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Yoo Gun

Name: 유건 / Yoo Gun / Yoo Goon / Yoo Geon
Real name: Jo Jung Ik
Nickname: U Gun (by his agency)
Profession: Actor, singer and model
Birthdate: 1983-Jan-21
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Talent agency: Sim Entertainment
Education: Seoul Performing Arts College (Broadcasting Entertainment major)
Kpop group: OPPA

TV Series

365: Repeat The Year (MBC, 2020)
I Wanna Hear Your Song (KBS2, 2019)
The Last Empress (SBS, 2018)
Sweet Enemy (SBS, 2017)
Dr. Frost (OCN, 2014)
Yoo Na’s Street (JTBC, 2014)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
Sincerity Moves Heaven (KBS1, 2013)
That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS, 2013)
Texas Hit (KBS2, 2010)
Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)
I Can’t Stop (MBC, 2009)
Fight (TVN, 2008)
Bad Couple (SBS, 2007)
Hello, God (KBS, 2006)
Something About 1% (MBC, 2003)


Insane (2016)
Where are To Go? (2013)
My Mighty Princess (2008)
Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K (2007)
Project Makeover / Go Go Sister (2006)
Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)

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  1. 1 : myat noe aye Says:

    I am from myanmar.I used to watch your korean series.You tried to become good actor.

  2. 2 : Fana Says:

    Everything about U Gun here

  3. 3 : Celesta Says:

    Hello there, I’m from singapore. It’s really nice to watch one of your show call Hello God.I do feel touching after all and you are really a great actor. Keep it up i’ll will support you alway. Just remember stay smile all the time becoz ur smile do make my day happy feeling after all haha…..(^_^)

  4. 4 : Celesta Says:

    Hello there, I’m from singapore. It’s really nice to watch one of your show call Hello God.I do feel touching after all and you are really a great actor. Keep it up i’ll support you alway. Just remember stay smile all the time becoz ur smile do make my day happy feeling after all haha…..(^_^)

  5. 5 : Pamella Says:

    hei im Pamella from Malaysia, I am watching Hello god now and I am loving it! Its nice to see movie about different ideas. Ambition is always a good thing, but we need more that ambition to live our life to the fullest…. This is a hearts warming movie and I would be laying if I said i didnt Cry a bucket as I was watching it. Well done you were perfect for the role!though my daughter thinks you are too handsome to play such a role 🙂

    P/s: you have a great smile!

  6. 6 : sexy4yennie Says:

    i watched 1 % of Anything
    but i didn’t look him……
    where i went…..

  7. 7 : maylee Says:

    hi!ur performance in hello GOD is really good!u dnt only look good but,4 me ur a certified good actor…pls.continue being 1..

  8. 8 : maylee Says:

    hi!ur perfomance in HELLO GOD is really good!4 me u dnt just look good but,ur a certified good actor also…pls.continue being 1..

  9. 9 : gemini Says:

    I was able to watch your HELLO GOD kdrama and enjoyed it. You did a remarkable performance… impressed me with your characterization. The role was quite complicated…one that requires a grasp of real and effective acting ability. You are very good looking. I hope that you would once again star in series with good stories and costars so that your acting would be further enhanced. Congratulations for your first series and i look forward to seeing more of you in kseries. Good Luck!

  10. 10 : Viancis Says:

    he is definitely the reason i watched Hello God..

  11. 11 : brooke Says:

    i like you in hello god!!!to those who makes him sick…..ill smack you off(why not you ugly bitches!!!)
    dont worry about them cutie pie cuz ur ssssssssooooooooooo cuuuuuuuute for me dont mind them cuz they are ugly!!!

  12. 12 : Kristal Says:

    Annyong! Hello god is currently being shown here in the philippines to and even though the idea of making a mentally challenged person to a genius is not possible yet, I am still able to relate with the series. I like how the drama emphasize on values regarding life and finding genuine happiness. Of course, Yoon Gun is one of the reasons why I’m watching the series to. He’s definitely one of the most handsome korean actors today and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in our tv sets soon. Good luck yoon gun if you could read this!

