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Yoon Sang Hyun

Yoon Sang Hyun 02

Name: 윤상현 / Yoon Sang Hyun
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1973-Sep-21
Height: 182cm
Weight: 74kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: B
Education: Chung Ang University
Kpop group: 5WHO

TV Shows

Eighteen Again (jTBC, 2020)
Terius Behind Me (MBC, 2018)
Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset (MBC, 2018)
Perfect Wife (KBS2, 2017)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (jTBC, 2017)
Shopping King Louie (MBC, 2016)
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi (jTBC, 2016)
The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Gap Dong (tvN, 2014)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013)
Can’t Live With Losing (MBC, 2011)
Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)
Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)
The Secret of Keu Keu Island (MBC, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Winter Bird (MBC, 2007)
Common Single (SBS, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)


Miss & Mrs. Cops (2019)
A Dynamite Family (2014)
Love Clinique (2012)
Sunday Seoul (2006) cameo


  • 2009 17th Korean Culture and Acting Awards : Best Acting Award for TV Drama (Queen of Housewives)
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Yoon Eun Hye in Take Care of the Young Lady)
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Take Care of the Young Lady)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Queen of Housewives)
  • 2006 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

Switzerland’s ambassador

He is appointed as “Switzerland’s Friend” by the Switzerland Tourism Authority during a ceremony last June 27, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. As a Switzerland’s ambassador, he’s going to carry out diverse promotional activities until 2012. (Source) (Translation)

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  1. 1 : laila Says:

    ohh soo gorgeous.. luv yah jinha

  2. 2 : cJJ Says:

    ur so cute in marrying a millionaire..:P

  3. 3 : annemarie Says:

    Hi Jinha,know what i Love you so much,it may sound silly but i dont care,ur eyes is shimmering in every way,i felt bad at the tv series to marry a millionaire coz ur role is kinda martyr guy,chasing and protecting his love Miss Han,i been dreaming of you since i have seen u in that movie,i dont why,am i crazy?think i am,i keep looking at ur name in dvd tape i bought but didnt found it so i search for u all over the net then Thank God i found it,i am so happy.i was hoping to that i may see ur personal site if i may?please?i am marie from Philippines and u know what?thiers alot more like me who’s been admiring and crazy about u.how i wish il see ur response…I AM UR BIGGEST FAN!mwaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!il really look forward to see all of ur tv series and movies too….il surely check on it.seeing ur photos makes me happy.God Speed,hope we can be good friends…

  4. 4 : annemarie Says:

    Well here i am again,im not really satisfied about the last thing i wrote,i do hope i could tell u all the things i really love to say to u that is stored in my mind and in my heart,whew**** im speechless now,,oh God i really wish to recieve some of your photos…How i really wish!!!You are such a very adorable person!!!!!!!!
    your biggest fan;) me!!!!

  5. 5 : sherwil marcos Says:


  6. 6 : sherwil marcos Says:

    jinha again its me sherwil……….hohoho you made me cry in your movie,i wish im the girl in that shoes of miss han,,,,,,,,,,love you so much ”””””’IDOL”””””YOUR SO HANDSOME………im crazy for you,,,,,,

  7. 7 : sherwil marcos Says:

    jinha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your so hot of your pic hehehe love youoooooooooooooooo”i think i should gonna take medicine coz i cant sleep…………..thinking of you always,,,,,,,,,,,,
    sleeping pills the best way to forget”””””””U

  8. 8 : ma.riza Says:

    Hi my Beloved Jinha,i Love you so much…i been waiting to here your response,i am ur biggest fan..ur always in my thoughts i keep watching all ur tv series over and over….i love you dearly,i can give my life to u if u want it,even if u dont i still give it to u,thats how important u are to me..Love you!

  9. 9 : qidah Says:

    hai,jinho…….ur so cute &handsome…..i wish i can meet with u

  10. 10 : Emine Says:

    Hey (V) Happy Birthday Yoon Sang Hyun 😛 Wish you all the best..
    I love all of your Drama & movies..Have a great 30th birthday.
    You’re an awesome actor! Keep up the good work 🙂 😀 😉 ^^,

  11. 11 : bhehon_lefla Says:

    yeah! he’s more attractive than Ko Soo n marrying a mllionare… he so Gorgeous… nyahhhhh…:)

  12. 12 : neth Says:

    oh now i found you..i always think about you everyday, every hour and evry minute..how i wish to be with you someday but i think it never really happen only in my dreams..awww..but no harm trying..hehe!! your my man damn i really like you and love you so..^_^ first time i saw you on tv then it made me feel really different like crazy in love just in a single snap oh c’mon..i keep on searching anything and everything about you..crap=p I’d like to go to korea just to see u personally and kiss you..nyahahaha! 😀

  13. 13 : neth Says:

    anyway dn’t really know about you actually..hehe!! :)) do you have a girlfriend already or wives?LOL..

  14. 14 : neth Says:

    but it doesn’t really matter what matter most is I’m addicted to you..hahaha! pls. tell me how to cure it..lols! i want you sublime!!! 🙂

  15. 15 : bunchie Says:

    ahm….i love you,, yoon sang hyun

  16. 16 : bunchie Says:

    oh ur so cute i think – im fallin in love with you….

  17. 17 : bunchie Says:


  18. 18 : Joy Says:

    Hello! I’m Joy, from Philippines. i just want to say that you’re such a good actor! I really like you. You’re good in acting on the show Marrying a Millionaire on ABS-CBN 2. Keep it up! Love lots…lol….Keep on shining! Love you! Hope you’ll visit the Philippines! I will wait for that…and congratulations for being a successful person. Continue inspiring others! You’re one of my greatest dreams…:-)

    You’re greatest fan in the Philippines…
    Good Luck!
    I’ll pray for you, promise….
    Take Care Always…. 🙂

  19. 19 : cj Says:

    i love your Hotness!

  20. 20 : jn_jn Says:

    hi hinja, im really dying 4 u.., on the first time I saw you in drama serye marrying a millionaire! Gosh…this is the first time ever that i feel this crazy feeling. I’m so KILIG everytime I saw you in marrying a millionaire. I’ll do watching marrying a millionaire not because of Ko Soo but because of you! I feel so jealous when i read those message above but I’m so happy because I am not one who admired you…,we’re so many and I’m so happy 4 u!

    Hope u continue your good work.

  21. 21 : jn_jn Says:

    I am hoping you can send me more pictures of you! I search your pics but I find so little…., I like your eyes very much!

    I’m the one of your BIGGEST fan!
    Hope u can send me more pictures of yours…thanks!


  22. 22 : fragile Says:

    different……………, different enough to treasure 4ever!!!
    may God Bless u always……
    im a fan of urs here in the Phil.

  23. 23 : tani87 Says:

    I do not know why should i like you but can’t help this feeling so far..lol! your not good looking as well on screen but i don’t think if u are in personal and i dnt care about it really coz i really like u even if u don’t..haha!! please tell me what should i do..how can i forget u damn your not that attractive but u steal my heart once u stare..hehe!! i like ur eyes and ur mustache suits u well in marrying a millionaire..hehehe!! 🙂 I am looking forward to see u personally and be with u as much as i can..lol! so silly but i am crazy for u!hahaha..i never let pass each day without seeing u and think about u..wish to be with u..hehe! come with me! huh! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. 24 : ur_only_girl Says:

    hi there! Yoon Sang Hyun! what a name. I really admire you so much with all my heart, body and soul. hehe!! hope u have a lot more projects to come in order to see u everyday on screen not only on my dreams. hahaha!!! Keep up the good work! and hang-out with me sometime..LOL
    wish u all the best..keep up the good work!

    yours truly,

  25. 25 : M3&U Says:

    there’s only one prayer i have at this time..

    guess what!?

    what i want right now is YOU!!! hahaha

    Please God give it to me..yay! 😀

  26. 26 : fanatic Says:

    hey! why you’ve came to this damn world!?? u make me feel like dying little by little coz what i’m thinking all the way is just you! can’t able to think of anything, can’t eat, can’t do anything but to think about you damn what do u have why should i act like this! hahaha anyone is crazy about you but mine is i’m dying about you! toinks. You are one of a kind drop dead gorgeous. hehehe

  27. 27 : !zhang! Says:

    hmmm..hey! May i ask if he really reads this one? I mean is he able to read our comment here coz if he do then i would rather make this too long with no end. hahaha! I’m so glad that there’s so many people who admired Yoon Sang Hyun and I am one of his “dying hard fan” ever. I really like him from head to foot to tips. kiddin! hehe!! I like the whole him! hahaha. well! this is what i want to say for now. try to make it long nextime don’t get mad my man. love you much and more! hahaha!

  28. 28 : serenity Says:

    nice acting .. looking forward to see you again in other movies ^_^
    would it be nice also if you go action? it really suits you aside from from those dramas you’ve been.. more power! ciao!

  29. 29 : CJ Says:

    i love your HOTNESS!!

  30. 30 : Belle Cruz Says:

    HI!!! I am you’re avid fan here in Manila, Philippines. I love to watch your show “Marrying a Millionaire”. I like your eyes, it is so expressive. Your role was amazing and great. I wish to see more of you on t.v. I see to it that I watch it every night eventhough I go to bed late but I feel happy seeing you. Tiil here and take care always. Hope to hear a reply from you.

  31. 31 : shielo Says:

    hello…Yoon Sang yoon…
    well i really admire you….

    youre unique in other ways…

    well,you can attract many fmales,,,hmmm..
    im one of them…hope youll visit here in the phil.

    Your my favorite actor,,,

    i know its a big miracle that ill see you in person..
    well.at least…im satisfied seeing you in the t.v//
    goodluck in your career…..

    God Bless….From your greatest fan….^.^

  32. 32 : shielo Says:


    take care always…………..

  33. 33 : shielo Says:


  34. 34 : shielo Says:


  35. 35 : priz Says:

    ,,,,ur so cute,..hope 2 see more of your movies,,,,,,luv yah dahlin’

  36. 36 : priz Says:

    ,,,,hi,,…i lyk da way u smile,,you’ve got penetrating eyes,,i lyk da way u stare,,,,,,,,,,,, u r such an actor……………….

  37. 37 : ELEONOR Says:


  38. 38 : Kim Ha Ji Won Says:


  39. 39 : chen Says:


  40. 40 : chen Says:

    i come from indonesia n i really like u in fireworks

  41. 41 : Daisy Says:

    I love YSH’s eyes. They look sad and bright. I liked his actiing better that Go Soo’s in Marrying a Millionaire.

  42. 42 : starkibum Says:

    hmmm.. at first i liked him a lot ‘cuz of the mustache and his hotness appeal. but now

    i’m in love with kibum

    in marrying a millionaire i first saw him

    and that was like ages ago.

    and ages ago..

    i found my one true love


  43. 43 : amie Says:

    your show marrying a millionaire has bee viewd here in the philippines..
    ..i do like you character there.. you keep your emotion.. however, i know you are the “balakid” in there love affair..(laughing)
    ..how’s is it in korea?. i’ve never been there.. hope i can visit your place,,
    my ate told me that you do not believe in god.. how true?.. do you know miss karen mok.. say helo to her from amie.. i lkie here movie so close.. i really wanted to see korea but lots of process to do first.. hope you can visit here in the philippines..
    …i’m really excited touring you in our spectacular places..
    …you and karen mok are my korean artists whom i like very much though your only supporting artist such movie..
    …see you.. hope you can send me more pix at my email add with you and karen mok.. [email protected] is my email add,,
    ..thank you and i will always watch your movies coming up even my sister told me you look like a cockroach in marryng a millionaire..(smiling)…i’l expect your email mr. Yoon Sang Hyun..

  44. 44 : amie Says:

    i forgot to see God Bless.. ii know one korean died in suicide,,
    ..believe in God and He will Help you on your DREams and Aspirations..
    ..more power

  45. 45 : pt Says:

    it seems that you like to keep your moustache, but you look like another person when you take it out.

  46. 46 : ayeh grace Says:

    your more handsome than go soo
    i very like u…

  47. 47 : aquarius Says:

    I am your big fan…………..love all your drama……..

  48. 48 : Jane Says:

    I like your character in your latest drama ‘Queen of Housewives’. You put up a commendable performance. Well done.

  49. 49 : Shin Says:

    Is he really born in 1977? So he’s the youngest actor in Qoh?

  50. 50 : jinjoo Says:

    annyeong — you’re one of the gorgeous and one of the cutest K actors for me! i liked you in Queen and can’t wait to see more of your future projects! i hope you’re still single? just kidding! more power to you!

  51. 51 : tuswit Says:

    oh need i say more? you’re hot & sexy, gorgeous & i may run out of adjectives but when i first saw you in 3 Dads i didn’t really pay any attention to you until i saw you again in marrying a millionaire and now queen of housewives where you became more & more handsome! i wish i cld see you also in person just like everybody else on this board! you exude that kind of charisma that every girl would die for! the more i look at you while watching queen of housewives the more i feel like falling in love with you but again that’s only in dreams! (smile) good luck in all your endeavours & hope you make more romantic dramas! sarang hae yeo!

  52. 52 : Lumi Says:

    I will definetely be watching Lady Castle because of Yoon Sang Hyun. He was the only that I liked in Marrying a Millionaire and was the funniest and best character in Queen of Housewives. I hope to see more with YSH in the future.

  53. 53 : Lumi Says:

    OMG! I didn’t recognize him in Three Dads and One Mom with those black rimmed eyeglasses and without his mustache. He was also very shortly as Eugene’s husband. YSH has beautiful shinning eyes that were hidden by the hideous eyewear.

    Good luck Yoon Sang Hyun in your next project: Lady Castle aka My Fair Lady. I hope he has the leading male part since he usually loses the girl. It’s is time to get her.

  54. 54 : jin Says:

    yoon sang ssi you’re very handsome, funny and everything in queen of housewives! i think you stole the show so to speak! i look f/ward to seeing more of you esp your new drama my fair lady which i can’t wait for the premier! you look much much better than in 3 dads where i didn’t even know you then but now you’re my number one of Korean actor’s list. luvya

  55. 55 : ida nurlely Says:

    I like your act in drama The queen of housewife which your role is very different from your act in drama Exhibition of fireworks. Can’t wait for seeing you again in your new drama. I really like your acting not only your face and that’s means you are really the actor. You already gave the audience your acting. We are really appreciate that. Thank you.

  56. 56 : Nina Says:

    i really love you when i saw you in queen of housewives! i’m move by your act and your voice. i’ve downloaded your latest EP from internet,it’s really nice voice .
    i’m looking forward for your new role of a hoseload in “Lady Castal”.

  57. 57 : yoonfan Says:

    i’m one of your newest fans in America — you’re very endearing in Queen of Housewives as Taebong! aside from your great acting, you got a great singing voice no wonder you were in a band before your acting career! i also admire you for doing such a good cause for the hearing impaired in Korea which you are a part of recently! i just hope that you won’t ever think of shaving off that moustache as it really looks super on you! I saw you in Exhb. of Fireworks, Marrying Millionaire and 3 Dads but your latest look in QOH just makes my heart flutters! (joke, i don’t want your girlfriend to be offended). I’ll be dropping you a line in care of MBC & hope against hope that you’ll be able to receive it! More power to you & i can’t wait to see you in My Fair Lady or Lady Castle. Also I hope you team up with some of my favorite Korean actresses like Son Ye Jin, Kim Jae Eun or Song hye kyeo! Take care & aja aja!

  58. 58 : yoonfan Says:

    To Nina: what is EP? and also how can i find to d/load his song? pls if you read this can you share it w/me? i love this guy in QOH just like everybody else here! Thnx in advance.

  59. 59 : Desy Says:

    I love yoon ….. muah….muah…
    actually I like your performance as a CEO in queen of housewife

  60. 60 : krazy4yoon Says:

    bogoshiposo taebongssi — sarang haeyo, you’re great in queen of housewives! i hope you get an award esp when you emote the time your father appa or hala buji died, you were teary-eyed; also when you were talking to ji ae at the funeral parlor telling her that you’re lonesome, without siblings etc. i love your acting really. Pls don’t shave off that moustache (kotsuyom) it suits you very much! you’re more attractive with it! nice also with curly hair like JPyo in BBF! you’re just adorable! thanks for your wonderful performance and i look forward to seeing you in My Fair Lady! jjal iss uh (take care).

  61. 61 : shee Says:

    i think you’re one of the funniest and cutest Korean actors in Korea! I liked you very much as Taebong & now in Lady Castle or My Fair Lady! I’m so happy for you – you deserve it! Your acting in QofH is just wonderful, cute, spoiled but warm-hearted. I just can’t describe it into words but you’re awesome! I have your photos in my bedroom, living room, screensaver, got some framed so what can I say, I’m one of your biggest fans now. Hope you get an award for acting so well as Taebong! Keep up the good work, your fans like me, support you all the way! luvya

  62. 62 : Avon Says:

    You are great in Queen of Housewifes. I hope seeing much more from you in the future

  63. 63 : Lumi Says:

    I just saw the trailer for MY FAIR LADY. It’s hilarious. I am very excited for that drama. I’m sure you have great chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye. Good luck! Sarange.

  64. 64 : Jan Rey Says:

    Give your best w/ Yoon Eun hye so that you can get your 1st award…

  65. 65 : May Says:

    I first noticed you was in Exibition of Fireworks and I think you are a handsome actor of korea eventhough I don’t like your role in that drama. Then you really shone in Qeen of Housewives. I don’t know you can be so fuuny which shows your acting ability. You look smart and your smile is heart warming. I’m watching My Fair Lady right now and I can’t wait for the new episodes coming out. Take care of youeself and I will keep watching your work in future. Best wishes to you.

  66. 66 : izzatie Says:

    anyeonghaseyo…. juz want to say saranghae yoon sang hyun!!!!

  67. 67 : Daisy Says:

    I hope to see you in more leading roles after Lady Castle.

    Keep up the good work. When will you be releasing a CD?

  68. 68 : Elin Says:

    By any chance, anyone knows if Yoon Sang Hyun is married? Im just curious….

  69. 69 : Luchie Says:

    I am starting to fall for you 🙂 Very attractive man 🙂

  70. 70 : coolamb Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sang Hyun ssi. 🙂

  71. 71 : bamboo Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday and may God bless you abundantly in the years ahead! I really like you in Queen of Housewives & now My Fair Lady! If the rumor of you & Eun is true that you’re dating, go for it….you guys look good/cute together! Don’t mind the negative views from others about the age gap…age doesn’t matter as long as you both are in love! I’m happy very happy i must say for you & Yoon! The only problem I have is she’s taking you away from me! (smile) More power to you & hope after MFL that you got another offer in a drama! I also liked your CF with Goo hye sun maybe a drama with her would be good too? Take care always & all the best!

  72. 72 : cheri Says:

    to elin…on question if yoon sang is married? NO he’s very much single & an eligible bachelor! today i read a rumor which both denied that they’re dating…i mean Yoon eun and Yoon sang i sure hope it’s true as they are both beautiful! i’m actually jealous now hahaha.

  73. 73 : crzy4YOON Says:

    belated happy b/day yoon sang ssi and just to say sarang hae yo! you’re my favorite K actor & you make me laugh in your dramas like Queen of Housewives and been watching My Fair Lady as well and I get addicted to it esp. you as dong chan! i like eun hye also you both have good acting skills and you both rock! jjal issaeyo muwah muwah to you!

  74. 74 : Jane Says:

    You are a very attractive and talented actor. I wish all the best in your acting career and hope to see many more of your dramas (hopefully as the leading roles) in the coming future. Good health and good luck to you.

  75. 75 : mulan Says:

    i really love your acting here in take care kdrama series. take care butler seo!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76 : mulan Says:

    i hope you will get an award in the present drama series together with YEH. Go for it Butler Seo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 77 : Stel Says:

    I really enjoyed watching you act in “take care of the young lady”.

    I hope to see many more of your dramas and hope to see you in more leading roles in the coming future.

    Good health and good luck to you!!Good luck on your acting career!!

  78. 78 : karla Says:

    I love you Yoon sang Hyun…same as Yoon Eun Hye wish and looking forward that you two will make another kdrama coz I really enjoyed wathcjing you both on screen…so fantastic and yet mesmerizing!!! LOVE IT!!!! wish you all the best! go butLer Seo!!

  79. 79 : rusyaidi Says:

    I love your acting. You had a chemistry acting with YEH. I hope to see more dramas with both of your acting together. All the best in your future undertakings.

  80. 80 : Jane Says:

    It is a pity that it takes you some four years to be recognised as a talented actor. With your excellent acting, charming good looks and good sense of humour,you should have risen to fame much earlier. Your dramas brighten up my days and I look forward every day to watching them. They gives me a sense of warmth and relaxation from my mundane life. Yoon Sang Hyun, I believe those who have watched ‘Queen of Housewives’ and ‘Take Care of the Young Lady’ will sing in praise of you.

  81. 81 : forpeace4 Says:

    I started watching Yoon sang hyun in ” Lady Castle”, i was so attracted to both him and his acting, and i thought to myself ; WOW!! i am really drawn to his eyes and his lips, very sexy indeed! But, while waiting to the next ep to air. i watched ” Exbition of Firework”, and I thought, ok not liking the character, and the acting was ok, i thought what an awful haircut! However; his character although a bad one you can come to understand his reasoning for what he did. Watched some more “Lady Castle” and kept comparing characters and acting ability! He just looked older in firework than in LC. Then i had to watch him in anything, I really just wanted to watch those eyes again! so i watched “Queen of HOusewives” all i can say is WHEW!!! i love Yoon Sang Hyung in white! that is his color!!! I really wanted him to get together with Ji ae!!! I enjoyed his perforamce soooooo much that I watched “Marry a Millionaire” I loved his looks, but his acting lacked a bit! I wished he would have put his “feelings” into his sexy eyes! But, I have enjoyed him the MOST as Dong Chan!!!!! my fav scenes are ep 9 and 12, 14!!! His appearence looks more youthful in Lady Castle!
    Then I especially enjoyed watching Yoon Sang Hyung and Yoon Eun Hye TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!I would love to see them act together again! I enjoyed watching the storyline, both actors gave such a performance! So, if you are reading this KEEP ACTING, YOU ARE SOOO TALENTED YOON SANG! i LOVE UR VOICE IN SINGING!

  82. 82 : Ruvi Jane Says:


    Annyeong Hasseyo! You are truly a great actor! I really love your role in the Kdrama “Take Care of the Young Lady”. Surely, you and YEH have some chemistry together…I’m hoping to see more of you and YEH in other Kdrama… I just love the both you! I love Kang Hye-Na, as well as her butler, Seo Dong-Chan…Nice tandem! Love it! Keep up the good work, Sang-Hyun! You’re the best! Sarang haeyeo!

  83. 83 : Luna Says:

    I must say I found My Fair Lady entertaining thanks to oon Sang Hyun’s and YHE acting and chemistry. It’d be nice to seem them again in another comedy. Best wishes YSH, hope see you soon in another series.

  84. 84 : MeckChkoLate Says:

    i hope 2 see more drama with Eun hye..the chemistry is there..they are so sweet..More success to you..Korean lOver!!!

  85. 85 : Jane Says:

    I look forward to watching your next new drama after “Take Care of the Young Lady’. Hopefully it will be very soon and I hope you will be the leading actor again.

  86. 86 : Ellehcar Says:

    im willing to be your girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!! ill make you happy!!!! luv yah!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 87 : Jane Says:

    At present, I am watching your 2008 drama ‘The Secret of Keu Keu Island’. It is a rather silly show but somehow I enjoy watching it. It is funny, comical and illogical. Anyway, I find the drama entertaining though the story is absurd.You portrayed the character very well.

  88. 88 : JJ Says:

    i love you so much sarang hae yo sanyeon oppa! wow bogoshiposo! you better take another offer soon or we’re gonna go crazy mitzuchu (crazy). i really love your acting and the chem with YEH…normally i won’t allow my idol to be with any other woman, but with YEH i will give my blessing 101%. I hope you guys team up again in another project & hope the rumor is true that you’re dating coz you guys look super good together! After the ending of MFL, life is so empty w/o seeing you guys on screen so i kept rewatching this drama endlessly! I’m not the only one i got some friends who’s doing the same thing! So please please give us another drama or comedy whatever as long as you’re in it, we’ll support you! You made us all crazy with your expressive face….you rock as well as YEH.
    I love u too, i’m available! you won’t regret it! hahaha I still live w/my parents too so we’ll get along well for sure! *__*

  89. 89 : sang hee Says:

    Annyeong Yoon sang shhi…i’m glad i got so many rivals in this column, everybody seems to love/like you! That alone speaks volumes! I agree with Jane among the others that you shld’ve started being recognized as early as a few yrs ago, because of your talent, singing & acting…those are your great assets let alone your beautiful eyes, cupid bow shaped lips and everything about you, is likeable, your personality, humour….if there’s not a single person who noticed these assets of yours, i think something is wrong with them definitely hahaha! I must admit, in 3 Dads i didn’t pay attn. to you but after seeing you in Queen of Housewives, my words changed…in my eyes you’re the only Korean actor i love now, my number ONE i honestly wld say so! Lucky is the girl in this column who would win your heart, i hope i’m one of them! hahaha You got so many proposals here that I think one day you’ll be branded as polygamous! hahaha just kidding! I hope to see more of you after watching your as dong chan, i don’t think my admiration for you would evaporate that easily! I kept rewatching MFL and now Winter Bird, i’ve seen Marry a Mill. Fireworks, but not Cocoo Island, but i’ll get to that once I finished rewatching MFL for the 4th time. Yes you heard it right 4th time i’ve watched it & 2x since it ended! hahaha That’s how much i love you! (btw i wrote you a letter but you never responded, i mailed it to KBS Korea). Pls read some of the article on line so you know how much you’re loved! This page alone is getting longer each time i visit! Sarang hae yo sangyeon sshi! Take care & do more dramas/comedies! Your talent shld not be wasted. Strike while the iron is hot! Love you v. much!

  90. 90 : hvnly Says:

    I’m glad i’m not alone in thinking how beautiful a person you are sangyeon sshi! Looking at this forum tells me how much your fans like me love you! You have a charm that’s out of this world & like some here said so you shld’ve been recognized for your acting skills long before MFL and other projects you were in before! I just can’t begin to imagine how your praises and compliments must be outpouring as i write this note…people from your country & outside Korea admire your role in MFL as Butler Seo dong chan which you performed with excellence…your chemistry with Yoon eun is just amazing! I hope the rumor is true that you are dating cause you guys look really good together! More power to you & may God always bless you…also pls accept another offer soon as my life seems empty now without Dong chan! (smiles). Saranghae yo!

  91. 91 : appleblahsums Says:

    i don’t know how to cure my addiction to you sangyeon sshi….now that MFL ended last week, i can’t seem to stop watching the drama again! when i saw you in marry a milln. i thought you stole that show from Go soo, no kidding..you’re more handsome than him…then in Queen of H. wow you’r awesome again as Taebong! You’re my no. 1 korean actor of all time even when you’re old & grey, i promise to be your fan and i just hope you keep accepting roles so you can satisfy your fans let alone on this forum who love you very much! Your acting as dong chan was just superb! i love your chem with eun hye….i hope you do another project with her soon! Love your expressive eyes, the way you emote on screen makes me cry too! Love you a million times! mwah & sarang hae yo! my gido is with you that you be safe, more popular & more charming! keep smiling & happy as always! keep up the good work!

  92. 92 : Elin Says:

    is he married? anyone knows?

  93. 93 : Jane Says:

    He is still a bachelor and I don’t think he is dating anyone. It is indeed very surprising that he has no girlfriend.

  94. 94 : blewsky Says:

    hi jane & YSH’s fans here…yeah he’s an eligible bachelor & lucky is the girl who can capture his heart! based fr interview he did on Happy Together (youtube source eng subbed) he still lives with his parents! Wow, he must be a very good son & brother, he’s got a sister! I just hope we see another drama with him on the lead (again) if not with YEH which i hope it wld be, Son Ye jin, Eugene, Ha ji won or even Goo hye sun (who did a CF with him lately) would be ideal lead actress for him! Anybody will do just do another drama Yoon sang sshi!

  95. 95 : nhuy Says:

    i come from vietnam and I like you so much
    It warm my heart when I see your drama, talent, atract, handsome man

  96. 96 : luvsangyeon Says:

    I’m from the United States & I love your singing, acting & I think you’re one of the best that’s happened to Korean entertainment industry! You’re my no. 1 Korean actor and seeing you in MFL & Queen of Housewives justified all that’s to like about you! I really hope & pray we’ll see more of you in the coming months after wrapping up this great drama MFL and hope you do another project with the beautiful Yoon eun hye who is just as charming like you! I love your roles in MFL & it’s just sad that it’s ended after 16 episodes…that kind of good drama should be longer than that! We’re hoping we’d see Hyena & Dong chan getting married in the series, calling each other by first name basis, and so on! Sequel pls! take care!

  97. 97 : addicted2sangyeon Says:

    i liked you a lot as butler seo dong chan in my fair lady or taking care of young lady agasshi….your performance was outstanding along with Yoon eun hye who happens to be one of my favorite Korean actresses! Your chemistry was fantastic & i really hope that you do another project again after taking a short break! Pls don’t take 2 yrs hiatus ok? We’ll miss you so much and as it is we miss you already after MFL just ended! I got your photos all over my room & you’re my no. 1 favorites among Korean actors now! My admiration for you isn’t gonna end that fast…it may be yong wanhi! sarang hae yo sang hyun sshi! take care & as one of your fans outside Korea, I’m so proud of you! You’re the best! mwahh

  98. 98 : Jane Says:

    Whether it is a comedy or romantic or serious roles, you played them well. Though ‘Marrying a millionaire’ was your debut drama, you acted it reasonably good. I wonder why you were not given notable or challenging roles after this drama. Fortunately, you shine in your portrayals in ‘Queen of Housewives’, ‘Take Care of the Young Lady’. These three mentioned dramas are my favourites among others.

  99. 99 : jinjoo Says:

    i do agree with Jane…it’s sad that after Marrying a Millionaire he wasn’t given a bigger project altho he was in 3 Dads 1 Mom but after ep 5 his character died so we really didn’t see much of him & i didn’t even know him then since I saw MAM after Queen of H. I never even recognized him in 3 Dads so I had to rewatched it & he was great in his role there too! This is why Yoon sang shld get more projects after MFL…strike while the iron is hot! You got lots of potential & hope to see you in another drama soon if not with YEH maybe Ha ji won, Sohn ye jin, or a reunion with Yoo jin (your wife in 3 Dads *__*) I can’t wait to see you again in another great project so pls pls accept an offer! I can’t stop loving you! hahaha

  100. 100 : Leilani Says:

    I just wanna say you’re endearing in all the dramas i’ve seen with you in it! There’s not a single percent that i didn’t like about you! You bring people like me happiness and more or less addiction to you! I never felt this with any other Korean actors till now. I hope to see more of you! You’re a great actor and singer too! I really liked you in MFL as Butler Seo dong chan & Taebong in Queen of Housewives! Luvya Yoon sang sshi! 🙂

  101. 101 : sang hee Says:

    i really like his expressive eyes, cupid bow lips, even his attractive wrinkles as they put it in the variety show Happy Together…he’s tall, lean & i think i’ll run out of adjectives if i go on here! hahaha Anyway, excellent performance as Taebong & now butler Seo dong chan and loved the chemistry between you & Yoon eun hye! I do hope you’re dating in real life coz you both look good together! When you emote on your role you’re very convincing along with Yoon eun…i watched MFL maybe 3x already since its ending a few weeks ago! i can’t wait for the DVD to come out! i got your photo in my wallet, screensaver in my PC, my room will soon have a wallpaper of you! hahaha You rock!

  102. 102 : nhuy Says:

    love you

  103. 103 : may saw Says:

    I totally agree with Sang Hee.I have been addicted to “My Fair Lady”.I like YEH at Coffee Prince.I like her in MFL too.But Yoon Sang Hyun is more impressive.His looks,his voice,his songs especially Helpless love,made me crazy.His eyes expressions,his smiles and the way he laughs are very atractive and very natural.I think he is very confident and comfortable in his acting career.I don’t know much about his popularity in Korea.

  104. 104 : sang hee Says:

    hi may saw…nice to meet u here…glad you agreed w/me! he’s just terrific isn’t he? he’s so charismatic and so endearing! yeah MFL is so addictive and so does Yoon sang! hahaha let’s not stop supporting him! I believe he’s been popular also in his home country based from some articles i’ve read about him! at one time he says he went hiking & a group of ahjummas recognized him even though he wore a hat & some disguise they chased him! you shld see his other drama queen of housewives, he was really funny in that drama!

  105. 105 : MFLfan Says:

    i’m so glad there’s lots of fans here being unanimous with how they love yoon sang hyun and my fair lady drama! he’s a terrific actor & loads of talents…great acting, singing, very funny and all that! i hope he doesn’t let us wait for so long to get another project! another drama or sequel to MFL wld be great esp. with my other fave actress Yoon eun hye. Their chemistry is just wonderful & it would be nice to see them again together if not MFL sequel then another drama! All the best to you Yoon sang sshi! You’re sexy, you got one of the nicest lips, charismatic and I just love you period! (smiles) Sarang hae yo!

