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Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye 05

Name: 윤은혜 / Yoon Eun Hye (Yun Eun Hye)
Nicknames: “JamGgoDae” (Stick) / “Pooh”
Profession: Actress, singer and model
Birthdate: 1984-Oct-03
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: O
Family: Younger brother
Talent agency: Kraze Entertainment
Education: Joong Kyung High School, Kyung Hee Cyber University (Tourism Management degree)
Hobbies: Photography
Specialty: Drawing

About Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye first entered the entertainment industry in 1999 as a member of the K-pop girl group Baby Vox. She left the group in 2005 to pursue an acting career. Yoon performed her first major role in a drama, Goong as Shin Chae-gyung. This role propelled her to stardom. She portrayed as a tough girl named Han Su in her first movie, Escaping from Charisma. Her next drama after Goong was a comedy called The Vineyard Man. Yoon Eun Hye was the lead star of The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince portraying the lead in the drama. Criticism of her acting arose after the first episode aired, but then came to a stop, after displaying her acting talent as the drama proceeded. In light of this, different companies were eying her to endorse their products due to her increased popularity.

TV Series

Fluttering Warning (MBN, 2018)
Marry Him If You Dare (KBS2, 2013)
Missing You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)
Lie to Me (SBS, 2011)
Personal Preference (MBC, 2010) cameo
Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)
The Vineyard Man (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)


After Love (2016)
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015)
My Black Mini Dress (2011)
The Legend of Seven Cutter / Escaping from Charisma (2006)
Emergency Act 19 (2002)


2012 MBC Drama Awards:: Hallyu Star of the Year, Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards: Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Yoon Sang Hyun in Take Care of the Young Lady)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Take Care of the Young Lady)
44th Baeksang Awards: Best Actress Award for The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2008)
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Acting Award for The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
2006 The Grime Awards: Best Actress for The Vineyard Man
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best New Actress Award for The Vineyard Man
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Oh Man Suk
2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award for Goong
2004 Hallyu Award: 15th Seoul Music Awards
2003 Korean Music Awards: Best Singer Award
2002 SBS Music Awards: Representative Award
2001 Award Model Line: Best Dressed Singer
10th Seoul Music Awards: Best Singer Award (1999)


DHC Korea
LG Telecom
Samsung Happy Together
Green Tea
Domino’s Pizza
Levi’s Lady style jeans
Samil Pharmaceutical eye2o
Philips Satinelle Ice Premium
KT Mega TV
Maxim Latte Ditto
New Balance


In late 2007, she was involved in projects for a cause such as Wish Come True and Letters from the Angels No. 5 Campaign
She was one of the ten Hallyu stars of 2007 thus she became one of the most highly paid actresses in television at the age of 23.
Yoon Eun-hye was formerly in Baby VOX; she was the last member to join and stayed with the group from 1999 until 2005.


  1. 1 : hwh Says:

    very sad to know the story had change in goong 2… why she don’t want to act in goong 2? sad…

  2. 2 : Albee Says:

    is goong 2 coming out soon??

  3. 3 : farahshar Says:

    so funny in goong..she delivered her character as shin chaegyung very well!! and also she make me cried..so sweet

  4. 4 : john paul cardenas Says:

    your so byutiful yourfuture husband is very much lucky to have yu in her life ihope someday a girl like you will fall in love with me even i am ugly by the way iwant to have a picture of you with autograph by the way my home address isblk6 lot7senate avrnuesenate villagebagumbong caloocan city phillipines1140 plsss send me apicture of you okbye from.mr.johnpaul cardenas

  5. 5 : Janna shin Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!! mis yeh u know ur so… cute and beautiful Super……..
    I wish all da best in ur career

  6. 6 : blah Says:

    i heard that she’s still in goong 2..

    the one where park shin hye and se7en is..is goong S..

  7. 7 : peachy Says:

    i really love ur portrayal in princess hours. i can’t wait to see u in goong 2. how i wish that the story never ends.

  8. 8 : -xandra- Says:

    hi!!! you’re so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you’ll visit philippines!

  9. 9 : NeLaHj Says:

    How I wish to see them in person.. Is joo ji hoon her real boyfriend? are they lovers in real life? They are both compatible to each other…

  10. 10 : NeLaHj Says:


  11. 11 : NeLaHj Says:

    i hOpe the main cast of PRINCESS HOURS,especiall you and Joo Jin Hoon, wud visit the PHILIPPINES like what other KOREAN ACTORS and ACTRESSES did!!…

  12. 12 : julie ann Says:

    anyunghaseyo……..your simple but attractive beauty since the full house ended im going crazy again by this goong…..the story is so romantic yet funny wish you send me just a short message in my add [email protected]……….im wishing i have full copy of goong….wishing you all the luck and congrats to your best actress award for the vineyard man movie….its so heaven to think that you and joo ji hoon were really sweethearts……..kamsahamnida

  13. 13 : chekura Says:

    shin chaegyung of goong(princess hours in philippines)!!! wow ur so pretty.. im so excited for goong 2.. ive already watched all the episodes of goong.. and i fell in love with the story and the characters.. heard that there will be another “goong” w/c is “goong s” but with different story and characters and will be airing in korea on january 2007.. but i heard that the real sequel of goong w/c is “goong 2” will be airing in korea at late 2007 or early 2008 but is still on process because there is some kind of problem in keeping the original cast.. i really hope YEH and JJH and all the other cast of goong will be able to return in goong 2.. by d way YEH and JJH really look good together.. great chemistry.. perfect couple.. im a very big fan of them.. hope ur sweathearts in real life..nyahahahaha

  14. 14 : glittercandy Says:

    i wish kim jeong-hoon would visit in the philippines..

  15. 15 : JennyLo_phil Says:

    hello everyone…I’m also addict in this drama Princess hour…It’s really really funny and romantic..I wish the 3 of them Joo ji hoon, yoon eun hye and kim jeong hoon will visit the phil like eugene kim and lee dong wook of my girl..haha..I just want to ask if there will be a goong 2??I hope that they will have the same cast especially kim jeong hoon…and also i want to ask whose the boyfriend of Yoon eun hye?

  16. 16 : chazky Says:

    hello people…….i really really luv ur movie guys…hope u can visit phil, & wishing to continue ur carrer w/ good health… we both all know that yun eun is a perfect match of jjh…hopely hehehehehe wish u luck… ur very pretty & funny!!!

  17. 17 : yuisa Says:

    my idol is goong wish that more blessings would come to you……
    i hope there is part two of the princess hours……………….

  18. 18 : yuisa Says:

    annyong haseyo!!!!!!!!!!!narul chinguro sama chushio………….
    you are a very beautiful women & you are also funny……….
    i like koreans like you……….
    i really love your movie…..i almost fall from my chair watching that movie heeeeeheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!11annyong and saranghamnida!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 : Savannah Loh J.J Says:

    I LUV this movie but heard that she will not be playing in the second series, so SAD…….She acted very well in the movie and the crown pince and princess looked very nice to gether…..Wish they were a couple in real life!!!!!!!! And please, EVEN if shes not going to act in the second one……..,,,,,,,HURRY UP and publish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 : joanna Says:

    hi to u ms janelle… ooops yoon eun-hye pala…. u knw what? ur my big fan… today ur movie princess hours was establish here in philippines… and u knw what ur so cute and beautiful hope u and troy i mean kim jeong hoon na lang ung nag ka tuluyan… om my god i have to go coz meoriga apayo… bye,,,,

  21. 21 : marissa Says:

    “pooh” thats really cute nickname i usually watching cartoon just like her i really love to draw anime…so i been keeping some picture of her?! which is funny now i become a fanatic its started when im watching the tv series of goong..its funny and super cute story…yeah and this girl i see and i watch her video with Baby VOX wow..she is awesome she can dance too..not just she sings but she can dance….really talented women….i admire her bcuz i can relate to her we have the same talent..heheheh…just kidding.. god bless hope this can add to her rate..luv yah gurl!! good luck!

  22. 22 : angelica Says:

    hi! YOON EUN HYE ive seen ur movie goong it was so nice… specially ur acting skills in the drama hope you’ll have another movie… i wish you will have another part 2 of GOONG 🙂 by the way im from philippines,hope you’ll visit our country there… 🙂 🙂 🙂 your philippine fan,

  23. 23 : jhelly estrada Says:

    hi,i’m your no.1 fanzz here in the philippines my name is jhelly estrada i’m live here in no.79 barangay apulid paniqui,tarlac city philippines hope you come here in the philippines dont forget to said to joo ji hoon just to see you ok… pls come here im waiting if not ots ok….but if you have a time don’t forget to come huhhhhh….,,,,,(”,) eventually i give extra effort of taking your picture but this is a time to meet us if you want ok..i love you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………………………………………………………………………………….very much………………………………………..

  24. 24 : jhelly estrada Says:

    hi there in japan can u fuck me

  25. 25 : jhelly estrada Says:

    sorry but my last message is not mine its from my cousin
    sory again”

  26. 26 : omsie Says:

    hi yoon,,,

    am your avid fan,,, i really love your team up with joo ji hoon… your such a nice couple together.. hope you can visit together here in the phillipines… you can also bring with you, kim jeong hoon…

    am sure a lot of filipinos are very much excited to see you…
    that includes me,,

    am OMSIE of iligan city, mindanao, phillipines…. hope that one day i can see you all (cast of princess hours) even just in my dreams..

    take care, more power and GOD bless in your career..

    love lots,,,


  27. 27 : debby Says:

    your so cute

  28. 28 : jhunilyn marie Says:

    hi!you and joo ji hoon are so great!you’re chemistry are really different from othe korean loveteams!you’re roles are so great and you paly it so great!i have nothing to say about you two!i just wish you’re happy and lucky in your careers!i hope that you’re a real sweethearts!hahahaha…!i hope you’ll gonna visit here in the philippines so that fans of yours will be able to see you…

  29. 29 : Lizette Says:

    …hey your so beautiful and sexy you and Joo Ji-hoon are a nice pair wish to see you I’m from Phillipines i really wish to see you in personal…wish you can email me in the account [email protected]… hope you’ll drop an email to your dying hard fan…

  30. 30 : Brenda Says:

    its n0t she never act,ish that g0ong S and g0ong ish a t0tally different st0ry.i’ve heard fr0m maii mum that g0ong seas0n tw0 will be c0ming 0ut s0on!!yay!!!

  31. 31 : Anne Sevilla Says:

    hi Ms. Yoon Eun Hye… i’m anne from philippines and i’ a very big fan of yours… i really like you and Joo Ji-Hoon. I love your pair with him and i am hoping that you and Ji-Hoon will be a REAL COUPLE someday… honestly, i had a dream last night about you and Ji-hoon living together in one house with 3 kids… and me as their Godmother,,, hehehe… i hope to see you both in person,,, cud u pls come here and visit our country… and i hope to hear some words from my princess and my prince… here’s my email… [email protected] please also share this to Ji-Hoon coz i really love you both… no words can explain my feelings for u guys maybe because… i just really love your chemistry… thank you and more power to your career…

  32. 32 : LyNkAt Says:

    hey hi i like princess hours.,

    youre so beautiful and cute,.LOve yOu

  33. 33 : faiza Says:

    hi Yoon Eun-hye or janelle in philippines, hw ur u someday you will read this.
    bacause im your biggest fans in the philippines.
    you know that i have a account in friendster,
    [email protected]
    if you want to see just drop it!!!!
    by the way im faiza mangandog, i already see babyvox you are 15 when you are starting
    and now your so successful, i hope i will see you someday.
    because im your biggest fans in the philippines. just stay what you are. dont abuse youre self and eat very well., AJA2

  34. 34 : Anne Sevilla Says:

    hello Ms. Yoon Eun Hye… here i am again… anne here from philippines. Well, my friends and i were talking about you and joo ji-hoon… we really want to see you both in person and not just us… you have lots of fans here… that’s why we are very consistent of telling you to come and visit our country… we hope to see you both in good terms (inlove with each other)… hehehe… i’m looking forward to your visit here… thank you & God bless you…

  35. 35 : pinoko Says:

    hooeeeh~! looking good!
    just an observation, though: isn’t october 3’s star sign libra?

  36. 36 : wella Says:

    i really enjoyed her acting in goong shes very natural you go gurl!!!

    a fan from manila philippines

  37. 37 : beverly Says:

    hi…ure such a very good actress.promise.hope ull visit philippines…..ure fitted in ur role.as in…hehehe.God bless

  38. 38 : Jeanne sharisse Cornejo Says:

    hallur,.,., you’re so cute too
    i stay up at midnight just to watch princess hours

    From: cha of cavite, Philippines

  39. 39 : youngurl Says:

    > hi’ Yoon Eun-hye i really, really like you so much
    i hope u’ll visit us there in philippines.
    more power to your career. i love you

    > -from your no. 1 avid fan there in philippines-

  40. 40 : chaegyung Says:

    whew she’s so cute and young… i like her specially when she plays the role of chaegyung in the korean drama-comedy princess hour (goong) keep up the goodwork….

  41. 41 : charlotte Says:

    u r hot n u were as outstanding as Ji Hoon were in the movie i will alwayz support you… ah saro gei

  42. 42 : Louise Says:


    im Louise from the philippines..

    i really like watching princess hours because of you and joo ji hoon’s acting, you are so cute together..

    i hope like what everybody here wants…you can visit our country..


    have she visited this site..!?


  43. 43 : corie Says:

    she’s so pretty and she really is a good actress thats why many filipino admire her!!!hope she can visit hir in the Phillipines!!!love you Yoon Eun Hye!!!more power to your career and God Bless You!!!

  44. 44 : LOvella philippines Says:

    Anyong!!! I hope that you come to Manila Philippines,,we really like your comedic style very lovable!!!!! We hope that both Joo ji-hoon come here to visit.. more power young lady Princess., we hope that both of you partner can make another sequel of Princess HOUrs…!!!!!
    Pincess and Prince you both ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We love you!!!!!!

  45. 45 : joyce Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye!
    I like ur acting in princess hours…though im kinda busy here,but i cant miss watching princess hours…it gives smile on my face…or even laugh out loud 🙂
    God bless u and ur family…hope one day i can visit korea so i can meet u…

    Wish u all the best in life…


  46. 46 : ishbu Says:

    nope..she’s still starring for the true sequel of gong1 which is gong 2…hey guys dont gte confused, gong s. is different from gong 2! ^-^v

  47. 47 : candy sprinkles_16 Says:

    Hey yoon eun-hye!!!
    I’m your biggest fan!!!
    Hope you could visit the Philippines. You could also bring with you ju ji-hoon and kim jeong hoon I’m really a big fan of you and ju ji hoon!!!:) I heard there will be goong 2??! I hope it will air soon here in the philippines!!! Iluvyah!

  48. 48 : julie Says:

    by the way am i correct??!!
    anyway..you’re such a nice actress..
    so pretty..
    and funny..
    hope you’ll visit our country!!
    till here!!

  49. 49 : chen_beautyisinme Says:

    hi….i’m chen……..i reli2x luv da s2ry of princess hours….and especially the cast of this korean novela……hope u will visit the phil. so dat we can see you in person….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…have a nice day

  50. 50 : cutie_nyle Says:

    Hi Pooh…. i reli love watching princess hour.hope da story will have 8s part 2.
    I kip on watching over & over the dvd of youe novela. Im dying to c u. I want to go to Korea just to c u.

    Gud Luck to your carrer

  51. 51 : Gervian Says:

    shes a good looking and cute gal..hope to see her more in tv.haa.

  52. 52 : kristin Gagasa Says:

    Hi! Im kristin! How are u? I hope your doing good in your career! Anyways, you really did a great job in your role!!!You have a lot of filipino supporters here in the philippines!We really admire your talent!!! Just always keep up the good work!!! Stay cute and more powers to your career!!!

    This is my e-mail address, [email protected]! If you need someone to talk to, im always willing to listen!!!!!

    Bye!!! Goodluck!!!I love You!!!!

  53. 53 : che20quiam Says:

    hello…i love yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon……..they touch my heart very much and make me in love…i’m so excited to see there goong 2….i already watch the whole episode of goong 1……..i love korean series its very nice..love you……..

  54. 54 : shekinah Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye,

    I’m a fan of you… I really Love the way you act, it always makes me cry!
    Hehehe… Hope you can read this… I really hoping that you can be one of the best actress in korea and also in other nations…

    Hope I can see you here in the Philippines….

    God Bless and May your career be successful!

  55. 55 : danielle Says:

    yoonb eun hye your so cute and you look so handsome!!!

  56. 56 : wsherlie Says:

    Yoon,i really love u act in goong.me and my some frends hope u be real couple with ju ji hoon,but my family and some frends hope u b real couple with kim jong hoon.nevermind,2 of them i also like,juz hope u can b sweetheart for ju ji hoon or kim jong hoon.

  57. 57 : Vim Concha Says:

    Hello “pooh”.. i really like your movie “goong”.. better known as ‘princess hours” here in Philippines… I & my classmates here in Tagbilaran City Sciene High School, totally love it.. We love you and joo ji hoon, u’re really cute and pretty.. hope you’ll still be in “goong 2”, coz goong won’t be complete w/out you and jo ji hoon, it’s really SAD if you will not be there.. PLEASE, do it, please do.. Ur my inspiration in everything i do, my studies and everything.. i relly look up to you.. ur the best actress for me ever!!!!!

  58. 58 : Vimvim Says:

    Hi!!! by the way, please visit Bohol, Philippines, like Eugene did.. I guarantee you, it’s really nice here, with so many natural tourist spots.. please.. and please appear in “goong 2′.. WE LOVE YOU!!! (from:Vim, Shiela, Nefer, Melanie, Cherry, Therese & Karren)… Mwah>> (We’re students form Tagb. City Science High School….

  59. 59 : Dainiel Says:

    princess hours 2 go go go!!! Yoon, Eun-Hye we love you!!!! hehehe!!! mama…. pls play the crown princess for the next season pls pls pls pls pls

  60. 60 : maezelle ilarde Says:


    im a “super duper BIG Fan of yours!” your beauty is so nnocent, fresh, and cute..

    i hope i can go and visit you in south korea just to have a picture w/ authograph—-i really love your acting.. i hope to see you soon as soon as i finish my studies here in the philippines..

    “Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye!!!!”
    youre a good tv couple… i love you both…

    >even though episodes and dvd’s in different web are already released and seen by others especially my classmates.. i didnt watch yet.. and still sleep late just to chilled and be impress of the flow of the story and the acting of the cast.. that’s how i love princess hours…

    i love you.. Idol!! (hehehehehe sounds cheap.. but its the truth)

    thank you for reading my comment..
    email me at [email protected]


  61. 61 : roannvi Says:

    hi, i’m roann from the philippines and i just love princess hours… i think you’re sooooo adorable and cute…..=) great acting and of course you’re soooo pretty!!! hope that someday you can visit us here in the philippines.. God bless..=)

  62. 62 : Princess_Diana Says:

    Hello to my favorite actress of the whole Asia, please welcome, Ms.Yoon Eun Hye.

    I am very jealous because our Princess Janelle need to kiss our Crown Prince Gian.
    So sad!!! I wish I am Yoon Eun Hye…but…actually, I heard a news that our Princess has a STUPID boyfriend.

    Thinking if his REALLY STUPID or UGLY.

    Curious.mad?. Please don’t be mad!

  63. 63 : katrina19 Says:

    pls. naman…. sana early naman ang the top-rating, at hit na hit tlga na princess hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls na ABS-CBN!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls……………………

  64. 64 : katrina19 Says:

    OMG!!!!! kung sister lang kita janelle, aawayin talaga kita coz u make agaw my gian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you gian……………….love yahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!…..

  65. 65 : QUEZON CITY MANILA Says:

    If We Fall In Love-Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez

    There will be no ordinary days for you
    If there is someone who cares like I do

    You got no reason to be sad anymore
    I’m always dreaded with a smile
    With just one glimpse of you

    You don’t have to search no more
    ‘Cause I am someone who will love you for sure so


    If we fall in love
    Maybe we’ll sing this song as one
    If we fall in love
    We can write a better song than this
    If we fall in love
    We will have this melody in our heads
    If we fall in love
    Any where with you would be a better place

    You can watch sad movies in a different light
    So I’ll be right there beside youHugging you so tight (oh so tight)

    Has from never felt so cold and empty again’
    Cause I will keep on holding on and won’t let go (never let go)


    Feel so good when you’re around
    One smile from you
    Make my day just so bright


  66. 66 : jonabelle Says:

    hello! i like the way un act, i hope we can meet someday………im jona of phillippines

  67. 67 : Elizabeth Says:

    Hello Yoon Eun you are so cute hope you will visit Philippines

  68. 68 : Elizabeth Says:

    Hello Yoon Eun you are so cute I am your number one fans I nhope we can meet someday..,.

  69. 69 : JhEnNy Says:

    Pooh………………hi Eun Hye..annyeong Yeppo!!!!!!

    I wish you take time to read this part….oh did you see that song posted above? That’s the philippine version of the princess hours (goong) theme song……i like this drama though i wasn’t able to watch the first month when it’s being aired on TV….i like how you act, i think you’re funny…a typical middle schooler?? Hehe…wish i can see you personally when i come back to Korea….. email me hehe…

    [email protected]



  70. 70 : mae Says:

    hi ur so pretty..can i ask something?are u lovers in real life??perfect couple…see u in Goong 2! pls visit our country philippines with ur prince shin were so excited to see u both,take care..muahh!

  71. 71 : anjey... Says:

    gotta graet job…. I love the way you act although kinda silly but you managed to shift your behavior very well. i really like the way you acted and i reaLLy wanted to see you in personal. your cute and you are really fun.. hope that the real you is not that too far away you are portraying in Goong… keep on!! hope GOOng will habe its part 2 soon. I cannot wait anymore… hehehe. Hope that the casting will still be the same. you all got a great chemistry. Love yah girl..keep going…!!

  72. 72 : Rin Hee Says:

    SHe is very beautiful..
    I like her acting in Goong & The Vineyard Man…
    So funny….

  73. 73 : monie Says:

    i really like joo ji hoon and Eun Hye…. you made me happy whenever i see you acting in Princess hours.

  74. 74 : mimi Says:

    Sana ay every day na lang ang Princess hours kasi ay miss na namin sina Joo Ji Hoon at Eun Hye…

  75. 75 : kc Says:

    hi jannelle ur so cute….. i want u 2 meet. im from philippines…. good luck 2 ur career…. wish u all the best…. always smile

  76. 76 : shami Says:

    Hi Yoon! When are you goin to visit the Philippines? We love you! Don’t forget to bring your prince shin! 🙂 Is there Princess Hours part2 soon?!
    You should make more comedy/lovestory/drama movies with Joo-Ji Hoon. You are both the perfect match. you will be the next asia’s/international best movie actress! Don’t ever change. Pls. tell your prince tooo! 🙂 We will wait for your next show/movie. Where can we buy original dvd here in the Philippines with english sub? thanks. Take care.

  77. 77 : Janna shin Says:

    mis Yoon eun hye u know what yur
    so….. very………………….
    beatful like me……..char
    I love u and 4 me ur da best……..
    and alzo joo ji hoon

  78. 78 : nienna Says:

    eow..i hope you and the main cast of princess hours-goong the palace would come to visit us your filipino fans..i really enjoy watchin your movie and i really do like the way you act and your fashion style..

    your so pretty and i do like what you wear in the series..your so fashionable especially your hair style..cutee

    take care and godbless

  79. 79 : Paola Christine Cahutay Says:

    I wish you will visit in cebu for your cebuanos fans

  80. 80 : beah-ho0n Says:

    ang san yo!!!!!i’m one of ur gr8tzt fan!!!

  81. 81 : AimEE (CMU-LHS) Says:

    I’m also one of your greatest fans like many other millions of people!!!!!

    You’re really so beautiful talaga I hope I can search the internet of more of your pics….

    I’m really waiting for the Part 2 of Princess Hours…

    I can’t wait to see more of you along with Kim and Joon….

  82. 82 : AYNAH KHADIJAH Says:

    hooow!!! jamgGoDae!!! ur really a princess!!
    hope u can visit Philippines!!!

  83. 83 : Maneesha Says:

    u are very cute…. I think yoo eun Hoo and Joo Ji Hoon … are very real sweetheart in real life… coz they look good together… very romantika…
    I wish u all the best… see u… any korean drama… next time..bye…

  84. 84 : charm Says:

    hi janel ur so cute . . muah i reli lyk u. . i am 1 of ur fans hir in the philippines. .

  85. 85 : benilou Says:

    hi yoon eun hye!!! hope you’ll visit the philippines together with ji hoon.. we love you so much!! your a great actress!! your so cute and gorgeous!!

  86. 86 : benilou Says:

    hei!! another one!! hope the casts of goong are also the casts of goong 2….. please!! it will be the highest rating koreanovela here in the philippines!!! love you!!

  87. 87 : iemah's Says:

    hi fren….

    I really enjoy watching ur drama “princess hour” and wish u all da best..
    I heard u was sick now….so take care of urself coz i want to c u acting 4 GOONG 2…..aza aza figthing

    best wishes



  88. 88 : di yah Says:

    hi sis Yoon Eun-hye…..

    Cong to 2….i’m really enjoy watching u on TV……hope i can see u soon

    dik yah frm m’sia

  89. 89 : mama'Z Says:

    wish u all e’ best chea kyung…..saraniyoooo

  90. 90 : beee Says:

    Hi sis

    U do great job 4 Princess Hour…Hope can see u 4 Princess Hour 2…. coz…I love the way you act although kinda silly but you managed to shift your behavior very well.

  91. 91 : nikkicha_LoCa Says:

    hope kim jeong-hoon and yoon eun-hye will be there in princess hours 2.

  92. 92 : nikkicha_LoCa Says:

    i love u kim jeong-hoon

  93. 93 : Kel Says:

    Hi kim! I love you!

  94. 94 : Joy Says:

    Yoon Eun hye hope u will consider Joo Ji Hoon as ur real life HUSBAND……and Joo Ji Hoon pls. consider Yoon Eun-hye as ur real life wife

    =) Co’z u …..hav a very good chemistry…

    =) We really like ur koreanovela……PRINCESS hOURS (PHILippines)….and it seems that u really like each other…..as in “REAL LIFE COUPLE…

    =)if u will be together…..I’m sure that u will hav handsome and pretty daughters and sons….Good Luck to ur wedding


    =Hope also that u will find time to visit here in the PHILIPPINES particularly in Mindanao…

    =)Pinoy’s are waiting for u…..(JOo Ji Hoon LOVE Yoon hyeon-hye)

  95. 95 : Janice Says:

    Kim Jong Kook ur so UGLY…….ugly…..ugly…..ugly…..

    Kim Jeong Hoon……ur handsome but pls. stay away from Yoon Eun-hye

    ****JOO JI HOON ur superduper HANDSOME…..HANDSOME

    ****YOON EUN-HYE ur so pretty…PRETTY…PRETTY

    ….jO jI HOON AND yOON eUN-HYE u really hav a GOOD CHEMISTRY…..SO KIm Jong Kook and KIm jeong Hoon….stay away from Yoon Eun-hye

    —Hope Joo and Yoon u’ll VISIT HERE IN THE pHILIPPINES….


    we love u so much…

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  97. 97 : jOY Says:

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  99. 99 : YEH 4 EVER Says:

    Good news to all goong fans (a,k,a Princess hours) there is now a Goong 2 it’s been televise now in korea but a bad news is that all characters are news it’s been replace due to personal reason…………………………………

    >>> YEH is now considering a project of Mbc which is Que Sera Sera togeher with new comer in the name of Eric!!!!!!

  100. 100 : hilarie Says:

    pls. watch this…..


  101. 101 : alain Says:

    annyong hasmnigga!!yoon eun-hye..
    annyongi haseyo?

    i really like you and i really love your movie,,especially the princess hours!!

    pls.continue doing such a beautiful movie..
    all filipino love watching korean films amd movies..

    youre so beautiful!!and i also like your love theme,you and joo..

    kamsa hamnida!!


  102. 102 : rhodora Says:

    hi, princess janelle, hopefully you will go here in the philippines with prince gian, princess hours is my favorate show, i really really like it

  103. 103 : shaman Says:

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    janelle ur so cute…….

  106. 106 : miley Says:

    you r so cool!!!!

  107. 107 : cherrie ann obice Says:

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    keep in touch with GOD…
    and Be Happy Always…
    Take Care my Bestfriend!!!

    and Im hoping that you always visit my Friendster account… and have some testimonials…. ahehe
    [email protected]

    GOD BLESSED YOU MY BESTFRIEND!!!! mwahhh…hug (“,)

  108. 108 : ramil Says:

    hi shencaijing..im from phil.. i like u a lot.. i like ur smile, i like u everything u are.. im fallen for u even u hav a real couple now..

  109. 109 : jha Says:

    h! Yun Eun-hye , I love u’r acting in princess hours(janelle) it’s really good.God bless to u’r career and have a good health.
    hope u can visit here in philippines…see ya

  110. 110 : jean Says:

    hello mss.princess

  111. 111 : briitt Says:

    hi yoon eun hye i wish you vissit here in the philppines,,,,i like your princess hour super very nice movie i hope joo ji hoon your boyfriend you are very cute couple i hope u succesful life and many more blessing,,,i like you so much you sooooooooooo beautiful and cutie,,,,,,bye bye bye for now take care always …..thats it muahhhhhhhhhhhhh from phillpines britt

  112. 112 : patrick Says:

    you’re so pretty….

    me and my whole family admire you so much…..

    i wish that you will go to philippines with joo ji hoon, song ji hyo, and kim jeong hoon….

    good luck to your career… God Bless….

  113. 113 : patrick Says:


    you’re a hot star on our country……

    i admire you’re jolly personality in “Goong”

    me and my whole family admire you so much…..

    i wish that you will go to philippines with joo ji hoon, song ji hyo, and kim jeong hoon….

    good luck to your career… God Bless….

  114. 114 : shellane Says:

    what can i say they all said it!ur the best!

  115. 115 : rowanne Says:

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  116. 116 : big fan Says:

    i fall in love on goong so much… i love all the cast… mostly to YEH and JJH, we hope the cast could visit the philippines,,, you are so much welcome here, the filipinos love you, i hope YEH and JJH can be a true lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Filipinos are lookin forward to the true sequel of goon.

    Goog Luck!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : kdramaaddict Says:

    she does wanna act init!! watch da goong 1.5 on youtube..so let not state false shit now..

  118. 118 : angel Says:

    hOoN eUn hYe,
    hi idol……i like your performance in the PRINCESS HOURS!!!
    hope you’ll visit the PHILIPPINES…take care always……
    mwaaaaaahhhhugz!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!

  119. 119 : norbert Says:

    i love you… be my girlfriend…

  120. 120 : ced dulay Says:

    yoboseyo! im going to korea next year and if EVER and if POSIBLE i want to meet you ms. yoon eun hye. Godbless you and keep on Believing in HIM.

  121. 121 : ced dulay Says:

    you might read this. what im saying is keep on believing in Jesus. Godbless!!

  122. 122 : YEn Says:

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  123. 123 : pRiNcEsS bEcHiE Says:

    you act so well in goong.. i haven’t slept nor eaten thinking of you.. im not a lesbian or something but i like the story so muc bec of you.. you change my perception.. i hope to see you more on korean drame.. goodluc and aza!!!

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  125. 125 : nerlie jean Says:

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  126. 126 : lalaine montojo Says:

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  127. 127 : lalaine montojo Says:


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    Princess Hours is a very big hit here in the Philippines!

    I’m so excited to watch evryday!!!!!!

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  133. 133 : princess janelle Says:

    ANG GANDA MOH!!!!!
    YOON EUN HYE!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  134. 134 : Sassy Princess(Yun Eun Hae) Says:

    Sarang…Hiii I am Eun Hae. Nice to meet all of u! Actually I am in the same university as him(JU JI HUN), I know very much about him. If u want to learn more about him…U can e-mail me or add me in ur MSN:

    [email protected]

    I’ve jus created it…so don’t mind about the name…As long u can talk to me!!!

  135. 135 : rowelyn Says:

    hi princess yoon!! im rowelyn from philippines… i really love your character in “goong” you are sooo pretty!! and so sweet!! i really adore you..! your acting skill is so excellent.. you really deserve all the things you have right now.. i hope that God will shower you more blessings and keep you healthy everyday.. im hoping that i can see you in the future,.. and i hope also that you can read my message.. =P God bless!! take care!! saranghe my princess!!! mwah!

  136. 136 : jean Says:

    hi eun hye!~
    im jean your no.1` hope that you will visit our country and see you in person…thanks idol…

  137. 137 : ann marie Says:

    yeAh!yoU roCk…janelLe(yOon eUn hYe)i realLy like yOu!and evEn my clAssMates…duRing clasS daYS,we alWays taLk abOut yoU and gian(joO jiN hoO)…yoUr roLe wAs soOo fuNy!i lUrv it…heHEhe…

    goOd lUck to yoUr careEr…lUv yAh!mwAaaah!…
    taKe cAre alWayzZz…oWkei?…

  138. 138 : nobody's princess Says:

    stay pretty and inlove with prince Gian!!!

  139. 139 : HEL-o Says:

    good luck always and we always look forward to seeing you…in season 2 Goong.

  140. 140 : Crown Princess Roseann Says:

    hi princess..i am also a princess dont you know..

    hope you will visit Phillipines and have a concert here so i can see who is beautiful to both of us

  141. 141 : manilyn Says:

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  142. 142 : amoy Says:

    hi there i’m from brunei darusslam. i reaal like ur movie..when u can come 2 brunei?

  143. 143 : Charicks Garbo Says:

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  144. 144 : ashley Says:

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  146. 146 : cheska Says:


  147. 147 : Anie Says:

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    You’re so beautiful and glamorous! i like you a lot and love you as who you are!….it is really a heartwarming moment seeing you with joo ji hoon at any pics or clips. I hope and pray to see you back in movie or tv series together…it badly made me sad to hear that you’re not in goong 2 but its okay as well knowing it has different story to feature of. I almost watched the Princess hours 23 episodes for many times….and when at night I can’t sleep that early, it is the Princess hours that I always see because it helps me a lot to feel happy and fully in love.

    However, I wanna say that Im looking forward for more success and more great achievements….WISH A LOT YOU COULD VISIT THE PHILIPPINES WITH JOO JI HOON!!! I promise to make all possible things to see you in person…I LOVE YOU A LOT!!!


  151. 151 : ipay Says:

    i love you janelle! 😉

  152. 152 : Kimberly_prettypink Says:

    hello ms. Yoon Eun Hye or janelle as I’ve known you….. I just wanna say that you’re so pretty and I admire you so much! I always watch you’re korean drama(Princess Hours) and I also have a cd…. you act so well and you’re beauty can stun anyone….I really hope you can come and visit the philippines(Laoag City)…..uhm, just wanna say that you’re so great and I’ll always be your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153 : RONITH JOJI Says:

    We love your show “PRINCESS HOURS” here in the Philippines!!!
    You’re so funny and cute and never get tired in watching every night your show. I hope you can come and visit our country.


  154. 154 : barbie Says:

    really like you with joo ji hoon.
    i’ve bought the princess hours dvd,vcd and ost…

  155. 155 : barbie Says:

    this is my e-mail: [email protected]

  156. 156 : adelfa mae Says:

    Hi Yoon! You’re so pretty and a very good actress as well. I really love the way you portrayed the character of janelle in Princess Hours. Keep it up. We, here in the Philippines, love your show so much. Hope all is well with you. God bless!

  157. 157 : adelfa mae Says:

    Hope you’ll still be part of princess hours season 2. You’re the main sunshine in that show 🙂 Many will be sad if you’ll not be part of the 2nd season!

  158. 158 : jith_cute Says:

    hi,,just want you to know that,,I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH,,you are so cute and sometimes you are so funny!!But your really cool and sometimes your HOT!!

  159. 159 : ann Says:

    Hail Princess Hours..The best most romantic of all korean drama..Hope
    to see Princess Hours part two…Gian And Janelle Perfect couple…

  160. 160 : rHyza Says:

    hi. i really loved the story. i did make a way to find the copy of it since spending would not be the best option. good thing my classmate lend it to me. i just finished it today with ethel. we loved princes hours so much. in our school in stc cebu philippines, everyone’s crazy about you. jope to see lot’s of you soon. take care. more power. hope you reply to this mail. thnx! ^_^

  161. 161 : kevin martin!! Says:

    i love you very much!!!
    i love you !!!
    i love you!!! kevin martin!!!tica!!!

  162. 162 : kevin martin!! Says:

    i love you a lot eun hye!!!! by kevin!!!

  163. 163 : kevin martin!! Says:

    i love you poh!!!!

  164. 164 : flink Says:

    hello!!! congrats for being a good actress…”ang galing galing mo”
    hope you would become more good in making movies like the one we’ve watched- “goong” or much known here as the “princess hours.. you know what? in fact the story touch me a lot…I amazed you..Not just for being beautiful but as what your character shows in the movie… HOpe there would be another movie like that!!! Go for the season 2 of “goong” we were very glad for that…….. Ingats!!!!!!!

  165. 165 : pretty in pink Says:

    yoon eun-hae or pooh.. i hope i cud see you in person..love ur designs n ur a veri gud actress.. hope you cud visit the phil.!!! iloveyou!! y arent u goin to act for the GOONG2?? huhu so sad!!!

  166. 166 : sar Says:

    ur so panget.i h8 u

  167. 167 : abby louise Says:

    sarangheyo!!!!! you know what!!!!! ur so YEPUDA!!!!!! and joo ji hoon is chaysenggelta!!! hope u have many more projects to make!!!!! ur the best!!! hope u can visit our beautiful country that have nice people and we are cute!!!!!!! i luv u both!!!!(joo ji hoon and you pooh!!!!

  168. 168 : abby louise Says:

    hi sa mga students ng olca na fan ng goong!!!! or princess hours!!!!!
    ei,yun eun hae!!!! ur legs is so nice!!!! and ur acting is so natural!!!! and u too joo ji hoon!!!! may i get ur e-mail add??? pls!!!!! god bless you!!!! hope tht i can hear your voice!!!!!

  169. 169 : kaThrin_MejonG Says:

    whY is iT thaT the casT in goong 2 will not be the same as in goong?….waTs d’ probZz?….i reAlly loVe the cast oF goong…it will really make us (aLl the fans of gOong.,lyK my freInds and classmates!) sAd to know bout the changes…hOpe it is still not sUre…pleAse dOn’t chAnge the cASt!!…thE cast iN gOong are so attractive!!!…

  170. 170 : annlee2289 Says:

    you are so cute…. i really like the way you act in goong… i hope that you will come here in the Philippines… You know what… since goong was aired here, it became the talk of the town… i wish i could see you in person…

  171. 171 : janelle Says:

    ang ganda mo tlaga eun hye!!!!!!lahat ng kaklase ko favorite ka!!!!!!kaya kita fav!!! kc kamuk ha kita!!!!!lam mo ba yun????sana kayo nlang magka2luyan ni ji hoon para masaya di ba!!ang ganda mo nun nagpakasal kau ni prince xin nung final episode!!!!!!curly hair ka hehehe……..sana pumunta kau d2 sa pinas!!!!sarang haminda!!!!!sarang een gah yohhh!!!!!!!gustong gusto ko ayo makita ni gian eh!!!!sarang princess hours!!!!!byeeeeee

  172. 172 : Mharvz Says:

    she is so cute and a good actress

  173. 173 : novia Says:

    hi! our Princess janelle you are so cute, funny and sexy. I love your character in Princess hours i want to go in korea to meet you and my crush kim jeong hoon. i wish that you and prince Lv are couple in real life. i wish that you visit our beautiful country Philippines.

  174. 174 : RaCheLle ElaiNe Says:

    … hi! Eun Hye, you got the looks, charm, appeal, and the talent. im so proud to have you as my idol….. I like you character in goong… And i really do hope I can see as i go in korea…. Thank you and Saranghae…

  175. 175 : hygiea Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really idolized you… i’m your biggest fan here in the philippines…. hope you could visit here with xinjun….. are you real life couples??? hope you are cause you are a perfect combination……… more power to you our dear beloved princess here in philippines……………..

  176. 176 : licelle Says:

    we hope you’ll visit here in philippines…are both of you really a COUPLE?what are the other movies you do have?

  177. 177 : Licelle Says:

    hope you’ ll visit here in philippines.
    Are both of you Joo- Ji Hoon really a COUPLE???
    What are the other movies do you have???
    Your’ e sso beautiful!!!

  178. 178 : rAcHeLLe Says:

    HI shin chaegyung(janelle in Phillipines) yoon-eun Hye in true life…… ur so pretty and cute…… gosh!! you and joo-ji hoon are look a true Lovers..:) i wish its true….. I hope you visit our country(phillipines) soon…

  179. 179 : rHonA Says:

    oh..my gosh..you’re so pretty…i wish that you could visit my country philippines together with joo ji hoon …..coz i love the two of you…

  180. 180 : sandy Says:

    hi shin chaeyoung (janelle in philippines) yoon- eue hye you are so beautiful and very friendly, i like your soap opera ” princess hours” with your love team lee-shin( joo ji-hoon) i hope you continue making beautiful princess hours great….

    more success and more power….

  181. 181 : ann clarriz Says:

    hi yoon eun hye….ur so beautiful and bubbly…. im always watching ur show with kim jong kook….ur so sweet there….hahahaha….and ur so good in the princess hours too….congratulation also because u got many awards… i hope that u can visit philippines so that you can also saw our country… ure so welcome here…pls.. come here many people is requesting that..even it is only one time…u can visit here with the cast of goong…or u alone…. : ).. u can leave a little message to me just email me at carlaann_2303..thank u…

  182. 182 : eArl Says:

    hi! anyong haseo!you are so cute that all people here really
    love you! sarang hamnida as what and who you are! i just want to say that your so good in goong…………………goong is presently shown here in the philippines……..we really love you!

  183. 183 : abigail Says:

    hi! add mo ko haaaaaaaaaaaa e2o [email protected]

  184. 184 : francis Says:

    I luv yu Princess Janelle. I admire your face!!!!! YOU’RE SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!

  185. 185 : charmaine Says:

    hope you can also read my message the same as joo ji hoon…
    I can say that you are really good in acting and you’re so beautiful…!
    hope i can meet you in person…
    thank you!

  186. 186 : charmaine Says:

    I Love you, miss caijing…
    I bought your DVD already and i love it…
    I love you and take care…
    I’m a big fan of yours here in the philippines..
    Thank you..
    God Bless!
    hope i can see you in person…
    i hope.. i hope… i hope…
    would you give me a chance?
    Thank you again and MAHAL KO PO KAYO!
    (that’s “i love you” here in the philippines)

  187. 187 : Chinh Says:

    I LOVED your Goong TV series. It was awesome…i thought it was great the way you acted in the series, reminded me of one of my friends in a way. I hope that you will be in Goong 2….if there is one. hehe…

  188. 188 : mench Says:

    hi yoon eun-hye im mench from the philippines, i just to know when will you going to visit our country.. all of the people here loves you.. your so talented and funny.. also i want to ask if its true that joo jin hoon is your real lover.. hope for your reply!!! email me plzzzz… tnx

  189. 189 : Gladys Barrios (Las Pinas City,Philippines) Says:

    hi Yoon Eun-hye your so talented and beautiful your a match couple with Joo Ji-hoon you are a good Korean actress.

    wish you’ll visit our country huuuuuuuuuh….i want to see you in person, here in the Philippines you have lots of fans and i am one of them

  190. 190 : ashley Says:

    she’s nice…

  191. 191 : jin Says:

    a fan from the philippines …you are very good in the palace good luck and more power…

  192. 192 : jayr_naughtyguy Says:

    hello i’m also a avid fan of “goong”(princesshours)…hope goong 2 will airing soon in phls.. i hope yoon eunhye & joo-ji hoon still the cast of this “goong s” but it didn’t happen,i’m very sad about it…i wish the project of the “goong 2” will be finalized and that they will start the taping soon…i really cant wait that the cast of goong1 will meet each other again and give us their best again,especially thier romantic kiss of eunhye & joo-ji hoon….hope they r real swethearts…if not ..hope its meh yoon eunhye’s future husband…hahahehehe

  193. 193 : jayr naughtyguy Says:

    hello i’m also a avid fan of “goong”(princesshours)…hope goong 2 will airing soon in phls.. i hope yoon eunhye & joo-ji hoon still the cast of this “goong s” but it didn’t happen,i’m very sad about it…i wish the project of the “goong 2” will be finalized and that they will start the taping soon…i really cant wait that the cast of goong1 will meet each other again and give us their best again,especially thier romantic kiss of eunhye & joo-ji hoon….hope they r real swethearts…if not ..hope its meh yoon eunhye’s future husband…nyahahahehehe

  194. 194 : Chynez Says:

    da goong 2 r coming soon..now their r only 2 goong dat publish,goong a.k.a pprincess hour dat cast yoon eun hye, joo ji hoon n kim jeong hoon..da second goong called goongS a.k.a prince hour n really diffrent from goong dat cast se7en 4 his first drama..diz story also about palace but do not hav any connection wit da goong a.k.a princess hour..da goong 2 will be come but not sure yet..

  195. 195 : diana jane Says:


    you are so so so cute….

    especially in the GoONg…

    you and ji hoon are very compatible with each other..

    i wish you will visit us here in the philippines i iligan city..

    your tv series (gOoNg) is so hit in here…..

  196. 196 : china Says:

    hi janelle! ur so cute..! pls mail me =)

  197. 197 : carol mae ngasio Says:

    hi! yoon eun hye u’r so cute aNd beutiFUL, I HOPE dat u and joo ji hoon will be last together forever

  198. 198 : Chynez Says:

    any one who want more pic or mp3 of princess hours a.k.a goong can email me 8 [email protected].

  199. 199 : SkyGurL Says:

    Yoon eun hye!!!! luv u so much!!! hpoe you’ll come 2 malaysia!!!

  200. 200 : joy Says:

    hi eun hye!!! annyeong ha shim ni kka?? i really love you and ji hoon..i hope to see you personally..u know what i study korean language because of the 2 of you..i hope you will fall in love with each other and visit philippines…but i will be there in korea soon!!!…kamsahamnida..pls email me and those people who loves you and ji [email protected]..

  201. 201 : joy Says:

    again my email add is [email protected]

  202. 202 : Nadiameric Says:

    ur so cute and lovable!

  203. 203 : RuQi Says:

    Anniyosayoo .RuQi mida.She is the most cute girl i have ever seen.I am glad she is Christian.WAiting!Dega sarangiyoo.niga ipuda!!

  204. 204 : Minnie Says:

    were u hyorin in goong? i think ur really pretty. email me sometime at my hotmial [hope u know it laew na ka cause its [email protected]]

  205. 205 : adiol_51 Says:

    …hi there janelle (eun-hye) ^^ i really like you. I am longing to see you in person.. My night wont be complete without watching you on Princess Hours (Goong) Ilove you princess………… my family loves you jinja ! pls come here in my country Philippines… take care mwahhugzzzz

  206. 206 : emo_girL Says:

    eLoe there princess janeLLe..
    im a big fan of yours..
    PLEASE come here in our country..
    your show GOONG is reaLLy a big hit here….

    katrina from Quezon City, PhiLippines

  207. 207 : JIMERLYNE Says:

    hi….hw r u???its so nce 2 know dat u r da best actress in korea…and oder places especially n phil. hpe u see u soon here n phil..many pepol wants to see u here personaly…coz u made us smile and fall n love again…i cant imagin da good and fantastic character…by da way ur character is such a special women dat needs to merry a prince dat a prince nevr lov u or els tret u as person(girl)….u know, ur so funny & i cant surely know dat u know how to dance and sing…?reli oh com on…hehehehhe…same me..heheehe
    im jus kidding…we are hopeles to see you….hmmmnnnnn…..see yah..

  208. 208 : JIMERLYNE Says:

    hi….. its me agin can i have a picture of u w/ sign…heheheh…i reli want to see u here in phil…yah dts so exciting to know dat u r coming yeheyyyyy..
    wish me lang….funny…ur so cute and i know u like prince?????hmmnn…can u share with us….

  209. 209 : JIMERLYNE Says:

    hey waaazzz uppp….smile and u make us smile…..

  210. 210 : paula Says:

    hi yoon eun you are so beautiful hope you will come in the philippines w/ joo ji hoon, kim jeong hoon, and song ji hyo


  211. 211 : Charis Lardizabal Says:

    Hi Miss Yoon Eun Hye!!!You know I am a big fan of “PRINCESS HOURS”… Actually I spent my money for buying DVD, CD, and Posters of PRINCESS HOURS…You are so funny in PRINCESS HOURS but you look so charm… I wish you would visit your fans here Philippines with Kim Jeong Hoon and Joo-Ji Hoon… I LOVE PRINCESS HOURS!!!I SWEAR!!!mwuaah!!!=)

  212. 212 : Charis Lardizabal Says:

    I have no absent in watching Princess Hours in the evening… Actually its started in 10:00 in Evening and end in 11:00 pm…I woke up in 4:00 o’clock in the morning… I LOVE you MWUAAH…

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    hi yoon

    im hoon, indonesian i so like you

    i hope you to go to jakarta

    i so hope that

  218. 218 : sohl Says:

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    but if there is still goong 3, i wish that yoon will show up there….
    shes my idol you know!!!!!!!!!
    by the way pls add me in friendster
    [email protected]

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    your so cute !!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you will go here in philippine!!!!!!!!!!11

    i love you

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    i love you…. by the way invite me in your frienster,,,,,,
    [email protected]

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    i love you

    please add me……….
    your so beautifull!!!

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  225. 225 : ANNALOU Says:

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    so when you come to Indonesia?

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    God bless you Hoon Eun-Hye

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    do you have friendster or my space…

  229. 229 : Evuca Says:


  230. 230 : ct Says:

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    i really like your cute face,,,
    when will you visit me here in philippines?!!

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    *will you reply me? please..

