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Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon 02

Name: 성훈 / Sung Hoon
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1983-Feb-14
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
Star sign: Aquarius

TV Shows

Woori The Virgin (SBS, 2022)
Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 3 (CSTV, 2022)
Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 2 (CSTV, 2021)
Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music (CSTV, 2021)
Level Up (MBN, 2019)
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot 2 (Netflix, 2018)
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot 1 (Netflix, 2018)
I Picked up a Star on the Road (Oksusu, 2018)
The Idolmaster KR (SBS Plus, 2017)
Jugglers (KBS2, 2017)
My Secret Romance (OCN, 2017)
Five Children (KBS2, 2016)
Oh My Venus (KBS2, 2015)
Noble, My Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Passionate Love (SBS, 2013)
The Birth of a Family (SBS, 2012)
Faith @ The Great Doctor (SBS, 2012)
New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS, 2011)


Are You In Love? (2020)
Brothers in Heaven (2018)


2016 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actor – Sung Hoon (Five Children)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards (New Tales of Gisaeng)

Related Photo

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Sung Hoon 13 sung-hoon-14


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  3. 3 : Yippy Says:

    Oh my god you are so very hot hot hot hot…

  4. 4 : d Says:

    I enjoy your drama performance a great deal. You are very talented.

  5. 5 : SARYBG Says:

    You are very good actor.

  6. 6 : Fanny Says:


  7. 7 : elma Says:

    a very talented young man. you really made me cried so hard in epi. 33&34 for a newbie u can really act. keep up the good acting. ur the same age w/my youngest son. thank you for a good performance. I will watch ur drama untill the very end

  8. 8 : OMG Says:

    You are my number one …fighting

  9. 9 : BABYBLUE says Says:

    You are such a “punkie” character and I don’t know what other girls see in you.
    Very artificial, bland, and superficial in your expressions and acting. Geezes, I would regurgitate before I even take a second look at your effeminate looks and to have other female fans say you’re hot….hot…hot….that’s a laughter!!!!

  10. 10 : Zhika Says:

    Вы хорошо сыграли в “Кисен” Так почему же вы больше не снимаетесь?

  11. 11 : Zhika Says:

    Very talented and beautiful actor. Unfortunately only in one serial it has seen. I hope we will see it yet in one serial. Good luck to you. You super.

  12. 12 : Love Adamo Says:


  13. 13 : Teresa Says:

    I think he is a very good actor I cried sooooo much on episode 33… Plus he is hoooot , dont u wish your man was just like him. Cos I doooooo

  14. 14 : Teresa Says:

    I want to see him in more dramas I am looking forward to see him again .congratulations you are a very good actor

  15. 15 : Louisa Edwards Says:

    Like your acting in “New Tales of Gisaeng”. Hope to see you in more new drama in the future.

  16. 16 : Mia Says:

    Such a good start for a newbie ! Hwaiting, Sung Hoon !!!

    You have such a striking look, so dashing and handsome…. with a charismatic, smexy aura. And your hot bod certainly drives all females gaga, hehe 🙂

    Love you so much in New Tales of Gisaeng….. no words to express how charismatic you were in this drama. And good acting too. You and the female lead here in this drama is the perfect couple and we can’t have enough of you both.

    Hope to see more of you in future dramas and movies. We will wait anxiously ~

    (Btw, commentator like BabyBlue should just refrain from commenting if they have nothing good to say. Why the hate ? He might not be your cup of tea but he is the idol for many ohters, including me, hehe. So stop your bashing and hatred….just go somewhere else to spill your jealous spleen and good riddance.)

  17. 17 : Romaya Says:

    You are very good looking and have a great voice. Your smile is perfect. I do hope you have more dramas coming after the end of the New Tales of Gisaeng. Would you believe it or not that I watched this drama without English subtitle (I do not know the Korean language) then again when the English subtitle was ready? Am I crazy or what???

