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Taecyeon 03

Name: 택연 / Taecyeon
Real name: 옥택연 / Ok Taec Yeon
Nickname: Beast (Jimseung/짐승), OkCat (옥캣)
Profession: Singer, model and actor
Birthdate: 1988-Dec-27
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: AB
Talent agency: JYP Entertainment
KPOP group name: 2PM (Rapper)
Skills: Cooking
Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing and wakeboarding, skiing

TV Series

Blind (tvN, 2022)
Inspector Joy (tvN, 2021)
Vincenzo (tvN, 2021)
The Game: Towards Zero (MBC, 2020)
Save Me (OCN, 2017)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Let’s Fight Ghost (tvN, 2016)
Assembly (KBS2, 2015)
Wonderful Days (KBS2, 2014)
Who Are You? (tvN, 2013)
Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (Fuji TV, 2011)
Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
Cinderella’s Sister (KBS2, 2010)


House of the Disappeared (2017)
Marriage Blue (2013)
Hi, Bye (2011)


He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years before auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model.

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : block Says:

    i hate u but uurrr soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!! i hate 2pm now! LIARS!! but why did u hav to be sooo hot <333

  2. 2 : eugene Says:

    I’m waiting for your first drama with Moon Geun Young. Hope you will end up with her.

  3. 3 : Vanessa Says:

    OMG, taecyeon!! <33
    love you so much !
    ahh, fighting ! <3

  4. 4 : kim hye ryn Says:


  5. 5 : hlovate_dPAE Says:

    wish u be well always…the only thing dat i will remember 4ever is ur beast smileXD…miz u!!!!!

  6. 6 : amaniey_2PMfans Says:

    owh!!! luv u so much!!! love 2PM!!!! LOvE u in ur drama!!! come 2 malaysia!!! lets be friend!!! i’m sure ara different from other fans!!! i raelly want to be frenz with you although i know u’re a person from da hottest boy group!!! well, we all da same!!! i also wanna learn korean better….but 4 now i can undrstan korean a little bit!!! taecyeon oppa saranghae!!! hangguk!!! wait 4 me!!!

  7. 7 : yellow34 Says:

    i like u . and 2pm . xD

  8. 8 : June Says:

    Wish you the best Teacyeon..luv u

  9. 9 : air jordans shoes Says:


  10. 10 : >_ Says:

    taecyeon . luv you so much . you r so , cute “, . luv 2 pm so much . 2pm hwaiting . 2pm foreva . taeeeeecccccyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeooooooonnnnnnnn . . . . . . saranghae <3

  11. 11 : full Says:

    oh no i hate ur photo

  12. 12 : helda Says:

    your acting was good in CS…you have a good body… 🙂

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    U should change your hair style….

  14. 14 : KDRAMA – Cinderella’s Sister « (," Its A Drama World ",) Says:

    […] Geun Young as Song Eun Jo Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon as Jung Woo – Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent) Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook Kim […]

  15. 15 : KDrama : Cinderella Sister « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Geun Young as Song Eun Jo Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon as Jung Woo – Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent) Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook Kim […]

  16. 16 : سریال زیبیا CINDERELLAS SISTER Says:

    […] Geun Young as Song Eun Jo Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon as Jung Woo – Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent) Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook Kim […]

  17. 17 : han hyun-ki Says:

    good new actor for me…and yet very cute one…

  18. 18 : Mey-mei Says:

    i love taecyeon 2pm
    love u oppa

  19. 19 : Ifa Says:

    I am just now watching cinderella stepsister, I perfectly know you,personel of 2PM.Good luck,hope you succes in acting and music.

  20. 20 : lee Says:

    he will co-work with Kim Soo Hyun in ‘Dream High’..


  21. 21 : | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook Suzy (수지) as Go Hye Mi Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Wooyoung as Kevin IU […]

  22. 22 : Dream High | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook Suzy (수지) as Go Hye Mi Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Wooyoung as Kevin IU […]

  23. 23 : Jenny Says:

    Really Excited For Yur New Drama Beast 😀 !
    Looks Super Duper good! <3

  24. 24 : cha cha Says:

    ggggggggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go go………………………………………………. do wat makes all of ur fans hapi………………….

