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Yeo Jin Goo 06

Name: 여진구 / Yeo Jin Goo (Yuh Jin Gu)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1997-Aug-13
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood type: O
Height: 177cm
Talent agency: Janus Entertainment

TV Shows

Reunited Worlds (SBS, 2017)
Circle (tvN, 2017)
Jackpot (SBS, 2016)
Orange Marmalade (KBS2, 2015)
Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN, 2013)
Missing You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)
Tree With Deep Roots (SBS, 2011)
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011)
Giant (SBS, 2010)
The Reputable Family (KBS1, 2010)
Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009)
Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009)
Can Anyone Love (SBS, 2009)
Tazza (SBS, 2008)
Gourmet (SBS, 2008)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
Queen of the Game (SBS, 2006)
I Want to Love (SBS, 2006)


1987: When The Day Comes (2017)
Warriors of the Dawn (2017)
The Long Way Home (2015)
Shoot My Heart (2014)
Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014)
Mr. Perfect (2014)
Hwayi (2013)
Mr. Perfect (2011)
A Frozen Flower (2008)
Sorry Apple (2008)
Are You Crazy (2008)
Antique Bakery (2008)
No Mercy for the Rude (2006)
Sad Movie (2005)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Yeo Jin Goo (Jackpot)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Awards (Actor) – Yeo Jin Goo (Orange Marmalade)
2013 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor (Hwa-yi)
2013 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Hwa-yi)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actor Acting Awards (I Miss You, The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Young Star Award (Iljimae, Gourmet, and Tazza)

Related Photo

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Yeo Jin Goo 33 Yeo Jin Goo 34 Yeo Jin Goo 35 Yeo Jin Goo 36 Yeo Jin Goo 37 Yeo Jin Goo 38 Yeo Jin Goo 39 Yeo Jin Goo 40 Yeo Jin Goo 41 Yeo Jin Goo 42 Yeo Jin Goo 43 Yeo Jin Goo 44 Yeo Jin Goo 45 Yeo Jin Goo 46 Yeo Jin Goo 47 Yeo Jin Goo 48 Yeo Jin Goo 49 Yeo Jin Goo 50 Yeo Jin Goo 51 Yeo Jin Goo 52 Yeo Jin Goo 53 Yeo Jin Goo 54 Yeo Jin Goo 55 Yeo Jin Goo 56 Yeo Jin Goo 57 Yeo Jin Goo 58 Yeo Jin Goo 59 Yeo Jin Goo 60 Yeo Jin Goo 61 Yeo Jin Goo 62 Yeo Jin Goo 63 Yeo Jin Goo 64 Yeo Jin Goo 65 Yeo Jin Goo 66 Yeo Jin Goo 67 Yeo Jin Goo 68 Yeo Jin Goo 69 Yeo Jin Goo 70 Yeo Jin Goo 71 Yeo Jin Goo 72 Yeo Jin Goo 73 Yeo Jin Goo 74

144 Responses to “Yeo Jin Goo”

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  1. 101
    Missing You @ I Miss You (보고싶다) « styrn Says:

    […] as Lee Soo Yeon – Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young) Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo – Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young) Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon – Ahn Do Gyu as Hyung Joon […]

  2. 102
    MBC Drama Awards 2012 Nominees and Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Actor: Yeo Jin Goo, (The Moon That Embraces The Sun & I Miss You) Child Actress: Kim Yoo Jung (The Moon That […]

  3. 103
    Giant | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Bum Soo as Lee Kang Mo – Yeo Jin Goo as Kang Mo (teen) Park Jin Hee as Hwang Jung Yun – Nam Ji Hyun as Jung Yun (teen) Park Sang Min as […]

  4. 104
    joy Says:

    this kid has a very goo acting skills…. I watched moon embraced the sun and miss you…. great acting.. deserves an award. congratulations!

