jumong sna ok klang jan n22w kmi d2 ang gwapo m tlaga love you jumong cute na cute tlaga kmi syo thank jumong punta k d2 haaaaaaaaaaaa love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jumong

  68. 68 : cari li Says:

    hi everyone, i am cari li and am also an avid fan of jumong and specially song il-kook… i couldn’t say anything more about this korean drama as well as this beloved actor for you guys have said it all. i could only agree. however, i have a few FYIs that i’d like to share to everyone.

    here it goes:

    1. to those of you (most specially cherryl and joy) wondering if song il-kook is still single, the answer is YES!… i have seen an interview (sorry couldn’t remember where as it is just a clip and seen it only in passing) where he sort of said that he is still looking for HER…

    2. to anne who is wondering if there is a dvd copy of Jumong already being sold in the Philippines, cherryl already answered that in the affirmative. it isn’t that pricey, about 70 php more or less for each disc (it has 3 discs for volume 1-3). you just have to choose the best copy for the subtitles could vary and some are translated really unclear or vague. i suggest you get your’s with the box rather than those in plastics. translations, i have proven are much better.

    however, i sort of disagree with davey when he (am assuming he/she is a HE) said that volume 4 of Jumong will come out on Feb. 27, ’07. though i am wishing to be wrong, since it would mean i’d be able to get a copy sooner, Jumong is still being aired in Korea. its end episode is scheduled to be aired on March 5, ’07 yet. this would naturally mean that hence march 5, would be the date for its distribution. it would be quite impossible for anyone to distribute it since the release of the film can’t happen few weeks let alone few days before it would end. korean tv stations are always at grope for tv ratings that is why its a definite that there wont be any pre-launching of this drama. schedule of the end episode date airing was released by mbc in their local station. our best hope is that it would reach us by at least the 2nd week of march. right now episode 74 is being aired in korea. on episode 73, jumong becomes king. how did i know this, you might be wondering? i have been to korea few weeks ago and an aunt lives there and has been giving me infos about it.

    3. daisy, kim seung-soo or prince daeso in Jumong has no girl friend. but my aunt says she isn’t that sure. she’ll be checking it out and i would be letting you know.

    4. lastly, the story of Jumong is real. there indeed was a man named Dongmyeongseong (jumong is the romanized translation of the hanggul letters of korea, go is his surname) who later on became king of the koguryeo dynasty in korea around 58 – 19 BCE, r. 37 – 19 BCE. the whole story of jumong is based on that. He died at the young age of 40 but before that, he named his son to yesoya (ist wife), yuri as his crown prince and yesoya as his royal empress. seoseono was saddened by this and, together with her sons and a few people went to the south and established themselves there. yuri become the next king of koguryeo, due north, while onjo, jumong’s son with seoseono, became the king of baekje, which is still a part of the ancient korean empire (made possible by jumong) only due south. both kingdoms became peacefull. but take note of this, it was said that jumong always and forever ONLY loved seoseono as the truest meaning of love between a man and a wife. though he loved yesoya, it was more out of respect. but yesoya never complained as she was known to be understanding of his husband’s feelings. yesoya was known to be a queen who has always gave her unconditional love to her king.

    i hope i was able to give you guys something to look forward to.

  69. 69 : cari li Says:

    by the way, happy valentines day to everyone!

    cari li

  70. 70 : cari li Says:

    watch art of seduction starring song il-kook. its a funny story one song il-kook fans would love. some of his other series are:

    1. sea god (emperor of the sea)
    2. terms of endearment
    3. desert spring
    4. did we really love?
    5. red eye (movie)

  71. 71 : anne Says:

    hi cari! =)

    just read your post and all i could say is WOW!!!
    thanks for giving such info. You’re right, it’s better to buy box of dvd than those fancy material(i nvr criticize, jst for me).
    The problem is i dont know where can i buy here in the phil.
    i almost attempt to subscribe over the internet to let them deliver it to our house, but i guess its not wise. Well Cari, if you know where to buy, kindly inform me, and il grab it right away, =)
    by the way, Song is still single, but he does have girlfriend, does he?=)
    looking of HER does mean that he still really single?
    can’t believe of that, but im happy of course, (at least i cud have chance, hehe.. i already accepted it s just on my dreams.)

    Cari, thanks for all of the information, truly appreciated of all fans of Song, i know.
    By the way, do you know where in korea Jumong was filmed?
    Thats one thing more i wanna know, cause i really love the place where Hae Mosu first hug Yuhwa..
    I love that very muCh!!

    Thanks and more power!
    To Song, you have marked our hearts! -From All of YOur Fans Out There-

  72. 72 : cari li Says:

    hi anne,

    well, thanks for keeping in touch. anyway, yes, il-kookssi is still single. he doesn’t have a gf right now though one can only hope it’ll stay that way. but hey, with all the luck girls flocking his way, i could only hope for a miracle. he is still looking means maybe since he is kinda, getting a bit of age now, he might be wanting to have someone to grow old with. and since he is kinda a family oriented person, maybe thats what he’s been goaling about.

    as for the dvd, well, where do you live anyway? im not sure where you could get your copy since i don’t know where you live. me? i get my copy from a trusted (trusted since she has always been my “suki” ever since those pirated dvd copys of asian novelas caqme out) korean drama dvds vendor. one who actually travels abroad to buy the stuff she sells rather than buying them by bulk in other dvd importers. i cannot recommend her to you though, not because i don’t want to but because its kindof far from your place (im assuming you’re in manila). it might cost you much more if you have to travel here just for a copy. but if your somewhere in pampanga, then i could help you out. i’m presently in pampanga right now (since we have a house here as well). but friends told me about quiapo but personally, i don’t trust stuffs being sold there. so whats left is, in Q.C., perhaps Circle C or Cherry Fooderama though i’m not that sure if they are still carrying korean titles. are you familiar with those stores? in makati, i’m not that sure but my cousin might be able to help you there. i’ll go ahead and ask. if you’re due south (visayas or mindanao), you can get you’re copy at Cogon and Gaisano Mall also Ururama or Mega center (cagayan de oro). in davao city you can try Gaisano Mall.

    I hope i’ll be of help to you. but if you really have a problem looking for one and don’t mind spending for transpo fares, you can come visit pampamnga and i’ll help you out. i suggest though that you buy all you favorite titles at once so you can buy them altogether at one time.

    more power and i’ll keep in touch. anne, if theres anything else that you want to know, you can e-mail me at this add, [email protected].

    a blessed day to us all…

  73. 73 : cari li Says:

    hi again anne,

    i missed out your question regarding the filming location of Jumong. i don’t know all of them but i hope this could be of help…

    1. Samhanji Theme Park

    The Buyeogung Palace, and Buyeo period scenes in Jumong are mostly filmed in Samhanji, the theme park in Naju. Samhanji Theme Park is about 148,762㎡ in size, and is a large film set which costs almost 20 billion won to build. The authentic looking castle walls and the castle, the tile-roofed houses, and the surrounding natural environment all come together to create an amazing location.

    2. Hwangmaesan Mountain

    The cave from which Haemosu was rescued by Jumong and was taken care of in is a famous destination for migratory birds located at Hwangmaesan Mountain. Haemosu trains Jumong in martial arts at this location, and the two characters share some good memories as teacher and student. The final death scene of Haemosu was also filmed here on the wide grassy field, where it is especially beautiful on the mountaintop.

    3. Yumyeongsan Mountain’s Seolmaejae Natural Park

    The armies of Jumong, Byeoldongdae and Cheolgigun, fight fierce battles at the Seolmaejae Natural Park located at Yumyeongsan Mountain. This is also the film location for the scene where Jumong falls into a pit.

    4. Drama Haesin’s Film Location – Wan-do

    The drama ‘Haesin’ was filmed at Wan-do, and serves as the backdrop for Hyeontoseong Fortress in ‘Jumong’. The Silla Village set was built for the KBS drama ‘Haesin’, and the set has about 40 tile-roofed houses, including private houses, Chinese-looking streets, a tavern, and waterways, recreating the China of Dang Dynasty. The Cheonghaejin Pogu (Port) Village set includes about 42 buildings, a ferry dock, vessels, a military camp, and more.

    i have the pictures of this places but i can’t seem be able to upload them here. but if you’d like, i will send you a copy but give me your e-mail add first.

    hope this helps.

    cari li

  74. 74 : anne Says:

    hi cari,
    thanks again, yup. you can check now your email as my respond.
    thanks, rily thanks..
    hope to stay being nice to me.

  75. 75 : shaverlyngayle Says:

    you’re the best talaga

  76. 76 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi Cari li,

    Thanks for the info.I’m sooooo happy that Song Il Gook is still singleeeee!! Gosh!!!What a relief!!!hehehe..lol!!!Though I got the feeling that I could still have the chance to marry himmmm hahaha..lol!!By the fact that millions of girls are chasing him that will be a total dream.Just wish he will find the one who will take care of him and love him like I dooooo…hehehe lol..Whoever that lucky girl???Congrats..huhuhu:(Share naman oh…hehehe joke lang!!!

  77. 77 : ayumanic Says:

    Guys, visit the site http://www.buhaykorea.com and merong website ni Song Il Gook at Han Hye Jin.

  78. 78 : em Says:

    hi cari li,
    thanks for the info about the story of jumong. I felt happy and relieved upon knowing that yesoya became his empress.. I thought she died before she became one. I really love her character in the story plus her very angelic face.. thanks again, can’t wait to see the 20 more episodes left.

  79. 79 : anne Says:

    good morning!,
    yup, just forgot to say, ayumanic is right.
    i’ve been joining the seemed forum on that and my name is also anne..=)
    check it out gals and guys!=)
    Betchay is another fan of jumong who created that site, and check her recommended sites for screensavers and wallpapers..

    have a nice day!

  80. 80 : Zandra T Says:


    Lots of Jumong DVDs can be bought in Los Banos, Laguna. But I wander how the proliferation of these DVDs would affect the ratings of this great drama since it’s being aired late in the night.

  81. 81 : alma tome Says:

    guys san ba pwde makabili ng dvd ni jumong na may episode 80 kase nabili namin hanggan episode 60

  82. 82 : kacci Says:

    hi anne,

    its been a while since i logged in (hehehe, not really) anyway, i haven’t checked my email yet but i will as soon as im done. why shouldn’t i be nice to a fellow jumonger? you’re nice as well. i will always be nice to everyone as long as they’re nice to me too. hehehe (i will be nice to everyone. no conditions…)

    to cherry,

    welcome! don’t worry! almost everyone of us fans are dreaming just like you. feel free to do so. at least in our dreams, we can have Him. Solo!… hehehe…

    to em,

    welcome too! jumong (as jumong the king) has always been known to be righteous. so its only right that he makes his first wife the empress. may it be that he has loved only seoseono (as man loves a woman), his respect shouldn’t falter. he knows tradition as he lived by it as well as loyalty. i just hope the drama would depict it as it is, historically. though i am for seoseono-jumong love team, i don’t mind the least that yesoya would be made queen of koguryeo. its only right and just as well as fair.

    few more weeks till march 5. can’t wait.

    love you guys,

    cari li

  83. 83 : rhenalie Says:

    Wow!!! You are too young to be true. I am a huge fan of Jumong. The story is truly exceptional. I am an avid fan. I just want you to know that you are most appreciated in the Philippines. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  84. 84 : Che-che Says:

    Hello everybody!!Wooow!!!Jumong have become the phenomenon!This is one of the most exciting and inspirational koreanovelas I’ve ever seen so far cause it motivates us to become the best through hardwork, patience and determinaton.In the end,everything pays off.This T.V. series attracts and entertains a lot of audience whether young or old.Our family is hook and impress by the character’s passion and emotion portrayed by Song Il Gook the handsome,very cute and talented actor.I’m just wondering if he really knew martial arts???or just acting???or having double????You know like stunt man.What do you think guys??Answer me please…curious lang.

  85. 85 : Che-che Says:

    Hello everybody!!Wooow!!!Jumong have become the phenomenon!This is one of the most exciting and inspirational koreanovelas I’ve ever seen so far cause it motivates us to become the best through hardwork, patience and determinaton.In the end,everything pays off.This T.V. series attracts and entertains a lot of audience whether young or old.Our family is hook and impress by the character’s passion and emotion portrayed by Song Il Gook the handsome,very cute and talented actor.I’m just wondering if he really knew martial arts???or just acting???or having double????

  86. 86 : lamberta delfin Says:

    Hi song il guk:

    i’ve seen you in emperor of the sea and now in jumong. you’re one of the most powerful actors i’ve ever seen. you’re one of the kind and i wish you more movies. i’m a huge fan of korean novels and i’ve started to collect them.

    i don’t know why the jumong i bought has only 60 episodes?! but in the website, there are 65 episodes. i am still searching for the real ending of this story… i wish you luck in your career…

  87. 87 : lambert Says:

    hello song il guk!

    i hope you could visit our country and meet your fans!

    god bless

  88. 88 : $tarbing Says:

    geesh! what else can i say…others have already mentioned how great song il-gook was in Jumong. My sister and i, however, were not able to finish the story cause the episode stopped at 60 and we cannot find the latest episode here in the phil. pif! but anyway, i hope i can still see bou-yeong on the succeeding episodes, i kinda like her angelic face ^_~

  89. 89 : mayumi Says:

    we luv jumong so much! from 1st episode up to70th episode,perfect! we,re dying to see him…more power!

  90. 90 : Cheche Says:

    I’m one of the million fans of Jumong.I hope this koreanovela will be aired at an earlier time slot,kahit mga 9pm ok na.Late na pinapalabas mga past 10pm minsan I’m really sleepy na.Pwede ba tayong magrequest sa GMA?

  91. 91 : ace Says:

    hiya! the one playing daeso doesnt have a GF coz he is already married!!hahaaa.. anyways for song il gook fans pls check out these sites|: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uaiUNAdDU0 a short video during his bday on the set ofjumong
    during the MBC awards nite where he won best acting awards..his speech has subtitles in english so u can see this guy has brains not just brawns or te face! btw he is vey athletic -swimming, biking, skiing etc.. he is vice president of Korean Triathlon org
    this video is very funny while guesting on a korean show HE DANCED!!! |:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbOsroou2Lk
    http://cafe.daum.net/GeNtLeSongillgook while this site contains lots of links to his other sites ….its in korean tho.. hahhaa.. \
    http://www.barunsonenter.com/gentle-song/ this site under gallery i clip u can see some commercials he made..

  92. 92 : Daisy Says:

    To Cari Li:

    Hello Cari Li! I would like to say thank you very much for your info..I was so happy when you said in your message that Kim Seung Soo has no girl friend. It made me smile the whole day..I was so happy then.. My heart danced in joy every time i remember what you said..I couldn`t even concentrate on my work thinking only Kim Seung Soo..I really like him so much! Eventhough he is just a dream because even meeting him in person is already impossible, it`s so nice dreaming that the one you like most doesn`t have a girl at present although it`s a little bit unbelievable because he is really very much attractive and appealing to girls..He is absolutely gorgeous! Maybe he is just very picky or they just broke up recently..But you said your aunt is not sure..Thank you very much again if you can say something more about him(Kim Seung Soo)..You`re so kind! And,you are totally amazing,you know a lot of things about the TV series Jumong,its history and the actresses and actors..! I hope you can drop by here often so that we(fans) will know more..But even if you don`t,we are glad we know someone like you..Take care! 🙂

    To Ace:

    Hi Ace! I just would like to ask you about what you said in your message recently if you don`t mind.. You said that the one playing Dae So( Kim Seung Soo) is already married..Were you serious when you said that..? Are you sure?? If you are,can you tell me,please,where did you get that info?Maybe I can check that out too..I will not believe Kim Seung Soo is married until I`ll see with my two eyes,the article saying he is really married..But if Cari Li(one of Jumong`s avid fans) will be the one to tell me that Kim Seung Soo is married,I will believe..Because I think she will not tell something that she thinks is not true but I do not say that you won`t or didn`t..Maybe I just don`t know you much that`s why I`m asking..I`m sorry if I bother you with my questions,I`m just curious..But I`m open to opinions,ideas,talks etc..But if you didn`t mean that way…I mean if you just assumed that he is but you really don`t know him that well…I understand…there`s no need for you to explain..It`s normal to react..to say something we want to say..I hope you are not offended with me..But if you just said the truth–Thank you very much! At least we know something from you…It`s a great help to me because I don`t want to have an intense feeling to a married man even if our ways will never cross–Because he is too far away,a very successful,famous and attractive man…And,there are a lot of attractive girls out there esp. in Korea(his country)that he met,meet and will meet..In short (hehehe!), He`s an actor I`m just an avid fan…(I maybe too corny but you know…everything will really change with just a glimpse of an eye if you`re in love or if have a very strong feeling or if there`s someone you like most..You maybe so funny but you will not care as long as you can express yourself because that is what can really make you very happy)…I hope you can tell something more.. Til then.. Take care! 😉

  93. 93 : Daisy Says:

    Hey guys!!! I just want to tell you all that `Jumong` here in the Philippines right now is sooo thrilling!!!!! We felt so sad every time week end approached because we knew,we would miss `Jumong`(the story and all the actors and actresses esp. my crush) in two days (it seemed so long).. 🙂 `Jumong` could really fill our night after all the pressure and sometimes problems in a day…It could give us a very good night sleep with a smile in the face because of the very wonderful story(the values,principles and the love story of Jumong and Soh Seo-no)..Monday seemed a very wonderful day to us all here because we would see `Jumong` again in the evening… 🙂 Often times,we waited for `Jumong` even if it was Saturday,and then suddenly we realized it was already Saturday..We forgot…(hehehe!) To those people out there who have not seen `Jumong` yet or just glanced and left…Please don`t judge right away…The story is too great than you can ever expect or imagine…It will touch your heart and your soul…It can not only entertain your night because of the love story and comedy;it can not only make you cry,laugh,smile or hate the bad guys in the story,it can even help you too to be a better person sometimes..You know..no one is perfect.. And,above all you will feel like heaven if you will see your crush there!!! As in!!! Korean guys are mostly very handsome! Song Il Gook has a lot of fans here in our place because I admit he is really very handsome..He almost has a perfect face and body and has a great talent..Also,he seems so kind..My sis is so crazy about him..She visited him in the web site often just to see his face,the video and all the info that is connected to him..But my crush is still Kim Seung Soo..I like his look so much! I didn`t want to miss even a second every time I looked at this TV series but if it was Kim Seung Soo(Prince Dae So),I stared every inch of his face!!!I like his face soooo much and the way he moved and acted! I couldn`t even sleep right away….I imagined his face especially his smile…….Good luck to your nights!!!! To all the casts and fans: Take care! 😉

  94. 94 : lyre Says:

    i reallY love JUMONG………
    Before i go to bed i always wanted to see it because every episode is very interesting.
    Keep up the good work Song ll Gook,i really love it the way you portray the rule as Jumong.
    God bless and more power.

  95. 95 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Song il-Guk, you are my most admired Korean Actor in my life!

    No!….I’m not kidding and I don’t mean anything. I was really amazed in your acting prowess, projection of different personalities without getting awkward….like what you do in comedy, action, and drama as well. Even if you stuff yourself cutey-cutey, you don’t seem to look awkward. Still looking good. Also, the way how you retain your cuteness….hahahha! And being a well-achiever in sports and career. You have amazed not only me but the rest of the Jumong fans as well.

    You are deadly as Yum-Moon of Emperor of the Sea; Charming, Lovable and Brave as Jumong.

    Go, Song Il-Gook! Go, Jumong! Go, Yum-Moon!

    With Lots of Love!

  96. 96 : RoxyBathory Says:

    one thing, you have really captivated my heart! Whew!

    It’s very embarassing enough to say…hahahha…hehehe 🙂

    I’m just gettin’ head over feet with you….

  97. 97 : Daisy Says:

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know about Kim Seung Soo`s (Prince Dae So) marital status? I`m sooo bothered about what I`ve read yesterday that Kim Seung Soo is already married… 🙁 (huhuhu!) I haven`t slept well last night…It broke my heart….Really….:-( (huhuhuaaahhhhh!) Actually my heart turned into pieces when I read it….It hurts me so much… Forgive me if I talk about Kim Seung Soo here… Song Il Gook has a lot of fans here….Maybe someone can help me here….I`m also an avid fan of Song Il Gook he is really a very great actor but my crush is Kim Seung Soo… Please help me guys if you know something about Kim Seung Soo… Thanks a lot! I will be the happiest person in the whole world if I`ll know that he is still single…But if he`s already married………………………Magpapakamatay na lang akooooooooo!!!!!!!!!……..Magbigti ako sa puno ng malunggayyyy….huhuhuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! Hindi ko talaga kaya…… `Di,joke lang…… I`ll try to accept it even if it will hurt me more,more,more and more pa talaga…..as long as…it`s the truth……huhuhu! Handa na man akong magparaya dahil mahal ko siya…. huhuhuhuhuhu! Parang awa niyo na…. Pleeeaaasssse….. Naloloka na akong lalo pag dating kay Kim Seung Soo…..Sana may panlunas kayo diyan… Parang wala na siguro…..hindi na siguro ako tatablan…Tulungan niyo naman ako… Help me pleeeeeaaase…..Thank you very much in advance!!! Take care to all… 🙁

  98. 98 : cari li Says:

    hi guys,

    was wondering if maybe you’d like to have the episode guide. my aunt got it from mbc website and sent it to me. its only till episode 65. mbc is yet to release upcoming episodes…

    Eps. 1
    In 180 B.C., after enjoying its golden age for 2100 years, the Gochosun Kingdom finally falls as the result of a year-long war with the Han Empire. The Emperor of the Han Dynasty divides the territory that previously belonged to Gochosun into four different administrative districts (Nak Rang, Jin Beon, Im Doon and Hyeon To) and deploys his military. People of Gochosun strongly stand against the Han Dynasty. Hae Mo Soo is the central figure of the resistance.
    The king of Bu Yeo, Hae Bu Roo, is very pleased with the fact that people of Gochosun are settled in Bu Yeo with the help of Hae Mo Soo. However, he’s deeply concerned when Bu Deuk Bool tells him that protecting people of Gochosun might invite the Emperor’s anger.
    Meanwhile, Yeo Mi Eul, oracle of Bu Yeo, sees a three-legged crow appear in the Sun. She knows that the two legs represent Hae Bu Roo and Geum Wa, but she isn’t sure who the other person is.
    The governor-general of Hyeon To calls a meeting for all the tribal chiefs. Geum Wa goes to the meeting in place of his father. There, he meets Yu Hwa. The governor-general warns that whoever harbors Hae Mo Soo will be severely punished. He kills innocent Gochosun refugees in front of the tribal chiefs. Geum Wa gets enraged, but for the fear of future troubles, he can’t do anything. All of a sudden, Yu Hwa comes in and calls out to the governor-general to stop.

    Eps. 2
    Accused of harboring Hae Mo Soo, everyone in Yu Hwa’s tribe members gets killed except her. However, Hae Mo Soo manages to sneak away. He happens to meet Yeon Ta Bal and his group. He’s shocked to hear that the whole tribe was murdered because of him. Yeon Ta Bal Soon realizes that the man who seems very shocked about the news is Hae Mo Soo. In order to turn him in, he hires Hae Mo Soo as his help. Later, someone attacks Yeon Ta Bal and his group, but Hae Mo Soo helps them escape danger. That night, Geum Wa rescues Yu Hwa and runs away with her. She tells him that Hae Mo Soo is still alive.
    Meanwhile, Yeon Ta Bal’s wife gives birth to a baby girl. Yeon Ta Bal names her So Seo No. He pledges that he’ll raise his daughter stronger and wiser than any other man in the world.

    Eps. 3
    Geum-wa hears from Bu Deuk Bool that his father lured Hae Mo Soo into a trap. He is devastated. He plans to help Hae Mo Soo escape. With the help of Geum-wa and his soldiers, Hae Mo Soo manages to escape. However, he’s struck by an arrow and falls from a cliff.
    Yoo Hwa gives birth to a boy. She names the boy ‘Ju Mong’. She tries to leave Bu Yeo with her baby. However, Geum-wa insists that she stay and raise Ju Mong in Bu Yeo. In order to protect the baby, whose father is Hae Mo Soo, Geum-wa decides to raise him as his own son.
    Meanwhile, Yeo Mi Eul has a vision that the three-legged crow in the Sun flew away. She believes that it’s an ominous sign. She tells Bu Deuk Bool about the omen. He suddenly realizes that Yoo Hwa’s baby might be the son of Hae Mo Soo. He orders Jeok Chi to kill the baby. Yoo Hwa becomes aware of the danger and flees with the baby. Soon, she’s caught by the Han soldiers. Jeok Chi shows up and gets rid of the Han soldiers. However, he tells Yoo Hwa that it was Hae Bu Roo the king of Bu Yeo who wanted Hae Mo Soo dead. He’s about to kill Yoo Hwa and Ju Mong with a sword raised overhead.
    Twenty years later…
    King Geum-wa’s continuous conquest almost doubles Bu Yeo’s territory.

    Eps. 4
    King Geum-wa realizes that Ju Mong didn’t attend Young Go Je (a ritual when people celebrate the harvest and thank God). He finds out that Ju Mong is locked in a barn for harassing Bu Young. He’s very disappointed with Ju Mong. He orders that Ju Mong receive twenty lashes. However, Dae So asks the king reduce the punishment, saying that the following day Ju Mong and he are supposed to go looking for Dae Mool Hwal (a legendary bow that the founder of Bu Yeo always carried with him). Geum-wa grants Dae Soh’s request.
    Ju Mong promises himself that he won’t do anything inappropriate. He also promises that he’ll never disappoint his mother. Dae Soh, Young Po and Ju Mong leave the palace to look for Dae Mool Hwal. Ju Mong takes the lead. While passing the foggy mountain paths, Ju Mong gets separated from his friends and gets lost. He tries to look for his friends, but he gets stuck in a swamp. So Seo No and her group pass by and help Ju Mong. Ju Mong is surprised that the leader of the group is a woman. He’s very impressed by her leadership and beauty.
    Meanwhile, Dae Soh and Young Po arrive at the Founder’s Mountain. They find an old poem on the map indicating the location of Dae Mool Hwal. However, they can’t figure out the meaning of the poem. After dark, they manage to understand the meaning and rush to the cave where Dae Mool Hwal is located.

    Eps. 5
    Dae Soh is surprised to see Ju Mong alive. He orders Young Po to keep an eye on Ju Mong’s every move. Yoo Hwa tells Ju Mong that he should become the king of Bu Yeo and accomplish a very important task. She introduces Moo Song, a master of martial arts to Ju Mong. Seeing Ju Mong’s baby-like soft hands, Moo Song tells Ju Mong to climb up and down the mountains. Ju Mong gets impatient and annoyed because Moo Song only makes him climb the mountains instead of teaching him real martial arts. One day when he confronts his master, Moo Song takes him to a prison cell located inside a dark cave.
    Ju Mong finally starts learning the basic moves of the martial arts. His skills are improving every day.
    King Geum-wa hears that they successfully made a new weapon from iron. Excited by the news, Bo Deuk Bool and the king go to see the new weapon. When they’re about to test the new weapon, Dae Soh volunteers. He suggests that Ju Mong and he fight with the new swords. Hesitant at first, Ju Mong agrees to fight with him.
    Meanwhile, So Seo No and the group of merchants come back to Jol Bon from Ok Jeo. Yeon Ta Bal is very happy about his daughter’s successful deal. He tells So Seo No, Gye Pil and Woo Tae that he will make every effort to obtain Boo Yeo’s secret method of iron weapon manufacturing. He emphasizes that it’ll be the only way for Jol Bon to survive among other surrounding countries.

    Eps. 6
    Bu Deuk Bool hears that Hae Mo Soo is still alive. Yeo Mi Eul and he go see Hae Moo Soo who is locked in a prison. When Moo Song brings them to the prison, Ju Mong hides himself and overhears their conversation. After confirming that Hae Mo Soo is alive, Bu Deuk Bool asks Moo Song not to tell anyone that he came.
    Dae Soh finds out that Ju Mong secretly leaves the palace every night. He takes Ju Mong to the training field and gives him a sword. He volunteers to teach Ju Mong how to become a good swordsman. Ju Mong is surprised, but he accepts Dae Soh’s proposal.
    In the middle of the night, Ju Mong visits Mo Pal Mo at the weapon manufacturing yard. Ju Mong asks Mo Pal Mo to make him a sword as strong as Dae Soh’s. Mo Pal Mo doesn’t know what to do because he knows he needs the king’s permission to do so.
    Meanwhile, the Xianbei (nomadic people residing in modern Manchuria and eastern Mongolia), who acquired the steel weapons, keep invading Hyeon To. King Geum-wa hears that the newly appointed general-governor of Hyeon To will visit Bu Yeo. He has a bad feeling about his visit and calls up all the statesmen.

    Eps. 7
    Yang Jeong, new general-governor of Hyeon To, sends King Geum Wa a letter. In the letter, he informs the king that he’ll regularly check on Bu Yeo’s weapon manufacturing facility to make sure that it remains closed. Insulted by Yang Jeong’s arrogance, King Geum Wa orders to burn the letter. Beol Gae suggests that the king proclaim the Prince Royal to the throne as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the royal authority. However, King Geum Wa tells him that this isn’t the right time yet. He orders not to bring up the same subject again. Won Hoo hears that the king delayed Ju Mong’s investiture. He believes that King Geum Wa is hesitant because Ju Mong isn’t qualified to become the king. Young Po decides to get rid of Ju Mong. He sends an assassin. Ju Mong is stabbed by the assassin in the street. Ma Ri, Hyeop Bo and O Yi happen to find Ju Mong who is injured and unconscious. They take him to Bu Young.
    Meanwhile, Yeon Ta Bal plans to raid the smuggler, Do Chi, in order to seize control of the salt market. However, while making a surprise attack on Do Chi, So Seo No is kidnapped by Do Chi.

    Eps. 8
    Ju Mong finds out that So Seo No is captured by Do Chi. He helps So Seo No escape. At first, So Seo No didn’t trust Ju Mong, but she soon realizes that he’s trying to help her. Yeon Ta Bal and his soldiers come to rescue So Seo No, as well.
    O Yi, Ma Ri and Hyeo Bo find out that Ju Mong released So Seo No. They try to kill him. To save Ju Mong’s life, Bu Young can’t help but tell everyone that Ju Mong is the Prince of Bu Yeo.
    King Geum Wa gives Dae So and Young Po access to the weapon manufacturing facility. He orders them to find out the secret method of iron weapon manufacturing.
    While looking for a place to hide, Ju Mong remembers the prison inside the cave. Searching for Ju Mong, Lady Yoo Hwa and Moo Deok finally find him in the cave.

    Eps. 9
    Carried away by Hae Mo Soo’s splendid demonstration of swordsmanship, Ju Mong begs Hae Mo Soo to teach his swordsmanship to him. Hae Mo Soo, getting Ju Mong seated near, sweeps Ju Mong from head to waist. With his hand on Ju Mong’s back, Hae Mo Soo asks him to stop breathing. The moment Hae Mo Soo takes his hand off Ju Mong’s back, Ju Mong gets his breath back but falls on the ground unconscious. Dae So and Young Po, with their soldiers, head for the cave prison to murder Ju Mong when King Geum Wa, at the same time, under escort leaves for the prison to see it for himself. Into the prison where Hae Mo Soo and Ju Mong are in training move Dae So and Young Po launching harsh attacks. Ju Mong’s tensed look becomes dismayed when the disguised assassins, including Young Po, reveal themselves. In the meantime, King Geum Wa’s guards, who arrived at the cave prison later, report to the king on the site of the scattered corpses and he furiously gives an order to investigate the case thoroughly.

    Eps. 10
    King Geum Wa after hearing the news that Hae Mo Soo is still alive looks up in the air and falls into a deep thought. Lady Yoo Hwa visits king Geum Wa and breaks into tears thinking of Hae Mo Soo, when the king starts to drink and talk about him. Gye Pil approaches Mo Pal Mo, who was drinking alone, and treats him to free drinks. While Mo Pal Mo strolls outside the Bu Yeo Palace, Ju Mong appears and asks if any swords are available.
    Hae Mo Soo takes out a bamboo letter, hands it over to Ju Mong and tells him to deliver it to King Geum Wa without revealing his status. Ju Mong calls for Moo Deuk’s help to deliver the bamboo letter, and King Geum Wa, while reading wooden letters from Yeon Ta Bal, finds the bamboo letter and gets nervous.

    Eps. 11
    Ju Mong visits So Seo No and asks her to take O Yi, Ma Ri, and Hyeo Bo in Yeon Ta Bal’s commerce band, but So Seo No refuses. Dae So and Na Ro visit the commerce band to Ju Mong’s surprise, but Ju Mong greets them with courtesy. While Ju Mong, Dae So and So Seo No together have a tea break at Yeon Ta Bal’s office, Dae So treats Ju Mong as if nothing has happened between them. After asking So Seo No to excuse himself for a while, Ju Mong approaches Dae So, kneels down before him and begs for his life. Dae So, infuriated by the past 20 years of miserable memories of Won Hoo and himself, promises not to forgive the insolence again. King Geum Wa calls General Heuk Chi and an orders him to find Hae Mo Soo, the runaway from the cave prison. Bu Deuk Bool, from a distance, watches with a worried look.
    Meanwhile, Hae Mo Soo suddenly pulls out his sword toward an approaching object.

    Eps. 12
    Hae Mo Soo reunites with Yu Hwa as arranged by Yeo Mi Eul. Yu Hwa tells him everything she had kept buried deep in her heart during the years past as tears keep flowing from her eyes. After an emotionally charged meeting with Yu Hwa, Hae Mo Soo returns to his mountain hideout to find Ju Mong soundly asleep. As he quietly lays his hand on Ju Mong’s cheek, tears fall from his face.
    Back at the Palace, Yu Hwa confesses to Geum Wa that she has met Hae Mo Soo. Utterly shocked, Geum Wa tells her that he, too, has been desperately looking for Hae Mo Soo and asks her to tell him Hae Mo Soo’s whereabouts…
    Ju Mong learns archery from Hae Mo Soo in the grasslands near his mountain hideout. Saying a master archer must be a fast shooter, Hae Mo Soo astonishes Ju Mong by firing a second arrow even before the first arrow reaches the target. Determined to leave Buyeo, Hae Mo Soo sends off Ju Mong telling him to go visit his mother.
    Meanwhile, Dae Soh approaches Hae Mo Soo’s hideout on the mountain leading some two hundred soldiers as Geum Wa and Yu Hwa in disguise leave the Royal Palace secretly, under the protection of armed guards.

    Eps. 13
    Ju Mong hurries back to the Palace at the news of his mother’s critical condition. Tears well up in his eyes the moment he sees Yu Hwa’s thin and haggard figure… Meanwhile, Dae So and Won Hu are struck speechless when they hear from Young Po that Geum Wa personally brought Ju Mong back to the Palace from outside, but they struggle to get their poise back.
    Mo Pal Mo says he has something very important to tell Ju Mong and takes him to his quarters, where he says Young Po and the palace messenger are smuggling weapons out of the iron workshop. Stunned by the news, Ju Mong mulls over for a moment and suggests that they had better pretend that they know nothing about it as divulging the fact would endanger their lives.
    King Geum Wa calls Ju Mong to his quarters. He asks Ju Mong for the identity of the assassin who tried to kill Ju Mong, but Ju Mong answers he doesn’t know…A moment later, Geum Wa inquires Ju Mong about his exceptional martial arts skills, and Ju Mong answers that he acquired them from a teacher named Hae Mo Soo while he was living outside the Palace.
    Meanwhile, King Geum Wa calls up all the statesmen, Won Hu, Yu Hwa, Ju Mong, Dae Soh and Young Po to his quarters, and drops a bomb that he convened the meeting because he wanted to discuss what they should do about proclaiming the Crown Prince.

    Eps. 14
    Ju Mong leaves the Palace and goes to Yeon Ta Bal, and asks him to hire him. Yeon Ta Bal, in response, says he needs some time to think it over, and collect the opinions of So Seo No, and Woo Tae. Oh Ma Hyeop, who thought Ju Mong’s return to the Palace would give him an opportunity to get a good position in the Palace, is disappointed by Ju Mong’s sudden announcement…
    Upon hearing that Ju Mong is working for Yeon Ta Bal, King Geum Wa relays the news to Yu Hwa who becomes worried about Ju Mong, not knowing what her son’s motive is.
    Dae Soh and Bu Deuk Bul go to Hyeon To’s Palace to settle the salt trade matter on behalf of King Geum Wa. Yang Jeong says that he has nothing to say to the two and that the only way to resolve the issue is for King Geum Wa to come to him and receive the order of Han’s Emperor…To this, Bu Deuk Bul suggests to Dae Soh that they should return to Buyeo and seek other options rather than endure such insult, but Dae Soh is determined to resolve the case before returning.
    Meanwhile, Yeo Mi Eul visits Geum Wa after much deliberation and expresses her resentment at Geum Wa’s sole decision on how to install the Crown Prince. Geum Wa says he can’t discuss state affairs of Buyeo with Yeo Mi Eul, for she is responsible for Hae Mo Soo’s incarceration for twenty years and his death.

    Eps. 15
    Yeo Mi Eul summons the priestesses from Buyeo’s all four regional districts and says that King Geum Wa is trampling on the authority of the oracle, stressing that they must stop him. Hyeon Mu, one of the priestesses listening to Yeo Mi Eul, relays the unbelievable news that she has seen the Da Mul Bow (a legendary bow that the founder of Buyeo always carried with him) broken in the cave in the Mountains.
    Yeon Ta Bal has been watching Ju Mong practicing with his bow and says he has never seen a better archer than Ju Mong in his whole life. Remembering Hae Mo Soo who once saved him from trouble with his superb martial arts skills, Yeon Ta Bal is quite surprised to find out Ju Mong was trained by none other than Hae Mo Soo himself.
    Meanwhile, So Seo Noh, upon hearing the news that Dae Soh has returned after settling the conflict with the Han Empire, visits him in his quarters. Delighted by her visit, Dae Soh brings out a wooden box on to the table. Precious stones are inside the box.

    Eps. 16
    So Seo Noh pleads to her father Yeon Ta Bal to let her and Ju Mong lead the merchants to the nation of Go San, and Yeon Ta Bal decides to see what his daughter is capable of. Ju Mong, So Seo Noh, Oh Ma Hyeop and Sa Yong make their preparations for the journey to Go San. Ju Mong visits his mother in her quarters and tells her that he is going to Go San for the salt trade. After thinking for a moment, Yu Hwa takes off the jade ring that she wore around her neck and hands it to Ju Mong, telling him to give it to the woman he loves. Yeo Mi Eul sits at the same table with So Ryeong, the youngest priestess in Bu Yeo, who says that she’s been pressed under a mysterious power ever since she entered the Palace and Yeo Mi Eul remembers how Byeo Ri Ha fainted in front of Ju Mong.

    Eps. 17
    Ju Mong and So Seo No fight off masked men who raided the group. So Seo Noh gets mixed feelings after discovering that one of the fallen men was a military official whom she often encountered while trading weapons with the nation of Haeng In. While Hyeop Bo and Ma Ri insist on continuing the journey, Ju Mong says he will follow So Seo No’s decision since she is the leader.
    Geum Wa is troubled by the Han Empire’s request to dispatch Bu Yeo’s 10,000 soldiers for its battle against the southwestern barbarians. To prevent his achievement from being wasted in vain, Dae Soh proposes negotiations to Yang Jeong, saying that Bu Yeo will send its troops conditionally, but Geum Wa decides to prepare a war with the Han Empire.
    So Seo Noh is determined to abort the journey but decides to wait on account of Ju Mong who asks her to give him two days of time. To carry on the journey, Ju Mong sneaks into the mountain hold of the bandits, but ends up getting caught, and So Seo Noh enters the hold to make a deal with the bandit leader.

    Eps. 18
    Risking her own life, So Seo Noh jumps into the enemy hideout to rescue Ju Mong and proposes a deal to Bae Mang. Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop, both locked in a cell, are dumbfounded to see So Seo Noh so unexpectedly.
    Upon hearing from Do Chi that Ju Mong and other members of the merchant group will be soon killed by Bae Mang, Young Po runs to Won Hoo’s quarters and relays the news with a huge smile on his face. However, Dae Soh scolds Young Po for blabbing about things he has only heard at second-hand.
    Bu Young meets with Yu Hwa, and tells her that Ju Mong is in grave danger. Driven by misgivings, Yu Hwa decides to report the situation to Yeon Ta Bal.
    Meanwhile, as people crowd each and every street of Bu Yeo to get salt, and fights amongst them ensue, Geum Wa feels increasingly troubled…

    Eps. 19
    Ju Mong and So Seo Noh stand before King Geum Wa. Ju Mong proudly says that Bu Yeo does not need to go to war with Ok Jeo now that he has found a salt mountain that will ensure a sufficient salt supply for generations to come. Highly delighted by Ju Mong’s announcement, Geum Wa says he will hold a banquet to celebrate. Dae Soh and Young Po watch them with a devastated look on their faces.
    So Seo Noh says she should go back to the merchant group but Ju Mong suggests that she pay a short visit to his mother with him. The two and Yu Hwa talk over tea at Yu Hwa’s residence. Ju Mong says that So Seo Noh saved his life by striking a deal with the bandits and it was also So Seo Noh who helped him get out of a swamp long ago. Quite impressed, Yu Hwa smiles warmly as she looks at So Seo Noh.

    Eps. 20
    Dae Soh is troubled to hear from Oh Yi that Ju Mong is trying to figure out the secret of making stronger iron. Young Po goes to Do Chi to thank him for saving his face.
    Ju Mong, back at the Bu Yeo Palace from Hyeon To where he was dispatched as King Geum Wa’s special envoy, says he has delivered Geum Wa’s message to Yang Jeong that the Han Empire has frequently intervened with Bu Yeo’s affairs and Bu Yeo will be prepared to go to war if it continues to meddle with Bu Yeo’s business. While all statesmen are stunned at Ju Mong’s announcement, King Geum Wa laughs heartily and praises Ju Mong.
    Dae Soh calls in the blacksmith’s assistant director Dok Gu to ask him on the progress of the iron weapon manufacturing. Trembling with fear, Dok Gu confesses that not long ago, he accidentally made a sword that could easily stand comparison with the strong iron swords of the Han Empire…

  99. 99 : cari li Says:


    Eps. 21
    Ju Mong pretends that he let slip some important information in front of Young Po.
    King Geum Wa has his three sons compete their martial arts skills against one another.
    The three princes practice their skills for the upcoming match.
    Dae Soh invites Soh Seo Noh to the contest.
    At the archery contest, the first round of the competition, Ju Mong shoots arrows with his eyes blindfolded.
    At the second round, a fistfight and sword contest, Ju Mong and Dae Soh are evenly matched.
    After the competition, Ju Mong earns trust from the statesmen who used to regard Ju Mong as a mere headache of the royal family.
    Depressed, Dae Soh visits So Seo Noh and demands an answer for his proposal.
    Dae Soh, enraged by So Seo Noh’s answer, reports to King Geum Wa that it was Ju Mong who broke the Da Mul Bow.
    Won Hu’s plan is foiled because of Yeo Mi-eul.

    Eps. 22
    Under orders of Young Po, Han Dang kidnaps Bu Young. O Yi loses his temper and says he will beat Do Chi to death and rescue Bu Young at once. Ju Mong, Ma Ri and Hyeop Bo dissuade him, saying that they shouldn’t act recklessly at a critical time like this.
    Yu Hwa and Ju Mong are very worried to hear the news that an assassin broke into the Shrine and that Yeo Mi Eul’s safety is unknown at the moment. Geum Wa is furious with the Shrine’s poor security. Geum Wa orders General Heuk Chi to ascertain Yeo Mi Eul’s whereabouts and track down the assassin.

    Eps. 23
    Yeo Mi Eul discloses the secrets of Ju Mong’s birth.
    Utterly confused, Ju Mong talks to Yu Hwa and King Geum Wa.
    Using Bu Young as his hostage, Young Po threatens Ju Mong to withdraw from the contest, which will eventually determine who becomes the Crown Prince of Bu Yeo.
    Ju Mong says to King Geum Wa that he wants to drop out of the contest.

    Eps. 24
    Ju Mong decides to leave Bu Yeo for a while to track his late father’s activities with Oh Ma Hyeop. After telling his mother about his plans, Ju Mong embarks on a journey to locate the Da Mul troops.
    In his sleep, King Geum Wa sees Hae Mo Su chased after by the heavy cavalry and hit with arrows. Disturbed by his dream, Geum Wa goes to Yu Hwa’s quarters. Yu Hwa was having trouble sleeping as she keeps thinking about what Ju Mong had said to her. She is surprised to see Geum Wa visiting her… Yu Hwa is taken aback when Geum Wa asks if Ju Mong resigned from the Crown Prince contest because of Hae Mo Su.
    Bu Deuk Bul and all the statesmen suggest that Dae-so must be designated as the Crown Prince, since the contest between the remaining two princes is meaningless now that Ju Mong has dropped out, but Geum Wa emphatically states that he will wait and see. While Dae So’s face goes rigid at the king’s remarks, Young Po smiles with relief.

    Eps. 25
    The Han’s heavy cavalry march captures the Gojoseon people when Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop appear on the scene, vanquishes the troops and sets the people free. Yang Jeong, the governor-general of Hyeon To hears from his security officer that the Han’s troops were annihilated and the displaced people were set free. Enraged, Yang Jeong orders to send troops immediately to catch all of the prisoners back.
    Dae So is back in the Han Empire to make a deal with Yang Jeong. Yang Jeong says that he will transfer Han’s iron weapon manufacture techniques to Bu Yeo by dispatching the head of his armory. Dae So beams and expresses his gratitude. At that moment, Yang Jeong’s daughter Yang Seol Ran who has incredible beauty and poise comes into the room and the two exchange greetings.
    Meanwhile, priestess So Ryeong visits Yu Hwa in her quarters with Byeo Ri Ha, and tells her that Ju Mong must leave Bu Yeo at once. Surprised, Yu Hwa says Ju Mong is not in Bu Yeo at the moment, but to Yu Hwa’s shock, Byeo Ri Ha warns that if Ju Mong does not leave Bu Yeo, he could get killed…

    Eps. 26
    Dae Soh and Na Ro test the sword newly crafted by a blacksmith of the Han Empire. The two compete against each other with one holding the new sword and the other the old one. Bu Yeo’s sword breaks in two by the new sword. Watching the match, King Geum Wa is very impressed and pleased, and gives an order to have a banquet to commend the workers at the armory. Young Po’s face becomes rigid with jealousy and envy.
    Discovering that Young Po has taken away all the trade records while Yeon Ta Bal was away with the merchant group, So Seo Noh goes to Dae Soh to demand that he tell her why on earth he wanted to put her family through such a humiliation. Completely taken aback, Dae Soh seeks Young Po out and asks him with fury what was on his mind when he acted so thoughtlessly. Dae Soh tells Young Po to settle the situation because it was Young Po who caused the mess in the first place.
    Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop are back in Bu Yeo. Ju Mong first goes to his mother and then to King Geum Wa’s sleeping quarters. With Ju Mong, King Geum Wa reminisces about Hae Mo Su and brings up what it was like when he and Hae Mo Su were in the Da Mul troops. Ju Mong listens to Geum Wa without saying a word and confesses that while he is eternally grateful to Geum Wa for having raised him, he can’t forgive Dae Soh and Young Po who hurt his innocent father, Hae Mo Su …

    Eps. 27
    King Geum Wa once again rejects the statesmen’s request to designate Dae Soh as the Crown Prince. Overwhelmed with anger, Won Hu can’t suppress her rage despite Dae Soh and Ma Wu Ryeong’s efforts at dissuading her. Yu Hwa advises Ju Mong to take extra caution because the Queen and Dae Soh are extremely distressed and Ju Mong could become an innocent victim of their rage.

    Eps. 28
    Ju Mong says he will attack Jin Beon and Im Dun to rescue Gojoseon refugees. King Geum Wa expresses his apprehension over Ju Mong’s determination, saying that Ju Mong will face strong opposition from the statesmen. Ju Mong tells Geum Wa that if the king opposes his plan, he will leave Bu Yeo along with his mother.
    Mo Pal Mo shows Yeon Ta Bal the sword manufactured at Gye Ru’s armory. Ju Mong evaluates the sword to be either equal or slightly superior to the one developed by Dae So. Mo Pal Mo pledges that he will soon make much stronger swords than those of the Han Empire, now that he has found a clue to making stronger iron.
    Meanwhile, So Seo Noh asks Ju Mong to take extra caution with the ironworkers whom Dae Soh brought along, since Dae Soh made a deal with Yang Jeong on the condition that he would marry Yang Jeong’s daughter. So Seo Noh seeks her father out and entreats him to let her lead a merchant band for military supplies if Bu Yeo decides to go to war with Jin Beon and Im Dun.

    Eps. 29
    Sa Chul Do’s Ma Ga sends a messenger to King Geum Wa, who delivers the head of the official dispatched to Sa Chul Do under Geum Wa’s orders and a message that Ma Ga won’t send a single solder from Sa Chul Do for Bu Yeo’s war. Geum Wa and Ju Mong are appalled to see the head. Overwhelmed with rage, Geum Wa orders the general to make preparations to go to war immediately but is soon faced with rather formidable opposition from the statesmen.
    Yang Jeong sends a note to spies that he planted in Bu Yeo. Their faces turn serious after reading the note, and they throw the note into an incinerator soon after.
    Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop are out in the market to investigate sentiments of the people. Passengers are in groups of twos and threes, talking about how the people at Sa Chul Do decapitated the official from Bu Yeo. Right then, the displaced people of Gojoseon, whom Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop rescued before approach them, saying that they heard about the impending war, and ask the two to let them join in. Moreover, dozens of Da Mul troops flock to the Bu Yeo Palace to make an earnest request to Geum Wa to let them fight for Bu Yeo…

    Episode 30
    Dae So declares to King Geum Wa on bended knee that he will lead the campaign against Jin Beon and Im Doon. Geum Wa names Ju Mong commander of the vanguard, and directs Dae So and Young Po to aid Ju Mong in achieving certain victory in the war. Ju Mong goes to King Geum Wa and asks him to withdraw the appointment, saying he cannot have his older brothers serving under him. But Geum Wa stresses that the treasonous ambitions of Sa Chul Do and the Queen’s relations can only be quieted if he and Ju Mong lead this war together. Later, Yeon Ta Bal, accompanied by So Seo No, visits King Geum Wa and offers his services as a military supplier. When Geum Wa asks how in the world he plans to purvey enough food and munitions for the entire Bu Yeo army, So Seo No replies that they have long known about the impending war through Ju Mong and that all preparations have already been completed. Greatly pleased by So Seo No’s explanation, Geum Wa asks her and Yeon Ta Bal to make sure everything proceeds according to plan…

    Episode 31
    Having learned the attack route of the vanguard troops through Dae So, Yang Jeong busily prepares a countermeasure. While leading his men across the fields, Ju Mong observes that their movements have likely become known to the enemy and searches for a new position. As Bu Yeo’s soldiers engage in close combat, Dae So appears in full battle regalia and personally leads them in combat. After watching awhile, Geum Wa orders Dae So to take over the main force until Ju Mong arrives to join them. Meanwhile, Yeon Ta Bal’s merchant band assiduously prepares for war. So Seo No and Sa Yong suggest that it would be better to move before the main force and establish a camp; Yeon Ta Bal assents and declares that he will go to the palace to discuss the matter. Dae So suddenly appears and threatens So Seo No, saying that he will not be made to wait forever.
    At Yu Hwa’s orders, Moo Song rounds up the fortunetellers from the market streets. Yu Hwa discovers that the Queen and Priestess Ma Wu Ryeong are behind all the fortunetellers who have stirred up the populace with the same lie. She summons the Queen and Ma Wu Ryeong. She declares that inciting the people in wartime is tantamount to treason and warns that she will not tolerate another such attempt from them…

    Episode 32
    Yeo Mi Eul seeks out Bi Ryu’s leader Song Yang in order to free So Seo No. Declaring that Bu Yeo will come out victorious in the war, she tells him to release So Seo No immediately and reconcile with Yeon Ta Bal. But Song Yang, blinded by his own obstinacy, turns a deaf ear to her words. When the appointed hour arrives with no word from Yeon Ta Bal, Song Yang resolves to execute So Seo No. Just as Song Yang’s man lifts up his sword to kill So Seo No, Ju Mong, O Yi, Ma Ri, and Hyeop Bo appear on the scene and rescue her. Stepping toward So Seo No, Ju Mong rests his gaze upon her, and her eyes overflow with tears. Meanwhile, Dae So hears that the supply unit captured by Song Yang has returned safely. He rejoices, believing the unit to have been rescued by Na Ro. With hurried footsteps, he goes looking for So Seo No, but is astonished to find Ju Mong by her side instead of Na Ro…

    Episode 33
    Ju Mong and his advance troops use kites to turn Han’s camp into a raging inferno. Bu Yeo’s main army, led by Geum Wa, advance with a war cry and wreak havoc on the camp, which has been torn by internal confusion. Flustered, Yang Jeong flees the spot with a handful of his soldiers. Geum Wa spots Yang Jeong’s party and pursues them on his horse with lifted sword. After cutting a swath through the enemy troops, Geum Wa gets off his horse and continues to fell the soldiers of Han on foot. Suddenly, an arrow strikes him on the left side of his chest, and he falls unconscious to the ground. Yang Jeong receives word that the governor of Jin Beon has been killed. With an ashen face, he orders his army to retreat. Meanwhile, Ju Mong begins his pursuit of the governor of Im Doon, who has taken flight…

    Episode 34
    Geum Wa lies unconscious on his bed. Ma Wu Ryeong musters her divine power in order to heal his wounds, but the attempt proves unsuccessful. Even the royal physician states that Geum Wa’s fate is in the hands of the gods. Bu Deuk Bul, observing that the king’s illness must not create a gap in the affairs of state, declares that Dae So should take over Geum Wa’s responsibilities for the time being. The ministers and officials convene a meeting and decide to have Dae So take on all the affairs of state until Geum Wa recovers. Dae So appoints Na Ro as the head of the Royal Guard, a post that had been left vacant. Yearning for Ju Mong, So Seo No sits in a daze with tears brimming in her eyes as Woo Tae looks on in concern. Meanwhile, Dae So and the Queen begin to mercilessly execute all the ministers and officials who are loyal to Geum Wa, in order to cement their power…

    Episode 35
    To assuage the Queen’s rancor, Dae So places Yu Hwa under house arrest and prevents her from going to see Geum Wa. He also instructs his troops to strictly prohibit Yu Hwa from leaving her quarters and prevent anyone from coming near. Meanwhile, Ma Wu Ryeong, Yu Seong, and Hyeon Mu hold a sacred rite at the altar. Throughout the ceremony, they feel a pressing on their hearts and speculate that Yeo Mi Eul must have returned to Bu Yeo. The Queen directs Young Po to find out if Yeo Mi Eul has indeed returned to Bu Yeo, and if so, to speedily seek her out and eliminate her without fail. O Yi, Ma Ri, and Hyeop Bo decide to get Mo Pal Mo, who is under threat from Dae So, out of the ironworks. Risking danger to themselves, they extract Mo Pal Po and steal him away to Gye Ru. Upon learning about Mo Pal Mo’s escape, Dae So flies into a rage at Na Ro and demands that he recapture Mo Pal Mo at any cost…

  100. 100 : cari li Says:

    the remaining i can’t seem be able to upload them… don’t know why.

  101. 101 : cari li Says:

    Na Ro and the royal guards search each and every street for signs of Yu Hwa and company. Yu Hwa and Ye So Ya, with Yu Ri in her arms, flee into the mountains. Spotting Cheon Dae In’s merchant band from afar, they appeal for help. With Yu Ri hidden in a cart, Yu Hwa and Ye So Ya disguise themselves as men and attempt to cross the border. But the border guards sense that something is amiss and block their way. Dae So, who has come to see Song Yang, offers to send reinforcements to Jol Bon to fight off the Damul forces, but demands that Song Yang pay tributes to Bu Yeo in exchange. Song Yang replies that tributes are out of the question, since the military’s entire food supply was incinerated in Gye Ru’s surprise attack and even the common people are dying from starvation.

    To keep his promise to Song Yang, Ju Mong goes to the latter’s camp by himself. Song Yang’s chief officer tells him he must disarm before seeing the commander; after some hesitation, Ju Mong complies. At that moment, dozens of soldiers appear and begin to attack Ju Mong at the chief’s orders. Hearing the news that Ju Mong has subjugated Song Yang, chaos breaks out at Bu Yeo Palace. Geum Wa takes to bed from the shock, and the Queen seeks out Ma Wu Ryeong for advice. Ma Wu Ryeong tells her that the only way out of the crisis is to request help from Han. Seol Ran also urges Dae So to initiate an alliance between Han and Bu Yeo…

    In the dead of night, Bu Bun No sneaks into Gye Ru to assassinate Ju Mong. Taking a gleaming dagger out of his shirt, he steals toward Ju Mong’s quarters. At that moment, he hears a noise and quickly hides himself. He sees So Seo No and Sa Yong approach Ju Mong’s bedchamber and urgently wakes him. His opportunity lost, Bu Bun No unsheathes his dagger and departs… When Bu Yeo joins forces with Han and orders a ban on all trade with Gye Ru, the latter faces a serious crisis. Song Yang and the heads of Hwan Na, Gwan Na, and Yeon Na all come clamoring to Gye Ru and demand that the situation be rectified at once. Receiving no word from Bu Bun No, Dae So sends Se Jak for an update on the situation. Infiltrating Gye Ru, Se Jak is puzzled to find Bu Bun No dressed in the outfit of a Jol Bon soldier and warns him not to forget his family back in Bu Yeo…

    Ju Mong decides to go south and enlist the help of Eup Ru’s pirates in transporting grain to Jol Bon. Ju Mong and company, who depart on their journey without informing Jol Bon, fight through numerous perils and finally succeed in meeting Bu Wi Yeom, the pirate captain. Meanwhile, Dae So gathers his ministers together and announces his intention to strike Jol Bon. Alarmed, the ministers, including Bu Deuk Bul, object to the proposed campaign, citing Bu Yeo’s current plight. But Dae So stresses that preparing for a war will not be so difficult if all the nobles and government officials contribute their wealth.

    When news spreads that Bu Yeo will attack Jol Bon once Ju Mong is dead, the chiefs of the various clans become deeply anxious. Late at night, Ju Mong visits Song Yang in his bedchamber. He explains the reason why he left Jol Bon in secret, and promises victory in the coming war. Dae So puts the spurs on the preparations for war, forming an advance force to strike at Jol Bon and assigning the safeguarding of the supply troops to the border guard. Yeong Po expresses his desire to join in the campaign, but Dae So flatly refuses. Meanwhile, Bu Bun No, who has been assigned to the advance force by Dae So, cuts down the guards stationed in the mountains and hastens toward Jol Bon…

    to daisy,

    my aunt still thinks kim seung soo is still single. however, i myself saw a clip where it shows a wedding ceremony with which kim seung soo is the groom. but don’t lose hope as it could be just a clip of one of his dramas. i’ve already requested my aunt to divulge with this further. so far, i have not yet encountered any record that he has really been married. so keep your fingers crossed.

    cari li

  102. 102 : cari li Says:

    sorry i forgot to put episode numbers. first paragraph is episode 61, next 62… respectively…

    so sorry…

    cari li

  103. 103 : cari li Says:

    Episode 51
    Young Po, who has returned to Bu Yeo, visits Geum Wa in his quarters. Geum Wa observes that Dae So’s power will not last long, and entreats Young Po never to get into conflict with his brother again. Meanwhile, Dae So orders his men to keep a close watch over Young Po’s every move, since he may be planning something.
    Yang Jeong leads the Steel Cavalry and his troops to the Changcheongok clan and pressures them to increase their production of iron ore. The clansmen respond in dismay, explaining that everyone except for children and the old have been put to work in the iron mine.
    Ju Mong, upon visiting Changcheongok to expand his power base, learns of Yang Jeong’s visit. He stages an ambush on Yang Jeong’s party as they head for Jung San. Caught helpless by Ju Mong and his Damul Forces, Yang Jeong flees along with a handful of Steel Cavalry soldiers…

    Episode 52
    As the sun is overtaken by shadow and the world is plunged in darkness, the people in Bu Yeo Palace and on the streets of Bu Yeo tremble with anxiety. Soon, the sun comes out again and light returns, but the frightened populace finds it difficult to regain their peace of mind.
    Ma Wu Ryeong, who had fallen unconscious at seeing the sun disappear, raises herself with difficulty. When the Queen asks what the eclipse might portend, Ma Wu Ryeong replies that it is surely a sign of impending disaster. Ju Mong gathers the Damul troops and the refugees, telling them that the eclipse signifies the beginning of a new nation. He emphasizes that the three-legged bird will soar into the newly-risen sun.
    Meanwhile, Dae So receives the report that the common people have been greatly disturbed by the eclipse. Furious, he declares that he will execute anyone, whether lowly or exalted, who confuse the populace with unfounded rumors…

    Episode 53
    Dae So assigns troops to General Heuk Chi and orders him to capture Ju Mong. However, the general, who has resolved to spearhead the restoration of Geum Wa, leads the troops to Ju Mong and requests his aid. The surprised Ju Mong informs Yeo Mi Eul that Geum Wa is plotting a return to power, at which a shadow comes over Yeo Mi Eul’s face.
    Recalling Bu Deuk Bul’s entreaty that once he has regained power, he must improve Bu Yeo’s relations with Han and abandon Ju Mong, Geum Wa falls deep into thought. Bu Deuk Bul convenes a meeting of all ministers and officials and proposes that Geum Wa be restored to the throne, as Dae So’s lunacy has reached its peak. Everyone present becomes overwhelmed with apprehension, but is unable to raise any objections against the adamant Bu Deuk Bul…

    Episode 54
    Bu Deuk Bul tells General Heuk Chi that Ju Mong must be eliminated if he refuses to give up his Damul troops. Hearing that the Damul forces pose an obstacle to Bu Yeo’s stability, Heuk Chi makes his decision. He instructs Geum Wa’s guard to keep a close watch on Ju Mong and his cohort, saying that they might need to be eradicated.
    Ju Mong informs Yu Hwa that Geum Wa has asked him to disband the Damul forces and return to Bu Yeo. Yu Hwa replies that she will support him in whatever decision he makes, but that the Damul forces are already a part of him.
    Meanwhile, So Seo No and Yeon Ta Bal meet Bu Deuk Bul to request that the relationship between Bu Yeo and Gye Roo be restored and await his reply.
    Ju Mong resolves to stand with the Damul forces and leave Bu Yeo. Yu Hwa urges Ye So Ya to depart with him, but Ye So Ya declares that she will stay by Yu Hwa’s side until the baby is born. At that moment, they hear the news that Ju Mong has been captured by Bu Yeo’s soldiers…

    Episode 55
    Geum Wa throws Ju Mong and his cohort in prison, pronouncing it an act of treason against himself and Bu Yeo for Ju Mong to found a new kingdom with the Damul troops. When Bu Deuk Bul tells him that Ju Mong must be killed for the sake of Bu Yeo, Geum Wa is assailed with pain and distress.
    Meanwhile, Bu Deuk Bul, who has kidnapped Yeo Mi Eul, asks her to convince Ju Mong to return to Bu Yeo. When she refuses, he cuts her down before Ju Mong’s very eyes. Seeing her fall, Ju Mong is provoked to extreme anger…

    Episode 56
    Time passes. Ju Mong, at the head of the Damul troops, wages war against other clans and continues to expand his territory.
    Famine and disaster strike Bu Yeo for many years after Geum Wa regains power. The people of Bu Yeo become increasingly destitute and even the royal coffers begin to be depleted. At meetings with the state ministers and officials, Geum Wa continually receives reports of Bu Yeo’s deteriorating circumstances, but is unable to come up with a solution.
    Meanwhile, Dae So, who has been banished to a remote region of Bu Yeo, wastes his days in drink and depravity…

    Ju Mong finds himself in deep thought at So Seo No’s suggestion that they move the Damul troops’ base camp to Jol Bon and form an alliance. Accompanied by O Yi, he infiltrates the market streets of Hyeon To in order to discover Bu Yeo and Han’s movements. He discovers Dae So, Seol Ran and company there, and begins to keep a close watch on them. At the party thrown in Dae So and Seol Ran’s honor, Dae So asks Yang Jeong why he wishes to attack Jol Bon. The latter replies that after he helps Song Yang vanquish Gye Ru, he will immediately eliminate Song Yang and subjugate Jol Bon. He asks Dae So to lead Han’s reinforcements, but after some consideration, Dae So answers that he cannot abandon Bu Yeo. Meanwhile, Na Ro finds Ju Mong and company in the market. Leading Han’s soldiers, he surrounds the inn where Ju Mong and O Yi are staying…

    Along with O Yi, Ju Mong returns to the ancestral mountain to see the Damul Bow he once broke. At the mountain, there is a flash of radiant light and Heavenly Lady Bi Geum Seon appears. She bows deeply to Ju Mong and declares that the master of the Damul Bow is not Bu Yeo but the Damul forces and Ju Mong. Pondering Bi Geum Seon’s words, Ju Mong searches for records of Old Joseon. Together with Jae Sa, he seeks out Cheon Dae In, who informs him that even though all records were lost in the fire when Wang Geom Seong fell, he still possesses an invaluable relic from Old Joseon. In return, he asks Ju Mong to protect his merchant band. Meanwhile, bad omens continue to appear in Bu Yeo. Geum Wa’s face breaks out in black spots, and lightning and thunder split the sky even though it is still daylight…

    Despite Yeon Ta Bal’s objections, So Seo No takes a handful of soldiers including Sa Yong and infiltrates the enemy camp to strike Song Yang. Meanwhile, Bu Bun No sneaks into the Damul forces’ camp to spy on Ju Mong’s movements. He is assailed by fear when he sees the ardent looks of devotion filling the eyes of the Damul troops. When the Queen tries to bring in Jae Bu Jo Ui’s daughter as Dae So’s concubine, Seol Ran’s eyes fill with hatred for Ye So Ya. At that moment, Yu Hwa visits Seol Ran in her bedchamber and warns her never to try to harm Ye So Ya and Yu Ri again. Seeing Geum Wa in his quarters, Yu Hwa informs him that someone tried to poison Yu Ri and asks him to let Ye So Ya and Yu Ri leave Bu Yeo. However, Geum Wa refuses. Instead, he sends guards to Yu Hwa’s and Ye So Ya’s respective chambers and orders them to keep a tight watch over them…

    As Chan Su is heading for So Seo No’s hideout with medicine for her wounds, a dozen or more of Song Yang’s men block his path and attack him. Ju Mong and his friends rush into Song Yang’s camp to rescue So Seo No. They defeat the enemy soldiers and get So Seo No to safety in Gye Ru. While Ju Mong and company are away from the Damul forces’ base camp, Dae So attacks Mt. Bon Gye. The main force and the refugees have already departed for the new base camp, leaving only old men and children at the mountain camp, but the enraged Dae So slaughters them without mercy. Meanwhile, Ju Mong sets up an ambush along the path that the Han troops, on the way to assist Song Yang, will take…

  104. 104 : cari li Says:

    the above entries are episodes 51-60 respectively. just count the paragraphs…

    cari li…

  105. 105 : cari li Says:

    cant really upload the episodes 35-50… i’ll try again tomorrow…
    cari li

  106. 106 : sol Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihoy jumong anakan mo ako ayos na yon!!!!
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. 107 : GILDE Says:

    After watching Jumong I was amazed with the story its very good. Especially how the actors did their part. I was captured by Song It gook his very good in his suits in jumong. You can see through his eyes the emotion, Its very expressive . And everytime he smiles, the way he look, wow!. He got the looks, the height, He’s really good looking guy. Hope some day I can write to him.

  108. 108 : alezandra javier Says:

    hello my dearest friends……! you know what…???? i’m so happy because my crush is like jumong… he is also handsome….!hehehe

    all i can say with jumong-tv show is: AWESOME…. how i wish i could be like so seo no…hehehe she is also beautiful….

  109. 109 : avi abobakar Says:

    OHAYO GUSHAYMASH…..I’m AVI_ABOBAKAR from the bangsamoro, philippines..I’m the fan of Skilled Archer (Jumong)!He’s so talented!!so brave and very skilled!!I wish he will come over here in the Bansamoro homeland,Philippines..we are waiting for him. I hope he’ll have many many more T.V. series to come. Query: is the Salt Mountain existing in Korea?….

  110. 110 : Eden Claire Says:

    Someday, I will marry this man 🙂 What about that….

  111. 111 : Che-che Says:

    Wish ko lang mga girls..pagnanalo ako ng lotto..I will marry Song Il Gook. He looks like my exbf..Pero in fairness mas matangkad siya at super cute pa.Grabe!Loves to kiss his lips also his eyes at nose.I’m dying to see him!

  112. 112 : chryss Says:

    hello to all!song il gook is really a great actor of korea.i watched the korean drama jumong, it’s amazing!the movie is well made.the scenes are good and the costumes they’re wearing are nice.hope song i gook will visit in the philippines.

  113. 113 : rose Says:

    well, i’m rose of philippines all i can say is i’m in love with this hadsome man! if i’ll die someday and give the chance to live again i wish i want to be his wife because i want to love him and willing to worship him like the second god of mine forever. i hope to see him in person and meet him but i know it is imposible so i will keep and continue love him in my mind, and my heart na lang… i love him so very very much! ummm muahhhh!!! god blees and always take care.

  114. 114 : mia Says:

    To song il gook, youre so cuet and handome, no wonder girls will be head over heels to you. Good luck, God bless and more success, Please come to to the Philippines….

  115. 115 : chaz Says:

    manood kayo ng unang hirit tuwing umaga, un chef dun, si chef tristan kamukha ni jumong…

  116. 116 : chaz Says:

    manood kayo ng unang hirit tuwing umaga. un chef nila don, si chef tristan kamukha ni jumong…

  117. 117 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Gwapo talaga ni Song Il Gook at super talented pa..He even won the best actor last award in 2006 because of Jumong!But he shared all the credit to his fellow co-actors and staff memebrs.It runs in the family coz his mom is also an actress and he thank his mom for that.He also underwent a military training kaya astig ang pare..I really admire him!!Love you Song Il Gook!!


    SONG IL GOOK you are the very reason why many ladies here in PHILIPPINES suffrering from insomnia,dreaming about you.Promise!!! keep up the good work. WE love you very much…make me your woman just for once? Kaya i always watch UNANG HIRIT kasi si chef TRSTAN looks like you.. i love you tristan!!!

  119. 119 : ZOEYEN of Golden Friendship Says:

    hi SONG IL GOOK…
    why don’t you make a movie together with philippine actors and actresses.? hope you can make an action movie with famous young star of the PHILIPPINES , ANGEL LOCSIN, it’s a blockbuster hit i’m sure..!!pls. GMA make some deal? PLS…..??????

  120. 120 : great mother Says:

    hi song il gook! i hope jumong will not be your last tv series. it should be the start of many more to come. you are not only very good but excellent in acting and executing every role you play in the drama. we are quite disappointed that we were not able to buy all the dvds and we really anticipate the ending of the story. i hope this would contribute a lot to korean movie industry. we really admire you and the rest of the casts. good luck to you and more power!!!!!!

  121. 121 : cindy Says:

    jumong the handsome prince! pls. you visit us here in the philippines and have a movie with kapuso GMA stars!!!!! you are really great!!!!! in acting!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will wait for you…….please have time for us…. your fans here in the philippines. god bless you and your mother…..

  122. 122 : mikah Says:

    grabeeeeeee! i am always sleep late at night because of you JUMONG!!!!! please up date us with your upcoming movies. For sure GMA kapuso network will increase revenues because of you song il gook… I failed to watch you when visit philippines. i hope someday we will see in person. when i go to korea. after my graduation..////// what a dream?????? goodluck song il gook!!!!!!

  123. 123 : Daisy Says:

    Hello everybody!!! First of all, I would like to thank Cari Li for the episodes she gave….Thank you very much Cari Li! You are so wonderful! We were very much delighted when we read it..The story was so great! It can help us a lot if we want to know something….esp. to those fans who missed something…I hope I will not miss even a single episode or even a little part of an episode in TV because the story is too wonderful to lose… Some said,there are cuts in TV, I hope this is not true…I plan to buy a DVD set of `Jumong` so that I can have a `souvenir` with this very beautiful story (without cuts) and all the casts..I hope the latest episodes will be available too as soon as possible.. Right now,we are very much `KILIG` with the Jumong-So Seo No love team!!!!! Bagay na bagay talaga sila!!! Ang ganda na ng takbo ng storya lalo na ang love story nila.. Ang gwapo ni Jumong at ang ganda naman ni So Seo No! Habang tumatagal,crush na crush ko na lalo si Kim Seung Soo(Prince Dae So) .. Ang gwapong gwapo rin niya…Baliw na baliw na yata ako sa kanya!!!!!!! But I`m still bothered if he is single or not…I hope he is still single..If someone knows something about him,please tell me naman oh… Take care to all! 🙂

  124. 124 : cari li Says:

    hi daisy,

    i still can’t upload the remaining episodes. i don’t know whats wrong. i’m still in the process of trying to find out the reason behind the failure. anyway, i think i might have already posted before that gookssi is still single. please try to look for the older entries. if its not here, i might have posted it on another jumong site. anyway, to say it again, song il-gook is still single…

    for now thats all i’m gonna be posting as i still need to figure out the reason on why i can’t upload the episodes.

