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Yoon Kye Sang

Yoon Kye Sang 02

Name: 윤계상 / Yoon Kye Sang (Yun Kyae Sang)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1978-Dec-20
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Sidus HQ
Formerly part of G.O.D

TV Series

Chocolate (jTBC, 2019)
The Good Wife (tvN, 2016)
Last (jTBC, 2015)
The Full Sun (KBS2, 2014)
Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN, 2013)
High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged (MBC, 2011)
The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011)
Road Number One (MBC, 2010)
Triple (MBC, 2009)
Who Are You? (MBC, 2008)
Crazy For You (SBS, 2007)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
She Is Nineteen (SBS, 2004)


The Unfair (2015)
Red Carpet (2013)
Actor Lessons (2013)
Phungsan Dog (2011)
A Little Closer (2010)
The Executioner (2009)
Beastie Boys / The Moonlight of Seoul (2008)
Six Years in Love (2007)
Flying Boys (2004)


2005 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor

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Yoon Kye Sang 22


  1. 1 : uugie Says:

    u are cute!

  2. 2 : Choc Says:

    HiHi Kye Sang, Hope to see more of your new drama and your solo-album. oh ya, Ur smile is so cute. Support you always … Greetings from Singapore ^^

  3. 3 : helen Says:

    I watched that show My 19 year old sister in-law
    I thought it was a very cute and funny movie to watch
    you were really, really, really, really cute, funny, and mean.

  4. 4 : theresa Says:

    You acted well in your only show, My 19 year old sister-in-law. Can’t even tell it’s your debut role. Keep it up…i’ll look forward to your shows.

    You may not be the typical good-looker but there’s something in your acting that will shine for the world to see. Carry on improving.

    By the way, I’m not your typical fan coz I’m 42 years old, going on to 43 in about 4 days time. However, just wanted to write to you to encourage you coz I love Korean acting. All of you are so real in your roles which none of our actors/actresses in Singapore can match.

    Cheers to a great career!

  5. 5 : norms Says:

    like you very much…hope to see you in your next series…you’ve acted very well…

    love from Malaysia…

  6. 6 : watts Says:

    luv you, really enjoy the 19 years old sister in law. will support you always

  7. 7 : charm Says:

    Hi Kye Sang! Hope 2 c more of u on a drama! can’t wait! kip it up…

  8. 8 : aysnia Says:

    u are sooo cute…
    love u in my 19 years old sister-in-law…
    will always support u…

  9. 9 : Amravadee Says:


  10. 10 : Amravadee Says:

    I See U In My 19 I love U I Will See U EverySeries

  11. 11 : RHEA Says:

    just watched your only tv series and i fell in love with you in there.
    you’re such a cutie whenever you smile and your character there, although its kinda mean but you’ve got a big heart and ready to make sucrifices
    keep it up anf good luck. hope to see you more in movie or in tv

  12. 12 : niaz Says:

    iluvu……………….u r really cute

  13. 13 : nathalie dan Says:

    yoon kye sang,i like your characters in my 19 years old sister in law.you look so cute.write to me soon. ok byeeeeeeeee…………………………………. I love you

  14. 14 : fiazack Says:

    yoon kye sang! hope to see more of you. dont give up acting. stay the way you are, ok cutie?

    love looking at u.soothes my messy mind 🙂

    all the best. hugss

  15. 15 : Tiana Mai Says:

    Hi Yoon Kye Sang,

    I love your ways of acting. You always make me laugh and smile.


  16. 16 : Ailene Says:

    Annyong Haseyo Yoon Kye Sang…! Im looking forward to your next on- screen drama… Your character in “My 19 year old sister-in-law” was totally cute and amazing… You make me laugh and cry at the same time…HAHAHA. I hope you will read this message..Godblesss!!

  17. 17 : eunice Says:

    Hi Yoon Kye Sang,

    Recently, I finished watching your first tv series, called ” My 19 year old sister-in-law” and I was very impressed with your acting. I got hooked on the drama from the very beginning. It became my second favorite korean drama after ” the Cat in the Attic Room” which also starred Jung Da Bin. Your on-screen chemistry with Jung Da Bin in this drama was so GREAT that the love between Seung-jae and You-min seemed real and genuine. You did protray the character excellently. Also, I really loved your singing in the drama. Great voice and lyrics!!! It is a shame that you and Jung Da Bin can’t pair up…

  18. 18 : ida Says:

    u must defeat rain!!!u r really cool and u must realize that..u got potential to suceed in both sing and acting..lets start now rain can be really popular world known why dont u give it the shoot!!go kye sang!!u will rock the world,…act more funky and give humour ur c ute face will show it all!! work hard..and all da best….FROM SUPPORTER MALASIA!MALAYSIA BOLEH!!KYE SANG BOLEH!

