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Won Bin

Won Bin 01

Name: 원빈 / Won Bin
Real name: 김도진 / Kim Do Jin
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1977-Nov-10
Birthplace: Jeong-seon, Kangwon-do, South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: O
Family: Wife, Lee Na Young
Talent agency: Eden 9
Education: Jeongseon Yeoryang Elemetary, Jeongseon Yeoryang Middle School, Chunchun Technology and Mechanics Highschool, Baekje Professional Arts College, Yong In University of Korea, Yong In University Graduate School of Korea
Skills: Taekwondo, Car racing, snowboarding and motorcycling
Hobbies: Soccer, computer games and tennis
Religion: Christianity

TV Shows

Friends (MBC, 2002)
Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000)
Tough Guy’s Love (KBS2, 2000)
A Light at the Small Station (KBS, 2000)
Ad Maniac (KBS2, 1999)
Ready, Go (MBC, 1997)
Our Story (1997)
Propose (KBS1, 1997)


This Man/Mister (2010)
Mother (2009)
My Brother (2004)
Taegugki (2004)
Guns & Talks (2001)


LG Cyon (phones)
Woori Bank PR
Baskin Robbins
Namyang ‘French Cafe’
Hite Beer


2004 Golden Filming Awards: Best Newcomer for “Taegukgi”
2004 Chinsa Film Art Festival: Best Newcomer for “Taegukgi”
2002 Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Awards (Japan)
2000 Baek-Sang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (TV Drama) for Tough Guy’s Love and Autumn Tale
2000 KBS Acting Awards: Best Male Actor
1999 KBS Acting Awards: Best Newcomer award


He was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador of the Korean Committee on 2007-Sep-06.

Related Photo

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Won Bin 37


  1. 1 : Yo Says:

    Saranghae oppa… Miss u much…

  2. 2 : venice Says:

    u are so so so so so n so handsome watching u make me falling in love with u

  3. 3 : jeff Says:

    won bin dah tua le.hahahaha
    but u so handsome…

  4. 4 : kristy lor Says:

    won bin, you’re the best watching your autumn tale makes me cry whenever you’re crying it’s just so sad and you’re so handsome…. keep in touch and you’re the best

    your biggest fan.
    kristy lor
    United States

  5. 5 : sc Says:

    Miss u so much, hope 2 c u very very soon….

  6. 6 : RATIH Says:

    Very handsome, cute, talented and smart (coz of yr performance/acting), attractive and considerate guy, I bet. That’s who you are. You are one of my favorite K-actors. I’m sure you’ll be one of the greatest actors in the future not only in Korea but will go International, as well.

    I long to see your next series, your latest work made in 2002 (called FRIENDS). Make more good TV-dramas, like Autumn Tale (2000), Friends.

    GOD BLESS YOU! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007……………………………………

    Your biggest fan from Indonesia,

  7. 7 : mus Says:

    Won bin adalah actor kegemaran saya…setiap lakonan yang di bawa amat menonjolkan bakat semula jadinya…dari ‘Autumn in my heart’ di samping song hye gho and song Seung-hun amat berjaya menarik peminatnya…begitu juga ‘Friend’ di samping actrees Japan ,Ryoko fukada yg begitu serasi membawa watak sebagai pasangan kekasih…i like him so much and the ‘lesung pipi’ sungguh cute!!!

    from MALAYSIA,

  8. 8 : Forevermore Says:

    I love ur performance in autumn…so cool n dashing..what’s ur next plan?haven’t seen u around…Hope to see u soon in the next drama series…Chow…

    A fan from malaysia…

  9. 9 : cynthia Says:

    good work in “Autumn…” hope you’ll be having new projects soon…

  10. 10 : Miela Says:


  11. 11 : ichigo dee Says:

    wong bin is my ultimate crush in all korean actors.hes super dooper cute and sexy,,and his badboy image?gosh,,ive seen him first in AUTUMN TALE in the phillipines,,then after 1 yr they(GMA) aired FRIENDS..
    just cant get enough of WONG BIN.hope to see him soon.i miss him so much!!

  12. 12 : E.A_29 Says:

    Hey!Your so hondsome and cute!Your also a good actor specially with song hye kyo and kyoko fukada!!!hope you will make may more damas!!!Sarang heo Homnida!!!!

  13. 13 : E.A_29 Says:

    You are my fav.korean actor!!!

  14. 14 : the summer Says:

    haloo…won bin
    u r the best actor in korea that im can said…im really like Autumn in my heart..u can make me smile & sometime make me cry…i like ur style..u look so gosh + gentle!! hope to see u soon..
    lastly..keep up the good work & njoy your life everydayzzzz…miss ya!!

  15. 15 : amanda Says:

    autumn tale…you are so so great…i love you, but i didnt want you to end up with eun-suh…its only that you came at a period when i have bonded with joon suh…words cant explain how touching you were in that drama..Boy you have a million dollar smile..i slept like a baby after seeing that smile..i never missed even a single episode..God bless you always..hope there is a way of keeping in touch..

  16. 16 : amanda Says:

    i’m your biggest fan from Botswana, Africa…Love you..always..God bless

  17. 17 : amanda Says:

    hi again!!!

  18. 18 : fherl Says:

    hello won bin…!!! ur so cute!!!

  19. 19 : Qsen Says:

    More pic. plz???? Ur d one im looking for (hehe wrong term b) since i watch u on “endless Love” that was aired here in the Philippines recently….I was looking with your true name hehe wonn Bin youre reallllyyyyy….cutyy…

  20. 20 : precious Says:

    hai won bin,actually I like to your personality and your dressing.I want to know all about you,because more people and all my freind say with me,my faces same with you.When I see your photo,yaa your face little same with me,so I want forget the tips with you for my personality and dressing same with you. Please help me……….!!!? from Preiys, 2Gether!4Ever!

  21. 21 : sallyen Says:

    Yup, cutest guy ever!

  22. 22 : sherem Says:

    ……wwwaaaaahhhhh Won Bin!!!! I Love You Sooooo Much…. Your the man who fits the image of the word “man”… Amazing!!! You’ve got it all the aspects and personality to be adored by us and everyone. God Bless You!!! Perfect character-Autumn in my Heart but I wish it was you & Enxi were together when she was about to die….=) cool right?

    Regards & tombs up from
    Philippine viewers……

  23. 23 : sherem Says:

    By the way, your so handsome. =) Astig!

  24. 24 : sherem Says:

    ………. i love your way!!! Soooo cool… wish to see you in person…=)

  25. 25 : michelle yang Says:

    i love you

  26. 26 : michelle yang Says:

    your the best
    i love your acting and you and your picture

  27. 27 : michelle yang Says:

    hey if you got an myspace let me know there my email…..