    God Bless to all…

    cari li

  125. 125 : cari li Says:

    okay, i really can’t post it. anyway, i made an e-mail account where i have posted all the episode guides again. sorry guys, but this is the best i can do. i wanted to share the guides to you but with lack of time and average computer know-how, i was only able to do it this way…

    here is the account and password… you guys know what to do with it, i guess…

    so sorry and thank you!…

    cari li

    e-mail add: [email protected]

    password: songilgook

    in case password is forgotten:

    question: what’s your favorite pastime?

    answer: jumong

  126. 126 : cari li Says:


    i’ve sent the file there already… please give some time for it to be actually received… thank you…

    cari li

  127. 127 : Qsen Says:

    Hey guys…damihan nio post nio kc ms nakalalamng na yong c anu ….cnu b un ung Prinsipe daw nla sa PH hehe…. Figth fight mga Jumongerz…….

  128. 128 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @Qsen, of course, as long as we can…. we will make sure that our posts for our cutie oppa song il-gook will outshine those of joo ji-hoon (prince gian of princess hours). hahaha!

    While I don’t wanna outrightly bash Princess Hours, I am thinking of the face-off between the lead princes of the 2 korean dramas (goong and jumong): GO JUMONG & LEE SHIN-GUN (PRINCE GIAN). In fact I have made my 2 articles related to my top 10 cutie list of Korean Actors. Of all twenty-something options to put in a top 10 list, I never included Joo Ji Hun (Prince Gian) or even Kim Jeong Hun (Prince Troy). And after evaluation, here are MY LIST OF TOP TEN KOREAN CUTIES (MALE):

    10. RAIN- At first I was not impressed with his looks when I first spotted Full House for a while (I didn’t feel enthusiatic to watch that during that time). Yeah… yeah…yeah… he is chinito but I viewed him as typical Korean, until I got to know his popularity not only in Korea and Philippines but in the whole world as an Asian Superstar. His outstanding and hilarious performance in Full House (he’s cute at that compared to what he did in A Love to Kill), well-sculpted body, singing prowess and powerful dance moves are his charms to make girls go crazy over him! Kudos, Justin Lee! Da Best!

    9. YOO MIN HYUK- I’d rather prefer his looks in Full House as Luigi Yoo than in Stained Glass as Lee Dong Gun’s rival. I love his serene but encouraging approach, a little stricter aura, sophisticated look and his “Close-Up Smile”! Whether in serious or happy mood, he still looks handsome.

    8. SHIN HYUN JUN- Sorry sa mga galit kay Tristan, I like this guy! Hahahaha! He still looks cute in any attire he wears. Be it in rugged or sophisticated, he absolutely rocks….he is absolutely charming. His smile is very cute too. And, the thing that you’re not aware of…..HE KICKS ASSES IN COMEDY! If he made a great performance in Stairway to Heaven, he’ll surely make your bones tickle in his comedy flicks MARRYING THE MAFIA 2 & 3, SHADOWLESS SWORD and the upcoming THE THREE KIMS.

    7. HYUN BIN – He certainly rocked our night as Cyrus Hyun in My Name is Kim Sam Soon for his flawless complexion, pang-asar stare and punchlines. His looks doesn’t seem to be common either, ‘coz he doesn’t seem to be cold. He also has a killer smile, too!

    6. LEE JUN GI – Upon viewing of King and the Clown info at any websites (as well as watching it), I’ve never thought he is one of the casts of My Girl as Nico. Well, he is really really pretty….as in …. as pretty as a girl! But in King and the Clown… more beautiful than any girl….hahahha! But not that bad. He doesn’t seem to be looking fag, right? I also liked his performance in King and The Clown.

    5. SEONG SEUNG HEON* – His looks almost never changed despite his military service for around two years before making a comeback just last year. He is still the Johnny Yoon we loved alongside his clean looks. Medyo pumayat nga lang siya.

    4. WON BIN* – Sadly, his cute looks was almost tarnished after his more than a year of military service. He is not that flawless like what he used to be in Autumn in my Heart as Andrew Han. Yes, girls! He was described as beautiful as flowers and one of the sexiest in Korean showbiz. Another things that add to his charm is his expressive eyes, seductive sneers and cheerful smile. Those qualities are the ones that did not tarnish.

    3. BAE YONG JOON- It’s in him where formality and sensuality crossed each others’ path. Yes! He the Harry Potter-like cuteness, formality, and looks exclusive for intellectuals, but he can make you drool in his well-sculpted body matched with his sexy stare and mega-watt smile! He is the reason why a lot of Japanese women that time enrolled in Korean Language Schools. Of course, to study Korean. For your info…especially to GMA-Koreanovela bashers…. He is the richest Korean Investor; i.e. In 2006, Bae owned 37.5% of the shares of Ottowintech, topping his stakes at 110 billion won.

    2. KWON SANG WOO – CHOOOOOLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! LIKE NA RIN KITA! His flawless complexion, warm personality, heart-warming social activities (i.e. his charity work at Baseco Compound, which was not press released), his innocent face and irresistable smile won the hearts of women from different corners of the world, including the Philippines. Aside from his powerful acting prowess in drama, he is also excellent in comedy like what he did in Love, So Divine. Girls, if you loved him in Stairway to Heaven, the more you will love him in the said movie.

    And my #1 is….drumroll please….


    Nyahahahaha! The object of my desire! Yeah! My cutie Ilguki!

    Well, some of you may not agree, but what I liked in him is his retention of his cuteness despite his age (he is turning 36 this October!) and his portrayal in any character.

    Sayang, madali sana makikilala ang ating cutie oppa kung mas pin-rioritize ang Emperor of the Sea once My Name is Kim Sam Soon had its finale last April 2006 (Love of the Condor Heroes was given priority instead, then followed by Love Story in Harvard). It’s pretty hard for him to be known kung sa QTV-11, especially where Emperor of the Sea is currently aired. You will be able to see how deadly he is at being the tenaciously deadly Yum Moon, the leader of the Pirates and an adversary to Jang Bogo. If he made you scared there, the more you will love him in his role as Jumong himself. Frightening as Yum Moon, Lovable and Charming as Jumong. He can play and project any personality without gettin’ awkward: Serious, Formal, Wacky, Makulit, Funny, Dorky, Sexy, Playful, Innocent…. he is like that! He has the piercing stare like Yum Moon and at the same time having the innocence and makulit quality like that of Jumong and other romantic comedies he joined with.

    Aside from being a very great actor, he is a model, visual artist (I saw him in a video having the hobby of photography and creation of music video…if I’m not mistaken) and a triathlete. He is multi-awarded, and currently holding the position as a vice-president of triathlon league in Korea. Galing ng ating oppa, di ba?

    Para nga mga Jumong-bashers, hindi lang sa Korea at Pinas sikat si Song Il-Gook. He is garnering his fanbase from some parts in Asia and currently holding a fanbase in Hawaii, multi-awarded pa ang papable! Anong sinabi ng mga kapapuhan niyo diyan!

    Omigosh! I’m blusing na…. I can’t help it! Kilig lang talaga ako sa kanya.

    Go Song Il-Gook! Go din sa mga Korean Cuties mentioned above!

    Well, these are just my excerpts from my article in my blog:


    Back to Gian-Jumong face-off, for sure all of you in this thread are all for our cutie oppa. I’m not bashing Joo Ji-hun but in terms of achievements, looks, talents inside and outside showbiz, Song Il-gook is way far better than Joo Ji-hun, eventhough Joo Ji-hun is just a newbie. One more thing, Joo Ji-hun looks frail and kinda dorky, while Song Il-Gook may not look hunky but still oozing with much sex appeal. Il-Gook’s face is well-proportioned while Joo Ji-hun’s half of his facial feature contradicts the other half; i.e., while he has a good smile, his eyes is too chinky that you may pressume him he is kinda cold and apathetic.

    So, these are all for now. Next, I might just do the Shin Chae-Gyung (Janelle Shin of PH)—Soseono face-off.

  129. 129 : RoxyBathory Says:

    It’s very nice here because there is no Jumong-bashers thrashed this thread….Whew! If you’ll be going to other sites or blogs (Hancinema.net is not spared), There are jumong-bashers-who-happened-to-be-avid-princess-hours-kapamilya-fan dirtying up the Jumong thread, whereas we Jumong-Kapuso fans don’t even think of bashing Princess Hours in its thread in any sites.

    Eventhough each of us is entitled to our opinions, I don’t think it’s cerebral and ethical to outrightly bash either jumong or princess hours thread in any site, so far this begets counter-bashings too. Unless a thread or article is neither Jumonger nor Goonger.

    Buti naman.

  130. 130 : sue Says:

    i am very addicted to song ii gook!
    he’s such a good actor, and he’s very handsome, and he has a strong appeal! and those eyes! he’s such a good actor….
    i loove you! i’m crazy for you!
    i hope to see you in my next life! i hope i will be born as a korean!!!!! and we will be star crossed lovers in the next life!!!

  131. 131 : Mary Jane Says:

    Si Song Il Gook masayahin. Pero ang ganda pala ng Jumong dito sa Pilipinas, na marami nga pala napanood ang drama series dito sa Korea. Sana may part II nga pala ang JuMong!!!!

    Talalga no. 1 ang Jumong , mga kapuso.

  132. 132 : [email protected] Says:

    hi ……welcome to phillipines i hope can i see to all on personal!!! cast of jumong????and i hope your giving me friendster???? …….thank’z

  133. 133 : Cherryl Says:

    Good news guys!!!!!!The whole cast of Jumong will be coming here in Cebu, Philippines.According to the source it will be on March 11 to 14..It’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss.I wish to go there if given the chance…

  134. 134 : Cherryl Says:

    Song Il Gook in real life has a prominent family tree from his grandfather who’s a great general,to his father who’s a politician and to his mother an actress and himself a korean superstar.Despite that he’s very humble and masayahin(watch it in you tube).But became a very strong and mighty king in the later epi.He’s definitely the best korean actor I’ve ever seen..

  135. 135 : lilsweetcotton Says:

    Song Il Gook is the man….. ive been supporting korean series & movies for years now and been in love with the story lines of every list I watch and the actors and actresses of korean cinema are excellent..not just pretty and gorge faces, but talented as well…

  136. 136 : RoxyBathory Says:

    arrrggghhh!!!! why cebu?

    Although Cebu is a wonderful place, but this is a ABS-CBN-Kapamilya dominated province so I wonder if Cebuanos will give regards on Jumong casts. I ain’t judgemental, but if you happened to be Kapamilya, there is a possibility that all Kapamilya shows will be supported by the majority as well as ditching GMA-Kapuso shows.

    Second, we Jumong fans in Megamanila will have a hard time seeing him in person. In my case, I have no money or time to go to Cebu just to see him in person. Cebu is kinda’ far. Plus, I am working.

    Third, why don’t GMA make them visit here in Manila just like what they did to Yang Mi Kyung and Little Jang Geum in Metro Market! Market in Taguig?

  137. 137 : weng Says:

    Hi Prinsipe Jumong how are you now?…..im very hppy coz have telenovela like Jumong here in the phillipines…u are the number 1 famous actor on t.v. today here in the phils….and i loved all casting in Jumong telenovela…and for me the Jumong is the best of all the best..and hope jumong is never last…I love u Prinsipe Jumong!

  138. 138 : weng Says:


  139. 139 : Kay Says:

    Jumong is the best among the Korean dramas I’ve ever seen. It is very interesting because it is about how Korea came to be. Song Il Gook is the right guy for this role. His eyes were very expressive and his fight scenes were beyond excellent. Filipinos are going crazy over him. I hope he comes here someday.

  140. 140 : Tere Says:

    Hi! Jumong is realy a very handsome person. Not only that but he’s also a talented and goos actor I’ve watched all his tv series and movies. Hope he’ll visit Philippines….

  141. 141 : Lee Says:

    Ju-mong is the best koreanovela I’ve ever seen. Song Il-Guk is a very effective actor because he makes the viewer feel his every emotions. I really love every scene where his and Han Hye Jin’s (So-seono) gazes collide. It makes me wish I were So-Seono. Il-guk has the nicest nose and most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen. Wish I could see him in person! My office mate and I are certified Ju-mongers!

  142. 142 : Lee Says:

    Long Live Damul Army!!!!

  143. 143 : regine mendoza Says:

    hi jumong pls….come to philippines and marry me he he he i love you ……………………………….


  144. 144 : amber dawn Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SONG IL GOOK
    I WISH PNTA U DTO Philippines
    tungkol naman sa Jumong,i love the way so seo no and jumong talk each other.merong namumuong relasyon kakakilig!!!!!
    nainspire din ako sa paraan ng pkkipglban ni jumong and the way all they act.and also,the way they dressed,very traditional!!!!!!!

  145. 145 : amber dawn Says:

    hi jumong!!!!!!
    i always watch it.khit n mpuyat aq just to watch you.
    nakkainlove din ung song n HOLD ON by Shamrock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. 146 : anne Says:

    Song, sing the tune of Filipina’s heartbeat through visiting here in our country.
    I dont know what to say more,
    Ladies here, almost expressed what my heart feels.
    Its now my habit that before proceeding to work, I have to visit this site first to read the messages of your fans.
    And it brought extreme drive to give the best of me in all projects i’ve involved.
    You and my co-fans served as my inspiration to pursue the dreams i’ve created on my mind and in my heart.
    My love for you is typical but it simply gives me the reason to live and continue dreaming,
    Wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you are with, whenever,
    You’re safe for you’re always in my prayers.
    Keep safe.
    Hope to see you soon…=)

  147. 147 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi everyone!The whole cast of Jumong will have their vacation this coming March 11 to 14 in Cebu,Philippines..Hope to see you there!

  148. 148 : ace Says:

    hi daisy! according to one site this is his email addy.. [email protected] … so u can ask him urself…. i saw a clip of his wedding in you tube…it looks real.. but since i wasnt invited i cant really guarantee that it was! hehehe…
    if u want to read spoiler thread of jumong with pix and subtitles pls check out this link http://www.kbfd.com/message/viewtopic.php?t=442&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=285
    if u want to see pix, bloopers, bhind the scenes clip etc pls go 2 this link .. u can choose what 2 view on the right side menu http://blog.xuite.net/sheepsheepz/jumong?st=c&re=list&p=3&w=436397
    u can go to this link f u wnt to see him dancing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbOsroou2Lk

    to cherryl.. are u sure about the dates? 11-14? last time i heard its from 7-11?? is that the latest? also heard that they will be staying in shangrila…we plan 2 go the day they will arrive hoping to catch a glimpse of him…hahahhaa…

    To Roxy
    well security wise koreans would prefer cebu.. they dont hear bombs going off in public areas … plus we have lots of koreans here maybe they like what they hear about our place ..and shangrila is one of the best hotel resorts in asia…so why not cebu indeed? and u r right Cebu is generally kapamilya… maybe becoz we find arnold clavio too mayabang??? hehehhe.. and besides his bias towards the destabilizers is pretty obvious….|:P and most of us here would rather work with our govt rather than complain and whine everyday… hahahahah ..

  149. 149 : Cherryl Says:

    To Ace,I’m not sure about the dates.I just read it from the source.Hope we will hear more updates from the news to be more credible..I wish they will visit in Manila after Cebu because I’m dying to see them especially Song Il Gook..I can’t wait to see his cute face and towering height..I love u Song…

  150. 150 : reeza Says:

    im a big fan of Song Il Gook, i hope to see him in person…congrats to Jumong its a big success here in the philippines…i read on the newspaper that all the cast of Jumong is going to Cebu to take their vacation there after the last airing of Jumong in Korea…hope the GMA 7 will have a chance to interview Song Il Gook and other cast of Jumong…

  151. 151 : roger Says:

    hi you’re the best! great acting huh…..we watched jumong here in the philippines nightly….ok

  152. 152 : roger Says:

    hi to all the cast of jumong! you made jumong story unforgettable! keep it up guys! Congrats to all and GMA7! we are very proud of you. Continue doing what’s best for the Filipinos! Mabuhay!!!!

  153. 153 : Fan Club In Thailand Says:

    I Love you Song Il-Guk

  154. 154 : Neci Says:

    like everyone else, i love everything about Jumong. the casts, the locations and the actors! The best!!! Hope that GMA will get in touch with him/his agent so he can visit the Philippines and we can all see him in person… Please GMA, do something about it….

  155. 155 : ace Says:

    hi cherryl! its really imperative that il know the exact date of their arrival so would appeciate f we share info on this. my source btw is a blog of a pinay married 2 a korean and indonesian forum on jumong. what’s ur source pls? thanks.

    with regards to the cast going to MM, kayo na lang magbakasyon dto so our domestic tourism eh lalong lumakas… hehehe…. u can group urself coz tour companies wil give u better/lower rates ….besides it is cheaper here and malls. beaches, hotels are very near to each other… u can even go backpacking n cebu… u wil b breathing the same air as song ilgook…hahahaaa.. and i assure it wil b smog free!

  156. 156 : anne Says:

    hi ace,
    thanks for the source.. ive been watching it right now.
    are you from cebu? how lucky and blessed you are if you really are.
    you can be with Song whenever you want,
    i just wondering why i still havent heard any news about their arrival on tv.
    is im the one not updated or there still no tv news about it?
    It seems i cant go to cebu, coz the spreading news seemed to inform me in a lil time enough to prepare for my leave.. huhu. ive got loaded of work here, but still try my best,

    to reeza, what newspaper where you read the news? huhu, i think im not really aware of what’s going on here..

    guys, kindly inform me soon.. thanks so much,=)

  157. 157 : gerrel Says:

    astig mo……………… song il guk ang galing mong artista hanga ako sau gusto ko maging katulad kita balang araw sana pumunta ka ng pilipinas para malaman mo kung gaano kainit ang pagiging pagtanggap namin sau…………………………………….. more powers amor powers hehehehe…………san lumaki ao ng katulad mo

  158. 158 : ace Says:

    hi anne! hahaha i wish i will b that lucky! but dont think i even have a chance to stand next to him…what with his handlers around..its also a good thing coz i might embarrass myself by prostrating or by kneeling and bowing to him–koreana ang dating!—-hahahaha….am just hoping to get a glimpse of him…dont worry f i get to talk 2 him–wishful thinking— il send ur greetings ….hahaha..!

  159. 159 : Daisy Says:

    To Cari Li:

    Hello Cari Li! Thanks a lot for your messages..Sorry,I hadn`t read the part of your message when you said that your aunt still thinks Kim Seung Soo is still single…I had skipped it unintentionally,I don`t know why…Maybe when I read some of your messages,it was not here yet…That was why I was still bothered if Kim Seung Soo is still single when I posted a message here after that…Yeah..It was still Kim Seung Soo that I was sooo bothered about…It was not Song Il Gook because I knew that Il Gook is still single..My sister is an avid fan of Song Il Gook..Actually,she is so crazy about him..She is very much updated about him,she even posted many messages here..She is one of us here.. 🙂 It was my fault because I didn`t specify in my sentences–I talked about Song Il Gook and then Kim Seung Soo…It was quite confusing when I supported it with sentences with the subject `he`.. I`m so sorry… But I think you are a very smart lady..You know a lot of things and you can even find ways,very smart ways,to help us all here know the great story of `Jumong`and a lot more..I like Song Il Gook as an actor sooo much…especially the way he portrayed his role in `Jumong`…I love the Jumong-So Seo No love team very much! Actually,I like all the cast sooo much..They are one of the many reasons why the TV series `Jumong` is the BEST in all aspects!!! But my crush until now is still Kim Seung Soo…Song Il Gook`s physical appearance is almost perfect..He almost have everything best…but my heart is still captured totally by Kim Seung Soo..I never felt as strong as this feeling before..Maybe this isn`t normal…I don`t know… I felt so relieved when I read your message that your aunt still thinks he is still single.. Because one thing that bothered me more that time,was the video where he seemed to be the groom,the one you were referring to..I saw that myself too.I felt so down and very sad..Thanks to your next message to me when you said that your aunt still thinks he is single…I felt so happy then… I really appreciate your and your aunt`s kindness so much..Thanks a lot to your aunt although I feel so shameful of myself if I will ask such favor to you and to your aunt…I mean knowing Kim Seung Soo more… But I will be so happy if I will read something from you about him and anything related to TV series`Jumong`especially because you had gone to Korea and your aunt lives there…(if I`m not mistaken..? 🙂 ) I hope I haven`t bothered you and your aunt about my craziness… With or without the info–Thanks a lot again to you and to your aunt! Take care! May God bless you,your family,your aunt and her family.. 🙂

    To Ace:

    Hi Ace!Thanks a lot to your message to me,especially the email add of Kim Seung Soo. It`s so great!!! You are so kind and a very smart guy as well! I will send an email to him if I already have the courage to do so–I hesitate to do it right now…I will feel so shameful of myself if I will ask him directly in the email if he is still single or not…But I will try to do it sometime..if I`m ready…. Yeah,you`re right…I saw that wedding video myself,it looked so real! I really thought it was real especially that it was flashed during the interview..I felt worst that day,I thought it was already confirmed that he is really married….Before that,I felt so bad,I was so hurt,when you said that he is married…But that was not your fault,it was the crazy feeling that I felt…But I can`t help it.. My feeling for Kim Seung Soo makes my burden in a day lighter…It even helps me to continue striving hard to achieve my dream in life no matter how hard the hindrances will be.. It`s nice you said something here–bad news or good news,it`s alright! But I felt better when Cari Li told me that her aunt still thinks Kim Seung Soo is single..Her aunt lives in Korea..Also,my sister asked someone from other web site if Kim Seung Soo is still single..Someone said,he is…This `someone` is a korean guy.. But he is not also 100% sure… Anyway,I appreciate all your info so much! Your info,especially the web sites can help us a lot here…. I salute to all the `Jumong` fans,they all seem very nice,smart,sincere….etc….really great!!!! Once again,thank you very much Ace! Take care and may God bless you and your family always! 🙂

  160. 160 : Daisy Says:

    Hi everybody!!!! Is that true that all the casts in `Jumong` are coming here,in the Philippines,particularly in Cebu??? 🙂 If that is true,that is soooo great!!!!!! I can`t believe that they will be coming here in our country so soon!!!!!!! I`m soooo happpppyyy!!!!!!! But I`m not sure if my parents will allow me to go there in Cebu……It`s quite far from our city and my parents are so strict……….I wish they will have mercy on me………… 🙁 I really want to see all the casts! But it`s quite impossible to me because I still live with my parents………….If I can`t see them here,I hope I can someday…….If I can stand already with my own feet! 🙂 Anyway,no matter what will happen,I will pray for their safety and good health……not only to them (all the casts) but to all the fans that will be coming to Cebu too………… 🙂

  161. 161 : ebru_sohong Says:

    slm arkadaslar hiiiç boşuna çabalamayın ben türk’üm ve tuttuğumu koparan biriyim ve song’u kimseye vermem boşa hayal kurmayın

  162. 162 : ebru_sohong Says:

    arım balım peteğim gülüm dalım çiçeğim bilsemki öleceğim yine seni seveceğim….. SONG için


  163. 163 : Chai Says:

    Wow!!Is this true??the cast of Jumong are coming..Can’t believe it! I’m so happy!!Maybe they know that they’re famous already…i hope so…

  164. 164 : cleo Says:

    hiyah…SONG IL GOOK is definitely GORGEOUS! i think i’m in love !!!! (^_^)

    does anybody here know if he’s still single? hehehe!

    SONG IL GOOK will be coming to Cebu this march…he’s gonna be with the staff of Jumong…and according to my korean colleague Jumong will be ending by 2nd week of March in Korea…

    Kudos to such a FANTASTIC actor (^_^)

    oh yah…watch him in the movie THE ART OF SEDUCTION…he’s sooooo damn sexy!

  165. 165 : cleo Says:

    hi daisy!!!

    really? SONG IL GOOK is single?! yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  166. 166 : Che-che Says:

    Hope we can go hand in hand to ask GMA to make a request to the manager of Jumong to visit us here in Manila..Can’t wait to see them especiallly Song Il Gook..I’m dying to see his cute face and appealing looks..i love u Song!!!

  167. 167 : cleo Says:

    hi che-che…yah i agree…sana nman pagbigyan din taung nasa Luzon…i swear pupunta ako (^_^)

  168. 168 : Che-che Says:

    Yes Cleo,I’ve already wrote a short message to GMA pinoy TV to grant our request. Hope this works..I’m kind a excited to see him(Song Il Gook) that would be a dream come true for me..Sana magpakita ang fairy godmother ko to grant this wish of ours:)(Khit jelly ako ky So Seo No,acting lang un)

  169. 169 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Cleo! Yeah,my sister and Cari Li told me that Song Il Gook is still single.. 🙂 Cari Li knows a lot of things……….You can ask her if you want, she is very nice….or you can just read her messages above…She is one of us here…She is also an avid fan of this TV series `Jumong` and Song Il Gook…..I will also let you know if I know something more about Song Il Gook.. Take care! 🙂

  170. 170 : isabella Says:

    Hi, Iw ould just like to know if theres any news that song il-gook is visiting here in the Phils.

  171. 171 : isabella Says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Is there anybody here who knows if Bibisita ba si SONG IL-GOOK here in the Phils?

  172. 172 : cleo Says:

    hi che-che…yah sana nga pagbigyan tau ng GMA and they could arrange na mag visit c Song Il Gook d2 sa Manila…hay pupunta tlaga ako…hehehe!

    hi daisy…ang gleng nman…may informer tau abt Song Il Gook…very limited kse ung nakikita ko sa net…and yey he’s single! hehehe!

    meron kayang website ni SIG in english? kse it’s in korean…


  173. 173 : Cherryl Says:

    Yes,Song Il Gook will be visiting here in the Philippines..According to my source specifically in Cebu.Ewan ko lang kung bakit hindi dito sa Manila… I think they have more fans in Manila compared in Cebu..Baka bakasyon lang ang gusto nila at hindi magpromote ng Jumong:(

  174. 174 : -aShLeY--- Says:

    Ang galing tlga ni jumong sa Archery!!!! Khit nka Blind Fold!!!!!!

  175. 175 : -aShLeY--- Says:

    SonG II Gook is a top rate actor!!!! he was very amazing when the competion for the crown prince was started!!!! he blindfold his eyes, and starting to arch the board!!!!! it was amazing!!! I like that part!!!!

  176. 176 : diana Says:

    im…. dian …… and im also a die hard fan of JuMong kc…grabe ang

    ‘POGI POGI NYUA TLAGA…AS IN……………….dba?” ammmm sana pumunta sys d2 sa pilipinas…………………………..un lang………..

  177. 177 : Marie Says:

    well. . .Song -IL Gook is sure a very handsome guy. . At first, I couldn’t believe that he is already in hi mid-thirties but anyway my fondness of him never degrade because of this matter.

  178. 178 : Marie Says:

    He does not only possess a good physique but he is also a very good actor. His remarkable actions add more to his handsomeness (is there such a word?)…hehe…anyway, all I could say is that they really look together with her leading lady in Jumong. . .(although their age gap is quite big)…Good luck

  179. 179 : Cherryl Says:

    Song Il Gook is not only a good actor but also very athletic as well because he’s the vice president of the triathlon which includes swimming,biking and running.He studied Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts) and sword fighting styles.He got what it takes to be the perfect choice for Jumong that’s why I admire him a lot.Regarding his love tandem with So Seo No jelly ako pero ok lng un..hindi naman totoo..hehehe..Just kidding!!To Song more power!!

  180. 180 : jomar Says:

    the series were really great!

  181. 181 : BING Says:

    jumong, grabe! ang gwapo nya…tapos ko na panoorin ung 60 episodes,(bitin nga lang) pero stil pnapanood ko pa rin ung time nya s tv.. hnd ako kapuso, but i salute them for having this tv series… sana pag katapos ng series na to, ung emperor of the sea n nman..Guy’s, panoorin nyo to…as n, hnd kau manghihinayang…

  182. 182 : len Says:

    i really like Song Il Gook .. he is very handsome i wish that i am his girlfriend.. :)… i really love watching Jumon

  183. 183 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @Bing, I have Emperor of the Sea DVD and watching it on QTV-11.

    Pucha! Kung binigyang priority ng GMA ‘yan once na matapos ang My Name is KimSamSoon at hindi Love of the Condor Heroes hindi sana ma-ji-jinx ang GMA sa Koreanovela eh! One more thing, madaling makikilala si Song Il-Gook at mapapatunayang kung gaano siya ka-flexible sa acting: villain, goody, pa-cute, pa-sweet, pa-comedy…. hindi nagmumukhang awkard si Song Il-Gook. Isa pa, lahat ng aspect nabibigyang justice niya. Ganun siya ka-galing.

    Ano ba ang magagawa ng QTV sa magiging popularity ng Emperor? Bago pa lang ang show kaya it’s preferable sa GMA na lang. Dapat ang andun ‘yung Love Story in Harvard eh

  184. 184 : RoxyBathory Says:

    speaking of Emperor, hindi ako nanghinayang sa binili kong DVD.
    Maganda ang Emperor and really made sense, same inspirational value like Jewel and Jumong.

  185. 185 : ace Says:

    hi roxy! SIG indeed is a fine actor …. in fact i dont know if u will agree with me but the lead actor in Emperor to my opinion was totally overshadowed by Song il gook’s presence and acting skills… have u seen the spoiler threads of Jumong in the later episodes when he becomes king and in some scenes he was crying?? no awkardness there.. talaga effective actor siya and he deserved the acting awards he has so far received.. with a wink, a smile, a lift of an eyebrow or even an intense stare, SIG can express, communicate and connect to his audience…..
    anyway last friday i went to a resort here in cebu and asked their front desk if they received any booking for jumong they said they had inquiries but so far no confirm booking from the travel agency of the cast..and they heard from tour guides that indeed they are all coming!!! yehey! i asked becoz i thought that maybe the main cast would be booked in shangrila and some of the staff might be booked in that other resort since Koreans frequent that place as well… and btw cherryl is right there are more jumong fans in metro manila than here in cebu. in fact the lady at the front desk wasnt too excited about their arrival since she doesnt watch jumong.. hahahaha.. but as u said this is purely a vacation trip and not promo tour for them so let’s cross our fingers that GMA will be able to at least cover their arrival…
    if i see SIG i will offer my services —- as a private english tutor that is!! hahahaha.. btw is there a possibility that he is gay? i mean not being married at 36..is that the norm in korea??????

  186. 186 : leo Says:

    to song II gook….. very good performance!!!!! BRAVO!!!!
    Jumong is the BEST!!!!! I’m your avid fan, LEO from Philippines.,
    i already bought copies of jumong in dvd…i have 70 episodes yet.
    i must get the 10 epsodes left coz as far as i know it has 80 episodes from beginning to end.
    i watched JUMONG late night on GMA 7. After that i played our dvd player & get my cd to be advanced….. thats ME. im so addicted to see all the episodes of jumong!!!!
    SONG ii GOOK aka JUMONG……
    Hope u visit here in manila!!!!!
    I hope GMA & Ms. JESSICA SOHO will feature JUMONG/SONG II GOOK on her report to interview him like she did in JEWEL IN THE PALACE……
    ATTENTION: GMA 7 Request!!! Request!!! request!!! request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. 187 : ace Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaah!!! he is not coming!!! 🙂 why oh why SIG?? cebu is better than america.. why can u speak english? huh?? can u?? we have a lot of korean guides, translators and nationals here.. hahahahaha.. sad day for us jumong fans it seems SIG is going to america instead of cebu ..

  188. 188 : andrei Says:

    i believe the telenovela Jumong is awesome!!!! The story and all episode
    is all relavant!!! Kahit sub-title lang sa english di ka dapat pahuli!!! Di tulad sa Pinoy basta kahit la ng relevant sa eksena isasama pa basta humaba lang!!! I enjoyed watching this that even in DVD’s pirated 1-77 ay di ko pinalagpas. Nagkainterest din ang wife ko manood nito at parang nainlove na ata kay Jumong(Joke)!! pero mas gwapo pa rin ako!!!! Pati sa work at brktime ng mga kasamahan ko ay yun ang sa mga kwentuhan namin!!! Thats really amazing!!!
    Hope makagawa din tayo ng ganitong telenovela na pang-int’l ang dating!!!!!

  189. 189 : patriz Says:

    annyeong-sayo!!! jumong is the most hottest korean for all season his my crush ever since i grown up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hope he can get more movies luv you

  190. 190 : kim sung taek Says:

    anyonghaseyo kim sung taek im mida, hi iam sung taek from korea. but iam staying in the philipines since i was 17, pero marunong akong mag tagalog. ang ganda talaga ng jumong kahit ulit ulitin ko di ako nag sa sawa ehh 150 times ko na yata napanood un ehh kahit sa lasale un ung pinag uusapan eh kami ng mga friends ko un nalang lagi ung pinaguusapan eh di na nga kami nakikinig sa teacher namin eh. I LOVE HAN HYE JIN.

  191. 191 : kim sung taek Says:

    sana mabasa nyo to to daisy,cleo etc….. iam sorry to say this but according to my father which is the executive producer of JUMONG hindi sila pupunta dito sa philippines pero pupunta sila sa beijing,china to promote the up coming TV series in china na jumong Sa lahat ng nakakuha ng information im very sorry. but i will update u if there is a news. pero alam ko na pupunta si rain sa manila specifically sa aliw theater june 27, 2007

  192. 192 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @ace, nyahahaha! i already knew that about song il gook and his character’s overshadowing of jang bogo. siya nga ang nangibabaw.
    anyway, i find him cute….punta ka kaya sa videos section ng blog ko then click the art of seduction. puntahan mo rin ang mga videos all about song il gook and matatawa ka sa mga pakembot-kembot niya. hindi awkward.

    thank you rin sa confirmation na pupunta nga sila sa cebu for a vacation. kaya lang makakawawa ang mga fans. hindi rin nila mahahawakan ang mga jumong casts…huhuhu….

    btw…hindi ba marunong mag-english si song il-gook? kung true enough….waaaaaa! 🙁 paano na iyan….love na love ko na siya….heeeeeee!!!!! 🙁 *sniff…sniff…sniff…* ang hirap nun…
    ayoko ring isiping gay siya….haaayyy…sigh!

    anyway, si kwon sang woo nga hindi nga marunong mag-english pero enjoy galore sa sa voluntary house painting sa baseco compound eh. according sa hi! magazine pumunta ang ating very own cholo doon nang hindi sumakay ng limousine. no press release kaya hindi natin alam. napaka-bubbly nga raw ni kwon sang woo.

    @kim sung taek, kudos! first, tuwang-tuwa ako sa inyong mga koreans kasi ang dali-dali ninyong matuto ng tagalog on your few years stay in the philippines. kapag managalog kayo, tagalog na tagalog, walang speech deficiency. the best!

    btw….how sad naman na hindi pupunta ang aming cutie oppa na si song il gook….huhuhu….*sniff…sniff…sniff….* 🙁 ang daya, bakit sa china pa samantalang galit na galit ang china kaya sa jumong dahil na-offend ang mga chinese sa pinapakita ng jumong about han empire being abusive and chauvinist. should you wish to know more about that issue, check this site: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Jumong.php, and click page 2 of its thread, then click “korean historical soaps upset china”….doon ninyo malalaman ang devastation ng china sa jumong.

    anyway, glad na rin ako kasi pupunta si rain sa pinas. hoping na mag-cover ang gma-7 since ang korean hit series na FULL HOUSE na na-air ng GMA-7 ay nag-hit sa pilipinas.

    sige….go na ako…bye and nice meeting

  193. 193 : Irene Totanes Says:

    i really admire song il gook….
    i hope we meet in the future…
    i dont know why im like this??but he capture my heart…..
    he’s my dream guy…
    if im given a chance to be his wife (hehheheh kapal)wag kayo magalit sakin…..i will not ignore that oppurtunity…..

    i hope that he will saw this to let him know that i really love him…

    send me email pls….song il gook

    [email protected]

  194. 194 : Luz Says:

    to all the koreans, especially Song -Il Guk, i never thought that you are so passionate, romantic and could loved only once…jumong is “un magnifico” movie of Korean history that touched my soul… i promised myself to visit your country soon and see Song-Il Guk up close and personal and experience first hand the kind of culture you have…

  195. 195 : ace Says:

    hi roxy! who is kwan song? sorry am not really into korean dramas til jumong!! heheeh.. becoz of jumong am now watching arirang channel sa cable!! hahaa. before i wouldnt give it a glance pero lately i find time to check out arirang hoping they would feature SIG…jhahahaha..
    yes, ihave seen that video where he was dancing in fact i added it to my youtube fave list hahahaa. i watch it again and again.. i read that song il gook is going to america then together with some of the cast would go to china on the 17th march.. .. the cast of jumong is supposed to arrive today but i dont have plans anymore to go 2 shangrila or the airport.. was only planning to “stalk” SIG but since he isnt coming.. oh well…. i read na the summary of episode 80 and eagerly awaiting the summary of the last episode .. *sigh* am feeling sad that it has enedd in korea.. but at the same time happy coz i know am about to get a copy of the last 21 episodes and hopefully they would include the special shows presented last year –interviews and behind the scenes vid, bloopers etc– .couirtesy of course from our friends in the world of piracy.. what will we do without them??
    does anyone know how i can download a video from youtube to my pc so i can transfer and store it to my PDA? would love to know how.. thank u ..

  196. 196 : ace Says:

    hi roxy .. again! hehehehe… is it a complete video of the movie art of seduction? the one in ur blog? is there a pirated dvd of art of seduction with sub here in the phils? i check my “suki” but she doesnt have… any suggestion roxy where i can get a copy of it? thanks….

  197. 197 : anne Says:

    hi roxy and ace!
    thanks so much for the info,.. just dont get it. this means song and the cast will not go to cebu this march instead, theyl go to america then after to china?is it?

    haay, you know guys, havent met you is ok. I know how you truly admire and love Song, That would be enaf for me. All of us love him.. Thanks for loving him.(though its not a big deal for me, whats my care if how many people loved him?right!) but for me, knowing that there were so many fans loving him, gives happiness to someone, such me. and i just sighed”haay, Song if you would just know how many of us here in the Phil loves you. You were so lucky.”

    Guys, thanks so much po..

  198. 198 : Cherryl Says:

    Hey,guys!Song Il Gook is not coming here?how sad..huhuhu!I can’t believe it.I thought I will gonna see him already..Sayang:(huhuhu)..I think he want to take a break and have some fun..Sana kasama niya ako:(daydreaming) Wish ko lang makita siyang masaya.Happy na rin ako..Basta para sa akin. He’s the best actor in Korea at saka sobrang pogi pa.I love u Song Il Gook.

  199. 199 : Jhing-jhing Says:

    My family here in Zamboanga, Philippines love your show Jumong… You’re a GREAT ACTOR! Hope we can watch more of your shows!

  200. 200 : louie(girl) Says:

    Grabe!!! Ang guapo2 tlaga ni jumong…He’s one of the best actor ng koreanovela…He’s appeal, eyes, lahat na yata..He captivated not only the heart of the filipina but even the heart of many filpinos for being so great…yun nga as what I read curious sila if he is already taken..ako rin..and who is the lucky and unlucky girl? lucky kasi xa napili ni jumong and unlucky kasi one of these days mabro2ken hearted lang xa dahil papalitan na xa ni jumong…dHIL ko ang pipiliin nya…bwahaha….hehehe

  201. 201 : sher_ann08 Says:

    Nice work guys. The T.V. series Jumong is truly a wonderful series!!!!

    And congratulations 2 Han Hye-jin and Song Il-gook!!!!!!!

  202. 202 : patriz Says:

    eloe!!!!!! ikonw many of you love song IL gook and me too. i really like him iwas really inspired by his movies… i hope can be your friends out there and talk about him……….. song il gook ilove you…….

  203. 203 : patriz Says:

    SONG IL GOOK(JUMONG) annyeong-sayo
    i hope that you can visit in our country and hoping to see you personally
    wishing you have a nice and wonderful career. i’ve already watch all your tv series i buy it in korea……. i konw that you will more sucessful than ever…… stay cool………………… and also the fans of song il gook hope that we became friends…….. sarang heyo!!!!!!!!

  204. 204 : rb Says:


  205. 205 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @anne, they will go to cebu for a vacation….ace just mentioned it so far he checked (or his friend?) the bookings in shangri-la cebu….sheeezzz….

    pupunta sila sa china? goodluck! galit kaya ang mainland china sa jumong at isa pang drama related about goguryeo echos. kaya dahil sa pagkakalahad ng jumong regarding HANS as ABUSIVE AND CHAUVINIST maba-ban ang jumong sa Mainland China. Tingnan mo pa ang mga articles kaya sa Hancinema.net.

    Oo nga may mga nagkakagusto kay Jumong pero alam mo naman ang mentalidad ng mga pinoy viewers dito….nationwide….marami ang kilig kuning-kuning kay Joo Ji-Hun (Prince Gian) na imbalanced ang looks….LOLZ!

    @ace, Don’t you know Kwon Sang Woo? You haven’t felt the Korean Wave so much….anyway, he is famous as Cholo (or Cha Song-Joo) of Stairway to Heaven and a leading man of Choi Ji Woo as Jodi (or Han Jung-Suh). Check his profile at http://www.hancinema.net. makikita mo naman sa main page…KWON SANG WOO….click mo iyon, kahilera ng PRINCESS HOURS, SONG HYE-GYO AT TREE OF HEAVEN.

    paano na iyan, kumalat na ang news na pupunta ang casts and crew ng Jumong….aaarrrggghhh!!!! Kahit man lang interview hindi ko makikita ang “jowa” ko….yay! Weeeeee……bakit, may mag-ii-stalk ba kay Ilguki? Haaay nako….siguro nga if they have no more plans the better. Isa pa, baka magawan sila ng mga anti-Jumong ng issue or anything na pwedeng ikabagsak ng Jumong sa ratings. Alam mo naman ang worst case ng Network War dito, di ba…. at mga Kapamilya rito lumalala na ang rabidity na kahit exclusive thread sa mga blogsites ng Jumong hindi nila pinatawad at sa Hancinema pa nanggulo! the performance of Jumong nationwide is not so good…masama…sayang! Hindi exceptional ang ratings nito sa Megamanila but hindi na rin masama….at least nung natapat sila sa PBB2 consistent na sila sa pagkapanalo. Ganyan naman eh! Ang Channel 2 talaga pinagpipilitan ang kanilang Big Brother sa mga Koreanovela ng GMA-7 sa pag-aakalang mananalo sila.

    about art of seduction? sa youtube ko iyon dinownload! wala akong dvd nun kaya nga naghahanap ako nun eh! inaantay ko na rin ang 6th and 7th DVD ng Jumong….sana nga may episode 80 na iyon!

  206. 206 : RoxyBathory Says:

    shet! ang dami pa rin nung kay Gian mukhang shokla…hehehe

  207. 207 : remy Says:

    hi,i would like to know,when will song II kook visits the philippines,im so excited to see him.i love u jumong!

  208. 208 : remy Says:

    hi,i would like to know ,when will Song II Gook visits the philippines.im so excited to see him in person.i love you JUMONG! can you send me pictures .

  209. 209 : ace Says:

    roxy!!! hahahahahahaah… frankly i havent seen that goong thingie @ abscbn..so when u said the guy looks like a shukla nagka interest tuloy ako.. i mean i wanna see what a shukla really looks!! hahaha.. .. but i ‘ve heard a lot about goong coz the yaya of my son’s classmate is a big fan!! hehee.. btw am a SHE , a mother of 1 — am always being referred as HE in this thread– anyways ANNE,the CAST are COMING but SONG IL GOOK is reportedly NOT rather he would go to the USA for a vacation according to a statement released in March 5 –read this in soompi thread i think– .. as of yesterday afternoon when i went to the airport –not to wait for their arrival *hahahah* but to book sana tickets for Hongkong i asked around if the cast of jumong arrived.. unfortunately most ppl i asked didnt know what and who is jumong!!! hahahhahaa.. so i just asked if they have seen a hundred or so koreans arrived that day .. they said korean air will be arriving later that night.. so perhaps by now they are here.. but am no longer excited since SIG is not coming….
    roxy how do u download the video @ youtube to ur pc?? i so desperately want to copy that vid of SIG dancing to my PDA so i can see him dancing whenever i want too without logging on to my pc.. pls advise.. thanks 😀

  210. 210 : Zandra T Says:

    waaa. Grabe na ang fever ng jumong. Marami na may Jumongitis. Too bad Song il Gook is not coming over to the Philippines. Maybe someday ano? Di masyado mataas rating kasi sobrang late na palabas. Anyway my prediction is lalong tataas rating kasi nagi spread by word of mouth na the best ang jumong. Good luck to all Jumongers. Lets have a fans club kahit electronically magcommunicate kasi mukhang we are all busy working or studying. Lets have a head count of how many we are all over the country. Si Roxy ang President. Who knows that someday we can invite Song Il Gook here. In hawaii the fans engaged in fund raising campaign to make it possible for song il to visit them.

  211. 211 : LoVe_SaKURa Says:


    Me and my family are fun of watching JUMONG…. to the hghest level…..
    super cute at handsome pa….. si Song IL Kook

  212. 212 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @ace, owmigawd! you mean sa cebu? wala silang idea what the heck jumong is alongside the cast? sabagay, cebu is a kapamilya-dominated province that is why they have no idea about gma local and korean shows….hahahha!

    regarding goong (princess hours), check http://www.hancinema.net. you can see how faggot-looking joo ji-hun is….LOLZ!

    regarding song il-gooks inability to come to cebu alongside jumong casts, that’s okay. maybe for good, that’s what i think. baka kawawain lang siya ng mga jumong bashers doon. I guess mas marami yatang jumong bashers doon…hahahha!

    at sa youtube, depende sa blogsite meron ka eh. ang sa akin lang, may instructions na naka-salang na sa multiply.com kaya kina-copy-paste ko na lang ang link from address bar sa pag-pe-pastan ko. ‘yun na! hindi ako nag-save ng video sa PC from youtube ng mga videos na nakukuha ko run. hindi ko rin alam how to save it in pc eh.

    @Zandra T, GMA-7 ang may kasalanan din kung bakit hindi gaanong humataw ang Jumong. I’ve told you about the case of Emperor of the Sea @www.filipinasoul.com. Hindi pa rin maalis ang pag-worry ko sa Jumong ratings. Kapag bumaba ang ratings nito sa GMA-7 ang may kasalanan niyan. Paano na lang kung mas ipalate ang timeslot ng Jumong? Sana hindi makaapekto ang timeslot sa Jumong, after all, Jewel in the palace nag-hit inspite of the timeslot.

    What matters to me most is at least it consistently wins over Pinoy Big Brother season 2, proving Big Brother is not powerful enough

  213. 213 : ek Says:

    hi to everyone can you give me the whole profile of song il kook thankz!!

  214. 214 : ace Says:

    hi roxy!! hahaha. just tonite i took a peek of ur faggy friend gian -hahahah!!– from the other channel…hehehe and his looks talaga will appeal to the younger set .. sa acting and sa dating he s soooo for teenyboppers..while SIG is truly pang matrona–ahem–este for the more mature!! hahahahhaa..

    well i check YOUTUBE’s policy they dont allow downloads pala so there is no way pala to get those videos from their site so what i did was to write to those ppl who uploaded the videos i liked and begged-!!- that they email it to me.. 🙂

    hahaha.. i tried to embed those videos to my multiply site as well but to no avail!! i pasted it on the CSS thingie but nothing came out of it…i really dont know how.. i mean i want it to play automatically when somoene opens my site but i dontknow how.. so i tried to embed it by copying and pasting and posting it in the blog but it didnt come out like what i wanted!!! …am sooooooooo pathetic!! .. any tips roxy?

    dont know if there are jumong bashers here but well they are entitled to their own opinions and its their lost if they dont get to see JUmong not ours!! hahahahha..

    according to a local report today the whole cast arrived on a chartered flight and booked 90 rooms in shangrila!! wow!! but no mention of song il gook so nawalan ako ng interest even to see the other stars.. what can i say to them? pls have this photo sign by SIG and send it back to me sa pinas??/ hehehee.. there was no video that came with the news but am hoping that tomorrow they will have things to show kasi i think their crew is stalking the cast!!! hahahaa.

    roxy, u know i like jumong not for the kilig moments between jumong and ssn but becoz i like the story , cast , direction, sound etc.. but some of the viewers though are in it for the kilig factor –based on some comments on other threads–. this is more noticeable in the younger set watching jumong.. am just hoping that when the story would no longer touch so much on the love angle they would still be there to watch jumong.. but i guess ppl at GMA would be editing and dubbing it to appeal to most pinoys love for love triangles ..

    oh btw for the fans of young po i read that he was not able to join the cast in coming to cebu as well.. …

    and roxy i know pala kwan song at least i saw him sa stairway .. since my mom is a true koreanovela fan i was able to see stairway and i agree he is a cutie!!! but i got bored watching stairway coz the crying and the running away from each was too much for me.. .. hahahha.. depressing and redundant na… if i am not mistaken i think he is shooting a new movie in korea at the moment.. i think it was kwan who was featured recently in arirang channel filming a new movie.. … somebody should release korean movies here most preferably SONG IL GOOKS movies !!! hahahaaa.. who was that guy in that k drama the one wearing glasses they say started the korean wave? bae something ? the one in the sonata whatever dramas? i think he pales in comparison to our Song Il Gook!! hahahahaha..

  215. 215 : zandra t Says:

    Its confirmed folks, Jumong cast minus SIG arrived in Cebu. May pictures posted ng fan sa http://WWW.IGMA.TV/FORUM. Lets post comments in that forum.

  216. 216 : mark dacascos Says:

    The best korean action series… Elibs ako dito combine with Action and love story… 🙂

  217. 217 : naomi Says:

    Elow!! new joiner dito pero I LOVE JUMONG!! maganda talaga ang story. By the way, I am from cebu. Lahat kami ng family ko are going crazy with Jumong.

  218. 218 : ace Says:

    To Zandra T: those pix were not taken from Cebu International airport .. most probably from Korea since they are wearing coats.. Mactan Airport arrival area doesnt look like that..

    TO ROXY !!!!! whahahahaha. Guess what?? we saw the jumong ppl!! weeks ago we were planning to go to Shangrila and stalk SIG but since we knew he wasnt coming we abandoned our plans na.. but since we were in the area we just came from the airport we decided to proceed to Shangrila and we were ohhh soo lucky!!! it was like it was all timed by someone above that upon our arrival there were two buses parked just outside the lobby and we saw koreans getting in!! OMG!! i knew it was them.. i immediately parked and rushed my mom and son to the lobby unfortunately tho the last 3 persons boarded the bus and it closed and went off.. but according to the guard whom we asked to confirm if it was them boarding the bus he told us that not all went and the ladies are inside having just come back from island hopping!! wheeeeeeee!!! now roxy you would not believe our luck . .just as we entered the lobby we run into the lady playing Seolran!!!1 she is pretty!! prettier than on the show.. very short!! she reminds me of my auntie small boned
    /framed.. since i didnt know her name i just said Oh ur from Jumong and she smiled!! God!!! i wish i brought a camera!! sorry i didnt have a cam and when i tried to get my cellphone my son scampered off to terraces of the lobby lounge so i lost the op .. next we went to the cowrie cove on the way there we saw some koreans near the pool i swear they were part of the Jumong group coz I saw the guy playing Moogol approach them!! hahahaa.. so u think our luck ended there?? it didnt .. later after we ate in a restaurant we dropped by the supermarket as we were about to cross i saw a bus and it was the same bus which left the hotel earlier … but i wasnt sure .. but then it stopped in front of us –coz the street was congested– and guess who i saw sitting in the aisle seat in the midsection of the bus?? the guy playing geumwa!!! wow!! i was holding my son on one hand who couldnt keep still while i tried to get my phone so i can take a shot and the guys in the windows did wave when they saw me aim the cam at them but unfortunately as i clicked on the capture button the bus moved !!! waaaaaaaah!!.. so roxy was i lucky or cursed?? first i did see them but not han hye or kim seung soo.. and did manage to take a pix but they were all a blur or too far since it was taken from the phone cam!!!

  219. 219 : Daisy Says:

    To Kim Sung taek:

    Hello Kim Sung Taek! It`s amazing that you know Tagalog so well! That`s great! Thank you very much for the info… 🙂 I think many or maybe all of us(fans) here in the Philippines are sad about your news that the casts of `Jumong` didn`t or will not come to Cebu,Philippines at all…We really want to see them all.. But I know all of us do understand also that they did or will do that for a reason… Maybe they are more comfortable going to China..or maybe they really love to go to that place ..or there`s something that they want or have to do to that place..Whatever that may be, I know they did or will do the right thing… I know they will not do something that can make their fans disappointed… I know they love their fans.. Wherever they`ll go,whatever they`ll do, I know we all (fans) respect and support that… It`s our wish that they will enjoy and be happy to their vacation..If they are happy, we are happy too..After all, it will not end there… There is always a chance to see them all(our favorite actors and actresses in `Jumong`)… There is always a hope.. Maybe few days from now, GMA7 will request them to visit here,in our place.. Or maybe we can go to their place someday.. We are glad you tell us something.. Thank you very much again for your concern to us all here… I would like to ask you something if you don`t mind.. 🙂 How do you find Philippines and the Filipinos? 🙂 I hope you enjoy in your stay here… Also one more thing…if it`s ok……Do you think Kim Seung Soo is still single? 🙂 Do you know him? 🙂 I wish you do……. Ang kulit ko no? Pasensiya ka na…Curious lang kasi ako sa kanya… Crush na crush ko kasi siya… 🙂 I hope you had and will have a great time writing here sometime…. `Til next time, take care! 😉

  220. 220 : ace Says:

    To Daisy: THEY ARE HERE in CEBU! EXCEPT for SIG and Young Po that is .. i saw them with my own eyes and the hotel staff confirmed it when i went to shangrila this afternoon… i was face to face with that lady playing the wife of daeso .. when she heard me say Jumong she gave me a big smile… i saw geumwa and that guy playing moogol.. unfortunately i didnt see Daeso.. perhaps he was with the group in the bus or maybe he was resting when i went there and not with the crowd in the pool coz according to a hotel staff some of them just came from island hopping… IF U REALLY LIKE KIM SEUNG SOO GET THE EARLIEST FLIGHT TO CEBU TOMORROW COZ U MIGHT STILL BE ABLE TO CATCH THEM!! 😀 here’s a plan for u: hop on a plane then go straight to shangrila and hang around in the lobby or at the pool u will not miss them!! or u camp out at the departure area at the airport til they arrive.. good luck!!!

  221. 221 : Lily de Guzman Says:

    Whatever people says, no program can top over any program of GMA, am a solid kaPUSO, my TV channel is fixed at Channel 7 only. And Jumong will always be No. 1 Yes Song Il Gook is such a good actor no doubt. And this Jumong series is something to catch everynite, as in walang tulugan never miss a nite. Even though I finished it already in Korean version, would still love to repeat it in tagalog version. How I wish GMA can put the tagalog version into dvds so I can keep it, and watch it over and over, Jumong story is nicely written, each cast portray its rule so realistically. Hmmmmm galing talaga ang mga korean actors and actresses. More power to GMA, more of this kind of series. Lastly can anybody provide me a list of all characters in Jumong up to the guards and maids. Everybody did well kasi and want to know them all. Thanks happy viewing everybody…

  222. 222 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi Ace,
    Really?The cast of Jumong arrive in Cebu?Pero wala si Song haayy!!If he came maybe I’ll be the one stalking them..Is it true that he’s going to the US?Naku baka gusto niya ng American size..hehehe joke!!I think he’s not very happy with the ratings bcoz of the late timeslot..I already requested GMA before they came to change it but they’re so stubborn to do so..Buti nga sa GMA!!kainis!!Minsan nakakatulog ako sa kahihintay..But Jumong is worth watching kaya ok lang kahit magkakaeye-bugs ako.Truly,Jumong is the best koreandrama ever.Song il Gook can act and kick with passion and power to bring out the life and story of the korean hero.Song il Gook is the ultimate heart rob!!To Song more power and God bless!!i love you Jumong!

  223. 223 : anne Says:

    hi ace!
    wow! you are not just lucky, you are super, duper, mega lucky. As im reading your story.. i felt im also in that situation as you give detail by detail.
    I almost felt what reaction i’ll feel once im the one who were there,. I pictured out very clearly, when you saw them on the lobby, on bus.. etc. it seemed by those words i almost there. Thanks Ace.
    You have your baby? Are you husband or wife? Sorry for this questions if it wil gonna offend you in some ways.. (smiling!). It was just became curious. =)
    BTW… have you seen Seseono and Yuhwa? how does Geumwa looked in off cam? How bout Hae Mosu? isnt he there?
    I observed that after his part in Jumong, seldom i heard details about him. FYI, With their effective participation esp played in char of Hae Mosu, i believed the intro of the series and the key to its success was that part, Geumwa and Hae Mosu fighting Han as Damul troop.
    Haay,, i kinda had a crush with his character, Hae Mosu.

    Again, Ace, thanks fot your info. Having no opportunity to go there at Cebu, but with you story, youd almost brought us,, (Jumong fans..=))

    Have a nice day!
    Thanks again.


  224. 224 : Daisy Says:

    To Ace:

    Hello Ace! 🙂 WOW talaga ang experience mo!!!!!! You are soooo lucky, not cursed, I guess! 🙂 Pero nakakabitin pa rin `no pag hindi mo makunan ng pictures or video kung nakikita mo na talaga sa sarili mong mga mata.. 🙂 Nakakainis naman, nainggit ako sayo!!!!!!!!!! As in!!! Super inggit ako!!!!!! huhuhu! 🙁 Gustong gusto ko silang puntahan pero hindi talaga ako makapunta….nakakainis! Nainis talaga ako sa sarili ko…Ang lapit lapit na ni Kim Seung Soo, naiisip ko na nga ang maamo niyang mukha…naimagine ko pa ang mukha at tindig niya pagkababa sa plane…Siguro tumungin siya sa palibot niya…at nilalanghap ang hangin…at pinagmasdan ang palibot…. Hanggang langit na sana ang saya ko nang mabasa ko ang latest message mo dahil parang abot-kamay ko na siya… feel ko real na talaga ito ngayon.. Si Kim Seung Soo, makikita ko na,hindi na impossible..kahit hindi niya ako mapansin o makita.. Pero kung iisipin ko naman na talagang hindi ako makapunta, naiinis talaga ako sa situation ko! Ilang oras na lang at makikita ko na sana ang taong inaasam-asam kong makita kahit sa panaginip lang…at ito pa ngayon totoo na talaga sana… Pero hindi talaga puwede…dahil barko lang ang kaya kong maafford papunta Cebu and it will take one night bago ako makarating,another night naman sa pag-uwi ko.. Alam kong hindi papayag ang parents ko, kaya naisip ko na tuloy na di muna magpaalam sa mga parents ko,kahit hindi tama,basta hindi lang ako mabisto dahil may sakit ang papa ko ayokong mag-alala sila ni mama, dahil gustong gusto ko talagang makita sila lalo na si Kim Seung Soo..Pagdating kay Kim Seung Soo, parang wala akong hindi gagawin… pero hindi talaga ako makapunta dahil talagang mabibisto ako sa two nights ko sa barko,sa pagpunta at pag-uwi ko..Ayokong mag-aalala ang parents ko, mahal na mahal ko sila lalo na`t may sakit pa si papa..Hindi rin naman sila papayag kung sakaling magpaalam ako na pupunta ako sa Cebu kung wala akong sapat na dahilan sa aking pagpunta, hindi ko rin naman puwedeng sabihin ang totoo… Nakakainis talaga ang situation ko….. Pero salamat Ace ha at sinabihan mo kami dito.. Sorry hindi ko nabasa sinabihan mo na pala ang iba na nandito na sila.. Salamat talaga..at least kahit hindi ako makapunta pero natutuwa ako at naisipan nilang pumunta dito..At least nagagandahan sila sa place natin..Sana mag-enjoy sila sa vacation nila dito… Kung sakaling makakuha ka ng pictures o video sa kanila kung makikita mo sila ulit, pa-share na man oh.. hehehe! Di, joke lang…hindi naman siguro pwedeng magpost ng pictures or video dito no? 🙂 Pero, biro lang talaga nakakahiya na man sayo… Pero talaga nainggit kami sayo…. Gustong gusto ko talagang makita si Kim Seung Soo pero ok lang hindi pa talaga siguro panahon…. Mag-aantay na lang ako na darating ang panahon na makatayo na ako sa sarili kong mga paa..hindi naman siguro yun matagal masyado…sa tulong ni Lord.. Pero wala naman akong sama nang loob sa parents ko kung protective sila masyado, naiintindihan ko sila… Pero sayang talaga dahil pangarap ko talagang makita si Kim Seung Soo at ang lahat ng casts.. Once again, thank you very much Ace for sharing with us your very nice experiences there in Cebu with the casts.. Napasaya mo kami dito masyado kasi nafefeel namin yung nafefeel mong excitement nang makita mo sila and everything…..Feeling namin parang nandoon na rin kami.. 🙂 Sana marami ka pang makita diyan lalo na ang crush ko sana makita mo rin… Share mo sa amin ha kung may bago kang experience diyan with them… 🙂 hehehe! Di joke lang, nakakahiya naman sayo kung parang nagdemand pa ako… Pero talaga thank you sooo much sa lahat lahat…sa concern mo sa akin at sa amin lahat dito.. Sayang wala si Song Il Gook at the one playing Young Po…Mas marami pa sanang matutuwa kung pumunta rin sila dito.. Maybe some other time… makikita natin sila lahat… 🙂 Good luck to your activities there Ace! May God bless you and your family! Take care! 😉

  225. 225 : Mrs. Zeny Sarte Says:

    Song Ilguk is a top rate actor. His eyes are strong and steady and show determination; yet he has a humble and gentle disposition. Seeing him makes one feel like he’s a very warm and personable fellow who is very much down to earth. He can really act and the way he delivered his performances simply melt the hailstone in my heart. He deserve to be the best actor.

    To MBC, keep producing quality drama. Hope the story right of the next great drama will be given again to GMA 7 ‘coz it’s our favorite local tv channel. More power to Song Il Guk, the great writer behind the Jumong, and to MBC!


  226. 226 : oxygen Says:

    hi to all jumongers!!!

    im a very avid fan of JUMONG!!

    i really love this OST of jumong series:


    Hey, baby, how’s life been movin’ on?
    I can’t deny it, now you are gone
    This is the first time
    Can I make it through?
    Without you now, do the things I used to do

    It’s getting harder to ease the pain
    The feeling changes, love still remains
    I don’t know how if I can get this right
    Maybe given time
    I’ll make the most of what I’ve got

    Is this the price we pay
    With all the good times we shared
    Faithfully, we’ve got a reason to go on
    I know it’s good to be true
    Just spend the nights with you
    Let me tell you that our love can make it through

    Hold on, baby hold on
    We’ve got to go on now
    This feeling so strong
    Hold on, baby hold on
    It’s a burning desire
    Comin’ right down the wire

    Sweet talking it’s all in the line
    There’s no turning back
    Unless you make up your mind
    The expectations after all of these years
    Risin’ to the moment let’s forget all our fears

    Is this the love we have
    With all the good times we shared
    Faithfully, we’ve got a reason to go on
    I know it’s good to be true
    Just spend the nights with you
    Let me tell you that our love can make it through

    Hold on, baby hold on
    We’ve got to go on now
    This feeling so strong
    Hold on, baby hold on
    It’s a burning desire
    Comin’ right down the wire

    And when the night is over
    Well, no one can deny it
    Got to believe in
    We couldn’t ask for more
    Than to hold each other tight
    It’s just we’ll never take things for granted

    Hold on, baby hold on
    We’ve got to go on now
    This feeling so strong
    Hold on, baby hold on
    It’s a burning desire
    Comin’ right down the wire
    Hold on, baby hold on (hold on)
    We’ve got to go on now
    (You can hold on to me while I hold on to you…)
    Hold on, baby hold on… (hold on)

    A very keen and dedicated actor in his carrer…
    very seductive and handsome..
    has a killer smile and tantalizing eyes..
    thats way i really love him so much…

    hai… very hot!!!
    i cant sleep if i cant watch his series…
    jumong of my life….

    you make us crazy and wild…
    you rock our nyt!!!!
    love you jumong!!!!
    love you song il gook…
    nababaliw na tau dahil sa kanya

  227. 227 : Daisy Says:

    To Song Il Gook and Won Ki Joon(Prince Young Po):

    Hello guys! I`ve read in one of the many messages here that you did not go with the casts in their vacation here in the Philippines.. I think many of your fans that went to Cebu did miss you so much guys.. I know how much they wanted to see you two.. Me too, I want to go to Cebu to see you all there but I can`t because my parents are strict and Cebu is quite far from our city.. But I know they understand why you did not come.. We love you all..all the casts in `Jumong`.I hope you can visit to our place (Philippines) someday.. We will be very glad to welcome you two with your friends or loved ones here.. Take care always! 🙂

    To all casts in `Jumong`:

    Hi everyone! Thank you soo much for coming to our place! Although I haven`t seen you all there because I can`t go to Cebu but I`m very much happy here, reading the experiences of those fans who saw you there in Cebu.. I can feel their excitement and happiness! I was so excited and happy too reading their experiences… I know there are still a lot of fans, maybe millions, who love all the casts and the TV series itself sooo much that wish also to see you all but can`t go to Cebu and some of them don`t have computers at home and don`t visit your websites.. But they love you all and your TV series sooo much! They do everything not to miss your TV series even late at night..I wish you will enjoy very much in your vacation here in the Philippines! We have a lot of very beautiful places to go too! I wish you can visit to these places too.. I hope you will come back here sometime.. Take care always! 🙂

  228. 228 : Daisy Says:

    I know, you all (casts in `Jumong`) have millions of fans here in the Philippines..Almost all Filipinos love your TV series so much! Ladies and gentlemen (young and old) and even children, single and even married people like `Jumong` very much! We do everything just to see it late at night..Even gentlemen have very funny and even very hard experiences, not just the ladies, just to see `Jumong`! Although, many of us can`t go to Cebu, don`t have computers to visit in the web sites and don`t go to the internet cafe’ to drop by here and write messages but we all continue to love, support and watch `Jumong`! We love all the casts and will support every project that they will have in the future! I just hope we will have them all here in the Philippines! Take care to all casts! May you all have a great time here in your stay! Enjoy and have fun!!!!

  229. 229 : Che-che Says:

    Hi everybody!Good news coz the cast of Jumong came to Cebu but the bad news is wala si Song Il Gook(my love)..hehehe..Hindi ba niya to nababasa? Wala ba tayo halaga sa kanya??huhuhu:(Todo preparation pa naman ako.. Pero ok lang baka one of these days..He will come and surprise us with his cute looks and killer smile(nakakatanggal ng underware)hehehe joke lang!

  230. 230 : Sexysiren Says:

    Hello Jumongers!!Grabe!!Sobrang addict na ako sa Jumong..Hindi completo araw ko paghindi ko napanood si Song Il Gook.Kung buntis ciguro ako baka siya na ang pinaglihian ko.Kaya siya ang screen saver ng computer namin..

  231. 231 : ace Says:

    hi ANNE! 😀 hahaha. am a female (the last time i looked anyway!!heheheh.. ) seriously u can imagine the state i was in i was in: the midst of so many koreans near the pool and i was trying to see if i recognize any of them from the show while at the same time trying very very hard not to stare too much and keeping an eye on my son who was running around and playing .. FRUSTRATING talaga!! anyways regarding ur Q on gemwa –well he looks….. OLD!!! ahhahaa/.. well let me say CUTE NA MATANDA… i only saw his face since he was sitting down .. good thing really that the lights of the bus were on so the interior of the bus was clearly visible .. i am currently watching a drama at arirang channel ODE to lOVE which stars the guy playing geumwa and that lady who played irene.. he is indeed a good actor..

    you are right anne both of the so-called veteran actors who played haemosu and geumwa were good and they kept viewer’s interests in the drama even before SIG came in the show..

    btw anne in another thread i am in, a lady there had a good fortune of taking pix of some cast members while they were in restaurant or something .. although she has not posted these pix yet i am giving u the link so u can check once in awhile and see her pix.. http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=686d6f1899fc123f0d5f4823f9e8008d&showtopic=37559&st=3160
    i dont know if u can access that link if ur not a registered soompi member just try.. if not then just register its free! 😀

  232. 232 : chayie de pon Says:

    Anyong Haseo Jumong fanatics!!!! i’ve have never seen such a hot actor like him haha!!!!!!! I can’t believe he’s already 35,….. not in the looks,, i just wish i can go to korea to meet him in person… there are lots of Jumong DVD’s here but i wont buy one coz…. i want to feel the excitement everytime i watch him in TV. i just hope that his fellow koreans ,that i almost bump on streets, here in the philippines support him as well. Song il gook sarangheo!!!! SARANGHE!!!!!

  233. 233 : Hotvixen Says:

    Guess what,guys!Song Il Gook was engaged to get married before Jumong was offered to him.But something went wrong kaya hindi natuloy(buti nga!) hehehe!Well,maybe he’s waiting for me hahaha!Dami ko sigurong karibal:)

  234. 234 : ace Says:

    hi hot vixen! yes, i read one post in another thread that he was indeed engaged before but the person who posted this didnt put any links re this news.. do u have any link we can read? also in another thread someone mentioned about a girlfriend and posted a news link with a picture but i wasnt sure if it was the girlfriend becoz it was in korean!! ahahhaha.. but if it was really his girlfriend then i can say i am prettier than her tho she was way more slim than i am– a hundred pounds slimmer!!!!!!! hahahha there was even a comment that the girl looked OLD!! hahaha. sadly i cant recall na what thread it was..

  235. 235 : Hotvixen Says:

    To Ace,Han Hye Jin is also engage..huh what a relief.Kala ko sila ni Song Il Gook.Hindi naman gwapo ang bf ni So Seo No pero siguro loves niya un..

  236. 236 : RoxyBathory Says:

    hi hotvixen and ace:

    so, engaged na pala ang papa ilguki (Song Il-gook) ko before the shoot of jumong…huhuhu….hindi natuloy? akala ko ba single and having no gf ang papa ilguki ko…sabi kasi ni Cari Li eh…and that’s the latest.

    so, back to singlehood ang papa ilguki ko ulit? although malungkot din dahil single siya ulit kaya lang….SANA AKO NA LANG….HUHUHU…..JOKE! 🙂 HEAD-OVER-HEELS NA AKO SA KANYA, PAANO NA IYON….

  237. 237 : RoxyBathory Says:

    in addition to my papa ilguki, huwag kayo magagalit…kaya lang alam ninyo ba na sa asianfanatics forum may halos naghinala kay Ilguk na baka bading siya kaya 36 na and still single?


  238. 238 : RoxyBathory Says:

    heto ang message ni mommyofmoo:

    song il gook is a hottie!! | and he can act too!! but am just wondering is he gay? is it common in korea for a guy to be a bachelor still at 35? if he is gay what a waste!!???? waaaaaaa.. ;\ .. anyone can confirm this?

  239. 239 : whitespirit Says:

    Guys…Song IL Guk definitely not gay. Actually lahat ng mga sikat na actor sa Korea ay hindi talaga agad nag aasawa agad like Jang Dong Gun (All About Eve)-another handsome man indeed, is already 36 so as Bae Yong Jun 35, they are advised not to get married early because it will affect thier career since their fans are mostly female. In case of Song IL Guk ngayon pa lang siya makikilala ng husto, so I dont think na he will get married any time soon, maybe 2 years from now pa.So rest your worry..If I’m not mistaken I believed his ex girlfriend was the lady who played the wife of Yun in Emperor of the Sea and also she’s the one who started in the movie 100 Pound Beauty just recently released. I’ve seen a lot of picture of them together particularly on the set of Emperor of the Sea and the other dining out with Song Il Guk and with his sister. But that was just an assumption, but it looks like it though. Actually ayaw ko na nga mag browse ng mga picture ni Song IL Guk sa net niya kasi puro girls ang kasama niya iba-iba. Selos tuloy ako…(joke) I feel in love with Song Il Guk in Emperor of the Sea, then watching him in Terms of Endearment..God I wanted to marry him..Ganda ng role niya sa Terms of Endearment…I love the scene when he was holding the baby twins….ahhhh it will break your heart, and the last scene when he was crying when he met her daughter so touching. He is really an incredible actor. Then Jumong… gosh…I will give my life to him..