  19. 19 : ida Says:

    WERE FROM MALAYSIA LOVE U…u must defeat rain!!!u r really cool and u must realize that..u got potential to suceed in both sing and acting..lets start now rain can be really popular world known why dont u give it the shoot!!go kye sang!!u will rock the world,…act more funky and give humour ur c ute face will show it all!! work hard..and all da best….FROM SUPPORTER MALASIA!MALAYSIA BOLEH!!KYE SANG BOLEH!

  20. 20 : MohtMohtThetThet Says:

    Hello! KyeSan Ohpar!
    i watched ur drama of My19years old sister in law in MWD.Now i’m fansinated by U especially ur smile…^^….U r so cute..Waiting forward to ur latest’s latest..
    one of ur audience..

  21. 21 : clariza cabrera Says:

    i have love you the first time i laid eyes on you, i love the way you smile and that serious face is to die for, im a pilipino but i have a way to be attreacted to korean person, sarang he yo… i know you wont read this but anyways what the heck many chua oh ,, take care

  22. 22 : moe Says:

    how are u?
    i am u great fan.
    good luck.

  23. 23 : aize Says:

    ang cute mo talaga………………hope 2 see soon in my dreams haha..uy nangyayari un ah…….iluvu..

  24. 24 : Grace Says:

    hi,kye san u knw i was amazed wd ur character in 19 it was funny so cute, hope we will see us in seoul someday,nxt drama series. k keep on praying.By the way im grace from philippines…..

  25. 25 : oraeng Says:

    i love yoon kye sang , i wanna kye sang come in thailand

    from yoon key sang thailan fan club


  26. 26 : marihigh Says:

    hi kye sang: when i first saw you in my 19 y.o. sister in law i feel i love you already and i have to see you in person and i think i’m now obsessed with you. i also watch your series crazy in love you’re such a great actor and so irresistible. may i know your status now? i can’t sleep just thinkin of you i feel in love with you.

  27. 27 : ayin Says:

    He’s a great actor and handsome…(^.^)

    LOVE YAH!!

  28. 28 : ayin Says:

    He’s a great actor and handsome…(^.^)

    LOVE YAH!!

  29. 29 : cute nancy Says:

    haven’t seen u lately in any korean drama or series since my 19 yrs old sister in law where have u been???u have the great acting n look’s korean haven’t got before looking forward to ur new project.

  30. 30 : husna Says:

    I am from Malaysia… and i hope that you will success ineverything you did…. you are so cute and do not give up of your life…..

  31. 31 : naima Says:

    omg, i luve the way u acted in my sister-in law is 19,
    it was soo touching yet soo funny
    && i hope u act more drama cuz you are suck an good actor

  32. 32 : naima Says:

    i mean your such an good actor

  33. 33 : cham Says:

    i hope to see more of your series and movies….
    Yoon Kye Sang Forever! fighting!

  34. 34 : elaine diane abarquez Says:

    i really like this guy.. he’s so cute.. hope he’ll visit here in the philippines.. i hope to see him in person..

  35. 35 : princess Says:

    intelligent… an actor… adorable…

  36. 36 : princess Says:

    intelligent… an actor… adorable… charm

  37. 37 : ♥♥cErtifieD cHinitO-adDiCt♥♥ Says:

    gaLing mOh tLga..
    cUte mOh pa..
    gawA ka pa nG dRama..

    aStig ka tLga..


  38. 38 : sc961387 Says:

    shit u have alot of comments

  39. 39 : leiyanne Says:

    hi yoon kye sang!!! i luv u so much! i hope you’ll make more good dramas with much more comedies of course. don’t do very matured ones for you were adored tru dramas that contains comedies. you’re super cute at your age. luv you so much!!!
    mwah mwah mwah!!!

  40. 40 : Margie Tan Says:

    I simply love you in Crazy For Love. I am anxiously looking forward to your next new show ‘Who Are You’

  41. 41 : rina Says:

    pretty love the she is nineteen drama…
    hope will see u in next drama..
    gud luck

  42. 42 : miza Says:

    recently, I finished wacthing ” Crazy For You” drama. I like with your acting. You are so good play a role as Kim Chea Joon. It is touching drama with happy ending. In this drama also you are look more handsome compare with the “19 Years Old Sister In Law” drama. I hope to wacth new project from you.

