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Yang Mi Kyung

Yang Mi Kyung 02

Name: 양미경 / Yang Mi Kyung
Also knows as: Yang Mi Kyeong
Nickname: Unni
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1961-Jul-25
Birthplace: Pusan, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg
Family: Husband and a son
Religion: Roman Catholic (Baptismal name/Catholic name: Elizabeth)
Graduated in Sooneui Woman’s College
Hobbies: Flower arranging, Knitting, Cross-stitching

TV Shows

Man in a Veil (KBS2, 2020)
Grand Prince (CSTV, 2018)
The Shining Eun Soo (KBS1, 2016)
Mask (SBS, 2015)
Come! Jang Bo Ri (MBC, 2014)
Pretty Man (KBS2, 2013)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)
The Duo (MBC, 2011)
Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activities (MBC, 2010)
Dandelion Family (MBC, 2010)
The King and I (SBS, 2007)
5th Republic (MBC, 2005)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Dae Jang Geum (MBC, 2003)
Album of Life (KBS1, 2002)
Sunshine (MBC, 2002)
Stepmother (KBS1, 2001)
Cool (KBS2, 2001)
Tender Hearts (KBS1, 2001)
Power of Love (MBC, 1997)


Castaway on the Moon (2009)
The Crescent Moon (2002)
Truth Game (1999)
Paradise Lost (1998)
Burshi (1987)
The Cause (1985)


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actress Acting Awards, Yang Mi Kyung
Popularity Prize (2004)
MBC Special Performance Prize (2003)
KBS The Best New and Upcoming Actor Prize (1985)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : karen Says:

    Hi Miss Yang Mi Kyung………. Annyeong-haseyo….. I really admired you in your role as Lady Han in the TV Series Jewel in the Palace/Dae Janggeum…… Also, It’s so nice that you were able to visit here in the Philippines..Kamsahamnida….. Hope that you would do more Dramas. surely many would be looking forward to it….God Bless 🙂 !!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : koorosh Says:

    since the tv show dae jang geum has been stated in iran , the people started loving all the actors and actresses specially yang mi kyung as lady han
    she is prefect
    nothing else

  3. 3 : fan Says:

    just as talented as beautiful !

  4. 4 : sofea Says:

    love ur role in the Tv series jewel in the palace too..hehe..

  5. 5 : rowena Says:

    guys.. (by: christine)

    This is an important message.. Ms. Yang Mi-Kyung’s birthday is coming soon. I am encouraging all of you to leave a birthday greetings here. It would be nicer if you will include anything visible
    (meaning pictures, animated gifs or anything that she can see) This is because she find it quite hard to understand english.

    But I can assure you that she will read your messages. That’s a promise.

    So I’m encouraging you to leave your messages on this thread..


    Thank you so much..

    ~Please sign-up in the site so that you will be able to navigate to our forum.. thanks! =)~

  6. 6 : Mina Says:

    Dear Yang Mi Kyung,
    May you have a Happy Birthday!!! You are very good character actress. You can act good and bad. You are versatile, Good luck!


  7. 7 : amno Says:

    really really loved you in jewel in the palace……………….

  8. 8 : gamileh Says:

    HI! YOU ARE LOVE ME ! Ilove you very very very very much . you are may dear helt . I whsh see you . I watching cannal arirang maybe i see you . I have alot of your pictures . you are cute and very firendhy . may name is gamileh from iran . I have 30 years old . may mail is : www. [email protected] . I want your mail . you write for me .

  9. 9 : gamileh Says:

    Hi! miss mikyoung, how are you today . Iactually love you very very very much. I have hope see you . you are very dilishuse and frindlly . peleas , your email addres send for me my email addres is : http://[email protected]. I tuhozen kiss send for you.

  10. 10 : gamileh Says:

    hi! how are you today miss yung? happy valentayn day my love. my butifully. my morish

  11. 11 : gamileh Says:

    hi my dear, my hart,my love .how are you today . my harte a bite fore you . i have wish see you evry soon.

  12. 12 : gamileh Says:

    hi how are you today? hows life? are you ok? the iran is monday and time is 03:53 . i sit behind my computer and writ for you . i cant find your mail address . can i help me . i want your mail addres. peleas send my mail address . thankyou very much. i love you miss yang.

  13. 13 : Mint Says:

    You are a cute actress

  14. 14 : gamileh Says:

    hi! how are you today? its 21:pm now. miss mikyeong i send letter for you on essamby korean in iran . i hope recive to you . i love you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.