  5. 105
    serbamendadak Says:

    […] Joon Ki sebagai Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom – Yeo Jin Goo sebagai Geom (waktu kecil) Han Hyo Joo sebagai Eun Chae – Kim Yoo Jung sebagai Eun Chae (waktu […]

  6. 106
    pack han Says:

    u wil difinitly become de next lee min ho,u look alike nd u both ave de same killer smile nd great ego i love ur actings so much,try to take on an adult role in ur next movie.. fighting!!! i love u…

  7. 107
    Kdrama – Swallow The Sun (태양을 삼켜라) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Sung sebagai Kim Jung Woo – Yeo Jin Goo sebagai Kim Jung Woo (waktu kecil) Sung Yu Ri sebagai Lee Soo Hyun – Lee Young Yoo sebagai Lee Soo […]

  8. 108
    rona Says:

    i like him..good acting skills…and cute:)

  9. 109
    nicol Says:

    so pretty….

  10. 110
    nicol Says:

    so cute & handsome……<3

  11. 111
    Leia Says:

    You really rock kid!!! So very good in acting!!! The way you cry it makes me cry too… Love your act in missing you and also embracing the moon… Keep up the good work kid… 😉

  12. 112
    I Miss You | Myanmar Tube ► Myanmar Online Movies Says:

    […] Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo […]

  13. 113
    Kim Eun Nah Nunu :" Says:

    Jin Goo ssi in the future will be a famous actor, so talented ! in all dramas i ever seen that he play on it, make all the people who watch it so interest with his act ! good luck and FIGHTING^^

  14. 114
    Joobjoo Says:

    I will definitely follow your dramas movies and anything you do. Such a great actor. Anticipating your next project! Hmm I wonder if they do really read these posts? I hope so

  15. 115
    Shineyuro Says:

    Will always support u uri dongsaengs… kekeke… u are my best child actor

  16. 116
    shaaha7667 Says:

    I am soo in love with yew.. <3 ur sw cute <3

  17. 117
    yen cabrito Says:

    Im your no. 1 fan in Philippines Yeo Jin Goo , I hope that you will visit our country! I love you Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun!

  18. 118
    yen cabrito Says:

    all your drama’s together with kim so hyun i will support!

  19. 119
    muahhhh Says:

    I want to see you in drama with kim yoo jung again. <3 yeoyoo

  20. 120
    rika Says:

    I love your pairing with kim yoo jung. Hope to see you both in same drama again

  21. 121
    Omeghan Says:

    W0W! Incredibly talented ! Absolutely love him!
    I will watch for more of him. He shines in Potatoe Star !
    Happy New Year!

  22. 122
    Omeghan Says:

    Watching now in “Giant” and I had to google him. (to learn more)
    I have loved and appreciated all of his work to date!

  23. 123


  24. 124
    dho_ca Says:

    Ur great boy ! :*

  25. 125
    CoolBeans Says:

    This young man is only 16 yrs old with an acting career that is 10 yrs old and could easily last 50 more years. His singing voice is better than most hallyu stars. We can’t forget he is still a growing boy. His maturity level and baritone voice allows him to do parts of someone 10 yrs older. He has the potential to earn millions in front of the camera, on stage, behind the scenes and in the entertainment board rooms. I’m talking Lee Min Ho money and more! A video compilation of a small section of his career is at the link below

  26. 126
    cheeky Says:

    Thats a very impressive filmography! A very successful child actor. I’m sure he will hit it big time too as an adult actor with his talent. Looking forward to your future successes Yeo Jin Goo!

  27. 127
    cheeky Says:

    And koreandrama.org misses some of his work. I saw him in Frozen Flower (film) too.

    (@cheeky from admin: Thanks for inform us. We just updated his profile. Please take a look.)

  28. 128
    cheeky Says:

    That is so nice of you admin 🙂 Thank You.

