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Name: 유승호 / Yoo Seung Ho
Nickname: Little So Ji Sub
Birthdate: 1993-Aug-17
Profession: Actor and model
Birthplace: South Korea
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Older sister
Made his debut in the 2000 MBC mini-drama “Fish Bones”
He appeared in Brown Eyes’ “Don’t Go, Don’t Go” MV alongside Lee Se Na.

TV Series

Ruler: Master of the Mask (MBC, 2017)
Remember – War of the Son (SBS, 2015)
Imaginary Cat (MBC every1, 2015)
Missing You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)
Arang and the Magistrate (MBC, 2012)
Operation Proposal (CSTV, 2012)
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011)
Flames of Ambition (MBC, 2010)
God of Study (KBS2, 2010)
You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009) cameo
Queen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009)
The King and I (SBS, 2007)
The Legend (MBC, 2007)
Alien Sam (2006)
Sad Love Song (MBC, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin (KBS1, 2004)
Sweet Buns (MBC, 2004)
Love Letter (MBC, 2003)
Daddy Fish (MBC, 2000)


Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016)
Joseon Magician (2015)
Fragments of Sweet Memories (2012)
Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild (2011)
Blind (2011)
City of Fathers (2009)
Fourth Period Murder Mystery (2009)
Unforgettable (2008)
My Teacher (2006)
Hearty Paws / Heart is… (2006)
Don’t Tell Papa (2004)
Happy (Ero) Christmas (2003)
The Way Home (2002)


2005: MARU Kid / 마루아이
2002: Afkilla Plus / 에프킬라 플러스
2000: Wheat Noodles / 햇국수, Ung Jin Ssing Kuh Bik / 웅진씽크빅, I-Brand / 아이북랜드
1999: 77016


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Genre) – Yoo Seung Ho (Remember)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Newcomer Award (Queen Seon Duk)
2007 South Korea Movie Awards: Best Young Actor
2007 Incheon International Design Paper: Heung Bo Dae Sa
2006 Korean Children’s Movie Awards: Heung Bo Dae Sa
2005 KBS Awards: Best Young Actor


He entered South Korean military on 2013-March-05 and will be discharged on 2014-December-04.

Related Photo

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297 Responses to “Yoo Seung Ho”

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  1. 201
    meemu Says:

    I love you seung ho oppa!!!

  2. 202
    Operation Proposal | Novelas Coreanas Says:

    […] Bae Ho (Yoo Seung Ho) and Ham Yi Seul (Park Eun Bin) have been best friends since elementary school. Baek Ho fell long […]

  3. 203
    adhe Says:

    yo seung ho, you’re so handsome. when i can meet you? love you so much

  4. 204
    VIANAi Says:


  5. 205
    Maria phil Says:

    Hi i hope that they will give you a break to make you as a lead star in a koreanovela. I really fell for your acting in I miss you! Kudos you did a good job! 🙂

  6. 206
    kylin Says:

    I first caught his acting in a drama (forgot the title) where he was a brash schoolboy with good supportive schoolmates, with a warm heart who loved his grandma dearly. I also liked him in another role in The King And I.

  7. 207
    htet htet Says:

    Seung ho ya… saranghae. ^_^.
    I will be waiting for u.

  8. 208
    Yoo Ni Says:

    Oppa…I love you!! ><

  9. 209
    Charot Says:

    super cutie!!! so young like my kid 🙂

  10. 210
    ruth mera Says:

    Te amo Oppa!! seung ho bogoshipo

  11. 211
    yaungzin Says:

    be safe in army!!!” waiting 4 u ,seung ho <3

  12. 212
    Ronnie Rose Says:

    I miss u so much
    I can’t help thinking about u after watching “I MISS YOU” ;
    worrying u So if u have a little time ,show or send ur activities either photos or video even it’s short period
    Seung ho ,I always love u ,Fighting

  13. 213
    ESP Says:

    Great acting in “i miss you” even though you acted as the bad guy i still wanted you to get the girl…so i’m devastated when she went for the other man…i’m always for you Seung Ho!

  14. 214
    RAngel Says:

    Seung ho ,phorgushiphot`

  15. 215
    Skii Says:

    OMG did he enter the army already?
    first see this guy in i miss you and i super love him now. i woild like to se more kdrama from you. he is sure hot and super handsome!!
    I cant stand looking at him in i miss you wearing those headphones and riding a bike. he’s like an angel lol.

  16. 216
    ari Says:

    superb acting in i miss u…love you.. you are so handsome…

  17. 217
    Icha Seviyorumi Elfkirsch Says:

    saranghae, oppa..

  18. 218
    SeunghoAngel Says:

    nomo nomo saraghae
    Fighting Seung ho !!!!

    Waiting for your news & think ’bout I’m next to u when u feel tired .