  25. 25 : [News - KDrama] Upcoming Dramas for January 2011 « Welcome To Happy's World! Says:

    […] Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook Suzy (수지) as Go Hye Mi Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Wooyoung as Kevin IU […]

  26. 26 : ss501&shinee4eva=) Says:

    I love Taecyeon 😀

    he’s so cute & sexy 😀 :)<33

  27. 27 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have submitted the about 55 pics of TAECYEON — hope you all like it.
    Like him in Cinderella Sisters and DREAM HIGH

  28. 28 : Ok OK OK Says:

    Hi Taecyeon

    Though you are a singer, you are a good actor too. Hope you can act more lead roles in romance drama with cute attractive lead actress.

    All the best to you.

  29. 29 : Dream Dream High | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

    […] Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook Suzy as Go Hye Mi Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Wooyoung as Jason IU as Kim Pil Sook […]

  30. 30 : song hye bin Says:

    anyo hasayo taecyeon opa …
    wow i have seen you in (Cinderella’s Sister) and i like your acting and i see your new drama (dream high) i like it so much and i have see woo young to and his dancing is cute i really like the drama from the beganing and i knowe it will be a good drama.

  31. 31 : masio Says:

    Taecyeon so great n best in this drama

  32. 32 : Sofie Says:

    his hottieeeee 😀

  33. 33 : song hye bin Says:

    taecyeon oppa …
    i really like your acting and the most thing that i love in you is your eyes,face and your soul
    na no nommo nommo sarang heyo yowony

  34. 34 : chalavigne Says:

    Aww,i ♥ him .. He’s really talented in singing and he’s a good actor too . Mmuach ,all the best for u TAECYEON 😀

  35. 35 : leigh Says:

    i love taecyeon:)
    he’s so good!!
    go!!fight 🙂

  36. 36 : Korean Drama: Dream High « Nochiee™ Says:

    […] Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook Suzy as Go Hye Mi Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Wooyoung as Jason IU as Kim Pil Sook […]

  37. 37 : OK OK OK Says:

    Taecyeon, do you know you look so manly in DREAM HIGH. And you got a set of charming smiling eyes that can attract. You really very handsome. 🙂
    Wish you all the best in whatever you do. 🙂

  38. 38 : tensang Says:

    hey taecyeon,
    u look great in dream high…… love u………

  39. 39 : hana Says:

    please don’t be the secend man anymore please don’t

  40. 40 : Xian Says:

    Taecyeon, you are awesome!!!

    Looking forward to your next TV series. =)

  41. 41 : AISA JOON Says:


  42. 42 : love taeyeon Says:


  43. 43 : Tacie Ara Says:

    You’re so amazing and so cool looking…! I love you Teac Yeon! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..

  44. 44 : L1L1 Says:


  45. 45 : chel Says:

    ….YOU ARE a good actor…

  46. 46 : azlin Says:

    hai!!!Taecyeon….not only can sing but can acting too..keep it up..love u…muahhhhh..

  47. 47 : DREAM HIGH « Vania Aprilia Says:

    […] Taecyeon (2pm) as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk […]

  48. 48 : kutchie-philippines Says:

    I love ur role on dream high…I hope u’l go far w/ ur career ur FANTASTIC!

  49. 49 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  50. 50 : saba Says:

    hello .i like u becaus you re very great actor,model,singer.

  51. 51 : soon hee Says:

    I.m started love TAECYON oppa when he played in dream high as JIN GOOK..
    n I think I’ll always love him 🙂

  52. 52 : kaung thaw Says:

    Ok Taecyeon phyoungwon please share me your 2pm songs on Facebook . Ok! Ever like you.

  53. 53 : rain_rai Says:

    i really love ur dimple…

  54. 54 : Dianne Says:


  55. 55 : Dianne Says:

    love your role in the dream high,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I want to DREAM HIGH the same as you do,, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL THE CASTS OF DREAM HIGH,,,

  56. 56 : Va Says:

    you’re great dancer

  57. 57 : Hyuna Says:

    you so cuteeeeeee

  58. 58 : Анара Says:

    Ушастик молодец!!!

  59. 59 : eka Says:

    aku suka gaya kamu di dream high “u so cool”…. ga apa2kan pake bahasa Indonesia….

  60. 60 : nan.aiury Says:

    i love uuuuu so muchhhh..

  61. 61 : Pardis Says:

    he is my love and he is very beautiful.

  62. 62 : Pardis Says:

    I live in Iran and i cant see him.He is great dancer and i love him so much

  63. 63 : Pardis Says:

    دوستت دارم i love you

  64. 64 : fata Says:

    i love his dance

  65. 65 : goaggies! Says:

    FINE FINE FINE, i am in LOVE w/ his character in dream high esp the scene where he just got out of the shower & his towel dropped, i like his hair short& spiky, he is one perfect hunk!

