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Yoon Jung Hee


Name: 윤정희 / Yoon Jung Hee (Yoon Jeong Hee)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1980-Dec-21
Height: 172cm
Weight: 51kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: B
Education: Suwon Women’s College

TV Series

Now, We Are Breaking Up (SBS, 2021)
The Firstborn (jTBC, 2013)
Tasty Life (SBS, 2012)
Smile, Mom (SBS, 2010)
Family’s Honor (SBS, 2008)
Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007)
Dear Heaven (SBS, 2005)


Gosa (2008)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: PD Award (Family’s Honor)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : 진 사 민 Says:

    love u, ur a great actress, hope u get much more fame

  2. 2 : corz Says:

    i lyk ur role in love in heaven,ur a very gud actress and a strong person…i really really lyk it so much…keep it up!!! and wish u luck in ur career…hope,the guy, ur partner in love in heaven will love u so much..hahaha!!

  3. 3 : GLAYSA Says:


  4. 4 : (.'_'.) Says:

    you’re great… and beautiful

  5. 5 : Jeffrey Says:

    You are very beautiful, i like u. good luck.

  6. 6 : zaini Says:

    Good actress, i like drama ” love in heaven”. Good luck..

  7. 7 : wang-mo Says:

    good actress,i really like the drama “love in heaven”.Hope to see yours next drama.Good luck.

  8. 8 : ly15303 Says:

    i love your acting in blissful women.

  9. 9 : ly15303 Says:

    i love her acting in a happy women. her eyed probobly hurt from crying though.

  10. 10 : ly15303 Says:

    i love her acting in a happy women. her eyes must hurt from crying so much though.

  11. 11 : lyn Says:

    I love ur acting in love in heaven,hope u and lee tae gon will be a real couple,u’re really good match.hope u’ll make again a series with lee tae gon.

  12. 12 : miles Says:

    i lve her in love in heaven what are latest project

  13. 13 : ing_dan Says:

    I luv u at love in heaven. Wish to see u and Tae Gon as a couple loving.

  14. 14 : hoangben_a1 Says:

    I love u verry much.I hope i can see u more and more

  15. 15 : hoangben_a1 Says:

    can u reply me.I miss u so much

  16. 16 : Sue Says:

    I love you!! Jeong-hee!!
    Great acting in “Dear Heaven”
    You and Lee Tae-gon belong together!!

    I can’t wait til “Blissful Woman” came on!!
    Your eyes probably hurt from crying so much!!
    Love you!!


  17. 17 : Sue Says:

    Please email me at [email protected]
    I want you to write to me.

  18. 18 : Sue Says:

    sarang-he Jung-hee!

  19. 19 : rlyn Says:

    I like your acting in LOVE IN HEAVEN. I’ve already watched it for how many times and it is one of my favorite korean drama. You and Lee Tae Gon are good matched so good to be a real couple in real life. Hope you’ll have a new korean drama with him, I’m looking forward in seeing this. I like also your acting in BLISSFUL WOMAN but as of this moment I can’t buy a copy it’s still out in the market. Where can I buy the cd?

    Hope you’ll have many more projects in the future. What’s your next project after BLISSFUL WOMAN?

    Please write to me in my email add. . . [email protected]

    God bless!!!

  20. 20 : Sue Says:

    Dear Ms. Yoon,

    I’m writing this in hope of you writing back.
    I love your acting in “Love in Heaven” 하늘이시여.
    You are very beautiful. I hope to meet you sometimes in the future, if you are going to U.S. I don’t know what to say next, but you are my role model. Ever since I watched your drama and see you as Lee Ja-kyung, I could shed my tears for your character. I just want to say that you are such a great actress!
    Keep up your great work as an actress and you will be successful in the future. Please know that there will be fans like me there to support you in your career. I hope you write back if you do read this letter that I wrote you. I hope to see you someday
    I don’t know if this is the right email. You must be very busy, but I just want to say hi.

    Sue (your fan in the U.S.)

    PS: I can’t speak Korean, I can only speak English.