  18. 18 : Orgasm_4_SungHoon Says:

    Sung Hoon is damn HOT HOT HOT!!! his deep voice n sexy body gives me pleasure just 2 watch him act… with or without his shirt!!! 😉

    i hope u act in more dramas a.s.a.p cause i can’t get enough of u!!!

  19. 19 : crazy4u Says:

    Sung Hoon si, you are so talented. Well-acted in this drama, the tales of new gisaeng, i’ve fallen for you.. looking forward to hear more news from you.. Fighting!!!

  20. 20 : RAYA Says:


  21. 21 : elma Says:

    oh dear, ur already 28? I hope ur not going to MS after this drama ends. but if u r then will just wait for u after 2yrs coz ur such a good actor.fighting sung hoon.

  22. 22 : Mia Says:

    Sung Hoon has already finished his MS, with an early discharge due to a spinal injury. But he’s ok now, that’s what i gathered 🙂

    Mmm….. New Tales of Gisaeng has just completed its run at episode 52 – a very satisfying ending. Think i will be having withdrawal symptoms not seeing more of this s.e.x.y actor every week 🙁

    Will surely miss that beautiful eyes with its super eyebrows, the deep voice and that hot bod ! ( Of course who could ignore his sensual lips, his handsome face, his thick hair, his charming smile….). His so natural and superb acting….. must look out for more of his projects which hopefully will come within this year.

  23. 23 : fan Says:

    New Tales of the Gisaeng was an awesome drama. Totally enjoyed Sung Hoon. I’m surprised and disappointed that there’s hardly any information on this guy. Maybe that’s what makes him more attractive. I certainly hope to see more of this guy and Andre (just had to put that in).

  24. 24 : Mia Says:

    Go to his fan site for yummy pics of him :


    And of course for those who understand korean, then these lucky ones would get to read his letters, get know his forthcoming events, etc etc too.

    Click ‘view images collected’ at the top left hand corner and get access to lots of yummy pics of the delectable sung hoon. ( The page is all in korean but once you click onto the ‘translate’ button, then the headings will be in your preferred language). Enjoy ~

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    It is not easy to land a leading role on a first acting job. He is fantastic to look at and has done really well for someone new in acting. Looking forward to his next projects.
    People like Babyblue and the commentator in #18 are so disgusting. Actors are people too. You need to respect them as such. The fact that you don’t only reflect badly on the quality of persons you are.

  26. 26 : honeybee29 Says:

    l juz love him,hwaiting Sunghoonssi…….saranghaeyo…

  27. 27 : Mia Says:

    This site is just super for an indepth recaps/reviews of New Tales of Gisaeng :


    You could also see beautiful screencaps of Sung Hoon here !

    Enjoy ~

  28. 28 : j chui Says:

    I like his acting in New Gisaeng Story as Ah Do Mo, very handsome good body, just wonder why he did not appear before in any dramas.

  29. 29 : Mia Says:

    @ j chui,

    This is Sung Hoon’s first acting role. He is a rookie, a newbie in the entertainment field and when he came for the audition, the PD and the writer both at once said he looks like the character Ah Da Mo and the rest is history.

    It seemed he’s more interested in the sports field and he has competed in national swimming championship and loves horse-riding etc. However, due to a spinal injury, he now turned to acting and had took acting lessons and as luck would have it, got a leading role in this drama inspite of zero acting record.

    Love his acting here, not over-acting and quite flawless. And he is so charasmatic and has the ‘it’ factor to add to his charm. Hope he will appear soon in future projects 🙂

  30. 30 : sweetpeas Says:

    I very like his acting at new gisaeng story. hope he will appear soon again.

  31. 31 : nmn Says:

    I love the story. The actors and actresses were fantastic. Believe it, I watched the drama 4x and cried buckets. For once the hero look like a real man with athletic abilities. Other heroes looked sissy. Horray for Sung Hoon and Im So Hyang. I’ll definately vote for best Korean Drama this year. Looking forward to more dramas by these two people.