  43. 43 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    You’re so cool in your new drama “who are you”…I like it! Keep up the good work…Hope sometimes you’ll visit Jakarta:)

  44. 44 : Sany Says:

    U looks so cool at who are u ,& impress me..when u look at young in and kissed
    wish u kiss me like that haha…
    hope u check your mail and reply me…hahaha is that to crazy?

  45. 45 : kt Says:

    안영하세요. 너의드라마가 너무좋아해요. 새로운드라마기대해요…싱가포르 팬 🙂

  46. 46 : Adel Says:

    just want to say hi..

  47. 47 : LANIE Says:

    how impressive you are!,,,,your looks,your eyes,,i love it…& your captivating smile..cho ah yo…so much

  48. 48 : habibi Says:

    Mr. Yoon, just finished watching ” who are you” drama, u looks great and handsome ..amazed when i saw your concert..

  49. 49 : pepper Says:

    yoon kye sang is sooooo sooo cool!!! He is the new face to replace Gong Yoo..
    He is my new idol!!!!!!!!

  50. 50 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    Dear Kye-sang Oppa,

    Annyeong-haseyo. Kwenchana? I hope you are getting much needed rest, you’ve been working hard since you came back from the military.
    I just finished watching “Who Are You”. I just want to say, you were excellent…superb acting. I like your interpretation of the 2 characters; serious and funny. You are sooo handsome and charming…not to mention your oozing sex appeal. Kamsa-hamnida Oppa!

    Chonun Roxanne rahgo hamnida.

  51. 51 : SuNnY Says:

    when i saw his smile, my heart is melted ^-^
    keep waiting for his new drama or movies even solo album.
    saranghae, yoon kye sang oppa ^-^

  52. 52 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    Hi 윤계상(Kye-Sang),

    안녕-, 잘지네냐. 괜찮아요? 제 이름은 Roxanne 입니다. 너 귀여워. 내가 널 좋아하게 된 것 같아. 나랑 사귈래? ha,ha joke!

    메세지 보내주세요. Nuhh Boh Goh Nuhh Rang Mahl Ha Goh Ship Uh, Nee Mok Soh Ri Deut Go Ship Uh….나는 너를 순전히 사랑한다

    유감스러운, 나는 가야 한다. 보고 싶어요

    안녕히 가세요

  53. 53 : Cynthia Says:

    ESTOY ENAMORA DE TI, veo en tu mirada ternura y mucha picardia, esa convinacion que adoro, la inocencia de un niño y la sensualidad de todo un hombre

  54. 54 : Yoonluvr Says:

    I have watched all your dramas and movies. U R SOO Coool!! I just finished Who Are You. Can’t wait until your next drama!!! 🙂

  55. 55 : butterfly Says:

    macho gwapito

  56. 56 : butterfly Says:

    he’s so yummy… nice body…

  57. 57 : Panda Says:

    Hi! Kye Sang cutie oppa

    i’m your real fan in Thailand after i’ve first saw your drama.
    your smile got me breathless and my heart almost stop beating.
    in everyday, you can makes me can’t stop smiling when i saw your picture.

    always love you ^8^

  58. 58 : yuii Says:

    i saw your series last night
    its great
    you look cute and friendly
    i hope you will mail and leave some message to me bye bye

  59. 59 : Gwen Says:

    I just want to say that your acting has really improved alot and keep up the spirit. Hope to see you more.


  60. 60 : chaste08 Says:

    really!! your acting in “who are you?” was really amazing and very credible despite the character’s unbelievable role…on that note i think the scriptwriter and director should also be commended for the wonderful story and direction …three thumbs up..!!! whew!! excellent one..you deserve an award for this acting..hehe…good luck and more powers!!

  61. 61 : annia-shi Says:

    Hi Kye Sang!
    I’m done watching “Who are you?” and your so, so, so cute & super cool! LOVE it! I had a lot of fun watching it. I watched it online during lunch breaks at work. 😀 And I’ve watched all your movies & series also. Keep up the good work & good luck on your next projects. Hope to see you here in the Philippines! Keep Smiling! Kye Sang, Fighting! 😛
    GOD bless!

  62. 62 : autumn Says:

    …anyong!! kye sang oppa!!
    …ur rily good in ur latest drama
    …hope to c u hir in the Phil’s!!

  63. 63 : Thai Fan ^___^ Says:

    Hi KS,
    “Who are you?” touched me so much, now I’m searching back your work and hopefully I could find them.

    I also finished “Crazy For You” it was also nice.