  66. 66 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] for stardom. Main cast are Go Hye Mi (Suzy of Miss A), Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), Jin Geuk (Taecyeon of 2PM), Yoon Baek Hee (Ham Eun Jung of T-ara), Jason (Wooyoung of 2AM) and Kim Pil Sook (IU, a […]

  67. 67 : my korean drama: DREAM HIGH « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] for stardom. Main cast are Go Hye Mi (Suzy of Miss A), Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), Jin Geuk (Taecyeon of 2PM), Yoon Baek Hee (Ham Eun Jung of T-ara), Jason (Wooyoung of 2AM) and Kim Pil Sook (IU, a […]

  68. 68 : neat thaa Says:

    <3 u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much T — ahh huh u r multi talented personality- good dancer singger rapper actor u are awsomeeee 😀

  69. 69 : Cinderella’s Sister (신데렐라 언니) « styrn Says:

    […] Geun Young as Song Eun Jo Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon as Jung Woo – Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent) Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang […]

  70. 70 : Shine Says:

    Aish i think im inlove with you c0z i owiez thinking of u….. I love the way u dance and sing specially when u rap..haha… Saranghae oppa…mwah

  71. 71 : suzilawati Says:

    taecyeon you so awesome!!!huhuhu…I like you went i looked drama dream high you so great dance…

  72. 72 : Aimuni Says:

    Ahnyonghaesayo…hello taecyeon or jimseung oppa love u on drama u great in acting and singing hope always done well n more drama u act…I’m like all your pic okcat….and I will always support u as your personal fan n hottest….n most important SARANGHAEYO^______~

  73. 73 : mahsa Says:

    annyung ha seyo taecyeon oppa!
    sarang he yo !jin ja rani ga…
    my tongue is short to express my love for you …
    nomo nomo sarang heyo
    i hope that i write true the korean words!
    kiss kiss kiss for my sarang

  74. 74 : Senait Says:

    u r the best Korean i ever know. so oppa saranoyo

  75. 75 : ika zulaikha(eika) Says:

    you are a cute +handsome guy..whatever you will do…gud luck 4 you..:3

  76. 76 : amirul Says:

    hey . u are very handsome 🙂

  77. 77 : lorryline Says:

    Hi! u r tall handsome w/ a matching charming eyes and sexy body . you r also good in dancing. action and drama. Keep up the good work!

  78. 78 : rechille castulo Says:

    hi!!!!! ur so cute and HANDSOME!!! i really, really like u!!!

  79. 79 : veronica Says:

    u are soooo cute!!!!! love you 4 eva

  80. 80 : sonia Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…

  81. 81 : Sinta :p Says:

    I love to see you if you smile …….
    you are very handsome
    especially if you smile :*

  82. 82 : indah Says:

    Taecyeon.. You very handsome ..I love u so muchhhhhhhh…:) .. Please come to indonesia

  83. 83 : Nicole Says:

    taecyeon, i love u cuz ur sooooo handsome, cute, have a really extremely nice body and really charming eyes… Please come to Malaysia, salanghae

  84. 84 : nani Says:

    you are so cute and handsome i always dream about you saranghae come to malaysia again please

  85. 85 : Dream High (드림하이) « styrn Says:

    […] as Go Hye Mi Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Jang Woo Young as Jason IU as Kim Pil […]

  86. 86 : ieyra malaysia Says:

    i hope you come to malaysia..,

  87. 87 : kimmy Says:

    cant wait to see ur drama again..hope it will be with yoon eun hye, you two looks great together..

    luv u!! <3

  88. 88 : preeya Says:

    i hope u come to nepal.there r lots of fan here…..i know u won’t but still…kathmandu

  89. 89 : Carol Says:

    i love you Taecyeon !! so much !! grabe ang gwapo mo talaga hihi^^ i hope you come to the Philippines soon :))

  90. 90 : mariz Says:

    you are so charming and nice guy…….i really really like you…….. i hope to see you one day, wait for me….:D

  91. 91 : margareth Says:

    I also love you Kim Taecyeon !!!!
    I hope you will come here in Philippines

  92. 92 : jOVIE Says:

    hello ‘m jovie from the Philippines., i love the way you act . cool and fascinating. keep up the good work.