  240. 240 : Leizette D. Says:


  241. 241 : peach26 Says:

    hi ace…
    isa rin akong “jumong” fans…wish ko lang sana pagbigyan tayo ng GMA na ma-interview nila si Song….Like kina Rain ng Full House…Sana pumunta uli si Ms. Jessica Soho sa Korea to interview si jumong…huhuhu…I already watched episode 1-77, hay bitin wala pa yung sa ending kaya bitin ako… Yung sa episode 77 ay nakita na ni jumong yung anak nya sa Yuli or Yuri…..Ganda talaga ng Jumong!!!! D BEST!!!! Please ace tell me kung san pwede makakuha ng mga wallpaper ni Song Il Gook…Thanx..

  242. 242 : rhoda_msun Says:

    one of the best telenovelas ive ever seen.congratulations son il gook and to the staff of jumong

  243. 243 : jenet Says:

    hi,to all jumongers rock and roll na!jumong na tayo sa telebabad!nothing compares ang galing ni jumong,grabeeee!pogi na gorgeous pa!saan ka pa?i love you jumong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244 : ace Says:

    hi ROXy and WHITE … oi roxy, mommyofmoo=ace 🙂 thats me noh… i posted that. hahahaha. yes, i really wondered for some time if he was but now White has answered my question .. that could be true that most of them dont get married early becoz of fear that it will affect their careers..since posting that i’ve observed his actions and mannerisms sa mga videos behind the scenes and some interviews and i saw naman na manly siya altho in some cases para siyang bata medyo mischievous..
    hi White is that the same girl na medyo very thin at medyo mukhang older than him? i saw a pix na nalink sa isang thread i think the girl was naka white they were together and they had pix near a door , street etc .. according to the person who gave that link that was his girlfriend pero when i opened the site wit the pix it was all in korean so i had no idea what the article was about and the pix looked like publicity shots.. where did u see a pix of him dining with his gf and sister?? pls give me the link i want to see that..

  245. 245 : cari li Says:


    its been a while. but as i was going through the post, i understand that ace wanted to know how one could download from youtube so…

    to ace:

    hi, sorry. i was one of those posters who thought you are a guy. so sorry. anyway, to make up for that, i’d like to help you on how to download from youtube and save to your pc. its actually easy, however, the first two things you would need are one, an flv player and two, a flv converter.

    both of which you can download for free however, the free flv converter usually places a watermark on the video it converts or others cuts and doe4sn’t convert the whole video, so basically its worthless unless you purchase a registration key online or better buy a cd that converts.

    i suggest you buy MOYEA flv converter. its easy to use. i purshased mine online and paid through bu card. its just a one time payment but its kind of pricey considering you would be paying in dollars. but if you could look for ‘pirated onse”?, that would work just the same.

    so here are the steps:

    1. from yahoo or google site, search from the web KEEPVID

    2. it will show you different hits, just choose the one where it’ll say KEEPVID: download videos…

    3. you should be seeingh keepvid logo which is in apple green.

    4. once there, you’ll notice there are three buttons below the logo. RECORD, CONVERT AND PLAY.

    5. choose the play button first. it will prompt you to download an flv player. download one for free.

    6. next is the convert button. actually, you would be needing this only if you wish to be able to watch the video you would download on other jets (gadgets) other than your pc such as ipod or your cell phone, dvd player etc…

    7. choose moyea (this one is the best for me. its easy to use however, like what i have said, unless you made purchase, there will be a watermark on the output video it’ll convert. but the goodnews is that if you’d be converting, say, a video from youtube wherein you only like to get the background song, you can convert it to mp3 and there would be no problems.

    8. after downloading both, you are now ready to get videos from youtube.

    saving from YOUTUBE:

  246. 246 : cari li Says:



    here is how youd save from youtube:

    1. make sure that the keepvid site is still open.

    2. open another browser and go to YOUTUBE site.

    3. choose the video you’d like to download.

    4. run it or play it.

    5. if you are sure of the video, you can pause it and save the url of the video. copy/paste works.

    6. paste the url on the space privided in keepvid. the long one on the left inside the green box.

    7. then, on the next space beside the one where you pasted the url, choose youtube then click on the download button.

    8. notice that once you pressed the download button, the url on where you have typed it would disappear and there would also appear another box which will show (in gray and underlined usually) the url you’ve typed
    and under it the word download also underlined.

    9. point your pointer and RIGHT CLICK on the download word right below the word original link:

    10. choose, SAVE LINK AS.

    11. your pc would prompt to save your video as get_video. change that to any name that you like BUT DON’T FORGET to type .flv after.

    ex. get_video = carili (my choice of name) + .flv

    so it’ll look like this caril.flv, then hit the enter button. it should download then. remember though where the file would be saved? you can check it by right clicking to the video while downloading and choose properties. you’ll find it there.

    12. after which, your pc would inform you that your video has finished downloading. choose open and automatically, it’ll be opened by the flv player you’ve downloaded and you could view your video.

    now once you have decided to convert it (because videos from youtube could only be saved in flv formats thats why the need of a converter) to say, mpeg (for viewing in dvd players or vcds), you can work out the MOYEA converter or whatever converter you would like to use as long as it’ll convert flv files.

    using moyea is pretty easy, you just have to open the video.flv and set your settings then convert. after which you can then burn it to a cd or send it to your ipod or pda or phones…

    i hope i was of help to you. its true that downloading in youtube is not allowed but if we want to, there are always ways…

    i’ll be keeping more in touch.

    to daisy, cherry, anne and roxy, miss you guys…

    cari li

  247. 247 : katie Says:

    i think i’ve fallen inlove already with jumong(song il-gook). . he is so handsome. . i’m looking forward to see him in person if he visits here in the Philippines. .he’s so cute. .is he still single? i hope so. . love yah song il-gook mwah!!!

  248. 248 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi cari li, it’s been a long time since we haven’t heard from you.I thought you went to Cebu to meet the cast of Jumong.I wish i was there too.Well, good for ace,she saw some of the characters.If Song Il Gook was there i guess i will fly my wings and take off hehehe :)Anyway,i still hope that he will come and visit us here..Don’t lose hope mga fellow Jumongers!!

  249. 249 : Hotvixen Says:

    Yes,it’s true..Song Il Gook is childlike offcam but that would only prove how excellent actor he is.He’s very versatile and yet humble.If you’ve only seen him in the victory party or the awarding of Jumong.He’s very down to earth. Kaya to Song Il Gook,saludo kami sa you.You’re the best among the rest!!!

  250. 250 : Sexysiren Says:

    To katie,Yes!Song Il Gook is still single but i think he’s not available:(huhuhu kasi he’s about to get married or engaged before Jumong is given to him!! But it was postponed or cancelled don’t know why?(good for me) hahaha:) Same thing to So Seo No,she’s also engage to someone else(buti na lang). Kala ko sila na ni Song Il Gook(jelly ako)May dream wedding pa naman ako together with him sa bundok ng asin..para mas romantic..hehehe..lol

  251. 251 : Che-che Says:

    To all avid fans of Jumong..Mabuhay!No. 1 na tayo.Keep on viewing mga Kapuso para maintain yong ratings na mataas.Kasi this would encourage GMA to conuct an interview with Song Il Gook and eventually invite him here in the Philippines..diba!Kasi last week the cast of Jumong came over in Cebu But without Song Il Gook maybe he didn’t know that he’s famous already especially in Manila.Hay..naku!Kung alam mo lang we’re waiting for you!

  252. 252 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @ace, thank you! I’ve never thought you are mommyofmoo….so you also frequent asianfanatics.net? cool!

    @cari li, sure…. I’ve missed you a lot….and the rest of us here

  253. 253 : ace Says:

    To Roxy: i went there once or twice lang.. actually i went to almost all sites i could find regarding Song Il Gook and Jumong !! hahahaah (thats why i cant recall na all of them!! ) hahaha..

    To Carli: wow! thanks for the very detailed info.. unfortunately i am not technically savy.. but i saved the instructions u gave and i might just go to an internet cafe where there is a technician who can do it for me… i really hope i can put my fave videos in my pda so i can show it to my friends who are not yet into SIG!! heeheheh.. thank you again carli.. 🙂

    To Hot vixen: i saw on youtube his acceptance speech when he won the MBC awards earlier this year and his speech ( if he made it and if it was really his ideas) then i can say this guy is more than just a pretty face .. nationalistic siya and talagang proud to be korean.. i understand that his maternal great grandfather and grandfather were important and famous policitians and nationalists.. and i also read in a news archive that his mother ran for an internal position in a political party in korea but lost .. then later his mother asked him to publicly support a politician and from that he drew some flak from the public.. some were saying he is an actor and he should not interfere in political affairs.. but song il gook who is known to be very close / devoted to his mom (can we then call him mama’s boy??heheheh) said that he couldnt refuse his mom when she asked him with tears in her eyes!! wow!! wish my son would grow up to be like SIG ..naku kawawa ang maging daughter in law ko.. !! aside from having to contend with a lot of rivals (gwapo anak ko eh!! hahahah) she has to contend with me pa!! hahahahah .. anyways hotvixeni havent seen pa videos of the victory party only pix.. is it in youtube ?? i will check it later.. thanks 🙂

    anyways to all SIG fans i learned from another site that he was in All About Eve.. supporting cast lang siya like a friend to the warren character and its so timely coz its showing again at QTV.. i think it started last monday replacing Emperor of the Sea.. *sigh* maybe next week we will see him… also yong guy who plays mari (the leader of oyi and hyeopo) is also in it.. friend din siya ni warren .. am just waiting for SIG to appear then i wont watch it na.. i hope QTV wont edit the scenes were SIG appears!! 🙂 hahaaha

  254. 254 : Blake Lumasag Says:

    Congratulations Song Il-guk,
    Im from Mindanao, Philippines. Ur movie made us crazy all from kids to adults, male and female, ur acting is excellent plus ur leading ladies and supporting actors are just that good and beautiful. We talk about Jumong in school, in jeepneys, and even after church services with its fans! crazy people but u brought joy atleast. We bought already advanced JUMONG DVD! from CD 1-7 already Episode 1-75!!!!!! from Manila pirate industry ,,hehehe. We defeated people in Manila by buying and geting too advance. We cant wait any longer for our local tv GMA7, so crazy people here fought for the next series, hehehe. Believe me, people in the remote provinces, as long as they have tv or CD player, theyr watching even if they dont understand English or Korean.
    More power and do ur best, I hope all ur casts will visit our Philippines!

  255. 255 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Cari Li!!! Welcome back! 🙂 We missed you too…..We are very glad that you are here again.. I thought you went to Cebu to meet the casts of `Jumong`.. Have you gone there? 🙂 I haven`t because my parents didn`t allow me to.. But it`s nice that Ace did.. She shared her experiences here.. I felt so happy when I knew it..I thought,maybe the casts find our places here very beautiful..what do you think? 🙂 Thanks a lot also for the steps you gave to Ace, it can help me a lot too.. 🙂 I can use it too sometime… Take care always! 😉

  256. 256 : Daisy Says:

    Hi guys! I wonder if the casts are still here and what they are doing…..? Maybe they hop from island to island…or stay in a certain place….or went home already? What do you think guys? 🙂 I`m just curious… 🙂 I hope Song Il Gook and Won Ki Joon(Prince Young Po) will visit here too…. 🙂

  257. 257 : ace Says:

    hi daisy .. they left na… pls see my post 233 .. click on the link page so u can see some of their pix posted by grace at soompi.. she was very lucky to be there when they checked out and had her pix taken with the cast…

  258. 258 : Daisy Says:

    I saw pictures from one of `Jumong` fans in other web site…Actually,two of them(fans) were in the pictures with the different casts of `Jumong`..But I did not see Kim Seung Soo.. I wonder where he was and what he did at that time…? But I was so happy,really, when I saw the casts` pictures there with them..It was really real!!! The two girls were really lucky, they had that opportunity..and that they actually saw with their own eyes the casts that went there! It`s nice that they posted the pictures… 🙁

  259. 259 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Ace! Thanks!!! 🙂 Yeah, I saw the pictures… My sis opened those pics… Maybe those were the pictures you mentioned in one of your messages here..Thanks again so much! Take care! 🙂

  260. 260 : Daisy Says:

    But I will also take a look at the one you said recently…Thanks a lot Ace! may you will have a very good night sleep! 🙂

  261. 261 : Hotvixen Says:

    Guess what..guys!Song Il Gook is looking for a sports oriented and very athletic woman which means he’s looking for a playmate..hehehe:)not a wife.. sounds weird but it’s true..Don’t know maybe his ex-gf is not very sporty.While Song is very active in sports like swimming,biking and even running.He’s full of stamina and endurance.Kaya kahit ilang rounds kaya. hahaha.Well,Song Il Gook is really papalicious yet so hard to get naman:)

  262. 262 : Sexysiren Says:

    To Hotvixen,he’s not engage but he has a gf already 5 years younger than him.In fact he said in an interview that it’s too early to talk about marriage. Well,good for us aspiring to be his future wifey..hehehe..Seroiusly,i think it would affect his career and fame especially now that he’s at the peak of it. Let’s do hope that he would forget about it and get too busy to think about marriage for a while or for that girl..she’s my age(ibig sabihin my chance:)

  263. 263 : RoxyBathory Says:

    haaayyy… anakan na lang ako ni papa ilguki ayus na iyon…. hahahah!

  264. 264 : aLexa Says:

    “I would rather have had one breath of his hair, one kiss from his mouth, one touch of his hand, than eternity without it.”
    …i am so fascinated on ur stories about prince ju-mong, and so impressed that we all both feel the way Ju-Mong touches are hearts…
    currently, i am not in our country (phils) to watch it every night… but, before i left, i was able to watched a few episodes and got a chance to see the dvd but haven’t finished it, very sad…
    knowing Song Il Gook is still single is such an amusing and interesting fact, @ least we could just dream that we are his wives (just being true to myself that having him as my husband will be very impossible). 🙁
    nevertheless, i would say that seeing him in person and talking to him (given a chance) is such rewarding… 🙂
    …anyways, i really enjoy this info, and thanking you all for sharing ur thoughts & feelings and being part of this eccentric & remarkable korean drama Ju-Mong…!!!

  265. 265 : Blackmamba Says:

    I really enjoy watching Jumong though at first it was a bit boring..But as I watch it everyday.I started to get hooked and became addicted to it.I felt like it’s part of my everyday life and daily routine.I even get sad when it’s week-ends coz i will not be able to see him and his adventure.Sometimes i just wish that i’m So Seo No and we’re holding each other for a long time 🙂

  266. 266 : Blackmamba Says:

    Watching Jumong was just out of curiosity ‘coz Song Il Gook looks like my exbf but as i continue watching it everynight.I think i’m head over heels in love with him..He’s definitely gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal..Wow!! this man rocks my world and rules my flesh..Jumong i’m yours..take me!!

  267. 267 : Eden Claire Says:

    Seems like a lot of ladies got hooked to Jumong..in the affirmative, I say “someday, I will marry this man” 🙂

  268. 268 : eisey Says:

    hi guyzzz….. =)

    just wondering if anyone of you know what’s song il gook official website? thanks ang hoping for a response…. god bless us all =)

  269. 269 : Katrina Says:

    hi to all fanz of Jum0ng i’am the one of his fan in the philippines. i really love song il gook i always watching his movie. i also like the theme song of jumong “hold on.” its the burning desire comin right down the wire…… i hope someday that he will visit here in the philippines and meet him in personal. he is so very handsome and adorable. all my friends and my cousins are also fan of song il gook of jumong. you are sooo veryyyyy handsome. I love you very much. mwahhh……(**,)

  270. 270 : Sexysiren Says:

    Hey guys!I saw the victory party of the cast of Jumong and Han Hye Jin was very conscious about her hair because Song il Gook is beside her..she keep on flipping and combing her hair with her fingertips which make her look so tense and uncomfortable..She even cries while delivering her speech which makes her look so pity(halatang tense siya)bakit kaya?dahil sa katabi niya si Song Il Gook..deadma naman siya nito..hehehe(jelly lang ata ako) 🙂

  271. 271 : Hotvixen Says:

    To sexysiren,yeah i saw it..she’s so pretty pero mas beauty ako sa kanya.. hahaha!I think she felt something for Song il Gook coz she can’t look at him eye to eye.Yes,i notice that she’s so conscious on her hair and she’s almost speechless and she looks so tense and uneasy parang nenerbiyos ang mare 🙂 baka naghinayang dahil tapos na ang Jumong..tapos na ang maliligayang araw ni So Seo no hehehe!Feeling ko nadevelop nga siya dahil super gwapo at cute ang bida natin..kaya to all jumongers..keep on watching!!

  272. 272 : ace Says:

    just read from a thread that he already has a new gf of 5 months.. ..copy pasted post of [email protected] soompi re translation of an article in korean :

    ‘jumong’ song il-guk has fallen in love.

    song il-guk (35) is currently seeing a 5 year junior ‘future prosecutor’ miss A (30).
    the two first met late last year, introduced by a reporter from star news, and have been dating for 5 months since.
    miss A who has grasped song il-guk’s heart, is currently in training for justice admistration.
    she is said to be of elegant height and slender figure, who is beautiful and cute in image.

    because the two have been separately busy with their work and studies, they have thus far communicated mostly by phone,
    but upon the end of ‘jumong’ filming and miss A’s acceptance to exam for justice administration, they can focus more on cultivating their relationship.

    song il-guk’s attraction to miss A is based on her genuine and pure, cautious yet free spirit.
    meanwhile, miss A’s attraction to mister song is due to SIG’s wholesome lifestyle despite being a star, his modesty and masculinity.

    neither wants to interfere with each other’s career, and the two are carefully cultivating their love.
    song, who was raised in a strict and disciplined family with christian religion, has found himself a woman with a good heart who plans to serve the public.

    김수진(기자) [email protected]
    translation [email protected]

  273. 273 : zandra t Says:

    Nice to know that SIG is a Christian. A Korean wrote in Filipina Soul that he must be a member of some cult.

  274. 274 : chrysttam lao Says:

    I was not satisfied with the ending of Jumong..it was only narrated that Jumong died at the age of 40 and Dae-su was killed by Jumong’s offsrping..Jumong did not even knew who killed his mother, seems the ending was being short cut perhaps to lessen the cost of production..jumong part II?? hope the korean producer would think of it. 🙂

  275. 275 : Seysiren Says:

    Jumong is really getting better..I’m not surprise kung bakit maganda ang Jumong kasi i’ve heard that it was a big hit in Korea.But i’m surprise that it would be addicting and will make every woman’s heart fall in love for Song Il Gook..Truly,Song il Gook has it all with regard to looks,talent and sports inclination yet still he manage to remain humble and simple to the public eye which is very uncommon for a handsome rich guy..He may not be perfect (since nobody is)but one thing for sure whoever(woman) had capture his heart..surely wins a lottery..:)

  276. 276 : Blackmamba Says:

    Jumong is a bit naughty and irresponsible at first but that didn’t keep him from accomplishing his dreams and making a difference for his country.. It’s an inspiring movie to cherish that no matter how lousy and loser you are before..Still you can change and triumph later on if you value you’re God given talent and strength..for the better and benefits of human race..and that is what Jumong is all about change,sacrifice,altruism and love.Watch it and feel the energy,passion and determination of Jumong..enjoy watching!

  277. 277 : Blackmamba Says:

    To hotvixen and sexysiren, guys let’s forgive So Seo no kung ma-inlove o madevelop sa papa Il Gook natin kasi kung tayo nga nainlove kay Jumong na hindi natin siya nakikita..siya pa kaya??Lagi silang magkasama sa set o taping.It took them 10 months to finish Jumong..They’ve been together for quiet a long time kaya may pinagsamahan din sila..We will just wish them goodluck and more power..Anyway,i’ve heard that Han hye jin is engaged kaya hindi rin siya broken hearted if they did not end up with each other..

  278. 278 : mary joy Says:

    oh…i never thought that jumong is really nice. A beautiful story that every body will love..If i started to watch the jumong no body can sisturbed ever…i love jumong

  279. 279 : shiela may abao Says:

    i’m in love with you ju mong =)

  280. 280 : shiela may abao Says:

    please e-mail at me.. i’m ur avid fan =)

  281. 281 : malou Says:

    hello! jumong is a very good actor and hoping he visit phil. god bless u more power…….

  282. 282 : nicole Says:

    i really like jumong mr. song il gook i love you so much really hope you can visit our country and im very happy that you are not married. hahahaha like you so much

  283. 283 : nicole Says:

    love you

  284. 284 : Mamita Says:

    I am your no. 1 fan in the Philippines. I love you so much SONG IL GUK. You are sooo handsome and oozing with sex appeal. Hope i can see you in person either here or in Korea. I loved all your Korean TV dramas, aside from Jumong and Emperor of the Sea; Terms of Endearment (Conditions of Love) was the best that I seen on DVD. I really cried a lot on Conditions of Love from beginning to end of the story and your acting in that story is so natural and boyish looking as compared in Jumong and Emperor of the Sea wherein your face is so serious and rarely smile in that story. Jumong is no. 1 in the Philippines now.

    More power to you SONG IL GUK !!!

  285. 285 : arvhy Says:

    ..oh..jumong..i love you!!!
    your the best..
    i reall really like it..
    especially you..you come here in the philippines..
    more powers and goodluck..

  286. 286 : mrz_freeme Says:

    Hi everybody

    http://www.barunsonenter.com, SIG official website……

    Please log to http://www.igma.tv/forum TO SUPPORT jUMONG BLOG…..


  287. 287 : 정하성 Says:

    형 저는 정하성이란 아이인대 위애 이걷들을 읽으니까 참 한국사람인개 자랑수럽내요. 형 딴 드라마들도 많이만들어서 이사람들을 기쁘개해주새요 당현이 저도 기쁘죠 한국사람이여서 참좋아요 전 형아 팬임니다..ㅋㅋㅋ

  288. 288 : 정하성 Says:

    재 한국말이 이상하면 좀이애해주새요 전 지금 필리핀에있어서 1학년때와서 잘몰라여 감사합니다형..ㅋㅋ 형 화이팅!!!

  289. 289 : aries Says:

    jumong no.1

  290. 290 : aries Says:

    jumong married so seo no

  291. 291 : aries Says:

    you are so handsome

  292. 292 : juni Says:

    Hi! I am your avid fun in jumong series which currently showing in the Philippines. I already finish the 80 episodes of Jumong. Actually, me and my aunt is crying when we saw the final episode of jumong. If I were Jumong, I won’t let my Queen (Seo so no) to leave the country.. Well that is just my opinion only. However, the series makes viewer really cry. By the way, may God bless you always in terms of your career and your family cycle.. I love you Jumong.. Ingat (take care).. 😉

  293. 293 : shiela may abao Says:


  294. 294 : Nenita Says:

    I LOVE YOU “SONG IL GOOK”. You’re no. 1 “Sarang” in my heart right now even tho you have a beautiful lawyer girlfriend. Hope to see you more in Korean TV dramas.

    Good luck and God bless you always…………

  295. 295 : Lina Says:

    Mabuhay from the Philippines!!!

    I really fell in love with SONG IL GOOK right after i’ve seen Condition of Love and also Jumong. You’re the perfect guy that i’ve been dreaming of.

    Hope to see you in person here in the Philippines.

  296. 296 : gumai Says:

    hello sexysiren would like to ask where did u watch the victory party of the Jumog casts..any link where i can watch it too..thanks a lot:)

  297. 297 : Sexysiren Says:

    To gumai,i forgot the link..what i can remember is search it in google and click the link which says korean inside victory party..then click play icon.. hope that helps..if not search it in google toolbar..you might find it..

  298. 298 : Blackmamba Says:

    Song Il Gook’s girlfriend is not yet a lawyer..though he’s taking up law. Pero hindi pa rin siya considered na lawyer.Besides wala pa naman plano si Song il Gook to get married anytime soon..He even said that it’s too early to talk about marriage..Kung nagkahiwalay nga sila ng showbiz gf niya na 5 years na sila eh yon pa 5 months pa lang sila..It’s too early to tell pero i’m happy for him para hindi siya pagdudahan na gay..His lovelife isn’t his top priority as of this moment coz he’s afraid that it will affect his career..Sayang kung masisira lang ng isang babae..He’s not stupid to let fame die out so easily.. Pinaghirapan niya to kasi marami namang babae diyan..i’m one of them. 🙂

  299. 299 : Hotvixen Says:

    Iba ka talaga Song il Gook!3 months pa lang ang Jumong pero marami ka ng nabihag na babae..Ano ba talaga mayroon ka??gayuma,anting-anting? hehehe..you don’t need to answer that!i know what it is..good looks,talent and humility..Hope you stay humble and down to earth..Keep your feet on the ground always coz you’re so irresistible and delicious..Astig!yet you’re so yummy and hunky.Be yourself,don’t have to be perfect to make us like you cause you’re exceptional..You’re they man i’ve been looking for!!keep up the good work..We’re here to support you!More power and God bless!!

  300. 300 : Daisy Says:

    Hello everybody! I just wanna say I like the stares of the two princes (Prince Jumong and Prince Dae So) to Lady Seo So No last week so much!!! The time when they talked about their love to Lady Seo So No…Boy, my heart melted… As in!!!! I nearly cried because of the intense emotion that I felt that time,I was so touched… They reminded me of someone… hehehe! No,just joking… But really I like them very much!!!!!!!!! If Kim Seung So will give me that look, I will give my soul!!!!!!! hahaha! Just kidding, I will only give my soul to God, but really those were the looks or stares that I almost can`t say no to the two princes if I`m Lady Seo So No… But of course she has to choose and her heart got a choice already because only one man can fill the space of her heart and that is Prince Jumong.. I really love the Jumong-Seo So No love team so much!!! Nakakakilig!!!! Bagay na bagay talaga sila!!!!! Si Prince Dae So naman……BAGAY KAMI!!!!!! hahaha! Pero medyo hurt ako sa mga tingin na yun ni Prince Dae So kay Lady Seo So No no? Jelly (jealous) yata ako kahit acting lang yun!!! 🙁 Naiinis ako pag nagpakita na ng interest si Prince Dae So kay Lady Seo So No,hindi ko naman sinasadya…Katulad ngayon..ganun na naman…Ewan ko ba,I really can`t help it,my heart ached talaga every time I saw him looking at her kahit pa favorite ko silang lahat! Gustong gusto ko ang lahat ng mga actings nila.. Kaya nga avid fan talaga ako sa TV series na ito.. The stares of the two princes seemed so real! I almost believed those were true that they really came from their heart, that the two actors (Song Il Gook and Kim Seung So) really have feelings for Han Hye Jin! Or maybe they are just very competent actors that they did their role so great! Or maybe…BOTH…huhuhu! I can`t accept it if that`s the truth.. Kim Seung So is still my only crush since I knew him.. But Song Il Gook is also great!!! If Kim Seung So is not in `Jumong`,if I didn`t know or see him, my crush would definitely be Song Il Gook because I like him very much as Prince Jumong and as an actor but just like Lady Seo So No, the space of my heart is enough only for one man..And you can`t teach your heart who to love… 🙂 hehehe! Ang corny no? Pero totoo… 🙂 Good night guys and may God bless you all! 🙂

  301. 301 : Pam Pingol Says:

    My family especially my kids love watching Jumong, we really love this korean novela it’s one of the best. He’s a great actor and the rest of the character of course are all great we like them all. More novela from Song Il Gook. From all of us Pam, Gilbert, Louis, Migs, Tim and Lola

  302. 302 : wHeng Says:

    o.m.g dami na p lng my crush k song ii-guk hays grabe…hehehe d me mgttaka so handsome kc ni “JUMONG” thats all

  303. 303 : arlene Says:

    your d best, your such a good actor. i hope to see u here in the philippines. you have so many fans here watching “JUMONG” in GMA-7.
    your so handsome, i like your smile… keep up the good work..

    god bless…

  304. 304 : doreen Says:

    hello… im ur avid fan here in the Philippines, i always watch ur korean drama here entitled “JUMONG”, love to watch it because it gives us inspiration to be a strong and a better person.

  305. 305 : len Says:

    i simply love this guy!!!

  306. 306 : Sexysiren Says:

    Hay…Grabe!!Song Il Gook you’re so addicting and exhilarating..Lahat na ata ng thing nasa yo na!Your stare makes me melt like a candle and shine like a star..I feel like it’s me you’re staring at(in my dreams).Tama nga si hotvixen Ano ba talaga meron ka?Hindi ka naman sobrang gwapo.Kaya feeling ko my gayuma ka!O di kaya na love spell na kami sa yo that makes us fall for you. Sayang taken ka na..huhuhu!! 🙁 Basta for me you’re my hero.. 🙂

  307. 307 : gumai Says:

    guys do u have any picture of the girl she’s dating now? im just cuious what she looks like…

  308. 308 : zandra t Says:

    Hi fellow Jumongers,

    The video on this site is a must see. It’s from Mr. Kang of Korea. This is a TV special shown after the airing of Jumong ended in Korea. Sort of a tribute to the cast.

    Daisy, you must see this video. You will see a lot of Kim Sung Seo here. An incident where he was hurt while riding a horse is shown. Enjoy.


  309. 309 : ****gladz**** Says:

    Song Il Gook proved his great acting prowess in his character Jumong.

    His eyes depict intensity and empathy.

    God speed!

    I love you mahal!!!

  310. 310 : majo Says:

    yes , yes , yes! like all others who are certified jumongers, i can’t get him out of my system. though I have finished the 81 episodes , i still see myself looking forward to going home early just to catch him on daily GMA’s series and afterwards, seeing him once again on the dvd’s all over again. hay… when can i stop falling for you, Song?

    btw, am worried with our local actors, they seem to fall short of Song’s popularity and achievements, we sound to be unfaithful to our fellowmen, wat do ya tink, friends?

  311. 311 : Hotvixen Says:

    To majo,you don’t sound unfaithful to our kababayan..You’re just being true. There are also good actors here in our country but.. it’s the script that make me sick and tired of the cyclic nonsense storyline..I think it’s the scriptwriter we should blame not the actors..Song Il Gook is just like any normal actors with extraordinary talent and looks that could melt (according to sexysiren).
    I just wish that our showbiz industry could make some growth..and produce more significant teledrama that would prove our creativity and artistic talent.

  312. 312 : Blackmamba Says:

    Hindi lahat ng mga korean movies ay maganda.Though some are good but Jumong is the best!We can make good movies too..If our producers and directors are open to changes like making a sensible dramas with thoughts and feelings for the people and not just for the two lovers..It’s a kilig part if two person are so much inlove but it’s sometimes boring if the whole story ay iikot lang sa lovelife..I think it’s so much better if they will include some friends,politics and national matters that sounds realistic and historical like Jumong!We can make our own that will bring us so much pride and honor!

  313. 313 : chai Says:

    Well,Jumong indeed a once in a lifetime historical drama(that could launch a thousand ships parang helen of troy) with a one in a million talented leading actor Song Il Gook..I can’t help it when I’m watching Jumong but cry,laugh and even shout with excitement..not to mention the action and kilig portion. Song Il gook’s really driving me crazy..making me wet and wild!!hahaha!! 🙂

  314. 314 : Ju meng Says:

    jumong no.1 in new york philipines

  315. 315 : zandra t Says:

    SIG is the man.

  316. 316 : majo Says:

    to hotvixen: thanks for your comments. may it will be an eye opener to all people related to the showbiz industry, from the producers, scriptwriters, directors, actors, actresses, etc…
    may “jumong” be their inspiration to unwrap the potentials of good pinoy actors who can be at par with SIG or better surpass the acting excellence he has shown.

  317. 317 : milfeulle Says:

    i watched him in the movie ‘the art of seduction’ though his acting was not so watchful you’ll love him there coz of i think natural talent to seduce women, i think.

  318. 318 : Sexysiren Says:

    I think the two(Song il gook and Han hye jin)have mutual feelings for each other coz if you’ll watch their Jumong promotion show..She can’t look Song Il gook in the eye..but she’s not like that with her co-star..Is she just angry with SIG or defensive..either way i think tinamaan siya ng pana ni Jumong! If it’s strictly professional nothing personal..then why can’t she had an eye contact with Song il gook?Siguro may feelings siya for him!..halata naman!

  319. 319 : Daisy Says:

    To Zandra T. and Mr. Kang from Korea:

    Hello Zandra T.! Thanks a lot for the video! 🙂 You`re so kind! 🙂 Thanks a lot also to Mr. Kang from Korea… It`s so nice of you two doing it…We really appreciate it very much! 🙂 I enjoyed a lot looking at the first part of the video, the time when the casts of `Jumong` were being interviewed on stage although not all of them were there… I keenly observed their faces especially my crush Kim Seung Soo.. He was soooo handsome!!!!!! Especially when he smiled, I felt hot!!!!!!! hahaha! No,just joking..:-) But really my eyes was fixed totally on the screen,I didn`blink every time he appeared…:-) But they all looked great especially Song Il Gook and Han Hye Jin also! They looked so nice on their suits and dresses! I also listened carefully to their talks eventhough I couldn`t understand what they were talking about.. I wish someone will tell us here what they were talking about… I also listened keenly to their voices especially my crush.. He spoke very nicely..He has a very good voice quality and also the other casts(Song Il Gook,Han Hye Jin and the rest).. But there was a time when many white envelopes with heart seals appeared when Kim Seung Soo face appeared on the screen while Han Hye Jin was talking..They were like love letters..weren`t they? What do you think? 🙂 Maybe there were lots of girls or fans wrote letters to him and honestly, I was one of them..hehehe! Actually they were emails, I mean,I sent him emails… 🙂 I was kinda jelly (jealous) at that time because many envelopes appeared..You know, a little bit…. 🙂 I couldn`t help it.. Actually I was not surprised if lots of girls like him so much.. Handsome actors and actresses like them really have lots of admirers.. But I really felt bad when I saw a part of the video when Kim Seung Soo was accidentally hurt,the time when his horse tumbled although it happened maybe many months ago.. The camera focused on his wound on his left palm,I think.. It was big and I thought it was really very much painful because it seemed superficial.. How I wished I was the one nursing him that time..Although I`m not a nurse but I wanted to nurse it gently with love… (Ang corny no? hehehe! But that was true! :-)) I don`t want to see him hurt.. (Really…) But he was strong because he stood up right away after he fell from the horse and you couldn`t see on his face the pain he felt.. Thanks God that was before,it was already healed because if not, I will be very much worried.. Once again,thanks a lot to the two of you..You made your fellow jumongers very happy…I know they were also very much thankful to you two…Thanks a lot also for your time posting it so that you could share it to us…. A lot of us here also are like you two..They also shared what they saw.. It would only mean that we really love our favorite actors and actresses so much..It would also mean that you are really very nice!!! 🙂 Take care always! May God bless you,your family and other loved one(s)…. 😉

  320. 320 : rose a. ramo Says:

    am a great fan of Jumong – its really a great, nice and fantastic telenovela (thanks to GMA kapuso network for always giving us novelas with great story , casting and good lessons to learn after watching them). nakakapuyat but its worth watching. Jumong is so simpatiko and a very good actor. Number 1 talaga!

  321. 321 : sheena Says:

    your so cute.even my boy frinds like your show.and your leading lady is pretty.you have many viewers here in the philippines.i hope that you will visit the phil.i love al the ast of jumong !!!!!!more power……………..

  322. 322 : sheena Says:

    hi to all the fans of jumong.jumong gwapo ka talaga.i like you.lalo kapag naka formal suit ka.sheena fr. cotabto city

  323. 323 : haemin Says:

    song il gook
    ur great i alredi watched jumong full.. so very long.. so long long chpter.. lol.. haha ^^ nice!

  324. 324 : Che-che Says:

    Hello!Yeah,Song il gook is really great!superb!fantastic!awesome!handsome! Gentle yet strong,loving yet mighty,humble yet superior!!I really admire him in Jumong because he made a lot of sacrifices even his own happiness..for the sake of the people and its freedom from oppression..Jumong brought to our hearts and minds the essence of living and the meaning of our life..why do we exist??what are we here for??to fight for what is right!face your fear! overcome the challenges,surpass the obstacles coz without it..life is boring!!

  325. 325 : shie_yang Says:

    hi! im from philippines…. watching JUMONG made me realize the beauty of history… the story is so good.. makes the people getting more excited everyday just to fins out what will happen next… the suspense is really present.. and it will make you “kilig” with their love story… as in super… i bought a dvd for me to watch… even if its to matagal to finish the entire episodes its worth it.. because those who made this film really made sure that masses would love seeing this movie…. the actor, SONG IL GOOK is really good and he played the role very well… super galing in using the arrow and bow… Congratulations!…

  326. 326 : chrysttam lao Says:

    before..I was so excited watching Jumong…now that I’m through with Jumong,..there’s nothing to watch anymore as good as this film..:( calling Korean producer..JUMONG PART II please!!

  327. 327 : maria elena Says:

    All i can say is “JUMONG” is a TWO THUMBS UP! Once you started the film, you can’t stop watching! one more thing that will encourage you to watch it, the man behind Jumong, SONG IL-GOOK – he’s that good looking and has the potentials of a good actor that can move the viewers. CONGRATULATIONS…! jOB WELL DONE.

  328. 328 : Hotvixen Says:

    Yes,it’s true Song Il Gook made Jumong a korean action drama that’s worth watching ‘coz despite the busy and hectic schedule i undergo everyday from studies to wellness and doing the household chores.I still manage to watch it everyday whenever there’s a chance and time..I think Jumong became part of my daily routine.Watching him everyday with his struggle and adventures from failures to victories.Made me realize that life consist of ups and downs. The only thing constant is to get up and move on everytime you face certain hardships and trials..coz without it life is flat and monotonous..

  329. 329 : majo Says:

    to all jumongers:
    Hope we can organized ourselves, so we can make a one unified BIG VOICE, to convince GMA 7 and SIG’s team to come to the Philippines.
    I’m so excited seeing him in person-the whole package of all the good traits we have been spoken of !

  330. 330 : Sexysiren Says:

    Yes,i agree to that majo i wish we could create a fans club for Song il gook but that would take long and a lot of effort.I suggest that somebody should stand as a leader in this endeavor and we should support it wholeheartedly coz this would not be possible without everyone’s support and dedication to this matter..you could be our campaign manager,is that ok??Come to think about it,this would be a one big cry to bring the Jumong cast to Philippines!

  331. 331 : jenny Says:


  332. 332 : jaja Says:

    grabe…..cant take my eyes off from you jumong…. bakit ngaun k lng???????????you are just soooooooooooooo hndsome………just like an ice cream i wanted to lick all over……one thing am praying that the cast specially jumong will come over here in the philippines. why its taking you so long to come here……….your koreanovela here is just so hot that its taking the country by storm…..am also an history buff so i really do appreciate and enjoy watching jumong… more power tothe novela and the cast as well… jumongII will be waitint for it…take care love u jumong…

  333. 333 : Blackmamba Says:

    Song il gook..you’re such an excellent actor..definitely a handsome man! absolutely a heartthrob!..and i’m a certified avid fan..I can get you out of my mind when it’s already 10pm..I’m always thinking that you’re hanging out with lady So seo no..I can sense that she liked you in real life not just merely acting especially in the promotional show and victory party..

  334. 334 : Maan SJ Says:

    The first words came into my mind when i first watched you on screen. You’re really the GREAT. You’re such a BLESSING to anyone who loves and admires you a lot. You made my heart melt and feel me like in heven everytime i saw you in jumong. It’s been a true everlasting happiness and gladness if I could see you PERSONALLY. I hope and wish you could visit even for a while our beloved country, PHILIPPINES. Trully a lot of people are begging for your arrival, and our country would highly appreciate if you could come.

    I just expressed my sincere deep admiration to you SONG II GOOK. I really liked you. For me you’re such the best among all the bests. Sometimes I am dreaming to get there in your country only to see you what matters most. In fact, all your pictures that I have collected were all confiled in my laptop and posted in my friendster just to show people how much I admired you.

    Lastly, I would like to thank GOD, for using YOU in making others happy even in a simple way… And also thank you for making me feel this kind of feeling.



    Maan SJ

  335. 335 : gumai Says:

    truly mr song il guk is a great actor and i vow him for that. ive seen some of his novelas and film as well, i suggest you also watch Terms of Endearment, Emperor of the Sea and Art of Seduction. You’ll be awed with how easily you’ll get swayed to every emotion he portrays. but i personnally love his novela jumong…its a mixed of everything…im hoping that mr. song will have another series we could watch again…

  336. 336 : JENET Says:


  337. 337 : dyzah Says:

    i love jumong!!!!!!
    i canT slEEp Pag di Q naPAnuOd uN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. 338 : Sexysiren Says:

    Jumong makes me laugh and cry(ganyan ka infectious si Song il Gook!I’ve never seen some of his movies but i believe that Jumong would not be this good if he’s not the leading actor,he’s excellent in his craft.Truly,it’s a work of love..to bring entertainment to the viewers and reminds us of our rotten politics.I wish there would be a hero who will give his life for the people like Jumong..Election is fast approaching in our country who could be that much awaited hero?

  339. 339 : chrysttam lao Says:

    Hi GUMAI, you’ve mentioned about some films of Song Gook II..mind to know if that is available in the market? Is it DVD? Is it also available to the Muslim Pirated DVD’s? 🙂

  340. 340 : gumai Says:

    hello chrysttam, yes its available in dvd, for art of seduction i had a hard time looking for it (actually i was just so lucky to find the last piece of 8 in 1 dvd of 2005 korean movies which fortunately has the art of seduction film in MCS/Makati Cinema Square)…for the other two novelas(Emperor of the Sea and Terms of Endearment) if you’re in manila you can buy it in divisoria or in quiapo…i hope i helped you, by the way emperor of the sea and terms of endearment are always out of stock i just dnt know why maybe it was not that popular here in the Phils compared to jumong…

  341. 341 : nicole Says:

    Song il gook such a good actor. I’m just wondering if he is already married? He is an idol to the youth. Does he have another tv series? Hope you stay humble. God bless.. Nicole of Cebu, Phils.

  342. 342 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Song il Gook is still single but the reports say he is seeing a lawyer-girl friend. He does’nt have any plans to marry in the near future though. He will be 36 this OCtober but does’nt look it.


    You’re welcome. Your Daeso really acted so well in Jumong. He brought out the best in the acting of SIG because of his credible acting himself. He also dresses well. You should watch him on You Tube. The tv specials has 8 episodes in the You Tube. I also had an impression that something’s going on between Han Hye Jin and him but we can’t understand Korean. Besides Han Hye Jin already has a BF. You’re such a loyal fan of him. Hope he notices.

  343. 343 : zandra t Says:

    Jumongers you can see more of SIG and Jumong cast here.


  344. 344 : Hotvixen Says:

    To Zandra, I don’t think there’s something between Kim Seung soo and Han hye jin..what i suspect is that..There’s something sweet and romantic going on between Song il gook and Han hye jin ‘coz Han hye jin can’t look Song il gook in the eye where in fact they should be friends ‘coz they’re love team or maybe there’s somethng else like a love and hate conspiracy where only the two of them knows..

  345. 345 : mayumi Says:

    if you’re having difficulty finding a copy of art of seduction, you can try videostreaming at crunchyroll.com. the story isn’t really good but… well… SIG is just soooooooo GORGEOUS. happy watching.

  346. 346 : chrysttam lao Says:

    Hi GUMAI and MAYUMI, thanks for the info..now, i’ll start looking for the said DVD. By the way, do you have any info where to buy Koren Songs?? I love Korean songs though I don’t understand the lyrics but the rythmn is so nice especially if its a background on their korean telenovela. I had tried downloading but seems it wont work out so I’d rather buy it in the market…hope you could be of help. Thanks very much.

  347. 347 : Blackmamba Says:

    Guys!Would you agree that Song il gook looks like Jackie Chan?According to my sis especially when he smiles..Pero mas gwapo at younger version daw ni Jackie Chan while some says hawig si Song il gook ni Jay Manalo..others said kamukha niya si Bong Revilla.I’m confused who he really looks like.But for me..it doesn’t matter as long as he’s cute and handsome at very talented pa..

  348. 348 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Hotvixen,

    I also think that maybe Han Hye Jin has some feelings for Song. My comment about her and Kim Seung So was just out of curiosity about why when Han Hye Jin was talking, the face of KSS was focused with letters and hearts appearing on screen (I am referring to a tv special). I think this occured twice. Since I dont know Korean maybe this has nothing to do with any love or courting relationship between the two. Maybe the icons that appeared on screen simply means that fan mails were received by KSS as Daisy said. I have watched on you tube video of the cast’ visit to North Korea (KSS was not there Daisy) and on the two parts that I viewed so far, SIG and HHJ seem detached. Maybe we were just imagining things occuring between the two.

    SIG is on episodes 7, 9, 10, 11, 17 and 20 of all about Eve.

    See for the north Korea visit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrDAeP4EUAY

  349. 349 : gumai Says:

    hello guys, is it true that mr. song will be having a new series under SBS entitled ‘Angel’, they’ll start filming this May…any info about this news..

  350. 350 : Jamie Terry Anne Raagas Says:

    Hello, I really love Song II Gook… I spent many sleepless nights watching my all time favorite “Jumong.” I just hope that Song II Gook will continue to be a very good actor. He is so handsome. I love you…

  351. 351 : anne Says:

    hi black mamba!
    i agreed to all of they says..
    there were pics posted that at some angle, he looks like jackie chan.
    Jay Manalo.. mmm, i think slighty similar but with Bong Revilla, yes his looks was closely related to him, esp at the upper part of his face, particularly with the way how his eyebrows and eyes expressed when serious. and the way it look straightly to one eyes.

    Jackie Chan, yes, esp the lower part,half of his face coz the muscles of his face when he smiled, it really looked alike.There were pics also to prove that its true.

    But maybe i would suggest that at some angle, Luis Manzano has got the look also, something related but not as with Bong Revilla and Jackie Chan..

    Anyways you were right, it doesnt matter if whose he looked like with.
    Our concern was, he established his name popularly, through his talent and beauty.=)

    Hi Song Il Gook..=)

  352. 352 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anne, i don’t think song il gook posseses a particular angle of luis manzano. luis manzano looks like a fag.

  353. 353 : Blackmamba Says:

    Hi anne,thanks for confirming with me.I was just confused about it..I don’t care what’s his looks like ‘coz what’s important is his good acting,excellent martial arts skills and handsome face..

  354. 354 : Sexysiren Says:

    To roxy,yeah i agree that Song il gook doesn’t look like Luis manzano but i find luis appealing and goodlooking too..i wish he end up with Anne curtis..

  355. 355 : Bing Says:

    The story `Jumong` has a lot of values and principles that are very much essential in our daily tasks and activities,in the situations that we often encounter,in the problems that we often get..It reminds us of the value of love to the family and to someone especial,loyalty,respect,trust,true friendship,being a good leader,being noble and being a hero,love to the country..the importance of freedom and the people`s lives..and above all the importance of being humble and patient,of not losing hope,of giving forgiveness,of being at the bottom to be on top,but at the same time being smart,clever and responsible and even giving your own life for the benefit and goodness of all,and a lot more! Bravo to all casts,all their co-workers especially the writer and director and everyone involved in this tv series for a job very well done! Bravo also to GMA-7 for the very nice translation of their Korean language and those very beautiful songs that you made for this tv series,you did a very wonderful job! Bravo also to the Filipino singers and its band,you have very great performances! Because of you,GMA-7 and your singers, this tv series became even more wonderful! You brought the best in it,you have delivered their messages to the people successfully! Congratulations to all !!! We hope you will have many more very beautiful,wonderful and amazing stories from Korea,from these actors and actresses that you can share to us fans here in the Philippines! 🙂

  356. 356 : florenz Says:

    Does anyone knows the name of the korean actor who played the grown up Prince Yuri, the only son of Jumong? He’s so cute, got a great resemblance with Song Il Gook… Anyone who knows him guys? thanks! Jumong rules!

  357. 357 : florenz Says:

    Napanood ko na kc ng buo yung Jumong, but i still watch the tagalized version, syempre, kapuso ata ito, hehe… Ang guwapo din nung gumanap na anak ni Jumong, kaso i dont know his name… Sana may makapagsabi sakin if ano name niya, hehe… Kamukha kasi siya ni SIG, love u song! luv u jumong!

  358. 358 : mayumi Says:

    Hi Bing! I couldn’t agree more with what you have expressed. I believe the reason why, in general, koreanovelas are a hit in the country, especially sageuk, are the values and morals, aside from the plot of course, deeply embedded in their stories. Plus they don’t mock their audience by assuming that they are stupid. Sorry to say that, it might just be me, but often times with local teleseries, I feel that the storyline… the dialogues… are based on such assumption. Is it really just me? Or do you think that too? That is why I just love Jumong. It even inspired me to read Korean history.

    To the Jumong team, both in Korea and the Philippines: ganbate!

  359. 359 : Daisy Says:

    To Zandra T.:

    Hello Zandra! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your compliment to Kim Seung Soo. I feel so happy if someone will say something good to him.. Thank you very much also for `You Tube`, although I had seen some videos of `Jumong` from this because my sister viewed them but I didn`t know they are until 8 episodes.. I will go to this site again and watch these 8 episodes that you said.. 🙂 Thanks a lot really! Yeah,me too Zandra,I also thought maybe there is something between Han Hye Jin and Kim Seung Soo because Kim Seung Soo`s face appeared with many white envelopes and heart seals on them while Han Hye Jin was talking.. But I also thought that maybe those envelopes appeared because lots of fans emailed him because he posted his email add in one of his sites..But I feel so relieved when you said to Hotvixen that those icons may simply mean that Kim Seung Soo received many fan mails..Because even though I want Kim Seung Soo to be very happy,to have the lady he wishes,to find true love..but I can`t help it, I feel really jealous if I will know someone very especial to his heart..you know a lover.. Han Hye Jin would definitely be very especial if he has feelings for her that`s why I will really feel jealous if Han Hye Jin is the present girl in his heart..But having lots of fans and admirers are just normal..But I will not get angry if he will have a girl friend,although I can`t help it I will feel jealous because I like him so much,but I will be very happy for him..I want to see him very,very,very happy.. I will feel sad if he is sad.. I will not get angry also if someone will say he is falling for someone because I really want to know anything about Kim Seung Soo.. I am opened to opinions,ideas and talks.. 🙂 I will be very glad if someone will say anything about him,bad news or good news as long as it`s the truth even if it will hurt me..It`s okey..I will really appreciate if I will know something about him.. I`m indeed,one of his biggest fans in the whole world.. I am also an avid fan of Song Il Gook because I like him so much as Jumong and as an actor but my crush is only Kim Seung Soo since I knew them..I don`t have any crush at all other than him..I don`t even have a Filipino crush right now.. Yeah,thank you so much again for your concern..You are such a very nice friend! I hope he notices me also,I hope he reads my messages too…But it`s okey if he doesn`t or won`t.. I don`t expect something from him.. I enjoy a lot being this way,loving him to the fullest,dreaming of him every now and then,doing everything that has something to do with him without asking or expecting something in return because it is very constructive to my part..It can make me very happy,it can even help me go on striving so hard to achieve my greatest dream in life by just making me happy every time I think of him,every time I watch `Jumong` aside from the lessons that I can get out of its story and its dialogues.. 🙂 Thank you so much also for telling me that Kim Seung Soo didn`t go with the leading casts who visited North Korea and that maybe there`s nothing between the two (Kim Seung Soo and Han hye Jin).Thanks a lot for the concern,it`s so nice to know something from them..I hope we can talk more here sometime… May our Lord be with you always wherever you go and whatever you do! Take care friend! 🙂

  360. 360 : she' Says:

    hi! prince jumong ..we really really love your show ..your soooo handsome ‘gwapo’ nd “jumong” is NO.1 here in the philippines ..hope you can visit us your fansssssss here *SMILE* ..we love yah ..gudluck see soooon.. *mwuah*

  361. 361 : Chai Says:

    Hi!Song il gook,you’re such an amazing actor,your acting is superb and your fighting is awesome..i couldn’t ignore your looks especially your stare that could make me speechless and leave me breathless as if you’re looking at me intensely!..Gosh!..i think i’m gonna marry this person or else i would end up a nun. 🙁

  362. 362 : zandra t Says:

    There are promo pictures of Song il gook from the movie art of seduction where he looked like Richard Gere. His eyes from some of his photos look like eyes from anime character.

  363. 363 : Marvs Says:

    Hello from the Philippines, nice acting in Jumong, keep it up, come visit the Philippines soon, you’ll like it here

  364. 364 : So seo no Says:

    Crush na crush kita..Jumong!!I love your facial profile,your gigantic height and most of all your pouting lips which is soooo kissable makes me wanna kiss you!..a lot like this!..mwahhhhh..marry me..make me your so seo no!

  365. 365 : Erica Says:

    prince Song your a nice actor.keep up the good work!

  366. 366 : kikay Says:

    every moment of watching Jumong,i’m so happy for you coz your doing your best every moment of it but sometimes i wanted to go to sleep because i don’t want to see a part of that movie your getting loose,weak,beaten and teased.but i know its just a movie.

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. 367 : Daisy Says:

    Ang ate ko,nagseselos to the max talaga kanina nang naglambingan na naman ang dalawang love birds!!! Yakap-yakap na ni Prince Jumong si Lady Seo So No kanina,aaayyy!!! Nakakakilig,bagay na bagay talaga sila!!! Gusto ko tuloy makitang KISS sila! Bakit pa kasi hanggang kayakapan lang sila,wala pang KISS! Gustong gusto ko ang love team nilang dalawa kaya naman bogbog ako palagi ng sis ko ng unan kasi palagi akong napatili `pag nag-express na naman silang dalawa ng mga nararamdaman nila at nagyakapan!!! Aaaayyyy!!! Minsan tuloy naisip ko sana ganun rin kami ni Kim Seung Soo,aaaayyyy!!! Nangangarap na naman ang lola! hehehe! Good night guys!!! 🙂

  368. 368 : Hotvixen Says:

    Hi zandra!I’ve read some of the thread from other forum that said Song il gook looks like Richard Gere,they have the same facial profile..But i think mas kamukha sila ni Jackie Chan lalo na sa lower half at Bong Revilla sa upper half..Do you agree with me?

  369. 369 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Hotvixen,

    I agree with you. Yong upper half ay bong at cholo revilla, yong lower palagay ko noong mas bata pa si Jackie Chan. Sobra kasi syang photogenic and dami nakakahawig depende sa ayos ng buhok nya. Kita nyo ba yong pics nya na medyo kulot at mahaba buhok? Nice talaga. Hay, plus great lineage nya. Grandfather was a great folk hero revered in both South and North Korea. Very rich family nila. When 18 his grandfather set 50 slaves of the family free and gave them enough land. That was the first emancipation of slave in Korea daw and he was very nationalist and famous because of his war exploits. tapos father was a very famous rebel/gangster/politician. He looks like his father. He was given a chance to play the rle of his grandfather but rejected the role due to her monther’s advice that he may not be able to objectively play the rle. Hopes he gets lots of children to continue the family tree.

  370. 370 : majo Says:

    enough of the comparison friends, nag iisa lang si SIG
    eventhough favorite ko rin si Richard Gere, but they have of different traits. SIG as Prince to King Jumong is one of a kind package, there can never be more like him!

  371. 371 : sweet jowena Says:

    i relly love jumong….i watched it’s full episode and is so interesting…. i really love his face, his smile and the way he acts…..even it’s late i still watch it it’s so nice soap… bagay talaga cla ni han hye jin..sayang lang d cla nagak2luyan till….last…..i love watching it over and over and over…..nakakaloka talaga…hehehe…i love jumong…..

  372. 372 : sweet jowena Says:

    i hope song il gook will visit philippines….or do you have an e-mail add… ireally wanna chat with u personally….i think i’m inlove with u…..you are so masculine…….even i watch jumong over and over again…i would not be bored…i really enjoy watching it…hope to see you personal….

  373. 373 : Sexysiren Says:

    Well,sweet jowena marami na pala tayo hindi ka nag-iisa..What i really love about Song il gook is his hawk-eye that shows his strong and powerful side, his cute lips that makes him so kissable and his manly looks that will make every girl dream of him..

  374. 374 : Blackmamba Says:

    Girls,Song il gook is not just handsome but also physically active.He indulge in sports like swimming,biking and running which increases his stamina and endurance..On top of that,he’s good in martial arts that makes him superior and deadly..indeed Song il gook is the perfect choice for Jumong!

  375. 375 : Hotvixen Says:

    Besides,he’s sexually appealing and romantically gentle in his character in Jumong with his passionate hug and gentle touch makes every woman wish to be his partner.The other side of the coin is his stare that reveals anger, passion and love for the oppressed people..A must-see movie for a nation hungry for a real hero who’s willing to fight and give his life.

  376. 376 : majo Says:

    am spreading the jumong fever in the office and in the neighborhood, and the virus spread contagiously ! ha, ha, ha , certified jumongers na rin sila!

  377. 377 : an Says:

    I’m the avid fan of jumong, he is talented actor they portrayed the role as a real. I wish more movie and tele drama to her, beside he is a good looking guy. I wish her sucess in the near future, gudluck and god bless….

  378. 378 : Chai Says:

    Wow!Jumong!crush kita!sobra!..Pabigyan mo naman ako..Isang kiss lang! mwahh..ok na!Hindi kita pagsasawaan kahit kelan!..hehehe!!Cute kasi ng lips mo..sarap halikan!..nakakabusog!

  379. 379 : roxanne poyoan Says:

    Greetings to all…

    I have seen some of Song il Guk movie, like in All about Eve, he was young then w/chubby face, (cameo role)he does not have much lines but i can say that he has a striking personality. I will see how he does in DID WE REALLY LOVE” I did not know that he in this movie.

    He was funny in The Art of Seduction ( no costumes this time but still carry himself well. )

    I love him in Emperor of the Sea. He was very good in portraying the character of Yumon/Yeom Moon. He is a villain there yet you will fall for him. Every one in EOS performance are excellent .

    I love him again in Jumong. Thanks to all who are behind the creation of this movie & choosing Song Il Guk to be Jumong. He is handsome w/ a beard. Don’t you think so ? ? ?

  380. 380 : angel fap Says:

    pls SIG…come to the philippines….GMA7…agahan nyo naman…dapat ang news 30 mins lang…6:30 to 7pm…tapos yung mga sumunod tig30 mins din lang…para mapanood pa namin ang jumong..pati ang kilitv..grabe naman kayo….napupuyat kami..tapos wag na rin kayo kumuha ng tagakabila…naging kapuso ako dahil sa mga palabas at artista nyo..pero kung ganyan din lang na kukuha kayo ng taga kabila…babalik na lang uli ako dun..yung ate ko nga ayaw na sa inyo…ako na lang…pero malapit na rin akong lumipat…pano kayo nananalo ng best tv station eh di naman kayo marunong sumunod sa sked…parehas lang kayo ng abscbn…puro negosyo…

  381. 381 : angel fap Says:

    jessica or si lhar santiago….pakiinterview nyo si SIG…kahit si joey de leon…pwedw rin mag intervw sa star talk…di na kami makahintay….solid naman kamin sa kapuso…yun nag lang sa qtv na lang kami at least on time ang progrming nila…kaya nga bumaba ang mga ratings ng gma kasi yung iba nasa qtv na….pareho lng naman na gma yun…anyway…pls papuntahin nyo si SIG dito…PLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSS.

  382. 382 : karen Says:


  383. 383 : karen Says:

    sorry ha did i hurt your feelings

  384. 384 : franzley Says:

    i like his acting in his tv drama series of jumong and emperor of the sea,he acted very well and hope he visits phillippines…….. wish he dont have any girls in his life specialy girlfriend!
    basta cute kah….. i luve u…. pareh….. song il guk….

  385. 385 : franzley Says:

    oo nga tamah kah angel dapat ang jumong maaga eh ung pinapalabas ng gma ung iba lang wenta so panoh tataas rating nyu kung ganun di bah?

  386. 386 : an Says:

    i hope the ending is not like that, soseono leave the palace because she want and build a new kingdom for her two sons. She pass her throne to yesoya. anyway this series is good ending while the other drama in korea. I hope song il gook come to philippines..

  387. 387 : Hotvixen Says:

    To franzley,well sorry to say but the truth is my gf na c Song il gook..huhu Pero don’t worry gf lang un no!Hindi pa sila kasal at free as a bird pa siya! Kaya whoever catch him will surely win a lottery..diba!well,he’s really a big catch..isn’t he?..To tell you frankly,i know his weakness..hmmm..secret! 🙂

  388. 388 : Sexysiren Says:

    To hotvixen,really you know what it is?Ano ba yung secret na yon??For all i know,he’s into sport like swimming,biking at running so what’s in it?i guess there’s a lot of mystery in him that we have to discover..Whatever it is,still love ko pa rin si Jumong!

  389. 389 : Regina Says:

    Soog Il Gook,
    Enjoy watching your character in Jumong and also the actress Han Hye Jin. You are a fabulous actor and cute too. There is still so much episode
    to watch. I am going to watch some of you other movies. Keep up the good work.

  390. 390 : zandra t Says:

    Oo nga naman hotvixen? Mama ba nya weakness nya kasi mama’s boy sya? Was he not married before kaya? Kasi I seemed to read somewhere na he married a Korean actress but the rest is history daw. Ano yon? maried or engaged lang talaga tapos di natuloy? Hay naku yong mapapangasawa nya di lang parang nanalo sa lottery. kaya lang di tatagal buhay noon kasi daming magwiwish biyudo agad si Il Gook. Baka maassasinate pa yong girl sa dami magagalit.

  391. 391 : peachycool Says:

    i am a fan of song-il gook. i am truly, madly inlove with him. Medyo say ako kasi last episode na ng jumong ang panonoorin ko. i wish he comes here in the philippines in order to see him in person. if there is such a fan club of jumong i am very much excited to become a member

  392. 392 : Hotvixen Says:

    Wow!brilliant zandra!I guess you did a lot of research on Song il gook’s bio. Yes,it’s true his mom is his weakness and strength.But not really a mama’s boy..just close to his mom(siguro pareho na rin un).Regarding his previous marriage,some said that he’s single but once engage to a Korean actress.. who had been his gf for 5 years..I didn’t know exactly why they broke up.. bake dahil sa akin..hehehe(joke lang).

  393. 393 : Blackmamba Says:

    Well,hotvixen from what i’ve heard from the news that it was just postpone. But the girl made it as cool off turn to break up sayang!Di ba niya naisip na super sikat na si papa il gook at pinakawalan niya..baka nagtampo lang ang lola at hindi naman nakipag-ayos itong handsome prince natin.Feeling ko,he wants a private person.Ayaw niya ng artista kasi magulo ang buhay showbiz wala kang privacy,mas ok nonshowbiz gf niya para hindi maassasinate! 🙁

  394. 394 : florenz Says:

    Song Il Gook is the best and most versatile korean actor I have ever known… he has all it takes to be a star, he is so handsome, inside and out… With impressive acting skills, positive attitude, a loving son to his parents, effective commercial model, athletic figure, and a sincere actor his fans, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EVER ASK?! He’s so great! I love SOng Il Gook!

  395. 395 : florenz Says:

    Hi Sandra and hotvixen! Im very much impressed sa knowledge niyo about the personal life of Il Gook… Thanks for sharing them to us… Yah, ang alam ko rin, hindi naman sa mama’s boy siya, he just love his family… Hindi ba nila alam ang kasabihan na Ang mapagmahal na lalaki sa kaniyang ina ay isang mapagmahal na asawa?! Naks! I think that’s true… Kung sino man ang mapapangasawa niya, siya na siguro ang pinakamasuwerteng babae sa balat ng asia, hahaha! Kakainggit, hehe… Teka, may balita ba kayo kung may GF siya at present? Hope to heaer from you guyz! Thanks!

  396. 396 : Cherryblossom Says:

    I wonder what’s so special about this man that made my friends like him a lot.When i watched Jumong i realized the reason why..he’s no ordinary guy he has a strong sex appeal and powerful eyes that would make girls adore him.When i started watching Jumong,i get hooked,i can’t afford to miss any episode..he’s my type..I miss him this holy week 4 days without Jumong is like a eating without a taste,sleeping without a rest and watching without an inspiration.Pls Song il gook would you come over here and meet your fans.

  397. 397 : Sexysiren Says:

    To florenz,yes Song il gook has a gf..huhuhu:( Pinagpalit niya ako dun sa law student(ilusyonada).From what i’ve read,his gf is taking up law course. Tama si blackmamba he’s really picky though i haven’t seen her photo but it’s a sure luck.Para siya nanalo ng barko,hindi lang gwapo si Jumong,very athletic at rich pa..Aside from that talented at very humble kaya love ko..

  398. 398 : sweet gal Says:

    song il gook is a very talented &handsome actor! he is the lead in jumong & yumon in emperror of the sea…. i re4ally like him in jumong he is so very kind ,strong &hopeful person ther thats why he made his own country…but 4 me,the biggest mistake he did there was to let so seo no go…but anyways,thats a true story there portraying thats why we cant change it…song il gook,i really wish youll have many more movies &tv series to come…

  399. 399 : gee Says:

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv him!

  400. 400 : bcs11 Says:

    il guk song is my favorite actor because of his excellent skill in acting and his hansome face. i look forward of watching mora of his dramas. I love him!!!!!!

  401. 401 : Cherryblossom Says:

    Hi sexysiren,yeah i agree with you ang swerte ng girl no!But i’m sure she must be pretty or sexy like a beauty queen.I wonder what she looks like? Actually,i have some presumption that she came from a prominent family like Song il gook’s noble family with a general grandfather,politician father and actress mother.Despite that he remain down to earth and hardworking to achieve everything what he have now..congratulations Song il gook!

  402. 402 : eunice naval Says:

    hi! i’m eunice from the philippines… you know i’m so fascinated with that korean drama jumong and that perpect actor, super duper handsome guy!!! my gosh,i’m overly inloved SONG IL GOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if ever i get a chance to go in korea i’d really love to see you!! h0w i wish he’ll go in the phil.

  403. 403 : gumai Says:

    great acting Mr. song..we’ll looking forward to your next k-novela:)

  404. 404 : kazey the AdDiCt Says:

    i hope Mr.song il guk will come here in the philippines!
    I hope the GMA-7 can interview him because all the koreanovela aired in the philippines the actors are interviewed. I hope they can
    more poer mr.song il guk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love youvery much

  405. 405 : chrysttam lao Says:


  406. 406 : Aiana Says:

    Hi Jumong!
    I hope you get to read my message…..I’m totally charmed by your good looks! Aside from that you’re such a very good actor!!! I’d love to see you come to the Philippines and I’m sure everybody here would be delighted if you come. Keep it up! If you have the time please e-mail me at [email protected]…….I know that this might be impossible because your such a very busy person….but I’m just trying my luck…Take care……… LOVE TALAGA KITA! mmmmmmmmmwwwwwaaaaahhhhh……..

  407. 407 : majo Says:

    it’s just last night , that i noticed the tagalized version of Jumong on GMA 7 really is really soo good, as if they are really talking in Tagalog hah! The dubbers’ voice, coincides with the way the actors and actresses open their mouth, unlike with other tagalized version that it’s not on right timing. hope GMA can introduce the people behind the scene, especially the one in the role of Jumong, he sounds dignified and cute too!
    till now, you’re still my number one SIG, keep it up!

  408. 408 : veronica Says:

    I was deeply in love with jumong the actor itself song Il gook. he’s totally handsome. Im dreaming all night with him. hope I can have more pictures, were can get some of his pictures. im an avid of koreans telenovela, but this jumong is the only one who really hits my feelings. dat totally damage sleep coz i cant sleep without looking first with song Il gook. hes really cute and good looking guy. I hope in real life his also a kind person as what his character in jumong. He did great in jumong, the way he handle his character., being a great emperor is really fit and a good leader guy. but the ending of jumong make me sad coz they did not fullfill the happiness of having sashuno and leave together and had some kids. hope they together for their love fulfillment. please send me some real life pictures of song Il Gook. hope I can have email address of song Il gook. love you so much

  409. 409 : gumai Says:

    can’t wait to see the new k-novela of mr. song ‘The Lobbyist’ formerly entitled ‘Angel’:)

  410. 410 : nicsan Says:

    very promising actor and good looking too…. please visit us here in the philipppines….

  411. 411 : cris Says:

    JUMONG – (Prince of the Legend)
    ..since it was aired in Philippine television, I am truly hook to watched it fully. I love everything about Jumong; it’s actor and actresses suits to their roles; the effects are great (referring to sounds); the places are nice; and Song il Gook and Han Hye Jin shows a good chemistry (that make fans “kilig”..hehehehehe) and the rest of the cast are great too.
    Everything is worth watching, it’s very entertaining, that i am looking forward to fully watched it.

    ..great actor, he do really play his character. I can’t imagine that he was already turning 36 this year. Before, I thought he was just either 25 or somewhat 28, but hey, his 35, what a man????
    He do really have a good posture of a body, and he got what it takes to be a certified hunk. He has an attractive face which is very expressive that looks so masculine. He got the talents to play several roles, that seems to be his ticket to be miles away from the other actors.
    As a summarize, let say, his slightly close to perfect or an exceptional one as an actor. What do you think guys??

    Kapuso channel has Jumong; the #1 Korean novel, with the #1certified actor in Korea, being aired to the country by the #1 channel over the archipelago, which is #1 in the heart of the viewers.
    There are many reasons why do I really love Kapuso channel, and it give me more reason to love it more.

    Keep it up… you’ve got my support..

  412. 412 : florenz Says:

    I got some numbers of JUMONG and Song Il Gook Collections… Pictures, Articles, Filmography and even videos… Hope you could visit my site… Thanks so much! Jumong and Song Il Gook Rules!


  413. 413 : Cherryblossom Says:

    I think a lot of us were deceived by Song il gook’s younger looking face..I admit that i thought he’s just around 27 to 31,not in my wildest imagination that’s he’s already 35..But that’s a good example of youth preservation..I think getting himself into sports makes him look young and feel young..

  414. 414 : gumai Says:

    yeah i never thought he’s 35. when i saw him in jumong he looks 28 though:)

  415. 415 : collection Says:

    hey, there ladies so what if he’s 35 that makes its more interesting, if he’s old enough for you, he’s young enough for me. It makes me smile that song il gook’s age now is an advantage for us are more or less on the on the same age bracket with song il gook. Who know’s he’s destined to meet me? chikah! joke joke joke. But truthfully, I luv him already even though theres miles and miles of seas and between the philippines and korea and the language barrier, nevertheless, he has a very special place in my heart to the point I broke up with my boyfriend because he’s jealous with my obssession with Song Il Gook. you may say am a dreamer, but am not the only one as the song goes. but i really really really really wished to see him in person in the future.

  416. 416 : Cherryblossom Says:

    By the way guys,do you know exactly the title of Song il gook’s upcoming T.V series.I wonder what it’s like..The truth is..i’m excited!if it will surpass Jumong or not.But it doesn’t matter..I will still love Song il gook no matter what..Even if he’s not popular nor rich..still i will love him from the bottom of my heart..Regarding youthful preservation,hope he can share with us..

  417. 417 : gumai Says:


    the upcoming TV seris of mr. song is ‘The Lobbyist’ formerly titled ‘Angel’..i think it will be aired on september this year under SBS:)

  418. 418 : xyza Says:

    hi jumong!!!! i really really love you!! hope i could meet you in person.. my room is full of your pictures as well as with so seo no!!! luv yah and pls take care always… you are such a good actor!!

  419. 419 : miu miu 75 Says:

    Well I have read all the letters, hahahahaha,….. such an enjoyment,… yeah the actor is good,… ,…. i think the fans are all quite cute in their expression…..”jumong mania”‘
    i love all the fans, cute cute cute,……hehe

  420. 420 : miu miu 75 Says:

    thinking about korean movie, i personally love korean food,… spicy, i miss all the street hawker food,……i miss u foodie,…. hm…. hm….

  421. 421 : 1anonum4 Says:

    i think im falling in love with you… SIG
    Can’t believe that you’re already turning 36 this oct..
    coz honestly, i just thought that you and han hye jin were just at the same age.. Seems you really know how to take care of yourself..

    Hope to meet you someday.. by chance.. i would love to!
    Godbless and keep up the good work

  422. 422 : maricris Says:

    worth watching talaga ang jumong…. see yah soon in our country -Philippines-

  423. 423 : maricris Says:

    because of Jumong,, i got interested in learning Korean language and got interested with Korea. (:_;)

  424. 424 : melissa---fom indonesia Says:

    hi…im melissa from indonesia,i really really like JUMONG.jumong is the best tv series i”v ever seen..Song il Guuk wish u all the best….God bless u.

  425. 425 : sweet gal Says:

    i luv u song il gook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. 426 : cris Says:

    ang ganda ng epsode ng jumong kanina sa tv…, nka2tuwa c sa yong.. hehehe; nka2kilig nman cna jumong at lady so seono…

    ok abangan uli sa monday, youtube muna ako guyz ng ibang episodes..hehehe

    nice tandem prinspe jumong at lady so seono., the best… (:_:)

  427. 427 : donna Says:

    Hi Song II Gook!