  28. 28 : yuri Says:

    hello! won bin i love to see your face. i hope you will be more successful in your career. love you

  29. 29 : adel rynn Says:

    he’s so…….. handsome…!!! i love him

  30. 30 : N.H.S Says:

    hey keep up the good work …………

  31. 31 : gigi vivi Says:

    hey!! u r sooooo kute and i love u so much!! seeing u in movies just make me smile thru the whole movie… heheheheh

  32. 32 : luz yanet Says:

    asu eres super guapo como kisiera conocerte personalmente y decirte cuanto de admiro soy tu fans numero uno muaaaaaa siga triunfando eres muy talentoso me encanta tu sonrisa muaaaaaaaa besos

  33. 33 : nay ni Says:

    I love u so much . I like your acting , your smile.

  34. 34 : nay ni Says:

    I love u so much . I like your acting and your smile.

  35. 35 : hanaa Says:

    i love you..i am mongolian

  36. 36 : kim Says:

    hiiiiiii.relly love to see you in person,coz when i know that your a christian.your acting in autumn relly touch my heart.all the best in everything u do.your greatest fan . kimkimi,india,Aizawl ,Mizoram

  37. 37 : Evelyne Says:

    won bin u’r sooooo cuteeeeeeee……..
    i like this u’r smille when u visiting in Indonesia im hope you can going to indonesia…..tenx

  38. 38 : Evelyne Says:

    i loveeee uuuuu

  39. 39 : =D Says:

    재ㅜ ㅠㅑㅜ ㄴㅁㄱ무홈ㄷ

  40. 40 : ling ling Says:

    won bin…
    you’re my inspiration when i must choose one of the boy who luv me…
    you’re my inspiration when i must reach my dream to make it true to my life..
    that’s why,i know i like you very much..
    and i luv won bin as kim ji hoon (friends)..
    thank you for being my inspiration!!
    luv u so much….

    your biggest fan from indonesia
    ling ling v(^0^)v

  41. 41 : alice_Sabah Says:

    Hi,Won Bin??? How are you? U are so cute,handsome n Perfect character…o Hope you’ll be having new projects soon… You are one of my favorite K-actors. I’m sure you’ll be one of the greatest actors in the ur future life…. May next time u can come to visit the my country… C u again…. May God bless u…..

  42. 42 : maiya Says:

    hai.. i am malaysian
    i love your acting very muchh….
    hope we can keep intouch each other..if you will

  43. 43 : maiya Says:

    saranghae oppa..

  44. 44 : lala Says:

    i think you are a nice guy and i always find your acting a complete delight.
    does anyone know if WON BIN hav a girlfriend? keep in touch.

  45. 45 : gemini Says:

    …i wonder what you are doing this past years.. haven’t seen you … don’t you know that a lot of us are missing you? Taeguki was the last project i saw. Man, you did a wonder performance with my other idol JDG who is equally a good performer. I love that movie…. can we expect new ones coming? Ist is true that your absence is because of your military service? Well, whatever your reasons are, just hope we could see you soon… pleeeeease… by the way, don’t you know that you are one of the most good looking korean actors? I bet you know. Well, see you soon!

  46. 46 : kalsang Says:

    hi there i recently watched autumn in my heart n i liked u more than the other actor.So keep up the good job.I wish u love and happiness.

  47. 47 : evilrayne Says:


  48. 48 : evilrayne Says:


  49. 49 : Deasth Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh……….no,Won Bin You so Cute, handsome, and you make me love u so much. Always sucsesfull and be good actor. You’r smile give me inspiration. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BOY!

  50. 50 : Deasth Says:

    If I see u, I will kiss u and take u’r hearth. You Know that u arec the one my favorite actrors Korea. Keep u’ r smile just from me, Key. MISS YOU!!! uuuuummmmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh. (^_^)

  51. 51 : gemini Says:

    ..still no new projects? what’s keeeping you? don’t you know that a lot of us are missing you a lot?

  52. 52 : melody Says:

    Yes, when is your new projects?? really hope to see your new project soon.

  53. 53 : Myo Thazin Says:

    Are you ok?you are smile is very sweet.What is your hobby?I want to know. Please reply the letter to me.

  54. 54 : alina Says:

    hi dear…………..u look good n i like ur smile…….plz reply me k

  55. 55 : avril Says:

    Men,ur so cool and hot!!!!plzz,visit us here in philippines..if u have time…

  56. 56 : moley Says:

    Hi Won Bin you are lovely and great Actor.

    U S A

  57. 57 : b-girl_sike Says:

    I’m afraid to say Won Bin isn’t all that.

  58. 58 : Emine Says:

    Hi Won Bin 😀
    I wish you the best in your Won Bin..
    Happy 30th Birthday Won Bin..
    I Love this very Drama :)This`s like one of the best world :P..
    Won bin is so pretty. Hes cute & a good actor..
    Have an awesome day.All love your keep up the good work 🙂 😉


  59. 59 : kiela Says:

    hiiiii..!!!how are u?nice 2 know..actually I’m your fans..i always follow your movie..when u want to come to malaysia?

  60. 60 : kha-er Says:

    hello bi…im one of ur admirers form malaysia.im so excited waiting ur new dramas since i watched autumn, ur act with my fovourite actress, song hye gyo..why not ur make she as ur girlfriend?she is verry beautiful and gorgeous even she not make up at all..futhermore she is very funny and speed in talking!hahaha..anyway hope u can act with her side again.

  61. 61 : she Says:

    i like ur in autumn in my heart!!ur very caring in the drama

  62. 62 : yuri Says:

    so cute and sexy i really want to see new movies of you

  63. 63 : lovely Says:

    your so handsome and honestly your so cute….im hoping that you read my message..goodluck to your career…..

  64. 64 : miraflor Says:

    your handsome nice face….take always. hope you read this………
    God bless you,,,,,,,,,,,

  65. 65 : imee Says:

    ur sooo cute…. visit us here in the philippines if u have the time..



  66. 66 : cpaa Says:

    we share the same birthday:D
    ur hott.

  67. 67 : asnizah Says:

    i’m ur fantastic fan………. for me u r so handsome guy………….. plz reply my email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68 : dita Says:

    annyong hasimnika!
    i’m one of your fans
    i miss u meet on tv again,so i hope to see u soon

  69. 69 : Khine Zin Thant Says:

    you ‘re so so cute ‘n’ handsome.

  70. 70 : Shwe Yi Win (From Myanmar) Says:

    You are so handsome. I’m your fans.

  71. 71 : Khine Zin Thant (From BEHS 4 Botataung Tsp) Says:

    hey Won Bin , how are you,i hope you are well ‘N’happy.May God Bless you too.we will support you till we Die.we are still waiting your New movies. People of Myanmar also likes you too much.