  93. 93 : kal Says:

    wowwww :O cool

  94. 94 : tristan Says:

    -ˆËÉ÷`–ý˜i hi taecyeon

  95. 95 : tristan Says:

    모두에게 인사

  96. 96 : tristan Says:

    어보 taecyeon 꿈의 우상 높은 소득

  97. 97 : tristan Says:

    수지 베이 것들은 당신의 팀을 ilove 사랑

  98. 98 : marie Says:

    oh my!!… taecyeon oppa… your so very handsome…. im your #1 fan here in the philippines… hope to see you in person.. sa rang he oppa!

  99. 99 : marie Says:

    난 네게 너무나 taecyeon 사랑

  100. 100 : anna Says:

    I love you sooooooooo mUch . I always see you in my dream.I am iranian.If I saw you I would cry………love U. I hope to see U.BaBy

  101. 101 : Ezziel Elentorio Says:

    …i really really love taecyeon in dream high. i hope that he will have a show again with suzy

  102. 102 : marie Says:

    sa rang he taecyeon oppa…

  103. 103 : Kdrama – Cinderella’s Sister (신데렐라 언니) « serbamendadak Says:

    […] Geun Young sebagai Song Eun Jo Seo Woo sebagai Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung sebagai Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon (2 PM) sebagai Jung […]

  104. 104 : charmaine Says:

    …i really really like taecyeon….saranghae

  105. 105 : Tri Antini Says:

    TAECYEON……….. You always in my dream.
    so, I always miss u to come in my dream every night.
    I hope You come to me in really time not in my dream again.




  106. 106 : jeeeeeee Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng femalr beauty…………………………………………………………..hahhahahahahhahhaa

  107. 107 : Rani Says:

    You’re such a sexy namja

  108. 108 : kimmy Says:


    when u’r not busy with 2pm..i hope u can act in korean drama..already miss ur acting!!pliiiiizz..

  109. 109 : astri Says:

    i will love you Taecyeong.,, you’re so handsom…i hope you cant act in korean drama again……….miss you….

  110. 110 : sayonna Says:

    taecyeon…. i really like u……. i hope 2 c u in some new drama wid u main role not supporting role…. itz more better if u pair up wid yoona on ur new drama…. really hope 2 c u guys paired up…. u both luk wonderful n r wonderful….

  111. 111 : [KBS 2010] Cinderella’s Sister Completed | Says:

    […] Cast Moon Geun Young as Song Eun Jo Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon Taecyeon as Jung Woo – Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent) Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook […]

  112. 112 : Dhaynhielle Says:


    You're so handsome. I like your character in TV Series "Dream High".
    I idolize you when it comes to dancing. 🙂

    Hope to see you in the future. 😀

  113. 113 : TaecEun :) Says:

    Hellooo !
    I’m your fan and I really like you in Dream High and for me, You and Woo Young are the best member of Kpop group 2PM 🙂

  114. 114 : apiel Says:

    ok, akhirnya jadi bintang utama

  115. 115 : chinwe Says:

    Am ur fan from Nigeria. Just wanna say I love u ok.

  116. 116 : Who Are You ? / 후아유 (2013) | My Little World Says:

    […] Hyun), a woman who is able to see spirits after waking up from a 6-year long coma and Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon), a man who only believes in solid evidence. The two detectives come to understand each other as […]

  117. 117 : haanee Says:

    hi first time watching it nice with different look after few episodes sure will send my comments.so far i like it….

  118. 118 : taecbae Says:

    taecyeon-ah saranghae :*


  119. 119 : taecbae Says:


  120. 120 : This Week in Drama #1 | a sprinkle of pop Says:

    […] Ohn (So Yi Hyun) wakes up from a 6-year-long coma with the ability to see dead people. Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon from 2PM) is her unfortunate partner at a Lost & Found Center. Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) plays Si […]

  121. 121 : slam Says:

    so cute & awesome , i love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much

    i wish to meet u in someday , u my favorite ideal

  122. 122 : mj Says:

    god bless to you

  123. 123 : naya Says:

    love u soooooooooooooooooooomuch ok

  124. 124 : Jane Says:

    …. I really admire you in who are you u and so yi Hyun are really pair to each other I hope who are had a part 2

  125. 125 : lulu Says:

    You are really good looking and so manly. I hope you do more project with your leading lady in “Who Are You”. You are a handsome couple and look great together. I’m an overseas fan!

  126. 126 : yee mon Says:

    မဂၤလာ ပါ ..
    Taecyeon…i really like you in Dream high & Who r u?
    you’re best rapper.