  15. 15 : gamileh Says:

    miss mikyeong how do i give your move .i love have yours clip.

  16. 16 : gamileh Says:

    distance is a pretext . even your eyes dont miss me . but im far away am waiting next to a star . im sure if you think of me . my hands will rest in yours . for the breeze which smells the good old days for the sake of the unknown . you bridge over the distance .

  17. 17 : gamileh Says:

    we are born without . we live amazedly . and then we die in grief . but he the only thing that never dies is true friendship. (( to you my best friend)).
    there are times when you are thired and hopeless . then nothing can draw you out of your grief . then suddenly somthing happens that revives you and save you from drowing into grief : an accidentwhich helps you to look at life hopefully . i have experienced this situation many times and evry time an incident has helpd me to overcome my griefs .by nature im a sentimental and romantic person emotionally . i dont belive in superficial and aimless friendship because i respect myself and my time and i dont consent whit spending them on worthless and vain things …continue my story tommarow……. i love you miss mikyeong ……………………………

  18. 18 : gamileh Says:

    1 pm in the afternoon . when i was exhausted physically and mentally . i reclined and switched the tv to channl 2 . a korean serial darama was on air. the story was about a little girl named yangum who was an orphan . at the will of her lte mother . yangum wanted toget into the palace and become the first lady . the theme was interesting especially when it came to lady hen . yangums instructor whose role made it even more attractive . you played beautifully as if lady hen was really alive.whenever the serial drama was on air i took a rosary and sat in front of tv and watched the drama voraciously . i got angry at lady chooeis deedds and hit the wall with my first. also my family lovedthe serial drama. once i went to see my parents. on my way back home the car broke down. i was furious and shouted at the driver: ” you caused i miss yangum” . all laughed at me but i was really angry .i even watched the repetitions of the drama broadcasted the followingdays . i found out that the DVD of the drama with persian subtitling could be found in the market . …………………………..by untill towmmarrow

  19. 19 : gamileh Says:

    hi mamanim. how are you today . my heart very miss you . my heart parpation for you i hope that read my massages in website . your my dear. i whish see you very soon . you are my butifully love . kiss for you

  20. 20 : paola carmen Says:

    hi! i like your movies! sana ikaw na lang si marimar at dyesebel!

  21. 21 : paola carmen Says:

    hello! im youre fans! maganda ka pala!

  22. 22 : gamileh Says:

    hi mamanim how are you today ? are you see my massage for you ? my heart missd for you mamanim . i hope see you soon . peleas come in my country iran . i love you very much . i send tauosend kisssssssssssssss for you .

  23. 23 : nita dyah a k Says:

    i am your fans from indonesia.i’ve watched your drama”be srtong geum soon””dae jang geum”and i like you acting,your smile,your so biautiful.i am very very very love you.i hope you ‘ll have avery successful career in korea.i am really like you

  24. 24 : gamileh Says:

    hi mamanim! how are you today ?
    after many troubles i could find the dvd. when lady hen died i wept as if she was really dead. i couldnt control my tears . each morning when i woke up and remembered her death i broke into tears again . i felt like this for some month . i lost my appetite and weight . my mother was worried and guessed it was because of work pressure . i only smiled at her and said that i was ok and there was no need for her to be worried. when your role in the drama ended i lost my enthusiasm . i followed up the drama but with a feeling of sadness.
    2007 was the hardest year of all the 30 years of my life . ” ajewel in the palace ” increased my endurance in life . it strengthened my zeal and hope in life . the film was the second one that impressed me so much , the first was a japanese drama named ” years away from home ”
    in reality i had a relationship like the one between yangum and lady hen. at the first term at university , i had a professor who seemed attractive to me . i prayed god to help me to get close to her . god responded to my prayer and at the end of the same term we got close friends .
    now id like to make friends with you . i like you so much , with all my heart . when i search internet , im only after some information about you. my mobile set is full of your photos. im now interested in korean films and music , just because of you . i always watch arirang , a korean television channel , in the hope of seeing you again . my family , relatives and frinds are begining to mock me : ” again lady hen . wont you give up girl ?” they dont know what is in my heart . these days whenever im unhappy , i close my eyes and imagine your smiling beautiful face and unknowingly i begin to smil too. then i repeat to myself : ” tomorrow is mine ” .

