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Yoo Ah In

Name: 유아인 / Yoo Ah In
Real name: 엄홍식 / Eom Hong Shik
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1986-Oct-06
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Talent agency: Star K Entertainment

TV Series

Chicago Typewriter (tvN, 2017)
Descendants of the Sun (KBS2, 2016)
Six Flying Dragons (SBS, 2015)
Discovery of Romance (KBS2, 2014)
Secret Love Affair (jTBC, 2014)
Jang Ok Jung (SBS, 2013)
Fashion King (SBS, 2012)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)
The Man Who Can’t Get Married (KBS2, 2009)
Strongest Chil Woo (KBS2, 2008)
Shi Eun & Soo Ha (KBS2, 2005)
April Kiss (KBS2, 2004)
Sharp 1 (KBS2, 2003)


Like for Likes (2016)
The Throne (2015)
Veteran (2014)
Elegant Lies (2014)
Tough As Iron (2013)
Wandeuki (2011)
Sky and Sea (2009)
Antique Bakery (2008)
Boys of Tomorrow (2007)
Shim’s Family (2007)


2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Top Excellence Actor (Yoo Ah In, Six Flying Dragons)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)
2011 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Hot 20’s Voice
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Song Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2008 11th Director’s Cut Film Awards: Best New Actor (Antique Bakery)
2007 8th Pusan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor (Boys of Tomorrow)
2007 3rd Pyungtaek Pierson Film Festival: Best New Actor (Boys of Tomorrow)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : sheila Says:

    yu ah-in is very cool…
    I really like him..

  2. 2 : nene Says:

    I like you so much in Strongest Chil Woo.

  3. 3 : jabaele Says:

    my favorite character in Stongest Chil-woo. really loved him!!!

  4. 4 : jabaele Says:

    hope to see more of him!

  5. 5 : arabella Says:

    i’m not really know who are u. i hope u will improve your self in acting so everyone will now who are in future.

  6. 6 : dbskshnhwayeah29 Says:

    I liked his acting in strongest chil-woo.
    His character as a cold, mysterious, and a very skilled assassin was s00ooo cooL! (esp the long hair & black costume)

    So i was surprised to see him in ‘antique’ with that smiley, cute-boy image. haha. ‘Hope to see him in more dramas!

  7. 7 : Liz Says:

    I really like ur movie is pretty awsome

  8. 8 : baby Says:

    i love ur act :DD

  9. 9 : BlOsOm Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Yoo ah in ^_^

  10. 10 : Arfey Says:

    so cute!!!!
    Hope u always be like that

  11. 11 : Chiropodist Oldham Says:

    Took me ages to find this post, this time I’ll bookmark it.

  12. 12 : Egram Says:

    He really look good in Strongest Chil-woo and the best at Sungkyunwan Scandal. I keep watching his scenes…but I remember seeing him wearing a nice costume with a clean face in one of the early trailer of the drama. Hope to see him in more projects in the future….

  13. 13 : joon t,uk Says:

    Yoo Ah in………………you’re the BEST in Sungkyunkwan. keep up with your good work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. 14 : celine Says:

    i like your acting in sungkyunkwan scandal,you’re hot there..you look like so ji sub hehehe in my own opinion

  15. 15 : D-DDouWZ Says:

    I’m your NO.1 FAN ……[email protected][email protected]…….YOO AH-IN ………You’re soooooo ADORABLE in SKKS ……..GUL-OH….MOONY……JAE-SHIN………0_<……..FIGHTING………;) 😉

  16. 16 : jh Says:

    I like Moon Jae Shin~~!! so handsome!! that outfit suits u alot!!

  17. 17 : Lady Says:

    Kudos to your performance in SKKS. Include me as your newest fan and will be watching all your past and future projects…:)

  18. 18 : makadoto Says:

    Yoo Ah In / Moon Jae Shin look dam cool man… i love you in SKKS hwaitinggggg…

  19. 19 : D-DDouWZ Says:

    You’re doing great job!!! ** YOO AH-IN** Keep on SHINING & GROWING…….
    It’ s your pure QUALITY & ABILITY ……….***** XXXXX*****

  20. 20 : fan Says:

    Yoo Ah In is such a GREAT AMAZING actor, I absolutely love his character in sungkyunkwan scandal! He puts alot of effort and very believable. I really hope he will soon get leading roles in dramas/movies. Nuff said..

  21. 21 : Aleah Says:

    Yeah agree with you. His almost like SoJi Sub & Yoo Seung Ho….Like these 3 …

  22. 22 : Lilly Lee Says:

    I love and crazy about Yoo Ah In acting role in sungkyunwan very much.
    Try to search for his photo of the other movies he played before and
    hope he will come to Thailand soon.

    Will he hear of what im saying here?

  23. 23 : raz Says:


  24. 24 : julia Says:

    i like his character in SKK very much. it makes me wish Im yon hee. <3 wish I could see you in person. <3 <3 please come visit Philippines.