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  240. 240 : ana&fairuz Says:

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    you act very well.. and i happy if u can back in the second goong.. well, i hope i can see u back!!! love u!!

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  246. 246 : lala Says:

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  247. 247 : doraemon Says:

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    hopelly u will always be among the best actor…
    sorry if my english is not good…
    ok bye…

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    i really2x like you .love you !!!!

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    i really reeally love it……….

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    heller! yoon eun hye! me and my classmates like you very much they always say that im janell! i am addick with goong! i saw so many korean here in CEBU but they cant defend your beauty! hope u will visit Philippines ^_^
    go girl i hope too that you and lee shin will make a happy family in real lives go girl!!!!! ^_~ a RAN addict also thats ME! PAG-IBIG NA KAYA,SARANAGAYo! hehehe i dont know how to translate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_~

  252. 252 : goldy Says:

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    i love goong soow much!!
    i hope u guys (the actors) would like to come to singapore!! ^^
    we love u soow much here!!! we love goong!! ^^
    i’ll make sure i’ll come if u go to singapore.. ^^
    we will definitely come!!!

    plsss… consider my wishes.. ^^
    jiaaa youu!!! ^^
    i’ll always support u eun hye!! ^^
    (u know i always want to b like u.. very cute n talented.. i want to be an actress too.. ^^ LOL n i believe i will b like u 1 day.. ^^)



  254. 254 : piawla cute Says:

    will you marry ju ji hun if he will ask you
    love him cause i love him

  255. 255 : JenIaa Says:


    yoon eun hye…

    you so cute,beautifull,nice,friendly,and…..

    i hope you want to be my friend!!!!

  256. 256 : jhashtinemae Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye the darma series oong was really nice. but it really makes me fell so sad when I’ve hear that Goong 2 have another set of cast…..i tot that it was just the continuation of Goong 1…. But anyways I’m really happy that you’ve got an award….

    i really like the chemistry of Yun En Hye and Joo Ji Hoon… I hope that your real sweethearts!!! More powers to you !!! God bless!!

    I also hope that you and joo ji hoon can visit philippines!!! perpect combination!!!!

    From: Jhashtine in cebu philippines

  257. 257 : january Says:

    i really admired YEH as a good actress and singerWere on the same age) ..she has a bubbly personality that all her fans admired it..especially for her being a humble person…keep up the good work…hope you can visit our beautiful country here in Philippines. You have a loooot of fans here…it’s true….you”ll never regret it visiting our country because of our hospitability….i really look forward for the comeback of Kim Jong Kook as K-pop…i watched your variety show XMAN… and i really enjoyed it watching both of you as the most compatible couple in XMAN history ever..you look good as a couple..hope the rumors are true.and i think,,,during the XMAN,,,,some things are scripted…but not all…..and both of you can’t deny the fact that you like each other….Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook foreVer.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,promise!!!!!!!!

  258. 258 : blossom Says:

    Your so beautiful and good actess,,and a singer…i love Princess Hour…and we will support you all the way..more success to your career…Eun Hye forever…the Best…you rock…….

  259. 259 : prettygirl Says:

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  260. 260 : XMan Says:

    your pretty…
    humble person..
    bubbly girl..
    good actress…
    you deserve what you are now….
    a star from the sky that it always shining even in the darkest sky,…
    your lovable..
    one woman, one man..
    beautiful model and endorser..
    good singer & dancer…
    more success to your career….and lovelife…take care of your health..,…. Princess HOur…Yoon Eun Hye

  261. 261 : joco Says:

    hi YEh……i really want to meet you in person…your so pretty and you really a Princess….i know you have a very good heart,,,just stay humble …love you YEH..

  262. 262 : cliedy Says:

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  263. 263 : rodeoan Says:

    hi Yoon Eun Hye..your such a nice girl..well i just want to be a part of your fans..coz i”m a really admired you..what will be your next drama..movies…mmore success to your career! smile always….

  264. 264 : mj Says:

    wass-up!!!!!!!!!!! i like your fashions….you really have a great body,,great face..and a good personality……..jus take care….Princess Hour is the best….i sawv your videos at friendster…and it was so cool….

  265. 265 : mj Says:

    hi YEh…your such a busy person…you really a supestar now….not only in korea….also in other asian countries..were waitng for your comeback….goodluck..godless…

  266. 266 : lalaine Says:

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  267. 267 : nasherine joson Says:

    I’m one of your fan
    I’m only just a student from a private school only for girls.
    I just want to say that
    “No one can stop you from dreaming, reach all your dreams and succeed, don’t give up, be a good model to others, hope you can find a good partner, be yourself, don’t stop dreaming”

    there are only three things you should take care of

    love, friendship and family!!

    your fan,
    nash 🙂

  268. 268 : aya Says:

    anyeong haseyo bingung mama^^
    you are so funny in Goong. You and joo jin hoo are compatible…… well i hope that you visit our country……… Take care, god bless and more power to your career

    Aya frm philippines

  269. 269 : mary Says:

    anyeong haseyo bingung mama!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like your hairstyle in Goong when you are simple Shin Chaegyung…….. you look mature in your picture. well good luck and i hope that the Goong 2 is coming soon 2 our country
    well good luck to your career

    Your truly fan of yours,

    mary frm philippines

  270. 270 : ying Says:

    Hi!Yoon Eun-hye!I very love to watch the princess hour and I always watch.You are very cute and pretty!I hope to be a friend with u!Hope can la!!!(kidding only la)

  271. 271 : athirah Says:

    haha i love your character in princess hours. so free and happy-go-lucky. dont let shin bully u! 😀

  272. 272 : aieza Says:

    Hi ,…i love when your playing a cheeky girl yet very naive..loveeeeeeee it.This is t the first time i saw your acting and i like the way you potrait YOURSELF
    …keep up the good work ya…k ….bye

  273. 273 : miss kari Says:

    i like the way u act.you r soooooooooooooo…..cute n adaroble.gud job there.keep it up……;-)

  274. 274 : 8hundred Says:

    Anyone can tell me she born in October 3rd, it should be Libra, but why is an Aquarius star sign up there?

  275. 275 : shirley Says:

    i m sueyee from malaysia.
    u r very CUTE CUTE
    i very like u
    can u reply me? i hope to be ur friend
    [email protected]

  276. 276 : czexyl Says:

    yoon eun hye…!i really love you………..!so much…!im addicted in your tv drama princess hours………!!!!and i want to continue watching princess h0urs….!!!i cannot explain how i feel today when i saw you in your picture…

    i will always l0ve you,forever..!mwaah…!

  277. 277 : Hihi Says:

    your the best of the best in goong!! you made me inlove with goong!! i love you!

  278. 278 : kirazue Says:

    i love her personality very much…

  279. 279 : RhoNa.. Says:

    hI..YooN eUn hyE..

    yOu noW lIke jOo Ji hOon..yOu hAvE sO mAny fAnS..

    hErE iN thE phIliPpinEs..sO yoU’rE faNs aRe hoPinG thAt yoU..

    wiLL viSit tO thE pHiliPpinEs..i hAd yOu’rE fiRst acTinG draMa goOnG..

    oR pRinceSs houRs heRe iN thE phIlipPineS.. i hAd a dVd oF thAt..

    aNd maNy arE asKinG iF jOo ji hOon iS daTinG yoU???

    aNd iF yoU haD a boYfriEnd..& im rHonA you’Re no.#1 faN…

  280. 280 : bintang indirajati Says:

    hi….yoon eun hye

    ur acting is so great

    i very like u

    ur very beatifull

    iam indonesian

    iam always wacth ur movie (goong)

    iam very like goong comics

    i hope one days i can meet u

    i love u yon eun hye…,,,,,,,,,

  281. 281 : nor idayu bt ahmad (malaysia) Says:

    hi yoon eun hye
    ur acting with jo ji hoon is so great
    i very like ur acting
    ur very beautiful
    i am malaysian
    i am always watch ur movie (princess hours)
    i hope one day i can meet you and ur can come to malaysia
    i and my family very love u yoon eun hye…..

  282. 282 : angel Says:

    Hallo yoon eun hye…
    gw kurang ngerti bhs inggris,so gw pk bhs Indonesia aja ya…
    gila akting lo buaguuuuusss buaaaaangeeeett! gw sampe terkesan ngeliat lo main film Princess Hours tapi sayang ya, coba kalo yag main princess hours cuman elo ama Joo Ji Hoon ama Kim Jung Hoon juga and so pasti ga` pake si Sang Ji Hyo yang ih… menurut gw sih lebih pantes ga` usah ikutan main film Princess Hours. Tapi…. menurut GW Yoon Eun Hye Acting IS THE BEST!!!
    OK THANK`s for your mail …
    GOOD BYE………………………………………..!

  283. 283 : patricia tricate Says:

    hi!!!!!to all the cast of princess hours i wish you’ll be visiting philippines soon and i wish princess hours or goong never end. And there would be a part 2 of goong and part3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……….and until the world ends and hope the same cast will act on the next part cause i won’t and my classmates wont watch princess hours or goong if you change the cast and hi to:
    yoon eun-hye and joo jihoon are you real life lovers!!!!!
    your number one here in phil. and i hope i can see you both in person and your socute together and compatible with each other your love team is making ma crazy princess janelle and even my classmates want to be like you so all i can say is …………………….BEAUTIFUL………….DRIVES ME CARZY………….THANKS……HOW CUTE TALAGA………….GOONG MABUHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. 284 : patricia tricate Says:

    hi!!!!!to all the cast of princess hours i wish you’ll be visiting philippines soon and i wish princess hours or goong never end. And there would be a part 2 of goong and part3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……….and until the world ends and hope the same cast will act on the next part cause i won’t and my classmates wont watch princess hours or goong if you change the cast and hi to:
    yoon eun-hye and joo jihoon are you real life lovers!!!!!
    your number one here in phil. and i hope i can see you both in person and your socute together and compatible with each other your love team is making ma crazy princess janelle and even my classmates want to be like you so all i can say is …………………….BEAUTIFUL………….DRIVES ME………….
    CRAZY………….THANKS……HOW CUTE TALAGA………….GOONG MABUHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. 285 : wawa Says:

    yoon eun-hye…
    you are cute in princess hours..

  286. 286 : Hartadi Says:

    is it really her site ??


  287. 287 : maylan Says:

    hi yoon

    i am really happy when wacth you movie (princess Hours) really happy can see you in next your move.

    i read in newpaper in my country you and shin are couple in real life. is it true???? hope you will be happy always…

    you fans

  288. 288 : 8hundred Says:

    To Hartadi,

    No. I believe it’s not.

    I got in before, and found out somethings very funny and weird.

  289. 289 : .. fanatic? Says:

    hey. nice acting.

  290. 290 : hazirah Says:

    she really talented…

  291. 291 : carissa Says:

    hi yoon eun hye..anio haseyo!!!
    i was so amazed in the story of princess hours
    i love it so much!!
    i wish dat u could come hir together with prince lee shin..{joo ji hoon}in the philippines!!
    im ur no 1 fans in the philippines..
    i also love all da cast of princess hours..
    they all take a good role hir..i love yahh all
    more power on ur second movie!!

  292. 292 : rose Says:

    hi stay with prince gian your so beautiful or pretty

  293. 293 : jhaNel Says:

    i miz yah very much….. you know your so good in acting in the goongI.. your so beautiful… olwez stay to prince gian okay…. you 2 are compatible for each other… i love the both of you… hope you two can visit here in the phippines… i lav you yoon heun hoon(janelle)…aza aza aza…

  294. 294 : jhaNel Says:

    wow………………….. yeahhh……. aNG ganDa,,,,

  295. 295 : Baby Lyn Says:

    i love ur show in goong.
    when will goong 2 will be show?
    hope u’ll act in goong 2 also.
    love u..

  296. 296 : Asrina Says:

    Hi yoon… how are you…?

    i love your acting with joo ji hoon in princess hours… such a lovely couple…
    wish the relation become reality…. good luck and all the best to you…

    long live yoon and joo ji hoon….

    rgds, Asrina from Brunei

  297. 297 : Greeny Joy Says:

    JANELLE!!! that’s your name here in the philippines…
    i wish you could visit us all here together with Prince Gian (Joo Ji Hoon)…
    you have the perfect chemistry!!!
    i hope you two would hook up together and live happily ever after…
    will there be a part 2?
    I Luv Yaaahh!!!!
    MWAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (‘o’)

    Your #1 Fan,
    Greeny Joy :o,

  298. 298 : maricar de leon Says:

    well.your a good actress. i like you a lot. i enjoy watching you and also your show. hope i can you in person. your pretty. i love seeing you on scree. i hope you and Prince Gian can visit here. i really want to see you. you have the perfect chemistry. i hope i can watch your show without any commercial. im one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines. in fareness your my ideal woman, well to tell you, im a girl. i just want you lot. i hope you and Prince Gian would have a lot of projects together. both of you look amazing in the movie. love lots. take care. hope i can meet you in person and have time for you and Prince Gian to talk personally. hope to see youn soon here in my beautiful country…
    i can tour you here. hope you can come with the whole cast of Princess Hours. love lots. = )

  299. 299 : lovely joyce Says:

    hi dear.. I really love you.. your so cute.. hope to see you in person.. keep up gurl.. more power.. God Bless You!

  300. 300 : eliza and aira Says:

    anyong heseyo! Hope to see you in Princess Hour Session 2 with Ju Ji-hun. We really love you both! God bless you more and your career.

  301. 301 : ria marie Says:

    hi! miss eun hye!! i’m not actually a big fan of you but i do admire your style! the way you dress, your faceit’s soo very charming!!!
    you’re so cute and i think i dont have to say ‘coz it’s very obvious!! haha!!
    anyway.. hope to see you after 10 years when i grow up!!
    haha!! ‘coz when i’ll have my own career i wanna visit your country and shop a lot of dresses!!!

  302. 302 : ria marie Says:

    GODSPEED!!!!!!!!!!!anyong haseo!!!

  303. 303 : hanie Says:

    Hai Pooh,howz u?I’m Crazzy Fans from Malaysia.i luv your acting very much,sooooo……swweet.well, Princess Hours really…..really n veryy…wonderful story.Hope the second drama from JamGgoDae.Chayooooooooo.Good Luck.
    Come visit Malaysia2007

  304. 304 : stannia Says:

    Hihi..I really Love ur show Hope we can meet add me ok TQ [email protected] ^^

  305. 305 : kimberly anne Says:


    your so cool…….

    nice image…………

    can you be my friend\??????????


    email me at [email protected]

  306. 306 : YEH Says:

    Hi! Princess… hope to see you on your next big drama….I’m hoping that youl have a drama again with Eric Mun.coz i heard that you should be his leading lady in Que sera sera…i’m so disappointed …i’m more interestered if your the 1 who played the role…

  307. 307 : afieyda Says:

    hye cute girl..hw r u? i like ur acting in PRINCESS HOUR. my mom like u so much..im not patient to know the ending of this drama.. how about all all of ur came to malaysia.. i tough u also hav a lot of fan here.. princess hour was a favourite drama series in channel 8 in malaysia… chaiiyooo..chaiiyooo..
    ur fan fr malaysia

  308. 308 : rosejean Says:

    hi?the princess hours movie is so very beautiful!!!!plz!!go here in the bacolod,phlippines!!tnx!!!email me @ [email protected]!!tnx!

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    hello!!…i really really really love “goong” “princess hours here in the philippines… hope visit us here with prince gian (joo ji hoon) ..godbless more power we love you!!! hope to see you soon *SMILE*

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    i like to see her
    she is acute girl
    i love her
    i want to be you

  312. 312 : citra Says:

    don’t give up
    why can you be a beautiful girl
    share with me its step

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    i love u so much……….
    i’m your greatest fan in Malaysia…………
    i’ve watch goong thousands of times n i love it……..
    n now i’ve just finished the vineyard man n i love it too……
    i’m looking forward in meeting you someday……
    my god grant me my wishes…!!!!!!!!!
    keep up your good work……….
    n most of all, u are cute n beautiful……

  314. 314 : anne Says:


    you’r so cute.. hope you’ll visit our country.. you and joo ji hoon are very great couple

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  316. 316 : desiree Says:

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    prety is u too
    oh…u r my PRINCESS 4 ever

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    who is your boyfriend

  321. 321 : may Says:

    i thought jong kook .

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    wE lOvE u sO mUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUch…………….

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    i,m ur fan.. come n visit malaysia ok? we all luv u so much!!
    success in ur future movie! wating u..

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    I’m Daniel(male’16)_philippines., im a big fan of yours,. I always watch princess hours., your so beautiful,… hehehe.,,,, dont any more visit philippines… you will only be stress bec. of polution and its so hot here… -_-”
    when I finish college,. i will go to south kerea and work there., and hope that ill meet you,. ahehehe., even just to see your smile is ok for me…
    I grabbed your 3 vidoes in youtube and put it in my friendster.., those videos of your slide shows… I love your pictures so much… your so cute and beautiful… ^_^” take care… hope you have friendster…i will invite you as my friend…

    take care god bless.,.,.,.,…………………. ^_^”

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    Hi Jannelle…I’m April of the Philippines and I always watch your show the princess hours and many people here in the Philippines like your show. I like your love team of Joo Ji Hoon. I feel that your a real couple and I pray that in real life your a real couple.
    You now what your so beautiful and I brought your dvd because I want to watch your show always…
    I hope that you and Joo Ji hoon have a Korean novela again…
    Take care and my God Bless you always…

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  336. 336 : pirtxes Says:

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    from Phillippines

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    is there will be Princess Hour 2?? we’re really2 hope that will be the same actor n actress in this second series….. please dont dissappointed us…

    ur truely fans from Malaysia.

  339. 339 : Ian carl Says:


    i know that the t.v series goong in english is (princess hours) is very good to watch and relaxing because it gives me hope that the true love will find in the certain time and in the certain place and manner … and this t.v series feels to me that it is good to have a love of someone… thanks for making this t.v. series… see yah

    and if lady yoon will see my message ::

    i wish that someday i will meet him…

    the series was great thank the Lord..

    Ian Carl

  340. 340 : fredrick Says:

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    and she’s same christan as me she’s so cute/.

  341. 341 : Melody Says:

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  343. 343 : nicole Says:

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    i love you……( english)hehehe..
    saya sukakan awak……….(malaysia)hahahaha…
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    wo ai ni………….(chinese)lalalala…
    i cant tell you how i fell about you.. but, i only can tell you that i love you very much……
    i love you very much YOON EUN_HYE..
    hope you can come to MALAYSIA with Joo jihoon and kim jeong hoon…
    saya sukakan awak!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye….

    from your fan,
    apple or just call me koala..
    peace!!! areumdaptta…….hehehe( is the spelling right??? hohoho…)

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    waaaaaa…. can i borrow your face?

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    your sooo cute hehe…princess hours is so great!!!!! keep it up gian and janelle…. we love you her in the philippines… hope their is a part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 of princess hours. hope that you and Joo Ji Hoon will become true lovers in the real life… thats all.. mwahhhh

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    hi PrinCess JaneLle..i used to call you princess than call you in your real name…im 1 of ur fan…am i cant believe that i dnt see you anymore on tv…huhuhuh..its so sad…

  352. 352 : precious Says:

    ……..please do another project for Yoon Eun-hye and joo ji hoon

  353. 353 : Alicia Says:

    Hey does GOOng 2 have any relation to GOONG 1? Like is Duke Youngsung the son of Shin and Chae-kyung? Please answer! I need to know.

  354. 354 : mary rose(girl) Says:

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  355. 355 : mary rose(girl) Says:

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  356. 356 : mary rose(girl) Says:

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  362. 362 : Aimee Says:

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    Pls respond!

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  365. 365 : starz Says:

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    hellow… ^_^”
    hope you can e-mail me… [email protected]
    wanna know your e-add… dont know your friendster…
    2 many eun hye… dont know who is true… i wish that the one i invite is truely your account… every time im logging in my account i always looking on that account hope its really you…
    [email protected]” is this you?
    ill w8 for ur e-mail… -_-“

  368. 368 : fuRuU Says:

    yoon eun hye,,you are so sweet actRes Korean
    so i wanna say to you:congRatuLation to you foReVer

    I miss you

    FaRa >.

  369. 369 : faRa Says:

    HaLLLOWWww,yoon eun hye,,,



    aRe you fine/
    i hope you Can get youR Wish in neXt TIme,,,,Okey

    FURuu,,,,,,,,,,,See YOu

  370. 370 : faRa Says:


    i hope that you can understand what i mean to you

    if you want to know me,,,
    you can viSit in my e-maiL

    [email protected]

    i wait your opinioN,,,,,,okey

    FuRu >.

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    sa ming mga pinoy
    ang ganda ng bawat episode wala kming pinalalampas hay sa magvisit cla d2 sa phillippines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. 372 : kirSteN_pRinCesShOurS Says:

    anyong!!!!!you know you are very cute and charming you are also a good actress….. the role of being the crown princess we love it for you!!!hope youll visit the phillipines soon!!!coz were your no. 1 fan!!! they made the right decision for you having the role!!you ang jo ji hoon are cute when your together!!!!!!luv yah!!take care!!!

  373. 373 : ryz Says:

    hi everyone,
    we all love princess hours? ryt and the two of them? y not we ask abscbn to have them here? gian and janelle are just perfect. perfect chemistry. and we can just get over it. we all wish theres part 2 , hopefully! and pls let them come in the phils. pls. 🙂 i hope they are tru lovers hahahhaha. we can allwish. i hope someone reads this for us and have them come here in phils. we jst can get over it. 🙂

  374. 374 : ryz Says:

    korean producers should answer clamor of the people. asia wide clamor of princess hours 2 . go go go. the same actres and actors please.

  375. 375 : may Says:

    hai!!! Yoon Eun Hye i like your style in this princess hour you are so cute and like to make fun. Take care..

  376. 376 : lha-lha cute Says:

    aloha yoo eun hye…………

    your my idol,,,,,,

    i like acting you in princess hours…….


    ur beutifull girl n ur face is baby doll or you cute…….

    i’m carla,,,

    my nick name lha-lha…..

    i’m live in indonesia

    yoon,,,,can you add my friendster???????

    address my friendster is [email protected]
    please add me……okey,,,,,,

    yoon,,,,i’m sory….if my grammer or language false coz me can not english……

    i’m sorry yoon…….

    oh ya…..

    why you can visit to Indonesia first city jakarta……..


    i hope you can coming to jakarta……








  377. 377 : fizah Says:

    another one of my fav character..

    u r suitable for both joo ji hoon and kim jeong hoon..

    but havin both of em doesnt sound rite..

    niwae itll be nice to see u with either jjh or kjh outside tv..


  378. 378 : Bea Says:

    Hi! just want u 2 know that ur my idol and adore u so much… i hope u and joo ji hoon are real sweethearts or kim jeong hoon because either ji hoon or jeong hoon, u r still compatible with each other! Whether Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye or Kim Jeong Hoon and Yoon eun Hye, u will definitely rock the WORLD!!!!!

  379. 379 : Baby_Peace Says:


    yoon eun-hye,ur r sweat u know……………..
    i like ur acting,with joo ji hoon only(joking)
    i hope i can look u walking with joo ji hoon outside………..
    u and joo ji hoon can be a perfect couple……..
    if u 2,b a couple……
    what A rIdiculous thing i`m talking about…………..
    don`t pay attention in my suggestion…………….
    coz sometimes……………..
    my head is in the head of leg…………..
    (i thing u don`t know what i bubling about,don`t u???)
    i hope u will success in ur `universe`……….

    ps:can u add me as ur fren???
    my fs:[email protected]

    No mATteR WhaT U r…………..

    MUsT Be sOMe 1 AT ur siDE………

    everyonE hoPE,JOO JI HOON……….

    JUst joKIng……………………………


    u r SweAt ANd beAUTy GIrllll……….

    pliZZZZZ Stay At ur oWN stail….PiNkY….

  380. 380 : erica Says:

    anneong haseyo !! ^^ i hope i know how to speak korean !! but can somebody help me to learn korean words
    ?? kamsamnida

  381. 381 : saborski Says:


  382. 382 : monique Says:

    AneongHaseyo!..Yeah she is airing right now in jumong..
    She’s Beautiful in jumong than princess hours and
    better role….
    Keep it your best my crush SONG JI-HYO..
    Hope u hav more series to come and we will
    wait for it…GOD BLESS JI-HYO!!..luv u

  383. 383 : ABBY Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur my idol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hope you’ll visit philipines!!!!!!!!!!!!we love your drama PRINCESS HOURS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ipuda yun eun hae,, KAMSAMIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. 384 : ABBY Says:

    GOD BLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV U,….

  385. 385 : jennaira Says:

    hi!!!..anneyongsaheyo ilike watcng your shows especially goong !!.. i hope you treat joo ji-hoon as your boyfriend im just kidding !!!!hope you’ll visit philippines so we can see you in person !!me aDr your fans

  386. 386 : janen Says:

    hi!!! i just want to say that you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  387. 387 : yamie Says:

    ..is it tru..that ther is gOong 2?!

  388. 388 : janelle Says:

    hi… ms. Yoon eun hye.. i’m janelle can I get your email address and your cellphone number pls…. just email to me …

    [email protected]

    I really Idolize you… I search all but i can’t see your email add. thanks..

  389. 389 : eun hye Says:

    hi eun hye!
    i wish someday somehow i’ll see you in person hopefully….

  390. 390 : nadine Says:

    hello……eun hye…………i love your series of princess hours…..hope to see you also as the lead star of princess hours 2……………….you and ji hoon are very compatible to each other…….i wish that someday you and him will be more than friends…….i also wish that you could visit us here in the philippines…….princess hours and its characters are very popular here……….i love u……and alwayss take good care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. 391 : YEH Says:

    hey guys… watch out for the next drama of our Princess Yoon Eun Hye.. the drama was entitled..” The 1st shop of Coffee Prince” that will aired this coming July 07′ at MBC………i can’t wait to watch this drama….it will be a big heat for sure……

  392. 392 : YEH Says:

    hey guys..watch out for the new drama of our Princess Eun Hye…Which is entitled ” The first shop of Coffee Prince” that will be aired this coming July 07′ on MBC…i know this will be a big hit…..

  393. 393 : angel_gg Says:

    hello everyone!!!!wow..im big big fun of goong or princess hour here in the philippines…
    i hope yoo eun hye and joo ji hon will visit here in the philippines jst like eugene kim for save the last dance for me and lee dong wook of my girl..
    i relly like the way yoon eun hye act shes so gorgeous very much beautiful and i like the way she cry it was so awesome…
    i would like to know if yoo eun hye and jooj i hon are real life SWEET-HEART coz they are so perfect, there chemistry.. wow just a very big hit in the phillipine television ever!!and im so super exicted of the princess hours 2. hope so that tha main character from goong 1 was still the character coz they are so lovely…

    the princess hours really really rock the philippines we really love you all keep up the awesome acting!!!!!
    just incase yoo eun hye will send ne also a message this is my email add [email protected]… i am really a big big fun of yopurs

    super the best princess hour no one can beat!!!!
    all through out the philippines and in asia!

  394. 394 : JOANNIE Says:

    anyong haseyo, i love you tv drama you did good. sarang hamnida

  395. 395 : phoummy Says:

    hi YEH and JJH they are my superstar, i love u and JJH somuch , do u have new movie with JJH or not? i hope u and JJH become sweetheart, bye pikong mama or cheng che yung and shin ByE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  396. 396 : KJK Says:

    wow…i really adored you..you’re so pretty and seems that your have a very good heart..were,,your fans were very happy for your success in your career..coz you suffered a lot of criticism were you were still a member of baby V.O.X..Don’t worry were praying for your more success……just keep it up…be humble and stay bubbly person…..

  397. 397 : Eun Hye Says:

    can’t wait to see your next drama…” THE 1st SHOP OF THE COFFEE PRINCE” ..I’m so happy that your one of the most in demand young actress,as well as a magazine models, CFS, and fashion show…Youre so one of a kind….

  398. 398 : January Says:

    hi there Princess Chaegyung…i really like you especially in GOONg..you’ve done a good job..which makes you to the stardom…gooodluck…..more success………

  399. 399 : minea Says:

    i wish i could meet you in person..coz i’m your no.1 fans..whenever i heard that you have a new drama..i can’t wait to watch it.. i use to collect your drama’s that you’ve make…hope more drama to come….saranghaminda..

  400. 400 : butterCUP Says:

    fighting EUn Hye…you’re the best korean actress i’ve saw even though it’s your a neophytes in acting in Princess Hours..but it really a phenomenon in korean drama,,and also in asia worldwide…congratulations…….who’s your new HAN NAMJA?????? well whoever be that man..hope you’ll fine true happiness..

  401. 401 : butterCUP Says:

    fighting EUn Hye..congratulations…….who’s your new HAN NAMJA?????? well whoever be that man..hope you’ll fine true happiness..

  402. 402 : Natalia Says:

    Eun Hae!!!!
    How r U?!
    I hope U’ll be play at Goong 2 with Ji hoon n Jeong hoon!!!!
    U like very10x Beautiful at Goong!!!!!!!
    I hope U n Ji hoon ‘ll be a couple in d’ reality!!!!

    Ciayo Eun Hae!!!!!!

    Mizz U….
    I wait ur reply…
    Thx…. 🙂

  403. 403 : karina Says:

    Chae Kyong!!!
    How r u???
    I’m your fanzzz…
    Do u like joo ji hoon??
    U and he is the best couple!!!
    Thank u..
    God Bless U!

  404. 404 : Rebecca Says:

    Hi…How r u?? I wish all the actors in Priness Hour can come to Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur and Selangor)….Wish u good luck….God Bless You

  405. 405 : Rebecca Says:

    Hi again…I wish you all the best….I will surport you forever…….

    I am waiting for your reply…..

  406. 406 : Rebecca Says:

    Love and support you forever…!!

  407. 407 : aura Says:

    hi!!!! your so pretty hope youl visit here in philippines, i always watch goong here in the philippines its my favorite korean film i will always be your fan thank you for giving me inspiration wish you all the best and more success and good bless you take care your my idol!!!!! i will wait for your reply thank you!

  408. 408 : princess issa [eun] Says:

    hi…yoon eun hye…ur my idol…ur very pretty and nice girl…ur very much ment to be to joo ji hoon…hopefully ur on now coz ur perfect to be loveteam forever….im from philippines… u have so many fanss here in philippines…hope u can visit our country together with joo ji hoon…. i love you both….see u soon…..and god bless you…..;

  409. 409 : princess issa [eun] Says:

    hi….joo ji hoon…ur very handsome and so..so.. hot… your very much perfect with yoon eun hye….terrific…..hope u can visit us here in philippines…..were very much like your loveteam…. pls. courting to eun hye…he.he.he…or marry her…..coz ur very much bagay….you have so many fans here….see u soon…..god bless you both……;

  410. 410 : musika Says:

    hello…you really look good…i wish you will still be in goong 2…we call it Princess Hours season 2 here in the Philippines..Almost all of the Filipinos were crazy about this movie.It is movie series here. Hope you will visit us soon!!! And please go for ABS-CBN, the company that aired goong here in the Philippines.Hope I can watch your other movies aside from goong.Be well!! and God bless!!! I was surprised that your a Christian…what specific Christian assembly are you in? (if you don’t mind)…..^_^

  411. 411 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    i no people who have about the same personality and looks in princess hours.1 for example is i no a that my best friend is as goofy (or crazy, she doesnt like being called goofy. )n as artisticn positive as CG. n her sis is just like u, yoon eun hye, is awesome at acting and singing with pretty looks also.

  412. 412 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    언 니, 시 카 고 으 해.

  413. 413 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    i never new u were strong. n ur so excellent at dancing

  414. 414 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    how come goong 2 didnt come out yet?

  415. 415 : Nora Says:

    hi..my name is nora..

    i am from Indonesia, and also fan of Yoon Eun Hye.

    i like to watch your serial in goong 1..

    nice acting…

    i hope ur movies showed in Indonesia again…

    and i am so sad because in goong 2, Eun Hye didnot act again..

    but it’s never mind…

    Ciayou…for Yoon Eun Hye

  416. 416 : horuze Says:

    YEH … XD sarang hee yo!!!!

  417. 417 : LiShA Says:

    heLLo Yoon Eun Hye! I reaLLy Like yOur series, Princess Hours. I reaLLy Love the way you act, you’re so cute and very funny. I hope you will be very successful in your career, and i really hope you will have another series or movie with Joo Ji Hoon. I really like the both of you. Take care! 🙂

  418. 418 : emilie Says:

    hi everyone! salut à tous! lol i don’t think she read this blog and your messages lol it’s normal because she has lot of works i don’t even know if she’s able to see her family as often as she wish so…just talk about her at 3rd person… but what you say is very true she’s really great ^^ hope i could see her in another movie or drama (korean dramas are the best! lol french ones are boring lol) byebye everyone ,
    have a nice day 🙂

  419. 419 : danica Says:

    …….eow……..how are u? im danica one of ur fans here in da philippine i like ur show princess hours i like ur character der…..u min a lot…..ur show realy hit here nice story.i hope u can came hir i wish 2 see u in person…………ur soo beautiful……….we love u………..

  420. 420 : sisi Says:

    luv you so much for your character in goong and the vineyard man!! you have the perfect three things: you can sing act act and dance and you are also beautifull!!
    waiting for your next drama coffee prince!! wish you the best!!!!!

  421. 421 : Bebeto... Says:

    I really like the way she acts and she’s looks very very cute when she makes faces.

  422. 422 : ashleyem Says:

    hi Ms. Hye! you know ur really beautiful I really like you, bye the way when Goong 2 start shoowing I hope your Princess Jannel again.

  423. 423 : ashleyem Says:

    sOo sAd,,,u know you can portrait better as princess jannel than anyone,,,

  424. 424 : nicole Says:

    hi! goong is really gr8! kht mtgal ng tapos 2 d2 sa phil. pnapanuod parn namin sa dvd! galing tlga..super kilig. hope ill see u nla joo ji hoon sa sequel..:)

  425. 425 : Princess Sohl Says:

    ur a gr8 singer!!!!!!!!!

  426. 426 : Trang Says:

    omg, r u real life coupleu guys look greate together as i said before, i watch almost all of da behind da scene in goong, its a shame he’s not cast with u in the vineyard man or something like dat, i think u two go together very much. hope u go out in real life, luv u guys i wish u would open a fan club in england, birmingham, i’m wondering if he has feeling 4 u and if u have feelings 4 him. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  427. 427 : Helen Says:

    Hello sister, oh, Great that you are christian tooo…..i love your acting very much. you so cute…..sexy…lovely …..We love you very much,
    We’re From Cambodia……We really love your acting…..

  428. 428 : wendell Says:

    hi hellow out there…..sup?
    ahm…..can i know whats you’r secret…coz you kinda much beautiful….hehehe….ahm…do you have friendster right then……just asking you know!..sorry anyway..
    so i hope you read this …f**k’n letters….
    let me kiss you as a blessed of goodbye…and wish you will luck…by2 see ya around!

  429. 429 : Kate Says:


  430. 430 : Vivian Linh Nguyen Says:

    Hi Eun Hye!!!
    It’s will be great if you can read this message. I am a student who is studying in London and I got a lot lot of fun time when was seeing your Goong.I got just 1 word to say about you and that drama WONDERFUL.
    It was bad for me when there were not English subtitle to help me understand whole the drama.But anyhow I love the drama and of course love you as well so much.
    Can I contact with you Eun Hye?
    Please let me know if you want to let me contact with you.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks so much.
    Come and visit London once if you want. You are
    With lot of love to Eun Hye 😉

  431. 431 : Vivian Linh Nguyen Says:

    P.s My e mail address is [email protected]
    Thanks very much Eun Hye

  432. 432 : Vivian Linh Nguyen Says:

    Hi Eun Hye!!!
    It’s will be great if you can read this message. I am a student who is studying in London and I got a lot lot of fun time when was seeing your Goong.I got just 1 word to say about you and that drama WONDERFUL.
    It was bad for me when there were not English subtitle to help me understand whole the drama.But anyhow I love the drama and of course love you as well so much.
    Can I contact with you Eun Hye?
    Please let me know if you want to let me contact with you.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks so much.
    Come and visit London once if you want. You are
    With lot of love to Eun Hye 😉

  433. 433 : ryen Says:

    hi eunhye,

    im your biggest fan.i live here in the philippines and i met many koreans and also sit in our class.goong is a success i hope to watch goong 2 because i am watching goong s and i also like it.can you be my friend?take care.

    sincerely yours,

  434. 434 : cindy Says:

    i’m from Indonesia…
    i’m is u’r big fans…
    i love u very much!!
    u’re soo funny in goong film…
    i hope we can be good friends…

  435. 435 : super inggo! Says:

    hi yoon eun kye!
    i am one of your big fan!
    ur soo pretty and hot!
    i am from phillippines .
    thank god he created you .you always make my day wonderful!
    wish u can visit my country!

  436. 436 : n/a Says:

    hi there wow people is been talking about goong 1 and i have seen it. What a great movies yeah it seen like in real life you are great actor in that movie yea and i hope to see u too visit us here in usa. Keep up the good work and stay strong hope to see you next one. love ya
    I hope to visit korean sometime in the future.

  437. 437 : stephanie^_^ Says:

    papap dirarap. . . .
    saranghamida . …
    yoon eun hye. .
    hello ‘am stephanie just call me steph. .
    and i hope will be a good friend. .
    and ‘am your a big fan of princess hours, , ,
    and you are very good actress. . . model and singer. . . .
    and i you wil be a successful career. .. .
    and i hope someday i visit korea. ..
    and i think you are very kind person. . cute and beutiful. . . smart. . .
    hehehe … .

    and pls add me to your e-mail.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    and i hope. .. .
    you will add me. .
    thanks. . . bye bye. . . .i’ll wait to your reply . .

  438. 438 : berna . Says:

    anong haseyo .. !! jst want to congratulate Yoon Eun Hye for being the best actress in Princess Hours . thats all .. kumawa .. ! .

  439. 439 : mAgriTTe Says:

    hi yoon eun hye….
    ur so cute….
    and most of all ur my idol….
    i love you very much…..
    hope u can visit philippines….

  440. 440 : mAgriTTe Says:

    SARANGHAMNIDA!!!! eun hye
    wish you the best

  441. 441 : Tamaki senpai Says:

    hihi…..u are such a good actress….i really like u in Goong….and envy too…. ur dressing in goong is fantastic…. i really hope tht i am a princess too…. hahahha! kidding. and two charming prince fall in love with me…. i will be more happy…… ok…. take care…

  442. 442 : yoon eun hye yepudda Says:

    aneyasayo yoon eun hye sarang heio goong anyong aja aja fighthing

  443. 443 : onna Says:

    emmmmmm . . .
    i very interest with your act as shin chae gyong in princess hours . . .
    i hope you will be d’ great actrees in korea

  444. 444 : nikka Says:

    hi eun hye I am your #1 fan from the philippines

  445. 445 : brynyl Says:

    ”’hi ya EunHye, as every one say you’re so cute, beautiful and funny… I love the way u act with Joo Ji- Hoon.. and i can’t believe also that you’re a Christian,, you know when i did read your biography and found out that you’re a Christian, i thanked.. !!!so as my countrymen say come and visit the philippines sometimes, see you around!!! —-pooh—– from:brynyl

  446. 446 : fan of you Says:

    i just wan say

    you rock ! =DD

  447. 447 : Vivian Linh Nguyen Says:

    Hi Eun Hye!!!
    It’s will be great if you can read this message. I am a student who is studying in London and I got a lot lot of fun time when was seeing your Goong.I got just 1 word to say about you and that drama WONDERFUL.
    It was bad for me when there were not English subtitle to help me understand whole the drama.But anyhow I love the drama and of course love you as well so much.
    Can I contact with you Eun Hye?
    Please let me know if you want to let me contact with you.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks so much.
    Come and visit London once if you want. You are
    With lot of love to Eun Hye
    My e mail address is [email protected]

  448. 448 : duck_land Says:

    i love the vineyard man film, n i really hope U n Oh man suk will be a couple^.^

  449. 449 : acee Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, so pretty!!!! Bagay sa kanya yung role na funny girl sa Princess Hours!!! Bagay kayo ni Gian (Joo Ji Hoon)!!!! The best!!!! ^_^

  450. 450 : justine Says:

    i really love you Yoon Eun Hye…you’ve got all the talents..your good in dancing, singing,acting,smart,kind,bubbly,easy outgoing and Eepoota…..can’t wait to watch the “No.1 Shopof Coffee Prince”…we will support you forever,….

  451. 451 : Hanhuphan Says:

    Hello..your so pretty and pretty good dancing and so good in Goong movie…ur so cool..ur my idol..

  452. 452 : michael Says:

    ur so pretty i like the way u smile and ur so good in acting…

  453. 453 : sylvester Says:

    Hey punk

  454. 454 : sylvester Says:

    Hi your so pretty if you have friendster you can add as a friend if you want [email protected]

  455. 455 : kisses Says:

    hi!!u so pretty….

  456. 456 : justine Says:

    hey Guys..watch her new drama,,the COFFEE PRINCE. it will aired on July 2,2007 at MBC. you can watch it also in http://www.youtube.com…..The story was so very very interesting to watch it…LOL, YEH was so gorgeous with her new haircut.

  457. 457 : ysabela Says:

    hehe your a cute cute guurl..

  458. 458 : kimcing Says:

    ur so cute. i love ur drama Goong. ur always fan.

  459. 459 : beautiful janelle Says:

    ur so cute
    you look good with joo ji hoon
    i love the way you act in goong
    wish you are the lead role in goong 2
    good luck and more power
    sarang hamn nida

  460. 460 : appelez moi ilham Says:

    i’ve not watched your drama at all…
    but from your pose at above picture…
    i can suppose that you’re a beautiful and sensual woman, talented and mature…
    i can foresee that you’ll be my korean actress idola after lee da hae and han ga in…

    but i’m rather confused that you were born at October 3th with star sign aquarius…
    is that true? (like i care)

    j’essayerai d’observer votre drame “Goong”…
    vous voir dans un jour en Indonésie ou quelque part…

  461. 461 : BEAUTIFUL JANELLE Says:

    anyong ha seyo yoon eun hye
    you’re so cute and beautiful
    i love you very much
    and i also idolize you!
    you are a very good actress
    i envy you for being the love interest of joo ji hoon
    i also like him !!!!!!!!!!
    good luck & more power

  462. 462 : Miyabee Yamada Says:

    GIAN, GIAN!!



    Mukang putik!!!

  463. 463 : LoKaH! lOkAh!!!!!! Says:

    !!!!!!gRaVeH bAGay kAu ni Kim Jeong hoon

  464. 464 : gabrielle Says:

    princess hours is one of the best koreanovelas i’ve seen. i’ve watched it from day 1 and can’t wait to see the next episodes. i still can’t believe that most of the casts are newcomers they really did a good job especially princess janelle she’s a natural im looking forward to see more of her projects.. and she looks good both with gian & troy.

  465. 465 : diane Says:

    big toothed bitch!!!!!!…
    ayaw ku sa kanya…

  466. 466 : Truc Says:

    yoon eun hye…..you are very good at acting….you act so innocent in goong…i luv that movie….you and joo ji hoon are a great couple….i wonder is the rumor true about you and kim joong kook

  467. 467 : eun_hye_addict07 Says:

    OMG i’m such a big fan of you….
    My god i really like her she’s such a cutie….. i hope i could meet her in personal…. i love the way u act in goong and The Vineyard Man and i’m waiting for the coffe prince to come out in DVD…

  468. 468 : sovan rachna Says:

    eunhye!dnt u play another funny movie?i really really want to see u again soon na,,,hope ur actor in the next movie is joo jihoon!!!

  469. 469 : jovy loves eunhye Says:

    ur my idol i really love ur singing
    and acting career

  470. 470 : pia Says:

    ..,,cud u add me in ur friendster..2 make ur friend…?
    ..,,just type
    ..,,[email protected]
    ..,,tnx and god bless u all….,,,,!

  471. 471 : shanang Says:

    your so very beautiful,.,.,i love your face because korean are really beautiful! Right,.,.,hehehehe,.,.,.,keep up your good work!!!!

  472. 472 : Chae-Kyung Says:

    I like you Eun-HYe!!!! Hope you visit Philippines sometime!!!! and I hope you have your own fans club on friendster!!!!

  473. 473 : nana Says:

    Hi!!! I’m from Malaysia…

    I hope u can visit Malaysia!!!

    Saya suka awak(I like u) very much!!!

  474. 474 : evilrayne Says:

    yo dude??? just dropping by to sy hello!!! by da way Nice acting…

  475. 475 : macrine Says:

    hi hope you can visit philipines

  476. 476 : jin samin Says:

    ur pretty no matter how u dress or look, even when u cross dress(coffee prince). gonna be a legend of korean entertainment!

  477. 477 : princess Says:

    i relly like your characters in princess hours…..
    i hope shin will be your truly love……
    keep on…….
    love you so much……

  478. 478 : yogi Says:

    You are very cute. I like when you smile. When will you play in princess hours 3. Good luck.

  479. 479 : anamie Says:

    anyongsseo ms. yoon eun hye,
    you know im so your fanatis fan in the philippines i hope u can come in our country.. how about u and ji hoon i wish you are a real couple in the future time………. God bless you have many lots of account in my friendster always give testimonials……………… Kashamida
    I like goong very much and i love korea>>>>>>>>>> aza aza fighting……….

  480. 480 : mayuka Says:

    hai yoon eun hye anneyo hanseyoo ?q disini salah satu penggemar kamu lho lo tuh cantik dan pantes banget deh pacaran apalagi nikah ama jo ji hoon gitu lho mau kan ya jadi pacarnya joo ji hoon q berharap kamu bisa jadian dan melanjutkan hubungan kalian kejenjang yang lebih serius gitu nikah gitu lho mau ya..kalau joo ji hoon nggak sama kamu q fans joo ji hoon nggak bakalan rela kalau dia nggak sama kamu

  481. 481 : Irene Says:

    Anyong ha seyo,YOON EUN HYE!
    I’m a big fan of yours !I’m dying for you to meet someday.I wish you and JOO JI HOON are real couple….you know you are so pretty that I admired most and Iwant you to be my friend in friendster, if you want me tobe your friend my e-mail address is [email protected] if you don’t want its okey with me, but much better if you are my friend.more power to you…!!!and always take good care of your self and goodbless.

  482. 482 : Irene Says:

    Anyong ha seyo YOON EUN HYE!its me irene before i forgot my freiends and i made a mini fans club in friendster for the goong fans until now there are 7.900 fans that joined the goongs fans club.so thats only bye.god bless always and take good care of your self there in korea…

  483. 483 : altea Says:

    hi yoon eun hye you are so pretty.

  484. 484 : janine Says:

    hi! i am a big fan of goong AKA princess hours.ahahha..!!i love jo ji hoon & yoon eun hye.i hope in real life dey are dating. dont you guys think they are a great couple?ahahah..!and it is such great faith because jo ji hoon is a model,and yoon eun hye is a singer,and its such a coincidnce that they joined the same show.maybe they were really meant to be..i hope so..ehhehe..!!i love them both..i love jo ji hoon more than kim joong kook..his old..

  485. 485 : mink2 Says:

    Hi!!!!I’m a big fan of you!ur acting was so nice!ur also pretty,I always dream that you and Ji Hoon can be a real couple….the girl was pretty n the guy was so handsome!!!long life Eun Hye n Ji Hoon!!!!!!!Xie-xie……

  486. 486 : mink2 Says:

    Hi!!! just want to say…….I’M A BIG FAN OF YOU!!!!!!

  487. 487 : Princess Dianne Reyes Says:

    HeLLO yOoN eUn HyE!
    i WaNnA sAy yOu’rE mY iDol!
    I LoVE YouR lOVE tEaM wItH joO jI HooN vEry MuCh!
    It WaS mY fIrSt TIme To LOve A TV sErieS thaN mY sTUdIeS.
    eVeN soME PeoPle tHINk ThaT i’M a BIG CRAZY caUsE i maKe MY sTudy wORSt jUSt To cOncENtRate on wAtCHiNG pRIncESs HOuRS, i lOvE whAt I’ve dOne aND i DoN’T feLT AnY WrOnG doIngs.

    I wIsH ThaT SoMedAY i caN wAtcH aGaIN a K-dRaMA maKiNg ME fEeL thE LoVE wItHIN mY heART. aNd ThE lOveRS Are JOO JI HOON & YOON EUN HYE……….

  488. 488 : pamela lee Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye,

    U are such a talented actress. I have the same taste in men as you do. You said during an interview in Taiwan that Joo Ji Hoon is too skinny for u. I agree cuz jus like u, I prefer big guys who look like real man too.

  489. 489 : UnKnown Says:


  490. 490 : fire ball Says:

    u r my idlo i love u veri much muackzz

  491. 491 : graceAsilo from the philippines Says:

    hello!!!!eun hye!! ur so beautiful!!!pls. send me some mails!!! http://[email protected]

  492. 492 : soso:) Says:

    erloow eun hye!xD
    i luv ur acting in goong movie,,and i really2 luv ur pretty face,,

  493. 493 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    so pretty
    and great success in GOONG

  494. 494 : ollen Says:

    She’s hot!! I really love her!! I’m so happy for her because her latest drama “Coffee Prince” reaches the no.1 spot in korean drama today.Hurray!!!

  495. 495 : cassey Says:

    I liked her in Goong, but I think I like her even better in Coffee Prince XD

  496. 496 : Airajuliafor Says:

    I luv luv luv Yoon Eun Hye! Ur acting skills have gotten really good. Keep up the great work, unni!

  497. 497 : fritzie Says:

    hi Yoon Eun Hye ssi.. congratulations on coffee prince.. i think your acting is really great! Ive liked you since Goong and i think you and Joo Ji Hun looks good together.. hope you are good friends.. more power! fighting!

  498. 498 : Arya pars Says:

    Dear Yoon Eun Hye

    I don’t know you really read this comment or not, but I should say:
    Congratulation to you for your brilliant and great performance in really really beautiful COFFEE PRINCE.