    You’re a brilliant and very convincing actor. it has been a pleasure watching your show, jumong. it’s a very interesting and worthwhile story. right now, i’m so obsessed about it. congratulations on your success. i’m hoping to see more of you. again congratulations, take care…

  428. 428 : Ana Says:

    Hey,Song Il gook!!you shOuld know that i’m one of your most avid fans!
    I think you’re a great actor.ever since i’ve finished watching the dvd version of jumong, i was entranced by your acting skills and how great you do the martial arts thingy..
    you know,you should come over to the philippines,,and you’ll see how very popular you are here!!you are almost even idolized!
    if you have time,,can you please reply our comments through our e-mail addresses?it would be very,very,very,very pleasant to here from YOU!

    GOD BLESS YOU!!Keep up the good work and more power!!chao!

  429. 429 : sweet gal Says:

    hayy…naku! ang ganda tlaga ng jumong!
    d best!!!!!!!!

  430. 430 : Ana Mae Pon Says:

    I really love the story though-heart warming! It has something that touches the viewers’ heart forver! JuMong–keep it up! But I have just read the summary today and it’s so sad to know that you will never end up marrying Shushuno! I hope I am just wrong here cause I really really love you guys! You’re cute in every ways! I am inspired by your love story! Philippines love you so much! Thanks Korea!

  431. 431 : emee Says:

    I like song il guk very much in his role in jumong and emperor of the sea. His attire in this two tv series make him more handsome.I find him a very good actor. Hope he could come to the philippines!

  432. 432 : Cherryblossom Says:

    Thanks for the info gumai,i really wanna know who will be his leading lady in his upcoming T.V. series..I find some info from the other site but they were not sure because of some other commitments..

  433. 433 : gReseaN Says:

    eow guyz…

    anyway,i think wat we all have in common isa dat we deeply adore SONG IL GOOK….

  434. 434 : so seo no Says:

    sobrang guwapo,lalo na ung eyes niya.ang galing makipaglaban lalo na sa jumong

  435. 435 : so seo no Says:

    sssssssssooooooobbbbbbbbrrrrrrrraaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!ganda ng JUMONG

  436. 436 : so seo no Says:


  437. 437 : so seo no Says:

    hi song il gook,

  438. 438 : so seo no Says:

    hi song il gook,sana naman mameet kita in person tingnan mo ang dami mong fan dto pls.punta ka naman dto sbrang guwapo mo sa jumong isa nga ako sa mga JUMONGERS e

  439. 439 : so seo no Says:


  440. 440 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    elLLLo0000000w ms. so seo no.

    yap, i do agree with u, that we truly have in common here, that we are hooked with jumong and looking forward to be with the cast of it especially mr. song il gook and ms. han hye jin.

  441. 441 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    the above message pala is for ms. gresean…hehehehe, but also for ms so seo no na din… heheheheh

    for the casts of jumong – i love you guyz….

  442. 442 : Cherryblossom Says:

    I love Song il gook’s way of acting that will always fascinate his fans including me.When i’m watching Jumong i forget that this is just acting and they are just actors.Everytime i sit in front of the T.V. i can feel that it’s not Song il gook i’ve seen but Jumong full of passion,courage and love for the oppressed people.Hope in this coming election,our future leaders will have a heart like Jumong to fight for what is right and stand by his principle for the benefit of the people and not for thy self..

  443. 443 : teri Says:

    i love your movie Jumong!

  444. 444 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    Juyz, have you watched Song il Gppk dancing.? If not, then you’d better watch it guyz… so much entertaining…

    You’ve got a very expressive face, keep it up…

  445. 445 : Dark Angel Says:

    Jumong is truly a work of masterpiece!I admire Song il gook’s combine good looks and powerful acting skills.To be specific his martials skills and sword fighting stunts that leave me breathless.He’s a devoted actor to his craft and loved his job to bring entertainment to the people and lesson as well. Song il gook is an excellent actor with an irresistible looks and an awesome skills that would make his fans daydreaming of him as our knight and shining armor who will come to rescue us from bondage of corruption and free us from poverty,who are willing to fight for the people and the country.

  446. 446 : maricris Says:

    you are sexually attractive, handsome, or in short you are a certified HUNK.

  447. 447 : maricris Says:

    magaling, magaling, magaling,.. promise ang galing mo talaga umarte. Thumbs up po talaga ako.. Your acts are very convincing..

    Hope to see you soon. Ingatzzz….

  448. 448 : maricris Says:

    your great in horse riding,, how i wish kAbayO nlang ako…hahahahahaha. joke lang po… I’m just kidding.. (-_:)

    Looking forward to watch your other tv series,,, but right now, i’m hooked with jumong..

  449. 449 : Cherryblossom Says:

    Yes!Song il gook,is more than just a pretty face and towering hunk but he’s one of in a milion actor with great talents,jaw dropping sex appeal and mouth watering kissable lips!Oh how i wish to kiss him in reality!Wish ko lang hindi pa siya magpatali para may chance pa ako..hehehe(in my wildest dream)

  450. 450 : Earlyn Says:

    The story of jumong is really amazing. The characters portrayed their role very well. After their Cebu trip last March me and my family are hoping that the cast of jumong will again visit the Philippines and this time I hope they are going to be in Manila.

  451. 451 : glen Says:

    i love you jumong so much!
    hope you visit philippines. i am dying to see you in person. you’re such a lovely man.

  452. 452 : miu miu 75 Says:

    Oppa,… I pray that u will make millions dollars and be an international actor,…. cos i cant speak Korean,… I wanted to attend your fans meeting but i can only speak and understand ENGLISH,…CHINESE,… Oppa,… make million dollars ya,… and give 10% to the orphange,… the needy eldery and the children who needed hospital but cant pay the hospital fee,…then I’ll pray oppa can make billion dollars,… some for me( hehe) upppsss,… and 10% for charity,… i’ll tell the world that you are the best oppa i ever met, more handsome than keanu reeves( which is you are now),… and have compassion more than, Mel Gibson, and have a great voice so charming more than my favorite singer MIchael BUBLe,… oppa,… i pray ,…. u are also in good health always,… thanks to God that there are a great oppa like u…..oppa dont forget me when u make billion dollars ,… i like a bentley car or 4 seat porche car….. promise one for me ,…thank u…..

  453. 453 : starz Says:

    gr8 acting…good looking…what else to say *sigh* love ya loads…

  454. 454 : anne Says:

    hi miss zandra.. why i cant seem watch the video below.. something happened i do not know, it was interrupted after a minute of playing..
    please help me to find out why.. thank you.. i really want to watch the video.


  455. 455 : zandra Says:

    Hi Anne,

    You can watch the complete show on youtube. It comes in 8 parts in youtube. Just type youtube jumong and select the appropriate video

  456. 456 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    hi miss anne

    by the way, i’m crisseraphim12, just want to help you about the above video your asking for.. The above link is about the interview of the casts of jumong in Korea. If you find it hard to open the link or you encounter some problems, then you can search it on youtube, just search for “jumong special talkshow” and that’s it.. you can watch it there… (hope i help) hehehehehe
    Jumong looks handsome there and also “sayong” hehehehehe

  457. 457 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng jumong, ayos lang kahit mapuyat,…

    takecare mr. Song il Gook…..

  458. 458 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    tanong lang po, is jumong a true story about something? Or to be specific,, is it a story about Korea itself? (just getting curious) hehehehe

    luv yahhhh song il gook (-_:)

  459. 459 : Cherryblossom Says:

    Yes!crisseraphim12 Jumong is based on a true history of Korea though it’s not totally or 100% accurate but almost all of the scene are true..Since it’s a movie then maybe there are some additional ingredient to spice up our viewing like the kilig part!

  460. 460 : Dark Angel Says:

    Jumong is a work of art that is undeniably perfect.I’m fond of watching historical figures and epic movies but they’re not as good as Jumong..I’m looking forward to some of Song il gook’s forthcoming dramas.Though it’s not appropriate to worship him but it’s just fair to give Song il gook a praise and appreciation!

  461. 461 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    Thank you ms cherryblossom about the info, i do appreciate it. By the way, may kilig power talaga si jumong and lady soseono,,, i really love their tandem….the best…, tingin plang kakakilig na., sana tingnan din ako ni song il gook….hehehehe

  462. 462 : Sai lee Says:

    hi!!!song Il Gook,Hai Peya…….i just wanna say that you r the best actor in korea, u looked graceful!!and good….i hope..you had a time to go here to the Philippines>>>Just promise to me!!!Hahhh!!!I like u!!!goodlucg…Puriiiii!!!!

  463. 463 : tristan Says:

    am tristan frm mixeco. you r a great actor u made me cry even they say some guys are dont no how u cry but in ur drama i cry a lot i stay longer here manila coz of ur drama seris.

  464. 464 : erlyn Says:


  465. 465 : gels Says:

    haaaaaay nako! as in! whooooooh! fan na fan kami ng couz ko sa JUMONG especially kay. . . JUMONG! buwahaha! kahit medyo old na sya. . ukie lang un! age doesn’t matter! wahehe. . juk lang! love you!!!! wakokokok

  466. 466 : majo Says:

    been addicted to jumong, now i resorted to emperor of the sea. just to have a glimpse of SIG again . well, quite good din ang emperor…. but can’t compare with jumong’s intensity and kilig factor.

    hope Philippines’ can also have this kind of phenominal movie/s which we can be proud of all over the world! unlike now, that we can see telenovelas and movies that depict less and less of morale values, love of country and people.

    wishing also that our future elected government officials have, as Cherryblossom said ” have the heart like Jumong to fight for what is right and stand by his principle for the benefit of the people and not for thy self..”

    May God bless Philippines!

  467. 467 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Yes, Emperor may not have the same kilig factor but it has the same inspirational value as Jumong. It’s in this show when Song Il-Gook unravelled much more acting power

  468. 468 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    best actor..

  469. 469 : Irene Lee Says:

    I’m from Chicago, U.S. I usually don’t watch the Korean Channel. One day I stumbled into the Emperor of the Sea then I got hook on it. I had to say because of your great performance. All of my coworkers call me a nut case. Anyway I do love your master piece of “JUMONG”. Air in Chicago prime time at 8:00 p.m. I have to trade in a lot of local show to watch Jumong. I read most of the comments that posted on this website and I have to say that I indeed agree with all of them. Your performance sure did touch a lot of ladies’ heart. Of course that’s include mine too. Please do keep up the good work. Luv U..

  470. 470 : majo Says:

    yes SIG, you’re really the best actor, we wish you’ll visit the Philippines!

    friends, please help me on how to learn the korean language the most easiest and affordable way, i may come across with SIG (wish ko lang!) in the near future, my heart tells me so…

  471. 471 : anne Says:

    hi crisseraphim12 and zandra..

    thanks for the info.. hehe hindi ko naisip un ah.. hehe..banned n kasi dito sa office ung you tube kaya naisip ko n hindi ako mkakapagyou tube..
    mmm.. sige sa labas n lng ako mnunuod hehe..
    thanks guys!

    grabe n tlga ang pgiging adik ko kay jumong..
    meron n bng orig dvd in the market? para kahit ilng beses ko panoodin, ayos n ayos, matagal ang buhay..
    pag nlulungkot ako, pede ko ulit-ulitin,
    it will be one way of treasuring the memories of SONG..

    ang swerte ng babaeng mamahalin nya at mamahalin sya,
    being at 21, maliit ang chances n pumili sya ng ganung age, unless nalovestruck sya, hehe..

    and him at 30’s.. sakin ok lng. pero ung age ko, haaay..
    bkit ba kasi huli ako ipinanganak, sana malaki ang chance ko.. d ba?

    love you all jumongers!!!

  472. 472 : jean Says:

    I watched the last episode of Jumong last night. To be honest, i really don’t like the ending. I bought talaga dvd para mapanood ito, nag absent pa me sa office para talaga matapos ko. Kaso, am not expecting na maging gaun ang ending, Gusto ko silang magkasama ng mahal nia na si shisuno.Bagay na bagya sila. Just want to know, if Song IL Gook is alreay married.

  473. 473 : Dark Angel Says:

    To jean,fortunately Song il gook isn’t married..But he has a gf. Well,that’s pretty normal for a handsome and famous actor like Jumong!!I hate to say that he has a good taste ‘coz the girl is quite a beauty and brainy too..For sure,he’s really picky and the girl meet his standards..Sad to admit that i wasn’t there to be his choice..hehehe(daydreaming)..

  474. 474 : Cherryblossom Says:

    Thanks majo,for the acknowledging my point of view for the coming election and the fate of our country in the hands of our future political leaders.Hope things change for the better.

    Girls,who do you think is more handsome or shall i say has a greater sex appeal..Song il gook of Jumong or Joo ji hoon of Princess hours..I think the later have a lot of fans too..

  475. 475 : florenz Says:

    Hi guys! Pls. visit my site for more Jumong and Song Il gook pictures, articles, soundtracks and videos!



  476. 476 : florenz Says:

    hi [email protected] Hi ate roxy! Is it true that Song Il Gook came from a noble and prominent family in Korea? Is it true that his grandpa is a general and his father is a politician? What office does his father holds? Wow, that is really impressive! kaya pala, napakapinong kumilos ni Il-Gook, medyo napansin ko na eh… But i didnt know na super-noble pala ng family na pinanggalingan niya… All i thought is that he came from a well-to-do family and that he was born with a gloden spoon, thats all. I didnt realized the prestige and glamour that his family is into… Papa-ble talaga si Song Il Gook! Hay naku, kahit pa from rugs-to-riches pa ang drama ng life niya, i would still like him… kahit ano pa siya! Naks!

  477. 477 : florenz Says:

    Hi drak angel! it that true? Where can we find the picture of his gf?

  478. 478 : Dark Angel Says:

    Hi florenz,i’ve seen some pic of his exgf at the other forum.But his present gf is perhaps a private person who manage to stay away from the limelight of showbiz world..Likewise,Song il gook tried to keep his personal and love life away from the grasp of the reporters..Maybe sooner or later he will introduce his gf to the public especially the fans if he’s proud of her..If he won’t then he’s still searching..who knows the clock is still ticking.:)

  479. 479 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    just want to ask if somebody here knows a place, if where to buy a dvd of jumong…?? -manila-

    thank you in advance…… thank you po in hundred times…

  480. 480 : Sexysiren Says:

    Hi florenz,regarding the info you’ve read about Song il gook is from the other forum.I forgot the name of that forum.But you can search for that if you have time.Just type Song il gook in the google toolbar and everything about him will be revealed. Moreover,i’ve read from the other site but i forgot the name that SIG was the ambassador in China representing South Korea..If you have time you can undergo some research over the internet for verifications regarding this matter..

  481. 481 : Sexysiren Says:

    To Cherryblossom,of course no one beats our beloved Song il gook..he’s one of a kind..Although,Joo ji hoon is a good actor with his cool image and graceful style..but he is no match to Jumong’s impressive kicks and awesome swords fighting skills. That makes Song il gook posses not only good looks but hard earned martial skills..which make him a bankable actor!

  482. 482 : florenz Says:

    hi sexysiren! thanks for the info… You’re such a big help in getting info bout Il-Gook…yah, i have that news on my blog, together with Jang Nara.

  483. 483 : florenz Says:

    hi dark angel! thanks! i just hope the girl is also nice, coz Il gook deserves a woman who would love her sincerely and truly… ofcourse, her personality must also be beautiful, coz Il gook is a nice man…

  484. 484 : florenz Says:

    hi everyone! Invite niyo po ako sa mga multiply site niyo pls…. Si ate roxy, nasa link ko na…. Ang bait ni ate, sobra! Lahat ng Song Il Gook and jumong fanatics, gusto kong maging friend, hehe… Dami po ako jumong and song il gook stuffs dun… pls visit my site. Thanks!


  485. 485 : crisseraphim12 Says:


    guyz, do you think song il gook is the best looking male actor in a korean drama??? If yes, then vote for him… hehehehe

    Just type in the yahoo search: “Who is the best looking male actor in a Korean drama?”

    i have already voted him… (-_;)

  486. 486 : eva Says:

    i luv u ju mong!!!

  487. 487 : eva Says:

    mahal kita jumong !!!!

  488. 488 : anne Says:

    hi everyone!
    pede ko b malaman if ano title ng background song ng inaalala ni se seono mga pinagsamahan nila ni jumong dun sa may ilog b yun.. ung kagabi(02192007) sya pinakita sa GMA 7 n halos mgkasakit n sya.
    gustong gusto ko ang kantang un,
    lalo n ng mapanuod ko ung Jumong MV sa youtube dati pa..

    please help me about this guys, coz i really love that song.. promise (sobbed..)

    san kaya ko makakakuha nun,. please..

    thanks po talga.

  489. 489 : florenz Says:

    Check-out my site… I have the soundtracks of Jumong (both CD 1 and 2) – Memories of Love… Got so many collections of videos too… It would be my delight if you guyz visit my site and invite me as well….


    thanks jumongers!

  490. 490 : yumi Says:

    Hi Anne,

    Ano ba ung song na gustung-gusto mo? Un din kaya ung song na gustung-gusto ko? NAKASANAYAN KO NA BA by Faith Cuneta? Hay naku, paggcng ko sa umaga yan agad ang pinapatugtog ko! kaya alam na alm ng mga kapitbahay ko na gcng na ako pag narinig na nila un! tagal ko ring niresearch un… dami kong pinagtanungan…sa internet ko rin nahanap…


  491. 491 : mj Says:

    Hi Anne,

    Ano ba ung song na gustung-gusto mo? Un din kaya ung song na gustung-gusto ko? NAKASANAYAN KO NA BA by Faith Cuneta? Hay naku, paggcng ko sa umaga yan agad ang pinapatugtog ko! kaya alam na alm ng mga kapitbahay ko na gcng na ako pag narinig na nila un! tagal ko ring niresearch un… dami kong pinagtanungan…sa internet ko rin nahanap…

    Sana yun na nga ung hinahanap mo…

    Pwede mo naman xang idownload di ba?

    Don’t cry na…


  492. 492 : jenny Says:

    Hay naku… nakakabaliw talaga ang jumong! pati ba naman mother ko pinagbintangan akong tinatago ko c jumong sa apt ko dahil di daw nya nakikita sa sa tv??? nyahahaha!!! wish ko lang!…

    kaso lang…kahit na nakakainlove ang ngiti ni jumong…hindi xa ang tinitibok ng puso ko…kundi c hepe panday! nyahahahaha… ung classmate ko naman c mang musong! nyahahaha….

    sa totoo lang…nakakaasar din manuod ng jumong minsan…kc NAKAKABITIN! hay…wish ko lang sana maextend ang oras nya…kahit one hour everyday lang…cge na please?

    alam nyo ba nag-aalarm pa ako para lang makanood ng jumong? kc sobrang nakakapagod ojt ko..so natutulog me pag-uwi…pero auko mamiss ang jumong kaya may alarm na ako, may miscol pa sa mother ko! o di ba? bongga!

  493. 493 : rashidah Says:

    i love this actor… he captured our hearts. i hope to see u in person.

  494. 494 : lilia Says:

    i like the series. it made me curious about korean history. however, i find some contradicting facts shown in the teleseries and the one i’ve read in the net. i want to know more about the characters especially so seo no, whom i have not found any articles in the net about her. if someone read this and have a little knowledge of so seo no, please publish sumting about her. tanx a lot.

    like all the gals here, i do love the performances of all the casts. they are superb!

  495. 495 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms lilia, here are some facts about lady so seono

    Name: 한혜진 / Han Hye-Jin – lady so seono
    Profession: Actress
    Birthdate: 1981-Oct-27
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 47kg
    School: Seoul Art College

    TV Series

    Jumong (MBC, 2006)
    Be Strong, Geum-soon! (MBC, 2005)
    Heroes (MBC, 2004)
    You are a Star (KBS, 2004)
    New Human Market (SBS, 2004)
    Something About 1% (MBC, 2003)
    Drama City Sweet 18 (KBS, 2003)
    Inspector Park Moon Soo (MBC, 2002)
    I Love Hyun-jung (MBC, 2002)
    Romance (MBC, 2002)
    Friends (MBC, 2002)


    Dharma 2: Showdown in Seoul (2004)


    2006 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award
    2004 KBS Awards: New Actress Award

    i get this informations in this link too.. hehehehehe
    if you want other informations about her, just search for “Han Hye Jin”.. (hope i help) hehehehe..

    by the way, naka2miss c song il gook, wla cxa sa episode ngayong gabi.

  496. 496 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms cherryblossom,

    song il gook is still the BEST.. so HANDSOME and SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE…(highest level)….

  497. 497 : winston gallinero Says:

    Jumong where are you now? we miss miss you! han hye jin is missing you! shes hearth broken… huhuhu

  498. 498 : so seo no Says:

    ang pangit ng jumong pg ala s jumong……….bat trip nawala lang lang naman sya e!!!!!!!!!!!!

  499. 499 : piercld Says:

    For those who want to spoil the suspense, Ill tell you where jumong is . . .
    I’ve watched the compilatiion dvd of Jumong (t’was super duper graet),
    hooray!!! Jumong is not dead yet but h ehas been captured by villainous men (but not the hans), he won’t be seen for over 2 episode thats about (two weeks),and expect more terrible news such as the marriage of so syoeh no.
    Even so, you should still watch jumong, i swear the story is totally awesome.

  500. 500 : renelle Says:

    hi im looking forward of meeting because i am your biggest fan here in the philippines. I love your acting in Jumong. Love you!

  501. 501 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    Jumong where are you now??? lady so seono is now in pain thinking of you… Commo’n show up yourself, do not let your love one suffers a lot.. hehehehehe


  502. 502 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms piercld, where did you buy the COMPILATION DISC OF JUMONG???? i want to have a copy of it…., i have already a copy of some of the episodes here in our computer, but i still want a full copy of it,,, so please can you tell me…. thank, thank you po…

  503. 503 : anne Says:

    hi mj or yumi!
    Hindi po iyon ang hinhanap ko, although gusto ko rin sya lalo n pag ngtitinginan sila ni seosono..un ung mga tingin ni jumong n alam kong gusto ng gusto ng mga kababaihan.. haay meron p kaya nun sa ngayon.. maybe.!

    hi ms florenz.. sige invite kita, kaso di ko pa msyado n-eexplore ung multiply.com kaya di pa ako sanay.. hehe. Thanks sa mga songs ha.. MJ and Yumi, try to visit Florenz site.. the best un ,dami videos..dun ko nhanap ung song n gustong gusto ko.. eto ang name nya sa playlist ni florenz.. lam ko gusto nyo din un kasi nrinig nyo na sya..A070000131826402.wma and gyul too.wma, kaso ung una nawala sa list ni florenz eh.. wonder why,
    bka ni=edit nya lng ung name.. pkinggan nyo ha… hehe

    thanks guys!

  504. 504 : espie Says:

    i wnt to send me t\your picture song ilguk

  505. 505 : angel_sakura Says:

    oh my God… uR sO vErY cUtE tLaGa,, bUt wLa aKonG nKi2tAng waLLpPer u,, hmMpp>>

  506. 506 : maricris Says:

    naka2miss si jumong..

  507. 507 : maricris Says:

    i’ve watch your film “the art of seduction”,,,, it’s funny,, that i really enjoy it. hehehehehehehe

    when will you show up again yourself in jumong?????

  508. 508 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms florenz.. i took a glimpse of your site, it’s nice, but i haven’t yet explore it a lot, but i really find it so much interesting….ang gandaaaa…..


  509. 509 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms. florenz, i get a hard time playing the videos on your site….???? Why???? hehehehehehe

  510. 510 : ww Says:

    Jumong A to Z video

    Jumong videos
    sea of emperor videos

    These videos are made by some fans from IlKuk Song gallery of dcinside website in Korea.

  511. 511 : ww Says:

    jumong interview

    song il gook’s bank CF


  512. 512 : anne Says:

    ako i’ve watched all of her videos.. except other than related to jumong… hehe.. =) ganda nga ng mga videos nya eh.. i like art of seduction, kaso selos ako ng kiniss nya ung doktora.. hehe, un ung masungit n girl sa rosy life eh, kapatid ni ramon..
    hayy, sna ako n lng, hehe coz ive been kissed yet by someone… =(

  513. 513 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    yup, ms anne, ang ganda ng “art of seduction”. “Seduction is not a technique, it’s a science.” hehehehehe

  514. 514 : majo Says:

    ms anne, where did you buy the art of seduction?
    am halfway na on the emperor of the sea and maybe art… would be my next in line para may variation naman.
    i understand it’s kind of sexy film?
    gosh, that would be a different side of SIG, am excited to see him in our present time situation
    for now, i see him typecasted on historical epic movies, i wonder what he is like seducing and be seduced, sounds interesting hah!

  515. 515 : anne Says:

    hi majo! , sorry to let you misinterpret what ive said.. =)
    gusto ko din nga mapanuod ung art of seduction eh, hehe kasi napanuod ko lng sya dun sa mga videos ni florenz.. un ang ibg ko sabhin..

    di ko din kasi alam if san nkakabili ng mda cds kasi khit ako, di pa nakakabili, too bad for me. =(

    sorry po tlga ah, hehe..=) pero panuodin mo yun ha.. ganda talga..
    antipatikong gwaping si papa il gook at ung girl sa endless love 3.. flirty flirty,, hehe..=)
    have a nice day.

  516. 516 : majo Says:

    hi anne, goodluck for us, just keep me posted if you have the dvd already, thanks!

  517. 517 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    guyz, pwede nyo panoorin art of seduction sa youtube, my complete download don. hehehehehe. Nka2tuwa cla don, kya lang may kiss don s song il gook, kya kainis (ooooyy jealous – hahahahaha). Basta mganda, another side of song il gook na mdyo pazaway.. hahahahah
    Sabi nya, “seduction is not a technique, it’s a science”.

  518. 518 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    ms florenz, I’m done watching all the videos and pictures, and read the articles on your site…. It’s nice, it takes me half a day to watch it… By the way, do you know if there where videos or site about the farewell party of jumong? i want to watch it, because i’ve seen pictures on your site, and makes me interested if how emotional Han Hye Jin is.

    Song il Gook is so handsome on those pictures, and we’ve got also the same taste when it comes to Korean novel……, but i haven’t posted my comments. hehehehehe

    Thank you, thank you very much for that wonderful site of yours…. I’m looking forward to watch it, again and again. heheheheheh

  519. 519 : Amie Says:

    oh!!!!!! my………………i love jumong from first to the last!!!! his so cute and strong man for me. Even all the cast of jumong i like it too…..you all good actors and actresses. keep the good work guy’s!!!!! hope the GMA kapuso can always show us the nice korean drama. GMA the best talaga kayo!!!!

  520. 520 : RoxyBathory Says:


    Joo Ji Hoon has lots of fans especially here in the P.I. Well, I just don’t like him because he looks like a fag (no offense). At mukhang tandain ang itsura niya. I just can’t imagine if he will look younger even if he turned 35.

  521. 521 : Caiomhe Says:

    GREAT NEWS! Song IL Guk accepeted the big budgeted tv series “THE LOBBYIST”. According to Song IL Guk he will repays the love of his fans to him by offering the fans a splending performance in his upcoming drama “The Lobbyist”. He annouced it during his meeting with his 300 fans from Korea, Japan and Hawaii. And this news was aired last night in Showbiz Extra Arirang TV. I’m not sure if I heard it right, that Jun Ji Hyeon will be his leading lady in this series??? I’m confused since Jun Ji Hyeon is currently doing her debut film in Hollywood entitled “Blood”. Although Lobbyist shooting will start sometimes in July I still don’t think Jun Ji Heon can make it but I’m really hoping its Jun Ji Hyeon,I mean c’mon Jun Ji Hyeon is not only the most beautiful actress with a clean image but a megastar in Korea. There was also an initial report that the role is for Kim Tae Hee another beautiful and talented actress. Ok I’m crossing my finger for Jun Ji Hyeon. And another thing I’m CROSSING MY FINGER is for SONG IL GUK for Best Actor in tonight 43rd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards. And I hope the drama Jumong win all the awards. GO JUMONG AJA AJA FIGHTING!! Baeksang Awards is comparable to Emmy Awards in America. Its really great if Song IL Guk will win The Best Actor Category in TV, he portrayed his character well and HE REALLY, TRULY DESERVE IT!!!

  522. 522 : Caiomhe Says:

    Sigh….Song IL Guk Lost in Best Actor Category, although Jumong won The Dae Sang Awards, Best Script and Best Director. Many fans are protesting about the result they think that 43rd Baeksang Annual Awards was disappointment. But i don’t feel sorry for Song IL Guk, I mean IL Guk oppa, you don’t need a trophy to prove that you are a great actor. And we your fans always believed in YOU no matter what, plus you promise us a splendid performance in your up coming drama, so maybe next year in 44th Beaksang Annual Award, the trophy belong to us! More Power and God bless You.

  523. 523 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    it’s ok if song il gook loss in the best actor category, actually he was over qualified for that. His always be the best performer in tv, and he already proved it with his films, and being already known for so many awards he receive for his films and and other categories.. (been read from the other link and also to ms. florenz’ site)..

    Song il Gook is always the best, and he already proved it to us, that’s why no doubt about his performance.

  524. 524 : Sam Javier Says:

    I love you Jumong! More Power

  525. 525 : majo Says:

    go jumongers, say your piece, let them know, SIG is no. 1, no. 1, no. 1 ,
    no. 1, no. 1, no. 1 , no. 1, no. 1, no. 1 , no. 1, no. 1, no. 1 , no. 1………………………………………………..

  526. 526 : kang Says:

    SIG your the great , a good actor, you can move heaven when you portrays your role, any kind of it.

    keep up the good works

  527. 527 : kate Says:

    I love you over and over! muah

  528. 528 : kate Says:

    I can’t imagine that jomung was totally bachelor until now.. wow! why don’t you take so seo no as a real wife?? hehehe

  529. 529 : jenny Says:

    gwapo mo talaga

  530. 530 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    guyz i already got a copy of the dvd’s of jumong…just want to share that i am really happy to have it., and because of that i want to thank HIM first, my classmates (whom i told them that i want a copy of jumong), my classmate’s aunt (the one who look for the dvd’s), my dad (who financially support me-hahahaha), our computer (where i can play and watch jumong), and to everyone…… hehehehehe…

    By the way, special thanks to all the people who is behind in this big production,,, and GMA for bringing and airing it to the country,,, and thank you too, to my sponsors… (many to mention-hahahahaha)..

    I am about to watch this series again and again either in tv or computer. hhehehehe

    Thankz din pla sa blog na ‘to… heheheheh.

    By the way, you look so handsome Mr. Song il Gook… Take carer, coz a lot of girls cares for you….. Ok?

  531. 531 : fatimaobien Says:

    Song Il Gook is indeed a very good actor. He speaks with his eyes and facial expressions. He can embodies different characters with clarity. His personality in the Emperor of the Sea and in Jumong are indeed different. Though seemingly Yum Moon and Jumong are alike (at least in format and abilities), each was portrayed different. Yum Moon is serious and heartless. Jumong is caring and loving. I am looking forward to his new series which I hope will be aired simulatenously in the Phillipines. I love you Il Gook!!!

  532. 532 : Yhielle America Ramos Says:

    Hi Song! I really admire your acting prowess especially in Jumong. You know, you are reminded of my husband who looks like Korean though he is a pure blooded Filipino. I would love to seeing more telenovelas either you are the hero or villain. You definitely portray your role amazingly. My kids oftentimes would immitate you with your gestures and acting in Jumong. Thanks to GMA7 & MBC for giving such a wonderful opportunity to have met you evenjust in movies.

    God bless in every way.

  533. 533 : kang Says:

    Dear Carili,

    Is it true that Kim ah jong, the love interets of yon inb the emperor of the sea, and the lead actress for 200 lbs beauty is the ex girlfriend of Song l Gook, if that is true, well I regret that they broke up, she’s beautiful and have a very powerful voice.

  534. 534 : aileen Says:

    Song il jook is a very promising actor. hello hope to see more of him here in the philippines. his movies, picz all of him. i love you song. your movie jumong is real learning experience. in fact i keep on watching it over and over agen. thanks for a great and effective performance.

  535. 535 : anya Says:

    I am also a fanatic of “Jumong” which stars Song Il Gook. First time I saw him on Philippine tv before Jumong was aired, I was really mesmerized by his facial expressions. He is such a good actor. I really like his facial expressions, his eyes say a lot. Keep up Song Il Gook. I hope he will have a follow up show after Jumong. God Bless.

  536. 536 : RYAN Says:


  537. 537 : Yam Says:

    I can’t believe that Song Il-Guk is turning 36 this year!! He looks so young!!!
    He’s a very good actor. and I’m one of his fans!!!
    I hope that he will have more movies to come.

  538. 538 : adik sa jumong!!! Says:

    hi!!!! una ayaw ko sa jumong pero nung nakita ko si jumong wow astig ang cute nia nakaka inlove daw!!!! sana may part two kasi inunahan k0 na ung 7 nkakabitin kasi eh hay how sad nag kahiwalay tuloy sila ni lady soshemo dapat sila na lang ang nagkatuluyan hanggang sa huli at sana sila din sa totoog buhay….

  539. 539 : melody Says:

    aside from song il gook’s handsome face he is really a good actor, i already finished watching 81 episodes of jumong as well as 60 episodes of terms of endearment where he played the role of Nah Jang-Soo, a perfect husband and a perfect son . You will surely love him more in terms of e, and will make a single woman dream that one day she’ll get to meet the same guy, which is quite impossible nowadays nah! im looking forward to seeing him in person whether it be here or in korea haha..

  540. 540 : melody Says:

    the best ang terms of endearment, though he’s only one of the main characters there, he truly made my heartbeat faster. mas nakaka in love kc cya dun sobra!

  541. 541 : Xhai Says:

    …huh! his really a good actor! i love u SONG!

  542. 542 : Xhai Says:

    whuaaa! im a jumong fanatic! and Song is a very gud actor!
    I love u song!

  543. 543 : procyon Says:

    is song il gook married already? may you just email your answers to my acct. ([email protected]) thnx!

  544. 544 : Purpleyum Says:


  545. 545 : diandra Says:

    All I can say is SONG IL GOOK is just deadly gorgeous!!!. I love JUMONG very much eventhough it costs me much to buy the whole DVD s. I stayed up all night just to finish watching them in a week. God knows how sleepy I am in the office. I really looking forward to seeing SIG in upcoming drama series.

  546. 546 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    still watching of the dvd’s of jumong right now……, even though i have an exam this morning…heheheheh.. (everything will be fine, for sure – heheheehe)

  547. 547 : yohan Says:

    May 3, 2007
    Hi pls im dying to meet Il Gook Song i wana meet him in person. Pls il pay for my trip to Korea just to meet him!!!

  548. 548 : majo Says:

    to :crisseraphim12

    I hope Jumong’s impact in our lives is for the positive side.
    Think of it if your parents will prohibit you in watching all SIG’s movies…
    you’ll be missing a lot!

    There’s a time for everything friend! And God made it beautiful…

  549. 549 : crisseraphim12 Says:


    thanks for that majo, i do appreciate it,. yup there are actually some impacts of watching jumong’s film in my life…, but i assure that it was in a positive side…, i can handle everything (trust me).. everything is fine, actually my dad is right here in manila by now, and watching jumong together with me… hahahahahaha… Even i was alwayz in the front of our computer, i do keep in maintaining my good grades ( we have our summer class right now, even i was a regular student ),… that’z why, there’s nothing to worry so far… Okk????

    By the way, have you surf about the Korean language, i’ve got already a copy of it…????

  550. 550 : crisseraphim12 Says:


    thank you, thank you so much po tlaga for the concern. Bloggers here are all nice, and you are one of them… (nakakaiyak naman dito -hahahahaha, just kidding)….

    Thank you po talaga…. (-_;)

    Song il gook,

    my classmate is always asking me about you. hehehehehe
    take care… ok?????

  551. 551 : so seo no Says:

    im fallen in love with u song il gook

  552. 552 : Daisy Says:

    In the house, we all missed Prince Jumong so much for the past few days, even though we knew he was still alive, except for my mom and dad who don`t usually watch `Jumong`… All of us in the house really love Prince Jumong so much even my two aunts who just have their vacation at home really like him a lot! My sis didn`t want to watch `Jumong` at that time at all because she said Prince Jumong was not there… But I still enjoyed watching `Jumong` even though I was not so pleased on what Prince Dae So did to his father,his country and to the rest of the people because by just looking at him,Prince Dae So, made my heart sing with joy…Prince Dae So is not so good nor so bad, a little bit of both if you try to look at his heart… But KSS(the one playing Prince Dae So)is really a very competent actor! Prince Jumong is really so kind, he has a very kind heart! And SIG (Prince Jumong)is also a very competent actor! I love Prince Jumong so much and especially the actor! SIG is really one of my most favorite actors… But my crush is only KSS since the `Jumong` started until now. He is also one of my most favorite actors. That is why I still like Prince Dae So also even though they are rivals in terms of love and crown… We also love all the casts of `Jumong`! In fact, me,my sis,and cousins have different crushes from this tv series… All the casts acted so great! They portrayed their role wonderfully! Each one of them has distinctive personality in `Jumong`, totally different from the rest…These varied roles and personalities are some of the main reasons why this tv series is the best, the number 1 of all the tv series I`ve ever known and watched! They make every episode so lively, not boring, full of jokes! You`ll surely laugh, smile ,be head over heels in love and kilig to the max!!! You will also cry and even hate at times… You can hardly breathe because of the very thrilling parts yet you will be amazed and even fascinated of the greatness of the story…You will be hooked, addicted! You will crave for more and even end up buying dvd because you can no longer wait for other more days not to know and see the whole story… Well, I say these just in case there are people who happen to visit here who haven`t seen `Jumong` just like some of the PH fans…… Maybe if they`ll see `Jumong`, or if they just saw a little and will see more, they will realize differently… I remember a piece from my young aunt recently, “Your cousin doesn`t want to watch `Jumong` because she has never watched it, but if she will,she will be like us…” Good day friends!

  553. 553 : samantha Says:

    finally finished watching his movie ‘jumong’, watching it for 5 days is worth-it, though i forget to help the household choirs because of my non-stop movie-watching and rest only when its time to sleep.. its a very addictive movie and is so unforgettable the way he portrays his character its just so very real. he’s an excellent actor.. unlike other actors, he touched my life and learned so many things in life with this film..

    whats ‘nakaka badtrip’ pa is the ending.. its so bitin kasi.. sana sinagad na nila to the end.. but jumong’s son in the movie ‘youli’ is really cute.. 😉

  554. 554 : majo Says:

    to: crisseraphim12:
    hi, you are so welcome.
    it’s good you have already find the Korean language site, please share it with me… thanks!

    to daisy:
    yes i agree with that, Jumong casts have contributed to the impact of the story, especially mopalmo’s role. even how sad he was , even how his heart desired to be with king jumong, still he follows KJ request of going with
    so seo no in building her new country. i consumed a mile of tissue warching this last episode, it really broke my heart…

  555. 555 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    to: majo:
    you know what, my dad is planning to bring the dvd’s of jumong in our house, for them to watch it and to share it with my brother (he partially watch the episodes of jumong, and got interested – hehehehehe)…. I told him, that i am to send it later, but for now, those dvd will stay with me… hahahahaha..

    By the way, the link about the korean language was posted in the thread of Ms. Han Hye Jin…

    to: song il gook:
    take care, take care, take care……. Ok?????

  556. 556 : Lezah Says:

    hello Song,

    I really appreciate your acting performance in the movie JUMONG. You’re such a great actor. I know you really work hard for it and you deserve such great awards. The director wasn’t wrong in choosing you for that movie. WOW! you are so marvelous.. Whoever made this website, i’m asking a favor to please tell song to reply me. I’m so eager to know him well. Just like to make friend with him. —-thank you so much!!!! please e-mail me : [email protected]

  557. 557 : merve Says:

    hi song

    i am merve from turkey.i and my friend really very love you.can you come to turkey please?believe me,you are very liked by the turkish people.all of your movies are wonderful :))

  558. 558 : fujicko Says:

    i love you song il gook. hope to see you personally! hope u can come here in the philippines..i love u .and i love your character in jumng series in the philippines..i think youre very handsome, very kind, gentleman and most especially has a great body….really fit to your character in that tv series..hope to see you in a romantic role.i think you will be better also with that..god bless..take care..do you have girlfriend already. if none. if you mind i can apply..


  559. 559 : so seo no Says:

    no1.no1 talaga jumong tingnan mo ang ganda na ng palabas ang guwapo pa ng bida san ka pa?

  560. 560 : so seo no Says:

    i love u very much song il gook mwah mwah!

  561. 561 : jenilyn halog Says:

    i find him really cute and attractive. his also a very good actor. sna psyal din siya dito s philppines

  562. 562 : kris Says:

    i really find him so much attractive……. gwapo……..

    song il gook aka jumong…. luv yahhhhhh…….

  563. 563 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    ii iii iii ii iii ii iiii iiii
    ii iii ii iii ii iiii iiii
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    ii iii ii iii ii iiii iiii
    ii iii ii iii ii iiii iiii
    iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiii

  564. 564 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    about the letter “i”:

    there where no special explanations about the letter i above… It was a simple message, but i didn’t know how it ends up like that,,,, (enter keys of computer).


    that’s it…..

  565. 565 : mikee Says:

    I hope GMA can also feature his other series Bodyguard and Did We Really Love — though he is not one of the major actors in these series. If he’s ever in the series — I don’t think I’ve seen him at all or recognize him. LazieGie’s website has these two series and his movies Red Eye and The Art of Seduction.

    He’s a great actor — my mom watches her copy of the Jumong series all the time — we’ve doe a fourth run of the series at home — I’m not surprised if our DVD machine burns out on us one day from watching too much Jumong and Emperor of the Sea!

    He is so handsome and wholesome looking — we never tire of looking at him!

  566. 566 : mikee Says:

    Soong Il Gook is so good looking. We have been watching our copies of Jumong and Emperor of the Sea for so many times already! I’m not surprised if our DVD machine dies on us one day from watching too much of Soong. He is soooooo good looking and wholesome.

    Hope GMA can feature his other series like Desert Spring, Terms of Endearment, Bodyguard and Did We Really Love, though I have seen copies of Terms of Endearment and Did We Really Love and I did not recognize him! I have no idea who he is in these series! His other movies Red Eye and The Art of Seduction are available with LazieGie and I look forward to watching these movies soon!

    Soong Il Gook, you ahve such wonderful fans in the Philippines! Learn some English and visit us soon! Cholo (of Sad Love Song and Stairway to Heaven) has already visited us after endorsing some Korean skin products, hope you can find time to visit other Asian countries!

    We love you!

  567. 567 : han jin Says:

    this man is soo perfct…. he has evrythng that i like in a man… hes got the look, the brain and everythng… i love everythng about him.. he’s so perfct in jumong… keep up the goodwork!!!

  568. 568 : Pretty pinay Says:

    Yeah guys!you’re right Song il gook is not only handsome and sexually appealing but also talented and brilliant.He was even appointed as the ambassador for China last 2005.He has got the looks and the power to dominate the T.V. series in Korea with the rating of 50% in Jumong..

  569. 569 : kim Says:

    jumongers! gwapo nya

  570. 570 : crizzy Says:

    hELLoW mR. S0nG iL gOoK…..

  571. 571 : slayer Says:

    ang gwapo m naman

    crush k ng kaptid ko…hhhhmmmm,, saka ako…… hehehehehe

  572. 572 : majo Says:

    guapo, matalino, magaling umarte, mapagmahal at may prinsipyo. ikaw yan SONG IL KOOK! sana ganyan ka lagi… ngayon at magpakailanman!

  573. 573 : maricris Says:

    i’ve read the comments in this thread,, and i observe that all the good words to describe you is already been spoken out, that’s why what more else can i say???…..

    U where also the man, where most of the girls looked and dreamed for, as in you where their ideal man, hhmmm and also mine…

  574. 574 : Ya Ya Judy Says:

    First off, Congratulations to the Director, Producer, the Entire Cast and Crew of both “Jumong” and “Sea Emporer”. They are spectacular Historical Epics.

    While scanning through our chable channels I happened on AZN (Asian Television Network) by accident several episodes through the series “Winter Sonata”. I instantly became ‘hooked’ on this channel though I do not speak or understand any language other than English. Thank God for translators! I’ve made my way through “Full House” with Rain, Jewel in the Palace (another fantastic Historical Epic), “Hotelier” and several others.

    Of course I am entirely absorbed in the epic series “Jumong” Let me tell ALL you lovely young ladies out there you DON’T have to be young to enjoy Song Il Gook. I agree, he is extremely hansome, and more than SEXY! He exudes pure primal, feral sex!!! Alot of his “appeal” of course STARTS from the type of roles he plays but which ever part he plays,he’s still p;ure SEX.

    These comments are coming from a non-Asian, 67 year old Mother of 4, Grandmother of 9, I noticed him in Sea Emporer first and when Jumong started on AZN I knew I recognized him from something, but it took me little while to realize where I might have seen him. I checked the cast of Sea Emporer and found I was correct in where I had seen him. Know how I knew I’d seen him before? The profound emotional eyes, lucious lips (his top lip is a wee bit sexually crooked) and of course his macho, strong, rather square jaw.

    Sure makes me wish I was young again, the body might not be as sound as it used to be but…the mind and libido are not effected! LOL. (laughing out loud) I am explaing the LOL as I am not sure these abbreviations are Universal and I wanted to make sure everyone knew what I meant. Forgive me if I offended anyone, it was not meant to do so.

    BTW (by the way) for those of you that might not know, “Ya Ya” is Greek for Grandmother, hence the I.D. Ya Ya Judy.

    I watch the programs that have English subtitles on AZN since, as I previously said, I speak and understand only English, but I sure wish I had someone beside me that did understand Korean. It’s quite evident with amount of speaking they do and the short translations that we are definately missing a lot of what is being said and I want to know it all! It is quite frustrating. Sometimes have problems finding Korean and other foreign DVD’s with GOOD translation, was just taken for the sum of $100.00 US dollars for entire series of Jumong. Talk about BAD!!! Translation was mostly nonsense, every so often it made actual sense and as for grammar……..there was basically none. I am purchasing the same series as they are showing on AZN. It comes in four different volumes, I have the first and will receive the remaining volumes; one each coming month. Have “Sea Emporer” and would like to obtain some of his other works so, if any of you know when I might find them (with English subtitles) please post it here, I would greatly appreciate it AND if you know of any other great Korean series, movies etc. (translated) I would appreciate knowing their titles also.

    Take Care, Good Luck, Good Health, and may God (YOUR DEITY) Bless You and Your Family.

    YA YA………..

  575. 575 : lawreghn Says:

    does he have a friendster account?

  576. 576 : lil Says:


  577. 577 : cris Says:

    JUMONG – the great archer…..

  578. 578 : Pretty pinay Says:

    Yes!Song il gook is the number 1 korean actor coz he doesn’t only posses stunning goodlooks but also awesome acting and incredible martial arts skills that made me breathless especially in the archery demonstration..Wish i could see him in person and ask him for a date!!!..hehehe!

  579. 579 : miguel santos Says:

    i love Jumong very much…the best korean series

  580. 580 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    actors except you, are all mada mada dane…

  581. 581 : may Says:

    the best korean actor in a korean film….

  582. 582 : eviyah Says:

    all the superlatives are for you…

    can’t get enough of you…

    THE BEST!!!


  583. 583 : Daisy Says:

    Guess what guys? I`ve heard from someone na sold out sa Divisoria namin dito sa CDO ang Jumong dvds! Marami na talagang nahook sa tv series na `to! Marami nang mga fans ang tv series na `to!!! The BEST talaga ang tv series na `to!!!!!!! 🙂

  584. 584 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    job well done in last night’s episode…

  585. 585 : Blackmamba Says:

    Wow!grabe ang gwapo ni Jumong now that his back!He’s virile and valiant with the eyes of a warrior and a heart of a hero..

  586. 586 : cris Says:

    Tangsinul sarang ha yo Mr. Song il Gook.

  587. 587 : cris Says:

    Jumong Prince of the Legend – the BEST.

  588. 588 : jhonmichael Says:

    sana kayo na lang ni han hye jin kasi bagay kayo gwAPO ka magANDA si han hye jin di mo lang alam na in love ako kay han hye jin mahal ko siya kaya wag nyo siyang sasaktan.

  589. 589 : so-seono Says:

    Song Il Gook is so handsome.
    Grabe daming pictures & videos and news dito — > http://h0tpink20.multiply.com — > the best sa pictures grabe ang dami!!!! mga private moments…matakaw pala sya pero perfect figure ha!
    grabe……..gwapo nya in golf shirt & bike!!!!! grabe na toh!!!

  590. 590 : princess monique Says:

    hello!! alam nyo ba ako ung wife ni Song Il Gook a.k.a Jumong…. hehehe:D mamatay kau sa inggit!!! wahahaha jowk lng
    pero i would lyk 2 know lng if anu status sa lyf ni Song il gook married na ba sya?? ksi kung married an sya ako cguro ung wife nya… hahahaha:)

  591. 591 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    to princess monique

    at this moment he is still single,,, hmmmm, after 10 minutes he is already married……………..TO ME…. hahahahaha, just kidding…..

  592. 592 : Blackmamba Says:

    To princess monique,Song il gook’s not married but we’re engaged..hehehe sounds goods feels better in my dream!
    Ask ko lang ano kaya sa tinging niyo ang type ni Jumong?

  593. 593 : kenny Says:

    i have recently completed watching the jumong series and was moved so much with Song IL Gook’s acting. Even though i have only recently became a Jumong Fan, The story gave in depth meaning to my life. I hope i could watch many more shows of Song and hope the best for Him. I for one, do not fancy korea-nobelas and such dramas but Song’s acting in Jumong made me think otherwise. You rock!!!!

    long live Peiha!!!!!

  594. 594 : kenny Says:

    i forgot to mention this sorry for the double post.
    We really would appreciate it if you could come here to the Philippines, Song. You Have many fans here and all of us would like to meet you in person. Thanks so much and God Bless!!!

  595. 595 : @@@@@@@0007 Says:

    love the way you look….. hope to see u.

  596. 596 : faith Says:

    Im an avid fan of “Jumong” here in the Philippines. We’re looing forward to see you here in our country. you have a lot of fan’s here. so please make a schedule to visit our country. we really loved to see you here…hope to see you soon in personal…

    you’re avid fan…

  597. 597 : saborski Says:



  598. 598 : ewan!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    ew…hehe…….joke lang..

  599. 599 : (-_:) Says:

    what’z up….

    hmmmm, jumong, your very impressive…..

  600. 600 : maylee Says:

    i only knew a very HANDSOME korean actor existed wen i watched d book of 3 han{jumong here in d phils}amazingly!!he can really act!!not just a pretty face wid ice melting smile!i”ll alway’s support u in d best way i can…GOD bless & more power!!!

  601. 601 : Blackmamba Says:

    Yeah,Jumong indeed is one of the most handsome k-actor I’ve ever saw ‘cos he’s not only goodlooking and sexy..But athletic and skillful as well especially in martial arts and sword fighting!

  602. 602 : han Says:

    gud morning mr song il gook a.k.a jumong

  603. 603 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    surfing the net, watching the pictures and videos of yours (song il gook), reading articles about you, surfing to the links of the other bloggers here is already been my hobby (actually close to habit), and i will missed those things… ‘coz i’ll be having my vacation tomorrow, and i’ll not be having our computer with me, but i’ll be back soon for my regular summer class….

    See yah soon…….

    Take care po….

  604. 604 : maricris Says:

    having a great prowess in acting (action, romantic, serious etc….)

    very brave…… will you be knight…..?? hahahahaha

  605. 605 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    WISH KO LANG that i could see you in person for 24 ORAS and dreaming to be with you MAGPAKAILANMAN… (in my dreams)

  606. 606 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    WISH KO LANG that i could see you in person for 24 ORAS and dreaming to be with you MAGPAKAILANMAN… (in my dreams)

    The best ASIAN TREASURE that i want is you, and i’ll be contented, and it will truly helps me having a LOVELY DAY… Actually SINASAMBA KITA, (hehehehe) because of your great performance in JUMONG…

    i’ll be keeping you in my S-FILES (S for Song il gook -kaya lang wla ng s files, showbiz central na -hehehehe). Always remember that HINDI KITA TATANTANAN… hahahahaha

    take care… take care….

  607. 607 : kris Says:


  608. 608 : kris Says:


  609. 609 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    SHE carried u in her womb for almost 9 months. SHE gave u life and SHE’S giving u a wonderful future…


  610. 610 : raks Says:

    hekhek. mahal ko rin c jumong………

  611. 611 : raks Says:

    i love u jumong!!!!!!!!!!

  612. 612 : kenny Says:

    sana may tambalan kayo ulit ni han hye jin (so seo no) bagay kayo.

    sana mapanood ko na ung angel wala kasi akong mahanap na cd movie to ni Song = astig!! syempre

    Jumong idol

  613. 613 : Hawaiian Says:

    The scene you had with ” Arms Master” was great tear jerker! Your acting here is one of bestest Hollywood has not produced yet!

    The Arms Master was also credibly touching in his highest level of acting!
    I love you both….for your messages

  614. 614 : leidee Says:

    So many fans of yours here in Hawaii and I was moved by your gentel acting scenes and your commanding voice when the respective acting skills is called upon.

    Great Future for you!

  615. 615 : llouiza Says:

    The story of Jumong has peaked my interest in Korean History. It is quite a NOBLE history. Your acting talents made the stories of LONG LONG ago become so real! I marvel at your skillls in keeping both of the Queens so special in your heart. What a lovely acting talents you protrayed with compassion and deep love.

    Too bad you could not keep both wonderful and selfless queens…..

    You were incredibly handsome, no matter what they uniformed you in.

    A well season actor that is also gracious. You have won the hearts of the world here…..
    wglouizaat yahoo

  616. 616 : lALoha Says:

    It seems that yesterday you were just acting, and a few months later, you bacame the worlds top KDRAMA actor.

    We adore you here in hawaii

  617. 617 : lALoha Says:

    My mom is never misses your Jumong drama. For Mothers’s day she only wanted to watch re-runs of JUMONG…..

    Thanks for saving me a few dollars…peya!

    Warriors football player

  618. 618 : Huz it! Says:

    Great Drama and a fine hand-made handsome! to your parents…


  619. 619 : Song il K Says:

    my family is hooked. So we are all writing to tell you Hello from Hawaii.

    My brother is next….He like YURI and his Chop Chop Moves….


  620. 620 : Song il K Says:

    Hello SIK
    I enjoyed all of your acting. JUMONG surely is your best acting….so many talents you exhibit that radiates your confidence.

    I admire your camera-ready skills and is able to have fun while doing a serious job—

    Hope Hollywood will tap your talents soon.


  621. 621 : Song il K Says:

    My secretary also thinks you are one superior human and actor as well

  622. 622 : Song il K Says:

    All the costumes look great on you. My 3 special scenes in your acting, is when you had to say goodbye to mom and YE SOYA
    Then Yuri and you finally meet, with Lady Ye Soya rescued. and the last is when You looked at YURI with pleasant-favored eyes of approval and support.

    Your never ending touch of your acting eyes moves me and mant billions of folks around the world.

    Enjoy your Youth, treasure your humble and genteel narure to the end…

    God Bless You and Korea….never mind what China says….they can make their own Dramas….too.


  623. 623 : SIG or SIK Says:

    Your talents make acting so eazzee….you never will know how many gallons of tears are shed world-wide. You sure make people connect in the most natural way.


  624. 624 : SIGook Says:

    You are the best Korea has produced

  625. 625 : SIGook Says:

    this from my aunt, You are making KDRAMA a big hit….

  626. 626 : SIGook Says:

    Please say hi to all your 3 close men of honor. They really make the movie a greater hit with you as lead actor!

    Arms Master is a special touch for JUMONG! Tell we love him…


  627. 627 : SIGook Says:

    Korea has found and mounted it’s Superstar!

  628. 628 : SIGook Says:

    You have the most trusting eyes when you channel into one’s soulllllll!!!!

  629. 629 : SIGook Says:

    I enjoyed your playful spirit with your fans. You know where your sources of POWER comes from….
    Good on you…

  630. 630 : SIGook Says:

    Girlfiends of mine love and sing your “song” …..

  631. 631 : eviyah Says:




  632. 632 : Dexter Says:

    First, this show is beyong awesome….I just don’t know what to say…I mean it comes with action, drama, laugh (comedy) love, Sadness..I didn’t really pay attention to the show but when I saw Jumong(Song Il Gook) Playing as the main character..I had to question coming to my mind or what so ever…I had to watch it because Song Il Gook as Jumong is the #1 actor in Korea that I like so much..I have follow all of his show like the Jumong story…But this Jumong really teach me so much by just watching it…I give 10 all the way for this show, but the only thing that I kind of wish they added it was the story of his son Yuri and also his wife the Empress Soseono story, like where did they go..I know that the narator tells about it in the end of the Episode but I wanted to see it…I know that Jumong and Soseono were destined to be together and she is gorgeous and beatiful…..hehehehe!!!

    Song Il Gook, I love your shows and I hope you continue doing many shows..I will never get tired of watching Jumong over again..I got meself a DVD for it but not complete..hehehe!!!

  633. 633 : majo Says:

    You really hit the world SIG!
    You garnered beautiful and awesome comments that I believe no one has ever received before. May you will continue the good work and may never change your Jumong-like ways. I love you, much!
    BTW, can anyone tell me about the “Arms Master” and Angel ?

  634. 634 : flozz_arriane Says:

    hi everyone..

    wanna ask something bout song il gook.. is he still single?

  635. 635 : Blackmamba Says:

    As far as I know,he’s very much single but not available kasi may gf na siya.Though I haven’t seen her pic but I’ve heard that she’s a rare beauty with brain ‘coz she’s a law student. Well,that’s quite normal for a famous and handsome actor like Song il gook..(sayang crush ko pa naman siya)

  636. 636 : eviyah Says:


  637. 637 : maricris Says:

    eeeeellllllllllooooooowwwww.. song

  638. 638 : Kookai Says:

    i love to watch jumong even my husband and kids are addicted too.
    Keep up the good work SONG II GOOK!!! God Bless

  639. 639 : SILK Says:

    I enjoyed your coolness among the mishaps of your re shoots.

  640. 640 : Guava Says:

    Your facial expressions toward Yuri when he spoke up isolated you as one true and loving dad protrayed well in a sensitive situation

  641. 641 : Bryc Says:

    I give credit for sinking in that green water of dirt! You were dedicated and comitted as an actor

  642. 642 : Lela Says:

    my take here among the group watching your J- is that your eyes, never missed a single evocation of an emotion…

  643. 643 : Ratu Says:

    Did you know thyat even when you cried, your voice sends chill and cause chicken skin! That is how powerful of an actor you are.

  644. 644 : Ratu Says:

    You are so human too, I laughed with care when I saw you sleeping on a lawn chair, waiting your turn to shoot….all dressed up in your KING costume…that made me feel a bid better that this all a drama……

  645. 645 : Tiisi Says:

    The men at work thinks that if we mention your name again or Jumong! they would just faint….I said go ahead and make my day! lol

  646. 646 : Ma Says:

    Your playful nature is just as enjoyable as your actor persona…you balance them well

  647. 647 : siteri Says:

    Your meeting with Yuri was stunning, as your reaction was so real to life….Your co-stars were so wonderful

  648. 648 : Laisa Says:

    Hope that yu and Yuri can act together r4eal soon.

  649. 649 : Vaira Says:

    We are borrowing this emaillllto welcome you

  650. 650 : zandra t Says:

    I watched your Terms of Endearment and love you more for it.

  651. 651 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    u looked so handsome, whatever kind of dress you wore…

  652. 652 : maricris Says:

    very expressive tlaga mga tingin mo………. hehehehehe

  653. 653 : maricris Says:

    hope to see you soon……..

  654. 654 : jo santos Says:

    Hi Song Il Gook,

    I just loveyou and have a crush on you! Hope GMA 7 will invite you in the Philippines. Am sure there are lots of women who will go crazy once Song Il Gook comes in the Philippines. I bought copy of dvd and browse the internet just to see his face and have his face as background on my desktop and laptop.

    This was log on May 18, 2007.

  655. 655 : Bula Says:

    how are you. Very nice smile and yet controllable on camera. I adore your FOCUS talent whnen you are on camera….you seem to tie up the ribbons beautifully.

  656. 656 : Moshimoshi Says:

    Outof million favorite is when you showed uncontrollable giggles with one of the ladies shoots…..

  657. 657 : Lori Says:

    I laughed endlessly on y7our interview with Hanbal TV when you palyed around with the Boxing gloves and flirteously punched her belly button and she was totally clueless of your sharp-witted min d…

    another inate natural moves

  658. 658 : selen Says:

    it is so easy to love your acting because you are so focused and committed

  659. 659 : Tanoa Says:

    our group of 4 thinks you are some specialgent that is magnetic when infront of the camera….ESPECIALLY YOUR SEXY TAKES WITH ssn FOR THE dvd COVERS…YOU ARE SO SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR ROLE…AND ssn BURST OUT OF HER ROLE IN LAUGHTER

  660. 660 : FLUFF Says:


  661. 661 : wISHFUL Says:


  662. 662 : lISA Says:


  663. 663 : lmARY Says:


  664. 664 : nITA Says:


  665. 665 : LULI Says:


  666. 666 : LULu Says:

    How well you ride that horse-like a real pro

  667. 667 : denie Says:

    Oh well, I just watched TOD and you did well then! what a nice pick for you to do JUMONG

  668. 668 : Lei Says:

    my sister got me into JUMONG and now I am a fan. You and your awesome fabulous 5

  669. 669 : Lei Says:

    Oh I forgot to say that I cried when you were on the hill, and for a MOMENT you almost galloped after SSN. You were so strong to hold back. I do not think that I could live through that GOODBYE!~

  670. 670 : majo Says:

    really hooked on you…

  671. 671 : cris Says:

    the best k tlaga….promise….. ang gwapo mo pa….

  672. 672 : Christine Says:

    hi song il gook..!

    im one of your millions or rather billions of fans..!

    my god i was so surprised seeing this website..,

    and read ol those comments to u..,

    i didn’t imagine that they have admired u so much as i do..,

    i have a complete set of jumong..,

    and honestly it was my first time to watch a dvd from morning til morning of the next day.., means it was nonstop..! just to finish watching it..,

    even though we had finished watching the whole story..,

    believe it or not we’re watching it again and again…,

    it seems that our day would not be complete without seeing jumong..,

    seeing you..,

    its the best..!

    u’re the best..!

    i haven’t been hooked like this before..,

    even there are enormous handsome korean actors..,

    i and i know ol the girls here in the Philippines wish that u’l visit our country..,

    and il be in the airport waiting 4 u..,

    godbless and more power..!

    u rli deserve it..,

    hope more of your tv series will be aired here in the Philippines..,

    we’ll support u ol the way..,

    tnx 4 giving us happiness..,

    luv yah..!

  673. 673 : ann Says:

    jumong is the best historical drama,that i ever seen. song il gook is a very talented actor in korea.

  674. 674 : @@@@@@@@ Says:

    nkakamiss manood ng jumong….

  675. 675 : maricris Says:


  676. 676 : Blackmamba Says:

    Guess what?guys!Song il gook’s mom wants him to get married i’ve read it from the other forum 🙁 But he hadn’t proposed yet to his gf..Meaning my chance pa tayo..hehehe :)joke lang..

  677. 677 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    is it really true blackmamba???? my gosh….. if that is so,, then maybe today his still available,, but how about tomorrow…???? huhuhuhuhu….seems his mother was already looking for a grandchild,,,, hmmmm, then i’m ready to give it a try…. hahahahahaha,,, just kidding……….

  678. 678 : luvy Says:

    helo jumong.. subrang ganda ang movie mo,,i hope i see u in personal, pag mag bvacation me dyn sa pinas….good luck 2 ur movie..

  679. 679 : luvy Says:

    parang naiinlove 2loy ako sau jumong,,

  680. 680 : luvy from egypt Says:

    can u give ur number in korea pls,, kasi dko natapos ung movie mo,,gus2 ko mapanood ang ending,,

  681. 681 : patricia acosta Says:

    Hello Song Il Guk
    You’re so handsome. I really like you’re movie Jumong because the characters are great especially you. Hope to see you here in the Philippines.

  682. 682 : cris Says:

    jumong – the great archer….

    your such a gifted actor…..

  683. 683 : Blackmamba Says:

    Yes!!crisseraphim12..Song il gook’s mom wants him to get married before the year ends cause he’ll be turning 36 this year and want him to have children ASAP at least 3..huhu! why on earth would she ask for that?to happen cause that would possibly affect his career..supersikat pa naman siya!

  684. 684 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    oh.,, how sad.. i hope the year won’t end… hahahahahaha, so that he will not be in hurry for a marriage… (-_:)

    but thinking of his age by now, (36) it’s actually one of the ideal age to get marriage….. hhhmmmm… but whatever decision he would made in the coming future….. i would still respect and support him…. but i’m getting jealous…. my gosh… hahahahahaha

  685. 685 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    by the way,, good job in last night’s episode (May 21, 2007)…

    We are now in episode 41 (jumong is 81 episodes in all)… The story is getting more exciting… Every episodes or tv series in GMA7 is a must to see….

  686. 686 : cAmiLLe Says:

    Hi SonG iL-gook!!
    Ur so cute! yoUr My iDoL!!
    ^_^ thanks 4 inspiring people in evry country..

  687. 687 : @@@@@@@@ Says:

    tonight’s episode

    so sad that prince jumong and lady so seono are not really meant to be together….

  688. 688 : (-_:) Says:

    you look so innocent (facial expression) during your wedding with lady soya..

  689. 689 : serah Says:

    i wish to marry a man like you, but it seems your only one here in the world… hehehehehe

  690. 690 : Pretty pinay Says:

    If it’s true that il gook’s mom wants him to get married soon, then that would break the hearts of many girls including me 🙁 I can’t let that happen in real life or else he’ll lost his millions fans out there who have a crush on him..hahaha!

  691. 691 : BING Says:

    I really admire your acting. Wish you could visit us here in the Philippines. Im sure a lot of jumong fans will love it! Wish u all the best..And continue to make great soap and movies in the future. For me ur one of the BEST!!! I love you.

  692. 692 : cris Says:

    Whatever Song il Gook’s decision in getting married in the comning future – i would still support him. hehehhehehe

  693. 693 : rosewhip14 Says:

    hayyyyyy jumong i love you so much alaga super hindi na ako lumalabas ng hauz dahik sa kakapanood syo yummy ka talaga super nagseselod na asawa ko syo…god blessssss song il gook mwhaaa!!!!

  694. 694 : RoxyBathory Says:

    regarding Mommy Kim Eul-dong’s wish (hehheheh! I called her mommy. I should’ve called her “omma”) that Ilguki should get married…. i think I sense something different…. There are some aspects that I doubt about. Is she truly supportive of her son’s marriage? BTW, the reason SIG and Kim Jeong Nam broke up is due to “personality clashes” and omma’s disapproval of Kim Jeong Nam.

    Ugh! No matter what it is… I will be supportive whether Ilguki will hurry up in marriage or will still focus on his career.

  695. 695 : Pretty pinay Says:

    Wow!i’ve read from the other forum about il gook’s message towards his fans..very heart warming and so touching as if i do wanna cry..He’s very much thankful for the fans who supported him and admire him a lot..But the sad part was he revealed that a woman whom she plans to marry… should love his mom and be nice to her than him..(mama’s boy cguro to)

  696. 696 : cris Says:

    to pretty pinay:

    ate saan pong forum or thread nyo po nabasa message ni song il gook,, gusto ko din pong mabasa???????????? thank you po……

  697. 697 : Pretty pinay Says:

    to cris,
    Just type filipina soul in the google toolbar and you will find out a lot about SIG.He wrote a very warm and sincere letter to his fans who supported him in Jumong.He’s an emotional person and passionate too. A girl who wins his heart must be near to perfection although he said in his fan meeting that he does not consider a woman’s looks but a sweet
    lady who will love his mom and respect her more than him..

  698. 698 : allerine Says:

    hi!!!!! jumong i’m ur fan i hope u will invite as a friend [email protected]

  699. 699 : allerine Says:

    hi!!!!!! jumong i’m ur fan i hope u invite me as a friend soya [email protected]

  700. 700 : cris Says:

    thank you so much ms pretty pinay…. i am about to search it now, before i leave for a vacation……

    thank you again……

  701. 701 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    i aLso wAnt tO rEad iT… Thank yOu pRetTy pInaY

  702. 702 : cris Says:

    pretty pinay

    i find it hard, if where to find the specific link about the letter of song il gook, but i ‘ve found links about him, while the others is in multiply which i have already seen before……… hehehehhehehe

    By the way, thank you very much pretty pinay for your help,,, i’m goin’ to search it again…… Thank you so muchhhhhhhh

    Jumong the Best……

  703. 703 : lalashane Says:


  704. 704 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    just dropping by to say good morning song il gook…

  705. 705 : majo Says:

    to roxy:
    please rell me what site can I browse SIG ‘s ex-KIm Jeong Nam
    ‘am curious what looks of a woman attracts him.
    thanks so much

  706. 706 : zandra t Says:

    You can type in Filipina Soul GMA 7 Airs Korean Series Jumong.

  707. 707 : clare Says:

    Hi! just dropping by to give some love…you really are such a great person…count me as one of your most die hard fans…

  708. 708 : major Says:

    hey! you’re soooooo great in ju mong! i really enjoy watching it! i hope u would visit here in manila, philippines! keep up the good work! you are sooo handsome, so is me! hekhek

  709. 709 : kenny Says:

    idol ka pa rin paulit ulit ko pa rin pinapanood yung dvd

    ma tol, kahit sino man, meron ba kayong e mail adress ni song? kung meron tanong ko lang pls salamat ng marami

    idol pa rin kit Jumong!!!

  710. 710 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    dropping by…. may we have a good day today…..

    Happy bday to me….. heheheheh

    Take care Song il Gook…

    See yahhhh,, vacation muna ako….

    Bye bye

  711. 711 : Pretty pinay Says:

    Napanood ko na yong complete episode ng dvd entitled Jumong.It’s true according to some fans..it’s worth watching!!Can’t believe the story goes very entertaining and at same time heart breaking..I won’t go into detail cos you have to watch it yourself..Just love Song il gook more every epi kahit 35 na sya hindi nakakasawa tingnan,his looks is very deceiving.He look 5 years younger than his age.Feeling ko he’s my knight and shining armor..His eyes is so strong and full courage.He’s the perfect choice for Jumong!

  712. 712 : kenny Says:

    ang lupit talaga ni Song Il Gook IDOL!!!!

  713. 713 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Majo,

    You can find a picture of SIG and his ex here: http://h0tpink20.multiply.com. Also pictures of “angel’ photo shoots and others, including baby pic. He looks so fresh and young. In spite of being a thriathlete he has maintained his fresh face and fair complexion.

  714. 714 : Ree Says:


    Just wanna say i’m in love with Jumong… His beauty and talent is indeed more than extra ordinary. I bought the whole episodes of the film, spending thousands but it worth it. I even spent sleepless nights just to watch the whole series but i never felt the tiredness. I don’t know what he had but his aura simply awakes all my nerves… makes me tremble and chill with excitement… I don’t even know how to face the end of the story. I can’t sleep at night waiting for the next exciting event to happen but i don’t really wanna end the story that fast or shall say i don’t wanna end the story at all. I’m in a hurry but not… i am indeed confused. It is only him who made me feel or think like this. Now, i don’t know how to manage my time coz most of it i spent in thinking and hallucinating…. In the end, all i can say is, Jumong has affected me so much… I’m a person whose not easy to get addicted but by just one glance on even one of the shortest scene of the story, i can’t help but to be stuck and have more of it…. Thank you Jumong for making me crazy…. hehehe….

  715. 715 : sparkvian Says:

    i love song il gook very much! i love his handsome face, his talent, all about him! his drama JuMong is aired here in the Philippines and i never miss any of the episodes. I wish I could see him in person!!! ang gwapo mo talaga!!!

  716. 716 : lyn Says:

    grabe ang gwapo talaga…. Dati natutulog ako ng 9pm..ngayon w8 ko muna ang JUMONG..kahit antok na ko sobra, watch pa din ako!!!

  717. 717 : Pretty pinay Says:

    Well,i think hindi me nag-iisa,marami pala tayo na super-antok na pero watch pa rin ng Jumong!Sobra kasi nakaka-adik ang beauty niya..hindi siya nakakasawa kasi hindi lang siya gwapo very talented at skillful pa! Loves na loves ko talaga si Jumong!Superbait pa daw siya in real life!!!

  718. 718 : Mystery Says:

    To all who watched Terms of Endearment, what do you supposed happened after SIG embraced his daughter at the end. Did he reconcile with Engpin with or did he go back to USA?