  72. 72 : ayelet Says:

    Hi won bin….. any news? project? we missed u so much on screen…..


  73. 73 : ayu Says:

    i.m from indonesia
    won bin, i like your film
    your smile very nice
    love you…..

  74. 74 : ayelet Says:

    Hello won bin

    i just saw ur commercial add the LG cyon with kim tae hee on youtube wow as in wow ur so hot!…hot!…hot in there, i hope ur injured knees (from the military service) will be ok!!!… takecare a lot….

  75. 75 : dorkey Says:

    hey… omg! you are so cute! i love that one episode of you!… i think it was called Autumn Love…that’s how i remembered it… i know its a while ago, but that show was so cute! made me cry, but you were still cute! lolz…

  76. 76 : ayelet Says:

    Hello Won Bin,

    i just watch ” FRIENDS” ur so cute when u speak in english,i watch it because you dont know how i miss u on screen, all the best won bin….

  77. 77 : XINDII Says:

    i love you a lot you are soo hot guess when i grow up i want to be a professional model or actress becuase i am 19 turning twenty years old. my parents are really rich we have a really big house in america and singapore!

    i hope i see you soon ! bye bye loverboy.

  78. 78 : ina Says:

    i luv won bin so muchhhhhhh..u r so cute…:)

  79. 79 : ipop Says:

    won bin..u r the best actor…

    sarang hae yo won bin…..


    indonesian girl ^_^

  80. 80 : karen Says:


  81. 81 : karen Says:

    anneyong haseyo!!!!!

    i wish you are in a good condition…….

    always take care…….

  82. 82 : SHY Says:


  83. 83 : tracy Says:

    hi! won bin gush your so cute and a very good looking guy hope i will meet you in person someday…..im from Philippines i will love to see you in your acting career……by the way i hope you will visit the philippines….

  84. 84 : rudy Says:

    Hi hi Won bin
    I like you so much

  85. 85 : az Says:

    you are so handsome!!

  86. 86 : Noraima Bagundang Says:

    Ur the man of my dream…………… char!!! i’m a Filipina 15 yrs. old of age born on November 1992, ur so handsome!!!!!!!!!!………

  87. 87 : weiss Says:

    hi,.,..i really like you,.,.
    im a fan of you here in the Phillipines,.,.
    i hope to see you in person,.,.someday.,.,

  88. 88 : sheila Says:

    hi won bin..u r so [email protected]#$!!!!!!!

  89. 89 : pauk Says:

    i like you

  90. 90 : ayelet Says:

    missing u…….

  91. 91 : Imuyachan Says:

    oppa.. i miss u sow…. i know ure serving the military since ure a gud citizen of ur country.. u sud be finished ure military duty soon rite ? it’s already 2 years now.. miz u oppa !!!

  92. 92 : eintchu Says:

    Longing for your new movies !I like u so much!:)

  93. 93 : riku Says:

    i love your smile…so sweet…

  94. 94 : snoopy21girl Says:

    Have luck in everything what you are doing!

  95. 95 : mikansakura Says:

    my best friend is ur number 1 fan!!!
    merry xmas

  96. 96 : Honey Says:

    I wish you are happy in NEW YEAR .Bye…………………….

  97. 97 : kris Says:

    ur so cute….

    like you muchmuchmuchmuch…………

  98. 98 : chiveous princess Says:

    hALLuuu…u r dA great actor…
    i luv ur acting so much…
    n u r so cute..!!

  99. 99 : fransisca fransy Says:

    Ghezz.. This guy are soo soo handsome, sexy n smart. Dee daa Dee daa.. Im d biggest fan of him.. He also very talented n cute. i admired him at his Autumn tale’s drama. Im crash on him.. Love Love U Soo MucH..

  100. 100 : nika Says:

    won bin!! [if your reading this or can read english >_

  101. 101 : nika Says:

    your such a talented actor and so cute i wish i could meet you

  102. 102 : Rini.... Says:


    won bin…….

    tanggal lahir kita sama……

    btw kapan2 kita rayain bareng yuuuuuuuuuuuu

    my birth day september 29 too…….

  103. 103 : Rini.... Says:

    kapan main ke jakarta……

    tapi mainnya deket tanggal ultah aja biar bisa ngerayain bareng …

    senengnya akhirnya ada juga yang sama ultahnya ma gw…….

    Lov3 u…………..wOn BiN………

  104. 104 : sharzoda Says:


  105. 105 : lirna Says:

    How long i can wait to see ur new drama or film? I hope A.S.A.P coz i really enjoy with ur acting b4…fighting Won Bin!

  106. 106 : melanie Says:

    is he making any more dramas??

  107. 107 : faith Says:

    I love you Won Bin!!!!!!

    God bless you and please… continue in blessing us through your acting skills!!! God bless you again!!!

  108. 108 : krissyang Says:

    What happened to this great & handsome actor??? Why no shows from him lately?

  109. 109 : helen bayobo Says:

    im one of your avid fan here in the philippines.I hope you make
    another drama series with song hye kyo.We miss you so much,more
    power to your career.

  110. 110 : krissyang Says:

    Please bring back Wong Bin. We really, really miss him!!!

  111. 111 : nfatiz Says:

    fighting…aja..aja.. (^^,)

  112. 112 : tiffany Says:

    i admire you a lot ..take care always..


  113. 113 : Eunice Says:

    he is back.
    his therapy is going well.
    he promoted a project and there are new pictures.


  114. 114 : Mary Says:


    What did happen to Won bin.What’s that therapy your talking about.please tell us.

    Thank you

  115. 115 : sc961387 Says:

    is he likie in rehab or something

  116. 116 : asang Says:

    werll wat cn i say bout tis guy who hs stolen ma heart ………..tough autumn tale is very old bt i happen nto see it nw………….n wel wel wel m totally head ovr heels in lov wit tis guy..m kninda speechless…………..m lik bonkers 4 him…..ope to see his otr dramas n movies sooon……………..luv tis guy a lot……..hats off to him……….thank da parents……………

  117. 117 : Wiw Says:

    I agree with Helen Bayobo… Won Bin and song hye kyo really looks good together…

  118. 118 : marayan Says:

    hi ,
    u look like my brother……. so i like u…….. i want to invite u to visit myanmar………. i really really crazy u…….. pls send ur photo……..


  119. 119 : selina Says:

    shallom won bin..
    arasayo(word from korea_maybe)
    i like your acting.. honestly, your face same with my brother. my friends thought i was taken a picture with u. i hope you believe me. you have a clone.. hehe.. tq

  120. 120 : Kyaw Moe Naing Says:

    My lovely Friend!I am myanmar work at central bank of myanmar.
    My family is love you so much.
    I think your Korean is cool & U are very lovely boy.
    Also jon Saw!
    Please reply me by g mail .If you want to contact U .U are welcome.