    친애하는 미스 윤

    나는 이것을 쓰기의 희망을 쓰고 위로합니다.
    사랑 해요, 당신의 행동을 “사랑의 천국”하늘이 시여.
    당신은 매우 아름다운합니다. 나는 때로는 미래에 희망을 반갑습니다, 만약 당신이 가고 미국 다음 무슨 말을할지 잘 모르겠지만 당신은 나의 역할 모델입니다. 귀하의 드라마를 볼 때부터 당신을 지켜 이승엽 이미 – 경, 난 당신의 성격에 대한 나의 눈물이 흘렸다. 그냥 내가하고 싶은 얘기하는 멋진 여배우!
    귀하의 훌륭한 일을 계속 배우로서 미래에 그리고 당신이 성공적으로 수행됩니다. 나 같은하시기 바랍니다 팬들은 잘 알고있다가, 당신의 경력을 지원합니다. 좋겠를 작성 위로가 내가 쓴이 편지를 읽으면 당신합니다. 언젠가는 볼수 있었으면 좋겠구나
    이것이 바로인지 잘 모르겠 전자 우편합니다. 바쁜해야합니다하지만, 그냥하고 싶은 말은 안녕하세요.

    고소 (귀하의 팬 미국)
    좋은 – 안녕

    My email is [email protected]
    please write to me!!!

  21. 21 : analyn Says:


    i like you in love in heaven your so beutiful

  22. 22 : blakforest Says:

    i like your acting in love in heven. you are beautiful in your long hair. i like the styles of your hair and also your make up. you and lee tae gon are good pair. what is your next project? i have watched this drama so many times co’z i like it very much. your acting is good.

  23. 23 : Zamri Says:

    The drama plot is good, but the ending is not good because the ending another couple we dont know,what happen to them,better continue this drama again in future,i hope…but your act is good, i like it..anyway good luck to you..
    from Malaysia

  24. 24 : olive Says:

    when is your next drama series cant wait your so pretty sad to say cant speak korean but like to learn from watching your series waiting a lot more..

  25. 25 : anwin Says:

    I love you so much. you are a great actress in korea. I like you acting in blissful women. I hope you will be success in future
    best wishes,

  26. 26 : anwin Says:

    I love you so much. you are a great actress in korea. I like you acting in blissful women. I hope you will be success in future.I love you so much.
    best wishes,

  27. 27 : waiyan Says:

    i love you so much.

  28. 28 : dian sari Says:

    I really love to see your drama in Blissfull women
    Seems your acting always full of tears

    Longing to see you in next series with full of joy comedy and action
    Miss you so much Jung Hee

  29. 29 : nylra 28 Says:

    could you please tell me where could i buy the cd of DEAR HEAVEN. i like this drama very much.

  30. 30 : nylra 28 Says:

    you look young and beautiful in your short hair but i like it also if you will wear it a little longer just like in dear heaven.

  31. 31 : nylra28 Says:

    look sophisticated and beautiful in your short hair… i like it…

  32. 32 : Anvar Says:

    I Love Yoon Jung Hee very much. She is №1 in the World. I want to meet as you girl in my life. [email protected]

  33. 33 : meme Says:

    dear, yoon jung hee..
    you are the best actress i saw all your’s drama.. love in heaven, blissful woman and family honor. it was so good. also i think you are a good couple with park shi hoo (family honor). i love all your movies. hope to see you one day in my life. i learn a lot of korean in your acting because it was so interesting. hope you can come to paraguay (south america) you are are so pretty. I AM YOU FAN # 1.. REMEMBER!! FROM paraguay

  34. 34 : echcon_oo Says:

    i love you

  35. 35 : dan ah Says:

    youre a great actress.hope you and park shi hoo are dating! nice couple!

  36. 36 : Eugene Vu Says:

    I don’t like you role as Jakyung in “Dear Heaven” but i love to see you in “Blissful woman”

  37. 37 : anitaat Says:

    youre a great actress, i hope to see you some day.

  38. 38 : yone Says:

    i love you so much. Your acting ‘s great and i like all of your drama.
    you are a great actress. blissful woman ‘s my favorite drama and i like love of heaven too. 🙂

  39. 39 : Dorothy Says:

    Your a great actress, very attractive. Can’t wait to see more of your movies. I am a fan from Hawaii

  40. 40 : Nafida Says:

    love ur acting in Glory of Family & esp ur actiong with Park Shi Hoo, wish that you are a really life couple with him.. sarangheyo

  41. 41 : yoonais Says:

    Loved your role as Professor Ha! Great show and great acting! *hwaiting!*

  42. 42 : geles (s'pore) Says:

    unnie ! I love your acting skills and your character as dan-ah in family honor. Your chemistry with park shi hoo is great! I really hope you and park shi hoo oppa can be couple in real life as well. Cuz you’re pretty and he’s hot! Both of you matches very well…love KS-DA couple!