    What a shining acting…… WOW

    Thank you. Kamsahamnida.

    I hope you be successful every time.

    Best Wishes for YOU from Iran.

  499. 499 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Yoon Eun Hye

    I think that you are very talented cause in this world, there isn’t very much talented and pretty actresses like you!You really inspier me yo be just like you.


  500. 500 : melissa Says:

    ur so cute eun hye i like ur acting in goong (princess hours) and ji hoon also eow princess janelle

  501. 501 : paula Says:

    Dear yoon eun hye,

    hi!!! hope that u can visit our country, PHILIPPINES!!!. We luv you so much!! and also goong(princess hours). GOD bless!!!

  502. 502 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Yoon Eun Hye

    I really think you were great in Princess Hours! Youn are truly an actress, anyway your pretty face deserves to be seen on TV. I’ll always be your fan and also take care!

    Your Fan

  503. 503 : RINAY Says:

    ur so beautiful…would u came to Indonesia….i like u……

  504. 504 : zarishidayu Says:

    dear yoon eun hye,
    hii!!! look so cute in goong
    i like u

  505. 505 : danna Says:

    hi ms. eun hye!
    i love your character..
    and your so bubbly and cute..and i know for myself that your the most cutest korean artist female of course…and the you dress is just so fabuluos..your like barbie!
    be healthy and be beautiful always…
    dont change your image…

  506. 506 : monette Says:

    EUN HYE is so pretty…i like her a lot…
    EUN HYE im ur #1 fan monette…i hope i will see u soon & i hope that u will come here in philppines…i like ur character princess hours(goong) ur so cute in that character..& i like u wearing ur uniform with pants in it….i hope that u & JI HOON will be true couple….sana kayo nalang sa reality dahil bagay na bagay talagang kayong dalawa…..maloloka natalaga ako sa iyo…22o ba na ikaw at c JOONG KOK ay may relationship…sana c JI HOON nalng ang piliin mo………

  507. 507 : MAN Says:

    Coffer Prince is sooooo awsome. You guys must watch it. Go eun hye!! go!!

  508. 508 : werner Says:

    I love this girl. All the way from Miami, FL I enjoy every drama of hers. I used to watch only j-dramas, now I need an extra day of the week to watch k-dramas. Thanks YEH 🙂

  509. 509 : summer baby Says:

    hi!!!!!!! you are very beautiful, we like your acting…. pls. visit philippines…. Take care. God BLess you always.

  510. 510 : ros Says:

    hi eun hye.. i think you’re a great, incredible & beautiful actress. Luv ya acting in COFFEE PRINCE & GOONG.It really make my day juz to watch ur drama. 🙂 Keep up the good work. I will always support U.

    ur fan from singapore

  511. 511 : leslie Says:

    eun hye is so cute!

  512. 512 : January ? Philippines Says:

    Please vote the ” Princess Hours” for the best on screen couple in

    Showbiz extra 500 special survey event..


    And in KORean Drama Festival 2007…

    please vote Princess Hours…

    let’s support Yun Eun hye to be in the top….

    link in http:www/arirang.co.kr/event/2007_KDF/vote.asp

  513. 513 : fffish Says:

    I have voted for Eun Hye! ^^

  514. 514 : Lourdes Says:


    Your acting and emotion in the drama Coffee Prince is just spectacular! You show some great emotion, and you keep me thinking and on the edge of my seat! I hope you get many more awards!

    I give much praise for the continued success of such an awesome show and awesome actors. ^_^


  515. 515 : sarah chen Says:

    eun hye a~

    aza aza!!
    thanks for the great drama! very touching! when come out with goong Part 2??
    expecting your good work!

  516. 516 : gillian Says:

    hello”ganda talaga ng princess hours no”

    hi yoon eun hye!!!!

  517. 517 : Tamster Says:

    yoon eun hye is the best!
    shes pretty yet not fake, shes a great actress, she seems down to earth with a great personality!!!
    onni i love you! always here supporting you!!

  518. 518 : yehluver Says:

    YEH is the best actress in korea!!
    i visited korea for a little abit for a few days and her face is everywhere!
    i never thought she would be this famous as a baby vox member but shes proven everyone wrong!
    aja aja!! ^^*

  519. 519 : o.o Says:

    does she really ever read any of these comments for y’all to be posting so much? o.o…just wondering =D

  520. 520 : christiechie Says:

    hi…grave its so kkakilig tlga…sna may ksunod pah ha….ur so beautiful!!!!!!

  521. 521 : Farah_philppines Says:

    hi! hayyyyzzzzz! Yoon Eun Hye…you act as if your not in the camera….nice job! Princess Hour is really Good here in the philippines every people are watching..well even though The first coffee Prince shop was not aired here but i keep on updating watching in the internet with english subtitles…Wish you luck! God bless on your career!

  522. 522 : ethel Says:

    Hi!!!!I rily lyk u!!!!hope dat u wil vcit d philippines!!!!I luv you as well as joo ji hoon!!!!

  523. 523 : ella mae Says:

    hai im ella,ur so lovely…

  524. 524 : Joey Says:

    any hope for coffee prince 2nd shop? cant get enough of it…

  525. 525 : nongnotno Says:

    Yoon Eun-hye

    you’re a good actress.

    hope the best for you:)

  526. 526 : jannel pecson Says:

    ellow,, your so pretty like me ehehe…i always watch your movie the princess hours, i hope your going to visit our country the philippines, your so popular in our country,,,i hope your going to reply me….anyway i’m jannel pecson one of your fan, i’m a college student….

  527. 527 : yoon eun hye fans Says:

    shes so beautiful….im ur fans

  528. 528 : sele Says:

    ni hao! cant help falling in love with u in Goong. Im also one of those fans who wish that u nd JJH are bf-gf in reel and real. Ur so cute 🙂
    I also love Vineyard Man. I tell my frend not to judge OMS by his looks but watch the series for the story itself and im just glad she took my advise for she enjoyed watching it. the ending was very very satisfactory. the soundtrack is good. IMO, it doesnt matter if ur partnered with older guys because ur charm just radiates. looking forward to watch ‘coffee express’. i wish u wud also hav a project w/ Kim Rae Won. more movies pls.
    God bless! hope u hav more projects coming up.

  529. 529 : renato Says:

    [email protected]

    just invite me in your friendster…thankz

  530. 530 : Kyle Says:

    This is her blog address

  531. 531 : Nhui Thailand Says:

    You look so luvly in 1st shop of coffee prince.

    And , I ‘m loving it !! … Waiting for you next .

  532. 532 : louie lyn Says:

    i love you both ji hoon

  533. 533 : bah Says:

    you are so hot and beautiful…wonderful actress! aja aja!!

  534. 534 : aaaaaaah Says:

    Aaaah I think I fell in love with you!
    God your so pretty

  535. 535 : Arya pars Says:

    Attention please


    Is it right way or right time? Ummm…, I don’t know!!! but about actress Yoon Eun Hye I should say that her height is 168 cm, her blood type is A or B !!! , and finally, Yoon Eun Hye has graduated from Kyung Hee Cyber University on 24th February 2007. Her degree is BBA [Bachelor of Business Ministration, speciality in Tourism and Hospitality Management].

    thank you

  536. 536 : kate Says:

    well,haie Yoon!=),
    actually?^_i really CRazy i You!…=)yep2x.its sarted when i watch your korean drama!Princess hour..and the 1st shop cofee prince.Maybe because i can relate 2 u!because we have some similar Personalities!i giessso!but YOu ARE PERFRECTLY CUTE PROMISE!=) MIZZ YOU..SO much.hope i meet you in person!mwuaaaHugs
    ,cherry kate castelfrom phil.

  537. 537 : ana Says:

    yoon eun hye u know 2day is my b-day my 5th wish is iwish someday i could c u n personal and touch ur hands its tru ur my favorite artist !!!!! and i like im the one who will greet u firts in ur b-day [ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOON RUN HYE!!!!!!!!!!]

  538. 538 : ana Says:


  539. 539 : Nikita Says:

    Hi, Eun Hye “shi”

    You are AMAZING!!


    Your fan (from Brazil)

  540. 540 : Undermedvetet Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, I really, really like you! But it’s not a love confession (I’m a girl)! I haven’t watched “Rainbow Romance” or “The Vineyard Man”, sorry! I’ll at least try to watch “The Vineyard Man”!
    Everyone loved Goong, I’m sure! I really like how you express your character in Goong, good job! No.. Great job!
    Also, I’m almost finnished with “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”. I liked it too, but.. I still like it more when you do the more feminine characters. But still, different is good, and you pull them of too!

    Please let us see you in Goong 2 in the future!

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    my address:

    Tshering Wangchuk
    student of college
    mobile no:+097517658539

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    do u know Yoon Eun Hye Official website?
    Yoon Eun Hye i very sad,i didn’t know u go to bali again.
    i wonder if i know u in bali,off course i will go to bali,only 12hour from my home to bali……same feel when i know u go to bali with Joon Ji Hoon i know it late…always late.

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    She’s not 164cm..she’s 169cm

  548. 548 : KJH N YEH FAN Says:

    U R so Beautiful N Cute!!!!!!!!!I Like U in Goong(Princess Hours O Palace)N in The 1st Shop Coffee Prince

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    unnie…YEH babe… god.. u r really sooo pretty.. n i believe u r also beautiful inside… im so amazed how good u r in Coffee Prince… hw u carry d look of a boy…but still u look beautiful. U r very popular hir in d Philippines bcoz of Goong! Unnie, jus lyk wat u said wen u were asked about how do you describe “Coffee Prince,” n u said.. i really feel i wud die of sadness bcoz its over… ohh, i also feel lyk im dying..CP is finished!
    i still cant get over wid Eunchan n Hangyul!!! i jus wish u n Gongyoo will do d sequel..Coffee Princes. More power…more dramaseries u do…my pretty babyy YEH..luv u onnie!!! im from ur big fan hir in d Phils..AZA!

  551. 551 : labsky_evol Says:

    ur so pretty….
    what’s ur secret… can u share it….wik..
    goodluck on your job and i hope that there are a lot of new projects that comes in your way…. i really hope that you and joo ji hoonwill end up to a very wonderfull couple…. the two of you seems to be a greay pair..

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    she’s a talented actress…I luv her acting in Princess Hours and Coffee Prince…soo cutteee

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    in love with the drama
    it made me cry and wow
    she really played an amazing role
    the chenmistry between her and the manager wow

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    This is her personal website


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    when i watched the go0ng i was so shocked with your acting..you are so great…

    you & joo ji hoon are the best c0uple for me…you and JJH are very c0mpatible with each other…
    hoping that both of you will have another show that you and JJH will be the main casts again…
    if i were u,,i will ch0ose JJH as my boyfriend..he is a go0d man..

    by the way,,advance happy birthday…AJA

  556. 556 : ST Says:

    I think you are a lot like Charlize Theron. So pretty and so talented and not afraid to tackle diverse roles. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your talent.
    God Bless 🙂

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    Hey! you’re so pretty and sexy…What’s your secret?I ike everything about you specially your versatility and comedic acts.. Congratulations to all of your success and I’m waiting for your next drama and movie

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    advance happy birthday……..do you have friendster?…..by the way my friendster is [email protected]

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    advance happy bday! 🙂

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    Happy birthday!!!!!!hope you’ll visit the Philippines cuz there’s a korean wave here!!!!Stay gorgeous as ever!!!!

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    Happy Birthday, hope see u coffee prince 2 with gong yoo and goong 2 with jo ji hoon, please

  565. 565 : herna Says:

    haapppyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyy
    you are so great in Vineyardman, makes me dreaming after watch this drama. I believe that you will be the next korean star actress. Succes for you

  566. 566 : silent_star Says:

    Wishing you more happiness, blessings and success in ur life… GOD BLESS!!!

  567. 567 : patty Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  568. 568 : kosol Says:

    Happy Birthday
    from thailand fanclub

    Prince Arha

  569. 569 : ST Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
    Good Health, Long Life, Prosperity, Success and Love are my wishes for you.
    God Bless You Always

    btw mine’s in less than 2 hrs. Philippine time 🙂

  570. 570 : Arya pars Says:

    Dear Yoon Eun Hye
    Happy Birthday to You!!!
    With Best Wishes For You From IRAN.
    Be Happy Every Where, Every Day and Every Time.
    GOD Bless You.

  571. 571 : claire Says:

    Happy Happy birhtday idol.. you’re one of the beautiful korean actresses of your generation…. godbless and keep up the good work!!!! AJA!!!!!!!!!1

  572. 572 : yuri Says:

    happy birthday yoon eun hye, best wishes to u

  573. 573 : jerissa Says:

    happy belated birthday yoon eun hye. i wish you many awards and power to make us happy that you’ll continue you model and acting career

  574. 574 : chin hae kyouh Says:

    hey… hey… hey… hey… hey…
    if you dont mind, who’s your boyfriend at this moment??
    pardon me for asking that, i’m just curious.
    and where do you live??
    coz when i grw up, i’m gonna go to korea and visit you, hehe
    woooh, i can’t wait for that..
    i wish to fasten the time till i get 20+
    i hate being a 15 year old girl

  575. 575 : chin hae kyouh Says:

    oh.. by the way. i’m sorry

    belated and advance happy birthday

  576. 576 : Dianne Says:

    You really amaze me when you act. Hope you find your only true love…Gong Yoo and Yoon uen hye really look good together in the movie coffee prince.

  577. 577 : shane Says:

    hi!!! you know,u know,ur really a very good actress,
    you really empress us,,,,
    i hope to see u soon,,,,
    i love to watch u always,cause ur so cute,,,
    4 me,ur really the best,,,,
    i hope sometimes,u could visit us here in the philippines…..
    i like you very much!your a complex person!!!
    your still so cute,who’ll ever be ur leading man,.,,,,
    miss u very much………

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    im a fan here of you in the Philippines i hope that you will team up again to jo ji hoon

  579. 579 : ella marie Says:

    i like you

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  581. 581 : Kristina Stille Says:

    Hello, I am Kristina but you can call me Krissy, for me you are one of
    best actress, model and singer
    You really shocked me with your acting in Princess Hours ( Goong), and in the Vineyard man and last but not the least The first shop of coffee prince all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!……….
    Ive got tons of pictures of you and even though you were shot not knowing in some you really stand out to be Photogenic…………….
    I LOVED it all… SERIOUSLY………….
    Im really sorry about what happened to you at the concert of your third album………..!!!!!!!!!!!! but still I know that it will not stop you from pursuing your goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. GOODLUCK TO YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  582. 582 : Celine Says:

    hi my name is celine i really like the tv drama princess hours although the stars dont even visit our country but i really LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! JOO JI HOON and YOON EUN HYE !!!!! I have a very important questions ?are there relatioship are for real?Well i hope so its for real!!!THANK YOU KOREA FOR MAKING SUCH DRAMA GOOD AND NICE!!!!TNX GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

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  585. 585 : daisy rose Says:

    my collection is your picture…………..i have many pictures…you and joo ji hoon………….you have long nose…………….you have friendster……..just add me……[email protected]………………..please (-_-)

  586. 586 : imagine Says:

    i find the “Coffee Prince” amazing, amuzing, cute and touching. i literally fell inlove with it. it’s not a usual story just like the other dramas. Hope there will be a book two or 2nd season. Btw, Philippines is spelled with double “P”. 🙂

  587. 587 : cielo Says:

    your my idol yoon eun hye my wish is to meet you..,,, i always watch goong,,, ilove you idol…,,,

  588. 588 : chatinnah goncabue Says:

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  590. 590 : haruhi Says:

    i just prefer your acting in Coffee Prince… well impressive.. i couldn’t believe that you really cut your hair.. hahaha… nice kissing scene with Gong Yoo.. Hope u make more TV series in the future.. Good Luck

  591. 591 : mierdo Says:

    hey…gud luck in ur future with joo ji hoon… hope u get married soon… it’ll be the hottest news on tv then… hehe^^ may the lord be with u n will always be with u…sarangheyo…muwahx…

  592. 592 : aLice Says:

    hi..beLated happiy birthday!

    you know what..i really like you!

    i really love your team up with joo ji hoon…

    i hope that you will have another project with him..!gOsh..

    good luck and more power.!

  593. 593 : rexbelle mae princess hours certified addict!!!!! Says:

    hi!!!!belated happy birthday!!!!!you know, i’m really a big fan of princess hours!!!i really love your loveteam with joo ji hoon!!!!!!in fact he’s my crush.!!!!!!!!i hope that you will become real sweethearts!!!!!!!!love yah gal!!!!!!

  594. 594 : Daisy Says:

    Belated happy birthday yoon eun hye. I wish you all the best. May your career be more successful. May you have more movies, drama and songs to make. Im looking forward to your future work. You’re really a princess to me. Take care always.

  595. 595 : issay Says:

    belated heypiii burdey YOON EUN HYE!!!

    am ur avid fan..
    I hope u’l get a time 2 visit
    us here in PHILIPPINES!!

    u have Billions of fans here!!

  596. 596 : abel Says:

    for those na di pa napa2nood yung “Coffee Prince’ pls. watch it..nakaka-kilig tlaga..her roles are too different from her previous tv series..here she acts like man..its really great its fun to much, you’ll love her more and also goo yong her partner dun sa series..

  597. 597 : cLaire Says:

    …’ yoon eun hye!!! hi i’m claire frm the philippines!!! i love ur tv series coffee prince and goong!!!! keep ur the good work!!!! may u have more blessing 2 come!!!!… mwwahhhugzz.. tc

  598. 598 : nesha Says:

    hello yoon eun hye. . .
    i’m nesha from indonesia. . .
    i’m very like your acting. . .
    when you come to indonesia. . .
    i hope you come to indonesia because i fanatic fan you. . .

  599. 599 : chan guo tan Says:

    hello!Yoon Eun Hye….you and Joo Ji Hoon are such a cute couple…can we meet in the phillippenes…in cebu…Feliza Village….my sister really loves you..can you go back to princess hours so that the prince hours will be back ill give you my real mail…[email protected]..can i have your mail too….ppplllleeeaaasssseee..im begging you 🙁

  600. 600 : jerissa Says:


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  621. 621 : jetro Says:

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  622. 622 : conrado Says:

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  623. 623 : eric Says:

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    dear yun hye,

    happy birthday belated!!!!!!!!set a new target 4 next year.
    i know that u can do a good job wth the spirit of *gong chan*……….in stream of acting,singing n modeling..(bu po shiu po so)miss u !!!!!fans from singapore.aza!fighting!

  635. 635 : sita Says:

    Congrats noona!!!

    really love your performance in Coffee Prince…
    I was amazed first time by your acting in GOONG…
    but Coffee Prince with the unique story and character that you are playing… BRAVO!!

    you’re talented..hope u always make it better & better in the future!!
    really looking forward your next films!!



  636. 636 : sele Says:

    hi cute! just finish watching coffee prince. im in love again hihihi
    im kinda floating…still reminiscing those oh so cute scenes. YEH u really tickle moi fancy. cute cute cute and so talented. so funny. cant get enough of YEH YEH YEH!!!!!! more happy dramas please not that i wont watch u in a serious drama in case but ur just so cute that i rather love watching u making faces.
    God bless!

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    am her avid fan..

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    u rock!

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    Yoon Eun Hye is soo PRETTY! I liked her ever since Baby VOX!

  650. 650 : Leakhena IV Says:

    I love your smile and your cheek 😀 , I learn to like you since you are baby VOX and Goong, Vineyard,..etc..CheeR

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    Hi, Eun Hae, your such a nice and talented lady. I liked the way you did a best character in the Coffee Prince. Can i ask you a certain question, who was your real life partner? More power and blessing to your career! I’m Cel from the Philippines.

  654. 654 : Winnie Says:

    Eun-hye has the same birthdate as me, October 3, but mine is in 1983. shouldn’t she be a Libra instead of Aquarius? Anywaz, I think Eun-hye is sooo cute and adorable and a great actress!

  655. 655 : Nana Says:

    very talented!!

  656. 656 : mae Says:

    hhhaaaiiii . . . aq p0h i shang tgah hanga moh. .

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  658. 658 : . Says:

    just thought u should change her star sign cause she’s a libra

  659. 659 : Kristine Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye, i think your the most talented, sexy, beautiful, and hardworking actress of today’s generation. Your cute in Princess Hours, funny & lovable in The Vineyard Man, and a great actress in Coffee Prince. Adored you most in The Vineyard Man though. Who’s your heart’s real prince anyway? Good luck in your career! Keep being down to earth and give thanks to God who made you this successful. Well support you always. Kisses from the Philippines.

  660. 660 : johanes Says:

    hiiiiiiiii…. cute face..

  661. 661 : misskorea Says:

    alllllllllowwwwwwww…hai yoon eun hyeeee….u r so cute…i like ur acting in princess our…so hepi go lucky….remember me k….(ina,ain,zura)

  662. 662 : oniet Says:

    i’m the biggest fan of yoon eun hye
    i hope i can see her and i want to tell her i like her act so much. its influnce of me

  663. 663 : oniet Says:

    i love yoon eun hye so much
    i am the biggest fan….of her
    i wish ican meet her someday….

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    i luv yoon eun hye…………..
    i think eun hye is the most cutest korean grl i’ve ever meet

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    her beauty is melting my heart…..

  667. 667 : Lin Nandar Says:

    I’m from Myanmar. I love ur smile. I always watch ur tv series. I like u so much especilly in “Princess Hours”. Sometimes , ur face looks like a baby and very attractive . I always encourage u. Bye Bye.

  668. 668 : unknown Says:

    hey! panget kah! auq sau! hahaha

  669. 669 : unknown Says:

    panget panget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  670. 670 : Rosemae Says:

    grAbeh aNg gAndA moh taLaga Yoon Eun Hye y0ur reALLy beAutifUl Lyk mE kahiT sa piCtUre LaNg kiTa natiGnAn… sAna pUmunta ka hEre sA pHiLippines in Davao deL Norte mag tour kA nAmAn dit0 sA pAnab0 hA… h0pe y0u cAn rEad dis… dis is r0semae

  671. 671 : jhing07 Says:

    you look good when you were with Gong yoo..

  672. 672 : unknown Says:

    hay nah kuh ang panget kyah nyan! yuck

  673. 673 : michelle Says:

    hello girl, i like your style!! keep it up!! you are so pretty…. god bless,,,

  674. 674 : kim Says:

    u look like me were soo beutiful many says were twins..

  675. 675 : hari Says:

    i am your fanclub!!
    i very like your series it so fun
    i feel so miss u

  676. 676 : joan Says:

    hoy! sa mga nag-sasabing panget si yoon eun-hye epal kau! ang kapal ng mukha nyo na siraan ang idol koh! so kapal ng face muh! ung nagpost nang comment noong: december 4! bwiset ka!
    yoon eun-hye is beautiful for your information!

  677. 677 : fara_rain_luv_alwayz Says:

    anyeong haseyoooooo…..



  678. 678 : unknown Says:

    tae muh joan!!!!!!!!! mas bwiset kah!! prehas kau ng idol muh ! mga panget!

  679. 679 : az Says:

    she had tanned :s but still beautiful 😀

  680. 680 : Noraima Bagundang Says:

    Hi………….ur so pretty………….. ur so talented too…….. i am wishing that someday, we will see each other and become friends. I’m only 15 years old, from Philippines.

  681. 681 : rachel Says:

    i’m seriously crazy over her ever since i saw her first drama goong… simply irressitable. Eun Hye ROCKS!!!! looking forward to more of your fantastic work. KEEP IT UP!!!

  682. 682 : Chae Ryne Says:

    she same like me………..^_^ very cute n sumtym stunning..her dress n evrytin dat she wear look very gorgeous………man of the vineyard show her capability.she managed to do such a amazing thing.congrats ji hyun……..Yoon Eun hee

  683. 683 : issay Says:

    u are incredibly beautiful~!

    i hope you stay humble in all the showered nd upcoming
    blessings to you my idol!

    don’t mind FEW people who discriminate you..
    THey just envy you because of ur undying beauty.:)

  684. 684 : princess joy Says:

    I like u very much I am ur number 1fan i hope i see u in future and i hope that u and joo ji hoon wiil make the sequel number 2 of goong

    because i am very disappointed when i heard the news that u are not continuing to produced goong 2

  685. 685 : Ella Says:

    Hello beautiful princess,

    You did so well on ‘Goong.’ When are you going to have another romantic masterpiece with your dear prince? What a lovely couples!


  686. 686 : sarah Says:

    yoon eun hye is so beautiful……

    you do have un dying beauty…..

    yoon eun hye rocks…..

    tuore a good actress

    keep up the good work pretty maiden….


  687. 687 : sarah Says:

    i miss so much…………….

    galing mo talagang mag act……

    rock you….

  688. 688 : lea Says:

    you are a versatile actress!and a beautiful commercial model…The Lord bless you more….whats your next drama?

  689. 689 : lea Says:

    what is your next drama? you are very pretty in your levis commercial…hope to see you paired with Gong yoo again…angd maybe rain too and hyun bin

  690. 690 : ally Says:

    hi your so pretty

  691. 691 : Raymond Says:

    HI … Your so beutiful talagah kahit n xa pics lng kita naki2t. Im only 1 of the die-hard fans of yours here in hte RP. I hope you’ll come and visit our country some time in the near future. Love yah and more power

  692. 692 : kharenne Says:

    i think your show coffee prince will once again struck many hearts!!!!your lips is so cute and your extremely beautiful!!!!!!nice acting and i will watch coffee prince everyday!!

  693. 693 : kharenne Says:

    hi!!!your lips is cute

  694. 694 : jhereanne Says:

    ang panget ni unknown!!walang pangalan!!!i think you are just insecure?!if you don’t want yoon eun hye then don’t comment to this website!!!!perhaps you are uglier than chitae!!

  695. 695 : Akang, Nagaland Says:

    I think you are very pretty. I absolutely loved you in ‘Goong’ or ‘Princess Hours’!
    I think your Zodiac sign is Libra and not Aquarius, right?

  696. 696 : punk Says:

    eun yun hae
    i like you
    i saw you in PRINCESS HOURS
    it’s a first time
    you are so lovely and funny
    you should marry with joo ji hoon
    he is very handsome too
    you two are very lonely
    see you

  697. 697 : alyssa Says:

    eun-hye should act in more movie or drama .

  698. 698 : a-peak Says:

    u all should see her cutenest in ‘the 1st shop of coffe prince’
    her character will make u more crraaazzzyyyy……….!!!!!!!!
    love her very very much………..!!!!!

  699. 699 : bluedolphin Says:

    She’s really good in Coffee Prince! Love her acting there.
    Btw, I dun think she’s an aquarius since her bday is on the 3rd of Oct…
    She shld be a libra instead.

  700. 700 : guest Says:

    eun hye is sooooooo overrated! her acting is not all that great and she’s not even that pretty.

  701. 701 : fly Says:

    You can act so well..It was nice seeing you in . Hoping to see more of your shows soon..

    Stay pretty!

  702. 702 : mikansakura Says:

    the first time i saw u in goong……..u look waay cute!!!
    hope u keep on doing ur acting…
    gud luck!!!
    aja aja fightin’!!!

  703. 703 : fallon18 Says:

    merry christmas to all!

    you are good!
    you improved a lot since goong. .

    really like since before. .
    i recently finished watching coffee prince, and i really, really like ythe cute moments between you and gong yoo. . how i wish it i would have that kind of boyfriend. . eun chan is so lucky to have han kyul, aawwww!

    anyway, stay safe, healthy, happy and cute!
    pohaek bearyo!

  704. 704 : ANIME_18 Says:

    hi,,,,….. YOON EUN-HYE did you know that i’am your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iknow that you have a million fans beause your so,,,, beautiful like me(joke)merry -xmas yoon eun-hye!!!


    JOO JI-HOON!!!!!

  705. 705 : nadyarini Says:

    hii girl u realy cute

  706. 706 : Kikyo Says:

    i really like your character it is always so nature and beautiful. Your acting and expression always captivating me I’m looking forward more of your show. Jia you

  707. 707 : cathY Says:

    you are very talented woman!!

    I LIKE YOU!!!

    I wish I meet you someday!!

    gham sah mida!!

  708. 708 : helfayani Says:

    anyong aseo…
    I really like your acting. Success for you!

    Helfayani_Jakarta (Indonesia)

  709. 709 : kris Says:

    i really love you very much…

    everyhing about you..

    your such a lovely woman, a great singer and a best actress…

    you are the only actress that has a fashion sence cause everything you were was totally amazing!!

    hope you can visit Phillipines… together with Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Jeong Hoon.

    your avid fan,
    kris marie

  710. 710 : kris Says:

    y can”t i sleep without looking you…………

  711. 711 : kris Says:

    know what ive join you different fansssssssssssssssss club….

    super many supporters you have….

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  713. 713 : Jodie Han Says:

    Janelle in Princess Hours..
    Andie Go in Coffee Price..

    I still love you!!!♥ More power and god bless you!!!

  714. 714 : Princess Says:

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  715. 715 : alicia Says:

    HELLOS ! (:
    i really love ur shows ! the princess hour & coffee prince
    are the best two shows that i ever watched !you and joo ji hoon are the real best couple! you two suits ! trust me (:
    it really touched me & i drop tears ! heh hehx . ^^
    well , you are really a talented , beautiful lady .
    i am very impress with you . haha . hope that i can be like you, pretty & talented ! 😀
    Hope one day i can meet you ! & im from singapore . (:
    Hope that you can reply me a few e-mails (:

    Female fan of yours (:

  716. 716 : hankyulfan Says:

    happy new year!

    hope you have another great year!!! i’ll looking forward to more of your movies and series.

    stay healthy and stay happy.

    God bless!

  717. 717 : joy Says:

    OMG!!! i am so happy that i finished the DVD Coffee prince! i am so proud of Yoon Eun Hye… she is a very good actress! Very beautiful! keep up the good work!!! Always remeber that you have a lots of fans here in Philippines and i am one of those! Actually me and my Family Love you so much! More power and God Bless!

  718. 718 : joy Says:

    Happy new year! more Power and Be happy always! you didnt know that you touched manylives here in Philippines! especilly me! i love you!

  719. 719 : pj2 Says:

    ohh my gid yoon eun hye
    how good u r
    u r so fantastic
    mizz u so much

  720. 720 : Go Eun Chan Says:

    hi Miss Yoon!! just finished watching the last episode of coffee prince!! i really love it!!

  721. 721 : RAN CHAN Says:

    Hello!!!! I really2 Like You Ms.Eun Hye!
    N Then Happy New Year To All!!!!

    I Like… Verry2 Like YOON EUN HYE….

  722. 722 : genefe Says:

    an anyong haseyo yoon eunhye, i really admire you because you
    a good actress and have an angelic voice,good attitude.god bless
    merry christmass and happy new year.SARANGHE

  723. 723 : tukon Says:

    I love Yoon-eun Hye.. both in Goong S and 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. She portrays the role very well that initiates me to go over Goong S and Coffee Prince over and over for comparison. The internalization and projection of both character role is amazing. You bring sunshine to those around you. 🙂

  724. 724 : vida Says:

    I really like your TV series films. Thanks

  725. 725 : Jigs Says:

    I love Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince. It is the first time I’ve ever been addicted to Asian Drama and also the first time that I would consider myself a “fan” of any actor/actress. I am so entranced by the tv series Coffee Prince and Yoon Eun Hye’s portrayal of Go Eun Chan that I kept on looking at all the websites related to both. 🙂

  726. 726 : chastine e. logro Says:

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  727. 727 : cristelle Says:

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  728. 728 : iris Says:

    very talented actress… She is SUPER DUPER cute……!!! (@[email protected])V.

  729. 729 : tuink* Says:

    when i first watched the goong, i thought that she is cute and become famous because of it.
    but now, after i watched coffee prince, i think she really can act.
    after you watch coffee prince, then you watch goong, and you’ll find out why i said it.
    she improved so much.
    Gong Yoo is such a heartthrob. he looks good in every single series and film he has ever acted in.
    He always act so good, and i love him in coffee prince!
    mwahmwah to Gong Yoo.

  730. 730 : i lovelove yoon eun hye Says:

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  731. 731 : i lovelove yoon eun hye Says:

    hey.hello again.i just want to say that i have finished watching the first 2 episodes of coffee prince here in the philippines.and i really enjoyed watching it.i will continue to watch for the upcoming episodes.and i hope you could visit here in the Philippines.many Filipinos are watching coffee prince and really love and idolize you.it will bring great joy to us if you visit here.YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL.i adore you very much.you inspire me. 🙂

    ♥take care and hope you are always safe.♥
    ♥love love♥

  732. 732 : Jhon Bernard of Philippines Says:

    sarang haeyo!!!^^
    i really really really lyk you YEH!
    i wish i can visit korea and see you in person!!eheheh
    or can you visit philippines?
    you gained so many fans hir starting to goong and im really sure that u will gained more to becuz of ur Kdrama coffee prince..
    when i’m watching Coffee Prince and thre’s a kissing scene between you and Gong yoo
    i’ll be a gay for you!!!ehehe

    oh thats ol..

    gudluk and more ratings to Coffee Prince in kapuso GMA!!!^^

  733. 733 : Jhon Bernard of Philippines Says:

    i can be gay
    lyk gong yoo
    he kiss you and lyk you eventhough in his mind you’re a guy..


    i watch also Xman you’re variety show
    im very jealous of KJK..

    hey there u can watch Xman in youtube..
    its very funny!!!

    YEH rulez!!!!!

  734. 734 : pj2 Says:

    hi mizzz u alot

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    can u visit philipines???.. i cant wait to see you……. coffe prince is very nice…….

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    anyways always take care and stay safe
    i know you can do all your job
    fight gudluck on your career

  737. 737 : musica Says:

    Please visit Philippines. You have more fans here than in taiwan.

  738. 738 : Baby Says:

    Anyong Haseyo! How are you? Your telenonovela is so CUTE!.

  739. 739 : charize Says:

    i watched your movie princess hours and coffe prince…..its great very cute…you must go to philippines you have a lot of fans here….im from palawan….im a great fan of you…..4 years from now i will be graduating…and by that time i look forward in working abroad….and meet you…and that time i have enough courage to let my hair cut….just like your hair in your movie coffe prince…i like it…cha

  740. 740 : eron Says:

    hello yoon eun hye…

    i love your drama..
    like goong and coffee prince…..

    love eron…. from philippines.,.

  741. 741 : jhyniee Says:

    at first…i dont like you…
    but when i saw coffee prince…
    your such a great actress!!!

  742. 742 : Angelo Says:

    yoon eun-hye ur my dream girl.. nyahaha!

  743. 743 : Huong Says:

    Yoon Eun-hye, you are very funny. I love your roles Goong and Coffee Prince.

    Huong, Sydney, Australia.

  744. 744 : sandydasassy Says:

    one ice latte plz!!! hehe..juz joking around. Really like ur role in Coffee Prince.

  745. 745 : jade Says:

    wow..my idol in coffee prince…i like her boyish act…

  746. 746 : kharenne Says:

    rock you,yoon eun hye…!!!

    me and my family love to watch your trendy drama..

    your acting talent is natural…

    and it has great effect to us…

    everytime i watch it,,i’m always laughing just like a crazy frog…nyehehe

    good work

  747. 747 : lea Says:

    congratulatios YEH…! you deserve it!keep up the good work and hope to see you more on your upcoming projects! God bless you more…

  748. 748 : khai Says:

    eun hye,.. ur so greAt,. hahaha ur the 6 in most paid in korean stars,.. 5 billion wons/ 5 million dollars,..woooooooooooooowwwww,..

  749. 749 : death Says:

    coffee prince is an awesome drama.
    its more addictive than cigarette…lol..

    well its morning already here in phil.
    I always remember the moments though im a little demonic but still the drama caught my attention..

    tnx 4 the great drama..


  750. 750 : saori Says:

    i love you YOON EUN HYE!!! keep up the good work i will wait for your next drama series….!!!!!!!!!!! take care!!!!

  751. 751 : ssia Says:

    yoon eun hye..

    u are a real beauty queen for me..
    u got it all!beauty, brain, attitude,looks..

    in spite of being gifted of beauty and talents,
    u stilll remain humble..

    i am so happy that u are here in this world because
    u inspired me and a lot of people..

    God bless you my dear idol!

  752. 752 : lissa Says:


    i’m really a big fan of yoon eun hye!

    she’s really beautiful and talented..

    also she’s a good actress..

    i hope she remains humble and thankful in what she achieved.

    hope i could see her personally someday..(sigh)

    goodluck and hod bless..(mwah!)

  753. 753 : mark Says:

    i love you

  754. 754 : "misty" Says:

    yoon eun hye,
    i wish all the best and congratulations for a job well done in “coffee prince”!!! I hope you could do another series with Gong Yoo even if it will take a couple of years after his military service. you took look so good together…

  755. 755 : "misty" Says:


    i mean, “You two look good together!”…

  756. 756 : darling Says:

    hi yOon eUn hyE.. uR suPer cOol i hope to sEe you..

    im fRom phiLippines and u are quite pOpuLar hEre..

    in princess hour, and the latest coffe prince..

    u rock eUn chaN

    and i love u for that..

    i nOticed that ur hobbies is writing a letter..

    i hope u write me one..hahah

    i’ll study korean language for u..

    take care and be more successful

    ..^_6 darling ..19

  757. 757 : mary rose Says:

    …….,,,., Hi ms. yoon eun hye!!!!!!!! I just want to say that Im your big fan here in Philippines!!!! And I just like to be one of your friends,.,.,,also a chatmate…. as farv as i know u and joo ji hoon are friends or should i say your getting 2 know each other!!!! .,.,.,…sad to say gudbye but hope u can reply my message

  758. 758 : kweni Says:

    hai miss eun yoon hye, ,

    i am ur avid fan Here In the philippines. .

    i Like your songs, your Movie and Your series

    specially coffe Prince!!!



  759. 759 : trisha Says:

    hi…. miss…. yoon eun hye.

    im from phil.

    i love ur tv show the 1st shop of coffee prince or coffee prince….

    ur so beautiful…..

    happy new year and merry christmas 2 u^^

  760. 760 : joy Says:

    i’ve only watched you in princess hours but you are really beautiful and so VAIN!!

  761. 761 : marie Says:

    hi eun yoon hye, i wanna say, congratulation for the success of coffee prince here in the philippines, we love you here… god bless… muah…

  762. 762 : marie Says:

    your so talented girl, i love the way you act..

  763. 763 : yvette:) Says:


    sarang hee yoh!^_^

    yvette–from the phil. 😉

  764. 764 : yvette:) Says:


    i love your tv series! 🙂
    btw, im yvt from the philippines.
    hope you`ll visit here. 🙂
    sarang hee yoh! ^_^

  765. 765 : pearly Says:

    yoon eun hye

    im fr phils

    iv watched vineyard, princess hour
    and now im on the 12th episode of
    coffee prince, i really just cant wait
    to see the ending, its cute and

    >> i love ur acting.. ipoyo agashi
    god bless you more…

  766. 766 : pearly Says:

    yoon eun hye,,,

    im fr phils

    iv watched vineyard, princess hour
    and now im on the 12th episode of
    coffee prince, i really just cant wait
    to see the ending, its cute and

    >> i love ur acting.. ipoyo agashi

    god bless you more…

  767. 767 : haycie and danica Says:


    ….hi yoon eun hye i like you as an actress becouse your so talented and also beautiful….. im always watching coffee prince i hope someday u visit our country ….god bless and take care

  768. 768 : darling Says:

    u inspired me to reach my dreams..

    i just hope it just come true..

    take care and stay the way u are..

    i hope if u read this u smile

  769. 769 : bomz Says:

    hi eun hye!!!!! im very happy to see you in person.
    hoping that youv’e visit the philippines soon.


    sarang heyo

  770. 770 : Hinagiku Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye ^_^ You’ve opened my eyes to the beauty of Korean dramas. Honesty I have never bothered to look before but seeing you in The First Shop of Coffee Prince turned my world around.You look absolutely elegant! You whose beauty’s too good for use!Keep smiling for your tears are beautiful but your smile is so much preferable.Because of you my eyes can no longer be deceived by other actresses no matter how pretty they are. There’s something to you much morethan just a pretty face, something’s there that touches me, not only me but everybody everytime we see your sincere acting. I believe that even after years my heart will continue to long for more of your films and serieses.I feel sad that I cannot speak to you in Korean but I hope my feelings reach you. Continue smiling and making other people smile like this. THANKYOU and I hope you’re able to read this.

  771. 771 : darling Says:

    i’ll always be here for u..

    not just a fan of yours but also a person whose praying for your safety and health

    take care..

  772. 772 : bonggalicious Says:

    hey eun-hye ………..

    I really love your movie..****

    im really a fan of yours and your movie love you so much…….

    take care wish you success in your career may you have good health

  773. 773 : be Says:

    hey eun hye!!!!

    you are such a young and talented actress and model.
    and you are so beautiful.
    noone can resist your charm……

    you are someone that i’m look up to…thx for dat!!

    I luv u…always support u


  774. 774 : marieanne Says:

    Hi,actually i admire u alot,i could definetely say that ur such a good actress and u possess a very very goddess beauty,how i wish to be like u,although each of us has own uniqueness,but i think u are ahead of us,just keep ur faith on the ground and stay humble…im sure u will go alot of distance..keep up the good work,and i am hoping that u would entertain even though just one message in here would bring alot of honor to ur fan,;)) i love you…make us more happy with every movie or dramaseries that u will do…

  775. 775 : Ada Says:

    YEH stay beautiful and love your acting

  776. 776 : CArla Says:

    ..i LOve yOur cHAractEr in pRincess Hours..i hOPe yOu aND Prince sHin..hAve a sPEciAL reLAtiOnshIp wiTh eAch oTher..he wAs so cute..yOu aRE a gOod pAir…

  777. 777 : bunjingclaire Says:

    maayong adlaw kanimo!!..in english good day to you!!..
    we lived here in the philippines and we know that philippines and korea is a miles miles away!..yet we also watched your piece like princess hours and coffee prince..your very talented..and your blessed because you paired to prince gian..who is our dream boy!!…and your so beautiful..keep up the good work and always remember that keep your feet on the ground..always pray to GOD..since your also a christian like us..mm..GOD BLESS YOU! YOON EUN HYE!!..HOPE you’ll vivit here in the phillipines and have a great entertainment!!…wishing that we will meet you soon!..from youre loyal fan here in the PHILIPPINES,MINDANAO,GENERAL SANTOS CITY…..BUNJINGCLAIRE

  778. 778 : heffy Says:

    so cute and a really good actor for comedy drama shows. being childish and stuff makes the drama fun to watch. have to say she was really cute in Coffee Prince. best actress no doubt for me

  779. 779 : kharenne Says:

    being an addict in coffee…

    is like a prince!

    coffee prince..no.1 hehehehehe

  780. 780 : tony Says:

    ur acting is nice durin coffee prince =)

    keep it up =)

    n ur cute XD

  781. 781 : myla ramirez Says:

    sarang hee yoh!!

    hi, yoon uen hye, how are you? honestly speaking, i won’t last a day without the coffee prince now, you two are very much good to each other, hope you visit Philippines just once, you are so beautiful! God Bless!

  782. 782 : djane marie Says:

    hi , i love watching princess hours again and again. i’ts a great tv series you are a great actress. you seem so good with jo jin hoon you are a great love team. hope that you are both in the sequel of princess hours, and have the same characters in season 1. i feel sad when i heard the news thatn you might not doing it. it’s the no.1 korean show here in the philippines. hope you both visit our country…

  783. 783 : djane marie Says:


  784. 784 : kathleen Says:


  785. 785 : C I N DY Says:

    i agree you are a great actress and a great singer….hopefully you can keep acting and start your own CD. But as an audience i congratuate you to a wonderful success….. KEEP UP the GOOD acting…..&……Singing.

  786. 786 : rai Says:

    hello evryone.. i really like her, she is a good actress and i really really admire her in any way..Especially when she played the role of being a man..how i wish i can meet her and also Gong Yoo..i really enjoyed watching COFFEE PRINCE..keep it up..love yah..muaaaah

  787. 787 : chelle Says:

    i love da way u act,,,,,,,,, im ur 1 of ur # 1 fans here in the philippines,,,,i hope i see u in person,,,,,,,,,,,

  788. 788 : angelica Says:

    hello your so beautiful we love you

  789. 789 : angelica Says:

    when will you go here in philippines????????????/ we hope you can visit us here in philippines we love you so much & your so beautiful………………………….can i get you #??????????????

  790. 790 : trisha Says:

    hey.. we have the same birthday.. i was also born on Oct. 3

  791. 791 : dreamyday Says:

    anyone knows what is Yoon Eun Hye’s next project after the Coffee Prince?? look forward to see her again on TV!

  792. 792 : jhen Says:

    she’s really good in Coffee Prince. She’s irresistibly gorgeous! She’s a very good actress I’ve ever seen!

  793. 793 : kay Says:

    I”m really impressive of her!
    i wis k i could see her in personal.
    well’ good luck to your career miss eun…..

  794. 794 : phia Says:

    helow go eun chan..

    i really like you in coffee prince..

    good job..god bless yah..mwahÜ

  795. 795 : n8z Says:

    hi “pooh”

    nice j0b to all of ur show, espicially the coffe prince i really like ur role thier…how i wish to see u personally and spend a even if just an hour in a coffe shop…

  796. 796 : krisan Says:

    hi yoon eun hye,i really like your personality your great in acting,but i dont like your character in cooffee prince being a guy,i’d still like you in goong.hope you and joo ji hoon do another korean drama again just like wat you did in goong gudluck…

  797. 797 : jam Says:

    ..hello der
    ..i just want o say congrats 4 a jo well done

    ..4 being an actress specially n goong and now in coffee prince as shown here in the philippines

    ..your a big hit ,specially goong or as what we call here”princess hours”..
    ..we really like how you act and how you style

    ..hope you could do more projects and we will support you..

    ..hope 2 see u soon here in the phil.

    ..take care gudluck godbless

  798. 798 : minah Says:

    hi pooh!!!

    u r so great artist, i hope i saw u in person,, i lyk u very very much and ur partner also…in coffe prince.. pooh im ur fanatic here in phil.
    and i would congrats 2 u to d’ success of ur movie… sarangheyo… i luv u!!!!!!

  799. 799 : ♥♥cErtifieD cHinitO-adDiCt♥♥ Says:

    hi dEr..
    hOw r U..?
    i Lyk uR dRamaS sO muCh..
    y dOncha makE sUm moRe..?!
    i’L bEt it’L be guD 4 uR carEer..
    hOpe 2 sEe moRe
    Of u..
    i’L w8..

    iM 1 Of uR faN..
    laByu sO muCh..
    (kahit mejo mhLay ung COFFEE-PRINCE)


  800. 800 : joyce Says:

    i like you!!!keep it up! gudluck!

  801. 801 : Alaina Says:

    HI!!! I would just like you to know that your drama coffee was well liked by Filipinos.

    I really like that Korean drama…hehe I love it…you were so great….
    I always watched it in The web but i get so disappinted because I can;t understand Korean..I hope there will be an English subtitle

    Thats all!!! I hope to see you in the Philippines….a lot of us loves you

  802. 802 : mAriA teReSa Says:

    My chan!!!
    hope you too make the season 2 of COFFEE PRINCE…We really love you here in Philippines!!!!

  803. 803 : mAriA teReSa Says:

    my yoon hyun-hye and oppa gong yoo… hope there could be chance for both of you going here in philippines…AJA!

  804. 804 : khli Says:

    hi i love ur goong so much
    mizz u

  805. 805 : me Says:

    i really love your role in coffee prince
    hope you could visit the phillipines

  806. 806 : Shea Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye is so pretty…I really like her. Kac ang galing nyang umarte, saka nakakatawa siya. Sana magkaroon pa siya ng maraming show…

  807. 807 : Shea Says:

    Sana makapartner mo sa isang show si Daniel Henney…..

  808. 808 : timmydudez Says:

    sana magsex man lang tayo idol kho,kahit sa panaginip man lang.hehehe

  809. 809 : guchik Says:

    juz give her any role and i’m sure she can play it well. luv her high spirit n enthusiastic. can’t wait 2 c her in a new drama and movie.

  810. 810 : sakura Says:

    annyounghaseou, yoon eun hye ya….

    i’ve seen your acting in Goong and Coffee prince. I think there’s a similarities of your role in both tv series. very good kisser and very natural tears. and you always have strong chemistry with your partner. that’s make the story runs very very nice…;p

    i love ur acting and that innocense face..very cute..;p
    keep on the good work!!! (^ ^)v fighting!!

  811. 811 : monic Says:

    hi….good evening….i really like u because u are so pretty…and i hope many tv shows…and i like u the way u act…in princess hours and coffee prince…i hope u come into a philippines in davao…i love u poh…..ang ganda mo talaga it means u so beautiful…

  812. 812 : rhej Says:

    You captured my attention when i watch CP. Your a very good actress. Hope CP will have a part two. Hope that Gong Yu will be a part of the series again. You two (GY) look good together, wish it will happen in real life. You have an angelic face and GY is a very handsome guy.
    More power and God bless!!!!!

  813. 813 : kharenne Says:


    as the days gone by..

    my eyes can’t take off to watch it..

    the best of all the best..



  814. 814 : kharenne Says:

    yoon eun hye..

    i know you will not believe..

    that you are my ultimate crush..

    gwapo mo kasi eiiihhh…

    papa andie..

    love yah..

    haaayy,natomboy tuloy ako..

  815. 815 : kathreen c. Says:

    hi. . .i’m your no.1 fan. . .i really love your korean drama Goong! hope to see you in the Philippines esp. here in Davao city. . .

    I will never forget that drama series!. . . I will watch it again and again and I will still love it!. . .

  816. 816 : Desiree Says:

    You are so beautiful and you have a cute smile. i like your sense of humor in princess hours. I hope that you and daniel henney will have an upcoming show..pls. visit philippines. hmmm……can i call you sis,!!!tnx in advance..