  25. 25 : julia Says:

    does yoon ah in have FB account or fan page? does he ever read our comments? 🙂 hope he does. tc red writer. weeeeeeeeee… 🙂

  26. 26 : celine Says:

    i will missed you yoo ah in,i can’t wait to see again in your next appearance in drama or movie..hope that in your next project you are the lead.

  27. 27 : celine Says:

    i missed your hiccups mjs..love your acting yoo ah in,you are now my 2nd fave.korean actor..whats your next project?hehe,i cant wait to see you again.

  28. 28 : Kimily Says:

    I really like you in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

  29. 29 : euphune Says:

    Love his character as Moon Jae Shin in SKSS so cool and cute!!

  30. 30 : Jaeshinkissu Says:

    Oppa ! Oppa !

  31. 31 : dee cullen Says:

    Really like u in Sungkyunkwan Scandal…. love u oppa

  32. 32 : minami Says:

    dear ad*min… pliss approve this pict, thanks…





    thanks very..very..very much ad*min…

  33. 33 : minami Says:

    i love ur act in sungkyunkwan scandal !!
    very good act !!

  34. 34 : minami Says:

    u have a cute smile..

  35. 35 : minami Says:

    thx ad*min.. for new photos..

  36. 36 : minami Says:

    Ad * min please accept this photo. Could I ask a favor ad * min?
    I want you to change yoo ah in profile picture. you can pick from one of the photos that I send it. thanks if you want to grant it. thanks very..very..very..much.. !!









    thnks ad*min…
    i love u..
    thanks !!

  37. 37 : minami Says:

    thanks ad*min…for his new picture..
    Can you give the blue link to the dramas that he was plays it, so we can directly access the drama which he played, without having to see the drama list ..
    I hope you understand what i mean …

    thanks very..very much !!!

  38. 38 : minami Says:

    thanks ad*min..

    ah in, i love u.. i like ur dinamit duo with joong ki…
    thats really awasome.. !!

    i really like ur act !!

  39. 39 : minami Says:

    omaygat !! i’m so fall in love with u !!

  40. 40 : minami Says:

    I have seen the news bombing, very worrying. I hope this issue will quickly subside. I do not like war, I think all this also ..
    ah in, you should be fine .. I pray the best for you and korea. hopefully this problem quickly subside ..

  41. 41 : minami Says:

    i love u !!

  42. 42 : minami Says:

    sarange !! i wanna see u in a new drama but u must become the main actor..

  43. 43 : minami Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be a great actor, I hope you will get a chance to prove it ..
    I always support you!
    i love u !!

  44. 44 : minami Says:

    i love u..i love u…. i love u..

  45. 45 : minami Says:

    i see ur act in antique bakery..and i like u so much !!

  46. 46 : zara Says:

    Waiting for your new project… love you… You Are In my heart… Yoo Ah In…

    There’re lot of his pics which happy to share.


  47. 47 : minami Says:

    follow his twitter…


    oppa !! i love ur act !! i always support u..

  48. 48 : namira Says:


    what a bad boy !!! love them both !!

  49. 49 : namira Says:

    our lovely yoo ah in …cek this out


  50. 50 : julia Says:

    say something yoo ah in… come on..

  51. 51 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  52. 52 : namira Says:

    vote ah in drama “SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL” as best drama in 2010!
    Do not forget to invite your friends to vote!

    thank you …

  53. 53 : namira Says:

    i love u.. more and more !!

  54. 54 : marrys26 Says:

    much better if kim yoon shik or kim yoon hee and moon jae shin or goe ul,.as partner i dont like lee so joon…

  55. 55 : marrys26 Says:

    hi”how are u?your nice acting at sungkyunkwan scandal.,nice face…and charming smile…

  56. 56 : suzeq Says:

    HI all…..

    I like mon jae shin, his charater super suit with Ah In….
    the way he build up that mon jae shin very packable…
    its supposed have more scene with son joon and yoo shik

    gambatte AH In !!!!

  57. 57 : cisca Says:

    oppa saranghae,…..

  58. 58 : marrys26 Says:

    hi yoo ah-in,.whaaaaa your su cute at greaat acting as moon jae shin on sungkyunkwan scandal..

  59. 59 : milleth Says:

    good looks and great acting in sungkyunkwan scandal.. you will make it to the top.. just how i wish u end up with kim yoon hae in this drama.. looking forward for more series of yours.. well done geol oh… fighting aza aza..

  60. 60 : marrys26 Says:

    you ryt milleth,.the same 4, hope that he more drama comes to……but hope so…….. on next drama his the only lead the role as the leading man of tv serries,..most especially if historical drama scene…great for him…

  61. 61 : meng Says:

    i like him in chengjunguan, i come from china. please take care of victoria too! keke

  62. 62 : namira Says:

    love him so much !

  63. 63 : marrys26 Says:

    your the best yoo ah-in at sungkyunkwan scandal,..fantastic act,..