  43. 43 : mooch Says:

    I like to put great comment for you . Seen your acting in Family Honor for 5 times . @ the begining i did not really like to watch . But as the show get going i started enjoying the show and very eager to find out whats happening the next episode . I even cannot wait for the TV to broadcast and went to buy DVD to watch . I am still watching the DVD even though i had complete watching several times . You look very gorgeous and beautiful in this show . I was surprised by your act in this show too . Very compatible to the role and very serious to it . To me you are the type of person who get different type of role , you are able to act like that person . Lastly , i find Park Shi Hoo is really compatible to you as couple in the show . I was wondering the slap from him in the show on your face is it real???? Lastly i hope everyone of you all the BEST and Healthy . Good Luck . WELL DONE … Hope to see Family Honor have part 2 .
    WELL DONE !!!!

  44. 44 : xinni Says:

    aww…i love her…she is amazing…
    both in dear heaven and familys honor…
    love chae keong and dan ah…both characters…
    lovely and warm characters…

  45. 45 : tan Says:

    good acting in family’s honor….!very attractive in “dan ah ” & “kang Suk”.both expression are great in this drama.

  46. 46 : Watermelon Says:

    Hi Ms Yoon,

    Family Honor is a very wonderful nice show, esp you look attractive with ur short hair.
    Do you have a blog page or website for fans like us? Really hope to know more about you and others issue.
    If possible, pls email me the information so that i can grow with you every step you take.
    Good luck & Best wishes to your New Year.

    Email : [email protected]

  47. 47 : Roberta Lim Says:

    My sisters and i enjoyed watching your drama “Dear heaven”..the love between you and Wang Mo is so inspiring..hope you and Wang Mo will star in another lovely drama…from the KDA (Korean Drama Addicts) sisters of Sacramento, Ca. USA.

  48. 48 : sarah Says:

    love your acting in Family’s Honor. Your character in Family’s Honor is one of quiet confidence of which you carried it very well. I enjoyed the drama very much. It shows that family is indeed an important entity in our lives. The subtle message is so effectively put across. A very, very good drama made better with such good acting. Oh! love you in Love in heaven too.

  49. 49 : s_w Says:

    Hi, Ms Yoon Jung Hee,

    I am from Singapore and have just finished watching “Family Honour”. You were great in the show and I am looking forward to your new drama.

    Be happy and keep smiling. Take care and keep well.

  50. 50 : Vina Says:

    Dear sis Yoon , you’re really amazing both your appearance and acting . i found ” Love in Heaven” is quite touching , you’ve made a big impression on me .
    Cheer up !

  51. 51 : hf Says:

    family’s honor nice drama and love your acting .very touching you and park shi hoo as a couple and you in ha’s family .wonderful drama .

  52. 52 : htetsuaung Says:

    nice drama .. so so cute. I love the whole family and family members and want to be all of them to real family. In the world , we need to love each other deeply inside for whole life. Sometimes hardness can make sadness. But we can overcome . I love all of u . Thanks

  53. 53 : Janice Says:

    wow!! family honor really hit me hard to recognise both Yoon Jung Hee and Park Shi Hoo. They are perfect as a couple albeit my initial response that they are mismatch by the director but ha! ha! I was wrong and it is a very good wrong because I really enjoy watching both of them … it brings tear to my face laughing all the way… and lighten my heart…. keep up the good performance — kudos to all the casts in the drama.

  54. 54 : sharon Says:

    Why “pls merry me” change leading actress? Very dissapointed, waiting for her new movie so long. Love her acting very much and hope to see her in new movie asap.

  55. 55 : may Says:

    your acting in family honor was so perfect. I do not see korean drama, but your acting in this drama – family honor has make me watched for 5 times – on the TV, DVD and via PC download. Keep up your good performance!

  56. 56 : ZENY Says:


  57. 57 : adeline aaa Says:

    i like all ur show , keep it up , looking forward for ur new show

  58. 58 : sorok Says:


    i pity you in a happy woman, and i hated your husband’s mistress to death. but, when you chose the detective over your child and ex-husband i hated you as well.

    i hope you get a better break next time. the role you had was very disappointing. even the title was opposite of your role. how ironical.

    your wardrobe adviser, if you had that, did not do a good job.

    A Happy Woman is airing in the Philippines again.

    God bless you. More shows for you.

  59. 59 : ani Says:


  60. 60 : dorie Says:

    I am from Toronto. Of all the many Korean dramas that I watched with my husband, Family Honour is one of the most memorable one. The storyline is not easy to forget, fun to watch and the chemistry between PSH and YJH is addicting. Lots of lessons to learn in life. I would love to see another project for both of them. We’be been recommending this drama to our friends.