  19. 219
    Vhianne Says:

    So cute and yet so young

  20. 220
    precious87 Says:

    He already starred before as the lead guy in Operation Proposal, Flames of Desire movies like Hearty Paws,,,Blind and always one of the lead roles,the lead role as Baek Fong Su was even offered to him first buy it just that he likes to play various roles like being villian or antagonist that:s y i like him…everyone my visit gooddrama.net to see some of his movies and dramas.

  21. 221
    YEHandYSH Says:

    I love his role as harry borrison! Hope he’d be paired with Yoon Eun Hye again! They’re a great couple! and YEH’s so youthful so the age gap doesn’t really matter.
    Who wants I miss you part 2????? MEEEEE!!!!!

  22. 222
    park youn hae Says:

    I like you!!nar ran chinku har jar!!

  23. 223
    Winie Says:

    I love you YOO SEUNG-HO ! ! !

  24. 224
    jamal mabandus Says:


  25. 225
    cheska Says:

    I luv u.. ur so cute

  26. 226
    Maria Angel Codilla Says:

    Saranghae Yoo Seung-Ho I really like you and super love you ^_^ I hope someday i met you in personal…

  27. 227
    I Miss You | Myanmar Tube ► Myanmar Online Movies Says:

    […] Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon […]

  28. 228
    jane Says:

    i want you and moon chae woon had a movie

  29. 229
    chinwe Says:

    I simply love you okey? I love the way you act and the way you smile. wish you are my little brother, but still, loves you like one. This love is coming to you, all the way from Nigeria okey? Cheers love.

  30. 230
    Dede Says:

    I understand you might consider putting a time clock for actors in service.

    Yoo Seung-Ho entered the South Korean military on March 5, 2013 and will be discharged December 4, 2014.

  31. 231
    rory Says:

    Happy Birthday YSH..will waiting for ur discharged from military..fighting!

  32. 232
    Jenny Says:

    Wow i cant believe one can have such a nice smile and ur acting skills are great,hope to see u soon.i will be cheering for u as a fan of urs

  33. 233
    Michelle Says:

    Yoo seung ho, killer smile.. Hahahhahah. All the way from Nigeria. I like ur movies.

  34. 234
    Deora Says:

    @Michelle i like his movies more dan you….

  35. 235
    Jenny Says:

    Nuhhhh uhh sweet heart his mind all watch all his movie an shows anyway Yoo seung ho you are the best love you…. You got a pretty face since I’m going to Korea maybe i will get a chance to meet you personally eyes to eyes, face to face

  36. 236
    Jenny Says:


  37. 237
    yun chan ku Says:


  38. 238

    to get him fondly call me and I am from Romania Florin Stroe, I’d like Satie anpartasesc friendship never let hard and love, and the mother asked IIA, part of a clean world as you . and toot til bestow respect you, and I’d like us, know, thank site are YOUR FAN DEAL. did not want to stop for iubiirea matter much, to aii care, sii, in the Army, and orunde you go, God bless, Amen.

  39. 239
    stroe florin Says:

    FANclub ,,.YOO SEUNG HO 그는 아무도 없을 것이다 아무 성과가없는 고백, 나는 자기의 지성을 의미하고, 그에게 andurarea 샐을 지원, 관련 IEVLAVIIE ONOOARE WITH과 사랑, 그리고 우리가 존중하고 새해 것을 존중 SIL 수당, luii을 부리면.

  40. 240
    Noni Chan Loi Says:

    Yoo seung Ho missing you a lot, take care of your health and serve your duty well. Hwaitting!!!!
    You are the best actor that i have ever seen, and my no.1 actor in this whole world. Saranghae <3
    Missing you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

  41. 241
    charmaine otit Says:

    saranghae yoo seung-ho….i really love the way that you act in your all korean drama series,i hope that someday i will presonally see you..we love you,your so cute:-)

  42. 242
    charmaine octit Says:

    i really love the tale of arang,you are very good actor keep it up.we love you..:-)

  43. 243
    charmaine octit Says:

    I hope that i will meet and see you personally.You are a good actor keep it up.SARANGHE
    We love the way you act..:-) I hope you and shin min ah well have a korean drama series together..Your so cute and handsome:-)

  44. 244
    divah Says:

    i wish i can see u act with lee min ho i wish it will be great

  45. 245
    ugie Says:

    Yoo Seung Ho….i miss u so much….i want to see your acting soon… B’coz you have something in your talent…

  46. 246
    ugie Says:

    Yoo Seung Ho…klo main lg di serial drama tv or movie, ending nya must be happy yaa…jangan sad ending. Jangan seperti Kim Nam Gil ending nya sad mulu hadeuh….

  47. 247
    KAINA Says:


  48. 248
    Alwine Says:

    Cute… 😉

  49. 249
    eli Says:

    hi dear seung ho
    i am sure that its me who love u creazibly
    i die 4 u every day
    i really want u
    u r my every thing

  50. 250
    aisha Says:

    Aigoo tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. people are going crazy here even if you meet him you won’t be able to talk to him. I love his acting most in harangue and the magistrate I think they will make a good couple. Ani just a drama with her would do.Sarangheo seung ho ah.anyo jaljja.

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