  106. 106 : chari Says:

    hi everybody,.im from the philippines,.and i watch MFL tru net.please,.can someone send me tru mail a DVD copy of MFL,.thank you very much!

  107. 107 : Jane Says:

    I am your fan from Singapore. Lee Min Ho was in town last Saturday to promote some cosmetic products. It is a pity that he only stayed here for 2 days. I hope one day you will come to my country too and I will definitely go and support you. At present, I am looking forward to watching your next new drama. Hopefully, you will be the lead actor and be in a comical role again because you are most suited to it.

  108. 108 : s hee Says:

    to chari…i don’t think it’s on dvd yet maybe try to see if u can dload the drama from a site, i’m not sure but i’d like to buy the dvd when it becomes avail.

    to jane: i see ur a huge fan also of YSH…as I am too…he’s just too addictive! love him and he’s my no. 1 on my K actors list! where you able to see a glimpse of Lee Min ho? I prefer YSH than LMH no offense! hahaha nice to meet you guys here! let’s not stop supporting Yoon sang …he deserves to be recognized and be pampered!

  109. 109 : Jane Says:

    I did not get to see Lee Min Ho when he was in Singapore last Saturday. He is very popular here as he has lots of fans and his drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was one of the highest rating tv shows here. I hope Yoon Sang Hyun’s ‘Queen of Housewives’ and ‘Take Care of the Young Lady’ will be broadcast here. I am sure his above dramas will be a hit too.

  110. 110 : s hee Says:

    Hi Jane…i hope that Yoon sang’s dramas will be shown in Singapore too as you wished…I actually liked Taking Care of Young Lady better than BOF no offense to fans. I also loved Queen of Housewives as Yoon sang was so good as Taebong & very funny! Have you seen some of his other dramas like Fireworks and Marry a Millionaire? I’m sure you must have and 3 Dads 1 Mom too?

  111. 111 : Jane Says:

    I have also watched ‘Marrying a Millionaire’ and “The Secret of Keu Keu Island’. The latter is a comedy consists of 40 episodes and the storyline is rather absurd and illogical. But I enjoyed watching it because the cast made the show entertaining with their good acting and also the setting is mostly made in the forest. You can watch it from http://www.xiaoli.cc but with only chinese subtitles. I have not seen the others of his past dramas.

  112. 112 : s hee Says:

    Hi Jane…thnx for the link to coo coo island, however it’s also now avail. on viikii so i’m watching it there even tho the subs are not done yet! it seems interesting and i’m only interested in it coz of Yoon sang otherwise i’m with you it seems like you said it’s illogical somewhat! Much like the American tv series Lost! they’re never found & this series is still ongoing! do you plan to watch Yoon’s other projects soon? You shld and they’re all worth your while! Just with him in the drama is a huge treat already even like coo coo island… though it’s a long series i’d go for it only coz Yoon sang is in it!

  113. 113 : Rensi Says:

    the first times i watch u in “Takecare of young lady”,i like u,u r so great, so handsome,Hope u more success,GBU,love u;)

  114. 114 : crzy4Yoon Says:

    You’re the best in Taking Care of the Young Lady! Your charisma is just awesome, you’re funny, great in acting, singing & everything about you is super! Love you to the max! Make some more projects cause bogoshipo!

  115. 115 : YSH Forever Says:

    This ardent fan of Yang Sang Hyun would just love to have his real birthdate and HOUR of BIRTH. Anyone have any clues, esp the hour of birth? I have this fantastic friend who could chart out his Bazi Chart with those infor and it is amazingly accurate to seek out the right timing to go into the right projects at the right time to realise one’s dream.

  116. 116 : sang hee Says:

    to YSH forever i only know his birthdate but it may be hard to get the accurate time of his birth, none of his bio states that…but his birthday is September 21, 1973 as you can see from this page on his bio!

  117. 117 : Lan Says:

    I think it will be great if Yoon Sang Hyun can pair up with actress Kim Sun Ah (My name is Kim Sam Soon) in the next drama. Both are very good at comical roles and it will be fun to see them acting together as couple. I really hope my this wish will come true. I believe their chemistry will be amazing.

  118. 118 : crzy4Yoon Says:

    To Lan….i agree w/you….both are good in comedy and almost certain it’ll be a good chem! yeah let’s hope it pushes through. i luv yoon sang he’s just a great actor and singer! very funny & charismatic i can’t stop loving him *–*

  119. 119 : YSH Forever Says:

    hi sang hee…thanks 4 ur response. Ya, i know it’s near impossible to get the hour of birth. Anyway, based just on the date of birth, my bazi expert frd says that his appeal is very compelling coz his natal chart has a ‘true peach blossom’ star which basically means he has that x factor which draws people to him. But what makes it exceptional is that this P Blossom star is situated in the most important sector – the soul pillar- and that it is unadulterated and not contaminated and ALSO, get this, his P Blossom is also his Fan Star !

    Hope the above mumbo jumbo makes sense to any newcomer to Bazi.
    Not very many people have such stars in their natal chart. According to his luck cycle, his fame will continue to for at least 10 years and he will make lots of $$.

    And, let’s support this up and coming star, altho he is a late bloomer.

  120. 120 : sang hee Says:

    Hello YSH forever…thnx for your feedback also…wow our guy will be in the limelight for the nxt 10 years? Oh my gosh, you made my day already! *__* I’m also not familiar with Bazi but it seems there’s a great distinction as to why people or fans like you & me are drawn to YSH & I myself can’t really find any explanation as to WHY???? hahaha we both know some answers as to why we’re drawn to him but I’ve never felt like this with any other Korean actors till now (with him). Of course I can say I’ve admired other Korean actors after seeing them in a compelling drama/s and thereafter I’d follow their previous projects, etc. but with YSH it sort of stays with me…for instance after seeing him in Queen of H. I just fell for him then the latest drama MFL….which up to now after it ended I still rewatch it over/over again! That’s what I’m trying to say, I just dunno why his charisma is much stronger than the other actors I’ve admired before! However with your Bazi expert frnd’s assessment on his peach blossom and X factor I think that she really shed some light as to the question WHY we’re drawn to YSH! Thnx for sharing and hope we support our guy all the way UNCONDITIONALLY! Let’s continue to post here to show our support to Yoon sang sshi! Nice to meet you here too YSHforever…I luv that username of yours! I sometimes use crzy4YSH *.* hahaha. Stay in touch for our peach blossom guy with X factor! He’s oozing with charisma!

  121. 121 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, sang hee, let’s all root 4 our YSH. Btw, have u or any of u here seen a montage done by prajnajn on You-Tube featuring YSH? All culled from Queen of Housewives and visuals goes fantastically with the perfect selected music score. Quite mesmerising as someone described… U cld access it by typing Yun Sang Hyeon(Yoon Sang Hyun) Montage. Happy watching.

  122. 122 : sang hee Says:

    hello again YSH forever…yes we ought to be rooting for him as he deserves our undivided attention. I think i must’ve seen a montage but not sure if that was fr same uploader as u mentioned here…i’m gonna hv to check it again! i wish we have a YSH fan club eh? wld you like to start? hahaha hv u also seen Happy Together with him and Lee chung seol i guess that’s his name, it’s on youtube as well. I really enjoyed that interview he’s so cute & funny. Let me know coz i have it as youtube favorite so it’s easy for me to post the uploader here. let’s not get tired of our guy yoon sang ok? YSH forever really! hahaha thnx again & stay in touch if you see an article or somethinga bout him pls let us know here.

  123. 123 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi sang hee, gud afternun. The Happy Tog interview? Is it the one where he went eh eh eh eh 21? I saw just a snippet of it….ya, cute guy. The montage i mentioned is played to the backgrd song of ‘I’m begging for mercy’ (i think) and i have to admit the maker have done a brilliant job there.

    A YSH Fan Club? haha. Gud idea but….doubt i’ll have the time but shd anyone could start the ball rolling, i have no problem chipping in. Have to confess i have not done anything of this sort….wonder what it takes to start one but shd anyone here have the time, and the zeal to start one, i have no problem supporting. Nice chatting wif u, sang hee. Keep in touch.

  124. 124 : sang hee Says:

    Hello my friend YSHforever…no that’s not the one, this one was aired before MFL, and if i find the link or uploader’s name i’ll post it here. That one with eh eh eh was with Yoon eun & MFL cast right? The one I was telling you about is with Lee cheong sil ? the singer with one of the Girls Generation lead singers. In that segment he was mentioning about him still living with his parents….etc. and i thought wow what a great guy staying with his parents. Yeah me too i hvnt done any of that sort starting a fan club hahaha. I’ll surely join in if someone will start! Jane in this group is also an active YSH fan so maybe even as we speak someone in Korea already got a fan club for him but we may not know yet? Nice talking to you and sharing our passion for a great actor as YSH! Have a good morning or aftn or eve wherever you are! Take care!

  125. 125 : YSH Forever Says:

    hi sang hee, try this link for the montage that i raved about. U cld later download and it’s much better to watch on max screen

  126. 126 : sang hee Says:

    Hi YSHforever…many thnx for the link, i still hvnt got a chance to look for the HT vid for you! I’ll look into this link now. take care & visit this site often so we can chat about our beloved actor Yoon sang sshi! *__*

  127. 127 : YSH Forever Says:

    Thanks loads, sang hee. Would appreciate if u cld send me link of that Happy Tog clip if u manage to find one. U oso mentioned Jane, i’ve read some of her comments. Wow, it’s super that there’s so many here are really YSH die heart fans. Maybe we could now share and exchange infor etc with all like-minded here and this cld lead to some sort of fan club, who knows ? Let me know if u like the montage link i just sent. Take care

  128. 128 : sang hee Says:

    Hi again YSHforever…i just finished watching & oh my gosh i loved it! thnx a mlln for sharing as i’ve never seen that before altho i’ve watched a lot of youtube stuff about him and don’t know why i missed that one! he looked so gorgeous in QofH as his cheeks aren’t so puffy unlike in MFL! yeah Jane is one of the diehards here aside from others, so who knows we might be able to form a group for our guy! ok i’ll send you the link and look for it now. you’ll enjoy it for sure! talk to u again soon!

  129. 129 : sang hee Says:

    hello yshforever…here’s the link. it’s a whole series & if this doesn’t work look for redquaver videos on happy together. you’ll enjoy this one i’m sure!

  130. 130 : sang hee Says:

    Hi may saw, thnx for your msg and i really think he’s one of a kind actor. I never liked a korean actor as much as i have now for YSH! He’s oozing with charisma and as YSHforever shared with us he’s an X factor that’s why fans like us are drawn to him! I did like him in all of the previous projects he’s been including Winter Bird, etc. Let’s not stop liking him and support him whenever we could! Hope someone will form a fan club for him! I think since Queen of H. he’s been hot in Korea and now with MFL i believe he’s really a rising star although he’s a latecomer in show biz but it’s never too late, he’s still young so we shld hope he doesn’t stop or get tired making dramas!

  131. 131 : YSH Forever Says:

    Gud afternun sang hee, thnx 4 the HT vid. Managed to watch all – hilarious, hahaha. Re the montage vid of YSH, todate i think there’s abt slightly over 10k viewers watched tru U-Tube and i think this vid is brilliantly done, dun think anyone cld top this.

    If u are talking abt support, it shd be some sort of concrete support and the best vehicle to further promote this actor is to publicize this vid which showcases him in notable way. However, like i said, only abt 10k viewed this, which by itself is pretty gud but it cld be much much bettter.

    They already hv a YSH fan club in korea for him and if one cld sent this vid to this club that will help in the promotion. If YSH has a PR guy, then this vid shd be sent to him too. They shd know what to do once they get it.

    So sang hee, what do u think of my suggestion? Just a sudden off the top of my head idea. Actually this idea strikes me when i showed this vid to my frds and they ALL remarked that they never knew abt this and they just love this vid. It was from watching this vid for the first time that they now develop interest in korean dramas and are now downloading YSH songs and catching up on all the dramas he acted in. So u can see what a well made vid cld do to promote this actor.

    Anyway, nice knowing u on this site. Let’s keep in touch shd there be further news on our main guy, huh? Cheers

  132. 132 : sang hee Says:

    Hello friend YSHforever…gud aftn to you however we’re in diff. zone so aftn from your end may be late evening or morning where i am! anyway just as well good day to you! Wow I agree 101% w/your suggestion but how are we gonna start something like this e.g. sending a copy of that vid? i’m with you, the vid was well done really, and if not for you i wldn’tve known there’s that montage altho i always looked for YSH vids prior to MFL drama since i fell in love with him(hahaha) watching his Taebong character in Queen of H.
    How did you find out about his fan club in Korea? You’re more resourceful than I am *_* We need to really jumpstart our guy’s popularity so he gets more fans all over the Globe! I got another friend who’s a diehard & we spoke about him all the time includg where or how we can join his fan club. He doesn’t even have his own website just yet unlike other actors! We both realize he’s a latecomer in showbiz but it’s never too late to advertise and promote him as his potential is over the top!
    I hope we stay in touch & both of us will do our own research now & again for our beloved YSH ok? Do u hv utube account? in that montage page if u have an a/c let’s both say hello to each other & then i’ll contact u thru youtube and from there we’ll exchange email addresses, but only if you feel comfortable! I’m not a bad person hahahaha so you won’t have to worry! So let’s do that on that montage video ok? It’s only morning where I am and i assume it’s evening from yours? Take care & Cheers to you too!

  133. 133 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi Sang hee, i’ve just drop u a note at the YSH montage on u-tube. I am touchscreen88. C u there, m not a bad person too, haha !

  134. 134 : sang hee Says:

    Hi friend YSHforever….ok i’ll check it out now and thnx for your trust in me & vice versa!

  135. 135 : rini Says:

    saranghae! saw you in the drama that you play always makes me laugh and more happy!

  136. 136 : sang hee Says:

    Hello YSHforever…did you get my note fr youtube yet? hope so! i also sent you another msg this a.m. see you then at youtube inbox ok? take care & let’s always root for our Yoon sang sshi! He’s a super star in our hearts!

  137. 137 : apples Says:

    I luv yoon sang hyun in all the dramas he’d made & esp MFL….I just hope to see you again in a new drama….if not with Eun hye ah maybe with Son ye jin or Ha ji won even Yoo jin of 3 Dads & 1 Mom as you did have a good chem. with her! More power to you my idol & God bless! Keep up the good work! I hope you get an award for your good acting skills! I was rewatching Queen of Housewives for 2nd time & I still can’t stop laughin with your Taebong character! A bit childish in your role but you were excellent in your performance! Aja Aja

  138. 138 : gintonic Says:

    wow. i used to tease my friends who watch korean drama serials as i hv never bothered to watch one before until i got hooked on watching “my fair lady” on KBS World ( i live in singapore). the chemistry between butler seo and hye na was simply mesmerizing and sang hyun certainly charmed the socks of many new lady fans (including me!!) with his smiles and “dark moods” and i adore those eyes which crinkle up at the corners when he breaks into a big smile… LOVE IT!!! keep up the great work, you have gained a new BIG fan from across the miles, and i love the song that Sang Hyun sang in the series too… kind of melancholic (gosh, i wish i could understand what it means…) the kind of mushy love song that pulls at the heartstrings which i simply love, GREAT VOCALS there too… can’t wait to catch a new drama / movie with him playing lead again… keep me posted!!!

  139. 139 : jinjoo Says:

    To Gintonic…i luv ur comment re my number one actor YSH! hahaha those wrinkled lines around the corner of his eyes were labeled “attractive wrinkles” by one of the hosts of Happy Together!! Yeah i’m not kidding you, i love those too and if u hvn’t watched HT it’s on youtube w/subs! Also the song from MFL the eng subs can be found on youtube as well. The song goes like he’s suppressing his feelings for her and in his heart she’s there, but he cldn’t explain why even if he smiles outwardly he still cldn’t tell her his deep feelings for her! It’s a beautiful song & I really listen to it in my mp3 almost all day when i find time! I’m also from across the miles in the U.S. as one of his diehard fans! I really admire his smiles, his voice, his acting which we all know is outstanding, his expressive eyes, his humour & everything about him! (smiles) I got addicted to MFL just like you & everybody else here and hv seen it oh countless of times i must say! Let’s keep supporting him and hope to see him again in a new drama!

  140. 140 : gintonic Says:

    yikes! i just spent over half a day digesting the vids on youtube with ysh n i have not done anything like dat in ages…yep ages… it must be a crush!!! 😉

    sigh… he is so cute… i bet all of u are wishing to meet him in person huh?!!! yep, i m not an exception, i wish i could indeed!!! (havent been like this since 16 i think!!! 😉

    thanks jinjoo for helping me indulge this crush n he must be very pleased to be gaining popularity in the states too!! by any chance do u know how to get the song sung by maybe eun hye in mfl where it starts with “oh i love u, i love u…” quite a fast number like a rap, i cant seem to find it in the ost of mfl.

    if u do, could u direct me how to purchase it n tell me the title and singer of the song please?? many thanks…

    gintonic is intoxicated with YSL… hee hee hee

  141. 141 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi gintonic, glad to have u onboard on this ‘crush-ship’ of Yoon SangHyun! If u luv MFL, u will surely go gaga if u see him in Queen of Hearts. Perhaps u should go to U-tube and watch a featured video on him with wonderful cuts from that QoH drama with a most alluring music to go with it. U will be quite mesmerised, I can guarantee. Just type ‘Yun Sang Hyeon Montage” . Enjoy!

  142. 142 : nhuy Says:

    I watched it before. but what’s his next film, you know? or his website, blog, thanks

  143. 143 : gintonic Says:

    bonjour from singapore! guess what happened today? me, the korean drama amateur took your advice and got to a DVD shop and asked for the Queen of Hearts and after sheepishly confessing to the salesman that i was very impressed with YSH, he whipped out “3 Dads 1 Mom” with a big grin. i was very pleased to have got more eye candy that i thought i could get!! 😉

    oh i also caught YSH on “happy together” on youtube where he was wearing glasses and awwww… he’s just adorable…he can even give haircuts!!! hee hee hee …

    wishing all of u a lovely day ahead, sweet dreams of YSH and a great weekend 😉

  144. 144 : YSH Forever Says:

    Mmmm….gintonic, i dun think u wld be able to recognise YSH in 3 Dads & 1 Mum and also, his character there was ‘killed’ off rather early in the series. Better that u get hold of QoH where he really outshhines all the casts there ! In fact, QoH is now so hugely popular in Japan and if u go to Dramabeans.com, and click under Celebrity News, u’ll get to see pics of him and some write-up re his stage performance in Japan. I believe this event took place a few days ago.

    Nhuy, all we know is that he had just completed MyFairLady and we don’t have any news abt whether he will be starting a new drama as yet. As to the website, nada too. Sori ! Unlike Yoon Eun Hye who had had a headstart and therefore has her established fanclubs and website, i think YSH, who has only started to get a taste of fame just recently, will definately need some time to get all these organised.

    Cheers !

  145. 145 : jinjoo Says:

    Hi gintonic…ur welcome! i hope we won’t stop rooting for YSH as our other friend YSH forever we’re all in this together aja aja fighting right?

    yeah i luv that song too i’m not sure tho where to purchase that but it may be avail for downloading? it was sung by ??? (it wasn’t by eun hye) i wld hv to check again the correct name & i’ll post it here ok?
    glad that u’r liking yoon sang also…u shld watch his latest vid fr youtube when he performed in tokyo this week…u’ll fall for him again & again! hahaha i liked that gintonic intoxicated with YSH…i need a dosage everyday of Yoonhistamine for my YSH addiction! hahaha ok let me look into the song again & get back to you!

  146. 146 : jinjoo Says:

    hi gintonic, here’s the link to youtube! the song was done by BEG’s narsha. i luv it too so enjoy

  147. 147 : gintonic Says:

    hats off to jinjoo and YSH Forever, waah… true fans indeed!!! you know everything, even where he is and which concert he is performing at… if he ever realises he has fans like this, he must feel very honoured. btw, do u suppose these actors/actresses look into these sites?? but my guess is that they dont since we dont converse in korean??!

    thanks jinjoo for the youtube link, YES!!!! that’s the song i was looking for, but darn it, i bought the MFL OST from ebay but i dunno y it doesnt have this song, and another song, Romance, which features YSH and YEH which i really enjoy… can some MFL genius out there enlighten me please??

    as for gintonic’s YSH intoxication…not as strong as an addiction huh??!! 😉 hee hee hee… that’s my id for my email and nickname by my pals for as long as i can remember 😉 well i shall indulge myself and watch the QoF that i bought yesterday and get myself HIGH on YSH… YAAAHHHH!!! hope u all have a laff on me!!!

  148. 148 : nhuy Says:

    thank YSH Forever! I hope He have a official web soon and a movie on large screen. thank ya!

  149. 149 : jinjoo Says:

    to gintonic…hahaha thnx for ur cute msg! ur welcome for the link! yes yshforever & myself are diehards if you will for yoon sang sshi! i think u may be right that they may not look at this site but something tells me though that they probably do & ask someone from his agency who u/stands English to surf the web? I dunno but let’s hope these actors/actresses do coz if i were them? i’d do just that won’t you? i’d be interested to find out if people (like us fans) are showing enthusiasm for their work etc.
    btw re OST, Romance duet may not be found in the OST u bought coz that song came tardy during the last few episodes of MFL, with regard to I Love You that wasn’t really a part of OST coz when they use OST meaning original….it shld justify that the song was composed for the series whereas ILY song has been added into the drama and was done by another group. I really don’t know the technicalities involved but this happened to me once when i bought Lovers in Paris OST & i was upset coz one of the songs were not included & i found out fr yesasia that that is the case, if that was not originated from the album (say from scratch) that doesn’t mean the song or songs wld be in that same album! i know that doesn’t seem right for us consumers as we wld expect that when you hear it in the drama, we assume the song or songs wld be included!
    If you want to d/load the songs go to viikii website and look for MFL soundtrack they hv a link u can d/load some of the songs there too.

    i’m sure u’ll enjoy yoon sang in QofH he’s the only one that really made me enjoy that drama…he’s also looking suave & sleek in his wardrobe as the President of Queen’s food! When i saw him in 3 Dads 1 Mom i didn’t even notice him in particular as he was unknown to me but i thought he was cook & good looking but when i saw him again in Queen that made me got enthuse with him to the max hahaha. I guess both YSHforever & myself are really addictive to him. hahaha no we won’t laugh at you, so let’s hope he gets more projects so we can all enjoy him the more! pls visit here again so we can show our support to this charismatic actor of ours! Aja aja

  150. 150 : jinjoo Says:

    ooooppps sorry i just noticed a typo in my msg instead of ‘cool’ i typed cook! i’m sure you’ll figure that out gintonic & other readers here! i was in a hurry & mis-typed that word!

  151. 151 : sang hee Says:

    hello everyone….i think we’re missing Jane on this board! Hello Jane, you’d been quiet hope ur doing ok! let’s all be friends on this board for the sake of our idol Yoon sang sshi! We hv here YSHforever, gintonic, nhuy, jinjoo etc. let’s stay in touch & exchange news and views about him! hv u seen his new vid taken in Japan singing in Korean & Japanese? It was uploaded 2 days ago u may wanna see that Jane & others here! talk to you all later! aja for our idol ok?

  152. 152 : YSH Forever Says:

    U are most welcome, nhuy ! Yes, let’s hope our YSH gets to do a movie this time altho a drama series is equally ok with me, coz then i will get to see him every week? haha, dat’s how addictive he is…..

    Hi there jinjoo, thanks 4 alerting me to the news article of YSH in Japan. U r truly the NUMBER 1 FAN of YSH ! As far as this site is concerned, dare i say that no one could beat u to this? This title should go to u, haha.

    And gintonic, after u have done with QoH, pls let us know wat u think of it and of course our delectable YSH?

    Yes, let’s keep up the support here for our idol (is that the proper term to use, idol?)


  153. 153 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yup, checked the dic and it says …Idol = object of excessive or supreme devotion. Guess he is the idol alright, as proven by all the excessive outpouring of love and devotion from his fans !

  154. 154 : jinjoo Says:

    Hi YSHforever & all Yoon sang sshi’s fans here! To frnd YSHforever..ur welcome for the Japan event! My plsure to share anything and everything about our idol! So the dic indicates idol as such then the term is most approp for him right? So glad that we got some new fellow fans here like gintonic & nhuy…sanghee of course has been equally active 😀 aside fr both of us here. Did u notice on the right of ur screen how other K actors garnered so much comments like in thousands for example song il gook etc. we shld make it possible for our beloved yoon sang sshi to be one of them soon!
    OMG…i don’t suppose i shld just be the title holder of no. 1 fan of YSH we shld all be the no. 1 fans of his as we all are so active & supporting him just as much as myself for that matter! Thnx YSHforever but u yourself are equally good in giving him lots of compliments and accolades if you will so we’re all in this together for our devotion to him!
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get to see him again in another drama altho we can u/stand he must be taking some time off to take a much needed rest after his excellent performance in MFL!
    Cheers to u too & our fellow YSH diehards! 😀

  155. 155 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, Song Il Gook garnered the most comments here; and that day on KBS, he was shown meeting his fans in Hawaii ( yes ! he has a fan club in Aloha land too) – all the ajumas came out swarming him and adorned him with garlands of flowers ! Coz of his roles in period dramas like The Sea God ( emperor of the sea), Kingdom of something something, and such like dramas, he attracts lots of fans from the middle east too, like Khardastan( rt spelling?), Turkey etc and even Nepal and Pakistan.

    Of course Song is a very charismatic actor too and it is not surprising he commands such huge followings and he had had a headstart in his acting career. Our YSH just got known 7-8 months ago ( we all know he started acting only abt 4 yrs ago if i am not wrong),so it is not shabby either the number of fans HE garnedred, all things considered. WE could only hope his fans base will increase dramatically in the following months. May be what he needs is one good hit with him as the leading man again and one fantastic album and that will put him in stratosphere ! Keep our fingers crossed ?

    Yes, jinjoo, I agree that we should keep this site active and dare we hope that his name will at least be among the top 10 ?

    Cheers to all

  156. 156 : gintonic Says:

    hello everyone!! been very busy all day but decided to check in before i hit the sack… wow suddenly there are 155 posts!!! 😉

    had dinner last nite with my gal pal who is crazeee over korean dramas (i used to tease her) and then she told me to check out the mysoju website (i must be the only one who does not know its existence) to catch up on missed episodes of MFL. and so i did except that episodes 1-5 (which i missed) are not available!!! i supposed there is a consolation in that i can watch the rest of the episodes again… which i really am ccontent to do so of course… while i was driving today i listened to “helpless love” quite a number of times and really enjoyed the song and the emotion in it. great job YSH… clap clap clap!!!

    meanwhile, all u wonderful people out there chill out and have a wonderful sunday ahead ok… i am visiting my grandma…good nite sweet dreams…

  157. 157 : jinjoo Says:

    hello everyone…YSHforever, gintonic, nuyh? jane, sang hee, & others here on YSH page! wow gintonic u’r just like me i always listened to his Helpless Love and Never Ending songs plus their duet either on mp3 or while driving too! I just nvr get tired of his voice let alone his looks! hahaha yeah clap clap is right. u hv a nice day/evening too and thnx for dropping by our idol’s page.
    To YSHforever, yes i agree w/you that Song il gook has garnered a lot of comments here since he’s ahead of our guy in terms of being in the limelight for a while now and also with big dramas such as Jumong, Lobbyists etc. In comparison to our guy who’s been in showbiz for just 4 yrs but things considered yeah ain’t bad for someone who is being recognized recently for his great performance! It’s never too late so let’s hope our YSH won’t decide to take so many months off & hit the tube again with a bigger project! We (fans) shld make it happen for him to get some more ratings on this page & let’s have a goal guys to reach this comments page to a few hundreds then thousands like SIG! hahaha We can do it right? Aja aja there’s nothing impossible that’s what we shld believe in! Yes YSHforever…we shld make him to top ten ok guys?
    Take care everyone & let’s also hope that our idol YSH reads our comments even thru a translator! See u all again soon! Pls let’s keep this page for him very active ok? Ciao for now.

  158. 158 : sang hee Says:

    hi fellow YSH fans here….first of, gintonic i believe mysoju got all the episodes in tact from 1 through 16 and you shld be able to watch it there unless it’s broken? yes i agree with YSHforever, let’s make it possible to have our beloved YSH to be one of the 10 here so he can reach to a few hundreds then thousands ok? He surely deserves to be recognized and it’s not too late even if he just started 4 yrs or so ago!
    Mind you i’m quite pleased that it’s now reached to 155 comments and not too long ago it was only 100, well guys we’re seemingly making a lot of progress here for our guy! I’m sure we can’t wait to see him again in a new drama or movie so I have a hunch something may be cooking already (for him) as we speak so let’s keep our spirits high! I can’t explain it but I just love this guy! hahaha
    Talk to you again friends & let’s always visit here whenever we can ok?
    Take care ya all!

  159. 159 : gintonic Says:

    yep, u r right sang hee, the video link is absent in the first 5 episodes, ARRRGGGHHH. i made a report but nothing has been done and i’m still waiting…

    meanwhile, out of curiosity i checked out some of the other actresses n actors column in this site and realised all these fans dropping notes that addresses their “idols” directly… eg. xxx, i am your biggest fan!!! i love u happy birthday etc etc etc

    this basically states 2 things then, no.1: this could mean the actors and actresses actually know the existence of this site and do read the comments. otherwise, then assumption no. 2…. we are all in our dream worlds trying to communicate with our heart throbs but all this is done in vain.

    i hope my first assumption is true… if it is and Sang Hyun does read this he must be amused by all that we are saying (in a happy way of course)! i am still figuring out what i might say to him if he actually reads what i write!!! maybe that i think he is very cute/charming and wish he can show a softer side in his drama by shedding some tears when called for… and i would be happy to have a friend like him 😉 bcos i dunno enough of him to say if he is great hubby material… hee hee hee

    but if my 2nd assumption is true, then i am very happy to have “met” u all here who share the same taste in guys (ok not literally HEY HEY HEY hee hee hee) and this only shows that great minds think alike, YAYYYYYY 😉 and i really enjoy the banter with u all 😉

    ok if we can all chip in we might be able to achieve 500 posts soon and get him to notice us!!!

    btw, can someone tell me some interesting info about him? like who is he dating, hobbies, religion, languages spoken etc… at this age if he is not married… wait!!! is he already married?? it wouldn’t surprise me though…

    or better still, Mr Yoon, if u are reading this, why not tell us directly and drop us a note so we can all swoon and believe that this site actually does serve as a “highway to the stars”???!!!

  160. 160 : sang hee Says:

    hello gintonic….hahaha u’r so cute…i can’t stop laughing reading ur msg coz it’s so cute! Anyway first of, he’s very much single & available altho maybe by the time of this writing he may be dating our Yoon eun hye who know? hahaha If that’s the case, I’ll (we all) give them our blessing coz around Sept. of this year while doing MFL they were rumored to be dating but flatly denied it….mind you i was one of those who wished it were true! hahaha I love their chemistry & I’ll be glad if they did!