  719. 719 : zandra t Says:

    SIG looks so young in “Angel”. He’s so handsome there. I think this show is going to be monstrous hit worldwide. SIG’s appeal to fans is awesome and he knows what to do with it. Awesome guy, extraordinary talent and looks. He can do aomost anything. He even speaks good English. With his growing global fans base and varied acting talents- action, drama, romance, comedy, I will not be surprised if he lands in a Hollywood film soon.

  720. 720 : Jeanissa Says:

    Song il Gook ! well what can i say ? your a Great Actor aside from a Very Handsome and so cute smile . Your role in “Jumong” for me really portraits yourself.One look at you, your a very down to earth, shy type person. Keep up good work and always take care ! More power to you and hope to see you more on tv or movies,,,,We love you !!

  721. 721 : baby Says:

    i luv jumong!!! even im so..sleepy i make sure i watch ur show,hinde kumpleto araw ko pag wala k!!!

  722. 722 : joy Says:

    i have seen jumong but sad to say am not satisfied with the ending, cause jumong & his lady love ay di nagkatuluyan, Hope to see more movies of song ll gook

  723. 723 : Blackmamba Says:

    Jumong your so cool!crush na crush ka ng cousin ko..May kahati na ako sau..She’s only 16,20 years younger than you.Iba talaga ang dating mo. Ano ba mayroon ka??Kahit may-asawa may crush sayo..kahit lola inlove din sau..hay believe talaga ako sau..you’re my hero!promise loves kita!

  724. 724 : yun so Says:

    I HEARD YOU WERE IN NEW YORK!!! 5 mins from where I live.. but it just sucks I had to find out 3 weeks after. wow.. I LOVE YOU SONG IL GOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time you come to ny, PLEASE let us know!!! I was so heart broken.. you are the greatest, more handsome actor I have ever seen.

  725. 725 : Lyn Says:

    I admit, I never knew you if I haven’t watched “Ju-mong”… I just want you to know that you’re a good actor in that series… I love the way you carry your role there…

    You make my heart leapt, cried, and jump for joy as I follow the series…I loved you’re acting in scenes where you cried fof lihuia, suya, youli, and shosino. And I much loved when its fight scenes…

    keep up the good work.. i hope you visit our country (Philippines)… you’re a hit here!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  726. 726 : Blackmamba Says:

    I’ve finshed watching the 3 dvds..All I can say is bravo!Congrats to everybody for a job well done!!!I’ve 3 sleepless nights for watching Jumong but it’s all worth it! See it for yourself..Ang gwapo ni SIG!!!

  727. 727 : majo Says:

    Hi Zandra T,

    Thanks so much for the info. Yes, you’re right SIG maintained his young and good looking aura in spite of being exposed to sun due to his sports.

    He’s one of a kind of a man, Congrats SIG!

  728. 728 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Majo,

    I read somewhere that he does not smoke, drink liquor and he’s a vegetarian pa. Grabe namang discipline ano? Grabe sana dumami pa talaga lahi nya. daming nag-aagawan sa kanya eh. Pano ba yan.

  729. 729 : louie reyes Says:

    Hi SONG II GOOK alias Jumong.Im your number one fan in the Philippines.I watch Jumong on Primetime tv on GMA 7 network.Jumong is number 1 here in the Philippines.You are so gorgeous,very handsome indeed and a great actor.The production design of Jumong is superb.Great acting,eye popping cinematography,fantastic screenplay and great direction.Congratulations for a job well done.

  730. 730 : WANGJANI Says:

    yung tropa ko kamukha si Jumong as in!!! Jumong na nga ang tawag ko sa kanya eh hahaha. name nya is Joseph Santiago search nyo sya sa friendster hehe

  731. 731 : WANGJANI Says:

    Jumong itsani sunggohangumida… ANYA….

  732. 732 : mikai Says:

    `ju-mong` captures the heart of so many folks..

    song II gook, your drama `ju-mong` really amazed me. really good! i can`t even deny to myself that i fall again.. though love hurts but as i am immuned to hurtings i am not afraid to love anymore.. my wish is to meet that person behind `ju-mong` identity, it`s my pleasure & a dream to reality..

    again, congratulations! more success & God bless

  733. 733 : RoxyBathory Says:

    majo… sorry for making you wait for so long. BTW, as far as I know, I saw the pics of Kim Jeong Nam on this link:


    but you can browse them on soompi forums, as long as the thread is purely song il-gook

  734. 734 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Hello! Wanna check my new fun pics?


  735. 735 : inocenty Says:

    yung ex ng mama koh kamukha nia si jumong.hahahah..si reynaldo alcantara…hahahah.kilala nio yun?

  736. 736 : inocenty Says:

    pero yung tatay koh kamukha niya si cholo ng stairway to heaven..hehehe

  737. 737 : Seoseono Says:

    36 years old na pla si Jumong pero promise he look 25. He is so handsome wish ko punta xia philippines pra makita ko siya personal. Halos lahat nga ng palabas niyan meron ako. Ang gwapo niya sa Jumong. Sa emperor of the sea gwapo din siya kaya lang kontrabida.

    Jumong, may asawa ka na ba?

  738. 738 : NUN-sense Says:

    his tv series jumong put him in pedestal.1 of d finest korean actors iv seen on tv … next 2 my future ex-husband kim rae won

  739. 739 : kiteng Says:

    hi fafa jumong love yah!!!! hope ur were mine…. hehehehhe

  740. 740 : kiteng Says:

    fafa jumong bkit ang gwapo mo?? ng dahil sau nalimutn ko at hiniwalayn ako ng asawa ko…..

  741. 741 : Gelly Says:

    Jumong! Astig ka, You’re so hot. I Love yah! Mahalikan lang kita pwede na kong mamatay bukas…
    Lahat ng katangiang hinahanap ko sa lalaki nasayo…

  742. 742 : Gelly Says:

    Handa kong ibenta sa demonyo ang kaluluwa ko mahalikan lang si Jumong! I love you Jumong. Mwah

  743. 743 : miko Says:

    No one can replace SONG IL GOOK aka. JUMONG in my heart, even I already finished watching the JUMOng in dvd, I still see to it that I can watch him on gma telebabad. You will never regret on it. It’s the ever best korea tv series…..I LOVE YOU SONG IL GOOK! Hope to see you soon here in Philippines.

  744. 744 : berni Says:

    kakaiba talaga ang jumong. Hindi makapigil na hininga. Hindi ka maiinip sa story…laging kakabakaba…ngayon pang malapit nang matalo ni jumong ang mga taga-Han at si Prinsepe Daeso.

  745. 745 : Apple Says:

    eventhough its impossible to see song il-gook in person but still im hoping to see u oneday.. i really like your lips,nose & especially your eyes..im a big fan of yours!!! i love you

  746. 746 : Blackmamba Says:

    Wow!grabe..believe na talaga ako sa mga babaeng napa-inlove mo SIG, ikaw na yata ang pinaka-gwapong lalaki sa balat ng lupa.But i knew that you deserved all those love and admiration because you’re so humble at superbait in real life.You deserved all the blessings so keep your feet on the ground para mas lalo kaming ma-inlove sau..take care!..i love you!!

  747. 747 : Prettypinay Says:

    I’ve read from the other forum that you’re curious about what you’ve done to the world to receive all the luck that you have now coz you’re rich,handsome, talented and famous actor.There are lots of girls asking what’s your type of a woman though you’ve mention that looks doesn’t count much.I’m sure that you’ll find the best woman with beauty,brain and nice personality..(just contact me..hehehehe)

  748. 748 : Phoenix Says:

    Finally,Song il gook this website give chance to all your fans to express their deep attraction to your handsome looks,huge appreciation to your hit movies,love for your perfect personality.I can’t see the reason why you’re still single at that age..maybe you’re waiting for me..hehehehe!

  749. 749 : crisseraphim12 Says:


    sobrang dami n pla ng comments dito……. ang saya….

    Hmmmm.. kailan nman kaya magrereply dito si song il gook a.k.a jumong….. heheheheheheheh

  750. 750 : crisseraphim12 Says:




  751. 751 : Soseono Says:

    hahahhahyyyyyyyyyy… twing naiicp q c Jumong tumitigil ang oras,,grabeh..

    Ewan ko ba…

    HopefuLi my mpanood akong bagong movie nya..

  752. 752 : Phoenix Says:

    Eversince,i’m fascinated watching handsome actors and cute guys..who have a sweet and romantic image..plus a strong sex appeal and a hard hitting kicks!!But..i never knew somebody has it all..and that’s no other than my beloved SIG.He’s a man every woman would dream of having as a bf or as a hubby..I just wonder what’s he’s looking for???..(maybe he’s looking for me)..hehehehe!!!!

  753. 753 : Mystery Says:

    Finished watching this heart touching drama. Acting of all the cast is rated superb! I got a copy of Terms of Endearment after watching Jumong – because of SIG. Verrry good actor with very expressive eyes! Glad I watched this too. Fans of SIG if you love him in Jumong, you will also love him here. He starts to appear in chapter 25 to chapter 60. Had to repeat Chapter 59 & 60 – 5 times because I was so touched by the story line. There are lots of copies available in Ongpin Chinatown DVD stores & in Divisoria Mall. You will be sorry if you miss watching this drama!

  754. 754 : chyrah Says:

    i really love Jumong.. sheesh.. this drama always make me cry and smile and be in love a lot..hehehe..so so nice..and i love jumong..his eyes and lips..ahhkk..love him!!!!>. ^^

  755. 755 : mary ann Says:

    This guy’s really hardworking and handsome. I’ve watched JUMONG for quite a lot of time. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears everytime I watch chapter 67 and 68. This is because Song Il Gook has given much justice in giving life to this character. KUDOS to the whole Cast and Crew of this awe-inspiring epic.

  756. 756 : nalyn Says:

    grabe na to!!!d ako mkatulog kpag nsimulan k ng maisip c jumong,it always mkes me cry everytym i watch d last 10episodes..huhuhu..the story is very incredible,it shows the greatest meaning of love,.wla tlaga akong msabi..this one is the most stisfying korean drama ive ever watched!!!!

  757. 757 : -iluvsongilgook- Says:

    waaahhh!! ang cute tlaga ni jumong!! hahah^^
    di na ko makatulog..
    di pa ko apos manood lahat ng episodes..sabi nila nice daw!!!
    waaahhh!! nakakaloka to!!

  758. 758 : baby Says:

    I love yah jumong!!!!!!!!!

  759. 759 : anna Says:

    i’m anna from the philippines! i never thought that Song Il Gook have such a huge fan in the philippines, including me! Il Gook is such a great actor, he was able to reach the viewers through his acting! when i first saw him in the “emperor of the sea” i told myself that he is a promising young actor of his generation, not knowing that he is really an award winning actor.well, in addition to this, he is really handsome!

  760. 760 : jewel Says:

    JUMONG: the best korean historical drama I’ve watched so far (beats Jewel In The Palace, which I was a fan of).

    SONG IL GOOK: sexy hands. kissable lips. eyes whose depths I can blissfully drown into. industrious. talented. an enigma. a mystery. attractive in a way a man his age should be–and sometimes even more youthfully so.

    http://jumong.stardust-melody.net : join this fanlisting if you’re a fan of Song Il Gook’s latest, and most successful role to date–as Koguryeo’s founder, Ju Mong.

  761. 761 : Phoenix Says:

    Well,guys!sure we’re surprise what Song il gook have to be adored by millions of women all over the world including me!!But he’s more than just a pretty face and handsome looks.He’s so down to earth and very loving.His co-worker in Jumong including the directors and the staff are very much impress by his humility and eagerness to learn and improve. Eventhough he loss in the triathlon competition which includes running, swimming and biking.He still wanted to compete next year because for him,joinning the contest is already winning..

  762. 762 : 1 fan Says:

    your the best! actorfor me!hehehehehe!!

  763. 763 : Thea16 Says:

    hi jumong your the best actor ive ever seen…
    im dreaming of you all night,, i always watch your tv series
    jumong your so cute and very handsome…my dream in life is to met you
    song il guk your the best!!! i love you

  764. 764 : majo Says:

    Can’t get you out of my mind.
    Am not ashamed to let my acquaintances know that I am your avid fan, certified Jumonger, and having an incurable disease of Jumongitis…

    Punta ka na Phils. kasi…

  765. 765 : majo Says:

    to roxy:
    visited your site, wonderful, i salute you for it!
    thanks for all the infos on our idol SIG
    God bless…

  766. 766 : Pauline Says:

    wow.. I think I’m insane.. I really dream for song il-gook,he has everything.. If only all the philippine jumongers can meet we can make away to let song il-gook visit philippines.. isn’t it great were going to see our handsome idol….wooohhhh.. i can’t resist anymore… i really love jumong with all my heart and brain and includding my body…wohhh… bcoz I’m his avid fan..I’ve bought all d cd’s of jumong,and just only for 3 days i’m so proud to say that I have finished it.. if only my parents weren’t there to stop me watching it..I won’t stop.. I think it’s my life..I mean jumong is my life… grabeh.. How I wish to be very rich so that I can buy jumong…not d cd’s but song il-gook personally…love u jumog!!!

  767. 767 : Pauline August Fernandez Says:

    You know Guys, I don’t know how I feel right now..I feel I have a disease that it couldn’t be cure by any doctors…I call my disease as Jumong cancer.. a new discovered kind of cancer…UNCURABLE…No pain relievers… my God…Only Song il-gook can cure me.. he need to kiss me…woohhhh… I’m really a super duper avid fan of jumong… I think I love him already… If only I have enough money I will produce a Filipino-korean novela..starring Song Il-gook as d leading man and me as d leading lady…ohh…I really like him… He’s my everything..He’s already 36 years old now..but he looks like just 20 something… ohhh…
    I really love song il-gook..Someday i will mary song il-gook.. He’s mine…I love song il-gook…….. I love him…mwahhhh…tsu..tsu..love him..

  768. 768 : Phoenix Says:

    Grabee!Ibang level na ang Jumong fever na to!I never thought it would reach this high,sobra lakas talaga ni SIG sa pinay.Ibang klase charisma niya.Before i never like any korean actors..not even once but now…i’m head over heels in love with Song il gook!Pero i know,hindi me nag-iisa. I even dream of winning a lottery and marrying him if I get rich by hook or by crook!For me he’s my ideal man..nasa kanya na lahat ng qualities na hinahanap ko sa isang guy..tall,handsome,rich,talented and humble.

  769. 769 : m0cca Says:

    wahhh! JUMONG! my mom is going crazy at him! at ako nrn! hehe. . . the best ever korean drama! as in!

  770. 770 : cris Says:

    Magandang umaga po sa inyo..

    Just dropping by to say Hi…….

  771. 771 : Lady Soya Says:

    Jumong, honey!

    Grabe talaga kung nakikita lang ni Jumong ang kwarto ko puro picture na niya nakadikit! Sana lang. Ang gwapo talaga ni Jumong my loves. Talo na naman ang two sa rating kawawa naman ang kapamilya nadaganan na naman ng kapuso dahil sa Jumong. Yung mga barkada ko makikita ako sa labas kundi Jeli, Jumong ang tawag sakin. Jumong ang dami mong fans dito sa lugar namin lahat sila jumongers at halos bukang bibig ka na dito. sana lang maisipan mong pumunta dito sa pilipinas kasi inaabangan lang namin ang pagdating mo. Sa oras na dumating ka kahit malayo kami sa maynila, umulan at bumagyo ng signal 100, kahit pa lumindol ng intensity 15 pupunta talaga kami makita ka lang.

  772. 772 : gerald ( philippines) Says:

    hi song il guk…
    your one of my favorite actors in korea…
    your one of the most handsome actors in korea…
    youre the only one…
    hoping you will visit philippines…..
    coz want to see you in person….

  773. 773 : Nguyen Thi Thu Thanh Says:

    Hi Jumong,

    I like the way you acted as Jumong in the same name drama. You are my favourite korean actor and all my friends love you too.

    I wish you more sucesses in your career and happiness. Welcome you to Vietnam in the near future if the chance come.

    Best regards,

    Nguyen Thi Thu Thanh.

  774. 774 : Loves Says:

    Song il Gook!!!
    Your my Hero
    I love you jst the way
    you look..
    ..you smile
    you laugh…
    ..you walk
    I love everything in you
    Your da man of my dreams…
    Your my knight in shining armor…

    Haaay! tama na nga…..!!!

    Jumong, Yeum Moon I love them both
    I enjoy watching Emperor of the sea
    The art of seduction..

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Stay Handsome, Sexy and Talented

    Keep young even you’re 36 now you look 10 years younger

    Bagay tlaga tayo ako 15 di nagkakalayo edad natin!!!

  775. 775 : venus Says:

    anoh na jumong cgro ang sarap mo noh!!!!!!!!gwabe ang dameng nababaliw syo
    visit ka nman dto sa pinas labyou talga

  776. 776 : Beret Says:

    Upon the completion of Jumong, I ached because of who was left without a partner, it was wrong. I’ve watched each episode religiouly for the last 3 months, and now truly missed it like I’m experiencing Jumong withdrawal. Song Il Kook I thoroughly enjoyed your presence into my living room each week, come back soon with another breath taking periodic piece such as “Jumong”. Thank you

  777. 777 : fruity Says:

    hi,hello!!!! I LOVE YOU Song Il Gook!!! i really wish to see in person. You are so handsome, you are the cutest person i have ever seen in KOREAN dramas!!! I bought some DVDs of jumong! in our project-making a calendar, I post your beautiful picture in my project!!! my classmates would always say that I am CRAZY b-coz of you!!!

  778. 778 : fruity Says:

    “ANHI JA SA PINAS!!!”-visayan wordings

  779. 779 : XTY Says:

    hello Jumong,
    you are really good in acting. you portrayed well your role as Jumng in your movie “JUMONG”. you have a good tandem with So seono but i prefer Ye soya to be yoyr partner. fo me she is more fit to you. hope you mail in my e-mail adress. are you married?

  780. 780 : cheirainne Says:

    im cheirainne from philippines as well and i know that there are lots of Filipinos who really watched the korean dramas but i can’t forget the scenes of EMPEROR OF THE SEA and JUMONG because it was entirely different though there a love story, it still captured me a a history lover as well and i had finished watching the JUMONg before the 20th episode was being aired and im looking forward to watch dramas again like that especially if Song il guk will play as the main character.
    Wi hope that he could visit us here, God bless…..

  781. 781 : Phoenix Says:

    Hallleeerrr!!how’s my love?I’ve heard that you’re filming another movie. i knew that’s gonna be a much awaited flick of yours..i’ve seen terms of endearment..you’re such a loving father there..i wish to have a husband like you..i love the way you cuddle and carry your baby..i love u talaga!

  782. 782 : mARGE Says:

    Uhmmm…goSh Ure A very gooD acTor I hope you caN Visit the philippines BecAuse U have Many Fans Hir And ure tV series JUmONg HAd INspiRed us and Had a Good Ratings,,,I Hope I can Meet YOu in Person!!!gUdluck in your careeR And GoDbless!!!MarGe

  783. 783 : chelle_phil Says:

    hello….!!!!!!!!!!!!song il gook is very cute..
    i love u!!!!!!!

  784. 784 : chelle_phil Says:

    ang cute ng jumong!!!!!!!!!!!

  785. 785 : Phoenix Says:

    Wow!!..ang dami mo ng fans SIG my love!Kelan kaba punta dito??It’s a burning desire to see you here in the Phil..I’ve posted you everywhere! Kahit sa CP ko,sa PC namin,kahit friendster ko,you pa rin ang nakikita! Punta kana dito..plssssssss..at ng makain kita…you’re so delicious!!!!!!!

  786. 786 : Bo Bo Says:


    I saw the TV program in HK — CHUI MENG ( something like that). I like it. Mr Song II Gook was so Handsome. BUT ~~~~~ his photo at this wesite is very bad ( too old fashion). Pls change it. SORRY !!

    Looking forwards to see his TV program or movie in HK again.

    Thks & B.Rgds
    Bo BO

  787. 787 : Loves Says:

    Hey Song il Gook!

    For me you are a wine…
    Kasi habang 2matagal lalo k sumasarap…

    To JUMONG:

    Nakakainis isang linggo kng d napanoiood ang jumong
    Na-miss ko tuloy ang loves ko….

    Hi to all the Fans of Jumong…
    4 ur information akin lng si Jumong….

  788. 788 : Mem Says:

    Hello Song il Gook

    Ang cute cute mo talaga
    Sana makita kita in person
    para mapadampot na kita… hehehe!

  789. 789 : acee Says:

    Song Il Gook, ang gwapo mo talaga!!! Grabe ang daming nagkakagusto sayo!!! Sana papuntahin ng GMA sila!!!! JUMONG THE BEST, No.1 talaga!!!! ^_^

  790. 790 : rukiya Says:

    Ellow po!

    I jst wnt to say hi to my idol song il gook!
    Grabe di na mabilang ang mga fans mo!
    Wish ko lng sana single ka pa…
    Pero lam ko nman single ka pa up to now
    Hnihntay mo ko!!!!!NAKZ

    Pero sa laht tlaga ng korean novela na pinalabas
    d2 pinas
    kaw lng ang gs2 ko kc
    Nasayo ang lhat ng qualities na hnahnap ko sa isang guy!!!

    Sana gumawa k ng movie d2 s pinas
    leading lady m c katrina halili bagay kayo….
    Pero mas gs2 ko ako ang leading lady kasi sa tingin ko mas
    bagay talaga tayo….

    Hay, nako jumong!!!
    “Napupuno ka talaga ng kagwapuhan”

  791. 791 : Rukiya Says:

    Hellow po!
    2 all the fans of jumong
    Pls. invite me [email protected]

  792. 792 : Rukiya Says:


    Heneral Jumong!

    Ang dami talagang nagpabihag sa kagwapuhan mo!!!
    Grabe dati ang gus2 mo c Buyoung patay na patay ka sa kanya dati love triangle pa nga kayo ni Oyi…

    tapos dumating si Seoseono love triangle nman kayo ni Daeso don kala ko kayo magkakatuluyan. Pero hnd ka nya hinintay kaya nagpakasal na lng siya sa kung cno(si wute na walang malay)….
    Pero ok lang don’t cry!!!!

    Tapos ngayon meron ka ng Yesoya na ang ka-love triangle mo ay si Sontak…..

    Bakit kaya palagi kang may ka-love triangle, ha, Heneral???
    Matinik ka kasi sa chiks….
    Puro magaganda ang type mo…

    Sino naman kaya ang susunod… hmmm… Ah baka ako na kaya!!
    Sakin wala kang kahati solo mo ko….

  793. 793 : tanya Says:

    Hi to all fans of Song Il gook

    hehe, this guy certainly the knight in shining armor type, hyzz

    i luv song il gook

    i hope to find some songilgook website or fans oriented website wherein i could know his personal life. I hope that Song il gook and Han hye Jin in good terms hehe (that’s if il gook has no wife yet)

    bye bye….

  794. 794 : Rukiya Says:

    Me again!!! [email protected]
    Hope Song il Gook will invite me as his loyal fan…

    Papa Jumong…
    Ang gwapo mo talaga at ang galing galing mo pagdating sa modeling at acting…
    Nakakatunaw ang mga tingin mo kaya wag kang nagco-close up sa T.v ha papa Jumong kasi natutunaw ako sa kagwpuhan mo.. I’m going crazy naaahhh!!!!

    Sana ako na lang si Yesoya para maakap ako ni papa jumong….
    Pero mas maganda ako kay Yesoya..

  795. 795 : maui2K7_mriveles Says:

    I really love Jumong and I’m so glad that he looks a bit like my Papa for 4 yrs, 4 months + na….it’s as if I have a reachable Jumong beside me all the time…lokahn lokah talaga ako sa Jumong star na si Song il Gook at sana nga dumating siya dito sa Pinas someday! Ay, naku, talaga namang pupunta ako come hell or high water! Goodluck and God bless to our favorite Song il-Gook!!!! Patuloy natin siyang suportahan!

  796. 796 : maui2K7_mriveles Says:

    to all Jumongers pls add me as ur friend at star_gazer25, yahoo messenger

  797. 797 : Shadelassy Says:

    You are great! Ive never seen such a newbie actor whom in my own opinion only, can compete with hollywood actors, and u r asian! Thank u for your wonderful acting… my family is inspired 🙂 take care always ^_^

  798. 798 : Phoenix Says:

    Yup!!!a lot of us are fascinated by Song il gook’s acting and handsome looks but he’s more than just a talented and goodlooking actor.He’s so sweet to all his fans.He even wrote a letter expressing how thankful he is and how happy he is knowing that he has a lot of supporters.This proves that he’s a kind of person who knows when to look back from where he started and never forget the people who help him get where he is now.. He acknowledge the staff,co-workers and fans..He ask himself what did he do to deserve all the luck in the world..He deserved all of it because he cares for everybody who made him famous and keep his feet on the ground despite a huge success of Jumong..truly a one in a lifetime hero.

  799. 799 : chrizzy Says:

    hi song il gook!!!you are really handsome and a good actor i watch your series jumong,and also emperor of the sea,i like you talaga grabe you are really great.on emperor of the sea i like your role there,its really amazing.i also buy an dvd of your series jumong and emperor of the sea,and i watch that not just once 2 to 3 times.i really like your series

  800. 800 : chrizzy Says:

    hi song il gook,i hope you visit phillipines i really want to see you in person,even you are in far its ok.i just want to see you,and i know that all your fans in the phil.want to see you in person………….plz feeyaaaa………..love you………….

  801. 801 : aprilyn Says:

    hi song il gook as jumong
    wow i see your series in tv here in philippines ur great grabeeeeeeeeeeeee talaga love na kita

  802. 802 : jaja12 Says:

    ang galing moh sa jumong!!!!deserving tlaga yong award sau!!!!!!!!!

  803. 803 : angelie Says:

    aaww… ang gwapo ni song il gook sa jumong… he trully is a great actor possessing such great talent… sana ako nalang si song ji hyo… hmm… kinikilig ako sa kanya… I LOVE YOU song il gook….

  804. 804 : shin bi Says:

    You’re really great… Hope to see more of your other series…

  805. 805 : grabe Says:

    Hi Mr. Il kuk, I love the way you act. Come to the Philippines.

  806. 806 : Rukiya Says:

    Papa Jumong!! Gwapo mo talaga ever!!
    Loves kita…Pa-kiss nga! Mwah’_;

  807. 807 : trout Says:

    Hi Jumong,

    Nice acting in Jumong and Perfect loveteam for Lady soya ( Song-Ji-Hyo).

  808. 808 : basura ju mong Says:

    ang pangit mo wala ka kay joojihoon
    anong pagkakaiba ng gwapo sa nag papanggap na gwapo

  809. 809 : Rukiya Says:

    “Hoy!! PA-basubasurA ka pa dyan ano gus2 mo away”….

    Eh talaga naman poh Pogi si Papa Jumong…
    at very popular pa!!

    Marami pang kakainin na kanin Si Joo Ji Hoon bago nya malampasan ang tinatamasang awards ni Papa Jumong!!! HAAAAH
    Mag isip ka nga!!!

    Bkit kaya sumikat si Jo Ji Hoon ang pangit umarte
    Parang nag-babasa ng script!!!

    OY kaw pa lang ang unang nagbigay ng bad comments kay Papa Jumong Hmmmm….Ur so BAAADDDD

  810. 810 : Rukiya Says:

    HEY Papa Jumong!!!

    Wala talagang magawa ang mga taong nagpopost sayo ng bad Comments….
    Don’t worry…
    I always at you’re side
    Whatever it takes!!

    I’m you’re no.1 fan in Philippines…

  811. 811 : BASURA JU MONG MO! Says:

    eh talagang BASURA yang si JU MONG IMONG MONG DI PA NAG MUMUMOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SARANG HAMN NIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  812. 812 : Rukiya Says:

    Ang gwapo talaga ni papa Jumong!!!

    WAG mong pansinin si basura!!!
    Ganyan lang yan…
    Lng magawang matino sa buhay….

    Palibasa basura ang pangalan…
    ….Basura din ang ugali…Pang-payatas…

    Hnd kasi siya marunong mag-english…
    Kaya pati pag-eenglish ng iba pinakikialaman….

    …Ang for your info….
    Hindi ko nanay si Soya….
    Ako siya!!!!

    Kaya SHUT UP ka na lang!!!

  813. 813 : Rukiya Says:

    Ang gwapo talaga ni papa Jumong!!!

    WAG mong pansinin si basura!!!
    Ganyan lang yan…
    Lng magawang matino sa buhay….

    Palibasa basura ang pangalan…
    ….Basura din ang ugali…Pang-payatas…

    Hnd kasi siya marunong mag-english…
    Kaya pati pag-eenglish ng iba pinakikialaman….

    …And for your info….
    Hindi ko nanay si Soya….
    Ako siya!!!!

    Kaya SHUT UP ka na lang!!!

  814. 814 : Rukiya Says:

    To Song IL Gook!!!

    >>>I Love You





    MAG-CANESTEN NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  816. 816 : Rukiya Says:

    Nagsend sakin ng email si Basura:

    …..Eto ang sabi niya:

    Dear Rukiya!!!

    Salamat sa pinadala mong picture ni Jumong…
    Nain-love na ko sa kanya!!
    Iba na tuloy ang pananaw ko…
    Sorry sa mga fans ni Song il gook kung na-offend ko kayo!!
    Ididikit ko sa dingding namin ang binigay mong picture
    ni Jumong na nakahubad!!!
    Mas macho pala si Jumong puro abs
    kaysa kay JOOJIHOON! puro buto walang laman!!!
    Friends na tayo!!!


  817. 817 : Rukiya Says:

    Ayan Papa jumong….

    Nag-apologize na si Basura!!!
    Sabi ko naman sayo Pogi ka….
    ….At ang lakas ng dating!!!

    GOODLUCK sa career..
    >>>I love you

  818. 818 : grabe Says:

    You should all watch Terms of Endearment sa DVD or even on You Tube. Just type Song Il Gook You Tube Terms of Endearment. Grabe. The best ang acting nya. Di mo makakalimutan.

  819. 819 : grabe Says:

    Hi Rukiya, padalhan mo din ako please ng picture na pinadala mo kay basura dito sa [email protected]. Please.

  820. 820 : grabe Says:

    Guys, visit http://h0tpink20.multiply.com. Dami pics and info about SIG. Cute nya talaga and young looking sa ‘The Lobbyist”.

  821. 821 : Rukiya Says:

    Sensya na Grabe!!!

    Yung picture na hinihingi mo naibigay ko na lahat kay Basura!!!

    Sa kanya ka na lang manghingi…

    …Ang dami kong pinadala sa kanya more than 20!!!!

    Sa susunod na magkaroon ako nun sayo ko unang ipapadala!!!PROMISE

  822. 822 : ju mong imburnal Says:

    hoy rukiyang basura!!
    kahit kailan di ako hihingi ng picture ng ju mong imong mong di pa nagmumumog!
    hindi ko rin ididikit sa dingding yang mga litrato nyang nakakasuka
    gusto mong pag nakita ko yan tuwing gabi bangu-ngutin ako!!!!!!!!
    yuck………..iw……….kadirs……….yang mga pictures ni kumag[ju mong]
    kung magpapadala ka rin lang naman,yung kay joo ji hoon nalang araw-araw gabi-gabi maganda ang panaginip ko
    ayoko na ngang gumising kapag siyang napaginipan ko
    kung nagpadala ka talaga ng pictures ni ju mong, nasan na’t para matapon ko na sa payatas kung san siya nababagay
    sama ka na rin kay papa ju mong mong basura!!!!!!!

  823. 823 : Phoenix Says:

    To all jumong fans,

    Don’t worry Song il gook is still the hottest korean actor this year.One proof is his international movie the lobbyist and his numerous awards which proves his shining career.But i don’t want to post any negative comments on other actors because they have different acting styles.

    Song il gook is for action packed movies while joo ji hoon is for sweet teenager kilig moments which doesn’t fit his age cause his around 25.

  824. 824 : Venus Says:

    More info to all Jumong fans:

    Song il gook is a very versatile actor.He can portray a loving father,a good husband, a deadly villain and a mighty hero.Plus,he’s not just an excellent actor but rich,handsome and humble person.In short,he has it all.He has everything kaya di tayo dapat ma-insecure sa idol natin ok!!!

  825. 825 : Rukiya Says:

    To Cinderella a.k.a BASURA bisaya:

    Manood ka ng Jumong!!!
    Para malaman kung gaano ka-cute; ka-pogi at kagaling umarte!!!
    si Song il gook!!
    …Nang sa ganon eh kainin mo lahat ng sinasabi mo!!

  826. 826 : Rukiya Says:

    Hi Phoenix:

    OOUUCHH…. Natamaan ako dun ah!!!

  827. 827 : kristine Says:

    song il gook!!!! ur so hondsome, love u talaga!!!

  828. 828 : khristine Says:

    hey guys wag kayo magaway and fyi hindi pambasura ang face ni song il gook ko. sa mga naninira sa kaniya bahala kayo sa buhay niyo!!!!!

  829. 829 : khristine Says:

    rukiya, friends tayo ha. panoodin mo ung art of seduction..

  830. 830 : jumong II Says:

    oi! tang ina nyong lahat gwapo yan c daddy jumong wag nyo laitin ang daddy ko baka panain namin kaung lahat mga gago!!!

  831. 831 : Phoenix Says:

    I hope this war between Song il gook and Joo ji hoon will end up…coz they’re both great actors in their own unique way.But when it comes to action adventure..SIG’s acting is superb and extraordinary while Joo ji hoon is confined to sweet,pacute and teen age romance that’s common.

  832. 832 : cris Says:

    ngayon lang po ako ng nkabasa ng contrabida dito, sino ba yan..??

    wag nyo nlang po patulan yan, mga wlang kwenta yan eh, dito ba naman mangulo… Nkakahiya…


    just don’t mind them,…

  833. 833 : cris Says:

    your still the best jumong…

  834. 834 : lOkAh!LoKah!!! Says:

    !!!!lam nyo Rukiya at basura, magsitigil n kaung 2 kc, mas gwapo c Kim Jeong hoon kay Joo Ji Hoon at Song Il Gook, Okey!!!!!!!!!! Tangapin nyo nalang na Pareho clang ngetpa!!!!!!!Okey!!!!!!!!!

  835. 835 : Rukiya Says:

    Ayan masaya na uli!!!
    La na si Basura….tuluyan ko na pong pinana!!!
    masyado kc matalim ang dila…
    Parang blade…

    …Lait-laitin ba namn si SIG!!!
    Syempre gagantihan ko sya!!!!!
    …Kc no.1 fans ako ni papa JUMONG…..!!!

    “I’M A FRIEND” of all SIG fans….

    Hello Kristine…
    Yung The Art of Seduction…
    napanood ko Youtube!!!
    Kya lang matagal mag-loading!!!
    ..Gs2 ko buong palabas nah!!!
    Saan ba kkbili nun DVD n yun????
    Plz… Answer me^____^

  836. 836 : maui_2k7 Says:

    Hay naku, wag nyo na pansinin yang mga naninira na yan kay Pafah Jumong natin…dahil kahit anong gawin nya, mag-tambling man sila’t sabay split, WALANG MANINIWALA sa kanila, anoh!? AT MASKI MAY EDAD na si Song, still it’s his youthful face that we see each time we watch him in JuMOng…so what the heck? Yummylicious at juicilicious pa rin siya para sa ating lahat. WAG nyo na patulan, gusto lang nila kumuha ng atensyon…and they’re enjoying it!…Pls wag na patulan, okay….!?

  837. 837 : maui_2k7 Says:

    HAY NAKU, CHAKA NAMAN ng kinukumpara kay Pafah Jumong natin na si Jujihun ba un? lang binatbat, mas bata nga, pero mas mukhang matanda na noh!?

  838. 838 : DIYOSA!! Says:

    Tigil na ang Gulong 2; nakakawindang yang Basura na yan….
    Kung anu-ano ang nilalagay sa Fapa Jumong ko!!! HMMM!!!
    I-compare ba naman kay Jo ji hoon na isang begginer!!!It’s so Cheap!!
    Hi Rukiya gusto ng picture na yun padala mo sakin [email protected]

  839. 839 : jung-goy Says:

    Mga cra ulo kayong lahat,, ulul kayo, kung hindi naman kayo mga bano at uto-uto.. siguro mga mukang unggoy kayo nohhh…!!! hehehehehe mga unggoy

  840. 840 : saranghe jumong yongwoni Says:

    neh annyong!!!! hey there jumong kamsahmnida for being such a good actor you are one of my favez so well keep doing what you do and keep ur self so handsome…. ohh by the way my fren jannah-shi loves oi-a just thought i let u know and tell him 4 meeh plz. maybe one day i’ll meet you in person so again i say kamsahmnida…..

    saranghe jumong-ida saranghe oi-a

  841. 841 : fantastic girl Says:

    hi there jumong! i really love you in JUMONG korea novela! I havent watch Emperor of the sea yet……hope i will be air again here in the philippines at chanel 7….God Luck and more power!

  842. 842 : basura ju mong Says:

    hoy rukiya nawala lang ako ng mga 4 days kung anu-anong mga ka-cheapan ang mga sinulat mo!!!!!!!!
    akala mo goodbye na ko noh?
    never noh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yang si ju mong imong mong di pa nagmumumog,hottest in korea?
    eh si hyun bin pa nga lang talo na yan eh!!!!!!!!!
    ang kunat na nga nang itsura nyan puro wrinkles
    nawala lang ako kasi nag-review ako para sa test namin
    because i am one of the candidates running for valedictorian sa batch namin [highschool]

  843. 843 : cris Says:

    kadaldalan talag ang basurang to’

    san ba yan napulot, at nandito yan..?

    ang basura nga naman, pakalat kalat…

    wag nyo nlang pong patulan yang basura, bobo po kasi siya eh…

  844. 844 : cris Says:

    watch ko na din po art of seduction…. heheheheh, nkaktuwa…

  845. 845 : cris Says:

    hey it’s July 07, 2007 po…

    swerte daw po yon sabi nila… hehheehehe

  846. 846 : cris Says:

    still the best

  847. 847 : cris Says:

    nga pla may collection po ako ng jumong, kayo din…….

  848. 848 : cris Says:

    gudluck song il gook.

    see yah….

  849. 849 : cris Says:

    hello sa inyong lahat, thank you for supporting jumong…

    keep it up guys…

  850. 850 : cris Says:

    JUMONG ang galing mo.

  851. 851 : khristine Says:

    rukiya sori now lng me nkapagparamdam. wel my dvd me nun gusto mo hiramin??? san ka ba nkastay?

  852. 852 : khristine Says:

    hey cris, hey rukiya., sendan nyo naman me e-mail and pics ni SIG, by the way heres my address [email protected]. il wait for you guys!!!!!!!!!

  853. 853 : diane Says:

    it seemed like a true happening….
    song il gook was really able to show to us the true essence of patrotism and heroism…..
    keep it up bro!!!!!

  854. 854 : escucha Says:

    ang gwapo talaga niya…………….sana ipalabas sa gma7 ung gnagawa nya naun na the lobbyist……

  855. 855 : escucha Says:

    ang galing niya umarte……..kahangahanga……………………..galing niya makipaglaban……

  856. 856 : gerald Says:

    SIG is my idol!! Looking forward to “the lobbyist”.

  857. 857 : Venus Says:

    Hey Jumong fans!Kung pinagyayabang nilang gwapo si Joo ji hoon..well no comment..my movie siyang the devil which fits him..But our beloved Song il gook..has an upcoming movie entitled Angel aka The Lobbyist.In short they’re incomparable..kasi angel ung loves ko at demonyo naman ung payatot na parang bakla..sorry if i hurt joo ji hoon fans but will you stop destroying our hero kasi it shows na insecure kayo sa idol niyo!!!!!

  858. 858 : Rukiya Says:

    Hi SIG!!!
    I’m looking for the lobbyist….

  859. 859 : maidy Says:

    hi song il gook..ur the best..!!!”

  860. 860 : amelie Says:

    crush kita jumong hak hak ang cute mo sobra

  861. 861 : Diyosa Says:

    s Sobrang pogi ni Song il gook bulag lang ang d mai-inlove.
    Papah jumong pogi mo
    Anakan m lng ako Ayos nah!!!^_^

    Hi rukiya Thnx 4 addng me at friendster….
    Tama lng na wag mo ng pa2lan c basura tayo na lng mag-usap
    Tnx din sa mga website ni SIG na inemail m sakn knina
    Dhil sayo dami ko ng pcture n SIG…Tnx tnx tnx tnx…

    From Michael_Diyosa(cavite)

  862. 862 : jenny Says:


  863. 863 : yumi Says:

    To “Basura”

    Sorry hindi ko alam ang name mo eh…puro “basura” lang kc tawag nila sau…

    Sana stop sending negative comments about SIG kc alam mo naman mundo naming Jumongers ang pinasok mo. Natural lang na ipagtanggol namin ang idol namin. Ayan tuloy, masyadong nag-init sau c Rukiya. We can’t blame her. Masyado mong “sinaktan ang puso” niya.

    Hindi ko kilala ang idol mo but I’m sure na he’s good also. Sana respetuhan na lang. Wala namang perfect na tao at lahat tau tatanda rin. Wag mo na lang sana pasukin ang mundong ayaw mong galawan kc marami ka lang makakaaway. Kahit di natin alam ang true identity ng isa’t isa, I’m sure na masakit sau ang pagsalitaan ng masama. Irespeto mo na lang ang mundo naming mga Jumongers at irerespeto din namin ang mundo ninyo ng idol mo. Ok ba? Deal or no deal? Hehehe… Joke lang… Kapuso po ako… Hope u’ll understand. Thanks!

  864. 864 : il-mae Says:

    ang nice ng Jumong! fan na ako nun. datirati mama ko lang nanonood! i love Song Il Gook!

    ang saya!^_^

  865. 865 : cris Says:

    to kristine

    try ko pong magsend ng pix ni jumong, pero mukha po yatang wala na po yong account you po…

  866. 866 : yumi Says:

    To All Jumong Fans,

    Anu-ano nga po ung mga dvd na pwede kong bilhin na ksali c SIG?

    The Lobbyist
    Art of Seduction
    Emperor of the Sea
    Jumong (of course)

    What else po?


  867. 867 : bubbles Says:

    Hi Jumong!

    Bakit ba kahit sinasabi nilang “makunat” ka na eh ang cute mo pa rin?

    I can’t believe it!

    Mukhang mas malutong ka pa sa crispy Mcdo at mas juicylicious ka pa sa chickenjoy weh!

    Well, it’s their opinion…

    Basta ako sau pa rin….


  868. 868 : wildflower Says:

    Hey SIG, u’r d man! galing mo tlg!

  869. 869 : Azlee Says:

    alam mo ba kung ano’g ayaw ko sayo SIG? ha? Ha? Isipin mo nga!


    Lahat gusto ko sayou fafa! HAY… kahit 36 ka na ala pa ring binatbat sau c …cno ba un? ung idol ni basura? Nyehehehe….. peace basurs! nyahahahha

  870. 870 : Mystery Says:

    Yumi watch “Terms of Endearment” and “All About Eve”

  871. 871 : Mystery Says:

    Yumi watch “Terms of Endearment” and “All About Eve” extra lang siya dito.

  872. 872 : yzus song Says:

    ihilani.. that’s the term most fitted if you’ll hold me in your arms, you are so cute & a good actor as well, you were able to give justice to jumong role in “the episodes of jumong”… love yah, i also watched your movie the art of seduction, red eye & your tv series “emperor of the sea, terms of endeARMENT & of course “the episodes of jumong”. i was also able to view some of the scenes in your tv series “bodyguard”, ohh wahhh! you are so cute & good looking… i’m relly falling for you… love yah… looking forward to your “the lobbyist” mwahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  873. 873 : khristine Says:

    cris send mo d2 [email protected], open po parati ung account ko. gudluck po sau and godbless. love u SIG….

  874. 874 : khristine Says:

    well.. it seems that you guys, ol of u love SIG deeply like wat i do, kip it up guys… i will also love SIG no matter wat.. si basura ba nawala na?????

  875. 875 : cris Says:


    nasend ko na po, kya lang konti lang po yon, kapag nkita ko po ulet pic ni song send ko nlang po ulet.. hehheehhe

    sa access po ng hancinema, madami po don pictures saka sa multiply ni ate roxy… heheheheh

    nkalimutan ko n nga lang po yong link…………

  876. 876 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong! long-time no post here.

    OMG! I have never thought that there will be a rabid and deplorably cheap and uncouth Kapamilya has posted her skwaterik comments our Song Il-Gook…si Basura… tama?

  877. 877 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong once again!

    as i’ve said a while ago, I’ve just noticed that there are some uncouth and cheap kapamilya-princess-hours-natics lurked in this site and screamed their senseless shits out there while I was more-than-a-month out of this site. let me tackle basura’s comments and slap her with my logical rants.

    first things first, basura, how did you know na hindi nagmumumog si Song Il-Gook? Ano ba ang sinabi ni rukiya na anything distasteful para mag-running-amok ka rito? And how can you justify na LAOS AT LASOG-LASOG ang CAREER NI SONG IL-GOOK samantalang NGAYON PA LANG SIYA NAG-E-ENJOY NG STATUS NG POPULARITY NIYA SINCE HE HAS LARGE FAN BASE IN HAWAII IN JAPAN ASIDE FROM KOREA?

    Ano ba ang panama ng Joo Ji-Hoon (and Kim Jeong Hoon, shall we?) sa Song Il-Gook namin? Have they won the same number of awards and achievements like what SIG did? Do you think they can manage to stay looking young like SIG does now? And I don’t think wrinkles (or any aging signs) can make a person totally looking old. What’s the big deal with it?

    I can have wrinkles. You can have wrinkles. Song Il-Gook can have wrinkles. Joo Ji-Hoon can have wrinkles. Kim Jeong Hoon can have wrinkles. Lee Young Ae can have wrinkles. Yoon Eun Hye can have wrinkles. Song Ji-yo can have wrinkles. Han Hye Jin can have wrinkles…. everyone can have wrinkles, and BOTOX is NOT ALWAYS THE SOLUTION to make you stay forever young and it restrains your facial muscles. Ang daming nagpapa-botok or nagpapa-skin firming diyan pero hindi pa rin mukhang fresh at bata. Ironic, isn’t it?

    Second, do you think Joo Ji-Hoon can still look good when infested with mustache and beard or lots of dirt? Do you think Kim Jeong Hoon can stay cute when made look like Jumong’s comrades? Do you think that when they turn to the same age of Song Il-Gook can they give justice to a role that is a decade younger than them?

    Our answer is WE DON’T THINK SO….

    Joo Ji-Hoon and Kim Jeong Hoon are just way too young, but we couldn’t think they can still look cute in mustache, beard and hanbok, unless they are Kim Jae Won (who still managed to look cute despite being clad with beard and hanbok in HWANGJINI). Joo Ji-Hoon’s facial features are so imbalanced: his only possession is his good smile, but the rest is apathetic and lack expression. Also, I don’t think JJH is sexy, because he looks frail and kinda’ faggish.

    While Song Il-Gook, on the other hand, lagyan mo man ng bigote, padugyutin mo man, gawin mong mukhang alipin, dumihan mo man, lumilitaw ang iridescence niya. Staying cute pa rin. Kung lasog-lasog ang career niya eh di sana mababalitaan mo ang kapaniwaraan niya. Unfortunately, you didn’t.

    Nanalo ng limpak-limpak na awards. Best Couple with Han Ga In and Soo Ae. Popularity award with Soo Ae. Excellence Awards. TV Performer of the Year. Daesang-eer. One of the most desirable bachelors in a site. Ano pa ba ang hahanapin mo? Meron ba niyan si Joo Ji Hoon mo? Hindi pa nga siya convincing sa acting niya since hindi siya mukhang bagayin ng kahit anong role kasi nga apathetic ang mukha niya. Ang meron lang siya is Being Best Dressed, Modelling and New Actor award lang. Magmalaki ka kung nagka-Daesang siya or naging TV Performer of the Year man lang siya.

    Third, kung roles lang ang pag-uusapan, saan ka pa? Okay, granted na babaero ang character ni Jumong, pero sa simula pa lang iyon, kasi unti-unti, nag-progress ang character niya hanggang sa naging Hari ng Goguryo siya sa sarili niyang sikap at tiyaga. Si Prince Gian, stagnant ang role. Always apathetic sa surroundings. Having no initiative to learn anything about governance. Worst, he let himself involved in extramarital affair with a cheap socialite at the height of his marriage. Even worst, hindi pa nga nagiging hari, nagbitiw na sa pagka-Crowned Prince. Sino ang mas malala? And don’t even tell na babaero si Jumong hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang episodes kasi iba ang culture noon sa contemporary culture ngayon eh. Kung ngayon makakasuhan ka ng bigamy dahil nagpakasal ka na nagpakasal ka pa ulit, pwes noon hindi. Ang hari o principe pwedeng mag-asawa ng kahit ilang beses, and you can’t call that hedonism unless ginagawa lang nila iyon sa walang kapararakan.

    Fourth, aside from awards, ano ba ang sinabi ni Joo Ji Hoon sa personal background ni Song Il-Gook at mga endorsements? Song Il Gook has the following:


    saan ka pa? Puros damit lang ang ine-endorse lang ng JJH mo. CK modelling is not enough too.

    Song Il-Gook has his heroic and popular lineage.

    His mother is an actress and politician, KIM EUL-DONG
    His grandfather is an ex-gangster turned famous politician, KIM DUHAN
    His great-grandfather—KIM HWAJIN—has beaten japanese forces a century ago.

    No wonder, Song Il-Gook can inherit those distinction.

    Want more? Song Il-Gook is currently the vice-president of KOREAN TRIATHLON FEDERATION. For sure your dysfunctional coconut shell hasn’t registered what TRIATHLON MEANS.

    Fifth, ibahin mo ang scenario ng Korean Showbiz sa Pinoy Showbiz. Mas maaga mag-artista ang sa Pinas kesa Korea. Minsan nga, mas late nang nag-artista ang mga Koreans ‘coz they choose to finish their studies and to serve the army (for males). Song Il-Gook has went thru that kaya nga late na siyang nag-artista eh. Ang bobo mo naman, palibhasa hindi pa nakakapag-serve sa military iyang Joo Ji Hoon mo. Mas mahirap kaya ang educational system at mas matagal makatapos sa Korea kaya. Think about that, dimwit.

    Lastly, don’t even dare to call anyone of us here BAROK and BOBO, because your IMBECILITY has manifested in your messages. Valedictorian ka bang matatawag? Seems like your principal and teacher are way dimwitted to include you in valedictory list. You also have the chutzpah to bash anyone of us about our grammatical lapses, as if you don’t have that. With how you give your comments, daig mo pa ang mga punas-kotse-kids sa kanto.

  878. 878 : RoxyBathory Says:

    another thing, huwag ka nang maka-tuntong-tuntong pa sa site na ito basura. Baka mapahiya ka lang.

    Pagbutihan mo pa ang pag-re-reseach sa mga artista bago ka magngawa rito ha!

  879. 879 : Issa Says:


    Anybody here knows Song il Gook’s official website where I could view his cuteness!!!!

    Mahal ko na sya!!!!

  880. 880 : Issa Says:


    Anybody here knows Song il Gook’s official website where I could view his cuteness!!!!

    Mahal ko na sya!!!!

    Thank you!

  881. 881 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Anyong! It’s me again.

    BTW, nakita ko na si CINDERELLA, yung rabid-natic ni JOO JI-HOON…
    Too bad, hindi bagay sa kanya ang ganyang namesung since BASURA is the most befitting term for her because of her BASURA commentaries.

    @CINDERELLA, baka gusto mong bigyan kita ng link para mapatunayang most-liked si Song Il-Gook in terms of looks. Tingnan mo pa sa Hancinema niya para matauhan ka. Isa sa mga ideal faces of Korean man si Song Il-Gook for all you know, tapos sasabihin mong laos si Song Il-Gook. Ngayon pa lang siya sumisikat tapos sasabihin mong laos.
    Mag-research ka ngang maigi. Kung valedictorian ka, for sure ang bobo naman ng principal or even your teacher na gawin kang candidate. How rubbish.

    @Rukiya, don’t ever infest the site exclusively for rabid Joo Ji Hoon fanatics. Don’t make ourselves fugly because of him.

    Para matuntun si Basura Cinderella, here is the link.


  882. 882 : RoxyBathory Says:

    another thing, CINDERELLA, basahin mo na rin ang previous message ko para mapahiya ka sa pinag-lululu-lurk mo rito ha!

  883. 883 : khristine Says:

    roxy, how old ka na po. can i know. coz the way u speak.. so matured, kip it up gurl!!! love u ol.. ngapo pla tnx Cris….. mwuahhhugs…

  884. 884 : khristine Says:

    kakainggit kayo, it seems dame nyo alam talaga kay SIG. sana mamit ko na xa in person, FOR BASURA, pano?? pahiya ka no!!!

  885. 885 : cris Says:


    ask mo si ate roxy about sa multiply niya.. madaming articles po don about jumong… hehheheeh, kasi kung hindi ako nagkakamali, dati na po siyang nagpost dito at meron siyang link po dito ng multipy niya.. saka madami pang link sa mga previous comments,, tama po ba ate roxy..?? heeheheh

  886. 886 : cris Says:

    go mga ate, lecture nyo nga yong pasaway na babae dito (basura)…. ng matauhan..

    suportado ko po kayo… hehheheh

    by the way, hello jumong,… the best…..

  887. 887 : cris Says:

    enjoy watching jumong…

  888. 888 : cris Says:

    additional information,,,,song has also been awarded as one (dalawa kasi sila, isang lady) of the best tax payers in their country..

    and, he do already receive one of the highest award given for an actor in Korea…

  889. 889 : derxiong Says:

    i love you..ur so cute in jumong..and emperor of the sea…i love you

  890. 890 : Venus Says:

    As far as I know,Song il gook isn’t just goodlooking but honorable as well.He became the ambassador for China last 2005 before Jumong. Kaya to all girls,he’s the greatest catch..Rich,handsome,talented but humble.Kaya to Basura and Cinderella don’t act like an idiot cos you sound stupid!

  891. 891 : jappy Says:

    Peace tayo…

    Kawawa naman sina Cinderella at Basura. Sangkatutak na pang-aalisputa napala nila dahil sa statements (na hinde ko pa nababasa). Sabi nga nila, never demean and impose intelligence to the dunce, kasi mas masahol ka pa sa kanila. Anyway, I don’t watch primetime shows ng GMA pero na-stuck ako sa bus at Jumong ang show…mahal ko na agad sya! ayun, instead na nasa office at nagtratrabaho ako ngayon…naghahanap ako ng sites about SIG and I happen to bump into this forum. Aliw!

    Peram ng DVD’s, khit anong korean drama/shows huwag lang horror…hehe.

    Trabaho na nga ulet.. baka mahuli pa ako ng boss or ma-report ng IT…

  892. 892 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong to cris, kristine and sa lahat ng mga SIG supporters:

    Actually, I just gather some info regarding Song Il-Gook and Jumong from other sites and blogsites as well. Should you wish to know more, you can visit my most visited sites section of my site so that you will explore a lot.

    Venus, thank you for confirmation regarding SIG’s being the ambassador to China 3 years ago with Jang Nara. Kung isisingit pa natin si Joo Ji Hoon, yeah right! He is now famous in China nowadays; however, has he became or experienced being the ambassador to the said country? Si Kim Jeong Hoon oo, I guess either PRC or HK-China… parang ganun, but not Joo Ji-Hoon.

    Thanks also for adding another achievement of Song Il-Gook for being the National Taxpayer of the Year. Ano? Ituturing pa bang pambata iyon ni Basura? Ang laki kayang bagay nun since fit ka na for being the role model of your country, devah naman.

  893. 893 : Daisy Says:

    Hi to everybody!!! 🙂 You`re right Roxy, no matter what you will do to SIG`s face, he will still stay extremely handsome!!! 🙂 Even in his dirtiest look in `Jumong`(he is filled with mud), you will still recognize that the person behind the dirt, is a very handsome guy! He almost has a perfect face! 🙂 No wonder a lot of women with varied ages admire him a lot! 🙂 To everybody: Have a good time reading! 🙂

  894. 894 : lovelyashley Says:

    hello jappy, ikaw na rin ang nagsabi hindi mo pa nabasa ang mga sinabi ni “basura”. kung mabasa mo,i`m sure hindi ka rin masiyahan sa mga sinabi niya. para sa akin hindi siya dapat kaawaan. may kasabihan tayo, “huwag mong gawin sa kapwa mo kung ayaw mong gawin sayo.” may inosenteng tao siyang tinapakan kaya tinatapaktapakan din siya sa mga nagmamahal nito. buti nga sa kanya para matauhan siya na masama ang ginagawa niya.ang bata pa niya pag ganyan palagi siya lalaki siya mas masama pa kaysa ngayon pag walang magsabi sa kanya.
    sa mga nagtatanggol sa papa SIG ko, go girls!!! agree ako sa inyo.

  895. 895 : cris Says:

    ate roxy, hingi nga po ulet ng multiply mo…

    ang daming articles don eh… saka pictures.. hehehheeh

  896. 896 : cris Says:

    ate daisy

    yah, agree ako sa sinabi mo, look handsome even his full of mud.. heheheh

    by the way, have you watched the off cam shots during the mud scene,, it’s great, han hye jin looks worried for him during that scene… heheheheh

  897. 897 : Rukiya Says:

    Hi SIG! Ngayun lng ulet ako nakapagparamdam!
    I still watch Jumong everyday..
    Ang pogi ni Jumong ng nagkaraoon ng bigote..

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Damul
    Iligtas nyo ang mamayan ng Choson sa kamay ng mga Han!

    Roxy, Hanga namn ako sayo dami mng alam about SIG!
    San website un?

  898. 898 : Rukiya Says:

    …We are all Jumongers here.
    Don’t even say such stupid things about him!
    Damul army is there to assasinate you!! hahaha!

    SIG is the best actor for me!
    Keep it up!
    I L U!

  899. 899 : Rukiya Says:

    I hate lawyer GF of SIG!
    I wish her bad luck! I’m Jelous

  900. 900 : Rukiya Says:

    Yuri is cute!(Ahn Yong Jun)
    He look like SIG!

  901. 901 : khristine Says:

    hello guys, for cris. tnx alot gurl, for ate roxy sendan mo naman me anything bout SIG hir in my add [email protected]. tnx po in advance.. mahal ko kayong lahat. and sa lahat ng nagmamamhal kay SIG.. rukiya, mzta ka na po?? Regards sa inyong lahat..

  902. 902 : khristine Says:


    sino ung Gf ni SIG????
    huhuhu… i wana know

  903. 903 : Rukiya Says:

    Sorry, Hnd ko alm ang name nun. Isa lng ang alam ko Inagaw nya ang papa Jumong natin!!
    Ang alam ko lng lawyer ung GF nya pero sa sobrang hectic ng schedule ni SIG buti kng may communication pa cla. Cguro sa telephone. HAHAAHA.

    Tignan m na lang sa website na to:

  904. 904 : Rukiya Says:

    Hi Papa Jumong!!!

    Ako na lng piliin mo ibibigay ko sayo ang lahat.hehehehe

  905. 905 : BEA Says:

    jumong,my loves!!!!!!!
    i love jumong sow much!dont wory too much jumongerz….
    khit my gf na xa,hndi pa nman cla kasal!! my chance pa tau guys!

    kip up the good work SIG!!
    sna ill be able to tell u personaly how u inspire me sow much!!!!!!!
    love yah!!!!!!1

  906. 906 : bea Says:

    to BASURA:
    mahiya ka sa balat mo!
    craan mo pa ung idol namen??
    valedictorian?huh… valectoriang wlang utak.
    nka2hya ka..wag mo nmang ipahalatang tga pusali kah!!!grrrrr!

    u’ll knw y we love jumong if u’ll know him better!

  907. 907 : Rukiya Says:

    San b pwde magdownload ng Art of Seduction????
    Gs2 ko tlga mapanod un!

  908. 908 : Ahliyah Says:

    oh papa, you make me go ah ah ah
    made me wanna li li lick

  909. 909 : Hanami Says:

    Hello SIG Fans,

    Narinig nyo na ba kumanta idol natin? Or nakitang sumayaw? Okay ba? Please give me the link, I wanna see it too. Thanks!

  910. 910 : RoxyBathory Says:

    rukiya, check mo na lang sa Youtube, tapos type mo The Art of Seduction (Korea)

  911. 911 : cris Says:

    may complete download po ng art of seduction sa youtube…

  912. 912 : wella Says:

    Hello SIG, how’s life? I know you are enjoying it and I am happy to know about it. Just keep up the good work. We are proud of you.

  913. 913 : cheche Says:

    Hey Rukiya, wag u nmn iwish ng badluck ung gf ni SIG. kawawa nmn ung tao, bka magkatotoo cnabi mo…aminin n ntin na khit hndi xa ang gf ngaun ni SIG eh hindi rin tau ang mkakatuluyan nya. ipakita nating ang jumong fans ay cool! actually pic nga ni SIG ang nklagay sa desktop ko! pero alam kong hanggang dun lang…atleast kahit sa imagination lang eh masaya na ako…

  914. 914 : Mystery Says:

    To: fantastic girl, chizzy, yumi, derxiong & other SIG fans
    you must tryto look for “TERMS OF ENDEARMENT” SIG starts to appear from Chapters 25 to 60. As “grabe @#820” said “THE BEST ANG ACTING NIYA. TALAGANG DI MO MAKALIMUTAN”

    To: grabe – what do you think happened in the ending, nagkabalikan ba sila ni EngPin? Just asking your opinion.

  915. 915 : RoxyBathory Says:

    tama nga naman, rukiya. bakit hate na hate mo si Miss A? Hindi pa nga natin siya nakikilala eh. Kung budding lawyer si Miss A, supportahan natin, lalo na kung malalaman nating maganda ang ugali niya.

    mas feel ko nga siya kesa sa ex ni SIG na actress na si Kim Jeong Nam eh. Hindi ko feel aura niya… LOLZ!

  916. 916 : Rukiya Says:

    Goodluck to sig and ms. lawyer!
    and Be happy!
    Ok lng yun! gf lng naman kht pano may pag-asa pa! hahahaha

    Thanks Roxy & cris 4 the information about art of seduction!

  917. 917 : Rukiya Says:

    Sino si Kim Jeong Nam? saan show siya lumabas?

  918. 918 : khristine Says:

    any one stil up

  919. 919 : khristine Says:

    hai im dying for sig..

  920. 920 : aPriLLe Says:

    just anna ask what is SIG’s role in all about eve..

    i watched it but surprised that i didn’t even notice him in there..

    thanks a lot..

    jum0ng.. u rock!

  921. 921 : jappy Says:

    Grabe ang haba na ng forum na to…dami talagang nahuhumaling kay Jumong. Oo nga, di ko rin sya maalala sa All about eve…

    Feeling ko mas mahal ko si SIG kesa mas mahal nyo sya. Joke lang…

    Good day SIGers…

  922. 922 : RoxyBathory Says:

    jappy and apprille, cameo role lang si Song Il-Gook sa All About Eve kaya hindi natin siya masyadong napansin. Pasulpot-sulpot nga lang siya doon eh. Mas mataba-taba siya noon doon.

  923. 923 : khristine Says:

    sino na sa inyo nakapanood ng terms of endairment????

  924. 924 : katkat_sensei Says:

    i was browsing the net, and luckily, i was able to find this site…anyway..

    i also like Song Il-gook..he’s undeniably great and handsome.
    sa sobrang pagkapanatiko ko sa kaniya, pati dubber niya ay textmate ko na rin. (FYI…si Jefferson Utanes po ang dubber ni Jumong) hehe..

    anyway, i’ve read some nasty and shameful comments here left by the “basura” ba yun?hehe.. let’s not bother her existence…tutal tagalog naman ang nilagay niyang komento…tayo lang nakakaintindi nun..
    kahihiyan niya na yun dahil wala siyang respeto.

    i’ve watched nga pala ung Art of Seduction..romantic comedy film..he’s with Son Ye Jin..hehe..one of my favorite film..

  925. 925 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Anyeong Haseyo Jumongers!

    I would like to share to you some commentary gave by cinderrela (mali pa ang spelling…wahahaha!) in Joo Ji Hoon’s thread.

    cinderrela Says:

    July 7th, 2007 at 11:54 am
    hi lokah lokah buti naman may friend na ako dito sa mundo na matino ang pag-iisip
    tama ka ngang mukha ngang bilasang isda yang si SIG
    eh si JJH fresh na fresh pa!!!!!!!!!!!
    wala talagang binatbat sa atin yang si rukiyang insecure na yan!!!!!!!
    kung si JJH chicharon malutong pa siya
    yan namang si SIG MAKUNAT na kase matagal na!!!!!!!!
    wala talagang siyang ibubuga kay JJH
    ok lang naman na sinabi mo na mas gwapo si KJH kaysa kina JJH&SIG
    kasi dati naloka din ako kay KJH noh!!!!!!!!
    pero ngayon para sa akin magkalevel na sila ni JJH


    On the contrary, ano naman ang ilalaban ni Joo Ji Hoon sa tulad ni Song Il-Gook. Sumisikat pa lang ngayon si Song Il-Gook so paano naman naging bilasang isda siya? Kung mawala man sa showbiz si Song Il-Gook at least may fallback siya, noh! Mayaman naman siya eh… and he can establish himself in anyway he can aside from engaging in Triathlon competitions (naks! ano sinabi ni JJH diyan?). Powerful naman ang lineage ni Song Il-Gook so mas marami siyang magandang kasasadlakan like her mother Kim Eul-dong.

    Like I said, I don’t think SIG no longer looked fresh. Just because he is 36 does that mean hindi na siya fresh? Eh ang mga nagkakandarapa kay SIG mga nasa 25-50+++ years old age bracket eh, compare naman kay JJH na puros mga teeners and early adults lang. Mind you, hindi como’t matatanda ang mga nagkakandarapa sa iyo doesn’t mean ‘kahihiyan’ iyon. Mas karangalan iyon since ‘mas may taste’ ang mga mas matatanda kesa mga teeners (like cinderrela do!) eh.

    Joo Ji Hoon… what if tumuntong siya sa age ni Song Il-Gook? Pagkakandarapaan pa ba siya? I don’t think so. I also don’t think he can hit the league of Song Seung Hoon, Bae Yong Joon, Kwon Sang Woo or even Won Bin (since these guys are in their 30’s). Besides, they are way miles-long more handsome and even well-built than Joo Ji Hoon. Hindi naman din maganda ang personality ni JJH eh. Ang lamya ng dating niya, tapos emotionless pa ang facial expression niya. I just doubt bakit naging model siya at excellent fashionista siya. I have even seen him in his almost-shoulder-length locks (the hair, so to speak), grey evening suit and a white shoes in MBC Drama Awards. Ang chaka kaya… baduy!
    Maigi pa nga ang porma sa kanya ng ibang achievers doon eh, na kahit all-black ang suits and shoes, maganda naman sa paningin. Song Il-Gook kahit pa long-hair-long-hair ang drama hindi awkward.

    Kapag tumuntong na si Joo Ji-Hoon ng 36, do you think desirable pa ba siya? Song Il-Gook, Bae Yong Joon and the rest of 30ish Korean Actors pinagkakandarapaan pa.

    Song Il-Gook, kahit hindi kasing hunk ni Bae Yong Joon at least mas well-built pa kay JJH. Maganda ang bukas ng mukha niya since maganda ang expression ng mata niya, maganda ang hugis ng face niya (hindi pangahan, and siguro heto ang main reason bakit mukhang tabas ang panga ni JJH….hahahha!), and maganda ang lips niya… cherry lips… or shall we say strawberry lips… wehehehe!

  926. 926 : RoxyBathory Says:

    here is another proof how hansome our song il gook is better than joo ji hoon.

    The Ideal Young Korean Male — Revealed (Source) 2007/06/28 Digg del.icio.us

    A plastic surgeon has published a composite image of the ideal male Korean face. Rhee Seung-chul, the head of plastic surgery at Hanil General Hospital, made the image from the faces of 16 Korean Wave stars. Rhee had earlier done the same thing for women by making a composite image of 19 female stars.

    The ideal Korean male consists of bits and pieces from Kang Dong-won, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Rae-won, Mun Jeong-hyeok (Eric Moon), Bae Yong-joon, Jung Ji-hoon (“Rain”), Song Il-gook, Won Bin, Lee Wan, Jang Dong-gun, Jae Hee, Jo In-seong, Jo Hyeon-jae, Ji Seong, Ji Jin-hee, and Hyeon Bin? all of them popular not only in Korea but in China and Japan as well. He analyzed their faces with a computer program called BAPA, for “balanced angular and proportional analysis”. The result is a slim face with chiseled cheekbones and a clear chin, big eyes, a long nose and long, thin upper lip.

    “According to the beauty theory that says the average of all the most preferred faces is the most beautiful,…
    A plastic surgeon has published a composite image of the ideal male Korean face. Rhee Seung-chul, the head of plastic surgery at Hanil General Hospital, made the image from the faces of 16 Korean Wave stars. Rhee had earlier done the same thing for women by making a composite image of 19 female stars.

    The ideal Korean male consists of bits and pieces from Kang Dong-won, kwon Sang-woo, Kim Rae-won, Mun Jeong-hyeok (Eric Moon), Bae Yong-joon, Jung Ji-hoon (Rain), Song Il-gook, Won Bin, Lee Wan, Jang Dong-gun, Jae Hee, Jo In-Seong, Jo Hyeon-jae, Ji Seong, Ji Jin-hee, and Hyeon Bin? all of them popular not only in Korea but in China and Japan as well. He analyzed their faces with a computer program called BAPA, for “balanced angular and proportional analysis”. The result is a slim face with chiseled cheekbones and a clear chin, big eyes, a long nose and long, thin upper lip.

    “According to the beauty theory that says the average of all the most preferred faces is the most beautiful, I made the new-generation handsome face by using the faces of stars that young Internet users like most”, Rhee said.


    What do you think? Ni hindi man lang napasama si Joo Ji Hoon dito… wawa naman… weheheh!

  927. 927 : Venus Says:

    Yes guys,it’s true that what basura had post in this site is truly shameful By the way,thanks to Roxy for defending our hero you’re a real fanatic. Anyway fellow jumongers,i’ve seen from other site about SIG and there were screaming wild fans who visited the place where he shot his latest movie the lobbyist.The fans brought him chocolates,flowers and stuff.It was really surprising to see him adored by lots of women even in the US.

  928. 928 : honey Says:

    Roxy,di ba sabi mo ang mga nagkakandarapa kay SIG mga nasa 25-50+++ years old age bracket, mayron din mga 14 years old na girls,cousin ko nga patay na patay kay SIG,16 years old lang siya. Ako rin gustong gusto ko si SIG!!! I luv u SIG! Ang gwapo mo!

  929. 929 : Venus Says:

    Hey guys!Would you agree that Song il gook looks looks like jet li when he’s angry while he looks like jackie chan when he smiles??Actually for me,he’s the Asia’s version of superman lalo pagnaka-eyeglasses siya..

  930. 930 : Sensei Miaka Says:

    Konnichiwa!!I want to express myself here!!well, isn’t SIG, cute?uh-huh?!!oh!!I have a big crush on this guy…when he takes the role as Jumong.My gosh!!(n_n)..He’s so good-looking guy. Hope i can meet him him someday!!hehee…=D

  931. 931 : jin samin Says:

    always great in ALL of ur dramas and movies

  932. 932 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    song ii gook la do xau ma chanh

  933. 933 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    song ii gook xau ma chanh

  934. 934 : khristine Says:

    hey guys! wats latest about SIG??

  935. 935 : cris Says:

    wla pang press release ang HanCinema eh….. heheheheheh

  936. 936 : cheska Says:

    Hello Friends,

    Glad to know marami palang humahanga kay SIG. Ang galing naman kasi nya talaga eh. Hay, I’m so happy Monday na ngayon. Mapapanood na naman natin ang hero natin. Ok, sige, bye. Happy viewing!

  937. 937 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong haseyo! I just came across a Joo Ji-Hoon thread in this site and saw this message:


    maye Says:

    July 21st, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    Why are you not in list of ideal korean male actor..
    i know because u have surgeon right?!…
    sayang naman ang baho-baho mo pa naman..

    Mejo magulo ang nais iparating ni maye, pero here is my take.

    As for having undergone a cosmetic surgery, mapapansing retokado talaga si JJH. Pangahan siya sa Princess Hours tapos biglang “trimmed” ang panga niya sa “Mawang/The Devil”.