  29. 129
    cara_m Says:

    @ admin ( 🙂 ) update again and again : Best New Actor (“Hwayi”) – 2013 (33rd) Korean Association of Film Critics Awards – November 29, 2013
    Best New Actor (“Hwayi”) – 2013 (34rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 22, 2013
    Best Child Actor (“The Moon Embracing The Sun”) & (“I Miss You”) – 2012 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2012
    Best New Actor (“Hwayi”) – 2013 (34rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 22, 2013 🙂

  30. 130
    Potato Star 2013QR3 (감자별 2013QR3) | styrn Says:

    […] this sitcom, Computer programmer Hong Hye Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) dreams of becoming Korean Mark […]

  31. 131
    Random recommendations for long series Korean Dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Bum Soo as Lee Kang Mo, Yeo Jin Goo as Kang Mo (teen), Park Jin Hee as Hwang Jung Yeon, Nam Ji Hyun as Jung Yeon (teen), Park Sang […]

  32. 132
    firza Says:

    haha. he’s just got lucky. he’s not that handsome though.
    he can get in acting because he has such a deep voice.
    i don’t think that i impressed with all of his actings. hmm

  33. 133
    firza Says:

    haha. he’s just got lucky. he’s not that handsome though.
    he can get in acting because he has such a deep voice.
    i don’t think that i impressed with all of his actings.

  34. 134
    PearlyPraize from Nigeria... Says:

    I do wonder what should be one’s criteria for “good looking”? yeo Jin Goo is as handsome and so goodlooking as handsome should be…and everything in life shouldnt be judged by how good looking you are or not….and please he is a Very very good actor…and be reminded that he just turned 18 years of age this year 2015…go through his film/drama profile and you will see how far he has come…i am impressed that some one his age has achieved so much….i bet some of his colleagues who are far older than him havnt come thus far…Well done Yeo Jin Goo…looking forward to more projects from you…please dont let your success get to your head though, stay away from scandals…Fighting!!!

  35. 135
    Obiorah Stephanie Makuochukwu Says:

    I love u so much yeo jin goo u were so great at orange marmalade it was a great film….u said before u could change someones heart u hv to prove it i love dat word so much….keep it up,u got a great talent nd am becoming inlove with it……

  36. 136
    Korean Drama Review OM | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Yeo Jin Goo as Jung Jae Min, Song Eui Joon as Jae Min (young), Seol Hyun as Baek Ma Ri, Lee Jong Hyun as Han Shi Hoo, Gil Eun Hye as Jo Ah Ra […]

  37. 137
    Jackpot (Daebak, 대박) (2016) - Asian Dramas Reviews Says:

    […] Geun Suk as Baek Dae Gil Yeo Jin Goo as Prince Yeoning (later King Yoengjo) Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee In Jwa Choi Min Soo as King Sookjong […]

  38. 138
    Sng Says:

    Yeo jin goo is the most talented young actor I ever saw. Please continue to do great dramas as you always had!! Love you!!

  39. 139
    DSant Says:

    Time flies for sure, he is a very good actor and a handsome man. Always remember “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Good luck on your new drama and future projects.

  40. 140
    O drama speciala “Circle: Two Connected Worlds" a avut premiera azi - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Yeo Jin Goo – Kim Woo Jin (Proiectul Beta ) – Jung Ji Hoon – Kim Woo Jin (copil) Kim Kang Woo – Kim Joon Hyuk (Brave New World) Gong Seung Yun – Han Jung Yun (Beta Project) Lee Ki Kwang – Lee Ho Soo (Brave New World) Ahn Woo Yeon – Kim Bum Kyoon (Beta Project) – Kim Ye Joon – Kim Bum Kyoon (copil) Jung In Sun – Park Min Young (Beta Project) […]

  41. 141
    Mama Says:

    I liked you in the moon that embraces the sun , now you’re all grown up I like you still… I hope you get nice projects where you are the lead maybe with Kim yoo Jung… I find you really cute and a very fine actor..

  42. 142
    Korean Drama Review IMU – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon, Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young) and Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo, Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young). Plot: This drama is a melodrama that will portray a story of a teenage […]

  43. 143
    dramalist | Reunited Worlds Says:

    […] for some strange reason. Now Jung Jung Won (Lee Yun Hee) is a 31-year-old woman but Sung Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) is still a 19-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Cha Min Joon (Ahn Jae Hyun) is a chef also interested in […]

  44. 144
    Korean Drama Review RW | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Lee Yun Hee as Jung Jung Won, Jung Chae Yun as Jung Jung Won (young), Yeo Jin Goo as Sung Hye Sung, Ahn Jae Hyun as Cha Min […]

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