    Re: MFL u shld watch from mysoju i nvr knew it was brkn till you told us here! I hope you won’t get disappointed, just keep trying! I’ve rewatched it for nearly 3x now and still don’t feel tired seeing it. hahaha

    Re your #1assumption, let’s hope the actors are aware of this site & read our comments, that’ll be grt right? I also hv a strong hunch that they do! hahaha sang hyun sshi must be delighted with our comments and all the compliments we’d been showering him all this time! You can absolutely say whatever you’re heart desires after all, we’re his admirers and he’s our idol! hahaha So just let it out, i always do in my comments here, i tell him how handsome he is, his singing voice etc. we can even say we love him (love can be in different forms right? love of friends, parents, siblings) hahaha we love him as our favorite Korean actor! I also think he’s a hubby material…he seems like a very nice person off camera and lucky is the girl who will capture his heart eh? hahaha
    Our friend YSHforever always got some good things to say about him too as well as Jinjoo and nhuy so i hope we get to see some new names here as we strive to reach a higher goal (in terms of comments rating) for our sanghyun sshi!
    Same here i also enjoy the banter with you & our other Yoonsangers! nice way to put it eh? That’s an idea let’s all call ourselves the Yoonsangers! How about it? hahaha

    Re ur question as to who he’s dating, as far as we know NADA (nobody) nothing zilch zero but we may never know as a lot of them in showbiz are quite tacit about their private lives. Some actors have been dating each other for say, two yrs and they just came out in the open recently, you may hv heard about Jang don gun and another actress i can’t recall her name but anyway, yeah everybody thought well Jang dong sshi wasn’t dating at all, but a few weeks ago that perception changed when they admitted to having dated for 2 yrs now. So that’s what i’m trying to say, maybe our guy is dating someone but we may not know until they’re ready to come out in the open! hahaha
    You can read more about him in dramawiki but it also doesn’t say much about him, what religion, family how many siblings all I heard from when he was a guest in Happy Together is that he’s got a sister but didn’t say how many siblings he’s got! I think in terms of hobbies, he loves to go hiking. Btw, if u hvn’t seen the youtube vid of Happy Together with Eng subs, go check it out, you’ll enjoy his participation in that segment. Pls let me know if u can’t find it & i’ll send u the link here ok? Also while ur waiting for MFL epi to be fixed, you may want to check his previous projects like Marrying a Millionaire on youtube w/ subs, or Fireworks on mysoju or 3 Dads 1 Mom altho his character here died on ep 5 but he was also cute in this drama! I’m sure you’ll want to see him or hv u seen him in Queen of Housewives? You shld see him in this drama as he’s very very funny!

    hahaha i think that’s cute that u ask yoon sang sshi to write us a note here as proof that he reads this site! well done my frnd! well pls remember to always visit & comment on this site gintonic & our other fellow Yoonsangers so that our idol can garner & be noticed more to reach our highest goal on this site! Talk to u guys soon!
    Ur assump#2 i hope we’re not writing comments here in vain, i don’t think so though! 🙂

  161. 161 : gintonic Says:

    hello sang hee and everybody!!!

    wow… thank u very much for the long message, i am very appreciative of it… (curtsey once, twice)… u know what i was really quite thrilled to get a reply so thanks for making my day 😉 love your language!!!

    back to the topic, i think it’s swell if our hero is dating Yoon Eun Hye, cos i think she is a great actress and i totally loved her character in MFL and am impressed. it is a good job that he is keeping his private life under wraps as i am someone who empathises with the loss of privacy for these entertainers who make our lives more exciting and fill us with dreams…

    so since there is so little known abt our adorable YSH, i guess the air of mystery will just serve to increase his appeal… like what they say… tall, dark, handsome and mysterious… ooh la la…. YSH!!! where are u???!! are u reading this… 😉

    yep i intend to digest the QoH this weekend as i have been watching MFL on mysoju this few nights and u know what happened? i realised i had also missed episode 10 as i was travelling in australia till early nov and so i was really eager to start it and then… NO VIDEO… ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH… i wanted to tear my hair out… no no not literally just kidding … but i was bordering on squeezing my tiny pink lenovo ideapad to get it to retrieve the vid. so no choice, watched rerun episode 11 n 12 tonight, and still in love with that smile and doleful eyes. have to say i love the music too. yawn… time to hit the sack… 2.15am

    one other thing… mum rode in my car tonite and remarked, wow, korean songs, since when hey!!! quite embarassing i feel like a teenager again!!! gave some lame excuse and got away with it… it was strange to her cos i was pretty set against watching soap operas and drama serials in general, always dismissing them as major time wasters… AIYOH… sorry sorry ah… i make up for this mode of thinking by becoming an instant fan now, thanks to MFL and the mighty adorable YSH. with special mention to the remarkable YEH too.

    hey btw can i get an idea where u hail from… since u used nada to say no, are u residing in the states (calculated guess) ??? also how do i subscribe to this site so that i will be notified if a new post came in? pardon my ignorance pls… i hv been checking this site just to see if i’ve got mail… hee hee hee

    cheers n bonne nuit (good night)!

  162. 162 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi guys, been really busy lately so hv neglected to touch base here. So sorry, Yoon Sang Hyun ssi. Could not believe we’ve touched over 160, only 40 more for us to reach 200 ! We can do it!

    That’s what fans are supposed to do, right ? Pouring out our expressions of love and devotion to our idol? Like gintonic, this actually is my first time that I’ve raved about an actor in this manner, altho in the past I do confessed to bouts of infatuation for one or the other flavor of the month sensation but I don’t remember being under such glorious spell as this !!!

    Sigh, such is the awsome magnetic power of YSH. He is definately Un Homme Fatale as that song aptly described in that montage clip.

    So, let’s all do our darnest best to put our idol in the top ten.

    Cheers to all.

  163. 163 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha thnx gintonic & hi yshforever…before i forget i nvr also raved this much for a K actor altho if i may use your term there were some flavour of the month after seeing one kdrama after another but this wld be the first time i gone nuts about an actor none other than YSH! i’m just too involved with him that my daily dosage of him starts when i get up in the morning….that wld be looking at his photo that’s adorned now in our place everywhere u look! hahaha i don’t mind u guys can call me crazy! hahaha as long as it’s crazy for YSH i’ll take it. hahaha Also wow we all can do it & let’s reach 200 soon ok guys? we can do it aja aja!

    now to gintonic…our new & devoted friend who has a grt sense of humour hahaha…u’r more than welcome for the lengthy msg hahaha Likewise thns to your msg too! i just got in the mood whenever we’re talking about our idol here! my usage of Spanish word as in nada didn’t mean i hail from Spain it’s just an expression….u’r guessing i’m fr the States? well let’s not reveal yet where we’re from we wanna make it a surprise for our idol where we’re writing hahaha! i liked that when u wrote YSH where are u are u reading this? let’s hope he does! that’ll be grt & at least he’d know there are some devoted fans who take their time to send him compliments about him etc.
    ur mom love Korean songs? i don’t ever listen to any other songs but Korean really….i got addicted to both dramas & OSTs & hv been learning to sing along with them. Needless to say the songs i listen to usually these days wld be our guy’s song like in the QofH & MFL!

    Yeah little is known abt YSH (just yet) i can only assume that he’s a very private person & like u said the air of mystery will add to his appeal!
    hahaha tear your hair out…i know ur kidding…grt sense of humour i must say! hahaha i’m sure u’ll enjoy QofH, he was so funny, sleek as the president of his dad’s company!

    Sounds like ur mom appreciated hearing Korean songs? that’s good, introduce her also toYSH coz the more (fans) the merrier! hahaha
    BTW u said g/nite in French…ummhh we may be just using some other lang and i’d say annyeong to you, YSHforever & to all in this column!

    re ur question how to subscribe to this site, i’m not certain really but we’ll find out…our other frnd here YSHforever may have an idea(?) but as we can see this is pretty much kinda on its own if you will? but one way or the other there must be someone monitoring this site i’m pretty sure about that!

    talk to u guys soon & don’t forget we need to reach more than 160 or so! let’s strive to reach our goal!!

  164. 164 : Snow Says:

    Brother , I really like your smile and your eyes. I really happy to see you. I am your audience. Nice to see you. Bye.Good luck!

  165. 165 : jinjoo Says:

    hello fellow yoon sang fans…i’m back & i also asked some frnds of mine who are also a diehard YSH fans to contribute here…one of them has been away fr the comp as she’s on vacation but she says she’ll write here too to help out with our guy’s rating for comments! Anyway, she wants me to write this short message to our YSH….simply saying “i’m addicted to you YSH & just love you in all your projects, be it dramas, CFs or interviews…you’ll always be my idol” that’s the msg she wants to convey to him!
    Let’s just hope he takes time to read our comments here!

  166. 166 : sang hee Says:

    nice to meet you snow and hope you keep visiting here as a sign of support for our idol yoon sang hyun…he’s adorable and oozing with charm! hv u seen some of his other dramas like queen of housewives and many others?

    Hello to our Yoonsangers here like YSHforever, gintonic, nhuy, jinjoo and all! help us reach our goal for him & keep posting here aja aja fighting! Talk to u guys soon!

  167. 167 : YSH Forever Says:

    SangHyeon ssi, your performance in Japan must be so well received ! I thot I heard some ajummas weeping in the background after you sang the first japanese song, haha ! You have charmed them with your charismatic style and that wonderful voice of yours. Way to go, SangHyeon ssi !! All of us here wish to see you reach the very pinnacle of stardom.

  168. 168 : gintonic Says:

    gintonic checking in… 😉

    hello everyone and wow, we are definitely progressing!!! 168 posts, soon he will be on top 10 and send us a personal email thanking us for our support (waahhh… i hope !!!)

    hmmm Yoonsangers (now i like that!)… we could call ourselves Y.S.L (YoonSangLadies) form a all girl pop team and do some butt dance and cheer for our hero!!! hee hee just kidding but i can imagine it in my head!!! the cheesy moves and swagger…

    by the way what does the “ssi” represent?? sorry i have zilch knowledge of the korean language…

    out and over… gintonic is thinking of u…

  169. 169 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong my Yoonsangers YSH & Gintonic, what’s happened to nhuy? anyway to answer u frnd gintonic..ssi is like a polite way of addressing someone you’re not familiar with if i remember correctly, and words likes yeo at the end of the sentence is a formal way too!
    yeah we’ll reach our goal very soon as i asked one of my frnds too who really like YSH to post a msg here!

    I agree with YSH, yoon sang ssi your performance in Japan was outstanding! i’m sure there are now some YSH fans collaborating on forming a YSH fan club even as we speak! Yoon sang ssi you rock!

    Talk to you all soon!

  170. 170 : sang hee Says:

    This msg is for the first YSH fans who wrote on this board during YSH’s popularity in Marrying a Millionaire & I just wanna jumpstart you guys to support or renew your support for our guy Yoon sang hyun since he got two good hits of 2009 Queen of Housewives and My Fair Lady. If I can mention the 10 fans and the #1 who wrote was Laila, Hi Laila how are you & as you can see fr this board we’re trying to get more help in terms of comments for our idol YSH so i noticed you’re the very first who did a comment in 2007 & wondered if you’re still a great fan of Yoon sang ssi? I’ll mention the other 9 fans here and they are CJS, Annemarie, Mari.za, qidah, emine & shewil. If u guys are still interested in joining this board so we can garner some more points for our idol, please come out again in the open to say something & let’s join together to make a goal higher for him like Song il gook or even closer to that, right now we’ll try to garner about 200 at least.
    Thnx and look f/ward to hearing from you again, just leave YSH a msg of support and compliments for the recent works he’d done!

  171. 171 : blewsky Says:

    i’m so glad to hv found this site of yoon sang hyun a few weeks ago & i’d be one to help u guys to make his ratings here go up way up!
    hello to yoon sang hyun — i love your smile, eyes, even your wrinkles (hahaha) and i’m one of ur biggest fans here on this board! i almost now saw ur dramas and first one was in 3 dads where i already noticed how cute & charismatic you were then. after that i tried to see ur other films & they were just as great and latest one in taking care of ahjussi! i want to see more of you so pls pls make more movies or dramas ok? take care!

  172. 172 : gintonic Says:

    hello sang hee, YSH forever, jinjoo and all, sorry no posts for past 2 days as i was greatly distressed by the deforestation going on next to where i am living and i feel very sad for the flora and fauna we are losing as a result of government making a blueprint for a MRT station come to life right under my nose… so no mood for anything as seeing the beautiful species of birds flying everywhere in the sky in panic while the electric saws remove the wonderful greenery really upset me and my family… am writing letters to the press asking the authorities to reconsider but i am the lone voice so it is going to be almost impossible… even talked to the main contractor and the transport authority and spent more than an hour on the phone… but i couldnt get the contractor to stop the destruction so feel so blue 🙁

    i love our planet but apparently our lawmakers have alot less regard and that s why the whole world suffers from climate change… a small request for Sang Hyun ssi… wont u tell your fans to love our planet more and i am sure u will make a bigger statement since your adoring fans will yield to your requests out of love… pls help our planet!!! thank u from my heart…

  173. 173 : gintonic Says:

    maybe to cheer myself up i will start watching QoH tomorrow… sniffle.. sniff… am sure watching him will have a good effect on me… sorry everyone i am really passionate about environmental issues and actually i dont eat animals… only seafood and free range chicken where possible… so pls bear with me while i am suffering inside for the acute loss of a beautiful stretch of primary rainforest that has the lullaby of frogs and crickets at night replaced by traffic noise from the roads nearby… sniff… 🙁

  174. 174 : jinjoo Says:

    Hello everyone, gintonic, yshforever, sang hee, and all…it was quite lonely here w/o the regulars! hahaha wow gintonic we missed you here & i support u for your advocacy on rainforest…altho i eat meat once in a while but more of veggies & natural foods…i cldn’t agree w/you any better than that! yes maybe our guy can be ur voice…ur in australia if i ‘m not mistaken so it’s not so far from where our idol’s country!
    Yeah u shld watch QofH… esp the scenes with our guy who was really good & funny as Taebong! enjoy it esp when you reach ep 13 where he was singing Never Ending Story! He was great!
    take it easy & to our idol my msg is this: please make another drama or film whatever it may be coz we miss you terribly…BOGOSHIPOSO!!

    talk to u my fellow yoonsangers…take care and enjoy gintonic watching QoH…hello to yshforever, sang hee and others!

  175. 175 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello everyone, including gintonic, jinjoo, sang hee, blewsky, snow, etc ! I was away for the long weekend and now am back ‘on duty’ i.e.my duty to at least drop a line here to increase our idol’s rating ! Welcome newcomers blewsky and snow. Do visit regularly. If u are busy, just drop a line or even a word will do and this will also be counted as one comment, hehe.

    Yes, gintonic, it is always heartwrenching to see the blatant degredation of our mother earth and it is a good idea to urge our YSH to champion this cause. And it will be a good idea too to get everyone to read Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ which will perhaps open up more eyes to the disaster awaiting us if we go on so callously without any regards to the damage we r doing to our lovely planet.

    Jinjoo, thanks a million for all the links that allow me to see so many wonderful vids of our beloved YSH ! Some are really charming and some so very cute and funny ! M having a fun time watching all these!.

    I couldn’t believe we r now at 174, and including my latest, that makes it 175 !! Wow.

    Keep it up, guys. How about calling ourselves SangHyuners? Like the chinese, koreans have their surnames in the front, so Yoon will be YSH’s surname, like Yoon EunHye, her surname is also Yoon. So we cld perhaps use YSH’s first name – SangHyun? But i welcome more ideas on this.

    Haha, gintonic, could not help lol the way u put it, ‘cheesy moves and swagger’ hahaha

    Cheers to all ! Bye for now.

  176. 176 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back frnd YSHforever! missed you here! yeah i’m the 176th by the time i finshed this post! i agree first of all with gintonic’s views on mother earth of course we shld all benefit from the wonderful air we breath in & not add more damage to the universe!
    however, yeah i agree with sanghyuners it’s pleasant to the ears! if i come up with something else i’ll let u know but that sounds ok!
    u’r welcome for the vids my frnd anything about our idol seems great to share with fellow fans like you! he was so cute in those vids & i can’t help laughing in some of them, he’s super funny! whoever is the girl to capture his heart wld be so lucky as he doesn’t seem to get angry easily if anything, maybe not at all…never a dull moment with him!
    I sure hope that we get some more fans to visit this site, mind you i assume some of them don’t even know this exists? One thing about this site is u need not even sign in or log on compared to the other sites where u worry about remembering ur password or username albeit u jot it down as soon as u sign in or register but to me it’s just a bit of a hurdle! Here you just submit ur Username and anti spam and ur email add and bammmmm!
    I agree we shld visit here every chance we could to accelerate our idol’s page like the other Korean actors…i can’t imagine song il gook having more than 6,000 comments? i did like him in terms of endearment as he was also cute & reminds me of richard gere but it seems to hv dissipated (spell?) ever so quickly after seeing so many other Korean actors & now our YSH i think he’ll be lingering in our hearts forever if not forever at least for a long long time!
    Oh this is again getting longer & yes hello to our fellow fans here oh snow is a newcomer? wow welcome snow & blewsky? *-* keep up the good work so we can help our idol be more popular than he already is!

    i can’t wait to hear about his new project…so if u guys read something about his new film or drama pls post them here pretty please? 🙂 thnx and see you again soon YSHforever, gintonic (btw what happen to nhuy? she’s been absent here). YSHforever don’t leave us for too long again ok? it feels so lonely here w/o u guys! hahaha

    to sanghyun ssi: pls take a good vacation for now but we won’t let you off the hook for a long time like other Kor. actors….we miss you already after MFL folded BOGOSHIPOSO!! AJAAJAJAJAJA

  177. 177 : YSH Forever Says:

    SangHyun ssi, sarangheyo ! ( right spelling?) We really love watching the vids showing all your latest perfomances in Japan. Thank you !

  178. 178 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoo YSHforever….i think it’s ok to spel it that way and i’ve seen it spelled this way sarang hae yo…as long as it sounds the same i think our idol will read it just the same!
    i second the motion, his performances in Japan were just superb, even singing Bogoshipda….whew nice nice really! i wish i were in the audience! Kamsamnida Sang hyun ssi for all the happiness you bring us, fans all over the Glob!

  179. 179 : gintonic Says:

    good day to all of you SHers, regulars n newbies, hope u missed me? 😉

    hmmm, want some good news?? 😉 ya ya ya???!!

    … remember in MFL our hero Butler Seo said to Aggashi “if you are sincere, you will get unexpected results” when she asked him if she should allow someone to copy her product info onto her blog and as a result the sales of the company soared and she go the 15% increase in turnover as promised???

    well, i sure took it on and as i am someone who will fight for what i believe in, i wrote letters to my neighbours informing of the destruction of the rainforest, and then i also wrote letters to the press. i went all around knocking on doors on sunday and told my neighbours and got everyone to support my cause and even the chairman of the condo where i am living in gave me his support by contacting high profile people and by monday we had an emergency meeting with the land transport project director and we managed to halt the destruction until further options are being considered. my letter got published in the local newspaper to increase public awareness too.

    wow. i am so glad i did not sit back and wait for others to do this but that i was driven enough to push this through to fight for the trees who have no voice. so that is why i have been absent here. i did get unexpected results and i feel really good that i could do my part to conserve our beautiful rainforest and the homes of several types of beautiful birds and other fauna.

    so yesterday i really felt like Aggashi and i hope to inspire all u great gals here to also do the same when the time arises.

    meanwhile… my warmest regards to all and of course to SH ssi… God bless you!

  180. 180 : sang hee Says:

    Annyeong gintonic…wow you’re an inspiring human being to all of us in this great universe! i can’t begin to say my congratulations to you our frnd for being the voice of the rainforest & a grt advocate of mother earth! wow, you gave me goosebumps my friend. need i say more? i’m so happy for you & that scene of course in MFL who wld forget that when DC encouraged HN that she cld do it with the 15% goal! Can you imagine how one drama can give an impact on our lives? I hope really that our YSH is reading this column & finding out how they became such inspiratios to some of us and with your quest for the love of the universe! I, too am with you on this & thank goodness you got some people incldg people in your condo to support you. One of the good things also is that they published your sentiments in the newspapers, that’s a step in the right direction already! Hats off to you friend! Keep up the good work. Now back to our other passion:

    Sure we missed you it felt so lonely on this site w/o the regulars and it seems like YSHforever myself and jinjoo and our newbie snow who hv been visiting this every now & then. So glad that in spite of our friend’s YSHforever’s busy sched. she too contributes on this site almost everyday! We should all continue to support our idol Yoon sang ssi to the max.

    Latest news: MBC announced Season2 of Queen of Housewives so if u hvnt finished watching it my frnd now is the time so you can follow through season 2 albeit some sequels don’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be a continuation of the first season however they can come up with Taebong ssi’s role wld be find by us right? I just hope & pray that the original cast would agree with the terms and/or conditions as most of them esp our idol may need to be on the lead this time since he stole the show from O Ji ho in the first season!

    Well let’s keep the ball rolling here & see you friends again soon!
    To our idol: Please accept another Taebong role if they asks you coz we miss you after MFL already! sarang hae yo!

  181. 181 : sang hee Says:

    🙂 ooopps i typed w/o proofing my work so that word ‘find’ was just mispelled, it shld read “fine” by us! ciao for now!

  182. 182 : eidasayang Says:

    hi everyone…….i’m one of YSH big fan…….totally fall in luv with him in TAKE CARE OF THE YOUNG LADY……dong chan sshii……will spend my day to watch TAE BONG SSHI…….(have to look for a free time )…..
    p/s: will post more comments afther this….hihihi……

  183. 183 : YSH Forever Says:

    Bravo, gintonic !! I am proud to be one of the SHers with you in this ‘club’ especially knowing what a marvellous job you’ve done trying to stop the wantoness. You go, girl !

    And eidasayang, welcome to this site. You wld simply luv watching QoH and i heard recently that season2 of this drama is coming up…. oh, hope the main actors get to come back for this sequel, especially our YSH.

    And don’t u guys just luv Sang hee for her wonderful patience. answering all our queries and unfailingly rooting for YSH ? Keep it up, Sang hee !

    Bye for now, all my friends here. And one last word to our YSH – saranghaeyo .

  184. 184 : sang hee Says:

    hello fellow Sher’s or yoonsangers — yeah we salute gintonic for her quest which everyone of us in this universe shld benefit from!
    Oh thank you my frnd YSHforever for that comment…i think you too are one of the patient ones on this board! 🙂
    we welcome newcomer eidasayang & hope u visit here again so we can help our idol get the best rating he could get!
    Also this is for all YSH fan pls try to go to buzz yahoo dot com i believe it was & vote for him…let’s make him one of the 10 best for 2009, i was just alerted by another YSH fan fr youtube julee who sent me the info & sad to say we just found out about this as it started since Nov 16th running through Dec. 4th but we can vote 10x every single day, however that’s the max but u can also if u want to, get a multiple account as long as u have yahoo. i wish i cld post it here but i’m not sure if we’re allowed on this site. Right now he’s the 11th or 12th i think and garnered only 12,000 votes at this time so let’s get our YSH to be at least among the 10 best ok? Thanks ya all!

    To our idol: YSH sarang hae…we’ll do our best for you and that’s how we love you …. unconditionally! pls accept another Taebong ssi role so we can look forward to another Queen of H. drama! Aja aja

  185. 185 : eidasayang Says:

    hi everyone………i’ve already vote for him….our oppa at no 11 right now! vote for him…ajja!ajja!fighting!!!!!!

    p/s: selfish me..but can tae bong have a new love interest in QOH season 2???any suggestion????his so cute and adorable for his age…hihihi..)

  186. 186 : sang hee Says:

    wow thnx eidasayang…ur very quick…i also voted and he’s now counting to 13,049 votes, at least we need to get him to top 10 right? thnx again!

    re taebong ssi yeah maybe ha ji won? or son ye jin but these are two big stars and they prob won’t take the role as the lead wld be kim already? we’ll see.

    keep on voting pls ok and let’s sprd the word!

  187. 187 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee…….i’ve keep thinking….maybe kim sun ah….waa…..yoon eun hye ( hope they paired up again ..i luv this couple )….hihihi…A list actress is quite difficult……but u know..sometimes i’ve think the writer should make a drama call TAE BONG….of course YSH will be a lead….hahaha…tae bong should have his own lover….his still in no 11 with 13166 votes…everybody work so hard right now….vote our oppa….EVERYBODY!!! FIGHTING!!!!!

  188. 188 : gintonic Says:

    hello everyone! wow all abuzz with voting for our hearthrob but i tried getting into http://www.yahoobuzz.com but cannot locate it, can someone direct me there?

    but i did find an interview at link here to be very entertaining, if u have not already read it, have a read and enjoy! he is very humble and seems to be a shy guy! how sweet…

    meanwhile, thanks for your encouragement, i appreciate all your kind remarks and i hope all of us will always speak up for the right reasons… in the meantime, have a lovely weekend and i will definitely vote for SH sshi …

  189. 189 : sang hee Says:

    hello eidasayang & all yonsangers here….yeah i also voted for our guy & slept around m/night! hahaha oh good selection of actresses for him but like u said it’s hard to get the A list actresses however, i agree with yoon eun again lovely lovely couple eh? i hope they’re dating they look good together! wow i like that Taebong title of drama hahaha why not? he shld be the lead or all of them like O ji ho when they make the season2 of Queen of H. Let’s hope they all sign up for this season 2 so that we get to see our Taebong ssi again!
    Yeah let’s strive to hv our idol get to the top 10 and vote vote ok? aja aja!
    till nxt time and take care ya all!
    To our sangyun ssi…. we’re all working hard to get you to the top 10 at least! so hang in there but to all of us, you’ll always be no. 1!!!

  190. 190 : YSH Forever Says:

    Unbelievable ! we r now at 188. and after this comment, at 189. Great going, pals. Keep it up. Re the buzz yahoo vote, me think it’s not due to his lack of fans that he gets only todate abt 13000 plus votes but b’cos most of us r unaware that der’s such a vote thingy going on, haha.

    Or… may be I’m too bias ! Haha. Anyway, SangHyun ssi, here’s looking out for you. Saranghaeyo.

  191. 191 : sang hee Says:

    hello fellow YSHrs …. YSHforever ur right a lot of YSH fans aren’t aware of this promo however i just got back from visiting the site & here’s the latest, he’s now at 15,175 a jump from last night’s what 14,000 something! Keep up the voting frnds so our guy gets to the top 10. Also i was surprised to see that even the veteran actors like bae yoong joon (692), jang dong gun (1,155), hyun bin (3,158), song seung hyun (2,826), won bin (1,636) and even Rain is on #13 only, they were not even close to our guy’s score! Yeah he beats these veteran actors including kwon sang woo who only got 1,390. So what does this tell us friends? Our idol is very much up there in spite of his position at no. 11 and so we shld try our best dear friends to get him to top ten although i know in our hearts he’s no. 1!!! Agree? hahaha

    To our YSH i second the motion to frnd YSHforever…saranghaeyo!!!

  192. 192 : sang hee Says:

    Gintonic….here’s the easiest link, pls vote right away so our guy reach the top ten ok? here’s another link to that:


    there’s a step by step instructions when you get to their site!

    i won’t keep this long so i can submit this comment right away and hopefully you’ll get this in time to cast ur vote! limit only 10 per day!
    good luck!
    talk to you all soon!

  193. 193 : gintonic Says:

    thanks sang hee, i contributed my 10 votes for him from 15410 to 15420!!! keep it up YSH forever and jin joo and everyone else! wow, nowadays have to scroll a LONG time to get to the bottom to write my notes to all and this is a GOOD sign!!!

  194. 194 : eidasayang Says:

    ahh…..i miss our oppa….continue vote for him today…..his still in no 11 with 15808 votes……i also quite surprise….his votes is much better than other famous actors…..can u believe it?????haha…what a famous oppa….hahaha…..will support him till the end…..

  195. 195 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee…..forget to tell u…i agree with u……..his always NO.1 in our heart…..:) ..hihihi…..

  196. 196 : YSH Forever Says:

    Phew! Finally figured how to vote for our YSH ! Have created 2 yahoo accounts and have just finished voting for him. Now his vote stands at 15,932 ! But, he’s still at number 11 !

    Oppa, we want u to be in the top 10 !!

    Gals, let’s get moving ok?! What we won’t do for our oppa? heehee

  197. 197 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi friends, I have just checked the score for YSH at the buzz yahoo promo and at this very moment, he now stands at 15,974, at the number 11 position.

    The guy at number 10 garnered 16,595 votes. That means that YSH needs only 622 votes to get up one position provided the nbr ten stands still ! haha.

    But to be on the ‘safe’ side, YSH should move up to position 9 which is held by 2PM and is only 1139 votes more than YSH’s.

    So friends, the target is not impossible to achieve !

    Let’s continue voting for YSH everyday until the closing date.

  198. 198 : eidasayang Says:

    everbody! move on! our oppa vote increase at 16336..but he still no.11….work hord gals…hihihi…

  199. 199 : eidasayang Says:

    p/s: sorry… i mean work hard not hord..hihihi…(typing error)

  200. 200 : sang hee Says:

    hello annyeong everyone yshforever, eidasayang, gintonic, jinjoo & others…as of this time after i cast my vote this a.m. our guy’s score is 16,421 incldg mine and #10 post is 16,741 so our guy is getting there so pls pls don’t stop voting!
    I agree he shld be on 9th place but listen to this frnds, our idol even beats the other big names like bae yoon joon, jang dong gun, even kwon sang woo, hyun bin, lee byeong and other popular ones. This only goes to show our idol is really well liked well loved by his fans in spite of his being a latecomer so to speak! wow we shld all be happy so pls frnds continue to vote till the deadline of Dec 4th! He’s only a few hundreds away from the 10th place!! aja aja ya all!

    BTW our gintonic frnd…hv u been successful in voting yet? pls try ok? thnx

  201. 201 : sang hee Says:

    oooppps sorrry my frnd gintonic, i didn’t even notice ur note for me hahaha ur most welcome, glad ur able to vote oredi! yeah as of a few min ago he was climbing at 16,421 as i mentioned. i hope more ysh fans wld know about this promotion so he can even reach #8. hahaha I can’t get over it that he beats the biggest names in Korean showbiz! Oh we shld be happy for him! yeyyyyy Kombei

    To our YSH: hang in there, we’re here for you & even if ur not no. 1 in that poll, in our hearts you’re our no. 1 !!!!! Fighting!!

  202. 202 : jinjoo Says:

    hello friends…. i’m so happy for the score our guy garnered at this point & sure i’ve been busy just casting my votes, i wldn’t miss it for the world! hahaha let’s hope that he continues to bump the other last few positions and let’s not stop voting ok, yeah yshforever, gintonic, sang hee, eidasayang and others here! I agree he’ s no. 1 in our hearts even if he doesn’t make it to top ten but i have a strong hunch, he’ll make it to top ten! Talk to u soon guys!
    luvya YSH

  203. 203 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…already reach 200 comments….good luck to our oppa!! miss him already…should listen to his song before go to sleep….again….miss him so much!!!!!!!

  204. 204 : sang hee Says:

    hello guys i’m sure most of u are just waking up or still in bed….wake up our guy is now on the top 10 yeyyyyy i’m having goosebumps, but don’t lay low so easily guys, we need to keep going. His score as of now is 16,937 ahead of Lee jun ki for just a little so we got to keep going & aja we can make it!

    opppa we’re behind you we might even try you to go up to 9th place. hahaha ok let me cast my votes now girls and talk to u later. oh i’m so happy i’m almost in tears for you oppa.

  205. 205 : sang hee Says:

    sad to say he’s back to 11th pl again just a matter of few minutes and right before my eyes as i was voting at that time! i’m quite down seeing the score so close to the 10th pl and now back again to 11th. We got to strive and work hard my fellow sanghyuners so aja aja …. keep voting ok?

    talk to u all soon!

  206. 206 : eidasayang Says:

    aja!aja!fighting everyone! his at no 10 right now…argh!!have to make several account to raise the vote!!
    p/s:everything for u oppa!

  207. 207 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha eidasayang you’re so cute! hahaha yeah i’m happy we’re happy anything for oppa sangyeon….he’s on 10th and counting…as of late it was 17,449. yeyyyyyy

    yeah i’m gonna go to another account and vote! aja aja chingoos, don’t ever stop voting ok? sarang hae oppa

  208. 208 : Cristah Says:

    yay! go sang hyun!
    sooo love ur voice, i really feel so overwhelmed everytime
    i get to hear ur songs…
    haaaai… keep it up! aja! aja!
    i’ll be waiting for ur next projects… 😀

  209. 209 : eidasayang Says:

    have a nice day sang hee….his still at no 10 with 18003 votes!!go!go!….

  210. 210 : YSH Forever Says:

    Wow, he’s now at 19,793 votes ! If i’m not mistaken, YSH is now in the 9th position. The grp at 8th position has 25,000 plus votes. Shd we give a try for position 8 for our oppa? Or is that way too ambitious?

    Anyway, keep voting !! No letting up now, agreed ? Hwaiting !!!

  211. 211 : YSH Forever Says:

    I can’t believe we are now at 211 on this board for our YSH ! Let’s keep the numbers going up much much much higher here.

  212. 212 : gintonic Says:

    ok 10 more votes from me, now 20041!!! good nite sweet dreams… and SH sshi, i hope u win!!!

  213. 213 : sang hee Says:

    i’ve been absent for a few hrs my dear friends…yshforever, gintonic, eidasayang and newcomer Cristah…Cristah nvr too late pls vote for our idol!
    YSHforever…i suppose it’s not too ambitious we just hv to keep trying, nothing is impossible. let’s put it this way when we started like a few days ago he was i beliv 13,000 votes & look at him now i just cast my 10 moments ago it was YS_20,139, 8th pl 26,682 #10 19,020 and 11th 17,893! We’re getting some progress my frnds and why not we just keep trying for our oppa! He’s worth every minutes we spend/spent voting for him! We may not reach the top coz we all just found out about this but as long as he stays on top 10 we shld be happy for him!
    I’m sure if he realizes that we’re all working hard & rooting for him his smiles would be up to his ears but oppa be careful we don’t want you adding more wrinkles coz you smile too much! hahaha Just kidding coz we’re happy for you!
    Ok frnds let’s keep voting to the max —- we shld celeb.

    Oh yes YSHforever i can’t believe we’re now past a little over 200 comments yeyyy.

    see u soon – i hv to cast my votes in a little while!

    hv a good day too eidasayang & gintonic, yshforever, jinjoo, cristah and all who’s prob reading these msgs!

