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Song Ji Hyo

Name: 송지효 / Song Ji Hyo
Real name: 천성임 / Chun Sung Im (Cheon Seong-im)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1981-Aug-15
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Eldest of 3 children: 1 brother and 1 sister
School: Graduated from Kyung Mun University
Talent agency: C-JeS Entertainment

TV Shows

Was It Love (jTBC, 2020)
Lovely Horribly (KBS2, 2018)
Chief B and the Love Letter (tvN, 2017)
Entourage (tvN, 2016)
My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week (jTBC, 2016)
Ex-Girlfriend Club (tvN, 2015)
The Girl Who Can See Smells (SBS, 2015)
Emergency Man and Woman (tvN, 2014)
Mandate of Heaven (KBS2, 2013)
Gye Baek (MBC, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
The Book of Three Han (MBC, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006)


What a Man Wants (2018)
The New World (2013)
Maritime Police Marco (2013)
Code Name: Jackal (2012)
Late Blossom (2010)
Frozen Flower (2008)
Sex Is Zero 2 (2008)
Yoga Class (2006)
Some (2004)
Wishing Stairs (2003)


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Producer’s Award, Actress (Gye Baek)
2011 SBS Entertainment Awards: Female Excellence Award (Running Man)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : MaGie-SeXy Says:

    hi monique!!
    im always watching princess hours!!
    here in philippines|!!

  2. 2 : charlotte cute Says:

    Hi monique!!!waz_up
    I saw u in princess hour or Goong here in the philiphines
    u are so pretty & talented in the drama!!!

  3. 3 : Eunice Joy Whigan Says:


    im your fan here in the philippines..
    hope you’ll email me at
    [email protected]..


  4. 4 : lin Says:

    hello! may i know if you have an american blood? coz it loks like…

  5. 5 : Savannah Loh J.J Says:

    Ya know if u hadn’t acted as the bad guy, I would have LUVED u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 : Ling Says:

    Hey, I just watch Princess Hours. It’s cool.
    U r very pretty. Sweet. Smile more.
    U got a great smile.

  7. 7 : angelica Says:

    hi monique how r u?let me ask u something do u really dance ballet? hey monique ur so good in acting in princess hours one of the highest rating here in the philippines hope u can visit here with joo ji hoon, yoon eun hye and kim jeong hoon…. 🙂 🙂

  8. 8 : debby Says:

    monique pls. don’ get janelle 4 gaian

  9. 9 : Jeanne sharisse Cornejo Says:

    hi hi ms. monique
    you are very pretty and very good in acting
    and also i have watched you in wishing stairs
    you are very good in dancing ballet you know
    rock on….

    cha of cavite Philippines

  10. 10 : GIRLIE L. YEE Says:

    hello monique i always watching princess hours im very happy to triple love team I hope it will true to life story.

  11. 11 : julie Says:

    im always watching princess hours/”goong” in korean..
    although i cant understand you’re language..im enjoying watching it..
    im korean addict..hehe..just keep up the good work!!

  12. 12 : Gervian Says:

    although in goong she’s a bad gal,but i believe tat herself is nt a bad person…yup..like her…

  13. 13 : melissa Says:

    hi Chun Sung Im! i like the way you act… it’s very mysterious and appropriate for your role. keep it up!

  14. 14 : anjellie_sentasas Says:

    u know wat monique di ka gwapa!!! sa tnood lang..hehehe..jok jok jok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 : kc Says:

    hi angelie sentasas taga asa ka?? taga digos ka??? by the hi monique pls let go from gian

  16. 16 : elle Says:

    song ji hyo, nice acting.. i like when you dance.. rock on!! hey, im a fan!!!

  17. 17 : beah-ho0n Says:

    ang san yo!!!xiaolin…
    >>ur so preety…so graceful and expressive..so gud in acting..
    >>hope u can visit here in d’ PHILIPPINES..
    >>with Yoon Eun-hye,Joo Ji Hoon,and Kim Jeung-hoon..CIAO

  18. 18 : benilou Says:

    hope you’ll visit someday the philippines!!!! together with the other casts of goong…… i will wath you in goong2!!!!!!

  19. 19 : bianca Says:

    hi who said shes not pretty shes better than janelle noh mga pangeeeet yong naninira kai song ji hyo

  20. 20 : cherrie ann obice Says:

    annyeohaseyo song ji hyo!!!! i’m cherrie ann from Philippines… i’m always watching your show everynight, The PRINCESS HOURS… its a very beautiful show…

    and even your role their was a bad giel, i still love you…
    and i thank you for serving me and to all your fans…

    also your movie wishing stairs was so nice…
    your so talented… i want to be like you…
    you are good in ballet also….

    thank GOD for He has given you Blessings which you can share it to the other people…

    i hope that you continue to serve your fans as well as God..

    keep in touch to God and to your fans…

    good luck to your upcoming show…

    take care friend and i hope that you approve my friendster account…

    here’s my friendster account- [email protected]

    keep smiling!!! byebye my friend song ji hyo!!!

  21. 21 : minurrvah Says:

    Song Ji Hyo,
    you’re so cute..!

  22. 22 : YEn Says:

    Hi,prettygirl!!!I had only 2 questions………are u really a naughty girl?and do u really love GIAN in real life?

  23. 23 : charm Says:

    hi monique! do you really dance ballet? do you really love gian in real life? are you really naughtY? i am one of your fans you rock!your acting is so good!! princess hours is the best!! i always watch your show! it really makes me fall in love!! well this is all i got to say.. bye my friend song ji-hyo!

  24. 24 : janelle monique Says:

    Hi!Your cute specially in wishing stairs.

  25. 25 : janelle monique Says:

    good ballerina!!!

  26. 26 : Marshanne Says:

    Hi monique!
    ur such a good actress! I wanna be a balerrina like what ur role is.
    I’ve been watching u here in the philippines!

  27. 27 : Marshanne Says:

    Ur such a good and pretty actress!!!!!!
    I’ve been watching you, i princess hours, here in the philippines!!!!

  28. 28 : princess janelle Says:


  29. 29 : ma. venus o. alzate Says:

    hi there, to the cast of Princess Hours… i was really touched and moved by your movie. at first, it seems that it’s very boring but seeing the movie in it’s full episode, i didn’t even had the chance to moved from my seat. I really really loved the flow of the story and how loved evovled between the main characters.. am looking forward watching movies like Princess hours or seeing the same cast in a different love story. hope Joo Jin-hoon would visit here in the philippines. goodluck everyone!

  30. 30 : enshiya sahara Says:

    hi………ms. song ji hyo!
    im enshiya, one of tour million of fans in the philippines.. hope to see you more in movies…in though it is impossible im still hoping to see in person.. godbless

  31. 31 : nobody's princess Says:

    are you a real ballerina??

  32. 32 : Crown Princess Roseann Says:

    walang hiya ka..inaagaw mo skn c prince gian ko..i hate you..panget..

    mas magaling akong sumayaw sau marunong ka bang mag otsoo-otso huh!!…

  33. 33 : dina_cute Says:

    shes pretty!!!nice act!!!!

  34. 34 : ashley Says:

    !!shes!!!1nice and pretty!!!

  35. 35 : charisse Says:

    hey there! you are so pretty! i like your hair style! 🙂 great acting…some may not like your character in Princess hour mocie series but hey it’s part of the plot…that’s what make the movie exciting right?!…well…you’re doing a very good job… keep it up! 🙂

  36. 36 : rere Says:

    hai..i think you’re acting is really good in princess hours.you can make people hate you because you’re acting.but i liked you..you have a pretty face.and do you dance ballet too?you’re hair style is good…i liked it..hope 2 see you…in indonesia..

  37. 37 : jacqui Says:

    hi there avid fans of princess hours! i realy love watching the show! so kilig! lalo na c prince gian.. hehe i love it! its so cool to watch that kind of show, so entertaining! mga cutie pie pa ang mga bida! agree? hehe

  38. 38 : janelle Says:

    hi monique i hope na real couple nlang kau ni jeong junur so beautiful meron ka plang isang movie ngaun sa chanell 2 i hope ur will be a good actress in that movie byee

  39. 39 : mike Says:

    she is also in JUMONG as ye soya. She will marry prince jumong in the series. Very Cute!

  40. 40 : abigail Says:

    hi! pwedeng mo b, akong i add sa friendster mo?

  41. 41 : abigail Says:

    hi,pwedeng i add mo ko? e2 o [email protected]

  42. 42 : mitchel Says:

    avid fan

  43. 43 : china Says:

    moniqueee!! ur so pretty! pls mail me =)

  44. 44 : diana jane Says:


    you are very pretty in the tv series GOONG….

    though you’re a “bad” girl there you’re still very very good…

    i wish that all of the cast of princess hours(gOoNg) will go here in the philippines in iligan city……

  45. 45 : rodz Says:

    wait for her in Jumong on GMA she’s Jumongs first wife her name is ye-soya there, they will have a son named Yuri who will be the successor of jumongs’ throne.

  46. 46 : karen Says:

    Annyeong-haseyo Song Ji Hyo!!!! You’re really great in Jumong…….God Bless!!!!!and Good Luck:)!!!!!

  47. 47 : em Says:

    hi song ji hyo and to all her friends and fans. I really love your character in jumong. You seems to be perfect in that role. Sweet face and wonderful acting. I loose count on how many times i played the jumong dvd on scenes that includes you. Song Il Gook and you look really great together. I really admire you both because you seems to have a nice personalities in real life. Good luck to you and always be healthy. Looking forward to see you in other tv and movie projects..God bless.

  48. 48 : warda Says:

    advance happy birth day……………
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 : cun_yang Says:

    Min Hyo Rin……..i don’t like u in Princess Hours but i like u …….u r beautiful…….chayo!!!!!

  50. 50 : jomar Says:

    you had a nice role in Jumong… Keep up.. God bless

  51. 51 : ann Says:

    hi!!!! mnique i know u r a good girl in personal right?

    i hope so…..

    although at first i dont like u because of ur attitude to your cast but its just a role right?

    ur so pretty we love u here in the philippines and the rest of the cast PRINCESS HOURS!!!!!!!


  52. 52 : ann Says:

    can u be my friend? and the also the rest of the cast of PRINCESS HOURS? just email me he…..he….. thanks!

  53. 53 : michelle Says:

    hi..i like the role of mOniQue so much

  54. 54 : Sung Wook Il Says:

    hi!!!how r u?.. i lyk d way u act.. gud job!!!!c yah soon!!!byE

  55. 55 : chai Says:

    i hope you have a good career.

  56. 56 : Sexysiren Says:

    Just wanna ask you..my crush ka ba kay Song Il Gook??Halata naman eh.. Don’t deny..don’t tell a lie..bisto kana!!for your information akin lang siya!!

  57. 57 : paula Says:

    hi chun sung im i like your role in goong princess hours but are yoon eun-hye and joo ji-hoon have a relationship?