  32. 32 : Mia Says:

    @ nmn

    Totally agreeeee with you ! This drama should be voted Best Drama of the year and the pair of main leads should be voted Best Couple !

    The actor Sung Hoon has everything……height, hot bod, charisma, beautiful eyes ( and eyebrows !), beautiful lips, and that ‘something’ which many actors don’t have !!! His face is very captivating everytime he appears on-screen……… swoon.

    Yeah…..waiting for his next project.

  33. 33 : bb Says:

    I just love them!I watch again and again 。Very good actor and actress!
    they make me want to learn Korean 。can’t wait to see da mo and sa ran’s next drama(^_^)…

  34. 34 : mariana Says:

    I like a lot his acting at new gisaeng story and hope he will appear soon again.
    I watched three time and I think 。Very good actor and actress!They are absolute compatible. I think that pair of main actors will be the Best Couple of the year.

  35. 35 : azilem Says:

    I just love this drama…you learned things a lot here…1000 votes for me

  36. 36 : muga Says:

    Sung Hoon ,,like u so much…your charm so perfect,, fighting,, (^*^)

  37. 37 : arum Says:

    oppa many-many asking from me,to u….
    bt just can i like u oppa,,,when u make movie again????
    owh yah,,,,i wand download u re poto with baby & dan saran???

  38. 38 : ivonny yenly Says:

    excellent for me… love u ah da mo oppa 🙂

  39. 39 : NeverEnding Says:

    If fans of the 2 main leads of New Tales of Gisaeng would like to read more of them, go to this site :


    There are 4 interviews of Sung Hoon and 3 of Im Soo Hyang ! Great reads ~

    Sung Hoon …….. so handsome and have such great personality ! His appearance on Strong Heart variety show recently showed his great humour and interesting personality. Hope to see more of his acting in a new drama soon. Hwaiting, Sung Hoon-ssi

  40. 40 : Metu Says:

    A week after watching the New Tales of Ginseng i still can’t forget it so i have to say something.
    I think Sung Hoon shi has become one of my favourite Korean actors and i don’t have a lot of them.
    Episode 33 made me so sad i thought i’d pass out from crying and i just couldn’t stop my tears for about 15 minutes into the next episode, that’s how convincing that scene was.
    I don’t know if it was the role of Da Mo or what but his aura was really interesting, actually unexplainable. I was already moved by his eyes and voice which could make him seem emotionless or full of emotion.
    It’s also a first time for me knowing an actor who loves horse-back ridding, which makes me very glad since i love horseback ridding and horses as well. Now that i think about it he was ridding suspiciously well. I think i was entirely hooked when i saw him on a horse and it was such a beautiful one.
    Hope to seem him in another drama and in an interesting role soon.

  41. 41 : YOU NA Says:

    you are so cool Ah Da Mo oppa, saranghae … 😉

  42. 42 : Grace Says:

    The drama was a bit too long BUT I loved watching Da Mo. I couldn’t believe it was his first acting role as he was so good.

    Obviously the good look and his athletic body was a bonus to watch. His girlfriend in the drama is also really pretty. In real life, I am not sure such a girl exists but the Da Mo character seems more realistic, i.e., his initial struggle with her lack of good background and the breakup. However, he then realized nothing is more important than love, which is so touching and such a great ending.

    I love this drama.

  43. 43 : wesiya Says:

    I like this drama a lot, love Ah Da Mo. Fighting Sung Hoon ^_^

  44. 44 : ajumma Moo Says:

    how wonderful voice u have.. the way u cry for Saran in ep 33 is the best scene ..it looks like u r crying from ur heart..
    Fighting Ah Da Mo
    i’ll wait for ur next film

  45. 45 : yeniaufa Says:

    I very like u sung hoon, as Ah da mo very gentleman at gisaeng story .
    hope he will appear soon in the other story, good luck….
    Ah da mo and Dan sa ran sarangheo ^_^

  46. 46 : June Says:

    Sung Hoon is now in China shooting a saguek drama titled “Bodyguard”. He plays the role of a bodyguard, on an assignment to guard some valuable treasure while transporting it to a destination.