  214. 214 : Julee Says:

    Hi fellow YSH fans,

    My first post here. YSH just crossed over 21,000 votes … thanks so much to all of you for your support. I’ve been using around 15 borrowed Yahoo accounts to add on and was hoping more of his fans will be chipping in.

    But please be careful when voting with multiple accounts, try to stagger it out or else you’ll get blocked out of the Buzz site by the Korean ISP message and have a hard time getting back in. Was blocked a couple of times myself so now I make sure to stagger my multiple votes.

    Need another few thousand votes to catch up to no. 8. Hope we can make it. Great job everyone.

  215. 215 : sang hee Says:

    hello again friends…pls continue supporting our idol who is now on the 9th place and hopefully will either be on that spot steadily or go up to 8th as YSHforever said so here! I think if we had known about this awards since Nov. 16th our idol’s score wld’ve been much higher, however, it’s never too late to help him get higher score if we continue to vote & also if we can all spread the word. We have at least another 5 days to go before they close the polls so i know we’ve been working hard to help him and I’m sure he’s pretty happy with that!

    To sanghyun ssi….we’re happy that you managed to go up to no. 9 and if ever we get some more fans to cast their votes we’re almost certain you can make it to 8th place! Hang in there and aja aja fightin!

  216. 216 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals……
    have u heard a BIG HOT NEWS about our oppa?
    he won BEST ACTOR AWARD (17th Korean Culture and Acting Awards) for his impressive role as TAE BONG in QOH.,,haha..so happy to hear this…finally…..
    the link: http://tieba.baidu.com/i/49719716
    credit: chean
    p/s: continue vote for him..hihi….

  217. 217 : eidasayang Says:

    p/s: i forgot something..
    come and join me at soompi.com to spread our love to our oppa…..right now i’m quite busy making a tribute ( video ) to our oppa…..so everybody…see u next time….

  218. 218 : sang hee Says:

    hello again frnds — welcome on board Julee…wow u got 15 accounts? how cool is that? yeah i was just at that site & cast my votes for today and he’s still steady on #9 with 22,813 so let’s keep voting friends!

    hi eidasayang…sure i’ll visit that as soon as i get all the votes taken care of for today! really he won best actor award which we shldn’t be surprised but i nvr heard of this till now! thnx for updating us & i’ll check out that site soon!

    yeah thanks to all of us who’s rooting for our oppa! we shld be fighting all the way right? aja aja
    talk to you soon!

    To our Oppa: we hope you’re doing OK and that you’re thinking of taking that Taebong role again on season2 otherwise you’ll leave your fans in dismay! Sarang hae yo from me and all of us here!

  219. 219 : sang hee Says:

    thnx eidasayang for the link however i went in there but it’s all in chinese so i hv no idea which one to click. helppppppppp…hihihi i wanted to see it! thnx again
    yes yes keep on voting frnds ok to the end.

  220. 220 : JUlee Says:

    Hi YSHers,

    Thank you all for voting so hard to catch up with No. 8 as it’s obvious that the gap is gradually narrowing. Yesterday the difference was around 5000 and latest is just about 4000.

    Latest score this min:
    No 8 ….. 28,058
    YSH ….. 24,086 (difference of 3972 votes)

    Hope by day’s end, we’ll get to 3000 difference. Keep voting!

  221. 221 : sang hee Says:

    Hello to all YSHers and thnx Julee for the update! Youtube is currently doing a maintenance so I can’t get through there right now to post something but anyway, i managed to borrow 3 more a/cs from relatives so i’m gonna burn the m/night oil so to speak! hahaha
    Yeah the scores betwn #8 and our guy is narrowing so let’s hope we get some more new voters, i tried also to get some from youtube but nvr heard from any of the ones i sent msgs to!
    I think as long as our guy stays on 9 but better yet if he climbs to 8 and what i’m saying is we’re happy where he is right now as opposed to the 11th pl he was in just a short days ago! It’s just wonderful how he reached that spot & i’m sure oppa should be delighted for the concerted efforts we all have pitched in to enable him to reach the rank he’s in right now.
    Hello YSHforever, gintonic, eidasayang, jinjoo, cristah, and all hope we keep voting ok? fighting! aja aja talk to you all soon!

  222. 222 : JUlee Says:

    Hi Sang Hee,

    How many accounts now are you using? I’m using 20 since yesterday (19 borrowed accounts) ^^

  223. 223 : sang hee Says:

    hi julee….i can’t get thru youtube till now….i only managed about 9 now coz some of my fnds don’t use yahoo! argghhhh u’r so good hvng 20?? i’m talking now to my frnd and she got into a w/site where overall kim yoon jeung in Asia is also #1 and she tells me LJK is one of the ten overall which means around Asia LJK is popular?? It’s ok our guy is one of the ten in Korea! I’ll go now and vote some more last score was 24,336 we’ll keep on!

  224. 224 : Julee Says:

    Hi Sang Hee,

    9 accounts is great. As long as most of us can use multiple accounts, we can add more votes. I’m sure the other YSH voters are also doing their best, bless them all.

    We’re all in this together ….. thanks to all of you again.

  225. 225 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello friends, so happy to know all of us r pitching in for YSH! As for me, i just managed to borrow 5 accounts and plus my own 2, all tog 7 accounts and will spend my free time to key in the votes every day til closing day.

    Hi sang hee, i won’t have time to reply to ur msgs at this point of time, sorry ok? M sure u too r busy concentrating on pushing up the votes for our oppa ! Will come back to u once this ‘execise’ for YSH is completed.

    Wow, i read abt this super julee with her 20 (?) accounts ? She deserves an award ! haha. With such ardent fans, our oppa is in safe hands, haha.

    Thanks u everyone here- eidasayang, gintonic, sang hee, jinjoo, cristah, etc, and of course julee who in the first place is the one who alerted us to this buzz yahoo promo.

    Let’s all roll up our sleeves and get going….!!!

  226. 226 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals…totally busy with a vote….hahaha…anyway…already finish make a tribute to our luvly oppa…
    leave a comment yaa…just a simple video…..not so expert actually…hihihi…

  227. 227 : Julee Says:

    Hi eidasayang,

    Love your video tribute to YSH with his many faces, nice song too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  228. 228 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee…
    thank u so much…..
    totally miss our oppa right now..hihihi….

    p/s: glad i’m on holiday right now…… spend more time here…..

  229. 229 : sang hee Says:

    Hello frnds here, first of i just did my 20 votes as soon as i got up this a.m. so i’m sure most of u are still in drmland hihihi…when i logged off the buzz site and thereafter casting my 20 votes our oppa got 26,021 & counting!!! as long as he stays where he is or more so up to #8, we shld all be glad about it!

    Yes ur absolutely right YSHforever, w/o Julee all of us would be in the dark w/o knowing this poll is even happening! Julee we’ll name you Julee the Great how’s that? hahaha You deserve it wow with 20 accounts? Tell me about it! Our oppa shld give you a tight hug! hahaha I’m surely amazed with you & all of us of course are trying so hard but Julee is amazing! Hats off to you frnd from all of us!

    YSHforever not toworry about responding to my msgs at this time, we’re all busy trying to catch up with our votes so that’s understandable! Let’s just for this time concentrate on how we can help him even if he’s on #9 that’s great already considering the other Korean vet actors are so far behind this poll…we shld be really delighted that his fans like us managed to keep him afloat #9!! yeyyy wow YSHforever…you’re good in borrowing 7 more accts I only managed to hv 8 at this point but yes Julee i think that’ll help right?

    I still hv to watch eidasayang’s tribute to our oppa too busy to vote didn’t hv time to check your vid for him but I surely will when i get off this work we’re doing for our oppa. I’m amazed that Julee managed to watch it in spite of her 20 accounts hahahaha you guys are indeed to be commended for all you do!

    I guess from this end in this group I’m on this a.m. shift eh? hahaha since most of you are still in dreamland so i got this msg lengthy again so let me go back to the site & cast some more ok? Aja aja girls!

    To Oppa: just sit back & relax and your YSH girls are striving striving and fighting fighting for you! Annyeong!

    Talk to you all nxt time…it seems that my day won’t be complete without visiting this board since Oppa came to our lives! hahahaha

  230. 230 : eidasayang Says:

    it’s 1.30 am at my country right now…so much to do for our oppa…..voting him..leave a comment here…make a video tribute which only done in two days…visit my soompi….everything just for oppa!!

    rewatched again MFL ep 9 …memorable episode for me…

    sanghee..keep voting him!! u’re so nice…


  231. 231 : gintonic Says:

    vote vote vote…

  232. 232 : Julee Says:

    Hi girls,

    Got woken up in the wee hrs by my cat and just had to cast another 10 votes for our YSH before going back to bed ^ ^.

    Difference right this min between no 8 and YSH is just under 3000 ….. great! Just imagine it had dropped all this way from 5000+. Thanks so much to all of you too for making this happen …. every vote counts.

    Hope by the time I wake up next morning, we’ll be even closer to our target to catch up with no 8. Now back to zzzzz …..

  233. 233 : sang hee Says:

    Ne (Korean way of saying yes) girls….vote vote vote….anything for our Oppa as he deserves our pampering! wow how devoted can you be girls waking up by a cat and voting while awoke & back to zzzzzzzzzz i hope you did manage to get back to drmland coz i know i myself got up the other day & cldnt recall if i did get back to sleep or what? hahaha. hello gintonic….yeah vote vote that’s the key and omg imagine him just a few days ago was on the 11th pl now 9th? How cool is that? we’re trying to bump # 8 hahaha!!!
    thnx eidasayang you all are nice too! gintonic howdy? julee the great voter hahaha, jinjoo, where’s cristah? i wish jane wld also join us she’s been absent for sometime now??? if i’m forgetting a name or so pls bear w/me coz i’m so engrossed with our voting these days for the love of Oppa!
    I hv to watch that vid tribute as soon as i get a chance, mind u i can’t wait to see it eidasayang! i also hv been rewatching MFL to the max, i can’t seem to get enuf of the Yoons esp our idol! woot woot

    I also was able to do my 30 votes for the day a few more to go, i’m asking my nieces to do the rest if they find time out of their tasks like homeworks & stuff hahaha or they don’t get a Xmas present fr me hahaha just kidding! btw last count after i cast my votes were almost 26,000 + if my memory doesn’t fail me!

    You frnds are so great i’m speechless….and once this is over we shld all celebrate and have some Soju like in the kdramas! hahaha I’m still at work so I’m waiting till i get a chance to do some more votes!
    Jinjoo vote vote vote!
    I hope like Julee said & YSHforever that we get closer to the #8 target. You guys must be getting up now so pali pali (Korean way of saying faster) hahaha. Talk to you frnds later! Aja aja

    Sarang hae oppa sangyeon!

  234. 234 : Julee Says:

    Morning Sang Hee,

    Just woke up ….. yeah, it took me a while to fall back to sleep earlier. Yesterday & today I am on leave (needed to clear my annual leave bal anyway so what better time than now) and had been able to do the voting at home.

    3 more nerve-wrecking days to go …. I don’t think any of us can get any proper rest until the big day when we know the final outcome. Whether our YSH ends up 9 or better still 8, we should celebrate that he’s in the Top 10. Wish we had all known much earlier about this Buzz polls as we could have all added another weeks worth of precious votes for him. But better late than never.

    Sang Hee, you really must watch eidasayang’s lovely video tribute ….. I think just looking at his adorable face in there is enough to give us added incentive to keep voting no matter how tired all of us are right now. Sometimes I wonder if we are too obsessed with him, we can’t help but love him to pieces.

    Now that I’ve done my next round of votes, think I’ll need to get back to zzzz some more.

  235. 235 : Julee Says:

    Hi YSHers,

    Would like to share with all of you a clip of our YSH breaking down (so sad) during an interview on a Korean variety show back in May when he talked about his dad who had suffered a stroke while filming ep5 QofH.

    Video link

    In case you’re unable to view the direct clip, go to Hangukdrama website to click on video link here:


    There’s also another great site I found on Korea Tourism website with what I think might be YSH’s official website at Cyworld (web link in his biodata). It has tons of his pics. When in website, click on the 4 small thumbnails which will bring you to the first page, click on the first link in orange, on left of his pic …. this will give you over 100 pages of his pics, some of which were not found on Google images.

    Difference with no 8 at this moment just below 2500 …. we’re getting there ^ ^

  236. 236 : Julee Says:

    sorry, left out the Korea tourism website link:

    link here

  237. 237 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello gals, right this minute, our oppa is just lagging behind by 1900+ to reach position 8. I think we can make it ! Guess i have to open extra accounts at yahoo…..there goes my hiking trip, but if we cld take him up a notch, i guess the sacrifice is worth it !!

    Maybe we shd ‘recruit’ more fans to vote….many r still in the dark abt this promo. As we can see, the fans of nbr 8 are also not giving up! and our pool might not be enuf as there is only so many hrs a day…. so may be it is crucial we get more YSH fans to vote.

    Like gintonic aptly says – vote, vote, vote.haha.

  238. 238 : Julee Says:

    Hi YSH Forever,

    Agree with you 100%, we are all trying our best but our voters pool is not enough. I’ll try to snoop around the YSH Youtube clips to spot his fans (from their comments) and try to pull more of them in.

    Let’s not give up when we’re now so close. At this min, the difference is only another 1860 votes.

  239. 239 : Julee Says:

    Have written to a few YSH fans picked from the Youtube comments and one of them have replied agreeing to join in the voting. Hope she’ll also rope in more supporters.

    Judging from the stats on my blog page with voting instructions, I’ve also received a no. of views ….. hope these are our new voters. Hope we’ll get a new surge of votes soon. At this min, only a difference of around 1651.

  240. 240 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi julee, am very impressed with ur recruitment effort ! haha. At this very minute, the gap is narrowed to only 1500 give or take a few points ! I will try to borrow even more accounts and if possible, create new ones. Never say die !

    Talk to u all later. Have to get to work, haha. Oppa, hang in there, we will put you in position 8 yet ! Or at least we will try our very best.

  241. 241 : sang hee Says:

    hello all YSHers…mind you i did think of youtube fans right the day Julee sent me her msg about this buzz and managed to get a couple of them however with me being busy voting i nvr had the time to go back & searched for more YSH fans fr youtube. i don’t want to get this on dramabeans in case there’s some other LJK or #8 fans there which might trigger them to vote for their idol instead of ours! hahaha sounds selfish NE!!!

    I agree with YSHforever i am also v v impressed with Julee’s recruitment efforts & really without Julee we many never know this buzz promo even exists! Hence we shld brand her Julee Da Great! hahaha

    YSHforever/Julee & all…. anyway last i logged off after voting our oppa’s score really is getting closer to #8…Oppa 29,180 and #8 30,414 which is a diff of 1,234…let’s hope the recruits you guys are doing even as we speak would join us in our quest for Oppa to be on #8 otherwise as long as he’s on top 10 we shld be happy already!

    Re Julee’s vid on oppa from the Kr w/site oh it was really a must-see, i got teary-eyed for him as he was weeping coz of his ailing dad! You girls shld go to that site & watch this one! Too bad we can’t share it on youtube as i’m pretty sure a lot of YSH fans hvnt seen it…thnx again Julee you’re v v resourceful indeed! I also went to the cyworld the other day and wow awesome photos of Oppa…thnx for suggesting that too. No worries…i’ll for sure look at Eidasayang’s youtube vid after our voting project that is…mind you i can hardly wait to watch it!

    I also saw Julee’s blog…it’s awesome you guys should nvr miss that, lots of nice photos as well! I’m just taking a brief brk here before heading to work as it seems incomplete w/o visiting this page now. Look at this YSHforever we’re more than 200 comments now, this is our next proj after the buzz voting to spread this link to so many YSH fans who I feel hvnt been to this site!

    I wasn’t feeling good last night but today I feel rejuvenated woot woot only coz i was thinking i need to be well for Oppa! hahaha

    Talk to you all again nxt time meanwhile Oppa: just be cool, relax and your gals are trying ever so hard to let you stay where you are and more so go up one more step to #8!!!

    Yeah the rest of #8 fans by the way are also working hard so girls….don’t put down your spears just yet we’re going to aja aja fighting! hahaha until the end w/c is Dec 4th!!

  242. 242 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello fellow SHers, i hv just created another 10 accounts and just finished keying in the votes. Right this minute, oppa got himself 29,353 votes and we r only 1086 from the nbr 8 rival !! Wow, getting v near !

    Yes, sang hee, Julee Da Great sounds pretty cool and v fitting ! salute, salute. Julee, i must really thank u for the 2 sites – awesome photos !!!!

    And i will resolve to watch eidasayang’s tribute to Oppa the moment i finish with all these voting x’cise. That’s a promise.

    Sang hee, pls pls don’t fall ill ! We cannot afford that. For ur sake as well for YSH’s sake.

    Remember when i thot we were too ambitious to try for positon nbr 8, during which time the gap was 5000 plus? Wow, look at us now – the gap is only 1086 ! I hv been monitoring the nbr 8 and it is v obvious the fans there r also pushing hard, but i think we as the underdog r more committed and determined. The heat is on – for the final lap, we shd REALLY really go for it ! I think tomorrow, i will try to create another batch of new accounts if that’s what’s needed to reach nbr 8 placing.

    Ok for now. Hv to hit the sack – a bit worn out now. haha. Good nite to those on the same time zone .

  243. 243 : YSH Forever Says:

    Oh, one last word before really hitting the sack. Agreed, sang hee, our next project after this is to make this site a fav spot for all YSH’s fans ! You never miss a beat, dear sang hee ! I just luv u for that.


  244. 244 : sang hee Says:

    oh belv this…i got a long msg already done and forgot to hit the anti spam so my msg didn’t go through the first time so i’m gonna have to redo it girls arrggghhh

  245. 245 : sang hee Says:

    ok let me try one more time ladies….
    i can’t cast my vote at this time as i’m still at work however i’m just trying to respond to some of your comments here, that’s one thing i can never ignore hahaha

    first of thnx for the thot that i don’t get ill….we can’t afford that for our oppa. secondly, you all got to see the site Julee suggested and her blog is awesome..with so many photos of oppa and the K actors Julee used to admire? hahaha Those K actors match with the ones I really got crzy for before meeting our idol Oppa. hahaha i’m not saying literally that i met him but u know what i mean! And eidasayang…i’ll for watch the youtube ones you dedic to him as soon as our voting is over!

    YSH4e (too long to cont hahaha) Julee, gintonic, jinjoo, and all — we seem to be getting there & i agree just days ago we were quite far from #8 but look now right we’re only about a few thous away! i beliv in miracles for sure! our oppa wld hit the #8 slot soon let’s be positive with a ++++ sign not negative sign hahaha. Hats off to you both for having so many ac/s to joggle with! Yes we wldnt be able to do it w/o Julee’s concerted effort imagine 200 votes? wow you guys if oppa gets to the 8 slot it’s coz of you and others who got so many accs…hooray to you all!

    if u don’t hear fr me tonight (my time) i’m gonna be attending a funeral wake of a colleague but i’ll touch base w/you for sure as soon as i’m home.

    yesh YSH4 we hv our nxt proj after this to get this site on the radar of those fans who hvnt really been here…and Julee and all pls don’t abandon us after the voting session and come back here often.

    thnx for your kind words YSH4 and Julee….i’m feeling ok now and like i said earlier…feeling rejuvenated hahaha..if i missed addressing some of your comments it’s coz i’m in a hurry before my boss catches me here ok?

    to oppa: we saranghae yo! hang in there! we hope your dad is ok now after watching you weeping on Korean interview all coz of Julee’s resourcefulness that we’re able to watch it…if u hvnt do watch that vid you’ll cry with him gals!

    ok cia for now before i get fired! hahaha

  246. 246 : Julee Says:

    Morning ladies (from my time zone),

    So happy to wake up to see the diff now gone way below the 1000 mark, now at 967 after adding in my 20 votes. The target is not far off now, so we’ve got to fight tooth & nail today & last day tomorrow. We can do it!

    Hi YSH4, welcome to the multi-multi accounts club ^ ^
    I have a feeling the no 8 voters are not going to give up without a fight either, but we’re going to be tougher, haha. No 8 …. here we come!!

  247. 247 : sang hee Says:

    hello ladies wake up yeah hi Julee wow ur up early…i just did my other 10 votes and oppa is only 960 votes away! hahahaha

    yeah you & YSH4 are both maxi voter accounts so hats off to you and i hv some more to go and my sis is also into this! hahaha we can make it, i’m feeling goosebumps now and sorry i forgot good morning all! talk again soon

    i’m still at work

  248. 248 : Julee Says:

    Have another 2 more rounds of voting to do before I’m off to work. Am delighted to note that the no 8 voters should still be sleeping at the moment while we’re adding a bit more votes as their total have not gone up yet.

    Hope our voters will be able to get in more before they start their battle with us. Really, really hope they won’t be able to push the difference to above 1000 again. Keeping all fingers XXX.

  249. 249 : sang hee Says:

    i’m still a fewmore votes away julee as i’m at work but i got my other sources doing it so not to worry! last time i logged off he was 960 away but i hvnt checked again! i hv a feeling he’ll jump to 8 soon! we’re fighting to the end! it’s already dec 4th ur end so it’s deadline already? w/the time diff can i still cast my vote by tomorrow a.m.? i’m quite confused now! (:

    talk to you all later

  250. 250 : YSH Forever Says:

    Latest score : Oppa is just only 652 votes behind the nbr eight ! No giving up now, we have a v v good chance to get that covet position for our oppa ! Gals, drop everything and do our best as the closing day draws closer. Really appreciate all your efforts ! TQ

  251. 251 : Julee Says:

    Just came into office and added another 10 votes. Looks like no. 8 voters now coming in as their no. had gone up slightly. This min the diff is 624.

    Sang Hee, my date here is now 3rd Dec, 9.11am …. I think same time as that indicated in our comment post here. I’m not sure what exact time the polls closes, but if the organisers count Dec 4th midnight, then it should be tomorrow midnight. As we do not read Korean, we cannot check the info from the Buzz page.

    I don’t think I can concentrate on anything at the moment as it’s kind of nerve-wrecking, it being so close to closing.

  252. 252 : sang hee Says:

    Hi julee…omoo it’s only 600 something & #8 fans are just raising to make it more! I see what u mean i think i can still vote till tomorrow a.m. I got one more to go & did all for today! Me too same here i kinda feel edgy! talk to you while i chck some more!

  253. 253 : Julee Says:

    Jst added in my next 10 and our score just gone into 30,003 this min. Now easier to see the difference since both are now in 30,000 region. Now need another 528 to catch up ….. hope their total will not go up so fast.

  254. 254 : Julee Says:

    Hi gals,

    If you have a free minute between votings, do visit the cyworld site and check out the lattest 2 entries. The video tribute posted on 1st Dec has such a lovely song and pics of him while the other posted on 2nd Dec is hilarious (cartoon version of YSH & YEH).

    I think we all need to de-stress at this moment. Loved the 1st Dec vid tribute and lol at the 2nd Dec vid.

  255. 255 : sang hee Says:

    i’m not sure now if you gals are still in drmland or just waking up coz it’s almost time fr my zone to hit the sack but i just chkd the score and if my calculation is right our oppa is only about 67 points away from #8. So that’s a considerable amount when just this morning he was about 600 away from him? oh my gosh i hope there are some more new voters out there!

    Julee it’s really nerve wrecking….it’s getting closer to the deadline. thnx for the tip on time zone from ur end i guess i can still cast my votes then till tomorrow our time here.

    i’d love to see the cyworld site maybe tomorrow, no time now my eyes are just drooping from sleepiness…g/nite ladies & talk to you tomorrow . time to zzzzz

    g/nite Oppa!

  256. 256 : Diane Says:

    YSH just passed! He is now #8!!! with 30, 832 votes.

  257. 257 : YSH Forever Says:

    Our Oppa is now Number 8 !!! OMG ! Yes, diane, he has made it !! Hi gals, i feel like celebrating !! Hurray ! But… let’s not let our guard down yet. we are just ahead by abt 100 plus votes. The moment i have some time, i will create more accounts and be ready to widen the gap, as this neck to neck is quite nerve-wrecking. We MUST NOT allow YSH to slip back to 9, ok?

    Gals, if the closing date is the 4th, that means tomorrow is the last day. But we are not sure if closing is the stroke of one second past midnite tonite or they will allow voting the whole day of the 4th and also, the east side will be a day ahead of the west- uh, quite complicating here. Whatever, let’s just ensure victory by making sure we are have a v v comfortable distance from his rival !! We can’t be complacent. Still have work to do ! Get going, gals.

  258. 258 : Julee Says:

    YAY, YAY, YAY …. can’t stop grinning here.

    We need now to keep increasing the difference and not let current 9 (dethroned 8) to overtake our guy.

    I’ll be adding on every 30 min until my accounts run out.

  259. 259 : Julee Says:

    I don’t know how that smiley got into my comment, must have been some key shortcut. I meant dethroned 8.

    Yes, yes, yes …. our historic moment that we’ve been fighting so hard to achieve. Got to keep widening that gap.

    Sang Hee must be in dreamland now …. she’s just missed THE MOMENT!

  260. 260 : Julee Says:

    Oh no, I just got blocked from the Buzz site, perhaps too impatient to add on more votes and didn’t wait the minimum 30 min. Have to wait till I get back home from work before I can vote again.

    Somebody please update me on the current score between YSH and no. 9, dying to know the difference right now. Thanks.

  261. 261 : Diane Says:

    #9 – 30,948
    #8 – 31,079 yippee!!

  262. 262 : Julee Says:

    Thanks Diane. Just managed to unblock the ISP, did 2 rounds of votes and score right now:

    YSH ……. 31,295
    No 9 …… 31,031

    Difference of 264 votes. We still need to widen it as much as possible. Now time to go home and add on more votes ^ ^

  263. 263 : Diane Says:

    It isn’t letting me vote, for some reason. I keep getting that little box with the 10 in it, but it has been way over 24 hours since I have been able to vote.

    #9 – 31,099
    #8 – 31,528 YSH !!!!!!!!!

  264. 264 : Julee Says:

    Hi Diane,

    Yeah, I found a couple of my accounts had this problem as well. Perhaps you could try closing & re-open your browser, go to yahoo.com, log in with account and log-off. Then try again to see if it works, I’m not sure either. I just use another account. Would you like to create another account in case yours doesn’t work? ^ ^

    I’ve created a couple more accounts to add on, in case I run out of my existing ones and these should come in useful. We definitely can’t allow #8 to catch up.

    Hopefully by tomorrow, the gap will be at least 1000+ to 2000+, all the way up and up, until the final moment. And then all of us can breathe normally again, haha.

  265. 265 : Julee Says:

    Sorry, typed too fast …. I meant we can’t allow #9 to catch up ^ ^

  266. 266 : YSH Forever Says:

    Our Oppa now ahead by 600 plus votes ! Standing steady at position 8! Gals, we need more votes so that he is at least 1000 points ahead, which will ensure that his nbr 8 placing will be unassailable.

    Yes, julee, sang hee misses THAT moment when he overtook that coveted 8th position ! Where r u, sang hee ? Your beloved oppa has made it ! yey, yey, yey ! Thanz so much for the infor re the latest entry at cyworld. Will definately check it out, julee.

    I have finished voting for the day and will check in every now and then for the status, as we can’t let him slip back to nbr 9 !

    Good work, gals. But it is not over yet !!! Oppa, ur gals r working so hard here, haha

  267. 267 : Julee Says:

    Yes, difference at this min still at 600+. Judging from the other group’s total which didn’t go up much for the past hr, their voters must be calling it a night. Was a bit worried earlier when I noted that the difference seemed to have narrowed back to around 400+.

    We’ll have to keep at it no matter what tomorrow as that is the crucial last day. We cannot let them win back #8.

    Another of the Youtube girls I wrote to earlier replied that she too had been voting hard since we notified her about the polls (bless her) and also got blocked by the dreaded ISP page a few times. Had invited her to join us here.

    Just one more day to go, we must keep him at #8 no matter what.

  268. 268 : sang hee Says:

    girls so sorry i mentioned to you that i was attending a funeral wake last night but as soon as i got home i multi tasked indeed though i miss the excitement, i was teary eyed seeing he’s no 8 this a.m. when i woke up be4 reading julee’s mail..to cont my boss calling me

  269. 269 : sang hee Says:

    btw i mnged to get in my 40 votes this a.m. some cont here at work, sneaking out…omg hahaha my boss might kill me.
    anyway welcome on board Diane…nice to hv a new mmbr here and after this voting we all shld strive to make this page to at least a thous.

    girls i’m so excited i’m almost screaming the last time i was at the site he was almost 33,000 and counting! i’m also like you YSH4 confused with time diff. got to cont. again

  270. 270 : gintonic Says:

    hello ladies… ok i brought the last count to 32,623… still numero 8, can some kind soul enlighten me as to when this competition is finally ending and when we can get the results???

    and sang hee i hope you feel ok (after attending the funeral…) not too sad i hope…

    but u will rejoice soon when results are announced and mr cute will be placed as Mr. 8!!!

    sorry i have been inundated with alot of responsiblities and overloaded with work so have not been able to write much but i am voting with all my might…

    nite nite sweet dreams YSHers and SH sshi…

  271. 271 : sang hee Says:

    i’m sure most of u are in drmland right now and my votes are still being done by my sister and niece so i’m ok with that a few more to go about 20 more they say as i chckd a few min ago!

    yeyyyy time to celeb i can’t believe our oppa reached that spot of 8….wheewwww it’s indeed nerve wrecking!

    we need to go till the end we can’t stop now!

    you girls are to be commended for hvng so many accs for oppa..i can’t type straight i’m still so excited about this! hahahaha oh we’ll all be glad when this is over at least we can sort of relax! hahaha time for soju or champagne!

    got to talk to u gals again later….we’re all happy and oppa shld be too

  272. 272 : Julee Says:

    Morning gintonic,

    We too have no idea when the exact closing time is, just that it ends Dec 4th (today!!).

    I just checked the asia map and Korea is about 40 degrees east of Singapore (where I am) ….. if my guess that the Korean side follows their own time, that means their midnight should be a bit earlier than mine by a couple of hours.

    But anyway, let’s just keep voting until the Buzz site indicates that it’s officially closed ….. sometime tonight. Can’t wait for that moment and I’m sure all of us just want our YSH to be officially #8.

    Last I checked a few mins ago after my last vote round, the vote diff is now at 854. Guess we’ve been sneaking in as many votes throughout the night as we can while the other side is taking a break …. my record shows our score increased by 326 votes against their 40 votes (since 12.19am, my time). Need to add in more before the other side stirs ^ ^.

  273. 273 : sang hee Says:

    thnx gintonic for that thot….yeah it was sad tho coz we were close & went out to lunch once in a while we both enjoyed trying on some other dishes etc & she was always there for me and everybody, she’ll be missed surely! but i’m ok thnx! me too i’ve been busy but tried so hard to set aside time for oppa!
    I’m also not sure when the cut off date is over however it did mngd all the 80 i got some fr borrowed a/cs of course! b4 attnding funeral i already got 40 votes since i woke up & my sis did the rest! yeyyy he’s still #8…i almost can’t believe girls that we’ve done it….made our oppa to where he is now!

    hello girls ysh4, julee, jinjoo, eidasayang ur absent? i know u guys hv been all excited with the progress our oppa got last night & i was in drmland of course.

    i’m still at work so this is just a short one. thnx gals! aja

  274. 274 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi julee, haha, cld not help lol abt the sneaking in votes while our opponents slept !

    Imagine their faces (horror !) when they realised we had quietly sneaked in 800+ votes while they were in snooze land, hahaha.

    Since our voting time will definately be shortened if the koreans follow their time there, this will mean that for some of us, we DON’T get to vote using our current accounts as one of their rules demand that we must allow one day to lapse BEFORE we could vote again !

    In that case, we have no other choice but to open new yahoo accounts if we want to continue voting, as any new accounts will NOT be constrained by that particular ruling.

    Have to run now. These last few hours will be critical – got to keep our eyes on the scores and be ever ready to create new accounts to counter any upsurge from the other side !


  275. 275 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi sang hee, my belated condolence to u on the loss of ur office mate/close friend.

    However, m sure the news of our oppa making it shd cheer u up ! *-* HaHa, occasionally, i do wonder what sort of magic spell YSH has cast on all of us that makes us sooo…..what’s the word i shd use…yes, sooo besotted by him ??!!! Sigh, i guess it’s ok, coz it’s a nice of spellbinding !

  276. 276 : Diane Says:

    My time and day : Thurs. Dec 3 – 7:35 pm

    YSH – 33,038
    #9 – 31,946

  277. 277 : sang hee Says:

    oh thnx YSH4 for that comforting words! yeah our oppa is our ultimate therapy if i may say so! hahaha if only he knew how hard we all worked to get him up where he’s at he’ll probably want to have a fan meeting with us? hahaha
    My time here is 5:17 p.m. so i think it shld be Dec. 5th now in Korea? oh it’s hard to figure this out hahaha

    You guys are grt…hats off to you! i think fr my end it’s no point to open new accs as it’s already closed polls in Korea? i dunno anymore hihihi

    anyway….he shld be more than 33,000 now & i luft at that too when julee says while the fans of #8 were in snoozeland we kinda sneak out votes & made our oppa #8. hahaha grt job girls.

    still at work so touch base later….to you all sarang and to our oppa of course!!