    I wish I could see more of your work, in the past, present and in the near future too.

    I dont think you would happen to come to read the post here, however, I just wanted to say that I like your work, keep coming, Okayyyyyyyyyyy…Happy Kye Sang ^___^

  64. 64 : music_box Says:

    yoon kyae sang shii…

  65. 65 : aquamarine Says:

    Good Job and Bravo..
    Love Your act at ” Who Are you ” just like real..

  66. 66 : lee mariz Says:

    like youn na nga

  67. 67 : lee mariz Says:

    i like you na talaga you’re so cute in your drama series “who are you” its so touching , it’s an all around series may comedy, drama and romance,i like also ara go bagay kayo hope you understand that. hope you will visit the Philippines!!!!!!saranghae, yoon kye sang oppa

  68. 68 : anna victoria santos Says:

    hi there my gosh kye sang youre so amazing and so hot hope youll visit our country phil.i love the way you cry and smile so goog to be true.my wish 4 u is to beconme a best actor in 2009 in baeksang award aza aza figthing saranghamnida oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anna from the pearl of the orient phillippines

  69. 69 : lee mariz Says:

    like you na talaga yoon kye sang i search na nga your pictures sa net ha ha ha hope you will have more series and movies to come !!!!!!hope you will have a korean novel na comedy and romance with chae rim and lee seo jin like ko rin sila!!!!take care coz i care mwahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!smile always

  70. 70 : haydeesong Says:

    san planeta ka galing??pero cute ka ha pg ceryoso hehe tgnan mo c lee mariz naloloka na sayo…ngalit na nga c lee seo eh kc sinulot mo dw c lee mariz sna mgng frend tau ……

  71. 71 : yati Says:

    I LOVE U .

  72. 72 : yoon.Ist Says:

    good acting..great song, u are really cute…YKS…may i ask, who’s your girl friends?thnks for the answer…

  73. 73 : sahlee Says:

    you’re the cutest mean person i’ve ever seen on screen!!! superb acting!!

  74. 74 : tisha789 Says:

    Hi!!..Yoon Key Sang

    i was watching movie ” she is 19″ i really love u so much..i thought u were the great actor..Then after finished that’s movie then i find new one about which movies u acting on..Then i found out ” Who are you?” i really love u much and more than anythings…i love when saw u acting ..everythings from u look nature., i can’t stop my eyes for watching u…i thought u were the good and great actor ..when i saw u cried ..i cried follow u..

    I am a woman from thailand..I want to say ..i really crazy you so much…i need to have yr poster in my room hehe!! and i want to meet u in real in thai too…look forword to see u in the future ( i really hope so much)…

    if u reply my mail and always contact me in my mail ..it would be great hehehe!!! (ohhh…i am dream about that so much)

    i want to say…I LOVE YOU..Love like a man and woman not like friend ..hehehehhe!!!

  75. 75 : anjael Says:

    wow..dami pla nagkka crush sknya.. ^-^
    hihi..cute mu tlga!nyahaha!!

  76. 76 : tisha789 Says:

    Hey!! befor i have added comment here .,but why now i can’t see my comment? what happened …that’s shit.,However i want to add comment again …I really love u Yoon key saNG. You are my Favorite actor..I will watching every movies and series u will acting again..

    HOw i can say? i love u so much..I always searching and waiting to watching yr new movies and new series. ;)))) love u from thailand …Tisha789

  77. 77 : Shirley Says:

    Dear Mr. Yoon Kye Sang,

    I didn’t come across of you until this drama ‘Who are you?’. It’s incredile. I like your role as Cha Seung Hyo in the said drama. You had done a good job. Keep it up!.

    Last but not least, you’re indeep an attractive and heart-warming actor. Hope i’ll have a faith to meet you in real person once.

    Take good care and i’m looking forward to your next production.

    Warmest regards,

  78. 78 : lotlot Says:

    march 5 , 2009 3:00 pm

    I love yoon very much the way he smile….i’m looking forward his new movie &drama.

  79. 79 : lotlot Says:

    march 5 ,2009

    I love yoon kye sang very much especially the way he smile ..so cute
    i’m looking forward his new movie &drama hope he will visit the philippines .

  80. 80 : lotlot Says:

    march 5 2009

    I love yoon very much in who are you…. looking forward hi new movie &drama

  81. 81 : marie france Says:

    hi kye I like the song in my sweet 19. Hope to see u in another dramas. A fan from mauritius

  82. 82 : jelly Says:

    march 18,2009 7:45 pm

    I’ve done watching who are you, nice drama .I keep on watching again because the line of the conversation so romantic that he can’t express his love…especially the nail & toes of yoon so nice….since i watch this drama. I love yoon …..the way he smile. i;m eager to watch his new drama.