  13. 13 : jenn Says:

    hi naku yoo gun, you make me go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love hello god xo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the story makes me go hilarius

    sana may kopya na nyan sa DVD

    para one 2 sawa q sya panoorin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    un lng

    luv u!!!!!! (”-)

  14. 14 : jean Says:

    October 5, 1990.
    Bulacan, Bulacan, Philippines

    hey yoo gun… youre so cute… hello god is one of the good and beautiful koreandrama…

  15. 15 : may Says:

    heLLo god is now @ the philippines… and the filipinos loves the show on its 2nd week here… yoo gun was so cute… hope he can come here at the philippines…

  16. 16 : monica Says:

    ur so cute

  17. 17 : monica Says:


  18. 18 : bruce Says:

    im an avid viewer of your kdrama hello god.. been watching since i saw it on one of our cable channels (KBS) and eversince that i’ve watching it eventhough it is shown at around 3am here in the philippines. eventhough i dont understand the language that the actors speak lucky for me it has an english subtitle.. hahaha.. so just imagine waking at 3am and try to read the english subtitle w/ a very small font hehehe.. thats what you call dedication!! i really liked the storyline of hello god because its quite different from what is usually shown here in the philippines.. and of course you did an impressive acting in this kdrama. hope you could visit our country.. and stay!! Lol!!

  19. 19 : chacha Says:

    hai… i come from indonesia and i have watched you drama Hello God and I really love that drama so much and you too of course

  20. 20 : sianne Says:

    I really really love you so much….

  21. 21 : joanna & sondi alyza Says:

    hi yoo gun your so cute u know,i really love u as a actor,model,and singer u know why coz we are your no.1fan

  22. 22 : joanna & sondi alyza Says:

    eow?were from philippines,we watch your kdrama hello god and u know bagay kayo ni kim ok bin sana maging kayo in real life he he he were just kidding ha ha ha we love u i hope u will visit in our love country philippines i wait you………..your so cute talaga grabe kaka in lovE!!!

  23. 23 : yanyan Says:

    hi jo jung ik.. im from philippines,
    i really love ur drama in hello god..
    and ur really handsome too..
    oh, i really wish that u’ll visit our country..
    thanks so much 4 ur smile… smile always!
    god bless u!! tc!

  24. 24 : Lindaa Says:

    hmm do U gun realli get dis ?? i doubt it he’s probly bzy or has bettur things 2 do … aniwaiisz ill give it a tryy lol to start thingsz off i liked ur drama hello mr. god it was good n adorable n so is ur smile but im sure u kno dat. hope u starr in som more drama’s lik dat …

  25. 25 : Valerie Says:

    het there! i’m from the philippines, recently, I just finish watching your series. It was great! I love it! I can say your a good actor, you performed well and I enjoyed the movie! I’m looking forward to your new project hope we can watch it here… God Bless!

  26. 26 : chicosci vampiregurl_kai Says:

    hei yoogun uknow wat crush ka ng mama ko hhahahha !hope ull visit here…..philiphines….thanks ang more career 2 come…

  27. 27 : nhold Says:

    nyongaseyo! hello dude! its amazing that uve created a series that shows about increasing the IQ level of a person. but its not possible in the real life. i always watched ur show but unfortunately i didnt watched it from the very beginning, and today will be the last episode. i hope ur network will send us here in Manila, Philippines more or ur drama shows. more power

  28. 28 : jho17 Says:

    you’re great just continue to smile, coz everbody falls for you,..

  29. 29 : suzette Says:

    Hi Yoo GEOn, I have watched the drama Bad Couple, your so georgous and so handsome out there!!! I wish you will visit the Philippines someday so we could see you in person. God Bless you always and Hope to see more of you…..

  30. 30 : rolgin Says:

    UR SO CUTE U gun WE LOVE you from the philippines, good luck qand more poWER OK and kim ok bin is so beautiful….rolgin in cebu city in philippines i love you charline villahermosa….

  31. 31 : rolgin Says:

    U GUN we love you in the philippines ok im rolgin on cebu city i love you charline villahermosa….kim ok bin sooo cute we love you hello,god….