  25. 25 : gamileh Says:

    i like so much . i want to give you a peresent , a peresent from your fan in iran .


  26. 26 : Sarah Says:


    a big greeting from SAUDI ARABIA to the biggist actress in whole korea,,i hope u r o.k ssi ^_^

  27. 27 : gamileh Says:

    hi mamanim ! happy birthday dear unni ! i wish i could visit you and i given peresennt and kiss for you . im afraid . for this subject im very very very sad. once of bigest my wishes is see you soon becuse my heart missed for you ……………..i love you so much . i shopping one gift for you but i dont have any address from you . i am very sad and hopless …………. . i hope you have always happier . the pepole korean are goodluck becuse they could want see you evry time .

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNNI …………………………………………………..

  28. 28 : Dao Says:

    Ciao Unni…
    i am your fans from Thailand
    i like you acting and your smile,your so biautiful…
    i just want to greet you…
    and hope you are fine…
    ok take care…
    misssss you…….

    p.s can i have your address or email..
    if i make you feel uncomfortable …i’m so sorry…
    i just want to send some letter to you.. thank you very much..
    this is my email.. : [email protected]
    Dao ^_^

  29. 29 : czarina Says:

    hi! i just finished watching Jewel in the Palace…i really admire your acting …and you’re young and beautiful at your age, i hope to see you in person…well, its my goal anyway!keep it up!

  30. 30 : die hard fan Says:

    Happy Birthday my dear Mi Kyung. May God bless you with more joy and happiness as you celebrate your birthday today. I hope I can see you in person.

  31. 31 : sabin Says:

    YANG MI KYUNG !GOD BLESS YOU . She die in – Dae Jang Geum -episode 27 ???? oooooo noooo that isn’t good

  32. 32 : snow Says:

    you are very clever in Jewel In The Palace
    I like you very much
    if you don’t mind pls email to me
    so thanks
    i love you as my mom

  33. 33 : Bosna Says:

    If your soul as your face and smile you are one of the best people in the world …
    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina 😉 !!!

  34. 34 : mitz Says:


    i’m fan of yours from the Philippines. I guess you’ve been in our country on 2006 for the promotion of jewel in the palace. It’s ridiculous that long after jewel in the palace was shown on Philippine tv, it’s only now that i got hooked to it when now that it’s being replayed by another station. 🙂

    From then on i’ve started to consider you as one of my favorite actresses in this whole wide world. You never cease to amaze me with every scene you had in jewel… And good heavens, you have such a pretty face!

    I look forward to see more of you on your future projects and hopefully they could be aired once again here in the Philippines.

    God bless you in everything that you do!

  35. 35 : laia Says:

    안녕하세요 잘 지내셨어요? Ms yang mi kyung

  36. 36 : laia Says:

    사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요! 사랑해요!

  37. 37 : laia Says:

    별일이 없으셨어요?

  38. 38 : laia Says:

    you are my best actrese i love you for ever please send me a mesage

  39. 39 : Louisiana Nursing Degree Says:

    Hey, guy, your blog is nice. It can bring me many useful information.

  40. 40 : elham Says:

    hi my lovely!happy birthday!I loooooooooooooove u so much!

  41. 41 : elham Says:

    hi my lovely unni!i wish i could visit u & kiss u!you are the most beautifull woman in the earth and i love u & your acting so much i’ll be one of your fans for ever i wish i had your e-mail would u give me!?my e-mail adress is:[email protected] i’m watting for u! & at last a big greeting for u:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear unniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.!

  42. 42 : dieu linh Says:

    hi, my name is Linh. i’m from Viet Nam.i love u very much as my mum.

  43. 43 : ana liza Says:

    hi! I’m ana liza from Philippines.. I wish I could see you in personal.. I really admire you.. I feel that you are a good mother.. i like the way you talk.. your words is sacred… Hope you can email to me yang mi kyung or lady han in jewel in the palace.. I am waiting your message/ I love you…

  44. 44 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi Lovely Yang Mi Kyung.Hope you visit again in may country PHILIPPINES.Your no.1 in my HEART.God Bless You&Take care.^_^

  45. 45 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi yang MI Kyung.i’am a fan of yours from the PHILIPPINES.I like your acting.your smile ,everything ,your so BEAUTIFUL.Please can i have your addres or email……?If i make you fell uncomfortable…I’am SORRY.I just want to send letter to you.or please visit to my emeail to see all your picture i [email protected] i hope you like it,i create with all my HEART.Hope you visit again in my country …God Bless You.& Take Care…..We Love You………………………………………………………………………..ps.my 5years old dauther like you so much.and she said i love you MAMA UNNI.hope to see you to.please give our requets.THANK YOU.WE LOVE YOU…..TAKE CARE.^_^

