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Yoo Ji Tae

Yoo Ji Tae 02

Name: 유지태 / Yoo Ji Tae (Yu Ji Tae)
Date of birth: 1976-Apr-13
Profession: Actor, Model, Director
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 74kg
Blood type: AB
Education: Hwee Moon High School, Dan Kook University, currently pursuing graduate studies in cinematography at Joong Ahng University
Family: Wife/actress Kim Hyo Jin


The Bike Boy (short film, 2003)
How Does the Blind Dream? (short film, 2005)
Out of My Intention (short film, 2008)
Invitation (short film, 2009)
A Boy Dreams of Sansevieria (2012)

TV Series

When My Love Blooms (tvN, 2020)
Different Dreams (MBC, 2019)
Jugglers (KBS2, 2017)
Mad Dog (KBS2, 2017)
The Good Wife (tvN, 2016)
Healer (KBS2, 2014)
Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008)
Love Story (SBS, 1999)


Money (2019)
Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)
The Swindlers (2017)
Split (2016)
The Great Actor (2016)
The Tenor – Lirico Spinto (2014)
Human Trust (2013)
Sansevieria (2012)
Midnight FM (2010)
Secret Love (2009)
Hello School Girl (2008)
Hwang Jini (2007)
Trace of Love (2006)
Ddukbang (2006)
Running Wild (2005)
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)
Antarctic Journal (2005)
Woman is the Future of Man (2004)
Old Boy (2003)
Natural City (2003)
Into the Mirror (2003)
One Fine Spring Day (2001)
Libera Me (2000)
The Horror Game Movie Nightmare (2000)
Ditto (2000)
Attack the Gas Station! (1999)
Bye June (1998)

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  3. 3 : Salwa Says:

    You really have good command of how you control your features to suit the rule you are playing. Love your acting skills and your emotional expressions. Good luck with your next movie.

  4. 4 : grcnat Says:

    soooo suaveee

  5. 5 : marie Says:

    the name yoo jae tae wins my admiration as one of korea’s best actor when i watched korean drama star’s lover. he has good chemistry with choi ji woo and i find them very good in every episode of the drama.

    keep up the good work yoo jae tae. you deserve to be admired as an actor.

  6. 6 : Enri Says:

    I WOULD SAY ONE OF THE UNIQUE ACTOR IN KOREA! dang his expression so amazing in every episode. I’M STUCK ON YOUR DRAMA hooray!!!

  7. 7 : EM Says:

    I thought you were one of rare talented actor! I truly enjoyed watching Star’s Lover. You looked very natural and had a great chemistry with Choii Woo.

  8. 8 : chen Says:

    star lover is a good fantastic drama. it is because of yoo ji tae and choi ji woo who are a perfect pair. kudos to ji tae you performed well and you deserve to have an award with your character as chulso. please be with ji woo again in a movie or in real life as her husband? you are a perfect match to ji woo.

  9. 9 : chay Says:

    I got notice your acting in Ditto which is featured in arirang tv few yeryears back and I never know your name. Last week I really enjoy watching Star’s Lover online.You are great, you give justice to the role. Your acting is flawless and very natural. Although the role is familiar but it really suited for you. Keep up the good work… hope to see you more both in films and drama.

  10. 10 : chay Says:

    I got notice your acting in Ditto which is featured in Arirangtv few years back. I really enjoy Star’s Lovers . Your acting is flawless and very natural as if the role is made just for you. Although the role is very familiar, you give justice to the role. You and Ms. Choi has a good chemistry. Keep up the good work. hope to see more films and drama.

  11. 11 : Opasan Says:

    You are an amazing actor.
    You are a very talented star. please keep up with your good work.
    This opasan have broke her records by watched Star’s lover more than not one, not two, but three times repeatingly… may be one more time.

    I have booked my family a winter trips on coming winter because of this Korean fever… hope can our korean actor Ji Tae in person.

    Wishing you more and more popular and famous in time to come.
    Is there a fan club for Yoo Ji Tae that we can join?

  12. 12 : Lumi Says:

    I was impresssed by Yoo Ji Tae’s acting in the movie SCHOOL GIRL (2009).

    So far I’ve only seen him act in this movie and in STAR’s LOVER. I’ll make it a point to see everything else that he’s been in.

    YJT is not only handsome, ut a very good actor.

  13. 13 : eugene Says:

    You’re so ugly. You know what I’m really really hate you.

  14. 14 : melody Says:

    People always says beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. i guess same for this case. I enjoyed watching Star’s Lover. His acting skills is really great! He really expressed the character’s feelings very well. So naturally expressed too. The pair up of Choi Ji woo and Yoo Ji tae is a good one. I am going to watch more shows he has acted in.