  64. 64 : zara Says:

    OMG!!! ♥♥♥Yu A-in♥♥♥ is soooooo cuteeeee @ 2010 Golden Disk Awards….

  65. 65 : zara Says:

    Yu A-in & Park Min-young @2010 GDA…. so sweet together!!!


  66. 66 : aoikarin Says:

    I love Yoo Ah In!! The most talented young actor I”ve ever seen!

  67. 67 : marrys26 Says:

    helo…….yoo ah-in cuz your the best the way u act,..like heuksan on strongest chil woo,fantastic,.and on the man who can get married as hyun hyuk your adorable acting nice,.and now the great heat drama 2010 sungkyunkwan scandal whaaaaaaaa your really really great acting and unique voice and amazing as moon jae shin….

  68. 68 : marrys26 Says:

    hong shik or ah-in he had a great as an actor..

  69. 69 : bluebell Says:

    Waiting for your new project Yoo Ah In !!!!! ♥♥♥

  70. 70 : maryjoy Says:

    hi y0o ah in the sungkyunkwan scandal ur the best first u nice ang great looking,2nd y0ur amazing act ang m0ves every diliver your scenes,this my first time i saw u,then i will believe that u had a great and brightly as m0on jae shin,hope the year 2011 u had a new project,well im looking forward to that,hope u will success throully..

  71. 71 : bluebell Says:

    Yu Ah In’s in london!!!…… Where?????…… PLEASE…. tell me, don’t be shy!^^

  72. 72 : aime Says:

    h! yoo ah in,.your so great behind the scenes,.no doubth hope soon you the one popularity as an actor…

  73. 73 : pocz Says:

    AAAWWWWWWW! Would be nice to be able to see him in london. Anyone knows where’s about in london? Plleeeaaaassssseeeeee!!!!

  74. 74 : zara Says:

    ♡♡♡ Yu A-in ♡♡♡
    Don’t bother about dark, wet, cold weather… it’s British !!!
    So… Just! Have a good time…. in London,,,,, love you.

  75. 75 : airen Says:


  76. 76 : joyjoy27 Says:

    helo.,.i like your role as moon jae shin.,.much better if your looks like a badbo…

  77. 77 : joyjoy27 Says:

    helo./.i like your role as moon jae shin,..much better if your looks like a badboy.,

  78. 78 : KdramaLover Says:

    I like your acting n role in sungkyunkwan scandal.
    goooooooooooooooood !!!!!

  79. 79 : Takya Says:

    I have replayed his scenes in SKKS ten times already and I can’t get enough of him!

  80. 80 : marrys26 Says:

    helo yoo ah in,.nice acting at sungkyunkwan scandal,.great..from.the philipiness..

  81. 81 : Eipwint Says:

    nice actor u r!

  82. 82 : Yade (야데) Says:

    yup…I like you as moon jae shin….napeun namja….

  83. 83 : namira Says:

    i really like u in sungkyunkwan scandal !!! love u !

  84. 84 : irene21 Says:

    hi!yoo ah in merry chrismass to you

  85. 85 : hO_cHA_GiLL Says:

    Hie….Uhm Hong Sik 🙂

    mErry cristhmas to you….

    Saranghae oppa…….

  86. 86 : marrys26 Says:

    helo’ yoo ah in.,merry cristmass and happy new yerar we miss u here in the philipines..hope more drama soon,im looking 4 ward to that..

  87. 87 : gan3117 Says:

    One of the most promising actor of this year. You have slight resemblance with So Ji Sub. Wish GOODLUCK this year. More projects, series or movies whatever may come. Godbless and take care!

  88. 88 : zara Says:

    home sweet home!^^. YU AH IN….. after 2 weeks in london…. photoshoots all places… waiting to see,,,@[email protected]…. HAPPY NEW YEAR…. Yu Ah-in

  89. 89 : Irene Says:

    Yoo Ah In
    Sarangheoyo.. the first drama of yours i watched is Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. i realy like you.. hoping you have more movies or drama.. i know you are a great actor..
    By the way im from Philippine and i’l keep watching your movie or drama in the future.. Good Luck in your career.. and be humble..

  90. 90 : bbell Says:

    Yu Ah-in looks so dashing @KBS Drama Awards 2010


  91. 91 : namira Says:

    can’t hardly wait for your new drama !!!!
    i will always support u !!
    ur are so cute..

  92. 92 : namira Says:

    aaaaaaaaa…..u are so cute !

  93. 93 : chan nyein thu Says:

    I like you in Sung kyan kwan scadal. you’re more cute with long hair!

  94. 94 : chan nyein thu Says:

    I like you so much

  95. 95 : ratih Says:


  96. 96 : nana Says:

    your face like Kim Hyun Joong..funny…sungkyunkwan scandal..i love it

  97. 97 : ji Says:

    i like you so much in S Scandal, long hair did suit you very well, and your acting was superb! hope to see more of you in a rom/com! you’re so handsome in SS as moon jae shin, i also liked you in he who can’t marry!