  817. 817 : rai Says:

    yoon eun hye… you are so beautiful and cute. i can’t get over you.. i can’t stop adoring you in your current trendy-kdrama, coffee prince. you’re so cute to watch and adorable as well…
    i became a fan of yours after watching you in coffee prince. i’m quite moved and motivated to live my life to the fullest and achieve the dream i’d always dreamed of…
    whatever hairstyle you may have, you still look beautiful, though i like your short hair :).
    what i like you a lot is your smile…i melt whenever i see your smile.

    sarangheyo eun hye…

  818. 818 : Betina Ella Mae Says:

    whew! i really love the way you act., the way you move and everything in you.=) you’re so cool.. you always make me laugh when I’m watching your korean drama.. Godbless and more powers for you.=)

  819. 819 : angel pinay Says:


    way to go Yoon Eun Hye!
    i really loved your tv series….from the time I’ve watched you in Princess Hours till Coffee Prince (right now is airing here in the Philippines), since then, i already like and adore you. You acted out and face the camera so naturally perfect…

    hope you visit the Philippines one time or maybe you could have a tv series too, and that would definitely make you fans here so happy…

    congratulations in advance and more power to your career!!

  820. 820 : jane Says:

    I can”t wait to see you here in the philippines, i really liked you…
    your so preety…and good actress… sorry Eun Hye, i already engage to Gong yoo, he’s my future husband… hekhek..
    I loved Coffee Prince so much…
    love you… mwahhh… [“,]

  821. 821 : christine Says:

    I LOVE U!!!

  822. 822 : april joy Says:

    hi yoon eun i really really love your tv series… i like the way you act… your so cute!!! hehehe _april joy belvestre_

  823. 823 : musicbox Says:

    hey yoon eun-hye!!
    i really love you!!
    u’re so great in coffee prince
    looking forward 4 d sequel..
    u have such a huge and great talent
    u also look amazing with that guy gong yoo
    i heart you..

  824. 824 : mako14 Says:


  825. 825 : dana Says:

    yoon eun hye…
    your so talented…
    very beautiful and charming…!!! i’m a really big fan of yours…
    i really can’t find the right words to describe you…!!!
    when i finished watching goong, you were sticked in my heart,,ahihihi
    you’re the only reason (together with joo ji hoon!! ^_^) why i became so interested in k-dramas,,i really admired you in GOONG(your best drama for me ^_^), VINEYARD MAN, & COFFEE PRINCE,,i already watched all of your dramas and i find it all GREAT!!! i’m really looking forward to your next shows,,how i wish that you will have another project with joo ji hoon…but it’s really disappointing to know that it is somewhat impossible, i think, coz there will be no sequel of goong anymore..how sad…but it’s ok, as long as your one of the main cast of a particular drama, i will watch it!! i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really idolize you!!! i hope to see you in personal here in the Philippines, i love you so much!!!

  826. 826 : dana Says:

    …take care of yourself, always! God bless you!! ^_^

  827. 827 : Hinagiku Says:

    Hi Yoon ^^

    I barely imagine that you’ll read this but I just want you to know that we your fans are still on standby for more of your works^^ You have the natural ability to make people smile. I don’t know why but every time I watch your acting especially in the “The First Shop of Coffee Prince” I can feel joy rushing in my veins. You’re so cute and I can’t just help but to fall in love with your character and the way you acted her. Take care always and I pray for your best intenions. Keep smiling ^__^

  828. 828 : rea Says:

    very talented and versatile..Ive seen all your tv drams..and youre good!keep it up!…whats your next tv drama or movie maybe..God bless

  829. 829 : princess cates Says:

    i hope u will visit in the philippines..;.,;.,;.;,;& i hope u will be having a loveseen with joo ji hoon again..,.,,.,i hope in the ABS-CBN U WILL BE GIVEN UR MOVIE WITH JOO JI HOON…..,;.,;;;,”…….GOD BLESS YOU..;.,;.im so proud of you…,;,;;

  830. 830 : Viv Says:

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I am loving Coffee Prince immensely! You are so talented and so so pretty too! TAKE CARE!

  831. 831 : paola Says:

    …yeoboseyo yoon eun hye!!!
    ..am i good in korean huh??
    ..maybe i’mtrying hard..hehehe
    …anyway, just wanna tell you that you are so famous
    …here in the Philippines because of princess hours(goong)
    …now there is coffee prince
    …you are so awesome, playing that role
    …it was too far from what you portrayed in
    …princess hours and you cut your hair!!!
    ..i hope you can pay a visit here in the Philippines
    …and see your fans all over the Philippine Archipelago..
    …I’m Paola from Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines..
    …annyonghi kasayo..
    …good luck and more power!!…

  832. 832 : tony Says:

    yur actin at coffee prince is perfect!!!

    u r the best =D

  833. 833 : Kaijin Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye,

    Greetings from Singapore!
    The people here love your shows.
    I am sure in the coming years you will continue to improve!
    Way to go!! Continue to perform well in other series and movies!


  834. 834 : Michelle Says:

    Hi! I just want to say that your movie coffee prince here in cebu philippines is very famous and people love it so much and we love it i just finish watch the DVD last night with my mom and we enjoy seing it you know we cry and we lough your a good actress we love you here in the philippines. That all we hope you come here in the philippine we love you My Chan

  835. 835 : drinji Says:

    i do hope u enter the music industry again hehe..

  836. 836 : Francis Says:

    Hello Everybody!

    Power Overwhelming!!!!


  837. 837 : Ammira Says:

    Hi! I have already seen your tv series PH, Vineyard Men and now Coffee Prince. You’re so great!!!!!! I’m you’re no.1 fan!! So talented and pretty like me… hahaha.. I wish you of more t.v series to come, cause your really entertained us… Hope you can visit us here in the Phils. Keep up the goodwork!! And Godbless!!!!

  838. 838 : kathy Says:

    !!im u r no.1 fan
    i want u to see here in the philippines
    .. .. .. .. . .. .!♥

  839. 839 : clarisse Says:

    YEH i really really really like you so much…im so in-love with you…you really inspires me so much in a lot of diffrent ways…idolized you so much…you’re a really really really great actress,singer,model,person everything……its just, every little thing you do, it really makes me fell in love with you more!!!! im a big fan you JJH and GY….i love your loveteam with this two guys…hope and i always pray for Goong’s part two and so as Coffe Prince and Vineyard Man…GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS YOON EUN-HYE!!!! SAME TO JOO JI-HOON and GOONG YOO!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! you all deserved every blessings that GOD had given to all of you…just always sustain your humility,kindness,generosity and most of all your Faith,Love and Strong Relationship with GOD!!!! Love and Prayers For all of you!!!!

  840. 840 : tinkerbell Says:

    Hi YUN EUN HYE! You’ve already been teamed with 2 very talented actors – GONG YOO and JOO JI HOON. Sooo lucky. I won’t be surprised you if you love them both.

  841. 841 : YuRikO Says:

    …grEeTings To yOu mY LoveLy prinCesS.._

    …uR sO gOrgeOus.._
    …i Love ur mOvies.._
    …anD i LoOk fOrward To SeE uR upcOming mOvies.._

    _= YuRikO =_

  842. 842 : troy Says:

    you are so nice & cute…its my first time to watch you in coffee prince hope to see you here in manila i will definitely watch you other movies

  843. 843 : xara Says:

    ur soo beautiful!
    i cant w8 to c u n pers0n!
    h0pe u vst ur fans hir n d philippines!
    we l0ve u al0t!!!!

  844. 844 : CUTEEUNHYE2008 Says:

    your so cute and lovely and you make me smile everytime I see you..

    tc..hope more projects to come this year.

  845. 845 : Downunder Says:

    Y.E.H. has become my fave actress after Jang nara, they both have the bubbly effect in series…

  846. 846 : Princess Jane Says:

    hi Princess Janelle hope you can do another movie with Prince Gian….?????

  847. 847 : Princess Jane Says:


  848. 848 : melanie Says:

    helowww!!!!!,you”re really awesome!!!,I love the roles you play,especially that of coffee prince,you’re really such a good actress…..I idolize you so much! Hope you can visit Philippines,…we’ll wait for you huh!!
    Two thumbs up for you!!

  849. 849 : eric22 Says:

    hi yoon eun hye,

    your so cute, hope to see you in the phil’s.
    always take care : )

  850. 850 : ja9 Says:

    annyeong haseyo….haha
    hi princess janelle!!!!
    ur really gr8… u luk beautiful w/ jjh as well as w/ gy keep up da best work!!!!!

  851. 851 : charissma Says:

    hmmm…. you dont look like a boy at all.. on the contrary, you’re beautiful! congratualations with your success with Coffee Prince. It’s a big hit!

  852. 852 : joly barbero Says:

    hi im joly barbero from phillipines im your greatest fan.you know yoon eun hye you are so beautiful lesbian in coffee prince. i wish that sometimes you are incourage to visit our beautiful country. sorry if some of my grammar and english are wrong i hope that you understand my letter

  853. 853 : jabel from Philippines Says:

    congrats to both of you & the whole cast of coffee prince. this is my first time to watch a korean telenovela now im interested on watching it because of you & gong yoo. you are the cutest couple. hmmmm… hope in real life too (giggle) i fall in love all over again. you have a very good chemistry. i wish that you will have more coming teledrama with gong yoo. i like you both. good luck!

  854. 854 : K-ann Says:

    hello… um… i really love the story of coffee prince… it’s like i’m addicted to it….

  855. 855 : kitchie Says:

    hello my name is kitchie (female) and im from the philippines, im a filipino citizen w a spanish and italian blood. I really am not into tela novelas, korean novels as well as tele seryes (in the philippines). But Coffee Prince did a great job in terms of good entertainment and very good story. The Characters are excellent and I was really Star Strucked with the two lead Actors and I rarely admire godd Actors wether in Hollywood or locally, but I really find Yoon Eun-hye so gorgeous and charming eventhough she has a very petite figure which is typical for asian’s, she really carry herslef very well. I also like his love interest in the T.V Series I find him very descent looking and whatever outfit he’s in he really carries it very well not lousy. I find the two of them very bubbly and compatible, they have a very good chemistry and it is very seldom seing it with other Actors. I just wish they really are a couple behind the camera. I was really mezmerize with them. It was a blast that it really attracts peopeles attention and catches peoples interest. Good Job for Coffe Prince and hoping there will be Coffee Prince , coz it’s really entertaining an intruiging like what happens next during the wedding and after. what are they like having thier own family and the business? (sigh) I wish i could have freebies and autographs with them (LOL) “cute”. Yoon Eun-hye wish to see you in person. God Bless!

  856. 856 : Jaqc Says:

    Hi everyone, i’m jaqc (singapore), never used to like korean dramas… until coffee prince . I LOVED IT. I was so addicted to it i came online and finished the entire season in 1 day. Please Please have 2nd shop of coffee prince. I’m impressed with the actors, in love with Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye… totally mesmerized with the plot.

  857. 857 : Jam Says:

    Yoon Eun-Hye is very pretty and charming.I’m feeling like I’m always floating on mid-air whenever I saw her.I just can’t help but to stare at her and…Wooh! Eun-Hye is really really awesome!,from singing,dancing and acting name it she got it all.Wow! whatta lady Yoon Eun Hye is.Not to mention her kindness and concern for others she is not only beautiful outside but also inside.

    Wishy wishing you all the luck that you’ll be needing for the new chapters of your life(^___^)

  858. 858 : Jam Says:

    hope she visit the Philippines

  859. 859 : Eile Says:

    Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is like a match made in koreanovela-heaven! i’ve

    never been this into it (koreanovela-KN) since like again,–NEVER! i do

    watch some KN’s being broadcasted in our local channels, like princess

    hours (stars Eun Hye too). but never have i been this obssessed with a

    series before. i even watched it @ mysoju at my office, using eherm…

    company network! lol!

    i guess the main reason why i love it so much is that coffee prince is just

    sooo endearing. the love story is very believeable, totally romantic

    without going overboard or borderline boring. the gradual revelations in

    the story made me really anticipate the main characters move and hold on to

    the plot. the emotions are unembellished, it’s straight to the heart and

    honest–it did not seem like acting anymore, but naturally playing the part

    in real life. most importantly, it made me hope for a faithful, all

    consuming love which the main characters have for each other– ummm, but to

    tell you honestly, i got totally envious of YEH’s character eun chan! can’t

    she be anymore lucky or what?! she’s got herself a bombshell boytoy who’s

    totally all over her and so much in love with her. he can’t even function

    right without seeing her daily. add to that he remained faithful for two

    years which is un-freakin-believeable–abstinence is like hell! he even

    like her when he thought she’s a guy! IHATEYOU eun chan IHATEYOU! you make

    us all seethe in envy! hehehehe

    going back my last point or do we even have to point this out that the Gong

    Yoo is like a demigod and Yoon Eun Hye is a princess? it’s pretty obvious

    that they have onscreen chemistry and they look good enough to eat.

    harharhar. i love the way they dress too. am into layering and pile up and tunics and stuff so i really dig eun chan’s outfits. gong yoo can, like, be naked and still impress people! he can wear a rug and beg for food, but i bet we’ll still like, love him– i know i would! they’re the best dress couple on screen i’ve seen on tv recently.

    so i do hope that they come back with the new season. the first one really

    left me hanging dry wondering how the story will progress. i was like,

    ‘what the [email protected]*& is that?’ but you guys really know how to torture us mere

    mortals! but i know you’ll be cooking up something really soon–*wink*. i

    know gong yoo is enlisting, but it would never be the same if he’s not in

    the line-up, so please wait for him or something. am not pretty sure how it

    goes, but if it’s not him then i’ll just be contented with the first season

    and die from wanting like FOREVER!

    (warning: cheesy remark ahead)
    on a final note…
    more power to coffee prince! and to the billions of fans who followed the

    series, know that, you are my people! i’m also crossing my fingers for the next installment just like you guys, hoping that it’ll come soon. hehehe. ciao

    p.s.: if you’ve read this comment before, sorry. i tweaked it out a bit here but posted it on some parts in this site. email me coffee prince fan let’s swap stories: [email protected]


  860. 860 : Eile Says:

    Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is like a match made in koreanovela-heaven! i’ve never been this into it (koreanovela-KN) since like again,–NEVER! i do watch some KN’s being broadcasted in our local channels, like princess hours (stars Eun Hye too). but never have i been this obssessed with a series before. i even watched it @ mysoju at my office, using eherm… company network! lol!

    i guess the main reason why i love it so much is that coffee prince is just sooo endearing. the love story is very believeable, totally romantic without going overboard or borderline boring. the gradual revelations in the story made me really anticipate the main characters move and hold on to the plot. the emotions are unembellished, it’s straight to the heart and honest–it did not seem like acting anymore, but naturally playing the part in real life. most importantly, it made me hope for a faithful, all consuming love which the main characters have for each other– ummm, but to tell you honestly, i got totally envious of YEH’s character eun chan! can’t she be anymore lucky or what?! she’s got herself a bombshell boytoy who’s totally all over her and so much in love with her. he can’t even function right without seeing her daily. add to that he remained faithful for two years which is un-freakin-believeable–abstinence is like hell! he even like her when he thought she’s a guy! IHATEYOU eun chan IHATEYOU! you make us all seethe in envy! hehehehe

    going back my last point or do we even have to point this out that the Gong Yoo is like a demigod and Yoon Eun Hye is a princess? it’s pretty obvious that they have onscreen chemistry and they look good enough to eat. harharhar. i love the way they dress too. am into layering and pile up and tunics and stuff so i really dig eun chan’s outfits. gong yoo can, like, be naked and still impress people! he can wear a rug and beg for food, but i bet we’ll still like, love him– i know i would! they’re the best dress couple on screen i’ve seen on tv recently.

    so i do hope that they come back with the new season. the first one really left me hanging dry wondering how the story will progress. i was like, ‘what the [email protected]*& is that?’ but you guys really know how to torture us mere mortals! but i know you’ll be cooking up something really soon–*wink*. i know gong yoo is enlisting, but it would never be the same if he’s not in the line-up, so please wait for him or something. am not pretty sure how it goes, but if it’s not him then i’ll just be contented with the first season and die from wanting like FOREVER!

    (warning: cheesy remark ahead)
    on a final note…
    more power to coffee prince! and to the billions of fans who followed the series, know that, you are my people! i’m also crossing my fingers for the next installment just like you guys, hoping that it’ll come soon. hehehe. ciao

    p.s.: if you’ve read this comment before, sorry. i tweaked it out a bit here but posted it on some parts in this site. email me coffee prince fan let’s swap stories: [email protected]


  861. 861 : Gerean Says:

    i’d loved you being Eun Chan in coffee prince…
    you really look nice…
    This is the first time ever i’ve fallen into a korean drama…
    And it’s because of you and Gong Yoo…

  862. 862 : rachelle Says:

    …YOON EUN-HYE…you’re so cool..I really like you as EUN CHAN..you have a very good skill in acting..keep it up..I also like you in PRINCESS HOURS..hope to see more of you..more blessings and more awards to come..hope to see you here in manila philippines..together with gong yoo..you really deserved to have more awards..i love you!!! mwaaaaaaah!!!!

  863. 863 : grecille Says:

    hope i can see more of her teledramas…i love yoon eun-hye so much…………..im an avid fan of her..

  864. 864 : grecille Says:

    youre so damn great actress!!!!im your avid fan from philippines..hope u can visit our country someday………..

  865. 865 : nesta Says:

    i luv coffee prince… baldo!

  866. 866 : ghenru Says:

    well…i like coffee prince d’ best, funny en romantic, i like those character especially Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, u are suited to each other….i’m so addicted in that story…. is their any sequel? god bless to all…. (hope so u understamd my grammar)

  867. 867 : cathy Says:

    you’re very beautiful on ur picture

  868. 868 : cathy Says:

    coffe prince is a good and beutiful show your beautiful too.

  869. 869 : a Says:

    U are so hot!!!!!!!! I love u

  870. 870 : grace Says:

    …your so pretty!!!im ur avid fan hir in the philippines…luv youu….

  871. 871 : Cristine Says:

    graveh..!ganda talaga ng princes hours!..n coffee prince..!…eun..just keep up d gud work..your so cute,beautiful…..luv u!

  872. 872 : ehiptio Says:

    for a guy, andie’s cute and for bein’ a girl,she’s pretty…

    for bein’ in between, she’s really enticing!

  873. 873 : ehiptio Says:

    …wanna meet someon lyk u,andie!

    coffe prince rocks!

    never been so addicted in a while..

    tnx for coffee prince!

  874. 874 : ehiptio Says:

    coffee prince…


    i’m so happy for having it aired here in the philippines…

  875. 875 : okane769 Says:

    I love Princess hours goong, coffee prince..

  876. 876 : okane769 Says:

    annyong Haseyo!!

    Cho nun Kane Imnida…Yun Eun Hye shi.. Yeppuni..

  877. 877 : rea Says:

    whats your next drama…eager to watch it ….youre very pretty in your Cf’s….More projetcs to you…

  878. 878 : Jayfaves Says:

    Such A Very Good Actress!…
    Mabuhay You yoon eun-hye..
    Kitchie may email ka ba?…
    pahingi naman oh…

  879. 879 : migs Says:

    since princess hours (goong) i have been a big fan of yoon eun-hye because

    she has this what well called ” karisma”. she’s very cool and sweet.

    truly one of the greatest korean actresses.

    God Bless you. hope to see more of her tv series.

  880. 880 : david Says:

    i love your dramas! i’m now addicted. keep up the good work, i’ll be looking forward to it!

  881. 881 : kit Says:

    CP…a very nice love story. Let us audience laugh, learn, and be inlove.
    Yun Eun Hye damn beautful…any haircut would do.,and her acting really deserves an award. To all the cast congrats and we’re looking for part two…hope u can visit Philippines.

  882. 882 : thea Says:

    omg!!,, coffee prince is really a nice movie.,.,
    .,., yoon eun hye..,
    your such a nice actress.,.,
    .,.,i love it.,.,
    .,.,ur so cool.,.

  883. 883 : danica Says:

    hey yoon eun hye…
    i’m very like you..
    you know you are my favorite actress…
    im a FILIPINO…
    even though you’re korean im very like you coZ your so cool and funny..
    keep up the good work..
    i love coffee prince

  884. 884 : Tricia Says:

    ,.,ms. yoon eun hye,,, your so beautiful i like you so much,,,your my favorite actress…keep up the good work…
    ,.,.I LOVE COFFEE PRINCE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  885. 885 : khoulyn Says:

    i really liKe yooN ! sO mUcH especially heR mOvies and series drama !
    i really like the best is the COFEE PRINCE!! GO! mOre power to you!!

  886. 886 : Ahjussi Says:

    Hi ms. YEH

    i’ve watched your series the vineyard man …

    you’ve turned into a beautiful and talented actress..

    please don’t listen to your haters on that stupid popseoul ..

    peeps there are annoying and mean..

    and your teeth are perfectly fine to me ..

    and most of all.. your voice is not annoying on CP..

  887. 887 : mimi Says:

    hi… i am a filipina but even though i really like your acting power,super impressive. as a watch princess hours and coffee prince you really have this supper fabulous acting. you’re great, how a beautiful lady turns to be a man, hehehe… more power to you… hope to see more of you…

  888. 888 : dp Says:

    …wow’ great movie’s (the princess hour and the coffee prince). nice cast ” hope the GMA will also cast the vineyard man…i really love yoon eun hye…more power to you and more project to come…hope you visit Philippines”can’t wait to see you” plsssssss email me [email protected] (ooops’ just yoon eun hye hehe’)muahhhh

  889. 889 : fedha Says:

    hii u so very nice n i ussualy hope u will came to indonesia

  890. 890 : fhaye Says:

    hope i see u in person…

    i really like your shows.. “princess hours & coffee prince”


  891. 891 : avygael Says:

    Coffee prince!! d best. love u Andie!

  892. 892 : ANN Says:


    Im Ann from Philippines.. the tv series Goong or “Princess Hour” and “coffee prince” are the two biggest hit korean tv series here in the Philppines. we hope that you will came or visit us here. I m very very sure that you will enjoy staying here.. AJA!

  893. 893 : ANNE Says:

    hope u always have a good healthy…i still support ur career always

  894. 894 : timothea Says:

    Hei!..all of you are so cool and cute in Coffee Prince…no effort needed since all of you are in good chemistry…Yoon, nice to know you’re a Christian…same faith..give God the glory…hope your show will have a second series…I like you and Gong Yoo onscreen…very loveable…Hope to be friends with you both…God bless!

  895. 895 : danics Says:

    oh my gosh……
    i like you so much
    I wish you could read this…

    eun yoon hye…
    i love you very much as in to the highest level
    I am a filipina and I am a Christian too
    please e mail me at nica23_kool(yahoo messenger)
    who is your boyfriend? (joo ji hoon?) I wish so..hehe x)
    just joking..byebye

  896. 896 : jomarie Says:

    i’m sooooooooo envious of you!… you had such
    kissing scene in PRINCESS HOURS and COFFEE PRINCE
    both you kiss ARE REALLY HOT! GUYS…

  897. 897 : kelly anne nicar Says:

    I really love your shows..especially your latest 1st shop of the coffee prince.you ang gong yoo have a perfect chemistry.you look good on screen together!!Keep up the good work and i always watch your series.I ca’nt wait till you release a new hot one…!!>

  898. 898 : baby86 Says:

    it’s enjoy when see u in acting…it’s look real..aand u r beautiful in princess hour…hope u owez success in your dream..and who exactly is ur bf…hehehe…joke

  899. 899 : jASMIN Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, such a great actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  900. 900 : Bea Says:

    PRINCESS HOURS is the BEST!!..

    i Love y0on Eun Hye!…(^,~)

  901. 901 : Arya pars Says:


  902. 902 : wischele Says:

    sHE is so pretty!! I like her OUfits!!

  903. 903 : ghEL Says:

    she is truly a great aCtress!
    keeP it up! I am uR # 1 fan …=D

  904. 904 : ghEL Says:

    eUn yooN haE,. u r truLy a great acTress,.KeeP it up!
    I am Ur # 1 faN,,.=D

  905. 905 : chichi Says:

    you’re great and so good in coffee prince, you did it well!!

  906. 906 : Noni Says:

    Hi Eun-hye, every time i watch Coffee Prince, i just love to see ur cute baby face….now im 1 of ur fan..:P

  907. 907 : Noni Says:

    Hi Eun-hye, every time i watch Coffee Prince, i just love to see ur cute baby face….now im 1 of ur fan..

  908. 908 : quevon Says:

    HeLLoW…… I hope that coffee prince will show some more romantic moments

  909. 909 : Melissa Says:

    Hi Eun Hye,

    You must act in CP 2 with Gong Yoo. Only with him ok. Love both of you. Take care.

  910. 910 : [email protected] Says:

    hi yoon eun hye im so very exited to see ur drama in “COFFE PRINCE;I LOVE that kind of drama?by the way do u have a frinendster?if u have can u add me as a fun/?i will give u my email;:[email protected]
    thank u yoon eun hye ur so beautiful i like ur smile and ur photos?hhehehehehehehehehe? im jeah kuan

  911. 911 : [email protected] Says:

    Carrie Underwood – Jesus Take The Wheel

  912. 912 : mel Says:

    hello miss yoon eun hye.du u have another koreanovela with gong yoo?because i saw something at youtube.com.you playin boxing.hope i can see that too.keep up the good works .

  913. 913 : Favio Says:

    Yoon Eun-hye, you probably don’t read these posts as you are a very busy woman. Still I want to give peace to my soul and leave you this note in cyberspace. I was born in October 4th 1974, so I’m almost 10 years older than you, and I wish I could find a way to be near you to at least hold your hand and say hi. I guess I’m just one more in the endless list of fans you have.
    I wish you the best, and don’t pay attention to those who comment that you are over-weight or a bad actress, those are just envious people that want to ruin your day. Always look forward, but also try to rest. You need to take a break from all the hard work you do. I wish I was born in korea to have a chance to meet you somehow, instead I’m in Los Angeles, miles away from you and lost in love for you. I bought the TV show and now watch it every day, over and over, and I enjoy it and get depressed sometimes. I wish I could somehow at least be a friend to you.
    Take good care of yourself.
    – Favio

  914. 914 : almia-ashra Says:

    hi eun…god, you’re so pretty..tou really amazed me..though i’m a girl i liked your attitude in the tv series “coffee prince”..i just wonder how you behave in reality..i like your appeal..you’re so cuuuuuuute…plz don’t think that i’m homosexual.. i just really admire you,,that’s all..i will wate for coffee prince season 2..

  915. 915 : anlyn gonzales Says:

    hello……..i am one of your fan here in the philippines.i hope that you will come here to see your many filipino fans!!!!!more power to your career and god bless!!!!

  916. 916 : atiene Says:

    Eun Hye,, hello ur such a good actress and a pretty gal as well, ur fans here in the Philippines are lookin forward to ur upcoming team up again with Gong yoo….EUN Hye and Gong yo Forever……………

  917. 917 : ..grace_philippines.. Says:

    ..eow poh sister yoon eun-hye..i’m ur fan here in the philippines..i hope that we can know know each other preety well soon…i always watch ur tv series..ur so cute..rily love u..send me a reply at my email add…
    grace_rlp ..yan po..add me also sa friendster..
    [email protected] ….i,m still a child..i’m only 13 yrs old..

  918. 918 : Belinda Says:

    hi, my name is belinda and im a big fan of yours.. hope that you are well and fighting… and hopoe to see another great drama of yours soon!!

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    good day ms. yoon eun hye! I was totally awed and charmed by the coffee prince.. all the ingredients of a wonderful drama are there. a wonderful talented cast and heart warming story.. coffee prince made me so very happy at the start and now had made me so sad because it will be finished soon in GMA Philippine TV. I hope that in the” part 2 Coffee Prince” all the previous cast members will be complete. All of you make a special blend of coffee I like you so much. You are a good actress for somebody so young. God bless….

  920. 920 : Regz Says:

    I love Eun Hye s0 muCh….
    my friends hEre tell me we look like twins…
    hope i’ll see yah in person!
    I love goong very mucH!!!!!
    as well as c0fFee pRincE and vineyard man!

  921. 921 : Regz Says:

    im one of your avid fans!

  922. 922 : Jane Says:

    your so pretty…very much!
    especially in goong!

  923. 923 : camille Says:

    Love Yoon Eun Hye….

  924. 924 : hannah Says:

    h0pe s0meday you’ll sing for me my favorite s0ng….

  925. 925 : raiza Says:

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  926. 926 : raiza Says:

    i really love “PRINCESS JANELLE” AND THATs yoon eun hye.. love u very much gurl and also ur show princess hours.. you now wat im very addcted with dat,, hoping that dat theres princess hours 2 or goong 2 with the same characters

  927. 927 : chiligirl Says:

    shes so beautiful, i like you so much..

  928. 928 : agatha Says:

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    go eun chan love choi han kyul…
    andie go love arthur choi…….
    ps: pls come in philippines plsssssssssssssssssssssssss…….

  931. 931 : wendy lou Says:

    your so beautiful….. i love you

  932. 932 : mafu19 Says:

    from princess hours to coffee prince…grabe ang cute mo talaga..hope you can visit hir sa pinas… your #1 fan maffy =P

  933. 933 : Posh Princessz Says:

    ms.yoon eun hye, i really want to see u in person, i hope sumday i can visit korea just to see u wonderful korean actors in person, i really dreamt that for a looongg tym!!! i hope it’ll come true sumday!!!

  934. 934 : jayson reyes Says:

    hi yoon eun hye… im jayson from philippines…im watching coffee prince with my wife and my 2 children and we really like it…and as your fans can you do us a favor?…pls send us a picture of you with your signature on it…thank you in advance….GOD BLESS your CAREER and more PROJECTS to COME!!! WE LOVE YOU YOO EUN HYE…this is my email add: [email protected]

  935. 935 : fayefaye Says:



    sarang-hae-yo!!! 😀

  936. 936 : Kristine Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye, the most beautiful actress on the planet. I am your fan here in the Philippines. I, together w/ a million of your avid fans out here, requests that you visit the Philippines. I hope you also learn to speak in Tagalog or Filipino. We wish you good health, passion to care, more beauty and great career this year!!!

  937. 937 : richard delos reyes Says:

    i’m richard delos reyes.,from phillipines.,
    i love your show here in our country., i love the cast, the location, and ur title., can you visite here in phillipines., coz i love ur show very much.,

  938. 938 : thelaugh Says:

    too cute 4 words

    I’m really hoping that you would visit Philippines this 2008
    because theirs many fan here that really wants to see you,
    they really love you and I think if you would go here many will be happy
    and most all you’ll be putting smiles in our faces. Tnk you

    SMILES for you Miss Yoon
    ” ) ” ) ” ) ” ) ” ) ” ) ” )” ) ” )

  939. 939 : Shen shen Says:

    Hello. . .im shen shen. . .i just love coffee prnce. . .will it have its part 2? . . .i just love miss yoon and gong yu. . .sarangheyo. . .

  940. 940 : Min Chit Paing Thein Says:

    I like Yoon Eun Hye at Princess Hour. U r so cute. I like ur face.

  941. 941 : shiela marie c. gonzaga Says:

    hi!!! hello….
    ottachimida…to you
    I’m shiela I’m a great fan ok korens and everyday I watch all korean novela’s…
    And one of my most favorite korean novela’s is princess hours it is ”kakalig” when watching it…

    You know yo did a very good acting in that novel ,eventhough it’s your first time acting..
    may you have a great career and lso lovelife…
    and aslo lots of movies.


  942. 942 : rounin_ghie Says:

    hi yoon eun hye!!!!

    aniong haseyo!!!

    youre throughly cute,beautiful,smiling face, Princess Hour and Ms. Eun Chan in coffee prince…i love the way u xpress ur feeling and i hope someday you will visit philippines coz you have a lot fans here …..and i hope there will be a second season of coffee prince…u and Goong Yoo will be the love team…..how romantic both of u guyzzzzz……
    what can i say Fighting aja!!!!!!!!!!
    sarang-hae-yo!!! God Bless you always!!!!!

  943. 943 : Verna Lois Says:

    ahmmm… you know eun hye… i’m one of your fans.. ur very nice especially your acting career!!! you know becouse of you i decided tio visit south korea after i graduate!!! YOUR MY INSPIRATION…!! GoD blESS!!!

  944. 944 : lea Says:

    hi, Ms. Eun chan

    I’m your avid fans in the Philippines, for me the best movie you make is the COFFEE PRINCE specially the love chemistry with to Mr. Gong Yoo.

    GOD bLEES YoU!!!!


  945. 945 : kricel Says:

    i really like her role in 1st shop of coffee prince and also the way she acts

  946. 946 : rachel Says:

    hi im rachel!,im one of your fans.hope will see you in person!

  947. 947 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! It’s been the nth time that I have watched you show in GMA TV. Your portrayal in Coffee Prince is wonderful. I will never get tired of watching it. You are blossoming into an even better actress. Your facial expressions – wow, what timing! God bless.

  948. 948 : kim Says:

    i love your TV series coffee prince

  949. 949 : marilyn simon Says:

    hello!! im marilyn im only 12 years old,, ive watching you in coffee prince!! it’s nice… im your fan in the philippines.. hope to see you in the philippines!!! bye!! love you!!:)

  950. 950 : kate Says:

    ever since ive watch your tv series princess hours and cofee prince
    every day ive always wish that you would come here and visit our country
    every person here in philippines know you and every person here very likes you even the boys your baby face even that your 26 your face is like an angel
    that shining above the sky beacause evry night i look up the sky to think of you and goong yo because your the greatest love team ive ever watch in my whole life
    and your partner in princess hours I like him too but i most like goong yo until here
    please comment to i promise i will always open this sight bye

  951. 951 : PAuLine_loveLY Says:

    hi!!!yoon eun hye…i love coffee prince..!!!!

  952. 952 : Sidney Lloyd Says:

    Hi! I realy love coffe prince and I realy like your role. I wish i can see you personaly.

  953. 953 : api Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, i am just one of your millions of fans, but i maybe only one of your millions of fans but i am the one that will never forget you until i die, i am experiancing a lot of problems now in my life and sometimes i want to give up. but when i think of you and when i see your face in my PC you give me hope you give me strength to live my life everyday. i dont know why am i feeling like this to you, i have not seen you in person, i dont know anything about you that much, and honestly i am not a fan when saw you in the tv series princess hours, its just this following weeks when i saw you in coffee prince, playing the role of eun chan, i just can’t explain what is happening to me, but i just want to say thank you, YOU COMPLETE ME (i know it sound so cheesey but that is what i am feeling towards you) i know theres a slight chance for you to read this but if you ever do, i am very thankfull to GOD for letting you read this simple comment that i made for you. may GOD bless your soul and more power to you my Yoon Eun Hye

  954. 954 : Julie Says:

    Hi! Im Julie from the Philippines. I’ve watched Coffee Prince twice already and I think i will repeat it again, again and again and again…. Your acting as well as Gong Yoo was very fantastic. You really captured my heart. I couldn’t really described how happy and me in love again everytime I watched Coffee Prince. I was hoping that there will be Coffee Prince II! Hope you could read this simple message for you and to GONG YOO my best regards and Goodluck to your acting careers. Love You Both Guys! Mwaaah!

  955. 955 : pretty in pink Says:

    Hello again! It seems I will never get tired of making messages to ms. Yoon Eun Hye.. Since I’ve seen Coffee Prince .. every day seems okay, lighter, warmer and people seem to nicer.. Everything’s so positive. Charming lady, please make another drama .. long haired or short. it’s okay.. with or without make up , that’s fine too.. Not too soapy though (not so serious a drama) leave that to the elderly ones. You are young, indulge yourself. I read somewhere that you will be studying languages ( English and others).
    Am glad, so that your fans from outside Korea will be able to communicate more with you.. Good luck and God bless….

  956. 956 : kanzee Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye! I’m a mom from the Philippines.I always sleep late at night just to watch coffee prince coz I really love to watch it. you and Gong yoo are both fantastic! TWO thumbs up! you captured my heart and the hearts of the Filipinos! Keep it up GOD bless to your career! I LOVE YOU!

  957. 957 : rica Says:

    hi eun hye!! im rica from manila.. i always love your cute, innocent and charming personality.. you’re one of my favorite korean actress.. i already watched your dramas and thats totally fantastic.. i like the way you act and the way you portray each roles.. i really wish someday to see you in person..

  958. 958 : SweetGothic Says:

    Wow!!Shes on top of lists with JJH..Tho shes way far behind..Give more comments u guys,i meant the ”gud” comments..More power!

  959. 959 : ria Says:

    hi! eun hye and gong yoo are good to see on screen.Wish you can do project again. Good luck on your career.Hope you two be a lifetime partner..

  960. 960 : pia Says:

    please tell the director of coffee prince 2 to wait for gong yoo.. can’t he/she wait for 2 yrs.?! 2 yrs. only.. please.. there is no coffee prince 2 if gong yoo will not participate in the show!!

  961. 961 : Billy devera Says:

    Oh -Andy go- Coffee prince.. I do really admire you! Your like a habit that i can’t complete my day without thinking of you.. hehehe.. sounds crazy.. Enyway, goodluck to your career and hope more projects to come.. stay safe!!

  962. 962 : rhina Says:

    you have lots of fans here in the philippines….. hope you cud visit here….take care of your health and stay sweet as you are…..

  963. 963 : Aya Says:

    eun hye…such a great actress…..gong yoo is nice but i still find you and joo ji hoon much much better…

  964. 964 : Aya Says:

    by the way….i’m really depressed when i read in some newspapers that there is no goong 2 anymore…is that really true?the director promised for part 2 isn’t he??i can wait even if it will take so long years but please make it…

  965. 965 : Aya Says:

    uhhh….man….so annoying…to all filipinos out there…..could you please say the name based on the korean tv and not in GMA……her name in coffee prince is go eun chan ok??

  966. 966 : kRIstymae Says:

    i love you so much……….keep up the good work….

  967. 967 : prencen Says:

    hi yoon eun hae…….im prencen from manila philippines…. i like very much the coffee because it is si beautiful story about you and gong yoo……… i am the one of you million fans…… good luck and god bless…..
    and i wish i can see u personaly….
    i love u so much
    god bless to your career
    and i love 1000x…..

  968. 968 : rea Says:

    coffee prince rules!hehehe..Nice acting Yeh and Gong yoo

  969. 969 : rian Says:

    helo, ur so cute im ur biggest fan in princess hours.more power on ur career.

  970. 970 : pretty in pink Says:

    good day! your acting has improved a lot since the princess” thing” . acting ability continously growing.. lady, you sure have lot to offer in the acting business…very creative and very natural.. very rarely that we see an actress without make up on.. and still you look so vibrant, beautiful, innocent and naive.. all in one.. how did you do that in “coffee prince” ?
    amazing! God bless…

  971. 971 : Fer Marc Reyes Says:

    Hi!!! Yoon Eun Hye….I’m Fer Marc From manila in philippines.I’m 20 years old now.Yo know when i watch you and your show i really amaze how you express the feelings especially when you cry….I really affected when you always cry.I want to cheer you up.You know what theres kind’a feelings that i felt when i watch i don’t know if it’s love but i know that is i really like you but thinking of it is so impossible because your a star and i’m a ordinary person and your so far away…..haayyyy!!!that’s so ridiculous of me….my big apologize but it is true….For believing me i dedicated this song made on our language is called guitara….plz if you want to know the meaning of the song plz email me at [email protected] for creating the show coffee prince because of the reason i meet you Yoon Eun Hye…

    Parokya ni edgar

    Bakit pa kailangang magbihis
    Sayang din naman ang porma
    Lagi lang namang may sisingit
    Sa twing tayo’y magkasama

    Bakit pa kelangan ang rosas
    Kung marami namang nag-aalay sayo
    Uupo na lang at aawit
    Maghihintay ng pagkakataon
    Hahayaan na lang silang
    Magkandarapa na manligaw sayo
    Idadaan na lang kita sa awitin kong ito
    Sabay ang tugtog ng gitara
    Idadaan na lang sa gitara

    Mapapagod lang sa kakatingin
    Kong marami namang nakaharang
    Aawit na lang at magpaparinig
    Ng lahat ng aking nadarama
    Pagbibigyan na lang silang
    Magkandarapa na manligaw sayo
    Idadaan na lang kita sa awitin kong ito
    Sabay ang tugtog ng gitara
    Idadaan na lang sa gitara

    Pagbibigyan na lang silang
    Magkandarapa na manligaw sayo
    Idadaan na lang kita sa awitin kong ito
    Sabay ang tugtog ng gitara
    Oooohhhh ..

    Idadaan na lang…..

    Sa gitara

  972. 972 : billy devera Says:

    Hi Again Yoon!! Im ur avid fan billy.. Coffee prince rules!! More power to your career and have blessed day always~!!! billy boy!! n.n/

  973. 973 : jonalyn carmona Says:

    hi there,, I am addictive watching coffee prince,, take care!! God bless..

  974. 974 : kuulei Says:

    I really like you my dear, you can really act, with that young age you were able to portray such role very well you and GongYoo did a very good job in CP looking forward forpart 2 or another drama or comedy together, I think Goong Yoo likes you in real life , did you not notice that when he kissed you , I did

  975. 975 : jenny Says:

    you’re so beatiful..your my idol..please visit us here in the philippines..we love you..keep up the good work..

  976. 976 : clarieth Says:

    andie go…..i mean…….
    YOON EUN-HYE…….i realy like your show!!!!!!speacialy COFFEE PRINCE!!!!!!!!!you real act so well!!!!!i realy knew that it is so hard for you to pretend as a boy……..that’s why people idolized you here in the philippines……..i am so mad at myself ’cause i didn’t watched your other show PRINCESS HOURS!!!!!juz wanna say IM ALWAYS WANNA BA YOU FAN!!!!!

  977. 977 : clarieth Says:

    keep up the good work…..
    your so great…………..
    hope we would see you here in the philippines……..
    LUV YAH!!!!!!!!!

  978. 978 : Richard Says:

    Hi Eun Hye,
    Just wanted you to know that you look very cute and pretty as Eun Chan in Coffee Prince. The short hair really suit you very well. Hope to catch you in another drama soon ya. Take Care. Cheers!

  979. 979 : Yoon Eun Hye Says:

    I realy love the way u are in coffe prince…

  980. 980 : kristy Says:

    i admire you a lot…you are so beautiful..i lve coffee prince i hope there is a 2nd shop..

  981. 981 : Paula Says:

    How are you!!
    And the other people commenting you


  982. 982 : tenma Says:

    annhong haseo, unni
    ur the best couple…
    gong yoo

  983. 983 : tenma Says:

    sarangheo coffee prince..
    ur the best
    and princess hours

  984. 984 : clarieth Says:

    hi guys!!!!!!!i just wanna be friends with you!!!!!!!!we all know that YOON EUN-HYE is a great actress…………and just like what i say:i want to be friends with people who also loved YOON EUN-HYE……..just like me………..pls add me as your friend!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO RELATE TO YOU GUYS!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  985. 985 : toOgie Says:

    that is a big shift of your character from princess hours to coffee prince!! cool!haha love it,, ^_^

  986. 986 : clarieth Says:

    just wondering????what is the exact time of COFFEE PRINCE???????????? of course……i’m watching……..but i always forget………..!!!!!!!!!

  987. 987 : clarieth Says:

    to TOOGIE:
    hi!!!!!!are you also a fan of YOON EUN-HYE just like me???????????

  988. 988 : clarieth Says:

    i always visit this website…….to read other comments and to be friends with the people who are also commnting here…………. ( “_ )

  989. 989 : meissy Says:

    cUte niA,.bgAy cla ni arthur s coffe princE,.pErfect teAm up nlA,.ahehe

  990. 990 : clarieth Says:

    to meissy:

    your so right!!!!!!

  991. 991 : clarieth Says:

    yoon eun-hye…..
    i always want to see you here in the philippines……..
    and i hope you will visit us……….
    you always look good with gong yo………..
    and i also hope that maybe sometimes…….
    just like what i said:

    i hope you could read this!!!!!!

  992. 992 : chyd Says:

    eun hye pangit kah!!!!!!

  993. 993 : chyd Says:

    keep on fighting!fighting!fighting! saranghe! Go Eeun Chan & Choi Han Kyul….

  994. 994 : clarieth Says:

    to chyd:

    i am not finding a fight……’
    but i am just concern…….
    just wanna say:

    you don’t ned to comment and just say that yoon eun-hye is ugly…..
    if really don’t like her.
    just don’t comment…….PLS……

  995. 995 : clarieth Says:

    your so beautiful……..

  996. 996 : clarieth Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  997. 997 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon,,,,,
    and for the fans of yoon eun hye,,,,,,

  998. 998 : cleah marie Says:

    I really really love coffee prince. I can’t even stop my eyes to watch it ,hope all the coffee prince cast especially yoon eun hye and gong yoo could have a chance to visit Philippines.Eun hye you made a good job to portray a male role.It’s a very challenging role.I think your the only artist who can play that role.Its a very good tandem together with Gong Yoo.I hope you can passed those trials that challenge your life.I hope that coffee prince 2 should aired on TV.PLS. wait for Gong Yoo its only for 2 yrs.PLS.Eun hye together with Gong yoo gives life to the show.Hello to Eun Hye, Coffee Prince cast and crew and Eun Hye fans.

  999. 999 : ginny Says:

    Hello there! A friend of my sister’s lent us a dvd of Coffee Prince(17 episodes; the show is still running on GMA 7 at past 10pm, which is past my bedtime) Coffee prince is a nice drama; the actors are all good especially Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yu. It’s a refreshing story with no”contravidas”. I watched Princess Hour, too and I think Yoon Eun Hye is a great actress. I hope to see more of her in other koreanovelas. Most of koreanovelas I’ve watched were all good, e.g. Jumong, Stairway to Heaven, Green Rose, etc. Mabuhay, Koreans!

  1000. 1000 : tal Says:

    hey Yoon Eun-hye, how are you doing?
    my name is tal and i’m from israel….i used to watch “coffee prince” but now it’s over…:(
    i think that you are a good actress, and a cute person….
    anyway, i hope to see you on coffee prince 2,please don’t let me down!!!!
    by the way, i want to learn to talk in korean (your language) it sounds cool
    so take care, and hope to get an email from you
    tal, an israeli cool girl

  1001. 1001 : KingLexandraf Says:

    I love u!!!! You are a great actress… Like your acting so much!!!

  1002. 1002 : KingLexandraf Says:

    Love u… Especially in Coffee Prince…

  1003. 1003 : pretty in pink Says:

    good day! Here I am again.. Felt so sad about Coffee Prince showing at GMA TV Philippines.. It’s almost nearing the last episodes.. Hope you and Gong Yoo will make a sequel with the original cast.. Isn’t ironic that GY has to wait for YEH in the drama for two years and then, we, your fans have to wait and are willing to wait for the return of GY from military training for 2 years? Just do the SEQUEL , PLEASE!!!! GOD BLESS….

  1004. 1004 : gem valeza Says:

    Hi! Im gem from the phils ! wish that You & gong yoo could visit us here in the phils after his military training

  1005. 1005 : floramaeesguerra Says:

    hello yoon eun hye?wow…. your really the best for meh……your so very cute and for meh your the best actess talaga!!!how i wish theres a part2 of coffee prince….from philippines here….stay cute always…

  1006. 1006 : Karla Says:

    hello! Janelle,you are so CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL and I hope to see you soon
    in person and visit me here in the Philippines!

    ………. 🙂

  1007. 1007 : clarieth Says:

    to karla:

    you are really right for saying thet janelle (yoon eun-hye) is CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL…..

  1008. 1008 : clarieth Says:

    yoon eun-hye:

    this is me…..(again)…..
    i’m like your gratest fan!!!!!!!
    i love yoou very much…..

  1009. 1009 : clarieth Says:

    to tal:

    i felt so sorry for you…..
    ’cause just what you have said…….
    the coffee prince is over there in israel…….
    but here in the philippines it’s not…….

    by the way…..
    i think that you are very friendly……
    that’s why i dedicated this message for you…..

  1010. 1010 : ofel Says:

    You have an Angelic face…really pretty!

  1011. 1011 : Yap khah Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye,

    you really are a great actress! SUPERB!
    and u look really pretty.. ;p
    love the series, Coffee Prince, you and Gong Yoo did a great job in there, was so sweet…
    keep safe 🙂

  1012. 1012 : pretty in pink Says:

    good day! tis the nth time I have done this writing to you. I just love the very positive energy that “Coffee Prince” exudes. How come Coffee Prince is a mixture of love, hate, passion and comedy ! How did you all do that ? I guess if you would do a sequel it will be more meaningful? Yah, the drama serves as an exponent of positivity.. Yah, not all is so sad and dreary, I , for one would not want that… In this generation, Coffe Prince brought us to our senses…what is more important to us all? Love of family, friends and people around us… To you dear lady, thank you and give us more of your unique way of acting…God bless.

  1013. 1013 : NABILA Says:


  1014. 1014 : zig Says:

    ur a good singer nd actress…………

  1015. 1015 : Billy devera Says:

    God day to all.. Have a happy valentines day ahead!! to yoon more power and projects to come.. hope you could make Coffee prince part2 .. hehehe

  1016. 1016 : clarieth Says:

    to ofel:


  1017. 1017 : clarieth Says:

    even thou coffee prince would end soon….
    i knew that there is a part 2….
    i hope that you are also good in your acting in that part2

    and i know that you would….
    ’cause you’re always be

  1018. 1018 : nandar Says:

    i love you so much.

  1019. 1019 : arjay Says:

    Hello Eun Hye… I’m from the phil, you’re really cute!!!
    I wish you could visit us here in the phil.

    I hope there would be another sequel of the coffee prince soon…

    You’re really very cute…..

  1020. 1020 : iesel Says:

    w0w. great. >.

  1021. 1021 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! I guess, I truly like you.. True, you are a very charismatic person. I just hope you are and will always be in the positive side of the force.. God bless.. You are already learning the languages (English and others) ?? That will be truly awesome.. bye for now.