    Your lovely friend
    Kyaw Moe Naing
    [email protected]

  121. 121 : im Says:

    you are so cute. I will have a boyfriend who has nice smile like you ! love you

  122. 122 : dody Says:

    hi i’m dina from egypt
    i watched autumn in my heart and you’re a really good actor and you’re so handsome too.Egyptions love korean drama generally.
    love you so much.bye

  123. 123 : meika Says:

    hi… won bin
    I’m your one fans from indonesia,,, would you come to indonesia??when??,, indonesia is so beautifull and you will like to come here!!!
    thank’s for your times,, see you

  124. 124 : jany Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmm sabes me pareces super atractivo no sabes cuanto ,estas casi igual de guapo como FIGARO CENG bueno creo que no puedas entender mi idioma ya que tu erees koreano bueno no importa pero me gusta tu pelicula titulada FRIEND bueno me pareces atractivo y no sabes cuanto quiero conoserte en persona bueno bye cuidate besos ……….

  125. 125 : jany Says:

    ahhh me olvidaba la mayoria de peliculas koreanas que he visto los actorews son muy guapos mmmmmmmmmm como FIGARO CENG ,MIKE HE,NISHIKIDO,AHN JAE WOOK como muchos mas bueno posdata yo soy peruana bueno bye te mando un fuerte abrazo okis bye cuidate…….

  126. 126 : Su Wia Htun Says:

    hello bro
    i love u so much
    i am from myanmar
    i ever wait and see your movie
    i ever love to u

  127. 127 : elizabeth Says:

    I Love Baby

  128. 128 : darz Says:

    saranghe won bin!!!!!!hope to see you again on television.pls make another series with song hye kyo.

  129. 129 : bloom Says:

    i like your style in autumn in my heart…u very handsome….i hope u success in your life and future……

  130. 130 : clara Says:

    se podria decir k este papi es el mas guapo de toda asia jeje soy fanatica numero uno lo adoro es un chiko super lindo y creo k todas sus fans esperamos verlo pronto en mas series corenas ….


  131. 131 : ayelet Says:

    i drop by just to see what’s new for you, you’re fan base MISS you
    terribly…. hope and hope for this year we will see you again on screen… take care and be healhty..

  132. 132 : Rocio Says:

    Hola Won Bin te arecio bastante y deberas eres muy lindo me encantas me gustaria ser tu amiga byeeee

  133. 133 : lorena Says:

    eres precioso churrooooooooooooooooooo

  134. 134 : ayelet Says:

    GOOD NEWS for won bin he will come back on screen…. yeheyyyy dying to see him again on screen… lov you really

  135. 135 : citi Says:

    A really superb actor & good looking to boot. It’s a pity he seems to have disappeared! Hope he’ll be back soon…

  136. 136 : ayelet Says:

    he WILL come back SOON for SURE…

  137. 137 : sousou Says:

    hi won bin i’m your n 1 fan in Algeria i really love your acting since autumn tale . i can’t wait to see you on screen again . come back soon pls . love u .

  138. 138 : janice Says:

    oh you’re so GREAT in “Autumn in my Heart”. Hope can see u again in Series….. all actor & actress in Autumn in my Heart again.
    stay healthy.

  139. 139 : ayelet Says:

    He’s going to do a come back movie called “MOTHER” it will be shoot on fall and release earlier next year 2009… GOODLUCK won bin sshi all the best!!!…. yeheyyy..

  140. 140 : Ainura Says:

    HI!!!!! I’m from Almaty/Kazakhstan. I’m Ainura.I’m 22. i’m sorry for my speak not very well in english. You’re very beatiful & clever! I watched your film so long time ago, therefore i forgetten name of it. I hope, whenever i ‘ll visit Korea! I love Korea!!!

  141. 141 : dairen Says:

    I have the feeling that you are not only possessing a georgeous face but also a handsome heart… I like you a lot! Wishing to meet you soon!:)

  142. 142 : dairen Says:

    Hope to see you really in person… I believe that I will be there in Korea soon! Im in the Philippines, working and enjoying life! My prayer is with you!

  143. 143 : hazelnut Says:

    i never thot of won bib this handsome!!

  144. 144 : mariana garcia Says:

    Im your no. 1 fan here in the philippines .Im mariana , i watched your movie “autum in my heart and i really like it specially you . You are 1 of the best actor ive’d ever see! hope to see you soon !
    god bless!

  145. 145 : mariana garcia Says:

    Im your no. 1 fan here in the philippines .Im mariana , i watched your movie “autum in my heart and i really like it specially you . You are 1 of the best actor ive’d ever seen! hope to see you soon !
    god bless!

  146. 146 : jangerr Says:

    How long more do we have to wait? We want to see Won Bin in a drama soon!!!

  147. 147 : IQAH Says:


  148. 148 : ayelet Says:

    missing you!!!….

  149. 149 : umi Says:

    hye.i’m ur fans

  150. 150 : Wonderland Says:

    Won Bin has come back to entertainment now!

    Come and chat with us on everything about this handsome actor!

    Click my name

  151. 151 : fan Says:

    i see your acting long ago…. it was so great… hope to see you soon.. may god bless you always….

  152. 152 : Sharlene Says:

    I love yoU…MUACHMUACH…

  153. 153 : byoori Says:

    he doesn’t look like 31 yiz old

  154. 154 : pooh thet Says:

    very good

  155. 155 : jenny c.c. Mei Says:

    hai…won bi..why so long time didn’t hear about you??????i hope can watch yuor movie/drama again

  156. 156 : jongio Says:

    hi……., won bin I very like u.
    and I Hope to see u. plz msg sent me.

  157. 157 : anzie Says:

    Whats going on??? Its been a while since your last movie… Looking forward to see you in the nx project. Miss your cute smile lol !

  158. 158 : muyar Says:

    You are very handsome & attractive.I like you very much.I live in Myanmar. I wish, you will visit to Myanmar.I wish , you will be happy in your life. 사랑해요 원빈 씨..
    Pls reply to me!

    Yours lovely

  159. 159 : chohsu Says:

    원빈 씨랑 친구되고 싶어요.
    원빈 씨도 좋아하고 원빈 씨의 movie & drama도 좋아하고 제일 좋아하는 거
    원빈 씨의 미소예요.
    잘못하는 것이 있으면 미안해요.제가 한국사람이 이니거든요.

    언제나 행복하기 바랍니다

  160. 160 : Su Says:


    Are you alright?
    we’re from Myanmar.
    Do you know Myanmar?
    It is in South East Asia.My country is very beautiful.I invite you to come my country.
    Bye Bye.
    I’m looking forward from you.
    Thank you for reading my message.