  278. 278 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to say to YSH4 yeah what kind of spell does he have that we’re so drawn to him so much? hahaha only God knows! he’s such a grt guy it’s one of the factors!

    ciao for now

  279. 279 : Julee Says:

    Yipee … just checked after my votes and our score has crossed to 1118 vote difference. Let’s keep it going up and up.

    Dear Sang Hee, so sorry in our excitement over yesterday’s historic crossing moment, we forgot your grief, belated condolences. And yes dear Diane, forgot to welcome you to our site. Good to be able to scream along with the others, right? ^ ^

    YSHForever …. I think none of us can ever explain why we feel the way we do over him. As I had said to both Sang Hee & Diane, it must be some invisible ray emitted from his eyes that goes right into our hearts & minds when we watch him on screen or in pics. Just imagine the special effect …… one look at him & ZZZAP and we look like this @[email protected], haha.

    Girls, girls …. if any of you shoud be feeling so tired right now and need to know why you’re fighting so hard for him, please steal a few mins (during lunch or whatever break you have) and go watch that Cyworld Dec 1st tribute video to him. It will give you the answer, not so much in words but by the feelings it invokes …… you’ll just fall in love with him all over again, and know why he’s our no. 1.

  280. 280 : Julee Says:

    Sang Hee,

    It’s still Dec 4th in our zone and in Korea and voting is still on. Right now, it’s 9.27am here so if I’m not mistaken, voting should close sometime tonight (my time).

    Refer to the time stated on this comment page, it’s the same.

  281. 281 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Julee….i just chkd now and oppa is 33,664 against #8 32,066….oh my gosh! he’s just terrific and you girls who got multi a/c are to be commended for! hooray to you….Julee, YSH4 and others i may not know who got it too!

    Oh no prob Julee…it’s quite all right it’s just that i was absent here on board for a few hours or so but mind you this voting has nvr left my mind all along! (^-^) in spite of my colleague’s bereavement…so sorry but our guy is really zapping us as Julee wld say…there’s really some kinda magnetic power that’s projecting from him coz i nvr felt like this with any other K actors …. Hollywood or otherwise!!! First time i saw him in Queen just made me feel I’ve been addicted to him! I surely will watch the cyworld vid you spoke about and also our other friend eidasayang’s tribute. I realy can’t wait.

    Do you mean to say it’s still ok to vote? i think w/you girls is ok but from my zone i think that’s it coz it’s already Dec. 4th in Korea and where you girls are w/c means that w/the time diff. when i awoke tomorrow morning it wld be too late right? I’m kinda confused now…hihihi.

    Pls enlighten me if i can still vote ok? thnx talk to you again

  282. 282 : Julee Says:

    Sang Hee,

    From your no 277 comment, I’m not sure whether your date is 3rd or 4th Dec but judging from the difference in time, yours was around 5pm while it was 9am here (time recorded on comment same as my time).

    Korea’s location being just slightly east of Singapore should be a couple of hours ahead of my time, but we share the same date today(4th Dec) and should be a couple of hours ahead of Singapore. So assuming when it’s midnight 4th Dec in Korea, it should be around 9 – 10 pm 4th Dec (tonight) where I am. I just assume it’s around say 3 hours ahead of Singapore.

    Since the recorded time in this comments page is similar to my time zone, that should mean when the time indicated in this comments column is around 9pm, then it should be around midnight tonight in Korea (just assuming it’s 3 hrs ahead).

    Right now in Singapore
    Time: 2.06pm
    4th Dec

  283. 283 : Julee Says:

    Ok, I googled for the time zone converter and found that South Korea is just 1 hour ahead of Singapore. Which means when it’s midnight in Korea, it’s around 11pm in Singapore.

    So just refer to the time indicated here in the comments (same time as Singapore) so it should be midnight in Korea when the time here reads 11pm today.

    Singapore now 2.28pm
    South Korea now 3.27pm

  284. 284 : sang hee Says:

    hello julee and all…i slept 3 hrs oredi and up now to vote here 12:16 mid our time however i tried 3x oredi i can’t get into voting! how frustrating can this be? i dunno why but if ever i cant vote my waking up this time seems a waste! i’m gonna try again and many thnx for figuring out the time diff. I know this time Korea is now 7 pm.

    gotta try again & yeah let’s not stop! aja aja girls!

  285. 285 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi girls, manage to slip out to check the score and do some voting too ! The result right now is 32,192 for the chap no.9 and our YSH has 34,283. That’s a diff of 2091 !!

    Yes, julee, the time diff for singapore location is only 1 hr and u gals there cld vote right up to 11 p.m, presuming the closing hr is 12 o’clock.

    Hahaha…..i still cld not get over yr so apt description of being zapped by YSH… imagine the rays shooting from his eyes into the all his star-struck gals and forever thus swooning over him…. hahaha. Julee, u are so funny and cute

    Ya, welcome to this board, diane ! After this, we shd make YSH’s rating go up on this board too ! TQVM julee, for getting some fans to visit here ! Really appreciate.

    We actually cld make this board THE place for the latest news on YSH and provide links etc to vids,etc etc. What say u all ? Killing 2 birds at one go……his rating will go up and we fans will know exactly where to go for the latest on him. But i welcome other suggestions from u gals.

    Wow, sang hee, only 3 hrs’ sleep! That’s dedication to the max ! How lucky cld YSH be ?

    Hv to go now. Let’s all get to celebrate tonite when they announce the official result ? Our dream of getting YSH into the top ten is moe or less confirmed and now it’s a matter of maintaining the 8th position, which a short time ago, seems almost impossible ! All thanks to all u gals here!!!


  286. 286 : sang hee Says:

    yes ysh4, julee…..i’m up but an hr passed by and frustration frustration…my votes won’t go through, i can get into the w/site but once i clicked on the vote option box it doesn’t give me another pop up box which indicates my vote is going through like u know when our guy’s photo emerges? NOPE so i’m sorry girls….i need a much-needed rest now or i might feel like a zombie tomorrow. I’m really upset coz i cld’ve done even my 40 votes now i can’t i tried changing browsers etc to no avail!
    yeah how lucky cld our guy be? this nvr happened to me before no way but for him? all hell broke loose! hahaha you girls are amazing and Oppa shld just give you/us all a HUG! hahaha i’m sorry i cannot waste another hour i dunno why i can’t vote.
    by the time i get up tomorrow the polls are over hence i’m waking up now but an hour went down the drain! if i’m not tired i cld try another few minutes but i’m just exhausted and angry that i was not able to cast my very last votes! grrrhhhhhh

    last i saw his score was 34, 270 and counting! ok girls i”ll just leave the voting in your capable hands, i can’t say i didn’t try, an hour passed by exactly and nothing has happened.

    don’t throw eggs at me ok? hahaha kidding
    ciao for now. i’m about to cry

  287. 287 : YSH Forever Says:

    The Latest on YSH !

    Gals, just happened to watch KBS Entertainment Week and they have this clip on YSH ! His people announced that he will be in Japan next month to work on an album, a cover of Nakanishi Yasushi songs coz he is now the rising star in Japan and this album is to solidify his status in Japan. YSH himself came on and said that he will ‘work hard so that you will see a new side of me’ and that he is’ finally being recognised for his work at a late age’. Oh, he looks gorgeous here, with the taebong hairstyle and his cheeks have slimmed down to when he was in QoH drama. Couldn’t ask for more that he should look really good for his next effort in Japan ! Go oppa, go !!! Look out for his next single, gals ( in japanese i guess).

    Hopofully someone cld upload this clip with the full translation as they have here at KBS. I was so lucky to happen to switch on and caught this.
    Today must be my lucky day.

  288. 288 : Diane Says:

    Yes, YSH is able to charm women of ALL ages. I thought I was too old and beyond going gaga over a young guy. But once I saw our YSH, I came alive!! LOL!

  289. 289 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi diane, you are so right, he appeals to women of All ages, as we can see the variety of his fans at the Japan performance ! But as YSH himself proclaimed just a while back, age is just a number. This board welcome gals of all ages, so long as we rave over him and support his rise to stardom ! Love to see your comments here, diane. Visit us as often as you could !

  290. 290 : Julee Says:

    Yes, we now have a comfortable gap of around 2000+ and need to just maintain it. I’m imagining how hard #9 voters are trying to reduce it and not getting much progress, poor things …. but we mustn’t laugh at them too soon.

    Sang Hee, don’t be so hard on yourself when you too have been doing your best for the past week. Have enough rest so that you can later scream your loudest when the polls finally closes and our precious YSH is officially the 8th most popular 2009 Korean artiste.

    I was very careful today to stagger my voting rounds so as not to get blocked by that dreaded ISP page and waste the hours without voting. Thanks to our devoted YSHers who forgo sleep to pile on more votes, we managed to get a headstart on the gap. A couple of hours ago, I got the idea of borrowing my colleagues PC (he was on leave anyway) and did double voting safely. Wish I had thought of that sooner as I could have doubled my voting simultaneously today.

    Hope our guess is correct about the polls closing at midnight Korean time. After we have all screamed our loudest, it’d be time to get the much needed rest. Just 5 more hrs to go.

    Time now to head home and continue voting. His score should go past 35,000 by day’s end.

  291. 291 : Julee Says:

    The buzz page has just officially closed. Just passsed midnight Korean time

  292. 292 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yup, the promotion just cliosed and i think i was the last one in the midst of keying in the votes coz i thot of pushing the points to 35K ! However, 3dd4,955 is good enuf ! Congrats, girls, you all have done it !

  293. 293 : Julee Says:

    Yes, thanks to all of you who have worked so hard over the past week. We did it!! YSH officially #8.

    I too had wanted to add on to make it at least 35,000 but my last vote was just a bit below 30 mins ago … didn’t want to risk losing the buzz page to see the official closing.

    And just had to do a print screen to immortalise this moment, haha.

  294. 294 : sang hee Says:

    Hello ev/one & just waking to see all ur comments….i cldn’t be any happier to see our oppa is one of the 10 best and #8 in the polls. You girls are awesome! I slept frustrated as the ISP whatever blocked me for an hour & I was just sooooooooo disappointed!

    CONGRATS TO OUR OPPA and to all the multi accounters like YSH4 & Julee and others we all made it for him to go to #8!!! How about that? Let’s all celebrate here on this page & make this page to a thousand OK? We can all do it…just visit here even more than once a day and look where we are now once i finished this it will be 293…I’m also asking some youtubers to come on board so this page will indeed be voluminous before we know it! Look at SIG he’s not even one of the top ten in the polls matter of fact did we see his name pop up there? I didn’t think so! Let’s not stop supporting our YSH ok girls and let’s try to recruit some more fans here and then prob one day our oppa will have one of the biggest fan clubs in Korea hahaha!

    Thnx Julee for ur kind words….but up to the last I wanted to put in my efforts for oppa so i set my alarm to 12 mid here & tried all 4 a/c to no avail. It was 1:02 exactly as i tried one more time & much as I didn’t care to give up albeit my eyes were giving up…i tried again & really i thot there’s no chance i could do it then. However, yeah we can scream on top of our lungs when you guys woke up….I think Diane & me are in the same zone perhaps wherever she may be a diff of only hours i’m just guessing.

    I agree w/YSH4 our idol doesn’t look at age group…ev/one here is equal…no age boundaries even like YSH says too that age is just a number…I think as long as we don’t feel it we just keep going & thank God that whatever no. we may be right now in terms of age we shld all be thankful for!

    YSH4 thnx for Your KBS ent update…i can’t wait to see his latest photo with a slimmer cheeks like in Queen…hahaha on the contrary he looks OK with all of us no matter what right? It’s really nice to hear he’s popular also in Japan nowadays. If i’m not mstaken this wld be his 2nd time going there? Too bad I can’t get acces to KBS channel but thnx for filling us in. Wow & you were the last to cast your precious precious votes for our oppa? Good for you!

    Hv a good w/end everyone & let’s keep in touch now & then even just a short note will do if we’re all too busy to come here!

    Where are you Gintonic? Eidasayang? Jinjoo?


  295. 295 : sang hee Says:

    Julee…i know ur still in drmland but i can’t get into youtube as it’s indicating server not avail and i wanted to thank u for the cyworld site which you sent me thru youtube….thanks a milln for your tireless efforts in sharing whatever you have for our oppa and same goes to our other friend YSH4 as she shares so many vids with me these past few days!

    Annyeong to our Oppa and congratulations again! Chuo kae yeo (congrats). We won’t let you down! Bogoshiposo Oppa!

    see u later YSHrs

  296. 296 : YSH Forever Says:

    Wow, sang hee, you woke up for this ? Who’s the real diehard here?

    I think the actual listing of official result for top ten will come later when they have a ceremony and the stars will come out to receive the awards ? ( check the previous year ceremony).

    I might be wrong, but i like to believe we gals helped Oppa to get the 8th position and Julee has the honour of searching for the most ardent of fans to come out firing double , triple barrels of votes and finally made the previous holder of nbr 8 to bite the dust. Gloat. gloat. gloat, haha.

    Oppa, please please have eng translation on yr webpage/homepage (if any) so that we too could participate. You won’t regret as we will give provide you with full support, as proven with the yahoo buzz promo. Heard about your coming trip to Japan to cut an album – congrats ! and all the very best from all of us here. With all of us wishing you the best, you will surely succeed in all your future endeavours.

  297. 297 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hear! Hear! I fully support your call to make YSH’s rating here to 1000 ( our first target), dear Sang hee. Ya, where’s SIG in the yahoo buzz ? Yet he’s the top on this site !! Am pretty sure we could put our Oppa up there too, altho not quite at the level of SIG’s as yet. haha. Let’s device a plan to this a reality.

  298. 298 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha YSH4 you’re sooooper cute! die hard? all of us are ok? i don’t want to be the sole holder of that title, we’re all in this together no more no less, we’re all equal but to Julee & yourself…you both are super voters, super multi holder accounts & need I say more? I really wanna think our oppa got to where he is coz of your tireless efforts in doing so much as to open lots of accounts just so he cld be the top 10 and top 10 he is what an effort eh to close at polls to no. 8 slot! woot woot we’re screaming now! hahaha

    Mind u i nvr had done this to any other K actors only for oppa to set my alarm just so i cld cast my votes at 12 mid my time — that’s how we all love him…going an extra mile!

    Yes YSH4 re this site we’ll make it happen..there’s nothing impossible now I guess with our group! At least we can make this page reach a thousand in no time yeyyyy! is that ambitious you’d ask? hehehe

    Yeah did u guys notice that? where’s SIG? maybe at the bottom list? Our oppa beats the vet actors on the list so it’s no surprise even SIG was invisible! sorry i liked you too SIG but our oppa is our primary idol now!

    I agree with YSH4 that oppa shld have an Eng section site for all the non-speaking Koreans like us so we cld contribute more to his site and enhance his popularity at that!

    Julee must still be in drmland? hahaha You all are super! We’ve done it yeyyy…time to watch or rewatch oppa’s kdramas! what a relief that he ended on #8.

    talk 2 u i’m at work

  299. 299 : Julee Says:

    Hi girls,

    Finally, finally after a nerve-wrecking last few days of hard voting and worrying about our mission (getting our YSH to #8 and making sure he stays put) ….. sweet success!! and only then could I get a full night’s undisturbed sleep ^ ^

    The final night (Thurs-Fri) was horrible, the anxiety that we had just achieved #8 place and the possibility of #9 voters getting back their lost position was just unthinkable. No way were we going to let them …. not even if I had to set my phone alarm to buzz me every hr to add on my votes and check the scores. Luckily #9 fans were not as crazy as us and we managed to sneak in even more votes to increase the gap ….. and like YSHForever said, they must have been horrified waking up Fri morning to see our score way ahead ^ ^

    Fri itself with a final gap which stayed safely at 2000+ …… heartbeat finally slowed down and worries eased as we maintained that throughout ….. until last few hrs, knew we were going to make it. Glued to buzz page to witness the final glorious moment when the much awaited closing pop up appeared …. and our YSH officially #8, a printscreen moment indeed.

    Dear girls, a big big thank you for joining in the hard fight and bringing our YSH to #8. Also many thanks to the Youtube girls who joined in (omona7, hhamsinahamzah and any others) to helped us pile on even more votes and to narrow that final 2000+ votes to get to #8.

    It could never have happened without all of you and the rest of the YSHers out there. A pity we’re not physically in the same location or this would have been a Soju moment ….. not sure how it tastes like though as I’ve not tried it before, haha.

    Now that I had a good night’s sleep, heartbeat & blood pressure back to normal again. Btw, who or what is this SIG?

  300. 300 : Julee Says:

    Ok, got who SIG is from reading through your comments again and checking him out from the most commented list. He must be really popular with 6000+ comments. Was he among the buzz polls nominees?

    Now that the adrenaline has gone down, I think I need my dose of YSH … have to go watch MFL again. Wish the mysoju links for QofH has been repaired as they have remained broken for so long already. And I’ve yet to watch ep19 with the TB’s teary funeral scene. Any other sites to watch QofH?

  301. 301 : nhuy Says:

    Yoon Sang Huyn is the best actor, he play very nature and atractive. I love way he perform in his movie. He visit Japan to introduce his album, right? Good luck!

  302. 302 : sang hee Says:

    Hello everyone….let’s take a breather right? i agree Julee the adrenalin rush is over and so put up ur feet and rewatch our YSH dramas like MFL…i really miss watching since we got into voting a week ago! Now we all need some dosage of YSH or i call it Yoonhistamine or Yoonaspirin hahaha. It actually took me a while to shake off the MFL syndrome that after the series ended I nvr want to watch any new Kdramas but MFL hahaha

    It’s just unbelievable how we were able to get Oppa to #8…thnx to you girls like Julee & YSH4 who got so many accounts to vote from! Hats off to you and all who hv contributed their time just so our oppa wld be at his spot ending at 34,599 or 959? i can’t recall now but somewhere around that figure! Julee i’ve tried soju before & i dunno if u’d like it, you need to work on acquiring the taste….i guess it’s good once you’re used to it but when i first tried it out of curiosity seeing it in all Kdramas, i took a sip and it’s still sitting in the fridge for months now. hahaha I’m not a drinker don’t take it the wrong way girls, but i just thought why are those Korean women in dramas seem to enjoy it? Some say it’s similar to the taste of gin (gintonic where are you frnd?) hahaha and of course i cannot make any comparison since as i said i’m not a drinker. Once in a while when you socialize i do like red wine but that’s about it!

    BTW Julee SIG as u know is Song il gook who has been popular in Jumong, Lobbyists, Terms of Endearment etc. and a number of movies! Are you serious you never heard of him? google his photo to get an idea, he looks a bit like Richard Gere i dunno i may be wrong but he does remind me of him!

    Also try watching QofH on mysoju coz viikii mostly are brkn links. Luckily i got the DVD and usually i’ll rewatch the parts like when our guy is singing to the lead actress; the scene as you mentioned during his father’s funeral, i thought his emotions in that particular segment was very convincing indeed and just loved him in that drama too!

    Ok time to take a rest after some grueling and nerve wrecking days we’ve been through. I was yawning at work the whole time today as I woke up at midnight here to cast my vote but I was blocked for an hour until I gave up….so tonight it’s 8:30 pm here, I’m gonna hit the sack early to make up for the lost sleep! I’m sure we’re all feeling tired but good in a way coz our idol was able to reach that number!

    Thnx to your youtube recruits too Julee…i hope they visit us here to join in with our comments here and help us reach our goal to at least a thousand??? hihihi talk to you girls later!

  303. 303 : =P Says:

    As promised Sang Hee, here I am.

    First off – congratulations to you all for the dedication in making YSH no. 8. I too have voted but nowhere near as many times as you guys I think!! My hat off to you!! Isn’t it fantastic that YSH is finally being recognised for his talents?

    I was just complaining that I have not been able to rewatch MFL on viikii nor mysoju – for some reason I have trouble loading – but anyway – for now I am keeping alive via the MVs.

    I’m nervous to see what his next project is – he is such a charmer, I hope he picks a project soon. Otherwise reruns of MFL is ok too!!

    So a shout out Hello! to everyone and I’ll try to join you as often as I can.

  304. 304 : Julee Says:

    Yes we need our YSH dose ….. yoonhistamine, yoonaspirin, haha …. whatever we call it, we are indeed YSH addicts. I’ve not watched any of SIG’s dramas but now only has eyes for our YSH ^ ^

    Just one look at him and all tiredness gone @[email protected]

  305. 305 : Diane Says:

    All that excitement and adrenalin rush and not enough sleep left me with a migraine, so I have not been online all day. That’s what happens with old age. LOL! But I am so thrilled about our YSH!

    MFL can be seen at AZNV.TV, but unfortunately, they don’t have QoH. I usually go back and forth between AZNV.TV and mysoju to watch dramas.

    I am not a drinker, either, but have been curious to taste soju. Seeing it so often in the kdramas makes it look good. Not sure where to look in my area. I did ask my stepdaughter to look for me (I’m mostly housebound), but she has been too busy.

    I am so happy to find other lovers of YSH. Thank you, Julee, for pointing me to this site. Up until I met Julee I thought I was alone.

    {doing a happy dance}

  306. 306 : Julee Says:

    Hi Diane,

    Hope you’re feeling better now after a good rest. I think none of us were able to relax until the final polls closing. I too was feeling so tensed up the past week, esp the final day & night before Dec 4th …. my shoulder was aching.

    Not a drinker myself either but perhaps had to try this soju just to see how it tastes like. But our YSH is all the soju we need, eh?

  307. 307 : Diane Says:

    So true, Julee, so true! YSH is all we need!

    I think what added to why I wasn’t feeling good yesterday was because Dec 4 would have been my husband’s birthday if he had been alive here with me. So he was on my mind more than usual. Tony would have been laughing at me, not in a bad way, but he would have enjoyed watching me get excited over YSH.

    Can’t wait to see what YSH will pick as his next work. I’m sure whatever he does he will be good. But I hope he doesn’t make us wait TOO long. 🙂

    We’ll just have to be happy re-watching his other work.

  308. 308 : Julee Says:

    Yes, Tony would have enjoyed that. I’ve checked out the vid stores a no of times but MFL is still not out yet, and now even the links on mysoju are broken ….. so unable to get our full YSH dose, except for the youtube clips.

    To nhuy & =P, hello to you too and welcome to our YSH board. Do please drop in often and share the love ^ ^

  309. 309 : eidasayang Says:

    hai gals..back in action..can u believe it? i’ve got a problem with my internet connection since thursday..arghhh……..can’t vote our oppa for two days….(want to cry right now)….but totally happy coz his at no 8…thank to all of you…..will sent more comments to make it to 1000..hahaha….

  310. 310 : sang hee Says:

    hello all & thnx =P for fulfilling your yaksuk (promise) to join us here on board! you know what they say the more the merrier! It’s ok if u didn’t put in so much votes for him but you tried and we’re all happy he’s reached #8 & who wld think from #11 he’d climb that far? again welcome on board and do visit & join us to share your thots about our idol so we can make this to a thousand at least! hahaha

    i’ll make my msg in sections so it doesn’t get tiring to read it! let me talk in sequence also to Diane, Julee, eidasayang & the other girls now.

    see u soon here =P

  311. 311 : sang hee Says:

    to eidasayang…i had the same prob during the last day of voting & i wanted to cry but too sleepy to do that so i just had to calm myself down & think positive that our comrades here julee, diane, ysh4 & all have been diligently voting at that point. I was blocked for an hour till i had to give up coz it was 1 a.m. already! I had set my alarm clock to 12 mid so that i cld still catch up with Korean timezone and tried as i might, it wasn’t going through! I didn’t sleep right away coz i was frustrated so i can’t even remember how i did! hahaha but anyway that’s all behind us now plus the adrenalin rush & nerve wrecking days are gone till nxt year perhaps? hahaha our nxt proj is this board to at least make it to a thousand? hahaha we cld do it even just a short note each time right? ciao for now eidasayang

  312. 312 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Julee a dosage or two for our idol is mandatory every single day! hahaha =P & I hv been frnds since MFL now & she’s good in reminding me about ysh dosage! he’s so addictive that my day seems incomplete w/o having to see his face! hahaha I got him in my wallet, my screensaver, got his photos framed all over my place my external drive alone is full of his photos, some of my log in pw at work is his name what more can I ask for? If the dosage i mentioned is not enuf i don’t know what else? hahaha

    I hope Julee that you’re taking a well deserved rest after working soooooo hard in casting your votes. I know u & our frnd YSH4 got so many accounts to make this happen for oppa. You gals are just terrific & i’m speechless!

    Re MFL dvd i was able to get a copy already from a local Chinatown store hahaha u know what they are of course, it’s good picture but my frustration of all is the last epis they cut some scenes from when hyena was trying to reach dong chan to let him know she’s lvg the country plus the last funny kissing scene where dc was leaning against the wall that wasn’t included! well what can u expect right? hahaha it’s better than going online where all links are brkn lately…however i’ll surely save some money now to get the boxed set if it comes out coz it’s worth the money for our Kdrama collection esp with our idol in it! ciao for now!

  313. 313 : sang hee Says:

    oh no i’ve done it again after writing a lenghty one to Diane i forgot to type the anti spam & voila my msg to her was deleted!!! argghhh i’ll try one more time if i can recall the lengthy one i just wrote.

    To Diane: sorry about your late husband Tony…I’m pretty sure he’ll smile at you for what you’ve done for YSH all the excitement etc.

    I agree we need a dosage or two every single day just to get by if we can think of YSH or see a photo of him or even a video for that matter! He’s so addictive and therapeutic if I may say so! hahaha

    Re soju: i dunno if you’ll like the taste and some people who tried it say it tastes like gin or vodka which i nvr tried either one so i cannot really make any comparison however, it’s still sitting in my fridge for months now since i bought it from our local Korean store on the corner. I wldn’t mind drinking all of it & getting drunk if i can assure myself to get a piggyback from YSH if he happens to be in the neighborhood hahahaha dream dream dream!!! Actually piggyback is one of my fave scenes in Kdramas…i thot it’s kinda loving for a guy to get you on their backs since you’re not able to walk by yourself, it’s rather romantic i dunno! hahaha also i love to see them taking off the jackets and giving it to their woman when they feel she’s getting cold! hahaha

    BTW Diane i blv i was in contact w/you fr youtube and my UN there is 323PS and we exchanged msgs during the voting process so just wanna say it’s the same person in case u’r wondering! Nice to really have you here!

    We’re missing YSH4 here…she may be taking a well deserved rest just like Julee — they both had a voting marathon from one account to the other so you all take a good rest & see you all later!

    ciao for now

  314. 314 : Julee Says:

    Hi Sang Hee,

    To avoid losing your comments, always type in the anti-spam word first which is what I do.

    YSH giving us a piggy-back ride, haha …. yes wouldn’t that be lovely. But I think some of the scenes are overused and become quite predictable ….. piggy-back rides & the sudden U-turn when driving. At least now kdramas are more comical compared to the much earlier ones in which you know someone is going to get some fatal illness and you’re going to cry your eyes out. Their kissing is also better now compared to the earlier ‘pretend kiss’ in which both are just standing there without any movement, haha.

    Talking about the kiss ….. end of ep 13 (?) when DC ran back to HN’s hotel room and gave her that intense smooch @[email protected] …. that is the kind of kiss we like to see, haha.

  315. 315 : Diane Says:

    I also learned the hard way to put in the anti-spam word first. LOL!

    To Sang Hee, yes we have communicated on youtube. I’m Leoria there.
    Tony used to get the biggest kick when watching me while I was doing something I enjoyed.

    Of course, a pic of YSH is the wallpaper on my laptop. 🙂

    I have to free up some room on my hard drive, so I am in the process of putting stuff to a CD. So I can find more pics of YSH!!!!!

    The piggyback scenes are also my favorite! You would never see anyone around here doing that! And I agree with Julee, the kissing has gotten better in the kdramas. I like Kang Ji Hwan as an actor, but his kissing scenes do feel very cold and stiff. I do enjoy seeing a good kissing scene.

    When I was younger (a lot younger!) someone had let me taste vodka. But I can’t remember what it tasted like. Tony used to drink white wine. I’m not a drinker but I occasionally would have a small glass with him. He didn’t drink gin or vodka, so I don’t know the tastes. But I definitely want to try soju!!

    I am going to see if there is any place around here that sells it, then next time my stepdaughter picks me up, I’ll ask her to take me there.

    Well, it’s time for my YSH fix. I haven’t looked at his pic for a while or heard his voice.

    Take care ladies and I’m so glad I found you all!!!

  316. 316 : Julee Says:

    Oh Diane,

    I was so tickled by you declaring that you need your YSH dose as you haven’t looked at his pic or heard his voice, haha. And Sang Hee with her YSH pics everywhere. Aren’t we all incurable YSH addicts who will just die if we can’t look at him for a day?

    If you can afford it, getting an external hard disk would be good for storing tons of pics so that they don’t clog up your PC. I have a 160GB toshiba external hd just for saving pics.

  317. 317 : sang hee Says:

    hello ladies…yeah this time i did the anti spam b4 doing any msgs here! hahaha learning the hard way right! thnx for the tip julee and diane!

    yeah i thot so diane coz i remember seeing your channel with diane as ur name and un being leoria! oh it’s a pleasure hving u here too right julee! our new company is =P i met her also on youtube when she asked me of the romanized lyrics of YSH’s song Helpless love and the rest is history! hahaha I invited her before but she was just too busy & finally she did it! Welcome again our chingoo =P!!! The more themerrier.

    Diane i’m sure you’ll help us reach our goal here and =P also of course!

    yeah soju is quite ummmh i dunno how to describe the taste except i prob shld try again one more time to acquire the taste! i’m also not a drinker but out of curiosity i gave it a try! These days i even cook Korean food such as bibimbap, chopchae and soft tofu soup! hahaha Oh the influence kdrama has on us is just overwhlmng. sometimes…I even have to learn the hangul and luckily can read/write but it’s a struggle to really speak and u/stand the language! just a few words still but their alpha is easy once you got the hang of it!

    I’m glad you also liked piggyback scenes Diane! hahaha it never fails in a kdrama i agree too that nobody does it here in America! hahaha

    Julee…yes i got all his photos ev.where and i also bought a flash drive & storing his photos…it’s getting too many now that i kept printing them too! I love one of my friend (she’s not really a huge fan of YSH huhuhu, she’s into the K actors under 30 yr of age hahaha) but anyway she makes me some photoshop photos with YSH and you girls would drool for sure if you see me with him, it’s like a real photo – i got several & one of them we’re both wearing hankuk (Korean costume/dress) & oh it’s so cute & funny at the same time! hahaha

    btw Julee i agree w/you the scenes in kdramas are quite predictable & overused yeah the piggybacks altho i luvd it and the sudden Uturn and airport scenes. Indeed their kissing have improved…i luvd that kiss scene in that hotel where he turned around and dashed to hyena’s room…oh i nvr get tired watching that scene. hahaha I luv that drama so much & i just don’t u/stand why some ppl didn’t like it and criticized it! It’s one of the best kdramas for me and my no 1 now.

    talk to u ladies again.

    where’s our other friends gintonic, ysh4 and others? talk to you all soon! let’s make this board to a thousand!

    congratulations again to our Oppa for being #8 in Korea!

  318. 318 : =P Says:

    you know – I feel right at home here cos there are fellow `sufferers’ of Sanghyunitis. I don’t know about you but my prognosis is bad – lifetime medication for insane urges – medicine dosage – minimum once a day!!
    LOL Hi there! Man it has been a mad morning – Sang Hee – I am still rewatching the vids you sent me and yup I have seen them before but it’s nice to have them sent – what better present to have than a vid of our favourite guy. Pictures are – fffrrsajadfjgf gfg- sorry drooling there!!! Pictures are Yummy!! Why O! Why do some people not get him!! Zombies? You think? So they can’t feel the magic?

    I am definitely goint to try and get my hands on a dvd – whether chopped or not at least my medicatioin is on hamd 24/7 – speaking of which – I gotta go get my dosage now. Talk to yoos later.


  319. 319 : nadyarini Says:

    hi there for the first time saw ur face at marrying a millioner i fall in love in ur face n ur caracter also inthe take care of young lady wow u have good act. too good luck n take care hope see u soon at the other drama

  320. 320 : Julee Says:

    Hi =P,

    What an apt description ‘lifetime medicaton for insane urges’ …. that’s a good one LOL.

    Sang Hee, you should get your friend to photoshop a pic of our YSH kissing you …. oooh, wouldn’t that be the ultimate dream?

  321. 321 : Julee Says:

    Hi nadyarini,

    Only saw your comment after posting mine. Welcome on board the YSH addicts for life club. This is the place for us to declare our undying love for our YSH …… shamelessly ^ ^

  322. 322 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…julee…u’re so funny!! photoshop sang hee and YSh kissing pic will be great!dream come true…… our oppa fans will die coz of that….hihihi…..)

