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Name: 송지효 / Song Ji Hyo
Real name: 천성임 / Chun Sung Im (Cheon Seong-im)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1981-Aug-15
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Eldest of 3 children: 1 brother and 1 sister
School: Graduated from Kyung Mun University
Talent agency: C-JeS Entertainment

TV Shows

Lovely Horribly (KBS2, 2018)
Entourage (tvN, 2016)
My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week (jTBC, 2016)
Ex-Girlfriend Club (tvN, 2015)
The Girl Who Can See Smells (SBS, 2015)
Emergency Man and Woman (tvN, 2014)
Mandate of Heaven (KBS2, 2013)
Gye Baek (MBC, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
The Book of Three Han (MBC, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006)


What a Man Wants (2018)
The New World (2013)
Maritime Police Marco (2013)
Code Name: Jackal (2012)
Late Blossom (2010)
Frozen Flower (2008)
Sex Is Zero 2 (2008)
Yoga Class (2006)
Some (2004)
Wishing Stairs (2003)


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Producer’s Award, Actress (Gye Baek)
2011 SBS Entertainment Awards: Female Excellence Award (Running Man)

Related Photo

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424 Responses to “Song Ji Hyo”

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  1. 401
    Mary Nove Says:

    Hey ,song ji hyo is an amazing actress ..why have to judge her just based on a sex scene that he had taken ,being a good actress should be brave enough to take any scene ..that is just immatured way of thinking *sighhhh*

  2. 402
    SK Says:

    Sarang hae, Song Ji Hyo. Aja Aja Fighting! You are a talented actress. As a human, we must always know ourselves and who we are and NEVER dwell on comments from other people who do not know who we are.

  3. 403
    remich Says:

    song ji hyo is such an amazing actress. I start liking her at her TV show emergency couple. I like the drama because its funny and the story is good and realistic. Ji hyo is really pretty. Aja! Fighting ji hyo!

  4. 404
    saraghaeoooo Says:

    song ji hyo you are so kind, friendly and most beauty….youlook so great at fan meeting at singapore with choi jin hyuk..thanks for hugging your fans at there…

  5. 405
    foreverjihyo Says:

    Song ji hyo is very nice at the Emergency Couple Meet and Greet at Singapore. She interacts with almost everyone, she gave handskahe plus hug to the lucky fans. She kept on throwing a lot of flying kisses as well as love signs and bowed a lot. Ji hyo is very beautiful! Very very beautiful. Everytime I watch her. Reminds me how humble and down to earth she is. No wonder why a lot of fans keeps love her more and more yand more.

  6. 406
    kdramalover Says:

    Song Ji Hyo is very kind. After the Emergency Couple Meet and Greet at Singapore when she interacts with almost everyone out there I must say that this actress is amazing. She gave handshake plus hug to the lucky fans. She kept on throwing a lot of flying kisses as well as love signs and bowed a lot. Song Ji hyo is very beautiful inside and out. Remembering all the scenes on that fan meeting reminds me how humble and very down to earth she is. No doubt why a lot of fans keeps on loving her more and more and more

  7. 407
    Kat-Kat Says:

    You’re my favorite Korean actress. You’re talented and a natural beauty. Wishing to see you again in another great production or drama.

  8. 408
    hai ji hyo Says:

    hi ji hyo unnie,

    I start like you when i see u in running man. Seriously when i watch how u easy going play in running man, how strong you are, how humble. i really like u. u show that as a women side in a good way. After that i always be ur fan…….. love you song ji hyo… 🙂

  9. 409
    like Says:

    i like u in running man….. when you get angry…always they put angry bird sound so funny… when u angry u look so cute…..

  10. 410
    Kat Says:

    You’re my favorite Korean star since Running Man. I’m so excited that finally I’ll be able to watch you in a drama again after “Emergency Couple”. I’m really looking forward to your new drama “Ex-Girlfriend Club” with Byun Yo Han. You two seem to have great chemistry based on the photos, teasers and BTS videos. Wishing your drama will be a success.

  11. 411
    Suhailah Says:

    Song Ji Hyo is my favorite Korean actress.It would be nice if I can meet with her.I’m watched all her drama including Jackal is Coming.Now, I’m watching ‘Jackal is Coming’.Song Ji Hyo is always and he is my Korean girl idols No. 1 in my Life.She always looks young altough she is 30s.^_^


    I'm from Malaysia

  12. 412
    Suhailah/Song Song Couple Says:

    Hi,we meet again.I hope she has another filming a romance drama likes Emergency Couple and Jackal is Coming. SARANGHAE^w^ Ji Hyo noona

  13. 413
    Suhailah/Song Song Couple Says:

    Suhailah and Suhailah/Song Song Couple are the same person.

    My SWEET ROMANCE Song Song Couple

    I’m Most LOVE Song Song COUPLE than Monday COUPLE?!!!

  14. 414
    Da Ni Says:

    suka semua Drama yang di bintangi Song Ji Hyo :*

  15. 415
    Kat Says:

    After reading the news that your current drama Ex-Girlfriend Club was cut to 12 episodes, I feel very upset. No matter how people criticize you, still you’re my fave actress. Hope to see & meet you in person. I can really tell that you’re a naturally beautiful person with a genuine heart. Wishing you all the best & success in life.

    P.S: Hope that soon you’ll be able to work with Hyun Bin. If that will happen, I’ll definitely go cray.

  16. 416
    siti Says:

    ji hyo unnie i hope you can come to malaysia with another running man member

  17. 417
    siti Says:


  18. 418
    siti Says:

    monday couple the best even you guys not real couple

  19. 419
    song ji hyo Says:

    hii song ji hyo,i love u i m your fan…i only your fan i really like you in running man i hope you always happy and take care..i hope we can meet one day…I LOVE YOU!!! SARANGHAE SONG JI HYO..i really want to see you i think your sister and you brother must be grateful because have sister like you…i the most love you…happy everyday dont sad i always in your side….:)

  20. 420
    song ji hyo Says:

    SONG JI HYO!!!!!

  21. 421
    Lee Fie RÖ Says:

    I like you. I love watching Runningman

  22. 422
    fio Says:

    I love you. My fave actress. I hope you will play a drama soon.

  23. 423
    Korean Videos Song - Videobox Says:

    […] Song Ji Hyo […]

  24. 424
    “Entourage” – noua comedie spumoasa de la tvN - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Song Ji Hyo Mamamoo Lee Joon Ik Bong Man Dae Ahn Hye Kyung Lee Tae Im Clara Kang Ha Neul […]

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