  1022. 1022 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day again! You know what I just noticed the some producers or movie makers are finding it hard to produce lots of comedy dramas. They are very difficult to make.. Takes a lot, to make people laugh.. Cry, easy! That makes Coffee Prince unique.. Congrats..

  1023. 1023 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day again.. Hope you will make more dramas. Wear you hair shorter (by request).. Most of the leading ladies in Korean dramas I saw, everybody wear their hair long. Sometimes it is very difficult to discern who is who..they almost look so alike.. Thanks..

  1024. 1024 : pretty in pink Says:

    Hello again…I notice that Gong Yoo brings out the best in you in acting, the same goes for you. You also bring out the best in Gong Yoo. The element of fantastic chemistry between you two is awesome… I am a fan of yours and GY.. No need to be a real couple, that’s reality check.. But please make a lot of dramas together, that would be totally terrific !!!

  1025. 1025 : pretty in pink Says:

    Hi again.. Is there any possibility that you will visit the Philippines in the near future? Please ….!

  1026. 1026 : edward soriano Says:

    Yoon Eun-hye .

    You’re so lovable and so cute>>>> LOve u>>>>

    Don’t let your partner be gone. DO have another sequel first before he leaves you. The soonest , the better.

  1027. 1027 : kuulei Says:

    pls. wait for Gong Yu don’t do CP 2 without him

  1028. 1028 : clarieth Says:

    i watched COFFEE PRINCE….
    yesterday night…
    and i saw there KISSING SCENE….
    it was so ROMANTIC……..

  1029. 1029 : clarieth Says:

    yoon eun-hye……
    pls visit us here in the philippines…..
    i”l wait for you….

  1030. 1030 : clarieth Says:

    to all the fans of Yoon eun-hye……
    pls add me in as your friend in friendster….
    this is my email add……
    [email protected]….
    i want all of you to know that i just gave my email add to keep in contact to you guys…..

    ’cause your also a fan of yoon….

  1031. 1031 : billy devera Says:

    wow! huge fans of yoon eun!! day after day so many comments updated.. ^^ eniways just wna join ur addiction to here.. to yoon more comedy romantics to come.. Have a good day to all!!

  1032. 1032 : cleah marie Says:

    Eun Hye many Filipinos adored you! I wish you can spent half of your time here in the Philippines.Advanced Happy Valentines To All! Solid Fan of Coffee Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1033. 1033 : clarieth Says:


    just wanna say

  1034. 1034 : clarieth Says:


    hope that you would do great….

  1035. 1035 : clarieth Says:

    to all fans of yoon eun-hye:


  1036. 1036 : clarieth Says:

    i am really gonna watch COFFEE PRINCE even thou it’s 10:00
    (i am not sure)

  1037. 1037 : Eden de Jesus Says:

    Hello, i can’t sleep unless i watch coffee prince, you’re such a great actress!!

    I was hoping that you can visit the Philippines.=)

  1038. 1038 : chikki Says:

    you are so good and very pretty… a natural actress.. we do hope you’ll visit your fans in manila it will be a big success…

    coffee prince is very, very nice.. very light and entertaining.

    congrats to you (you are Andie in Phils) and GY (Arthur in the Phils) and the rest of the casts. Superb! You two can make a very beautiful couple!

  1039. 1039 : chikki Says:

    you are so good and very pretty… a natural actress.. we do hope you’ll visit your fans in manila it will be a big success…

    coffee prince is very, very nice.. very light and entertaining.

    Congrats to you and GY and the rest of the casts. You take can be a very beautiful couple.

  1040. 1040 : crescent Says:

    i really love coffee prince, i just hope that GY will still make it to CP 2. It will never be the same without him, please…pleasee we are willing to wait for CP 2 even if it will take 2 years, lets wait for GY to finish his service in the military, hope he comes back sooner.
    love the both of you! from: phillipines

  1041. 1041 : clarieth Says:

    to eden:


  1042. 1042 : clarieth Says:

    to chikki:

    just wanna say:
    hi and hello!!!!
    and your very right for what you commented…

  1043. 1043 : clarieth Says:

    to cresent:

    just wanna say hello!!!!

  1044. 1044 : clarieth Says:

    i am really embarased to myself…..
    because i didn’t watched coffee prince yesterday night….
    i didn’t mean to……
    i fell asleep….
    just wanna ask to all fans of yoon that watched the coffee prince yesterday…..

    what happen?????

  1045. 1045 : clarieth Says:

    hi for all the fans of yoon eun-hye!!!

  1046. 1046 : clarieth Says:

    we are waiting for you here in the philippines….
    many people really idolized you here…..
    we are also waiting for the coffee prince2….
    i hope that the CF2 are also you with GONG YOO…..

  1047. 1047 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!!!!
    and for the fans of yoon!!

  1048. 1048 : nina echizen Says:

    you are so cute……anaso andoshite’

  1049. 1049 : shervie Says:

    hi! i really love coffee prince.,

  1050. 1050 : mari Says:

    Saranghae Yoon Eun-hye!!! I love you in Coffee Prince!!!

  1051. 1051 : marie Says:

    princess hours (goong) is cute, hilarious and heartwarming
    vineyard man is one of a kind
    1st shop of coffee prince is the best

  1052. 1052 : em Says:

    i’ve been watching you since then in princess hours…you really act so well… you always make me smile…hope to meet you personally…

  1053. 1053 : anewor Says:

    Hello Go Eun Chan!

    Hope to see you in another romance-comedy drama…love your character in CP…gosh, you cried so well..and laugh really good. no wonder you were somehow attached to the character during the last episode and farewell party.

    You and Gong Yoo are lovable & cute pair…how about for real?

  1054. 1054 : Reagan Says:

    Hello Go Eun Chan!

    Know what??,ive always watchin “COFEE PRINCE” just to see you,everytime i got home,id never miss 2 watch it,ur so cute!!.,i am one of your fan,hope too see you in another romance drama,i really really like you,i think im inlove with you!!.always take care of yourself!!.GodBless!!.i always pray for you!.luv yahhh!!!.

  1055. 1055 : abby Says:

    i really love yoon eun- hye 🙂

  1056. 1056 : ireesh Says:

    wow hello your show is the best for me I love it…..hope i met you personally your very funny i like the way you are. i like you andie and Go Eun Chan your so cute promise… I always watch your movies and hope you will get married to your boss…I LOVE COFFEE PRINCE forever….

  1057. 1057 : ireesh reserva Says:

    i got crazy to your show if ever i never see it my day is not really good love the cast of COFFEE PRINCE pls. tell bossing cute siya….

  1058. 1058 : arlene frend of mitch Says:

    i love watching princess hour (goong)…ur the best

  1059. 1059 : iyah Says:

    you are really funny and entertaining… we always watch your show every night… you are also very pretty… simple but very pretty… i hope we could see more of your shows here in our country. more power to your carreer. god bless. 🙂

  1060. 1060 : lovely Says:

    hi super ganda ng coffe prince more power and super bautiful these shows godbless us… 😉

  1061. 1061 : shjai_irene Says:

    ur soooo cute.. n_n

  1062. 1062 : lee hye won Says:

    these show is so adorable go eun chan is so cute and han kyul is so handsome and the story is so interesting i hope you can show the coffee prince season2

  1063. 1063 : mae Says:

    gggggggggggggganda mo tlga saan kya kita mkkita siguro hanggang tv nlang ako no syang gandaganda mo pa nman eh tpos hanggng tv nlang ang tingin ko sayo sayang tlaga no

  1064. 1064 : clarieth Says:


  1065. 1065 : billy devera Says:

    good day every one.. Im billy Avid fan of “Encan” a.k.a. Andy go!! Coffee Prince keep rockin”

  1066. 1066 : jaenoll palmes Says:

    yoboseyo….annhong haseyo? Im really a fan of your….can you pls visit philippines?..im from philippines in a province called CATANDUANES….i would like to meet you in personal…..im 13 years old and im very crazy of you….you know i bought your dvd original of princess hours…..you and Joo-Ji-hoon are very compatible to each other…..pls visit our beautiful country….my cousin ma. gazelle ledesma is a no. 1 fan of Joo-Ji-hoon…i also bought a original dvd of coffee prince cause i like your character…..i love u!!!!! I wanna see you in personal pls…….I can die now if i see you…..i always caught some picture of you on google…i always deam of you…..yoon Eun Hye i love u!!!!

  1067. 1067 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    HI, hi , hi!! although its been ages since we first watch princess hour, we still love it and we keep watching it! we love prince and princess!..hehehe..hope to c u both again in one korean novela, huh..! we lobe ur tandem!,..mwahhh

  1068. 1068 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    additional?? haha..for sure,we will watch ur new korean novela..coffee prince shop..i’ll buy cd in the phil..,for sure! whatever your hairstyle, ur still beautiful! and also the new sitcom of prince, the devil..huh, wat a title! hope to c u in korea! me & arlene is planning to go there,.nways, how can we go there?? hehe..God bless and more power!

  1069. 1069 : march marie tan Says:

    you are a remarkable singer and actress.God bless you.hope to see you in the Philippines particularly in cebu with your co actor Gong Yoo

  1070. 1070 : josephine g casamiro Says:

    …you know,,you are a very talented woman……you know how to catch the interest of others….more power on you and hope you will stay of what you are!!!!!

  1071. 1071 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! Through your acting, you have the ability to make people feel happy..Tc. God bless…

  1072. 1072 : pretty in pink Says:

    Hello again. Your people, sooooo lucky to have a YOON EUN HYE!

  1073. 1073 : mary jane Says:

    hello..i just want to say that i idolized you very much and i love your pretty face..

  1074. 1074 : joana Says:

    i love this girl..good luck and God bless…..

  1075. 1075 : Lance Says:


    I really love her with all of my heart…

    I’m thinking of moving from philippines to korea only just for her…


    Im happy seeing her on her dramas and movies..

    Im happy to know her life…

    Thanks!! You made my life not boring but interesting!!

    Godbless.. Muah..

  1076. 1076 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good luck and God bless you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift of acting with us, your fans..

  1077. 1077 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! It is so easy to like you.. so charming and beautiful. Your flaws? That ok too. Nobody’s perfect. Just keep on what you are doing and God bless…

  1078. 1078 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! Some actors are good in showing emotions.. the difference lies whether they are communicating with their audience or not.. That’s what you do my dear lady.. You can and much, much, more… Good luck.. God bless.

  1079. 1079 : pretty in pink Says:

    Good day! Believe me I am a fan of yours.. I don’t watch dramas. Too much work at the office.. Somehow, when I saw some scenes in GMA Philippine TV.. Wow, you are great.. The Coffee Prince Shop is so addictive to watch. So many fleeting emotions showing in your face. Just fantastic. Keep up the good work and God bless…..

  1080. 1080 : van anh Says:

    hi, i’m van anh-vietnamese. I’m ur fan, u look so nice and lovely, please add me at [email protected]

  1081. 1081 : katherine Says:

    super fan m tlaga ako yoon eun hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1082. 1082 : tana Says:

    I am looking forward of seeing more of your movies and tv series.. it’s my first time to see you in coffee prince, since then i am on process og gathering your movies. you and gong yoo are really the best couple for me

  1083. 1083 : tana Says:

    Hope you could still do lots of movies with gong yoo… wish you good health and successful career

  1084. 1084 : tana Says:

    you are so cute.. i saw you dance in x-man show and you are truly good. you are one of a kind..so good in acting, singing and dancing… wish you more success

  1085. 1085 : tana Says:

    Go bless you always. I am hoping to find and have copies of your movies and TV series. Congratulations to all the awards you receive.

  1086. 1086 : Billy devera Says:

    I love you Eun Yoon!!

  1087. 1087 : kristine Says:

    you’re really good and i like the way you act. i’m looking forward to watch coffee prince 2…….by the way, you’re also good in princess hours………hope you could visit philippines……..God bless………eun chan…….

  1088. 1088 : djoles Says:

    hi YEH..papa andy in filipino version of Coffee prince..ur really so cute..ur love team w/ GY or arthur choi is a great success that really makes me feel that being inlove is such a great and wonderful feeling..It aolways makes me feel inl;ove bec. of CP..hope u have a sequel w/the same cast!!Go girl..Go Eu Chan..ur really beautiful..God bless

  1089. 1089 : shiela Says:

    Yoon eun hye idol tlga kta!!!lhat ng plabas mo cnusubaybayan q-princess hours at coffee prince!! sana pnta k hir sa philippines

  1090. 1090 : ching Says:

    Hello Go Eun Chan!

    Your really cute in the CP…..superb.

    You and Gong Yoo are lovable & cute pair. Hope to see you working together.

  1091. 1091 : shirley ongo Says:

    hello,. good day,.
    you know Go Eun Chan i really like how you act you are really a good actress i love your expression and your cute smile,. hope you do lots of movies and tv series,. Hope you and Gong Yoo do same movie like coffe prince its really really beautiful,. Pls visit philippines lots of people here loves you and Gong Yoo,. Very nice love team,. the emotions like in real like,. go girl keep inspiring us,.

  1092. 1092 : cristine Says:

    hi your so beutiful and succesful

  1093. 1093 : ria Says:

    hai Yoon Eun Hye (^_~)

    i like ur acting very much especially in goong. It makes me want to see ur acting more and more.I’ve a request,I wish to see u and ur prince shin in other drama.

  1094. 1094 : clarieth Says:

    to billy:


  1095. 1095 : clarieth Says:

    to all the fans of Yoon:

    hello everybody!!!!
    i like you to meet me……….
    i’m clarieth……….
    pls be my friend……….
    i like to be friends with people who also fans of yoon……….
    if you like me to be your friend pls leave a reply above….
    thanks for your consideration!!!!!

  1096. 1096 : clarieth Says:

    people who wants to be my friend:

    pls add me on your friendster (if you had one)
    this is my email add:
    [email protected]
    pls add me….
    thank you

  1097. 1097 : clarieth Says:

    hi everyone…
    specially to all the fans of yoon…
    i know that we are all fans of yoon…
    so i am dedicating this message for you:

    how are you everyone????

  1098. 1098 : clarieth Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1099. 1099 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!!!!
    i am very very sorry ’cause i had commented last week and not yesterday…..
    ’cause i always forgetting……..

  1100. 1100 : clarieth Says:

    to yoon;

    i am just very consern ’cause i’m your fan…..
    can you pls move the time of COFFEE PRINCE…
    ’cause i’m always gatting into sleep…
    b’cause here int he phil..
    it is so more than 10:00…

  1101. 1101 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!!
    how are you with gong yoo??

  1102. 1102 : billy devera Says:

    I love you Yoon Eun!!

  1103. 1103 : mitzi Says:

    i just hope you and gong yoo will be lovers!!!

  1104. 1104 : syueheart Says:

    hurm..gosh..i like you damn much after watching coffee prince..
    you are so cute girl..so now i started to collect your picture..
    if you don’t mind..hehe(laughing)..
    i wish i can meet you in personal..
    but i know its never happen..
    i always support you in whatever you do..
    so keep rock yoon!!!!!chayokkkkk!!
    love you!!!

  1105. 1105 : clarieth Says:

    to billy,mitzi and syeuheart:

    hello guys….

  1106. 1106 : clarieth Says:

    to yoon:
    i watched coffee prince yesterday night..
    and it was so romantic.

  1107. 1107 : clarieth Says:

    hi guys!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1108. 1108 : luisa Says:

    miss ean hye,

    congratulations with coffee prince. it was really good, funny and sad.
    i hope you will on on it’s sequel, together with gong yoo.

    you are soo pretty that my husband has pronounced that you’re his girlfriend. of course you don’t know that he exist :).

    love you and gong yoo together. looks so natural. tc always

    add my email?
    [email protected]

  1109. 1109 : Mommy Jennifer Says:

    My Family and I had already watched the entire episode of Coffee Prince…… Of course my husband bought the DVD as one of his Valentine present to me…. I really….really… love the story especially the way Yoo Eun Hye played her role. We laughed and cried for it….We even sleep late just to watched it….We even call our baby girl noe as En Chan…That’s how fanatic we are…..
    COFFEE PRINCE can make you really fall in love again and again……and… again…it is indeed, two thumbs up!!!

  1110. 1110 : clarieth Says:


  1111. 1111 : clarieth Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1112. 1112 : aidz Says:

    Hi! YEH hope you can visit your fans in the Philippines…
    I am one of them!!!! I think your so nice 🙂 and beautiful!!
    Hope you DO COME!! love yah!!!

  1113. 1113 : clarieth Says:

    to aidz:
    i wonder your name is aidz..
    is that your real name????

  1114. 1114 : joanna Says:

    hello i always watching coffee prince………..more blessing to co me ….sarangeyo

  1115. 1115 : sheyra Says:

    i like yoon eun-hye. she’s preety, fotogenic, and she’s acting is so natural. no one actress like her. love u yoon eun-hye…..

  1116. 1116 : Billy devera Says:

    I really do love YOU yoon eun!!! More power and blessings to come!!!

  1117. 1117 : clarieth Says:

    to all fans of yon:

    can you pls tell me what happen yesterday night in CF???
    i just fell asleep….

  1118. 1118 : clarieth Says:

    to all:
    gud a.m.

  1119. 1119 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!!!

  1120. 1120 : cuteyyy Says:

    i dont like yoon not to be rude
    she is cute but i dont like her

  1121. 1121 : hahff Says:

    YOON i’m not yr fan too

  1122. 1122 : Beth Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye!

    I really like your show. I watch your show every night even if im so tired. Hope, you have more shows.

    GOD Bless!

  1123. 1123 : aidz Says:

    sssshhhhooooocccccckkkkkksssssss!! YEH! can we be sis. & bro.. he he

  1124. 1124 : Leo Says:

    Hi Yoon! I know you received a lot of fans in Asia including my country (philippines). I really enjoyed your acting in the coffee prince, it was just like your playing and having fun. For me you are the Meg Ryan of Korea..hope you can make more of these programs..

  1125. 1125 : clarieth Says:

    to all fans of yoon:

  1126. 1126 : clarieth Says:

    to all;
    what happen on friday???
    in CF?

  1127. 1127 : clarieth Says:

    your such a nice actress….
    even thou i’d never met you….
    that’s why pls visit us here in the phil….

  1128. 1128 : suzette Says:

    Hi Yoon!!!!

    I have watched Princess Hours for umpteenth times, for Coffee prince I believe i have watched it for 3 times already and the vineyard man, twice. I’ll never get tired of your drama and acting you are an excellent actress!! you’re so natural and I love your smile and kissing scene. I hope you’ll try to visit the Philippines or have some of your scenes taken here so we could see you in person. Keep up the good work, email me at [email protected]. Sarangheyo!!!!

  1129. 1129 : clarieth Says:

    to suzette:
    i just want to your friend…

  1130. 1130 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!!!!
    how are you now??

  1131. 1131 : jo-ann Says:

    hi YEH!
    i hope u can visit us here in the philippines….
    i’m really proud of you!
    you go girl!
    i’ve watch the coffee prince episode 1-17…
    and all i can is that…congrats for a jod well done!
    keep it up girl!!!!

  1132. 1132 : tidus.. Says:

    saranghaeye yoon eun hye. . .

  1133. 1133 : clarieth Says:

    i am watching princess hours right now in tv…..
    and it was so beautiful….
    good thing that this show was shiwn again…..

  1134. 1134 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon…
    your really so beautiful……

  1135. 1135 : diane Says:

    i love you yoon eun hye!!!!!…you look good with gong yoo!!!…i love princess hours i already watched it for over 20 times….i love coffe prince tooo!!!!! i have a copy of your 2 movies…princess hours and coffee prince really love it!!!!.i have it with complete episodes!!!…hope you’ll have a season 2 of coffee prince and princess hours!!!!…hope if you’ll make a season 2 the cast are still the same cause i really love the team ups!!!! love you!!!! and take care olweiz!!!!

  1136. 1136 : clarieth Says:

    hi dianne!!

  1137. 1137 : Delaney Says:

    hi yoon eun hye…..

    you know what?? you and gong yoo really serve as an inspiration to me.. i always start my day right my looking at your picture or watching your movie…. i’ve watched it by hundred times already…. im wondering if you’re reading our messages here…..

    we really hope that you can visit here in the Philippines… Filipinos and Filipinas love you so much…. though we can’t understand korean… still its not a barrier for us to love and respect you….

    from then on, i want to go now in korea just to visit you and gong yoo… unfortunately… gong yoo is in service right now…. when im thinking gong in service i cant help but cry.. i really can’t breathe…

    my colleagues are starting to call me “pabuya” but i don’t mind them.. for me… they can call me anything.. as along as i love you and gong yoo…. im always dreaming that gong yoo is sitting or sleeping beside me.. my favorite scene in coffe prince was when you and gong yoo are playing in the bed.. and you’re riding on his back….

    im thinking what’s the feelin’ riding on his back….

    well, just take the risk.. i will leave my email here… wishing you can contact me…. or drop some message to me….

    really love you…………………………

    [email protected]

  1138. 1138 : cheryl Says:

    hi! i always see your movie as coffe prince and i love to watch you every
    night. i hope u can give me your picture as my rembrance from your
    fans ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care , che

  1139. 1139 : clarieth Says:

    hello everyone!!!

  1140. 1140 : _+rhEnjiE+_ Says:

    ….the show was really cute and i love it!!!, also the star was so good yoon eun hye was so beutiful…

  1141. 1141 : Gemille Adao Says:

    Hi Im the no.1 fan of Yoon Eun Hye.

  1142. 1142 : danika :) Says:

    woahh.. i didnt know she is a singer.
    i salute her.
    she’s a great actress and ofcourse a BEAAAUUUUUUTIIIIFFFUUULLLL girl!
    love you yoon eun hye!!
    from philippines 🙂 hope you can visit us here.

  1143. 1143 : clarieth Says:

    to danika and ganille:
    i’m also a fan of yoon….
    she,indeed is a beautiful lady

  1144. 1144 : clarieth Says:


  1145. 1145 : julz Says:

    Hello,, Yoon Eun-hye !! I really love u.. Ur my idol.. Keep it up!! Andie u Rockzzzzzz!!!!

  1146. 1146 : Nifa Says:

    Annyoung haseyo. Hello rocky girl! How r u today? I just finished watching my DVD NO. 1 COFFEE PRINCE last nite. U’r amazing girl…. cute, sexy, mischievious & everything….

    I just wondering if u really really read our messages! If u do so, I’m looking forward of any director to couple u in act wiz Bi (Rain)!!! What do you think?

    U know something, I really had fallen in love yur acting in Coffee Prince especially yur expression everytime u’r about to kiss Gong Yoo or the other way round. Even I’ve cried wiz u every scene tt really take my breath away wiz full of love, anger, despised etc…

    U really did, rocky girl!! Congratulations & keep it up!…. saranghe….

  1147. 1147 : arianne Says:

    hi yoon!!

    know what,you are really great!!! i love your acting in coffee prince and i love your love interest there… you two were really nice to see…lol

    keep up the good work!!


  1148. 1148 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon…..
    pls move the time of coffee prince here in the philippines….

  1149. 1149 : clarieth Says:

    to everyone:

  1150. 1150 : khieara Says:

    cuuuuaaaaaaantikkkkkkkkkk tenannddddd

  1151. 1151 : alma Says:

    Anyong Haseyo;

    Hi andy of coffee prince, i really lyke u…. ur good in acting us so natural
    u and Gong Yoo had a good chemistry… Good luck…


  1152. 1152 : yuza Says:

    hi u’r so awesome
    i think it’s nice 4 u n gong yoo being together
    what a perfect couple…

  1153. 1153 : Catherine Lobriño Says:

    Hello Yoon Eun Hye, I like very much! Your my idol in Coffee Prince hope you’ll visit here in the Philippines. . .
    I love also Princess Hours. … .your so cute!
    You’re really famous here in the Philippines . . .

  1154. 1154 : Catherine Lobriño Says:

    please visit the website http://www.friendster.com and add me up! [email protected] is my e add. . . thanks. . .
    your so cute!

  1155. 1155 : Catherine Lobriño Says:

    elow ate. . . . gong yu is perfect for you. . ..hehehe
    you’re becoming 24 right, advance happy b-day

  1156. 1156 : clarieth Says:

    to all the fans of yoon eun-hye:
    please post your email adds

  1157. 1157 : clarieth Says:


  1158. 1158 : Arya pars Says:

    hello everybody
    hello YEH

  1159. 1159 : jovy Says:

    An nyong haseyo!!
    what is the most popular chanel at korea?
    answer me!!!
    Just email me at [email protected]..

  1160. 1160 : nini Says:

    Anyong Haseyo;

    hi wish u all the best of the effort u have put in for ur career.
    really like all ur acting; especially coffee prince with gong yoo. really lively the way u act… keep up the hard work.

  1161. 1161 : Noel Says:


    I am one of your fans

  1162. 1162 : bulasa alzen Says:

    u really good in acting friend

  1163. 1163 : clarieth Says:

    >>>>>hello to all the fans of yoon eun hye and alsofor yoon

  1164. 1164 : alona Says:

    Hi!!!! MY CHAN…. i’ve been watched coffee prince almost ten times but i would like to watch it again and again….nice story huh…

  1165. 1165 : clarieth Says:

    to alona:

  1166. 1166 : clarieth Says:

    to yoon:

    just wanna say hello

  1167. 1167 : rosemina Says:

    …to yoon
    _i just wanna say that please visit our country_philippines_’cause im sure taht you like to
    ..you have so many fans here..and im one of them
    actually all of your movies{like coffee prince&princess hours}i watch them all
    i really like you so much
    everytime you cry,_your so sweet_so much..
    i like you and i love you
    i wish that you can come here and visit our country
    ..its really nice here_you love to
    so please_for you fans here in philippines!!!!!!!!!


  1168. 1168 : rosemina Says:

    …to yoon
    _i just wanna say that please visit our country_philippines_’cause im sure tHat you like to
    ..you have so many fans here..and im one of them
    actually all of your movies{like coffee prince&princess hours}i watch them all
    i really like you so much
    everytime you cry,_your so sweet_so much..
    i like you and i love you
    i wish that you can come here and visit our country
    ..its really nice here_you love to_and im sure with that
    so please_for you fans here in philippines!!!!!!!!!


  1169. 1169 : papa andi Says:

    ha ha ha….

  1170. 1170 : hunee Says:

    plssssssss add me in [email protected]
    tnx muahhhhhhhhh

  1171. 1171 : clarieth Says:

    to rosemina:
    hello!are you also a fan of yoon eun-hye?

  1172. 1172 : clarieth Says:

    to hunee:
    since you have posted your friendster i have added you…

  1173. 1173 : rcmendoza Says:

    hello. you are very good in acting especially when you act the role of “andie” hehe. I’m from philippines.11 years old. hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!! you have many messages huh? I just……….wanna say, the girl, only an ordinary girl, now a supeeeeerrrrrstar!^^, visit in philippines, pleaseeeeeee. i want to say more but hanggang dito na lang poh. sarrange!

  1174. 1174 : clarieth Says:

    to rcmendoza:
    i just wanna say hello:)
    i’m also from philippines:)
    by the way,
    i just wana ask if this is the first time you visit this website:)
    i am also your age thats why this message is for you:)

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    to all fans of yoon:
    pls post here your friendster to be my friend and to keep in contact…..:)

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    Hello everybody.. visit us at


    Where you can meet new friends and COFFEE PRINCE ADDICTS.

  1177. 1177 : id's Says:

    enjoy watching your drama.. so cute and nice smile… hoping that you are success in your carrier… muaaahhhh… =)

  1178. 1178 : billy devera Says:

    I LOVE YOU Yoon EUN…. muah!!!! -solid coffee prince fan

  1179. 1179 : cortia Says:

    Hi My Chan, (Eun Hye), I can not remember another Drama i have enjoyed more than Coffee Prince. I really hope this is continued somehow. You could be the Barista and be waiting for him to return. I wish you the best in all you do in future. Sarang hye oh

  1180. 1180 : McJ Lobriño Says:

    . . . . . .hope you’ll have mo projects and more funny dramas. .. . . .

  1181. 1181 : clarieth Says:

    hi guys and also for yoon…

  1182. 1182 : sherry Says:

    whats her official website??? more about her please … how about lovelife????? more films Gong Yoo please this time around she really is a woman …

  1183. 1183 : clarieth Says:

    to sherry:

  1184. 1184 : clarieth Says:


  1185. 1185 : Digs Says:

    Hi, you’re a very lovely girl. especially when you’re wearing dress. a ladylike you are. Every role fits you. A versatile actress you are. keep up the good work. god bless! Hope to see you here in the Philippines. Visit us here please!

  1186. 1186 : elaine tantingco Says:

    YUN EUN HYE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! please make more movie and series with gong ji cheol……….. i like you very much……… please make a 2nd series of coffee prince 2………….. i watched princess hours too and i love it very much……….. i like both coffee prince and princess hours, im the number 1 fan of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we [your fans] want you to make more t.v. series wiht gong ji cheol……….. we want you to be a true lovers………. i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!! take care always and God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will always be a fan of you forever…………..

  1187. 1187 : Tatin Says:


    Congrats! Great acting..I am watching coffee prince here in
    the Philippines. It’s so nice and overwhelming. Nakakakilig!!!
    I always feel very young while watching the telenovela.

    I hope you will make more significant role. God bless!!! 🙂

  1188. 1188 : christine Says:

    hi yoon eun hye!!!!! i really really lyk ur role in coffee prince and princess hours………………u really deserved the award that had been given 2 u…………..wish u a luck!!!!!!!!!!!and keep up da gud work……….u r really beautiful………………..

  1189. 1189 : clarieth Says:

    to averyone:


  1190. 1190 : clarieth Says:

    to yoon:
    hello!i have wached coffee prince yesterday night and it was so …..
    (i really can’t explain)………..
    i just wish that yoon’s hair in that show would be long…

  1191. 1191 : yhas Says:

    really like your fashion..(pls. send me, via email, some pics)
    hope to see u on new show
    do you have new projects?..
    hope hear from you soon..

  1192. 1192 : zhAi ♥ Says:

    hi yOo eUn hyE ..!

    i’m frOm in dA phiLippinEs..
    piLipinO r LovinG u sO mUch anD ur moviE cOffEe priNce..

    ..+ i wiSh ur viSit heRe in dA phiLippiNes..

    ..+ kEep toUchinG anD cutE 6irL..

    ..+ GonG yOo anD u hAd a veRy LovinG chEmiStry..


  1193. 1193 : clarieth Says:

    to zhai:
    i’m from philippines too…:)

  1194. 1194 : clarieth Says:

    hi yeh!

  1195. 1195 : hans Says:

    hi yoon eun hye…nice to know you…love u so much…don’t worry…i’m from malaysia. i think u’re my idol now…

  1196. 1196 : clarieth Says:

    to hans:
    hi!are you also a fan of yoon?:)

  1197. 1197 : clarieth Says:



  1198. 1198 : Arya pars Says:

    Hello Everybody. 🙂 🙂

  1199. 1199 : Arya pars Says:

    To Clarieth:
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1200. 1200 : Arya pars Says:

    TO YEH:
    Hello dear Yoon Eun-hye.

  1201. 1201 : tpass07 Says:

    i’m one of your biggest fan Yoon Eun Hae.
    hope to meet you. visit us please.
    [email protected]

  1202. 1202 : N.T.D Says:

    Love you Yoon Eun Hae. i hope to meet you. come and visit me please.
    [email protected]

  1203. 1203 : hans Says:

    hi sis yoon eun hye,
    love u…..muah….good job of this drama series….i like u…
    hope we’ll be friend if u don’t care…i’m from malaysia

  1204. 1204 : sarah Says:

    hi yoon eun hea im your biggeat fan i like do mutch the coffee prince i hoppe u visit my friendster ok bye love u sarah or taguig

  1205. 1205 : sarah Says:

    i love u vidit my friendster [email protected] i hope u visit it i love u you are so beautiful i like to be ur friend i want to see u but im in manila and im not rich like u ok bye love u take care always

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  1207. 1207 : unknown cute girllalou Says:

    ur so cute iadore u so much….
    i’m one of ur biggest fan…

  1208. 1208 : MArk Says:

    pangit nmn syota ni yoon eun hye,, ano yan bote dyaryo..
    punta ka sa pilipinas MAS MARAMING GWAPO DITO..

    just leave your boyfriend now,, go to philippines, there so many handsome guy’s in the philippines,,

  1209. 1209 : mapet amon Says:

    hi im one of your avid fan YOON EUN HYE i liked your acting in coffee prince… I hope you vist the philippines.i like your facial expression… I LOVE YOU

  1210. 1210 : clarieth Says:

    to arya:
    hi!:) 🙂 🙂

  1211. 1211 : clarieth Says:


  1212. 1212 : joo Says:

    aneongsayo.. i am an english teacher for korean academy here in baguio city philippines. i just want you to know how much i love your drama coffee prince… anyway… gamzamida for making our nights happy. chaldhaeso!!

  1213. 1213 : quien marian Says:

    hi! 1 no. fans

  1214. 1214 : FeLLy Says:

    your drama series coffee prince is the best ever…
    I’m really like you in coffee prince…
    I like you b’coz you are sooo soooo sooooo cute…

  1215. 1215 : kris Says:

    eow 2 ol da fan of yoon lyk me….

    she so beautiful and c8 so im stl wandring y she hvnt yet a spcial som1…

    but….is dat tru dat der is coming coffee prince part 2….if dats tru,,,,i cant w8 4 it!!!!!

    ,,,,,how about da goong2 or princess hours2….is it 2 l8 to watch it cause it will nvr happn….

    pls…..sombody inform me……

  1216. 1216 : kris Says:

    lov u lot….


  1217. 1217 : kris Says:

    i relly adore da real u….

    i just cant w8 2 c u… pls…

    vst phil.

  1218. 1218 : kris Says:


    if erol can go here,,,sure u can….

    pls…hear me!!!!!

  1219. 1219 : kris Says:

    ur my inpiration…..

    lov u….

    ur da most beautiful korean actress………..4me

  1220. 1220 : kris Says:

    if u can vst my frndster im surly…

    u wil amized cause ur pic2r nvr ben deleted and wil nvr b…

    im ur no.1 fan….

  1221. 1221 : mj Says:

    hi yojn eun hye, hope you will visit here in the philippines. you’re so pretty and i hope i will meet you in person. can i add you in my friendster account? bye

  1222. 1222 : desklim Says:

    i’m your fan forever YEH……

    hope you will visit here in Philippines together with Gong Yoo….

    grabe….magtatapos na ang coffee prince dito sa PHIL…….

    hope MBC will pursue the CP 2…i will wait for 2 years….


  1223. 1223 : janie Says:

    hi am one of your fun herein the phillippines.i hope you.. together with Gong Yoo could do another comedy drama like coffeee prince.coz i really like you team up a lot of funs will sure admire you to both again.more power.

  1224. 1224 : mae Says:

    hello yoon eun hye….an nyong haseyo…….you are a good actress specially in the coffee prince…..saranghamnida

  1225. 1225 : rheyne Says:

    hi.., yoon eun hye.., i’m a fan of watching you in the tv.., acting very well.., your so talented you know.., i hope there’s a coffee prince 2.., because people here in the phil. really like it.., i also hoping to see you with gong yu in another hit series.., if you have time.., please visit us here in the philppines…please……. more power, god bless!

  1226. 1226 : accim17 Says:

    …just wanna say that youre really good in any aspects
    …i idolized you and your show, its not that so dramatic, but its so nice and cute..well just keep on praying and dont forget to thank God for what u have achieve..Gobless…Goodluck…(kim,Philippines)

  1227. 1227 : ELIZABETH Says:


    u r so cute. i like u so much. please be my friend.

    come to Malaysia.

  1228. 1228 : clarieth Says:

    to kris:
    hello…i’m also a fan of yeh…

  1229. 1229 : clarieth Says:

    to all:

  1230. 1230 : lyne_bear Says:

    hai… i am from Malaysia… i hope you can be my friend… i really love watching your drama that is Goong and Coffee Prince…. you are too cute with Gong Yoo… i hope you can send your E-mail to me…..
    [email protected]

  1231. 1231 : Joyce Says:

    Voila, ur role in Coffee Prince is just way too good to watch. What a talent in Asia. I am so proud to be an Asian, even though not Korean! I am a fan of yours fm Malaysia. I know we probably is not the biggest fan base in Asia like in Phil & Jap, but we do have a strong group of supporters in Msia. even though I am working now, I would definitely make time to KL if u come. U are such a sweet character & with natural charisma in yourself which as a youngster like me will definitely role model & learn fm u. Pls do not forget us Malaysian here too. We are looking forward for some launching promo in Msia when u launch Coffee Prince 2. Pls, it is just too wasteful if there’s no more sequel. I really love & can’t wait to watch.

    Also, pls dont forget to consider the real Mr. GY ya… hihi 🙂 he is such a shy & nice guy which is such a perfect match to u. Pls consider him… u all like precious gemstone to me…what a good couple that would be.. Sweet 🙂

  1232. 1232 : marjorie Says:

    i am marjorie Ferrer from philippines!!
    i really like you! and specially gong yu!

    I am truly means of die hard fan of yours!
    sometimes, i get so sad, because y i am become a pilipino and not a korean?
    because if i am korean,the opportunity to see you,will grant!

    take care always!
    pls visit our country soon!
    many pilipino want to see you!
    they love you! and alsp I, my self..

  1233. 1233 : Arya pars Says:

    To Clarieth:
    Hello 🙂

  1234. 1234 : Daryl Says:

    Heyy Ms. Yoon Eun Hye!

    Loving you in Coffee Prince! You’re so cute and adorable, no wonder GY loves you so, hehehehe!! Hope you’ll make Coffee Prince 2 with him and make all your international fans happy!

    All the best, my dear!

  1235. 1235 : mark Says:

    Eun Hye, Sarangheyo!

  1236. 1236 : Momo-Chan Says:

    Hello, adorable.. Nice to see you in this page.. looks more femine and loveable..

  1237. 1237 : D Says:

    Ola. .

  1238. 1238 : +!!LeMoNgRaSz!!+ Says:

    Ohayo…conGratz 4 da aWardz u Won…u such Really..Really..da best actRess iN my HeartZ…LuRv u…MmuuaaHh….!!!ChuKae…

  1239. 1239 : roxanne Says:

    your my idol eun. hope you can visit philippines with gong yoo. you two look great together. keep it up. good luck to your career. i like you! god bless.. mwuahh…

    아이바람당신금속제 용기방문하다나를여기에안의그만큼필리핀 제도, 부디

    i used korean translation for this… hehehe

  1240. 1240 : fatimah Says:

    hello . i hope u to be ever more succesful . and u act very good and i like your acting in the vinyard and princes hours. wish u marry this year. and I AM FROM IRAN. bye

  1241. 1241 : sara Says:

    hi .i hope you play more comedies drama and i like to meet u very soon . BYE

  1242. 1242 : pat Says:

    hello….just droppin[‘.

  1243. 1243 : jomalyn ogalin Says:

    hi eun yoon hye i’m from philippines and i like you a lot i wish you a good health and more projects to come god bless you love you so much

  1244. 1244 : dang Says:

    hi.,ur sooooooo pretty.,yapuda…hahaha.,

  1245. 1245 : anjeanette Says:

    Indeeed She is Pretty, but I dont like her in COFFEE PRiNCE..hes hair ruined her beauty..BTW. i like your acting in PRiNCESS HOURS..great job!

  1246. 1246 : jUstiN Says:

    ANDY GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  1247. 1247 : AzZzZz Says:

    hello! i’m from malayasia!
    you do a greatest job every drama that i’ve watch!
    now,coffee prince,?yeah! you so good!
    hopefully we can be a friend!

  1248. 1248 : armina Says:

    gus2 kta mkta!!!!!!!!!!! comment ka rin sa kin ang galing mo lalo na sa coffee prince

  1249. 1249 : armina Says:

    comment kah sakin ha tingnan moh profile koh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [email protected] love you!!!!!!!!!1

  1250. 1250 : clarieth Says:

    hello guys!

  1251. 1251 : clarieth Says:

    hi everyone!!!!

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    to arya:
    hi!how are you know?i am very sorry ’cause i forgot to visit this web…

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    pls add me on friendster:
    [email protected]

  1255. 1255 : regs Says:

    gong yoo forever

  1256. 1256 : mj Says:

    i just finished watching the man in the vineyard… ang ganda! so inspiring tlg…

    becoz of papa andie kaya ko pinanuod ang princess hours @ d man in d vineyard… she’s really great!

  1257. 1257 : mj Says:

    i wanna see more of her… sna magkaron pa xa ng bagong series…

  1258. 1258 : christalene Says:

    hiha how are you ? you r so beautiful even you are a woman or guy>>>>>>>>>>. Myspace I Miss You Comments

  1259. 1259 : christalene Says:

    hiha how are you? ur so beautiful even u are a girl or guy…

  1260. 1260 : clarieth Says:

    hello anyone!

  1261. 1261 : clarieth Says:

    pls be my friend

  1262. 1262 : sheerajessica Says:

    . . . hElLow yOon eUn-hYe!!!:D
    . . .what’s up for yah???:))

  1263. 1263 : dripdropstar Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye Rocks!!! I wish she will be a big superstar someday.
    In my house, I always writing Eun hye’s name on my wall.. hehehe
    and also collect pictures of her, i have 1000+ og her photos
    ganun katindi ang ang pagka-idol ko kay eun hye
    hehehe sana magkaroon pa siya ng mga shows… ung comedy 🙂
    uy support eun hye naman palagi!!!!! boto nio sya sa mga poll!!!
    hehehehe 🙂

  1264. 1264 : dripdropstar Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye Rocks!!! I wish she will be a big superstar someday.
    In my house, I always writing Eun hye’s name on my wall.. hehehe
    and also collect pictures of her, i have 1000+ of her photos
    ganun katindi ang ang pagka-idol ko kay eun hye
    hehehe sana magkaroon pa siya ng mga shows… ung comedy 🙂
    uy support eun hye naman palagi!!!!! boto nio sya sa mga poll!!!
    hehehehe 🙂

  1265. 1265 : roz Says:

    hi miss eun hye…

    ur my m0st fav0rite k0rean actress!!

    since i’ve watched u in princess h0urs nd c0ffee prince!

  1266. 1266 : clarieth Says:

    to sheerajessica:
    hi!are you also a fan of yah?just askin’

  1267. 1267 : clarieth Says:

    yoon eun hye:
    i know a lot of things ’bout you….
    favorite things:
    part of your that you like most:
    your eyes

    am i right?

  1268. 1268 : clarieth Says:

    [email protected]

  1269. 1269 : Christian Paulo Says:

    hello eun chan !!! i’m very vert glad that i wrote a commts to you….

    i wish that one day we meet there in ur country….i’am from phillippines….

    i want to saw you in personal….

    you know…..?

    i like you very much and i love u….

    aLways take care of your self….

    it’s hard to me speak in korean….

    but i guess you will understand it….

    i love u….

    i love u….

    i love u…

    catch my kiss !

    God Bless u !

    More power to your career !

    -Christian Paulo {en chan}

  1270. 1270 : Joedee Says:

    i like koreanovelas before but i luv them more bcoz of coffee prince – so unique and cute! 🙂 YEH is not so pretty yet she’s full of sex appeal – simply irresistable! 🙂 More power to you. Hope you’re always safe and in good health. God bless and more power 🙂

  1271. 1271 : chenzie Says:

    heillow!!!!andie!i really,really like your potrayal sa coffeeprince.,actually i cut my short 2….kung naging boy ka super duper cute k,at kung girl ganda mo tlaga d nakakasawang tingnan,hoping n mapalabas d2 sa ‘pinas ung sequel ng coffeeprince.it’s reaallly nakakakilig!!!luv uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

  1272. 1272 : julie Says:

    hello yoon eun-hae!!! i was inspired with your tele movie in GMA 7. i am hoping that i will meet you here in korea because you are my favorite korean actress here in korea. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!

  1273. 1273 : joy Says:

    hello eun yoon hye…..i really like your tv series the 1st coffee prince shop……………i hope you will besite here in the philippines becaus you are so popular here in the philippines….i hpe also tjat i will meet yoiu in person coause i really like your acting and also your voice…and i dream that you will sing for your fans especially me……that you
    we really like you,….good job EUN YOON HYE…….

  1274. 1274 : clarieth Says:

    to joy:
    hi!are you also a fan of yoon eun hye?

  1275. 1275 : clarieth Says:

    to joy:
    hi!did you watch the korean drama:coffee prince?

  1276. 1276 : clarieth Says:

    hello yoon eun hye…
    how’s your lovelife today?

  1277. 1277 : Kari Says:

    I love Coffee Prince~~!!! i’m waiting for more *-* you’re a excellent actress… congratulations!….
    i’m from Chile =P~ bye bye….

  1278. 1278 : clarieth Says:

    to kari:
    just wanna say HELLO!
    i hope that your’e also a fan of yoon eun-hye!
    what country are you from?
    have you watched all episode of COFFEE PRINCE?

  1279. 1279 : clarieth Says:

    to all fans of yoon eun-hye:
    add nio ko sa friendster!!!!!!!
    (pls add me on friendster!!!!!!)
    ito ang email add ko:
    (this is my mail add)
    [email protected]
    ([email protected])

  1280. 1280 : clarieth Says:

    the coffee prince is so great!!!:)

  1281. 1281 : zeilou Says:


  1282. 1282 : clarieth Says:

    to zeilou:hi!

  1283. 1283 : clarieth Says:

    is yoon eun-hye visiting this page and reading our comments?

  1284. 1284 : Celine Says:


  1285. 1285 : Celine Says:

    Saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!yoon eun hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1286. 1286 : nwphyu Says:

    Eun Hye..
    be happy,eun hye
    i m one of ur fan..
    i like u much..

  1287. 1287 : pupae Says:

    eun hye, you are the best actress”””i will wait for next your serie.

  1288. 1288 : -V- Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye..
    From the Coffee Prince Drama, you perform well with Gong Yoo.
    I read the comments from all of your fans, and I also think that for ‘Coffee Prince Season 2’ played by Gong Yoo and you..
    Better to have both of you together.. It’s also ok if you two got together more than just in the drama.. Hehe.. Best performance, best actor, best actress, and best producer, and best of all.. your storyline.. Nice and good job.. good luck in the future ok.. keep up

    notes:// The first Coffee Prince is nice, i hope ‘Coffee Prince 2’ will be more fun.. bye

    Fans from Malaysia

  1289. 1289 : Seoul Says:

    your my idol eun. hope you can visit philippines with gong yoo. you two look great together. keep it up. good luck to your career. i like you! god bless.. mwuahh…

    I’ll translate for you
    당신은 나의 우상이에요. 공유씨와 함께 필리핀에 방문해 주길 바래요. 두분은 너무 잘 어울려요. 계속해서 좋은 커리어를 쌓으시길 바래요. 당신을 좋아합니다! 신의 가호가 있기를..

  1290. 1290 : same Says:

    You r the best drama actress. M waiting 4 u acting or pair with Kwoon Sang-woo. Can imagine u will be the most magnetic and romantic pair. Love all dramas u’ve done. Looking forward 4 ur next drama.

  1291. 1291 : ugie Says:

    Hope u & rain(bi) can be a couple in new drana series!!!

  1292. 1292 : fatin Says:


  1293. 1293 : Huang Zhen Ming / Julienne Says:

    Ni hao ma Eun Hye!!!
    I’m one of your fans and I’m waiting for your next series…..
    I love COFFEE PRINCE sooo much!!!
    Hope to see you here in Philippines….

    More Power!!!
    – Zhen Ming / Julienne –

  1294. 1294 : Stephanie Says:

    hi eun hye,i think ur soooooo pretty,u look good specially with gong yoo,kim jeong hoon and joo ji hoon,hope to see u working with them again,take care always!LUV YAH!!!!

  1295. 1295 : gypcy Says:

    hi eun hye!
    yah so prettycute!!!!!!
    i realy like d wy u act coz 8’s so natural…..
    i rly idolized u!!!!!!! god bless and tke cre_____muahhh!!!!!!!

  1296. 1296 : gypcy Says:

    hi eun hye!!!!!!
    im gypcy from phil..
    i rly lke d way u act coz its so natural……….
    i rly idolized u!!!!!!!! tke cre and god bless

  1297. 1297 : ira1078 Says:

    i miss you, YEH!hope you’re always in good health.hope to see you and GY in CP2 in 2009-2010.nobody can replace you two as eun-chan and han-kyul.i love you both!take care and God bless.mwah!

  1298. 1298 : ryce Says:

    hey Eun-hye! good job with your acting.. I honestly enjoy watching you.. Anyways, keep it up homie.. c^_^b

  1299. 1299 : cLaRa Says:

    please adD me as your friend at friendster.. i hope can be a actris like you.. i want to be your friend, so please adD me!!

  1300. 1300 : allan Says:

    hi..hye..i think im in love with you..

  1301. 1301 : Kayiu Says:

    may i hv Eun Hye’s Korea offical address?

    Do Eun Hye and Gong Yoo have any blog or facebook?

    i am a fans of coffee prince who live in HK.~

  1302. 1302 : Sukie Says:

    omg… i L-U-V the movie Goong S Princess Hours.. i hope there is a site to it

  1303. 1303 : michelle Says:

    hello yoon eun hye…

    can i have you e-mail address and kim jong kook e mail i really love the both of you honest…

    take care…

  1304. 1304 : Seoul Says:


  1305. 1305 : Seoul Says:

    this is her personal blog
    not like the website her manger, agent or some of fan run for her

  1306. 1306 : alyanna Says:

    hi yoon eun hye…..

    i luv u….

    i am super addict of coffee prince…

    love it so much…

    i am alyanna from philippines

    i hope dat u will come here in philippines…

    love u…!!

  1307. 1307 : jesssica Says:

    eun hye is a BITCH BITCH
    she ugly
    she have surgery
    she is sooooooo UGHLY

  1308. 1308 : sheena Says:

    hi girl!!! u r really my idol..I really love princess hours…u had convinced me…hehehe
    I’m from Phil….