  161. 161 : najat Says:

    de quoi parle-t-on dans ce texte

  162. 162 : ayelet Says:

    still waiting for you sweety

  163. 163 : shahz Says:

    hi there won bin..rili like you so much..keep up!!..

  164. 164 : jane Says:

    Hi Won Bin you’re totally stunning. I recently watched autumn tale and WOW you took my breath away with your performance.

    i love your smile! =)

  165. 165 : ayelet Says:

    hi again sweety…

  166. 166 : Haidy Says:

    Hi! Woo Bin your super handsome, your good in Friends with japanese actress, what is your latest k drama?hope we could see again more in Tv series.good luck toyour career.

  167. 167 : ---FaRhannA Says:

    owh………my….so cute lol….I loved won bin since 2003..he’s very gentleman…i love u soooo much….have u married????ahaha…..long time no see..can’t wait to c ur next drama….reply me k…

  168. 168 : ayelet Says:

    i wish i could marry u someday!!!… saranghae won bin sshi…

  169. 169 : weng Says:

    hello… i so love “MY BROTHER” i LOVE UR ACTING!!!

  170. 170 : shereen Says:

    hi Won Bin. any new drama show? hope to watch you act soon specially on KBS.good luck!

  171. 171 : shereen Says:

    Advance Happy Birthday!Have’nt heard any news about you. what’s up? good luck!

  172. 172 : Julie @ Mal Says:

    Hi Won Bin,

    Congratulation on your coming birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I love your character in Autumn Tale and pity you coz you didn’t find happiness with Eun Suh. I cried a lot for you. I went to music shop to find your other play, but intead to be so dissapointed. I love everyting about you.

    I am from Malaysia, and I would like to wish you all the best in acting and everything you do. Best of luck to you. I hope i can hear some news from you soon. Take care……Autumn is coming!

  173. 173 : aye Says:


    Won Bin,How are you?I am from myanmar. Do you know myanmar? I will be inviting to come to my country.Thank you for reading my message.

  174. 174 : ayelet Says:

    Hi won bin sshi…

    Happy BirthDay!!!…

    L0ve yaH!!!… all the best


  175. 175 : ayelet Says:

    Did you know guys that won bin shii voted as Mr April 2002 in http://www.mostbeautifulman.com check them out yoh!!!… love him very much…

  176. 176 : EVA LUCIA Says:

    hola soy de peru solo quiero que sepas que enamore de ti desde que te vi …. en la television ojala puedieras ponerte en contacto conmigo un super beso desde peru

  177. 177 : BEN Says:

    hi, your singaporean fan. enjoy your drama. Keep going.

  178. 178 : ayelet Says:

    hello i saw last night your new add on youtube you look so fresh with a little smile on sweet face you make my night sleepless lol… well goodluck on your upcoming movie saranghae won bin…

  179. 179 : Stephanie Says:

    i like you very much i like your performances Wishing you successful

  180. 180 : Hollywood Says:

    I got a glimpse of your 1999 looks when I was serving the web at Youtube. You do look very much like the Japanese actor, Kimura Takuya.
    Long hair suits you, not to many asian guys looks good with it.

  181. 181 : kate Says:

    Hi won bin or is it hyun bin the first time when i saw you in the movie
    i feel in love, But i know we can’t be together. I live too far from you
    and i’m too young for you too maybe if we could in our next time i could see you hey!!!!!!…….luv ya!:-)

  182. 182 : yanti Says:

    Hi Won Bin…….

    I fall in love with u for the first time when i watched “friend”……then i looked for your other drama or movie….and i found “autumn tale”….i love your smile very much….good luck…..

  183. 183 : kyoko fukada Says:

    won binnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. 184 : kyoko fukada Says:


  185. 185 : kyoko fukada Says:


  186. 186 : kyoko fukada Says:


  187. 187 : song hae gyo Says:

    yes!! i accept u!!

  188. 188 : song hae gyo Says:

    bcuz i love u so much!!!!

  189. 189 : sharise Says:

    i want to watch u acting again with my sister EUN SUH!!
    I mean SONG HAE GYO!!

  190. 190 : Venera Says:

    i dont believe that u will read it, but try to act in a movies, cuz we missing u.

  191. 191 : Асель Says:

    Здраствуйте! Я сомневаюсь что вы прочтете это, но все равно, да вы хорошый актер, не просто хорошый, великолепный, красивый, ну что еще нужно, у вас все есть, ну я имею в виду что все качества профессионального актера, но я вас вообще не замечаю в последнее время, в последние годы даже можно сказать, где вы? давайте снимайтесь, у вас это хорошо получается!

  192. 192 : erlyn Says:

    Hi Won Bin…..!!!?????
    By thge Way….
    I Love Ur Smile you know!!!!!!…..

  193. 193 : Lizy Says:

    I like your smile….. we like you…!!

  194. 194 : Lizy Says:

    I like your smile…. We like you….!!!!

  195. 195 : uum fatimah Says:

    Hi,Won Bin do you know indonesia,i like your act in autumm ,your birt day same with me

  196. 196 : wanee Says:

    hai won bin
    i like u very much. I like your act in friends. by the way…i am waiting for your new movie..i like your smile…keep smiling!!

    ^ _ ^

  197. 197 : Micah Says:

    Hi Won Bin,

    Im a fan of yours. i really like the way you act as if it is natural to you. By the way I’m from Philippines but Im in Dubai, UAE right now working. If you have time kindly search for my on http://www.friendster.com and search my email ([email protected]) and you will see my pics and profile also in http://www.facebook.com same email address. If you’re interested to know. Hope to chat with you in Yahoo Messenger some time. And praying to meet you someday.

    God bless!

  198. 198 : angap wangsha Says:

    hai!!!!!!!!!!!! opah……anyah seoh ! i really admire u…………..May God b wid u !!!!!

  199. 199 : angap wangsha Says:

    hai opah !!! anyah sioh…….

  200. 200 : left Says:

    200 came up for wonbin hurray…. hope to hear more from u on this coming up movie MOTHER goodluck to ur movie it will be hit for sure we miss yah!!!!…

  201. 201 : syh Says:

    Hello. I love you. I am Myanmar

  202. 202 : lian Says:

    is he the guy in endless love 1. i really lyk this guy. your so hansome

  203. 203 : dwi amelia Says:

    i want to meet you..
    you are very handsome and cute..

  204. 204 : ObEsSeD Says:

    hey won bin..i think you are so HOT!!!and you are the SEXIEST GUY of the country..

  205. 205 : yami Says:

    hay ,i want to watch your movie ,i am your fun .i’m from myanmar

  206. 206 : ahyuzz Says:

    aq dah ga bisa ngomong lagi…
    biz cakep banget
    andaikan bisa ketemu kamu langsung ya……….

  207. 207 : vivi Says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u honey
    i an from iran

  208. 208 : mailia Says:

    eres el hombre mas cuero,q lindo eres ,cuando vienes por peru

  209. 209 : lionel Says:

    memapteng jen shili sota drama jon endless love 1 autumn in my heart. sigatoy mi ha budbujaa ni dinadavi. pipiyan taha ngo.

  210. 210 : chilli :) MYANMAR Says:

    i very like u
    u r my price

  211. 211 : pearl Says:

    My Real Name is Htet Shwe Yee.
    I Love You.
    Always for You.
    I’m Myanmar.

  212. 212 : dian wijayanti Says:

    i’m from indonesia, can i introduce with you in facebook or the other….
    coz i like your smile…… that6’s make me can sleep

  213. 213 : moet moet (myanmar) Says:

    i like you very much
    you are my prince in my dream

  214. 214 : hazel Says:


    .of aLL the k0rEan aCt0rS ur simply the bEst f0r me! You always madE my day fantastic..ehe

    .g0odluck to ur cAreEr..g0dbLeSs..ü

  215. 215 : Nann Says:

    I like you so much and love you. you are very handsome.

  216. 216 : widdi Says:

    won bin you’re very handsome ‘n very cute,
    Autumn In My Heart is my fav drama,
    Love you…

  217. 217 : 나는 오전 misswhitelotus Says:

    만나서 반갑습니다!

    난 친구가 당신과 함께하길, 수 싶어요?

    귀하의 메일 주소를 알 수 있을까요?

    난 토모코와 같은 당신이 아주 많이.

    당신은 내가 좋아하는 배우가 한국의 영화 배우들 사이입니다.

    좋은 하루 되세요!

  218. 218 : lia Says:

    Halo Won Bin,,, kapan nich main korea drama lagi? kayaknya korea drama booming di Indonesia pas ada Won Bin aja… miss u… come to jakarta…
    take care of you’re health… GBU 🙂

  219. 219 : snow Says:

    won bin
    nice to meet you
    i am snow
    i live in myanmar country
    i like you very much because your smile is very sweet.
    good bye

  220. 220 : Jasmine Says:

    How are you? Do you know me? I’m looking forwortd to seening you.You’re
    a star from the sky. I’m mermaid.

  221. 221 : Jasmine Says:

    May be happy in your life.I want to meet you.You’re a star from the sky. I’m mermaid.

  222. 222 : mohamed Says:

    dear;won i realy want you to be the real winner so i want you to read about islam you won,t lose any thing i only your happiness in this life and in the life after death because i admired you very much with my wishes of ever happiness goodbye

  223. 223 : lynn Says:

    oh..i like you waaaa

  224. 224 : oudom chan Says:

    love you all

  225. 225 : oudom chan Says:

    love you my friend
    connect me [email protected]

  226. 226 : Mohamed Says:

    dear Won read about islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam for your happiness bye Won .reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad about Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

  227. 227 : gyemlham Says:

    hey ur so cute, handsome n so on…..ur smile make me crazy….m dying to see u……..

  228. 228 : Mackenzie Says:

    hey won bin!!!
    i’m a gr8 fan of urs but im sure u will certainly not care coz u hav so many fans…
    i’m like any other fan of urs:)
    but hope u will atleast see wat i wrote…
    i hope u will be a gr8 actor n if possible plz try to be the best!!!!
    im sure u can…
    im from Philippines its a country in asia… southeast asia… hope u will visit it once… plz do come if u hav time:)
    till then hope u will takecare of urself…..

  229. 229 : dini tresna Says:

    hi….,won bin.i’m dini from indonesia…do you like indonesiaan?

  230. 230 : MiSu Says:

    Hi, I like you so much.

  231. 231 : kim.i.am Says:


  232. 232 : Ja seng hpra Says:

    Won Bin,
    u are really my hero.Keep on trying.

  233. 233 : lyla Says:

    you are so handsome! how i wish i could see you in person! i”m you avid fan herre in the philippines!!!!!!

  234. 234 : lyla Says:

    i am you avid fan here in the philippines… You are so handsome!!!!!

  235. 235 : cHeiYziE,, Says:

    i’m uR faNz ,,
    u sO cUtez,,,i liKe u….
    i’m frOm maLaYsia,,

  236. 236 : cHeiYziE,, Says:

    i wiSh ,,
    i cOuLd seE u iN a peRsOn…

  237. 237 : ahovi2004 Says:

    autumn tale 3 years ago was the series i watched that i saw won bin..he is gorgeous…

  238. 238 : nicole Says:

    ang pangit mo pogi pa si kim sang bum…….

  239. 239 : shyla Says:

    He’s so handsome! He’s the first Korean guy who caught my attention. He’s my ideal man. The first time that I’ve seen him was also in Autumn Tale, he’s so gorgeous!

    @nicole: look at the mirror first before telling that kind of thing… or just shut up!

  240. 240 : maika Says:

    i love him !! i watch him first time in Autumn Tale….

    i cant wait for ur next project..


  241. 241 : faiza Says:

    i really2 love u..hehe..i’m ur fan nom 1..could i have ur email address??..hehe..i hope, i can meet u someday..i really2 like u..many thing i want ask u..plezz..give ur email..i really want chat with u..

  242. 242 : vita Says:

    where are you oppa?????

  243. 243 : sally ~^_^~ Says:

    anyonghaseyo uppa!!!!
    i”m looking forward ur new movie or drama…….
    mizz u too much…………
    go Won Bin a.k.a Kim Do Jin!!! i know u can do it,,,,
    ~sweet nineteen from MALAYSIA~

  244. 244 : rose Says:

    long time no see….
    where have u been for this 8 years???
    can’t wait to see your act again….

  245. 245 : poppa^_^ Says:

    Miss youuuuuuuu……..Won Bin……
    How are you ????
    Come back again……..(^___^)

  246. 246 : taeKi Says:

    can somebody tell me if he really had an affair with kim tae hee??? if that was true, then why did they separate?? answer me please!!!!!!!

  247. 247 : maryann Says:

    im so happy tht he is christian to,good for him were both christian and for sure hes a good guy cause he is godfearing…and hes so gwiyeon to so please comeback as an actor i miss you won….

  248. 248 : maryann Says:

    yobo seyo oppa won im so happy tht your christian to….were both christian ….and i miss u…

  249. 249 : elle Says:

    Can’t wait to watch your new film:-)

  250. 250 : elle Says:


  251. 251 : elle Says:

    damn!!!you’re one of a kind!!!!handsome and gorgeous 🙂

  252. 252 : charlote Says:

    where are you now?…are u not doing a tv series.

  253. 253 : Frankie Road Says:

    Won Bin, your movie MY BROTHER cry me a lot, your a great actor you can easily touch the heart of a viewer. I’m a man but crying is not lessen as a man, your My brother movie is so great.I taught a lot.

  254. 254 : jimson Says:

    i like ur face! ur so handsome and seems good!

  255. 255 : jung Says:

    Although u say u’ll not be doing drama anymore but I’ll always wait for ur new drama~

  256. 256 : jung Says:

    love you in Autumn in my heart~~

  257. 257 : elle Says:


  258. 258 : elle Says:

    when can I watch you in a new drama???can’t wait!!!

  259. 259 : June Says:

    May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Belated Birthday..LOVE U ..

  260. 260 : goia Says:

    HELLO mr. Bin! you are sooo wafu(handsome)… take care always and God Bless! 888

  261. 261 : toh quan ming Says:

    you did not act in the korean drama for 8 years and where are u now?

  262. 262 : AILA Says:


  263. 263 : Korean drama picture of autumn in my heart Says:

    […] » Won Bin » Korean Actor & Actress 10 Jul 2010. Profile, Biography, Awards, Picture and other info of All Korean Actors. 2000 36th Baeksang Award: Best TV Drama Newcomer (for Kkokji and Autumn Tale). your a great actor you can easily touch the heart of a viewer. » Won Bin » Korean Actor & Actress […]

  264. 264 : Lia Says:

    I think, this web data need to be updated. Why the data of Won Bin is not complete? I saw some of his movie released this year but it is not stated here. Even the new ones – The Man from Nowhere, this was really a Wow movie..Won Bin’s act n his martial art were so cool..
    I do hope, you (the web updater) will not forget him as Won Bin really is a korean star!
    Thank you n GBU all ^_^
    Won Bin, saranghae!

  265. 265 : OK OK OK Says:

    Japan fan meeting concert – 17 Dec 2009

    Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun & Jang Dong Gun Sings

  266. 266 : ai Says:

    it been long time u r not taking action in drama..kind a miss u acting dude….

  267. 267 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Nae Sang Ahn Suk Hwan Alex Andy Attack B ★Bae Soo Bin ★Bae Yong Jun Baek Il Sub Baek Sung Hyun Baek Yoon Shik ★★★  Bi Bong Tae Kyu ★Byun Hee Bong Byun Woo Min C Cha In Pyo Cha Jin Hyuk Cha Seung Won […]

  268. 268 : rayani Says:

    i like your acting in your last film last year .. The Man From nowhere… i hope your next film give you award again ….

  269. 269 : lucille Says:

    My G! Just finished watching haeundae and ajeossi (the man from nowhere)… Despite the bloody scenes, the story was really really good… WON BIN was really really great in this movie (such acting prowess) No wonder he got the best actor for 2010 !… Now if WB and HJW would team up, that would really really be a big hit (im very bowled over by these two with their acting prowess)ala Mr&Mrs Smith in josean era 🙂 (seen HJW with duelist/damo and WB with ajeossi)

    PS. cant also believe that Kim Sung Oh(the secretary of HB in secret garden) can also act like that, that you wanna rip out his heart for being such a bad guy 🙂

  270. 270 : mommy najmi Says:

    still, you’re my most wanted man….

  271. 271 : ciasia Says:

    he’s so handsome… XD

  272. 272 : aryl Says:

    u are really the man from nowhere! i watched youre movie for the nth time, means i cant stop watching you! youre so good despite the bloody scenes. HANDSOME! So “POGI” for the Filipinos… hope to see you more acting! God bless! Take care!!!

  273. 273 : Cheng2x Says:

    You’re so handsome that’s why me and my ate (sister) loves to watch you in the bug screen, hahaha just like Lee Jun Ki

  274. 274 : Cheng2x Says:

    what I mean b4 is BIG screen. Sorry, it’s not bug screen.

  275. 275 : kimchilee Says:

    Our man from Nowhere will soon be going SOMEWHERE.. hope you will act more .. you look so hot in Man from Nowhere that I cant stop watching you over and over..your stare is enough to kill me.. :p

  276. 276 : ishaWONify Says:

    i’m so inlove with you. can’t help it!

  277. 277 : pirena Says:


  278. 278 : ayureluning Says:

    your very handsome…..
    when you visit indonesian??????

  279. 279 : ilah Says:

    wow….i like smile him….its so sweet….

  280. 280 : kimchilee Says:

    its been so long.. when will you be acting in another drama or movie again!! anyone know? any news of Won Bin? what’s happening man…miss him so much.

  281. 281 : Kumplis Says:

    I fell in love with Korean drama since I saw him in Autumn Tale, year of 2000. His acting talent grows so much the last view years. Don’t know why he doesn’t play alot in drama, just movies the last years, very selective I guess. One of a kind actor. You are still my number 1, the best Korean Actor. Hope to see you more in acting world.

    Your loyal fans from Netherlands :-))

  282. 282 : Tilney Says:

    I love you so much in Autumn Tale. I wish to see you again in new dramas alongside with Song Hye Kyo.

  283. 283 : GENEVIEVE KHUMAN Says:


  284. 284 : Pretty Fella Says:

    Happy Birthday Oppa!
    Stay Hunk as always! ♥♥♥

  285. 285 : achie Says:

    saeng il chukkae hamnida Won Bin oppa,, for celebrated ur wonderful day, now i watched Friends (again :-)), u’re 34 n still lookin’ freakin’ great n hot (fiuhhhh:$)

    Wish u had a successful career,,,

    Still waiting ur next drama or movie

    Oh yeah, ur acting in This Man totally 2 thumbs up, love it so mucho

    Saranghae Won Bin oppa
    Big xoxo :-*:-*:-*
    Hwaiting B-)B-)B-)

  286. 286 : Shirin Says:

    I love you. . . My f4. kiss. . .

  287. 287 : aiko Says:

    love u so much

  288. 288 : comment Says:

    how come i dont see him in any of the korean dramas lately – amid all the craze of all these hallyu….. ? he is good looking….

  289. 289 : movies Says:

    Magnificent beat ! I wish to apprentice even as you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a weblog site? The account aided me a applicable deal. I have been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vibrant clear concept

  290. 290 : Patrice Says:


  291. 291 : Patrice Says:


  292. 292 : sonia Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…
    love you

  293. 293 : leonnie Says:

    cant hardly wait to see ur act!! :-*

  294. 294 : kimmy Says:


    miss ur drama so badly!!why dont u play in drama again??it’s very been long long time!!im sure ur fans miss u so, just like me..

    i watched ‘friends’ over n over again to see ur act..damn!!i miss u so!! :'(

  295. 295 : jow Says:


    Do you have any news for Won Bin?