  46. 46 : Princess Sabido Says:

    Hi Mama UNNI.i’am PRINCESS diana sabido dauther.i’am 5years old.kinder garden level in school.i wish to see and kiss and hug you.your so beautiful.my mama like you very much,me to.please visit to my email [email protected] or search princess danang….princess is my name,danang my mama nick name.i love you MAMA UNNI.<3

  47. 47 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    we love you yang mi kyung.

  48. 48 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Gd,pm.Yang Mi Kyung.its me again Diana Sabido.Your no,1 FAN in the PHILIPPINES.i always watch JEWEL IN THE PALACE and DANDELION FAMILY.your very good actress.your so beauiful.And also your a great mommy also like me.Tomomrow is my dauther graduation march 19,2011.she is in top 6 in kinder level, over 69 student and, best filipino subject and best industrious. I wish and my dauther receive a messge from you.she likes you and she always say I LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI or LADY HAN….God Bless You.Take Care …mwha…..^_^

  49. 49 : Princess Sabido Says:

    Hi MAMA UNNI.Its me Princess Sabido.I LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI.Tommorow March 19,2011 is my GRADUATION.I’am in a kinder level. i am TOP 6,best in filipino subject ,and best industrious in the class over 69 student.You and my mommy is my INSPIRATION.I WISH i receive a message from you.WE L0VE YOU MAMA UNNI.I always waiting to your respons.Thank you.

  50. 50 : Diana Sabido Says:

    Gd.am.Yang Mi Kyung its me Diana Sabido.Hows your day?me tired but happy because my dauther graduation is finish and i proud mama.i wish you there with me to join to celebrate my dauther special occasion.hope too see you unni.GOD BLESS YOU&TAKE CARE.We Love YOU.^_^

  51. 51 : Diana Sabido Says:

    Gd,pm.hi Yang Mi Kyung,Have a nice day.now i watch again jewel in then palace with my daugther.God Bless You.and Take Care,WE LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI..^_^

  52. 52 : Princess Sabido Says:

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    Gd,pm.Yang Mi Kyung.my daugther & me now watch jewel in the palace.i have only two dvd jewel in the palace & dandelion family.i wish to get a another copy of movie or dvd on you.Take Care always & GOD BLESS YOU.I PRAY to receive a message from you.i willing to wait.^_^.We love you UNNI.

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  55. 55 : Princess Sabido Says:

    Hi MAMA UNNI.Its tyme to sleep,i want to say good night only.I LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI.mwha,tsup.tsup.tsup.

  56. 56 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Gd,pm.Yang Mi Kyung.Hows your day?me and my daughter.go to sleep now.i want to say good night.GOD BLESS YOU and TAKE CARE.We love you.unni.

  57. 57 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi Yang Mi Kyung.hows your day?My daughter and me go to church today.we pray to see you and recieve a messege from you.GOD BLESS YOU and TAKE CARE.^_^

  58. 58 : Princess Sabido Says:

    Hi MAMA UNNI.Its me again princess HI.Today my mommy and me go to church i pray and i wish to see you and receive a message from you.now its time to sleep.good night mama unni.Take care and God Bless You.I LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI.Mwah.mwah.mwah.tsup.tsup,tsup

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  60. 60 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi Gd,pm.Yang Mi Kyung.Hows your day?Now me & my daughter watch again jewel in the palace.your really good actress.Yesterday me & my family go to star city its palace like tokyo desney land. To celebrate my nephew birthday & niece celebration for being veledectorian in high school & my daughter graduation in kinder level.My older sister all expenses.We all HAPPY.We wish yo there!Please send me a messge or letter please!We really like you so much.Take Care Always & GOD BLESS YOU.^_^

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    Gd,pm.Yang Mi Kyung.Hows your day?Me sorry im not fell in well but dont worrie i take already medicine.i want to say HI before i sleep.Take Care and GOD BLESS YOU.^_^.I LOVE YOU MAMA UNNI.Good night.^_^

  62. 62 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    i miss you yang mi kyung please keep in touch.i love you