  58. 58 : nasherine joson Says:

    I’m one of your fan
    I’m only just a student from a private school only for girls.
    I just want to say that
    “No one can stop you from dreaming, reach all your dreams and succeed, don’t give up, be a good model to others, hope you can find a good partner, be yourself, don’t stop dreaming”

    there are only three things you should take care of

    love, friendship and family!!

    your fan,
    nash 🙂

  59. 59 : vimarie Says:

    hello min hyorin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    youre so good in Princess Hours or Goong

    Are you a true ballet dancer?!
    if yes can you teach me how?!
    im just kidding^^
    well i hope you more improve your acting and i wish that in Goong 2 you will be kind to shin chaegyung.
    but i believe all the bad person in a series in real life they are so kind. Ryt?!
    can you please send your picture in my email?!
    if its ok to you
    well here’s my email:
    [email protected]
    thank you very very much
    god bless and J.A.P.A.N. ( Just Always Pray At Night) ^^

    your always,

  60. 60 : PrIncEss Umikagi Says:

    Hi! You know what? I love your acting so much. You’re so beautiful! Can you speak English well? I love Korea and if there’s any chances. I wanna meet you! Can that be??? Hope so……….. Miss Pretty>

  61. 61 : kazey Says:

    moniquec princess hours is so rdiculluous and not a good series
    panget sya for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62 : ying Says:

    Hi!I always watch the princess hour!It is really a good drama.U are very pretty!!!I hope to be a friend with u.Can u reply [email protected]

  63. 63 : athirah Says:

    u dont look or act like someone who knows ballet..

  64. 64 : jane Says:

    pretty. ^^, you’re really good. do you really know how to do ballet? jane thinks ji hyo is a very good actress. more power. hoping to see you appear in more series.

  65. 65 : shirley Says:

    like a beautiful angel..
    this is u in my heart..
    i will support u..
    i hope to be ur friend……
    love u

  66. 66 : kirazue Says:

    i hate everything about her…..!!!

  67. 67 : cutiemags Says:

    hi!!!!!!!! monique kainizzz ka kapal ng mukha mo!!! sabi mo may gusto pa sau c gian??????? eeeeeeeeewwwwwww wala na noh!!!!!!! kay janelle na 4ever!!!!!! yakzzzzzzz……….your so sosyalera!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68 : czexyl Says:

    hi…!your monique in princess hours,right?
    my name is czexyl from philippines,you did a good job…!you are very are very good in acting…!luv u,mwaah…!
    i hpe you can be my chatmate…!
    ill wait you there in [email protected]

    ill wait there….!thanks…!

  69. 69 : RhoNa.. Says:

    hI..sOng ji hYo..

    i waTch yoUr drAmA gOonG…buT i haTe yoU therE..

    buT in reaL i lovE yoU…coZ yoU’rE sO prEtTy…

    dO yoU dO baLLeT in reAl lifE…iS thaT dIfficUlt fOr yoU tO dO thaT..

    bY thE dO yoU haVe a boYfriEnd???

    dO likE jOo ji hOon oR kim jEonG hoOn wHo dO yoU like mosT???

    i wiSh thaT yoU,jOo ji hOon,yOon eUn hyE & kim jEong hOon…

    cOulD visiT ouR coUntry phIliPpineS…

    guD lucK in yoUr carEEr…

  70. 70 : dira indiraghandi Says:

    aku lumayan sebel ama kamu

    soal nya kamu nyebelin sich

    kamu ngdekatin si xin

    kamu jahat ama chhai cing

  71. 71 : nor idayu bt ahmad (malaysia) Says:

    i am malaysia
    i like ur acting in princess hours..
    i hope i can see u and other actor in prncess hours.

  72. 72 : Katrina Says:

    I really like her acting in Jumong ex cellent award.

  73. 73 : Katrina Says:

    I really likje her acting skill in JUMONg as Yeyosa excellent.

  74. 74 : feigong mama Says:

    woohhh.. i really love thiz korean chuvanezz…!!!zana…. ma meet quu zila!!

  75. 75 : Xtian Says:

    ganda ni monique…

  76. 76 : hazirah Says:

    song ji hyo you so sweet and nice…. nice acting

  77. 77 : afieyda Says:

    hye..hw r u.. accually u do a great acting.u make me hate u at PRINCESS HOUR.. so good luck for ur career.. come visit malaysia…

  78. 78 : jamaeca Says:

    hi ganda moh tlga cute moh

  79. 79 : yumi Says:

    saw you first in jumong. a totally different acting from princess hours. really pretty. good luck.

  80. 80 : madzskie Says:

    hi monique!!! you’re so beautful,,,in fact i have my hair like yours in princess hours,,,hehehe,,,goodluck!!!

  81. 81 : dheja Says:

    monique!!! you do great in “goong” princess hours here in the philippines ..nd your so pretty ..hope you can visit us here.. gudluck ..more power *SMILE*

  82. 82 : Mr. Elie Says:

    hi!!!!i am your big fan here in the Philippines
    i hope you will visit here specially in baguio
    imfalling inlove with you….
    i hope i will see you here in the philippines…
    i see you in the movie JUMONG…
    for me your the best actress in JUMONG…
    i hope you will reply to my e-mail add….^_^
    see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………

  83. 83 : Mr. Elie Says:

    my e-mail add>>>[email protected]

  84. 84 : aquamarine Says:

    to all the people out there who’s sending bad message to song ji hyo.. plsss. stop dreaming that your more beautiful than her… she’s more blessed anyway bieng a part of goong. (but how about you!) i love song ji hyo..
    she’s soo kind in real life, so dont judge her anyway.alam naman nating lhat na hanggang panaginip lang c gian nyo ok.its just a drama remember.

    and to monique………… great job,,, ang god bless to you.

  85. 85 : farah Says:

    ellow..gosh..you’re so pretty…i wanna cut my hair just like u…u have that misterious kind of look…maybe it’s b’coz of your eyes….since i watch u act in princess hours,i began to be your fan…when are u gonna visit malaysia??i hope u will…bubye…muah!!

  86. 86 : farah Says:

    i hope u will reply my comment…..please……

  87. 87 : Jae Eun Says:

    Guys! This site is not for you to ask someone who happens to be acting only in television…Get real!!!!

  88. 88 : Jae Eun Says:

    you guys are really funny….asking someone to let go of someone?
    that’s really something….it’s just a story…so wake up guys! =)

  89. 89 : cicie89,malaysia Says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeee..so cute..girlll

  90. 90 : sweet gal Says:

    hi ye soya! uve acted so well in jumong! ihope u still have many roles to portray like in jumong…bec jumong is a great story……..haaaaaaaym, im really addicted to this koreanovela!!! guyz wait lng kau,hindi nyo lng xa sa princess hrs makikita kundi pati sa jumong!

  91. 91 : terence Says:

    hi SUYA!

    You made me your fan after the JUMONG series! I hope in the near future another soap of yours will be aired here in the philippines. Youre such a talent not to mention your beauty! More power and success!

  92. 92 : lovely Says:

    ang panget mo monique mas maganda pa si yoon eun hye sau noh!!

  93. 93 : czexyl(bgirl) Says:

    hi…!i really like you…!and you are very good in acting…!you have really done very well and you have made an excellent act…!please always be haelthy and more jobs to work with..!

    thank you…!

  94. 94 : gReseaN Says:

    ei, if u didnt luv her character as min hyo rin..she’s way ok in her role in jumong as ye soya…she’s so pretty and fragile there…she fits that role way enough to impress everyone i guess…

  95. 95 : viel Says:

    JiHyo………… whew so so popular in phillipines ……….. even my grandmother search her in the internet just to know her real name……………………. and i think she’s really cute…………. or should i say the beauty among beauty……. weeeeeeee i even made a life size poster of her……………

  96. 96 : kevin Says:

    whoa!! you are really a good actress..
    pretty and awesome..
    i like your role in JuMong… its really great!!

  97. 97 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    great performance in jumong lady yesoya…

  98. 98 : -aShLeY--- Says:

    Hi… I am a fan of the book of three han. chapter of jumong here in philipines…. why do you don’t revenge daeso’s wife when Jumong isn’t their??? …… pLz. repLy…..

  99. 99 : Nhana Says:

    Hi nu friends,
    i’m a BIG FAN of jihyo!
    cause she’s kind although in ‘evil’ carachter! besides, she’s pretty!

  100. 100 : crisseraphim12 Says:

    lady yesoya….. hope to see you here in the philippines, together with the other casts of jumong…

    keep it up…….

  101. 101 : camille Says:

    hi monique i watch u in the princess hours here in the philippines i want to say you are so good in acting!!!!! do you really study ballet? i watch the wishing stairs too and you are so good with park han byul… you are so pretty in the picture………. i hope u can visit here in the philippines because i’m so exicited to see you in person……..and the cast of princess hours!!!!! love you guys……..

  102. 102 : taylor Says:

    Hi Song Ji hyo1 You really look gorgeous. We really look alik (just kidding) I’m a big fan of yours here in San Diego, CA. Actually I am really a Filipino but my family decided to migrate here in US. My relatives used to send me DVDs of koreanovelas featured there in our country and I found you one of the preettiest among the other Korean stars I’v watched. If you have a friendster acct. pls. add me @: [email protected] and God Bless.

  103. 103 : saborksi Says:

    yesiya of jumong.. i luv u..ur my dream girl..
    i really2x lyk u so so much halata namn noh mas maganda pa xa kay janelle..
    hop u stay nice and beautiful..

  104. 104 : camille Says:

    hi monique I watch princess hours here in philippines Iwant to say you are so great in acting….. did you really study a ballet because you did very well!!!!!!! I watch wishing stairs too you work nice with park han byul!!!!!!!! for me your preety than janelle…. I hope you can visit here in philippines because I’m so exited to see you in person with the cast of princess hours!!!!!!!

  105. 105 : clarisa comilang Says:

    hey is she playing ye soya in Jumong thats fine shes so beautiful

  106. 106 : saborski Says:

    YES WE ARE!!!…

  107. 107 : paula ashley Says:

    yup she really dance ballet coz in wishing stairs she’s a ballet dancer!!

  108. 108 : paula ashley Says:

    shes really good in ballet watch wishing stairs and you see her dancing ballet!!

  109. 109 : monique Says:

    AneongHaseyo!..Yeah she is airing right now in jumong..
    She’s Beautiful in jumong than princess hours and
    better role….
    Keep it your best my crush SONG JI-HYO..
    Hope u hav more series to come and we will
    wait for it…GOD BLESS JI-HYO!!..luv u

  110. 110 : monique Says:

    AneongHaseyo!..Yeah she is airing right now in jumong..
    She’s Beautiful in jumong than princess hours and
    better role….
    Keep it your best my crush SONG JI-HYO..
    Hope u hav more series to come and we will
    wait for it…GOD BLESS JI-HYO!!..we luv u

  111. 111 : harvey Says:

    i 1st saw you in goong, i taught she is very evil, but when i watched jumong i saw that she is very nice!