  323. 323 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello girls ! And welcome again nhuy. And welcome aboard, nadyarina and 303=P. Wow, new faces here – am so v happy ! Hi eidasayang, as yaksok ( promised), i watched yr tribute to our idol – really liked it ! You have included some of my most most fav shots – the one in which he was teary-eyed when he ‘turned-down’ by the girl he loved in QoH and also the one which he woke up from his fever in MFL, when he was looking down at Hye Na. I think the song A million miles is also v appropriate ! Great effort, eidasayang.

    (will continue in the next following post – a sneaky way to pad this up and increase the rating ) !

  324. 324 : YSH Forever Says:

    Ya, sang hee – i was away to join in the hiking trip after the yahoo buzz and just got back. Miss oppa v much altho thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor adventure. Haha, cld not help giggling over that photoshop you mentioned – both u and YSH in hangkuk costume ? Must be real cute !

    You know, if only 6 members here key in 2 posts a day, then in one month we should have about 360, and in 2 mths, 720. ADD this to the current existing nbr of 300+, we would have achieved that 1000 target ! Easy, right?

    Each post need not be lengthy, even a one-liner suffice. So am breaking my comments as can be seen here.

  325. 325 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi there, diane. Really great to see yr comments here. This board shd be a home to all us SHers to ‘shamelesly’ as julee puts it, pour out our adoration for our oppa and let’s all share the love, yeah !

  326. 326 : sang hee Says:

    Hello girls and welcome on board the newbies of this board! hahaha I luv that concept Julee a photoshop of me kissing him! hahaha It may be difficult as i need to have a photo i think with my side-view profile! hahaha I was telling my cousin that even in the make believe photos I cld somehow feel it’s almost real when I got a photoshop of me & him taken from Queen of H. (i’m sure you gals hv seen that and remember that photo) with his estranged wife sort of him behind her and it was awesome! Then she made me a photo with him with background Christmas settings and she suggested I send it to my relatives hahahaha! OMG what a treat!

    Anyway, LOL with =P’s comments there of suffering from Sangyoonitis hahaha yeah that could be treated with Yoonsanghistamine! hahaha I myself feel incomplete w/o having such a dosage per day so yeah get the DVD even if it’s not too perfect that way u can see his face on a big screen & drool about his image! hahaha

    Before i go on we have a new member here Nadyarini, hope this won’t be your last visit, we welcome all YSH addicts hahaha & pls if u know of some other ppl who adore YSH invite them over and share their thoughts now & then!

    Welcome back YSH4 & also back w/us is Nhuy! come visit always nhuy we missed you in the past week or so!

    You gals are so funny, now we can laugh coz the voting is over! Till nxt time for our Buzz award right? I think if we had known it earlier right Julee our oppa probab wld be at least on the 7 or 6th spot! but we’re not complaining #8 has been a grt achievement already considering he was on #11 when we first started voting! Kombei girls!

    Talk to you soon! Can u believe YSH4 that we’re now on 300 counts here? 700 more and he’ll garner a thousand. hahaha

  327. 327 : sang hee Says:

    =P i forgot to address what u said here that you’ve seen the vids i sent you & as always it’s good to rewatch it right? i started rewatching MFL again last night and sort of multi watching the other online called Will It Snow For Christmas?

    This is for you all — i like Go Soo but his charismas isn’t as strong as our YSH he’s good looking and good actor & everything but it’s a diff feeling with YSH….it may be just me and i welcome your insight on this if you have any! Not only him but other K actors too no matter how handsome or cute they are we’re all under YSH spell! hahaha

    need my dosage now too! hahaha bye for now

  328. 328 : YSH Forever Says:

    I couldn’t believe it – we are now already 326 ! And climbing. SiG watch out .

    Julee, couldn’t agree with u more – some of the cliches ought to be done away with ! like the sudden u-turn and even the piggy-back ride, cute as it may sometime be , the latter seems to be a staple of Kdrama, just like drinking of the famous soju. Thankfully, we now don’t have to see some of the old cliche like blood dripping from the nose ( as a sign of overwork, stress etc), hair pulling among the women ( not that often anymore at least ) and endless weeping scenes ( Choi ji woo came to mind,haha).

    Visited Cyworld and saw the tribute to YSH – is it the one abt YSH at a meet the fans event on the occasion of some product launch ? Nice one !

    Thanks a million for giving us that link ! Really appreciate.

  329. 329 : YSH Forever Says:

    Also, i think my UN YSH Forever is quite a mouthful ! You gals r free to shorten it to YSH4 or ysh4 or even y4 !

    I will try to provide links ( and wld appreciate some links from u all too ) which some of you here might not have seen yet and for those who had seen before, just consider it as another dosage ! haha. It wld make this board more interesting and we cld even have a discussion on it. What say u all ? I welcome any suggestion to make our ‘club’ more interesting and grow from strength to strength. May be we cld eventually even have a virtual fan club out of this…..and if this works out fine, get official recognition from oppa and from what i understand, recognised fan club have access to YSH’ s very latest activities and also get clearance to do certain promotional ‘work’ on his behalf, if am not mistaken. The only problem is perhaps time constraint, as we are all so busy as it is ! so much to do , so little time, haha.

    Ciao for now. We’ll talk again my friends ! Love u all here.

  330. 330 : sang hee Says:

    Hello YSH4 yeah nice to shorten it my frnd…hahaha it’s quite long to type and yeah a bit mouthful perhaps! I cldn’t believe we’re now on 329? Yeah watch out SIG fans! We’re not stopping a bit!

    Good suggestions too YSH4…and i agree we cld then form a YSH fan club and then in the future he’ll have a fan meeting and hopefully all of us on this board would get to see & meet each other let alone our oppa and what a treat it would be! Like you said all of us are quite busy but we’ll manage to find time, why not right, after all it’s for our idol!

    I also was at YSH site & it’s really nice of Julee to share that link or site with us! Now we know where to check as to his latest happenings! I’m sure all of us here can’t wait till he gets another drama announcement and let’s keep our fingers crossed it’ll be soon! It’s really nice to have a conversation here on this board which we all enjoy and that’s just our no. 1 topic is none other than YSH!!

    I second the motion YSH4…i luv you all here!

    ciao for now friends

  331. 331 : Diane Says:

    Like the idea of a fan club. I had actually tried to do a search a few weeks ago to see if there was one already. We can make one.

  332. 332 : Diane Says:

    I forgot to add, YSH4, I also love the shot of when YSH woke from having that fever in MFL. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved that look!

  333. 333 : Julee Says:

    Morning from my zone,

    Yes YSH4, that’s the cyworld vid I meant, love the Korean song they used in it ….. anyone knows what’s the title and who’s the singer, it somehow sounds familiar.

    To eidasayang, I love your tribute vid so much that I’ve added it into my blog (I’m the juleecwk from youtube who left you that comment). If you should create some more for our YSH, do share it with us and I’ll add them all into my blog ^ ^

    Back to YSH4’s suggestion on YSH promotion on this board ….. since I just came on a short while ago, was wondering who created this starkdrama site and administers/moderates it. How do we add in links or interesting info that is visible, say somewhere on the page once you come to this site (without having to scroll through all the comments). If this can be done, it would make it so much easier for new visitors to notice and perhaps entice them to keep coming back for more.

    I think now that we are all enjoying our chat & laughs here, we’ll make it 1000 in no time. Just like our determined buzz quest, we will get there ^ ^

  334. 334 : =P Says:

    OK – I like the photoshop kising idea – BUT why Sang Hee only – I want one too!!!! Hey Sang Hee!! We agreed to share body parts right? So I want in on the kissing!! Most definitely!!

    Yup as for the disease – restlessness, shivers and numbness together with palpitations and shortness of breath – though the shortness of breath and palpitations actually increase upon taking dosage of Yoonsanghistamine – in fact drooling starts and also fixated pupils! LOL!!

    Well, at the risk of being shot by you guys – I have just bought the QoH dvd and only just starting it. MFL had taken over my life see, had tunnel vision and all – [man – the symptoms are killing] – so anyway I must confess that the idea of him already married was like a bleh – but watching cuts of it was great cos he was so cute and adorable – so I am now starting series proper.

  335. 335 : =P Says:

    After all – MFL is all jammed up and unlike some lucky person out there wo has a dvd – albeit chopped and quartered – we have to rely on online generous people who allow us to watch subbed vids.

    By the way – A Big thank you to the uploaders and subbers out there [who happen to be visiting] – I appreciate your fantastic work and generosity in putting fantastic series with English subs for our viewing.


  336. 336 : =P Says:

    O yes, Diane – I loved his waking from fever look too BUT for me THE cutest look he had was when he was answering question and HN asked what food he loved and he goes `kimchi chigae’ [forgive spelling] and gives this utterly adorable smile and twinkle and cutesy pinchworthy look!!!!!

  337. 337 : =P Says:

    And as for the best look he gave HN – my favourtie is as I told Sang Hee before – when she is imagining him all over the place – like I do – [and admit it – you guys do too] – and at the garden scene – he comes up to her hugs her to him and mutters to her lovingly while giving her this look – which I can only describe as adoring and carressing her face with his eyes – the whole body language there was unbelievable!!

    [That’s why he is so fantastic!]

    [So how’s that for stretching the no. of comments!]



  338. 338 : Julee Says:

    Agree with =P that we should all have a photoshop pic with our YSH kissing us …..*faints* …….

    =P you sure had it real bad, drooling & palpitations LOL. Which garden scene was that you’re referring to when DC gave his adorable look to HN? Must go and watch again.

  339. 339 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha everytime i visit here you guys never ceased to amaze me! I’m enjoying this board more than ever! It’s so nice to hear your views and everything that’s nice about our guy!

    =P wow you got so many comments that this would soon reach more than a thousand! hahaha How about that? you’re so funny too! yeah i remember you told me about that garden scene which i liked as well, i guess you’re right that’s why he’s fantastic…he’s oozing with charm that in my opinion no one can ever match!! We’re all YSH forever hahaha!

    We shld all have photoshop kissing YSH but i just don’t have the ‘know-how’ and for sure it’s gonna be great! hahaha My cousin even did a photo of me and YSH when DC and HN fell asleep outside the house hahaha what say you girls? hahaha Oh i wish i cld share it with you all but i’m afraid of copyrights hahaha.

    back to another page so that we can generate more numbers here ok? hahaha

    I can’t begin to tell you how many favorite scenes

  340. 340 : sang hee Says:

    I did check on his fan club too Diane and found nothing to indicate that unless they’re in Korean which we cannot really have access to. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t even have a website with English unlike Jang dong gun (fan club) or Bae yoong joon, they both have Eng and Kor boards for their fans. We’ll put that in our radar!

    Yes =P we did agree in sharing hahaha! I just hope our guy won’t shave off his moustache as it really suits him very well! Wow and you really got this comment page going and hopefully we can reach our goal ladies! We at least need a few more hundreds if not a thousand but we can make it! 🙂

    Me and YSH4 also share the same opinion about his cheeks that in Queen of H. it was much shallow but in MFL altho he didn’t seem to have put on weight his cheeks are kind of full so maybe in his new project of Season2 he’ll look like when he was playing Taebong again!

    Julee your suggestion sounds great! Mind you i also wondered who is monitoring this site?

    I also loved the tribute eidasayang did for our oppa, it was really nice and the music too was appropriate!

    Well my timezone is ticking towards late hours so time for beauty-rest my dear friends but that won’t be complete w/o having to at least look at one epis of our dear idol altho the DVD i got of MFL is lacking but it’s better than waiting for online vids to be fixed! Now time for Yoonsanghistamine! hahaha

    talk to you all soon! take care!

    To our Oppa: we’re always rooting for you and support you so please do another drama after your well deserved break from donig MFL. Sarang hae!

  341. 341 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to add one more thing about MFL — i love Yoon’s face as he awoke beside HN in that bed scene, his face was so adorable and then HN sort of fixing his hair, i thought his profile in that scene was one of the best! If I would list my favorite scenes here, I think this page would soon fill up so until my nxt fave scene my friends!

    I also like that waking up scene with a fever plus the one they fell asleep outside the house plus plus …. oh yeah next time so it will add up to this page! 🙂

  342. 342 : =P Says:

    The `garden scene’ as Sang Hee and I call it is where HN has been forced to split with DC and she writes a letter to him telling him that she misses him – and so resorts to imagining him to comfort herself. She is walking in the grounds of her house – [which by the way is big enough to be a park – but we’ll just call it a garden] and it’s night and the wind is blowing – So DC walks in – sees her – takes her in his arms loosely and they ask each other intimately – where’ve you been/coming from – you – I’m cold – and he hugs her to him and she leans in contentedly – [sigh – photoshop me in here too jebal!]

  343. 343 : Diane Says:

    Oh! I agree about the bed scene when he woke!!! When I first saw that scene and his cute face, smiling at HN, my heart did a flip! Guess I’m not that old after all!

    But there was something about his face in that scene when he woke from the fever and was sitting looking down at HN. I can’t seem to find the words I want (probably the fibro-fog), but there was something about his face then that touched my heart and I just sat and smiled….as I do every time I re-watch that scene.

  344. 344 : =P Says:

    O yes I just remembered another scene – his face after HN first kissed him!!! Ha Ha Ha!! fantastic gamut of emotions running across his face – shock -incredulity – happy – finally – my turn!!

    O! and when HN nearly fell off the stairs and he grabs here and the intense stare he gives her – [sent shivers up and down and up again my spine] – he was so jealous of TY and her bicycling, and the photo – then she fall into his arms – phew!!

    Well after all that dosage – I should not turn into Jekyll today! thanks guys!!


  345. 345 : Julee Says:

    Some of my fav ……
    1) teaching HN bike riding scene when his expression changes from happy to sad ( anyeong to HN)
    2) quitting as butler (turns back to gaze oh so sadly at HN as she runs back into the house)
    3) his pained expression when he watched TY hugging HN at the farm after they located her
    4) HN almost falling off the staircase and DC catching her and gave her that oh so intense can die stare

    There’s more but we’re going to stretch out our comments

  346. 346 : Julee Says:

    I think I’m afflicted by that uncontrollable laughter bug this whole morning at the workplace because I keep getting the vision of =P drooling plus Sang Hee’s photoshop YSH kissing pic popping into my head ….. and had to try hard not to LOL or else my colleagues might think I’ve gone looney or something.

  347. 347 : Diane Says:

    One scene that I re-watch a lot is the beginning of ep 10, when he pulls her from in front of the truck. The look on his face as he holds her in his arms! There are so many emotions going on there, so many things were happening. I try to put myself in his place and imagine what he must have been feeling. The whole nightclub scene, knowing that now she knows his ‘secret’, her running away, him running all over looking for her, her walking into the street to get away from him, the truck coming at her, etc.. Gives me shivers when I watch that.

  348. 348 : Julee Says:

    For that night club confrontation scene, hats off to both YSH & YEH for their oh so intense acting …. DC’s hurt & anger in his eyes as he pushed his face right up to HN, that reddening (so obvious in some of the HD pics) in both their eyes (& HN’s tears) in that scene.

    When he finally caught up with HN by the road and they were just standing there staring at each other, I couldn’t help but noticed that DC’s pupils seemed unusually dilated …. highly emotional state. Amazes me how both of them can work themselves up to that state for this scene.

  349. 349 : Julee Says:

    And that DC running back to HN’s hotel room scene when he hugged her and gave us that @[email protected] kiss, it was much too short before that dang door started closing and left it to our imagination, haha.

    The morning after scene could have been a bit spicier …… naughty, naughty …..

  350. 350 : gintonic Says:

    wow wee… hello sang hee and all, sorry for my absence though i was voting with my might last week…

    disappeared from the radar as i had some difficult times last week with my dear friend meeting with an accident and my aunt being hospitalised and getting into a mess with my neighbours who offended a lawyer neighbour who is trying to take revenge, so have to confess that i am emotionally pretty drained. nevertheless congrats to YSH for winning numero 8, and all you ladies who are nothing short of remarkable for the effort!!!

    soon with all this posts we should see his name on the right hand side of the screen YA???


  351. 351 : =P Says:

    O yea! O yea – are we doing favourite scenes?

    Well starting from episode 1 – I nearly died when he started singing Amazing Grace – Ha Ha soooo cute!!!!! Just like that – he captured the whole episode – outstanding!!

    And yes – especially when imagining my photoshop of kissing him – drooling like crazy – wearing bib now!!

    Sang Hee should be sleeping right now – hope her dosage was enough to keep her from wandering the corridors!!

  352. 352 : =P Says:

    Well actually to tell you the truth – every time he appears is my favourite scene – but the mostest favourite of the favourites shall be listed comment by comment – K?!?

    We’ll get his name up in no time!! Heh Heh!!

  353. 353 : eidasayang Says:

    waaa!! so much comments here!!

    hi julee and sang hee……thank u so much coz u like my tribute video……if i have any art work or video about our YSH….i will share it with all of you…promise!!

    anyway,my fav scenes from MFL

    at the bridal shop…..waaa…that ‘saranghae’ totally kills me…and YSH eyes at that time…lovely….promise that he will married hyena….his voice…addicted to it……:)

    and the most memorable…..from ep 16….when he hugged hyena….like all of u said..at the garden….the way he talked to hyena..so lovely…die…:)…hahaha….

    p/s: YSH forever!!

  354. 354 : Julee Says:

    Gintonic so sorry to hear about your problem week, hope your friend & aunt is fine, & other stuff sorted out. Haven’t thanked you yet for helping us in the hard fight to get our YSH to #8.

    Wails …… can’t watch the garden scene you’re all raving about as the links on viikii & mysoju are broken.

  355. 355 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee….
    all link broken?
    i watched MFL at AZNV…(streaming with winamp)…


  356. 356 : Julee Says:

    Was googling for info on the buzz award ceremony. One source mentioned that it will take place at 8pm 14th Dec @ Hongkong convention & exhibition centre but I think the date mentioned on the official buzz polls closing pop-up shows 15th Dec.

    Wonder if they will invite all the top 10 winners from Korea, Taiwan & Hongkong.

  357. 357 : Julee Says:

    Kamsahamnida eidasayang, I managed to download and view MFL on AZNV. Downloaded winamp didn’t work as clicking on the test video opened up windows media player instead, probably missed something in the setup. Then tried downloading VCL player and following further instructions on AZNV managed to play MFL cllip.

    Only certain ep in mysoju are working (under yahoo), saw many broken links on viikii.

  358. 358 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re welcome julee..

    buzz award ceremony……hope they invite all the top 10 winners…..:)
    totally miss YSH….:)

  359. 359 : sang hee Says:

    Yes you guys must still be in dreamland where Diane & I are just getting up fr this (ohhhhhh cold cold) morning zone! Sometimes I envy you girls for being where you are….nice & warm weather! Good Morning from my end!

    hahaha i’ll start with our chingoo =P….thnx for reminding me last night not to wander the corridors….but one thing for sure if I did (wander) I’m gonna run into our guy Dong chan….hahaha remember where they always bump into each other in the castle with HN? hahaha

    You’re welcome eidasayang, both Julee, YSH4 and I enjoyed that tribute. I dunno if our chingoo =P have seen it but I think i shared it with her while we were waiting to vote for our guy! Yeah pls do share some more when you find time! I realize it’s taxing!

    Ok now to fave scenes – likewise I got so many as =P mentioned every scene in MFL with him just caught my attention. Yeah matter of fact when i rewatched MFL the other day, I had to laugh again on that scene where he was singing Amazing Grace in Korean then with all his might and at the top of his lungs leading the ‘Amen’. Oh he’s hilarious, let’s hope he gets an award for MFL if not the Best Couple with YEH! Then one of my faves (i told you ladies i got tons of them so you made a mistake asking this hahaha) agree with eidasayang or julee? wedding gown rehearsal….then she’s asked him how come you never propose to me or say you love me — am I right =P coz you memorized most of the scenes already hahaha Then he quips when grandpa gives us his blessings I’ll propose to you! Aside from the garden scene….Julee =P can tell u exactly what epis that is so you can just fast/f’ward the series it would be the bike scene where he was in tears watching HN at a distance uttering ‘Annyeong’ as he was to leave the next day! I got so much more so let me break this so we can get this page up up & away to a thousand.

    Listen ladies, we managed to get him up to #8 from #11 so I don’t see why we can’t do it here for only a thousand? Right Julee & YSH4 and you all incldg newcomers here? He garnered 34,599 right? so what’s a thousand???? Ne? (yes in Korean)

    see you in another box hahaha

  360. 360 : sang hee Says:

    First of Gintonic our frnd i can’t see your note here but i was able to read earlier how Julee was expressing her thoughts on you i can’t turn the page coz i might lose this box but will read it after this. Judging from Julee’s msg to you I also hope you’re fine and sorry about that. Yes i’m not sure with all the excitement of Oppa’s standing recently in the polls if we’re able to thank you too for your help in voting so pls forgive me/us if we havent thanked you so here’s a BIG THANK YOU our friend!!!

    I also hope we’ll be able to see the Buzz Awards Korea side where our idol is #8 but in our hearts he’ll always be No. 1 or in Spanish….Numero Uno!!

    I really appreciate Julee’s resourcefulness without which we all wldn’t hve known there’s such a promo or buzz awards! She also shared the cyworld site where there’s tons of beautiful photos, some i hvnt even seen before. The only setback though there’s no Eng section otherwise, we could all share our thoughts as I believe there’s quite a bit of fans lvng their comments. I dunno if i mentioned this to you Julee but that first time I went to that site of his, i just tried one box & managed to lv a comment such as Oppa you rock!! it went through for some reason I dont know! hahaha I just clicked one of those hangul signs but don’t ask me, i don’t recall which box. hahaha

    This page is now over 300 so girls don’t put down your spears we’re going to walk through that thousand mark soon! After a thousand then a few more hundreds and our oppa will be one of those names to our right on the screen.

    I got to get ready it’s only Monday here 7:16 a.m. and about 11 p.m. your end! I’ll visit again when i get a chance from work!

    Ciao for now & have a good week ahead of us!!!

  361. 361 : sang hee Says:

    Omooo as Korean dramas always utter — you guys have talked a lot while I was sleeping? hahaha I missed so much!

    Before i go on, I just read fr the other page about our friend Gintonic’s prob week and so sorry about that our frnd. Hope your aunt is also feeling better now. Yeah we missed you on board but you’re back & that’s what counts most!

    hahaha Julee i can’t believe your radar is still panning around that photoshop of a make-believe kiss hahaha Won’t it be nice? If i told my cousin this she might think i’m asking too much! hahaha That’s prob too ambitious now. hahaha I wish i cld share with you some of them she even made one with me piggybacking by DC you know that scene when they went to the countryside and frolicking then he carried her on his back? My cousin knows I’m a little obsessed with piggybacks so that’s really one fave of mine! hahaha I told her yeah even JUST in photoshop I can always dream and pretend! hahaha

    I agree with all the fave scenes you all addressed here! Who can forget the kiss HN planted on him which a lot of critics called ‘lame kiss’??? Of course HN was the one initiating it & was taken aback that she did so! I actually thought I’d probab felt same way coz she did it sporadically and spontaneously or these words carry same meaning? Don’t have time to check Mr Websters but you guys know what i mean! Then after a few minutes he dashes to her, grabs her and kisses her, did you guys notice how HN responded to his kiss? she was like how shall i describe it, her lips was moving hahaha melts! oh i can’t forget that scene! hahaha LOLs

    There’s so much more and yes when she stumbled by the steps and he caught her! In that scene they looked like they’re heading for the altar! hahaha

    To sum it up…i loved all the scenes in MFL esp with HN & DC!!! Lovely lovely drama! This would be my no 1 drama of all time! I don’t care what other critics say and am sure you all can attest to that!
    To be continued friends!!!

  362. 362 : eidasayang Says:

    hai gals!

    kbs drama award 2009 now waiting for ur vote.

    vote our YSH and his lovely YEH…..hihihi:)

    the link:

    honestly…i don’t understand any korean word…..

  363. 363 : Diane Says:

    I have to admit, I agree with =P, every scene with YSH is a favorite. There are so many it’s hard to chose just a few.

    Julee, I sent you a message to youtube because it was to long to put here, about watching at AZNV. Hope it helps!

    Sang Hee, if you and I are in the same time zone, then Julee is 13 hours ahead of us. She’s in dreamland, dreaming of YSH. I’m awake and cold, but daydreaming of YSH keeps me warm. 🙂

  364. 364 : Julee Says:

    Hi gals, it’s 12.17am Tues and I’m still up. Was telling Sang Hee my time zone is about 20 hrs and a day ahead of hers, so just to add 4 hrs to her time (and fast forward to next day am/pm). Thanks Diane, I’ll have a look at your message after this. I had a look at the kbs drama site but couldn’t make out anything as it’s all in korean.

    Must say I’ve been laughing so much at all the funny comments here, =P you’re so hilarious with that drooling image which somehow got stuck in my head and Sang Hee’s photoshop YSH pics too.

    I’m so happy I managed to convert the YSH vid found on cyworld into an mp3 file and downloaded into my MP3 player. Loved that song, also eidasayang’s tribute song Million Miles Away (also in my MP3 player). I had a look at the lyrics and it’s so meaningful ….. describes exactly what we feel for our YSH, doesn’t it?

  365. 365 : sang hee Says:

    hiya gals chingoos….wow don’t tell me another voting for our idols? hahaha ok we’ll check it out and thnx eidasayang! anything for him or YEH! (I just hope these two are dating in real life, they look so good together, forget about age gap, those are just numbers and indication of what number we’ve been on the universe) hahaha

    yes Diane we’re in same zone unless ur in the east coast then you’re 3 hrs ahead of us!

    I agree with =P also that all scenes with YSH and YEH were just a treat watching it! Listen folks if u see a typo here pls bear with me as i’m at work and kinda sneaking out typing this, that’s how much we love our guy and you all. Like i said before, my day seems incomplete w/o coming here let alone a dosage of our guy! hahaha

    yes Julee i got it just add 4 hrs then i hv an idea if u guys are sleeping or what hahaha. wow ur a late sleeper my frnd! hahaha Tell me what’s that music you spoke about fr his site? i’d like to listen coz i love all Korean songs…i never listen to any other songs since i got hooked on kdramas…my ears are just programmed to K songs period!

    I agree our chingoo here =P is hilarious, she always makes me laugh. We first met on youtube rigth =P and the rest i must say is history. Mind you it seems youtube was our meeting place, i also met YSH4 and julee from youtube! It’s nice we’re joining together here for the love of a super charismatic actor! Sarang hae YSH yong wanee (spell?) forever!

    got to go now talk 2 u all later!

  366. 366 : sang hee Says:

    girls good morn….i think i found out that site that eidasayang mentnd about voting for KBS, click on the second item after the dates on screen it will take us to photos of our fave actors, look for their photos, i saw our idols photos and click on circle i think an indic. that you are choosing him or her then look for YEH and click the circle, go at the bottom box again in Hangul just click that, a box will come out saying OK? click it let’s see maybe that’s how we vote! hahaha talk to you

  367. 367 : Diane Says:

    I am on the east coast, Sang Hee, so we are 3 hours different.

    I met Julee on youtube. Guess most of us met there originally?

    The scene where DC catches HN on the stairs after he told her to put her photo in the frame herself, I liked the way she reacted when she got into her room. Her hand on her chest, a confused look on her face. I can imagine what she was feeling. Probably not really understanding.

  368. 368 : Diane Says:

    I went to the KBS site.
    I used the Babel Fish translator and the box that pops up when we click where we thought we were voting said:

    “Login after doing, will be able to apply. Login did?”

    It will take you to another page and in small letters it says:
    “click here for foreigners”. I did and it is in English.

  369. 369 : Diane Says:

    Our YSH talks about his first love! How did I miss this?

    link here

    “…she was the only woman up to that point to make his heart flutter. But they had to break up because he was too busy and made her feel lonely. Eventually, she left him for another man.”

  370. 370 : Julee Says:

    Oooh Diane, thanks for the link …… yeah, how could we have missed that little gem about his first love. Wonder whether he still feels nauseated if girls talk to him now. Wish we can find news of current girlfriend, if any (YEH??) …… probably need to keep it private as it might break many hearts.

    Thanks for the instructions Sang Hee & Diane, will check out the kbs site again. Oh that korean song I’m talking about is the one used in the product promo, Dec 1st entry in Cyworld ….. after clicking on 1st orange link, it’s the 2nd vid just after his award pics. I think we can also check cyworld next week around the buzz awards ceremony period to see if there’s any updates about him attending it. If he did, I’m sure it would be updated there.

  371. 371 : Julee Says:

    Just tried the registration (for foreigners) and having put it a bit of false info (too much personal info which I thought wasn’t necessary), they wanted applicant to fax them their passport no for confirmation.

    Not comfortable about providing such personal info just for simple voting purpose so probably not going to take part. Buzz polls didn’t even require voters to submit their personal info, just use yahoo account which is fine.

    Mian YSH, can’t support you for this kbs award.

  372. 372 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello gals, if you want to see the actual vids where YSH talks about his first love, try redquaver happy together (with eng sub) thank heaven for the english sub ! I think there are altogether 6 or 7 episodes there and he looks charmingly cute in black-frame specs. He also talked about how cold his sister was to him during that period of time when he appeared not to make any headway in his acting career, getting mostly wimpy and foolish roles and how now his family warmed up to him with his stupendous success in QoH. And lots more ! You will definately enjoy these vids. I will try to locate and send the links if possible. Ciao

  373. 373 : YSH Forever Says:

    Wow, we are now at 370+ Going at a rather fast trot, i shd say ! Keep it up, gals ! Yes, julee, definately there must be someone monitoring this site and i absolutely agree with u that any links etc we put in shd be visible and appear attractive and inviting even at first glance, with lots of visuals and graphics to enhance.

    We definately will put YSH right up there next to SIG!

  374. 374 : YSH Forever Says:

    I went to the 2009 drama award site and following sang hee’s, clicked YSH’s pic and then scroll down to click at the box ( in korean language) and then click the OK in the nxt pop up.

    Is this considered as a vote given, i wondered ? Very different from the yahoo buzz where one cld actually see the total votes given instantly. The nxt pop up requires one to enrol as KBS member ?

    Definately we gals hv to participate as YSH really made his mark this year in the 2 dramas of QoH and MFL and we want to put these two dramas among the best in 2009 !

    We need more infor though – like closing date, how to really vote, etc etc.

    Mmm, another round of nerve wrecking days for us ?

  375. 375 : YSH Forever Says:

    HI julee, just saw ur post. Oh, they want a copy of the passport too ? Mmm…just too bad, as this will deter most of us from participating.

  376. 376 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi girls, these are the links i mentioned abt. Enjoy !


  377. 377 : sang hee Says:

    Good morningn to you ladies from the other side of the world! Yes Diane you’re 3 hrs ahead of me then as i’m in the west coast! so it shld be around 6 pm ur side now!

    Re KBS — oh no really, no way i won’t provide them i agree w/you girls about something personal like that, at least not on the net!

    Yes Mianhanida YSH this time your girls can’t participate at all! Too bad eh? All the while when i tried early this morning that my votes went through but this as you said YSH4 is entirely different fr the buzz award where at least we hv a clue what we were doing in spite of the hangul characters!

    Yes i’ve seen that clip on youtube about him at Happy Together, that was a nice interview of him compared to the other MFL HT guesting he did! I thought you ladies must’ve seen that clip by now, and yes it’s good coz it’s subbed! I liked the way he told them about the subway incident, remember that YSH4? he was wearing his hooded jacket and thought why that lady was gawking at him so moved to another seat and everybody was looking at him too, little did he know he thought his MP3 was plugged into his ears but it was from his hooded jacket’s strings that he got in his ears! hahaha so cute!

    talk again oopps i’m still at work

  378. 378 : sang hee Says:

    Thnx julee and will check out the song later! u’r welcome for the info! i’ll talk to you all later when i get home!

    yeah we’re gonna make him second to SIG! hahaha

  379. 379 : Julee Says:

    For requiring passport confirmation, KBS must be thinking foreign participants are voting in their Korean general elections, haha.

  380. 380 : sang hee Says:

    I’m sorry to say this Julee, but i think that’s absolutely ridiculous of KBS to be asking about that requirement (passport) right? That’s unfortunate coz we cld’ve helped our idol once again to win an award! 🙂

  381. 381 : YSH Forever Says:

    Haha, julee, that’s a good one ! General election indeed, ha ! Based on what i’ve learned so far abt the OFFICIAL koreans, they appear to be a stickler for proper procedures and stuff. But this is just an impression, i might be wrong. But this kbs drama voting seems to point that way, haha. Oh, i so want to vote for YSH for the two dramas he was in !! I suppose they won’t entertain an appeal to waive such ridiculous requirement ? Tough luck.