  15. 15 : [email protected] Says:

    oppa sarane you know quran book read please send me

  16. 16 : bella Says:

    he is……….good:)

  17. 17 : wazabi Says:

    just gennyang…you really….gennyang’

  18. 18 : Fantasy Says:

    Yoo Ji Tae is indeed a great actor in Star Lover. The script, couple with the beautiful Cho Ji woo is just the show of the year! Just can’t watch enough of the show.

    Wish both Ji Tae and Ji Woo and Star Lover will get the awards for the year.

  19. 19 : ohj Says:

    another korean actor to admire for…. the first time i saw yoo ji tae is in star’s lover. he is good there, and the smile…..wow! so cute! another team up with choi ji woo, plssssssssssss.

  20. 20 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like YJT as the idol and he looks very cool.

  21. 21 : Rose T Says:

    Since I first saw Yoo Ji-Tae’s performance in ‘A STAR LOVER”, I’ve become a big fan of him. His portrayal of the role of a withdrawn, stubborn, and cold-hearted professor who tried hard to ignore his true feelings was simply fantastic. His emotions were clearly written on his face – the torment, confusion, and determination. But when he smile, wow! His face is very captivating. I was really captivated.

    I hope to see him star in more kdramas. He is simply one of the best actors in Korea. He’s now my no. 2 – next to Bae Yong Joon.

  22. 22 : lisa Says:

    You are a great actor and dedicated to acting. Good luck in your next project. I am sure your fans are looking forward to seeing you in your next movie/drama

  23. 23 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  24. 24 : crazeehazee Says:

    I have watched you in Star’s Lover and you portrayed the role really well. You speak very well (though I do not understand Korean), with intonation of your voice, and you act so natural.
    You had a great chemistry with Cho Ji Woo and you made the drama really excellent. Even though the drama didn’t rate very well (based on the published ratings here in the internet), the lead actors & protagonist portrayed the roles really good.
    With that, I firmly believe you are one of the excellent actors in Korea. Keep it up, Yoo Ji Tae. =) I hope you get to have more projects or tv dramas in the future. Or maybe make it to International Films. More Power.

  25. 25 : ji hann Says:

    i met you in Star’s Lovers and fall in love with you instantly! Love your acting! I’ve watched your other movies like, Midnight FM, Secret Love, Trace Of Love, One Fine Spring Day but i love you the most in Star’s Lovers. I was captivated by your smile! You are such a brilliant actor! Hope to see more of you!

  26. 26 : Amanda Says:

    met Ji-Tae Oppa in star’s lover! wonderful couple! the storyline is great & so sweet….! Will watch others movie, but drama series is only 2! So sad, hope to see Oppa acting more and more!

  27. 27 : annmasae Says:

    Love your role in Healer.
    You’re doing a great job.
    Keep up the good work.
    Hope to see you in more dramas.

  28. 28 : suheyla mustafa Says:

    hi I am from London I met you helar drama.your act is wonderfull,its so sad you have only two drama series.. hope to see you,acting more.you are graet best wishes..

  29. 29 : Tina Says:

    Yoo Ji Tae in the role of reporter Kim Moon Ho was excellent!
    He was like attentive father and reliable friend for Jung Hoo and Young Shin.

  30. 30 : Tina Says:

    Wish Yoo Ji Tae much more great films and intresting and kind roles!

  31. 31 : Korean Drama Review Healer | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Healer, Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho, Park Min Young as Chae Young […]

  32. 32 : ewi Says:

    i enjoyed Yoo Ji Tae acting on Healer.hope & wish he’ll be back with another project soon 🙂

  33. 33 : Seo Tae Ji - trondolo site - trondolo site Says:

    […] » yoo ji tae » korean actor & actress, » yoo ji tae » profile, biography, awards, picture info korean actors actresses. File Name : » Yoo Ji Tae » Korean Actor & Actress Source :star.koreandrama.org Download :» yoo ji tae » korean actor & actress […]

  34. 34 : omega florence Says:

    sooo handsome.Amazing actor.I loved how you showed love and care in healer.I hope you are like that in real life.

  35. 35 : CoolBeans Says:

    He always looks the tall, sophisticated business man type. He will do very well in his next drama, The Good Wife.

  36. 36 : The Good Wife Episode 3 | Drakor Sub Says:

    […] Hye Kyung (Jun Do Yun) who assumes responsibility for her family after her husband, Lee Tae Joon (Yoo Ji Tae) is thrown into prison after a very public scandal. Lee Tae Joon is a prosecutor with the Seoul […]

  37. 37 : Wine Says:


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    […] leads a team that investigates insurance fraud causes. Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) is a former detective, but he now works as a veteran insurance investigator. He leads a team that […]

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