  112. 112 : kris Says:

    eelllooww lady soya……

  113. 113 : Nana Says:

    JIHYO is the best n’ most beautiful….. luph u! KEEP ON FIRE!

  114. 114 : Natalia Says:

    Hello Ji hyo!!!
    Ur acting at Goong is good!!!!
    I hope u’ll play at Goong 2!!!
    It feel complete if U,Jihoon,Eun hae n jeong hoon play again together!!
    I’ll wait U come 2 my country(indonesia) with another princess hours actrest!!!

  115. 115 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Song Ji Hyo! You and the rest of the casts of `Jumong` acted so great!!!! We love you all soooooo much here in our country!!!!!! Your tv series `Jumong` is really one of a kind! It`s the BEST!!!!! Congratulations to all of you, the casts and all of your co-workers for a job very well done! Congratulations also to GMA and all of the singers and co-workers involved in this tv series for a job greatly done! All of you contributed a lot in making this series the no.1 here in our country,Philippines and in all other countries which have this tv series! We are looking forward to see you all in another projects that you`ll make. We hope all of the casts of `Jumong` will have a lot of projects in the future. We also wish and pray we will have them all here in the Philippines! You do not only entertain us, you touch the many lives of the Filipino people, you even make their lives better and even great by giving wonderful values and lessons in many situations… We`ve learned a lot! We like your tv series so much! Take care always! May God be with you all always! 🙂

  116. 116 : Daisy Says:

    Guess what guys? I`ve heard from someone na sold out sa Divisoria namin dito sa CDO ang Jumong dvds! Marami na talagang nahook sa tv series na `to! Marami nang mga fans ang tv series na `to!!! The BEST talaga ang tv series na `to!!!!!!! 🙂

  117. 117 : aura Says:


  118. 118 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    hyorin is just like a rich, popular classmate i know, who loves to dance and is good at it, she is also in cheerleading.

  119. 119 : JANE!!!! Says:

    AH OK!!!!!

  120. 120 : julian20 Says:

    Ei anyways I saw ur new modeling with joo ji hoon..
    I like it there ha..ya seems agressive in photo shoots
    there…but it’s ok it part of modeling..
    By d wayz just keep it humble personality…
    I LOVE YOU!…

  121. 121 : Ghil Says:

    i Admire this girl a lot.. she is lady Yesoya in Jumong.. so Beautiful..

  122. 122 : Ghil Says:

    i really admire you.. hope we could meet soon..

  123. 123 : sexychickita Says:

    song ji-hyo is undeniably one of the most gorgeous,talented and beautiful korean actress..the time i watched her movie,wishing stairs,she became one of my favorite korean actresses aside from jeon ji-hyeon,song hye-gyo,nd jung ryeo won..they’re really simple but elegant.haha!plus factor is that jeon ji-hyeon and song ji-hyo have a really nice bode,i like jeon ji-hyeon’s abs..i wish i could also have that one day..i do hope soooo!i like her beauty in wishing stairs plus her hair is really really gorgeous!..i’m wondering where could i have that pictures?..and i’m wondering if she’s a real-life ballerina?..o_^

  124. 124 : sexychickita Says:

    song ji-hyo is undeniably one of the most gorgeous,talented and beautiful korean actress..the time i watched her movie,wishing stairs,she became one of my favorite korean actresses aside from jeon ji-hyeon,song hye-gyo,nd jung ryeo won..they’re really simple but elegant.haha!plus factor is that jeon ji-hyeon and song ji-hyo have a really nice body,i like jeon ji-hyeon’s abs..i wish i could also have that one day..i do hope soooo!i like her beauty in wishing stairs plus her hair is really really gorgeous!..i’m wondering where could i have that pictures?..and i’m wondering if she’s a real-life ballerina?..o_^
    =here’s my email [email protected]!

  125. 125 : allerine Says:

    hi!!!!!!! soya i’m ur fans in jumong i hope u invite me as friend [email protected]

  126. 126 : allerine Says:

    hi!!!!!!!! soya i’m ur fan i hope u invite me as a friend [email protected]

  127. 127 : Princess Sohl Says:

    ur an awesome actress!!!

  128. 128 : tagapagaligatasa Says:


  129. 129 : Sheena Says:

    hi! i love song ji hyo too! she’s so pretty,, she has an angelic face and will be featured as a host on freedom travel a show on MTV!

  130. 130 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Song Ji Hyo,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are pretty and attractive girl. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows………….. [email protected] & [email protected] ……………..This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….


  131. 131 : anne Says:

    you are also pretty i aslo see in princess hours your also a very good actress i admire you hope you have incoming kdrama..

  132. 132 : james Says:

    s0ooo pretty….^_^

  133. 133 : stephanie Says:

    hello song ji hyo i’am your fan and i hope we will be a good friend. . ..
    and pls add my e-mail to your e-mail address. .
    i have 2 accounts. . .

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    i hope u will add me. .
    and i hope all cast of princess hours are visit here in the philippines. . .
    and see you there guys. .
    and you are very good actress. ..
    ahmm. .
    thank you and have i nice day. . . .

  134. 134 : shinhu26 Says:

    hello ^_^ nice smile (~_^) V,,

  135. 135 : jewel Says:

    Song Ji Hyo has proven her versatility when I compare her performance in Goong and Ju Mong…she’s a fresh face for me, and yes, she’s beautiful in a simplistic way (unlike Han Hye Jin who many will say is classically beautiful)…I hope she will be given more projects…I wouldn’t mind seeing her in another drama…


    ~they say you’ll always remember your first love…
    Ju Mong Fanlisting listed at TFL.org

  136. 136 : 1 fan Says:

    so pretty!;p

  137. 137 : Thea16 Says:

    hello!! your so pretty lady soya,, please add me as your friend

  138. 138 : brynyl Says:

    !!!!!!!!HI Song Ji Hyo!!!!!!! Nice acting in the novels Jumong and Princess Hours!!!!! …..keep up the good work…. aja!!! hope to see you around!!!!!

  139. 139 : Yinyin Says:

    hi!!!i watch your movie “Wishing Stairs” that was a nice yet horror but that was a great…and also your part in the koreadrama “Princess Hours”….well you’re such a simple and beautiful…you’re one of a kind…WHY??? it’s because you’re really BEAUTIFUL eventhough you can’t put some make up on your face….well that would be better if no make up on just a lipstick and powder…that’s all…and you can project either in camera or not….
    i hope that you can also be the starring of one of koreadrama not just a villain…and i would appreciate if Rain will be your loveteam…so i’ll hope that you have your project with him…so i’ll watch your movie or kdrama if there is or any projects you have…more power to your career and more blessings to you…by the way i love the way in being a ballerina…well it fits you…hope you cold continue that…so that’s all for now..o by the way if you like add me in your friendster…[email protected]
    so take care…

  140. 140 : chrizzy Says:

    hi lady soya!!!you are really great in jumong i like you there,there!you are the first wife of jumong so you are the real queen.and your face are really pretty.i hope next time you can be partner of song il gook in movie or series.i really like you both hope you can be partner.lady soya you are really beautiful and so pretty……..for me you are the real queen of jumong…..you are the real feya………

  141. 141 : sylvester Says:

    hi your so pretty you can add me as friend [email protected]

  142. 142 : jensi Says:

    hey ji-hyo! i saw you in jumong..i just love you! i like your face..God Bless and take care always! by the way..do you have an email?tnx so much!

  143. 143 : trout Says:

    Beatiful face and nice acting in umong ! Perfect combination for Song II Gook! GOodluck for both of you.

  144. 144 : akoyanz Says:

    hello song ji hyo
    even though i hate you in goong,i love the way you act
    and on your last part in goong you really deed a great job
    you can do it!
    beak free and keep up the good work
    and always remember you can beat han hye jin!
    more power add good luck!

  145. 145 : josefina Says:

    hello lady soya,
    i like u…your really beautiful….and good acting…i wish i could see u in person someday…who knows…if gods willing..are u still single…or already married…anyway…keep up the good work…may god bless u always.

  146. 146 : diane Says:

    she’s one of my fave korean actress…
    i don’t know… she’s simple kasi… no like those other korrean actresses who are so trying hard….
    basta, i like lady soya!!!

  147. 147 : Truc Says:

    song ji hyo…….you are a great actress….the characterthat you act in goong is great…..im bad at acting someone that evil..but you did a awesome job…

  148. 148 : early Says:

    hi.. Song Ji Hyo, im so impress when i saw u 1st in jumong. ur playing yesoya. i like the role you are in jumong. the way you act and the most of all you are “BEAUTIFUL” so beautiful…like a shining Star.. im glad to know your true name. u have a unique face to me.. Hope u have more projects to come in future.. we love you song ji hyo..God Bless you alwayz..

  149. 149 : jay-ar Says:

    ano seyo song ji hyo”” ilove your character in Jumong your one of a kind girl and your so simple and unique among all the korean actressess. the first time i saw you in princess hours i didn’t like your character but when i saw you in JuMong wow i really got star struck your so beautiful how i wish to have a girlfriend like you.. your my idol song ji hyo im obses of you and your pictures are really nice and cute.. i love mwuah

  150. 150 : jay-ar Says:

    ano seyo song ji hyo”” ilove your character in Jumong your one of a kind girl and your so simple and unique among all the korean actressess. the first time i saw you in princess hours i didn’t like your character but when i saw you in JuMong wow i really got star struck your so beautiful how i wish to have a girlfriend like you.. your my idol song ji hyo im obses of you and your pictures are really nice and cute.. i love mwuah god bless i hope you will have a very goo career.

  151. 151 : jay-ar Says:

    ano seyo song ji hyo”” ilove your character in Jumong your one of a kind girl and your so simple and unique among all the korean actressess. the first time i saw you in princess hours i didn’t like your character but when i saw you in JuMong wow i really got star struck your so beautiful how i wish to have a girlfriend like you.. your my idol song ji hyo im obses of you and your pictures are really nice and cute.. i love mwuah god bless i hope you will have a very good career.

  152. 152 : rainmaker Says:

    i love you lady Yesoya!

  153. 153 : Ahliyah Says:

    Hello Lady Soya

    sa lahat ng nang-agaw ng mahal sau lang ako hindi naaasar…
    sabagay di mo naman pinilit c jumong di ba?
    at napakabuti mo rin…
    hay…sana ganyan na lang taung lahat para masaya di ba?

  154. 154 : evilrayne Says:

    Wat can I say..they had said it’ ol..hehehe

  155. 155 : corz Says:

    helo,,i hope u wud not make the story of jumong as hanging at the end of the t.V series…because i relly relly like seoseono to be the wife of jumong..hope u will die in the story so that der is no problem, u;ve got one child with jumong and i think thats enough for u….

  156. 156 : corz Says:

    helo,,i hope u wud not make the story of jumong as hanging at the end of the t.V series…because i really really like seoseono to be the wife of jumong..hope u will die in the story so that der is no problem, u;ve got one child with jumong and i think thats enough for u….