  98. 98 : JJ Says:

    congratulations for recent best couple award with my other favorite actor! you both are good & handsome! hope to see more of you in another drama perhaps this time as the lead with park min young! take care!

  99. 99 : intyce Says:

    Never noticed him until the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. He is a cutie patootie!! ^_^

  100. 100 : minami Says:

    Ad*min please accept this photo..thx very much..







    thx very..very….very.. much ad*min…

  101. 101 : minami Says:

    his so cute !!! omaygat !! and his acting.. wow !! i love him very much..
    cant hardly wait to see u again in new drama..

  102. 102 : lyai Says:

    You are soooo cool and cuuute in skk….you look like so ji sub oppa…you should play together in a drama with him…

  103. 103 : mirani Says:

    lyai :: i agree with u.. his so cuteee !!
    i really cant wait his new drama… aargghh !!

  104. 104 : vanessa Says:

    jellow, the acting was finesse and I like his features a lot

  105. 105 : meina Says:

    you are so lovely…
    i love u very much…
    cant hardly wait ur next project..

  106. 106 : Ladybug Says:

    Handsome,,,, i like your character in sungkyunkwan, hope next time you get the lead role

  107. 107 : Rika Says:

    U’re so cool in Skk Scandal! 🙂

  108. 108 : bbell Says:

    Yoo Ah-in is A BRILLIANCE ACTOR……. an Orange Country’ fans…. he’s in LA !!!!

  109. 109 : meina Says:

    yes i agre.. hope he will get the lead role..
    his acting was great !!

  110. 110 : nini xie Says:

    i hope to see u again in other movie, i’m shock u are the actor whom act in the man who can’t get married, u look so different in sungkyunkwan scandal.. ^^ hymneseo!

  111. 111 : zara Says:

    Thanks for an superb acting as the most charming character “MOON JAE SHIN”
    Wish you all the best and have a healthy life. X X X

  112. 112 : starlite Says:

    You’re so cute & hilarious in ~ The Man Who Can’t Get Marry ~ another BEST of YOO AH IN 😀 😀 😀

  113. 113 : angel Says:

    Hi! I very like you in skk, mon jae xing. You are my favorate actor. Wish you heatly & famous actor in the world.

  114. 114 : dee Says:

    i love u yoo ah in 🙂

  115. 115 : timoria Says:

    love Yoo Ah In oppa in SKKS as Moon Jae Shin….

  116. 116 : zara Says:

    Yu A-in…. you’re also stole the show in Strongest Chil Woo….. would be totally boring without you.

  117. 117 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    yoo ah in,, i would love to see you in a lead role sungkyunkwan is superb, i love your character moon jae shin,, you so handsome in that long hair

  118. 118 : dee Says:

    yes, if it made its sequel I’d like to see his love story. I wanted go young ha and moo jae shin get girls to suit them. please make a sequel … for yoo ah in. I want to see him as the main actor.
    friendship between moo jae shin and goo young ha is very touching.

  119. 119 : poppy Says:

    So you must enjoy warm weather in LA….. ummmh!….. TAN…. Yoo Ah In ^^!
    Still waiting for your new project…. hurry up!! miss you!!!

  120. 120 : dee Says:

    yes… miss u so much yoo ah in !!

  121. 121 : dazzie Says:

    So, it’s going to be a movie!?! Which is based on the bestselling novel ***WANDEUKEE*** can’t wait <3

  122. 122 : bbell Says:

    Yu Ah-in is……. Elle’….”50 TOP MEN”


  123. 123 : leo Says:

    i love you ah in uppah! <3

  124. 124 : niauy Says:

    WOW! Yu Ain ^^;; you look soooo romantic in ELLE 50TOPMEN, even only the second pic. Thanks for sharing :=)

    I’d love to see *Sky and Ocean*. it must be another awesome of Yu A-in !?!?!

  125. 125 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    @bbell thanks for the pics hes handsome, i like his bad boy looks,, thats cool 🙂

  126. 126 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    admin pls accept this pic




    thanks admin

  127. 127 : bbell Says:

    This’s our cute+chic+hot…. Yu Ah-in


  128. 128 : bbell Says:

    Sorry! been missing a bit.. hope is right this time.


    Luv ya Yu Ah-in

  129. 129 : vahdaneh Says:

    i love you as your self and specially as Moon Jae Shin.
    Fighting :)8

  130. 130 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Thankz admin for accepting the pics

  131. 131 : zara Says:

    Could you load this bright smile of Yoo Ah-in here for his fans PLEASE!!!