  32. 32 : mhiduel navarro Says:

    hello!i am mhiduel….i dont think if this thing is embarrassing but i hope that u could appreciate this…i love your korean series Hello God that series definitely touch my heart…most of all is Yoo Gun is my no.1 crush…next time i can speak korean but now i am too shy…bye..bye…

  33. 33 : Fan of Yoo Geon Says:

    YooGeon (aka JO JUNG IK) is loved by all !! ^ ^

    Join us with your thoughts & comments @

    Soompi.com >

    YooGeonFanClub > http://www.soompi.com/fanclub/yoo_geon_u_gun

  34. 34 : jazza Says:

    i just finished watching hello god. i’m from the philippines. i really cry watching your drama.

    omg..i have watched 1% of anything and i didn’t notice you..i really hated myself bcoz of that..i didin’t notice you..

    anyway your a really good actor…

    a wish you could star again in another kseries.. 😀

  35. 35 : shyblue Says:

    Hello! youre so cute Yoo Geon, you are one of the hottest male actor in Korea that I ever known together with Song il gook. Ilove you both. Hope I can see you in person and more dramas to watch…

  36. 36 : vhinah Says:

    annyoung yoo gun.,, sarang ye.,, keep up the good work and take care.,, vhina from philippines.,,

  37. 37 : devin Says:

    you were too cool in hello god…it just sucks that the series isn’t getting any recognition…it is really good…^_^
    hope to see you soon in a new series.

  38. 38 : myra Says:

    helo..i’m from malaysia.i really admire you.can i get your e-mail please???

  39. 39 : myra Says:

    helo………i’m from malaysia.i really admire you.can i get your e-mail please???

  40. 40 : elizabeth Says:

    Hello…I’m from Indonesia,at Yogyakarta my beautiful province.I watching your drama…”HELLO GOD!”…I can watching this by borrow…hehehehe…but, I think I will buy this DVD by myself, because the story(especially Yoo Gun/Jo Jung Ik)you can show like Haru is a really you…then I can take much lesson…how to love and care someone that you love,always be honest,never give up to face this life,and you also smiling for another people.Hm,…I just want to know Yoo Gun personality more,…Btw…YOU ARE A GOOD ACTOR,hope that you’ll be a good man too.OK?…”Annyonghaseo,…Elizabeth imnita…kam zam ta…” GBU

  41. 41 : wenny Says:

    hi,i’m from vietnam.i’ve watched ur film:”HELLO GOD”.I think you’re really the best actor.Try ur best and i always support U GUN.YOO GUN-my love:D

  42. 42 : oznblue Says:

    I’m currently watching Hello God & this is the first drama series I’ve seen of you & you’re great! You’re so handsome & your skin is flawless! You’re a great actor too! I hope you do more projects soon! Sarang!

  43. 43 : sandy122 Says:

    yoon gun you are a real singer and I love your songs very much

  44. 44 : mhiduel navarro Says:

    hi its me again………..i miss u so much…sarang homnida….

  45. 45 : vhinah Says:

    di na ba masusundan yung hello god.,,??
    kamusta ka na??
    si kim ok bin.,, kamusta rin.,,

  46. 46 : gheneva Says:

    sana may part 2 pa yung hello god..,,
    ui ligawan mo naman si kim ok bin..,,
    maganda naman sya eh!!
    hehehe!! joke lang poh
    ang ganda pala ng role moh sa hello god..,,!!
    yun lang ang masasabi koh!!

  47. 47 : kim jae ha Says:

    he doesn’t look like a korean after all…

  48. 48 : pema Says:

    i m from bhutan and i like u very much. hope u will visit bhutan. i hav seen u in showbiz extra yesterday and i really found u good looking and cute. hope u will be in many movies. i m looking forward 4 it.

  49. 49 : Aren Longchar Says:

    Hi, I’m from India and i like to watch Korean dramas and movies though i don’t understand Korean, thank God for the English sub-titles..!!..Its been some months ago since i had watched Hello God, and i think Yoo Gun’s acting was remarkable and very intense …I would love to watch more movies and dramas from him. Keep up the good work and looking forward for more…God Bless!!

  50. 50 : Annie Says:

    hi,……….please keep up your acting.

  51. 51 : dats Says:

    im a fan..keep up olweiz…

  52. 52 : ZHANAT Says:

    i think you are very talented actor. you are very handsome but you have something that i cannot explain. wish to get good roles and wish luck.