  157. 157 : lee yoo dee Says:

    hello song ji hyo
    my name is yoo dee lee from INDONESIA
    i’m your fans
    i like u very much when u acting at goong as min hyo rin then i always follow goong to watch you
    i think u look so beautiful
    OK, good look!

  158. 158 : jamaica ann morales Says:

    hello song ji hyo you know when i was saw you in “GooNG” iwas so wow she s a grate actress you know when you will come in my country and that is”philippines” the whole city will come to saw you and actualy i’m your fanatic and specially when you act my cousin’s and i will ahhhhhhh…
    she was beautiful and one of my says iwill go to korea to saw her and whole the cast will laugh and i says how you can go to korea if you don’t have any passport hahaha iwish you will love my story “jamaica ann”

  159. 159 : brooke Says:

    mas mataas ang ratings ng princess hours/Goong kesa sa jumong/Joo-mong huh?!kaya dapat hindi ka na lang lumabas sa jumong dahil mas sikat ang princess hours samin…..kaya nga hindi tinapat ang jumong sa princess hours eh pero kahit ganon taob pa rin ang katapat na komedy shows(kawawang GMA)!!!

    kung ako sayo hindi na lang ako naging artista kung kontrabida lang ako noh huwag kang papayag dahil napakaganda mong babae eh!!!
    pero at least ang bait mo sa jumong hindi tulad sa princess hours na halos tubuan ka na ng sungay!!!(that doesnt means na taga-kapuso ako huh?!YUCK…YUCK…YUCK…

    love yah gurl…….huwag kang magalala pag naging direktor ako….gagawa ako ng pelikula mo tapos ikaw na lang mamili ng leading man huh!!!!!

  160. 160 : GELINA Says:


  161. 161 : Princess Dianne Reyes Says:

    gAnyaN NmaN yaNG mGA tAga-jUmOng e!

    TAlO Na Nga cLA d PA aMiNin!

    WLAng PAgkaKaiSa aNG pRinCESs HoURs FAnAtICs?!
    heLLo?! PRinCEsS hOuRS FAnAtiCS TenD tO be uNiTed buT cAuse By GrEAt NuMbER Of FAns, we cannOt ShOw others OUR UnItY!

    haNGGaNG NgaYoNG 2007 pRINcEsS hOuRS PA RiN,paRA banG waLa nG paPAntaY pa….. ESte waLA na TALAgaNG hihIgIt PA o MAKAkaPAnTAy d2!

  162. 162 : Princess Dianne Reyes Says:



    COmPeTiTiOns arE juSt ArOunD dUE To eXtREmE dEsIRe tO dEFeND tHEir faVOrIte and To ProVE tO tHE wOrlD tHAT wHAt TheY liKE Is tHE BeST!

    sO,doN’T sAy PRINCESS HOURS FANS ARE BAD & STUPID ‘coz ArE jUSt FAns WAnTiNg THeIr LikE tO be On THE tOp!


  163. 163 : GELINA Says:



  164. 164 : GELINA Says:


  165. 165 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Song Ji Hyo! I like your acting in ‘Jumong’! It’s great! Actually all of the ‘Jumong’ casts acted their role excellently that make this tv series always the BEST wherever country it is aired! It is presently aired in the Philippines! And we love it so much! 🙂 Keep up the good work! 🙂 We are looking forward to your next project too! We hope we can have that one here! 🙂 We love all the casts of ‘Jumong’! 🙂

  166. 166 : girlPOWER Says:

    for your info miss Gelina!
    mbc also extended PH from 19 episodes to 24…why?
    because the koreans love it!!!! ‘coz it have a rare story…
    LET”S just say: JUMONG has the highest rating in korea..SO WHAT????
    we’re in the philippines!!!
    and PRINCESS HOURS is IN THE HOUSE!!!! yoh!!!
    LOL!!! peace out!!!!
    KAPAMILYA yata toh!

  167. 167 : girlPOWER Says:

    and just for the add….

    PRINCESS HOURS has a sequel which is ph2……
    wondered why?? ‘coz many people love it !!!!

  168. 168 : GELINA Says:


  169. 169 : GELINA Says:


  170. 170 : me...1 Says:

    before in PH i dont like her but when i saw her in Jumong i have change my mind… she is really beautiful i like her now…. Song Ji Hyo, Haengeoreul pimnida! 😉

  171. 171 : GELINA Says:



  172. 172 : GELINA Says:

    Hello, Annyeong heseyo!!!:lol:
    Sana magkaroon na ng new movie si Song ji-hyo noh!:heart:

  173. 173 : hitomzki Says:

    i like your character @ jumong.. good job.. keep it up… ^_^

  174. 174 : grace Says:

    Hi advance happy burthday song ji hyo ur so yepuda im 1 of ur avid funs,i really like u in jumong keep up d gud work!!! (sa rang he yo)

  175. 175 : grace Says:

    anyong haseyo miss yepuda song ji hyo,,, i hope na maipalbas din d2 samin ang isa mong program n u ang vida!!!^_^

  176. 176 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Song Ji Hyo!

    I really like your acting skills and you are also very pretty. I hope you read this comment! Also, good luck on your busy days!


  177. 177 : cris Says:

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po… 🙂

  178. 178 : cris Says:

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po… 😆

  179. 179 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Song Ji Hyo

    You were very attractive in Princess Hours and you are also very pretty. I’ll always be your fan. Well, just wanted to say hi , also good luck on your busy days!

    Your Fan

  180. 180 : chrizzy Says:

    hi happy birthday to you lady soya,you are really great in jumong i really like you,hope you have a movie again together with song il gook i like you both i think you both are best couple in jumong

  181. 181 : cris Says:

    advance happy birthday lady soya….

  182. 182 : cris Says:

    It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday… 🙂

    Happy birthday Lady Soya…

    Keep loving Jumong, and help him in acconplishing his mission…

  183. 183 : cris Says:

    See you every night In Jumong, as lady soya….

    Happy birthday again….. 🙂

    Mabuhay ang DAMUL………..

  184. 184 : ann Says:

    hi song ji hyo, happy birthday, wish you all the best especially good health. More tv and movie projects to come and may all of them be successful. Really love your character in jumong. You and yuri are indeed the love of jumong. You and Song il gook really look good together. Love your scene in the cave when he finally found you after 15 years and when you greeted yuri and jumong from a successful battle right after you had recovered from your illness. Those are some of the scenes that only proves that Lady Soya is jumong’s love and not Seosono. Again, happy happy birthday. Good luck.

  185. 185 : Emine Says:

    Dear Song Ji Hyo 🙂

    I wish you the best. Happy Birthday Song Ji Hyo 😛 😉

    Song Ji Hyo is sooo sweet. It`s so cute!

    It`s for the best.That your work is really great 😀

  186. 186 : Kimberly Says:

    An Anyong Haseo Ms. Song Ji Hyo!!

    I’ve been watching you in the TV Series, Jumong.
    I think you are very good in acting. I love your character
    as Lady Soya. You’re sooo pretty!!!
    I wish you would have more upcoming shows in the future.

    Belated HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^


  187. 187 : vhl Says:

    ang ganda mo talaGA

  188. 188 : hyehoon Says:

    go visit soompi.com under song ji hyo to know more about her and includes also lots of pics even behind the scenes of jumong…see u there ^___^

  189. 189 : kwaKwak Says:

    Princess Dianne Reyes..
    if u don’t have somethng good to say..
    just be silent pls…
    u r offending other fans out here..
    i am a fan of JuMong, yet i do not bash Princess Hours even though i hate it.
    so don’t offend others too.
    you came to stir my blood, so i will tell u also my opinion…
    prove that no one can beat your Princess Hours! prove it!
    can’t you see that Song Il Kook is most commented here?!
    might as well give him respect.
    i actually wanted to comment innocent here,
    but aftr seeing dt the bashing havnt stopped yet,
    how can i remain calm?!
    i liked Song Ji Hyo d way she acts in JuMong, bt pls dont make it complicated!
    Song Ji Hyo, i like you in JuMong!
    keep it up!
    GELINA, thanks for lifting the banner!
    i really wished nobody would start this again.
    and JuMong is far more successful than Goong..
    stop bashing anything..

  190. 190 : ella mae Says:

    hai soya…..ur so beautiful….blated happy birhday….

  191. 191 : RoseTattoo Says:

    Hi, im also a fan of Song Ji Hyo. I was trying to find that link to ssompi.com where i could find pictures during their Jumong shoot. Can anyone help me find the link? Please………….

  192. 192 : akoitoh Says:

    hey,,i both watch jumong and princess hours, i both love it,,,
    but in terms of acting Jumong is the best, no wonder, they have awards.. Song ji hyo is part of both show and she was really known as Lady Soya,she is very good in acting in Jumong like Song il Gook. In Princess hours new beginner kc sila but pumatok sila because of the story of the show… Both shows are great!!! but i love Song iL Gook than other korean actors…

  193. 193 : princesshoursfan Says:

    helllooo! anyeonghaeseyo! love u even tho u acted as d bad gurl in phours…but i really love d character’s determination n semangat..n u acted real well…u made d character alive…

    ur pretty n i love ur smile…it’s so sweeeeeeettt..haha…all da best in ur career! fightin!

  194. 194 : aween Says:

    sing ji hyo!!!sarangheyo!!

  195. 195 : aween Says:

    i hope u will b a successful person in da future…unyii..saranghe..muax!!

  196. 196 : peejay23 Says:

    ang taray!

  197. 197 : peejay23 Says:

    cute mo ate!

  198. 198 : sandy Says:

    song ji-hyo^_^
    i really want to meet you soon in korea someday!!!!!!!!!……………joke joke

  199. 199 : archer Says:

    hi song ji-hyo….
    i really love the way u portrayed yesoya in jumong… u did great!!! just love watching u everynight.. you are such a lovely person..
    wish you all the best… career, health, everything.. hope to see u in person soon 🙂 keep it up!

  200. 200 : archer Says:


  201. 201 : kathleen Says:

    love her s0o much! i think, she’s sweeter than so seo no…i just watched her movie “wishing stairs”and i noticed that she has a good acting skill there.

  202. 202 : khay Says:

    cutie…. specially when ur smiling

  203. 203 : jen Says:

    hi!!! i like her when she’s with song….i think bagay sila… now i’m looking forward to watch her telenovelas… i’ve watched jumong and kilig talaga pag may scene na sila ni song…

  204. 204 : archer Says:

    hi there… hope everthings fine with you… just missed an episode of your show…(tough luck!) anyway i’ll try to catch up tonight… goodluck as always… pretty angel ji-hyo 🙂

  205. 205 : Reynaldo Rossel Biazon Says:

    if was just recently that I knew you are a very prominent personality… If time and space could give a chance… or somehow, we could be reincarnated in the same place at the same time, I could have the chance to know you more… I could not tell you that I love you since the first time I saw you, because it would be so crazy to say such words most especially at this time… If only time sided with the idea… and some time in the next life I might see thee… Then it will be bliss. Take care always. Godsend.