  127. 127 : karima Says:

    one of the best korean idols
    all the best tac

  128. 128 : Sherab zangmo Says:

    I enjoyed the drama dream high

  129. 129 : zoey Says:

    I will always support you! Fighting oppah!! <3 <3

  130. 130 : She Says:

    hi your really a good actor,dancer,singer.. i am your number one fan…takecare!

  131. 131 : A.n. Says:

    Ears!! He is the human dumbo, the ears! I can’t stop looking at them!!

  132. 132 : ysm Says:

    i love k.drama dream high
    really 🙂

  133. 133 : Damian Says:

    I’m from Tanzania (East Africa) I REALLY LIKE “dream high season 1”,, i was inspired by Taecyeon. he knows how to act and how to fit his character. i was influenced much. big up boy

  134. 134 : Oppa Dongseng Says:

    Oppa you’re the best Hallyu I ever known since I watched dream hgh…..

  135. 135 : 5 DRAMA POPULER TAHUN 2012 | yawararahmawati Says:

    […] period: 2011-Jan-03 to 2011-March-01  Cast Bae Suzy as Go Hye Mi Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee Jang Woo Young as Jason IU as Kim Pil […]

  136. 136 : puteri Says:

    cakeppppp,ada film baru gag

  137. 137 : Rowena Says:

    Hi, you’re so cute and idolize you !!
    I remember when I paint my destiny ..
    Looks the same face ..
    Maybe It’s just coincidence..

  138. 138 : 어셈블리 / Assembly (2015): RAW 20, SUB 18 | TEST Says:

    […] Jae Young as Jin Sang Pil Song Yoon Ah as Choi In Kyung Taecyeon as Kim Kyu Hwan Jang Hyun Sung as Baek Do Hyun Park Young Kyu as Park Choon Sub Kim Seo Hyung as […]

  139. 139 : sylvia Says:

    Wow…hey dear friend,,,your a good person from the way I see you..and I like such people..you look so simple but a hard worker..I’m impressed to say the truth..wanna be your best friend if you don’t mind..I’m 23 years old born on 2nd september

  140. 140 : Snow Says:

    So, is he gay? There are several pictures that makes me think it’s a possibility.

  141. 141 : Why K-dramas: July 8, 2016 | Cozybooks Says:

    […] Fight, Ghost (Premiers July 11–I don’t care what I’ve heard about Taecyeon‘s acting, I watched Who Are You? myself and thought he acted the part […]

  142. 142 : paras Says:

    I like Taecyeon on 3 meals a day n not boring for the program tv ‘coz I can show him in natural life village for cook and eat😍 long long time 😻n how he fell for Park Shin Hye😸
    Now drama fight the ghost right to choose him as the actor, i like the drama. Just little bit dissapointed for the producer why choose baek seo yi around other great and fomouse actors. Figth the ghost ‘ve Kim So Hyun ( fretty, famouse and good in acting), also theother famouse and good actor David Lee n Kang Ki Young, even not handsome atleast Kwon Yool already ‘ve many drama.. Why they choose Baek Seo Yi around good actors😯 ,-sorry..she’s not pure fretty n not enough good acting in around good n famouse actors😂 . Many others simple drama for her to coming first, maybe like a youth?😯😸

  143. 143 : Thriller or Mystery Korean Dramas of 2016 (List) – Phantom Paper Says:

    […] TaecYeon as Park Bong Pal– Lee Seung Woo as Bong Pal (Child)Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun JiKwon Yool as Joo Hye Sung […]

  144. 144 : Teem Says:

    Am one of ur greatest fan. I LOVE U

  145. 145 : Suspans si actiune in noua drama de la OCN "Save Me" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Ok Taecyeon – Han Sang Hwan Woo Do Hwan – Suk Dong Chul Lee David – Woo Jung Hoon Ha Hoe Jung – Choi Man Hee […]

  146. 146 : Fratello Antonio Says:

    Korean movie directors and producers should focus to Ok Taecyeon if they want Korean movies to compete the Hollywood movies. Of all the tv drama/movie actors I find Ok Taecyeon the most versatile and fascinating. Looking to his very attractive physique and the unique charm of his face especially to his eyes, he can be a good choice in the movie for the role of a super hero like Super Man, a Korean Arnold Schwarzenegger as the exterminator, a combatant soldier, a combatant pilot, a drag racer in Mel Gibson movie Mad Max and etc.

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