    And what does she mean “ang baho-baho”? Anyway, mukha naman siyang mabaho eh. Suutan mo man ng business suits hindi pa rin mukhang disente. I remember when I saw some pics in 2006 MBC Drama Awards: almost-shoulder-length ang hair ni Joo Ji Hoon, trimmed ang panga (kaya masyadong na-emphasize ang cheekbones niya) na hindi ko na makilala. Naka-grey suit tapos white ang sapatos. Ang baduy di ba? Isama ninyo pa na parang slim jeans ang pantalon niya. Eeeewww…

  938. 938 : agot Says:

    Hihihi…kktwa nmn! Pero cguro nmn ndi mbho si…cno nga b un? c joo ji hoon…di ko pa kc xa nppnuod kya no comment me s knya. ang alm ko lang da best ang jumong! i’m sure nmn n my K din c JJH kc mrami rin ang nagkkgusto s knya. sna tma na away away. magkaiba nmn cla SIG at JJH. basta for me, SIG pa rin! always!

  939. 939 : cris Says:

    yah.. go for SIG.. heheheh

  940. 940 : cris Says:

    ate roxy

    san na po yong link you po ng multiply you po.. hehhheheheh

  941. 941 : RoxyBathory Says:

    cris Says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    ate roxy

    san na po yong link you po ng multiply you po.. hehhheheheh

    cris, just click my name and voila! you are in my multiply account!

  942. 942 : cris Says:

    ate roxy

    thank you so much, ngayon lang ulit ako nakavisit don, mukhang nag iba po yata… heehehehehhe

    but still love to make “gala” on your multiply… heheheheheeh

  943. 943 : GELINA Says:



  944. 944 : corz Says:

    hello…am one of your fan in the philippines..i watch your jumong already in the VCD but i am also again watching in the TV series here in the philippines…you are lucky to have that movie…i like the way you act,your a great actor that i have together with you partner seosenoh, who is han hye jin, i like you both.i hope shes the one as your wife in jumong but also in real life… i am asking your help now..i hope you will help me how to come there in your place to apply a work as a nurse, i am finishing my studies as a nursing, its only one year and will graduate,,i also made a message to han hye jin like just like this just to ask help to come there…waiting for you reply….thank you…God Bless and wish you good luck in your career….

  945. 945 : GELINA Says:




  946. 946 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    song il guk is ugly, pick and choose

  947. 947 : Reyden Virtudazo Says:

    Hi ? i’m one of your fans……..takecare always. I like jumong. Have a nice day. God bless you. What is your religion? I hope you are a Roman Catholic.

  948. 948 : jamaica ann morales Says:

    hi jumong ng gwapomo talaga crush kta

  949. 949 : khristine Says:

    hello guys, ang cute ni SIG tlaga, i just watched jumong earlier and i saw him covering his face and even with his eyes only, u can see that he is so great, dreaming to see him in person one day..

  950. 950 : prettyfilipina Says:

    nguyen phi dang,
    everyone knows SONG IL GOOK IS VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY HANDSOME! YOU ARE JUST ANGRY to his fans.get a mirror and look at yourself,maybe you were describing yourself not him.MILLION PRETTY PEOPLE FIND HIM DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! people say he is ugly just don’t tell the truth.they actually see him as others do,extraordinary handsome,only,they hate his fans and want them burst into anger,be mad.that’s what pity people,not pretty people,want to see.you revenged,someone told the truth what your idol looks like and you infuriated.

  951. 951 : GELINA Says:


  952. 952 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    Song Il Gook very, very, very ugly. pick and choose

  953. 953 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    prettyfilipina is dog

  954. 954 : GELINA Says:

    Kung walang magandang sasabihin ang iba dyan!!!! Pwede wag na lang magsulat!!!!grrrrrrr

    Hello jumong.. Hi Song il gook!!!!

  955. 955 : GELINA Says:



  956. 956 : prettyfilipina Says:

    nguyen phi dang,
    HAHAHA! that is all you can say? that is all you can say because those are the only english words you know. HAHAHA! poor girl!
    very poor english! HAHAHA! i’m a dog? WOW! i love the character of a dog,smart,very loyal to its owner,guards house 24hrs,attacks house invaders,trespassers,thieves and bad guys,saves his owner from danger,willing to sacrifice its life for its owner’s safety.it is definitely a man’s best friend,meaning,maybe you don’t know,the best among all friends.at home,we treat our dog like human because it acts more human than other people like you.we love it very much.we consider it as a member of our family.if i’m a dog,i’m more human than you.if i’m a dog,you are a rat! like a dog,i’m loyal to sig,guard this site and willing to attack invaders,trespassers,bad guys,and especially thieves like you because a rat is a thief which steals human foods.as a dog,i attack a rat like you to defend sig. like a rat,you are a bad creature,invader,trespasser to this site.a dog is smart.like a dog,i’m smart and a man’s best friend.since i’m a dog,i’m loved by most human,not like you,you are hated here.you are a rat with a monkey face,very,very,very,very,very ugly.but monkey is wise,you are not,you got only the face,can’t think of more reasonable and justifiable words,only ugly,pick,choose,and dog! HAHAHA! only your face fits to monkey description.you are more like a rat.a rat is nothing but a very poor creature who lives in the dark,always hides because all human hate it.it only survives when it steals foods,destroys clothings,papers etc.its urine makes people die,no people like it,like you,no one likes you here.all people want a rat dies.if they find a rat,they kill it.do you want people here to see you as a rat?a rat can be killed and eaten by a cat but a cat can be defeated by a dog.i’m a dog,beware of me!you are no match for me,you rat!dog has a noble function in this world while rat has a function of only destruction!don’t allow yourself to be totally like a rat!you can think of nothing but destroying other people,i just defend sig like a dog to his owner!how pityful you are!can’t speak english very well,can’t express herself.HAHAHA! go on rat,i’ll confront you,a dog fears nothing when it comes to his owner’s safety.that’s how noble dog is!and that’s how bad,unwanted,harmful rat is,like you! bring it on,rat nguyen phi dang!!! i will not leave you in peace! if there’s a dog in a house,no bad guys can leave the house not hurt or wounded!

  957. 957 : prettyfilipina Says:

    thanks GELINA! just saw your #957message after i submitted mine.

  958. 958 : angel Says:

    Korek ka jan sis PrettyFilipina! Though hindi naman nasusukat ang pagiging tao sa husay mag-english. Eh kaso ung iba ndi na nga marunong mag-english, ndi pa maganda ang sinasabi! Hay! Di bale, kakarmahin din ang mga taong yan na walang mgandang masabi sa kapwa nila. Ganun naman tlg ang mga insecure di ba? Kung anu-anong panlalait ang sinasabi just to cover their own insecurities! So SIG fans, let’s all try to understand them na lang. Pagbigyan na natin kung saan sila masaya. Basta tau maligaya sa idol natin! K ba?

  959. 959 : rica Says:

    Hi! Dun po sa mga nakanuod na ng vcd ng Jumong, ano po ba ang ending? Thanks.

  960. 960 : diana Says:

    I miss you SIG! Sana Monday na para mapanuod na kita uli!

  961. 961 : cielo Says:

    Good luck SIG!
    You’re the man!

  962. 962 : Jumong Says:


  963. 963 : Mary Says:

    Hi.. Mr Jumong.. ILove Your Character..More Power to you!!! God Bless u..

  964. 964 : jaynee Says:

    Hi SIG fans! We made a good choice with SIG. He’s the best!

  965. 965 : marie Says:

    u’r right jaynee!magaling naman talaga si SIG!

  966. 966 : Ella Melawati Says:

    Assalamu’alaika. Wrwb.

    Saya. Ella melawati. dari Indonesia. Saya senang sekali dengan film JUMONG. Serasi sekali. Sosono dan JUMONG.

    Terima kasih filmnya. Saya dapat menikmatainya.

    Wassalamu’alaika. WR.wb

  967. 967 : @@@@@@ Says:

    Ex-girlfriend of Song il gook is not kim jeong nam!!! it’s Kim ah joong!!!

  968. 968 : Brandy Says:

    sa tingin nyo, bagay kaya c jumong at jang geum? hihihi… just asking! pareho naman clang magaling at cute db? if i were rich, as in very, very rich…hay, gagawan ko silang dalawa ng movie at drama series…i like them both!

  969. 969 : prettyfilipina Says:

    hi angel,
    ok! as long as she will not trigger a dog’s anger……because it will certainly bite her or it(rat)…….she must act like human so that i will act like one…….if she won’t……if she will act like a rat,i will act like a dog! she said i’m a dog! so be it! eye for an eye,tooth for a tooth,sword for a sword! if i’m a dog like what she said,she’s a damn rat!!!

  970. 970 : shindig Says:

    san poh ba makakabili ng ndi pirated copy ng jumong dvd? how much poh kya? kkainggit kc kau nkanuod na ata kaung lhat, ako na ang ndi pa…

  971. 971 : Seline Says:

    here is the SIG new drama – http://www.lobbyist-songilgook.com/

  972. 972 : joyzzz Says:

    I like Song-Il Gook. Period. No question mark. Just period. Period. And another period. Hehehe…

  973. 973 : prettyfilipina Says:

    mukha ngang bagay si jumong at jang geum dahil pareho silang saksakan ng bait sa mga roles nila,parehong mga bida at parehong magaganda ang mga mukha.pero may narinig ako married na yata ang girl,may wedding picture daw siya dito pero ‘di ko pa nakita.

  974. 974 : cynthia Says:

    thanks seline! i’m checking it na.

  975. 975 : brandy Says:


    okay lang un..i’m sure naman marami pa rin ang susubaybay pag pinagsama sila…hay…

  976. 976 : kris Says:

    Song…you are my song…my melody…my music…my lyrics…my guitar…my drums…hehehe…in short, I LIKE YOU TALAGA!

  977. 977 : JENNYLYN Says:


  978. 978 : Candy Says:

    ang ganda naman dito, andaming fans ni kuya SIG!crush ko rin siya kaso lang sabi ng mommy ko bata pa ako para magkacrush.sana hindi alam ni mommy ang site na ‘to para hindi ako mabuking!hindi naman masama magka-crush di ba mga ate?basta go, go, go kuya SIG tayo!

  979. 979 : patricia Says:

    S – song il -gook is a guy
    O – oozing with sex appeal and
    N – natural charm that make people
    G – go crazy over him.

  980. 980 : patricia Says:

    Oh Song, you are my inspiration!I like you so much!

  981. 981 : rheann Says:

    oo nga kristine, ang cute pa rin ni SIG kahit nakacover ung face nya
    sabagay kahit naman dungisan mo sya, ilublob sa putikan
    cute pa rin di ba?

  982. 982 : anya Says:

    you look so YUMMY talaga SIG! ang linis mong tignan at lalakeng-lalake! kakagigil ka!

  983. 983 : anya Says:

    ang sarap mong kagatin! pero xmpre tender lang. aukong masira ang flawless mong skin.

  984. 984 : anya Says:

    kung nagkataon lang wla pa akong asawa lagot ka sakin! ha-huntingin tlg kita!

  985. 985 : lovey Says:

    oi anya, baka nilalamutak mo na si SIG jan sa imagination mo ha! tirhan mo naman kami! share tayo!

  986. 986 : JENNYLYN Says:


  987. 987 : cris Says:

    hello po.. basa akong previous posts.. pcommnt lang po.. heheheh

    shindig: yah, dapat wag pirated ang bilhin.. hehehehehhe

    rica: watch out nlang po every night sa kapuso network… maraming twist ang mangyayari.. heheehehhe

    nyugen phi dang: naliligaw ka po.. ang thread pong ito is para lang po sa mga gwapo at mgaganda, kaya kung may iniisip kang ugly (whether SIG or anybody) then isipin mo sarili mo.. hahahhahaah

  988. 988 : cris Says:

    nga pla.. bago na ngayon ang picture… hehehehhe,

    gwapo naman… during the endorsement po yata ito ng clothing line… heheheheh

  989. 989 : labuyo Says:

    Bat ba andaming nagkakagusto sau?

  990. 990 : charmaine Says:

    good morning SIG! c u tonite!

  991. 991 : charmaine Says:

    bat ganun? nabubura ba ang mga msgs dito? nawawala ung 2 comment ko kay SIG!

  992. 992 : angel Says:


  993. 993 : love me Says:

    hi jumong, nakakakilig ka talaga!swerte naman ng gf u…

  994. 994 : xt Says:

    Hi jumong!!!!!! you’re so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you can come here in the Philippines……

    You have a lot of fans here!!!!

    Hope you can send pics on my email!!!! thankssss!!!
    More Power!!!!

    Love you!!! mwah!!!!

  995. 995 : crazyAra Says:

    i was only browsing the net and i came here…d ko alm may ganitong mga comments pla,nakakagulat….
    dami palang SIG fans d2….hahahah….mabuti nman nakita ko na kyu….hi mga sis at mga bro (kng meron man)hehe….
    well,im fan of SIG also….
    yung mga naninira jan,sna mind ur own bznes nalng..punta p d2 kay SIG para lng mang inis!!!!anong klaseng fans yun(kng sno man ina-idol nya)….d ko po sinaabi n bawal kang pumunta d2 s forum ni SIG,u can always come here,BUT,wag ka nalang manira d2, db mga sis & bro??hehehe
    PEACE lng tyu lhat…
    marami p sna ako sasabhin pero nakakatamad mag type,hehehehe….
    GO SIG,i love you……….
    god bless you…..
    sana walang magagalit s comment ko……


  996. 996 : amy Says:

    ay! ang ganda, ang dami nang nag-comment d2! damihan nyo pa mga sis and bro pra maging top1 na si papa sig d2, dali! sulat pa tayo!

  997. 997 : amy Says:

    papa sig,ur d BEST! i luv u!!!!! ay!!!!!! parang himatayin ako ‘pag titigan kita!!!!!! ang sarap mong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tingnan!!!!!!!!!!!heheheehehe

  998. 998 : amy Says:

    excited masyado ako makita kta muli s jumong dis nyt! ang gwapo mo!!!!!

  999. 999 : simjang Says:

    Song IL Guk,
    Honey..,because of you, I’m embracing Korea with all my heart, I am studying your language, your culture, and now I know more of Korean history than of my motherland…Aigoo, I’m losing my sanity, by the way I read the beautiful lines you wrote to us (your fans), and I cried because you are a true romantic man. I even memorized it.

    “I can feel and sense the fragrance in the air when I’m with you
    it is love, a love for you, the one I want to be with.

    I can feel and sense the smile on your face when I am with you,
    it is magic, a magical moment that is like rays of sunlight from
    the sky.

    Looking up a blue clear sky on a bright day, and I can feel and
    and sense your fragrance and smile all around me.

    How deep is my love for you! It is uncountable one. You are the one
    I always want to be with…….”

    Il Gook honey…”dangshin ge je seng myeongeul matgil ggeyo!

  1000. 1000 : Jhoy Says:

    hAi…nKu gRaBe nAh toH!!!!!!an gWaPo tLgA nG aSaWa qOe nAh c JuMoNg..oHhHh wAk kAh nAh TaZ kILay aKin nAh yAn…hEhEhE

  1001. 1001 : GELINA Says:




  1002. 1002 : cris Says:

    monday na po…

    jumong na, maya maya.. hehehehehh..

  1003. 1003 : love me Says:


    Pano ba magdownload ng art of seduction, please? Thanks!

  1004. 1004 : amy Says:

    hahaha! ang saya! ang dami nang nagpost, bilis dumami ngayon! feel ko talagang malalampasan natin yung sa top1 few days from now! baka tomorrow na! hehehe!

  1005. 1005 : amy Says:

    mga sis at bro, ‘wag nyong kalimutan tangkilikin natin ang bagong project ni papa sig na lobbyist ha? sabay tayo sabi sa GMA na kunin nila ang project na yan ni papa sig! dapat tayo lahat ang magsabi pra talagang kunin nla! thanks!

  1006. 1006 : khristine Says:

    hey guys i wasnt able to visit this site few days ago and i was shock to saw a lot of comments hir, im glad wer miting in tis site SIG fans..

  1007. 1007 : khristine Says:

    meron ba tayong bagong kaaway sa site na to?? di pba maubos ubos mga basurang nilalang sa mundo??????

  1008. 1008 : khristine Says:

    glad naman ako at napalitan na pics ni SIg d2 kaso no matter wat e guwapo pa din naman xa…


  1009. 1009 : khristine Says:

    abat walang nagreresponse ha…
    mukang busy ang lahat sa panonood
    kay jumong…..

  1010. 1010 : cris Says:


    hahahahah, email plang ako sayo.. dito ka pla kagabi.. hehehheheheh

    hhmmmm… sa kasalukuyan wala p nmang detractors, pero kung sakali man meron,, hayaan nlang natin sila,,, basta where here to support SIG.. hehehheheheh

  1011. 1011 : maggie Says:

    HEy!SIG FAns! Wake up! Hindi pa kayo naghi-hello sa mahal natin ah!

  1012. 1012 : maggie Says:

    Nakakaluka naman dito! Kagabi bago me natulog 23 na lang ang lamang ni joo ha? San na napunta messages ng iba nating kaberks? Hmmm… Something fishy’s going on here…

  1013. 1013 : jheyn Says:


  1014. 1014 : LIZZY Says:

    Ang ganda talaga ng Haplos ng Shamrock no? Bagay na bagay lalo pag pinapatugtog sa Jumong. Parang kumikirot ang puso ko! Hahaha! Alam niyo yun? Yung parang literal na kinukurot ang puso? Naexperience nyo na ba yun?

  1015. 1015 : LIZZY Says:

    Alam nyo hindi talaga ako nagsasawang pakinggan siya. Nakakatouch kasi talaga. Parang ang sarap mag-emote!

  1016. 1016 : jasmin Says:

    Hello Friends Of Jumong!

  1017. 1017 : Venus Says:

    Hi fellow jumongers!Yeah..you’re right i think some of the messages are deleted.Well,sad to say meron cgurong anomalia d2 sa site na to.I think all we could do is post and post as many as we can para magnumber 1 ang hero natin…diba!

  1018. 1018 : Phoenix Says:

    Hey guys!it was so frustrating to know that some messages are erased. Baka may favoritism ang site na to..I don’t know if it’s because of the other JJH fans but all i can say is fight!wag tayo patalo sa kanila..Lapit na magnumber 1 ang loves natin.

  1019. 1019 : RoxyBathory Says:

    nguyen phi dang, before you nitpick at anyone here in this thread especially to prettyfilipina, you better improve your English communication skills as well as your logical skills. You are just way “offended” and “hurt” upon seeing Song Il-Gook being drooled over by the girls here little by little, even surpassing your fugly and dorky idol Joo Ji Hoon. Poor wench!

  1020. 1020 : cris Says:

    go ate roxy…

    thumbs up ako.. hehehehhe

    go SIG.. hehheeh

  1021. 1021 : -ed- Says:

    =anyeong haseyo!!!!!=

    =JuMong Rockzzz=
    =please watch and support -JuMong- make it number one=

    pls. add me in friendster
    [email protected]

  1022. 1022 : cris Says:

    welcome po ate sweetheart272005.. heheeheheh

    sana lang pwede magpost ng ibang pic ni SIG dito… heehehehhe

  1023. 1023 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello SIG fans.. and kay SIG na rin… Well, Im new here.. and I got to know this site from a friend of mine Cris… Thanx sa kanya at makakapagpost din ako dito.. 😀 Anyways, Im one of SIG’s fans.. and I really like how he portrayed his role as Jumong.. ang galing niya talaga… 😀

  1024. 1024 : sweetheart Says:

    Uy salamat sa pag welcome mo sa Akin dito Cris.. di pa man ako nakakapagpost eh, winelcome mo na ako… I’ll keep posting here… As long as andyan c SIG I’ll do try my best na makakapagpost dito.. 😀

  1025. 1025 : cris Says:

    madaming bagong pic po… click nyo lang po yong the Lobbyist sa underneath the picture of SIG…

    hello po ulit ate sweetheart… heheheh

  1026. 1026 : sweetheart Says:

    Nakita ko na ang mga new pix Cris.. salamat talaga.. astig ni SIG.. 😀

  1027. 1027 : khristine Says:

    hello cris..
    heheh o ayan ha, mention kita.. hello sa mga kapatid ko sa site na to.. hello ate roxy, hello sa mga bago, hello sweetheart..

  1028. 1028 : khristine Says:

    oo nga, napansin ko parang nabawasan ung mga napost na comment dito.. daya namn…

  1029. 1029 : Pamela Basa Says:

    jumong im still love you i want to see you

  1030. 1030 : cris Says:

    hahhaha hello po ate kristine..

    mention na din po kita.. hahahhaah

    hello po sa inyong lahat mga ate at kuya (ang dami nyo po eh….hehehh…..)

    post ko lang po rating ng Monday (July 30)

    Jumong 28.4% vs. Which Star Are You From 15.8%

    congratulations po Jumong… the best….

  1031. 1031 : cris Says:

    thanks po pla ate sweetheart, sa thread po ng jumong ko nakuha yong rating…..

  1032. 1032 : JCM Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I enjoy reading your messages, I’ve learned a lot, keep on supporting SIG! God bless you all!

  1033. 1033 : JCM Says:

    Actually Im a little bit shy to post my comments here kasi parang di na bagay sa age ko, Im of the same age kasi with SIG but still single pa naman and this is the first time I do this, only for SIG!

    Anyway, I just want everyone to know I really appreciate all your efforts to give information about SIG and share them with others. Hope one day we can all meet since we have 1 thing in common di ba? What you think? God bless you all!

  1034. 1034 : RoxyBathory Says:

    @cris, sabi ko na nga ba eh. ‘Yan ang sinasabi ng intuition ko! Di ba final week na ng WSAYF tapos bigla nilang nilagay sa later timeslot before bandila? Akala nila matatapatan nila ang Jumong with that change of sked; unfortunately, it’s only the 1st day of WSAYF final week but halos nang mag-“puberty stage”. Tapos ang Jumong 28?
    Hindi ko aakalain samantalang tuwing Monday sinusumpong ang ratings for Jumong. I am hoping na magtuloy-tuloy ang ratings ng Jumong. Maka-35 man lang or 37 ang highest nito okay na kahit hindi mapantayan sina Jessie-Justin, Erika-Nicole, Jang Geum, Cholo-Jodi, at SamSoon. Sayang na sayang kasi muntik nang pumalo ng 30 ulit tapos biglang bababa.

    Sabihing ang WSAYF is a Top-10-er NATIONWIDE, pero I bet it never met a rating of 30 or 31 just like Jumong. Dito lang sa MegaManila consistent Top-10-er ang Jumong, and it was even able to hit 31 as its highest.

    Kung tumaas man ang Jumong, at least hindi siya overrated unlike Princess Hours and Which Star Are You From. Mas overrated sa tingin ko ang Which Star Are You From. Maganda-ganda pa nga ang Princess Hours kesa diyan eh. Kung sa school ng sister ko (St. Scholastica-Marikina) pinaguusapan ang PH, hindi ang WSAYF.

  1035. 1035 : cris Says:

    yup, nasa top 10 po ang jumong sa mega manila ate roxy… hehehehehehhe

    casts of WSAYF, sumikat sa GMA7 because of Love Story in Harvard and Kim Sam Soon.. heheheheheh, mention ko lang po………

    BTW, keep watching guys…….. hehehheheh

  1036. 1036 : cris Says:

    hello po ate JCM.. hehehehehehhe

  1037. 1037 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello Cris, Khristine and everyone.. 😀 Ur welcome Cris.. excited lang talaga kasi akong ibalita yun.. lagi namang top ang Jumong pero nakakapagpasaya pa rin yun sa akin, at sa atin na mga followers ni SIG.. weehh.. gwapo niya talaga..

    Salamat sa warm welcome Khristine.. musta ka nah? 🙂

  1038. 1038 : khristine Says:

    kakatuwa talaga tayo cris.. hehe..
    hello ate JCM, im proud of u sana mareach ko din ganyang age na singla padin.. hi ate roxy, hi ate sweetheart..
    ang sad ng gabi ko hindi ko napanood ang jumong tonight…
    ano nba nangyari???

  1039. 1039 : khristine Says:

    nga po pla ate sweetheart..
    add mo naman me sa email ko,
    [email protected], friendster and ym account ko din po yan.. ayaw ko na mgbago ng mga name na gingamit eh.. hehe, parang si SIG one and only ko, heheh…

  1040. 1040 : khristine Says:

    ask ko lng nababasa kaya ni SIG mga comments ntin dito??????????????????

    hehe.. wala lng po mga ate, just asking lng po…

  1041. 1041 : cris Says:

    hmmmm, sana nga po nababasa ni SIG comments natin pero sana di niya maintindihan yong mga nang aaway sa kanya.. heheheheheh

  1042. 1042 : sweetheart Says:

    Hayaan mo khristine, i’ll add you now nah!! 😀 😀 Sana nga mabasa ni SIG ang mga messages niya dito.. para naman eh madagdagan ang inspirasyon niya noh, at malaman niyang hindi lang cya sa Korea sikat pati rin dito.. 😀

    Ikaw Cris, may friendster ka bah? 😀 😀

  1043. 1043 : JCM Says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Hi Khristine thanks for your comment! Hi Cris & to all SIG fans. Have a blessed day!

  1044. 1044 : Jung Woo Yang Says:

    hello SiG!! I know you are not good in English yet,.. So I will leave my comment in korean,,, just to say,,, Kamsamida!1! Nan ShinGu Saranghaeyo!! CHariso!

  1045. 1045 : Jung Woo Yang Says:

    Please for Sig translator,,, please tell to him that His drama is No 1… and all pilipino here is love him,, nice to meet you Sig,..

  1046. 1046 : GELINA Says:



  1047. 1047 : GELINA Says:


  1048. 1048 : GELINA Says:



  1049. 1049 : simjang Says:

    IL Gook Honey,
    Are you in Kyrgystan right now? Oh by the way, do take care of yourself and I just hope you come and visit Philippines soon…you have plenty of fans, wives and girlfriends here…

    Naeui IL Gook dangshin eul saranghamnida, se sang e woo leel gal la nol ge ra dou.Young won hee saranghamnida…

  1050. 1050 : Phoenix Says:

    Yes!i agree with you gelina,one of the reason why Jumong didn’t reach a very high rating because it’s aired late at night and some of us (uncluding me) were already asleep.Kaya i wish and beg GMA to move it at an earlier time slot..this way might change the rating and increase sponsors.

  1051. 1051 : Carole Says:

    Woh! SIG’s new picture.. Very good actor indeed.. Keep up the good acting..

  1052. 1052 : cris Says:

    ate celina, natutuwa po ako sa ginawa nyo.. hahahahahah

    sana nga mabasa ni mam Vicky Morales sulat nyo at ng makpunta si SIG dito.. hehehheh…

    hello nga po pla s inyong lahat.. hehhehehhe

  1053. 1053 : CK Says:

    SIG, SONG II GOOK is so cool…

  1054. 1054 : jasmin Says:

    Hay salamat nagkaconnection na ulit kami! Kaasar kasi eh, tagal ko tuloy ndi nadalaw si SIG dito… Any wayz, glad to know andami na natin ngaun!

  1055. 1055 : jasmin Says:

    Hello Friends! Namiss ko kayong lahat!

  1056. 1056 : jasmin Says:

    Hi Venus! Ayan konte na lang malalagpasan na natin yang idol ni basurz… kung ndi lang tlg nila binura ung ibang msgs ng friends natin eh malaki na laman ntin jan ky joo. Any wayz, ndi nmn itong thread n 2 ang basehan ng pagiging number one ni Jumong. Obvious naman sa taas ng rating noh!

  1057. 1057 : jaynee Says:


  1058. 1058 : jaynee Says:


  1059. 1059 : GELINA Says:



  1060. 1060 : tazz Says:

    cute ni jumong!

  1061. 1061 : tazz Says:

    ang ganda na ng jumong….

  1062. 1062 : Daisy Says:

    Hello everybody!!! 🙂 I’m so glad to be here again! It’s been quite a while since I last visited this site! I’m so glad our dearest SIG has so many fans already!!! Wow!!! It’s great!!! He deserves all the blessings that he has because he seems so kind to the people around him, his fans, co-workers and even to the medias as what I’ve heard… Great SIG!!! My other crush KSS is also kind but I guess he is still starting his career in action films or projects… But he also has so many projects in the past already just like SIG. I love them both!!! 🙂

    Friends, let’s try to convince GMA to get SIG’s latest project, ‘Lobbyist’… Please…? I think, this is also very wonderful although it’s different from ‘Jumong’ as it is based on modern world, I guess… I really feel this one is so great also! You will know more of that said project in http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . Also, let’s tell GMA to get KSS’s latest project, ‘Don’t Ask My Past’, a korean friend of mine said this one is his new project right now… Friends, how I wish we can have their two latest projects here in our country, Philippines… But my voice is too small to be heard by GMA. If all of us fans will request GMA to get these two projects, then our voice will become one big, loud and clear voice enough to be heard by GMA. GMA has an excellent performances in translating Korean language to Tagalog and they can always make very beautiful songs as backgrounds and hire the best singers… In fact they contributed a lot to the outstanding performances of ‘Jumong’ here in the Philippines. They make it even more beautiful as it is already originally very beautiful! 🙂 I know you also like those projects I mentioned here especially ‘Lobbyist’ of SIG. And I know also how much some of you try to convince GMA… But if we will do it one by one… or… one after another maybe it will be not too loud to be heard but if we do it together or at least too many of us will tell them how much they want those projects then I think, GMA will hear us…. I hope they already know…and just wait for their turn as it has to be aired in KOrea first this Sept., I guess… Well, I just tell my side in advance… How I wish we will have those projects too few months from now! 🙂 Good luck GMA! Good luck SIG! Good luck also KSS! Good luck also fans! 🙂

  1063. 1063 : Daisy Says:

    Yehey!!!! SIG and JJH is now equal!!! Let’s post more and more comments fellow fans and put SIG’s name on top of this site!!!! Go fans!!!! Go SIG!!!! 🙂

  1064. 1064 : Daisy Says:

    Ay ang saya ko!!! Naabot ko na ang finishing line! hehehe! Tagumpay na tayo fellow jumongers!!! Tagumpay ang love natin!!! Tagumpay si SIG!!! hahaha!

    Ganyan talaga ang mga jumongers dito, nagtutulongan, di ba mga sis at bro? hehehe! Lampas na tayo mga friends! Sana hindi na ma-erase ‘to no? Damihan pa natin mga friends para di na maalis si SIG sa puwesto niya dito na bagong top1! Yehey!!! 🙂 Go fans!!! Go SIG!!! 🙂

    Even though we have countless rivals here but we still love you very much SIG!!! hehehe! We will support all your projects that we can possibly have here in the Philippines!!! Jumong is still aired in our country, we love it so much!!! My fellow fans, even though we already saw the whole story of ‘Jumong’ in our dvds, let’s still watch it in ‘GMA’ because aside from the translation there that is very good, it is one way of supporting SIG, so that GMA will get SIG’s another project, ‘Lobbyist’ and a lot more in the future… 🙂

  1065. 1065 : Daisy Says:

    I read some news about ‘Lobbyist’ of SIG, his new project, that will be aired in Korea this coming Sept. in http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . It seems so great! How I wish we will have that one here in the Philippines few months from now! 🙂

  1066. 1066 : cris Says:


    the best ka talaga SIG, see, number 1 ka na po… yehey.. heheheeh

    keep posting guys, and enjoy watching Jumong…

  1067. 1067 : ******** Says:

    gud evening SIG..

    bago na po ngayon picture.. nakz nman, ang gwapo mo..

  1068. 1068 : jaynee Says:

    korek ka jan daisy…iba talaga nagagawa ng pagtutulungan. iba rin talaga ang nagagawa ng pagmamahal…naks!

  1069. 1069 : jaynee Says:

    mga sis, wag tayong patatalo! ipaglaban natin ang idol natin! mabuhay ang mga damul!!! hehehe….

  1070. 1070 : ******** Says:

    congratulations SIG for the upcoming new tv series… the LOBBYIST..

    Sana maiplabas din to sa Pilipinas through GMA7.

  1071. 1071 : jaynee Says:

    basta ako, everytime i get a chance, i will post and post and post a message for jumong and jumong fans…i won’t get tired…promise…

  1072. 1072 : ******* Says:

    hello po jaynee, heheheheh, sabay tayong posts ngayon.. heheeheheh

    go SIG… go SIG

  1073. 1073 : cris Says:

    ako din po jaynee.. heheheh

  1074. 1074 : jaynee Says:

    hey girls! i’m so happy to see SIG’s name on top of joo! let’s keep on posting friends! thanks for supporting our idol!

  1075. 1075 : cris Says:

    friday na ngayon, watch ulit mamaya ng jumong.. miss ko siya bukas dahil saturday po.. watch nlang ng dvd ng jumong bukas…

  1076. 1076 : cris Says:

    yah… keep on supporting SIG…

  1077. 1077 : jaynee Says:

    wow! iba pala ang feeling kapag nakita mo ang idol mo on top! hay naku, kung hindi lang nila binura ang ibang messages ng friends natin, malamang matagal nang nasa top si SIG… hi cris!

  1078. 1078 : jaynee Says:

    cris, tell me something about jumong dvd. how much ba un chka ilang volume?

  1079. 1079 : Venus Says:

    Yes jasmin,SIG is number 1 kung hindi lang sa mga eraserheads dito.. not to mention mga insecure sa idol nila..Well,as far as i know mataas ang rating ng Jumong sa Korea kaya no worries SIG is undefeatable!!!

  1080. 1080 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Aaahhhh…. ahhhh….aaaaahhhhh!!!!


    Song Il-Gook is OUR NO.1!

    Of course, the rabid JooJiHoon-ers will dash right here, and infest our cutie oppa some ludicrous comments.

  1081. 1081 : RoxyBathory Says:

    come to think of it, di ba sabi ng Kapamilya #1 ang kanilang Which Star Are You From at Princess Hours? Kaya lang, sino ang pi-nartner ng SMART ZED as far as promoting of Koreanovela? Di ba, JUMONG?
    Last Year, it was MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON, now it’s JUMONG!

    Phoenix, you are right. GMA should move Jumong to an earlier timeslot within Primetime Block. I noticed, ang daming commercials ng Jumong kagabi. Progressing pa ang ratings, and at the same time “teen-ager” ang Which Star… final week na nila iyan!

  1082. 1082 : angel Says:

    basta ako kahit abutin pa ng 12mn ang jumong papanuorin ko pa rin… ano’ng ginagawa ng alarm clock di ba? tagal ko na ginagawa yan eh! pag naaantok nako nag-aalarm na lang ako..sabi nga love is unselfish… love is sacrifice…di ba?

  1083. 1083 : angel Says:

    keep on posting friends! ang sarap talaga ng feeling ko ngayong number one si SIG…

  1084. 1084 : cris Says:

    jaynee i’m back.. hehehhe

    yong dvd ko po is hindi by volume.. ang release sa Korea is by volume… Yong sakin po is 8 na dvd… kasi 81 episodes po ang jumong…


    yah, sobrang taas po talaga ng ratings ng Jumong, isa sa mga tv series na may pinakamataas na rating, kahilera ng Jewel in the Palace…

    (ilan sa may mga pinkamataas na rating are Jumong, Jewel, Sam Soon..)

  1085. 1085 : cris Says:

    natutuwa din ako ngayon, dahil #1 si SIG, tapos madami akong kasbay ngayon na nagpoposts.. hehehheheh

    hello po sa inyong lahat.. mgandang gabi po…

  1086. 1086 : cris Says:

    go din po sana tayo for ms. han Hye Jin… cute sila ni SIG together eh… hehheheheh

  1087. 1087 : elan Says:

    hi there! i posted a message here a few days ago and now its gone. anyways, just want to say that i love watching jumong. kahit ipalabas pa s’ya ng madaling araw manonood pa rin ako. song il kook is absolutely a very good actor. in my opinion, i think he’s better than bae yong jun and jang dong gun. don’t get me wrong, winter sonata and all about eve are two of my favorite korean series. can anyone tell me where can i buy a copy of “terms of endearment” in manila? is the english subtitle any good? i heard it is a nice korean drama. i live in the province and am gonna ask a friend of mine to buy me one. i would really appreciate any info i can get. thanks a lot.

  1088. 1088 : simjang Says:

    Hello everyone…
    Share of info lang po to those concern..
    Miss Daisy hope you watch Showbiz Extra tonight, Kim Seung Woo and the cast of Don’t Ask My Past were featured there. If you happen to remiss the show tune in tomorrow around 12 noon and 5:15 pm.
    Kim Seung Woo lost a lot of weight though…

    To elan, you can buy a copy of Terms Of Endearment in China Town in Anzhi VCD and DVD, all of Song IL gook drama’s are there and they also have a original copy of his movie Art of Seduction. Walang available na magandang subtitle ng Terms of Endearment, kahit saan.
    And sa mga gusto na mapanood ang jumong with a very good english subtitle and clear picture I suggest you buy a copy to Goks VCD-DVD shop you can visit his site at http://www.goksdvd.com.
    That’s all…thanks
    More power to Song IL Gook!!!

  1089. 1089 : khristine Says:

    anybody hus stil up?
    hehe.. mga super friends ko sa site na ito..

    alam nyo ba na pagnakikita ko mga pix ni SIG e nangigigil talaga ko,, konti nalang mababaliw na tlga ko kakapantasya sakanya..

    kayo din ba ganon??? kagaya sakin???? hehe..

  1090. 1090 : khristine Says:

    hello simjang.. gising ka pa pala.. may kasama pla ko dito..

    love u SIG..

  1091. 1091 : angel Says:

    good morning friends of jumong! it’s nice to wake up in the morning and see our idol still on top of everybody…ganda ng umaga ko…

  1092. 1092 : angel Says:

    nakakalungkot ung episode kagabi no?parang kinukurot ang puso ko… any way, the sufferings will be over soon…dapat kc uso na celfone at that time eh…kung alam lang ni jumong na we’re here for them…na we’re just one txt away…hehehe…

  1093. 1093 : angel Says:

    nakakatuwa nga and i’m really thankful to my partner kc kahit hindi nya naiintindihan ang palabas, he still let me watch jumong! minsan nakikipanuod pa! kaso lang andami raw commercial, ndi ko na raw tuloy naenjoy ung jumong!kso ano’ng magagawa ko eh ganun kaganda ang jumong kya andami advertisement di ba?

  1094. 1094 : angel Says:

    to cinderella,

    i don’t hate JJH but i really like SIG. bat naman pahate-hate ka pa jan eh ala naman ginawang masama sau ung tao? sabagay, ganyan talaga ang buhay…nagkataon lang na may mga taong…wag na nga lang baka ano pa masabi ko… good luck na lang sa career ng idol mo. magtulungan rin kasi kau para umangat uli idol nyo.

  1095. 1095 : jaynee Says:


  1096. 1096 : jaynee Says:


  1097. 1097 : jaynee Says:



  1098. 1098 : jaynee Says:


  1099. 1099 : cris Says:

    #1……..#1……….#1….. si SIG

    ang galing natin,… hehheheheh

    keep on supporting SIG… hehehehh

  1100. 1100 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Angel! 🙂 Tama ka girl! Tiningnan ko minsan sa kabila no’ng nalampasam na naman si SIG na top1 na sana lately ni JJH, tiningnan ko kung bakit ang bilis sino kaya ang nagsulat sa kabila, ay siya pala, si ‘c’, yung nanggulo dito before. Pareho tayo ng nasa isip friend… Inisip ko rin bakit kaya super hate niya si SIG ano bang nagawa sa kanya nito na hindi pa nga nakapunta yan dito sa Pilipinas…. May mga tao talaga no na hindi marunong mag-isip ng tama… Hindi rin naman ako perfect, marami rin akong mga mali o hindi tamang iniisip kung minsan na di ko siguro alam pero hindi ko maisip kasi yung word na hate sa taong walang ginawa sa akin na masama ni hindi nga ako kilala.. Ano ba yan? Pero bahala siya… Hindi na lang natin pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang mga ganun… Kahit nakita ko do’n na sabi niya hate niya si SIG at nainis din ako dahil wala naman ginawa na masama sa kanya si SIG pero hindi ako kailanman nagsulat do’n… Bahala siya dahil hindi naman tayo insecure para kay SIG di ba? Alam naman ng lahat ng tao kung ano at sino si SIG. Good day friends! 🙂

  1101. 1101 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Jaynee! Yeah, korek ka diyan friend! Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng nagtutulongan na may kahalong pagmamahal di ba? Wooow talaga!!! Go jumongers!!! Go SIG’s fans!!! Go SIG’s girlfriends!!! Go SIG’s wives!!! hahaha! Joke!!! Go SIG!!!! 🙂 Yan ang maganda sa mga fans ni SIG, bukod sa mga magaganda, matatalino, mababait, may very good sense of humor pa!!! Nadadala na rin tuloy akong magjoke! hehehe! Ang saya talaga! Katulad rin no’ng mga friends ko sa kabila, sa kay KSS section, sa site na ‘to… Go friends!!! 🙂

  1102. 1102 : Daisy Says:

    simjang Says:

    August 3rd, 2007 at 11:13 pm
    Hello everyone…
    Share of info lang po to those concern..
    Miss Daisy hope you watch Showbiz Extra tonight, Kim Seung Woo and the cast of Don’t Ask My Past were featured there. If you happen to remiss the show tune in tomorrow around 12 noon and 5:15 pm.
    Kim Seung Woo lost a lot of weight though…

    To elan, you can buy a copy of Terms Of Endearment in China Town in Anzhi VCD and DVD, all of Song IL gook drama’s are there and they also have a original copy of his movie Art of Seduction. Walang available na magandang subtitle ng Terms of Endearment, kahit saan.
    And sa mga gusto na mapanood ang jumong with a very good english subtitle and clear picture I suggest you buy a copy to Goks VCD-DVD shop you can visit his site at http://www.goksdvd.com.
    That’s all…thanks
    More power to Song IL Gook!!!

    Hi Simjang! 🙂 I’m so happy of the info that you gave, friend! 🙂 Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I will watch it this noon and in the afternoon of the said time… But I’m a lttle bit confused…my crush is not Kim Seung Woo but Kim Seung Soo… The one who played the role of Prince Dae So in ‘Jumong’… Do you really mean Kim Seung Woo? I’m sorry if I sound too specific, I’m also confused, and don’t know what exactly happen…. You mentioned ‘Don’t Ask My Past’…. And my Korean friend said Kim Seung Soo is in that project, his latest project, I don’t know yet if its a tv series or not… Can I watch that even if our tv is not cable yet? You are also here in the Philippines right? 🙂 Okay, I will try to watch that in the said time…. Thanks a lot again, friend! I’m really very happy about what you said, I hope I can watch it in our tv! 🙂 Til next time! Take care always! 🙂

  1103. 1103 : hot me fafa Says:

    ano ba yan magkamukha na tayo sa kapapanood ko ng Jumong hehehehehehehehehehehe

  1104. 1104 : rhys Says:

    i always sleep late at night because of jumong/book of three han…Jumong is a great series…it

  1105. 1105 : JCM Says:

    Hi! Good day Everyone. Glad to see that SIG is now on top, Galing! Just want to ask if you have a copy of his movie RED EYE? How about his series Bodyguard & Desert Spring? I want to complete kasi a collection of his movies & series, please let me know where to get them and hopefully his new series Lobbyist, hope it will be aired here on the Philippines soon. God bless you all!

  1106. 1106 : JCM Says:

    Hey guys! just a few minutes ago I made a note here & now its gone! My goodness!

  1107. 1107 : cris Says:

    rhys Says:
    August 4th, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    i always sleep late at night because of jumong/book of three han…Jumong is a great series…it


    heheheheh, parehas lang po tayo ate… worth watching ang jumong….

    kahit midnight pa siya iplabas manonood pa din ako.. heheheheeheheh

  1108. 1108 : GELINA Says:


  1109. 1109 : khristine Says:

    alam nyo mga kapatid ko sa site na ito, hapi me.. well kc kahit di pa tayo nagkikita kita e nafifil ko na tighten na ung bond natin kahit dito lng tayo sa site na to naguusap usap.. saka hapi ako na hindi lng ako ung malapit na mabaliw kay SIG..

    dame tayo eh..

    regards nga po pala kay Cris, ate roxy, ate JCM, ate sweeatheart saka kay Rukiya sa pag-add mo sa akin sa friendster, Cris add mu na din me sa friendster ha..

  1110. 1110 : khristine Says:

    love u SIG, and i also love those hu love SIG..


  1111. 1111 : RoxyBathory Says:

    jaynee Says:
    August 4th, 2007 at 7:42 am


    Oh really? I’ve never encountered such thing like that… I don’t know….

    BTW… I also encountered another erroneous thing here as I post my comment in this site. The moment I am going to post my comment, it was not immediately posted.

    I guess, we should calm down inspite of “anomalies” we are encountering here. If things get worse, then that’s the time we should scream the hell that is happening here.

  1112. 1112 : Teresa Martin Says:

    i’ve watch your movies,, i’m so amazed because you have a great talent in acting..if you are willing to visit philippines,, i’m inviting you in my place…=)

    i’m one of your thousand fans!!
    gudluck and God Bless!!

  1113. 1113 : havinx Says:

    merhaba millet umarım türkceyi anlayan birileri vardır orda.keşke tanışabilseydim mr.song ile.I meet mr.song.and I love you.please write me.I know english.therefore help me.please mr.song write me.

  1114. 1114 : Daisy Says:

    Hello khristine! Yeah, you’re right sis ang ganda ng bonding ng mga jumongers at SIG admirers dito! Yan ang Damul Army!!! 🙂 Ang Damul Army na pinamumunuan ni Heneral Jumong! hehehe! Ang ganda ng bonding ng mga Damul Army sa tv series ‘Jumong’ parang magkakapatid, nagdadamayan at nagtutulongan, walang iwanan at nagkakaisa ‘pag may nais marating, yan tayo dito! hahaha! Siyempre ang galing at ang bait ng pinuno natin di ba? 🙂 Mabuhay ang Damul Army sa tv at dito!!! Mabuhay si Heneral Jumong!!!! hehehe!

  1115. 1115 : Daisy Says:

    Yeah, you’re right again sis khristine! Ang dami talagang nababaliw kay papa SIG! As in!!! Eh kasi naman he almost has everything best!!!! Thanks kay God at ang daming blessings ang ibinigay niya sa love natin simula’t sapul pa!!! Because of those blessings nakilala natin siya kasi naging actor siya sa mga projects na nakaabot sa Pilipinas kahit hindi niya tayo nakilala… hehehe! Okay lang… nagenjoy naman tayo sa kanya este sa panunuod ng mga projects niya… hehehe!

  1116. 1116 : Daisy Says:

    Before, I was so damn crazy for KSS! He was my only crush for many months since the tv series ‘Jumong’ started even though I already found SIG as a very handsome, attractive and appealing actor! My sis told me a lot of good things about SIG but still my only crush was KSS although I also liked SIG very much as ‘Jumong’ and as an actor! I thought my heart will be loyal only to KSS forever! But SIG is so nice!!! The moment he read his letter to his fans, he conquered a lot more women’ hearts including mine!!! 🙂 His million fans increases day after day… Now, the two of them are my ultimate crushes, no one else! Ang serious naman! hehehe! I love you SIG! I love you KSS! God, please bless thess two and all of us in this site and on KSS’s site too… hehehe! Thanks! 🙂

  1117. 1117 : elan Says:

    to simjamg,
    thanks a lot for the info. ang ganda talaga ng kwento ng jumong.

    to daisy,
    ang galing din umarte ni kim sueng soo. ang sarap batukan!!! he! he! he!
    joke lang. that means effective talaga s’ya as an actor. he really gets into my nerves. bilib din ako sa kanya.

    annyong for now!!!!

  1118. 1118 : jaynee Says:

    hello everybody! sayang walang jumong ngayon… pero atleast maaga ako makakatulog! hehehe…

  1119. 1119 : cris Says:

    walang jumong ngayon…. huhuhuhuhuh

    dvd nlang ulit… hehehehhe

  1120. 1120 : jaynee Says:

    hi khristine! u’r right girl! nakakatuwa kc kahit hindi tau magkakakilala ng personal eh parang magkakaibigan na taung lahat dito talaga… good luck to all of us! mabuhay ang mga damul! hahaha

  1121. 1121 : jaynee Says:


    buti pa kau may dvd na. how much ba bili nyo? jan lang ba yan sa tabi-tabi? hirap naman kc humanap ng original chaka di ko afford. pcnxa na po sa mga producer!

  1122. 1122 : angel Says:

    hi daisy! hehehe… chineck u rin pala? di ba? hamo nga xa….basta tau masaya!

  1123. 1123 : angel Says:

    basta ako, i will visit and post on this site whenever i can. i will give my full support. promise yan. nakakagaan kasi ng loob kapag nakakabasa ako ng magagandang bagay dito, chaka dami rin nakukuhang info. salamat sa mga masusugid na researchers natin sa thread na ito. kung hindi lang ako busy magriresearch din ako. thank u po talaga sa ating lahat.

  1124. 1124 : jaynee Says:

    okay friends, good night! kitakits na lang tau sa panaginip! basta share-share tau ha ky SIG ha? wlang lamangan..hehehe…

  1125. 1125 : anya Says:

    i wanna thank nga pala jobel, a JJH fan. nabasa ko kc pinagsabihan nya c cinderella na wag magsalita against SIG kc totoo namang addictive xa in a good way di ba? thanks jobel! at least, ndi naman pala lahat ng JJH fans eh kasingbabaw ni bazurz…

  1126. 1126 : anya Says:

    jobel Says:

    August 4th, 2007 at 1:05 pm
    cinderella..pls. be fair..it’s unfair for you to hate song il gook..don’t judge him that easy..although i’m a fan of ji hoon,i can say that song il gook is also great..i suggest that you watch his movies and series..the art of seduction is a great movie..and jumong is very addictive…no offense


  1127. 1127 : anya Says:

    okay, it’s bye bye time na. maaga rin akong matutulog…chance ko na to makabawi ng tulog! hehehe…pasalamat ka talaga SIG mahal ka namin… nagpupuyat kami para sayo…okay, goodnight friends of jumong!

  1128. 1128 : zehra Says:

    i just simply like u song il-gook!

  1129. 1129 : junica Says:


  1130. 1130 : junica Says:


  1131. 1131 : cris Says:

    jaynee Says:
    August 4th, 2007 at 8:02 pm


    buti pa kau may dvd na. how much ba bili nyo? jan lang ba yan sa tabi-tabi? hirap naman kc humanap ng original chaka di ko afford. pcnxa na po sa mga producer!

    ipon ko allowance to buy the dvd.. definitely di ako ang bumili kundi yong mom ng clasmyt ko kaya di ko din po alam kung san niya po binili….

  1132. 1132 : cris Says:

    GELINA Says:
    August 4th, 2007 at 4:41 pm


    ate celina, agree po ako…

    learn din po ako ng Korean language because of SIG and Jumong…

    medyo madali lang naman eh…. heheheheheeh

  1133. 1133 : simjang Says:

    Song Il-Guk, Jang Jin-Yeong, will leave for Kyrgyzstan early August. (aug.6 ) Cast and Crew of SBS Drama ‘Lobbyist’ including Song Il-Guk, Jang Jin-Yeong and Han Jae-Seok, et al will travel to Kyrgysztan for overseas shooting lasting for approxmiately 30 days.
    The cast and crew already filmed in America for 50 some days, and are now filming locally in Korea, but towards early part of August, they will once again leave for more overseas filming. Lobbyist is expected to air beginning in October of 2007.

    src: ytnstar (06-28-07)

  1134. 1134 : khristine Says:

    acknowledge yan Daisy!!!!

    di lang si SiG ang mahal ko dito,, pati kayong lahat!!!!
    gudluck satin,,,….

  1135. 1135 : althea kristen Says:

    hai puh…pede maki-sali sa bonding ng jumong fan??hehe..adik din kc aq dun ehh..

  1136. 1136 : junica Says:

    althea kristen

    welcome to the family!

  1137. 1137 : junica Says:

    hi girls! kumusta ang sabado nyo ha? kakalungkot pag walang jumong noh? parang di kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi ako nakakanuod…

  1138. 1138 : melojane Says:


    Mga sis, i-check nyo ito:


    Nirequest ko yan sa showbiz blogged! Sabi ko i-feature naman nila ang idol natin. Though I know karamihan sa atin eh alam na ang info na yan, sana magleave kau ng message dun, thanking ricojr for his effort. Aasahan ko yan ha mga sis? Thanks!

  1139. 1139 : melojane Says:

    di ba we promised to work hand-in-hand para kay SIG? ipakita natin na totoo ang sinasabi kong marami tayong nagmamahal sa kanya… thanks!

  1140. 1140 : melojane Says:

    type A pala ang blood type ni SIG! dugong bughaw talaga ah! hehehe…

  1141. 1141 : junica Says:

    hey sis melojane, i just checked that one! oo nga, ang cute talaga ng idol natin! nagleave na rin ako ng message ky ricojr as u requested. pero mag-iiwan naman talaga ako ng message kahit di mo irequest! hehehe…

    mga sis jan, check nyo rin dun!

  1142. 1142 : mary joy Says:

    hey1 mga girls pasali naman ako dyan! super guwapo tlaga ni jumong! 1 tlaga siya!

  1143. 1143 : cris Says:

    hello po althea at mary joy, at lahat po dito…

    ckeck the link posted by ate melojane…


  1144. 1144 : althea kristen Says:

    tnx puh sa arm welcome!!in fairness sad talaga ang weekend ko kc walang jumong!!huhu

  1145. 1145 : althea kristen Says:

    i mean warm welcome

  1146. 1146 : melojane Says:

    junica, althea kristen, cris, JCM

    thanks for leaving a message dun sa link na inattach ko dito! i just wanna make ricojr see that i am telling the truth na marami tayong nagrirequest at nagpapasalamat for featuring SIG! thank u talaga mga sis! ung mga hindi pa po nakabisita eto po un, pakiclick na lang:



    God bless us all!

  1147. 1147 : melojane Says:

    wow! nakikita nyo ba ung nakikita ko mga sis? humahabol na si JJH sa atin! naks naman! at least, pinakikita ng JJH fans na supportive din sila sa idol nila. In fairness to darcel and jobel, ndi nila inaaway si SIG natin! so salamat din sa kanila. at least, patas sila di ba? parang nagiging healthy competition na to ngaun! mas maigi un di ba? walang siraan.

  1148. 1148 : melojane Says:

    hi mary joy!

    Welcome to the family!

    xmpre lahat pwedeng sumali.

    mayaman, mahirap, lalake, babae, mataba, sexy, maputi, maitim…


    iisa lang naman ang gusto natin di ba?

    basta be nice chaka wag taung manira ng ibang tao

    ipakita lang natin ang suporta natin sa sarili nating idol

    ok ba?

    keep on posting!

  1149. 1149 : grace Says:


  1150. 1150 : grace Says:


  1151. 1151 : melojane Says:

    hi grace!

    Welcome to the family!

    cge, icheck mo den tell me ur opinion.

  1152. 1152 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello everyone… 😀

    Ang ganda na ng Jumong.. hehe.. lapit nang bumalik c Lady Soseono! 😀 😀

  1153. 1153 : melojane Says:

    hey, mga sis, wake up!

    get on line now!

    baka magising na lang tau na 2nd best na lang ang love nating si SIG!

  1154. 1154 : melojane Says:

    hi sweetheart!

    have u checked the link that i posted?

    check u ha?

    u will surely like it

    sabagay, kahit konting bagay lang naman masaya na tau basta tungkol kay SIG…

  1155. 1155 : grace Says:


  1156. 1156 : grace Says:



  1157. 1157 : melojane Says:

    you’re welcome grace!

    pano yan? babush muna beauty ko ha? may gagawin pa kasi ako eh!
    kau na muna ang bahala dito. i’ll be back as soon as i can. c yah!

  1158. 1158 : grace Says:


  1159. 1159 : junica Says:

    Hi Grace! Welcome to the family! I’m back!

  1160. 1160 : junica Says:

    Sige, basahin mo muna yung mga messages. Makikita mo ang iba’t ibang kulay ng Hahahah! Makikita mo yung mga mababait, mga nang-aaway, lahat!

  1161. 1161 : junica Says:

    Have fun reading!

  1162. 1162 : junica Says:

    Nga pala, tsinek nyo na ba yung link na pinost ni Melojane? I-check nyo na! Nirequest pa niya yun ha?

  1163. 1163 : junica Says:

    Ang saya ko talaga today kasi Lunes na bukas! It’s Jumong time once again! Yahoo!

  1164. 1164 : junica Says:

    Oist, bat puro ako lang ang andito ha? Asan kayo mga sis? Wake up! Galaw galaw!

  1165. 1165 : wildflower Says:

    HeLLo EvErYbOdY!!!

    I am also a SIG fan. Can I join here?

  1166. 1166 : junica Says:


    Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? Siyempre pwedeng-pwede! Welcome to the family!

  1167. 1167 : althea kristen Says:

    loko talaga mga friends ko..hehe..jinica–talaga!?babalik na c lady soseono?!

  1168. 1168 : wildflower Says:

    Thank you Junica! I am so excited na talaga! I’ll always get in touch with you guys! Thanks for supporting our idol!

  1169. 1169 : marianne Says:

    hello buti naman #1 na c papa jumong..grabe sobrang ganda talaga ng jumong #1.sana pagkatapos ng jumong ipalabas sana yung isa yang show na TERMS OF ENDEARMENT maganda rin yun sobra kasama nya c han ga in,1 of beautiful star of korea…MR. SONG II GOOK isa ako sa million taong humuhanga sayo sa kagalingan u pag arte grabe..idol

  1170. 1170 : althea kristen Says:

    hai wildflower..welcome puh..actually bago lng dn aq d2 e!!hehe

  1171. 1171 : junica Says:

    Dunno althea! Oist ikaw ha? I saw ur name on JJH’s thread… Hehehe…. Okay lang un. Hindi ka pa naman kasal kay SIG or JJH eh,

  1172. 1172 : althea kristen Says:

    ay..c sweetheart po pala ung nagsabe na babalek na c lady soseono!!hehe..nadulingan q..junica..pasenxa na po

  1173. 1173 : junica Says:

    Wow! It’s so nice to have u guys back here! Muntik muntikan na tayo kanina! Buti na lang we have new friends like wildflower and grace!

  1174. 1174 : wilflower Says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome Junica and Althea Kristen!

  1175. 1175 : cheezy Says:


  1176. 1176 : cheezy Says:


  1177. 1177 : althea kristen Says:

    oo…..naawa kc aq kay darcey..nyehehe..pero ndi aq ung althea ang neym..althea kristen aq..may ka-neym nga aq dun eh..ang kulit ng mga frends q noh!??ever since kasi e dead na dead na ung mag-pinsan na un kay prince xin

  1178. 1178 : wildflower Says:

    Hi Cheezy!

    I’m just new here also. Welcome to the family!

  1179. 1179 : junica Says:

    hehehe…okay lang yun!ganun tlaga eh! haling sila kay JJH, tau naman haling na haling kay SIG!

  1180. 1180 : althea kristen Says:

    cheezy……………..sobrah!!!mag-eenjoy ka dito..d lang new friends ang mahahanap mo dito!!!pati additional info abt. kay papa jumong!!hehe

  1181. 1181 : cheezy Says:


  1182. 1182 : althea kristen Says:

    pero alam mo junica..dati ren nag-aaway kame ng channel sa tv ng mama ko dahil sa jumong at goong..adik kc ung mama ko dati sa jumong bago xa pumunta ng italy!!taz nung sinubukan ko minsan manood,un…na-adik aq!!hehe

  1183. 1183 : cheezy Says:


  1184. 1184 : cris Says:

    sobra akong natutuwa ngayon, ang dami na natin,, welcome po sa inyong lahat… (di ko na po isa isahin ang dami eh… heheheheh)

    daming online ngayon, magdang gabi po sa inyong lahat..

    gud eve din po kay SIG..

  1185. 1185 : cris Says:

    lunes na po bukas…

    jumong na ulit..

    MABUHAY ANG DAMUL…. hehehehehhehe

  1186. 1186 : junica Says:

    talaga?hihihi…basta kami ng mommy ko kapuso talaga!sayang nga lang nasira ung vhs player namin.kasi dati kapag nasa work ako pinaparecord ko ung jewel in the palace and kim sam soon…siguro napagod na rin ang loko! ayun, dusa ako ngaun!

  1187. 1187 : junica Says:

    hi cris! hi sa lahat ng nakaonline right now!

    alam nyo ba i was so scared kanina kasi akala ko maaabutan na tayo ni JJH! buti na lang we have new friends who helped us like wildflower, cheezy and grace…den nag-online din ung mga loyal sis natin…ayun! hindi tau naabutan!

  1188. 1188 : cris Says:

    cheezy Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:38 pm


    your so much welcome sa thread ni SIG..

    yah basa ka ng mga backposts…. nkakatuwa at ang daming link about kay SIG..

    click mo din name ni ate Roxy, may multiply siya about SIG, at yong kay ate melojane din po… at madami pang iba….hheehehhehe

  1189. 1189 : cheezy Says:


  1190. 1190 : cris Says:

    junica Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    talaga?hihihi…basta kami ng mommy ko kapuso talaga!sayang nga lang nasira ung vhs player namin.kasi dati kapag nasa work ako pinaparecord ko ung jewel in the palace and kim sam soon…siguro napagod na rin ang loko! ayun, dusa ako ngaun!

    sana makuha din ng kapuso ang bagong series ni SIG (Lobbyist),

    by the way, yong mga nabanggit byo po is mga shows na may mga pinakamataas na rating sa Korea at ibang bansa at dito din sa Pilipinas, at syempre isa dyan ang JUMONG….

    (jumong, jewel, sam soon)

  1191. 1191 : althea kristen Says:

    kausap ko c darcey kanina sa celfon!!!tawa xa ng tawa!!!sobrang natutuwa daw xa kc maxado naten kina-career ang pagiging no.1 sa comment ni sig…samantalang sakanila daw na fans ni jjh e ang tatamad magon-line..kawawa daw clang mag-pinsan na naghahabol!!hehe

  1192. 1192 : cris Says:

    junica Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    hi cris! hi sa lahat ng nakaonline right now!

    alam nyo ba i was so scared kanina kasi akala ko maaabutan na tayo ni JJH! buti na lang we have new friends who helped us like wildflower, cheezy and grace…den nag-online din ung mga loyal sis natin…ayun! hindi tau naabutan!

    welcome po ate cheezy, wildflower, ate grace,, hello po ate sweetheart and kristine,,, at sa lahat po dito….

    lets keep supporting SIG… and Jumong….

    go SIG… go SIG….

    by the way i’m cris nga pla at minsan crisseraphim12……. hheheheehehe

  1193. 1193 : cris Says:

    basta natutuwa talaga ako, ang dami natin dito…

    ang dami nating nagmamahal kay SIG… heheheheh

    share share ha… heehehehheeh….

  1194. 1194 : cheezy Says:


  1195. 1195 : cris Says:

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    show how many i am to be here in SIG’s thread..

  1196. 1196 : junica Says:

    darcey Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 7:51 pm
    oist…mga jjh fans!!!!!!!!!!grabe na kayo!!!tamad tamad nio naman mag-online!!pagod naqo!!!!!!!!!!!

    darcey Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 7:42 pm
    oist alten!!!!!!!!!!!!!ang yabang moh!!naawa ka saken kea nag-comment ka sa thread ni jjh!??ouch..skt nun frend..ouuuuccchhhhhhhhhh!!!


  1197. 1197 : cris Says:

    cris Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    show how happy i am to be here, in SIG’s thread..

  1198. 1198 : junica Says:

    thank you sa lahat ng mga “kumakarir” at hindi napapagod at walang sawang nagpupost ng message dito! mabuhay tayong lahat! hehehe…

  1199. 1199 : junica Says:

    ah, i c… pano ba yan gawin cris? ndi ako sanay magcomputer eh! thanks!

  1200. 1200 : althea kristen Says:

    I..ALTHEA KRISTEN..16 YRS OLD..SWEARS TO SUPPORT SONG IL GOOK..ALWAYS!!wahaha…does anybody know kung cno ang panganay saten at ang bunso?tnx puh!

  1201. 1201 : cris Says:

    cheezy Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:53 pm



    ok lang yan, ang mahalaga is andito ka na… heheheheh

    #413, yan ang una kong posts dito… heheheheheh

  1202. 1202 : nguyen phi dang Says:

    song il guk is ugly, pick and choose, song il guk is dog

  1203. 1203 : cris Says:

    type ka lang po.. type colon ( : ) then capital D


    😀 😀 😀


  1204. 1204 : junica Says:


    kahit ano pa ang sabihin mo, hindi na talaga maipagkakaila na mas maraming nagmamahal kay SIG at kahit ano pang panget na bagay ang sabihin mo, hindi kami maniniwala sau!

  1205. 1205 : cris Says:

    hey nababasa nyo ba., may detractor na naligaw dito… (nguyen phi dang)

    hahahhaha, patawa siya….

  1206. 1206 : junica Says:

    cge, try ko nga,,,


  1207. 1207 : junica Says:

    wow! it works! hehehe… thanks cris!

  1208. 1208 : cris Says:

    junica Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 8:04 pm


    kahit ano pa ang sabihin mo, hindi na talaga maipagkakaila na mas maraming nagmamahal kay SIG at kahit ano pang panget na bagay ang sabihin mo, hindi kami maniniwala sau!

    yah, ganyan dapat…

    marami talagang nagmamahal kay SIG at isa na tayo don…

  1209. 1209 : junica Says:

    hehehe… okay lang yan cris… wala namang naniniwala sa kanya eh!

  1210. 1210 : althea kristen Says:

    nguyen phi dang………ur uglier because you speak things that would jeopardize other person’s life…you should examine yourself…maybe you have a psychological problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!and maybe eye problem also..and one more thing…you are not a g3ood and fair judge

  1211. 1211 : cris Says:

    althea kristen Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    I..ALTHEA KRISTEN..16 YRS OLD..SWEARS TO SUPPORT SONG IL GOOK..ALWAYS!!wahaha…does anybody know kung cno ang panganay saten at ang bunso?tnx puh!


    i’m 19… heheheheheheh

    basta may similarities talaga tayo dito..


  1212. 1212 : sakura Says:

    Hi, I’m Sakura. I would like to join here. I am also a big fan of Song Il-Gook. Thank you.

  1213. 1213 : cris Says:

    ate junica.. madami pa smiley, kaya lang ayaw mag work ng iba especially yong gumagalaw.. hehehehheheheh

  1214. 1214 : junica Says:

    O, Althea,ang puso mo bka malaglag! Hahahaha!

  1215. 1215 : cris Says:

    sakura Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    Hi, I’m Sakura. I would like to join here. I am also a big fan of Song Il-Gook. Thank you.

    welcome po… at magandang gabi po…

    yehey, dumdami talaga tayo dito…

    SIG ang daming nagmamahal and support sayo….

  1216. 1216 : junica Says:

    to SAKURA,

    welcome to the family dear!

    matutuwa ka rito talaga!

    basahin mo muna mga backposts, andami mong makikitang ibat ibang kulay ng buhay!


  1217. 1217 : sakura Says:


  1218. 1218 : cris Says:

    melojane Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    junica, althea kristen, cris, JCM

    thanks for leaving a message dun sa link na inattach ko dito! i just wanna make ricojr see that i am telling the truth na marami tayong nagrirequest at nagpapasalamat for featuring SIG! thank u talaga mga sis! ung mga hindi pa po nakabisita eto po un, pakiclick na lang:



    God bless us all!


    repost ko lang po… from ate melojane

    visit the link guys… it’s great…. nice…. thanks po kay ricojr at ate melojane…

  1219. 1219 : junica Says:

    jobel Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 8:09 pm
    darcey…sakit po mata koh..w8 lng..rest lng ako!!

    darcey Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 7:54 pm
    hoi jobel!!!!!!!di ako magpapadala ng dvd!!!magon-line ka na!!!!!!!!!!huhuhu…………kojima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kasinungalingan!!!!!!!!!!!!ang layo na ng narating ng mga sig fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hehehe… ganyan talaga darcey and jobel. we salute u girls kasi kahit tamad mag-online JJH fanatics eh sinisikap nyong maiangat idol nyo. sana tumulong din ung iba para hindi na sumakit mata ni jobel.

  1220. 1220 : cris Says:

    yah, pabayaan natin yong naligaw dito…

    keep smiling guys,,… hehehehehe

    everything will be ok…..

  1221. 1221 : junica Says:

    hi cris 😀

    ang galing tlg pag nagtutulungan noh? nga pala, thanks for re-posting ate melojane’s message. balak ko rin gawin un kaso nakalimutan ko! hehehe…. 😀

  1222. 1222 : cris Says:

    oooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyy… lagi na siyang nkasmiley… hehehhe

    ako din,… heheheeh

    😀 😀 😀

  1223. 1223 : cris Says:


    try lang ng another smiley kung effective… hehheehhe

  1224. 1224 : junica Says:

    okay guys, sign off muna ako… basta keep on posting while u r still online…baka biglang sipagin uli JJH fans eh magising na lang taung nasa second row…hehehe….auko na uli mangyari un…ipagkakalat ko ang thread na ito…sayang, karamihan kasi sa mga jumongers eh alang computer kaya hindi sila makapagpost ng message…

  1225. 1225 : cris Says:

    cris Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 8:25 pm


    try lang ng another smiley kung effective… hehheehhe

    ay hindi siya effective… heheheeheh

    sana pwede tayo posts dito ng ibang pic ni SIG… heheheh

  1226. 1226 : wildflower Says:

    Hello Everybody! Whew! Super dami ng messages, ung iba ang hahaba pa! Pero okay lang, nag-ienjoy naman ako!

  1227. 1227 : cris Says:

    bye bye po junica….

    visit ka po lagi dito, at sana magkasabay ulit tayo dito to voice out our support to SIG…. 😀

  1228. 1228 : cris Says:

    hello po ulit wildflower…. hehehehehhe

    yehey…. ang dami natin…

  1229. 1229 : cris Says:

    visit nyo din po site ni ms.han hye jin (lady so sheo noh) and Kim Seung Soo (prince Daeso)…. heheheheheh

  1230. 1230 : wildflower Says:

    okay girls, rest na din muna ako ha?please keep on posting…kayo na muna bahala dito sa bahay natin…hihihi…

  1231. 1231 : wildflower Says:

    okay cris, as you wish! type ko rin naman siya eh… magpost muna ako ng msg dun before ko i-turn off tong pc…

  1232. 1232 : cris Says:

    out din po muna ako…..

    enjoy and keep posting…

    luv you SIG.. 😀

  1233. 1233 : althea kristen Says:

    hei..i’m back!!!inatake aq ng ulcer q dahil sa bwict na naligaw na un…hehe…i’m done eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cno pa po nka onT-line jan!???

  1234. 1234 : wildflower Says:

    ayan cris, nagleave nako ng msg dun. konti na lang din pala ang lamang sa kanya di ba? di ko kc alam c lady so sheo noh pala un! o cge, out na muna ako… kristen althea, cguro marami pa jang ibang nakaonline… good luck girl, kau muna bahala kay SIG

  1235. 1235 : cris Says:

    dinner muna ako althea… heheheheh

    lets keep supporting SIG,,, and heneral jumong…..

    Mabuhay ang DAMUL…..

  1236. 1236 : cris Says:

    wildflower Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    ayan cris, nagleave nako ng msg dun. konti na lang din pala ang lamang sa kanya di ba? di ko kc alam c lady so sheo noh pala un! o cge, out na muna ako… kristen althea, cguro marami pa jang ibang nakaonline… good luck girl, kau muna bahala kay SIG

    thank you po wildflower… heheheheh

  1237. 1237 : labuyo Says:

    wwwwwooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!!! nakanang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! parang ang tagal kong nawala ahhh!!!!!!!!!! grabe na tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! andami na natin ditooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    welcome sa lahat ng new sisters in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1238. 1238 : labuyo Says:

    oh, papa jumong, u r really hooooootttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1239. 1239 : benilde Says:

    oh my gosh! it this true? super dami na natin dito! hi labuyz!!! it’s nice to be back!

  1240. 1240 : elan Says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    nakakatawa naman. parang nasa marathon. naawa naman ako kay darcey. tamad mag post ang kanyang mga kakampi. he! he! he! magpo-post sana ako ng message don para damayan s’ya kaya lang sayang. di ko kasi kilala yung idol n’ya. kaya dito ako nag-post. GO JUMONGERS!!!!

  1241. 1241 : althea kristen Says:

    elen…c joo ji hoon po na idol ni darcey e ung crown prince sa princess hourz..hellow nga po pala sa mga kaka on-line lng…aq c althea kristen at bago lng poh aq d2!!!mabuhay ang gegoryo!!!!!!!!mabuhay angH damul!!!!!!!!!!mabuhay ang gyeru!!!!!!!mabuhay ang jolbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mamatay ang mga han!!!!!!!!!!