  206. 206 : Yana Says:

    When the first time i saw her acting i think she’s not good…but now i luv her:D….haha

  207. 207 : Mary Ann Says:

    Hai! I liKe hEr How She aCt in pRincess Hours & juMong.. aLso in Wishing Stairs & Some… But i’ve nEveR Seen Her In KissiNg Scene Role.. iSn”t SHE???,… I’m So addicted To her.. I Wish You Can Come Here In PhilippinEs w/ Song Il-gook & Baby Yuri.. hehehe! Take CarE! MORE PROJECTS>>..

  208. 208 : rian... Says:

    im one of your fans here in the philippines..you’re a good actress… i love your sh0w entitled Princess Hours (Goong)…all of you did a great j0b…

    luv yah…AJA

  209. 209 : cris Says:

    good morning Jumongers..

    there are still 14 days remaining for the airing of Jumong here in the Philippines, so keep watching,…

    there are lot of twist that will happen so don’t miss the episodes.. Ok?

    Watch Jumong every monday to friday, after Marimar. hheheeh

    Plugging po ito… 😆

  210. 210 : alet Says:

    I REALLY DONT LIKE YOU IN JUMONG….. iw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you will die in the ending….

  211. 211 : archer Says:

    sorry alet but she won’t… hehehe… jumong will… (sad) but that’s the story anyway…

  212. 212 : archer Says:

    hi yesoya/ monique/ song ji-hyo/ chun sung im 🙂 more power and better things to come for you… see ya

  213. 213 : alet Says:

    hi chris,

    I already read your message, sorry for my stupid character. kc i really don’t like her in jumong. although she’s so kind, but i don’t like her. i like so-seo-no. i hate her since i saw princes hours, and then jumong, for me, samok jud siya!!!!!

  214. 214 : alet Says:

    hi archer

    I already read your message, sorry for my stupid character. kc i really don’t like her in jumong. although she’s so kind, but i don’t like her. i like so-seo-no. i hate her since i saw princes hours, and then jumong, for me, samok jud siya!!!!!

  215. 215 : airhez Says:

    to all jumongers,

    before the ending of jumong, i just want to ask if you know the real name or other information about prince biryu, so-seo-no elder son. pls send it to my e-mail. [email protected]. pls………………………..
    tatanawin ko po itong “utang na loob”


  216. 216 : yuri Says:

    very beautiful in all her pix

  217. 217 : TEN-ten Says:

    all i can say to her…she is so beautiful…she acts very well….you know i fell in love with her….i like her very much in “jumong”..song..my only message for you is more projects to come,take care of your self,god bless..and… ummm..love ya!

  218. 218 : airhez Says:

    to all jumongers…………………………..

    hallow sa inyong lahat! pls don’t ignore this message!!!!
    for those who are very very interested,i guarantee you! it’s so nakakakilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  219. 219 : hani Says:

    hi!!!song ji hyo!!!!your so beautiful!!!!!your a godd actress!!!!! god bless to your career!!!!!

  220. 220 : hani Says:

    oppsss!!sorry wrong grammar!!!!your so beautiful!!!!!!!!good bless in career!!!!!yan correct na!!!!!(-_-)!!!!!!smile always!!!!!!

  221. 221 : archer Says:

    just passed by to say “hi ji-hyo… hope u have properous career ahead… stay humble.. “

  222. 222 : Kanji47 Says:

    i realy love her more power to u always take care i realy

  223. 223 : Kanji47 Says:

    more power to song ji hyo always take care I LOVE you ^_^
    i hope that u may have more projects and movie`s ^_^

  224. 224 : nizz Says:


  225. 225 : SHAIRA DEPAZ Says:

    hi!!im ur fan tlaga noh!!!lam mo ba nk2pagaway pa me sa skul kc kung anu2 ung pnags2bi nung mga klasmata ko sau 2ngkol dun sa role m sa princess hours!!!sana more powers!!!!cnung gs2 m?joo ji hoon [gian] or kim jeong hoon [troy]????IDOL TLAGA KTA GANDA M KASI EH!!!!IM GURL!!!!

  226. 226 : purple Says:

    hi ye soya!u have a wonderful role in jumong and princess hours….ur simplicity and humbleness reflects ur beauty..always take care and GOD bless u my ultimate “crush”…

  227. 227 : delegrev Says:

    SOYA……..i really like your simplicity and humbleness you take my breath away hope i will see u on the other series more projects to come and success in your career.love you

  228. 228 : mary ann Says:

    hi!!..she’s very cute Tlaga.. i likE hEr FassiOn.
    bakit Ganun?? parehas Surname niLa ni Jumong..
    Cguro mag asawa talaga sIla!..hehehe! JOKE!
    Pero parang guSto ko ManiwaLa.. KinikilIg kasi Ako sa kanIlang daLawa
    Kpag nakikita ko sila sa jumong..hehehe.. i much prefer Soya to jumong than So Seo no.. mas marami pa nga silang hug scene with holding hands pa.. kaya mas kinikilig ako sa kanila… Take Care..
    Love You!!

  229. 229 : archer Says:

    yup… i do prefer her than so seo no… i find her more attractive… she’s pretty no doubt about that! She acts pretty well… i saw her green tea commercial and it was really cute… i hope she’s given more breaks/ projects so we could see a lot more of her…

  230. 230 : archer Says:

    … one day i hope to see my ultimate crush: ji-hyo… 🙂 simply lovely!

  231. 231 : residmane Says:

    hi ive been watching jumong till it ends..and you are so very beautiful..you are the best couple of jumong not han hye jin..in real life do you have relationship with song ill gook?pls reply

  232. 232 : carolyn Says:

    hi!! you are a very good actress!! u play ur role very well.. keep it up!!

  233. 233 : mary ann Says:

    nakakainis naman yung ending ng jumong.. bakit hindi man lang sinabi kung anu na nangyari sa family nila.. pero masaya ako kasi nabuo na muli family nila.. sana sila din magkatuluyan in real life.. hehehe! or sana magsama na lang sila ulit in one project as loveteam… cute kasi nila tingnan.. napasaya naman din niula ung ibang funs right!. sana rin makapunta siya here in philippines.. para sa akin kasi ang gandang model ng mga kababaihan si soya. yung role na ginampanan niya..
    bilang isang matiising ina at babae. inalagaan niya ang kanyang anak hanggan sa paglaki nito kahit na wala ang tulong ng kanyang asawa..huhuhu!! sana makita kita SOON>>>>>

  234. 234 : jumong fanatic Says:

    nakakainis ung ending ng jumong… sana di na lang umalis si so seo no… mas bagay kasi sila ni jumong for me eh… kahit sa totoong buhay nga sana sila na lang magkatuluyan eh…

  235. 235 : chan guo tan Says:

    hoy!pag tarong kunu ug act uy..bali pud ka! bagay mo duha ni troy sa goong…bahala na…na dili ka kasabot nako….basta timani ra ni….pag ayo ug act…shempre…guapa man pud ka!pero pag acting nimo tarunga…ako ang achie dili gani ganahan nimo…sooo gusto ko na imohang pag acting gwapo…parehos ka JOO JI HOON…or kinsa pa na part sa goong basta lang na imo pag act gwapo kaau……soooo i hope you understand $)

  236. 236 : anie girl Says:

    an neoung ha se you song ji hyo!! i see you every night in jumong but it ends na…………….and i watch also your tv show na princess hours……….
    your so cute……………………zal-ga!take care mwah:-)!

  237. 237 : jihyo Says:

    talagang idol ko yan si song ji hyo…….,at bagay sila ni jumong….sana ma meet ko yan si song ji hyo..

  238. 238 : mary ann Says:

    I really love Song ji hyo. She’s my #1 IDOL.. bagay Sila ni Song il Gook(jUmong). I think Bagay din sila ni Kim Jung Hoon(troy). i Think they will be a perfect Combination.. sana kapag nagkaroon ng princess Hours 2. Sila namang dalawa yung maging bida.. I LoVe YoU..!!

  239. 239 : GELINA Says:

    Hi song ji hyo♥ You are one of my Korean actress i like!!! I like your face so much…

  240. 240 : mwash! Says:

    anyeong ha se yo! you’re a good actress in goong specialy in jumong hope you gonna go here in the philippines

  241. 241 : karina Says:

    anneong ha se yo!………………………………………
    you were very good in acting we hope here in philipines(fans) that you gonna go here………………………….
    SARANG HE YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. 242 : momosaie Says:

    hooooo.. i love Song Ji Hyo so much, ^_^
    until the day i die i spill my heart for her and
    even if saving her sends me to heaven its ok…. ^_^

  243. 243 : Bernadeth Says:

    Lady Soya or Song Ji Hyo fits to her role in Jumong and just like anybody else who have posted their comments here, i myself can say that she’s really beautiful, the shape of her mouth and the set of her teeth when she smiles has added the aura to her simplicity and mystical beauty, she doesn’t even look like a korean but more of a filipina! More power to you Ji Hyo and more TV/Movie appearances in the future!.. 🙂

  244. 244 : mary ann Says:

    hi to All.. i’m Song ji hyo’s #1 fun d2 sa Philippines.. not just #1.. i’m her die hard fun talaga.. Know wHat pumunta pa ko sa Manaog, Pangasinan & Quiapo para ipAgdasal thAt makapunta Siya here SA pHilippInes.. sAna magkatotoo.. gUstong Gusto ko Talaga Siya beCause She’s SOOOO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! hehehe.. fEEl ko din maSayahin Siyang tao.. I love You!! sEE u SOON.. . . .

  245. 245 : aiza Says:

    though she’s also pretty..
    but I find Janelle or Eun HYe of Goong
    prettier, funnier and sexier..

  246. 246 : donna Says:

    hello… song ji hyo im ur number one fan here in the philippines i alwayz watch princess hours ur such a good actress i like the way u act and the way u wear the dress that ur wearing i really luv you more power to you and to your career take care more power!!!!♥♥♥labsyooo

  247. 247 : archer Says:

    hi! it’s been awhile… take care and goodluck always! =)

  248. 248 : Mary ann Says:

    hai!! meron na po kayang copy ng sex is zero 2 dito sa philippines????

  249. 249 : lovely Says:

    sana pumunta ka dito sa pinas..marami kang fans dito….i wish na makita kita in person..your so PRETTY..and that’s true…

  250. 250 : kris Says:

    you are pretty and i think your kind….

    and pls…

    together with the other main cast of princess hours one…

    come here in Phillipines!!!