  61. 61 : wan azni wan yusof Says:

    i’m longing to watch u in the family’s honor drama but untill now i can’t get the dvd, these drama not arrived in malaysia yet, where can i get can u help me ………………….please………………like to watch you n park si hoo acting together,coz i know it is wonderful drama

  62. 62 : olin Says:

    i like yoon jung………..loph u

  63. 63 : charis Says:

    @wan azni wan yosuf 61: you can have it by downloading from here:

  64. 64 : lpyoon68 Says:

    I Love You Yoon Jeong Hee

  65. 65 : Tina Says:

    I watched Korean Drama since 2001 and have watched 253 series since then, after all, I have to admit “Family Honor” is my favorite. You and Park Shi Hoo were well matched just like ying and yang. the storyline was very positiive, I felt love from the drama. PSH and you sparkled in acting, KSJ and your in-laws made good chemistry, everybody in the drama are excellent artists, this drama gave me joy and good sleep cos I went to bed with a warm feeling. I’m looking forward to your new project, you really lighting up our regular life. Thanks and keep up your good work! Support!

  66. 66 : nella Says:

    i really love her and park shi hoo together in family’s honor.. they have she seems very fragile 🙂 i love her shes one of my favorite korean actress…. wish they could have another project with the same cast on family’s honor.. it was a great project and everyone seems very comfortable working with each other and they’re FUN to watch. Good luck to all star cast of family’s honor…. love the show and always treasure it.

  67. 67 : Deios Says:


  68. 68 : Adriana Says:

    Family’s Honor is the best drama that I ever seen, it is my favourite drama, I love acting the both of lead actor Park Shi Hoo & Yoon Jung Hee, they has done a good work, and hope both of them be a real couple.

  69. 69 : آدرس جدید فروشگاه Korea3.ir پک اول سریال زندگی دلچسب با کاور رنگی گلاسه Says:

    […] Chae Moo as Jang Sin Jo Yoon Jung Hee as Jang Seung Joo Ryu Hyun Kyung as Jang Jung Hyun Yoo Da In as Jang Joo Hyun Hyeri as Jang Mi […]

  70. 70 : ross Says:

    hi…love your acting in smile mommy…u are such a beauty and u have a very very beautiful set of teeth…hehehe…

    hope to see more of your acting…:)

    hope you have time to write to me…love to hear from you…:)

  71. 71 : آدرس جدید فروشگاه http://korea5.ir پک کامل سریال زندگی دلچسب با کاور رنگی گلاسه Says:

    […] Chae Moo as Jang Sin Jo Yoon Jung Hee as Jang Seung Joo Ryu Hyun Kyung as Jang Jung Hyun Yoo Da In as Jang Joo Hyun Hyeri as Jang Mi […]

  72. 72 : flower Says:

    I love her most in Family Honor…i feel Ha Dan Ah really resemble her true personality…

    But her best partner is still Lee tae gon…their chemistry in Dear Heaven can’t be compared with others even though my favorite is with Park si hoo.

    For me, Wang mo & Ja kyung is the most compatible and heart warming couple ever…

  73. 73 : flower Says:

    Hi all…please support YJH in jTBC new weekend drama, The Firstborn… She will play opposite Jae hee…

    Here’s the link : http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=29398

  74. 74 : Een Says:

    I love yours drama, may Allah bleess you, amin

  75. 75 : nwe Says:

    l love her I like family hour drama In this , I think she & park shi ho very cute couple

  76. 76 : Trang Dang Says:

    I like your character as Ha Dan Ah and your graceful
    hope to see more of your acting and have time to write to me…
    love to hear from you…:)

  77. 77 : Tom Says:

    Tom Says, I forget how I came across the series Family Honor. I watched the 1st episode and instantly fell in love with you and your character. I like the series and I have a love/hate relationship with Lee Kang Suk (Park Shi Hoo) His character, not the actor but you can tell that he loves his sister Lee Hye Joo (Jun Hye Jin) So I am willing to remain flexible with his character. It is too bad, this is a really nice series and it did not get more promotion here in the U.S. I hope as an actress to see you in more films/drama.

  78. 78 : Trang Dang Says:

    Please accept my most sincere condolences to casualties who were missing after a ferry capsized off South Korea on Wednesday

    Like you, i am praying for them

  79. 79 : Tom Says:

    Happy Birthday from America

  80. 80 : Gummy Says:

    I relly love drama “Dear heaven/ Love in heaven”. I watch this drama many times but my computer is damaged so I lost this drama. How I can see this drama online with full episode?

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