  1242. 1242 : cris Says:

    althea kristen Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    elen…c joo ji hoon po na idol ni darcey e ung crown prince sa princess hourz..hellow nga po pala sa mga kaka on-line lng…aq c althea kristen at bago lng poh aq d2!!!mabuhay ang gegoryo!!!!!!!!mabuhay angH damul!!!!!!!!!!mabuhay ang gyeru!!!!!!!mabuhay ang jolbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mamatay ang mga han!!!!!!!!!!


    madyo may optical illustion ang posts mo althea… ehhehehe

    parang sumasayw yong words especially yong last… hehehehe

  1243. 1243 : althea kristen Says:

    tnx god…weeh cris..buti gcng ka pah!???taga san ka poh!??

  1244. 1244 : cris Says:

    Philippines po… hehehehhe

    nkikinig ako ngayon ng “hold On” – OST ng Jumong…

  1245. 1245 : althea kristen Says:

    san po sa phil.?aq e cagayan valley kaso d2 naqoh sa manila nag-aaral ngayon..

  1246. 1246 : JCM Says:

    Good evening! Super talaga tayo sa support kay SIG! God bless everyone & welcome to all new comers. Me is also new here pero mababait lahat ng fans ni SIg kaya di na din ako na shy mag post dito & of course kailangan maging no. 1 si Idol. You should see him in Terms of Endearment, superb ang acting nya don.

  1247. 1247 : sweetheart Says:

    Hi Melojane, thanx for reminding me about the site that you’ve posted here.. nagpost na ako doon.. 😀 ang galing..

    Hello cris and khristine and sa lahat! Musta na kayo… 😀

  1248. 1248 : cris Says:

    manila na din po ako.. tayong dalawa nlang yata online ngayon, sana mkasabay ulit natin silang lahat,,, ang dami natin kanina.. hehehehheeh


  1249. 1249 : cris Says:

    meron pa pla tayo kasabay.. heheheh

    hello ate sweetheart and JCM… heheheheh

    akala ko kanina kami nlang ni althea andito…

  1250. 1250 : JCM Says:

    Also in Emperor of the Sea, He’s Bida/Kontrabida but you will love his character. In all his roles nakaka -in-love talag siya!

  1251. 1251 : sweetheart Says:

    Hi cris.. hehe.. bumisita lang ako dito at doon sa link na binigay ni melojane.. nagpost na rin ako doon..

    Hi althea. 🙂

  1252. 1252 : cris Says:

    maganda din po art of seduction,, nkakatuwa…

  1253. 1253 : melojane Says:

    daemee Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:19 pm
    bluemun..tama c darcey…saka open mu ung thread ni jumong…mahahalata moh naman ung mga msg. nila na mabait cla..kea we must respect them kc nirerespeto din naman nila tayo

    darcey Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:15 pm
    ano ba yan!!!!!!!!!!!nahilo na 2loi aq…bluemun pasenxa na ung neym mu na 2loi ang nai-type koh instead na neym koh,,

    bluemun Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:12 pm
    depende sayo…pero actually ndi naman e…respect lng ang keŸlengan..saka mabait naman cla kung tutuucn

    bluemun Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:10 pm
    pero darcey….ka-away ba naten ung mga jumong fans!??


    hey, i’m back! thanks nga pala sa mga nagvisit dun sa link na inattach ko dito…

    nga pala JJH fans, hindi po kami kaaway….nagkataon lang na gaya nyo, pinaglalaban namin idol namin….

  1254. 1254 : cris Says:

    heheheh. visit din po ako sa igma kanina..

    jumong na ulit bukas… heheheeh

  1255. 1255 : melojane Says:

    wait lang ha, magbayad muna ako sa meralco…auko pumila tomorrow eh..hehehe…due date ko na! waity waity lang po mga friends….

  1256. 1256 : cris Says:

    hello ate melojane… nkavisit na din po ako don.. it’s nice.. hehehhee

  1257. 1257 : althea kristen Says:

    hi poh sa mga nka-online parin..cris..wat skul kah!???aq poh ue

  1258. 1258 : sweetheart Says:

    nakita ko nga yung post mo doon sa igma cris.. masaya ulit ako kasi Jumong ulit bukas… 😀

  1259. 1259 : JCM Says:

    Hi! Cris, althea & sweetheart. Post muna ko dito before going to sleep kasi tomorrow work na namab ako. Im happy I have my outlet like this to express my feelngs towards SIG. I just hope we can meet him in person 1 day to let him know na marami nagmamahal sa kanya dito sa Philippines.

  1260. 1260 : althea kristen Says:

    ur ryt cris..danda ang art of seduction..taz qt qt ng …ka-pair ni jumong dun..

  1261. 1261 : cris Says:

    dati iniisip ko kung may makakasabay ba akong mag post dito tulad ng igma,, tapos ngayon ito na… yehey… may mga kasabay na ako…

    go gous… go SIG… hehehehhe

  1262. 1262 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello JCM..oo nga eh… mabuti na lang at may makakausap tayong mga fans din ni SIG.. nagkakaintindihan tayo pag nagchichikahan tayo like this.

  1263. 1263 : althea kristen Says:

    hai dn jcm..oo nga eh………buti nlang naimbento ang internet…kasi thru internet e nae-express naten ung pagsuporta naten kay song il gook

  1264. 1264 : cris Says:

    pero nagkiss sila ng kasama niya…. huhhuhuhuhu

  1265. 1265 : JCM Says:

    you’re right Cris, ARt of Seduction is good also, Simple & cute ang story. Im looking for his movie “red-eye” Maganda din daw yon.

  1266. 1266 : althea kristen Says:

    cris…oo nga e…dati di aq nagcocoment d2 kc akala q puro naligaw lng sa site na to ung mga nagcocoment..actually c jobel nga lng nagturo saken sa site na to e

  1267. 1267 : cris Says:

    yah… modernize na kasi panahon ngayon.. hahaahah

    dati panay compliments, ngayon may konting chika about SIG.. hehehheheh

    masaya kapag may kasabay eh… heheehhe

  1268. 1268 : melojane Says:

    to my sisters,

    panu ba magbayad ng meralco online? mali naman daw ung reference number ko? help naman jan… thanks!

  1269. 1269 : JCM Says:

    Hi Althea, I came from UE also, Caloocan. Study hard sis!

  1270. 1270 : althea kristen Says:

    cris..oo..nag-kiss cla ni song hye jin don taz may bed scene pah!

  1271. 1271 : cris Says:

    hahahahha, si jobel ba,, yong nasa kabilang thread?? heheeheh

    di ko pa napnood red eye.. gusto ko yong lobbyist… ASTIG… madaming guns… heeheheh

    but i want SIG to be with ms HAn hye jin, or pwede ding sa kin nlang… hahahahah

  1272. 1272 : althea kristen Says:

    jcm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow!ue caloocan dn aq!!!!!!!!!accounting student!!!!freshman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ikaw poh!??

  1273. 1273 : cris Says:

    heehehheeh.. pero di ko p nkitang nagkiss si Jumong at lady so Sheo noh… panay hugs and eye contact… heheheheeh

  1274. 1274 : althea kristen Says:

    melojane……….sori poh di ko dn alam e…ni ndi q nga alam na pede pala magbayad sa meralco online…hehe

  1275. 1275 : cris Says:

    ate sweetheart..

    Mabuhay ang DAMUL.. hehehehhe

    nga pla, san you po pla nakikita daily ratings po.. dati alam ko yon kaya lang nkalimutan ko na… yong ichikin ba yon… hahahahah

    nkalimutan ko na…. heheheh

  1276. 1276 : JCM Says:

    melojane , sorry but im not too familiar with the internet payment kasi ang alam ko you have to enroll yur account first.

  1277. 1277 : cris Says:

    ate melojane, cnxa din po,, wala po akong alam sa ganyan eh, di po kasi ako ang nagbabayad ng bill namin.. heheheheh

  1278. 1278 : althea kristen Says:

    cris…..may nabasa aq dati sa net na magiging second wife daw ni heneral jumong c lady soseono….malay mo mag-kikiss dn cla..hehe

  1279. 1279 : melojane Says:

    okay na po, thanks na rin… naks naman, ala na atang tulugan mga friends natin sa kabila ah? balak talagang karirin… hehehe…. good luck po sa mga JJH fans…. tulungan nyo naman mga kasama nyo para makahabol kau…. hehehe….

  1280. 1280 : cris Says:

    magpapakasal pa nga sila eh, at talagang bongga, tapos andon si lady soya (crying).. heheheh

    heheheh, magkwento ba…

    watch out, madaming mangyayari, at dapat talagang abangan…

    keep watching sa GMA7, saka maganda ang dubb sa tagalog…

  1281. 1281 : JCM Says:

    Accounting din ako Althea, first batch ng BSA, 1993 pa ko graduate & Im working in Makati. Kaya nga at first shy ako mag post dito kasi parang Im too old for this pero Im happy with what Im doing & I gained new friends kaya nothing to be ashamed of.

  1282. 1282 : melojane Says:

    ako rin di ko pa cla nakitang mag-kiss… pero in fairness kay lady ye soya, sa lahat ng sabihin na nating “kaagaw” eh sa kanya lang ako ndi nainis..kc mabait naman talaga di ba?

  1283. 1283 : melojane Says:

    Hi JCM!

    Anu ka ba? okay lang un! age doesn’t matter naman dito eh! mahal ka pa rin namin…hehehe….

  1284. 1284 : elan Says:


    okay lang yon. matanda lang yata ako ng konti sa ‘yo. graduate din ako ng accounting.

    guys, did you notice? lampas ng 100 ang lamang natin sa fans ni jjh.

  1285. 1285 : cris Says:

    wait lang… visit ako don sa kabila,,, tapos scroll ko,, meron din palang althea kristine don… heheheeh

    tapos may nagbanggit pa ng “alam mo cris”……………..

    eh wala naman cris na nagcocoment sa kanila… hehehhe

    curious lang po..

    peace tayo….

  1286. 1286 : melojane Says:

    u mean cris??? ganun?? wawa naman pala si soya… gagawing taho! nyek! akala ko ba machuchugi xa dun? kwento naman jan!

  1287. 1287 : JCM Says:

    Oo nga Cris, I felt sad for Soya sa eksena na yon but there’s a twist naman in the end. I finished watching the series pero maganda panoorin ang tagalog version.

    Sa Terms… may kissing scene din siya pero In love ako sa role nya, sabi ko nga sana may ganun klase talaga ng lalake whatever past the girl has, love pa rin niya.

  1288. 1288 : cris Says:

    oo nga po, ang bait ng character ni lady soya..

    pero ang totoong mahal ni jumong is lady so Sheo noh… kaya lang nagkahiwaly sila tapos met niya si lady soya.

  1289. 1289 : melojane Says:

    Hi Elan,

    Oo nga eh, I’m so happy tlg! let’s keep on posting kc sabi nila ala daw tulugan para makahabol cla eh! hehehe…

    althea kristen Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:50 pm
    darcey……….contest tau!!!!!!!!!!!!!patagalan matulog..habang gcng e mag-post tau ng msg..sori ka nlang kung mauna ka pumikit.tlgang mauunahan ng sig fans ang jjh fans

  1290. 1290 : cris Says:

    alam nyo ba dati na sa backposts is merong nagbibigay ng episode summary, at yon dati guide ko,, nong wala pa akong dvd… heheeheh

  1291. 1291 : JCM Says:

    Thanks guys, Hi elan, glad to hear everyone’s comments, talaga naman ang babait ng SIG fans. Take care mga sis.

  1292. 1292 : melojane Says:

    ano pa nangyari? kwento pa please?

  1293. 1293 : melojane Says:

    ay nauk, bibili na nga rin ako ng dvd! kaso pag-alis na ng jowa ko! kc for sure hindi ko un tatantanan! mga magkano ba budget dun?

  1294. 1294 : cris Says:

    ngakahiwalay po kasi si jumong at lady soya (as in akala nila is wala na).

    tapos paksal si jumong at lady so sheo noh… then nalaman din nilang buhay si lady soya.. (si oyi nkakita kay lady soya)

  1295. 1295 : melojane Says:

    na-stroke na naman JJH fans ah! oist mga sis, mukhang naistroke na rin tau jan ah! galaw galaw naman!

  1296. 1296 : JCM Says:

    Everyone, I have to go na work pa ko tomorrow, but don’t worry tomorrow morning before I start to work I will visit this site & post of course! God bless everyone, Sleep tight!

  1297. 1297 : melojane Says:

    ahh, i c da look… wawang lady soya…kaso mejo inis me ky soseono kc nakadalawang anak agad! magkakababy ba sila ni jumong?

  1298. 1298 : cris Says:

    di naman po masyadong mahal, pero kainlangan talagang maghanap kung san makkabili,, yong sa kin kasi is mom ng clasmte ko ang bumili, kya di ko po alam kung san…

  1299. 1299 : melojane Says:

    Okay, JCM, goodnight girl! ako rin matutulog na maya maya…

  1300. 1300 : JCM Says:

    Good night friends of SIG!

  1301. 1301 : melojane Says:

    mga sis, gawa naman tau sa friendster ng friends of song! sali ako dun ha? cno incharge?

  1302. 1302 : cris Says:

    wala po silang baby ni lady so sheh noh…

    saka mhalaga din kay jumong ang family niya talaga..kasi sabi ng papa niya dati (haemuso) “di mo maproprotektahan ang isang buong bayan, kung hindi mo kyang protektahan ang family mo”.. heheehehhe

    bye bye po ate JCM.. nyt nyt po sayo….

  1303. 1303 : JCM Says:

    Pahabol mga sis! you can buy the DVD’s of Jumong kahit yong mga nandyan lang sa tabi2 na stores. Sa Quiapo at Divisoria ang sources non, mas mura don but sa mga bilihan sa tabi2 ang price ranges from 200 to 300. Good night ulit! God bless SIG & all SIG fans!

  1304. 1304 : cris Says:

    meron ibang dvd na medyo poor ang translation sa english (spelling and grammar)

    iba kasi ang Korean language… halimbawa:

    ang isang symbol sa knila could represent two letters in english..ang “g” and “k” sa kanila ay parehas ng symbol..

    kaya ang pangalan ni Song il Gook is pwedeng Song il Kook PERO ganito ang basa dyan:

    “g” ang basa at sulat kapag simula ng word
    “k” kapa dulo ng word

    kaya SONG IL GOOK tlaga… heheehhe

    yan yong ibang pagkakamali sa ibang dvd… heheheh

  1305. 1305 : melojane Says:

    ganun?ang mahal pala? kuripot pa naman ako! hehehe… so 8 dvd un di ba? u mean, 1,600 pesos for the whole series? oh well, para kay SIG bibili ako… sayang nga lang ndi xa makikinabang? sorry dearest SIG… thanks for the info JCM! mighty nighty!

  1306. 1306 : melojane Says:

    hehehe… galing mo talaga crissy! ikaw na lang kaya gawa ng friends of jumong natin sa friendster?

  1307. 1307 : cris Says:

    naging interested ako about Korea because of Jumong… heeheheh, at medyo nag aral ng konti (less than 30 minutes is kaya mo ng sumulat at magbasa no Korean language medyo mahirap nga lang translation).. heheheh

    pero hindi ako magaling pagdating sa mga friendster po eh…

  1308. 1308 : cris Says:

    dalawa nalng po yata tayo ate melo…. hehehhehe

    ntutuwa talaga ako at may nkakasabay tayo dito… hehehhe 😀

  1309. 1309 : melojane Says:

    okay mga sis, it’s time to say goodnite na muna…tingin nyo paggising natin tomorrow tau pa rin ang number one? hihihi…

    dun nga pala sa mga ndi pa nakakabisita kay SIG sa showbiz news blogged, eto po. :


    nirequest ko pa yan para sa ating mga nagmamahal kay SIG! let us give ricojr a reason to keep on featuring SIG!

    okay, good night!

    sweet dreams mga sis!

  1310. 1310 : melojane Says:

    hehehe..pano yan crissy? ikaw na lang maiiwan? tulog ka na rin! or gawin mo na ung assignment mo…ung sa friendster? iinvade na rin natin un! hihihi… good night girl! thank u for being nice…

  1311. 1311 : melojane Says:

    ops! huling pahabol before i sleep. tignan nyo to mga ka-sis… ndi kaya c bluemun at darcey ay iisa??? hmmmm… well, cguro gusto lang tlg nilang makahabol…

    darcey Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:15 pm
    ano ba yan!!!!!!!!!!!nahilo na 2loi aq…bluemun pasenxa na ung neym mu na 2loi ang nai-type koh instead na neym koh,,

    bluemun Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 9:12 pm
    depende sayo…pero actually ndi naman e…respect lng ang keŸlengan..saka mabait naman cla kung tutuucn

  1312. 1312 : cris Says:

    mamya pa ako matutulog… heheheh

    di ako masyadong marumong pagdating po sa friendster eh…..

    pahinga nlang po muna ako ngayon, sana magksabay ulit tayong lahat…

    basa nlang muna ako…

    thanks nga pla kay rejogr sa pag feature niya kay SIG… hehehheh

  1313. 1313 : cris Says:

    yah,, medyo napnsin ko din po, posts sila gamit iba ibang names…heheheh

    pansin ko lang yan..

    peace po tayo mga ate……..

  1314. 1314 : Daisy Says:

    Hello mga sis at bro!!! 🙂 Ay, ang saya ko talaga! Akala ko yung sa tv, talagang sa tv lang nangyayari, sa totoong buhay hindi, pero talagang nangyayari rin pala sa totoong buhay!!! 🙂 Katulad dito sa atin… Di ba bago lang ako nagsabi na pareho tayo dito sa totoong Damul Army na kahit hindi sila magkakapatid pero para silang magkakapatid… May sinabi pa nga si Heneral Jumong na parang higit pa sila sa mga magkakapatid…parang ganun pero hindi ako sure sa exact line…nalimutan ko na…pakicorrect na lang mga sis at bro… Anyway ang gusto kung ibalita ay…napadaan ako sa site ni JJH na naman…wala lang curious lang ako do’n… Tapos nabasa ko ang mga sinabi ng ibang fans do’n… Sabi nila hindi daw tayo nila kaaway dahil mababait daw tayo kung tutuusin… parang naalala ko tuloy yung sa ‘Jumong’… Naalala niyo yung may pinadala si Prince Dae So na bago niyang opisyal para patayin si Heneral Jumong, at nang nakita ng guy ang pangkat ng Damul na may pagrespeto sa isa’t isa at parang magkakapatid, parang kapatid ang tingin ni Hen. Jumong sa mga kasama niya, pantay-pantay sila, no’ng nagkatuwaan sila, nag-iba ang pananaw niya kang Heneral Jumong at hindi na niya nakuhang ituloy ang misyon iniuutos sa kanya ni Prince Dae So na patayin si Jumong…kung hindi lang siya tinakot na gawan ng masama o patayin ba yun…ang pamilya niya, hindi niya balikan si Heneral Jumong…. 🙂 Ganyan talaga siguro ang buhay ‘no… Kung maganda ang mga ginagawa ninyo, maganda ang isusukli sa inyo… At makikita yun ng iba at lalambot din ang mga puso nila kahit hindi niyo pa sila nakilala at nagawan ng mabuti katulad yung scene na yun sa tv series’Jumong’… 🙂

    JJH fans, salamat sa lahat ng mga sinabi ninyo na maganda sa amin dito… Parepareho lang naman tayong lahat… Walang perfect sa atin lahat, lahat nagkakamali at iba iba ang ugali pero walang masama, lahat naman tayo mabait, nasa puso na yan natin, bigay ni Lord… Iba iba lang ang paggamit ng bawat tao…dahil everyone is unique naman… Pero lahat tayo mabait dahil lahat tayo ginawa ni Lord… 🙂 May God bless us all! 🙂

  1315. 1315 : cris Says:

    hello po ate daisy… hehehehhe napanood ko yan… heheheh

    wait visit po kayo don sa link na ibinigay ni ate melojane… feature po don si SIG.. eheheheheheh

  1316. 1316 : Daisy Says:

    Proud ako sa inyo mga sis at bro!!! 🙂 Mababait daw kayo… 🙂 hehehe! Sa kanila, sa kay JJH site, marami rin naman sigurong mga mababait… Yun nga lang mayro’n hindi… Pero bahala siya… Basta tayo dito masaya!!! At patuloy na sumusuporta kay SIG!!! hehehe! Go SIG fans! Go SIG! 🙂

  1317. 1317 : Daisy Says:

    Hi cris! 🙂 Ok friend…. thanks… 🙂

  1318. 1318 : cris Says:

    kanina may dumaan dito para mang away, pero di namin inaway… heheheeh (isa lang siya eh,, eh dami namin kanina)

    nga pla. ang daming online kanina,,, nkasabay ko silang posts kanina… nkakatuwa nga eh…. kaya ngakachikahan kanina about jumong… hehehehehe

  1319. 1319 : cris Says:

    out po muna ako ate daisy., sana magkasabay po ulit tayo… bye bye po muna..

    lunes na bukas,,, jumong na… heheheh

  1320. 1320 : Daisy Says:

    cris Says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 8:32 pm
    visit nyo din po site ni ms.han hye jin (lady so sheo noh) and Kim Seung Soo (prince Daeso)…. heheheheheh

    Cris, thank you talaga sa pagsabi mo na visit din sila kay Kim Seung Soo o KSS dahil crush ko rin siya eh.. hehehe! Dalawa sila ni SIG na crush ko… 🙂

  1321. 1321 : Daisy Says:

    Okay cris… Have a very nice sleep! Sana mapanaginipan mo love (SIG)natin… Ikuwento mo ha….please….kung sakali…. hehehe! Kung sakali kiss kayo sa panaginip mo, bukas sabihin mo sa amin please….para sali kami sa panaginip mo next time… hehehe! Joke! 🙂

  1322. 1322 : Daisy Says:

    khristine Says:

    August 4th, 2007 at 11:13 pm
    acknowledge yan Daisy!!!!

    di lang si SiG ang mahal ko dito,, pati kayong lahat!!!!
    gudluck satin,,,….

    Thanks Khristine! 🙂 I guess, all SIG fans here , inluding me (hehehe!), also love you! 🙂

  1323. 1323 : Daisy Says:

    angel Says:

    August 4th, 2007 at 8:07 pm
    hi daisy! hehehe… chineck u rin pala? di ba? hamo nga xa….basta tau masaya!

    Hello Angel! 🙂 Pero sis, hindi ko alam kung ano ang word na, ‘hamo’… Yeah, tama ka sis, masaya tayo dito kaya masayang masaya ako pag nakavisit ako dito dahil sa very good comments ninyo! 🙂

    Have fun reading friends! 🙂

  1324. 1324 : Daisy Says:

    elan Says:

    August 4th, 2007 at 7:29 pm
    to simjamg,
    thanks a lot for the info. ang ganda talaga ng kwento ng jumong.

    to daisy,
    ang galing din umarte ni kim sueng soo. ang sarap batukan!!! he! he! he!
    joke lang. that means effective talaga s’ya as an actor. he really gets into my nerves. bilib din ako sa kanya.

    annyong for now!!!!

    Hi Elan! 🙂 Yeah, ang galing din umarte ni KSS (Prince Dae So) sa tv series ‘Jumong’… Thanks for your compliment sa kanya, ang saya ko, pero sad ako ng kunti no’ng sinabi mo ang sarap niyang batukan, pero naintindihan kita friend… hehehe! Crush ko rin kasi siya kaya ganyan feelings ko… hehehe! Napaiyak nga ako ‘pag inaapi niya si Jumong no’ng prinsipe pa si Jumong at ang mga mahal ni Jumong sa buhay… Napaiyak ako kasi love ko si KSS at partly gusto ko rin dati si Prince Dae So talaga, pero kunti lang dahil siguro kay KSS, nong hindi pa siya masyadong bad…then naging bad na…pero no’ng si Jumong palang ang hate niya at wala pa siyang napatay na mga mamamayan… Siguro ganun talaga pag may gusto ka no ayaw mong gumawa siya ng bad lalo na kung love mo rin ang inapi niya…mapapaiyak ka talaga… And every time gumawa si Prince Dae So ng bad, nahurt talaga ako lalo na’t si Jumong ang inaapi niya no’n, gustong gusto ko pa naman ang character ni SIG na Jumong, gustong gusto ko si Jumong since from the start na talaga…Gustong gusto ko yung personality ni Jumong pero di ko pa crush si SIG no’n dahil siguro crush siya ng ate ko at dahil din napansin ko si KSS… Pero super pogi na talaga ang tingin ko kay SIG since from the start… Pero kang KSS ako super attracted no’n at talagang crush ko siya… Pero kahit dati pa alam kong very attractive at appealing na si SIG lalo na’t palagi siyang tinitingnan ng ate ko sa youtube, yung iba iba niyang pics and videos at nakikitingin din ako… hehehe! Hay naku! Ewan ko ba….may ganun pala talaga…. Dalawa kaya ang puso ko? Hindi naman dati…ngayon lang… Hay naku! Nakakalito! Kahit feel ko dalawa sila SIG at KSS sa puso ko pero di ko maexplain kung bakit dalawa… Siguro ganun din ang ibang mga guys no? Dapat kaya natin silang intindihin kung makatagpo tayo ng isang guy na salawahan? Pero iba naman ang sa totoong life ano? hehehe! At iba rin ang crush lang sa isang actor… Ang defensive ko no? hehehe! Pero sa totoong life faithful talaga ako… hehehe!


    Sana okay lang sa inyo…. Nag-alala kasi ako…. Mayro’n kasi akong Korean friend na nando’n sa Korea ngayon… dito sa internet ko lang siya naging friend, sa Filipina Soul, kasi nagtanong ako about KSS dati yung si KSS pa ang super crush ko… Then he replied and we became very good friends.. He became my best source of KSS info… He was too kind to tell me everything he knew about KSS too often without asking something in return… I felt so happy for many months reading his news about KSS too often. Then I realized I hadn’t done anything good to him yet… So I promised to him if he will need my help, I will help him to the best way I can… He likes Miriam Quiambao so much. He likes Filipinos and the Philippines too… And then he heard Miriam Quiambao got married again for the second time… I think he was quite sad about the news and so he asked me if that news is true… I didn’t heard that news yet so I asked all my friends that I met…if that news is true or not… They didn’t hear that news yet too… Now, I’m still in the process of asking all my friends that I will meet if I have a chance… But I’m worried if they still don’t know about that news…

    Friends, if you know about that news, please tell me… Please?…for my Korean friend’s sake… Maybe he is also your friend, he is in Filipna Soul… You can tell him directly if you want… He is also very nice! 🙂 How I wish I can help him… This is his first time he asked me something about his crush… How I wish I can tell him the truth about the news if only I know it… A million thanks to all of you in advance…. 🙂 But if no one knows, it’s okay friends… I know he can understand… May God be with you, your family and other loved ones! 🙂 Good night friends! 🙂

  1325. 1325 : cris Says:

    ate daisy

    haven’t heard any news about mirriam being married for the second time around…

    that seems to be a gossip,.. heheheeh
    (try ko nlang din scroll pep about your query)…

    by the way thank you to Filipina Soul for helping ate daisy regarding KSS.. heheheheh

    ngapla, good morning po sa inyong lahat…

    good morning SIG

    welcome po sa lahat ng magoonline….

    sana magkasbay tayo to support SIG..

    visit nyo din link ni ms han hye jin a.k.a lady so sheo noh and Kim Seung Soo a.k.a prince daeso….

  1326. 1326 : melojane Says:

    good morning po sa ating lahat!

  1327. 1327 : melojane Says:

    hi daisy!

    hindi ko rin narinig yang balita na yan…hayaan mo ask natin sa friend natin sa showbiz blogged na c ricojr…

  1328. 1328 : melojane Says:

    ayan, nirequest ko na kay ricojr..don’t worry, masusolve din natin yang problem mo.

    visit this site:


    mga sis pwede taung lahat magrequest sa kanya. i’m sure he’ll be happy.

  1329. 1329 : melojane Says:

    aba, mukhang napuyat mga sis ko dito ah! cge, i have to go na. work muna me….

    have a great day friends!

    don’t forget to leave a message to SIG before u start ur day…

  1330. 1330 : althea kristen Says:

    hai poh…wui..bka weekend lng poh aq pedeng mag-online d2 of pati friday night!!wag po kau patalo ah..hehe..saiyonara

  1331. 1331 : JCM Says:

    Good morning! Im back to work na! Melojane it will not cost you 1,600, the price I gave you is the whole series na, 4 CDs yon.

    Hi Daisy, looks like the news re: Mirriam Quimbao is not true, Hindi naman siguro nya tago yon if ever pakasal ulit siya. DOnt worry tulungan ka ng mga magagaling na researchers sa site na to, He! He!

    Gotta go, work muna ako. Good day to all SIG fans. God bless.

  1332. 1332 : nitz-Philippines Says:

    You’re really handsome, Song IL Guk. My dream is to see in person but i cannot afford to visit you in Korea. Hope to see you more in Korean tv dramas. Sarang……..

  1333. 1333 : melojane Says:

    Hi JCM! Hello girls!

    Ganun ba? eh di mas okay! kaya lang pag-alis na ng jowa ko ako bibili… hehehe… bka kc mawalan ako ng tym sa kanya eh! lam naman nating nakakaadik c SIG…

  1334. 1334 : melojane Says:

    Aba, aba, asan na kau mga sis? galaw-galaw naman jan! monday na ngaun! mapupuyat na naman tau 4 sure…

  1335. 1335 : Mystery Says:

    Friends, if you have cable TV, check out Channel 75 (KBS) @ 11pm or 11:15 tonight theyare showing Terms of Endearment or Conditions of Love episode 6. I saw episode 5 last week but I forgot whether it was Monday and/or Tuesday. SIG appears in episode 25 to 60 pa naman so you can make habol watching. Sometimes almost 12 na pinalalabas may delayed telecast. Check it out

  1336. 1336 : Mystery Says:

    Hi JCM, Good Evening. Same age bracket ata tayo. At least may kasama na ako. Like you I was shy to send messages to this site so I would send once in awhile only. Agree ako sa iyo that Talagang Mababait ang mga SIG fan at may breeding unlike Basura, Cinderella & Nguyen Phi Dang. Let not mind them KSP (Kunlang sa Pansin) lang sila! They are the unfortunate few who don’t know how to say good things about others. They probably only know how to put people down (crab mentality) and see only the negative traits of others. The more they attack SIG the more we will all answer them. Eh di lalong tataas ang rating in SIG. No 1 nasi SIG! DON’T LET THEM BEAT US!

  1337. 1337 : cris Says:

    malapit na mag jumong… hehehhehehe

  1338. 1338 : melojane Says:

    yep! gising nako!

  1339. 1339 : melojane Says:

    pasaway tlg tong pagsintang puru–t natin! super antok na me at pagod pero eto, pilit gising sa alarm wag lang mamiss ang episode tonite. iba rin kc ang dating pag tagalog eh! mas feel mo di ba? o, aminin, mga may dvd jan!

  1340. 1340 : melojane Says:

    gising na po kau jan, maya-maya lang jumong na! asan na kau mga sis ko? am i alone right now?

  1341. 1341 : melojane Says:

    Miriam Quiambao – (b.May 20, 1975) is a beauty queen from the Philippines who competed in the 1999 Miss Universe pageant.

    Miriam Quiambao initially won the title to represent the Philippines in the 1999 Miss World pageant in London. However, questions on the validity of the original pageant winner’s citizenship (Janelle Bautista) prompted the organizers of the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) Pageant to send her instead and compete in the Miss Universe 1999 pageant held in Trinidad & Tobago. Not only did she do extremely well in the competition but Miriam almost took home the crown! Instead, she finished with the first-runner up title. The Miss Universe title for 1999 was won by Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana. Miriam was also awarded the Clairol Herbal Essences Style Award that year – the only Asian candidate to do so to date.

    Miss Universe – During the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, Miriam Quiambao was one of the strongest and most visible contenders for the Miss Universe crown. She consistently placed second during the pageant’s preliminaries and bested a composite score of 9.52, just trailing behind the score of Sonia Raciti, the Miss South Africa candidate. At the semi-finals, she once again placed second overall in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions, racking up scores as high as 9.32 and 9.42 respectively. It was Spain’s candidate, Diana Nogueira that dominated the semifinals with a marginal lead over Quiambao of 9.33 for the swimsuit event and 9.45 for the evening gown competition. As fate would have it, Nogueira ended up placing only 2nd to Quiambao with Miss Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe ultimately winning the coveted Miss Universe title for 1999. These surprising turn of events was due in part to the competitive stress that unravelled on the stage during the final question and answer segment which obviously took a toll on the 3 finalists. To the many that witnessed the pageant’s final moments, had Quiambao answered the final question with just a tad bit more clarity and confidence, she would have probably won the title that evening. It is nonetheless important to note that Quiambao has been the most accomplished Binibining Pilipinas-Universe winner since Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran took home the Miss Universe titles in 1969 and 1973 respectively.

    The Fall – During the preliminary round of the Miss Universe evening gown competition, Miriam Quiambao slipped and fell on stage. As she walked the set, the heel of one of her stilettos got caught in her dress and she fell flat on her bottom with her hands anchored on the floor. Despite this incident, she managed a confident comeback by calmly and quickly collecting herself while maintaining her poise and composure. There was a lot of speculation going on during the pageant that her “slip and effortless comeback” were the main reasons she got noticed and made it to the finals. Miriam put an end to those rumors by adding that she sensed she was already a favorite amongst the candidates during the preliminaries.

    Background and personal life – Miriam was born to Magdalena and Medgardo Quiambao in Quezon City on May 20, 1975 and is the first of two children. She attended the School of the Holy Spirit during her elementary and high school years and went for her collegiate studies at the University of Santo Tomas where she obtained her degree in Physical Therapy. She is also a licensed Physical Therapist for the state of Indiana in the USA. Before her Binibining Pilipinas stint, Miriam had a thriving career as a Therapist for St. Luke’s Hospital in Manila. She also worked as an instructor for a local gym in the Philippines. After her triumphant 1st runner-up win at the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, Miriam began a new career working as a TV Host/Correspondent for the GMA 7 News/Network in the Philippines. She got married to Italian businessman Claudio Rondinelli in December 2004 and the couple moved to Hong Kong where her husband ran several restaurant businesses at its cosmopolitan district. While in Hong Kong, Miriam worked part-time as a yoga instructor for 2 1/2 years. When her marriage ended, the statuesque beauty went back to her native Philippines and picked up where she left off, pursuing her career as a distinguished TV Host and popular media personality.

    Entertainment Career

    November 2006-Present: TV host and life coach on QTV 11’s “Dahil Sa Iyong Paglisan”, a made for Philippine TV show highlighting the experiences, trials and success of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).
    November 8 2006-Present: Co-host for “Palaban” on GMA 7 with Winnie Monsod and Malou Mangahas. The show tackles current events, socio-economic and political issues in the Philippines.
    June 2006-2007: Co-hosted “Pinoy Meets World” on GMA 7 with Paolo Bediones. The hosts travel the world and experience foreign cultures for Filipino TV.
    2003-2004: TV host for “Extra Challenge” on GMA 7 with Paolo Bediones. This is the Filipino version of reality TV programs similar to “Amazing Race”, “Survivor” and “Fear Factor”.
    December 2000-2003: TV host for “Extra Extra!”, an entertainment/news magazine TV show on GMA 7.
    September 2000-January 2001: Cast as a Teacher named “Bubut” on “Idol Ko Si Kap”, a prime time comedy TV show with veteran Filipino actors Jimmy Santos, Leo Martinez, Lana Asanin and actor/politician Bong Revilla.
    December 1999-October 2002: Co-hosted “Unang Hirit” with Arnold Clavio, Lyn Ching, Suzi Entrata, Micky Ferriols and Ryan Agoncillio. Miriam hosted a lifestyle segment of the show called “Istayl”.
    Occasionally hosted “24 Oras” and its Philippine showbiz news segment called “Chika Minute”.
    My Miss Universe Experience – Miriam Quiambao

    I remember it very clearly.

    I was at the Unilever office accepting my prizes as Binibining Pilipinas-World when I received a call to say that Janelle Bautista, the reigning Binibining Pilipinas-Universe was going to be disqualified because of her passport. They told me I was going to represent the country at the Miss Universe contest. I was in denial. I was saying, “This cannot be…this cannot be.” Aside from the added pressure, I had to rush my training, then I still had to study for my [physical therapy] board exams while in Guam!

    The Training

    Biglaan ang training ko because the announcement was so sudden. Bobby Bastillo talked to me about world issues and current events. I also had about four sessions with Doods Policarpio, a private tutor from Dale Carnegie, teaching me public speaking, and a couple of sessions with Abbygale Arenas on visual poise and make-up. I called up my history professor from UST, and he brushed me up on Philippine history and culture. We [Bb. Pilipinas-International Lalaine Edson and I] also had a session with Anthony Pangilinan on how to get that “winning spirit”.

    On April 26, my training in Manila ended a week early because I had to leave for Venezuela for more training. There’s a beauty school in Venezuela and they have trained competitors before. This was about a month before the contest.

    On My Own

    On April 27, I left for Los Angeles for the first leg of my trip. I had seven pieces of luggage, and I was alone. I arrived April 28 wearing the Philippine sash. It was very fortunate for me, there was a bunch of seamen there, who helped me with my luggage. They called the porter, they did everything. I was treated like a princess!

    In L.A., I changed flights to Miami, and stayed overnight at Miami International Airport Hotel where I met Arturo Marquez, the brother of Stella [Marquez-Araneta, the chairperson of Binibining Pilipinas]. Arturo is like the international national representative of Binibini. In Miami, he gave me the Halston evening gown, the light blue competition gown. Along with him came a couple of beaders who were people of Alfredo Barraza (left photo), a fashion designer from Columbia and a good friend of Stella’s. They were the ones who put the beads on the gown.

    I wasn’t feeling like a beauty queen yet. I was half-scared, half-excited. Scared because it was my first time to travel alone, and I was with people I’d never met before. It was pretty exciting though, and I felt really responsible because I needed to watch my own back and handle myself in a very vulnerable situation.

    Training Part 2, In Venezuela

    The next day, April 30, I left Miami for Caracas, Venezuela. I was billeted in a suite, kaya feeling-wow! The next day, May 1, I met up with Osmel Sosa, the president of La Quinta Miss Venezuela, as well as his other colleagues: there was Gerardo who trained me in speech, Maria who helped me with walking, Miguel for hair and make-up, and Gabriel, assistant of the president. Everything was personalized. I was training the whole day, two to three hours per teacher. It was just me and Miss Venezuela, so we became really close. We were together for a week before all the other contestants.

    The make-up sessions were really funny, because Miguel couldn’t speak English and I had only six hours of Spanish tutorial, so he painstakingly taught me how to make myself up without a single word of English! For passarella (walking), I was in one big room with a J-shaped stage and mirrors all around. Maria would teach me how to walk, pose like this and like that, and turn. I did that in a bathing suit and heels, for about 100 times a day.

    The training went on for one week. I was beginning to feel depressed, and homesick. My parents weren’t calling me, and later I learned they were taking care of my auntie who died while I was away. They didn’t feel like letting me know, so they didn’t call na lang.

    Before The Show

    Saturday, May 8 I left Caracas for Port of Spain. I arrived one day late. I was billeted in a room with Miss Korea who also didn’t speak English. So ang ginawa ko, nangangapit-bahay ako sa kabilang kuwarto, kina Miss Thailand Miss British Virgin Islands. Madalas nga kami mag-

  1342. 1342 : melojane Says:

    MIRRIAM QUIAMBOA…continued

    Before The Show

    Saturday, May 8 I left Caracas for Port of Spain. I arrived one day late. I was billeted in a room with Miss Korea who also didn’t speak English. So ang ginawa ko, nangangapit-bahay ako sa kabilang kuwarto, kina Miss Thailand Miss British Virgin Islands. Madalas nga kami mag-

  1343. 1343 : melojane Says:

    hahahaha! sorry daisy! putol ulit! click u na lang to:


    ayan, ambait tlg ni ricojr no, granted na naman wish natin!

  1344. 1344 : melojane Says:

    hehehe… mukhang inaantok na tlg ako ah! mali na isfelling ko ng name ni miriam… check u na lang dun daisy and don’t forget to leave a thank u note to ricojr…

  1345. 1345 : melojane Says:

    yehey! jumong na mga sis!

  1346. 1346 : melojane Says:

    nakita nyo un? iba na ang pakita sa umpisa!!!

  1347. 1347 : melojane Says:

    07Profile: Miriam Quiambao
    post info
    By ricojr
    Categories: Showbiz News Miriam Quiambao – (b.May 20, 1975) is a beauty queen from the Philippines who competed in the 1999 Miss Universe pageant.

    Miriam Quiambao initially won the title to represent the Philippines in the 1999 Miss World pageant in London. However, questions on the validity of the original pageant winner’s citizenship (Janelle Bautista) prompted the organizers of the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) Pageant to send her instead and compete in the Miss Universe 1999 pageant held in Trinidad & Tobago. Not only did she do extremely well in the competition but Miriam almost took home the crown! Instead, she finished with the first-runner up title. The Miss Universe title for 1999 was won by Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana. Miriam was also awarded the Clairol Herbal Essences Style Award that year – the only Asian candidate to do so to date.

    Miss Universe – During the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, Miriam Quiambao was one of the strongest and most visible contenders for the Miss Universe crown. She consistently placed second during the pageant’s preliminaries and bested a composite score of 9.52, just trailing behind the score of Sonia Raciti, the Miss South Africa candidate. At the semi-finals, she once again placed second overall in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions, racking up scores as high as 9.32 and 9.42 respectively. It was Spain’s candidate, Diana Nogueira that dominated the semifinals with a marginal lead over Quiambao of 9.33 for the swimsuit event and 9.45 for the evening gown competition. As fate would have it, Nogueira ended up placing only 2nd to Quiambao with Miss Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe ultimately winning the coveted Miss Universe title for 1999. These surprising turn of events was due in part to the competitive stress that unravelled on the stage during the final question and answer segment which obviously took a toll on the 3 finalists. To the many that witnessed the pageant’s final moments, had Quiambao answered the final question with just a tad bit more clarity and confidence, she would have probably won the title that evening. It is nonetheless important to note that Quiambao has been the most accomplished Binibining Pilipinas-Universe winner since Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran took home the Miss Universe titles in 1969 and 1973 respectively.

    The Fall – During the preliminary round of the Miss Universe evening gown competition, Miriam Quiambao slipped and fell on stage. As she walked the set, the heel of one of her stilettos got caught in her dress and she fell flat on her bottom with her hands anchored on the floor. Despite this incident, she managed a confident comeback by calmly and quickly collecting herself while maintaining her poise and composure. There was a lot of speculation going on during the pageant that her “slip and effortless comeback” were the main reasons she got noticed and made it to the finals. Miriam put an end to those rumors by adding that she sensed she was already a favorite amongst the candidates during the preliminaries.

    Background and personal life – Miriam was born to Magdalena and Medgardo Quiambao in Quezon City on May 20, 1975 and is the first of two children. She attended the School of the Holy Spirit during her elementary and high school years and went for her collegiate studies at the University of Santo Tomas where she obtained her degree in Physical Therapy. She is also a licensed Physical Therapist for the state of Indiana in the USA. Before her Binibining Pilipinas stint, Miriam had a thriving career as a Therapist for St. Luke’s Hospital in Manila. She also worked as an instructor for a local gym in the Philippines. After her triumphant 1st runner-up win at the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, Miriam began a new career working as a TV Host/Correspondent for the GMA 7 News/Network in the Philippines. She got married to Italian businessman Claudio Rondinelli in December 2004 and the couple moved to Hong Kong where her husband ran several restaurant businesses at its cosmopolitan district. While in Hong Kong, Miriam worked part-time as a yoga instructor for 2 1/2 years. When her marriage ended, the statuesque beauty went back to her native Philippines and picked up where she left off, pursuing her career as a distinguished TV Host and popular media personality.

    Entertainment Career

    November 2006-Present: TV host and life coach on QTV 11’s “Dahil Sa Iyong Paglisan”, a made for Philippine TV show highlighting the experiences, trials and success of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).
    November 8 2006-Present: Co-host for “Palaban” on GMA 7 with Winnie Monsod and Malou Mangahas. The show tackles current events, socio-economic and political issues in the Philippines.
    June 2006-2007: Co-hosted “Pinoy Meets World” on GMA 7 with Paolo Bediones. The hosts travel the world and experience foreign cultures for Filipino TV.
    2003-2004: TV host for “Extra Challenge” on GMA 7 with Paolo Bediones. This is the Filipino version of reality TV programs similar to “Amazing Race”, “Survivor” and “Fear Factor”.
    December 2000-2003: TV host for “Extra Extra!”, an entertainment/news magazine TV show on GMA 7.
    September 2000-January 2001: Cast as a Teacher named “Bubut” on “Idol Ko Si Kap”, a prime time comedy TV show with veteran Filipino actors Jimmy Santos, Leo Martinez, Lana Asanin and actor/politician Bong Revilla.
    December 1999-October 2002: Co-hosted “Unang Hirit” with Arnold Clavio, Lyn Ching, Suzi Entrata, Micky Ferriols and Ryan Agoncillio. Miriam hosted a lifestyle segment of the show called “Istayl”.
    Occasionally hosted “24 Oras” and its Philippine showbiz news segment called “Chika Minute”.
    My Miss Universe Experience – Miriam Quiambao

    I remember it very clearly.

    I was at the Unilever office accepting my prizes as Binibining Pilipinas-World when I received a call to say that Janelle Bautista, the reigning Binibining Pilipinas-Universe was going to be disqualified because of her passport. They told me I was going to represent the country at the Miss Universe contest. I was in denial. I was saying, “This cannot be…this cannot be.” Aside from the added pressure, I had to rush my training, then I still had to study for my [physical therapy] board exams while in Guam!

    The Training

    Biglaan ang training ko because the announcement was so sudden. Bobby Bastillo talked to me about world issues and current events. I also had about four sessions with Doods Policarpio, a private tutor from Dale Carnegie, teaching me public speaking, and a couple of sessions with Abbygale Arenas on visual poise and make-up. I called up my history professor from UST, and he brushed me up on Philippine history and culture. We [Bb. Pilipinas-International Lalaine Edson and I] also had a session with Anthony Pangilinan on how to get that “winning spirit”.

    On April 26, my training in Manila ended a week early because I had to leave for Venezuela for more training. There’s a beauty school in Venezuela and they have trained competitors before. This was about a month before the contest.

    On My Own

    On April 27, I left for Los Angeles for the first leg of my trip. I had seven pieces of luggage, and I was alone. I arrived April 28 wearing the Philippine sash. It was very fortunate for me, there was a bunch of seamen there, who helped me with my luggage. They called the porter, they did everything. I was treated like a princess!

    In L.A., I changed flights to Miami, and stayed overnight at Miami International Airport Hotel where I met Arturo Marquez, the brother of Stella [Marquez-Araneta, the chairperson of Binibining Pilipinas]. Arturo is like the international national representative of Binibini. In Miami, he gave me the Halston evening gown, the light blue competition gown. Along with him came a couple of beaders who were people of Alfredo Barraza (left photo), a fashion designer from Columbia and a good friend of Stella’s. They were the ones who put the beads on the gown.

    I wasn’t feeling like a beauty queen yet. I was half-scared, half-excited. Scared because it was my first time to travel alone, and I was with people I’d never met before. It was pretty exciting though, and I felt really responsible because I needed to watch my own back and handle myself in a very vulnerable situation.

    Training Part 2, In Venezuela

    The next day, April 30, I left Miami for Caracas, Venezuela. I was billeted in a suite, kaya feeling-wow! The next day, May 1, I met up with Osmel Sosa, the president of La Quinta Miss Venezuela, as well as his other colleagues: there was Gerardo who trained me in speech, Maria who helped me with walking, Miguel for hair and make-up, and Gabriel, assistant of the president. Everything was personalized. I was training the whole day, two to three hours per teacher. It was just me and Miss Venezuela, so we became really close. We were together for a week before all the other contestants.

    The make-up sessions were really funny, because Miguel couldn’t speak English and I had only six hours of Spanish tutorial, so he painstakingly taught me how to make myself up without a single word of English! For passarella (walking), I was in one big room with a J-shaped stage and mirrors all around. Maria would teach me how to walk, pose like this and like that, and turn. I did that in a bathing suit and heels, for about 100 times a day.

    The training went on for one week. I was beginning to feel depressed, and homesick. My parents weren’t calling me, and later I learned they were taking care of my auntie who died while I was away. They didn’t feel like letting me know, so they didn’t call na lang.

    Before The Show

    Saturday, May 8 I left Caracas for Port of Spain. I arrived one day late. I was billeted in a room with Miss Korea who also didn’t speak English. So ang ginawa ko, nangangapit-bahay ako sa kabilang kuwarto, kina Miss Thailand Miss British Virgin Islands. Madalas nga kami mag-

  1348. 1348 : melojane Says:

    bat ganun? hindi ko makumpleto! hehehe… basta daisy pag nalaman daw ni ricojr about dun sa issue ni miriam, ipost nya raw agad…

  1349. 1349 : melojane Says:

    so sad pala pag ikaw lang mag-isa naka-online…

  1350. 1350 : melojane Says:

    okay, goodnight na mga sis! ang ganda ng jumong tomorrow no?

  1351. 1351 : melojane Says:

    sana naman tomorrow hindi lang name ko ang nakapost dito…hehehe…

  1352. 1352 : Rhodessa Says:

    wahaha… aztig tlaga ang jumong…. ang gwapo ni song il gook..

  1353. 1353 : cris Says:

    melojane Says:
    August 6th, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    pasaway tlg tong pagsintang puru–t natin! super antok na me at pagod pero eto, pilit gising sa alarm wag lang mamiss ang episode tonite. iba rin kc ang dating pag tagalog eh! mas feel mo di ba? o, aminin, mga may dvd jan!

    yah, mas maganda tagalog, na fefeel… heheheheh
    kapag may dvd alam mo na mangyayari… heheeheheh

    mangyayari bukas?? secret………………

  1354. 1354 : cris Says:

    hello ate Rhodessa…

    yah super gwapo talaga… 😀

  1355. 1355 : shalie Says:

    can’t wait to se him in “Angel” his new series that will be air in September under SBS. it’s been five months since I finished ‘Prince of the legend’ in dvd, still can’t get over him! Super gwapo ni ilguk!

  1356. 1356 : tess Says:

    i’m also obssessed to see sig. wander where we can watch “angel”. our cable does not have sbs channel. can’t forget him since i have seen jumong. he’s so cute and handsome in terms of endearment. masculine and impressive in emperor of the sea. he made me cry in all of these movies. art of seduction is just fair. i’m looking for his other movies bodyguard, red eye, and desert spring

  1357. 1357 : tess Says:

    tomorrow is my b’day. it’s my wish to communicate w/ sig even through an email or a letter. does anyone know his address? can anyone show the picture of her new lawyer gf for 5 mos. now?

  1358. 1358 : melojane Says:

    good morning, good morning, good morning mga sis ko!!!

  1359. 1359 : melojane Says:

    Hi Tess!

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday, happy birthday
    Happy birthday to you!

    pcnxa ka na ala din ako nun eh…
    pero malay natin isa sa mga sis natin dito eh makatulong sau…

  1360. 1360 : khristine Says:

    ay ang sad ang dami ko na plang namiss sa site na ito.. parang ilang araw lng ako nawala..


    cris nagpuyat ka na naman kagabe ha..

  1361. 1361 : khristine Says:

    WELCOME nga po pala sa mga new sisters ko dito, ate melojane, ate shalie, ate tess and who else..

    basta kahit di ko kayo mention lahat dto eh love ko pa din kayo lahat..

  1362. 1362 : khristine Says:

    hello daisy,,
    hu nga pla ung korean friend mo??

  1363. 1363 : khristine Says:

    mga sis.. babalik ako mamya pag jumong na..

    hehe.. yngat po sa ating lahat..

  1364. 1364 : cris Says:

    khristine Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 8:46 am

    ay ang sad ang dami ko na plang namiss sa site na ito.. parang ilang araw lng ako nawala..


    cris nagpuyat ka na naman kagabe ha..

    heheheh, wla akong kasbay kagabi mag online dito… hehehheh

    ay god mornign nga po pla sa inyong lahat….

    morning po SIG… ang dami talagang nagmamahal sayo…

  1365. 1365 : JCM Says:

    Good morning! sinhit lang ako mga sis, Nasa work na kasi ako. Hi Mystery at least may kasama na ko He! He!, Maya na lang ulit. Melo, maganda talaga tagalog version mas naiintindihan. God bless everyone

  1366. 1366 : poohhhh Says:

    unsa ba ANG PANGIT NG JUMONG nohhhh!!!!

  1367. 1367 : ^^^^^^^^^ Says:

    just dropping by to say “hi”

    good afternoon to Song il gook….

    you’re great.. keep it up..

  1368. 1368 : Mystery Says:

    Hi JCM & all fans of SIG, napanood ko kagabi ang Terms of Endearment sa KBS ch 75 -episode 7 na, i miss Episode 6. Monday & Tuesday ata pinapalabas. Last night 11:30pm na nag umpisa. Mas maganda na ang English translation sa TV kesa sa DVD na galing divisoria. Try to watch it, very realistic and storyline. Abangan ko 2nite to confirm dates of telecast. SIG appears in Episode 25 pa naman dahil he was studying in the US.

  1369. 1369 : Teresa Martin Says:

    hi jumong!!you’re so hot!!
    i like you very much!!
    hope we’ll meet someday..=)

  1370. 1370 : RoxyBathory Says:

    poohhhh Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 2:33 pm
    unsa ba ANG PANGIT NG JUMONG nohhhh!!!!


    do you have any justification for saying that?

    if you do, for sure your statements will be NOT ENOUGH… because we know everything THAN YOU DO

  1371. 1371 : GELINA Says:

    Hello po,ano na latest news about Sig 🙂

    Pohhhhh, shut up! 👿

  1372. 1372 : cris Says:

    poohhhh Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    unsa ba ANG PANGIT NG JUMONG nohhhh!!!!

    wag ka nga epal….. heheehhe (peace po tayo)

    👿 👿 👿 👿

  1373. 1373 : melojane Says:

    grabe ngarag pa ako! pero jumong na eh kaya pilit dilat mata… tulog na lang ulit maya…hehehe…

  1374. 1374 : melojane Says:

    oi, pooh, wag kang epal jan ha! inisin mo na ang lasing wag lang ang bagong gising!

  1375. 1375 : jaynee Says:

    ang drama naman ng jumong ngayon…hihihi…nakakaiyak…

  1376. 1376 : jaynee Says:

    hi ate melojane!nagleave na rin ako ng message kay ricojr…

    dun sa mga hindi pa nakakavisit, eto po:


    visit din kayo mga sis at magleave ng message para ganahan si ricojr na magresearch pa kay SIG…

  1377. 1377 : melojane Says:

    hi jaynee! ayan, mejo gcng na diwa ko… nakakakilig naman! tumatayo balahibo ko! and2 na c lady so sheo noh! yehey! thanks nga pala for leaving a msg sa blog ni ricojr ha?

  1378. 1378 : melojane Says:

    anu ba yan? ang lakas ng ulan! ndi ko na masyado marinig ang tv! hehehe…

  1379. 1379 : melojane Says:

    wer na u jaynee???


    r u still der???

  1380. 1380 : melojane Says:

    bilog tlg ang mundo…dati nasa baba c SIG…ngaun anlaki na ng lamang nya! pero wag tau pakasisiguro… maigi pa ring mag-ingat mga sis…

  1381. 1381 : sweetheart Says:

    poohhhh Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 2:33 pm
    unsa ba ANG PANGIT NG JUMONG nohhhh!!!!


    I think hindi ka marunong tumingin ng isang magandang project… FYI, Jumong is one of the Best.. 😀

  1382. 1382 : sweetheart Says:

    Ang ganda na ng JUMONG… 😀

    Hello sa lahat.. 🙂

  1383. 1383 : melojane Says:

    ayan, tapos na… tulog na ulit! goodnight jaynee… kahit ininjan mko! hmp! hehehehe…. goodnight mga sis…

  1384. 1384 : melojane Says:

    nga pala, pinost ko na rin tong thread ni SIG sa bulletin board sa friendster… let’s see kung maraming bibisita at maglileave ng msg! sana nga! hehehe…. hi sweetheart! goodnight!

  1385. 1385 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello melojane..

    have a goodnight to yah! 😉

  1386. 1386 : khristine Says:

    hello melojane..

    hello cris..
    kamusta na buhay sa piling ni Jumong?

  1387. 1387 : cris Says:

    hello kristine, ate sweetheart, at lahat lahat na (ang dami eh….)

    puyat ka din ngayon ha… heheheh

    bukas may jumong ulit… heheheheheh 😉 😀 ;D

  1388. 1388 : khristine Says:

    hi cris..

    gcng kpa ba??

  1389. 1389 : khristine Says:

    ngayon ko lng nalaman na si KSS pla si Dae su..
    infairness to him ang galing nya magsayaw ha..

  1390. 1390 : khristine Says:

    ako nlang ata ang matibay dito..

    tulog na din ako gudnyt sa lahat..

    gudnyt sig… Mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

  1391. 1391 : hitomzki Says:

    aw.. ang wafu ni jumOng………… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    mAHaL nA tULoy kitA.. ..

  1392. 1392 : hitomzki Says:

    wULa pA MEh abSent sA panO2od nG jUmOng wEeeeeeeee…!!!

  1393. 1393 : melojane Says:

    hello girls,

    malapit na ang jumong

    gcng na ang mga inaantok jan!

  1394. 1394 : melojane Says:

    badtrip tlg itong ulan, kung kelan jumong na saka lumakas! huhuhu…

  1395. 1395 : blessie Says:


  1396. 1396 : franchesca Says:


  1397. 1397 : melojane Says:

    okay, it’s time to sleep na!

    good night friends!

    sayang hindi ko kau nkasabay mag-online…

  1398. 1398 : melojane Says:

    tomorrow don’t forget to leave a message before u start ur day ha?

  1399. 1399 : cris Says:

    😉 😀

    cute talaga together si jumong at lady so sheo noh… hehehehe

    tulog na mga tao, tapos na kasi jumong,, bukas po ulit ha…

  1400. 1400 : khristine Says:

    korek ka cris!!!

  1401. 1401 : khristine Says:

    tulog ka na din ba?

  1402. 1402 : khristine Says:

    welcome ko lng po si blessie and franchesca..

    hello mga sis..

  1403. 1403 : JCM Says:

    Hi! Just drop by to say Good night & sleep tight I’m sure SIGurado ko si Jumong ang laman ng panaginip nyo! He! He! God bless

  1404. 1404 : cris Says:

    kristine gsing pa po ako… surf po ako sa Hancinema.. heheeh

    hanap akong pictures ng Jumong eh.. heheheh

  1405. 1405 : cris Says:

    JCM Says:
    August 8th, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    Hi! Just drop by to say Good night & sleep tight I’m sure SIGurado ko si Jumong ang laman ng panaginip nyo! He! He! God bless

    kaw din po anih… share share po tayo ha… hahahahahh 🙂

  1406. 1406 : GELINA Says:

    :idea:I think mas bagay c Jumong kay Yesoya! hehehe! sakin lang 😆

  1407. 1407 : khristine Says:

    anyone here hu can HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mga sis wat else can i do to find a complete series of TERMS OF ENDEARMENT? i really wana see for that movie..
    Mababaliw nko guys..


  1408. 1408 : khristine Says:

    i will wait for your answer guys..


  1409. 1409 : Daisy Says:

    Hello mga sis!!! 🙂 Wooow!!! I’m so happy I’m back again! I love you mga sis!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot talaga sa lahat ng mga messages ninyo para sa akin at para sa atin Papa SIG! Ang saya ko nang nabasa ko mga messages ninyo!!! 🙂 The BEST talaga kayong lahat dito na mga co-Damul Armies or co-SIG Armies ko!!!! hehehe! Ang saya ko talaga!!!Kailangan kong i-mention ang pangkat natin dahil may pumupunta dito na hindi kasali…yun mga naninira o nagsasabi ng hindi maganda sa love natin at sa projects niya. Nakakainis sila! hmmm… Buti na lang palagi akong masaya ‘pag pumupunta ako dito… Inggit lang sila no dahil marami tayo ditong nagmamahal kay SIG! And we love each other pa! Ang ganda at ang saya talaga dito! SIG, we love you very much talaga! Sobra! Ang gwapo at ang cute mo kasi! 🙂

  1410. 1410 : melojane Says:

    hello mga sis!

    ingat kau ha?
    baha dito samin sa bocaue…
    buti na lang mejo mataas ung place namin…
    pero in fairness sa filipino people…
    masaya pa rin kahit binabaha na…
    i salute u guys!

  1411. 1411 : melojane Says:

    hi daisy,

    nacheck u na ba sa showbiz news blooged c miriam quiambao?
    ndi pa alam ni ricojr kung nagpakasal ulit c miriam o ndi eh…
    but he featured her…
    cge, ingatz…

  1412. 1412 : melojane Says:

    okay guyz…
    kitakits na lang mamaya ha?
    have fun tonite!

  1413. 1413 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Melojane! 🙂 Ingat ka rin sis! Buti na lang mataas ang place niyo… Sana okay lang ang mga tao diyan lalo ka na at yung nasa mas malapit sa baha… Sana titigil na ang ulan at hindi na tataas pa ang tubig. We will pray for you all there, sis! 🙂 God is great! Pray tayong lahat mga sis… Take care always mga sis! 🙂

  1414. 1414 : Daisy Says:

    Hindi pa ako nakapunta do’n sis Melojane… 🙂 Punta ako agad after this… 🙂 Salamat talaga sis… I appreciate all your help mga sis so much! I’m sure our Korean friend in Filipina Soul will be very happy if he will know, if I can tell him something about Miriam Q. I’ll tell him about her and you guys, my best friends here mamaya… Thank you so much talaga for all your help mga sis! I’m so happy, I can tell something to him! 🙂 Love you all! 🙂

  1415. 1415 : Daisy Says:

    khristine Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 10:29 am
    anyone here hu can HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mga sis wat else can i do to find a complete series of TERMS OF ENDEARMENT? i really wana see for that movie..
    Mababaliw nko guys..


    khristine Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 10:32 am

    i will wait for your answer guys..


    Hi sis Khristine! 🙂 How I wish I can help you but I haven’t looked for TERMS OF ENDEARMENT or TOE in dvd stores yet so I can’t confirm kung mayro’n na ba yun sa mga dvd stores natin dito sa Philippines. 🙂 I also wish to have it but I’m very busy pa kasi… 🙂 I only bought ‘Jumong’ dvds. Try mo rin kaya sa ibang sites, sis, feel ko may mga alam sila. 🙂 Sa Filipina Soul, baka may mga alam din ang mga friends natin na mga pinoy at mga pinay do’n, lalo na sina Roxy, Jewel at Zandra. Mga mababait din sila. 🙂 I think you can ask them… 🙂 Filipina Soul site: http://www.filipinasoul.com/koreas-number-1-novela-premieres-on-gma/#comments . Or baka nasa internet… May nakita ako noon, nagsell ng ‘Jumong’ dvds dito sa internet, baka mayro’n din TOE. Try mo rin kayang itanong sa http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . Pinag-usapan nila no’n ang TOE, baka may alam sila na nagbibinta sa internet no’n. Or at least, they can give you an advice or tell something how to get it… Para kasing marami silang alam sa story no’n, ask mo kaya kung saan nila nabili or mabibili yun, hindi naman siguro lahat Korean ang mga tao do’n. Kasi ‘pag Korean di ba ay talagang ang dali lang nilang bilhin sa mga stores ang dvds or watch na lang sa tv… Baka sa internet nabili ng iba… Pero don’t worry friend, alam kong marami ring nakakaalam about TOE dito sa site natin… 🙂 Wait ka lang sis… hehehe! 🙂 Or try mo rin kayang i-ask sa friends natin sa kay KSS section dito… Mababait din sila… 🙂 Kung hindi ka pa rin nakakuha ng complete dvds no’n ibalita mo rin dito uli para matulungan ka sa ibang mga friends natin, di ba ang dami naman natin dito pero paminsan minsan lang yung iba… Alam kong matutulongan ka rin friend… Just tell us… Ibalita ko kaagad ‘pag may alam ako… Don’t worry… 🙂 Okay? Smile! 🙂

  1416. 1416 : Daisy Says:

    Sis Khristine, try mo rin kaya sa youtube, baka may makahelp din sa ‘yo do’n. Nabalitaan ko kasi ang mga fans ang nagsend ng mga videos do’n at di ba may TOE do’n… Baka may mga TOE dvds talaga sila. Pero hindi ako naging member do’n kaya hindi ako makatanong, videos na lang ang tinitingnan ko do’n… 🙂 Good luck sis! I wish you will get the complete TOE. 🙂

  1417. 1417 : Daisy Says:

    Sis Khristine, dalawa na ang messages ko para sa ‘yo before this about TOE. Pero the first one is still awaiting for moderation, I don’t know why… I hope they will post it here. Para kasing hindi pa yun kasali, sa nakikita ko sa number ng post 1417 pa rin kahit pang 1418th na ang latest message ko before this. Thank you so much in advance to the in-charge… 🙂

  1418. 1418 : Daisy Says:

    khristine Says:

    August 8th, 2007 at 12:29 am
    ngayon ko lng nalaman na si KSS pla si Dae su..
    infairness to him ang galing nya magsayaw ha..

    Thanks sis Khristine… 🙂 You are really my friend! hehehe! Thanks for saying something good to my other love, KSS. hehehe! Yeah, magaling siyang sumayaw and he can sing too! Si SIG naman, ang galing niyang magpatawa, ang galing talaga! hehehe! Ang saya! Kaya nakakatawa yung mga sayaw niya (SIG) dahil sinasadya niya yata yun kasi balita ko ang galing din dawng sumayaw ni SIG sa lobbyist. SIG really has a very good sense of humor, makikita natin yung mga pagpapatawa niya, hindi lang sa mga sayaw niya, pati do’n sa mga other videos niya out of scenes… 🙂 hehehe! Di ba girls? Natatawa talaga akong panoorin yun, ang saya! Ibig sabihin ang saya niya sigurong maging kadate natin, mga sis! What do you think, girls? 🙂 What are we waiting for? Let’s go! But when? Sana ngayon na no?! Sana maging kadate natin siya sabay tayo lahat para fair… hehehe! At least alam ng iba kung anong gawin ng isa at ni SIG.. hehehe! Selosa no? 🙂 SIG and KSS are both amazing in their own unique ways… Just like us, di ba mga sis, everyone is beautiful in her own unique way… 🙂

  1419. 1419 : Daisy Says:

    jaynee Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 10:33 pm
    hi ate melojane!nagleave na rin ako ng message kay ricojr…

    dun sa mga hindi pa nakakavisit, eto po:


    visit din kayo mga sis at magleave ng message para ganahan si ricojr na magresearch pa kay SIG…

    Hi Jaynee! 🙂 Thanks a lot din sa pag leave mo ng message do’n para mas marami tayong malalaman about SIG. 🙂 Hindi pa ako nakavisit do’n ngayon ko pa kasi nalaman ang site na yun pero visit ako don’ after this and ‘Jumong’. 🙂 Thank you so much for that site! I’m so excited to go there! 🙂

    Mga sis at bro, kung hindi pa kayo nakavisit sa http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . Try din ninyo visit do’n, marami kayong malalaman about SIG. Maraming balita about him, his lovelife, his projects and many more. May mga videos and pics. Inipon nila lahat since that site started yata… 🙂

  1420. 1420 : khristine Says:

    hi daisy..

    tnx ha..
    malapit nko kasi mabaliw pag di ko napanood ung TOE…
    ang galing2x nya kasi don.. sobrang may sense of humor tlaga xa..
    Gudluck sa inyo ni KSS…..

  1421. 1421 : khristine Says:

    stil up daisy?
    sayang na late me ng onti.. di tuloy tayo nagpangabot..
    basta tnx so much……

  1422. 1422 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Khristine! 🙂 Are you still there? Sorry, nagbreak ako sandali, turned off ko muna kanina ang computer… Okay lang kung sleep ka na… Have a nice dream! 🙂 Lubos lubusan ko na ang pag post ko dito ng mga messages kasi minsan lang akong may time… hehehe! You’re welcome nga pala sis! 🙂 Sana makompleto na yan TOE mo… Ibalita mo sa amin kung ano na and i-post natin ulit dito after kong magpost para madaling makita ng lahat…. Okay lang sa’yo? 🙂

  1423. 1423 : Daisy Says:

    melojane Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 11:01 pm
    nga pala, pinost ko na rin tong thread ni SIG sa bulletin board sa friendster… let’s see kung maraming bibisita at maglileave ng msg! sana nga! hehehe…. hi sweetheart! goodnight!

    Thank you so much sis for advertising our beloved SIG in friendster! hehehe! Ang galing mo sis! 🙂 Best idea! 🙂

  1424. 1424 : Daisy Says:

    melojane Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 10:57 pm
    bilog tlg ang mundo…dati nasa baba c SIG…ngaun anlaki na ng lamang nya! pero wag tau pakasisiguro… maigi pa ring mag-ingat mga sis…

    Yeah, tama ka na naman sis… 🙂 Ang laki na talaga ng lamang ni SIG sa top2 pero hindi tayo pakasisiguro… hehehe! Katulad din sa atin, naghahangad ang mga fans ng top2 na maging top1 ulit idol nila. hehehe! Okay lang… hehehe! Basta tayo dito masaya! 🙂 Ang ganda! 🙂

  1425. 1425 : Daisy Says:

    khristine Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 8:49 am
    hello daisy,,
    hu nga pla ung korean friend mo??

    Hi again sis Khristine at sa lahat na mga sis at bro ko rito! 🙂

    Hindi ko nga pala sinabi ang name niya no’ng nagpost ako about him kasi baka mahihiya siya kung i-mention ko ang pangalan niya lalo na’t medyo marami rin (3) sites ako nagpost about sa question niya sa ‘kin about his crush M.Q., yung remarry issue and hindi kasi niya alam na nagtanong ako sa mga friends ko rito… ‘Pag balik ko na lang do’n sasabihin sa kanya ang lahat… Ang saya ko at may masabi akong marami sa kanya about his crush and you guys also! Ibabalita ko sa kanya na kung hindi dahil sa tulong ninyo rito, hindi ako makakuha ng mga info about his crush. 🙂 Dito lang ako nakakuha ng mga answers sa tanong ko and mga info about M.Q.. Thank you talaga sa lahat lahat, mga sis! Alam kong matutuwa siya kasi dati na siyang nagtatanong about M.Q. sa iba naming friends do’n sa Filipina Soul. Yun nga lang, nang itanong niya sa ‘kin yung latest, very busy ang iba naming friends do’n at halata kong he needed my help at that time kasi hindi sa kanila siya nagtanong kasi nga yun…very busy sila. Ngayon na I have a lot of things to tell him, puwede ko na sigurong sabihin ang pangalan niya anyway lalaki naman siya and hindi rin naman ang complete name niya ang ginagamit niya, yung lang pagkakilala namin sa kanya sa Filipina Soul… He is ‘Mr.K’ or ‘K’. At first, para siyang medyo suplado the way he talked, frank kasi pero parang ganun lang pala talaga siya, masasanay ka na pag nagtagal… hehehe! Siyempre lalaki siya kaya dirediretso kung magsalita. hehehe! Pero hindi naman talaga siya suplado kasi nakikichika sa atin mga Filipino at talagang nagrereply sa mga tanong at messages. Kahit nga hindi ko itatanong, nagbibigay siya ng info about KSS palagi, nong si KSS pa lang ang crush ko kasi sa isip ko non, crush ni ate si SIG. hehehe! At love niya(MR.K) ang pinays, Filipino kids and ang Philippines kasi nakatira na siya dati dito sa ‘tin. Gusto pa niyang bumalik dito at dito na daw siya gustong tumanda hanggang pumanaw. Kahit pa nong nagalit ang ibang friends natin do’n, sa isang Korean Actor because of his bad comments about Filipinas and Philippines pero hindi siya(Mr.K) nagalit sa mga pinays na nagsabi against some aspects in Korea which they thought is true. He is really a very nice friend, ayaw niya may gap between Korean and Filipinas. Pero wala siyang kinikilingan, dahil siguro pareho niyang love, gusto lang niya wala nang gap. Kaya talaga hurt ako nong isang site na ayaw nila mag-ask ako about M.Q. dahil friend ko talaga si Mr.K katulad ninyo rito. Para kay SIG lang daw yun at hindi pa Korean si M.Q. pero naiintindihan ko naman sila, siyempre SIG fan ako katulad nila, nafeel ko ang side nila na nagawa nila yun para sa site na yun at para kay SIG.. Pero nag-try lang naman akong mag-ask don dahil gusto ko lang talagang makatulong kay Mr.K na malaman niya ang totoo about his crush lalo na’t katulad nila Korean din siya at ang mga pinay naman ang tinatanong ko don pero kailangan ko daw i-stop yung ginagawa ko.. Yun kasi na site ang pangalawa kong naisip na hingian ng tulong about M.Q.’s info. Yun kasi una na site wala pang reply from my friends. Pero okay lang sa akin yung una kahit wala silang info na naibigay, puwede namang wala… Walang problema sa ‘kin… Pero yung pangalawa, naintindihan ko rin naman sila sa site na yun, siyempre mga friends ko rin sila at katulad din nila love ko si SIG at para kay SIG lang naman talaga yung site na yun… They are very nice also at naintindihan ko sila… Okay na ako ngayon hindi na ako hurt sa kanila… 🙂 Dati, parang tampo lang din yung nafeel ko sa kanila nong sinabihan nila ako na I should refrain from talking about not related to SIG and not even a Korean… Narealize ko na iba talaga ang bonding ng kapwa mo pinoy! Ang ganda! 🙂 Pero okay rin naman ang mga foreigners na friends… 🙂 Kaya friends, sobra talaga akong happy nang tinulungan niyo ako about M.Q. issue… Thank you so much not only because I can tell a lot about my Korean friend’s crush, I can ease the pain in his heart, because of what he heard about M.Q., but because you’re true and very kind friends to me somehow… 🙂 Ang saya ko talaga! 🙂

    Sis Melojane, Sis JCM, Sis Cris at sa lahat ng mga sis ko na tumulong about M.Q.’s latest issue and info, maraming salamat talaga sa inyong lahat! Super happy talaga ako! May God bless you all, lahat ng mga sis at bro ko rito, always! 🙂 Take care always friends! 🙂

  1426. 1426 : melojane Says:

    good morning mga sis!

    wake up, wake up!


    kiss!!! 😀

  1427. 1427 : melojane Says:

    hi daisy…

    ndi kna ata natulog ah!
    pero ok lang un…
    sabi nga nila, di baleng walang tulog, basta may gising!