  1309. 1309 : denise Says:

    hi yoon eun hye!! can i please have your email add? i really really love princess hours!! i went around the whole mall(greenhills, phils)just to look for princess hours(DVD)!! haha…that’s how much i like princess hours!! take care always.

  1310. 1310 : Kimiy-chan Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye! I’m one of the ‘Coffee Prince’ fan, u can call me Kimiyo 🙂 & Can I have your email add please? My email:[email protected] 🙂 Thank you… 🙂

  1311. 1311 : Cristine Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye… you are so pretty!!
    I like your on-screen personality…

    ♥♥annyong!! mwaaahhh

  1312. 1312 : elen Says:

    nice 2 no u.i love ”the man of vineyard” u no u are actress good

  1313. 1313 : The U Says:

    I’m expecting you to improve your acting skills.Although you have done great job in you previous dramas(especially Coffee Prince),maybe you should act in other different genres of dramas or films to get more experiences.I dont want to predict whether you will be a very famous actress in the future.As we can see,an actor or an actress can only be remembered by the fans by showing a great quality af acting in all their dramas or films.So,make Coffee Prince as an inspiracy for you to stay relevant in the industry.Anyway,I wished you the best of luck because you will really need it to survive.

  1314. 1314 : richard Says:

    your so cute..

  1315. 1315 : nichol Says:

    miss yoon eun hye im nichol from philippines…..i have a comment for you…
    you know that i starting to be your fan since the coffee prince and then all your movies are like a treasure for me…miss yoon eun hye and i like you too very much…no one compares you in the world…i cant understand my self why i like you and how i love you…even im in the philippines.. i love you so much…have a long life and more health…..you if i have a money to go to korea i’ll go for you…

  1316. 1316 : nichol Says:

    your so cute and pretty and most of all you are so helpfull

  1317. 1317 : roxy Says:

    tnx 4 making everyone happy esp. me………….

  1318. 1318 : marc Says:

    can anyone tell me how to pronounce her name?

  1319. 1319 : hani.n9 Says:

    i admire Yoon Eun-hye (YEH) since [email protected] Hours – haunted drama 4 me coz i stuck like months b4 i cud get over it n enjoy other kdrama. She was so appealing 2gether with Joo Ji hoon played as touchy-gloomy-charming-loveable kinda guy. Then i watch her with Oh Man Seok in The Vineyard Man – again, d lovely storyline with a happy ending make it worth 2 watch. Coffee Prince was another kdrama 2 show that YEH is juz a brilliant actress. Even d boyish look of Eun-chan magnetize both heroes in this story. Keep it up YEH!

  1320. 1320 : Malani Says:

    Hi Eun Hye. You are a very talented person. Keep up the great work. To all the haters out there, get a life!

  1321. 1321 : Lee Eun Don Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, excellent acting, hope to see your next drama or movie

  1322. 1322 : Malani Says:

    Please let me know your next drama series or perhaps a movie. Can’t wait to see it. By the way, my honey sends his luv. Hee! Hee! He thinks you’re adorable.

  1323. 1323 : celine Says:

    hi!!!i love coffee prince so much can you visit the philippines.because i believe that you have so many fans here in the philippines.and i am your number 1 fan!!!kamsahameda!!

  1324. 1324 : Africanbbe Says:

    To Jessica
    havent seen ur face but she aint ugly…itz not lyk d othr actors dnt do plastic surgery..no offense but ur views jus sound jealous…nd if ur so proud of urself lemme see ur face…

    nd btw Yoon Eun Hye i luvd u in the man in the vineyard wif oh man seok! u really act well, u attractive nd pretty evn tho u may hav dun plastic surgery which most of korean actors do!

  1325. 1325 : tom Says:

    i never seen the xman show except the highlights on the you tube. can she or someone please confirm my suspicion that her wrestling matches were set up for the guys to always loose. such the ones with shinh,min ki,and ji won. it looked like they were suppose to let her win. can someone,even her please confirm this? im very curious.

  1326. 1326 : Hee Ju Says:

    은혜 the best … perfect in everything…..

  1327. 1327 : Im Jackim Says:

    Hi..Lady Angel Yoon, My name is Im Jackim. I am a man in Cambodia, Angkor Wat temple which famous in the world.. I hoped you know my country..I hoped that you will come to visit my country someday… I want to be your freind also…
    I live far away from you… In my dream, I think you will response to my mail: [email protected]
    I hoped to see your respones…from a man that live far far away u…

  1328. 1328 : whatever Says:

    This girl is sooooo overrated! She’s not that pretty and her acting isn’t even all that great!

  1329. 1329 : jemaya_10 Says:

    hi… your so beautiful… when are you coming in the philippines???
    hope to see you soon…

  1330. 1330 : 92189 Says:

    whatever, whoever you are….
    can’t you see the list of acting awards she’s got…
    she even grabbed the baeksang award (korea’s oscars) for best actress this year…
    the list of CFs she have…
    if she’s overrated how come she got all this…
    if she’s not pretty how come there are celebrities who shows their interest on her… (lee min ki, kim jong kook to name a few..) and how come anna molinari of blumarine and blufin personally invited her to her 2008 spring collection in milan because of her charm…..
    open your eyes….

  1331. 1331 : MALANI Says:

    UR Sooo Jealous!!! LMAO. I agree with what 92189 said. If u really think she was overrated, then why did u even take your time to even comment? Enough said!

  1332. 1332 : cyanine Says:

    .,.,.,your so great and beautiful..
    im your number one fan here in philippines..i hope you will come and visit here in our country…your good in the drama coffee prince..keep up the good work..i love you.,.,mwah..

  1333. 1333 : minwin-ah Says:

    eun hye!!! u have soo fun and loving personality !!… be healthy and Strong like when u are inx-man >>FIGHTING!!!!!:):):):):)

  1334. 1334 : dixie09 Says:

    anyong haseyo…. yoon eun can i give my number cellphone dis is my no. 09167118957 and the other one is 09227588368 just col me or txt me.. do u have a friendster??? plzz add me my email address is [email protected] tnxx.. and add me more commentss tnxxx…
    u know my favorite artist is yoon eun hye…. and my crush is gong yoo couz he is soo preety boy his mussels is so big….. i love gong yooo… and plz remind me if u have new movie… plzzzzz….
    i love u soo muchhhh plz visit us here in ther phil. and plz go and go concert in SM FAIRVIEW…… or email me [email protected]
    tnxxx.. very much just answer me in friendster or in email address tnxx… :)) 🙂 😡 >:D

  1335. 1335 : jhon miguel cabanit Says:

    Hello to you yoon eun hye
    im jhon miguel cabanit from phillipines
    i love so much and im addicted the coffee prince
    can i have your friendster???

    yoon eun hye can i ask you a question????
    its only one question!!!
    please reply me to your answer!!!

    this is the question!!!

    In your all T.V. Series What is your Faborite one???

    anyong haseyo!!! Mwuahhh
    Lubh Yah!!!
    🙂 @};-

  1336. 1336 : judith Says:

    im a big fan of yours im praying that more projects and movies for you to come and im wishing that if their is a sequel for cofeeprince i hope you will choose LEE DONG WOOK for your love interest in the series.i hope that my wish will be granted,if not now maybe for the near future.THANK YOU….

  1337. 1337 : odit of saudi Says:


  1338. 1338 : AISHAH_PRINCESS ICEY Says:

    i think that princess hours is the most exciting. it gives me significances. sometimes i dreaming of and Ju ji hun in the romantic scene.

  1339. 1339 : [email protected] icey Says:

    i think princess hour is the most significated drama…

  1340. 1340 : tongkat langit Says:

    hello, how are u Yoon Eun Hye? ur act very excellent in coffee prince. U make the series real. I like u very much. hope to see u in the next series. U r the only one that make me love korean drama..keep it up, gud luck!!!!=)

  1341. 1341 : MALANI Says:

    Hi Eun Hye! Just stopping by to show u luv from sunny L.A., California. Just an FYI…u have a lot of fans here from Cali to Maryland. Fighting!!!

  1342. 1342 : mado Says:

    hello!i hope to see you soon!And wishing more projects for you to come with lee dong wook or soo do yang in springwaltz.MISS YOU!

  1343. 1343 : jessy Says:

    i like your acting,you act very excellent all series that you play in sence,make me feel that you are the real person in story,,WOWWWWW you are great, jessy Thailand

  1344. 1344 : pussy Says:

    you so cute, like you in goong

    joo ji hoon + yoon eun hye = forever
    best couple of the world

  1345. 1345 : Leilani Says:

    You’re beautiful! You did well in Goong, Vineyard Man and Coffee Prince. I hope to you more on screen. I wish you more blessing and success. God loves you!

  1346. 1346 : leilovely17 Says:

    I LOVE YOO EUN-HYE SSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1347. 1347 : JOA Says:

    hi!we miss you here!Although videos are prohibited here in saudi arabia,i still i insist my sister to send me all your movies through registered mail.i thanked GOD,i receive without any broken cds.

  1348. 1348 : MADO Says:


  1349. 1349 : lyn Says:

    I’m always anticipating to see news regarding kim jong kook’s discharge from the military to see if there will be a continuation of a relationship between him and YEH. It seems that YEH’s mom likes him, that is from YEH’s comments that i’ve read, also she seems to really respect the guy. That could be a very good foundation for a lasting real off cam relationship. But i simply wants the best for YEH, more success in her career in the showbiz industry and in the modelling world and also a real god man who’ll love her truly and endlessly. More power to you YEH and God Bless You! Hope you can also visit the Phillipines one day. You have many fans here also.

  1350. 1350 : shirley Says:

    ur so pretty in cofi prince and goong!!..i love it wen ur wd ji hoon!

  1351. 1351 : Dulce Says:

    Wow.. your so cute..

  1352. 1352 : carmela Says:

    your so cute……………forever…………..YEH……………fans””””””””’…GO………………..

  1353. 1353 : carmela Says:

    eH …………………cute…………….

  1354. 1354 : carmela Says:

    yeh…………..ang………..ganda…………….moh…………….super………….FR:YEH fan…………………carmela

  1355. 1355 : mimi Says:

    i love you so much ” Yoon Eun Hey”
    You are lovely girl

  1356. 1356 : Dalisa Says:

    I luv u on X-Man. If anyone knows where I can purchase all the episodes where ur in it (Eng sub), please let me know. I purchased the Coffee Prince music cd recently, so cool! I’m not Korean but the language is beautiful. I hope u come out with a drama or movie soon. FYI, I traveled all over the U.S., South America, & Europe but I never thought of going to Korea before but now I want to go there. Good Luck w/ everything that u do. God Bless U!

  1357. 1357 : fruccer Says:

    u r my favorite one in korea
    i’m from myanmar(burma)
    i always watch ur tv series, movies and so on
    u become more n more attractive
    i love u

  1358. 1358 : fruccer Says:

    hi lovely girl
    see u in movies mada me feel hard
    cos’ u r so alike my girlfriend
    miss u so much
    i’ll love u cos she run away with her boyfriend
    i feel so lonely
    but u make me feel high
    i’m ur eternal audient
    GOD is around u
    if u feel sad, call HIM
    GOD Bless U

  1359. 1359 : Honest_thailand Says:

    Dear…lovely gril

    I’m from Thailand
    I very like you and I would like to go to Korea
    take care ….
    Lady from Thailand

  1360. 1360 : mychan amal Says:

    dear yeh
    im from malaysia.im your fanatik supporter la.so..plizz.add me wit ur mael or [email protected]..plizz.i really hope it.. nk gile tau..i love u actor in cofee prince n hope really can be a friend wif u..plizz.. its ok if u jus say me anneyo..saramida.. saranghaeyo my chan..from our croni from mlaaysia..aza2 fighting!!kochi!!

  1361. 1361 : mychan amal Says:

    i know its hurt u 2 add me..its ok..juz i hope that u not disapointed i n all my fren from malaysia.. kami sayangkan mychan(sarangiyo my chan!!) i never felt respect n love another actress before knowing u.. i dont know. mhy im so like ur character.. kiupta2!!hakhakhak..so..u re bz rite??
    its ok, in 2018, i will go 2 seoul 4 find u.. if can la..know im still studying.. so.i kept u in y mind 4 my supporter in my studies..thanks 4 evryting mychan..hope u really want 2 frend wit me.. we respect u!!!yeahh..kochi2!! saramida.

  1362. 1362 : mychan amal Says:

    oh sory
    im female..not namcha??(men) 19 years old n from malaysia..u can call me oppa jongkok..hehehe..no2..call me amal..ok?aneyohongsaiyo..although im islam religion..but i can memory n hafal ur song..saranghae..hahaha..but..i dont know what its meaning u know..thans 4 being my supporter in my life..i really enjoyed ur character!!thanks!

  1363. 1363 : aries Says:

    elow yoon-eun-hye my idol..,, im aries from phil. i enjoyed your charater in goong (princess hours) the way your acting is make it real, keep up the good work, dont ever 4get god for all da blessings he give to u, i know you are in a crazy hectic schedule.,, i hope you read this mess. you really inspire me..,,

  1364. 1364 : Aorr-Thailand Says:

    Hi, Yoon Eun Hye. My Aorr from Thailand 30 year old. You good looking and be pretty.

  1365. 1365 : gatozy Says:


  1366. 1366 : mhay Says:

    heeyy!! i dont know what to say!! i admire you so much especially when you acted on coffee prince!! haayy!!…. im so addicted to your life… im searching all about you.. im dreaming that someday i can see you in person!
    i dont know what to do if i see you… hehehehe i want to be like you.. i admire you so much!!!so much….
    anyway to all CPaddicts… we are inviting you all.. we support CP…
    here GYEH!! loveteam rules…http://cplandia.heavenforum.com/index.htm

  1367. 1367 : mbn Says:

    ni-hao! gao en chan you know what coffee prince series made me crazy i fell in love with the story and to both of your character as gao en chan & hang kyul …hope there will be coffee prince part 2 or another drama series together with gong yoo you’re very much compatible…

  1368. 1368 : yazuki kimi Says:

    hi yoon enu hye hehehehehe

    i love you so much hahahahah…….

    and to kim jung hoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    god bless

  1369. 1369 : yazuki kimi Says:

    hye i am fan of kim jung hoon and yun enu hye hahaha

    go princess hour and prince hour heheheh super


  1370. 1370 : bidi Says:

    I & more than my 40 friends and relatives in Vietnam are waiting for your new films.
    We admire & love you so much.
    you were now very very famous in our country. you are the most beautiful & lovely actress in our vote.
    we heard that you & Dennis Oh will present a new film in future? That sound great!
    All our love for you.

  1371. 1371 : rose Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye!
    i have a video shop in Vietnam. your films are alway attractted people of all class here especially young people. they usually come and ask for your new films. they adictted to your play-acting. your films are best-selling in our country.

  1372. 1372 : Malani Says:

    Hi Eun Hye! Just finished watching your dramas again, Goong, The Man in the Vineyard, and Coffee Prince. Luv them all, but your acting ability really shines on Coffee Prince. I hope u come out with a drama soon like HYD or a movie. If u ever come to South Bay Area California, please let me know. U have a lot of fans here. We don’t speak Korean nor understand it but u turned us into it. By the way, I am learning Korean language now through watching your dramas…lol! Saranghae!!!

  1373. 1373 : catherine Says:

    you are look pretty girl, hope you come back with gong yoo

  1374. 1374 : sweetheart Says:

    wow great acrtress i have nothing to say about yoon eun hye she is so pretty,great dancer and nice personality keep up the goodwork the last drama coffee prince so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye!!!!!!!!!!

  1375. 1375 : janet Says:

    u r my favorite celebrity in korea ‘coz ur so damn funny and many more!
    i admire u especially on princess hour and coffee prince ‘coz when u act i was addicted in your life and i’m searching all about your life!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m dreaming someday i can see u in person!!!!!!!!!!!! and i don’t know what to do if i can see u!!!!!!! i want to be like you^_^
    and i want u and me well be friends on friendster please add me
    [email protected]
    i love u so much!!!!!!!!so much moreeeeeeeee!! thank u!!!!! ^_^

  1376. 1376 : janet Says:

    your commercials i was watching on the internet all of your commercial
    model!!!!!!!!! ^_^
    i’m so addicted your commercials and many more TV shows!!!!!!!!
    i’m so very enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!^_^
    to watch!!!!!

  1377. 1377 : joo ji hoon Says:

    will you marry me?

  1378. 1378 : JOA Says:

    hi,more power to you and GOD BLESS!

  1379. 1379 : mado Says:

    helooooooooooo!we miss you!please make more movies coz you have so much fans wating for you.

  1380. 1380 : ODIT Says:


  1381. 1381 : ROKE Says:

    joo ji hoon is that you?In GOONG movies w/ yoon eun hye?

  1382. 1382 : anna Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, you are so great. We love you & your play-act.
    Every every day, we wait for your new films.
    you are intelligent & nice actress.
    With loves.

  1383. 1383 : arianne Says:

    hi Your every boys dream.
    stay healthy and beatiful

  1384. 1384 : goong fan Says:

    Goong is a great great show! cos yoon eun hye acted really well in it!

    anyway, does anyone know which episode of rainbow romance can she be found in?

  1385. 1385 : princess Says:

    I hope that there will still be a season 2 of goong

  1386. 1386 : crystal Says:

    eun hye i will never let you fall ill stand up with you forever ill be there for you thruugh it all even if saving you sense me in heaven coz your always be my idol that’s why no matter where you are ill be your fan i follow you around the world even if the sun refused to shine even if we lived in different times yoon eun hye pls go here in the philippines

  1387. 1387 : A Fan Says:

    I saw your dancing in a variety show called Good Match on youtube and your Slim CF…u r one hot tamale!!! Anyway, I hope to find the whole episode of the Good Match show that you were on. Looks interesting. Have a great day!

  1388. 1388 : Jessa Mae Says:

    Princess Hours is the best Koreannovela ever. I like your role. I cried whenever you cry but often times I laugh coz you’re so funny. I like your loveteam but at first I want you and Prince Troy. Hehe.
    Hop we can be friends, pls reply [email protected]

  1389. 1389 : achi Says:

    i love princess janelle in princess hours..
    your beauty is so priceless..
    my friends keep on teasing me
    that i look like you..
    but i know that its not true because you
    are so beautiful..
    hope to see you soon..

  1390. 1390 : katiedokie Says:


    i’m from m’sia..

    i love to see you act in coffee prince..
    u really into the role of eun chan.

  1391. 1391 : kristine elize Says:

    oi hi poh, princess janelle ang cute mo talaga! lalo n s princess hour ang galing u umarte sobra! sna kcing gnda kta, more power sau and gudluck s career & luvlife……. sna down2earth p ren even npkackat u n s buong mundo sna mvisit u ung country nmen … i”m loooking forward to see and meet you ….. yun lng hi s lhat ng mga koreanss

  1392. 1392 : SIMPLYANONYMOUS` Says:


  1393. 1393 : sally Says:


  1394. 1394 : cielo Says:

    ..hellow yoon eun hye!! you know what? i always watch you in ur series her in the phillipins,,.ur so famuos her.. i hope you can vesit her,.. i love you eun hye!!!mmmuuah.. i’m cielo.

  1395. 1395 : gobac' ", Says:

    u look wonderful huh..
    just wish ur luck..
    i like ur sweet smile
    gonna crazy LoL

  1396. 1396 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon eun-hye..
    i think i’m the youngest fan in this website but i still adore you..
    to all fans of yoon eun-hye:(just like me)
    pls add me on my friendster and on ym:
    [email protected]

    >to keep in contact

    greetings to all!

  1397. 1397 : kookai Says:


  1398. 1398 : PAKKAPOL Says:

    sa-was-dee(thai speak),hello .i live in Thailand at bangkok.i like coffee tou lovely in coffee prince.i hope say you again next time.bye
    PL. my name is Mr.Pakkapol
    ([email protected])
    Welcom to Thailand^_T

  1399. 1399 : Leng Says:

    hello I’m from Bangkok Thailand

    Love Coffee prince

  1400. 1400 : clarieth Says:

    to leng:
    hi!are you also a fan of yoon eun-hye?

  1401. 1401 : clarieth Says:

    let;s keep supporting yoon!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1402. 1402 : Pornnatcha Says:

    Hi !
    I’m Nat.
    I’m a fanclub of you.
    I like your movie.
    When you have a movie again?

  1403. 1403 : clarieth Says:

    to nat:
    hi!i’m also a fan of yoon eun-hye..

  1404. 1404 : vi dao Says:

    its Vi..
    i am in love with ur drama right from the first time i watched it..
    keep it up
    i ll always be ur supporter….
    luv ya…

  1405. 1405 : Malani Says:

    Hey fellow fans. Check out Yooneunhye.org, it says that she might make a movie called Naya. Not confirmed yet but a big MIGHT! I hope so.

  1406. 1406 : widjaja Says:

    I agree. Let’s keep supporting yoon eun hye.

    I am also a fan of her.

  1407. 1407 : abdel Says:

    Hey Yoon eun hye im your number 1 fan and i wish you and Gong yoo have a lot of movie because you two are best love team ^^ my name is chun sun lee in chinese ^_^

  1408. 1408 : clarieth Says:

    to widjaja:

  1409. 1409 : clarieth Says:

    to malani:
    i will really watch that..
    yet..it’s n0t c0nfirmed..
    but i still h0pe!

  1410. 1410 : zandra canedo Says:


  1411. 1411 : clarieth Says:

    hi yoon!
    wishing you the best in life!

  1412. 1412 : MALANI Says:

    OMG…I am SO happy that you are going to do HYD Korean version 2008. U are perfect for this part. I can’t wait to see it.

  1413. 1413 : MALANI Says:

    I’m still giggling here….lmao. I am so elated…Thanks Yoon Eun Hye. You are the BEST!!! Much love, from California, USA!!!

  1414. 1414 : yhan Says:

    hi there eun hye!!i really,really love coffee prince!!!!!!you and gong yoo make a very great couple!i hope you will do more movies and tv series together.you are a couple made in heaven!!I really pray that you and gong yoo will be lovers in real life.Please give your self and gong yoo a chance to know each other better.Please………………….I really love you both…..hope to see you together soon…..i hope their is a CP part 2.Hope you can read my message.good luck!!

  1415. 1415 : to malani:fr:clarieth Says:

    is y00n d0ing a m0vie?

  1416. 1416 : to malani:fr:clarieth Says:

    hi!i’m clarieth..
    i just wanna ask you:is y00n d0ing a movie or a show?

  1417. 1417 : MALANI Says:

    To: Clarieth
    Please check Yoon Eun Hye under Wikipedia. HYD Korean version is under drama. Looks like this is what’s she’s working on for 2008. I hope that they’re not making this up. I’m so excited!!!

  1418. 1418 : Amy Says:

    I love you in Coffee Prince!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    From your biggest fan.

  1419. 1419 : Khine Says:

    I love you so much.I like your acting in Coffee Prince No.1.I hope you will be the best actress in Korea.

  1420. 1420 : to malani:fr:clarieth Says:

    thank you..

  1421. 1421 : clarieth Says:

    i’m your big fan..

  1422. 1422 : minah Says:

    ..angb ganda muh..bagay kauh nih jo ji hun….

  1423. 1423 : jshin2006 Says:

    eun hye is really great as an actress, singer, & model. she’s also a good dancer! eun hye deserves to be on top…keep it up & stay humble!

  1424. 1424 : LegendPrince Says:

    You are so cute.. I love you.. I like your movie..

  1425. 1425 : Akatsuki Says:

    ehm..i like her extremely much since when i was small i looked just like her now taht i have grown up im diffrent..but not just that but also shes good at acting,singign and modeling…almost perfect=))

  1426. 1426 : clarieth Says:

    hi guys..
    i’m als0 a fan 0f y00n eun-hye

  1427. 1427 : clarieth Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

  1428. 1428 : Phyo Mg Mg Kyaw Says:

    I want to meet yoon eun hye!!!! I want to be yoon eun hye’s friend!
    Can I see her? I want to chat with her. What is her email? Can I know?

  1429. 1429 : fionna Says:

    just want to say i really love u ms. yoon eun hye..
    i was disappointed wen i found out ur not..
    teaming up with ju ji hoon anymore..
    i hope to see both of u doing a project agen..
    though i love ur coffee prince…
    love gong yoo’s butt..
    stay happy and safe..
    lots of love..

  1430. 1430 : thet hein Says:

    Wow…what a pretty and innocent face.
    if i get a chance, i wanna be ur fri. Would it be incovenient for u that i wanna be ur fri?
    May i know ur daily activities?
    plz let me know and reply to my email if u have read these letter.
    with so many loves…………….

  1431. 1431 : fridayabegail Says:

    hi my idol ur the best from all the korean actress hope u make again a movie like coffe prince you make me cry you make me happy and you know i cant go to school becos i want always to see the coffee prince
    search me in friendster just my name u can see your picx there i always listen the song (goodbye by the molody) that is my favoratye song inmy life forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fridayabegail

  1432. 1432 : yhen Says:

    ……..hello!!!! how’s life now????? My IDOL ,,by the way I’m yhen, (my nickname) one of your greatest fans here in the philippines,,I just wanna ask if is it possible for me to be a friend of yours???
    you know even if I have watched your movie coffe prince many many times, still I”m giggling if I see you and Gong yoo acting….
    I will wait for your respond if we can be friends?? this is my email add “”””””””[email protected]”””””””Thanks.. more power and Godbless”””””gudluck to your projects….
    P.S….. Pls.!!!send me your pics…….

  1433. 1433 : yhen Says:

    ……to all the fans of yoon eun hae;;;;;pls..always be yoony’s fan,,,

  1434. 1434 : rose Says:

    hi eun hye,

    kinda miss ya. hope you will act in a new drama soon cant get enough of you… luv ya… i find that you are not faked actress… you hav great a personality….. Wish you sucess in everthing.


  1435. 1435 : betina Says:

    i really love yoon eun hye..
    shes the reason why i want to becme an artist in korea..

  1436. 1436 : SL jHezicah_salvaje18 Says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha xD:LOL

    Youre so Beautiful. . .

    Im your die hard fan, , ,

    i always watch your koreanovela in GMA. . .


    youre so cute, , ,

  1437. 1437 : maria avon Says:

    hope to c u one day in korea..chayo chayo.

  1438. 1438 : Phyo Mg Mg Kyaw Says:

    Hi.Nice to meet you.How are you?
    My name is Phyo Mg Mg Kyaw.
    I want to become Yoon Eun Hye ‘s friend.
    Could you pay her email address?
    Please join [email protected]?
    Warmly welcome!
    I want to speak Yoon Eun Hye by email.
    I will wait your message!

  1439. 1439 : Rike Bong Says:

    Hei.. I love your movies…either Coffee prince or Princess Hours…You are the best korean actress ever..Because of you, recently I watch drama korean…SIGH! Before I watch “Coffee prince”, I hated drama korean, coz it takes so much time to watch, but because of you, I am searching for another korean drama comedy..LOVE IT, LOVE IT…DANG, U are just one year older than me but YOU’ve achieve so much…CONGRATZ!

  1440. 1440 : gurl Says:

    yoon eun hye…..all d best…
    coffee prince is the best….

  1441. 1441 : honey Says:

    you’re so cute….
    i like ur drama….
    princess hours and coffee prince….
    aja-aja fighting….

  1442. 1442 : sofiah... Says:

    I’m a fanclub of u
    i really love u….
    ur character was fun….

    luv u…

  1443. 1443 : Vivian Says:

    Hei.. I love your movies… Coffee prince, Princess Hours and The Vineyard Man…You are the best korean actress ever..I love all the drama you do. I had watched The Vineyard Man n Princess Hours more than 50 times. I am only watching Korean drama now. LOVE all your dramas, LOVE them…I am waiting anxiously for your next drama. Please do few dramas in a year while you are still young and beautiful. You act very well. I love you as a mother. Keep it up my girl.

  1444. 1444 : flame017 Says:

    eun hye ! Mir gefällt dich sehr sehr shr.und gefällt deine TV Serie(goong,the vineyard man). du bist am besten auf der Welt. Ich liebe dich.Tschüss! Alles Gute!

  1445. 1445 : uida Says:

    hai YEH ssi, I am from Indonesia. how are you doing this day. i like your character in Coffee Prince. i like you and Gong Yoo more now. i think Coffee Prince is best dramas. wait 4 your latest works. more power 4 you and gong yoo ssi.

  1446. 1446 : Sui Awi Says:

    You seem I always see inmy dream.


  1447. 1447 : iaaknl Says:

    she’s so beautiful especially in princess hours! a good actress too!

  1448. 1448 : flame Says:

    hi eun hye
    i’m a big fan of u.i like yr acting especially in goong.i think u r the best,attractive n charming.i hope u can do yr best. god bless u.fighting!

  1449. 1449 : kezhia Says:

    it was a fantastic film. i mean coffee prince. you’re a multi-talented girl eun hye..
    keep on your spirit in act..
    i always support you whatever you do in entertaiment!!

  1450. 1450 : dream Says:

    I’m from singapore and i love princess hours and coffee prince alot… love ur acting too… when is ur next drama coming out?

  1451. 1451 : van Says:


    I’m Van from the Philippines. I dont know if you really read this message. Anyways, I am a big fan of yours and hoping that I could see you personally in the future. Your movies were amazing! But most of korean drama series end in an err. That is why I am planning to be a film major so that I can improve the storylines of your drama series.


  1452. 1452 : louie Says:

    from manila, philippines, YOON EUN HYE YOU’RE SO CUTE!

    yoon eun hye, you’re the best!

    coffee prince 2 would be great! looking forward to that…

    take care GONG YOO!

    you are BOTH…. ADORABLE

  1453. 1453 : Alia Says:

    Im alia from UAE ^^

    yoon eun hye you are the best

    i heard that you are acting in hana yori dango korean vir

    that would be great! looking forward to that

  1454. 1454 : mitch Says:

    …we love coffee prince here at the philippines,
    especially the 4 cute bida’s!
    andie go is so nice..,
    for being my inspiration!
    we love you…

  1455. 1455 : shane Says:

    hi yoon eun hye
    im Shane from Cavite in Philippines im 11 years old i love so much your so cute you tv series is so beautiful because of your acting skills and your so talented i hope i can there in seoul to see you in personal i like the coffee prince the story is very nice
    take care always

  1456. 1456 : zarihna Says:

    hi i’m zarihna do you have yahoo messenger if you have please give your emaul to me can you visit in philippines? because i want to se you
    hi agin bye!!!!!!!!!! muah!!!!

  1457. 1457 : michiko Says:

    she was so cool in goong! and coffee prince!
    brilliant actress!

    luv mich xx

  1458. 1458 : Lee Says:

    Hello Yoon Eun Hye

    My nickname is Lee

    How are u?

    I seen most of your movie and drama

    the legend of the seven cutter

    princess hour

    the vineyard man

    coffee prince

    I like them all

    I don’t know if you going to reply or not

    but it is nice to see your movie

    if there other let me know

    I would love to watch it

    take good care and hope to see your reply


  1459. 1459 : lionel Says:

    hi Yoon Eun Hye you always look cute to me:)

    I’m from australia we don’t get much of your korean dramas our way..blah i guess they don’t know what they missing out on!!!!! I just recently watch goong and 1st shop coffee prince (boy you rock on both of those dramas!!!!you’re so funny in those drama i couldn’t stop laughing!!) i had too get those dramas from my country in singapore when i was on vacation. I notice you like writing letters as a hobby? whould you be kind to me and write me one…heeheee ohhh yeah i’m learning in korean language this is my 1st year.. wish me luck. i just recently got into the entertainment industry doing a few TV commercials. If someday i’m famous i hope i get to act with you because it would make my dream come true….good luck and hope you best in the future.

  1460. 1460 : jane Says:

    hello!eun hye pls visit philippines!thanks

  1461. 1461 : mumu Says:


    I like u very much. U r very clever.
    I like all ur photo. So I hope u will send ur photo.

    [email protected]

  1462. 1462 : isis Says:

    youre so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1463. 1463 : Hadi Says:

    helloo….im hadi from brunei…
    i love all ur movies drama….
    and most of them i really like u act in coffee prince….
    Btw ur are CUTE!!!
    keyh that all

  1464. 1464 : Hadi Says:

    btw when is ur next movie is going out??
    im forword to see it!!!

    Love You!!!
    just Kidding…

  1465. 1465 : Claudia Chan Mei Tang Says:

    hi,Eun Hye i Claudia from Malaysia fan! actually i very like ur movie all like u caterier went u act in ur movie coz u knw hw to feel for every dialog no matter hw is going.actually i not realy

  1466. 1466 : Claudia Chan Mei Tang Says:

    hi,preety girl!i is the one ur fan from Malaysia.i actually realy like ur all movie,i alway follow up ur new movie if got so that i hope u always having a new moving soon! hope u will perly our mail n hope we can be frend at website even we can’t be a frend in a reality life if u not really mind with me???hope u always getting good health n take ur self.God Will Always Bless U !!!

  1467. 1467 : Arya pars Says:

    Hello dear Yoon Eun Hye.
    With best wishes for you from Iran.

  1468. 1468 : TT Says:

    Hi yoon…
    you are so cute..like a boy….
    I love u so much…
    ..so lovely girl…

    [email protected]

  1469. 1469 : Maung Says:

    Hi Eun Hye! I like u’r acting in “coffee prince” and “princess hour”. And then u r so cute. I can’t know will u read my message or not. Anyway, I want to tell that u have to try hard more and more from now. I believe that one day u will be the most famous actress in South Korea. Have a good luck! Bye!

  1470. 1470 : nunu Says:

    u r so cute & charming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish u all the best 4 ur future…………………….

  1471. 1471 : jenn Says:

    go eun hye!

  1472. 1472 : misskorea Says:

    i like watching u in princess hour and coffee prince…..

  1473. 1473 : vi dao Says:

    hi Eun Hye…
    u r a very talented girl and also very cute..
    the way u act made ppl cry and laugh with their true feelings….great wk Eun Hye…
    hope u ll have more interesting drama in the coming time…love ya..
    and also u look good with Goong Yoo in Coffee prince though
    how i hope u guys can be togerther in real life…cute couple…

  1474. 1474 : alichan~ Says:

    iloveeeeeyou, eun hyeeeee!!!
    i’m ali from Hawaii and i loved yurr drama “Goong” when it came out when I was in sixith grade and i fell in love with yurr acting and omfg, yurr so adorable!!!:)
    & go eun hyeee!!! fighting!!!:)

    love you!,

  1475. 1475 : jai Says:

    hi,yoon eun hye,stay the way you are, we hope one of this days we can visit korea any way we live in hawaii we luv your tv novela and we love 2 see u more with jjh wish u all the luck we love u take care & god bless u & your family as well we love to see u in person maybe when visit korea one of this days …………………aloha,jai

  1476. 1476 : eirul Says:

    eun hye……………..
    i like your act in coffe prince………..i would like to know more abaout u
    i hope that u can reply my responses
    i’m really love your acting
    love u
    good luclk
    may good bless u

  1477. 1477 : your number 1 fan! Says:

    Eunhye!you rocked on goong also on coffee prince.you were so cute and funny haha B-) you’re a perfect match with gong yoo also with joo jin ho 🙂 haha please reaply.i’m looking forward for your new dramas!
    dyra and her mom 😛

  1478. 1478 : Korn Says:

    Are you fanclup in thailand

  1479. 1479 : DeCaf Says:

    You’re my fave actress!! Hope you can do a project with Eric Moon, I think you would really click on screen…. cool hot guy with cool pretty girl!! yey!

  1480. 1480 : Kellyvara Says:

    You’re totally cute! The best actress ever!!!!!!!!

  1481. 1481 : Kellyvara Says:

    I’m eager to see your next drama!!!

  1482. 1482 : Kellyvara Says:

    Success in your career!!! GO GO Y-E-H!!!

  1483. 1483 : Kellyvara Says:

    You look absolutely beautiful in Goong!!!

  1484. 1484 : blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( [email protected])

  1485. 1485 : Lindsey Says:

    Hello Yoon Eun Hye!!!I love your shows especially the 1st shop of Coffee Prince!!!….continue your acting carreer….I hope you will recieve many awards in the future!!!!Love yah!!!!

  1486. 1486 : htet aung Says:

    I very special like than others. You successful in everything than others.

  1487. 1487 : esin Says:

    chae kyeong seni çok seviyoruz we are love you

  1488. 1488 : carmee Says:

    anyong, im from the philippines i want to say we love you and your so pretty i hope you can visit here and i want to say im your n0.1 fan and im so in love in your korean drama princess hours……..and i hope also that you have another one movie with joo ji hoon

  1489. 1489 : cy Says:


    how are you,
    wish you all the best…

  1490. 1490 : Bahar Says:

    Hi, im bahar from Brunei. Really enjoy watching you in drama coffee prince. Cute and pretty especilly when you smile. Makes me happy. Nway all the best in everything you do. Have you ever want to know about my country Brunei? If you do just emel me at [email protected]. Hope im the luckiest person to receive emel from you. See you around………………

  1491. 1491 : Doris Says:

    Hi Eun Hye

    I have just watched CP 3 times and I really like your acting in it much better than Goong. Moreover the chemistry between you and Gong Yoo is so good and I really hope that the two of you will consider each other as real time lover.

    I hope that after Gong Yoo has completed his military service, the two of you will act in another drama or CP session 2.

    I will continue to support you and wish you all the best.

    Aza Aza Fighting okie 🙂

  1492. 1492 : SEYEON Says:

    Hey sup Eun Hye im fan of u n also ur my idol cant believe i can comment on ur page 1 day i’ll be like you an actor so yea gudluck wif ur nxt movie or drama wish u all the best n yea if u wnt 2 tlk 2 me plz add me to ur friend list u wouldnt let no1 2 be ur friend right 😀 nah just kiddin well if u want to add me here this is my hotmail [email protected] XD hope get to tlk 2 u sooner or later 🙂

  1493. 1493 : aida cute Says:

    helloo…i really like ur caracter in coffee prince..its cool gals…

  1494. 1494 : Mint Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye. I watch Goong and i really think you acted well. As Shin Chae-Young you really are cute. I think that you really have a gift in acting and probably one of the best actress. Also in the Vineyard man and Coffee prince you really look gracious. Wish you all the best.

    P.S. I really want you email address, could you give me?
    From: Mint

  1495. 1495 : Muo Hong Says:

    I’m you fanclub,Eun Hye and i really like you. Here you are really famous in Thailand. Do not give up in your work!P.S. I am waiting for you to acted in a new drama,with love,MH

  1496. 1496 : rafi rafiandi Says:

    i crazy about her
    coffee prince is a nice drama

  1497. 1497 : Malani Says:

    Hello Yeh. Please come out with a drama or a movie soon. I hope u come visit Los Angeles, Cali. You definitely have a lot of fans here. Luv your new CF. God Bless and Take Care!!!

  1498. 1498 : Ries Says:

    Syallom….Eun hye.I whould like your character in CP..Thank..Jesus BLess u.Always success Yach!.^_^.

  1499. 1499 : Jerry Says:

    Hi,eun chan.waw,you are so look beautifull!!!!very sweet!!!your acting it so close and very excellent!!!i hope you can give more for it!!!you can do it eun chan!!!go eun chan go!!!! ^^

  1500. 1500 : mhay Says:

    she’s the best…. inside and out beautiful hehehe

  1501. 1501 : jenn Says:

    hi eun hye!

  1502. 1502 : Aung Ko (Myanmar Fan) Says:

    HEY!!!!!! It was very very cute to see your smile and actions with Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince. That series will be my top favourite serie forever because of you.
    You looked so cute and gorgeous in that serie being a towboy than with fashionable styles.
    Hopping to see you in other next series.(With Mr. Gong Yoo)
    You two very match to see in the films.
    I finished watching all of your series which had showned in Myanmar.
    I enjoyed all of them esp C P but on the other hands, I had got a lot of sleepless night because of watching your series again and again.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunities to watch your face on very very nice movies.

  1503. 1503 : nobody Says:

    i will cut your head off !

  1504. 1504 : shiella Says:

    aduh Yoon Eun Hye kamu tuch cantik bgt ! perfect aku aja ngiri sama u! Udah muka baby face! tingkah lakunya di dtiap drama yang dia tampilkan juga menarik pokoknya good luck deh buat kamu!

  1505. 1505 : asri Says:

    YEH cantik bgt!!!daripada gong yoo ama Im soo jong mending ama YEH ja…..I think they’re really best couple (hope for real…)

  1506. 1506 : Ries Says:

    Hi,Eun Hye!!How are u today?I hope u allways happY in your career..Jesus BLess…

  1507. 1507 : joy23 Says:

    hi!..Ms. Yoon Eun Hye!..i really enjoyed both of your tv series (goong and coffee prince), especailly Goong:). Hope to see you and Joo Ji Hoon together again be it both in a movie and/or TV series and hope that both of you canvisit the Philippines someday..have a wonderfull day and God Bless…Good luck on your career:)

  1508. 1508 : muuva Says:

    hii..eun hye!!
    i really like you,,since i saw coffee prince..
    is there will be 2nd shop of coffee prince??i hope so..
    i’ll be waitin

  1509. 1509 : shee Says:

    you and gong yoo are very match..
    both of you are real couple??

  1510. 1510 : taitai Says:

    How are u?
    I always watch your video series.
    your smile face is very beautiful..
    I wish u always happy in your life..&good lucks
    see u ……..

  1511. 1511 : wyi hty Says:

    hay ,,,eun hye

  1512. 1512 : SEYEON Says:

    hey there seyeon here! just wanna leave a comment on ur page cuz ur my one of my top idol n yea luv ur drama vineyard man its funny how u catch the chicken in ep 9 lol 😀 well gudluck wif ur next drama or movies n keep on fighting aja aja fighting 😀

  1513. 1513 : ahm Says:

    i like your action ,u can try more than ,

  1514. 1514 : ida - malaysia Says:


    just to say hello. love your acting especially in princess hours. hope will see you in new drama series / movies. wish you all the best…

  1515. 1515 : thataLY Says:

    hai..eun hye..

    how a u??

    nice can see u’r act in CP..

    Go Girl..u can do More!!!

    see Ya in Indonesia..

  1516. 1516 : Meli Says:

    hi.. eun chan.. i mean eun hye..
    I’m Meli from Papua, Indonesia.

    I like you in Coffee Prince. you look good.. beautiful, funny,etc… Why you don’t fall in love with Gong Yoo? It Will be the Best Couple.. come on fall in love with him.. he so handsome (TAMPAN)… like what you said in Coffee Prince… I hope one day hear thay you n Gong yoo, fall in love n get married. ok.. Plz say to produser, for the sequel CP, you n Gong Yoo still play together… OK..
    Hope the best for u n Gong Yoo, Jesus Bless You..

  1517. 1517 : eiphyu Says:

    U r so cute in coffee prince.I love u so much.

  1518. 1518 : helen Says:

    hi… Eun Hye..
    i very like your acting and your face. you are very match with Gong Yoo
    i hope you and Coffee Prince come to Indonesia. God Bless You and Coffee Prince….

  1519. 1519 : tamara Says:

    i like u very much
    i hope u amd all the coffe prince come to indonesia.

    god bless you….

  1520. 1520 : selin Says:

    seni dlerimin prensinde grdm ok tatlisin yzn ok seker estetik yaptrmsn yzne yle duydum.sen hi turkey’e geldin mi?

  1521. 1521 : Key Says:

    U have a cute face, your acting is really good to become En Chan

  1522. 1522 : XxAxX Says:

    hi eun hye… ^^
    how r u??
    I’m very addicted with ur acting…
    I cant stop watching ur movie or drama series especially in coffee prince..!!
    U r very cute in Coffee Prince drama series especially when u blow ur front hair… 😀
    i hope someday i will have a chance to meet u & take a picture together… hehe.. 😛
    Wish u all da best..
    God bless U…

  1523. 1523 : butterfly Says:

    Eun hye… know what. ive downloaded the whole tv series of Goong.. and uploaded in my itouch.. and watched it over and over…

    im still trying to download all episodes of coffee prince…

    condolences.. to Lee Un

  1524. 1524 : yana Says:

    HI! I’ve been watching eun hye several months now, both coffee prince and princess hours. My brother’s getting crazy because I monopolize the PC. Are there new movies or sitcoms by eun hye????? when will they be posted in the internet??????

  1525. 1525 : donna Says:

    Hi,im donna. miss yoon eun-hye,i’m your #1 fan.!!! because of you,my life have more and wonderful colors! i think of you all day! there is no minute or seconds that i forget you! you are my idol in the whole world!! i will allways watch,inspire,and love you in my whole life because i’m crazy for you!!! so,don’t forget me!!! saranghapnida!! i wish that you can visit here in Bohol,Philippines so that we can meet each other!

  1526. 1526 : noVha Says:

    Why are you so beautiful???!! so cute…
    I really want to meet You, you look so smart.
    I love u…………

  1527. 1527 : tommy Says:

    hi….. pooh…..^_^
    how r u…?????????

  1528. 1528 : tommy Says:

    how r u…???????

    you’re so cute……….
    tp aQ lbh ska u mnjdi Go Eun Chan……

  1529. 1529 : yiuwei Says:


    hi yoon eun hye.. how r u???

    i like very much your act as go eun can, bcause you are very cute and funny…

    aca aca fighting….

  1530. 1530 : mongga Says:


    how do you do?

    do you have a friendster?

    could be my friend n please add your friendster to

    http://[email protected]

    gammsa hammida

  1531. 1531 : Quinn Says:

    this msg is to all you caring and loving people out there in the world…
    My name is Quinn….and im trying to get as many comments as possible under Song Hye Gyo so that she may be at the top of the list….i know you guys also like other people and thats cool…but i’m telling you, you will never know any one like Hakkyo!

    so please…will you help me get to over 3819 for Song Hye Gyo


  1532. 1532 : Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  1533. 1533 : hatice Says:

    yoon eun hye inş türkiyeye gelirsin çok mutlu olurum fanlarından biriyim çok ama çok tatlısın sen ya şirin şey

  1534. 1534 : Malani Says:

    Hi Quinn. It’s nice that a fan like you would go out of your way to beg, okay Asked people to vote for your idol. If in fact you want people to vote for her because they are her fans, then they should do it on their own free will. People comment on celebrities they choose because they are their FANS, not because someone like you who are desperate to have your idol be on top of a certain LIST.

  1535. 1535 : Quinn Says:

    To Malani:

    I can tell your a good person Malani…..so you wanna help me?
    Dont think too much of who’s idol is who but think rather of working together….even complete strangers from all over the world can work together and be friends and help each other….

    i’m asking people for help to unite in this…and who knows perhaps one day I will be the one to help you with something

  1536. 1536 : yay! Says:

    i miss her.. 😀

  1537. 1537 : rose Says:

    hi !
    you are so sweet! we are waiting for you in Turkey! your soup opera “goong”was great…everybody liked it. I love your smile…by

  1538. 1538 : geles Says:

    i LOVE you!
    i hope can see you in person!:)))
    u’re so pretty!
    i like your acting in goong and coffee prince!
    you’re so cuteeee.xD

  1539. 1539 : NayPhyoAung Says:

    I miss you .
    I hope you.
    I need you.

  1540. 1540 : meiji Says:

    YEH..simply The BEST (among the rest)!

  1541. 1541 : meiji Says:

    YEH…simply THE BEST (among the rest)!

  1542. 1542 : Elif Su Özgecan Says:

    Çok güzel ,çok zeki, çekici, alımlı, sempatik,sevecen bir insansın. Yüzün aynı bir bebeğinki kadar güzel gözüküyor. Sana birşey sormak istiyorum. Umarım beni dikkate alırsın. Bir güzellik sırrın var mı,cildinin böyle bebebeksi gözükmesi için ne yapıyorsun,formunu korumayı nasıl başarıyorsun,bir diyet programın var mı,varsa açıklar mısın? Seni çooooooooooook seviyoooooorrrrruuuuuuuumm joo ji hoon ile birbirinize çok yakışıyorsunuz. Düşlerimin Prensi dizisindeki (goong)son sahne ikiniz için gerçek olsaydı keşke. Eminim bu sadece beni değil; bütün hayranlarını çok sevindirirdi. Ben joo ji hoon`u da senin kadar seviyorum. O yüzden iknizi ayrı düşünemiyorum. Son olarak şunu sormak istiyorum. Gerçi bana düşmez bunu sormak; ama merakımı mazur gör. Ne zaman bir bebek sahibi olmayı düşünüyorsun?seni tanıdıktan sonra hayatta en çok istediğimşey seni birkere olsun görebilmek. Seni bir kere olsun görebilmek için neler vermezdim.Beni inşallah anlarsın. Tabi bunun için bu nacizane yazıyı okuman gerek. İçimdekileri kelimelere dökmekte zorlanıyorum.Sen karşım da değilsin; ama bu yazıyı yazarken sanki sen karşımdaymışsın gibi heycanlıyım. Aramızdaki o kadar kilometre farkına rağmen senin yaptıklarını, ettiklerini takip edebiliyorum.Birini sevmek ona hayran olmak böyle birşey olsa gerek.Ben Türkiye`de yaşıyorum. Türkiye çok güzel bir yer,havası suyu çok farklı sanki her taraf cennetten bir bahçe. Bence Türkiye`ye mutlaka gelmelisin.Tom Cruise, Madonna, Bush, Putin, C.Lopez, Paris Hilton, Shakira ve bunların yanısıra ismini saymadığım daha bir çok ünlü aktör, aktriss, şarkıcı, manken ve modeller sık sık gelir.En yakın zaman da eşinle birlikte seni Türkiye`ye davet ediyorum inşallah gelirsin. Fiyatlar çok uygun. Burası en ideal tatil yeri . kelimelerime burada son verirken, gül yanaklarından öper,seni ebediyete kadar çok seveceğimi bilmeni isterim. Hoşça kal, esen kal. Kendine çok iyi bak. *******

  1543. 1543 : n_e_s_i_b_e Says:

    çok güzel yaa yoon eun hye ben onu düşlerimin prensinden tanıdım iikide tanımışım joo ji hoon la çok yakışıyorlar yaa eskiden zaten sevgililermişler..keşke gene olsalar çok yakışıyorlar yaa:):):D::D

  1544. 1544 : angeeel Says:

    hey guys..they say that yoon eun hye is already dead bec.of a motor accident.i don’t know if it is true..but i hope that’s not. 🙁

  1545. 1545 : bidi Says:

    My idol,
    I read that you 7 Yoo Ji Hoon will present in a new drama “Person taste”, is it right? that sound great. We day by day are waiting for your new film. You & Y.Y. Hoon will make a new wave in ocean of fans.
    We love you, our idol.