  63. 63 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi Ms.Yang Mi Kyung.yesterday i watch jewel in the palace your so beautiful.i wish and i pray you visit again in my country PHILIPPINES.I LOVE YOU lady han.take care always and GOD BLESS YOU.^_^…<3

  64. 64 : DIANA SABIDO Says:

    Hi mama unni.i never give up to chat you that hope someday i receive message from you.please visit to my face book [email protected].i hope you see your all picture in my face book i designed everyday.your my inspiration everyday.I LOVE YOU with all my HEART.yang Mi Kyung.GOD BLESS YOU.^_^

  65. 65 : loan Says:

    I love Ma Ma,GOD BLESS YOU and TAKE CARE

  66. 66 : Diana Sabido Says:

    Hi Yang Mi Kyung,hope you are very well…Belated HAPPY..HAPPY..HAPPY BIRTHDAY…Please answer all my message to you,and i pray one day you visit to my face book to see all your picture i personally i create,i do all that picture with all my HEART…and i hope you like it…Always TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF & GOD BLESS YOU..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAMA UNNI<3<3<3^_^

  67. 67 : Diana Sabido Says:

    Gd.pm..Yang Mi Kyung…Hope and i Pray to receive some message from you,i never lose my hope that one day you spent time to see all your picture that i personally i created..i love you mama unni..GOD BLESS YOU & ALWAYS TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF♥♥♥

  68. 68 : rais Says:

    …..hope i will meet you……

  69. 69 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yang Mi Kyung ssi

    You are a great natural actress with SOULS. You are so loving in The Moon Embraces the Sun

    Good luck and May God Bless You. 😛

  70. 70 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yang Mi Kyung as Lady Han in Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) 😛

    Yang Mi Kyung in China
    February 22, 2006

    Korean actress Yang Mi Kyung, who has acted in Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) had visited Hunan, China in September 2005 and met with her fans.


  71. 71 : Yang Mi Kyung Yang Mi Gyeong » Images Search Says:

    […] http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=237 01 May 2012 1:56pm – Images « Crunchyroll Yang Mi s Group Info Yang Mi makes her international fashion debut in flaming red » […]

  72. 72 : remy dadula Says:

    i just finished watching the moon that embraces the sun.its a very beautiful korean drama.i like it very much. your acting is very good.while reading the history of catholicism in korea i found out that you are a catholic.im glad i come from the philippines the only catholic country in asia

  73. 73 : Supuni Weerasinghe Says:

    Hi LADY HAN. You are my HEROINE. I LOVE you so much. I can’t say it in words. Now my favourit drama is JEWEL IN THE PALACE series. I like it much more.
    Oh dear I allways rememberring you. It is a good feeling. You are older than my mother. But you are more beautiful than her. You are the most beautiful LADY in this world I ever seen.
    My one and onlt dream is meet you someday. (I’m a SRI LANKAN. If you like You can visit my country.)
    I LOVE YOU MADAM. GOD BLESS YOU.(i’m a BUDDHIST. “BUDU SARANAI”. In my religion it is best wish in this universal. )

    “A best friend is someone that makes me laugh, when i think I’ll never smile again.”

  74. 74 : Anjali Divya Says:

    Hi my sweety han.u r more beautiful. really u r the most beautiful lady in the world .ur drama “JEWEL IN THE PALACE” telecasting on these days in sri lanka.i cant belive now u ra wife.becoz u r like a sweet teen girl.im always finding ur email addresss if u can send me it please.i want to talk with you madam.[[email protected] is my 1].my dream is to talk to u one day.your photos are hanging in my room. i have 56 photos in my room.i havent any favourite actress earlier in my life.but now u r my hero.your acting excellent…you know my friends also talk to me as Hun.i like it.but im not beautiful than you

    “MADAM U R THE HERO IN MY LIFE” dont forget me please I LOVE YOU.madam.im anjali divya. 18 years old.im from sri lanka.im a student yet.so be happy always.and also ur smile is very nice.

    I LOVE YOU MADAM. God Bless You.[im buddhist,in my languager god bless u means Budu saranai]i wish u a sweet and beautiful life…..bye!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU my sweet han madam……tc

  75. 75 : Anjali Divya Says:

    “ගහකොළ මල් ගල් ගැසී බල හිදිනවා ……
    යුක්තිය යුතුකම් සොයා ඇය පියබනවා ………..
    සුජාත දියණියත් ඔබයි මේ බිම ඔබගේ……..
    සගවා සිනාසෙනු මන හසරල්ලද …..
    ආදරේ කුමාරි ඔබයි සතුටද සුසුමද ඔබමයි මේ පොලෝ තලේ උපන් සුජාත දියණි…….”
    The Theme song of “JEWEL IN THE PALACE “ great Korean drama in Sinhala language[sri lanka]
    From:Anjali Divya
    To:Madam Yang Mi Kyung

  76. 76 : methma Says:


  77. 77 : nimmi kaushalya Says:

    lady han. we love you so much….. please come to Sri Lanka..