  132. 132 : pary Says:

    hi my name is parinaz and i love this very much

  133. 133 : zara Says:

    ♡♥♡♥♡ HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY ★ YUAIN ★ ♡♥♡♥♡

  134. 134 : bbell Says:

    What’ll i call you now??? Maybe Mr. JACK for a year…. hahaha!!!!
    Aaah!! Love love your dance in your new CF….. soooo sweeeet…. **YU A IN**
    Hope next…. will be the show… movie?… or…. drama?… Really miss you xox

  135. 135 : MsJill Says:

    *** GooD NewS*** There ‘ll be a MOVIE ^^! for YooAhIn…
    Can’t wait!!!!

  136. 136 : sepi Says:

    Hi, I have seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal several times. This drama is a very beautiful. he plays very nice, I love character Moon Jae Shin.
    he has a nice face and attractive eyes.

  137. 137 : la_luna Says:

    Is there any news about SKY&SEA ????? Since it’s won the Award @ TIFF last Nov.
    It should be a good movie….. love to see Yoo Ah In,,,, in this movie!

  138. 138 : sara Says:

    I love u Yoo ah in . Mit besten Wunschen fur dich . ^-^

  139. 139 : homa Says:

    hello yooahin,im iranian girl you are my favorit actor,in your picture you are the beast

  140. 140 : la_luna Says:

    Seen a boxing training vid @ youtube. so it means the new movie is on the way, so wonderful. love you// YooAhIn

  141. 141 : bbell Says:

    TODAY is first day of new movie-shooting ***GOODLUCK*** YUAIN♡♡♡

  142. 142 : zara Says:

    U_A-in…. You become a household name now…. see you everywhere…. the newspapers.. magazines and the buses^^! HOT! HOT! HOT!

  143. 143 : azumi143 Says:

    yoo ah in— he is the first one to caught my attention in sungkyunkwan scandal! his role fits him well! i was totally captivated by his looks–ruggedly handsome 😉 hope to see more from him.. another drama or a movie perhaps 🙂

  144. 144 : layla Says:

    Just watchin Sungkyunkwan, totally love it,n totally captivated by you! Can’t wait for your next movie.. 😀

  145. 145 : constance Says:

    I can’t help not to notice him. He’s like the next rising star.

  146. 146 : olivepot Says:

    you is handsome

    songkyunkhan TV series in you act is good

  147. 147 : ok Says:



  148. 148 : Ari Tea Says:

    Dear Admin ~~; I spotted there’s an error about the birthdate of our beloved-charming Yoo Ah In ^^, It supposed to be Oct.6 NOT Oct 16 (: Hope you take a note on that.Thank you!!! (×_×)V

  149. 149 : err....secret.... Says:

    😀 he is nice boy in Boys of tomorrow!

  150. 150 : Theint Says:

    Oppa!!!! Love u so much…u r the best!!!! 🙂

  151. 151 : aiko Says:

    oppa…i love you youre so cute…good luck to your carrer and god bless you. gambate ne and take good care of yourself….

  152. 152 : chosen bright Says:

    haaaiii!! wen kya ipapalabas sungkyunkwan s pilipinas…??? i really love moon jae shin oppa

  153. 153 : aiko Says:

    oppa…..genki desuka,,,cant wait to watch your new drama serries. take care oppa,,,,,,youre the best [tepa]

  154. 154 : aiko Says:

    oppa,,,my name is aiko one of your fan.actualy i am pilipina but but i leave longer here in japan.wish to hear from you. good luck [teppa]……..

  155. 155 : aiko Says:

    hi!oppa…i love you……and god bless you.

  156. 156 : megfox Says:

    Oppa looks like bi rain

  157. 157 : sachy Says:

    so missing you… please play in a drama.. i wanna see u

  158. 158 : meimei Says:

    Good actor! Keep it up! Would like to see you in more dramas/movies.

  159. 159 : may thinzar from Myanmar Says:

    Oppa fighting love u!

  160. 160 : Rosalie Says:

    He is good looking and good in all his roles in movie and dramas. I really love him when his character is a bad man outside but kindhearted inside especially in Sungkyunkwan Scandal he looks handsome when he is Goel Ah.I hope he can be a big star and be a main cast on dramas.YOO AH IN FIGTHING !!!!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : Mani Says:

    oppa i loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve u.

  162. 162 : fa Says:

    oppa.. i really love your smile. it so cheerful and warming.
    saranghae oppa~

  163. 163 : chonthicha Says:

    I love Yu ah in very much

  164. 164 : jho-anne Says:

    your a very good actor, keep up the good work, hope to see uou when i got to korea, whahh

  165. 165 : mitch Says:

    ..i love your role in SKK scandal.. your soooo cool and cute! (“,)

    best couple award huh??? hehehe

  166. 166 : mitch Says:

    … you’re so good in acting, how come you don’t have kdrama after SKK? we’re hoping to see you soon in kdrama or movies..
    keep it up!

  167. 167 : mitch Says:

    photos of YAI.. please include them in his photos..

    link 1
    link 2
    link 3
    link 4
    link 5
    link 6
    link 7

  168. 168 : Roopa Says:


  169. 169 : IianthreeAnty Says:

    I think he’s more handsome with long hair… 🙂

    Saranghae.. :*

  170. 170 : ides Says:

    he’s more handsome with long hair……he looks very coooooLLllll!