  53. 53 : Ainura Says:

    Знаете я из Казахстана!!! Простая девушка!!! Хочу стать актрисой или певицой!!У меня есть свои песни но я бы хотела создать группу!!я Обожаю корейские сериалы!!! Особенно Здраствуйте,у Бога.Особенно я влюбилась в Ю Гана!!! он такой милый,что я прям таю увидя его!!!! хочу сказать, что я желаю ему всего самого наилучшего!!! Жениться на той девушке которую он полюбит и будет всю жизнь с ней!!!!! Желаю,чтоб он стал самым известным актером в мире!!!

  54. 54 : Venera Says:

    мда единомышленников здесь всего 53, где же все?

  55. 55 : Aizhan Says:

    Hi,OPPA!!!Im your fan from Kazakhstan.I like your drama hello God.its very interesting and also romantic.Go ahead!!!

  56. 56 : Cassandra Says:

    I’m from singapore, just finish watching “hello god”, find out that you acts quite well, keep it up. “Best Wishes to you”. Most importance “Live happily”.

  57. 57 : Nikola R Tormon Says:

    I’ve just finished watching your movie “ROAD FIGHT”. You look cool and boring handsome dude… I don’t much like violent movie but watching you act with a pathetic partner is something I can’t bear, not match whatever angle I look at I can’t understand why she is your partner. Hay…. anyway goodluck you’re going far to success… Keep smiling you look dashling!!!

  58. 58 : Yoon Says:

    Yoo , I like your style and you ‘re very attractive to me . let me be one of your fans forever . May you have good luck in your future .

  59. 59 : C.J. Says:

    This is the first time that i write to superstar. I really mean it. I’m yours a new fan from Thailand. Firsttime, I saw u from the Cable T.V.
    I was staring at your face course u look like my ex- boyfriend (Ofcaurse u r better than him) and surprise me more course your name ,”Day”,in Hello God, is the same as him.
    U did it well. Good Actor! Hope to see your new TV Series very soon

  60. 60 : [email protected] Says:

    i watch the Hello God drama series(KBS World).. wow
    You are great actor with good looking(extraBonus) hehe..

  61. 61 : Lee Ching, Chin Says:

    Hello! Yoo Gun,

    I am from Malaysia. I am so happy to watch the drama call “Hello God!” Although, I am not so sactified the ending part, but your true love in this drama really very touching me. in true life, when can i find my true love…… I became crazy and watching this drama for second time woooo….

    Wishing you all the best & hoping that can watch your good movie/drama again in future.

    Take care yah.

  62. 62 : Ida Says:

    Hello Yoo Gun,

    I’m Ida from Sarawak, Malaysia. i watch the Hello God drama series. Congrates! it such a great drama…
    Wishing you all the best & May God bless u..

  63. 63 : zurumi Says:

    Hi Yoo geun..zurumi desu!
    I’ve watched Hello God and that movie keeping me mellow for 4 days. I couldn’t forget its sensation after finishing that movie. It making me crazy and I almost couldn’t differentiate that movie and reality. I kept thinking how the story will continue even though that movie itself has finished. Oya, Before I watched Hello God, I’ve read the novel that become the inspiration of the movie, Flowers for Algernon. And my reaction is just the same, I cried everytime I think about Haru’s life.
    Hello God is such a very beautiful, romantic, and touching drama. Yoo geun also is a great actor and I loved to see you being paired with Kim Ok Bin. You are such a very match couple. Now you two become my greatest Korean Idol..Great Job!^^

  64. 64 : Anna uy Says:

    I am a huge fan Mr. Yoo Gun, you’re very great actor!, and i love Ms. Kim Ok Bin, both of u are very very suite, i wish to see u guys another movie.

  65. 65 : zofie Says:

    I am agreed with Zhanat..you have a something that can’t be explained.. it is like a mistery..many peoples are handsome, but you are different..the light at your eyes and your smile is unexplainable..i try to not sleep at very late night to watch your movie,Hello God, eventhough I was sick last time..but i guess, your eye’s light comes from your warm heart..keep success U Gun and be a good actor for us, always..!! I like Ms. Kim Ok Bin too..her personality shows that she is trustable and honest girl!! Good to see u both in that movie… !! ^_^

  66. 66 : chaimoon Says:

    You have the IT, the X FACTOR, you just got it! You are so YUMMY!