  83. 83 : cat Says:

    march 18 , 2009 8:05 pm

    I love the theme song in WHO ARE YOU! the miraculous love ….
    where we can buy the album …I love yoon very much …..I also love the movie of yoon in my 6 year in love & beastie boys….I’m so excited his new drama triple this coming june…..

  84. 84 : ed Says:

    i really love your acting especially in the funny scene, but please… please.. please..dont act in a movie/drama like moonlight anymore, i really hate your character in there..

    wonder when you can shoot a movie in m’sia…:p

  85. 85 : ken Says:

    i’m your fan in the philippines ,just finished watching WHO ARE YOU….
    you are a great actor…love you so much yoon .. i meet you in my dream …

  86. 86 : lina Says:

    ur really100X cute…ur killer smile drive me crazy..i will be always be your fan

  87. 87 : redeyes Says:

    words can not express how much i love you, Yoon Kye Sang, i love you in ” my sister in law is 19″ the most, you in ” who are you” is also amazing. You should know that you are an incredible actor. I wish you all the best things in the world. Any girl who gets your love would be the luckiest girl in the world. Be always happy, okie??? i’ll be right here supporting you, loving you and wishing you all the best. I love you so much…

  88. 88 : redeyes Says:

    we are all connected somehow, i know you are far away that i can’t even reach, it does not matter though. Let me love you, that’s enough. I’ll see you in my dreams ! i’ll happy when you’re happy, so remember to live a happy life, okie??? i’m always your huge fan. love you to death !

  89. 89 : Tim Says:

    Oh! first I’m apology i say something wrong (i’m half Cambodian and Chinese) I don’t know really what to say! the first I saw his movies is in 2006( the flying boy) i think that it’s a funny movie and never focus on the actor.but sunddenly in 2008 I saw a koren drama ( who are you ) then i’m kind impress and search for all his movies and watch that’s all.

  90. 90 : marie Says:

    yoon kye sang is one of the underrated actors in korea.
    what a brilliant talent.
    his passion and dedication for his craft is an understatement.

  91. 91 : bakoko Says:

    Unwinding myself for two months while waiting for the board rating .Well ,searching for the antagonist of my monotony routine
    action , I went to the video shop viewing an enjoyable DVD so I try
    to picked the “who are you”. while watching the first episode a heavy drama but some other scenes are comedy that’s the time i’m curious with the actor , so i’ll hunt him in the internet for his other craft and movie. However, in she is nineteen ,i thought he’s some kind of serious or heavy drama role he portray but it amazed me , he’s good also in comedy . Until now i’m looking forward for his latest update about the life of yoon kye sang as well as his upcoming drama and movie.MORE
    POWER TO YOU! and don’t be tired to work because you are a great actor and you deserve to have an award , a best actor .

  92. 92 : jacky Says:

    I’m a huge fan of yoon kye sang ,first i saw him in who are you and i’m very so much eager to see his new drama and his previous movie .I’m just finished the crazy in love,she is nineteen ,i hope the 6 year in love will download in mysoju.com . I love YKS hope to see you in person and you just stay as handsome as you are.I’ll pray for you to have more project so that you can give us more fun and to make us brighten our day.Mabuhay ka YKS!!!!!

  93. 93 : patrice Says:

    I love the acting of this actor,in one of the cast of who are you as chaseongyu.I also love the the story that he has given a chance to have a second life because the totality point of his life that he has an intemperate heart living alone without family .Superb actor that he limn the character utterly until the last episode .Chaseongyu still linger in my
    heart & mind especially the actor who is the center of all.

  94. 94 : Jeslyn Says:

    Hi Yoon
    I had watched “Who are you” and follow on to watch “Crazy In Love”.
    I must really compliment you for your good acting skills.
    Keep up the good work!!
    Look forward to your new movie/drama.
    Take care!!

  95. 95 : Luna Says:

    Just finished watching My Sister-in-law is 19, Flying Boys and Six Years in Love (Six Years Lovers), but your acting in Who are You impressed me the most. Good luck and best wishes for you in 2010. Hope to see you in a new drama soon.