  251. 251 : just like u Says:

    (ANYONG HASEO) im one of ur die hard funs here in philipines,,,i search everything of datails about u,i really like u espacially in jumong u play ur rule very gud i hope u nd soong il gook have ah new tv show,nd air here in philipines so we can watch nd we can see u again,i want to see u in person ask u some question about ur self,gosh ONLY IN DREAM ^__^,but any way more important is ur my idol i hope u have more project to come,gud bless nd more power to every thing nd any thing u do,,,UR SO YEPUDA ,YEPUDA,YEPUDA,,,SARANGHEO!!!^____^

  252. 252 : claire Says:

    hi! i really love your acting at goong! u are so good and beautiful! hope u will have more dramas! happy newyear!^_^

  253. 253 : mary ann Says:

    Hi sOng ji hyo??
    & hi to all Song Ji Hyo’s Fun..
    guYz.. Can You pLease ADD me naman poh sa friendster niyo or Send me ng Pictures oF SJH.
    Die hard fun niya po kasi ako..hehehe.. Thank You!!

    [email protected]

  254. 254 : nel Says:

    you are really good actres

  255. 255 : mary ann Says:

    hMmmmm.. I’m just wondering if may boyfriend na si SJh.. coz it’s impossible kung walang magkakagusto sa kanya, right!?? She’s so pretty kasi & very promising actress!!!! I LOVE YOU SONG JI HYO!!!!!!!!

  256. 256 : kimi-chan Says:

    hi to all pilipino fans, it is better to check your words before you post it bec. its annoying to see wrong spelled words ok!!

  257. 257 : soya Says:

    ang gandamo sa ju mong bagay kayo pero sa princess hours kalaban ka pero ok!lang yun!!!!!!!……… ah!! basta masbagay kayo nina ju mong!!!!!!!

  258. 258 : soya Says:

    sa ako na lang si soya para ratner ko si ju mong

  259. 259 : donna Says:

    i love the series.. GOONG… i love it a lot….

  260. 260 : mary ann Says:

    hi!! meron po ba kayong alam kung saan makakakuha ng mga stolen pictures of song ji hyo & song il gook??? idol ko kasi silang dalawa.. hehehe!! thank YOu!!

  261. 261 : mary ann Says:

    There is no evidence that they are dating. Yoon Eun Hye denied it on her CY blog saying “We are not in Romance”.

    Joo Ji Hoon also denied it stating in an interview that Yoon Eun Hye is not his type.

    source: chol

    Joo Ji Hoon : “Yoon Eun Hye Is Not My Type”

    Actor Joo Ji Hoon confronted the public love opinion and spoke up about Yoon Eun Hye.

    Recently Joo Ji Hoon said in an interview, “There have been rumors about Yoon Eun Hye and I but they are not true.” He also said, “Eun Hye ssi is pretty but she is very different from my type.”

    Joo Ji Hoon is rumoured to be dating Song Ji Hyo, his co-star from Goong. They had a scandal which landed them in Celebrity X-files in 2006.

    source: kpopped

    According to recent reports, Song Ji-hyo has been spending loads of time at Joo Ji-hoon’s house! The 27-year-old actress has been spotted carrying 2 boxes of cherries every time she visits her 26-year-old boy-friend…hmm, I wonder what they are doing with them ;-).

    Apart from this little revelation, it has also been reported that at the end of 2007, fans have spotted Song Ji-hyo riding pillion on her Romeo’s motorcycle.

  262. 262 : Rohan Says:

    hi, u looking charming in the photograph really like it.

  263. 263 : Ji hyo Says:

    Try this site! Its a Song Ji hyo fan site with lotz of pics


    join multiply!

  264. 264 : Arjumand Says:

    OH MY GOD.I’m from Malaysia and I watched Jumong drama and you as Lady Soya.You are very beautiful.I hope I can go to Korea one day and meet you all!!!

  265. 265 : jUstiN Says:

    oh really? is she sO ya?!?!?! I thought she’s a new comer!!

  266. 266 : sima Says:

    hi i tink you are very beautiful i am from iran and watch jomang and i tink you are very good acctrees

  267. 267 : janelle may lee Says:

    anyong haseyo!! i hate song ji hyo in goong but i agree in 1 thing she is cute.. hmp..

  268. 268 : sima Says:

    hi ji hyo i love you so much you are so beautiful i watch jomang and i enjoy of your acting .good luck

  269. 269 : claudine Says:

    hi song ji hyo! even if i am a filipino, i am your number 1 fan! i really like the way you act in your film wishing stairs. i love watching horror films and wishing stairs is my favorite. i hope to see you in a horror film again.

  270. 270 : shaira depaz Says:

    hi my name is shaira im your fan im one question for you who is your crush kim jeong hoon or joo ji hoon thank you bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. 271 : Mon MOn Says:

    Hi my name is Mon Mon.I like you very much in Jumong and Goong.You are so beautiful.I like your acting as Suya.I bless you may become the top excellent star in Korea.Bye Bye

  272. 272 : Mon MOn Says:

    I love you.Your are so pretty.

  273. 273 : Mon MOn Says:

    Iam so happy as your are the fist wife of Jumong. I love both of you.

  274. 274 : chickengay Says:

    i love your character yesoya in jumong hope to see you in more drama and movies and i hope you will do another drama with song il guk i watched jumong because of you and the three year old yuri more power

  275. 275 : diEhaRd faN Says:

    heLLo!! haPPy biRthday Idol!! how aRe yoU,.. i’m Your diedHard fan Here in The philippines.. i wish that you haVe more birthdays & sHows to Come!! i Love You idol!!!!!!! taKe carE aLwayS. . . . . . .

  276. 276 : kyaw thu ya aung Says:

    i ji hyo shi………i like u very much….u are very beautiful girl i am in myanmar country

  277. 277 : punk_101 Says:

    how r u lately
    hope u have new drama series script
    coz loved ur perfromance in goong hope we
    see u in another great drama series

    wish u all da BEST!!!!

    arianna as punk_101
    hope u reply

  278. 278 : kyaw thu ya aung Says:

    i want u are gmail i talk u very much ….i hope u are friend because u are interesting girl…so i hope u u watch my friendster ok i wait u message my message is [email protected] . u are?

  279. 279 : selin Says:

    seni düşlerimin prensinde gördüm rolünü çok iyi yapiyorsun çok tatlı kizsin.tukey’e geldinmi?seninle tanismayi çok isterim nekedada imkansiz olsada

  280. 280 : benzon Says:

    hi im benzon 24 yrs old from philippines u know i like how u act in zero 2!………and especialy ur face 2…….ur lyk an angel in disguise well hope u can read my message!……coz i know u cant reply on a man like me….ok ill end up my message god bless you always

  281. 281 : kyaw thu ra aung Says:

    hi ji hyo shi ……..don`t shoot on filim sexy movies….u are pretty and beautiful……..so u shoot on filim tv movies

  282. 282 : kish Says:

    ji hyo…your angel from heaven above…can’t wait to see you in SSangwa store w. JJI and Jo insug oppa…

  283. 283 : Blue2607 Says:

    Hi Ji- Hyo,

    I REALLY appreciate in you and your hard work. I WATCH both drama you acted on, Goong and Jumong. I want you to acted in more drama because i really think you have a talent on this. Anyways i think you’re really cute and may you have a successful life……. An YOUNG hae se yo

  284. 284 : nurseda Says:

    merhaba ben nurseda yörük 8.sınıf öğrencisiyim song ji hyoyu çokkk seviyorum onla birlikte jeong hoon,yoo eun hye,jooji hoon nuda seviyorum ona ençok minyoranrolü yakışıyor minyoranın hareketleri ve asilliği çok hoşuma gidiyor onun gibi olmak isterdim byby

  285. 285 : nurseda Says:

    minyoranı yani song ji hyoyu çooook seviyorum yanı sıra çeyyang yul veşin ide çok hoşuma gidiyorlar hepsine bayılıyorum ama içlerinde en çok minyoranın hareketlerine hayranım iradesine aşkı için savaşmasına ve tarzına

  286. 286 : cristina Says:

    hey!hello to you!im a fan here in the philippines!since i watched your movie, ‘wishing stairs’ you become my favorite!and i like your personality portrayal in every movie or shows..nice!love you and more power!

  287. 287 : Leen Says:

    Hi! im from Philippines! I am your #1 fan. And you are my #1 idol in the world. I really like you very much i hope I can see you soon. You are very beautiful. Everytime I face the computer i always search about you
    God bless you
    Ihope you will response
    [email protected]

  288. 288 : jay an...ruje'46 Says:

    hello…wanna greet you a great day…
    by the way, i am you’re dying fan here in philippines
    ..i’m actually watching your movie most especially Jumong..
    ..you’d acted your role greatly as lady soya…and I hope i could still watch your new movie entitled..”Frozen Flower”…Good day..love you

  289. 289 : Wise Bamboo Organ Says:

    I love you!!!!!! take care and smile always!!!!! =)

  290. 290 : steph Says:

    i saw you first in princess hours…..and i saw you also in sex is zero…
    god bless

  291. 291 : Michael Joseph G. Marasigan Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!! =)

    -Wise Bamboo-

  292. 292 : ibe Says:

    i really love wishing stairs!! waahh!! ^_^

  293. 293 : rehana Says:

    u look like a good girl………..

  294. 294 : Joker Says:

    Hallo..Truly you great actress i ever met..Eventhough i just see u at once in wishing stairs..So gladful and entertaint myself..Nature beauty without make-up make those other woman in any part of worlds back to where they are..Like u..Have a great day in your life..Okay..Smile always..

  295. 295 : poland Says:

    Films, picts, mp3’s, videos and lots more available at http://megaupload.name/ for free downloading without registration!

  296. 296 : Sony Says:

    Ji Hyo, I wait for your new drama. Hope you will on the screen soon.

  297. 297 : JEMRY MALABAD Says:


  298. 298 : abba Says:

    i love you did you read this sms i m realy love you and love watch your movies and drama

  299. 299 : Ladan Says:

    Hello Lady Yesoya
    I really like your character in jumong. I admire your inner strength.
    You are so beautiful and look innocent.
    Wish you the best.

  300. 300 : mi chi Says:

    i wish i could see u personally.
    ur so pretty.
    good luck.
    keep safe.

  301. 301 : vivian Says:


  302. 302 : mina Says:

    I love you so much song ji hyo! I admire your way of acting in jumong, I love your character and also your face, you looc so innocent and cute!
    I hope you the best!

  303. 303 : PRINCE TOT Says:


  304. 304 : Arwi Says:


    Your acting in Goong was impressive! You made me hate so much! Héhé, but that shows that your performance was top-notch! You were exactly like the manhwa’s character! Good luck.

  305. 305 : Chat Says:

    I first met you in Frozen Flower and you have made this movie absolutely stunning. This movie persuaded me to look for others that you have played. You are so intelligent and beautiful. You have a pretty, special and attractive face. The way you act and the way you speak makes you distinguished from other actresses in Korea. You are the real star. I wish you all the best, prosperity, health, peace of mind and happiness in every way every step you take. I never came to post a comment for a star, you are the first one. I don’t expect you coming to read this. I’m just glad to express my feelings. I really fall in love with you, I do. Be well and take very good care.