  67. 67 : jessica Says:

    Hi Yoo Gun, I am a mother of 7 years old boy. And I still love to watch your movie
    Hello God. You looked so amazing and pure on that movie.
    Keep a good work and good luck for your future. Hugs

  68. 68 : jessica Says:

    Hi Yoo Gun, one question for you 🙂
    Are you korean? Coz u don’t look like one.
    answer me pls, byeee

  69. 69 : dania wang Says:

    hiii yoo gun…
    i liked wacthing ur drama and movies…
    everything about u i liked…
    hello god,bad couple,my mighty princess,go go sister..
    u r the best…
    please reply….

  70. 70 : dania wang Says:

    hii yoo gun …
    i like u drama n movies…
    hello god,go go sister,my mighty princess…
    please reply…

  71. 71 : dania wang Says:

    hiii yoo gun…
    i like u drama n movies..
    hello god,go go sister,my mighty princess..
    everything about u i liked..
    please reply..

  72. 72 : Динара Says:

    Привет!!!! нет слов ОБАЖАЮ ТЕБЯ!!!!!!!!!! ЧМОКИ

  73. 73 : Zhanar Says:

    Hi! My name is Zhanar! Iknow you are one of the well-known actor in the world, so i’m interested in if you answer to all questions of your fans. I start knowing you from the film “Hello God”. It was very wonderful. I wish you were one of the top . Go ahead!!!!))))))) i”m looking forward to hearing from you, certainly if it is possible.

  74. 74 : tira Says:

    hai u gun.. i’m from malaysia.. i enjoy wacthing HELLO GOD.. you are very talented and handsome guy. i hope you can visit malaysia ahaks. pls reply

  75. 75 : jannati Says:

    hye…yoo gun…i’m your fan from malaysia..i’m very enjoy watching your movie..especially my mighty princess but i’m still confius…because the ending of the story is hanging.i’m not sure KANG So-hwi will be fallen in love with u character or Ilyoung.
    errmmm….did this movie have been continue??thank you..

  76. 76 : jonell santos Says:

    yobo seyo mr. yoo gun i’m ur #1 fun here in the philippines i like your tv series ‘hello god’ i love your role it’s verry convincing that you are a retarted you know what you can win a best actor for that role.i hope you will have a lot of projects so that your fans all over the world would be happy,dont feel melancholy just remember we are here your fans owkey.

  77. 77 : jangmi Says:

    Hope not too late to wish you a happy birthday! May you have many dreams fullfilled and hope to see you more on MVs or drama…

  78. 78 : jewelyn n jonell Says:

    belated hapi b-day hope u dont mind, let me think of it ur past b-day was very hapi right? i hope ur wish will come true. ingat!!take care!!!

  79. 79 : whomy Says:

    happy belated birthday!
    we share a birth date, this is awesome..
    i just knew it today 😉
    i always wonder who’s had a same birth date with me…
    and is cool to find that is YOU 😉

  80. 80 : hesoka Says:

    ohh unfortunatly..:(
    today i just knew tht ur birthdat 2day …no broblem i will
    celebtate it next year u r such quite ..awesome singer
    love ya S2…..:)

  81. 81 : jonell santos Says:

    mr.? how r you ? i hope if u have a time u can visit here in philippines. at this time the kpop are so popular in our country. i know that u can sing i hope you will have a solo album. that’s it always take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82 : lovrly Says:

    youre very handsome and cool,i love all your dramas and movies like u very much

  83. 83 : Liliya Says:

    hello, how are you U Gun? i love you

  84. 84 : kai li Says:

    안녕! Oppa, please come visit your fans here in the Philippines, Pretty please… 고맙습니다!! 사랑합니다!!

  85. 85 : ecol Says:

    happy b’day ^^

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  88. 88 : inhae Says:

    am I the only one who thinks he looks a bit like won bin?

  89. 89 : Dr. Frost (닥터 프로스트) | styrn Says:

    […] Kang Jin Wook Kim Ga Young as Da Rae Yeo Eui Joo as Young Ho Song Jong Ho as Moon Sung Hyun Yoo Gun as Bae Doo Han Kim Bup Rae as Park Do Chul Lee Si Won as Song Sul (Song Sun’s younger […]

  90. 90 : Maja Says:

    It is nice to see you in your new drama sweet enemy… Soo handsome… I hope to see you in more dramas to come…

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