  96. 96 : manori Says:

    Hi Kay sang. I am your fan in indonesia. I love your acting in Who are you. By the way I like you be a singer too. Happy birthday ……

  97. 97 : baran Says:

    hi how are you yoon kye sang.i love your acting in Triple.i love you

  98. 98 : leila Says:

    hi yoon kye sang you are incredible ,really u’re amazing i really like ur acting in who are u ,i saw many korean dramas but after i saw who are you i can say that u are the best actor in the world not only in korea i hope i will see more dramas from you in main roles

  99. 99 : Inooo Says:


    yoon kye sang, I Love you work and character, also there is something incredible in your face, maybe its a secret.

    I hope that I can know you more by seeing you or chat with you.
    You are really a man 🙂

    Can I say see you soon 🙂

  100. 100 : Ise Says:

    Your secret weapon is your SMILE. You perform great in Crazy For You and Who Are You. Keep it up.

  101. 101 : parisa Says:

    i love yoon key sang very much he is incomparable
    but i can’t find many picture of his

  102. 102 : minoo Says:

    hi dear kye sang.your eyes are so shiny i love them .we i mean iranian people love your drama as( who are you? ) ,that was awesome .good luck 🙂

  103. 103 : mahshid Says:

    i love u so much specially your cheek and your eyes cause you are so cute ,u have baby face that’s great .hope to see u in iran someday 🙂

  104. 104 : pari Says:

    i love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm

  105. 105 : pari Says:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sang

  106. 106 : nazanin Says:

    I love you very much .you are best actor in all over the world.you are very handsome. Ilive in iran please come here.

  107. 107 : nazanin Says:

    Ilove you very much.you are best actor in all over the world.youe are very handsome,im live iran please come here.

  108. 108 : nousha Says:

    Dear Mr. Yoon Kye Sang

    The drama as “who are you” was excellent and your characteristic in this drama is my favorite. indeed, you are really attractive.
    I hope to meet you someday in the future.

    wish you all the best

  109. 109 : Cheryl Law Says:

    Hey Yoon Kye Sang…

    I thnk you are the most gorgeous guy I have seen…I think you are a great actor..

    I love all the tv series you are in…you are so funny and I love your smile…it makes melt….

    Hope to meet you one day….

  110. 110 : Cheryl Law Says:

    Hi Mr Yoon Kye Sang..

    I think you are a gorgeous man and very handsome…you are a wonderful actor and you make me laugh, cry etc…

    I love your smile it makes me melt..

    Hope to meet you one day

  111. 111 : Si Says:

    Oh, I’ve watched ‘who are you?’
    Such a talented actor….

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    […] Jang Woo – Choi Bool Am old Jang Woo Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon – Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Yeon Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho – Choi Bool Am as old Tae Ho Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo (Commander of the 2nd […]

  113. 113 : sara Says:

    i’m in LoooooooooooooooooooVe with you Yoon Kye Sang,seriously…to me you’re perfect ^___^

  114. 114 : kseniya Says:

    U’re so cool & so hot and you’re a very good actor. I adore u. I’m waiting to see you in the next film. hope it will be soon. seeeeee uuu

  115. 115 : sedi Says:

    HI perfect acter I fill a good sence when see youre series .
    thank you for your nice play .I don,t know you and your contry and ….. but you play very well and show love nice.

  116. 116 : mona Says:

    hey I don’t know who u are or…I just love u as Mr cha …u taught me that I can love a korean person just if he’s like you by the way u’re so lovely when u cry

  117. 117 : sara Says:

    Hi Dear Kye Sang
    Im from Iran,i watched Who are you drama,that was excellent.i love you,i love Korean people & Korean drama.i hope to see you.good luck.

  118. 118 : Mj Says:

    OMG,u r so hot,I really love u!I need so much.u know I’m living with u in my dreams;)
    I really love u!I’m waiting for u till end of world! I<3 U.many kiss' just for u from me:*

  119. 119 : anna Says:

    Hi mr Yoon Kye Sang!
    i really love your role in “who are you” series! you are wonderful! do you know Iran at all? i see alot of iranian girls love you! it`s fantastic! 😀 😀
    i wish to meet you one day! you are really famous not even in Korea but also in Iran. you know! Koreans are most lovely people in the world….! good luck!

  120. 120 : fari Says:

    i like cha song hio i dont like yoon kye sang……………………………………………………………..i have mistake ilove yoon kye sang very very much 🙂

  121. 121 : UR#1fan Says:

    hi yoon kye sang ….