  306. 306 : jalal Says:

    i love you

  307. 307 : Siros Says:

    Hi.my name is siros from Iran
    i just want say you are so beautiful in jumong
    i love your eye’s
    i hope see you in my country
    i will support you

  308. 308 : pooria Says:

    hello mrs song ji hyo
    i am from iran
    your acting is diffrent from other korean player.it impress me all the time.you are very gracious , piteou , cute , beautiful and all the positive trait that every woman has.i aspire that you will be success in all of your life.bye leo…..

  309. 309 : pooria Says:

    hi song ji hyo
    i am from iran
    your acting is diffrent from other korean players.
    you impress me all the time.you are cute , gracious,piteou and all ther positive trait that one woman has.i aspire that you will be success in your life.i hope that just one time ,i can see you on time.your cooperation is highly appreciated in advanced
    bye leo…

  310. 310 : sara Says:

    hi ,
    I m from Iran and I love your charecter and your face 🙂

  311. 311 : s.a.m Says:

    hello.i am from iran.goodluck.

  312. 312 : Wonder boys Says:

    Song ji hyo, saranghae~

  313. 313 : Wonder boys Says:

    Song ji hyo.. I like you acting in princess hour

  314. 314 : Hmmm Says:

    Lets compare.. What ur comment?? Between princess hour (goong) and prince hour (goong s) which one is the best and which one is the worst and why?

  315. 315 : Ladan Says:

    Happy Birthday, I wish you the best of best,

  316. 316 : nastaran Says:

    Hi honey,
    Happy Birthday
    I wish you a world full of happiness…

  317. 317 : Kihae Says:

    Song ji hyo.. Happy bday…

  318. 318 : SF Says:

    Hi Song JI Hyo
    I saw U In Frozen Flower
    U are So Beautyfull
    I Want Be With U,Too

  319. 319 : sami banaei Says:

    Hello My Favorite Korean Actress
    After I see Your Fantastic Roll In (Legend Of Jumong) I Become too happy Because I think That You are better than All of them.I have a request I Would like to chat with you Are you Interested In Chatting With An Iranian Boy Who Loves You Very Much?Your Appearence Is as same as a mermaid.So If You Are Interested send me a request
    Goodbye My Queen of Dreams

  320. 320 : sami banaei Says:

    Good Luck Sweety

  321. 321 : khalil Says:

    repectfully, with hi. i hope to see you. i love you . im from iran. success in your life. words it dosnt mean for you. take care.

  322. 322 : qaqa Says:


  323. 323 : Amir Says:

    hi ms song.my name is amir i am from iran and i love you so much i like to chat if you mind . and also i loved your acting in Legend of Jumong and i hope you the best in movies and i hate everyone but you . i say again : i love you and there is no life for me without you . Good Luck .

  324. 324 : shaira Says:

    hi!!! song ji hyo you know your so very kind girl and faithful..
    that kind of girl that i like….
    you know im your fans in princess hours (goong) and also yoon eun hye she is also my favorite…
    okay bye take care always

  325. 325 : Ye' Htet Says:

    hello !

  326. 326 : Ye' Htet Says:

    I like u.

  327. 327 : foroogh Says:

    hi my dear ,
    i really love you spacially in jumong .
    you are the most beautiful actress in all over the world .

  328. 328 : sor Says:


  329. 329 : sahar Says:

    baba Amir kuta bia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shukhi kardam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. 330 : gunay.azeri Says:

    hi. l live in azerbaijan . l am azeri girl.l see you in goong and jumong.l charmed you.you is very very very gooooood actress.

  331. 331 : air jordans shoes Says:


  332. 332 : flozz Says:

    she’s pretty, i wonder why she only starring in two dramas…

  333. 333 : jung oh so Says:

    i don’t like you in frozen flower movie help yourself

  334. 334 : peneloxii Says:

    she’s pretty, i wonder why she only starring in two dramas…²
    I don’t understand too!

  335. 335 : Lydia Says:

    I hate Min Hyo Rin :p
    but u are cute :]

  336. 336 : allu Says:

    hi..i like you so much..i like u eversince i saw u on jumong..d more im n love with u n sex is zero..i hope we can 2k..

  337. 337 : joselo roque huamani Says:

    olz song ji-hyo no se como empezar por que primeramente tengo 16 años de edad i soy tu fans en serio pero yo lo seguire por donde usted vayahasta el fin del mundo usted es bonita no se creo que me enamore de ti i no me importa que usted piense que tal ves sea un niño pero lo bonita e usted nunca se lo quitraran no importa que me asepte como su amigo solo lo suplico por favor que me agrege a mi msn : [email protected] le aseguro que no se arrepentira por favor song ji hyo solo quiero ablar con usted son muy buenas sus peliculs se cuida chauuuuuuuuu!!!!

  338. 338 : joselo roque huamani Says:

    Song Ji-hyo hello greetings to you I can desir I’m very much in love you is very pretty and i also do not wear makeup that is good because it is a gift they gave you and no one may steal I have 16 years of age and I want to please add my msn is: [email protected]

    I just do not forget that song I’ll walk you to death I just talking with a friend realmnete beautiful are the number 1 add me please just be your friend qiero bye song ji entered later and send you comments

  339. 339 : joselo roque huamani Says:

    you are very beautiful l think it’s the first time an angel and I love what I see in pictures and I’m in love but if I saw him in person I think I might faint song ji are beautiful and very good-natured actress add me please want to be your friend ok

  340. 340 : Mahdi Says:

    I love you

    please see my blog




  341. 341 : Samira Says:

    Hi i so happy that i can see you with song il gook agian in crime squad.have good time with SIG

  342. 342 : Greynard Says:

    i’m your new fans…
    i have watched your movie “Sex is Zero 2”
    at first i look your face, i think you’re not too good and not too beautiful,
    but when i saw it for some minutes, i chance my mind…
    you are very beautiful, and you take my heart with your perfomance…
    and now i love you…:))
    i will buy all of your movie collections i think…

    Wish all the best for you Song Ji Hyo…
    God bless you…

  343. 343 : chesca Says:

    she’s not 46 kg. her weight is 51.2 kg. i just saw that from allkpop.com

  344. 344 : sms Says:

    hi i love you.i saw frozen flower.

  345. 345 : dana rio roldan Says:

    I watched a documentary clip from arirang channel about your visit in Philippines especially in Baseco whereas you helped Dave in selling pandesal. I was touched of your generosity and volunteerism for the residents in the community. I admire you for that kindhearted act. I hope that there will be more people like you. For now, I am organizing an activity for the indigenous people here in the Philippines under our program in the fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega: Alleviate Philippines Opulent. On behalf of Filipinos, thank you so mush for helping us here.

  346. 346 : so fast Says:

    ive watch your movie Sex Is Zero 2
    hahah i thought its just only for fun but
    at the early ending it is so pity

    hahah im inspired of that movie its like the same
    as my love story before

    it the rape case didnt happen heheh

    its the that both parents of my girlfriend dislike me.
    heheh thats all hope you will see my comment ms.song ji hyo

    good luck..

  347. 347 : olive Says:

    i like you smile

    good luck

  348. 348 : qcha180307 Says:

    sukaaaa banget deh ma eonnie yg satu nie..
    Aplg d RUNNING MAN..
    slalu menghibur..hihihi

  349. 349 : Hiruyuki Xanada Says:

    I first seen her in Sex is Zero 2, after watching the film, I research about her.

    Moments later, I became interested in her, as she was so Pretty.

    After few Hours. . . I realize i am falling in love with her.

    Wish you all the Best Song Ji Hyo.
    And thank you for visiting here in Philippines, i watch your video during your visit here in Philippines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx9B2aCYlDQ

    You are so Kind. Your Beauty shows “Inside and Out”.

    Wish you all the best in your career. Have a good life.

    I am your biggest Fan from Philippines.
    Hiruyuki Xanada

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    […] King Euija – Choi Won Hong as child Euija – No Young Hak as teen Euija Oh Yun Soo as Sa Taek Bi Song Ji Hyo as Eun Go – Jun Min Seo as child Eun Go – Park Eun Bin as teen Eun Go Hyo Min as Cho Young – Han […]

  351. 351 : Louie Says:

    Ji hyo, you took my breath away with your smile and kindheartedness…! God Bless and wishing you good health…!

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  354. 354 : ida Says:

    I saw your charity show in Arirang. You came to slum neighborhood in Philipine. I get touched by your sincerity. Keep doing great things Ji Hyo. Fighting!!

  355. 355 : mehrdad Says:

    I just love you!

  356. 356 : mehrdad Says:

    one day we will be together.I promise you.

  357. 357 : Goong (궁) « styrn Says:

    […] Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo […]

  358. 358 : paradise Says:

    did u know how a good chemistry u make with lee seung gi….?!

  359. 359 : Mong Mong Says:

    Song Ji Hyo unnie, why do not you continue the relationship with Kang gary? why with Baek Chang Joo?
    but you are always beautiful with anyone. : D

  360. 360 : Janet Says:

    Hi swety ,i rly luv ur skils,in crime squad nd in jumong too,keep it up

  361. 361 : Ana Says:

    you are so so so beutiful girl

  362. 362 : tintin Says:


  363. 363 : rvldi Says:

    Running man Monday Couple, Ace Ji Hyo, Blank Ji Hyo. Like u :*

  364. 364 : priskaaaa Says:

    Yaaa,, Miss Blank!!! O my God, she’s princess between prince’s. Especially kang gery ㅋㅋㅋ 😀 ,, please running man come to Jakarta – Indonesia. Love Happy Haroro oppa (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ) ~♥

  365. 365 : vega Says:

    you are always beautiful altough without make up!

  366. 366 : Lorem Says:

    I like this girl. I have seen only 3 Running Man eps and watched Crime Squad last year. She’s got that thing.. you know ..that thing maaan.. what is that? Ah, bew-di-ful!

  367. 367 : NextDoor Says:

    i like you in running man. i didnt recognize you that you were the actress in goong. great acting in that drama 🙂 i wish you will have more hit dramas in the future. fighting!

  368. 368 : sheep Says:

    please update her profil. Her new movie Code Name Jackal/Jackal is Coming. She play with kim jae jong, her brother form CJS 😀

    (@sheep from admin: Thanks. Profile Updated.)

  369. 369 : [KBS2 2011] Crime Squad | Says:

    […] Il Gook as Park Se Hyuk Lee Jong Hyuk as Jung Il Do Song Ji Hyo as Jo Min Joo Park Sun Young as Heo Eun Young Jang Hang Sun as Team Leader Kwon Young Sool Sung […]

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    […] Main cast Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo […]

  371. 371 : ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    Ji Hyo, me thinks your claws come out when provoked ‘cos your Running Man oppas are a little scared of you. But to me you’re a cutie, bitsie, wootsie, teenie weenie, cuddly poodee cat.