  382. 382 : sang hee Says:

    To continue about our guy’s first love, i remember one of the hosts of the show told YSH and the audience that if his g/friend had known he’d be this popular now, she prob. wldn’t have left him! hahaha Rightfully so! Can you imagine how regretful she must be right now? Also he said in that show that his sister liked his acting in Queen as Taebong and one day he came home with good food and thought his mom prepared it but apparently his sister cooked it for him!

    you all shld see it i’ve rewatched it twice & really enjoyed it!

  383. 383 : Julee Says:

    After I completed the registration with my indication on areas of interests, KBS did open up their site with contents related to what I indicated … so I suppose it’s also a good site to browse through their stuff.

    Just to try it out, I again went to the kbs voting site and entered my newly created ID plus password (unconfirmed, since I haven’t send them a copy of my passport , haha) and was brought back to the registration again. So I don’t suppose there’s any way to get around their stickler for ridiculous rules.

  384. 384 : sang hee Says:

    yes =P i had a considerable dosage of YSH/MFL last night and i didn’t wander corridors! hahaha

    wow we’re almost 400 comments now how about that ladies? we can make it and another 600 more & counting we’ll put our oppa on that right side of the screen soon! so keep coming here friends ok? 🙂

  385. 385 : sang hee Says:

    I’ll try KBS America to enquire, altho last i sent them a msg i nvr got any response but there’s no harm in trying so sit still girls and we’ll try to delve into this further! Diane & myself will do something from this end right Diane? When i get home after dinner I’ll try to send them a msg coz they’re in English!

    talk to you again all!

  386. 386 : Julee Says:

    Thanks YSH4 for all the vid links, will view them when I get back home from work.

    Yes Sang Hee, his ex-gf must be regretting giving him up, but then sometimes it’s due to circumstances. Usually for celebrities, their personal life can get rather complicated ….. no time for each other, jealousies about all the attention the famous party gets, the many tempatations they are open to (their adoring fans), the intense pressure and so on.

    Hope our YSH will find someone he can be happy with.

  387. 387 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Julee, you’re absolutely right it could be a combination of things and complicated as well! However, if I remember correctly, he said this was after his military service and i’m not sure if he was already acting at that time, he may still be into singing and i recall he said he was too busy that he didn’t have time to be with her and she became lonesome so she found another man! Who can forget in most kdramas they talk about fate or destiny right? Maybe they’re not meant for each other and I agree let’s hope our guy finds the right girl he’s looking for and be very happy with her!

    Thnx also YSH4 for sharing the links! I assume they’re the links to Happy Together right? Mind u i rewatched that 2x already since and it was really fun to watch! The group of HT are always very humorous!

    wow i’m 387 already on this board? Wow girls, we’re doing a lot of progress here so let’s keep it up ok? hahaha

    Annyeong sangyun ssi and we hope you’re doing fine! Deul ae ga saeyo! (take care)

  388. 388 : =P Says:

    Hi there!! My – you guys have been busy – I just turn my back and there’s an entire new page to read!!!! Wait for me!!!

    Pity that KBS wants to put ridiculous restrictions!! In fact I was so mad at them for cancelling a youtube account I actually wrote in and lambasted their insensitivity – also told them without these subbers and uploaders that we outside would have no idea who their stars were!! I got a reply mind you which told me not to encourage law breakers – my reply – ppppffffffffffffttttttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    So anyway – on to happier news!

  389. 389 : =P Says:

    O yes! Sang Hee – the “AMEN”! Ha Ha Ha ! Right off the bat he had me laughing. I must confess though – I actually kinda like the 2 stooges [the moneylenders] – they are pretty goofy and I lauged out loud when at the end when TY went to represent them and confessed he knew DC – they went ” What is this? Neverending Story?” LOL!!!

  390. 390 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals….
    so hard to vote our oppa this time…..
    copy of passport??….so hard to do that….
    can’t help to vote our YSH this time….:(…..

    p/s: time zone…1250 pm …..

    see u again gals…..

  391. 391 : =P Says:

    I really loved bothe the Happy Together interviews – He was so adorable in the first with the black frame glasses and curly long hair – Lee Seung Chul commented that he was actually a rather quite man – and I think that is quite true – especially in the 2nd HT with MFL cast – he hardly spoke unless spoken to.

    I’m not saying he is not the life of the party he can be and yet be private – I’m kinda like that too.
    [OK before you guys jump on me – I am soooooo not trying to be compatible with him – it just so happens I am like that – LOL!!!]

    O yes, Sang Hee – I am totally fed up that YEH has not put her stamp on him – so he’s our now – not giving her another chance!!!

  392. 392 : =P Says:

    Hey I typed 3 stooges how come it became 2?

    Well you know what I mean.

  393. 393 : =P Says:

    O yes, eidasayang – Loved your tribute too – great job!

  394. 394 : =P Says:

    Ok! favourite scene – today it will be the scene where they’ve come back from the beach but have to run after being exposed – firstly – no way can I run like HN in those heels – I’d probably end up being dragged along like a rag doll cos I’d have tripped at the 2nd step.

    Waht I loved was the way DC clasped HN’s arm to support her in the run and the mostest favouritest is where they hide behind the wall abd DC pulls HN to him tightly and they are wrapped around each other so tight – air can’t flow through – I mean I totally understand cos if I had the chance I too would plaster myself to him as close as I can get!!! Shiver shiver! tingle tingle! drool drool!!! [Stupid smile on face] – [I dunno about youguys but lately I have being smiling a lot at my comp!]

  395. 395 : =P Says:

    Julee please – imagine me kissing!!! kissing!! kissing !!!! much better -LOL!.
    Sang Hee – thanks again for pointing me here – having loads of fun. We can continue the reviews here. I am starting ep 1 again – shall I start my review again? Well maybe a little differently from how we were doingit on youtube.

    As for spelling mistakes – yeah – just ignore them please – I even got a message just now to slow down – you are posting comments too fast!! Heh Heh! how about that!

  396. 396 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha….not give any chance to YEH anymore? : )

    i like both of them..even they are not dating in a real life….i still support both of them…(they look so good together..)….but don’t u think both of them a quite secretive about their personal life?

    just hope they can do another collaboration again…..CF..MV….or anything….(pray for that ) hihihi……

  397. 397 : eidasayang Says:

    hi =P…

    i totally appreciate that u like my video tribute…..


  398. 398 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah LOLs my chingoo =P i’m still laughin with your comment re one of your fave scenes when they’re trying to get away from her grandpa’s men and as they hide by the wall he pulls her and hahaha u’r naughty i guess i can second the motion on that one, i’d really plaster myself too! hahaha i think that’s gonna be a good photoshop you think? hahaha just even in photos would do (for now) at least! btw that’s one of my fave scenes as well!
    kissing kissing kissing….oh ur hilarious…=P

    u’r welcome glad you can join us here and make us laugh too right Julee, eidasayang, YSH4 (where art thou? also gintonic? jinjoo, nhuy and christa? i know diane shld be zzzzz by now hahaha it’s 12 mid her time)

    on to next box so we can make this page get to at least a thousand before the year ends! hahaha am I ambitious or what? tell me about it.

  399. 399 : sang hee Says:

    i agree eidasaynag…i luv YEH too and like =P said our guy may project something of his happy go lucky behaviour in dramas and such but yeah i noticed he was quite tacit in Happy Together esp the MFL segment! I think both our guy & YEH are pretty much private and YEH seems to have a good upbringing too. Remember when she mentioned in HT about her mom still holding hands when walking i think if i’m not mistaken then she said something like her parents still wait for each other when one isn’t home yet? Our guy also still lives with his parents…well how cool is that friends? I think he’s a very very good son! =P if you hvnt seen the vid that Julee shared with us while he’s crying in an interview coz his dad suffered a stroke it’s a must-see!!

    hahaha 3 stooges became 2…we u/stand you =P don’t u even worry about minut (spel?) details!! i actually thought those 3 were v v funny! You know like when you loathe some villains, those 3 were just hilarious! Yes the Amen part our guy was so funny in that scene! He’s such a great actor! I don’t know what to say!

    i’m doing this in segment so we can make this page go up faster! hahaha

  400. 400 : sang hee Says:

    Girls we’re now on 400…wow how about that? hahaha

    Yes my frnds it seems like we’re not able to help our oppa with this Kdrama awards this time! It’s ridiculous for KBS to outline such restrictions…what do they think that award is? national election? that you need a passport? we’re not even going into their country much as we wanted to! I think they shld just require for us to register, get a pw and voila cast your votes! No way would anybody yield to that kind of requirement I don’t think so not even in a heartbeat!

    We love you (sarang hae yo) oppa but mianhae yo we cannot cast our vote this time! We can only hope & pray that you & YEH would get an award for your outstanding performances, and also to be the Best Couple for 2009 MFL!

  401. 401 : eidasayang Says:

    hihihi…i also like that scene…like our chingoo =P said..no air can go through….hahaha…just imagine that can make me laugh….

    my other fav scene…at the airport……YSH smack hye na butt and he totally happy to do that. ( not in a script actually )…..hahaha..what a naughty oppa! i hope he do that to us too….hahaha..am i crazy??:)

    sang hee…u can photoshop that scene too!!!! hahaha…..

    i change my laptop background every day…..of course with our YSH pic!
    totally crazy about him…..weird….i never have this feeling with any koren actors…honestly….:)

    my younger sister also said that i spent too much time in front of my com lately….anyway..she spent lot of her time with her daughter and i’m also spent my time with my lovely baby…( u know what i mean..hihihi…)

  402. 402 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee..

    i totally agree with u…

    kbs should just let us vote our fav actor and fav couple….

    what a bad day actually..

    but let’s hope our dong chan and hye na can get a best couple award…..pray for that…..:)

  403. 403 : sang hee Says:

    another MFL fave scene would be when Hyena was at DC’s house and she tried to leave again but DC saw her & she explained why she was back coz DC is the only one she got and then DC grabs her and hugs her! I thought that scene was quite touching! Of course as Diane said earlier that scene where she almost got hit by a car and he grabs her and hugs her! We can go on & on with this drama and we never feel tired watching this over/over again! =P can attest to that, we both watched it numerous times now and sometimes one of us would go one episode ahead of each other and then we’ll catch up again! hahaha It was fun, can you imagine if we were not across the miles? We all probably have a ball. Just envision all of us on this board in one huge living room watching on a big screen, eating popcorn or bibimbap? hahaha and chanting every time we see our guy on the screen…i’m sure =P would be stumping her feet as she seems to be the life of the party! hahaha you’re really compatible w/YSH….but don’t make us jealous ok? hahaha

    on to my dosage now of YSH girls…see ya soon!

    Chum chum chum (remember this from MFL)????

  404. 404 : Julee Says:

    wah, just stepped out for lunch and already 14 new comments. Need another 43 and we’ll catch up with LMK (at bottom of list).

    About that passport nonsense, perhaps if they can guarantee us a fan-meet with YSH then perhaps can consider.

    =P you’re making me laugh so hard, I’m getting a tummyache already. Drooling and plastering against YSH until no air can flow through, ROFLOL …. *gasping for air*

  405. 405 : sang hee Says:

    eidasayang you made me smile with your comment about photoshop of our guy smacking my behind hahaha it wld be hard coz Hyena’s face was being blocked! but i always welcome any suggestions! hahaha as if….it’s real eh? i’m sure you read about this or saw that youtube clip that Hyena was telling an interviewer that oppa was not supposed to smack her at the airport (first epis) & it was oppa’s idea and the director was actually pleased with it so they included it! hahaha then in the end it was a de ja vouz he smacked her again…oh i luv the happy endings don’t you girls? loving loving this drama to the max! my no. 1 of all time, i don’t care what other critics had to say about it, to each his own!

    mind you i completely am with you on this…and i guess i told =P when we were emailing each other weeks ago, and i also mentioned this to YSH4 and Julee I think that this feeling i have for YSH was never felt with any other Korean actors or otherwise until now! I wish i cld give an explanation but I can’t and yeah like you said eidasayang….i’m totally crazy also about him! hahaha Yeah i got his photo as my screensaver, i got a small photo of him in my wallet, my place is full of framed photos of him it seems that he’s my everything hahahaha sounds romantic? yeah!! hahaha

    I like that spending your time with your lovely baby hahaha i know what you mean! I think YSH would be my ultimate Korean actor!! I wish he reads this site so that we can make him happier that we’re spending our quality time coming here and only to discuss about him!

    like =P hope you’ll bear with my typos sometimes i just click the submit comment in a hurry and nvr proof my work! ok girls time to really get a dosage now! hahaha

  406. 406 : sang hee Says:

    i was about to leave this page until i saw julee’s back fr lunch! hahaha Hi frnd Julee da great! hahaha i know me too i laugh at =P so much, she’s so full of humour and i’m so glad she finally decided to join us here! I have invited her a number of times but she got too busy then.

    hahaha i too would probably pretend i was frightened if someone like him would grab me to the point that i can’t breath coz he’s holding me tight! that’ll be a perfect photoshop! hahaha here i go again!

    yeah we can possibly take over LMK’s spot within the next few days you’re right Julee if we keep on coming here!

    yeah i agree with the passport issue…hahaha i like that if KBS can assure us of a fan meeting why not?

  407. 407 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to say goodnight ladies! see u tomorrow…almost my bedtime but i still have to see one epis of MFL and get my sangyoonhistamine! hahaha

    you guys talk some more so we can get to more than 400 in a few days! Did you guys notice Oh Ji Ho is second to SIG? yet our guy stole the show from him in Queen!

  408. 408 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee…

    time zone at my country ….2.36 pm right now….lunch time for me actually!! hihihi…..

    i’m totally happy to meet all of you gals…..

    first time in my life i have so much fun talking about someone..YSH of course..hihihi….hope we can share more good news from him after this….right everyone….??

    will right more about my fav scenes from MFL after this….wait yaaa!!!

  409. 409 : =P Says:

    Let me see – a 100 comments a day by all of us – we still have 23 days to go to the end of 2009 that should put us way ahead of SIG!!! Pant Pant!!

    Ok! Ok!!I know I am hallucinating now – we all got to live a little outside of staring at our comp and writing about our darling guy!!!

    Well now since we are photoshopping the “wall scene” too why not just do the whole drama – I would not mind having YEH’s body with my head on it and getting kissed by YSH!! Pinch me I’m dreaming – NO!!! DON’T PINCH ME- I want to continue dreaming!

  410. 410 : =P Says:

    My goodness Sang Hee – can you just imagine all of us together watching him on MFL!!! One episode would take days to finish cos we’d be rewinding rewatching -commenting on every move and every twitch!!! How wonderful!!!

    [We’d have to go potty in chamber pots even!!]

    O goodness!! Just thinking about it makes me want to go watch him now!

  411. 411 : =P Says:

    Yup – I too liked the scene at the top of the stairs – when poor HN had nowhere to go – Loved that the difference between him and TY was that our uber sensitive and practical and loving guy knows when to shut up and administer yoonsahistamine and not give a long lecture and nag about ‘why you are with this guy or why not tell me first’ – Our darling man got with the program and saved his scolding and hugged just when HN needed to be loved!!

    I wanna hug tooooo!!

  412. 412 : =P Says:

    O yes – Goodnight Sang Hee – Hope he visits you tonight – unless he’s out with me that is? =P

  413. 413 : Julee Says:

    Hi eidasayang,

    Seems like we’re in the same time zone …. lunchtime
    if you’re still wondering why you feel this way about him, wonder no more because there’s no rational explanation, we are all swooning over him …. =P drooling all the time, sang hee obsessed with her photoshop pics, diane and all of us needing our YSH dose. He’s simply THE ONE.

    Hey girls, I just made a simple dedication to all of you in my blog … apologies to those I might have left out or haven’t met on this board. To view, just click on my name in this comment box.

  414. 414 : Julee Says:

    good idea =P, we should just re-do the whole drama and each of us can pick and choose which scene we want our heads to be in.

    I want the kissing scenes, haha

  415. 415 : nhuy Says:

    this is his website


  416. 416 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee….
    already visit ur blog….totally love it……made more for us..hahaha…..
    i hope it’s ok for u if i save some of the lovely pic on my com….
    so..we are in a same time zone….south east asia right…

    ur name nick juleecwk….is that cwk stand for cewek? correct me if i’m wrong…..hihi….so that’s means girl right? just like my nickname…
    eidasayang…sayang (malay word actually ) means love…….

    ok..u choose kissing scene so that means i have to choose another one..hahaha….how about the hug at the garden…..caught bycold and hope our YSH will hug me tight….hahaha…dream again…

    ok gals……have a nice day and a big smile…..

  417. 417 : eidasayang Says:

    hi nhuy….

    thanks for the web link..
    totally appreciate it……:)

  418. 418 : =P Says:

    Thanks nhuy – now if only we can understand – Hey Julee!!! How about us all learning together hangul I mean – We really need to be able to understan him – you know – when we meet up!!! =P

  419. 419 : =P Says:

    Aw!!! Julee- thanks for the little green bloke and the bib – soooo cute!

  420. 420 : =P Says:

    Most of all thanks for the bear hug – that’s us right there – me and Sang Hyun – doing our thing! Hee Hee!

  421. 421 : =P Says:

    O yes – the bicycle scene – that’s episode 7 – fantastic scene too – he’s so fond of her and can’t help but smile after her – but then he remembers who he is then – the need to get away – the sadness of leaving and the thought of the finality of breaking away from HN! How strong of him to walk away from HN when he knows that he is in no position to even consider liking her.

    And that’s where his struggle lay – in being worthy of her – not realising that worth is not computable in dollars and cents [though can’t blame him – cos in his life – dollars and cents became central – in that he had to focus on it to save his Mom].

  422. 422 : =P Says:

    How not to love this man? I saw him first in Marrying A Millionaire – he caught my attention then – cos he was so intense in his work and that he was quietly supportive – and his acting was soooooo good – only later I found out it was his first drama – still – good job.

  423. 423 : =P Says:

    Heh Heh!! I predict tomorrow we’ll overtake LMK!! Yea!!

  424. 424 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re right =P….let’s learn hangul together….all of us..

    i hope i can understand what they write on the website….hihihi:)…..

    the bicycle scene..u’re right…totally a precious scene…….

  425. 425 : Julee Says:

    Eidasayang, cwk is from my initials and I understand Malay though I’m not one. Yes, you may copy the pics ….. if you haven’t yet visit the cyworld site, you should as you will find lots of his pics there.

    Yes, that’s the YSH bear hugging you =P …. granting your wish to be plastered to him with no air gap, haha. I love that anyeong bike scene too as well as his quitting as butler (turning back to gaze so sadly at HN). Don’t know how to describe his expression ….. when watched on mysoju, it wasn’t very clear but when I saw it in some HD pics, his struggling not to cry expression was so so good. He deserves an award.

  426. 426 : Diane Says:

    I am having so much fun reading your comments! My cat is looking at me very strangely because I am laughing so hard. LOL!

    I love the picture in my mind of all of us sitting together in 1 room, watching our YSH on screen. And re-winding and re-watching.

    Julee, I saw your blog and left a message. I liked it! Good job!

    One scene I really like is when DC rushes to the hospital to help HN. He wasn’t her butler at the time, but knew she would need help. When they are running from the reporters, he moved her hand into his so they could run together better.

    But….on the hospital rooftop, waiting for the lawyer. She is sitting with his jacket on her lap for warmth. When the lawyer shows up, she runs to him, knocking DC’s jacket to the ground. The look on DC’s face while watching them hug, broke my heart!

  427. 427 : Diane Says:

    I am sitting here, thinking about the airport scenes. In the one in the last episode, did you notice where he moves his hand after slapping her?

  428. 428 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha diane…i rewatched the scene…..

    he grab hye na hand and then touch her behind again?? correct me if i’m wrong ….hihihi……


  429. 429 : Julee Says:

    for a moment there, I thought it was at some part of the anatomy where HN could have sued him ^ ^

  430. 430 : Diane Says:

    In that last airport scene, after he slaps her behind with his left hand, then pushed her hand away from his face with his left hand, then moves his right hand from her being over both her legs to between. I’m sure it made it easier for him to carry her. 🙂

  431. 431 : Julee Says:

    hahaha, i’ve just re-watched that last few seconds ….. if he had moved his right hand a bit higher, HN could sue him

    We are so bad.

  432. 432 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…julee…..u’re so funny….

    but from hyena laugh i believe she like that too! hahaha!!

  433. 433 : Julee Says:

    eidasayang, you are so bad LOL …. ROF

  434. 434 : eidasayang Says:


    i believe most of our chingoo still on the dreamland…zzzzzzzzz…..hihihi…

    ok gals…….continue support our YSH!!

    1030 pm already……need some rest..
    see u again ya!!!!

  435. 435 : eidasayang Says:

    i forget something…

    to julee and other chingoos…sweet dream…..

    hyena won’t sue him…trust me…….!!hahaha……

  436. 436 : sang hee Says:

    good morning girls & Diane we’re on the same zone but the girls must still be in drmland! Wow i just went to drmland and you girls talked a lot already! hahaha I dunno how to catch up with you now!

    well let me start by thanking our chingoo Julee for honoring us or watever in her blog albeit i hvnt seen it yet coz i’m so excited to find out wat u guys were up to! hahaha

    thnx also to nhuy for sharing the site. nhuy if ur not too busy always come by & chat with us ok? i luv our group coz we only have one thing in common …. our YSH!

    Where is our other chingoo YSH4? and Gintonic?

    =P hahaha yeah can u imagine all of us in one room rewinding, chanting everytime we see some kissing scenes of these two great actors? popcorn all over the place, and you most of all chingoo wld be stomping your feet i can just imagine you hahaha!

    wow we’re progressing here around 400 plus already, keep it going ladies! see i’m supposed to be taking my brisk walks in the a.m. hours but i’m just addicted to this site coz not only of our guy but you all my chingoos!!

    on to another page, i think it’s easier for all of us to read it bit by bit compared to just one stretch.

  437. 437 : sang hee Says:

    B4 i go on maybe i’ll take a look at julee’s blog so i can relate to what you girls are talking about! you better not have forgotten me there julee! hahahaha just kidding

  438. 438 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals…..

    YSH in SHARE HAPPINESS…..his a funny guy……

    here’s the link:


    credit to : de Jarje…..

  439. 439 : sang hee Says:

    Julee kamsamnida for the dedication and it’s awesome! i luv the photos, i luv Moshimaro, so cute with the piggybacks & everything! wow the soju photo was kinda tempting! hahaha

    yes =P i was asleep when you all were chatting here & sad to say i didn’t see him in my dreams! maybe nxt time hahaha maybe he was w/you that’s why he didn’t bother seeing me! That’s ok, we can all share him right? hahaha u’r so funny, u crack me/us up!

    yeah we shld all learn hangul so we can u/stand our guy fully! i’ve started 2 yrs ago but i’m still struggling to u/stand most of what they’re talking about! i think it’s easier than Chinese believe me, even their characters are simplified but of course most of hangul as we all know were extracted from the Chinese characters.

    on to another topic

  440. 440 : sang hee Says:

    I loved that bike scene also and the expression on his face, teary-eyed as he gazed at HN from a distance….I agree Julee, he deserves an award for this drama! He was very convincing indeed. I love both of them. I always tell =P that we hope someday these two will really date off screen! Then =P wld say if not…we’ll take him! hahaha Now there’s lots of us here who would prob do the paper, scissors or rock? Let’s start with this hangul the way they say this: Cha kang (rock) bang (paper) boo (scissors) Repeat after me hahaha cha kang, bang, boo! cha kang bang boo!

    Fave scenes are countless if we think about it! hahaha the smacking of behind is one funny scene…and he yells ‘She’s my woman’. I dunno about you girls but our guy even if he doesn’t say anything, just by looking at him or his face would make you smile already and the way he talks like it was rapid and as if it’s not gonna end! hahaha

    it’s so quiet here, it’s deafening….it’s only 11:30 pm in your zone Julee, eidasayang, YSH4, =P, nhuy, i’m not sure about gintonic but i’ll talk to you ladies again…dream about him ok?

    annyeong-hi chumoo saeyo (goodnite)

  441. 441 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha i didnt’ also that hyena won’t sue him coz judging from her reaction, i think she was amused!

    i can’t seem to get to the link eidasayang, maybe i’ll try from youtube. thnx again.

    yeah sweet dreams all of you! share the dream if it’s related to YSH ok? 🙂

  442. 442 : sang hee Says:

    ooops i’m missing a word there…i meant to say I didn’t think…

  443. 443 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee….

    i rewatched MFL right now…cannot sleep yet….hihihi
    hyena..amused?? hahaha….u’re more naughty than me…..:)

    i also hope they date in a real life……and one more thing..it’s just me or not coz everytime i look at them i started to think both of them actually are look alike..resemble each other?? hahaha…..

  444. 444 : sang hee Says:

    i just finished watching that youtube share happiness and our guy of course looks cute in his specs, my youtube reception sometimes get to be choppy but did you girls see if YEH was there? i must’ve missed it coz it’s choppy!

    talk to you later as you dream on….time to prepare for work! 🙂

    good morning then when you come back to the board!

    Kureum nae-el buwayeo – I’ll see you tomorrow (coz it’s already Wed. when you wake up, and Diane & my zone is only Tues.)

  445. 445 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha..i just notice he introduce himself as seo jibsa in that share happiness clip……he still in that character i think……so many memories for him from that drama…hahaha…….

  446. 446 : Julee Says:

    Sang Hee. glad you like the little dedication …. sort of gathered from all the things we were joking about.

    Earlier diane, eidasayang and I were being so naughty about the airport scene …. I think I could hardly stop laughing after eidasayang’s comment. Hope we didn’t sound too risque.

    Watched all the Happy Together clips from the links which YSH4
    shared with us. It’s good that it’s subbed or else we wouldn’t know what they’re talking about ….. the group is so funny. Our YSH looks nice with his black frame glasses.

  447. 447 : Julee Says:

    Hi eidasayang,

    Just watched the Share Happiness clip ….. all of them look so good in the photoshoot. Is it some charity event?

  448. 448 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee….

    u’re right…it’s a charity campaign actually to raise funds to fight hunger for children in africa…..i got this information from popseoul…..

  449. 449 : Julee Says:

    You’re a late sleeper too eidasayang? Still getting your MFL dose?

    Hey, we’ve overtaken LMK!

  450. 450 : sang hee Says:

    oh girls you’re still zzzzzzzzzz and i’m at my desk working hahaha…julee and eidasayang you’re both late sleepers …. i do it once in a while, my personal curfew if around 10:30 sh unless i got hooked in watching our guy’s drama or getting some dosage that is. hahaha

    gosh we’ve taken over u’r so right yeyyyy! we said earlier we could do it right? and we did! hahaha

    yes julee loved your dedication!! you’re excellent in finding great photos be it our guy or cute 4 legged animals … moshimaro has been my fave, i got a stuffed toy of that too which reminds me from some kdramas!

    no you guys didn’t sound risque at all….it’s nice to share some fun stuff! hahaha

    the Elle clip was great! so it’s a charity event, that’s so nice of the stars to come out for it and our guy was one of them!

  451. 451 : sang hee Says:

    if we’ve taken over LMK then our oppa’s name shld soon be on that right hand side of the screen soon? yeyyy we’ve made it girls!

    hahaha eidasayang…i can’t stop laughin with your comment that i’m naughtier than you? hahaha won’t you say she’s amused? hahaha i think she must like our oppa a lot! even if you saw the HT MFL segment, she always laughs whenever our guy say something and she pats him on his shoulder! i mean not with any malice or anything of that sort but she must like him as a person coz our guy is just funny & cool! she may not like him romantically per se but she likes him for who he is! I think if i were in her shoes and i work with our oppa for almost 4 months, i may develope something with him! hahaha ok enuf of my sentiments now.

    my coffee brk is over girls. i know ur still in drmland! hahaha

    see ya all later!

  452. 452 : sang hee Says:

    pls excuse my typos like the word develope it shld not have an ‘e’ at the end….i was in a hurry girls bear with me, but i’m sure you’re all smart and can sort of figure it out in your head! hahaha

  453. 453 : Diane Says:

    From a lot of comments I have read in other places, many younger girls think our YSH is old. But they don’t know what they are missing by their thinking. And from what I have read here, I don’t think any of us are in their age group. Right? So it’s okay for our thoughts to be a bit naughty? 🙂
    Hard for me to understand their thinking, though. When I was younger I was always attracted to older men.

    At the top of the page it says updated weekly, but doesn’t say what day. So we will just have to keep an eye open to see when the list on the right changes and adds YSH’s name.

  454. 454 : sang hee Says:

    hi eidasayang, don’t tell me u can’t sleep again? hihihi

    lunchtime for me so i’lll add something to make this board up up to 500 before the end of the week? hahaha

    anyway, i’m w/you they think he’s old…and as if they’re not going to reach that age right? he’s not old…old is 80 yrs old or 90…absolutely they don’t know what they’re missing compared to the younger actors they so adore, our guy is 10xxx far more attractive than them! hahaha It’s true when i was much younger i never thought of 36 some of as old! I also don’t u/stand their thinking!

    yeah we’ll see how the score changes and our oppa will be there in no time!

  455. 455 : Julee Says:

    morning ladies,

    perhaps by the time the list gets updated, we’re already a few places upwards ….. at the rate we’re going.

    yes, those girls who think our YSH is old must be in their early teens …. can’t blame them for thinking anyone above 30 is OLD but we all know better, don’t we? Anyway you’re as young as you feel …… and we’re definitely not OLD …… not when our YSH makes us feel we can live forever, eh? He’s our daily vitamin and elixir.

    Taken your YSH dose yet?

  456. 456 : Diane Says:

    I just got an email to let me know about voting for Best Korean Drama of 2009. Voting ends Jan 6, 2010.


    Take Care of the Young Lady only has 6%.
    QoH is 0%.

    I voted for TCYL, of course!!

  457. 457 : Julee Says:

    thanks diane,

    i just voted for TCYL too …. is this polls organised by starkdrama? They didn’t mention any voting conditions ….. can we like refresh the page and just keep voting?

    ladies we all know what we’re going to do,right? ….. vote, vote, vote

  458. 458 : sang hee Says:

    wow good morning girls…that’s good news we can vote for MFL? you’re awesome Diane…thnx and i’ll do it asap! we got to make them win! i’m almost guessing that those young girls are voting for Boys Before Flowers so we have to beat them so let’s do it!

  459. 459 : Diane Says:

    The one with the highest score so far is You’re Beautiful. I haven’t seen any of that yet, so have no idea what it’s about. Also, I’m not sure how often we can vote. Hope it’s more than once!!!

  460. 460 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha yes eidasayang… the daily dosage is of course always in our radar! glad we can vote! yes girls vote vote vote….nothing is impossible…we made him to go up to #8 and we don’t see why not this time at least to be on top ten again this time for his drama!

    yeah Julee, those in their 20s don’t realize what they’re missing and we know better than that!

    thnx again for the link Diane! that’s great!

  461. 461 : Julee Says:

    sang hee, i don’t see eidasayang’s comment ….. is she with us yet? Probaby should come on board soon since she’s same time zone as mine.

  462. 462 : Julee Says:

    i just tried refreshing the page and went into the drama voting site again and the voting button has disappeared! Probably that’s how they control the voting. I’ll vote again once I get to the office later.

  463. 463 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi girls, cld not believe we are now at 462 ! This board is now so lively and fun with all u chatting and comparing notes and simply adoring YSH ! I cld not visit everyday but i will make up by having at least 5 to 6 comments at one go ! C you all on the nxt immediate post ….

  464. 464 : YSH Forever Says:

    Morning, julee. Visited ur blog and really like it ! Many thanks for honoring us all from this board. Such lovely pics/visuals.

    Are u a fan of Duffy too ? I just luv her. Mercy is so addictive and her other songs are just super too.

  465. 465 : YSH Forever Says:

    I really have a blast reading all the comments – cld not believe =P wrote in to scold (?) the kbs people and they warned her to refrain from being a law breaker ?? Hahahaha….really ROFLOL ! =P is our spunky girl ! Her other comments abt ‘no air cld pass thru’ when she described how DC clasped HN tightly… another LOL moment !

    Btw, Diane, i think i like your cat ! If she cld give u a funny look when ur are laughing so hard, she deserves our love too !

  466. 466 : Julee Says:

    his YSH4,

    glad you like the simple dedication. I have been getting so many laughs from this board ….. just a simple thank you to all of you for that and of course for our hard battle for our YSH.

    I found Mercy rather addictive when I heard it from the YSH MV which used that song, so did a youtube search for the original. Haven’t listened to Duffy’s other songs yet ^ ^

  467. 467 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi Diane, what is this new round of voting? This is news to me. I thot we are unable to vote due to the stiff neck KBS ruling? Is this a totally different one ? Thanks anyway for alerting us. Like julee, i also wld like to find out if we cld do multiple,endless voting so that we cld put our oppa or rather the dramas he acted in within decent ratings!

  468. 468 : YSH Forever Says:

    SangHyun ssi, bogoshipoda. So v v much.

    This shd count as one comment, right ?