    I’m a korean drama / movie fanatic now , I only admire 2 korean actors:

    YOU and KIM RAE WON…… i so love you in ” She is Nineteen” … and i heard that your other projects were great too . I will be searching for more of your dramas and movies …. I really hope that you can visit our country . Philippines , as Bi- Rain did … I know you are also a great singer and been with G.O.D., you might want to consider having a rand concert here.. You look great when you sang ” As long as you love me”

    I hope you have a social network account where i can add you as a friend….

    sana paramdam ka , astig talaga ang dating mo… sana akin ka na lang ^_^

  122. 122 : marihigh Says:


  123. 123 : yummy Says:

    love you yoon kye sang.
    you are the greates actor.
    thank for your drama ” crazy for you “.
    this drama is amazing, amazing story, amazing acting, amazing ending.
    thank to for your drama ” who are you “.
    you are so funny in this drama.
    thank yoon kye sang for your acying.

  124. 124 : yummy Says:

    love you yoon kye sang.
    you are the greatest actor.
    thank for your drama ” crazy for you “.
    this drama is amazing, amazing story, amazing acting, amazing ending.
    thank to for your drama ” who are you “.
    you are so funny in this drama.
    thank yoon kye sang for your acting.

  125. 125 : sevgi Says:

    ı love you yoon.turkey den merhaba

  126. 126 : NeesHa Says:

    i love shin tae-ho character @ road no.1..
    wish yks were really him…hahahaa… ^^

  127. 127 : fan Says:

    He makes Dr Yoon Pil Joo a big competitor to Top star Dokko jin, hard to defeat him, Handsome, VERY Cute, Adorable.
    A very good actor !

  128. 128 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like your acting as Dr Yoon Pil Sang in Greatest love drama.
    Adorable & caring. Handsome, sexy & intelligent. Aja aja — fighting. Hope you can act in lead role with adorable actress —- and have greater heights in acting career. Fans from Singapore. 🙂

  129. 129 : Gachan Says:

    YUP,…you are so awesome,..you are too kinds become PIl joo,.
    If in the end you are not with ae jung,..please with me..
    LOL,…(good guy..pil joo..) =P

  130. 130 : Miimii Says:

    I’m So FU*KIN into u these Days!!
    <3 <3 One of the Best Faces of Korea!!
    I Love U!

  131. 131 : Miimii Says:

    Waittttt! U are a Formere Member if G.O.D !!!!
    OMG gotta YouTube G.O.D Right Away 😀

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  133. 133 : Ana Says:

    I first saw him in “She is Nineteen” drama series. His smile is infectious! He hasn’t aged a bit in 6 years. Hope to see him too in future drama series.

  134. 134 : yas Says:

    jigaaaaaare mano khadihe bod.yadesh bekheir…

  135. 135 : k-drama lover Says:

    omo….he looks younger than his age!! like his acting in TGL though. Coooool and definitely handsome (“,)

  136. 136 : qky Says:

    I really fell in love because of yoon kye sang acting DI The Greatest Love,,,,

  137. 137 : chona Says:

    really like him he looks younger than hes age..

  138. 138 : Amene Says:

    A Like You Kye Sang,
    Have A Nice Days.

  139. 139 : violet88 Says:

    he’s the perfect casting for Yun Pil Joo.. Looovee him in that role so much. feel bad coz a person as nice/perfect as him does not able to win ae jung’s heart… hope to see him in other drama/movie as the main actor… agree with the rest of the commentator that he’s indeed looks much younger than his real age…

  140. 140 : pazharwahab Says:

    why you are so awsome.i love you so much you are so perfect .

  141. 141 : sentaro Says:

    Uri oppa!! Jjaaannnggg!!! :*

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  143. 143 : Nano Says:

    I first took notice of him in ‘Triple’. Though he was not the main character and his storyline in that drama was boring, somehow I was intrigued by his acting. This prompt me to search for his other drama. I found ‘Who are you?’ and wanted to give it a try. Many times before, I’ve seen this title and I made it a pass, mainly because of the actors, which none of them are my favorites, including YKS.
    But how surprise I was, I was so hooked by him in WAY? , so much so that I will make an attempt to watch all his movies and other dramas.
    Truthfully, I think he is one of a good Korean actors, definitely can act!
    I would love to see him in more romantic role, I like him being arrogant but hopelessly in love.
    He has shown such a charismatic character in WAY?. So dashing, you just grow to love him.

  144. 144 : Pipe Says:

    You should watch him in Poongsan (movie). His acting is mesmerizing!

  145. 145 : leila from iran Says:

    Yoon Kye Sang u are soooooooooooo cute!
    i love u soooooooooooooo much oppa!