  296. 296 : winnie Says:

    I wish you will make another TV series. Pleaaaaase!!!! It’s been a long time since Autumn days . . will be doubly excited it it is another drama with Song Hye kyo. . I think you are perfectly match

  297. 297 : Manori Sandamali Ranasinghe Says:

    HI OPPA…

    I love ur dramas so much…
    ur great actor

  298. 298 : kimchilee Says:

    I hope you will be in another drama soon.. dont wait too long or you will soon be forgotten.. there are many new younger ones very talented and good looking ones too.. so please.. dont wait too long..

  299. 299 : kimmy Says:


    when can i see ur drama again?i miss ur acting so much!!please..make another drama..it’s been too long since autumn tale..

  300. 300 : winnie Says:

    missing you so much. It’s been quite a long time since Autumn days. I’m watching “a thousand kisses” nowadays. The lead actor strongly resemble you. Although I watched the “man from Nowhere” I still Hope to see you in a new drama a

  301. 301 : Lorem Says:

    Just watched Man From Nowhere (Ahjussi), man this dude rocks. Fabulous acting. I’m fan now.

  302. 302 : Lorem Says:

    Dude get your butt back in a drama. I only now watched Friends. You’re too good to be staying away from the small screen for such a long time — 10 years. What is with that huh?

    Wonderful onscreen presence, a potential international box office draw.

    Smack your management around cos they are not doing their job and they don’t seem to get it.

    Looking forward to more of your work.

  303. 303 : kimmy Says:

    i just heard that you decline another drama this years..why?why?why?don’t u know,that ur fans here,in indonesia,miss ur acting so badly..im so dissapointing,but i wont stop to become ur numero uno fans!! 😉

    dear admin..
    does he read all the comment here??

    (@kimmy from admin: Hopefully!!)

  304. 304 : Truong Thi Nga Says:

    My name is Nga, from the city of Vung Tau, Vietnam.I am an admirer of you, Won Bin.I do not know your email address.Today I happened to open on this page, so send some greetings to you.I wish you always happiness, luck, acting more or more.
    I would like to invite you to Vietnam, my home country. My country is very beautiful, special hospitality and a lot of people in Vietnam loves you.
    Do not know if you read my message, and I do not know have the opportunity to speak with you.
    I look forward to Korea, visit the beauty of your country.Do you have someone you love?If not, I wish you soon find someone who loves you with all her heart.And please inform to all your fans to celebrate with you.
    Love you forever

  305. 305 : ebg Says:

    HI KIM DO JIN ! My name is Ebg,from the city of UB,MONGOLIA. You my favorite actor. Why don`t you play in movie again??? I love your movies so much… Won Bin is COOL !!!!! MISS YOU !!!!!!!! God Bless You…

  306. 306 : [MBC 2002] Friends | Says:

    […] Won Bin as Kim Ji Hoon Fukada Kyoko as Asai Tomoko Lee Dong Gun as Park Kyung Joo Han Hye Jin as Park Hye Jin Yada Akiko as Yamagishi Yuko Toda Naho as Kaneda Midori Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Sakamaki Shouta Dokgo Young Jae […]

  307. 307 : They she wae Says:

    Won bin oppa, saya harap bisa menapatkan julukan sebagai actor di tahun ini ^^.

  308. 308 : latha Says:

    Hi..wonbin oppa..my name is latha..i’m from Myanmar..i love u so much..i would like to invite u to myanmar..wonbin oppa u r my favourite actor and my dream lover also…just kidding..:-)..wonbin oppa love u so much….:-)

  309. 309 : yeeyee Says:

    Hello Ko Won Bin !!! Nice to meet you! I am yee yee.I live in Myanmar.You are the most my favourite actor.

  310. 310 : 123ABC Says:

    Hey, you need to make more action movies. You need to show how the action genre is really done to Hollywood, like you did in “The Man From Nowhere”

  311. 311 : 123ABC Says:

    THe Man From Nowhere was very realistic, like it could have happened in the real world. Hollywood movies aren’t doing that anymore. There needs to be a tone of realism in movies. Also, a typical Hollywood movie lacks emotion. It is essentially a beat-them-up movie. Many Korean action movies are like that too, but The Man From Nowhere ties in emotion and action together. There needs to be more movies like The Man From Nowhere.

  312. 312 : latha Says:

    Love u so much forever oppa..<3

  313. 313 : Ttuk Says:


    Yes, the scenes near the end in the underground carpark was well acted. You could read every thought through his expressions — sequentially. The despair, the sense of loss and purposelessness in the aftermath. The feeling that only a warrior believing he has failed can know. All expressed eloquently by Won Bin.

    Wonderful actor. Wonderful director.

  314. 314 : Rosemary Ong from Malaysia Says:

    I hope Won Bin is keeping well. Will he back in a TV drama? I hope he and Chae Rim teams up. All the best to Won Bin in his ventures.

  315. 315 : GORJUZ Says:

    Im from biggest fan since Endless Love! I hope that I can see you again in drama. And I hope you get pair with Yoon Eun Hye! I can’t wait!!!

  316. 316 : Reesr Says:

    Why is he shy away from small screen far too long?. You are the one of the most cute Korean actor so far, so please don’t waste your youth.

  317. 317 : alli titilayo Says:

    need more of ur movies………..fighting

  318. 318 : faline Says:

    Won Bin, u did good in The man from nowhere. Why have u stopped making movies for the past 3 years? I want to see you in future projects.

  319. 319 : Thae Maung Says:

    Dear Won Bin,

    Good day to you.

    I like you very mush sine i was child and still now.

    Pls let me know your facebook page.

  320. 320 : Jane Says:

    Won Bin,

    You are what they call EYE CANDY and I woud love to see more movies from you.

    An Asian America Fan (Oregon)

  321. 321 : Sanjana Says:

    Hello Won bin! I’m from Manipur,a state of India I dn think Koreans know there r a lot of Hangul fans here Do u read the comments here???coz I really really hope u do
    You r the best and the most professional actor in South Korea! Oppa is “jang” even better than Jang Dong gun. When will I see it next productn??

    The Man from Nowhere rocks ***I’m speechless

  322. 322 : Alwine Says:


  323. 323 : unknown Says:

    New drama/film pls!
    Looking forward for ur come back 🙂

  324. 324 : uggie Says:

    Won Bin…. Please play in new drama… Miss u so much….

  325. 325 : Greatha Says:

    Hello my handsome Won Bin .. I am a filipina, I really Idolize you ..
    I wished to see you soon .. Hopefully! 🙂
    Please visit here in our country .. 🙂

  326. 326 : vlad constantin Says:

    HI THERE, my name is Vlad, im from Romania, i am a fan of you dear Won Bin, i think you should choose to play only in those movies that have a psychological dimension,you are very talented,intuitiv and ambitious(like the astrological sign of Scorpio).You are a very generous and kind too, we love you, i loved the movie Man from nowhere…Wising you hapiness,take care.

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