    His fans will be able to catch him at the SBS Award Show this 31st Dec when he comes back to Korea to participate. He and Im Soo Hyang are contending for Best Couple Award (Ah Da Mo and Sa Ran). Let’s hope they win this award although the competition is tough !

    Fighting ~ Sung Hoon and Soo Hyang !

  47. 47 : Kaddict-oriep Says:

    great actor, his acting in ep 33 of the New Tales of Gisaeng is so convincing and emotional

  48. 48 : Reg Says:

    is he going to have another drama or a movie? its been months since his fans saw him.

  49. 49 : putri Says:

    You are so gentle and so cool oppa….
    I like this drama ……
    Oppa , i very like u…..
    Sung Hoon oppa Sarangeo….

  50. 50 : Josephine Wong Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME BOY – VALENTINE DAY 14TH FEB. 2012. Waiting and looking forward to your next project after BODYGUARD.

  51. 51 : Jase Says:

    I LOVED HIM IN THE DRAMA “NEW TALE OF GISAENG”. He was really good in his character as Ah Da Mo…. Love his acting…. Hope to see him in upcoming drama’s. Happy B-day and Happy Valentines day….


  52. 52 : Ans Says:

    i agree the comment of Jase… His acting is good… i like he….

  53. 53 : Pyc Says:

    Can’t wait to see his coming Chinese drama “Bodyguard”! Wishing Sung Hoon (and Im Soo Hyang) much success in their acting careers. Definitely hope to see them co-star again!

  54. 54 : mia Says:

    I like your acting in NEW GISAENG STORY with IM SOO HYANG ….. hope can see you in your new drama OR movie with IM SOO HYANG again

  55. 55 : Josephine Wong Says:

    For those interested, Sung Hoon won 2 medals in KBS “Let’s go Dream Team 2” on 18th instant. On calculating I think this program will be shown on the KBS channel in Malaysia on April 3rd. Look out for Sung Hoon.

  56. 56 : yhaelie Says:

    pls upload more picture of sung hoon….he is realy a good actor….

  57. 57 : Jo Says:

    Hi Yhaelie you can see more pictures of Sung Hoon on “Sung Hoon – Viki”

  58. 58 : Kuan Guat Choo Says:

    I like Sung Hoon’s moves. He is a footballer and his moves can be seen when he was evading the guards at the giseang house. So sleek and so smooth.
    He is also a swimmer and in the swimming pool scene, his dolphin strokes and kick was simply fabulous especially filmed under water. Could have shown us more of that.
    I hope that his future dramas will high light more of his skills as it is rare to find an actor of this calibre.
    The emotions he shows on his face is also very moving.

  59. 59 : wina-ssi Says:

    Like sung hoon so much.. Can’t wait his next drama..

  60. 60 : Jo Says:

    Just learnt from Zealioner in “[email protected]” that Sung Hoon has been cast in drama “Faith”, a time travelling sageuk with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun to be shown in August. (a 3 billion won project)

  61. 61 : Keo chenda Says:

    I am very love his body so amazing So I hope to see him with new movie

  62. 62 : neary niron Says:

    i really love Ah damo and sa ran….sweet couple….

  63. 63 : Sung Hoon Super Fans Says:

    Dear Sung Hoon Lovely Fans,

    Welcome your visit to Sung Hoon FACEBOOK Fan page
    click on this Link


    Thank you very much ^^

  64. 64 : Sung Hoon Super Fans Says:

    Dear Sung Hoon Lovely Fans,

    Welcome your visit to Sung Hoon WEBSITE at tumblr.com
    click on this Link


    Thank you very much ^^

  65. 65 : Sung Hoon's fan Says:

    Love his acting, it’s natural, and unlike other actors he looks very natural and sharp on screen, his face very eye catching. Hope to see in in many more dramas. Good luck with your career! you’re born to be a star

  66. 66 : Faith 신의 (Episode 2 / Sub none ) Added | Asian Entertainment Zone Says:

    […] Min Ho as Choi Young Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo Lee Philip as Jang Bin Sung Hoon as Cheon Eum Ja Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min Park Se Young as Princess Nogook Yoo Oh Sung as Ki […]

  67. 67 : lola Says:

    really hope to see more of him in Korean Dramas. He’s the Best!!!!!