  146. 146 : sara Says:

    ilove you soooooooooo much in how are you

  147. 147 : galine nova Says:

    hy yoon kye sang you are so cutie,like a bunny.

  148. 148 : passby Says:

    to me, his smile Is … “unique”..a bit boyish with a streak of shyness, quite attractive tho…

  149. 149 : salsa Says:

    i love u so much.. aku suka perannya sebagai dr yoon pil joo di greatest love.. love u 4ever deh….!!!

  150. 150 : Nisa Says:

    Yoon Pil Joo 🙂
    He is so cute with the spectacles .

  151. 151 : Nona Says:

    Best actor and really handsome.. More tv drama series, plizz..!! Not enough one drama, one movie a yearr,,,
    Luv u much!!!

  152. 152 : dayana Says:

    Is nothing the other your drama?…I had watched just ‘who are you? and road no.1’…and I not satisfied because just a moment so l can’t see you again after the end about the movie…

  153. 153 : dayana Says:

    and also in ‘The greatest love’, you are so handsome…by the way you are a singer?…I think never hear your song but I’m sure I can get soon.

  154. 154 : No name Says:

    He looks younger than his age.

  155. 155 : Little Kangeroo Says:

    Yoon Kye Sang Oppa~ Love you!!! 행운을 항상!!

  156. 156 : Who Are You (누구세요) « styrn Says:

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  157. 157 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    .. Kye Sang oppa ! Saranghae 🙂 muah !

  158. 158 : sefti Says:

    Saranghae oppa ♥♥♥

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    i love this guy ..

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  161. 161 : maknaee Says:

    waah so you’re a former member of GOD? that’s cool.
    I love your act on The Greatest Love and High Kick 3. Ahjussi, you fit the role of doctor well ~~

  162. 162 : nwe lay Says:

    I like him especially in ‘she is 19’

  163. 163 : nwe lay Says:

    I like him especially in ‘she is 19’

  164. 164 : shwaron Says:

    Anyone else notice how skinny this dude is for such a tall guy :O

  165. 165 : roxy Says:

    you are so cool in your new drama ‘ the full sun’ figthing!

  166. 166 : roxy Says:

    “the full sun”…..excellent! Yoon Kye Sang…..Superb!

  167. 167 : blush Says:

    i like you more seeing you in Full Sun! i hope to see you soon in another rom drama with Han, you guys have a good chemistry! all the best! sarang hae yo – i first saw you in Sister in law 19 & have been a huge fan of yours ever since! aja aja! your acting in Full Sun is an Oscar contender!

  168. 168 : JJ Says:

    Yoon kye sung you rocked in Full Sun! You once again demonstrated your great acting ability in this drama! Your chem with Han ji hye was awesome! You both did an excellent job! I hope you are paired with her again, can’t seem to get enough of you both! Hope your next drama will be soon! we’ll let you rest for a wee bit 🙂
    Best actor KBS & Best Couple with Han ji hye!

    take care & congrats!

  169. 169 : ryeongbin Says:

    I really love his acting as Jung Se Ro
    I’ll be waiting for your next drama
    Aku padamu deh pokoknya ♥ ♥ ♥

  170. 170 : Lay Khine. Says:

    “Beyond the Clouds” is a very good drama well acted by all the casts..
    Yoon Kye San should receive the “Best Actor Award”.His acting is awesome.
    Want to see a lot of your dramas.
    You ve turned out to be a real man now.

  171. 171 : Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Yoon Kye Sang as Cha Seung Hyo and Go Ah Ra as Son Young In, Kang Nam Gil as Son Il Gun. Plot: Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted person and stickler for cleanliness. Son Il Gun is a father who died, but he left things unfinished with his daughter. In order to make sure that his daughter is provided for, he controls Seung Hyo’s body for three hours a day for 49 days. He buys his daughter the things he couldn’t do when he was alive with Seung Hyo’s money. Il Gun’s daughter, Young In, is a quick-tempered girl who meets Seung Hyo during her part-time job. At first, she has a bad impression of him but she gradually starts to fall for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past. […]

  172. 172 : april_evelyn Says:

    Saengil chukahae!!! Happy b-day Yoon Kye Sang!!! I wish you have more b-days to come & more success in your career… I love your acting specially when your in a comedy drama, i think that’s your personality… i really love when your smiling it reminds me of my beloved husband who passed away so early… i hope to see you more in making dramas… Godbless you always & stay healthy!!!

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  178. 178 : Mylene Says:

    Love him in The Good Wife!

  179. 179 : nischuu Says:

    one of my fave actor in The Full Sun/Beyond the Clouds!!

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