  1546. 1546 : lee_hya Says:

    Hi My Most FaVourite Actrees in the World…. yES.. that Right!!!!!
    You must be A MISS UNIVERSE…
    Cuz… U Very Cute
    Very Pretty
    Very Sweet… etc…
    HmHm,,, May I give U a Question??? ok, U have a Relationship with Gong Yoo??? ok, If That’s Right, I’m Sooo Happy,,,
    Cuz, I Like U and Gong Yoo too,,,
    see ya,,

  1547. 1547 : lia Says:

    There Coffee Prince in Season 2????
    If there,,,,

    See Ya,,,

  1548. 1548 : jessica Says:

    hi yoon eun…Your sound and acting are very cute…I will be your fan forever…yoon eun…

  1549. 1549 : jehre Says:

    sarangeyo!!!! stay sweet… i love your voice… you really sounds good. i love your acting… kinda amazing!!!! love yah!!! stay cute…

  1550. 1550 : jere Says:

    hi eun hye…!!! stay sweet and cute! your acting is excellent!! your voice is really good!!!! sounds like mine he he… sarangeyo!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!

  1551. 1551 : Made Says:

    you’re so beautiful and agood actrees…
    Would U LIke go to Bali and see beautiful vilage that is Tejabukit at Pupuan-Tabanan… I WILL WAITING U EVERY TIME…..

  1552. 1552 : Made Says:


  1553. 1553 : selen Says:

    çok şeker kızz düşlerimin prensi niye bittki offf beee gıcıklar bizim evn halleri gibi yapsalardı bir 200 300 bölüm hehe I love you yoo eun hye good BYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1554. 1554 : gemish Says:

    I really like you.You are very wonderful and gorgeos

  1555. 1555 : gemish Says:

    I hope you can acting of many film or tv

  1556. 1556 : blueberry Says:

    you very good in acting yoon eun hye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAYOK!!!!GAMBATE!!!!!!!! and AZA~AZA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1557. 1557 : SEYEON Says:

    Hey there this ish Seyeon ere,
    Hey hows it going JamGgoDae gud hope it is good hehehe 😀 hows the acting career is it going very good cause i hope it is (^0^) anyway goodluck with your drama or film wishing to see your next drama or film example goong 2 lol just kidding well yeah hope you get to do goong 2 cause wanted to see what its going to be like in goong 2 wish i can be in it too 😀 nah just kidding well goodluck JamGgoDae 😀 and keep on AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!! XD 😀 XOXOXOXO (^0^)

  1558. 1558 : Rizal Says:

    I love you.. good job..
    Nice pretty and gorgeous..

  1559. 1559 : Agnes Says:

    Dear YEH,

    I am awaiting for your next drama or movie with Joo Ji Hoon. You too are very compatible, it would be nice if both of you are dating/seeing each other. Hoping that you two will be the next STAR couple……….Haha. He is better than the other fellow…..you know who rite.

  1560. 1560 : Fan Says:

    When r u comin’ out with a drama or movie? Lookin’ forward to your next one. Fighting!!!

  1561. 1561 : Fan Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, You Rock!!!

  1562. 1562 : Fan Says:

    Oh yeah, I luv your Salad Song. Thanks.

  1563. 1563 : Revi Says:

    Dear Yoon Eun Hye….
    U ‘re the most inspiring asian actrees 4 me,,,,,,,
    would u like 2 go to Indonesia ??????

    we’re waiting 4 u!!!!!!!

    LOVe U Much!!!!!
    FiGHT !!!!!!!

  1564. 1564 : gemish Says:

    i love you very much.you are my idol forever and ever.i love you.muahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1565. 1565 : gemish Says:

    sarangheo.you can do a best,chayok!

  1566. 1566 : einalem Says:

    elow andy… dats ur name in the sitcom coffee prince here in the philippines… i just want to congratulate you for a job well done.. ur such a goood actress portaying guy and i also like you in goong princess.. uhm do you have another series coming up?! how about movies?!…. good luck to your career.. GOD BLESS YOU

  1567. 1567 : Lindsey Says:

    hello!!!! you are so beautiful,,,even you don’t wear a make-up!!! i hope you can visit here in the philippines as soon as possible!!!!please……love you so much!!!!god bless!!!!!!! : )

  1568. 1568 : Fanny Says:

    Please come out with a drama soon.

  1569. 1569 : Fanny Says:

    Please come out with a movie soon.

  1570. 1570 : Fanny Says:

    Good Luck with the Seoul Drama award.

  1571. 1571 : Fanny Says:

    I pray that you will win the award.

  1572. 1572 : Niki Says:


  1573. 1573 : Niki Says:


  1574. 1574 : Niki Says:


  1575. 1575 : Niki Says:


  1576. 1576 : Niki Says:


  1577. 1577 : Aung Myo Khaing Says:

    I very love you. I don’t love other girls.I only love you.
    I never marriage other girls.I want marrage you.

  1578. 1578 : Aung Myo Khaing Says:

    I very love you.I don’t love other girls.I don’t marrage other girls. I want to marrage you.REAL!

  1579. 1579 : norina Says:

    love u….u really cute girl

  1580. 1580 : misuka Says:

    i like your acting , also u r cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1581. 1581 : bin bin Says:

    Our idol, day by day we are waiting for your new films. You are the best Korean actress that we have ever seen before. you’re too intelligent in your play-acting. we hope you read this and present a new drama as soon as possible.
    Waiting for you. we miss you so much.
    All our love.

  1582. 1582 : khaing Says:

    Hi ,
    U are very beautiful.I like u.please sent u are photo

  1583. 1583 : khaing Says:

    You are very beautiful. I like u. PLease sent your photo

  1584. 1584 : sonamie Says:

    Yoon eun hye you are a wonderful actress keep up the good work and God bless you…I hope you will come to Alaska USA…peace..

  1585. 1585 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    anneyong haseyo

  1586. 1586 : Anna Says:

    hello!!! ^.^

    i louv eun hye sooooooo much!!!!!!!! >.

  1587. 1587 : ShweSin Says:

    I love her so much

  1588. 1588 : Fan Says:

    I love you Yeh!!!

  1589. 1589 : Fan Says:

    She conquered the Music World….Whoo hoo!

  1590. 1590 : Fan Says:

    She conquered the Acting World….Whoo hoo!

  1591. 1591 : Fan Says:

    She conquered the CF World….Whoo hoo!

  1592. 1592 : Fan Says:

    She conquered the Modeling World….Whoo hoo!

  1593. 1593 : Fan Says:

    What else is next Miss Yeh?

  1594. 1594 : Fan Says:

    God Bless You!!!

  1595. 1595 : Malani Says:

    U r so talented Yeh. I luv the song you sang in Japan. U just suprise us with your limitless talent everyday. Well done.

  1596. 1596 : Malani Says:

    She sang it in Japanese!!!

  1597. 1597 : Malani Says:

    Oh yeah, my bf thinks you’re hot.

  1598. 1598 : sherna chavez Says:


  1599. 1599 : myat Says:

    hi Yun Eun-Hye

    You are very beautiful and my favourite korea actress.

    Good bye girl.

  1600. 1600 : Chan Lay Says:

    Eun Hye
    I love you .

  1601. 1601 : christal Says:

    hello there, yoon eun hye. you’re my favorite korean actress. you’re so beautiful, haha

  1602. 1602 : Laurain Says:

    Hello You look so beAutiful. I like your acted in Pricess Hour and The vineyard man. It is so funny
    Good Luck

  1603. 1603 : jenn Says:

    what’s her next korean drama?

  1604. 1604 : Kay Says:

    I’m your avid fan…hahaha..we have the same birth month just that your day ahead of my birthday..waaa.Happy BirthdAY yoon eun hye!! keep rockin…!! Princess Hours is the best!!

  1605. 1605 : Fan Says:

    Hello my fellow Libra. Your bday is coming up so I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Bday. I hope that all your wishes comes true.

  1606. 1606 : Fan Says:

    I will sing you a song on your actual bday.

  1607. 1607 : Fan Says:


  1608. 1608 : Blah Says:

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday.! 🙂

    Keep rocking

  1609. 1609 : Makala Says:

    Happy Birthday To U (2x)

  1610. 1610 : Makala Says:

    Happy Birthday (2x)

  1611. 1611 : Makala Says:

    Happy Birthday Yoon Eun Hye and many more.

  1612. 1612 : Makala Says:

    Take Care and God Bless U.

  1613. 1613 : Doris Says:

    I wish you’re the Female lead in HANA YORI DANGO Korean version….
    God bless…

  1614. 1614 : eun ae Says:

    happy bday yoon eun hye
    keep what you have
    be happy
    have a long life!

  1615. 1615 : eun ae Says:

    happy bday yoon eun hye
    keep what you have
    have a long life!

  1616. 1616 : khaing nyein Says:

    happy birthday eun hye . i love you .

  1617. 1617 : yuie Says:

    happy birthday!
    god bless!

  1618. 1618 : Malani Says:

    Happy Bday Yoon Eun Hye!

  1619. 1619 : cbc Says:

    Happy Birthday Eun Hye!!!

    Hmm…I wonder if she ever reads our comments. Anyway, I still wish her all the best…=)

  1620. 1620 : saranghae Says:

    Hapi belated birthday……. I heard rumor that u gonna act in personal taste with joo ji hoon……… How happy i am… Hope it true.. Keeping my finger cross. 😀

  1621. 1621 : marla lee Says:

    hello miss shin chae-gyung……..belated happy b.day my wish for you is to gain more projects and more beauty not just outside but inside in your heart……………thanks for giving us a wonderful and very nice series GOOng i love it, that was the first i saw you and i was rally impressed and that was the first i started the be your fan……………

  1622. 1622 : Sarah Says:

    God bless eun hye sshi (: you’re really beautiful and awesome actress.
    take care of your health! you’re loved!

  1623. 1623 : Been Here Once Says:

    you are awesom.ur determination and hard work are not quetionable.keep up with the hard work.

  1624. 1624 : arantxa Says:

    ur a really nice actor..ur very cute..i watched goong..its very nice..even though u’ve got many fans..but still let me tell u dat m one of ur fans too!..till den..anyo!

  1625. 1625 : dhorma Says:

    happy birthday Yun Eun-hye!
    love u so much.
    good luck

  1626. 1626 : Maria samatha Says:

    Hi princess. ur my favorite actress in the whole world. I wish u to be happy and beautiful princess.

  1627. 1627 : sks2_law Says:

    Ive seen ur series and love them all.
    When is ur next intent? Cant wait to see more.
    Ur cute and ur and ur acting and looks are natural.

  1628. 1628 : eza Says:

    gud luck 4 your life, yoon eun hye!!! i love u so much!!!!!

  1629. 1629 : Violet Says:

    Hi YEH! I love you in Goong and CP!
    U’re soo cute and very much talented!
    U gives us more than our expectetion while carrying out your role.
    Keep doing great series and I shall be looking forward to your new drama..

  1630. 1630 : farzsss Says:

    im fence of you….
    u so cute….. i hope i will become like u….
    what ur new story????
    i wish u luck…………

  1631. 1631 : angel Says:

    coffee princeis the best not goong…..for me
    belated happyy b-day

  1632. 1632 : zax Says:

    ..yobo seyo!!annyong hashim nikkA?im one of your fan..
    i like the way you act..
    its very natural..
    and you are so sexy when you dance..
    love it…
    i want to see your movie and tv series..
    god bless you..
    more power on your career…

  1633. 1633 : catherine rose Says:

    yobo seyo!!!!!!!!!!!!! eun hye
    i’am your avid fan here in the philippines
    when i saw you in goong
    with ji hoon i knew it that your a natural born actress
    i hope someday you will visit us here in philippines……..
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1634. 1634 : lynda Says:

    love u!!!
    what’s ur next korean drama??
    i’m so excited to know!!!

  1635. 1635 : tata Says:

    hi yoon i love your character. your very good in acting pls make the part two of coffie prince.

  1636. 1636 : andelu Says:

    Yoon eun hye is my favorite actress ever. She is great in everything she does, be it in acting, modelling and singing. I really love her personality. She is a multi-talented person and multi-awarded too. I hope she can visit us here in the phils. And please keep your feet on the ground despite of your achievements. God bless us you always.

  1637. 1637 : ma Says:

    She is in NY for photoshoot ?Oh.My favourite becomes more porpular I’m seriously glad.She is really cute and lovely.I love her role in Coffee Prince and she’s also great in vinyard man.I’m looking forward to see more her upcoming dramas and movies.

  1638. 1638 : Mentari Lim Says:

    hi…u’r so beautiful n sweet…u’r my fav korean actres…because u’r so rock!
    n i love u’r drama…it’s so romantic n sweet…. ^^

  1639. 1639 : shiela Says:

    hey.. i admire you in Goong/princss hour and in the coffee prince..
    you got me with that! hehe
    more power! hehe

  1640. 1640 : Ana Lujan Says:

    I really like your acting in Goong. I hope you are as sweet and honest as your character there.
    God bless u.


  1641. 1641 : kaye Says:

    hi! im kaye from the philippines… i admire you in coffee prince and pricess hours hope to see u soon! iloveyou!

  1642. 1642 : Alaskaboy Says:

    I’m from USA AK, you are my #1 actress and I can’t wait to see you in the next movie or drama. You are beautiful and keep up the faith in God…^_^

  1643. 1643 : beth Says:

    hi!!!im bhet from philippines!!!!
    you are so beautiful…i really really like your beuty!!!!
    Godbles and keep it up^_~

  1644. 1644 : nieve rose Says:

    hi i want to meet you and joo ji hoon and your so very beautiful and kind and hamble pls come to the phillippines so i can see you

  1645. 1645 : sonie Says:

    Is it true that her boy friend is joo ji hoon or it is just a rumor?
    Hoping for princess hours 2 cause I’m addited to it..her team-up with ji-hoon rocks my world..hope to see them..and wishing that they will be a real life couple because they look so great together..sonie from philippines..ultimate and addicted fan..

  1646. 1646 : pheonixgurl Says:

    hai janel…i miss you…….is there another sequel of princess hours?hope they have

  1647. 1647 : Lumi Says:

    Good luck and kee pu the good work

  1648. 1648 : janine cainglet Says:

    helo yoon!
    in janine frm the philippines…your charming personality just keeps on rocking me!
    hop 2 see more of ur shows..
    keep rockin! visit us!

  1649. 1649 : akphyo Says:

    i like the girl of whoever same with you.
    That is since i was young. Since i don’t have to see you.
    You are so great of beauty, pretty for me. I like the manners

  1650. 1650 : shanshan Says:

    yoon eun hye .
    good luck .
    everying is ok.

  1651. 1651 : Noo-Yoo(N) Says:

    Poom,may I call this name co’s I like it soo much.

    You’re a good actress in my mind,

    hope will see you in Thailand again,although not now.

    Take care yourself,hope you will be find

    and Hope anything in Thailand will be find too.

  1652. 1652 : ceejae Says:

    iam from the philippines..we really love princess hours..we are waiting for princess hours 2 but now we heard that the original cast was changed so we are depressed because we want you and joo ji hoon to be in princess hours 2…but we’re glad that you and joo ji hoon will be team up again in the drama personal taste..i hope that project will push through!!!!

  1653. 1653 : Lily Says:

    Coffe prince is the best drama, i,ve ever seen… We are waiting for the coffe prince#2

  1654. 1654 : kaungmt89 Says:

    i am from myanmar but chinese.i want to see you.oneday i will go to meet you if i have chance!

  1655. 1655 : stephanie Says:

    yoon eun hye..
    you so prety and sweet,i like your acting in goong with joo ji hoon.
    you’re the best with ji hoon.when you acting with joo ji hoon again i’ll wait it so much.

    i love you and ji hoon


  1656. 1656 : catherine Says:

    i’m catherine from Indonesia.
    I really enjoyed your acting in Goong.
    it’s so wonderful.
    My friend and i in my senior high school are your big fans.
    We really hope that you’ll come to Indonesia.
    If U can, we won’t miss it.


  1657. 1657 : Nicole Says:

    Kumusta,,, i’m nocole from the Philippines. I hope you can vsit us here in the Philippines… together with the rest of the cast of Goong… We really miss you. Hope to see you soon

  1658. 1658 : Nicole Says:

    Hope you can come here in the Philippines………. We love Goong very much

  1659. 1659 : tata Says:

    my dear, eun hye how are you? hope to hear good news from you. im waiting for your new drama show. hope youll do the coffee prince part two. we love you and your very famous here in singapore too. wish you good luck………..

  1660. 1660 : sam Says:

    i am waiting for your new drama show with joon ji hoon!!!!omg!love you in goong!!!i have seen the 1st shop of coffee prince,goong,the vineyard man and the legend of seven cutter!!!i like everything about you…i hope you and joon ji hoon will become a couple!!!i am one of your fans!!!

  1661. 1661 : Ray Says:

    How i wish i can see Goong sequel. I love that drama.
    Like your performance in all the shows after Goong too.
    Wish you all the best!

  1662. 1662 : Maria Says:

    She is beautiful inside and outside

  1663. 1663 : Stephanie Says:

    I like you very much . I like you so much that you always appear in my dreams all night. Your performances in Princess Hours are so cute and I like your style.You are my angle. All of us are your fans. .I always collect your stickers.You are the most beautiful angle in my dreams. May God bless you,

  1664. 1664 : Nes Says:

    Your tandem w/ joo ji hoon is really great. I love you both. You make a beautiful couple. I like your beautiful and cute face. You fit w/ joo ji hoon. I hope to see you both soon in another drama series/movie. Please be lovers for real!!! God bless you both…

  1665. 1665 : Nes Says:

    Hi Pooh, what’s the latest between you and the cute, handsome joo hi joon? I hope to hear from you soon. . . You’ve got my e-mail add. Love you .

  1666. 1666 : Leo Says:

    Hie Yoon Eun-hye

    i’m leon from Zimbabwe.
    I really enjoyed your acting in Coffee Prince.
    it’s so unique and wonderful.
    My sisters and i are your big fans.
    We look forward to watching more of your films.

  1667. 1667 : d3w1 Says:

    you are so cute. . .
    I am your big fan from Indonesia.. 😉

  1668. 1668 : janet Says:

    hi im from the phillipines.i really love korean people especialy yoon eun hye.i really cofee prence.

  1669. 1669 : janet Says:

    hi miss yoon eun hye.i saw vineyard men i love it.

  1670. 1670 : maylyn Says:


  1671. 1671 : Yadanar Says:

    Hello! I’m from Myanmar. I really like you. You are pretty and charming. And also you are good at acting. You are so cute in Goong and also in Coffee Prince.I wish you to be happy in your life.

  1672. 1672 : juliemae Says:

    woi… shes reall good

    in coffee prince and..

    princess hours…. shes really a princess”””

  1673. 1673 : aungthuoo Says:

    let me introduce myself .my name is aung thu oo.
    i am from myanmar but chinese.i want to see you.oneday i will go to meet you if i have chance!

  1674. 1674 : janelle Says:

    love you, yoon hye>we have same name janelle hope to see you soon her in the phillipines.

  1675. 1675 : alexlyn08 Says:

    hi..i am from the philippines..i am one of a million fans of eun yooh hye..i wish she that i can see her again in drama..like princess hours and caffe prince..i keep looking forward to see her again nxt time..god bless u always and love u eun yooh hye

  1676. 1676 : amber Says:

    hi Eun Hye ^^.u are so cute ^^.

  1677. 1677 : lee bo ram Says:

    u so cool .. u have boy friend ?1
    n u have big fans on indonesia, ,

  1678. 1678 : shen Says:

    hi she is ssssooooooooo great i really like her with jo ji hoon bagay talaga cla

  1679. 1679 : tina Says:

    halooo….yoon eun-hye im tina from phillippines…we have the same hobbies and talents too….and attitude too. especially in the goong movie like that movie….i reall,reall love that movie …..me and my classmate fallow your attitude in the movie goong…hehehehe..we just love your action their…your so funny ……we hope you and joon ji-hoon could come her in the philippines… so that we could see both of you in personal…. hope you could read this….please give us a chance…christmas right…just give us a chance….this is your christmas gift for me…..please…nalang…

  1680. 1680 : deadlyoo Says:

    i loVEEEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE uuuuUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoooooo!!!!!

  1681. 1681 : Dennis G. Says:

    hi, just want to tell you that i nearly bump you when you and you’re friend is waiting for a taxi in the island of cebu-philippines. i like to take photo with you but looking at your startled face (seems afraid that i will do harm) i did not continue. but i feel sorry until to this day. after telling my family about it ,they were dissapointed with me. because you’re my family favorite. hope you don’t mind sending an autograph picture of you dedicated to my youngest daughter “Oshin” she’s one of solid fan here in the philippines. thanks you hope you have time reading this messages i just stumbled this page .and surprise to see numerous and continuous messages of your fans around the world. good luck. hope to invite you to a luscious dinner if ever you will come to the philippines again.

  1682. 1682 : carlos Says:


  1683. 1683 : kylie--glee Says:

    the first time i saw u…………………………(lolz!!don misunderstood,ya)in television! was in goong..
    and i thought..wow!!she’s really cute!
    since then i fell in love with the series..
    then there’s coffee prince–your acting shows variety!!so,i’m now a huge fan!
    “jia you,jia you”,that means keep up your good work!

  1684. 1684 : irene Says:

    i love you

  1685. 1685 : _kc_4 Says:

    ..im rEaLLy a faN oF y0ur tv sEries “g00ng”
    wE stiLL waTch it uNtiL n0w c0Z wE b0ught dVd!

    ..my siSter and i sh0cked tHat iT waS y0u in “tHe fiRst sh0p OF c0ffee PrincE” wE alwaYs waTch thAt sincE it was airEd in thE tv!!

    **im reaLLy an aviD fan 0F y0ur tV serIes

  1686. 1686 : DYZ_gulz88 Says:

    allow……..i’m dyz from MALAYSIA. U r so cute like baby face event ur age is 24 year old….. huhuhu……. do u have private email adress? i realy like u….nice 2 meet u.Bya2…

  1687. 1687 : WAHAHAHA Says:

    I don’t like her acting style, but I do like her look. 7/10 rating in terms of beauty.

    No hard feelings It’s my own opinion, she cannot please me the way she act!!!

  1688. 1688 : Wendy Choo Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye! I really love you! You’re so cute! And I love your styles in the Vineyard man. Though I have something to ask you. Are you the actress in Princess Hour?????? I wish I could see you in person but unfortunately I’m from Burma.. 🙁 But still I’ll always be a big fan of yours.. 🙂 Have a good life!

  1689. 1689 : Hein myat min Says:

    Yoon eun hye, u are a good actress. I had my favourite korean actress before but i don’t know what is wrong with me, I could’nt help myself playing the coffee prince movie, even a thousand time is not enough for me , u are such a cute girl, but my friends said there is so many beautiful girl someone like song hae gyo,but i am falling into u,I am the name of hein and the age of 19, so our age is so near ,I wish i can find u one day when i visit to korea.I am burmese, myanmar anyway.

  1690. 1690 : Hein myat min Says:


  1691. 1691 : required Says:

    what is this here? do you guys think she is going to read that stuff?

  1692. 1692 : cutiegirl Says:




    LOVE IT!!


  1693. 1693 : mauh'o19 Says:

    ni hao?
    Goong is the most beautiful korean drama!! ur so pretty eun-hye!!
    and u r compatible of joo ji hoon!!!! ni chui suru!

  1694. 1694 : mauh'o19 Says:

    do you have f.s?

  1695. 1695 : anne Says:

    she’s great in Coffee Prince….

  1696. 1696 : jowee808 Says:

    I enjoy watching your tv shows and movies.. I hope it’s not an inconvenience to be asking for more.

  1697. 1697 : psyche Says:

    first time i saw you i want you to meet,but south korea is so far from the phillipines, im expecting that you will go to the phillipines so that i can see you in personal…………one of your fans…


  1698. 1698 : Thuy Trang Says:

    Hello! YOON EUN HYE
    I am Trang from Vietnam.
    you know? I love you very much…
    I like Goong film, coffee prince film…they are very interesting.
    I want a fan of you!

  1699. 1699 : usna Says:

    hy…………………………….yoon eun hye good morning ,you are so beautifull

  1700. 1700 : usna Says:

    hy………….yoon eun hye,when you visit indonesia?I always wait you for visit indonesia

  1701. 1701 : hrung Says:

    hi Yoon Eun Hye
    i think you amazing actress and i love all the drama you in. And I hope you do more drama I alway go in internet to check every month if you in any new drama I’m still waiting alway

  1702. 1702 : ajem Says:

    hey you were really hot in princess hours and you really make a cute pair with joo ji hoon!!! love you lotz and you’re one of the cutest korean actresses!!! keep getin better!!!

  1703. 1703 : twinkle Says:

    hello, yeun yoon hye… i’m very big fan of yours…I always go to all korean website enable to see youor latest news and movies..even here in the philippines, when i saw korean people I asked them about you…Please give me a photo with your authograph at my website [email protected]..i’m begging you…please and I really love you…I will wait your picture…thanks…anyongsayo

  1704. 1704 : cute Says:

    eun yoon hye
    your so pretty, I want to see you soon,… please visit philippines because many fans waiting you here….

  1705. 1705 : peace Says:

    WAA!!!! I love you so much. especially when i saw you in the gong when it was aired!
    hm.you are really popular. Keep it up girl!

  1706. 1706 : sac Says:

    you’re so pretty, I hope that you will visit philippines….. I want too see you personally…I’m hoping for goong 2… even it is impossible but i know that it will do soon….

  1707. 1707 : bubble Says:

    who is your boyfriend… I hope you are still dating with joo ji hoon…more power with you…

  1708. 1708 : eurydice Says:

    ur really very beautiful..i like you very much..i hope you will visit philippines…

  1709. 1709 : die Says:

    I like you……Yoon Eun Hye……. So much……
    very very love you.
    U very beautiful natural, I like U…
    who is your boyfriend… I hope you are still dating with joo ji hoon…more power with you…

  1710. 1710 : thuzar Says:

    i love you so much. i am myanmar . do u know myanmar ????????

  1711. 1711 : jessica Says:

    hi yoon eun hye
    love you lotz & you are one of the cutest korean actresses
    when i see korean people i will ask about you
    please visit myanmar because many fans are waiting you here

  1712. 1712 : random Says:

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    Find al the necessary information there!

  1713. 1713 : Sweety Says:

    Hi Yoon Eun Hye
    you are amazing actress.I am a burmar.All in Myanmar love you.I hope you always successful.

  1714. 1714 : Kitty JOLIA Says:

    我爱你! Hi! Sister Yoon Eun Hye’.. I love u n like u so much… U know? When u act in Princess Hours how u make me like u? Coz u’re so cute n beautiful….I think u n Joo Ji Hoon are the best pair, so i hope it become the fact about u n goong. Pls come to visit Cambodia. Have alot of ur fan there include me too,… Thanks u bye bye….!..!

  1715. 1715 : juvy Says:

    hi,im juvy from philippines hope to see you more on tv…especially with joo ji hoon i hope…and i hope there will be a part two of Coffee Prince! I love your partner there goong yoo i think?but im very much love you with Joo ji Hoon.. 🙂 i hope you dont mind saying that! anyway your a good actress keep up the good work and may god bless you always..knowing that you are a Christian too!take care…hope to see u in person! always smile…. 🙂

  1716. 1716 : zarafi Says:

    i’m malaysians.love to see u as shin chaegyung in goong.r u dating with jihoon.thats was really great.i hope so.u r very talented n gorgoeus in ur own way.i like it.hope u can pursue ur dreams and hapiness.
    sarang ne o……..

  1717. 1717 : alma Says:

    Hi! iam from the Philippines
    your looking great with your new photo shoot. hope that you can email me sometine if you have enough time. im one of your fans…hope to hear from you soon.
    take care!

  1718. 1718 : feme Says:

    hi, princess. hehe i like your princess hours movie. its my favorite korean movie ever. hope youll visit here in philippines. were waiting for you. take good care.

  1719. 1719 : marites gerona Says:

    for someone to have lots of fans but very few movies and drama? why?

  1720. 1720 : keracilipadi Says:

    i can’t wait yeh new drama……….u go girl……………….
    THE CASTLE………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh my GOD ……….i can’t wait………..cute, beauty and everything…………is u…..

  1721. 1721 : keracilipadi Says:

    sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehehe

    THE CASTLE………………but……….. LADY CASTLE

    if all of yeh fan wanna to know her news just go to this web…


    i always online every day…………if all of u wanna to know for other new just go to this site

    http://popseoul.com/?s=lady+castle/yoon eun hye

    that why i know everything about k-pop industry……


    and so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    if u have a time………take a break everyboddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  1722. 1722 : tka73 Says:

    hi yon eun hye, hope one day you and gong yoo will reunite in a project lav ur team up!!!! im looking for ur the lady castle project too…good luck!!!

  1723. 1723 : tka73 Says:

    ooppps sorry i mispelled ur name it’s yoon…. tnx^-^

  1724. 1724 : aubrey kyle schi Says:

    anyeong haseyo T_T
    add me as your friend [email protected]

  1725. 1725 : AUBREY KYLE Says:


  1726. 1726 : J. Wu Says:

    Hi Yoon, I just wanted to say your an awsome actress. The First show I saw you in was Princess Hours, then the Vineyard Man and now this. All the shows you star in are my FAVE movies. When I get a job I want to be an actress like you and might even go to South Korea! So just wanted to say your awsome! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  1727. 1727 : Sharon Says:

    Hi yoon.ur the best korean actress. keep up the good work

  1728. 1728 : ria Says:

    Hi Eun Hye!
    I like your acting in TV, perhaps you can come to Indonesia and meet your fans.
    You go girl Eun Hye… 🙂

  1729. 1729 : jerome paolo macaraig Says:

    hi,,,,,!!…yoon,how are you now?..you what you are so beautiful,,!!!..like cinderella,,,!!!!…you are the true princess!!!!,,,

  1730. 1730 : rajesh bura Says:

    hi…..i am rajesh …..i think you need to improve your acting …….i loved your performance at “princess hours”but still there were some parts where you could have done even better…any way whats the use of witing you people even don’t check the messages that your adoring fans send you…………any ways keep bup the good work ok ……figthing

  1731. 1731 : Niki Says:

    Honey!!!you are so cute!!

  1732. 1732 : zulfahmi Says:

    Yoon, I’ve just watched Coffe Prince for this 3 days ..
    I didn’t realize you so talent with your animation pictures ..
    I feel sad and happy with your life that so colourfull on the TV
    Maybe we can be a friend or you want to be my cute sister too ? he..he..

    Would you mind to email me privately ? see my facebook profile ..
    Please come and see me and my family if you come to Indonesia, ok !
    A ZA Fighting .. !

  1733. 1733 : LaLa Says:

    i heard, YEH will be back to casting for new dramas diz year.. YAY!! =D i cant wait for her next drama on TV for yet, another superb parts(i suppose) =)

  1734. 1734 : Scarlet Says:

    I’m really happy when i found out that YEH’s g0ing 2 hav a new show! I’m really lo0king 4ward 2 it! Can’t wait! I’m s0 happy f0r YEH. i’m sure it wil b a big hit! C0ngrats t0 yeh! -figthing!

  1735. 1735 : Malani Says:

    I’m so glad that you’re coming out with a new drama. Can’t wait to see it.

  1736. 1736 : eden Says:

    ur pretty n a gud actress,, whats the latest about you?!! do you have boyfriend? plz comment back.. im ur big fan,,

  1737. 1737 : tenah Says:

    i liked coffee prince but i was so hurt that i din’t watch the whole of it. could you please mail me the whole story. i’m a zimbabwean. i liked the part you played, a lot. you really can play a guy it’s great

  1738. 1738 : Arif Says:

    Hai….Sister!?! How are You? Me from indonesia the beautifull&friendl

  1739. 1739 : LaLa Says:

    “LADY CASTLE” will be her latest Drama project.. i hope it will come out later this year.. =)

  1740. 1740 : mgminchit Says:

    she is very beautyful
    i like this

  1741. 1741 : muzfyrah Says:

    yoon eun hyem was so outstanding…………….the cutest+sexiest actress i ever seen………….nway,i still admiring you and joo ji hoon

  1742. 1742 : LaLa Says:

    she looks gorgeous! at the 45th Baeksang art awards last nite.. luv her so much!

  1743. 1743 : Malani Says:

    She was a knock out at the 45th Baeksang Award. Best Dressed by far.

  1744. 1744 : LaLa Says:

    i luv her hair tat nite.. so lovely with her cute smile.. hehe..

  1745. 1745 : lisa Says:

    i love her at 2009 baeksang award she so hot……………

  1746. 1746 : blezill Says:

    hi yoon hye eun super fans talaga kita i love you so much i hope u have new series in philippines in abs-cbn ha……!!!!!!!!

    i love you so much say hi for me ju ji hoon


  1747. 1747 : wee wee Says:

    Hai,, Eun Hye.. i like your acting especially the ‘Goong’..
    You are very cute & pretty…
    hope you do more drama I alway check the internet whether you have any new drama or not ..
    Hope got good news..

  1748. 1748 : Qing Says:

    I ike you … will support you forever…
    Faster accept new drama… we all waiting for your new drama soon…

  1749. 1749 : seher Says:

    hi eun our names are esengül and seher. we love you. you are very beautiful. we are very big fun you and ji joo. you are really princess. WE VERY LOVE YOU MUCCCCK.

  1750. 1750 : seda Says:

    bende seni çok seviyorum.yoon eum hye hemde çok.:)

  1751. 1751 : gencel Says:

    hi yoon, i’m samoan i could not express how i feel about u and goon ur meant 4 each other anyways keep up the good acting ur the best in coffee prince…love ya….a-z-a- fighting….

  1752. 1752 : iRisWasLiKee Says:

    I Love Yoon eun hye! She’s my role model 😀 I mean she acts, sings and models! She’s so pretty and strong ahah! She also has a fun personailty!!

  1753. 1753 : honeyMolina Says:

    I love all that you have,everything…………sO continue to inspire by doing great movie.Godbless

  1754. 1754 : rhea lorena Says:

    hope to see you this year with a new series or a movie… its been a while.. really like your work… you got guts to portray a role that only few could take beautifully (coffee prince)…. love your new photos too..

  1755. 1755 : cCha Says:

    glla !!

    w ng_fanS bugdd m Lo ccha kyoungg ……..

    mizz uu !!
    w pngn bugd lo ciipok !!

  1756. 1756 : acie Says:

    im glad you’re christian!!.. wish u all the best in your career!!.. alwaiiz take care!!…n’ God bless u!!!

  1757. 1757 : sarah_san Says:


    are you going to have a drama series this year?

    I missed you…

  1758. 1758 : sarah_san Says:

    r u going to have drama series this year???

  1759. 1759 : augusto de vera Says:

    hi call me agot…i just drop by to say to you..for me you like an engkantada in english your a fairytale to me…eun i want you know im the one of them dreaming of you…

  1760. 1760 : LaLa Says:

    is she in her final stage to do her next role in Lady Castle? expected to be out mid of 09 i heard..

  1761. 1761 : J. Wu Says:

    I luv all your shows I’ve seen so far. They r my favriote! Keep on your carreer let God guide u threw ur life in good times and in bad times. Keep up the great work!

  1762. 1762 : J. Wu Says:

    Also Congrats on being top actress commented! You desserve it.

  1763. 1763 : one Says:

    u’re very beautiful

  1764. 1764 : rehzea Says:

    haiiiii!!! janelle or yoon eun hye………… i really admire you……….. u’ll be 4ever d best actress in me!! ur so beautiful…………..i really like u…….ur d best in acting………. i’m ur loyal fun…,REHZEA..i want JOO JI HOON 2 be ur partner again,… i mis d two of u………hye hye hye hye hye………….BEAUTIFUL,….UR D MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN,ACTRESS, MODEL, AND GIRL AROUND D UNIVERSE………. I LOVE YOU 100000000000(2X)………..MWAAAAHHHH!!
    ur d reason why am always surfing internet and watching korean movies bcoz am hoping too see u agen in television…….

    im from philippines…… i wish i have enough money 2 see u at korea personally…..if u only knew thats my greatest dream……..i jzt really want u 2 know dat am ur loyal fun….hoping TO SEE U!!! REHZEA HERE!!


  1765. 1765 : sarah_san Says:

    when is ur next drama coming????

    I miss you alraedy….

  1766. 1766 : sallycao Says:

    hi!yoon.ilove u so much.i wish i will meet u in vietnam.can u come VN?

  1767. 1767 : Angela Says:

    love all ur dramas!!!!
    keep acting!!! ur also really pretty! ^ ^
    because of all the k-dramas u act in i’m trying to learn korean!

  1768. 1768 : melynda Says:

    i really like the movie of princess hours and i hve a dvd on that movie…

  1769. 1769 : vjane Says:

    ..waaaa!eun hye!i luv yah so much!i really admire u!ur so pretty!

    ..i miss seeing u in tv olredi..

    ..i hope i can meet u soon..coz ur really my idol!

  1770. 1770 : vjane Says:



    u and ji hoon are really cute as couples..(=

  1771. 1771 : rimau99 Says:

    hi !!!
    u know what ? u and ji hoon is the nicest couple ever seen ! i really love goong ! i hope both of u will play in the same drama again soon . AJA ! Chae gyeong ! 🙂

  1772. 1772 : Juli Says:

    Dear Yoon,
    I saw almost all of you movies and I just wanted to say that I love you. I think that you are a great actress and dancer too! I always admired you! Hope to see your next movie! ^^ 😛

  1773. 1773 : elisa Says:

    When ifirst saw Princess Hours, i just knew you could do much more in acting industry. You are good but can improve… I`ve seen all your dramas and movie, except Rainbow Romance I`m currently working on it.

  1774. 1774 : elisa Says:

    If you and Ji Hoon are together… Bless you vey much!

  1775. 1775 : elisa Says:

    Can`t wait for your next Drama and Movie. i love seeing you acting.

  1776. 1776 : elisa Says:

    YOu are so pretty…

  1777. 1777 : elisa Says:

    You are proven a great actress when you took the role in !st shop of Coffee Prince…

  1778. 1778 : elisa Says:

    I`m sorry to hear that you`re not too well at that time. Hope it won`t happen again…

  1779. 1779 : elisa Says:

    I saw 90% of your modeling shoots. It was good. If i did not know that you`re an actress, i thought you are an international model. Good luck, girl!

  1780. 1780 : sarah_san Says:

    Update for YEH


    news about her..

  1781. 1781 : sandarwin Says:

    hi………………yun eun hea
    I like you.We can be frined.
    You are very beautful but only you teeth love.
    so, what are you doing now.
    You sent me latter ok.
    I’m gmail
    [email protected]
    is goong23coming out soon?
    you letter me reply


  1782. 1782 : dylan Says:

    Hi YEH…

    looking forward to ur next drama series..

    more power to you..

    if you decide to visit sydney australia let me know….

    God bless….

  1783. 1783 : AuBrEy KyLe Says:


  1784. 1784 : dylan Says:


    U look great with PRADA, but everything else does…

    have anice day!!

  1785. 1785 : fae Says:

    …hi yoon eun hae!.

    yuo know what,.
    i really like you..

    together with joo ji hoon!
    …take care always!

    gud luck!

    God Bless you!

  1786. 1786 : burberry Says:

    Loved her as a new actress in Goong and again in Coffee Prince. Incredible actress and she works very hard on whatever she does.

    I was watching a pervious episode of XMan by chance and saw a cut of her with Eric (Shinhwa). Although it was only a game and I don’t know on how much of it was scripted, I could say that this two have that certain chemistry between them that it does make me wonder if they were in a relationship at one point.

    They’d d be great in a drama together and perhaps worthwhile considering when Eric comes out from his military duties in 2 years time.

    Are they involved with someone at the moment? I’m curious.

  1787. 1787 : Doris Says:

    Hi YEH,

    keep ut the good work and stay away from plastic surgery…
    you’re beautiful as you are now….

    God bless

  1788. 1788 : ayu Says:

    i very realy like u….
    i hope u can come back in music
    i wanna listen ur voice

  1789. 1789 : risma Says:

    i love you yoon eun hye…

  1790. 1790 : risma Says:

    i love you

  1791. 1791 : Meng Joon"Lucky Guy" Says:

    Hi Eun Hye, i am one of your fan from Singapore and i love to watch your “Goong” or “Princess Hour”. I keep watching and watching again because in the show u are so pretty and cute with feelings that i almost fall in love with u. So if u have facebook pls add me as your friend so we can keep contact with each other often.

    From: Meng Joon”Lucky Guy”
    Love u 4ever. 🙂

  1792. 1792 : Amera Says:

    Hello Eun-Hye!
    you are really pretty…
    I love your eyes and the way you smile..
    I’ve been watching a princess hours many many times..
    I have my own cd’s of your series movies…

    Love yah! I’m still waiting for your new soaps this 2009…

    Aja, Aja! fighting!

    I’m Amera
    From: Philippines

  1793. 1793 : aira jane Says:

    hello yoon eun hye

    you know
    i really really like you

    you are my favorite actress in korea
    you are so cute and beautiful
    like me!!

    GodBLess to you!!!

  1794. 1794 : Christine Says:

    hai Yoon Eun-Hye ur xo beautiful
    I wish ur the one who role of geum janDi in BOys over flowers bcause u anD Lee Min Ho are both lookz guD!!

  1795. 1795 : cherrie Says:

    hi! yoon eun hye,im one of the million fans from the Philippines,ilove your drama series from “goong”.ilove your character in “princess hours” ur charm and beautiful heart.ilove you both jo ji hoon in ‘goong”…i hope it will have a “goong 2″….im eager to see your new series “lady castle”…i hope someday you and “lee min hoo” a.k.a jyun pyu from boys over flower have an oppurtunity to make some movie or drama…i’d love to see you both on screen…
    more power and God Bless….

  1796. 1796 : meisin Says:

    i love you in coffee prince

  1797. 1797 : philip-piglet Says:

    hi Eun-Hye..

    you really are always my coffee prince…

    i like you so much…

    …Keep on going,

    May God bless you more and more…

  1798. 1798 : Firdaus Says:

    When i watch coffee prince, i know that i want be your fan..

  1799. 1799 : Reza Says:

    Hi Eun hye,
    i Like U so much….
    i love U so much….
    when I see U in Coffe Prince, i see U as a tomboy girl & I think U become hundreed time more charming…
    U meka me so excited…
    now I waiting for U’r Next K-Drama…
    Love U Eun Hye….
    Love U so Much…
    I always love U Eun Hye…

  1800. 1800 : danniel tjiam Says:

    i really like you!!!!!!! cute and lovely~

  1801. 1801 : Arwi Says:


    I wanted to say that you’re an amazing actress, very talented and charming! You proved you can do any kind of role as I watched Goong and Coffee Prince. Both characters are really lovely but you proved that you can act anything! Good luck and never lose your beautiful smile.

  1802. 1802 : michell Says:

    halo yoon eun hye i like u very much ure so beutifull i hope that u have many movie

  1803. 1803 : Maryn Says:

    Hai Yoon, ur act is beautiful… Ur smile also…keep moving to ur execelent career! Waiting for ur next acting in movie or drama…

  1804. 1804 : dorizs Says:

    anyonghaseo….so amazing to look at you…if i watch u’r movie,..i’m so interesting to look that u’r acting so wonderfull, keep like that u’r talent acting…n hope still being good person, hamble and beauty always…keep fire up..aza..aza..fighting…

  1805. 1805 : krissee Says:

    i like you………….
    and your beautiful smile
    i hope i see you soon………….

  1806. 1806 : miraç Says:

    çooooooooookkkkk güzel ve cook tatlı ı love you yoon eun hye bu kadar güzel bir bayan görmedim very very beautiful

  1807. 1807 : Cole Says:

    hi yoon i love you :)you are so cute you are so pretty for me and your sexy lip im so like u when i watch coffee prince 🙂

  1808. 1808 : cristina(bali) Says:

    eun hye
    i really love your
    natural acting in your
    drama serial….
    hope to see you someday

  1809. 1809 : izat Says:

    hey u!! haha..
    eun hye~
    i luv u so much.. =P
    you’re my princess..
    i like all your acting..
    you’re the cutest pers0n i think.. ^.^


  1810. 1810 : Sony Says:

    Hi Eun Hye
    You Back with your new drama show “Lady Castle”.
    wait for you…

  1811. 1811 : Poetri Solo Says:

    KulaNuwun, mBak eun Hye…
    I’m uR fan fRom sOlo, a cUltural city in cEntral jaVa,Indonesia
    uR act is eXciting…
    U caN bRing me in uR stoRy.
    Keep sPirit…
    soMeday u muSt go to solo, and Enjoy this Cultural city…
    “caN i ask U’r e mail adDress?”

  1812. 1812 : imelda Says:

    hei kamu ke indonesia dunkssssssssssssssssssssss

  1813. 1813 : fenni Says:

    haii.yoon. I’m from jakarta-Indonesia
    your drama coffee prince, turning in jakarta at 2007, but i’m to late watcing your drama at 2009.
    you are so cute.. and you are one of good performance act in korea I think!!!
    We are your fans also waiting your movie and drama.
    I love your smile.. its like candy. i think you and goo yoon are good couple.
    see u…. muachhhhhh

  1814. 1814 : La-la Says:

    hi…”EUN Hye”
    my name is lala from indonesia…

    you is beautiful women…

    i’m suer!!!

  1815. 1815 : miles Says:

    like you very much……..keep it up!!!!!aja2!!!!!!!

  1816. 1816 : iz Says:

    i like ur acting in the coffee prince drama series!

  1817. 1817 : candygirl Says:

    Yoon Eun-hye
    if u can read my message that would be so perfect
    i just wanted to say u r a really really good actress and i really mean it if u read my message please email me back please

    if u did it would mean alot 🙂

  1818. 1818 : waimon Says:

    eun hye
    you are so cute girl,i love u so much
    u are my favourite actor
    i am from Myanmar
    good luck

  1819. 1819 : van susanto Says:

    yoon eun hye…
    I like your acting in coffee prince
    you’re look so cute with that hair

    your best fans

  1820. 1820 : eun hye addict Says:

    aneong haseyo!.yoon eun hye!!.i really2x lyk u..i imitate ur looks ol the time..even ur acting..even though im not a korean…hekhek..Godbless..hope 2 see u here in the philippines!…aja!..

  1821. 1821 : hnincherry Says:

    yoon eun hye…
    you are so cute girl,i love u so much
    u are my favourite actor
    i am from Myanmar
    i am birthday is October 31, 1984.
    you are birthday is October 3,1984.
    same birthmonth,
    good luck

  1822. 1822 : ummah Says:

    thank for has became my friends in facedook…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1823. 1823 : riska Says:

    Eun hye
    I’m one of your fans
    I like to watched your TV series Coffee Prince
    I must borrow dvd from my friend for a month, cause I like your act so much
    Oh yeah, I like to buy JOINUS too, one merk that you choose for model.
    Unfortunately, the JOINUS shop in Indonesia was closed
    I dont know why
    I dissapointed about that
    cause I can’t see you in my brand clothes
    okay, I’ll waiting for your next photos n movie or tv series
    Jesus love you
    For info, I’m a christian too
    Do the best 4 love from Him

  1824. 1824 : weewee Says:

    eun hye new drama ‘ lady castle’ still having casting yet ??
    take so long time .. really cant wait for it

  1825. 1825 : STAR Says:

    RELI enjoy watching COFEE PRINCE…

    ur tandem with GONG YOO was great,,..

    u have a god chemistry,..

    More Telenovelas to come,..

    hope to c u guys hir in da PHILIPPINES!!!….

    elo to ms. KAT, JULIE and CLAIRE!!..

  1826. 1826 : STAR Says:

    RELI enjoy watching COFEE PRINCE…

    ur tandem with GONG YOO was great,,..

    u have a good chemistry,..

    More Telenovelas to come,..

    hope to c u guys hir in da PHILIPPINES!!!….

    elo to ms. KAT, JULIE and CLAIRE!!..

  1827. 1827 : STAR Says:

    RELI enjoy watching COFEE PRINCE…

    ur tandem with GONG YOO was great,,..

    u have a good chemistry,..

    More Telenovelas to come,..

    hope to c u guys hir in da PHILIPPINES!!!…. 😉

    elo to ms. KAT, JULIE and CLAIRE!!..

  1828. 1828 : STAR Says:

    RELI enjoy watching COFEE PRINCE… :0

    ur tandem with GONG YOO was great,,..

    u have a good chemistry,..

    More Telenovelas to come,..

    hope to c u guys hir in da PHILIPPINES!!!…. 😉

    elo to ms. KAT, JULIE and CLAIRE!!..

  1829. 1829 : relynj Says:

    I really liked her,she’s so pretty and charming….Hope more tv series to come…

  1830. 1830 : Sony Says:

    Eun Hye!
    Let cheer for your success in Coffee Prince

    Wait for your new drama

  1831. 1831 : JAN REY Says:


    U r so LOVELY…. I love ur HEARTSHAPE lips… HOPE 2 kiss u in personal…


    I already seen all ur drama and movies….. waiting 4 another one….