  68. 68 : [SBS 2012] Faith RAW E9 / SUB E8 | Says:

    […] Tuesday 21:55 Cast Lee Min Ho as Choi Young Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo Lee Philip as Jang Bin Sung Hoon Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min Park Se Young as Princess Nogook Yoo Oh Sung as Ki Cheol Choi Min […]

  69. 69 : laly sarmiento Says:

    i love you……..Sung Hoon……is a beautiful man….!!!

  70. 70 : [email protected] Says:

    i love you ……..sung hoon is favorites actor,,,super gwapo….i like ur movie are so sweet nice your body idol.godbless

  71. 71 : [email protected] Says:

    idol im waiting ur movie i love you very sweet …

  72. 72 : Tum-meng Says:

    Welcome to Sung Hoon Facebook Fan page this Link


    you will see New photo & news updated everyday of Sung Hoon.
    Welcome Welcome !!! for Sung Hoon Lover.

    Thank you for your kind support Sung Hoon

    **** Sung Hoon Love you ALL 🙂 ***

  73. 73 : ruby placheta Says:

    hello sung hoon. i mistaken you as lee min ki. hahaha! but, when i watch faith, i think i’ve been captured by you’re handsome look. huh! you’re role in faith is quite interesting. i like your outfit, the anime like. you’re hair, its sexy. hope you’ll have your own leading role someday. i will look forward what will you look like on that series. fighting! love ya….

  74. 74 : ZARIMa Says:

    im one of your fan now,, after watching you in NEW TALES OF GISAENG i was mesmirized by ure acting and looks:).. and i followed u in FAITH and again ure so good.. keep it up and more power… hope to see u again in ure new kdrama.. and upcoming?

  75. 75 : Jae Says:

    Saw him in the series Faith. His character is one of the best! He looks awesome with a flute on hand. 🙂

  76. 76 : bblve07 Says:

    i like his acting on faith, look so mysterious,.. I hope to see him in another drama.. i’m waiting..

  77. 77 : noyst Says:

    He’s now in the SBS daily drama “The Birth of A Family”
    He appears from Episode 64 onwards as Han Ji-hoon.

  78. 78 : Zari Hlawnmual Says:

    Sung hoon i wan to see another drama lead actor i’m waiting cos you look so great in the drama new tales of giseang

  79. 79 : Raju Kwonnie Says:

    i’m waiting for ur next drama as lead actor…i really like you in new tales of gisaeng….

  80. 80 : Lucy Says:

    I want to watch you again as a lead actor. You did a good in New Tales of Gisaeng. Hope to watch your new drama, cannot wait ,when it’s going to be ?

  81. 81 : Faith / The Great Doctor / 신의 (2012) | My little world Says:

    […] Sung Hoon as Cheon Eum Ja Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin Baek Gwang Doo as Baek Choong Suk Kim Jong Moon as Oh Dae Man Jung Yoo Chan as Joo Suk Kang Chang Mook as Deol Bae Yoon Kyun Sang as Deok Man Kim Soo Yun as Deo Gi Kim Mi Kyung as Court lady Choi Kwon Min as Ahn Do Chi Park Yoon Jae as Duk Heung (the king’s uncle) […]

  82. 82 : ူူlamineain Says:

    i very love sung hoon

  83. 83 : Rara Says:

    Davichi Lee Haeri too .

  84. 84 : navy Says:

    sung hoon , you are my super star. I really like you and your drama.

  85. 85 : lady sue ellen Says:

    Talented good looking and upcoming star in korean dramas!