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    Dear Yang Mi Kyung, Awesome drama!!!! Best i ever seen by a long shot, words cannot express how much i enjoyed the drama and how moved i am, this whole story is great, and will be great for many people, it has greatly broadened my view and enhanced my understanding of your country, and i am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have had my eyes and mind opened to your culture. Your country should be very proud of you and the entire crew of Jewel in the palace. Yang Mi is an amazing actress, she is fantastic on all accounts as an actress, thank you for the laugh and tears, Stars come and go but you Yang Mi will always remembered fondly, well done and keep up the good performance. My only regret is that people in Sri Lanka had to wait such a long time to see this fantastic, beautiful, awesome, delicious, and intense drama, thanks to all involved in this drama. Thank you Yang Mi Kyung, may God always bless you. Please enlighten us about your other projects. [email protected]

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    Dear mama han,
    Im anndhie from Philippines but residing here in dubai. Mama han i really admire and like you… I always watch Jewel in the Palace through viki then some of your series i watched already, im hoping and praying that someday i will meet you in person to greet and hug you. Your picture is my wallpaper and screensaver in my laptop and in my mobile. You really inspires me a lot. You are a great and best actress for me… i watched all of you videos in youtube eventhough i didnt understand it i still love it and it eased my homesick and loneliness here. Mama han i hope and pray for you to have a good health and have a lots of blessings to come. Thank you for inspiring me always!


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    I think i’ll come you soon in korea

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  87. 87 : rosa Says:

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    I have watched some of the movies you acted and I just fell in love with the way you act.

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    your so beautyful and a good person..
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    Hi to all of her fans out there, Please Join us here and help us know about unni, Yang Mi kyung.


    from PH!

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    Please Do Join Us!

    Yang Mi kyung- Philippines on FACEBOOK! 🙂

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    Hi Ms. Yang Mi Kyung,

    Greetings to you.. hope your doing well.. I’m a fan yours from the Philippines. I had watched Jewel in the Palace from then I’ve become a fan of you… your acting in JTP and with your other movies and tv dramas showed that your one of the finest and a very good actress of Korean movies and dramas… I had also watched your your movies, tv dramas, endorsements in you tube.. I had watched lots of korean tv dramas but your the only one whom I have idolized.. I really love your role in JTP because you had showned how a mother would love, care, and protect her child even if she is not her birth mother.. I believed you were able to give justice to all roles that was given to you that is why you captured us your fans heart. Oh I had also searched the net on how I can reach you by sending you a message because I really really want to send you my greetings and to tell you how much I idolized you. I had joined Yang Mi Kyung fans club here in the Philippines.. in fact I had written a message to a foreign radio station (TBS EFM ) based there in korea to greet you on air for me but they’d say it will be first consulted to their producer ( I hope they will ).. Ms. Yang Mi Kyung I hope this message will reach you and if possible to get a reply from you…pls.. Lastly, I wish you more success in your profession as actress and professor… and hope to see you act more in movies and tv dramas.. take care always 🙂

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    Oh you also have a very beutiful, sincere, heart catching smile… really love it 😉

  98. 98 : leila Says:

    Lastly, belated happy birthday to you idol. Wishing you good health, happiness and more blessings 😉

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    my name is shady from iran.
    i love you very very.
    very nice and beautifuly.
    i wrote to you from iran.
    i wish good luck to you

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    Love you.. Yang Mi Kwang
    From Thailand.

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    Greating to you: I hope your doing well..i ‘m a fan your from the philippine’s. I had watched jewel in the palace and The Queen, the king and I and more TV. Movies. From the I ,be became a fan of your… Acting in JTP and with your other movies and TV. Dramas showed that your one of the finest and very good actress of Korean movies and drama…. I had also watched your movies TV. Dramas endorsements in you tube. And Thank you may there sweety YMK. God luck your job. God blesses you all!!….

  106. 106 : Konkanok Says:

    Still Loving you💓💓💓

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