  171. 171 : Shine Says:

    Oppa i like ur l0ng hair in skk.. Ur so cute….. ^_^

  172. 172 : devi Says:

    I loves your smile and wait for you next drama, and plz be a leading cast coz your act so good….

  173. 173 : my korean drama: SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL | Says:

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    I love you so much & wish you to get a success in your actor life.

  177. 177 : maia Says:

    i really admire you..you have proven yourself and outperformed your talent better than we do. First saw you on Sungkyunkwan and this may not be the last time ill be watching you..hope to do good always and stay humble. best wishes..

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    So cute,0ppa saranghae.

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    hello there oppa..you captured me when i first saw you in sungkwunkwan scandal..your character there is very cool..after watching you I researched about you and watch some of your projects and you were very cool…i hope you will be given a lot of project this coming years always be carefull and be happy ..saranghae:)

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    Tangshin-i cho-a-yo B-) ,,

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    I was initially watching Sungkwunkwan Scandal because of micky but later changed my mind to vow for Yoo Ah In. Your acting was so good in Sungkwunkwan Scandal overshadow Mickey who was very stiff and don’t deserved to be a lead. And now, I’m watching Fashion King, the drama itself is addicting and unpredictable story line, thanks to you again Yoo Ah In for brilliant acting in FK.

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    When i Watched fashion king, i didn,t recognize that you were play in sungsukwan scandal. Because you look different in both drama. Good acting especially in fashion king. I could feel the pain in your heart that you lose little sister because of poverty. I could feel how much you care and miss since Lee Ga Young is not on your side anymore.

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    young gul oppa i jinjja jinjja like u in fashion king u so handsome n cute too… n i jinjja jinjja like ga young couple young gul oppa..heheh so sweet couple..heheh oppa fighting…saranghae <3 <3..

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    ..good bless and fighting…

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    Dear Yoo Ah In,

    i watched Fashion King because i saw you picture that you one of the leading actor facinated by the flow of the story n cried so hard when you die at the end of the drama series you don”t deserve to die you deserve to be happy in be with the girl you love i cried for 5 minutes ha ha ha my husband told me i am cazy he told me its only a drama i told him no i want that actor to be alive at the end of the story thats why i bought the cd…I really like your role in sungkyunkwan that ninja thing and being the bad boy scholar in n the end became a high official. i hope next time you will have a project to be the leading man not the supporting actor you deserve it because you have a talent , a great actor…

    Love Coco Philippines

  198. 198 : sonilex Says:

    Your acting skill is very good especially in Fashion king. You are handsome too figthing good luck!!!!!!!!!

  199. 199 : sonilex Says:

    Your acting skill is very good especially in Fasion king! Fighting! Good Luck! Saranghae <3 :))))

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  203. 203 : Haaheo Mansfield Says:

    Yoo Ah In’s character in Fashion King was compelling, causing me to watch every episode without fail. I did not understand the ending and quite frankly, I was miffed with it and felt the writers had let down their viewing audience. My limited experience with Korean story lines gave me the hope that his character would succeed, lose everything and then come away with lessons learned. I was not prepared for me, as a member of the viewing audience to learn the lesson that you don’t mess with wealthy people. I was hoping, instead, for redemption and lessons learned.

    I was very impressed with Yoo Ah In’s acting skills. I thought he played the role very well and completely won over by his character, so much so, I was rooting him on, wishing all the best for his life….oh well.

  204. 204 : rayhana Says:

    love yoo ah in at sungkyunkwan scandal..i’m your big fans…wishing u all the best

  205. 205 : Firenze Fernandez Says:

    I really appreciate the very realistic and natural acting of Yoo Ah In! aside from the fact that his very good looking! o hope to get to watch more in other fantastic Korean movies and dramas! FIGHTING!!!

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    I never thought that the lad in the man who can’t marry is him!!!!He is so amazing in all his role.He delivered it nicely.He’s a versatile actor.I wish that he’ll make a romance-comedy series and hope he’ll be invited in the go dream team in KBS . Looking forward in to it.. So positive me!!!!
    God Bless!!!

  210. 210 : pontpontcho Says:

    I love you

  211. 211 : shey Says:

    i like you in your long hair

  212. 212 : fuzee Says:

    Honestly I think he was at his best in chilwu the mighty . He was good at both the roles as assasin and a noble man . I think Hueksan should have ended up with the main actress. We can feel the chemistry between them . But anyway I hope he will have more roles that will explore the romantic side of him. Definitely love him. All the best Yoo Ah In

  213. 213 : marie louise ramos Says:

    haits here in philippines ur not popular.. but still u are my no.1 idol i wish that u read my messages..