  86. 86 : Paris Hilton Hanoi Says:

    I m one of his fans! love all of drama character he act. He look so manly & attractive with model or actor . Love his style.

  87. 87 : mrs lavender Says:

    sung hoon are hansome i like ur roll in b of fmly, ur stail suitable with i like it.. Salanghaeyo

  88. 88 : LOra G Says:

    The Birth of A family i cant search in good drama…any AKA of this drama….help me pleaseeeeeeee

  89. 89 : regina mapanoo Says:

    i like her eyes….looking for ur next drama after passionate of love

  90. 90 : regina mapanoo Says:

    impressive actor

  91. 91 : endah w Says:

    suka jg ma aktingnya di new tales of gisaeng daebakkkkkkkkkkkk

  92. 92 : dewi wulan sari Says:

    Really like oppa in new tales of gisaeng, hope you always success in carrier
    I will always support you, saranghae oppa..

  93. 93 : Nway Says:

    I always support you.I want to watch you again as a lead actor.i’m waiting.I can hope u visit to my country Myanmar.I like u r smile.Mohhhhhhh…………………………… [email protected][email protected]

  94. 94 : jyl77 Says:

    There is a new web drama called, “6 persons room”. Sung Hoon is the male lead. You can watch it on YouTube.

  95. 95 : jyl77 Says:

    Also, Sung Hoon is in Davichi’s Just the Two of Us. You can watch it on YouTube.

  96. 96 : alya Says:

    Dear Sung Hoon.

    Love you so much in birth of a family and passionate love. Love you even more in Noble, my love. I hope to see you in more drama in the future as a leading actor. You’re so talented and so handsome/macho. Plus you’re so cool in new kidz on the block. I am your die hard fan. All the best and blue skies in your acting and life. Sung Hoon is the best.

  97. 97 : hnyJo Says:

    Sung Hoon si mianhae just notice you lately…ojeten I fall to u now and love ur acting u have good expression to describe the story, great voice and aLL….fighting ! wish u all best and will watch all ur project . this october not much drama I watch, so borring…plz come soon November 16 ;))

  98. 98 : Bing Faune Says:

    Sung Hoon saw in other dramas before, but you caught my interest in NOBLE MY LOVE, you were cool and loved it….hope to see more of your dramas, maybe you’ll be good in actions …FIGHTING! keep up the good work, we’re watching you from California!

  99. 99 : Oh My Venus Says:

    […] as Kim Ji Yong Sung Hoon as Jang Joon Sung Choi Jin Ho as Min Byung […]

  100. 100 : DSant Says:

    Watched New Tales of Gisaeng/Nobe My Love. Hopefully, you will have a new drama and will be the lead. Good luck!!! A very promising actor.

  101. 101 : siti Says:

    Dear sung hoon

    All the best. Sung Hoon the best

  102. 102 : Ezzety93 Says:

    sung hoon you’re a good actor..

  103. 103 : ruby placheta Says:

    hi! sung hoon, i miss you. hope for more more more more tv series to come. good luck! saranghae…….

  104. 104 : ruby placheta Says:

    iloveyou!! mahal kita!!! you’re so so so handsome ever.. Hope for noble, my love part 2 in a 16 or 20 episodes..love it.

  105. 105 : Korean fans Says:

    I love everything about you. .. you are so cute when you act especiaaally in Oh my venus. dont mind anything anti fans says to you, you are the best! Fighting!

  106. 106 : Sylvia Casarez Says:

    Handsome actor…hot as the younger generation put it. However enjoyed watching him n Kim in My Noble Love. They’re so compatible. The drama was so sincere compared to other dramas I’ve seen. Only because it wasn’t over acted. He n Kim fit together so well. Great actor he is. Looking forward to seeing his other dramas/movies. Wish him the best of luck. There isn’t anything stating if single, girlfriend, married. It seems that most Asian actors r single compared to our American actors. You hear the problems ours have here n here n the states. That’s very smart on their part. Best of luck, again just luv you. Ur adorable.