  1428. 1428 : melojane Says:

    i just visited ung site na pinost mo…
    pero mamaya ko na hihimaying maigi…
    andami ngang info!!!
    magwuwork pa kc me eh…
    cge friends…

  1429. 1429 : melojane Says:

    nga pala, before i leave…
    kakalungkot naman episode mamayang gabi noh?
    kakalukah c haring geum-wa!
    totoo bang chugi ever na ang beauty ni lady yuh-wah?
    ggggrrrrrrrr talaga…
    napakaselfish ng love niya…
    what will happen kay lady soya?
    dun na ba xa magdidisappear?
    konting kwento naman po jan sa mga may dvd!
    cge na pls…
    totoong babush na…
    ingatz mga sis…

  1430. 1430 : melojane Says:

    wait, wait, wait…

    addict tlg noh?

    aalis na lang may pahabol pa!

    have u checked this site?


    ala lang…


    ok, babush ulit…

    i really have to go….




  1431. 1431 : khristine Says:

    hello mga sis..
    have a nice day sa ating lahat..

  1432. 1432 : JCM Says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Im in the office na po making singit to greet you SIG fanatics!

    Hi, Khristine I have a copy of Terms of Endearment, actually tapos ko na siya panoorin at talagang maganda siya, sabi ko nga how I wish I have that kind of guy for a husband, Grabe! Sabi ng binilhan ko sa Quiapo daw sila kumukuha & I bought it at P200 3 CDs kasi siya. God bless everyone.

  1433. 1433 : elan Says:

    gandang hapon mga kapatid!!!!

    lungkot ng episode mamayang gabi. gusto kong malaman from mga ka-sis na may dvd copy ng jumong kung nalaman ni jumong na si haring geum hwa ang pumatay sa nanay n’ya.

    daisy, did you watch ”proud to be filipina” last night sa qtv 11? na-feature dun si miriam quiambao. and i am curious to know kung sino ang korean actor na nag-comment ng bad things about filipino women and philippines. tnx.

  1434. 1434 : wilma Says:

    hello”jumong”! im so glad to see your character here in the philippines….

    Maybe someday i could rather see you in personal not only in tv cause you know why?

    its because im your number one fan here in philippines!

    i’d be happy to see you here!!!

    bye!bye! and goodluck!

    From: wilma Buenaobra

  1435. 1435 : cris Says:

    yah, matsutsugi ever si mother of jumong… how sad nga eh….

    kung di ako nagkakamali, mga nasa episode 65 na… huhhhhhuh, where fast approaching na to the end…

    better watch it, madami pang mangyayari,, mga pangyayaring hindi pwede ever palampasin…. kaya sabay sabay ulit tayong manood mamaya….

  1436. 1436 : cris Says:

    oh, my gosh, friday nga pla ngayon, then saturday bukas, walang jumong bukas…. nood tayo mamaya guys ha….

  1437. 1437 : tweet Says:

    i love jumong….

  1438. 1438 : รับบท Says:

    u r Jumong. I lIKe u. Ok!

  1439. 1439 : melojane Says:

    hello friends!

    grabe…ndi ko tlg napigilan maluha kanina…

    so sad tlg…


  1440. 1440 : melojane Says:


    cge mga sis goodnite muna…

    mas sad tomorrow kc alang jumong…



  1441. 1441 : khristine Says:

    hello ate JCM..
    bili me sa Quiapo..
    tnx for the info..
    well pag di me nkahanap ng copy willing kba phiramin ako?

    basta il do my very best just to have that copy of my beloved IL GOOK!!!!!

    aja!! aja!!!

    LOVE U OL!!!!

  1442. 1442 : khristine Says:

    kasi ate jcm nkakita me ng TOE kaso hindi si IL gOOK ang cover… ganon ba tlaga un??

  1443. 1443 : Daisy Says:

    melojane Says:

    August 10th, 2007 at 7:07 am
    hi daisy…

    ndi kna ata natulog ah!
    pero ok lang un…
    sabi nga nila, di baleng walang tulog, basta may gising!

    Hello Sis Melojane! 🙂 Yeah, you’re right sis, almost whole night nga akong hindi nakatulog, nakakabaliw din naman magpost ng messages ano? 🙂 Ang saya kasi dito! At ang dami nating friends! Puyat talaga ako sa morning, talagang inaantok… Pero our friendships here and our time for scanning and viewing SIG’s pics and videos and posting messages to show our love and support to SIG are worth all the effort… 🙂 Nakakabaliw ka rin SIG!!! As in!!! 🙂 Ang dami na namin dito nababaliw sa’yo! 🙂 Ang gwapo mo kasi!!!

  1444. 1444 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello everyone.. naku ang layo na ng narating nyo ah.. haha.. tinatamad na akong magbasa ng backpages.. anyway, kumusta na kayong lahat.. hi cris, khristine, melojane and everyone.. 😀 Paganda na ng paganda ang Jumong.. 😀 😀

    patay na c Lady YuWah, wahh… demonyo na c geumwa sa ginawa niya..

    kawawa naman c Jumong at yung mag ina pa niya dinala ng taga Han..

  1445. 1445 : Daisy Says:

    melojane Says:

    August 10th, 2007 at 7:08 am
    i just visited ung site na pinost mo…
    pero mamaya ko na hihimaying maigi…
    andami ngang info!!!
    magwuwork pa kc me eh…
    cge friends…

    Sis Melojane, yun bang ibinigay ko na site, hotpink, ang ibig mong sabihin? 🙂 Yeah, ang dami ngang info do’n… 🙂 Ang dami kong nalaman about SIG do’n… 🙂 No’ng una, pinopost ng isa naming friend sa Filipina Soul, yung mga interviews with SIG at some info about him from hotpink. Then no’ng nakapunta na ‘ko do’n… palagi na ako visit… hehehe! Mag-eenjoy talaga kayo mga sis sa dami ng mga videos, news and pics of SIG do’n… hehehe! 🙂

  1446. 1446 : Daisy Says:

    melojane Says:

    August 10th, 2007 at 7:12 am
    nga pala, before i leave…
    kakalungkot naman episode mamayang gabi noh?
    kakalukah c haring geum-wa!
    totoo bang chugi ever na ang beauty ni lady yuh-wah?
    ggggrrrrrrrr talaga…
    napakaselfish ng love niya…
    what will happen kay lady soya?
    dun na ba xa magdidisappear?
    konting kwento naman po jan sa mga may dvd!
    cge na pls…
    totoong babush na…
    ingatz mga sis…

    Yeah, selfish nga ang love ni Haring Geum-wa. Si Lady Soya, makikita pa natin paminsan minsan pero matagal pa bago sila magkita ni Heneral Jumong. Panuorin niyo talaga mga sis! Nakakaantig talaga ng damdamin ang mga susunod na palabas lalo na ang paghaharap ni Jumong at ng hari… Grabe durug masyado puso ko no’n lalo na pag nakita ko umiiyak ang love natin… Cried din ako… Mas maganda kung hindi mo pa alam ang story at napanuod mo, sis… Iba talaga pag first time…hehehe! Baka iba isip niyo ha? Mas hurt ako dati…hehehe! Iba na talaga siguro iniisip niyo… hehehe! Joke! Pero totoo yun sinabi ko, mas hurt ako nong napanuod ko sa dvds, kaysa ngayon pero ang ganda pa rin panuorin ang sa tv lalo na’t ang ganda ng mga lines nila… 🙂

    Hi Sis Sweetheart! 🙂

  1447. 1447 : Daisy Says:

    elan Says:

    August 10th, 2007 at 2:35 pm
    gandang hapon mga kapatid!!!!

    lungkot ng episode mamayang gabi. gusto kong malaman from mga ka-sis na may dvd copy ng jumong kung nalaman ni jumong na si haring geum hwa ang pumatay sa nanay n’ya.

    daisy, did you watch ”proud to be filipina” last night sa qtv 11? na-feature dun si miriam quiambao. and i am curious to know kung sino ang korean actor na nag-comment ng bad things about filipino women and philippines. tnx.

    Hi Sis Elan! 🙂 Sis, mas maganda kung hindi mo pa alam ang story and napanuod mo… Mas maappreciate mo yung story and actings nila… Bumili ako ng dvds dahil very eager talaga akong malaman agad lahat pero nacompare ko na mas grabe ang reaction o emotion ko dati kaysa ngayon pero mas naappreciate ko naman ang mga sinasabi nila ngayon, mas maganda magtranslate yata ang mga pinoy kasi parang hindi daw Korean ang nagtranslate yung sa dvds. Pero no regrets pa rin na nakapanuod ako sa dvds, baliw kasi ako sa ‘Jumong’, hehehe! …hindi lang sa gumaganap ng Jumong… Pero kung gusto niyo talaga ng story bago yung sa tv, just let us know again mga sis…. 🙂

  1448. 1448 : Daisy Says:

    Ay! mayro’n ka pa palang tinanong sa ‘kin Sis Elan, sorry nakalimutan ko, ang daldal ko kasi… hehehe! No sis, hindi ako nakapanuod no’n… 🙁 Busy kasi ako palagi, ang ‘Jumong’ lang yata ang hindi ko makaligtaan panuorin… Yung iba, paminsan minsan lang..at kunti lang… 🙁 Pero thank you talaga for the info baka itanong ko yan sa friend natin, yung may crush kay Miriam Quiambao, kung napanuod din niya.. Sana nakaabot sa Korea yun at sana napanuod din niya. Para naman happy siya.. hehehe! Naalala ko tuloy yung mga friends ko sa Filipina Soul… Bukas do’n naman ako makikichika… 🙂 At kailangan ko na talagang ibalita kay Mr.K ang good news niya about M.Q. hehehe! Yung Korean actor na nagcomment ng bad things about Filipinas and Philippines ay si Lee Joon Ki yata yun… Roxy posted his bad comments in Filipina Soul… Makikita mo do’n sis… Pero sabi nga ni Mr.K at ng iba hindi naman tayo sure kung talagang sinabi niya yun… Alam mo na sa showbiz…

  1449. 1449 : cris Says:

    gising pa si ate daisy.. good morning po… daan lang po ako.. nag study pa po ako ngayon eh.. heheheh..

    musta na,…. may posts akong picture ni KSS.. heheheh

    poat ko din yong kay SIG.. hheheeh, wait…. 🙂

  1450. 1450 : cris Says:

    check this out: heheheh


    mga pictures po at ibang articles… hehehheheh

  1451. 1451 : Daisy Says:

    Inaantok na ako… haaaayyyy…. hehehe! Kahapon kasi puyat ako…. Good night mga sis and bro, mayron ba tayong co-SIG fan na lalaki dito? Basta, good night sa lahat… Have a great week end! Pero talagang nakakamiss ang ‘Jumong’ sa tv ano?… Di bale mga sis isipin na lang natin malapit na ang Monday! hehehe! Sweet dreams! Kung si SIG ang nasa panaginip niyo kuwento kayo ha… Good night everybody! 🙂

  1452. 1452 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Sis Cris! 🙂 Thanks a lot sa mga sites, di pa ako nakapanuod niyan… Mukhang ang ganda yang mga ibinigay mong sites… Yehey! Thank you talaga! Pag may time ako mamaya manuod ako.. Hindi na nga pala good night ano… Good morning na pala… Naku! Good luck sa studies mo… 🙂

  1453. 1453 : Daisy Says:

    Punta ako sa latest site na ibinigay mo Cris, naku nawala ang antok ko, nakakabaliw ang honey SIG natin do’n, ang gwapo!!!!!!!!! Super gwapo niya talaga do’n!!!!!!! Ay naku, nakakainis naman…ang layo niya… Nakakagigil!!! At si my love KSS naman ang lakas din ng dating niya do’n!!!! Hay naku, nakaka-addict naman ‘tong dalawang loves ko! Nakakainis ang layong layo nila… Matulog na lang ako…baka mapanaginipan ko pa…pag nagkataon, talagang kiss ako sa kanilang dalawa! hehehe!

  1454. 1454 : cris Says:

    morning ulit ate daisy,,, sana ngustuhan mo yong mga pic.. gwapo nila don…. heheheheh

  1455. 1455 : cris Says:

    magandang umaga po sa lahat ng online mamaya… sabado na po, bali walng jumong ngayon… heheeheh.. 🙁

  1456. 1456 : cris Says:

    nga pla bad ni haring geumhwa.. patayin ba naman si mother ni jumong…

    👿 bad si haring guenhwa.

    basta go…go..go…go lang jumong,… 🙂

  1457. 1457 : jumong Says:

    w0w…. adik din ako kay jumong…. actually tpos na namin panoorin un kaso di ko naintindihan haha…. kya inulit ko sa t.v. gogo jumongers fanatics…………………

  1458. 1458 : khristine Says:

    hello sa lahat..
    goodmorning cris, ate JCM, Ate melojane, ate sweetheart and daisy..

    Morning sa inyong lahat, have a nice day..

  1459. 1459 : JCM Says:

    Thats right Khrsitine, hindi siya ang nasa cover kasi from episode 1-24 evolve don sa girl kasi connected na ang whole story from episode 25 to end. Ok lang me magpahiram basta soli mo ha, he! he!

    Yong 1 girl don older sister ng bida na girl (naging wife ni SIG), kontrabida yon don sa Emperor of the Sea, inis ako sa kanya sa Emperor but when I watched her sa TOE, naging iba tingin ko sa kanya kasi she a very good sister sa TOE. You should watch it na kasi talaga maganda story at ang galing ni SIG don. Good day everyone.

  1460. 1460 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong haseyo!

    musta! ang layo talaga ng narating ng SIG thread natin! astiiiig!

    Di ba ganito din kalaki ang lamang ng Joo Ji-Hoon thread, with its rabid fans infesting the site devah!

    Ngayong lamang na si Song Il-Gook, may isa roon or marami pa ang naghihimutok dahil lamang na lamang na si Jumong. Ano’ng say nila?

    If Princess Hours has garnered popularity in some parts of the world (in some parts of the world daw o…hahahaha!), then Jumong’s magnitude is sooo darn heavy that attracted fans of US proper and maintained its fans in Hawaii.

    And si Joo Ji-Hoon? Kadiri ang itsu niya ngayon na mukhang kulang sa iron… (gayahin ba si Pete Ampoloquio? hahaha!).

  1461. 1461 : cris Says:

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po…

  1462. 1462 : cris Says:

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po… 😆

  1463. 1463 : khristine Says:

    tnx ate JCM..
    well madame nko nkita non kaso hindi nga kasama pix nya sa cover kahit sa mga name ng characters kaya di ko binibili..
    hai sana il find that copy exclusive for mine. tnx ha..
    hayaan mo ikaw una kong papasalamatan kapag napanood ko un..
    love u all mga sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1464. 1464 : elan Says:

    sig, loves, i’ve seen your latest pictures at hotpink20. pumayat ka yata sa lobbyist??? di ba mga sis?? but in fairness gwapo ka pa rin. :()

  1465. 1465 : khristine Says:

    korek elan!!

  1466. 1466 : khristine Says:

    ikaw ba napnood mo na TOE?

  1467. 1467 : khristine Says:

    ay bakit nawala ung pinost ko For Elan?

  1468. 1468 : elan Says:

    not yet. pero nakapag download ako ng mga music videos nito sa you tube.

  1469. 1469 : farzaneh Says:

    sea god now is showing on our 3 channel and i really like to know the end if sb knows please tell me by the way i like song ll gook more than other chracters

  1470. 1470 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello mga sis.. ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw… whew.. andaming babasahin ah… 😀 😀

    Hi Daisy, Cris, Khristine, melojane at sa lahat..andaming supporters ni Jumong ang hirap batiin lahat… 😀 kumusta na kayo.. :D… 😀

  1471. 1471 : tess Says:

    husband ko selos na kay sig. pnilit ko cya manood emperor of the sea gusto na rin nya sig. 51 episodes pnilit nya matapos dvd. ngaun start na cya jumong. episode 14 na. he he he abutin ba ng 3am

  1472. 1472 : melojane Says:

    oh mi gosh!

    hello mga sis!!!


    andaming message!!!

    andami ko nang assignment ah!!!

    super bz kc me kya di me nakadalaw dito yesterday…

    di bale, magpapakabit na rin kami ng internet sa store…


    at least, ndi ko na nid wait pa mkauwi b4 ko kau mkasama…

  1473. 1473 : melojane Says:

    cno pala sa inyo ang taga bulacan?

    may store kami sa bocaue…

    brand new and surplus products from canada…

    bka gusto nyo akong dalawin!


    or bka gusto nyo akong pahiramin ng dvd!


    or bka gusto nyong bumili!


    i’ll give u a very good discount!!!


  1474. 1474 : cris Says:

    jjaarraann………… 🙂

    may online po ba ngayon?? musta mga ate at kuya?

    musta ang gabi ng walang jumong? heheheh

    bukas meron na po ulit… yahooo…. 😆

  1475. 1475 : cris Says:

    sweetheart Says:
    August 12th, 2007 at 2:56 am

    Hello mga sis.. ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw… whew.. andaming babasahin ah… 😀 😀

    Hi Daisy, Cris, Khristine, melojane at sa lahat..andaming supporters ni Jumong ang hirap batiin lahat… 😀 kumusta na kayo.. :D… 😀

    ate sweetheart, nkakapasok ka ba ngayon sa igma?? huhuhhh, bakit ako hindi….. sad naman, gusto ko malaman, kamusta na forum don…. di tuloy ako mkscroll sa jumong thread….. 🙁

  1476. 1476 : benita Says:

    i love you jumong!!!your such a great actor, you have a lot of supporters here in phil. hope you gonna visit here sonn….take care more power…..

  1477. 1477 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello cris, andyan ka pa bah? naku hindi nga ako makapasok eh, baka may inayos na naman sa igma site.. kanina pa nga ako di makapasok mga bandang 8 pm cguro yun..

  1478. 1478 : khristine Says:

    hello po mga sisteh!!!
    te’ JCM. melojane, sweetheart, daisy, elan and cris.. at sa lahat na.. im busy this days kea now lng me nkavisit dto ule..
    kmusta na kau?
    SIG is always in my mind tlaga, ang hirap ng ganito..
    like wat ive said nakakabaliw tlaga..

    goodnyt sa ating lahat..

  1479. 1479 : sweetheart Says:

    Hi Khristine.. musta ka na? Okey lang naman.. Miss ko na c SIG at ang Jumong, wala kasing Jumong kahapon at today..

  1480. 1480 : khristine Says:

    stil up sweetheart?????????????

  1481. 1481 : khristine Says:

    naku sorry kasi napasarap ang browse ko sa net, dun me tumambay sa soompi kasi dami ko nababasa saka nakikitang pix ni SIG dun..

  1482. 1482 : khristine Says:

    kita ko dun ung mga EX gf nya.. hai grabe…

    nice pla xa kahit nung little boy pa xa..
    and i really like it when he hugs..

    sana mayakap nya din ako khit for a second lng…
    hai… gabe na, madaling araw na nga oh, kea ito inaatake na naman ako ng kpraningan..

  1483. 1483 : khristine Says:

    tuloy ko na lang to sa panaginip ko…

  1484. 1484 : sweetheart Says:

    uy khristine sorry, di kita namalayan, akala ko kasi tulog ka na.. hehe… nag browse ka pa pala.. 😀

  1485. 1485 : tess Says:

    khristine san ko masite mga exgf sig

  1486. 1486 : elan Says:

    magandang morning! ganda tulog n’yo, ‘no? :d lunes na!!!!! palakihan na naman ng eyebags mamaya! :d :d :d

    bye for now! pasok na sa trabaho!

  1487. 1487 : JCM Says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Have a good day SIG fanatics. God bless!

  1488. 1488 : cris Says:

    elan Says:
    August 13th, 2007 at 7:22 am

    magandang morning! ganda tulog n’yo, ‘no? :d lunes na!!!!! palakihan na naman ng eyebags mamaya! :d :d :d

    bye for now! pasok na sa trabaho!

    alam ko po yang :d – smile po yan ano?? heheheheh, di lumabas,,, heheheeh…. 🙂 🙂 😆

    good afternoon po sa inyong lahat… yahhhooooo.. monday na po….

    jumong na ulit…. heheheheh

  1489. 1489 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello everyone… kumusta kayo dito..

    cris, di pa rin ako maka access sa igma.. kainis..

  1490. 1490 : eliaDania Says:

    nakpa padah tak orang ye….lansung ku x faham eh… kacak muka ktk owh…hahaha

  1491. 1491 : cris Says:

    oo nga po ate sweetheart, hindi pa din po ako… siguro nagdown ang server sa dami ng online, kya dito ako,, visit nlang ako sa thread ng jumong kapag ok na po….hehehehe

    good afternnon nga po pla sa inyong lahat at kay SIG…..

  1492. 1492 : Mystery Says:

    Hi JCM and Friends, nasira phone namin because of heavy rains so no internet. Today lang na fix. OPEN http://hot pink20.multiply.com/journal CLICK BLOG. Our idol is nominated and will compete in the Seoul Drama Awards August 28, 2007 an annual competition for TV dramas. Winner will be announce on said date held at KBS hall. 132 soap operas from 32 countries are joining!
    To JCM, nagustohan mo din pala ang TOE. Ako I cried in the end nakaka touch. Confirmed ko na that its being air Monday & Tuesday nignts every week @ Sky cable ch 75 (KBS) encore episode around 11:30pm. Maganda and translation nila complete and malinaw!

  1493. 1493 : khristine Says:

    sa wakas i have a copy of TOE!!!!!
    hahaha.. wala kasi kme cable so i just have my own copy.. hehehe.. tnx ate JCM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sa http://www.soompi.com/forum/index yata ung tinype ko nun nung hinanap ko ung site na un. dun ko nkita mga ex GF ni SIG…

  1494. 1494 : elan Says:

    gandang gabi!!!

    cris, you’re right, ‘yong – :d – is smiley. small letter d ang nagamit ko kasi i was in a hurry. ganito dapat ‘yon, 😀 , di ba? paano ang gawin para mag move ‘yung smiley? thanks.

    naku!! inis na ako sa smart broadband na ito. nag-offline na naman ako as i’m writing this message. anyways, malapit ng ipalabas ang jumong. yehey!!!!

  1495. 1495 : RoxyBathory Says:

    anyeong haseyo mga jumongers!

    musta na kayo?

    gusto ninyo bang makita ang new look ni Joo Ji-Hoon, at nang mapahiya na rin ang mga rabid JooJiHooners?


    see? mukha na ngang nakalimutang mag-INCREMIN sa kadugyutan at kapayatan.

    sexy ba yang sobrang payatola?

    sa standards nating mga Pinay, hindi sexy ang payatolong guy. Kahit hindi hunky, basta ba may laman ang katawan at hindi parang liliparin ng hangin.

    ewan ko nga ba diyan sa mga bobitang PH fans, mga wa taste.

  1496. 1496 : cris Says:

    ate elan…

    hello po.. hehhehh, ganito po yong smiley:

    type the symbol colon then the word lol then symbol colon 😆

    yah, malapit na po ang jumong… yahooooooooo

  1497. 1497 : cris Says:

    ate mystery ate at ate kristine…

    di po mabuksan ang mga link po…..


  1498. 1498 : khristine Says:

    madali lng un cris.. http://www.soompi.com/index click mo nlng to.. tapos mgregister ka.. punta ka sa k-photo celebs or k-movies and dramas tapos boom!!! ayun na magsasawa ka na nlng sa pix bout SIG and andame nagmamahal sa kaniya dun..

    gudluck sayo..

  1499. 1499 : khristine Says:

    goodmorning po pla sa lahat..
    bye for now.. pasok po muna ko sa skul..

  1500. 1500 : cris Says:

    khristine Says:
    August 14th, 2007 at 7:38 am

    madali lng un cris.. http://www.soompi.com/index click mo nlng to.. tapos mgregister ka.. punta ka sa k-photo celebs or k-movies and dramas tapos boom!!! ayun na magsasawa ka na nlng sa pix bout SIG and andame nagmamahal sa kaniya dun..

    gudluck sayo..

    madyo naguguluhan pa ako dito, ang hirap ng binigay nilang password… hahahahha, kya nagreset ako, pero ayaw mag log in sa forum… hahahah

    by the way, thank you for sharing the site…. Korean Site po…. heheheh
    Excited na akong makita ibang pictures ni Song il Gook.. 😆

  1501. 1501 : cris Says:

    shae lang po…. the gentle SONG… heheeheh


  1502. 1502 : cris Says:

    guys birthday po bukas ni Song Ji Hyo a.k.a Lady Soya – wife of jumong..

  1503. 1503 : nelly Says:

    I am watching JUMONG and i can say its awesome drama, it is one of the best among the best drama ever. If you havent watch this yet, you better watch it and you will like and appreciate it the way they did this.
    CONGRATULATIONS to all actresses and actors, the director who did all their best to produced this excellent drama “Jumong”. Good job.

  1504. 1504 : ayshra Says:


  1505. 1505 : nadia czarina Says:

    ………grabe song il gook is so very cute and handsome ………….crush ko talaga xa…………kaya lang old na xa he is 35 yrs. old but its ok i love the story of jumong grabe patindi ng patindi ang eksena……………………………….SONG IL GOOK…….I REALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH……………………………….MWAAAHHHHHHHH…………………….

  1506. 1506 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello.. ang ganda ng JUMONG kagabi, malapit nang mapasakanya ang pangalawang sagradong bagay… gwapo talaga ni SIG..

    Cris, ang gwapo din ni Kim Min Chan.. hehe.. pano mo siya nahanap? ang galing mo talaga.. sana may personal information din about him.. 😀 😀

  1507. 1507 : Mystery Says:

    Hi Cris, try this link again http://h0tpink20.multiply.com Maybe our opinions and moral support to the organizers will help in making SIG win this award again.

  1508. 1508 : cris Says:

    ate sweetheart:

    thanks po kay ate melojane, sa kanya ko po nkuha yong link about sa hinahanap ntin sa Jumong… Yong link nasa post #1432… ehheheeh

    Meron akong nakitang information kaya lang pure Korean ang sulat,,, di ako masyadong magaling sa translation ng Korean to English eh… hehehheheh

    good evening nga po pla SIG…

  1509. 1509 : cris Says:

    thanks po ate mystery…

    yah, nasurf ko na po,, ang daming pictures ni SIG, at mga news,,, updated… malapit na ang August 28, sana manalo po si SIG… 🙂

  1510. 1510 : JCM Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Khristine, Congrats you can watch SIG now in TOE.

    Mystery, yes I like TOE very much its a very touching movie about Family & Love. I cried in so many scenes at galing talag ni SIG don. Worth siya na pag puyatan.

    So long, uwi na muna ko. God bless SIG fanatics.

  1511. 1511 : cris Says:

    ate sweetheart:

    thanks po kay ate melojane, sa kanya ko po nkuha yong link about sa hinahanap ntin sa Jumong… Yong link nasa post #1432… ehheheeh

    Meron akong nakitang information kaya lang pure Korean ang sulat,,, di ako masyadong magaling sa translation ng Korean to English eh… hehehheheh

    good evening po SIG…

  1512. 1512 : cris Says:

    good evening po ate JCM..

    di ko watch ang buong TOE, clips plang nkikita ko from youtube.. heheheh

  1513. 1513 : cris Says:

    ay dalawa pla naging text ko (ate sweetheart).. sorry po…. 🙁

  1514. 1514 : melojane Says:

    hello girls!!!

    di ako nakanuod ng jumong kagabi!!!



  1515. 1515 : melojane Says:

    what happened last nite?

    nakakainis tlg…

    antagal naman kc ng jumong….

    super sakit ulo ko kc….


    napaidlip ako during impostora….


    di nakaya ng powers ko…


    hikbi… hikbi….

  1516. 1516 : melojane Says:

    promise ko sa sarili ko ndi na ako iinom ng margarita during weekdays…


    charap kc eh!

    ayan tuloy napala ko…


    i learned my lesson na…

  1517. 1517 : elan Says:

    impostora na! malapit na ang jumong!!!!!

    cris, thanks sa tip kung paano gawin ang smiley. 😆

    daisy, alam mo na ba na nasa “ONLY YOU” drama si kim seung soo (dae soo)? kung hindi pa, manood ka bukas sa QTV 11 8:00pm. ang gwapo ny’a don. ang bata pa n’ya. parang kasing edad mo lang s’ya sa drama. 😆 😀 😆

  1518. 1518 : cris Says:

    “This war will not stop until one of us dies.” (geumwha to jumong)

    (episode ngayon – unahan ko na kayo… heheeheheh)

    😆 🙂

  1519. 1519 : melojane Says:


    di ako nakatulog!!!

    so sad naman ng jumong…

    inis pa rin me kay haring geum-wa..



  1520. 1520 : cris Says:

    calm down lang po ate melojane…. heheheheeh

    ganito si haring geumwha 👿

  1521. 1521 : melojane Says:

    Posted on: Sunday, April 16, 2006
    Wildest fans reach celebrity strata

    By Jeff Chung

    K-dramas are creating celebrities — out of fans. Nora Muramoto and Gerrie Nakamura, the Hawai’i K-drama fan club’s most recognizable names and faces, have been interviewed by two South Korean networks, been on prime-time national TV in South Korea, and were featured in The Honolulu Advertiser last October, Pamela Young’s Mixed Plate on KITV 4 and on the front page of Yahoo.com on March 24 — KBFD’s 20th anniversary.

    The articles and interviews are all about Korean dramas, of course, and their popularity in Hawai’i. The K-drama-crazed duo is even on a commercial spot (for Well Being Juk restaurant on Ke’eaumoku Street) now airing on KBFD.

    The Hawai’i K-drama fan club has sub-clubs that focus on individual stars such as Bae Yong Joon, Ryu Shi-Won, Jung Joon Ho and Song Il Gook.

    This month, Joanne Tachibana, co-founder of the Song Il Gook fan club, had her dream come true when she met the actor in South Korea. CJ Gima tours took a group of Hawai’i K-drama fans on a 10-day South Korean trip that culminated with a session with Song Il Gook, star of such dramas as “Conditions of Love” and “Bodyguard,” on the last day of the tour — April 1. But this was no April fool’s joke.

    The tour, which cost about $2,900 per person, took fans to K-drama locations such as Jeju Island and Wando Island, where the historical drama “Emperor of the Sea” was filmed. Tachibana walked in the footsteps of the series’ Yum Moon — played by Song Il Gook — along the seaport. She also visited the Boseong tea plantation where “Summer Scent” was filmed. She then went to Gwanju to visit the set of “Immortal Yi Soon Shin” then to Nami Island where “Winter Ballad” was shot.

    The Hawai’i group also went to the KBS studio to watch the live taping of “Open Concert,” which airs weekends on KBFD.

    You can imagine the preparation that Joanne and her fellow fan club members did for their meeting with Song Il Gook — they had a speech, gifts and a certificate from the City Council!

    Before her trip, Joanne researched Song Il Gook’s interests, which include triathlons. So she got him a Hawai’i triathlon shirt and cap. Song Il Gook was impressed with the gift, saying he would like to compete in the Hawai’i event in four years. Joanne got up on stage to present him with the City Council certificate, aloha shirts and a gift for his mother. Knowing that Song is close to his mother, the fan club got her a hand-painted kamani-wood salad bowl. And in aloha tradition, Joanne gave him a lei and a kiss on the cheek.

    When I asked Joanne how it felt to be on stage with her favorite star, she said, “It was like hugging and kissing a son.”

    Song Il Gook, who will be 35 this year, played a mature role in “Emperor of the Sea,” but on that day looked very young in his casual aloha attire.

    The experience was a heart-to-heart exchange of aloha from his new Hawai’i mothers, according to Joanne. The fan club day included about 50 fans from Hawai’i (average age around 55), 10 Japanese fans (average age about 45) and Korean fans who are generally in their 20s.

    The day ended with the Hawai’i fans inviting Song Il Gook to visit the Islands and thanking him for hosting the first International Friendship meeting between the Hawai’i Song Il Gook fan club and his Korean fan club.

    Joanne is now inspired to study Korean in hopes of speaking with Song in his native language one day.

  1522. 1522 : elan Says:

    i wanna know if jumong ever found out that geum hwa killed his mother. pls. tell.

  1523. 1523 : melojane Says:


    ala lang…

    o di ba?

    gusto nyo rin maexperience un di ba?


  1524. 1524 : cris Says:

    ang tagal na po yan ate melo… heheheheh

    inspiring po…..

    by the way, aral akong Korean language because of Jumong…. 🙂

  1525. 1525 : cris Says:

    hello po ate elan at ate melo…

    ate elan, secret….di ko padin alam…….. heheheheheh …joke

  1526. 1526 : melojane Says:


  1527. 1527 : FMCG Says:

    2 all jumong fanatics… if u want to see the full version of jumong without cut buy dvd of jumong and you’ll love…

  1528. 1528 : cris Says:

    mga ate, birthday po bukas ni Lady Soya…ilang minutes nlang, birthday nya na po….

    Lady Soya – Jumong’s wife and the third persom to save Jumong…

  1529. 1529 : melojane Says:

    check this out:



    andaming nagmamahal sa idol natin!

  1530. 1530 : cris Says:

    thanks ate melo for sharing the links, ang dami nga talagang nagmamahal sa Jumong at kay SIG.

    Luv yah SIG a.k.a Jumong… 🙂

  1531. 1531 : melojane Says:


  1532. 1532 : melojane Says:


  1533. 1533 : melojane Says:


  1534. 1534 : melojane Says:


  1535. 1535 : cris Says:

    ang dami links,, nkakatuwa naman at ang dami talgang nagmamahal kay SIG….

  1536. 1536 : cris Says:

    melojane Says:
    August 14th, 2007 at 11:30 pm


    nkakatuwa naman to,, una seryoso mga pictures, tapos may biglang picture na sunisigaw si SIG… heeheheheheh 😆

    ang kulit ng mga pictures dito….. 🙂

  1537. 1537 : melojane Says:


  1538. 1538 : elan Says:

    thanks, melojane. magdamag yatang akong ‘di matutulog nito sa dami ng links na binigay mo. 😆

  1539. 1539 : melojane Says:


    cge, good nite na mga sis…

    antok na tlg ako…

    work pa early tom…

    nite crissy!!!

  1540. 1540 : melojane Says:



    nagkalat pala taung mga damul…hihihi………

  1541. 1541 : melojane Says:


  1542. 1542 : cris Says:



  1543. 1543 : cris Says:

    di ko to matatapos ngayon sa dami… kapag wala ako pasok,, surf ako sa mga links na to.. ang dami… eheheheheheh

  1544. 1544 : melojane Says:


  1545. 1545 : melojane Says:



    totoo na to…

    goodnight na tlg….


  1546. 1546 : melojane Says:


  1547. 1547 : melojane Says:


  1548. 1548 : melojane Says:

    adik tlg…

    sakit na mata ko…

    12mn na…

    kelangan n tlg matulog…

  1549. 1549 : khristine Says:

    morning sa lahat..
    huhu di ko napanood Jumong kagabe? ano nangyari???????????????????????????????????

  1550. 1550 : khristine Says:

    guys, dame ko nalaman bout SIG..
    mamya nko mgsshare..

  1551. 1551 : cris Says:

    read nyo po mga backposts, ang daming link about SIG at Jumong… You will love it… 🙂

  1552. 1552 : mariel rimando Says:

    gwapo ni jumong

  1553. 1553 : RoxyBathory Says:





  1554. 1554 : mystery Says:

    Hi Melojane thanks for sharing the Links with us.

  1555. 1555 : mile Says:

    hi its mile frm the philippines..
    jumong is one of my favorite actor..
    he looks good…
    he’s my crush…
    hope he will come here to our country…
    jumong is the best…
    i wish his good lucks…
    most especially to his career…
    his my idol
    he is good actor
    i like him so much….
    take care…

  1556. 1556 : khristine Says:

    hello sa lahat..

  1557. 1557 : melojane Says:


  1558. 1558 : melojane Says:

  1559. 1559 : melojane Says:


  1560. 1560 : gladys soriano Says:

    you’ too cute!im your fan.

  1561. 1561 : khristine Says:

    Dearest Fans,

    It is already April.
    I remember it was last April when I started shooting Jumong, and since then a year has passed. It is surprising to see how fast one year has gone already. When I look back a year ago, from time to time I had tough times in shooing but, I must say that I had much more days feeling lucky and happy as Jumong.

    The title role of Jumong was the role of life time and a dream as an actor that an actor can think of and dream of. The time I had spent as Jumong, it was the time of greater pride for me as an actor. It was also the moments that I truly appreciated and felt lucky to be an actor.

    It was hectic and tighter schedule while shooting Jumong for the past year. Due to this contstrain, I could not have chance to thank enough for those genuinely cheered me by visiting the locations in person and those being with me at home in numerous nights. My sincere thanks to all of you for that!

    It might sound a bit corny but, I know that I am who I am now as a person and as an actor thanks to your unconditional support and love. For that, once again I thank you.

    Knowing that you were always there for me and support me whenever I was down and weary, it became the true source of my strength to go on. Thanks to you, I could regain the spirit and go ahead to finish it all the way through.

    Now, here I am. I should put all those memories of Jumong behind and step on to another phase as an actor. I am so thrilled and excited to portray another life of unknown.

    I will continue to have a sense of pride as an actor and the passion and the enthusiasm for acting in my heart that I learned from Jumong. And I promise that I will be a better Song Il-Kook every day as always. I won’t let you down.

    I will be a real actor, Song Il-Kook who deserves your support and affection. And I would like to do my very best to be an actor who lasts and be together in your hearts.

    Here are some beautiful lines that I would like to share with you to express what I feel.

    I can feel and sense the fragrance in the air when I am with you,
    it is a love, a love for you, the one I want to be with.

    I can feel and sense the smile on your face when I am with you,
    it is magic, a magical moment that is like rays of sunlight from the sky.

    Looking up a blue clear sky on a bright day, and I can feel and sense your fragrance and smile all around me

    How deep is my love for you! It is uncountable one. You are the one I always want to be with…


    huhuhu… tissue pls….

  1562. 1562 : khristine Says:

    its from SIG..
    FOR US GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1563. 1563 : melojane Says:

    nakita ko nga sa youtube kasal nila jumong at lady S…

    wawa nmn c lady SO…

  1564. 1564 : khristine Says:

    Song Il-Kook brings out a diversity, people behind him overwhelmed
    Source : yomiuri newspaper
    translated by http://h0tpink20.multiply.com
    May 23, 2007

    If you tossed on local cable channels in Korea in the past, most likely you saw the flash and spunk different personality of Il-Kook Song showing you the way to being in a status of low to high rank actor.

    If you browse websites in the world, most likely, you will see about 249,200 popular searches under his name. Right now, in every asian channels of the asia world, you will see him in a series regular playing the character in an epic drama series, Jumong..

    If you have gone to movie houses in the past, you might have seen him teamed up with Jang Sin-yeon!

    He is Song il-Gook, little by little, making a name of his own, straight ahead, and now going in one direction…

    According to some journalists and critics who have seen his films “you cannot help but like him in any of the projects he’s done and he’s yet to do. He is terrific in Jumong, an absolute perfect fit for that role. His personality is the whole show! In addition, he has played the role of Yeom-jang in Hae Shin in such a likeable way and when he made a debut in a drama love story like sad movie, his looks alone made a touch of gold on screen”

    “He’s not the typical self-centered guy who just wants to make it big in the entertainment world, he is a quality person with varied talents and one who has a good family upbringing. He is a throwback to production era, something other celebrities should give consideration to learning”… Production Team of Jumong stated.

    Staff of HaeSin specified how humble Song-Il Gook is inspite of his status. “one of the best things that people like about him as a person, is his humility, with good looks, he doesnt let it go to his head, very down to earth, very spirited sense of humor and he loves his craft”

    Song Il-Gook as Yum-Moom/Yeom-jang
    Working with him has been a blast, we had a lot of exhibition programs in our soap, he is such a professional person, add to that his multi-talent can get a perfect 10 as far as “partners in crime” if i may say so, he’s like a partner in crime for me in haesin though we had different opinions. Choi Soo Jung said..

    The sets of filming went a little faster in regards to production while filming Haesin. Staff and the whole team made changes in scheduling, but in spite of, the experience gained from first days to final days, the casts from Bae Sung Hyun,Choi Soo Jung,Chae Si Ra,Soo Ae,Ahn Jae Hong,Kim Heung Soo,Lee Won Jong, Park Young Gyu, Kim Gap Soo,Lee Jae Yong, Chae Jung Ahn,Go Myung Hwan,Kil Yong Woo,Suh Do Young,Bae Soo Bin and lots more made a sharp and the camaraderie was really good!

    “I feel like the project was blessed from day one, everything we’ve been through, all hardships to get on the airwaves is just proof that you gained something if you worked hard for it…” scripwriter for Haesin Jung Jin Ok adds.
    He talks about how he recalled the time when he pointed at Song Il Gook as the 2nd lead role for Haesin. “I was talking about wanting to make a good and remarkable love story between a guy and Soo Ae as Jung Hwa while we were filming Haesin, not hating him in the role but loving him more and a guy that I had in mind for a supporting role should be somone with a lot of personality, so indeed the character or Yeom Moon was best suitable for Song Il-Gook..

    While with Jumong, the production team also managed to say “Il Gook was going to be perfect for the role, along side friend who has been with him in Haesin as a devoted follower, Lee Yae-Yong..After thinking of the story, and looking at Song Il-Gook with variety of looks, I didnt have a hard time changing his image from cool and good for nothing Jumong when he was young to a much matured intellectual character towards the ending of the story, and his face could see a thousand significant turn of events, he has such good expressions.

    “I never expected to do a project like Jumong so when it was offered to me, I was thrilled” answered Il-Gook

    “I have worked with him in the past, and ive seen his works as well, he plays several different characters, all super, so it’s really easy call to look in his direction. I know how he is during the shooting, he’s not hard to work with.” says Lee Won Jong (bodyguard)
    Jumong production began, the production team and casts know the challenge that was ahead for all of them. This was going to be a big film project for either to date and all of them wanted the work to be at their highest level.

    “Jumong was really a process. It was difficult when you think of the people’s expectations on this true to life epic drama”
    Director Lee Ju-Hwan said.

    “Song Il-Gook has just finished Haesin and his acting there was par-excellent inspite of being the 2nd lead role and villain, his acting prowess made him marked as the lead role! I knew I wouldnt have a problem with him because he is great to work with. The problem is I have to present his character in Jumong at a different level as Yeom-Moon, from hair, expressions, delivery of lines down to costume and attack. We knew that the only thing we could so was to make a difference of his character and eventually we would get on same or higher wave length, and we believe we did!” he adds

    “This was such a personal film and I know people would expect high, we all appreciate the time Song-Il Gook took rehearsing with every fellow on the set and his patience throughout the production is very very welcome. I had to take good care of the words I wrote because I knew that it was a slice of his life as Jumong” – Jung Hyung Soo, the writer adds.

    “One of the big reasons I also cast Bae Soo Bin in a major role because we all know how he cares about every projects he does. We also want to come out the best
    difference of his character in Haesin as bad and good in Jumong. That’s very good to me and very good actor to have it, it does make a big difference. Sometimes you have to experiment and discover the versatility of actors!” he exclaimed.

    “I think the film was done well, most of my time on camera was spent with Song Il Gook and Kim Seung-Su! The 2 played excellent heroes!

    Meanwhile, at present, Song Il Gook is presently shooting a new film “Angel”, shot almost entirely in America.
    The team wants the movie to be seen all over and it deserves that. “love, talent are universal things that should cross over any boundaries in the world. Angel can take you all to places where you have been and want to go again. We hope that when people watch this, they focus on the entire story and reflect. This film will surely give people something to discuss about and it would be a positive one”

    Writer Choi Wan Kyu always has something good to say about Song-Il Gook

    “Song il-Gook is an exceptional person and talent.” he says. “we joke a lot, one key thing about him is he’s a hardworking person. I have worked with him in Jumong and now, here in ANGEL, we know how to work with each other, we both give it 100% all the time and we work very seriously. We both try to do our absolute best and you cannot just ask anything more”

    Finally, Song Il-Gook reflects on who is most important to him. “i dont know yet what i have done to deserve all the luck in the world, and the family that I have. MY parents and sister have always been and continue to be my biggest fans who always support the system that I have. They always say be true, be who you are, be humble and always treat people well and you will be secured and stable” he says.

    He seems very close to his family. Everybody notices that. He loves his family so much!

    All directors, writers, staff have certain people that they really like working with or become friends to them and most of them would say “if there will be special projects in the future, they will always consider having Il-Gook on the cast. According to them, he has the look that is quite stunning for most women all ages alike, but he also has the simplicity of an individual who just wants to do his best to not fail his fans and family. That alone, makes him charming to his audiences!

    Credit http://h0tpink20.multiply.com/journal/item/70

    All I can say is WOWWW! SIG really is a great person. No doubt he is well loved by everyone. Any girl who can win his heart and bring him to the altar is indeed a very lucky girl. What I read from other articles that he has still no plans of marrying. This statement had given me hope, I still have a chance. hahaha…

    Thanks for sharing the article. It’s one of the best articles I read about SIG.

  1565. 1565 : inspiredbyU Says:

    every scene in jumong was very breath taking, the fighting scenes and love scenes… I always love to see Jumong and SO SEO NO they’re both compatible… I’m inspired every inch on how they fight for their love and for So Seo No I admire you, your strong and powerful their, you inspired me so much. For Jumong, how i wish i could see you personally. your smiles kills me everyday… Good Luck in your career life and in everything. God Bless you always!!!

    mabuhay korea novelas!!!

  1566. 1566 : khristine Says:

    mejo mhaba lng yan..

  1567. 1567 : melojane Says:

    kakaiyak naman youtube…

    nag-give way pla c soseono pra mabuo uli pamilya ni jumong?


    now ko lang nakita itsura ni yuri paglaki…

    so sad naman…


    puyat n naman ako…

  1568. 1568 : melojane Says:

    pero ok lang…

    mabait naman kc c lady soya eh…

    kaya tau pakabait din…


    happy na rin akong cla ni lady soya nagkatuluyan…

  1569. 1569 : cris Says:

    Excerpt from SIG’s message:

    “Now, here I am. I should put all those memories of Jumong behind and step on to another phase as an actor. I am so thrilled and excited to portray another life of unknown.”


    keep it up, you’ve got my support, and our support 🙂

  1570. 1570 : cris Says:

    malapit nang ikasal si jumong at lady so seo no…..

    congratulations to both of you…. 😆

  1571. 1571 : melojane Says:

    ano ba tlg ending???

  1572. 1572 : cris Says:

    kakaiba ending ng jumong,,,, dapat panoorin,, it’s a must… 🙂

  1573. 1573 : melojane Says:

    grabeh na toh!!!



    kakaiyak naman ending ng jumong…

    thanks you Tube….

    ang ganda…

    kakalungkot nga lang…

  1574. 1574 : JCM Says:

    Good morning everyone! Have a blessed day!

  1575. 1575 : khristine Says:

    ”Now, here I am. I should put all those memories of Jumong behind and step on to another phase as an actor. I am so thrilled and excited to portray another life of unknown.”

    comment din ako cris..
    kaso pag xa nagportray ng kahit sinong “UNKNOWN” eh nagiging “WELL KNOWN” eh!!!!! hehehe.. cno agree sa akin taas ang kamay????????


  1576. 1576 : khristine Says:

    tska ngayon ko lng nalaman na Romantioc din pala ang oppa natin..

    sweet kaya ng mga lines nya for us…

    sana maganda ang araw ng lahat!!!!

  1577. 1577 : Ace Says:

    Hi good day to evry one.Jumong is very humble,handsome and his my idol

  1578. 1578 : cris Says:

    hello po ace, gud pm po..

    gud pm po sa inyong lahat at kay SIG

    i’m watching jumong right now…. 🙂


    agree ako ate kristine, “UNKNOWN” eh nagiging “WELL KNOWN”…


    si ate melo, pinanood na ang ending… heheheeh, excited…. 😆

  1579. 1579 : melojane Says:

    hello friends…

    di ko n tlg napigilan…


    kahit alam ko na ending ng jumong manunuod pa rin ako…

    super ganda eh!


  1580. 1580 : azo Says:

    selam ya bu adam çokk tatlıı seni çokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sewiyorumm sıg her zamann böyle sewimli kal

  1581. 1581 : ^^^^^^^ Says:

    daan lang po to say “hi and gud pm po SIG at sa lahat po ng andito”

  1582. 1582 : JCM Says:

    Good evening everyone.

    Ala ba Jumong tonight? nakalagay kasi kagabi, abangan sa lunes.

    Anyway, just want to greet everyone a very good night. God bless.

  1583. 1583 : melojane Says:

    hi friends!

    grabe naman tatlong pakita lang ang jumong kagabi!

    tama ba bilang ko?

    mas marami pang commercial!

    iba na tlg pag inaabangan…

  1584. 1584 : melojane Says:

    Hi JCM!

    di ko napansin un ah…

    abangan na lang natin mamaya…

  1585. 1585 : melojane Says:


    walang jumong tonite!!!


    antagal ko pa nag-antay…

    aantok na nga ako kanina pa…


  1586. 1586 : melojane Says:


    makatulog na nga!

  1587. 1587 : sweetheart Says:

    hello mga sis.. naku pinanood nyo din pala yung ending ng Jumong.. sad nga yung ending eh.. hayy naku… pero right now Im enjoying every episode of Jumong.. ang ganda kasi..

    kaasar lang kasi walang Jumong tonight.. kakainis talaga.. 3 days kong hindi mapapanood c JUmong.. hayyy!!!

  1588. 1588 : azo Says:

    sıg senn yakışıklılığınlaa adamıı hasta edersinn

  1589. 1589 : farzaneh Says:

    i really like u il guk especially your acting god of sea is now showing on iran tv i watch this drama only because u play in it i whish u luck

  1590. 1590 : leslie Says:

    wow ang pogi ni il gook….. grabe 3o plus na adad nya pro d sngle pa rin xa…….obvious na mtinong la2ke xa…….preho cl n kwon sang woo…….twanks

  1591. 1591 : shane Says:

    I luv Song II Gook! He is the best actor for me. Magaling syang umarte kahit mata lang madadala ka sa story. Mas magaling pa siya sa mga napanood ko na korean actors!!

  1592. 1592 : khristine Says:

    PAdaan lng po!!!!!!!! 😀

  1593. 1593 : cris Says:

    hellooooo…………. kristine,, daan lang din po… hehehehhehe

    good pm SIG..

    walng jumong kagabi at wala din ngayon, sa dvd nlang watch… 🙂

  1594. 1594 : melojane Says:

    hello friends!!!


    i miss chatting with you guyz…

  1595. 1595 : JCM Says:

    Halu! Good evening! Tinapos kasi siguro kagabi Lupin kaya ala Jumong.

    Good night everyone.

  1596. 1596 : ramileic Says:

    na-miss q c jumong kagabi.. 3 days ko xa d mkkta.. gulat aq nung thursday abangan sa lunes na.. e, hwebes pa lng.. kla q gagaya na rin sila sa dos na hangang ths. lng.. yun pla e nag give way sa lupin.. grabe na ang Jumong Syndrome q..

  1597. 1597 : melojane Says:

    hay grabeh, antok na ko!


    you tube lang muna me…

    next month nko bibili ng cd para tuloy-tuloy!


  1598. 1598 : melojane Says:

    goodnite mga sis!

    o, yung iba jan tulo laway na ah!



  1599. 1599 : RoxyBathory Says:

    shane Says:

    August 18th, 2007 at 1:03 pm
    I luv Song II Gook! He is the best actor for me. Magaling syang umarte kahit mata lang madadala ka sa story. Mas magaling pa siya sa mga napanood ko na korean actors!!


    Oo naman. ‘Yung ibang Korean actors mga OVERRATED naman. Nake-keri lang naman ng WHITE JADE skin and HUNK BODIES (although, kahit iba sa kanila ay sobrang popular, eh totoo naman dahil aside from good looks, competent pang umarte).

  1600. 1600 : Erica Says:

    English-speaking fans can find more information on Song Il Guk at:



  1601. 1601 : sweetheart Says:

    hello everyone.. oh my goshh… page 33 nah.. 😀 How’s everyone in the house? I miss SIG already… it sucks, no jumong last friday.. was waiting for it pa naman…

    anyways, hi Cris… how are you?

    melojane, thanx for the links.. wow, i had soo much fun browsing all the links… 😀

    Hi khristine, how are you? how have u been? 😀 😀

  1602. 1602 : cris Says:

    ok lang po ako,, may tinatapos lang na powerpoint,, tapos lurking dito kay SIG… 🙂

    enjoy talaga don sa mga links na pinost ni ate melo,,,, ang daming pictures at news, at thanks din kay erica, dahil naintindihan ko na yong isang link (translated from Korean to English)… 🙂

  1603. 1603 : melojane Says:

    ang sakit na ng mata ko!


    pinanuod ko kc sa you tube from episode 70 to 81!


  1604. 1604 : melojane Says:

    wow, grabe, ang ganda ng story…

    naiyak ako nung nagkita na cla ni lady soya…

    in fairness dun sa bro ni dae so magaling din pla ah!

    di nga lang halata… hehehe…

    ano nga name nya? yompo? yongko? ayoko? hehehe…

  1605. 1605 : melojane Says:













    o, yung mga di pa nagchicheck, eto uli ung mga links…

    ngaun ko pa nga lang rin ichicheck eh… hehehe…

    have fun!

  1606. 1606 : cris Says:

    yong nagkaroon ako ng dvd ng jumong, ginawa ko marathon sa panonood, saka sa youtube.. heheheh

    nauna ko panoorin ang ending kesa sa gitna… hahaahahha 😆

  1607. 1607 : Gemini Says:

    Just finished watching Terms of Endearment/Conditions of Love… quite long but nevertheless, kinda worth my time. If not for SIG it could have not made me stay and finish it to the end. As usual, he was at his best peformance. I watched this series in between watching Jumong over Philippine primetime television (GMA which has been giving us good koreanovelas). Prior to this, he was also very impressive with his Sea God ( Emperor of the Sea, here). Saw him also in All About Eve where he did a cameo role ( some even missed his watching his part there). SIG has consistently performed with utmost justice to all his roles. This guy really can act. He made me cry in Terms… and in Jumong, without appearing overacting. For me, an actor that could me cry is a good one. SIG has very impressive eyes and facial expressions. This has made him one of my favorite very few korean actors ( no offense meant to Filipino actors). I just wish that Filipino actors should learn from them insofar as acting is concerned (especially for crying scenes, without having some facial distortions).

    To SIG, continue to do good movies and tv dramas. I will be looking forward to watching Lobbyist and many more of you. Congratulations for being a fine actor.

  1608. 1608 : khristine Says:

    ate sweetheart ok naman me.. ikaw kmusta na??? goodnyt sa lahat.. hapi watching..

  1609. 1609 : sweetheart Says:

    hi Khristine.. okey naman ako dito.. Im soo happy kasi may Jumong ulit… hayy… ang galing talaga nila.. gwapo talaga ni SIG noh astig.. 😀 😀

    Hi din kasy Cris at melojane… 😀 😀

  1610. 1610 : cris Says:

    kinkbahn ako ngayon sa dami ng gagawin,,,, heheheheeh

    balik school na (ang haba ng bakasyon dahil sa bagyo)

    pero lurk muna ako dito, gusto ko muna makita si SIG at mag great ng good morning kayong lahat dito…

    “morning po”…

    ayan ok na ako…..

    Mabuhay ang pangkay ng Damul….. yahooooooooo………… 😆

  1611. 1611 : peyah.. Says:

    hi there guys!im new here.hehe!adik din me sa jumong lalo na kay song il guk!aheheh..super ganda ng jumong and i had to fininsh the full 81 episodes for almost 2 weeks!take note, 2 am pa ako lage natutulog nun ha?hehehe….kaso lang, ang sad ng ending eh.huuhuuhu, nyway, if you see it positively, ang bait tlaga ni God kay JUmong kasi at least God had given them (JUMONG AND SOSEONO) the time for them to be able to express their love for each other.kaya lang, naawa me kay li shuiya..anyway, ever since babay naman, pinoprotektahan siya ni Youri eh!hehee if you have questions regarding jumong, feel free to ask me, i wana ba your friend guys!SIG RULESZZ>>!!my emailadd->[email protected]

  1612. 1612 : cris Says:

    hello peyah… magandang umaga.

    yah… Jumong rulessssssssssssssss….

    the No. 1 Asianovela… 🙂

  1613. 1613 : peyah.. Says:

    hi po ulit!i just wana share this web paeg to all jumongers out there!hehe check this out guys!!


    ang gnada ng site na to, promise!marami kayong malalaman about kay il guk.everything aout him is here…pati videos niya.my fave video here is the “christmas special”try nyo po and give me your reactions.kwentuhan tayo!my eadd–>>[email protected]

  1614. 1614 : peyah.. Says:


  1615. 1615 : peyah.. Says:

    cris, nakita mo na ba ung page na pinost ko?try mo po..

  1616. 1616 : cris Says:

    hello peyah, late reply, akla ko kasi tulog k na kanina… heheheh

    by the way, na visit ko na po yong link na yon ng maraming beses na po… heeheheh

    may post na po ng link na yon dito dito before, sa mga backposts po…. pero thank you padin po…..

    try mo din po visit yong mga link na binigay po ni ate melo, mag eenjoy ka… heheheheheheh

    good morning SIG, madaling araw na,,, study po ako eh… 😆

  1617. 1617 : khristine Says:

    anneong haseho!!!!

    bago magstart ang busy day ko.. greet ko lng kayo lahat..

  1618. 1618 : zhu meng Says:

    elow peyah! my frndzter kb? Bka pdeng mgng frnd kta? =D

  1619. 1619 : zhu meng Says:

    elow khristine! ingat puh se0ng bz day! L0ng live goujuli! =D

  1620. 1620 : zhu meng Says:

    ei mga jum0ngerz! Azk q lng sna kng alam nyo ung title nung theme s0ng nla jum0ng ska s0 se0 n0h? Tnx p0h in advance!

  1621. 1621 : khristine Says:

    mga sisteh..

    ako. add nyo naman ako sa friendster ninyo.. [email protected] intayin ko kayo ha..

    hehehehe.. salamat..

  1622. 1622 : cris Says:

    OST po ng Jumong – HOLD ON by Shamrock


    kapag si So Seo Noh at Jumong – HAPLOS by Shamrock

    kapag si Jumong at Lady Soya or si Buyong – NAKASANAYAN KO NA BA by Faith Cuneta


    Jumong is No. 1 Asianovela po….

  1623. 1623 : cris Says:

    check this guys… nice video….


    jumong and so seo noh 🙂

  1624. 1624 : zhu meng Says:

    cris ndi un! ung k0rean ver. p0h n 0ST nla hnhnap q,dq kz mkta ky h0tpink20 eh,

  1625. 1625 : RoxyBathory Says:

    cris Says:

    August 22nd, 2007 at 5:37 pm
    OST po ng Jumong – HOLD ON by Shamrock


    kapag si So Seo Noh at Jumong – HAPLOS by Shamrock

    kapag si Jumong at Lady Soya or si Buyong – NAKASANAYAN KO NA BA by Faith Cuneta


    Jumong is No. 1 Asianovela po….

    Oo nga naman! Pero kung susumahin mo ang lahat lahat ng Asianovelas aired each day, natatauban ng Meteor Garden ang Jumong. Ang MG, naka 32, ang Jumong 31 something palang so far.
    Gayunpaman, credited sa GMA ang panalo ng MG eventhough sa ABS-CBN ito nagsimula. Siguro, kung Koreanovela, Jumong talaga—despite the NUTAM crap being forced by rabid kapamilyas at pagdiinang Princess Hours ang #1. Eh in terms of record, lalo na nung naglabas ang NUTAM for 1st quarter, ni hindi man lang nakapasok sa Top20 programs ang Princess Hours pero ang Which Star Are You From nakapasok sa Top 10 (based on NUTAM). Pero sa MEGATAM, Jumong talaga consistent. MBC was even happy with the performance of Jumong in the Philippines—-kahit Megamanila lang. After all, they won’t care kung Nationwide man lang or Megamanila. Kung saan man makapagtala ng pinakamataas na rating ay doon satisfied ang MBC. Ganun din naman sa Korea eh. Disregardable kung Seoulwide or Nationwide. ‘Yung pinakamataas na rating ng Jumong eh nataon pa sa Seoulwide eh at iyun pa ang itinala ng TNS.

  1626. 1626 : cris Says:

    ay ganun po ba zhu meng,,,, hheehheehhe

    akala ko yong tagalog eh…. cge,,, try ko ding hanapin…

    yahooooooooooo.. 😆

  1627. 1627 : cris Says:

    consistent talaga jumong sa mega, pasok nga po to sa Top 10 ng mega eh,, saka kahit sandamakmak ipangtapat nila, hayyyyyy… wala padin…

    pagdating naman sa nationwide, ayos lang din,, pinpalakas pa kasi ng GMA7 signal eh… heheheheh


    wait nasa episode 68 or 69 na po tayo sa jumong ngayon…


    posts nyo po kapag may news about the Awarding ha…. heheheheh

    August 28 yata yon eh………. 😆

  1628. 1628 : Tony03 Says:

    No.1 talaga JUMONG napanaood nanamin ang buong story pati gabi-gabi walang sawa galing kasi ni Song Il Gook! Sana di lang Jumong susunod na korea novela nya na ipalalabas.

  1629. 1629 : cris Says:

    gandang gabi SIG and Tony……

    meron po ngayong bagong tv series si SIG – LOBBYIST po..

    still on going pdin ang shoot……….

  1630. 1630 : zhu meng Says:

    okei tnx criz! nggandahan q kz ung k0rean ver. n ost nla ni s0 se0 n0h eh hehe,

  1631. 1631 : cris Says:

    cge, i’ll do my best, combine force tayong mga Damul…. hehehhe

    pero di pa ngayon,, may exam po kasi ako bukas eh,,,

    ngayon lang ulit ako may nakasabay sa pag online… hehehheheeh

  1632. 1632 : zhu meng Says:

    okei tnx! Hhnapin q sna s limewire kea lng d aq mkpg net n0w, cp q lng gngmt q d2 kea mhrap mghnap,haAY zna mka kita q ng mp3 nun,fav q n ata ung k0rean ver. nun huhu

  1633. 1633 : dan dan urao Says:

    mamatay na si doe-so sana patayin siya ni jumong.

  1634. 1634 : dan dan urao Says:


  1635. 1635 : zhu meng Says:

    hakhak anak ni jum0ng mkkptay ky dae s0,kea lng s ending p =D

  1636. 1636 : calai Says:

    does someone know what is oyi’s korean name?

  1637. 1637 : melojane Says:

    hi khristine!

    inadd kita sa friendster!


  1638. 1638 : zhu meng Says:

    melojane pde dn b kta iadd s frndzter? =D

  1639. 1639 : cris Says:

    oyi’s korean name is Yeo Ho-min po..


    kristine add kita, bilis ng confirmation… hehehehhe

  1640. 1640 : CK Says:

    Woh, SIG is now No. 1? Way ahead of Joo Ji Hoon..

  1641. 1641 : khristine Says:

    haha.. tnx sa mga nag add sa akin.. love u ol guys xempre si SIG din..

  1642. 1642 : khristine Says:


    sabe na nga ba eh.. somethings familiar with u.. hu knows we are studying on a same school as of now… hahahaha.. and take note.. iisang floor pa tayo!!!! OMG.. im so glad for this.. hehehe..

    kamustasa naman.. hehehehe.. nakakatuwa diba..

  1643. 1643 : cris Says:

    talaga kristine,, oh my goshhhhhh… hhahaahha

    so siguro nkita mo na ako,,,?? Watch sa bulletin, you can find me there.. hahahah

    kaloka… heheheh, pagtagpuin ba tayo dahil kay SIG… hhaahahah

  1644. 1644 : Mystery Says:

    Hi JCM & All SIG fans, Malapit na ang Aug. 28,2007 let offer a prayer na SIG wins the award. Erica, thanks very much for sharing the link you discovered ang ganda ganda! SIG lovers check #1602 of this page or (www.songilguktranslated.com) JCM, did u watch the RED EYE na? I finished it last night NAKAKATAKOT. Bye for now.

  1645. 1645 : Mystery Says:

    Hi JCM & All SIG fans, Malapit na ang Aug. 28,2007 let us offer a prayer na SIG wins the award. Erica, thanks very much for sharing the link you discovered ang ganda ganda! SIG lovers check #1602 of this page or (www.songilguktranslated.com) JCM, did u watch the RED EYE na? I finished it last night NAKAKATAKOT. Bye for now.

  1646. 1646 : melojane Says:

    hi zhu meng!

    of course!

    add ko kaung lahat para masaya!


    [email protected]



  1647. 1647 : melojane Says:

    hi crissy!

    ikaw ba sa KRISTIN?

    i sent u a message sa friendster…

    sana nga ikaw un!


  1648. 1648 : cris Says:

    ate melo, iba po kami ni kristine… 🙂

    siya po ung my e-mail add po dito..

    sa kanya you po yata nasend ang message…

  1649. 1649 : khristine Says:

    anneong haseho..

    yup! magkaiba po kami ni cris..

    akalain mo yan talagang new found freind kita dahil kay SIG..

  1650. 1650 : na-ru Says:

    ay khristine n add ata kta,ü cris pde dn b kta iadd? nu b mga eadd nyo? lets b frndz!Ü

  1651. 1651 : cris Says:

    na-ru Says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    ay khristine n add ata kta,ü cris pde dn b kta iadd? nu b mga eadd nyo? lets b frndz!Ü


    nasa friend list po ako ni kristine… hehehehe

    ano po e-mail add you, add po kita… 🙂

  1652. 1652 : khristine Says:

    tnx 4 adding!!!
    love u sig..

  1653. 1653 : khristine Says:

    na-ru, ikaw ba ung raizer sa fwendster ko?

  1654. 1654 : na-ru Says:

    khriztine aq p0h ung -mark- c cris nln ata dq naad, ad mq criz h? hehe e2 p0h ead q ad nyo p0h aq.. [email protected]

  1655. 1655 : IVY Says:


  1656. 1656 : cris Says:

    add na po kita na-ru a.k.a mark.. heheheheh

    confirm mo na…

    meeting friends because of SIG… 🙂


    malapit na August 28,,,,, sana manalo si SIG….

  1657. 1657 : dahren grace Says:

    you are so cute. . . .grabe. . . . i am the ultimate fan of song II gook . . . .i wish i could see him in personal someday . . . . .i really like his role in jumong . . . . . you are the best actor for me . . . .So. . . .HOLD ON!

  1658. 1658 : kwaKwak Says:

    an nyong oppa!!!!
    i LOVE Song Il Gook
    i am very happy u had the most fans out here!!!!!!!!!!
    hope that u will stay on top..
    and ur fans manifests ur greatness as an actor!!!
    everyone loves u, u know!!!!!!
    i loved u!!!

  1659. 1659 : kwaKwak Says:

    SONG IL KOOK in the KOOKies` heart

    and i am having a SIKness,
    my fever phenomenon for Song Il Kook!!

  1660. 1660 : melojane Says:


    I had a very bad dream last nite…
    4th placer na lang raw si SIG sa thread na to!!!
    Can’t believe it!
    So glad it isn’t true…

  1661. 1661 : kwaKwak Says:

    melojane must really had a bad dream..
    well, still praying that Song Il Kook will be the lifetime topplacer here.
    with the support of the KOOKies…

  1662. 1662 : na-ru Says:

    gandang gabi!ü h0wZ evry1? Criz naaccept q n pla hihi tnx puh!

  1663. 1663 : melojane Says:

    OMG! malapit na tlagang mtapos ang jumong! ung episode tonite ang napanuod ko sa you tube! OMG tlg…

  1664. 1664 : margarette torrez Says:


    sUpaH cute nia>>>>>>>

    un lang

  1665. 1665 : Jenalyn Says:

    Song Il-Gook is really a good actor. I like him very much especially his tv series “jumong”. He is very handsome…. More Power to you Song Il-Gook, I hope you will portray more inspiring movies and tv series. I really enjoy the way you act. Goodluck more to your career

  1666. 1666 : JCM Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Hi Mystery, I haven’t seen RED EYE, tagal na ko naghahanp ng CD pero ala ako makita. Where did you get that? Maganda nga daw kasi horror at kakaiba. Tell me naman where to buy it. Thanks.

    God bless all SIG fanatics.

  1667. 1667 : ella mae Says:

    hi jumong…..how r u???im ella mae from philippines…i really like ur koreanovela “JUMONG”…hop that someday u wil visit our place…

  1668. 1668 : melojane Says:

    oist, galaw-galaw naman jan!

    tulo laway na naman kau eh!


    happy viewing mga sis!

  1669. 1669 : khristine Says:

    hay, kamusta na mga ate atkuya???

  1670. 1670 : na-ru Says:

    ox lng kmi haha =D kw khristine kam0sta? Hehe

  1671. 1671 : akoitoh Says:

    hi,,,i love u Song il gook,,,you’re so handsome,,, i like the way you act in Jumong…pls visit Philippines

  1672. 1672 : sweetheart Says:

    hello SIG fans… 😀 Guys, I built a forum site for SIG..

    Cris, Khristine, and Melojane, if okey lang sa inyo gagawin ko kayong moderators.. 😀

  1673. 1673 : sweetheart Says:

    hello SIG fans… Guys, I built a forum site for SIG.. where we can chat and discuss anything about SIG. 😀

    Cris, Khristine, and Melojane, if okey lang sa inyo gagawin ko kayong moderators.. 😀

  1674. 1674 : cris Says:

    hehehhe, talaga ate sweetheart, gumwa kang forum site, patingin naman,… Moderator po ba? Di ko alam gingawa non eh, sa igma lang ako nakakabasa ng mga MOD eh…

    yahhhooooo…… may forum site po tayo……… Cheerssssssssssss….

    thank you ate sweetheart. 🙂

  1675. 1675 : akoitoh Says:

    i love u jumong…w8,mtnda k n pla,,eneiweiz you’re still handsome and a good actor…keep up!

  1676. 1676 : ma. Joy canes Says:

    Basta ang gwapo talaga ni jumong promise

  1677. 1677 : sweetheart Says:

    Cris, pm kita sa IGMA ha para makita mo yung forum.. kaya lang wala pang laman.. kasi kakagawa ko lang kanina..

    pero naorganize ko na cya…

    kelangan ko pa ng ibang infos about sig… Kasi mas okey pag may forum talaga, para doon na kayo chikahan..

    di bale, tuturuaan kitang kung paano maging MOD..

    sana okey kina Melojane at Khristine..

    kayo pa lang kasi ang kakilala ko dito

  1678. 1678 : cris Says:

    ate sweetheart pwede po ba ipost link dito… try ko kung pwede..


  1679. 1679 : cris Says:

    ayon pwede pla yong link: http://www.songilgook.netboarder.com

    visit po kayo, gawa ni ate sweetheart,, ang galing, site for SIG po yan,,, forum po… pwede din kayo magposts, register lang po…

    see yah there, nkapagregister na po ako… pero out muna ako ngayon, exam bukas eh…. see yah mga ate at kuya…. 🙂

    thanks nga pla ate sweetheart…..

  1680. 1680 : cris Says: