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Sun Woo Jae Duk

Name: 선우재덕 / Sun Woo Jae Duk (Seon U Jae Deok)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1962-Jul-23
Birhtplace: South Korea

TV Shows

Bravo, My Life (KBS1, 2022)
Red Shoes (KBS2, 2021)
Oh My Ladylord (MBC, 2021)
Unasked Family (KBS1, 2019)
TV Novel – Waves, Waves (KBS2, 2018)
Money Flower (MBC, 2017)
Temperature of Love (SBS, 2017)
Strongest Deliveryman (KBS2, 2017)
Secret Forest (tvN, 2017)
Always Spring (MBC, 2016)
Strange Family (KBS1, 2016)
The Return of Hwang Geum Bok (SBS, 2015)
Tomorrow Cantabile (KBS2, 2014)
SOS Save Me (KBSN, 2014)
Stormy Woman (MBC, 2014)
Melody of Love (KBS1, 2013)
Can’t Take it Anymore (jTBC, 2013)
Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
To the Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)
Queen Insoo (jTBC, 2011)
TV Novel – Dear Love (KBS2, 2012)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)
My Daughter The Flower (SBS, 2011)
You’ve Fallen for Me (MBC, 2011)
I Believed in Men (MBC, 2011)
Please Marry Me (KBS2, 2010)
Can Anyone Love (SBS, 2009)
Hateful But Once Again (KBS2, 2009)
Aquarius (SBS, 2008)
Little Mom Scandal (CGV, 2008)
The King and I (SBS, 2007)
Catch a Kang Nam Mother (SBS, 2007)
My Lovely Miss Dal Ja (SBS, 2006)
Wild Flower (SBS, 2005)
Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)
Green Rose (SBS, 2005)
Three Wives (SBS, 2004)
Freezing Point (SBS, 2004)
Proposal (SBS, 2004)
One Million Roses (KBS1, 2003)
First Love (SBS, 2003)
Saxophone (KBS2, 2002)
Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)
Sidestreet People (KBS2, 2002)
Morning Without Parting (SBS, 2001)
SWAT Police (SBS, 2000)
Honesty (MBC, 2000)
Heart of Lies (MBC, 1998)
Dangerous Love (MBC, 1996)
The Royal Way (KBS1, 1991)
The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong (MBC, 1988)


Northern Limit Line (2015)
No Breathing (2013)
City of Damnation (2009)
Come Tomorrow (2003)
Siren (2000)
Guitarist (1986)
Making Love (1983)


  1. 1 : The Moon Embracing The Sun (해를 품은 달) « styrn Says:

    […] Sun Woo Jae Duk as Heo Young Jae (Yeon Woo and Yeom’s father) Yang Mi Kyung as Shin Jung Kyung (Yeon Woo and Yeom’s mother) Song Jae Hee as Heo Yeom – Si Wan as Heo Yeom (young) – Kim Jin Woo as Yeom (child) Yoon Seung Ah as Seol – Suh Ji Hee as Seol (young) […]

  2. 2 : To The Beautifull You « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] Lee So Jung (Korean teacher) Kang Kyung Joon as Athletic team coach Lee Han Wie as Hwang Gye Bong Sun Woo Jae Duk as Kang Geun Wook Jung Eun Joo as Hwang Bo hee Ahn Hye Kyung as Yang Seo Yoon (Sports reporter) Lee […]

  3. 3 : My Daughter The Flower Malay Sub - Blog Siputhijau Blog Siputhijau Says:

    […] Seung Hwan as Joo Yong Pil Oh Young Shil as Oh Mi Sook Kim Bo Mi as Joo Hong Dan Sun Woo Jae Duk as Yang Soo Chul Yoon So Jung as Moon Jung Ok Jung Joo Eun as Yoon Hye Jin Jung Kyu Soo as Eun […]

  4. 4 : “Money Flower”, povestea oamenilor condusi de lacomie - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Sun Woo Jae Duk– Jang Sung Man […]

  5. 5 : Pinky Says:

    I like him so much

  6. 6 : Yindo Says:

    He is very good in acting

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