  107. 107 : Sylvia Casarez Says:

    Handsome actor…hot as the younger generation put it. However enjoyed watching him n Kim in My Noble Love. They’re so compatible. The drama was so sincere compared to other dramas I’ve seen. Only because it wasn’t over acted. He n Kim fit together so well. Great actor he is. Looking forward to seeing his other dramas/movies. Wish him the best of luck. There isn’t anything stating if single, girlfriend, married. It seems that most Asian actors r single compared to our American actors. You hear the problems ours have here n here n the states. That’s very smart on their part. Best of luck, again just luv you. Ur adorable.

  108. 108 : Jessy Says:

    Hey there sung hood
    I just finished watching the new tales of gaesang, it has 52 episodes but I watched them all. It was fun! I will watch more of your work. Keep up the good work. I hope one day you visit your fans here in Vancouver, Canada. Cheers!

  109. 109 : Stephanie Says:

    Wow I watch the show noble my love on Netflix it is amazing. I thought it was cool, we are born on the same day Feb 14 1983. The whole crew on the show was just perfect. I hope they renew it I have not checked yet. I am from the US and I just love Korean shows. One day I will get my husband to like them as well.

  110. 110 : Beez Says:

    Me and my fangirl buddies like to call him Sung Swoon or Sung Swoony!

    And that was even before he made his Sweet Pumpkin go weak in the knees from one kiss in drama Five Children.

  111. 111 : Eppie Says:

    I like your first drama role New Tales of Gisaeng. Superb acting , It’s my all time favorite, I always and keep watching it. Can’t resist. ❤️❤️❤️.

  112. 112 : Elle Says:

    He looks like one of the guys from SHinee WTF!!!!

  113. 113 : *ONGOING* My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스 16 Episodes in HD (Eng Subbed) – :BananaTV Dailymotion: Says:

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  114. 114 : miss_k Says:

    I’m starting to love sunghoon after watching my secret romance. From then, i started to watch his interviews and some guestings. I so love his physical appearance,😍😍😍 and oh that body no need to mention.❤️ He is officially in my list now after Ji Chang Wook..❤️❤️❤️

  115. 115 : OK OK OK Says:

    Sung Hoon ssi
    U are very suave and handsome in My Secret Romance. Your dressing is so sleek and smart.
    U and Lee Byung Hun look like siblings.. ha ha 😛
    God bless.

  116. 116 : Anindita Says:

    I enjoyed watching your present serial series named secret romance.

  117. 117 : *ONGOING* My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스 13 Episodes in HD (Eng Subbed) – :BananaTV Dailymotion: Says:

    […] Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin Wook only pursues short […]

  118. 118 : [C] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스 13 Episodes in HD (Eng Subbed) – :BananaTV Dailymotion: Says:

    […] Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin Wook only pursues short […]

  119. 119 : Ash-nae Says:

    I just love his acting, the way he projects his role.looking forword for the next tv series/movie.

  120. 120 : pra_kriti Says:

    Sung Hoon oppa please do more romantic dramas. Romantic dramas don’t seem romantic without. I recently watched my secret romance.

  121. 121 : Mani Says:

    He is a sweet guy. Sung hoon is a role model of today’s girls dream … Passion…..Hero…..Better half . His personality is so attractive. His romantic act is so cute. I m very very impressed by his Acting in “MY SECRET ROMANCE”.

  122. 122 : Sima Says:

    You have very good voice perfect

  123. 123 : mila Says:

    He is very tall & handsome

  124. 124 : Ellyn Says:

    Sung Hoon is so kind and loving. He recently adopted a sick puppy that he fostered. I wish him and the cute puppy many years of health and happiness together.❤️❤️❤️

  125. 125 : Earnestine Richardson Says:

    I watch him in movies. He handsome and a great actor , I watch watch more of his movie on Nexflix. My secret Romana

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