    How awesome u r….??? U have always an award in every movie that u r the lead actress…

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  1832. 1832 : JAN REY Says:

    “How awesome u r….??? U have always an award in every movie that u r the lead actress…” DRAMA I MEAN NOT MOVIE

  1833. 1833 : sittie2009 Says:

    love yoon eun hye hope to see her soon in drama my fair lady….love you,,good luck

  1834. 1834 : _RiZ_ Says:

    yoon eun hye…

    i love you…..

    you are my favorite….

    i hope you will be more success in your career…

    jia you…


  1835. 1835 : syahida Says:

    from malaysia!! pangka!2 LOL…

  1836. 1836 : caryae Says:

    hi to my fave korean actress!!! can’t wait for your new drama… hope to see you and gong yoo back together on a drama. you both are the best onscreen couple for me… hope offscreen too!!!!hehehehe;p
    hope you’ll visit the philippines soon… the beaches here a great!!!
    goodluck to your future endeavors!!!

  1837. 1837 : STAR Says:

    im waiting 4 ur next telenovelas,…

    hope ul have a tym to visit us in mla phils. 🙂

    go korean telenovelas!,.. 😉

  1838. 1838 : Rizqi Says:

    Hi there!
    I’m fan of u,from Indonesia..
    I like u’r aCting in coffee pRince,it was so natural!
    U knOw what!?although u cuT u’r hair,it made u more beautiful..plus!,I like to see u smiling,you look so cuTe^_^
    hmph..I woNder if I were 7 years older than now,I would be u’r boyfriend.hehe.
    (just kidding-_^)
    goOd luck for u’r carreer..keep spirit!

  1839. 1839 : andika Says:

    i love you yoon eun-hye

  1840. 1840 : andika Says:

    i love you.im from indonesia

  1841. 1841 : momomiko10 Says:

    ohh i cant wait to watch her upcoming drama..really miss her acting^^

  1842. 1842 : kay-Lee Says:

    love your act so much… pretty good..
    we miss your play

  1843. 1843 : ded's Says:

    hiiiiii i’am deddy from indonesia…..
    you played very good in CP…I heard that you come to bali abaut one month ago….I hope you enjoy our country and we will wait your next visit… good luck….jesus bless you..

  1844. 1844 : minnie Says:

    WOW! Avery ADORABLE,CUTE Korean lady We like you here in BARCELONA SPAIN, CP#1 came here in EUrope it is indeed a good one that everyone must see. But pls Make it more romantic with GONG YOO your a perfect parner..in real life WE LOVE YOU,WE LIKE YOU HERE in SPAIN EUROPE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1845. 1845 : Sony Says:

    You so cute in Lady Castle’s Cover picture
    I want to watch the trailer of this drama.
    When is it available?

    Miss You So Much!

  1846. 1846 : abby Says:

    i love your shows i n the vineyard man …love your looks and everything

  1847. 1847 : jamae Says:

    YOUR extremely cute; We like you mucho,,,,,,,,,, IF you come herein Europe Spain call us.#34686832170 RIIIIIIINNGGGGGGGGG.Hello……. OLA “POOH” LUV YAH!!!!!!!!

  1848. 1848 : michelle Says:

    sis how r u? i love you very much. fighting!!!!! when will you marry?
    when i will go to korea, i will visit to you.

  1849. 1849 : Sony Says:

    Somebody says you are The Queen of Drama.
    I’m really look forward for your new TV series.
    Good Luck!

  1850. 1850 : sarah_san Says:

    yeh..can’t wait to watch un drama again..its long time coming..congratz in advance!!! luv yah

  1851. 1851 : Cristina Says:

    Eun Chan
    Love you sis, you ROCK babe !!

  1852. 1852 : Suju fanz Says:

    Today is KIM KI BUM’s birthday

  1853. 1853 : aphong Says:

    Eun Chan God is Good i wish you God help you God love you God is the kind of the world.i love you too

  1854. 1854 : solie Says:

    hi eun hae … good luck to your carreer huh i always wish you the best cause i really like you as an artist even i just saw you in t.v. heheh.. stay put on the ground take care always .. i really love your innocent face and smile .. mahal po kita

  1855. 1855 : sittie2009 Says:

    yoon eun hye good luck on your new drama may fair lady,,,,

  1856. 1856 : chomaimai Says:

    my favourite actress! 😀

  1857. 1857 : Lee from pangasinan Says:

    Annyonghaeseyo unni. Saranghae. Tkecre. H0pe gma7 wil be the one 2 play ur latest series th0ugh u were first seen in abs. Gma7 and eun yun hye r0ckz.

  1858. 1858 : yooneunhyefan Says:

    hello,your so cute specially in yopur show GOONG, mwaahh,i real like you,hope you’ll have a love triangle movie/tv show with kim bum and amm…GAEUL,in boys over flowers…we’ll see if who will win kim bum’s heart..hmm PEACE..hope it will only be in ABS-CBN.

  1859. 1859 : same Says:

    Miss Yoon Eun Hye, why you do not play on any drama in 2009. I am waiting and hoping for your drama all these while. It would be great if you star together with Mr. Lee Min Ho (Gu Jupyo). I beg you; honorable producer Let Miss Yoon and Mr. Lee play the leading roles in your next drama. I am sure other Korean Drama fans all over the world love to see them together. See you (Miss Yoon) in drama soon and all the best from me (your great fan) – SARAWAK (MALAYSIA)

  1860. 1860 : Dana Says:

    Yoon Eun-Hye,love you as always.
    More success to your career.
    Take care always.

  1861. 1861 : tenri Says:

    I miss you so much for your acting.
    I love you …..

  1862. 1862 : amazingmama Says:

    hi miss eun hye,,i really really love your acting especially in goong we wnt you to know that we always watch your drama here in dubai..i like the best goong..
    hope we see you working with joo ji hoon again.
    love you

  1863. 1863 : poyo2 Says:

    sis eun hye…
    you are so cute…
    love you….

  1864. 1864 : lexi Says:

    i love u

  1865. 1865 : bad boy Says:

    if you want to watch her new drama (lady castle/take care of the young lady/my fair lady), you can watch it in http://www.viikii.com with eng sub [i’m from indonesia]

  1866. 1866 : caca Says:

    how are you?

  1867. 1867 : honey Says:

    i like u.

  1868. 1868 : BlOsOm Says:

    hi i like ur movie princess hour that soo emotional ^_^

  1869. 1869 : pink Says:

    εїз hi yoon eun hye..
    ..i really like u..
    ..specially in goong..
    ..hope in future,u will be paired..
    ..with lee min ho..
    ..it will be really great..

    ..many fans will really..
    ..like it..
    ..and hope it would ..
    ..only appear in ABS-CBN 2
    ..take note with that!..
    ..not in gma..
    ..i hate gma7 so much
    ..gma yucks..!!!

    ..gogogo kapamilya!

  1870. 1870 : pink Says:

    hi blosom
    im a great fan also
    of princess hours/goong
    i also really like it


  1871. 1871 : shining inheritance girl Says:

    yeh a…good actress …. and had a beutiful face….. her last drama i saw…. GMA7 T.V coffe prince … very nice story and the way she act… and her partner very cute and handsome….. you know what all korean drama by media partner gma7 …… all of that was the hottest and high rating….. coz gma 7 was known as popularized korean drama ,and the viewers were continue to support and keep on watching on gma7 t.v here in the philippines. i loved it…… yeah

  1872. 1872 : darna fans Says:

    hi… i love you….. you re cute … i saw coffe prince at GMA7 t.v very nice and beautiful i love it…… hmmmmmm

  1873. 1873 : reynalyn from phillippines Says:


    i really like you love you

  1874. 1874 : rizal from indonesia Says:

    yoon eun chan are u have twin sister or not..?
    i like very much your hair style n personality in 1st coffee prince… hehe!!

  1875. 1875 : julia elline Says:

    Ms. Yoon Eun Hye,

    I know my letter is so boring to read because its to long but I hope shencaijing can bear it and can read this message.Its a message from my heart I’m Julia Elline Buenavista,a high school student at the Philippines.I just have finished to watch your drama series Goong known as princess hours in our country althouh I’m just a 14 year old girl and not yet experiencing love in my life my heart was moved and touched by your movie.I think Janelle (shencaijing) is very cool girl i admire you even though i don’t know you.Right know I’m very lonely I’m not sure why maybe its because of your movie touched my heart that only means you and your leading man Joo hi hoon did a great job congratulations for that your act was so effective even with a teenager like me,i hope you the goong 1 casts can still play their part at goong 2 ifelt so lonely when i knew that the cast will completely change at goong 2. why? well its none of my business then im sure you have your own reasons and i respect that i admire you ms.shencaijing (janelle) always fight AJA i will be always supporting you for korea AJA for me AJA i hope this letter inspires you may god bless and guide you always. I’m looking forward to meet you your highness and the crown prince you know yicheng is wrong you too are ment to be together .I hope that day will come maybe. oh no im started to cry again.Thank you for reading this princess.I will study hard for me to be able to meet you. Sayonara Arigatto Gozaimazu.

    Julia Elline Buenavista

  1876. 1876 : julia elline Says:

    Ms. Yoon Eun Hye,

    I know my letter is so boring to read because its to long but I hope shencaijing can bear it and can read this message.Its a message from my heart I’m Julia Elline Buenavista,a high school student at the Philippines.I just have finished to watch your drama series Goong known as princess hours in our country althouh I’m just a 14 year old girl and not yet experiencing love in my life my heart was moved and touched by your movie.I think Janelle (shencaijing) is very cool girl i admire you even though i don’t know you.Right know I’m very lonely I’m not sure why maybe its because of your movie touched my heart that only means you and your leading man Joo hi hoon did a great job congratulations for that your act was so effective even with a teenager like me,i hope you the goong 1 casts can still play their part at goong 2 ifelt so lonely when i knew that the cast will completely change at goong 2. why? well its none of my business then im sure you have your own reasons and i respect that i admire you ms.shencaijing (janelle) always fight AJA i will be always supporting you for korea AJA for me AJA i hope this letter inspires you may god bless and guide you always. I’m looking forward to meet you your highness and the crown prince you know yicheng is wrong you too are ment to be together .I hope that day will come maybe. oh no im started to cry again.Thank you for reading this princess.I will study hard for me to be able to meet you. Sayonara Arigatto Gozaimazu.

    Julia Elline Buenavista

  1877. 1877 : julia elline Says:

    Ms. Yoon Eun hye i hope we can meet and be friends.
    Here’s my yahoo mail julia_elline021 i hope we can talk or even chat. Sorry for the disturbance julia elline will surely do her best so Ms. Yoon Eun Hye also should do her best. AJA.

  1878. 1878 : pink Says:

    hi julie elline..
    im also a great fan of
    princess hours/goong
    were the same
    i was really touched of that drama
    its a very wonderful
    korean drama ever!

  1879. 1879 : ေက်ာ္ေက်ာ္ Says:


  1880. 1880 : Jacqueline Cynthia Says:

    Hello sis Yoon Eun Hye… Im from Malaysia..i really like you especially in Princess Hour and Coffee prince… i really enjoy these 2 dramas.. futhermore, you r very cute and beautiful..i hoped to see you later when i manage to go to Korea one day.. i cant wait to watch Take Care of Young Lady which i think that i have to wait for a long time to wait for it to come to Malaysia…
    I really really love u sis… aja aja fighting!!!

  1881. 1881 : nasir Says:

    hi im nasir from iran and i love your act in take care of my lady series

  1882. 1882 : queenie Says:

    yoon eun hye is so PRETTY ever!

    the best !

    she act so cool

    like in princess hours.

    totally GREAT!!

  1883. 1883 : queen Says:

    yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon
    is the best LOVE TEAM i ever seen
    they are so romantic
    i think i fall in love again
    because their movie PRINCESS HOURS
    i hope they make a part two of that movie!!

  1884. 1884 : queen Says:

    i love PRINCESS HOURS promise!

    super ever
    so romantic..
    i always watch the movie!


  1885. 1885 : Nejdet Says:

    Aşk gerçek bir büyüymüş…
    Gözlerde neşe ve umutla,
    Bıkmadan bakmak gerekiyormuş…

    seni seviyorum
    gözlerinde aşkın büyüsünü dağıtan kız…
    (I love you, distributed over the girls grow in their eyes… )

  1886. 1886 : mulan Says:

    My very first korean drama series watched was Princess Hour last March 2007. Presently i’m watching your drama take care of the young lady and i love it. I’d become addicted in KDrama because of you. .

  1887. 1887 : mulan Says:

    From then i became a fan of korean drama series. i’ve watched so many series and you’ll always be my number 1 actress…. Your acting in ur latest drama series is very natural and i am expecting this more and to be on top among the different series played this year. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 luv yah Ms. Yoon Eun Hye

  1888. 1888 : mulan Says:

    Your dress are very fashionable.

  1889. 1889 : mulan Says:

    Someone comment that you’re an Asian version of Paris Hilton. I agree with it..

  1890. 1890 : Pink Says:

    Hi Eun Chan (Eun hye). I’m Thai.I love CP so much.I know you act My Fair lady now. I like it(see in youtube).You’re professional.So cute! I wait to see you in Thailand.I know you can. I hope to see you& Gong Yoo agian ,after Gong yoo come back. EH&GY popular in Thailand. Flighting! I love you.

  1891. 1891 : yehfan Says:

    i just read that there’s a rumor going on that you & Yoon sang hyun (my fave actor) are dating! i’m so happy to hear this & i hope & pray it’s true & not a rumor cause you & Yoon sang look good together! i love your MFL drama so much that there’s not a week that goes by that I didn’t look forward to the day I can watch it! Aside from being so pretty I think you have many talents, a good education and what more can you ask for right? You’re so blessed & a very good person so I’m sure Yoon sang ssi is a lucky guy! Don’t mind others who are so negative about this, just be happy & love each other if it’s true! sarang hae and jjalssu (take care).

  1892. 1892 : Yehjjhgy Says:

    yoon eun hye…you are soooo cute…my fave k actress…I love your chemistry with two hottest k actors…gong yoo and joo ji hoon…I hope you’re dating one of them in real life…I love to see you with either gong yoo or joo ji hoon…maybe just in my dream….saranghae….aza!!!

  1893. 1893 : queenhye Says:

    yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon are the best love team i ever seen!
    they act very GOOD. swear!
    i love both of them!

  1894. 1894 : queenhye Says:

    eun hye and joo ji hoon have unique chemistry!
    i hope you will be TOGETHER.
    i hope you have the part 2 of the princess hours! ♥

    we love to see you again in the movie!

  1895. 1895 : monesa Says:

    love yah
    your good actress…

  1896. 1896 : BOOM Says:

    wooooooooooooooooooow u r so awful

  1897. 1897 : zet Says:

    hello, 2 days left before yoon eun hye noonim birth day.
    good luck and keep exist noonim

  1898. 1898 : kek lapis Says:

    Hey, i luv u,

    your fans, SaRAwAk, Malaysia

  1899. 1899 : Elgy Says:

    I’m a true-blue fan of yours here in the Philippines, Eun. I hope you just do us a big favor of making one great tv series (a Coffee Prince sequel, please…) with Gong Yoo again, once he’s out in the MS. Definitely, no one else could ever give justice to the roles than the both of you guys! It’s just magical and there’s nothing like it really. (I’ve been watching my dvd copy tirelessly since then just not to miss you both after GY entered the MS. Isn’t it exciting? I just can’t wait, to think that you both have matured and added depth to your characters. Well…just so fascinating to imagine how tasteful the coffee cup you both would make soon. Calling Producer Lee Yoon-Jung! Please, give us another break!

  1900. 1900 : aida Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye & Han Hye Jin are my ONLY favorite Korean actresses!! .. I have watched Terroir but where can I get a copy of Take Care of the Young Lady? I’m from the Philippines.As of now, I’ve been enjoying Korean dramas because of you…May you two be MORE % MORE SUCCESSFUL.

  1901. 1901 : aida Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Yoon Eun Hye!!! (I’d like to be the 1st to greet you …you have the same birthday as my favorite actor Kim Joo Hyuk)I wish you more TV & Movie projects, whether it be drama or comedy… and commercials too.

  1902. 1902 : sarah_san Says:

    i love her in take care of young lady.. wish she would do more drama after this…..can’r get enough of her… YEH we love u…

  1903. 1903 : sarah_san Says:


  1904. 1904 : Lintang Ayu Hardini Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye, I’m your big fan…..
    I from Indonesian…
    when you visit in Indonesian?

  1905. 1905 : shyce Says:

    happy happy birth day!!!!!!!!!!
    i miss u so much!!!!!!!
    u are my no. idol korean
    !!!!all my fav. is korean!!!

  1906. 1906 : karla Says:

    hapui birthday YOon Eun Hye….heipi birthday!! >__

  1907. 1907 : karla Says:

    hapui bday Yoon Hye Yoon!! I really love you in Take Care of My lady..love your acting skills, so mesmerizing and also for your leading man, Yoon Sang Hyun..Thus, I also llike the sing you had sung together “romance” heartfelt song..wish that the both of you will do another Kdrama, same as TCOMY coz I really enjoyed your tandem..hihi I’m Looking forward to it coz I’m a huge fan yours and YSH…wish you all the best in life and healthy life…go agasshi!!ve your Duet song together, which is Romance…

  1908. 1908 : rusyaidi Says:

    HAPPAY BIRTHDAY Yoon Eun Yye. Hope to see more dramas you acting with YSH. Both of you are really great in TCOMY . May happiness always with you.

  1909. 1909 : Daria - Poland Says:

    Happy birtday!!! I love you so much ^^ you’re my idol and my inspiration. I want to be more like you, you’re so beautiful and your singing is nice. I wish you more jobs in films and dramas coz I love your acting ^^

  1910. 1910 : PRINCESS Says:

    HI,,.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    i really like as as an actress 🙂
    you’re so beautiful like me (hehe)
    i 1st saw u at princess hours and its a top rating back then!! it was aired 2007!!in Philippines,..and now i am addicted to ur new series
    “take care of the young lady” GO GURL!!!!!!!!!!
    how i love to see u again with joo ji hhoon 🙂

    again happy b,day!!! SARANGHE

  1911. 1911 : nastaran Says:

    Heartfelt wishes are leing sent to say that may you find happiness galore and infinite joys in each of Your Life’s way.
    Have a memoralle
    Happy Birthday Just For You
    Eun hey

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    saengil chukha hamnida ^__^

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    Happy Birthday Voon Eun Hye,
    I enjoyed the the series Man in the Vineyard. You have a natural talent of expressing your feelings which is so true when you have to make a choice between city life and country life. The boy you choose makes all the difference. Every boy should find a girl like you. Like the korean culture and the beautiful scenery.

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    Sorry,it was kinda belated,actually.^^

    Sorry for the late greeting…^^
    I’m ur biggest fan!!!
    I love “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”
    That is my favorite show.


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    I watch over and over..over again your beautiful , commedy, romance show “The Man in the Vineyard” and never get tired ….Can I have another series with Actor OH MAN SUK…..??? Maybe Part II.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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    You are so natural and down to earth cute! Saranghayeo

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    wishing you more tv series/ projects. (i hope you could read this message and post your email or fanbased email add). 🙂 salamat

  1932. 1932 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    i really love Yoon Eun Hye on Goong and Coffee prince and based on my research, MBC network was the one who produced these series so i am hoping that the network could remake Japan’s NANA wherein YEH will play the role of Osaki Nana. i just believed that the network will give life and justice to this much loved anime by Yazawa, Ai (NANA’s author) and will launched YEH to another aspect of her acting career.
    [i find it hard to find MBC, KBS, or YEH’s website wherein i could put this blog or post my suggestion thus im posting it here. i am hoping that YEH’s avid fans in Korea can post it on the right site 🙂 ]
    to all YEH avid fans, hope you can help me convince MBC or KBS. thanks (salamat)..

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    Goong – Princess Hours
    1st Coffee Prince
    Take Care of the Lady
    Legend of the 7cutter

    Yoon Eun Hye is the BEST! Although not the prettiest Korean girl out there. She is the highest PAID actress in Korea!

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    this is foad from iran and best fan of you
    I wish you a best actress in the world and your fan like me!!
    thanks for your best acting…

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    YEH is a good actress. Meaning, she can perform a good quality acting. I watched her performance in Goong, Coffee Prince and Take Care of Young Lady. Obviously, she can act better (as far as I know) than another Korean singer-turn-to-actress.
    Unfortunately for her last drama is not as good as I expected. From the story, scenes (which is very very very cliché) and character. I believe and know she can do better than that (She proofed it with Go Eun Chan character).
    I hope she can choose another leading role which is suitable for her and a VERY VERY VERY GOOD SCRIPT! Please, choose it more carefully..
    Looking forward to see another good drama from Yoon Eun Hye. =>

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    u look fab wen u act as kang hyena,.,.

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    I hope to see you with him soon, Good luck and God Bless… Kamsahamnida

    janine berciles

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    Hehe, YEH is now at 1976. Just checked here latest. Looks like our oppa has overtaken her. But they do look good together. But then..we have to continue to push ahead.

    Oh, have read that part about a sort of truce between us and the KHJ’s fans? Looks like they have surged ahead even more ! Ah, sneaky….

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    Happy New Year too! What a great start for you! Aja aja

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    She is pretty too!!!

    And such a good artist just like me!!!

    Hope that Miss Yoon will never be a tomboy like Andie-Go…

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    im your fans because i like you in princess hours (goong) and song ji hyo too is also my fans in princess hours…
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    …………….YOON EUN HYE AND JOO JI HOON ………….

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    ………………………..YOUR NEW DRAMA OF 2009 PLZ POST A COMMENT PLZ/…………………………………………………


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    annyong hashimnigga!!!!…

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    Hi Yoon Eun Hye,You are so cute!!! Your acting in COFFEE PRINCE was fabulous. I really enjoyed the drama very much and became crazy on you. Your chemistry with Gong Yoo was tooooo GOOD…..

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  2000. 2000 : doris Says:

    YEH, are u the one playing opposite lee min ho’s new drama personal taste?

    just asking

  2001. 2001 : A friend Says:

    I am one of your fans who is waiting for your new drama series.

    I watched all your drama series not only once and waiting for a new one.
    I am facinated in your being versatile actress. Making people cry and laugh at the same time…and fall in love.
    Being cute and having an ability of acting naturally in your dramas are your good assets.
    Keep up the good work and I wish you luck in 2010.

  2002. 2002 : aurora Says:

    YEH , I hope she do another drama soon. I wish they will choose her for the lead lady in personal taste this year. YEH, you are the best and best wish for you for the new year …^_^

  2003. 2003 : Darkside666 Says:

    Pls update the awards of YEH

    KBS 2009 Popularity award
    and Couple awards


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  2007. 2007 : sepideh Says:

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    I love to see your next drama.

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    hi everyone!

    let me share an interview of khj with yoon eun hye for basic house


    i love khj and yeh dearly and i am happy they are together at basic. i hope someday that they can work together in a drama series or a movie.

  2017. 2017 : emma Says:

    love you yeh!

    good luck on your next project!

  2018. 2018 : Fansofnobody Says:

    I hope there is sequel of coffee prince with gong yoo & yeh eunni, please do another drama, i’m tired of waiting, boring with some action & serious sad dramas nowadays, i’m sure if yeh in, the drama will be entertaining 2 watch..

  2019. 2019 : snow Says:

    Hi,Mingalar Par//I wish always be happy,my sister.
    Bye Bye.

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    I am Narciss from Iran and I LOVE your acting in Goong.
    I haven’t seen a Korean drama like this….
    I think the Goong is really the best romance drama in Korea 🙂
    I wish to see you and Joo Ji Hoon together in another drama.
    good luck my dear actress Eun Hye!

  2021. 2021 : soody Says:

    im soody from iran. ur so cute . always im sayin if i was a boy i really wanted to be ur boyfriend . love u so much . ur better than other actors in the world . good luck

  2022. 2022 : Loo Ka Meng Says:

    Today Hong Kong finally showed last episode 16 parts 5 & 6. It was sad that Hye Na’s grandfather couldn’t see her Hye Na & Dong Chan getting marry. At least President Kang gave a wonderful Birthday Wishes that she can live and do whatever she is happy and of course the main reason is accept Hye Na marry Dong Chan.

    Eun Hye, thank you that you performed an excellent drama and I sincerely wish both of you all the best in your career, good health, Happy New Year and looking forward to see your drama again..

    Eun Hye, I had a request, I love all the songs in My Fair Lady, Do you know where to find? joh-eun bamimnida

    Warmest Regards
    Loo Ka Meng (Lu Jia Myung)

  2023. 2023 : poneh Says:

    I live in iran.My sister and i love you and your drama series.
    It made me happy when i saw you in Goong.
    I love to meet you but it is impossible.I want to be like your role in Goong.I wish you luck in futur

  2024. 2024 : Maryam Says:

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    see ya!

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    unfortunetly i cant reach you even i cant see you from near
    so i kisssssssss you from here in my heart!
    please come iran and specialy khozestan and ahvaz to see you
    pleas come!!!!!
    i need to see you but icant come to krea

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  2031. 2031 : anabel Says:

    hope to see you again in another comedy/drama series once again.hope that it would be shown here in the phillipines also.

  2032. 2032 : ZiiZoo Says:

    I think Korean Drams are more popular in IRAN Than Korea,Look At The Comments,All are from Iran !!!!!!:O:O

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    h hope see u soon eun hya

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    plez visit malaysia… i love 2 see u…. my chan!!! u r so nice!!!!

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  2039. 2039 : leni andini Says:

    hi .. I love the acting you cool in the movie coffee prince, princes hours, and my fair lady .. I just know that if you sing jg good and I heard your voice as well …. anyway eun chan goo “fighting”!!! ……………….

  2040. 2040 : leni andini Says:

    hi .. I love the acting you cool in the movie coffee prince, princes hours, and my fair lady .. I just know that if you sing jg good and I heard your voice as well …. anyway eun chan goo “fighting”!!!……………….

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    Many from iran?
    Okay, i’m from indonesia..
    I hope u can come to indonesia.
    Eun hye’ cayyo!!!
    😀 i wait u???

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    Yoon Eun Hye…I’m from Geria Kediri Kamasan, Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way…>>>
    I Love U…
    I want to met U…

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    I want to marry u…

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    Find me I’m Wira

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    now its time for you yoon eun hye

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  2063. 2063 : fereshte Says:

    why didn`t you add all of the pics that i gave you

  2064. 2064 : sajjad Says:

    thank you

  2065. 2065 : jessey Says:

    hi.. love her acting..
    Dont know when is her new drama in 2010.. anyone know it ?/ thanks
    No news about her 2010 schedules..

  2066. 2066 : j m and jofelle adalla Says:

    ..>,h?? eun hye./// im your no.1 fan i like you very much and i love all your korean dramas….// im your no.1 supporter!..hope you read this…take care!!!!!

  2067. 2067 : shane Says:

    hi., just one of your million fans here in the philippines… your really got great talent!!! Am wishing we could met personally.. and i like your style… gotta go girl and more blessings to come!!! GIRL POWER!!!

  2068. 2068 : Li Ji San Says:

    I want to see you
    Take care your health
    I very like

  2069. 2069 : moni Says:

    Hello Eun hae Onni! M 4m India. . . . . If u hv ne chanc dn plz do vist hea. M a grt fan of u. I reli lik ur dramas. U r so cute in Coffee Prnce n Princess hours. U r my idol actress! I lv ur smile Sis….! U r reli gorgeous n prety! Hop 2 c u soon in a nw projct wt mre great roles. Saranghaeyo Sistr! Fighting! anyong!

  2070. 2070 : moni Says:

    hey Sistr! Sty kul n olwz b healthy! Lv u lotz n lotz! I wnt u 2 b my sistr in my nxt lyf haha. . . . . . . ! Tk care!!!

  2071. 2071 : solanje Says:

    very beautifull

  2072. 2072 : Kim rully jin Says:

    You are beutifull

  2073. 2073 : jeffrey alfhiano katili Says:

    hi… yoon aku ingin bertemu kamu…

  2074. 2074 : joymarie Says:

    . hi yoon eun hye . im ur no. fan here in philippines . i like ur acting in ”take care of the young lady” also in princess hour . hope u read it . .TC .annyeong . .

  2075. 2075 : waffy Says:

    please take a good care!!! 🙂

  2076. 2076 : waffy Says:

    we love you here in phillipines..

  2077. 2077 : dian Says:

    yoon eun hye you are the star, i love you

  2078. 2078 : M Says:

    she’s also in personal taste (preference). 이민호의 여자진구.

  2079. 2079 : aylie Says:

    i hope that you make a movie with lee min ho….
    i love you……….
    keep up a good work

  2080. 2080 : faye Says:

    your so cute.!!. i like your face. its like an angel. God bless. take care cutie

  2081. 2081 : nonsibi Says:

    2078 M Says: May 21st, 2010 at 11:41 am “she’s also in personal taste (preference). 이민호의 여자진구.”
    Yes, I am watching Personal Taste through http://www.dramafever.com (only available in the US and Canada) YEH played a small role (cameo, ep.8)

  2082. 2082 : monika pradhan. Says:

    omg really she is in personal taste …..i want to see that drama so much …..oh god when will it come in nepal ….

  2083. 2083 : elham Says:

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  2084. 2084 : elham Says:

    i am from azarbayjan.marry me?

  2085. 2085 : nareeluck Says:

    I love your acting in all the drama you play. Since Goong, the vineyard man, coffee prince, and Take good care of my girl. I have them all and I watch so many time. Each drama you play in different charactor. Your are an excellent actress. I will wait for your next play.

  2086. 2086 : Girls Says:

    so cute and beautifull

  2087. 2087 : Girls Says:

    so beautyfull and cute…
    love u…

  2088. 2088 : gunay.azeri Says:

    hi. l live ln azerbaijan.l azeri girl. you goooood actress.ay see yougoong . you beaituful girl.(made in azerbaijan)

  2089. 2089 : wee Says:

    morning everyone… any more new drama in this year ? ?
    i am waiting for her new drama… like her so much.. thanks

  2090. 2090 : wazabi Says:

    jongmal sarangheyo,….

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  2092. 2092 : Selvia Says:

    Love you.love you.love you.u r the best actress.beauty.cute.perfect.wait u drama with lee min ho.
    Please come to indonesia..im really wait to look at u.saranghae

  2093. 2093 : DWAI Says:

    Hey, i was wondering….. what’s YEH’s faclub name? Wondergirls is Wonderfuls, SNSD is Sones, 2pm is Hottest, so what YEH unni’s?

  2094. 2094 : Masfie Says:

    kapan nie suting drama terbaru???

  2095. 2095 : niloofar Says:

    Yoon eun hye I LOve YoU…….I LOVE YOU….

  2096. 2096 : Boom Says:

    I Love U Yoon Eun Hyessi
    U R Very Nice And Attractive

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  2098. 2098 : Teas Says:

    Hi YEH ^ ^
    I’m looking forward your next drama
    I’m so in love with coffe prince, goong, and take care of young lady : )
    Alway love your drama, I saw them cause you were there, i like U ^ ^

  2099. 2099 : julieng Says:

    Finally I will see you in Comrade. Almost a Love Song at the end of this year, I wish you the best for new drama. YEH fighting.!!!!!!

  2100. 2100 : full Says:

    love u always……………………………

  2101. 2101 : full Says:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuuuu Yoon Eun Hae

  2102. 2102 : dhang Says:

    i’m inlove with her:)) she’s sooo pretty:)) more blessing to come yoon eun-hye ^_^

  2103. 2103 : KPOP7.com Says:

    pretty 😛

  2104. 2104 : charity cruz Says:

    hi miss beautiful
    i love ur acting in all ur dramas n am hoping to watch a new one is another blocbuster drama on d way…..how about ur love life wants 2 know is there somebody special??? luv U n take care…good luck n may d Lord shower U more blessings….

  2105. 2105 : diefan Says:

    hi there… just watched you in cameo appearance in personal taste. short but memorable. Wish you good luck and all the best.

  2106. 2106 : diefan Says:

    .. everyone should watch “personal taste/personal preference’,,,

  2107. 2107 : flozz Says:

    the first time i realized that she’s the same person starring in Goong and My Fair Lady, i couldn’t believe it because she looks so different in both drama! maybe because of the make up in My Fair Lady, i think she looks prettier there.

  2108. 2108 : mary jane Says:

    ….ummmmmmmmmmm.for all of fans of yoon eun hye,ofcourse me is the best superfunnatic of her.i wish in my birthday in august 27,is to see yoon eun hye someday!!!!!!!i might my wish come true in the correct time.and for’s of all i congratulate ate yoon eun hye for her blessing that come true……. i hope she can read my comment for her and i wish wish that they are together with joo ji hoon because they are close too each other not the person that have big body,and ugly face,…………it’s kim hyun joong……….yuck.such a fuck!please ate yoon eun hye can you forgive me in my request????????????? thank you! god bless you i wish you all the best!

  2109. 2109 : febry Says:

    you very very beatifull ..

  2110. 2110 : gina Says:

    i love yoon eun hye. she’s beautiful and funny.
    keep it up girl.

  2111. 2111 : june Says:

    i like you in my fair lady you look pretty and good acting . nice couple with yoon sang hyun.very attactive !

  2112. 2112 : ravi Says:

    Beauty, kindness and talent. Cant find many people with all these three qualities in such a measure. My favorite actress.

  2113. 2113 : yoona Says:

    eun hye ssi…. i love you forever. Good job for you….you’re beautifull designer….. Good job with your collegue in ITALY.*****

  2114. 2114 : nima Says:

    yoon eun hye m a big fan of urzzz wanna meet u plz tak ur tim n com to india ….>>>>>>>!!!!!*****

  2115. 2115 : maulitia Says:

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    hi yoon eun hye i’m yoona from indonesia.how are you? i miss you so…. what are you doing now?………..

  2119. 2119 : febri Says:

    i miss u’re act

  2120. 2120 : Sheri Says:

    aja aja fighting 😉

  2121. 2121 : masfie Says:

    kapan nich drama terbaru kamu????

    AQ tunggu lho.. semangat!!!

  2122. 2122 : nadya Says:

    I like u a lot, you are so pretty and cute.

    Do you have a new drama series for this year??
    I will be waiting.

    And, don’t forget to come to indonesia girl,cause many
    Your fans want to see you in here in indonesia include me.

    With love Nadya from indonesia ^_^

  2123. 2123 : Ricky Says:

    HI how r u? YOON i like stille in the way ur play in movie

  2124. 2124 : ray Says:

    i have watched many movies and dramas but i haven’t found someone to be good at acting like you i greatly admire your talent.

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  2134. 2134 : tei Says:

    I love Yoon Eun Hye soooooo much. I watch your moive. I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2135. 2135 : rose Says:

    Really beautifull….
    I like u very much especially when you smile….
    hope to see your next drama….

  2136. 2136 : blacktissue Says:

    i love your lip. and kiss.

  2137. 2137 : Lydia Says:

    I like u but the most like is Moon Geun Young hhe…

  2138. 2138 : Venze Dorren Says:

    i admired you so much youre so cute..heheh.

  2139. 2139 : mahla Says:

    hi hye are you good Im girl Iv years old .Iam iranean Im mahla you are very nice and I like joo ji hoon because he is very nice
    mahla from iran

  2140. 2140 : mehran Says:

    I Love U Hye

    The Mad Sad Bad Boy

  2141. 2141 : lolaanderson Says:

    why isnt there any goong 2?
    goong is the best drama ever…and im not even a korean.
    YEH and JJH are the best on screen couple ever.
    they should work together again.
    fans are begging!!!

  2142. 2142 : jaira Says:

    …ur so cute!!!!
    …just like shin hye….

  2143. 2143 : viewer Says:

    Eun Hye – I watched you in Goong, Coffee Prince, My fair Lady. I didnt recognize you in Fair Lady – I think you look very different from Coffee Prince.
    I notice that you have a facebook account but it seems like it was created on 2008 and no update afterwards. why not update, promote your activities in that media – be closer to your audience or fans?

  2144. 2144 : lalami Says:

    You are the most pretty girl in the korea movie. Love to see you smile, cry , laugh blah blah…. . Coffee prine is still stuck in my heart. Go on girl i will always support you 4ever.

    Hope u play with Gong yoo again. Love you two act together.

  2145. 2145 : gloria delapena Says:

    hi,, wow …for me you are sow beautifull and talented person… i wish you can go to the philippines so i can see you in person….. i love you please take care of your self……

  2146. 2146 : mulan Says:

    you’re simple yet elegant when i saw you in personal taste. i’m still your fan.

  2147. 2147 : miracle Says:

    ur beautifull

  2148. 2148 : nataliee Says:

    pliss make a drama again with joo ji hoon oppa !! u are perfect match..

  2149. 2149 : rose Says:

    Amazing actress, I love all the series you we’re with, it’s always a marathon once I started, I laughed and cried in Coffee Prince, Vineyard man and Gong.You’re hilarious and funny, but you’re amazing in drama too.I’m a big fan of Korean drama, hopefully, someday I will visit your country, it’s a long way from where I live, but my family and friends says it is one of the nicest country in Asia.-ciao

  2150. 2150 : lovejoo Says:

    ur the best, i love u and kim hyun joo. u two are my 2 fav acterss .. fighting unni

  2151. 2151 : Elgomez_29 Says:

    hi..im from philippines but im residing in KSA,Riyadh..im working here as I.T..watching YOON EUN HYE is my hpiness and kill my boring life here in KSA.. because as we ‘all knew they are not the same like other country (open country)..but peace of mind is here..by the way all of my friends are also very happy wen we watch all her tv series..we are hoping that ms. yoon will do again a tv series…thank you Ms. Yoon..we like you so much,,,specially me…take care im hoping to see u someday..dreaming something is not possible..hehehe…LOL

  2152. 2152 : jhoana marie esteban Says:

    i love you yoon eun hye

  2153. 2153 : eragon101 Says:

    hi,im one of ur million fan..im luking forward for a new project between u, JOO JI HOON n KIM JEONG HOON..”PRINCESS HOUR” is one of my alltime favorite..i wished ul end up with either of d two…ur are great n u deserve d best..(AJA) kep_it_up

  2154. 2154 : eragon101 Says:

    belated “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” —> miss POOH<— may u have more birthdays n blessings to come…hope ur soulmate is either JOO JI HOON(reformed) or KIM JEONG HOON…. hope ul have a projects with them..love u guys "PRINCESS HOUR" d best..

  2155. 2155 : jeezvive Says:

    Good news! YEH has treats for her fans, not only drama but a movie as well. The movie is set to be released Jan 2011

  2156. 2156 : golshan Says:

    hello eun hye ilove your all move you are very good actres do you love to frind me? iam really oh my gad that’s too late god night my frind

  2157. 2157 : golshan Says:

    hi my friend eun hye ilove youre move my fair lady that’s soo good dear you are soo asam

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    hi again honny imiss you when you play a new move? my friend you are dont very beauty but you are soo lovely yes and ilove you my best friend iam soo realy friend because iam not liar do you love me too? bye bye my best friend

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    hi dear how are you today i like youare very good honny oh eun hye i love youre all move you very good actres bye my special frind

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    hj Yoon Eun Hye !! i’m Vietnamese ,,,But i like to wacth film what you act.! I hope that you will always smile!!!

  2165. 2165 : beauty_16 Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! eun hye im from the philippines how are you i miss you i love your movie princess hours u and joo ji hoon are the bezzzzzzzzzzt i hope i can see you in person i miss u and i love u your the best fashion icon in korea i hope too see you and joo ji hoon in screen!!!!!!!!!!!!! again hahahahahaha for me your the best couple love yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2166. 2166 : golshan Says:

    hi my friend are you miss me ? irealy miss you honey ilike youre all move fightinggggggggggggggggggg

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    I am from Thailand . I very love Kang Hae Na .

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    hi eun hye how are you? ihope you are always happy
    fightinggggggggggggggggg i support you

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    good night my best friend 4ever

  2171. 2171 : golshan Says:

    hi dear eun hye

  2172. 2172 : mety Says:

    hy … when your news drama . i hope in the drama you with goong yoo …i like that so sweet

  2173. 2173 : golshan Says:

    eun hye every think is good? you are very good actress and im soo happy because have very good friend you are very kind and cut and lovely honey i always support you soo fighting my friend fighting

  2174. 2174 : Coffee Prince « K ADDICT Says:

    […] Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Han Sung Chae Jung Ahn as Han Yoo Joo […]

  2175. 2175 : golshan Says:

    hi honey oh today im soo busy oh are you good now isee you re move my fair lady thats very good ohhhh youare soo very good actress

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    hi my friend how are you my dear ihoppe every think is good

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    i love yoon eun hye soOoOoOoOoO much and thank you because you allow me to know every thing about her

  2179. 2179 : banafsheh Says:

    How are you today.ilove you soooo much.you are so nice.your face is like sweet baby and ilove this.ilove you.

  2180. 2180 : shaida nouf Says:

    i love you yoon eun hye… iwnt to see you in personal… i love you you are my inspiration hope to see you in personal…. i love you…

  2181. 2181 : jellyace Says:

    Hello Yoon eun hye noona nice meeting you? I’m your big fan and i like watching your drama… 🙂 i hope we see each other then, i pray for yor health and succeded in opportunity toyou’re job. God bless u and to your family… Annyeong, bye-bye!

  2182. 2182 : golshan Says:

    hi my friend oh honey ivery veryyyyyyyyy miss you my internet it’s damage ok how are you? are you miss me? ke ke ke ke but imiss you
    you think iam very good friend for you?ithink yes ke ke ke ke but ilove you ihope you are always happy my friend eun hye

  2183. 2183 : amira Says:

    i love u…

  2184. 2184 : masfie Says:

    I’m waiting your new drama…

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    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friend its tody good for you ? for me not bad today its weekend in my countery and thats soo good ilove the tersdays oh ihope you always happy ok ijust love you

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    hi again and good morning oh ihave qustion do you read my comments? sometimes ithink you never read my comments it’s wrong yes? ihope you read my commentse ivery love you ihave veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pic and clip of you my friends, youre clip with 2pm very nice ilove it you have good voice and you are very good actress fighting my dear friend

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    hi yes just hi oh do you know in my country people say salam=hello salam its a other GOD’s name and ilove salam

  2188. 2188 : michelle restaura Says:

    i will always love u by the way hhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.can u be my friends i was very proud of u girl you know your a korean bu t im a filipino understand.

  2189. 2189 : golshan Says:

    hi my friends oh what are you doing now? ohhhh ihope you are smileingggggggggg and eating a big ice cream oh ilove the icecream but now im sick soo icantttttt eat icecream

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    salam my friend oh todaty its veryyyy veryyyy bad because ihave math class for 3hours oh i dont like math do you know math very bad idont like it but im very claver oh im sur ke ke ke ke ok byeeee

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    fighting my friend

  2192. 2192 : masfie Says:

    katanya mau ada serial terbarumu… kapan nie??? Aq tunggu lho…

  2193. 2193 : mekjah Says:

    yeh..u r so georgeus….

  2194. 2194 : golshan Says:

    good night my dear friend

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    hiiii my friend do you know ialways think you

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    hi eun hye oh today its weekend and ihave lot of free time oh are you free too? oh wait ilessen the new news you want play new move whit kim hyun joong it’s right? if it’s right im very happy you are very good actress and hyun joong very good actor
    dear ihope it’s right fighting

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    hi??? yoon eun hye i really2x like u… ur all drama is very beautiful..

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    hi my dear friend oh today its soo very very bad ihave hard exam oh boy ihave lotof problem and icant solv my problem ohhhhhhhhhh but ihave you and im not sad you are my dear friend ilove you eun hye

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    dear do you know youre clip whith 2pm its very beauty ilove it

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    hi yoon eun hye . i am a girl and i iranian. i am 13 years old .i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. you are very beautiful. i love you . ilove you . i love you .i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

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    hi ms yoon eun hye=)
    when will i see you on a tv series again..love all your shows
    hope to see you with kim hyun joong on a tv series=)
    good luck
    God Bless =)

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    oh im very sick idont like winter in the winter im always sik oh ithink finally im die im cold oh ishould go to doctor ihope you never sik

  2215. 2215 : guest.. Says:

    really miss you..love your dramas
    hope to see you on a drama together with kim hyun joong and lee min ho =)

  2216. 2216 : golshan Says:

    hi dear oh honey why i always have a lotof exam
    ok …………………….how are you my dear? icant wait for new drama whit khj
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    be cheerful my friend!no matter where you are luck and joyfulness are always with you

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    hi there..
    looking forward for your next project…
    hope you’ll do a romantic-comedy series/movie with kim hyun joong and lee min ho someday…
    goodluck with your career and God bless

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    Meri k’u ri su ma su!

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    You’re so beautiful and The comedy too.
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    All the films I saw and you were so good. Your one of my favorite Bazygray’re Bdytvn I’m looking forward to films.
    My cousin loves you and s Friend And from here (Iran) and also tell you I’ll tell you my Christmas greetings and tell ourselves we wish you success.
    I wrote bad if Anglysym Ace Tranclator s fault.
    However , Sarang Hae Yoon Eun Hye

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  2273. 2273 : chichoks Says:

    Yoon Eun Hye will make Drama comeback this may…SBS drama title ” Lie To Me ” with Kang Ji Hwan….check her news at yooneunhye.net

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  2276. 2276 : Yuuki Says:

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    such great news to see u again on tv this may …..
    i love u and i am so happy !!!
    but i am a little worried about your partner KJH , is he good actor ??
    actually , i dont care !! the only thing i am caring about is to see u !!
    it has nice story and with u in cast , i am sure that is going to be the best comedy – romantic ever ………

  2279. 2279 : Bodols Says:

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    u are nice and stylish………

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  2289. 2289 : eve Says:

    i’v been follow ur fans site n der are lot of pic from ur drama,,,n u look so very amazing in every part,,,why may felt so longgggggggggg

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    I love you

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    YEH just been honored “Queen of Loyalty”….her loyalty just amazed people around her…I’m proud to be her fans because she has beauty outside n great personality inside..keep the good work YEH…we all support you….wish YEH drama ” Lie To Me ” big big big success…hwaiting ^.^

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  2294. 2294 : che Says:

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  2298. 2298 : cha Says:

    so excited to watch yoon eun hye’s latest k-drama… only six days left…

  2299. 2299 : buttercup Says:

    YEH looks pretty n fabulous as always at the presscon “Lie To Me”….I can’t wait to watch u on TV….four days more….

  2300. 2300 : masfie Says:

    I miss u Yoon Eun Hye… I’m happy kamu main drama baru lagi…

  2301. 2301 : marfe Says:

    love yeh.your the best

  2302. 2302 : mercz Says:

    unnie!!! im really excited to watch your drama!! stay beautiful… fighting!

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    I love you YEH….
    LIE TO ME ……….FIGHTING !!!

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  2306. 2306 : annie Says:

    i love you unnie (*_*)

  2307. 2307 : kezia Says:

    Love ya unni! Miss you pair with Ji Hoon oppa!

  2308. 2308 : Marel Says:

    That’s way the bestest asnwer so far!

  2309. 2309 : buttercup Says:

    I love YEH’s character in Lie To Me….bubbly n refreshing ^.^
    I love YEH more n more!!!!

  2310. 2310 : GLESSY MARIE Says:

    i like her much, so hip and always in style, more drama for u, good luck eunhye

  2311. 2311 : jewanie Says:

    i love this actress verrryy much…lalo na sa series nyang coffee prince sana magaya ko ung gupit nya

  2312. 2312 : cha Says:

    hope YEH’s newest drama will get good ratings… go girl! fighting!

  2313. 2313 : jareena Says:

    she is cute…

  2314. 2314 : maryam Says:

    Hi you are very cute.I love you so much.

  2315. 2315 : Anna Says:

    she is the best for me yoon hye go go go…..fighting !!!!!
    the drama of LIE TO ME it will became one … go go go…. smiley all the day.. 🙂

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  2318. 2318 : shee haruko Says:

    ur da best yoon eun hye..i hop ur next tv series or movie, hyun bin wil be ur partner…:-)

  2319. 2319 : buttercup Says:

    YEH star power keep shining…even the rating is low but outside korea Lie To Me very popular n become most watched drama series…keep fighting girl ^.^

  2320. 2320 : freeboy Says:

    so cute!!!!!have many great success!!!!!

  2321. 2321 : juju Says:

    luv u unnie…aja2x…:)

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    i like you so much yoon eun hye…you are the best for me!!

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    each time i miss you a star fell down from the sky,so when you look at sky and find it dark,know its your falt you make me miss you a lot…

  2328. 2328 : nankham(myanmar) Says:

    I like your style and fashion.
    I aslo like your acting.

  2329. 2329 : ness fernandez Says:

    i really like all of your movies. you are an excellent actress.

  2330. 2330 : ness fernandez Says:

    i am addicted to all of your movies. you are an excellent actress.

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  2333. 2333 : anie Says:

    she’s amazing and a very good actress.. so beautiful…

  2334. 2334 : JJ21 Says:


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    nawmo ki yaw waww..!

  2336. 2336 : annie Says:

    unnie YEH, why you’re so pretty? what’s your secret? just whisper me pls…love you unnie:)

  2337. 2337 : honey Says:

    admirable lady,very pretty and a korean. thanks to this adorable we began to watch korean dramas because of her.

  2338. 2338 : eve Says:

    she act great in Lie to me,,,,i feel sad wen i saw her crying in episode 8,,,,

  2339. 2339 : fary Says:

    Eun Hye, is my favorite actress, I love all his dramas, his performance in episode 8, I get excited and I did hurt my heart

  2340. 2340 : aja Says:

    really really like YEH… so pretty. keep supporting her new kdrama…

  2341. 2341 : fary Says:

    Yoon Eun Hy, I’m desperate to see your performance in episode 9, I see now. I’m addicted to this drama

  2342. 2342 : Dolly Says:

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  2344. 2344 : grace907684 Says:

    your acting is the best! Lie to me is excellent!!! keep it up girl..stay healthy & beautiful. love you unnie!

  2345. 2345 : annie Says:

    i love YEH!!! i want monday already,, so addicted to to lie to me!! keep it up girl! you’re the best!

  2346. 2346 : piglet Says:

    I love u so much. Your’s acting is very good in the last series.
    Have a nice day.

  2347. 2347 : JANE Says: