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Song Seung Hun

Name: 송승헌 / Song Seung Hun (Song Seung Heon)
Real name: 송승복 / Song Seung Bok
Nickname: Tough guy
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1976-Oct-05
Birthplace: Suyuri, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 179cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Family: A brother and a sister
Education: Kyunggi University (majored in Visual Media)
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Watching & collecting videos and playing sports (basketball, swimming, and skiing)
Talent agency: Storm S Company

TV Series

Voice Season 4 (tvN, 2021)
Would You Like To Have Dinner Together (MBC, 2020)
The Great Show (tvN, 2019)
The Player (OCN, 2018)
Black (OCN, 2017)
Saimdang, Light’s Diary (SBS, 2017)
When A Man Loves (MBC, 2013)
Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC, 2012)
My Princess (MBC, 2011)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Summer Scent (KBS, 2003)
Law Firm (SBS, 2001)
Autumn Tale (KBS, 2000)
Popcorn (SBS, 2000)
Love Story daily drama (SBS, 1999)
Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
Message (SBS, 1999)
Cheat (SBS, 1998)
You and I / 그대 그리고 나 (MBC, 1997)
Beautiful Lady / 아름다운 그녀 (SBS, 1997)
Three Men Three Women / 남자셋 여자셋 sitcom (MBC, 1996)


Man of Will (2017)
The Bombing (2016)
The Third Way of Love (2015)
Wonderful Nightmare (2015)
Obsessed (2014)
Love and Soul (Ghost) (2010)
The Invincible / 무적자 (A Better Tomorrow) (2010)
A Destiny (2007)
He Was Cool (2004)
Ice Rain/Bingwoo (2004)
So Close (2002)
Make It Big (2002)
Calla (1999)


2010 Special Honor Awards: Distinguished Hallyu Entertainer Award of Merit (co-winner with Girls’ Generation)
2009 17th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: Talent division
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang Award (East of Eden)
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (East of Eden)
2008 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Yeon Hee in East of Eden)
2001 SBS Acting Awards: Top Ten Popularity Award
2000 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actor Award
2000 KBS Acting Awards: Photogenic Award
1999 SBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award
1998 Baek Sang Arts Award: Popularity Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Katie Says:


    like your movie summer aroma and hope you will have more movies.

    God bless and more power!!!

  2. 2 : kristy lor Says:

    love all your movies you’re the greatest, keep in touch, make more movies and tv drama

    kristy lor
    United States

  3. 3 : RATIH Says:

    Dear Song Seung Hun,

    To me, you are really something! You impressed me so much not only because you are a good looking guy but you also have a good acting especially when you express youself in every scene. Autumn in My Heart and Summer Scent are the most I like.

    That’s why I missed you so much when you were absent from acting for 2 years but thank God you’re back now and will start to make a new drama next year. I can’t hardly wait to see your next move!


    From INDONESIA with LOVE

  4. 4 : mus Says:

    Song Seung-hun is actor very famous starting the movies’Autumn in my heart’…with Song hye gho…
    saya amat menyukainya…’Autumn in my heart’ adalah tv series kesukaan saya yang pertama walaupun ending kedua2 actor and actrees mati tapi jalan cerita yang cukup menarik ramai penonton…termasuk me!!!

    from MALAYSIA,

  5. 5 : fazliati Says:

    Hi Seung-hun..

    Really loved your performance, Good Job!!

    Wish you all the best from now on..
    keep up the good work

    Terengganu, Malaysia.

  6. 6 : Debbie Mcintosh,Malaysia Says:

    Hi Song Seung Hun,

    All yr best friends are my favourites actors and i watch most of their movies too but what really thrill me is the Autum Tale(KBS 2000) and summeer scent, keep the good work.

  7. 7 : anza Says:

    hi seung hun i like your movies he so cool can i get pic from that movie please

  8. 8 : Miela Says:


    UR SO CUTE:-)

  9. 9 : bella Says:

    hey seung hun,
    i really liked ur performance in ur films and tv serials. u re very handsome and a good actor. i am deeply in love wid u. i would like to wish u all the best for ur upcoming films and ur career
    lots of love bella

  10. 10 : jhing Says:

    Hi song seung hun! you act so well! hope you receive many awards!

  11. 11 : RATIH Says:

    Seung Hun Sie,

    How r u dear buddy? Already start shooting on yr next tv-drama? I can’t wait to see it. Heard you will be paired with Ms. Ha Ga In for the next drama. (Ha Ga In is one of gorgeous Korean actresses and I like her acting, too) So, keep up the good work! Never give up to achieve everything you’ve always wanted most in your life. Make your dream come true! We love you and we shall always support you whereever and whenever you are! Send my warm regards to yr best friends So Ji Sup and Kwon Sang Woo. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

    K-Drama Lover,

  12. 12 : amanda Says:

    finally i get you…you a friend to lee byung hun aka kim in-ha in all in…i love all your movies..i have watched all in and then autumn fairy tale…those 2 dramas made me believe there is something called love out there..oooh by the way Happy Valentines day..hope you are enjoying it..I’m doing skul work..university is a hectic place..i’m in love with you or yoon jun-suh..it doesnt matter although i got a little upset when won bin tried to move in and you were just doing nothing…you know if you look at your characters they have always been in love..i mean even when they were young especially after the discovery that eun-suh and you were not related there was just this look joon-suh always gave her..the kind of look evry gal wish they could get..i gues you and in-ha(lee byung han) fell for the same girl though you are friends just like you did with won bin…ok mi’m talkative just love ya!!! much love and happiness and all the best.hope there’s a way of keeping in touch take care..you have the most beautiful smile…take care…God bless you..

  13. 13 : amanda Says:

    i’m just an African girl from Botswana and you stole heart nwith your smile

  14. 14 : CHOZOM Says:


  15. 15 : Mabel Lucero Says:

    Hi Song Seung Hun,

    Your so cute, hope you can come here in the Phillippines. Take Care Always Mr Cool.

  16. 16 : N.H.S Says:

    hey me like that picture….well keep up the good work you been doing ok bye………….

  17. 17 : cath Says:

    hi song seung hun,

    I really like you, your so cute, hope to see you….
    Im your number one fan here in the Philippines….

  18. 18 : trian Says:

    i love you song seung hun
    ilke your film love


  19. 19 : trian Says:

    when did come in indonesia
    iam wait

  20. 20 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Song Seung-heon,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are hansome and gentlement person. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows…………[email protected] This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….

    Thanks, Best Regards,

  21. 21 : ...... Says:

    will you read this message…….i hope so
    you are a lucky person …you got so many greetings .I think i am in love with you .i know that you will feel strange but i have already written your name in my heart.I dont have any reason to love you and i hope that you will understand my feeling.I am just an ordinary person living on earth and wishing for a star which is so far away from earth.May be i am being selfish ,am i?If you beleive in fate than one day we will meet….. ..and thank you for letting me to love you…….

  22. 22 : sheela mae tommy Says:

    your such a good actor…..you are handsome!!!mwahh

  23. 23 : lyzzie Says:



    i first saw you in autumn story and i can say that drama roles really suite you best. I hope to se you in more serious roles and movies. you really are a gifted actor, very cute too… 🙂 hope you can visit your fans in the Philippines, because we filipinos are freaks for koreanovelas! come and visit our country 🙂 see you someday…. mwah!


  24. 24 : Magarni Says:

    recently i saw u’r movie “He Was Cool” liked it … u’r acting is too good keep it up … hope u see u’r more movies love u
    From Nepal

  25. 25 : jessy Says:

    I love you!!!! Really anticipated for your new film “Destiny”. And can’t you guys put up a better pic of him? Geez

  26. 26 : GAIZA MAE VASQUEZ Says:

    hi song seung bok, i love you very very very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love the way u act 8’s so ntural,u always mke m fell crazy….hope i can c u n person…gve my rgards 2 song hye kyo..i stil love ur enleslove drama,until now im crazy about 8…luv u mwah……..HOPE U LOVE OUR COUNTRY…PHILIPPINES…….jeane vasquez….true sender

  27. 27 : Anja Says:

    Anyung haeseyo,
    i really like the movies you were acting in.
    You’re a good actor.
    Enjoy yourself and take care.
    May God leads all desicions in your live and allways walk on his side..

    Be blessed

  28. 28 : sonam-choden Says:

    god///………..u still my dream hero….mauuhhh!!>…gosh..!!,,,luv u..peace…this is frm ktm

  29. 29 : sonam-choden Says:

    luv u …………and u’r role in he was cool i really knew a cool guy like u

  30. 30 : Babyna Says:

    i know u r so cool
    luv ya muwaaa muwaaaaaaaaaa

  31. 31 : Smitha Says:

    Hi, I was recently introduced to K-drama. I watched both Autumn tales and summer scents. I cried through out Autumn tales. Your acting moved me soo much. I am hoping to visit Korea sometime in the future. Loved Summer Scents. I just couldnt get enough. Wished it would go on… Both are very good stories.

    I love your acting. You are very very handsome. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more movies and dramas done by you..

    God bless!!
    Smitha, United States

  32. 32 : sobha yanglem Says:

    hi songsari
    i watch your movie and even your drama tv serial. your acting is superb, mind blowing…..keep it up. all the best. today is 5th of oct Happy Birthday.may you live long.

    god bless you.

  33. 33 : Shang2 Says:

    wow u hav the most cutess smile…great acting n i like the way u carry ouself..
    good luck for ur future…

  34. 34 : nurul Says:

    love song seung heon!!
    most fav actor… like him in autumn in my heart, make it big, ice rain, and many more…. keep up your good acting!! haha… ^_^

  35. 35 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Seung Heon

    I love you in drama AUTUMM IN MY HEART very much. Acting in your
    eye , when you so cry . I will wait for your new drama DESTINY.
    I hope ! have a nice time to see you in THAILAND again soon.

    With Love.

  36. 36 : seema Says:

    hey hai i love the movie he was cool ……….u was looking cool in dis movie …..i got fall in love wid u ………….i looked dis movie many times only to see u ……..ur attitude oh my god ……..

  37. 37 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Song Seung Heon

    I hope everytime you always be full of LOVE.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008…………

    I’m one of your fan in THAILAND.

  38. 38 : sharzoda Says:


  39. 39 : malaysia Says:

    wow he’s so cool in “he was cool(2004)”..i like him very much n he’s so handsome in that movie….

  40. 40 : Basga Says:

    He was Cool is the first time I saw you, I enjoy your facial expression in the movie and how you punctuation each wrong with attitude. After see you in He Was Cool I look you up to see what other movie and drama you might be in. Unfortunately the autumn drama storyline I didn’t care for but I did like “Make It Big.
    I’m looking forward to see your next movie A Destiny with Kwon Sang who I think is a great actor, you play well off of each other. I hope to enjoy you over and over again as you continue your successful career as an actor. ”Happy Valentine’s Day” God Bless

  41. 41 : sutida.po Says:

    Hi ! Song Seung Hun

    I have no red rose and no delicious Chocolate for u .
    Just SMS for u to say I Love u . !

    Happy Valentine ” s Day………….

  42. 42 : tzeng Says:

    A friend of mine lend me a korean DVD movie collection and one of the movies He Was Cool, I watched it and I was hooked. I love your acting in that movie so I went on to watch all of your movies and tv series. You really are a talented actor. Am looking forward to East of Eden and Destiny. Keep up the good work.

  43. 43 : tzeng Says:

    I really love your voice when you sing After 10 Years and For You. Too bad you were not able to act in Sad Love Song. I hope you will make an album with a compilation a songs from your tv shows and movies. YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!!!

  44. 44 : ida Says:

    hi! I’m ur fan from malaysia…I love ur acting very much in endless love movie..I hope I can meet u someday….

  45. 45 : ann Says:

    I love you

  46. 46 : Jhe Says:

    I really like how u act in your TV series and ur movies specially in the movie ” he was cool “. Hope to see you in a latest project. I’m one of your fan.

  47. 47 : rAdInE Says:

    oooHHH.. sOnG sEung Hun…
    I lIke U sO mUch…….
    yOu aRe sO hAndsOme gUy…
    mAy I knOw..
    have YoU mArrIed???
    iF U hAven’t maRrIed yEt..
    I wAnt tO bE yOur wIfe…..

    Oh YeAH,,,
    WhEN u ViSIt YOUr FANS IN iNDOnESIa???
    COz… i REALY WANT TO MeEt YoU…

    MiSS yOu…

  48. 48 : janice Says:

    you’re so talented! Keep it up……for all series or movie. from singapore. And hope can see you @ singapore. ANd ur Best friend Kwon Sang Woooooooo. Take good care.

  49. 49 : Vintilli Says:

    hi Song Seung hun,
    Autumn in my heart was very touching.I liked Summer aroma . I hope to keep watching your dramas. You sure are handsome.Wish you all the best!

  50. 50 : jascha Says:

    hello ssh! i like your summer scent tv series,i love it all of your kdrama series and movies,and your so handsome,your one of my korean actor list i been watching and searching of your kdrama series,i hope you can make an epic or ancient history series like son il gook do(jumong) and bae yong jun (tae wang sa shinji). god bless you

    jascha ,

  51. 51 : jascha Says:

    hello ssh! i love your summer scent,your one of my favorite korean actor list that i been watching and searching of your kdrama series and movies,hope you can make an epic or ancient history series like son il gook do (jumong) and bae yong jun (tae wang sa shinji),your so good looking and we want to see you again and again god bless you!


  52. 52 : sunshine Says:

    he is so HOT

  53. 53 : preeya Says:

    hey i am a great fan of yours.Your performance in HE WAS COOL was dam cool I lUV u

  54. 54 : Pema Says:

    hi song seong hun i rely enjoyed your movie he was cool.u were looking dam cool but i feel sory 4 jeon da bin as she was my favourite 2. take care n byeeeeeeeeee. AN YOUNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

  55. 55 : Tashi Says:

    Hiiiiiiii! how shall i share my feelings with u that how much i love n care for you. why u r so dam smart.your smile attract me very much. but ur innocent face in HE WAS COOL made me more crazy than earlier. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : najat Says:

    i think you are so ugly ha ha ha

  57. 57 : olive Says:

    hi hello! mr. handsome! i love your summer scent of all the four seasons i watched although the others are nice too! i love also your autumn in my heart! looking forward to your next drama like in summer scent and autum in my heart… when… when…

  58. 58 : sakura Says:

    hii ssh!!!
    i love ur acting and u are so so hansome!!!
    when i can see u in da next movie and dramas????
    and i really2 hope that one day i can meet u…face to face..
    GOOD LUCK! aja2 fighting!!
    fan from Malaysia

  59. 59 : reetu Says:

    hi SONG SEUNG HEON. since i have seen ur movie “HE WAS COOL” I M CRAGLY FAN OF YOURS. I WAS FLYING THE FIRST GLANCE I HAD ON U. since that i was the movie each n every day as much as i can. my only wish in my life is to see u jus infront of me in reality not in dream which i hd several times. I LOVE YOU.

  60. 60 : reetu Says:

    hi SONG SEUNG HEON. since i have seen ur movie “HE WAS COOL” I M CRAGLY FAN OF YOURS. I WAS FLYING THE FIRST GLANCE I HAD ON U. since that i was the movie each n every day as much as i can. my only wish in my life is to see u jus infront of me in reality not in dream which i hd several times. I LOVE YOU.

  61. 61 : ziesha Says:

    i was crazy bout u since i sees ur he was cool movie.
    i m dying to see u.
    i hav plan to go australia but since i hav sen u i m, planing to com korea. i m sure i can see u 1 day just infront of me.
    I LOVE U
    SSU .

  62. 62 : shanta Says:


  63. 63 : ziesha Says:

    Hey heart robber. hope 2 see u soon. Nepal

  64. 64 : ziesha Says:

    Hey lover boy.hope u might have notice me.hey soon i m coming 2 korea soon after my 12 exam.actually my craziness towards u ez bringing me 2 korea otherwise i was bout 2 go australia.hope 2 see u soon.

  65. 65 : carmee Says:

    anyong… pls. visit the philippines and your welcome here and also in our house I hope you can go here and see me……..

  66. 66 : Alyia Mclaren Says:

    Hi there Song Seung Hun,

    I hope one day, after you’ve served in the army. You might want to take a holiday, and come to nz. Your more than welcome. Hope to hear from you soon.

  67. 67 : rowie bondoc Says:

    hello ssh since 2004 im avid fan of yours even wen you serve the military service i always find time to search and look news about you i even add and send you message at friendster but it since you had no time to read and sees those thing i know your really busy…. thanks God i found this i can post and try to had connection with you maybe and hoping you could read my message. your the 1st korean actor i admire most oppa your eye, your smile, your acting make my heart melt and i do see your sincerity in the words you said once i read at tsinoy forum that when your on the military service you see the real meaning of life you can mingle to those you did not see and able to touch the lives of those simple people from those words i really admire you you had the most kind heart i ever knew as thet say korean is the most arrogant and bad people in asian but as i think korean culture is the same as philippine you do respect the elders and you value family as i see in those korean tv series i watch and your one proof as the words you said when your serving at military service telling those experience inside the hard time in training you make me beleive that your not a celebrity but a real person who has the heart for your fellow…. pls stay the same even if life is a constant change…. be gentleman as you always to be…. how i wish i could be near you and watching all those movie and tv series you do…. even in tapings and promos how i wish i could be with you…when i am dreaming i wish i can be you personal assistant hehehe …. to see and to know more about you…. take care [email protected]

  68. 68 : livelyhearty Says:

    LOVES ur acting lots!!!

  69. 69 : maria Says:

    Hi, I’m your avid fan here in japan and i like you the way you act. Your the SUPERSTAR in my heart Wish you to make a lots of Movies YOu my NO 1 Star…

  70. 70 : MIJANOV Says:


  71. 71 : maria Says:

    SONG SEUNG HUN, You’re My No# 1 Best Actor in the whole WORLD…In the Universe and In EARTH. GOD BLESS YOU …

  72. 72 : kill a Says:

    he is no. 1 best actor..and soo sweet and cute..chayok!!!(^.^)..gud luck..

  73. 73 : kill a Says:

    u are cute man..i like when you be a gangster in ‘He was cool’..u so cool….aaaa,i’m crazy about u…(i.i)..huhu..

  74. 74 : maria Says:

    In Korea SONG SEUNG HUN is my IDOL, In Japan it’s Matsumoto Jun.
    I wish a Movie or Tv series together w/ Matsu jun and Song seung hun… Hoping and Dreamin…

  75. 75 : maria Says:

    SONG SEUNG HUN, You’re my No# 1 IDOL in the whole WORLD.

  76. 76 : BOO Says:


  77. 77 : BOO Says:


  78. 78 : elma Says:

    Hi handsome..I watch your “Summer Scent” just now. You are so good in this drama, really fantastic, amazing, excellent. You have touched the people watching you. Your family is so lucky to have you. You’re truly kindhearted I guess as I see in your face. You are loved by all of us in the family. Keep up the good work, have a happy, fruitful and peaceful life. More power to you.

  79. 79 : sonam Says:

    hi dear i saw ur filmhe was cool n i really frm dt day onwards i thinking of u only n want to be wid u.but i hv not luck.if i will b in ur place dn i will definately tried to meet but i m in india and i am tibetan girl.i really love you a lot sarang heyo.pls if u hv got ma msg dn please mail me ok in dis id [email protected] and hi5id is [email protected] please mail me lo.i will wait ok.till then take care of yourself and dont merry with other girl except me.ma good wishes are always with you ma dear.i will pray to god for your better health and u get success in every step you take.

  80. 80 : sonam Says:

    HI MA DEAR SEOUNG today i stay in home itself.i did not went outside.i stay in home and watch your movie he was cool.i dun know what you do today?u are busy with your daily schedule ryte but in that busy work u care yourself if i will be there than i will take care of you.so dear whereever u are stay happy

  81. 81 : sonam Says:

    hi dear want to wish you good night and have a sweet dream.nga kherang la pe gagidu i wrote dis in tibetan language and dt means i love you a lot

  82. 82 : sonam Says:

    hi song seung heon
    sorry for not witing u frm long days but in between dt i miss u a lot.i dun know u r reading my message or not..?but i wil never stop keepin u message because i m 1 of ur biggest fan n i luv to keep message for u n hope dt 1 day u will read my message n reply of ma message.as again i m giving you my yahoo id n u can mail me also whn u gt free n read ma message dn please mail me in dis address [email protected] more to say gud nyte n sarang heyo n missing u a lot.take god care of urselg….
    ur die heart fan
    sonam yangzom frm india

  83. 83 : khaliun Says:

    hi. how are you. ID give me please

  84. 84 : khaliun Says:

    ID give me please

  85. 85 : sonam Says:

    hi my song seung heon
    how r u today…?i dun know wat u doing..?each and every time i missing u only.i dun know who iz taking care of you..?i really worried about you.n and dont know also you r reading y message or not..?but i m in hope dt 1 day u will read my message n keep reply of my message.please keep message 4 me in dis ID [email protected],its my yahoo id.and my hi5 id iz [email protected] same.please…………….kp mail for me wid your id n phone number.so b4 stop i want to say take good care of your health and sarang heyo as i alwaz do.miss yu my dear
    sonam yangzom from india

  86. 86 : sonam Says:

    dear SSH

  87. 87 : Lee dah hye Says:

    Oh SSH!
    Song seung hun is korean actor.
    I am korean.
    So I know ssh.
    Do you like SSH?
    Then give me letter!

  88. 88 : odessa200247 Says:

    Hello Song Seung Hun…i love your acting in East of Eden your great actor ever…i’ve been watching all your kdramas and movies. you’re one of my fave korean actor…good luck and keep up!!! God Bless!


  89. 89 : Pinky Says:

    I am a kind of like SSH now, he’s one of my favoriate actor for now. I first seen his drama “Autumn Tale” and his performance was nice. His eyes are really attractive! And in “East of Eden” I feel that he’s not only had a handsome face…… his performance was excellent….

    SSH, keep going and keep up….. fighting……

  90. 90 : jasoncyrus Says:

    Song Seung Hun ,
    u r really hansome n god must be very happy after making u.
    i dont know i will be able to c u in my life but still hope to c u.
    please reply . my id is [email protected]

  91. 91 : odessa200247 Says:

    Hello SSH…you’re a great actor! one of my fave korean actor…i really love to watch you in action like East of Eden and Destiny…your skin color turns me on 🙂 tall dark and handsome! Looking forward to watch your new tv series The City of God. Keep up and god bless!

  92. 92 : Picky Says:

    I am one of Song Seung Hun’s big fans too! Can any one tell me how to find “Denstiny”? I can’t find it! Can any of you tell me how to get his DVD or find it on line? I really want to watch it!

    I like Song Seung Hun’s new style…..with dark skin and macho……:-)

    And really love to watch him in action movie….


  93. 93 : raz Says:

    hallo song seung hun.Im from isreal and I’m a Big fan of yours.the drama-“east of eden” was the first time you made me the impression of
    an excellent acrtor and a fine looking man.I’m waiting for the rest epsods
    of this exciting drama.keep up the good work and have full of happiness.
    I’ll keep in touch.

  94. 94 : jiet Says:

    hai SSH. i’m ur big fan too. i luv u the way u are, u are really so cool like ur acting in he was cool. luv ur smile. to whom who want find destiny….just watching on youtube. title destiny/fate.
    anyway….good luck to u. all the best.

  95. 95 : raz Says:

    hi i just want to congratulate you and the drama East OF EDEN for the great success.well its obviously you are my NO.1.
    love you raz

  96. 96 : raz Says:

    please change the picture of song seung heon .you look so amazing but this picture on top don’t look nice.
    I”ll keep in tuch raz

  97. 97 : admin Says:

    how about this pic?

  98. 98 : smileyac Says:

    Great acting in East of Eden … 😉

  99. 99 : raz Says:

    thank you for changing the picture of my dear song seung heon.I’m so
    impatient waiting to the next chapter of-EAST OF EDEN.

  100. 100 : raz Says:

    MY DEAR -SONG SEUNG HEON I saw you in”YOUTUBE” singing-I LOVE YOU.and my skin was trembling.it was so beautiful so it’s in my head all day.I saw almost every videoclip in the tube about you.you’r so amazing . keep up the good work. sharanga.

  101. 101 : raz Says:

    hi to my favorite actor.sorry for writing saranghae the wrong way.I just saw episode 36 oy my god I have to say over and over again song seung hun you’r freaking hot.this drama sure put you at the top off the korean actors.I love you and I”ll keep in tuch. raz from isreal

  102. 102 : Herlina Lubis Says:

    Hi!! I currently studying in Florida, USA ( My nationality is Indonesian) I watched your drama “Autumn Tale”..It was awesome drama I’ve ever seen. I think this is the best drama for me. Your acting was so excelent. I like your character in “Autumn Tale” drama. It was totally awesome and like real. I watched “Autumn Tale” over and over again and never feel bored. I love to see you together in drama or movie with Song Hye-Gyo. I think both of you are match couple. I wish I can meet you someday.

    Herlina from Florida, USA

  103. 103 : Sita Says:

    i’m Sita from Indonesia. i just wanna say : Song Seung Hun, I Love You so much… when you will make my dreams come true? to hold your hand n hold you in my arms??? ohhh…. i wish u luck n happy forever…

  104. 104 : sonam Says:

    hi song
    i hv send u so many messages but u did not reply of evn 1 msg also.really i wan to hear frm you.u r ma fav.actor n i luv you so much dear.u camn write me in di address [email protected] you n want to b with you.i am from india darjeeling.
    ur big fan

  105. 105 : raz Says:

    MY DERAR SONG SEUNG HUN I wish you happy new year.success in your careeras.bring to your fans year of satisfaction from you.I hope that you”ll give me a lot off unforgotten moments from your’s acting and singing career.SARANGHAE raz from isreal.

  106. 106 : raz Says:

    Hi to my dear SSH.I was very sad to hear about LDH living the drama.from the start I was hopping that you and her will develop romance.she is my favorite actres so I’m very disappointed.also I hope
    her living would not cause damage to E.O.E rating.
    CONGRATULATION for your winnings :the best actor.best couple award with LYH and popularty award.keep up the good work.sarangha oppa.

  107. 107 : zaahirah Says:

    my favorite actor and had a great package…hi…song seung hun im from malaysian and i really like acting in movie and drama…i started like watching korean drama since i saw your autumn tale drama…what a sad stories and your other movie…i never bored to watch all over again…

  108. 108 : sabina Says:

    hello song seung hun,i am a fan frm nepal and i just admire for your talent.i love watching u’r movies and drama.i wish u good luckand have a happy life

  109. 109 : mariaono Says:

    Hello, to my favorite Actor in Korea SONG SEUNG HUN.
    I’m Maria from Phil and residing in Japan.
    I love to watch all your drama series and Movies your so good looking guy,cute ,gentleman,handsome.i love you song seung hun it’s a first time to admire a Korean Actor and I’am very proud and honor and greatfull from that your a Very Good actor and i like the way you Act. You are my dream Man. I wish you all the BEST LUCK more works to come all thru the years …I admire you very very much hope that you have another drama and Movies to come! Good luck and i pray for you always and take care yourself and always have a good health. I love you forever…Your the best of the BEST. GOOD LUCK.

  110. 110 : pemo Says:

    i just finished watching ur series autumn in ma heart,reli liked ur acting,
    n m still having a hang over of it dun’t know y,nwayz da first movie that i watched of urs is he was cool,n must say u were reli cool.
    luking 4ward to watch more movies of urs,till then………………………………………………………………………….adieu

  111. 111 : ngan Says:

    you’re a great actor! saranghamnida xD
    my favorite movie is summer scent
    i love it
    i wish you good luck and so on

  112. 112 : Gul Says:

    east of eden is a cleverly made drama. i must say you and shin tae wan, make it interesting not to mention Gucha’s undying love. keep it up man. this was my first korean drama to watch.

    good luck in your future filming endeavours

  113. 113 : YOURS TRULY Says:

    hello song seung hun!!!
    i am from nepal..
    and you are very very very far away from me, in the north east side.
    but still, i am one of you countless fans.
    i really like your style and your acting and your singing.
    so keep on continuing!!!
    best of luck with your life and career!!!!
    we are always here for you!!!

  114. 114 : raz Says:

    I have some request:
    1-please update SSH awards
    2-please change SSH picture he has so many amazing pictures.
    3-where can I find recent news about SSH next project in english?.
    ONE more time I would like to thank ji-yoen and all the subbers keep up
    the good work.

  115. 115 : raz Says:

    TO MY DEAR SONG SEUNG HUN-keep on the good performance and I wish you all the best in your real life and in your careeras as well.
    s a r a n g h a e raz from isreal

  116. 116 : Pinky Says:

    Really like “East of Eden” ……. and find that SSH acted great in this drama. But I feel upset when I know “Lee Tung Cze” was dead in the end of the story…… it was so sad.. I really want him get marry with Grace…..

    Anyway, Song Seung Hun keep up and fighting…


  117. 117 : hsu myat mon Says:

    hi !!!!
    song seung hun(john saw)
    i am from Myanmar.
    i am crazy about u.
    i like your way of acting very much.
    i knew u when i was 15 years old,now i am 20 years.
    i like u very much.
    we myanmar people know u as john saw.
    u remember this name??
    u remember autumn story??
    john saw is your name from this TV series.
    my email address is [email protected]
    i want to get your photo.
    i will be your audience forever!!!!
    by the way,my name is hsu myat mon .

  118. 118 : raz Says:


  119. 119 : sweet Says:

    Hi Song Seung Hun,
    How are you?I love your movies especially when you acted in East of Eden。。。 I know that you are very busy so i just want to tell you good luck and I will support you!
    Hope I can see more of your movies in the future。。。If you have time email me at [email protected]

  120. 120 : anna leah ayungao Says:

    Hi song,
    I love all yours dramas & movies, you are so gorgeous. I really love your acting. You are one of my favorites. I wish you more movies and dramas to come. hope you and lee da hae will have drama in the near future. I really like u in autumn tale, summer scent & east of eden. Take care of ur health. I got some pictures of u thru internet and I hope you could send me one latest photo of yours. “I Love You”… you’re the best…You have many fans here in the Phillipines.(I’m anna from Philippines 03-27, 2000.)

  121. 121 : anna leah ayungao Says:

    Hi, song,

    anna of Phillipines march 3, 2009, I sent message 2000, its wrong, it should be 2009, typographical error lang. “I Love you” Pls keep on doing more movies & dramas. More of ur fan are waiting thru internet. I really love ur acting, pls send me ur latest photo. I’m ur no. 1 fan.
    take care.

  122. 122 : marites gerona Says:

    you are so so sooooooooo hot! i mean you are 33 yrs old but you look so gorgeous than years ago………not yet married……hmm…….your so yummy, wish i can just touch you……….

  123. 123 : hani Says:

    did he already married..??

  124. 124 : Megan Says:

    Hi there!

    I really love you! Your acting skills are great! I really admire you.. hope you can visit us here in the Philippines, we are looking forward to see you in more series and movies. your’e awesome! =) your’e my favorite korean actor! =)

    take care i dont want you to be sick.
    God bless and keep up the good work.

    Your loving fan in the Philippines,

  125. 125 : abba Says:

    hi im mongolian i like your dramas and movies you are so hot of east of eden good luck kiip watching your dramas but were is city of god waiting waiting … figthing you are soooooooo coooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll i love you youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  126. 126 : Gerry Says:

    Song Seung Hun:

    I watched “East of Eden” and I love it. I cried a lot especially at the last episode. The baby looks like you! Your performance is very fantastic and your act is excellent. Congratulation! You are the BEST! In some eposides I love to see the hand gesture with your “brother” “I love you”. I will use it when I communicate with my deaf friends. Hope to hear from you.
    Deaf fan

  127. 127 : chemi dolkar Says:

    m tibetan girl nd m big fan of u.i like u very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ghuma wo
    ur big fan chemi dolkar

  128. 128 : Sunshine Says:

    Hey Song,
    I have no words to say how fantastic you are… I fall in love with you watching all your dramas and movies…. Hopes to see more and more from you in future.
    Luv you

  129. 129 : ladan Says:

    east of eden was excelent an beauty but last episod was very sadly. i hope that u succes in act and…, i wate for next movie and show tv.
    if u can answer me plz
    good luck
    “i’m from iran”

  130. 130 : marie Says:

    song seung hun,tough guy!!! i really like you..im addicted to you.i want to see you personally.I LOVE YOU

  131. 131 : vivi Says:

    at first
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u
    u r an excellent actor
    i am from iran
    i wish u health and happiness

  132. 132 : Rishab Says:

    Hi!!! i wish u perpetual happiness! hope u will success in your entire life!!! i’m indeed adore you as you as a whole!!! you are so great! you dont have idea how u make people in world inspired by you!!! you are part of the Filipino people who indeed inspired and adore and esteem you!!! take care DONG CHUL!!!! hope you will have more movie and tv seiries in the near future!!!

  133. 133 : ladan Says:

    Hi. how are you. song seung hun “ID give me please. Iam from iran.

  134. 134 : livelyhearty Says:

    song cheng xian!! u r rly a goood and handsome actor.. kip it up! yay!
    love ur east of eden lots.. :D:D

  135. 135 : arezou Says:


  136. 136 : candz_25 Says:

    ..song seung hun i-love-you, hope u and song hye kyo will have a project together(again) soon…mwah(^-^)

  137. 137 : widdi Says:

    song seung heon you’re great actor,
    I like you’re character in Autumn In My Heart it’s awesome, i wish i can meet you someday,
    Love you…

  138. 138 : Faye Says:

    Sang Heon,

    I’m currently watching you in Summer Scent and I tell you, I just love all the clothes you’re wearing in this show because it’s so casually relaxing and just cute. You showed tthat bod of yours, wow!!what can a girl say….amazing….I can’t sleep at night because I have to watch you eventhough your show comes in at 4 am in the morning. It’s late but, it’s worth the wait…I just read a book throughout the night just waiting for the show to come on and that is how good you are to mee not only your looks but your potrayal of Minwoo……I just wish you are more emotional like the girl character. Just let them tears flow and you will be one hell of an actor. I know it has been that long since the show ended but it just happened that Summer Scent just came in our area this Summer which is now 2009….huh…very late but still, I can’t help but to tell you, you look real nice with your hair a flowing pants and different short-sleeves shirts you wore…..I just love your BIG EYES especially when they look sideways toward haywoen ……..great work man….keep it up I can’t wait to see you in another drama……..faye in American Samoa….

  139. 139 : arezou Says:

    hi mr song seung hun!
    thank u very much for ur acting in east of eden!
    its very beautiful drama & i love the character of lee dong chul very much!
    Iran,tehran,an iranian girl,Arezou.

  140. 140 : arezou Says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  141. 141 : JAQUI Says:

    hello song seung hun,
    i was really touch by the story of east of eden..
    i love the storyline so much…
    i cant help but fall in love with ur character as dong chul…
    i love the way u fight for ur love grace and ur brother..
    superb acting!! hope to see more of u in the coming series ul do!!
    oppa saranghe!!

  142. 142 : mazz Says:

    i know you before i watched summer scent, i know that rou are the hero of autumn in my heart…but summer scent really put me in a position of can’t get you out my mind… i like the way you style your hair in the summer scent…really suit you that way…so you should thank your role in summer scent b’coz it has add one more fan to your list!!!!

  143. 143 : Zenie Says:

    I already watched autumn in my heart and summer scent, i know that you are the hero and really touch by the story of east of eden you are the best character, I like but now I’m waiting to have to look at the City of God drama


  144. 144 : arezou Says:

    hi,my 12 top korean actors:
    1-song seung hun
    2-kwon sang woo
    3-so ji sup
    4-bae yong jun
    5-song il guk
    6-lee jun ki
    7-yun jun hun
    8-oh ji ho
    9-dennis oh
    10-lee min ho
    11-kim hyun jung
    12-jung kyung ho

  145. 145 : arezou Says:


  146. 146 : hawa Says:

    i love ur caracter
    love uuuu

    please come to indonesia ^^

  147. 147 : arezou Says:


  148. 148 : arezou Says:

    song seung hun,u r the best korean actor!

  149. 149 : arezou Says:

    i wonder,why only 148 replies????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is the best!

  150. 150 : arezou Says:

    great actor!

  151. 151 : arezou Says:

    no other replies,but anyway i love ur acting,song seung hun. i,ll support u for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless u & Good luck dear!
    arezou,an iranian girl!

  152. 152 : arezou Says:

    hi again,dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153 : arezou Says:

    only song seung hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. 154 : arezou Says:


  155. 155 : arezou Says:

    i always miss u!!!i always miss ur acting!!!!!

  156. 156 : arezou Says:

    hi my dearest!!!!

  157. 157 : Sweet November Says:

    Dear Song,

    I love your position in the film of East of Eden. You are successful in your roles.

    I love East of Eden and feel very sad with the ending.

    Lokking forward to receive your response.

    We will talk later as we are having many common things :-)!

    Sweet November

  158. 158 : arezou Says:

    hi my lovely!

  159. 159 : arezou Says:

    hi my lovely!!!!!!

  160. 160 : arezou Says:

    hi my lovely!!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : Happyriver Says:

    I really like your role in EOE. Your acting is very excellent. Keep it up.

  162. 162 : mohamed Says:

    dear;song for your sake and interest only i

  163. 163 : mohamed Says:

    write because we both are human beings if you want to feel true happiness and you want the happiness of this life and the life after death read alot about islam because it is the religion of hearts ;brains and souls please donot neglect this and save yourself if you love yourself with my wishes of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll happiness.

  164. 164 : arezou Says:

    salam mohammad!
    im muslim,too!
    u have a nice name!!!!the name of PROPHET MOHAMMAD(peace be upon him)!

  165. 165 : arezou Says:

    salam dear song seung hun!

  166. 166 : mohamed Says:

    dear;seung donot live your life haphazardly think about yourself,your life and the end of al this ,life is not permanent i write to you because i wish you ever happiness read about islaaaaaaaaaaaam to know the fact of life and why do we live i admire you very much you have avery shining soul and innocent face iwish you ever happiness peace be upon you

  167. 167 : mohamed Says:

    salaaaaaaaaaam Arezou Ullah keeps you and every muslim away from every evil

  168. 168 : Marian Says:

    Hi Song Seung Heon!!
    I am you greatest fan from the Sultanate!! I have watched all your work so far. I think you are a great actor, cute and super sexy!!! Hope to get a reply from you…SOOOONNN…

  169. 169 : arezou Says:


  170. 170 : arezou Says:

    hi song seung hun!!!!!!

  171. 171 : arezou Says:

    thanks mohammad!

  172. 172 : arezou Says:

    hi SSH!

  173. 173 : Mohamed Says:

    read about Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam dear seung for your sake and your ever happiness bye Seung[read about Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

  174. 174 : vanessa Says:

    hi song seung hun,,i’m vanessa from philippines…i’m an avid fan of yours.!!!you’re the coolest guy on earth..!!luv yah!!!

  175. 175 : vanessa Says:

    song seung hun ROCK!!!!!

  176. 176 : vanessa Says:

    song seung hun,, i hope we can meet in person…!!!i like you so much!!!

  177. 177 : arezou Says:

    i like watch a destiny,but i cant!what can i do?

  178. 178 : diana2209 Says:

    hello oppa…

    hope you are doing well…
    just want say that u look much better now..i guess it’s true when they say men aged better…
    love your acting and love the songs you sang for the sad love story ost…you have such a nice soothing voice…
    take care oppa…cant wait for more of your projects..God bless

  179. 179 : kate Says:

    hey really surprise dat didn’t c u on de list “most comments actor&actress”
    Y??? really wonder…ok, don care mayb u don popular in dis website but m sure u always popular oversea esp for me hehe… 😀 u always my best favourite star since i hav seen u on TV de first time, don worry i always ur fan forever…
    Go for it, Fighting!!!

  180. 180 : arezou Says:

    hi dear!
    im always here!

  181. 181 : arezou Says:

    ONLY FOR U!!!!!

  182. 182 : arezou Says:


  183. 183 : melanie Says:

    WOW! i watched east of eden and Wow! you have a cute eyes that almost kill me….a very cute and goodlooking,good in acting and has strong charisma….you are one of my favorite…..143…

  184. 184 : kate Says:

    U r a hot guy with nice eyes….

  185. 185 : sara Says:

    hi !
    i just want to say if that’s really you reading all this messages,that you’re my favorite actor ever,it’s crazy but i fell in love with you the first time i saw you,and that was when i watched “Autumn in my heart”,fell in love with the character you played,and somehow i feel that that character is so much like you in real life,hmmm…well just remember that there is a lot of people who admire you out there,and wish you happiness and love,hope you’ll fall in love with the girl that’ll change your world and shake your heart,and have a cute kids ^_^
    Be happy…

  186. 186 : RAZ Says:


  187. 187 : RAZ Says:

    S A R N A N G H A E Y O

  188. 188 : nastaran Says:

    Wishing you luck in all that you do…
    Not just today but all year through.
    Happy Birthday
    just for you,
    Seung Hun

  189. 189 : Emine Says:

    Dear Man.Happy Belated Birthday To You Seung-Heon Song!!
    Wish to see u some day…The best wishes just for u! 🙂 😉 (L)SHS(L)

  190. 190 : RAZ Says:

    S A R N G H A E O Y

  191. 191 : melanie Says:

    i had watched EOE i was sad so upset that why do you have to die in that story? it’s not FAIR! it breaks my heart…..I was so sad…even it’s just a drama….it should end Happy story cuz from the very start, very depressing,kind of violent and sould have a happy ending in the end…You are not supposed to die!!!!I don’t like it….anyway,

  192. 192 : lou8 Says:

    happy birthday….i wish more good project to come.

  193. 193 : Mohammed Says:

    Dear Song I wish you happy new year and hundred year of happiness and ever happiness so i ask you to read about Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaam just for yourself and your happiness I want to be your friend be sure i will be so sincere to you . donot be decieved by your life every thing ends .there will be another life after death so we have to be careful for our deeds good bye Song,Read about Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

  194. 194 : melanie Says:


  195. 195 : melanie Says:

    a multitalented, very handsome,smart,compasionate person i’ve ever known……you’re the BEST! 143…..

  196. 196 : melanie Says:

    I;m glad i found you….Serang Heyo……

  197. 197 : arezou Says:

    im sorry ,i forgot ur birthday 🙁 its late but anyway happy birthday to u!
    be 🙂 always!

  198. 198 : melanie Says:


  199. 199 : RAZ Says:

    S A R A N G H A E Y O OPPA

  200. 200 : RAZ Says:

    מצפה לראותך בקרוב אוהבת רז

  201. 201 : arezou Says:

    آقای سانگ سئونگ هن شما واقعا هنرپیشه فوق العاده ای هستید.
    موفق باشید 🙂

  202. 202 : arezou Says:

    mr SSH,

  203. 203 : arezou Says:

    hi lucky guy! 🙂

  204. 204 : Eenee Says:

    i like your east of eden you are a good actor and handsome man

  205. 205 : vivi Says:

    pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse dont mery now
    may heart will break and i will die
    please she is not perfect 4 u belive me

    pleasssssssssssse wait 4 me i will come 4 u and we will be happy

    ofcourse if the god want if not i never can see u

    i hope god make u my husband but belive me i think he wont and maybe he will no one know

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u

    i hope god loves me to make me mery u
    i love u my lovely husband

  206. 206 : melanie Says:

    What’s new? I miss you so much!!!!! Hope you have new tv series or movie….. 143 always!!!!!

  207. 207 : Ruby Ann Says:

    Hello! I just finished watching East of Eden, I love your character in the drama. You really portrayed the role very well. I hope to see you in more drama.

  208. 208 : najme Says:

    u are the best actor i love ur acting in summer scent hope u successfull every time and every through ur life.hope to see u in korea some day.

  209. 209 : RAZ Says:


  210. 210 : Patricia Says:

    I love song seung hun~~

    You’re an GREAT actor!
    You portrait those character so well!!
    I love you~~~

  211. 211 : JUBIRA Says:



    P.O. BOX NO 60006

  212. 212 : song seuh hang Says:

    you’re the king, the best actor i have ever seen.. all the best

  213. 213 : tenzin Says:

    hi song seung hun 1st korean movie i have seen is HE WAS COOL in that ur acting was damn cool like ur film name and after that i started watching korean movies so thanks 2 u.MERRY CHRISTMASS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance luv u a lot ………………………..

  214. 214 : song seng kyo Says:

    the best actor….

  215. 215 : rose Says:

    hello i just say Happy new year

  216. 216 : mimiey Says:

    i like you..u so good..i love u……….

  217. 217 : ahovi2004 Says:

    i first like him in autumn tale…. he was cute.. watched it 2 and a half years ago

  218. 218 : achini Says:

    hey love the way you act…..
    you are a great actor….

  219. 219 : MAROON12 Says:

    happy new year oppa

  220. 220 : lou8 Says:

    welcome 2010 wish u all the best

  221. 221 : miz ina Says:

    love you song…… EOE is the best drama in korean drama series… SARANGHAEYO!

  222. 222 : melanie Says:

    Hi! I really miss you a lot! when can watch you again in drama? Hope it will be soon, I can’t WAIT!!!!!!143…..You’re the Best and also Kim hun joong ss501…You are both my favorite and always no.1…..of all…

  223. 223 : melanie Says:

    you’re always the BEST!!!!also with kim hyun joong ss501….you’re both my favorites….

  224. 224 : elham Says:

    you are the best.i love you …..

  225. 225 : melanie Says:

    Hello!!!!! Miss u a LOT always….can’t wait 2 see you in drama….

  226. 226 : Shirley Says:

    Love your East of Eden. But ending is so sad. Why you die. You should be with Grace.

  227. 227 : Shirley Says:

    Love your East of Eden. Ending is sad. Should be with Grace. Love Grace too. You two look cool. Still want to watch your drama. I am searching now.

  228. 228 : megene Says:

    i Love the dRama Man..won’t miNd waTchiNg it aGain…

  229. 229 : fatimah ali Says:

    song seung hun, you are the best korean actor that i have been seen, luv you and always happy k…….

  230. 230 : sery Says:

    love you……

  231. 231 : melanie Says:

    Hi! Can’t wait for your next Drama.Hope it will be soon……Take Care…

  232. 232 : redGirL Says:

    Song Seung Hun teams up with Kim Tae Hee in his new drama ‘My Princess’….

    i cant wait for watching it !!


  233. 233 : melanie Says:

    You are my number 1 …….second is OJH and KHJ of ss501….but most of all You are my Number 1!….143 always….GOD BLESS!

  234. 234 : drama_girl Says:

    i want to see you with Lee Yeon Hee again

  235. 235 : pdaemang blurgal Says:

    congrat…… i love east of eden…. i think the best korean drama that i ever seen… acak acak kwaiting 4 u song

  236. 236 : melanie Says:


  237. 237 : melanie Says:

    Miss You So Terribly!!!!!!MUAH!!!!!

  238. 238 : melanie Says:


  239. 239 : drama_girl Says:

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. 240 : drama_girl Says:

    i want to see you with Lee Yeon Hee
    please skrip writer and producer put them in one drama again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the chemistry is so great

  241. 241 : melanie Says:


  242. 242 : melanie Says:


  243. 243 : EMMA E. PELAYO Says:

    After watching East of Eden, I suddenly became your fan. more TV drama

  244. 244 : shabnam Says:

    you’re really play nice in “east of eden”

  245. 245 : rhio Says:


  246. 246 : rhio Says:

    WATCH EAST OF EDEN…PROMISE MAIINLUV KAYO KAY SONG SEUN HUN….ang lakas talaga ng appeal nya he…..he… he…!

  247. 247 : Katiza Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  248. 248 : ibrahim Says:

    hi i like him a lot from the first time i saw his drama (east of eden ). he is tough and cool.

  249. 249 : netchger Says:

    i first saw him in endless love(autum tale), this handsome guy was such a great actor…with song hye kyo… i love them both.. i also watch so close movie..really cool!.. now, im planning to watch east of eden…

  250. 250 : bernadette ramos de guzman Says:

    I first saw you in endless love, i really like your eyes omg you look so yummy my dear, I have seen your east of eden also, although I dont like the ending, but I keep on watching it because I love the way you portray the character… your really good ….

  251. 251 : sara Says:

    hi…….. seunh heon ssi !!! i love u very much i feel pain from not seeing u i`m waiting to see ur new drama` i miss u so much i love u sarangheyo ahjossi` i want to see u just with lee yeon hee not any other woman! only yeon hee.u look nice together i love so close n east of eden.i miss u n ur beautiful eyes

  252. 252 : mariel bautista Says:

    hello dong chull,your a good actor and a singer too.hope this year,you will have a drama series again with young ran,your east of eden drama series is fantastic, i enjoy watching every minute of it, young ran and you looks like you’re in love to each other, hope you will become husband and wife in true life not in a movie only,,you know, i admired you alot, you have a handsome face and a good body built and most of all your cute eyes…take care….

  253. 253 : lou8 Says:

    happy birthday wish you good health in happines

  254. 254 : raz Says:


  255. 255 : bita Says:

    Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years. Have a wonderful day and fabulous year. Happy Birthday

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  257. 257 : East Of Eden « K ADDICT Says:

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  258. 258 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Song Seung Hun aka Alfred your such a good actor! two thumbs up for EAST OF EDEN..now showing in the Philippines dubbed in tagalog.

  259. 259 : emma Says:

    What is your coming TV drama I am waiting for it.

  260. 260 : marrys26 Says:

    your great as an actor…

  261. 261 : Luisita Says:

    Song Seung Bok keep up your good performance as an actor. I’m praying we meet personally if TIME will come to cross our destiny in a near future that were both single ..Is nice to see your profile that you are a CHRISTIAN..Be delighted! I’m a PINAY and very PROUD as one. Keep safe and Healthy! Be strong and courageous at all TIMES..love you as sister in CHRIST! If you have facebook account add me here’s mine [email protected]..Take care always..God bless you and your FAMILY!

  262. 262 : marrys26 Says:

    your so such amazing,song seung hun,im really touching about your dramma east of eden,your the best most especially the way u act..,really great..hope more suucces in your carrier,and im hoping looking a new dramma soon…

  263. 263 : Amari(linda) Says:

    I have enjoyed looking at all of your Movies. East of Eden was a very moving drama, that made a lasting impact on me. God has blessed you with a great talent of being an Actor. I thank that you are very handsome and have a great personality. Keep up your great work as you have throughout your career. And, may you be blessed in new areas in your life.

  264. 264 : wee Says:

    Song Seung Hun’s upcoming drama ‘My Princess’ hold the first script reading…


    Song Seun Hun and Kim Tae Hee look good together….
    can’t wait for watching it!!

  265. 265 : hacutina Says:

    the drama east of eden really touches my heart hope to see you haha you are really a good actor

  266. 266 : lila Says:

    You are an awesome man! There are so many fans in Hawaii…please pay us a visit sometime soon!!! God bless you and all that you do in productions…music/acting/ music video/worship etc.
    Much Aloha.

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    […] Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo Lee Soon Jae as President Park Maeng Sang Hoon Im Ye Jin […]

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    Hi Seung Hun,

    Love your acting in EOE and its a really great drama. Wish you all the best in your future drama and can’t wait to watch you again. I hope you be able to be paired with Lee Yeon Hee coz both of you have a good chemistry.

  269. 269 : My Princess | Kpop Entertainment Says:

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    He is one of my favourite actors. Look forward to his new drama

  272. 272 : tris Says:

    EOE did touch many hearts. It life and many have gone through the same events. SSH keep up the good work and KIT with your fans especially outside of Korea.

  273. 273 : Nicol Says:

    Merry Christmas!!!

  274. 274 : Nicol Says:

    and Happy New Year!!!

  275. 275 : W Says:

    Hi Seung Hun,
    Merry, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011.

  276. 276 : christine Says:

    i really love him as an actor! he did captured me twice. first was in endless love 1 and the next one was in east of eden. he was really great there! he did made me cried a hundred times. his eyes said it all! one of the finest actor of korean drama and he’s deadly gorgeous as well.

  277. 277 : one Says:

    lovely actor , i saw almost all of his dramas and i loved them all , i love his acting

  278. 278 : shin Says:

    you r very handsome , In myanmar , many people love u so much.You r the best actor in my mind,,,,,love you …………….

  279. 279 : PAULANNA Says:


  280. 280 : nbc Says:

    one of the best actor ever

  281. 281 : Nicole Says:

    really love your preformance in East of Eden, especially your chemistry with LYN! All the best in your coming drama “My Princess”…..fighting!

  282. 282 : Hninn wuttyii Aung Says:

    oppa love u much in EOE mwahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    my dear -“HAPPY NEW YEAR”.
    GOOD LUCK with the new drama-“MY PRINCESS”.

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    I really love him!!!he’s so handsome n talented….looking forward to watch his next drama,My Princess…hope it’s as good as East of Eden!!

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    annyong haseyo!

    I want to watch more movies from you ”Song Seung Hun” I admire you so much..

    annyonghi kyeseyo!<3

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    Love love love love

  290. 290 : grace Says:

    Looking forward to see My Princess…although i wish to see you with lee yoon hee once again!!fighting!!

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    great actor, i love his dramas and i’m sure i love my princess too

  292. 292 : nnn Says:

    this actor is amazing, i love all of his drama

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    Love song seung hun!!

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    Best actor…fighting!

  295. 295 : Donna Says:

    I Love SONG SEUNG-HEON <3:*

  296. 296 : noone Says:

    dongchul oppa!!

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    love your newest drama,My Princess……..you look so handsome!!

  298. 298 : ryan Says:

    My princess rock!!!

  299. 299 : ber Says:

    he is so cute in mt princess i love the wat he act.in my opinion he is the best actor in korea.

  300. 300 : yoan Says:

    @ber:yes yes yes,agree with you….

  301. 301 : OK OK OK Says:

    January 10th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Japan fan meeting concert – 17 Dec 2009

    Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun & Jang Dong Gun Sings

  302. 302 : OK OK OK Says:

    Japan fan meeting concert – 17 Dec 2009

    Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun & Jang Dong Gun Sings

  303. 303 : happy Says:

    love your new drama, My Princess!!

  304. 304 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Seung Hun ssi

    I have chosen many of your photos to be posted here. Hope you like it.
    Like you new drama My Princess very much. Hope its entertaining and fun all the way. God bless and Happy Healthy New Year to you.

  305. 305 : yoan Says:

    Woww,those photos are fabulous….he’s damn handsome!!!thanks for posting it!!!

  306. 306 : yoan Says:

    can you post photos of him and lee yeon hee?i love those couple so much!!

  307. 307 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ yoan

    You’re most welcome.

    Song Seung Hun is one of my favorite stars. Its my pleasure to share his good looking pictures with his fans. ^.^

  308. 308 : yoan Says:

    yes,he’s my fave star as well!! can you post photos of him and lee yeon hee? i love them so much in EoE!!

  309. 309 : My Princess ideas Korean Drama | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

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  310. 310 : nita Says:

    thanks for the pic!!he’s so handsome!!

  311. 311 : nita Says:

    i’m about to watch your new drama,My Princess…i’ve watched the preview before and you look so handsome as always!!

  312. 312 : wow Says:

    great new photos, i love this actor since east of eden and he so wonderful

  313. 313 : cilie Says:

    i luv u since endless love ’till now,you’re a great actor…
    wish u all the best oppa 🙂

  314. 314 : pup Says:

    amazing actor

  315. 315 : nnn Says:

    Love those photos!!

  316. 316 : yoan Says:

    more and more photos everyday!!love it!!

  317. 317 : nita Says:

    Love My Princess so much!!!

  318. 318 : xoxo Says:

    nice photos…….

  319. 319 : ler Says:

    he is so cute in my princess, it different from the other role he plat before, i think its very refreshing. amazing actor

  320. 320 : yoan Says:

    never see ssh in com-rom drama before,but he’s doing really well…i love My Princess so much……

  321. 321 : hallyu Says:

    Loveee your newest drama, My Princess <3

  322. 322 : nnn Says:

    Hi!! You r so handsome in My Princess… All the best for your drama!!

  323. 323 : ber Says:

    he is funny and cute in my princess. great job, i love his role here. great actor

  324. 324 : mem Says:

    the greatest actor. he is so funny in my princess. this is the first time that i didnt cry in his drama. i love the fuct that this time he shose funny drama and not sad one

  325. 325 : sun Says:

    i love him in every role he do.

  326. 326 : Gloria Says:

    OMG. I’ve never seen him before, but he is sooooooooooooooo handsome!

  327. 327 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 326 Gloria

    You hv never seen SSH before ??? you should watch his hit drama Autumn Tale in yr 2000 Another nice drama is Summer Scent (yr 2003) 🙂

  328. 328 : jo Says:

    Hi we’re avid fans of SSH here in Canada.
    We watched your dramas.Recently we were just through watching SUMMER SCENT…Our tears rolled down like rain while watching, very superb drama.

    Your MY PRINCESS drama is another top notch.We were comparing your
    physical looks from before to know…you’re absolutely gorgeous,very attractive and irresistable personality.

    We will start watching rest of your dramas/movies..we’ll find time.

    We wish you the best of luck. GOD Bless!

  329. 329 : yoan Says:

    song heun oppa, i really like your new drama My Princess……you’re so cute n handsome there!! <3

  330. 330 : lika Says:

    cuz of his movie he was cool..make me want to watch korean drama..now here it is..his new drama..love it…my princess:)

  331. 331 : v Says:

    i try to watch every drama or movie he ever make because i love the way he act. i admire the fact that he can be amazing in any role that he chose

  332. 332 : jo Says:

    Yes he is truly amazing…I also loved his movie He was cool, East of Eden, Law Firm, Autumn Tale and Summer Scent. I’ll chose and watch
    the rest on my free time.

    So you now know how I spent my downtime with SSH.

    I’m waiting for the next upload of My Princess, hope it will come sooner as expected coz I’m missing SSH already.

    We love you SSH!

  333. 333 : Donna Says:

    yummy picture of song seung-heon (LOL) http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2011/princess/princess55.jpg

  334. 334 : Donna Says:

    ohhh la la picture of Song Seung-heon http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2011/princess/princess54.jpg

  335. 335 : susan Says:

    love u..mmh u r so man! macho, cool and handsome…kiss for u mmmuah

  336. 336 : melanie Says:

    You are one of my Favorite Korean Actor. You Still Look Great and Very good Looking.You are also very good in acting…..I am very Happy to see you again…..Good luck and Good Health…..
    GOD BLESS…….and TAKE CARE…..143 always…

  337. 337 : melanie Says:


  338. 338 : Cleoptra Says:

    I want to say “thank you”to you. Would you be amazed if I say you saved my life once?. In 2001, I’ve seen your movie “Autumn In MY Love” for the very first time. At that time I was very depressed and didn’t want to live anymore because of the wicked man. But after I saw your glorious appearance I changed my mind and had a strength to live on. I thought my life would not be worth to give up for a man as not handsome as you. I could forget him easily because of you. From that time you are my ideal man. As a bad result, I can’t find my bride till today as no one is as handsome as you.

  339. 339 : v Says:

    love himmmmmmmmmmmm

  340. 340 : Donna Says:


  341. 341 : Donna Says:

    Saehae bok mani baduseyo! I Love SONG SEUNG-HEON!

  342. 342 : vembu Says:


  343. 343 : yoan Says:

    love your drama, My Princess a lot!! <3

  344. 344 : v Says:

    one of the best actor. i cry with him in east of eden end Autumn Tale and i laugh with him in my princess

  345. 345 : Donna Says:

    @yoan yohooooo have you seen SSH picture, what can you say? grrr loved it (hahaha)! http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/javabeans122/drama/2011/princess/princess54.jpg

  346. 346 : Donna Says:

    please visit—> http://www.songseungheon.com/

  347. 347 : yoan Says:

    hi donna, we meet again here!!hahaha…i love that pic, he’s so hot!! lol
    i’ve visited his blog, and i want to open his gallery but i couldn’t..dunno why,cause they said it in korean lol

  348. 348 : HunnieB Says:

    c’mon give your support to our one and only seung hun oppa!!!
    luph u! luph u! luph u!! oppaaaaaaaa….. my lovely oppa can you hear us!!
    *going crazy* o.0

  349. 349 : HunnieB Says:

    hun nie oppa please dont smoke… we dont like the smells of the smokes.. yucks!! i bet you smell nice, eh!! haha… after shave..mmm nice!! XD

  350. 350 : Donna Says:

    @yoan just click the language you can choose english, japanese, chinese..enjoy watching MP! I Love SONG SEUNG-HEON!

  351. 351 : yoan Says:

    @donna, is there any choice for the language? didn’t notice that lol.. haven’t watch ep 11 yet, eng sub please come out!! 😀

  352. 352 : Donna Says:

    @yoan, yes there is.. btw Happy VDay to you in advance! 🙂

    I Love SONG SEUNG-HEON! Happy Heart’s Day to you baby 😛

  353. 353 : yoan Says:

    @donna, happy vals day to you too 😀
    i’m enjoying my princess ep 12 now lol

  354. 354 : Donna Says:

    @yoan, please ask those girls to visit this site and give their comment/s for SSH 🙂

  355. 355 : Donna Says:

    I mean tell those girls***

  356. 356 : yoan Says:

    @donna.. DONE!! lol
    should we make it to the most commented actor?? 😀

  357. 357 : wow Says:

    ssh is the greatest actor. i saw every movie or drama of him and i love them because of him.

  358. 358 : Donna Says:

    @yoan, yes that’s our mission dear (LOL), anyway we still have 4 more episodes to go of MP; let’s invite them here 😉

  359. 359 : Donna Says:

    전 송 Heon을 승 사랑 🙂

  360. 360 : Donna Says:

    승의 Heon 송, 내가 방법을 당신이 보는 사랑, 당신은 미소하 🙂

  361. 361 : Gnisselb Yayra Says:

    Your pictures are so nice and exciting.can we be friends.

  362. 362 : HunnieB Says:

    seung hun oppa!!!!!
    i have a love fever because of you!!
    love you so oppa x.x

    somebody please help me! T.T

  363. 363 : nnn Says:

    Song seung hun ssi, I love to see you in My Princess <3

  364. 364 : nnn Says:

    You and kim taehee make the most beautiful couple ever!! 🙂

  365. 365 : yoan Says:

    @donna, yea let’s do it girl 😀 😀
    i can’t wait for ep 13, it seems to be soooo interesting :p

  366. 366 : yoan Says:

    My Princess fighting!! one of my most favourite drama!! 😀

  367. 367 : manatee Says:

    love you and i will always supporting you!
    love to see you in My Princess! you look great with Km Tae Hee^

  368. 368 : manatee Says:

    Mr P, fighting!!

  369. 369 : nnn Says:

    Happy valentine dear song seung hun ssi!! 🙂
    Hope you have a nice day <3

  370. 370 : yoan Says:

    happy valentine’s day seung hun oppa!! love you <3 <3

  371. 371 : yoan Says:

    love your drama My Princess so muchh…you r so handsome 😀 😀

  372. 372 : Donna Says:

    내 아기 송 승 훈 당신에게 해피 발렌타인 데이, 당신을 사랑합니다! 🙂

  373. 373 : w Says:

    actor number 1

  374. 374 : Donna Says:

    SSH wishes to have a beautiful daughter like Jeon Min-seo http://www.watchkoreandrama.net/category/celebrities

  375. 375 : yoan Says:

    @donna, both are so cute!! 🙂

  376. 376 : Donna Says:

    전 송 승 훈을 사랑

  377. 377 : Donna Says:

    @yoan, yes you said it right 😉

  378. 378 : A Says:

    FANS FOR MY PRINCESS http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5906
    FANS FOR P君 http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=20
    FANS FOR LEE Seoul http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=332

    and other cast
    please try to come in and chat and give support for this Drama
    by link everyday

    i wish to see My Princess II on screen anyone? do u want?
    anyone having new view for My Princess II or not ???

  379. 379 : yoan Says:

    love love My Princess so much 🙂

  380. 380 : ler Says:


  381. 381 : zhibek Says:

    송 승 헌 오빠 사랑해요… 어떻게? 만나거 싶다….ㅠㅠ

  382. 382 : yoan Says:

    will miss you when My Princess ends!! hope to see you in new project soon 😀 😀

  383. 383 : PriQueencess Says:

    송승헌 / Song Seung heon ♥ MR [P]RINCE Official Facebook Fan’s Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EC%86%A1%EC%8A%B9%ED%97%8C-Song-Seung-heon/132529426775317 <3

    김태희 / Kim Tae Hee ♥ MY[P]RINCESS Official Facebook Fan's Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EA%B9%80%ED%83%9C%ED%9D%AC-Kim-Tae-Hee/204131072930800 <3

    마이 프린세스 / My Princess Official Facebook Fan's Page
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/%EB%A7%88%EC%9D%B4-%ED%94%84%EB%A6%B0%EC%84%B8%EC%8A%A4-My-Princess/170135063034748 <3

  384. 384 : numskull Says:

    hello song seung hun , ur our unforgettable actor, u are my favorite actor in korea , i would like to see u again on holly wood, won’t i? i hope 🙂

  385. 385 : Donna Says:

    송 승 헌 오빠 사랑해요.. 어떻게? 만나거 싶다

  386. 386 : Jmo Says:

    There are NEVER enough beautiful pictures of The Hand Towel ! 🙂

  387. 387 : deepti Says:

    ur face……..its brighten up my day…….i wonder how can u look cute,sweet,manly n sexy at a same time???i simply luv u……

  388. 388 : My Princess « panickumako Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young – Choi Won Hong as young Hae Young Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol – Jun Min Seo as young Seol Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo Lee Soon Jae as President Park Dong Jae Maeng Sang Hoon as Oh Ki Taek Kang Ye Sol as Lee Dan Im Ye Jin as Kim Da Bok Lee Ki Kwang as Geon Lee Son Sung Yoon as Shin Mi So Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Hong In Ae Lee Sung Min as Lee Young Chan Lee Dae Yeon as So Sun Woo Choi Yoo Hwa as Kang Sun Ah Heo Tae Hee as Bo Jwa Gwan Chu Hun Yub as Yoo Ki Kwang Min Joon Hyun as Ki Ja Park Hyuk Kwon (박혁권) as Lee Han Park Jung Woo as Park Hae Young’s father Ahn Nae Sang as Emperor Sunjong (cameo) Jo Sung Ha as Park Dong Jae’s father (cameo) Cha Hwa Yun as fashion designer (cameo) Jung Suk Yong as priest (cameo, ep 4) Park Min Woo (박민우) […]

  389. 389 : mala Says:

    you’re so cute……miss Park Hae Young…..

  390. 390 : USA-Mary Says:

    This man is the best 3D photogenic, actor I’ve seen to-date! Yay…Seung Hun…you had better keep your shirt on before I become virtual! hehehe

  391. 391 : SSHfan Says:

    i like you more/more seeing My Princess! you’re adorable & very proud of you for helping victims of Japan equake! you’ll be blessed more! do another drama ok? aja

  392. 392 : Ann Says:

    From Australia, to dearest SuengBok. We love you, wishing you a very lovely weekend, praying and thinking of you… we love your smile, the look from your eyes, so romantic & thoughful… Thank you and please keep warm and simple as you are. God bless you. Love you

  393. 393 : yullieannE Says:

    i lov yu fuuuulllllll,,,,
    SSH oppaaa,,,????

  394. 394 : bilqist Says:

    u are so sweet, goog luck….

  395. 395 : ngengemaung Says:

    I like ” my princess “.You are handsome. Have a nice time.

  396. 396 : baby baby Says:

    SSH love you very much in My Princess. Your hair style hmmmmm love it…the way you wear the suits etc in this drama make my day….

  397. 397 : aiug Says:

    saranghe Mr. P…i hope you will visit philippines…

  398. 398 : zhi Says:

    When i’m waching My princess, i can’t express my feeling for u. You are very sexy, smart and handsome more than your drama i’ve wa tch. My english is very bad so i can’t express well. Anyway I like you very much!

  399. 399 : zhi Says:

    SSH you trembling my heart in My princess. You are very handsome , i like your hairstyle, suits, smile, all the way you look. I hope you’re my Mr. P, who miss me very much. I want to hug you very tightly. Wish you all the best!!

  400. 400 : mildred Says:

    i love you Mr.P..
    I wish you can visit us here in the Philippines.
    I am one of your avid fans here..
    I wish you all the best,more projects to come..
    good luck..
    I watch My princess everyday just to see you..
    I love my princess and your character as Mr.P you portrayed it well…

  401. 401 : mildred Says:

    Mr.P can you have an alias or international name for us non Korean being able to remember your name easily..I really had hard time to memorizing your name.just like Rain..we can easily remember him..Thank you..

  402. 402 : kailee Says:

    i really love you tv. series with kim tae hee…

  403. 403 : PAULANNA Says:

    i love you so much !!
    a handsome guy and talented!

  404. 404 : binyoz Says:

    oh SSY..you’re really cute and sweet in My Princess..you should play in romance komedy kdrama again in the future..

    You like a good wine…more age more mature and handsome…

  405. 405 : loida Says:

    i really like your character in my princess. you successfully portray the role.i love you eyes very effective in the role. your neat wow and handsome too.

  406. 406 : mildred Says:

    i miss you..want to see more of you in comedy romance…

  407. 407 : maria suzette t. carabanes Says:

    i love you with all my heart… if you’ll come to the Philippines, i’ll see to it that you’ll decide never to come back in korea without ME!!!!!!!!

  408. 408 : Dina Says:

    oppa, u are so handsome, n ur acting at “my princess” is very wonderfull,very very good, i love it, if u don’t mine i would love to be ur girlfriend..he.ehe.he.he.he.he..^_^

  409. 409 : cha Says:

    I like you so much..

  410. 410 : SSHLOVE Says:

    “MBC Special – Rediscovering Kim Tae-hee” will be broadcasted on the 1st of April at 11:05 PM.

    Stay Tune. Everyone ! <3


  411. 411 : grace Says:

    i just want to ask…may asawa na ba sya?

  412. 412 : rochel Says:

    I LOVE U!!! Hope to see you in person…:)

  413. 413 : vanessa Says:

    hi .. im always watching my princess .. ur so cute their .. 🙂

  414. 414 : mia Says:

    hmm, what i would like to say had already been said by other fans.
    they are right, you were very good in “My Princess”.
    i love your eyes, when the scene you were staring to the princess.
    i love your laugh, when the princess do something silly.
    i love the way you cry, and all other details.
    great job.
    can’t wait your other movie/series.

  415. 415 : chibie Says:

    I like his style and acting in drama East of Eden. So cool. Keep the cool guy

  416. 416 : Ms.P :D Says:

    oppa! y did u have to be born so early? T.T
    btw, ur so handsome!!! great acting! i’ve been watching u since autumn in my heart. 😀

  417. 417 : tiny Says:

    like his smile ^^

  418. 418 : ila Says:

    ur good actor….:)

  419. 419 : ffa Says:

    i really like his character in MP drama and enjoy his different side on the screen. alongside with KTH as a couple, they make my heart pounding many times, which never happen when i watched another drama before

  420. 420 : deny Says:

    If you in reality just a bit resemble your My princess caracter – smart, , self cnfident ,desisive handsome man who is a master of fooling and flirting with girls and has humanly oriented prioryti in mind, SSH you will have very special place in my heart forever. I now remember which caracter you resemble me – Reth Buttler * Gone with the wind* Don”t you think? But Reth Buttler has a little bit of Lee dong Chul, I think.

  421. 421 : honey Says:

    나는 내 프랑스군 정말 사랑하기 때문에 당신이 우리의 국가 (필리핀)를 방문 희망, 난 정말 당신의 미소 당신이 행동하는 방식을 사랑해, 난 공주가 시간에 지 만세 파이팅에게 무슨 짓을했는지 그저 당신을 우상으로, 당신의 고유의 문자로 감동입니다 당신은!, 난 당신의 다음 프로젝트에 당신을 다시 볼 수 .. 좋은 직업을 바래! 당신과 김 태 희 정말 멋진 사랑 팀입니다., 난, 난 정말 지원이 진짜 연인이 당신의 2의 꿈 오전 내 공주님, 그리고 너무 에덴의 동쪽 ‘에서 섹시한는,,,, 축하 해요!!

    i am amazed by your unique character,i idolize you just what i did to joo ji hoon in princess hours,,i really love your smile and the way you act,i hope you can visit our country (philippines)because my countrymen really loves you!,i hope to see you again in your next projects..good job!!you and kim tae hee is so wonderful love team.,i am dreaming of 2 of you to be a real lovers,,,i really support my princess,and your so sexy in east of eden,,,,congratulations!!!!

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    i love “my princess” i’ll watch it everyday,,, very nice drama

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    i really love your acting! more tv dramas with kim tae hee plssssss!:) i love you park hae young!:D

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    you guys are so good on my princess. hope mr p and lee seol will end up together in real life, u look good together. and if not, make sure u get a funny girl like her..

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    your so handsome Song Seung Heon i hope that i can meet you in personal. you did a good job in my princess. i hope you can come in the Philippines :)) i like you .. you have a very cute smile.. =P

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    OMG…!i really2 love “my princess*…
    I hope u could have a time to visit our country(philippines).
    YOU know what, i bought a DVD copy of your n0vela*my princess* even though i can repeat it all over again, but still i like it!
    I’ll wait for your next drama or m0vie or wharsoever as lons as you are the leading man and i wish your leading lady was kim tae hee!…
    thanks(if ever you read my message/c0mments h0pe you can send me back)
    and also i h0pe to see you in pers0n!
    I LOVE KOREAN NOVELAS!!!!mwahhx!

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    i missed you!!! hope to see you on movie or tv drama very very soon…
    stay healthy…

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    I am waiting for your latest movie, very nice to see you in acting. I hope you stay healthy, and …………………… i like you ^ _ ^

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    oppa…oh, Mr. P..I love the way you act…keep it up. You’re so handsome and nice.. I will look forward to your upcoming dramas and movies. Visit our country- the Philippines, you’ve got lots of fans here. Your latest drama, My Princess is a sessational hit here.

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    I LOVE Song Seung-Hun!!!

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    i love you oppa 🙂 im a big fan of you 🙂 i always sleep so late at night just to watch your movies 🙂

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    hello mr. P . i really love your movie MY PRINCESS.you look so handsome and nice guy there(as always) i cant wait to watch your latest movie.

  433. 433 : SARA Says:


  434. 434 : ayrah Says:


    love u mr. P…!!

    awesome body ahmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    u really look good…

    keep it up!!


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    gosh! i lost my self control evrytym i c those abs!


    hot au iyang mga pandesal!



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    Mr. P!! You are just sooooo handsome and cool! My Princess was just sooooo awesome and you and Kim Tae Hee did a great job. You both look good together!! Whenever I watch My Princess, I can’t help but feel very happy and my heart flutters. Hoping that My Princess will have a sequel. We want to see the Royal Wedding of Lee Seol and Park Hae Young!! ♥

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    Oppa you are so cute….oppa sarangheo…..i ilke your eyes….why you have such eyes???…
    i really like your movie…My princess… When you will come to indonesia??? ngarep.com…….

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    hi! i liked the story of your drama my princess, it’s a lighthearted story that every time the story ended it leaves a smile on the viewers face. and i always looked forward the following day to watch the next chapter of the story. but it’s a pity that the drama has to end, and i’m gonna miss your face in our television every afternoon. hope the producers will make a sequel to this drama with you and miss kim tae hee again. just curious if the love story of the princess & mr. ethan park will end happily ever after as most fairy tales do.:)

  445. 445 : my princess « ☆ ♪ ♡ vhitrii blebible triples ♡ ♪ ☆ Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young – Choi Won Hong as young Hae Young Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol – Jun Min Seo as young Seol Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo Lee Soon Jae as President Park Dong Jae Maeng Sang Hoon as Oh Ki Taek Kang Ye Sol as Lee Dan Im Ye Jin as Kim Da Bok Lee Ki Kwang as Geon Lee Son Sung Yoon as Shin Mi So Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Hong In Ae Lee Sung Min as Lee Young Chan Lee Dae Yeon as So Sun Woo Choi Yoo Hwa as Kang Sun Ah Baek Bong Ki as Bong Jae (Park Dong Jae’s henchman) Heo Tae Hee as Bo Jwa Gwan Chu Hun Yub as Yoo Ki Kwang Min Joon Hyun as Ki Ja Park Hyuk Kwon as Lee Han Park Jung Woo as Park Hae Young’s father Ahn Nae Sang as Emperor Sunjong (cameo) Jo Sung Ha as Park Dong Jae’s father (cameo) Cha Hwa Yun as fashion designer (cameo) Jung Suk Yong as priest (cameo, ep 4) Joo Sang Wook as Hyun Woo (cameo, ep 9) Park Min Woo (박민우) […]

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    i watched u in east of eden…great style!!
    n u look so fine in men suit n cool style..
    so keep away from boyish n cute look will ya?? ^^

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    Hi song seung hun Hope to watch your drama with kim tae hee together again I really love both of you in MY PRINCESS.. ilove you

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    i like your drama….i want to kiss you……….you are so cool and hansdome….

    God Bless you oppa Song Seung hun….i will wait for your next drama….

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    oppa miss you….

    I ilke your acting in My Princes…but the most i ilke is your acting in Autmn tale….i want you to Play other movie with Song Hye Gyo and Won Bin…really like three of you……….

    i Support you…i’m planning to watch your movie” east of Eden” but i don’t know where i can get the DVD…any body help me to tell where i can get the DVD????

    BTw I’m you fan from INDONESIA…….

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    Hi Mr P..

    This is the first time that I fall in love with korean actor .I cannot resisit to watch ” my princess”. Hope can see u in person soonnnn

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  453. 453 : Mclauer's Says:

    Hi guy’s ….I like your acting, so natural..

  454. 454 : eve Says:

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  455. 455 : ler Says:

    graet cator

  456. 456 : LoeSea Says:

    Keep up the good work, Seung Hun ssi..
    Can’t wait for your next project!!! Love youuuuuuu…

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    SSH and KTH are such a lovely pair in My Princess. So natural… Wish they’ll end up together in real life

  458. 458 : ilah Says:

    guy’s……love you so much……

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    i think he look like super junior Choi Si Won. after i watch the drama “my princess” and he act so good so handsome!

  460. 460 : sara Says:

    aya kesi dar tehran film ” the ghost in your arms again” e bazigar ro dareh? be man khabaresho bedin
    mamnon [email protected]

  461. 461 : asya Says:

    woahh~ after autumn in my heart, i just watched “my princess” and he looks really damn gorgeous and cute~ ^_____^

    i can’t stop watching my princess again n again~~ 😉

  462. 462 : Moekneecka Says:

    You look so much hotter with the short GQ hair style. Don’t let them mess with your hair! It directly affects your coolness points.

  463. 463 : vangie Says:

    …you are so cute……

  464. 464 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    he’s a talented actor and handsome. I liked how he looked in East of Eden, I don’t like the actress Kim Tae Hi, sorry but I think she a bad actress and ugly, in movies she looks cross-eyed with a big mouth and teeth. in her look have something, that make me to feel uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at her I see the drama just because of him.
    I want to see him in a romantic drama with Kim Sonne my idol.

  465. 465 : gal Says:


  466. 466 : gal Says:

    SHOSHLEV you’re a loser . Back off bitch and who the hell is kim sonne anyway ?

  467. 467 : dyah Says:

    Saranghae oppa 🙂

  468. 468 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    It’s an Israeli name!? do you?! It looks like you don’t washed your nasty mouth, it’s actually fit her​​ fans like you anyway, if you agree or not , it’s my opinion and we still live in a democracy world,
    and I hope you don’t alive in illusion that everyone love her, crazy like you, you so disgusting and ars.

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    wat’s up to you GAL????!!! you such a loser……………….

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    mereka pasangan yang baik.. plsss,,,,,

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    I love you more after watching your latest TV drama–” My Princess “. You are getting more and more handsome as you age! You are my No 1 idol of all Korean actors! Hope to see you on screen again soonest possible.

  472. 472 : jodiag Says:

    hi mr handsome.u r really pretty boy…im fall in love with u…good luck my love.

  473. 473 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    Song Seung Hun !

    Love without thinking Love until the end, how good.
    Love is the tree of life don’t forget to water it.
    We the audience, our drinking it’s yours music and yours movies.
    I saw all your films . I’m waiting for the next .
    Fighting ^^

  474. 474 : JJ Says:

    This is a nice photo of SSH credit dramabeans so i hope our moderators can post this here. Thank you!


  475. 475 : JJ Says:

    @Joy i agree, they look so nice together in MP & i also hope they date in real life! 🙂

  476. 476 : ler Says:

    lovely actor

  477. 477 : Jessi Says:

    At first when I saw him in “Autumn tale” I didn’t like him,I prefered Won Bin to him.But now I’m watching “East of Eden”, yesterday I finished watching “Summer scent” and only thing I can say about him just now – I’m totally in love with Song Seun Hun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i love your acting and i love to see you

  479. 479 : diah91 Says:

    oppa i love you ;D

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    jussssssss awesome actor………………luv you so much………………

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    hi I am playing my favorite actor I saw your films & series (in IRAN ) You’re very handsome and attractive . The answer I give comment pleas

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    Oh my god after watching My Princess I deeply in love with u

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    my brother, i hope you be well and happy with your family.i like your design & wish you all the best. so if you have desire please contact to my E.mail.OK

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    How could you be so handsome like this?
    *Looking at his abs XD XD XD*

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    just love this actor. handsome, gd acting n sexy. gd chemistry wt kim tae hee. u r awesome. cnt wait for your next drama.

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    Increible!!! me encanto este hombre!!! Sooo much beutifull!!!! o como se diga….hay muchos Coreanos que son muy lindos, lastima que Argentina esta muy lejos como para poder verlos en persona…Mucha suerte Song..

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    How could you be soooooo……. handsome? your smile is a killer. you are so much sexier in My Princess than in Autumn in my heart. luv u. I wish you all the very best in your life.

  495. 495 : VRH Says:

    I love u as Park Hae Yeong
    @my princess

  496. 496 : chika Says:

    saranghae oppaa <3 <3 <3

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    Luv u so much oppa….

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    You’re the Lead Man on my dream, my fantastic wild imajination, and the sexiest man in my mind always love you much oppa

  499. 499 : like Says:

    good job as hae young in My Princess ! – the calm, cool, considerate, caring and “strong” personality… the way you press your lips at times, lowered your gaze… just very “ok”… !

  500. 500 : deasy Says:

    i deeply fall in love with you park hae young 😀

  501. 501 : Arezou Says:

    in my view he is the most handsome korean actor ! 🙂

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    very Like him acting at Autumn Tale (KBS, 2000) …. very nice..love it so much…my favorite drama for my long life.. 😀

  503. 503 : asih kurniawati Says:

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    i love song seung hun..i really try looking for his movie love and soul & the invincible..did anyone knows where can i watch it??oh..please..i have try looking for it..but i still not found..anyone can help me?

  508. 508 : lssh Says:

    for all ssh oppa fans…pls join song seung heon (tough guy) fan page at facebook…it’s his official fb page…sometimes he even visit there and chat with us…such a kind man…he loves his fans <3 …saranghae oppa <3

  509. 509 : Jessi Says:

    Song Seung Hun oppa, saengil chukhahamnida!!! Happy birthday!!! You are the most handsome man in the world! I love you!

  510. 510 : lou8 Says:

    belated happy birthday

  511. 511 : San Says:

    Happy belated birthday…;p

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    i loVe u sO muCh oPPa… pLease cOme to IndoNesia…

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    u will be mine.I loveing ur acting in autum in my heart ,summer scent and my princess.by

  514. 514 : fannie Says:


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  517. 517 : emi Says:

    You live in my memories.. MR.Song,I like you

  518. 518 : emi Says:

    You’re the voice i hear inside my head the reason that i’m singing i need to find you i got to find you you’re the missing piece i need the song inside of me

  519. 519 : hapsari Says:

    Huwaaaa…desperately in love with this man…best for u seung hun oppa..:) when u will visit indonesia…:)

  520. 520 : ina Says:

    I hope your future in acting ang singing will bright as a star. All the best to you. I like to see your face…..

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    you are my prince, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, please come to IRAN. I like to see your face

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  523. 523 : 籼米银福娃 Says:


  524. 524 : ei cho Says:

    he is really good actor, now i crazy about u and like u much

  525. 525 : Marlene Says:

    Really is a handsome man but he is 35 years old and he still is thinking like a teenager so for me a person not only is a body or a face it is very important the madurity. and the personality, so he thinks he is the more handsome person around the world but the true is what about the inner person. He is not smart, only a face and body, what a superficial man.,

  526. 526 : 慢步云端 Says:


  527. 527 : hapsari Says:

    Loveeeee u so muuuuuch..song seung hun…:)

  528. 528 : ayu Says:

    Hallo, Song Seung Hun! I really love your acting in My Princess! You’re looked so young than your age! You’re looked so macho in East of Eden! I really love your face and everything about you! Love you soooo much Song Seung Hun!!!

  529. 529 : Kuan Guat Choo Says:

    I really do not agree with what Marlene says (525).

    To me he is a very good actor. His emotion and passion comes through the screen. Only set back was the director or maybe the film censor board does not allow it.
    There are tense moments like he is longing so much to see the female lead and yet the kissing scene just fizzles it out. It does not show the hunger and the longing and I think that is what is disapponting to the viewers. The action must follow the passion that has been pulsating he has been sending out on the screen.

  530. 530 : enachemonica Says:

    Cu speranţa că anul nou va fi mai bun decât bătrânul 2011, îţi trimit o mie de urări de bine însoţite de îmbrăţişări şi îţi urez un An Nou Fericit!

  531. 531 : fatemeh Says:

    Hi I Love You please come to Iran ppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeee

  532. 532 : susie Says:

    like u so much in serial “my princess”

  533. 533 : jam Says:

    Hi..i wish i could come to korea and see you personally…i really admired your acting prowess and your very attractive good looks….i feel i’m in love again every time i watch you in your tv series….good day to you song seung hun

  534. 534 : ati(IRAN) Says:

    Hi oppa u so handsome i love u so much
    boooooooooooooooooooos jigaram

  535. 535 : polynuhai Says:

    Ooooh La La! Love this guy. He doesn’t even age at all. Song Seung Heon your voice just blew me away. Please make new songs. Love how you act in all of your dramas & movies. Keep it up. I’ll always support you :))

  536. 536 : jinjoo Says:

    He’s multi-talented and I can just listen to his songs incessantly & happy to hear we can see him again in a new drama Dr Jin! Take care & all the best in your future endeavours!

    Hi polynuhai, nice to see you here too! yeah we shld support him all the way! 🙂

  537. 537 : jinjoo Says:

    송승훈 씨 사랑해요 from across the miles

  538. 538 : jj Says:

    Agreed with Neesha (448) i.e.

    SSH in east of eden…great style!!
    He looked so fine in men suit n cool
    Yes, please do keep away from boyish n cute look

  539. 539 : mala yasien Says:

    SSH you are so gorgeous n multi talented. I really adore n love you, I watched all ur movies n dramas. Can’t wait to see lucid dreaming and time slip dr jin. Stay healthy and keep up a good work.

  540. 540 : mhar baltazar Says:

    hello….wish that rumor is true between you and Kim…perfect for each other

  541. 541 : mylz Says:

    SSH….”hyung” you truly deserved the Daesang Award in East of Eden…..My Princess so cool too! Hope you’ve got a new kdrama this 2012…! God Speed!

  542. 542 : jayvee Says:

    I love your smile, hope to see you soon in your next tv drama, pls update us with your latest activities….. more power!

  543. 543 : kim hyuna94 Says:


  544. 544 : imel Says:


  545. 545 : Love Kelley Says:

    OMG! So siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ko-nin… Meaning that he is sooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!… I love him! Song Seung Bok, I love you! mwah!

  546. 546 : tanti Says:

    Hi oppa u so handsome i love u so much…..

  547. 547 : MARIA ZAIDA Says:


  548. 548 : MARIA ZAIDA Says:

    I like it,where @ how can i get this magazine !!!!

  549. 549 : saada massoud Says:


  550. 550 : rosie Says:

    interesting photo.

  551. 551 : – [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] Time Slip Dr. Jin Says:

    […] Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due […]

  552. 552 : Tanya Lewis Says:


  553. 553 : aiiu Says:

    u’re twin with lee joon hyuk??

  554. 554 : east of eden | jhoodhani Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Lee Dong Chul Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Dong Wook Park Hae Jin as Shin Myung Hun Lee Da Hae as Min Hye Rin Lee Yeon Hee as Gook Young Ran / Grace Han Ji Hye as Kim Ji Hyun Dennis Oh as Mike […]

  555. 555 : meralda Says:

    the most handsome leading actor

  556. 556 : maria Says:

    amazing actor. Super excelent!

  557. 557 : May 2012 KDramas wrap-up: Sweet and bitter. « mystisith Says:

    […] adaptation of the manga with Song Seung Hun (aka Mr Hand Towel) as a neurosurgeon transported in the Korea of 1860. Should be funny, even if […]

  558. 558 : anjas Says:

    Welcome back my brother SSH

    of course i will watch ur drama.

  559. 559 : Mae-Ri Says:

    We Love and Support SONG SEUNG HEON! ^^

  560. 560 : Happy Says:

    I’ll watch this drama because I love that face

  561. 561 : Lorem Says:

    Dude can do a lot better if he took acting a little more seriously or at least bring along a acting coach on the set — or something. I mean that in a kind way. The supporting cast in most of the dramas he’s appeared in are generous fortunately. His latest, he’s squandering an opportunity to make a name for himself as true artist in his field. I think there is still time and I wish him the best.

  562. 562 : Lorem Says:

    What makes a good artist, be they musician, painter or actor is the depth of sincerity. For that matter what makes a good parent is the same. I’m always utterly disappointed at this fellas acting. And I do want him to do well. I, as the audience invest time in watching a drama and so I expect the actors to be invested in the part they play. We can forgive a part actor but a leading man, no.

    We expect to be carried away, to escape from our harsh reality as it were. That is what an actor is paid to do, the writer, the entire production crew etc play their part. Every opportunity providence delivers, one ought to make the best of it.

    The fact that I am compelled to write this rather dismal commentary should count for something. And I hope it is taken as encouragement, not a put down.


  563. 563 : Irene Says:

    You are so yummy. A true star.

  564. 564 : gliceria Says:

    I really like his style, simple but full of charisma. So genuine look & good character & personality. Love watching your movies & dramas all the time.

  565. 565 : SEETU Says:

    I like u very very much and want to see in drama with Kim Tae Hee and Song Hyo Kyo again and again.

  566. 566 : Sanaa Says:

    HI song han…. you are looking smart and handsome in he was cool movie:-) i like u very much:-)

  567. 567 : Nura Jones Says:

    love him so much…. he is so cute

  568. 568 : kristina Says:

    you are amazing actor,,,so cool…!!

  569. 569 : Marie Says:

    You’re such a good actor! I find you more attractive today than when you were younger! You’re very handsome 🙂

  570. 570 : Juliana H. Says:

    I think I fall in love with you, since I watched your Episode drama: My first episode of your was : Summer Scene, Autumn in my Heart, you made my cries so much. You was the best Actor to me in Asian Movies. You were looking smart, intelligent, charming, handsome, I fall in love with you over of each Movie that you in its. Can you email to me the list of all the movies that you in its, please.
    My email address was: [email protected]
    Thank you,
    Love you
    Juliana H,

  571. 571 : [DRAMA TV TIME SLIP Dr. JIN , akhir tayang tanggal 5 Agustus 2012 ! « SMTOWNESIA 2012 Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi Na (2012) Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong […]

  572. 572 : Time Slip Dr. Jin « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due […]

  573. 573 : POPPY Says:

    Oppa cute….

  574. 574 : yhamie Says:

    i love you oppa ^ _ ^

  575. 575 : redwine Says:

    handsomeeeeee <3
    I loveeeeee youuuuuu…… :*

  576. 576 : Time Slip Dr. Jin (타임슬립 닥터 진) « styrn Says:

    […] Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due […]

  577. 577 : Jassica Reem Khalil Says:

    i love you Song Seung Hun

  578. 578 : ซีรี่ส์เกาหลี Time Slip Dr. Jin « SERIES 53 Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi Na (2012) Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong […]

  579. 579 : ina Says:

    love u song oppa..

  580. 580 : [MBC 2012] Time Slip Dr Jin RAW E22END / Sub E22 | Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk […]

  581. 581 : shipra Says:

    I love u song seung hun..

  582. 582 : elsa Says:

    song seung heon es hombre coreano mas bello ojala uno pueda los demas doramas donde el trabaja por que es el mejor actor de corea lo amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  583. 583 : esther Says:

    Dr.Jin isnt bad,bt am still in love wth MY PRINCESS!!!..ive watched more thn 15 times,still in love with it.U n Kim tae hee are so perfect 2gathr…wish u two built a home n create a family in real life.

  584. 584 : rubab Says:

    Song seong loved ur character in my princess … Adorable and amazing
    I m ur fan from Pakistan … Best of luck … Keep smiling

  585. 585 : sandy Says:

    i like him very very very very……………………………………………………

  586. 586 : [MBC 2008] East Of Eden | Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Lee Dong Chul Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Dong Wook Park Hae Jin as Shin Myung Hun Lee Da Hae as Min Hye Rin Lee Yeon Hee as Gook Young Ran / Grace Han Ji Hye as Kim Ji Hyun Dennis Oh as Mike […]

  587. 587 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    happy birthday song hun oppa..

  588. 588 : kahina Says:

    seung hyun and kim nam gil are the best for me “Kahina from Algeria

  589. 589 : Kaululani Says:

    Belated 36th Hauole la Hanau (Happy Birthday in Hawaiian)! I’m a new Korean drama fan!

    You’re the tops! Repeatedly watch My Princess. Admirable performance, character reminiscent of my husband in many ways. Admire all your character performances, your singing, body language, voice, especially all your facial expressions which sends the message to your audience.

    Malama Pono!
    (Take Care!)

  590. 590 : shemo Says:

    song seung heon i love you too much take care

  591. 591 : Dede Says:

    Started watching Korean Dramas this summer and the first one was My Princess. You became my favorite Korean actor. After having watched a ton of dramas over the summer, I have a few more favorites, but you still have first place. I just watched GHOST and loved it. And I have the video “Four of a kind” where I get to see two more of my favorites, Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun, singing with you. Thanks for being so special.

  592. 592 : linazh Says:

    SSH,, GANTENG BANGET,,never old Your Acting The Best especially “East of Eden”, look the same since 13 years ago, never old

  593. 593 : [KBS 2000] Autumn in My Heart | Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Yun Joon Suh Song Hye Kyo as Yun/Choi Eun Suh Won Bin as Han Tae Suhk Han Na Na as Shin Yu Mi Han Chae Young as Choi/Yun Shin Ae Choi Woo Hyuk as young Joon Suh Moon Geun Young as young Eun Suh Lee Ae Jung as young Shin Ae Jung Dong Hwan as Yun Kyo Su (Joon Suh’s father) Sun Woo Eun Sook as Lee Kyung Ha (Joon Suh’s mother) Kim Hae Sook as Kim Soon Im (Eun Suh’s mother) Kim Na Woon as Housekeeping supervisor Kim Hyung Jong […]

  594. 594 : [KBS 2003] Summer Scent | Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Yoo Min Woo Son Ye Jin as Shim Hye Won Ryu Jin as Park Jung Jae Han Ji Hye as Park Jung Ah Shin Ae as So Eun Hye Jo Eun Sook as Oh Jang Mi Ahn Jung Hoon as Ji Dae Poong Kim Hae Sook as Min Woo’s mother Kang Ji Hwan as Jung Ah’s husband […]

  595. 595 : Jenny Says:

    I love your drama “My Princess” with Kim Tae Hee.. Both of you are perfect for each other. I always pray that you and Kim Tae Hee can become a real couple (HeonHee / Honey Couple)… God Bless U Both always

  596. 596 : Queen Bee Says:

    love u oppa while u cast in My Princess with Kim Tae Hee oenni…….loved to watch u together in My Princess…………a lots of love……………^^

  597. 597 : ami Says:


  598. 598 : niniam Says:


  599. 599 : SULY Says:


  600. 600 : K_Holic Says:

    600 \(ˆ⌣ˆ)/

  601. 601 : usa-Irene Says:

    Omg! This man has brought new dreams to my ♥
    Love him ♡

  602. 602 : ghost moon Says:

    i think i’m inlove…<3

  603. 603 : mamyalay Says:

    I like his all drama which i have watched 🙂

  604. 604 : sadlove Says:

    he is amazing) his smile so warm and his body is sooo hot. and i really think that he is a good actor becouse i can see al amotions in his eyes. (sorry for bad english)

  605. 605 : sangjhoon Says:

    luvng his new drama already though i’m not too keen on the 2 actresses in this drama, but i’ll put up with them coz of SSH! i can’t wait for nxt epis

  606. 606 : mang Says:

    I love u!!!!!

  607. 607 : sangjhoon Says:

    he’s awesome overload!

  608. 608 : sadlove Says:

    Creation of TV dramas – it is hard work. Like a good recipe, it needs a lot of ingredients and special actions to make everything go his own order, and as a result have a chic result. Availability of the main – a nice script and a talented Director, not yet a guarantor of success. Scenario and Director is also required good actors, to ensure that the final product will be successful. As well as the actors can be picky when choosing a script, they become such and Directors during the casting their dramas.
    From 26 March to 2 April, was 30 Korean Directors to make a list of actors and Actresses that are exclusive and non-typical of the transition from one role to another ( ie: don’t play all of his characters the same). In other words they had to choose a “multifaceted” actors and Actresses. But for fairness, actors who are inactive for more than 5 years, excluded from the review.
    SSH was among in 23 of the mentioned actors. Yes, he only scored two voices BUT he was called and if the Directors consider it a talented then talk about the fact that he was a bad actor (as some people say) at least incorrectly, as it seems to me.

  609. 609 : sangjhoon Says:

    @sadlove – just want to address that part about SSH not being a good actor – i think it’s unfair coz to me he’s a good actor so i think it depends on their perspective but i think you agree with me that he’s a good actor! 🙂

  610. 610 : Love Says:


    just look him, i cant tell any word tu description him

    i know God so amazing to creat him

  611. 611 : Lina Says:

    He is very handsome…that all I can say 🙂

  612. 612 : Brighita Says:

    I Like your style SSH

  613. 613 : ChocoKang Says:

    […] Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) is a former gangster, but now a successful business man. He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and […]

  614. 614 : NweNi Says:

    i like your action …

  615. 615 : NweNi Says:

    Welcome to Myanmar…

  616. 616 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    I wish you will pair with Yoon Eun Hye in a drama series. I love your looks, acting, facial expression, and eye contact.

  617. 617 : johana Says:

    he always make me fall in love in every his drama……..

  618. 618 : Ika Says:

    @616 – ya, I wish in his next drama, I’ll see him as a couple with Yoon Eun Hye too, or Ha Ji Won Oenni. so, please we can’t wait to see u in new drama oppa 😀

  619. 619 : Holika Says:

    The Best!!!!

  620. 620 : Diana Says:

    Would love to see Song Seung Heon in a drama with Yoon Eun Hye. My two favorites

  621. 621 : Pinky Says:

    sangjhoon (609) – I second agree with you that SSH is really a good actor..and it is unfair to said he’s not good enough!! Love his facial expression…. he is awesome!! Looking forward to see his new drama again! ^~

  622. 622 : When a Man Loves (남자가 사랑할 때) | styrn Says:

    […] Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) is a former gangster, but now a successful business man. He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and […]

  623. 623 : tiam Says:

    i love u,so much,you are awesome

  624. 624 : Kdrama – When a Man Falls in Love (남자가 사랑할 때) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun sebagai Han Tae Sang Shin Se Kyung sebagai Seo Mi Do Chae Jung Ahn sebagai Baek Sung Joo Yun Woo Jin sebagai Lee Jae Hee […]

  625. 625 : Tina Dang Says:

    I loved very much your movies.I wish will have some your new movies as soon as possible.

  626. 626 : Tina Dang Says:

    You are a wonderful movie star. We hope you have some new movie in the future.Thanks.

  627. 627 : [K-Drama] Time Slip Dr Jin 2012 | JKentertainment Says:

    […] Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due […]

  628. 628 : mary Says:

    I love his drama

  629. 629 : orit Says:

    I like all your dramas. you are the best. Think about visit us in Israel

  630. 630 : Lummy Says:

    He is the best actor in Korea!

  631. 631 : Cynthia Says:

    Song seung heon,you are a wonderful actor.luv u so much on east of eden.keep it up oppa.fighting …..

  632. 632 : mai jao Says:

    Song Seung Heon you really are my favorite korean actor…i love all of your dramas…hope you’ll have one again in the coming year…

  633. 633 : Hiranthi Says:

    Hi Song Seung Heon! Your Fantastic performances in each and every drama & movie SO SO THRILLING.Keep it up. Hearty Thanks for keep me so Happy.GOOD LUCK, BEST WISHES & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014

  634. 634 : yuri Says:

    Song Seung Heon….love U so much….love you act, love everything u do to entertain… 😉

  635. 635 : Emma Says:

    Song Seung Heon:
    Hi, I recently star wathching your tv series and movies. I think you are an amazing talented person. Keep up the good work. I wish you the best.

  636. 636 : Raisa Says:

    I just started watching Korean movies and t.v. series through Netflix, so far, I have seen Song Seung Heon in When a Man Loves, Dr. Jin and Ghost. I think he is a fantastic actor and SO good looking. Looking forward to more movies and t.v. series. With my best wishes,


  637. 637 : rosie saw Says:

    I have seen East of Edan,When A Man Fall In Love drama.Yo
    You are so good looking actor.
    Do you have any plan for acting in navy soldier drama?


  638. 638 : Wunmi Says:

    Song Seung Hun I love ur acts in all your movies I have watched. You are very handsome,skillful,and taleneted.I also love the fact that u are a christian. Keep the good work up!

  639. 639 : roanne jane Says:

    hi… i am Roanne Jane.. i really admire to your wonderful drama.. “WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN”… i’m inspire to your character there. 🙂
    the passionate traits is worth for you…

  640. 640 : samira Says:

    hi… i am samira .. i really admire to your wonderful drama.. “WHEN A MAN LOVES ”… i’m inspire to your character there.
    i hope success in all life and i am one fans.
    i am comfrom iran

  641. 641 : Xiao Yi Lee Says:

    Song Seung Hun,
    I love your acts in all your TV dramas that I watched in drama fever. You are very handsome and talented.
    I love the character you played in East of Eden, you are the best!
    Hope you will have more thrilling dramas in the near future.
    Best wishes oppa!

  642. 642 : manna Says:

    Thank you for Autumn Tale, Sir!

  643. 643 : alya Says:

    Dear Song Seung Hun,

    You’re really awesome in When a man loves and East of eden. Hope to watch you in a new drama. Keep the good work and you really are very talented and amazing.

  644. 644 : iin Says:

    surprising me in the obsessed. very brave. erotic movie.

  645. 645 : Erin Says:

    SSH…really frustrated with your acting in Obsessed. I really hope that you will not doing that kind of movie. Just like a porn star. For me for an unknown korean actors or actress, it would be ok. But for a well known actor like u with so many fans from all over the world should avoid doing the xrated movie. I don’t mind seeing u hugging n kissing but to see u actually sucking breast, touching below and doing sXX without any cover really annoying.
    U really lost one of ur die hard fan this time. I’ll delete all ur drama from my computer such as My princess, WAMLove, Summer Scent, Autumn Tale, East of Eden, Ghost, Dr Jin… I know ..u have many more fans.
    who knows …i might follow ur drama again in 2 years ttime.

  646. 646 : Thomson Says:

    Song seung hun you are definitely the best korean actor

  647. 647 : Carolina Says:

    Are you married? Or in a relationship? You are a natural actor and touch my heart in the drama ( when a man loves) can wait to see the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  648. 648 : Isidramay Says:

    Korea produced a very good actor, Song Seung Heon. I watched almost all his films and can’t find words to describe his performance, very versatile. I watched “Obssessed” and was done in a good taste, he gave justice to his role.
    I wish the movie producers will give him more projects.

  649. 649 : buki Says:

    very good actor and handsome.love your acting always.

  650. 650 : buki Says:

    very good actor and handsome.love your acting always.you are the best.

  651. 651 : pelmo Says:

    i admire his attitude n has manly luks…….

  652. 652 : pelmo Says:

    i admire his attitude n has manly luks………..

  653. 653 : ms.Songkran Says:

    any new drama in 2015-2016 ?
    Wish to see with Lee Da Hae

  654. 654 : dimpy Says:

    Song Seung i love u, i like ur attitude n smile.hope u could read my message n replay me back lik a dream…..will u?

  655. 655 : LISTIA FITRI Says:

    opppaaaaaa, you’re so coolllllll……. i like you, you’re d’best

  656. 656 : OK OK OK Says:

    oppa oppa oppaaaaaaaaaa 😛

  657. 657 : sahel Says:

    why did you any new drama? i miss you so much

  658. 658 : Yangyang Says:

    How come we do not get to see you in any Korean drama series for more than 2 years now? We miss you! Hope we could see you star in a drama soon!

  659. 659 : Sinopsis Kdrama Time Slip Dr. Jin lengkap Eps 1-22 | Simpleaja.com Says:

    […] menantang, Jin Hyuk akhirnya menjadi seorang dokter sebenarnya. Para Pemain Pemain Utama Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min […]

  660. 660 : Yangyang Says:

    We miss seeing Song Seung Hun appearing / starring in a drama series. It has been some time since he starred in “When A Man Loves”. It is a shame when a man with such good looks plus great acting skills are not used to inspire and entertain us on screen / TV. Here’s wishing Song Seung Hun the best in life!

  661. 661 : georgie young Says:

    His acting has me hooked on Korean Dramas and Movies, Love his acting….just a great actor and super good looks.

  662. 662 : amjihun Says:

    Was falling in love.

  663. 663 : britney Says:


  664. 664 : britney Says:

    the new drama of SSH together with COME BACK DRAMA OF LEE YOUNG AE http://asianwiki.com/Saimdang,_Light%27s_Diary THE UNDERTAKER DRAMA.

  665. 665 : amelia erisa Says:

    i loved ur drama and acting. u encouraged me to watch series from korea. act again. we always look for ur series in uganda but all in vain. come back please.

  666. 666 : Time Slip Dr. Jin – SiteQu Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi Na (2012) Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong Kim Eung Soo as Kim Byung Hee Jung Eun Pyo as Heo Gwang Kim Myung Soo as Kim Dae Gyun Lee Won Jong as Joo Pal […]

  667. 667 : Kamani Dissanayake Says:

    there were some TV series we can not find from any site. please upload them to watch us.

    His acting were excellent.. Congratulations and best of luck..

  668. 668 : Yangyang Says:

    At last! You are in a lead role in Siamdang Light Diary. Its about time we get to see you in a drama series again. Thank God!

    The plot of the drama is quite unique yet interesting, which I hope would catch more avid viewers soon.

    More power to you, Mr. Song Seung Hun!

  669. 669 : Yangit Says:

    At last! You are in a lead role in Siamdang Light Diary. Its about time we get to see you in a drama series again. Thank God!

    The plot of the drama is quite unique yet interesting, which I hope would catch more avid viewers soon.

    More power to you, Mr. Song Seung Hun!

  670. 670 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Who is watching Saimdang ‘cuz of Song Seung Hun? Raise your right hand! LOL 😀

  671. 671 : Drama “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” -povestea unei artiste renumite - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] acelasi timp, mai exista si Lee Gyum ( rol interpretat de Song Seung Hun) un barbat care a avut o prima intalnire decisiva  cu Saimdang in tinerete si ca urmare a acestui […]

  672. 672 : Guille Says:

    Hi, you are really handsome, I love you.
    I love your job cause you are an excellent actor. I am mexican and I love korean dramas. I hope that you write this.

  673. 673 : Noua productie marca OCN "Black" - un thriller de exceptie - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Song Seung Hun – Black Go Ah Ra – Kang Ha Ram Kim Dong Joon – Oh Man Soo Lee El – Yoon Soo Wan […]

  674. 674 : ssh-lover Says:

    Black is a very good one 2017 cheer up for 2018 new year mr.ssh

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