  372. 372 : Gye Baek (계백) « styrn Says:

    […] – Choi Won Hong as child Euija – No Young Hak as teen Euija Oh Yun Soo as Sa Taek Bi Song Ji Hyo as Eun Go – Jun Min Seo as child Eun Go – Park Eun Bin as teen Eun Go Hyo Min as Cho […]

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    […] Hae Mo Su Oh Yun Soo as Lady Yoo Hwa Kyun Mi Ri as Queen Wan Hoo Jun Kwang Ryul as King Geum Wa Song Ji Hyo as Ye So Ya (Jumong’s wife) Park Tam Hee as Yang Seol […]

  374. 374 : GRACIE Says:

    i love you so much song ji hyo.. really love your acting!!!! i love your movie FROZEN FLOWER!!! cant get off my mind..

  375. 375 : AYU Says:

    saranghaeyo…..ji hyo you are my favourite artist forever….

  376. 376 : Nee Agashi Says:


    SARANGHAE!!!!! ^^

  377. 377 : TheOne Says:

    Jihyo, you are a talented actress that can not only act but humor people. I hope you keep your high spirited personality and can continue being the ace for everything you do.Live a healthy and good life!!


  378. 378 : MFM Says:

    Nice watching U in Running Man…

  379. 379 : pororo Says:

    today is 15.04.2013.. happy birthday to u…..

  380. 380 : pororo Says:

    today is 15.08.2013.. happy birthday to u…..

  381. 381 : Nabila Says:

    Happy birthday for all the best for youuuuu, Oenniiiiiii~~~~ keep fighting and smiling! :)))))))
    I’ve always loved your acting, your smile and laugh, and keep giving people loveee oenni~~

    ps: You’ve got the same birthday as mineee~ ;D

  382. 382 : ZARIMa Says:

    after watching u in the frozen flower,, i hate you now.. and i can say you are now our new PORNO Queen… cant beleive that u accepted that kind of show showing your body with a different kind of position in making sex.. aarghh, dont like you anymore……… shame on you

  383. 383 : Malyn Says:

    🙂 hellooo…gurl! Ji hyo unni :
    dispite of numerous issues regarding ur character in frozen flower,though i didn’t watched it, but you know what? Frankly speaking i essentially understand that you accept that character because you are really an actress,proving that whatever project fits to your personality it made up to you!go girl !! show to us your unmitigated talent(actress)..and pursue you braveness,undisputed members in RUNNINGMAN,just being ACE to every members and stay beauteous,lovely in RunningMan.
    🙂 as one of ur avid fans i’ll support ur upcoming dramas and movies soon(future)..
    =) hugs and kissess MALYN frm PHILIPPINES !!

  384. 384 : Malyn Says:

    Hi! Ji hyo unni..:) stay strong and gorgeous in RUNNINGMAN..,fighting!!
    ♥ we ur fans support ur move.,love and kisses♥♥!mwah mwah mwah!!


  385. 385 : hayati ikhwan Says:

    hi eonni..i love you so much..i really like “monday couple”with gary oppa..i can’t wait to see gary oppa’s performances this 11 jan 2014 ..muah..from malaysia!!!h

  386. 386 : juju Says:

    i like u

  387. 387 : tiktok Says:

    I would have ignored her nude sex scene if she was good in acting. But sorry to say your acting doesn’t impress me. It’s below the average

  388. 388 : kT Says:

    I love you everytime mongji.
    I’ll support you forever.

    Love love love your smile ^_____________^

  389. 389 : dahlia (fx) Says:

    OMG!!!!She’s so adorable♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆

  390. 390 : Q_Aira Says:

    man, u judges based on film that she takes. didn’t see how good she brings the chrcter though she may not really into it..

  391. 391 : wna Says:

    love jihyo eonni~


  392. 392 : san Says:

    At firtst I didn’t liked you because of your character in Goong. But now I’m watching Emergency Couple! Damn you have become more beautiful. And I even like your character so much! Keep up up the good work. It’s really great watching you in Emergency couple!

  393. 393 : mehh Says:

    Seriously one doesn’t need to prove acting skill being nude. Frozen flower is good movie. It has strong plot but song jihyo doesn’t do anything. She is just like doll who is hired only for stripping. Her acting sucks

  394. 394 : fan of ji hyo Says:

    ji hyo-ssi . don’t listen to the people that does’t know how to judge people . people make mistake right . so do u . don’t give up with just simple mistake . go on with ur carier . fighting !!! i’m always support ur drama n movie . just go on with gary . u both so sweet . ji hyo fighting !!! stay strong , sweet n beautiful . GO ! GO ! GO !

  395. 395 : mongjimongji Says:

    Song Ji Hyo is a great actress!!! Some people don’t know anything but to keep on judging others with their little brain and immature thinking. *sigh* Song Ji Hyo unnie fightinggg!!! You’re so talented and gorgeous. ❤

  396. 396 : jihyo fans Says:

    why always people judging her, she just acting, if she nude in frozen flower, up to her, her body not you all, so please, dont judging her past,

  397. 397 : nuna Says:

    Her hater only jealous with her. .. song ji hyo is a good actress. .. she proved can acting with different. . difficult character. In variety show RM she proved can be a strong woman. If u dont know ji hyo ssi please dont judge her.

  398. 398 : girl Says:

    I love u soooooooo much song ji hyo…

  399. 399 : Yeni Sunny Says:

    Saranghaeyo Ji Hyo eonnie. Hope you more success on this year ^_^

  400. 400 : love jihyo and jin iyuk Says:

    oh please, i love her in emergency couple, she good actress, i hate who critic her and said she like porn star, so rude, i love her character, i love mongji, i love running man too, hope after this she had new drama will show her talent in acting, go ji hyo noona, i will support u!

  401. 401 : Mary Nove Says:

    Hey ,song ji hyo is an amazing actress ..why have to judge her just based on a sex scene that he had taken ,being a good actress should be brave enough to take any scene ..that is just immatured way of thinking *sighhhh*

  402. 402 : SK Says:

    Sarang hae, Song Ji Hyo. Aja Aja Fighting! You are a talented actress. As a human, we must always know ourselves and who we are and NEVER dwell on comments from other people who do not know who we are.

  403. 403 : remich Says:

    song ji hyo is such an amazing actress. I start liking her at her TV show emergency couple. I like the drama because its funny and the story is good and realistic. Ji hyo is really pretty. Aja! Fighting ji hyo!

  404. 404 : saraghaeoooo Says:

    song ji hyo you are so kind, friendly and most beauty….youlook so great at fan meeting at singapore with choi jin hyuk..thanks for hugging your fans at there…

  405. 405 : foreverjihyo Says:

    Song ji hyo is very nice at the Emergency Couple Meet and Greet at Singapore. She interacts with almost everyone, she gave handskahe plus hug to the lucky fans. She kept on throwing a lot of flying kisses as well as love signs and bowed a lot. Ji hyo is very beautiful! Very very beautiful. Everytime I watch her. Reminds me how humble and down to earth she is. No wonder why a lot of fans keeps love her more and more yand more.

  406. 406 : kdramalover Says:

    Song Ji Hyo is very kind. After the Emergency Couple Meet and Greet at Singapore when she interacts with almost everyone out there I must say that this actress is amazing. She gave handshake plus hug to the lucky fans. She kept on throwing a lot of flying kisses as well as love signs and bowed a lot. Song Ji hyo is very beautiful inside and out. Remembering all the scenes on that fan meeting reminds me how humble and very down to earth she is. No doubt why a lot of fans keeps on loving her more and more and more

  407. 407 : Kat-Kat Says:

    You’re my favorite Korean actress. You’re talented and a natural beauty. Wishing to see you again in another great production or drama.

  408. 408 : hai ji hyo Says:

    hi ji hyo unnie,

    I start like you when i see u in running man. Seriously when i watch how u easy going play in running man, how strong you are, how humble. i really like u. u show that as a women side in a good way. After that i always be ur fan…….. love you song ji hyo… 🙂

  409. 409 : like Says:

    i like u in running man….. when you get angry…always they put angry bird sound so funny… when u angry u look so cute…..

  410. 410 : Kat Says:

    You’re my favorite Korean star since Running Man. I’m so excited that finally I’ll be able to watch you in a drama again after “Emergency Couple”. I’m really looking forward to your new drama “Ex-Girlfriend Club” with Byun Yo Han. You two seem to have great chemistry based on the photos, teasers and BTS videos. Wishing your drama will be a success.

  411. 411 : Suhailah Says:

    Song Ji Hyo is my favorite Korean actress.It would be nice if I can meet with her.I’m watched all her drama including Jackal is Coming.Now, I’m watching ‘Jackal is Coming’.Song Ji Hyo is always and he is my Korean girl idols No. 1 in my Life.She always looks young altough she is 30s.^_^


    I'm from Malaysia

  412. 412 : Suhailah/Song Song Couple Says:

    Hi,we meet again.I hope she has another filming a romance drama likes Emergency Couple and Jackal is Coming. SARANGHAE^w^ Ji Hyo noona

  413. 413 : Suhailah/Song Song Couple Says:

    Suhailah and Suhailah/Song Song Couple are the same person.

    My SWEET ROMANCE Song Song Couple

    I’m Most LOVE Song Song COUPLE than Monday COUPLE?!!!

  414. 414 : Da Ni Says:

    suka semua Drama yang di bintangi Song Ji Hyo :*

  415. 415 : Kat Says:

    After reading the news that your current drama Ex-Girlfriend Club was cut to 12 episodes, I feel very upset. No matter how people criticize you, still you’re my fave actress. Hope to see & meet you in person. I can really tell that you’re a naturally beautiful person with a genuine heart. Wishing you all the best & success in life.

    P.S: Hope that soon you’ll be able to work with Hyun Bin. If that will happen, I’ll definitely go cray.

  416. 416 : siti Says:

    ji hyo unnie i hope you can come to malaysia with another running man member

  417. 417 : siti Says:


  418. 418 : siti Says:

    monday couple the best even you guys not real couple

  419. 419 : song ji hyo Says:

    hii song ji hyo,i love u i m your fan…i only your fan i really like you in running man i hope you always happy and take care..i hope we can meet one day…I LOVE YOU!!! SARANGHAE SONG JI HYO..i really want to see you i think your sister and you brother must be grateful because have sister like you…i the most love you…happy everyday dont sad i always in your side….:)

  420. 420 : song ji hyo Says:

    SONG JI HYO!!!!!

  421. 421 : Lee Fie RÖ Says:

    I like you. I love watching Runningman

  422. 422 : fio Says:

    I love you. My fave actress. I hope you will play a drama soon.

  423. 423 : Korean Videos Song - Videobox Says:

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    […] Song Ji Hyo Mamamoo Lee Joon Ik Bong Man Dae Ahn Hye Kyung Lee Tae Im Clara Kang Ha Neul […]

  425. 425 : Bucinnya Jung Yono Says:

    I love your act, your trully beautiful Inside.
    Love you more

  426. 426 : DRAMACOOLWIKI Says:

    Watch and download most pupular and latest asian, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thailand and Chinese drama`s & movies in high quality online free with English Subtitles and Dubbed.

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