  214. 214 : marie louise ramos Says:

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    I do really like your acting in fashion king. You looked naturally, yet you played the role well. You’re such a great actor.

    Though, the story goes well but it ruined at the end. I really felt bad with the ending, why it has to be like that? So, i just hope there would be Fashion King 2.

    Still, you’re the best actor, a good looking guy with a cute smile.

    take care always , stay healthy…. and fighting…

    Macky (from Phil.)

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    love his voice.

  222. 222 : Zara Says:

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    im a fan 🙂 cant wait to watch your newest drama of 2013

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    Wow! Just finished shooting the movie “Tin Head” and now the new drama “JOJ Lives in Love” ,must be exhausted for you. Do looking after yourself Mr Yoo. Love you and can’t wait to see you as King Sukjong, AJA!!

  230. 230 : '0m0' Says:

    Your new drama will be the first on my list to watch, sir! You Royal Highness!! 🙂
    King Sukjong^^ FIGHTING!!

  231. 231 : Zara Says:

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    Love your guileless smile & free spirit^^ would do indeed with this happy virus!!
    Yoo Ah In..[AJA]⤴

  242. 242 : ritapraise...from NIGERIA Says:


  243. 243 : bb Says:

    You have a great talent, love you as Crown Prince Yi Soon <3<3<3

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    I’ve admired you after watching Sungkyunkwan scandal. You’re one of the few Korean actors with strong charisma on screen. I hope to see you in another korean drama material, perhaps in romantic drama. You’re a great actor and I am sure that a lot of good things will come your way.

  249. 249 : bb Says:

    Love to share Yoo Ah-in


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    Yoo Ah-in! You look so gorgeous in GEEK Magazine♡♡♡

  252. 252 : bb Says:

    This is a young YAI , his first drama “Sharp 1” (2004)

  253. 253 : norma esquillo Says:

    when i see you in Mighty chill Woo, you look cary but later You became a great actor. wish you got the best actor this time. just do it.

  254. 254 : stellaz Says:

    You’re working hard (physical and mental) at Jung Ok Jung, live in love, and lost 7 kg. Do take care, love you. “YooAh-in” Fighting!!

  255. 255 : Nickhdongsung Says:

    i really love Jung Ok Jung drama.

  256. 256 : bb Says:

    Yoo Ah In: Magazine Inside Movie ♥♥♥

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    Hello Yoo ah. I ‘m from the UK. I’m your big fun. Since I saw you in the fashion king I can’t sleep all I think about is you. I think I going crazy over u. Can I have ur num?thank u for the character u’re playing in JOJ.ur acting is perfect.press on sweetie. Waiting for u number . Luv u

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    really love joj.

  259. 259 : Una Says:

    If you love Yoo Ah In (Yoo Ain) vote once per day at http://kpopdrama.info/kstaren50
    Let’s raise him!

  260. 260 : yulliEAnne Says:

    nice guy….

    love yu so much YAI…

  261. 261 : Sosohno Says:

    Is it just me but I find Ah In’s chin to be so sexy and oh soooooooooo kissable! He just oozes sex appeal. Hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!!!111

  262. 262 : bb Says:

    can’t wait for your new movie “Kangchulie/Tough As Iron”

  263. 263 : aminat Says:

    i like your acting keep it up

  264. 264 : macky Says:

    yai is really amazing versatile actor. As a viewer, i can really appreciate his acting. You can really play your role well no matter what character is given to you, and that’s yai… I really like your acting in jang ok jung…amazing, really great… keep it up. good luck.

  265. 265 : Bella Says:

    You’re a amazing young actor. Jang OK Jung is amazing and all thanks to your great ability to portrait the amazing King Sook Jong’s . I hope you all the great success in your acting career. Hope to see more from you… take good care. Keep up the amazing work…***************Cheers Toronto, Canada***********************Biggest fan***********************

  266. 266 : Milan Says:

    I LOVE U*****************super handsome *******************love your acting in Jang OK Jung***********************Director, pls make more drama for Yoo Ah In**********************Great actor*********

  267. 267 : Lina Says:

    Yoo Ah In очень талантливый актёр! Выражение его эмоций на лице просто потрясающее! Огромное удовольствие смотреть его во всех сериалах! И он по настоящему очень симпатичный, невероятно обаятельный, и с прекрасной улыбкой! Режиссёры, пожалуйста, мы хотим больше видеть этого прекрасного актёра в новых сериалах, особенно драматических.

  268. 268 : destiny Says:

    do no how much i hate you for the role you played in jang ok jung, i hate you for that simple fact that you hate woman because of her father,can someone choose her father? can you choose the family you want to be born into? i hate men like you,how can you make a woman you dont love but have to be with you so misreable at least a little care will do,you too bad and awfull too wicked

  269. 269 : princessa Says:

    sunkyungkwan.. i always had a hard time telling this word until now…hahhahhah..but its definitely a great korean series ever. this is the first time i got curious over you “yoo ah in”.i was really amazed and fond of your acting over that sunkyungkwan..you did a good job. at this point of time, im now a fan of yours. im also watching your past drama series and i’d love watching those. i’d really like your chin- one of the best asset you have. i’m looking forward for your more korean dramas and movies soonest. hope you can visit the Philippines and UAE also. thank you for making your fans smile. keep it up. Godbless

  270. 270 : princess Says:

    My gorgeous n super handsome Yoo Ah In….do u know u r one of my top fav actor….I’ve seen S.scandal but I luv u more in JoJ ur acting was superb,u r such an amazing talent….kit it up ok!I couldn’t watch F.king,cuz I read tru d comments dat ur character died,my heart won’t b able 2 take it,I’m an emotional person n I luv hpy endings,I dnt knw why k writers kill off characters….cried lyk a baby when Kth’s character died in JoJ…. (Though I read dat itz true life story)wish u lots of success in ur upcoming drama (secret luv affair)muaaaah *hugz* :))

  271. 271 : princess Says:

    *couldn’t take my eyes off u while I was watchin JOJ,u were so irresistble n charming….ur performance was awesome….thumbs up 2 u!!

  272. 272 : princess Says:

    *couldn’t take my eyes off u while I was watchin JOJ,u were so irresistble n charming….ur performance was awesome….thumbs up 2 u!! I luv ur voice. 🙂

  273. 273 : abhiru Says:

    love you in scandle saungkyunkwan!!! <3

  274. 274 : poorni Says:

    we love u very much.we have watched the sungkyunkwan scandal broadcasted in our country & the jang ok jung. u are very handsome in those dramas. so we wish u every step in your life….

  275. 275 : dj Says:

    is there anyone here who knows where can i download the movie of yoo ah in “shims family”, tv shows “april kiss” and “shi eun and soo ha” ???? i am currently searching all his movies and series. hope you can help me

  276. 276 : Dilini deepika Says:

    I love u soooo much….

  277. 277 : Dilini deepika Says:

    We have watched the sungkyunkwan scandal..
    U r very handsome,hope to see more from u..
    Good luck..
    Love u soooo much..

  278. 278 : Mahla Du Aime Says:

    Je’t aime oppa…

  279. 279 : Natasha Says:

    Your Very Good Acting

  280. 280 : Yura Says:

    I saw you with Jung Yumi in a cafe!! lol.. I start to love this couple..

  281. 281 : tharu Says:

    gollo,you are a handsome tree climber and you are soooooooooo lovely. you know what you are handsome than yong ha.[don’t tell it to him.because i like him too]i think GOLLO is the suitable name for you.but you are so angrible boy know.i’m afraid to you but i like you sooooooooooooooooo much. you are the ‘dream boy’ in my world!!!!!!!!!! can you come to sri lanka to visit your dream girls pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese gollo can you? i like to see you from my own eyes.please come to sri lanka there so many girls who like you.

  282. 282 : CoolBeans Says:

    I cannot wait for his next drama! His performance in Jang Ok Jung was my favorite until Secret Love Affair where he nailed it! I am a fan for life!!!

  283. 283 : uggie Says:

    Yoo Ah In…keren banget jd Raja di Jang ok Jung… I love Yoo Ah In b’coz macho n sexi.. Sayang kata’y Yoo Ah In dah mau wamil ya…

  284. 284 : minimai Says:


  285. 285 : uggie Says:

    Just cameo in Discovery of Romance….

  286. 286 : esp Says:

    Yoo Ah In what an awesome actor!!!!..after watching secret love affair i’m even a bigger fan now!! hope he has more drama coming up as lead actor….

  287. 287 : bb Says:

    Yoo Ah In 🙂 “Veteran” Appear @ The 68th Cannes Film Festival.
    And Veteran will be screening at the Cannes Film Festival International Market on May 16.

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    Yoo ah in is so cute, has such a sexy chin and lips.. I think you are more charming in hanbok costume. Looking forward for ur next saeguk drama 😚

  302. 302 : tigerb Says:

    just want to say that he deserves all the awards and accolades for his portrayal of prince sado in ‘the throne’. i first noticed him in ssks, this guy is talented!

  303. 303 : hayden Says:

    i felt something after watching six flying dragons . I was jaw drop cuz of ur acting . keep movin’ forward Bang Won(Yo Ah In) i’m your fan from myanmar

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    […] Yoo Ah In as Han Se Joo Im Soo Jung as Jeon Seol Go Kyung Pyo as Yoo Jin Oh Kwak Si Yang as Baek Tae Min […]

  305. 305 : HKlady Says:

    I like you since Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Your are gifted with acting. However, you have made 2 bad choices on drama, Fashion King and Chicago Typewriter. I am looking forward to your new projects before you are enlisted.

  306. 306 : ArtAdmirer Says:

    For me, YAI is still number 1 of 50 top men WE LOVED, LOVE, WILL LOVE. YAI has it all, beauty, brains, and personality.

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