  469. 469 : YSH Forever Says:

    Julee, don’t u think the featured vid dedicated totally to YSH using Mercy as the sound track absolutely perfect ? The selection of Mercy for that MV is sooo right and fitting, with Duffy’s sensual voice for this retro rock. The cuts used are truly wonderful, one of the best MV so far that i’ve seen.

  470. 470 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah sorry Julee i think i meant to respond to you hence u cldnt find eidasayang here hahaha so sorry mianhae, i was in a hurry earlier, i’m still at work but managed to vote already…that 6% ought to multiply soon with out gang of gals here, we can do it right girls?

    sorry also to Diane, i meant that reply for you about the young girls & wrote eidasayang instead! so sorry to you too that’s what happens when u’r in a hurry & there’s too much in your mind! hahaha

    yesh YSH4 every little box here adds up, so let’s cut our msgs to bits!

  471. 471 : sang hee Says:

    i tried to cast another vote and it’s now locked w/c only means that we can probab just vote one each day from another account or browser? however if you girls look closely our MFL altho it’s only 6% right now is second highest from You’re Beautiful if i’m not mistaken!

  472. 472 : Julee Says:

    yes, loved that YSH montage clip, so addictive I’ve watched in many times. Hats off to the one who created it.

  473. 473 : Julee Says:

    ok time for me to get ready to go to work. Will vote again from my office PC.

  474. 474 : sang hee Says:

    i take it back girls, BBF i think is next to YAB! i didn’t notice it then.

    i tried opening this on another brwser like mozilla firefox and was able to cast another vote so it seems my assumption was right that we can vote only once from a diff browser as it opened for me while when i was using IE (after voting once today) it didn’t allow me to cast another again!

    so let’s vote vote!!

    it seems that oppa just gave us a few days rest after the buzz awards and here’s another one for all of us to go busy again! i guess this time it’s not so bad but how come a lot of ppl seems to like You’re Beautiful? I really didn’t think too much of it. Our MFL is no. 1 for us right girls? 🙂

  475. 475 : Diane Says:

    Yes, Sang Hee, 80 or 90 is too old, not a handsome man in his 30s!

    I refreshed my page and it only showed the results of the voting, so I’m not sure if we can vote more than once. I’m going to check tomorrow ….. maybe once a day? I can hope.

    YSH4, the voting is right here on koreandrama. Go to main page and it will show a link at the right under ‘recent drama’. It says ‘Best Korean Drama in Year 2009’.

  476. 476 : Diane Says:

    I noticed at soompi there is a fan club for MFL and 1 for Yoon Eun Hye, but none for our YSH!!

  477. 477 : YSH Forever Says:

    Thanz Diane, will definately vote for our YSH ! Thank heaven Koreandrama don’t ask for our passports, haha.

  478. 478 : sang hee Says:

    you’re right Diane we can only cast our votes once a day however i found out you can cast another thru a diff. browser!

    i agree YSH4 that no passports required at this polls! what a relief eh?

  479. 479 : sang hee Says:

    i agree Diane….80 or 90 that’s considered old but a handsome man at 30 something is still I must say in his prime! 🙂

  480. 480 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hey girls, i found a way to multi vote ! Looks like another marathon voting session again ! You can now vote as many times as you could the whole day thru and make the 2 dramas that our YSH acted in come up tops.

    Just follow the following steps :

    1. Go to this site : http://anonymouse.org

    2. In the Enter Website Address box, copy and paste the koreandrama voting page address ( important – ensure no double entering of ‘http://’ at the beginning of the address box.)

    3. click Surf Anonymouse

    4. The screen will then show the voting page. Key in your votes

    5. The results page will be shown

    6. Click the browser back button (located at the top left of the screen (I.E.))

    7. Then you will be back at Anonymouse. Click Surf

    8. You are now back at the clean voting slate. Key in your votes again

    9. Repeat from no. 6.

    Vote as often as you could. Enjoy! And decimate our competitors !

  481. 481 : YSH Forever Says:

    A note of Warning ! Try to stagger the votes so as not to arouse any suspicions. We do not want to be blocked. But on the last few hours of the last day, i think we cld go in blasting as it will be too late for any blocking action.

  482. 482 : Julee Says:

    thanks for the tips YSH4, we’ve learnt the hard way from the buzz polls.

    koreandrama, here we come …… with guns blazing ……

  483. 483 : Julee Says:

    gals, I just checked my inbox (with my RSS feeds on cyworld) ….. check out the latest YSH updates …. cute wavy hair, prob at some fan meet

  484. 484 : sang hee Says:

    Thnx YSH4 for the tip…wow another marathon…we’ll do it girls! i liked that julee with guns blazing you say! hahaha

    i’ll chck out the ysh cyworld when i get home! meantime let me chck from here at work how to vote multiple.

  485. 485 : sang hee Says:

    girls i just cast multi votes now and when i get home after dinner i’m gonna be glued to my comp once again after that buzz awards…burning the m/night oil!

    hats off to you YSH4 for finding out how to vote multi! you & julee shld be given an honorary award for being ever so resourceful….no kidding! thnx again!

  486. 486 : Diane Says:

    Julee, I love those pics of our YSH. But I really love the one after that, of him in that jacket. *swoon*

  487. 487 : =P Says:

    Good morning chingoos!!!!!!
    Boy! I was joking about the 100 posts a day but it looks like a dream come true!!!

  488. 488 : =P Says:


  489. 489 : =P Says:

    Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! We have overtaken Min Ki!!

    [try singing that to Duffy’s Mercy!]

  490. 490 : Julee Says:

    hi diane,

    YSH in grey jacket ….. i think that event was for some recent award.

    looking at the votes results, You’re Beautiful seems to be very popular. My guess is it could be because of Jang Geun Suk’s fans (he’s quite cute actually but more for those hormone-charged teens). If you notice from the total votes cast, it’s only around 1500+ so the no of voters so far is not that large. Majority votes to You’re Beautiful must be from his teen fans.

  491. 491 : =P Says:

    To think that we were strangers such a short time ago and now we are bonded by one single mindedness and that is to bring recognition to our man Yoon Sang Hyun!!!

    A voting we will go!!!!! Onward we shall CHARGE!!!!!

    Thanks YSH4 fot the link!!

    BTW – you guys with blogs and stuff – you a fantastic – I would not know where to start!

  492. 492 : =P Says:

    Also to Diane for sussing it out in the first place

  493. 493 : =P Says:

    Well, I did see the comments about our guy being old too – I don’t get it!! Hwang Jung Min looks older but they never complained about his pairing Kim Ah Joong.

    BTW I loved watching that drama too [Accidental Couple – [more for watching HJM as he is an awesome actor too – have to give kudos where due – right?] it was a feel good reconnect with the goodness in life kind of drama.

  494. 494 : Julee Says:

    welcome back =P, with another 100 we can even overtake KSW

  495. 495 : Diane Says:

    oops! Sorry, Julee. I meant the last entry & pic of our YSH in the brown leather? jacket. With the zippers. 🙂

  496. 496 : =P Says:

    However as far as our guy is concerned – no one can come close in the charm and electrifying department – I got chills – they’re multiplying – and I’m loosing control – AHEM!!!! [get a grip!!!]

    His twinkling eyes, kissable lips electrifying stare – lithe sinewy sexy body – OK!!! – getting distracted here – blekjnjoepairwnfjf

  497. 497 : =P Says:

    Why is my comment waiting moderation?

  498. 498 : Diane Says:

    You’re right, =P. Hwang Jung Min is 12 years older than Kim Ah Joong. Between the 2 Yoons is 11 years. Age doesn’t matter. My husband was 11 years older than me and he was the BEST husband a woman could ask for.

  499. 499 : =P Says:

    Ah Well – I was only singing You’re the one that I want – from Grease!!! Hello!!!!

    You guys will understand if my comment 496 makes it. Sigh!

  500. 500 : =P Says:

    Exactly Diane – In fact before that Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye played a couple with 10 years diff and that didn’t bother nobody!

    I got nobody nobody but chu!!

    In a singing mood today!!

  501. 501 : =P Says:

    You know what – KSW is a good aim – let’s target someone everyday and try to overtake him!!

    But do you think that that would be to creepy – – – – NAH!!! =P

  502. 502 : =P Says:

    Ok – I must admit I have watched YB and I did not intend to actually – but when all MFL links broke – I was scampering around looking for somethin to watch and so – well it was kinda quirky – so I did enjoy it

    The OST is quite good too. JGS of course was excellent in his role – to think that when I first saw him he was just a kid in Lovers In Prague – now he’s this full blown lead actor – man time flies!

  503. 503 : =P Says:

    Ok – so I get that YB was enjoyable – But how the heck did BBF get so popular?

    I’ve told Sang Hee before – although I have the dvd – I have not started on it – the reason is – everytime I see Lee Min Ho’s hair I die laughing and I just can’t take him seriously!!!

    I mean I don’t even know what to call it – bee hive? pompadour? Shirley Temple? What were they trying to achieve?!

    As if he was not tall enough [and GHS being so short already] – they added height to him – The idea is to match the lead – not make the disparity even bigger –
    So – he’s taller than taller and she could replace RobP as Edward – I mean -sorry if any of you out there liked BBF – But I just could not get it.

    [I still have not watched it – need to get past my abhorrence to the hair – I guess I may like it once I start – there’s always a possibility!]

  504. 504 : Julee Says:

    hi =P,

    my guess why BBF is so popular is because it has the buzz award winner (million over votes?) KHJ and the other pretty boys in it.

    btw, our TB had that curly hairstyle in Queens but he looked cute with it

  505. 505 : =P Says:

    OK 87 more and we’ll overtake KSW – come on girls – get off your Coffee break and start typing!! Ha Ha Ha!!

  506. 506 : sang hee Says:

    To Oppa sang yeon ssi (from all your fans on this Board)

    안녕하세요? 우리는 당신이 다른 연극을 빨리 한ㄴ다는 것을 희망한다! 우리는 당신을 대단히 놓친다!

    즐거운 성탄은 당신 경이롭 새해를 보내고다!

    우리는 2009의 아시아 사람 잡음 포상에서 당신을 위해 투표했다. 이 위치 에 모든 나의 친구는!

    우리는 당신을 사랑하고 도중 내내 지원한다!

  507. 507 : sang hee Says:

    chingoos/girls i asked a friend to write the note to our oppa in hangul and here’s the translation:

    How are you? We hope you do another drama soon! We miss you very much!
    Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful New Year!
    We voted for you in the 2009 Asian Buzz Awards. All my friends on this site did!
    We love you and support you all the way!

  508. 508 : =P Says:

    Taebong’s hair was within human and humane proprotions – although the surf curl to his fringe had me cringing at times – BUT the Lee Min Ho hairstyle was and architectural wonder in itself!

    Not to say that I don’t like pretty boys – In fact I like Kim Hyun Joong – after watching him on We Got Married actually – b4 that – I like SS501’s songs – And of course as I told Sang Hee – I have a soft spot for Seung Gi -ah!!!


  509. 509 : =P Says:

    Hey Sang Hee!! Well Done!!!

    Still at work? [and I mean our regular jobs and not the voting!]

  510. 510 : =P Says:

    So on to today’s favourite scene – Today I shall drool [hee hee] over the scene where DC is sitting at his Mom’s grave. He is fighting with himself – tellingn himself he cannot have HN – given his position and difficulties – he turns to his Mom and wonders why it [life] has to be so complicated – already he’s facing hardship and now to add to it – HN!

    But what can I do – he asks – I adore her!!

    I love the sadness that holds his heart which shines thru his eyes – the inevitable acknowledgement that he loves HN and also his determination that it should not be so.

    He fleshes out this determination later by lying to HN that he no longer has feelings – but his looks when he looks at HN while sitting on the bench beside her belie his real feelings.

    Subtle acting – emotionally explosive.

  511. 511 : sang hee Says:

    Chingoos =P, Julee and all

    =P i also watched first few epis of YAB & didn’t continue. I must admit Jang geum seok is one of the young K actors that i like since Lovers in Prague, as you said he was very young then. I’ve seen most of his projects, Baby & Me, Doremifasol etc. but when i saw his hairstyle in YAB that was a set of and his heavy make up. I thought this wasnt the JGS i liked so up to now i hvnt really gone back to see it.

    Re BBF: it wasn’t the hair that sets me of in that drama, to me it’s not that spectacular but most fans i believe 20 & under really liked it, i’m sorry but i didn’t think much of it!

    Yes Julee i saw cyworld with the new photos of our guy, he’s so cute & looking so happy! In Queen i did like him in those ala Jun Pyo look hahaha! =P it’s time you watch Queen ok? you’ll fall madly in love with our guy more & more!

    yes we’re going to 500 soon! i still have to vote. Oh =P did you know we’re supposed to be casting votes again? hahaha yup for the luv of our guy.

    I also wrote our oppa in hangul from all of us see the other box

  512. 512 : Julee Says:

    hi sang hee,

    any way to send the note to him? Wonder if there’s any comment box on his site that fans can write to him.

  513. 513 : =P Says:

    So today’s dosage shall be Helpless Love and episode 2 – I am not jumping eps my chingoos – my favourites are from what comes particularly to mind.

    Don’t you get that – some scene just pops into your brain – and suddenly you have this full blown 30 second reel going on in your brain – either that or I am getting seizures!!

  514. 514 : Julee Says:

    yes that lying to HN that she no longer has to worry about his feelings for her. He then walked off, stopped after a short distance …. and that sad look and sigh to himself …. my heart ached for him

  515. 515 : sang hee Says:

    hehehe =P i’m very much in the comfort of our home now thank goodness, it’s your turn girls to work (yeah the regular work that is) hahaha. Yeah after reading notes here i’m gonna cast my vote….=P remember u can vote for both Queen & MFL. You go Girl!

    btw…i did like that scene also when he visited his Umma at the cemetery…that was quite touching telling her he likes her & all that…what a grt DC eh? Actually, I loved (love) all the scenes like you said esp with YSH in it or YEH for that matter! I love them both really! Usually i’d feel quite jealous if my idol is being linked with anybody i mean anybody (=P included hahahaha) but with YEH….i’ll give them my blessings! 🙂

  516. 516 : =P Says:

    Well I dunno – the heavy eyeliner enhanced his eyes somewhat and made his character – know what I mean?

    But I really liked it when from being this dour guy – he suddenly breaks into a cherubic smile which is kinda – blow you off your feet cute!! Ha ha !!!

  517. 517 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Julee

    I know we should send him a note like that directly at his w/site but we need to register and i dunno w/c box that would be! I’m not sure if i told =P previously but I did write to YSH thru KBS in Aug. and i never heard from him. I wrote in hangul (with the help of same Korean frnd of mine) i even got his photo on the envelope so that the mail carrier or whoever would receive the letter won’t make any mistakes in handling it. Maybe he was too busy at that time filming MFL but it’s ok maybe he hasn’t had a chance to read his fan mail hahaha.

  518. 518 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals…..

    sorry…quite late today…..hihihi..
    you’re right sang hee……give our bless to our YSH and YEH!!! they’re great couple….aigooo…aigooo….hahaha…

    comment about his age…..who said YSH old? hello…..i’m still in my 20’s but i found his an attractive man…..charming…cute…lovely…..funny…..his voice can melt me……*dies* hahaha……so gals…..support our YSH yaaa!!!!

    honestly, coz of YSH….. i start thinking to date someone at his age..hahaha…..*gals..let me dream this for a while**…….

  519. 519 : sang hee Says:

    i agree with you there =P sometimes there’s some scenes that just pops into our brain i agree! Ok Helpless Love then is the ep you’re working on? I nvr get tired of it anyway so you have the floor my chingoo! hahaha

    i also liked that scene when he suddenly quits and Hyena came running to him scolding DC why he’s leaving and do you remember the way he walked away (his back was so sexy) hahaha. I just love this guy to the max! The ultimate Korean actor for me/us!

  520. 520 : sang hee Says:

    i just saw Diane’s msg and conversation with =P about age gap & if i can add something to this one of my cousins also was married to her hubby of 10 yrs gaps & they’re living happily ever after! I agree the age diff of YSH & YEH shld not be a factor as long as they love, respect and trust each other, that’s what matters most! I love these actors and if they really fall for each other, that’ll be great!

    i also noticed that my msg is waiting for moderation, this is quite unusual!???

  521. 521 : sang hee Says:

    hi eidasayang…..it’ s ok if ur late, you can always catch up with our conversation here so not to worry! yeah they have our blessings if they indeed decide to date in real life! I think YEH wld be better off with our guy compared to someone her age or close to her age, this is only my opinion, no offense to guys younger than our YSH!!

    eidasayang, hahaha you’re in your 20s & feel like dating an older guy…why not as long as he’s nice and will take care of your by all means! hahaha just invite us ok? we’ll take YSH with us to your wedding! hihihi

    i can’t vote ladies from the site that our chingoo YSH4 shared with us, when i went to the link it indicated ‘dangerous download’ i got scared! i may have to try again later or vote from work as when i did it from work it was ok!

  522. 522 : sang hee Says:

    =P i’m just reading some of ur comments and you’re even in the mood to sing now hahaha you’re so cute my chingoo! If i may say so about Lee dong gun and H Ji Hye u’r right nobody seems to argue about that but they’re just targeting our fave couple that’s all i can say! There’s another actor i don’t know his name but he just married his wife of 16 yrs diff.

    i must confess i used to like Kwon sang woo but this time YSH yong wanhi (forever) so let’s target him and bump him from his position ok girls?

    i can’t vote right now so i’m just chatting away here till i’m still up! I think Diane is sleeping by now she’s 3 hrs ahead of me.

  523. 523 : Julee Says:

    just back from lunch.

    hi eidasayang, i think sang hee missed you so much this morning (our time) that she kept replying to ‘you’ though you had not joined us yet, haha.

    the waiting for moderation bit …. perhaps with our excess comments here, the moderators are getting suspicious so must ‘moderate’ to make sure it’s not spamming ^ ^

  524. 524 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha sang hee….

    i will invite all of you to my wedding day!!hihihi….don’t forget to bring our YSH with all of you…..must be a surprise day for me…..and my family too…! so many friends from other countries…..what a happy day for me….hihihi….

    i’ve just read the news that our YSH held a japan fan meeting with 200 lucky fans on 5/12 and u know what…YEH also held a japan fan meeting on 4/12…just a day difference…hihihi..she also mentioned that she didn’t meet YSH for a while since she saw a last video msg from him……..(i’m just curious..it’s a birthday msg or what?)*****

  525. 525 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee..

    i’m just having my lunch too!!
    i sleep quite late last night…….rewatched MFL until ep 5….hihihi…

    so nice to meet all of u here……sang hee just mentioned that he will bring YSH on my wedding day! i hope she keep that promise…hihihihi……(just kidding)…..

  526. 526 : Julee Says:

    hmmm, this japan fan meet …… could it be the pics just updated on cyworld?

  527. 527 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Julee made me laugh..yeah i kept responding to you eidasayang instead of Julee and Diane! hahaha you know when you’re kinda sneaking out from your work, you fell like your boss is gonna catch you so i wasn’t even double checking my work and like you know when you scroll down on this page chances are you’re bound to make mistakes as to who that msg was from? hahaha sorry girls!

    Julee hope you had a good lunch & not rushing just so you can talk to us? hahaha kidding! listen girls we’re now getting to 520 so we’re going to beat KSW ok? hahaha accdg to =P we can target KSW so why not? hahaha

    yeah pls do invite us and we’ll be escorted by our one & only YSH! hahaha won’t that be nice? nothing is impossible so you just hang in there! I’m also inclined to find one who looks a bit like our guy hahaha maybe if not that cute just as long as he’s cool, good sense of humour like YSH, with that cupid bow shape lips of course YSH trademark, he shld be tall coz i’m short already hahaha.

    btw i was able to cast my votes again girls…let’s not give up on this we’ll vote till the end! as Julee puts it with our blazing guns! hahaha

    i see that’s probab why they are subject to moderation! i gotcha!

    i’m getting my dosage of YSH thru his singing in my mp3 this time coz i have to vote and come here to chat with you all while i’m not hitting the sack yet!

  528. 528 : sang hee Says:

    see i got another typo there instead of feel i typed fell! u guys know what i mean! excuse the spelling here & there! Cho seum nida!

  529. 529 : sang hee Says:

    any idea why the score for these dramas haven’t changed? unlike the buzz awards you’ll see the development but this i noticed that Youre beautiful is steady at 52% and MFL at 6%. I assume they still have to count each day, just guessing!

  530. 530 : Julee Says:

    don’t you think this site administrators should place the comment box at the top instead of bottom, because it’s such a hassle to scroll up & down just to refer the the last comments to answer?

    sang hee, be careful you don’t fall onto your boss, haha

  531. 531 : Julee Says:

    unlike the buzz polls where they show the actual total votes, the kdrama polls only indicate the % so a bit difficult to see the progress unless the % jumps up

  532. 532 : sang hee Says:

    hehehe eidasayang that’s called yaksok promise in Korean lang…if we have our way really we’ll try our best right Julee to bring our guy YSH to her wedding? hahaha as long as our trip is all expenses paid for! hahaha kidding!

    wow u rewatched MFL also? Incidentally i started rewatching the other day and once i continue tomorrow night maybe, i’ll be on ep 4 so u’r just an ep ahead of me.

    speaking of Japan meeting wow just one day ahead of each other? ummhhh am i smelling something here? hahaha maybe they’re on the same flight? aigoooo i’d be happy to hear they’re dating! they look so good together and both seems to have fun together off camera! i wish i cld send you some photos of them taken fr hancinema where our guy was even massaging YEH’s back during their shooting break! our guy is just so lovable and seems to get along well with everybody!

  533. 533 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Julee u’r so funny…don’t fall for my boss! hahaha what u mean is don’t get caught or fall in love? hahaha he’s old enuf to be my father, unlike YEH & YSH only 10 yrs this time my boss is about 30 yrs gap so that’s too much and he’s already have a family! hahaha

    also your suggestion of having the box on top is ideal! that’s why i made a booboo in responding this morning, i thought it was eidasayang who made a comment instead it was Diane coz before you can scroll down esp if the page is quite long it’s not easy!

  534. 534 : nhuy Says:

    I love “helpless love” song and here is a my favorite clip. It has english lyric so I can understand what he sing. Let enjoy with me

  535. 535 : Julee Says:

    i have some pics of him giving the MFL filming crews shoulder massages and he looked so handsome in his vest

  536. 536 : sang hee Says:

    yeah i think this poll is quite diff fr the buzz where we can actually see the progress each time we vote!

    girls right now i’m listening to our guy’s song Never Ending Story from Queen…oh his voice is just enuf for me to fall for him! hahaha in my drms! don’t laugh but i think if i see him in person i’m gonna faint and i told YSH4 this before! hahaha since i’m not that tall maybe when i have a chance to hug him i’ll just reach close to his mid chest! hahaha

  537. 537 : Julee Says:

    thanks nhuy, that’s my fav YSH song …. was listening to it ad-nauseum when I first heard it.

    Sang Hee …. I said ‘don’t fall onto your boss’ not fall in love with your boss LOL

  538. 538 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee..i believe that’s the pic (cyworld)……

    and sang hee…..i wrote a msg on your youtube blog…….check it out!hahaha…..

    and to all ladies……i want to make a video tribute to our YSH with all of your msg for him…so…leave your msg on my youtube blog ok…and don’t forget write ur nickname too….maybe some of you want to change ur nickname..hihihi…..

    so ladies……check it out!!

  539. 539 : Julee Says:

    sang hee, if you really get to meet YSH in person, good idea to pretend to faint so that he will catch you in his arms (really can faint then) and get that ‘air could not flow through’ hug, ROFLOL

  540. 540 : sang hee Says:

    you did have that photo too Julee…plus did u see he fell asleep on a chair while waiting for the filming? he’s so cute! there’s also another photo where he was laughing away with the crew!

    thnx nhuy for sharing that…i ‘ll check it out! but i dunno about you girls, Korean songs even if we don’t un/stand it fully what they’re saying seems really nice and i nvr ever listen to any other songs anymore since i fell for Korean songs!

  541. 541 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals……don’t forget to spread the news what i’ve just write about the video tribute okk???

  542. 542 : sang hee Says:

    i can’t stop laughin Julee hahaha u’r so smart girl…i’ll do that and one thing also i’d pretend to be drunk so he’ll piggyback me! hahaha that’ll be the day! i told my sis if we happen to go to Korea I’ll look for him from Busan to Jeju Island! hahaha

    Girls I just got an email fr my photoshop cousin and she did me a wedding photo with YSH! hahaha oh guys u shld see this one…i’m sure =P would drool over this one! hahaha

    Eidasayang…i guess we’re just talking about wedding & it must be mental telepathy my cousin made me a photoshop and so my wedding came first than yours and this time with our guy! Sorry girls he’s taken! hahaha

  543. 543 : Diane Says:

    When we first started with this new voting, You Are Beautiful was at 54%. Now it’s down to 52%. I just checked and TCYL is at 7%. Good!! QoH is only 1%.

  544. 544 : Julee Says:

    your’re really going to make another lovely YSH tribute …. good, good. My message to YSH ….. sarangae and add some lipstick print effects, haha. Ok seriously, will write to you at youtube after I’ve think of a message

  545. 545 : sang hee Says:

    eidasayang you’re a dear dear chingoo…pls pls pretty pls make another tribute and yes i’ll change my username to be crzy4sangyun! hahaha how about that…and there’s a copyright so nobody can copy it. hahaha ok i’ll see your note to me after chatting here.

    Diane really? thnx for the info! i’ve been casting my vote. btw i thought you shld be sleeping by now Diane! hahaha you’re still up and voting? you go Girl! hahaha

  546. 546 : sang hee Says:

    oh i forgot to tell you eidasayang…in case u need for us to submit some still photos i got tons and you can choose from them with all your might coz there may be some of them which you may not have yet? ok? i can’t wait to see ur tribute! oh let’s make him more loved and popular!

    i think i like your msg too julee…all of us can possibly add sarang hae right? hahaha can’t wait for eida’s tribute…

    eidasayang can we shorten your name it’s hard to type too long i’ll call you eida ok? hahaha

  547. 547 : Julee Says:

    sang hee, you’re making me laugh so hard until my tears are coming out … and I have to LOL silently (my lungs are going to burst) because my colleague is sitting behind me.

    Photoshopped YSH wedding pic ….. wish we could all see that. How many pics do you now have of yourself with him? Btw, any idea in which area YSH stays?

  548. 548 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah ok i see what you mean Julee, there’s a difference really. hahaha you’re so cute!

    btw nhuy i luv that sone too! i never got tired listening to that and modesty aside that’s the very first project i got tomanized that song into hangul. that’s how i met =P coz when i left a msg at youtube i asked the users there if they want the lyrics in romanized i have it and =P requested for it. it’s on viikii and it’s pretty closed to some other romanized lyrics.

  549. 549 : eidasayang Says:

    sang hee…..i want my wedding pic with YSH too!hahaha! u just stole my wedding dream 🙂

    julee is so funny..pretend to faint is a good idea actually..hahaha…..

    i also can imagine if i’ve meet him for real….wow!! but i’m quite short lor…hahaha….

  550. 550 : sang hee Says:

    hahahaha sorry to make you laugh while your officemate might hear you! hahaha yeah wedding photo this time so i’ll print this in color at work as i don’t have color cartridge here and frame this. I’ll boast to my friends who doesn’t even know YSH that i got hitched! hahaha Mind you one of the janitors at work believed me when i showed him YSH photo in my wallet i said to him this is my boyfriend…he speaks Spanish and he said Amiga, your nobyo (b/f) is mucho guapo. then he excused himself and said to me, you know i’m not gay but he’s really handsome! hahahaha i just burst with laughter!

    i got about oh maybe close to a dozen now made by my very nice and kind cousin! oh you guys shld see this but i don’t want the netizens to get hold of this as YSH might sue me! hahaha

  551. 551 : sang hee Says:

    wow it seems that the three of us are having fun on this board tonight i mean for me tonight to you still morning! hahaha

    eida…you want a wedding (fake) photo with him? hahaha i wish i cld make you one! mind you my cousin is super good that you won’t even think it’s not real! hahaha i said to myself even a make believe photo would suffice for now. hahaha let me call her now and tell her how overwhelmed I am! hahaha

    where’s everybody =P must be working hard as well as YSH4 and gintonic i hope you’ll join us soon!

    nhuy don’t disappear again ok? we missed you here!

  552. 552 : eidasayang Says:

    ok gals……just shorten my name to eida……my mother call me by that name too….hihihi……

    sang hee……i’m so glad if u can send me all that pic…i will choose the best one….promise!!

    and gals….any song suggestion..please…hihihi…….

    p/s: i’ve listen to “romance” right now…what a lovely duet…….hope they sing it at kbs drama award!!!!oppa…saranghae…!!!!!hahaha…crazy again!!!!!!

  553. 553 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha..sang hee….u make me laugh so hard….omg…
    i also should print his pic and put in my wallet……hahaha….
    wow….ur friend must be surprise to see ur handsome bf……!!
    if YSH can be our BF…hahaha..*dream again**omg……

  554. 554 : Julee Says:

    romance is my fav YSH & YEH duet …. have it in my blog as well. In case all of us are so busy typing out comments left, right & centre, we can always shorten our names ….. mine to Ju (that’s what someone used to call me), perhaps sang hee to SH? and eidasayang can be ES? Just 2 letters …. so much faster to type, right?

  555. 555 : Julee Says:

    i think among all of us on YSH board, sang hee should be crowned champion YSH addict ….. multi photoshopped YSH pics and now fake wedding pic & fake YSH boyfriend pic in wallet, haha

  556. 556 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha you & Julee must have been laughin hard yeah why not cut his photo and print it and place it in ur wallet, the other day i showed it to one of the girls at work & told her he’s my b/f and her eyes lit up and said oh he’s handsome! hahaha in my drms! hahaha

    ok i’ll send you some photos and with song suggestion i got lots and most of them u can d/load fr youtube…Korean songs! I’ll see if i have it in my faves and f/rd it to you ok? I also luv Romance song by them oh lovely song. really! yup i hope & pray too that they perform that song at the drama awards! we’re all a bunch of crazies here so don’t worry! hahaha In Korean lang crazy is mitszuh (pronounced meechoseo) You must hv heard it once in a while in kdramas meechosoo meechoso!

    we’re =P she’s been to lunch forever? hahaha

  557. 557 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah Ju is fine by me and ES and SH (YSH4 calls me SH when we exchange youtube msgs before i met you girls) so that’s fine by me coz it’s so long to type you’re right….=P is exempted as she’s already started a short way to her UN.

    hahaha Champion YSH omooooo now i’m branded! yeah the fake photoshop girl! hahaha oh you shld see my wedding photo w/him! minus the guests! hahaha

  558. 558 : sang hee Says:

    girls we’re making this board up to 600 by the weeks’ end i guess! hahaha

    oh another Kor song suggestion the one from One Fine Day oh it’s a lovely female vocal i just can’t stop listening to this one i tell you. If i find it on youtube i’ll send it to you ok? i don’t mind hitting the sack late tonight coz i’m so enjoying our chats here. let me brk for a minute or so and i’ll see if i can find the song.

    it’s a love song and the singer performed it with so much feeling! i love it.

  559. 559 : Julee Says:

    ok girls, I have to stop laughing now and get some work done. Continue with our crazy chats tonight after work.

  560. 560 : sang hee Says:

    ES i just sent you the song i spoke about from One Fine Day but i’m not sure if you’d like it at least you can choose from so many other ones in your plate!

    Ok Ju….back to work and stop laughing now! I’m about to cast some more votes so I’ll touch base with you again before hitting the sack tonight.

    I’m sure when i woke up tomorrow morning you guys would have tons of stories to talk about in my absence. hahaha

  561. 561 : sang hee Says:

    ES i just thought about this…i’m not sure if i can send it thru youtube those photos so it may have to be thru emails right? i think so but let me look at the photos first.

  562. 562 : =P Says:

    Hey!! What’s with the wedding photos eh!!! Me too!! me Too!!

    Eida – you can put me down as KisSAngHyun!!

  563. 563 : =P Says:

    Hey don’t go yet – had to run some errands – so late coming back

    Plus I had real troublesome clients who really rocked my calming image of YSH – now have to realign and concentrate on those big adorable eyes of his!!

  564. 564 : Diane Says:

    I’m laughing at all your comments again and just woke my cat, Thomas. I’m getting the dirty look again.

    I don’t sleep good at night, that’s why I am usually up and reading this board and doing other stuff online. Guess that’s what happens from working nights for too many years. Even after my dr took me out of work and put me on disability, then taking care of Tony when his health got worse, then after my older cat’s health got worse he didn’t let me sleep. I sleep better during the day, but in short naps.

    It’s good that it is cold out and windows are closed or my neighbors might complain about me laughing and having fun in the middle of the night.

    Well, I am going to get my dose of YSH now. But I’ll be back.

  565. 565 : =P Says:

    O yes! – just listening to Helpless Love calms my nerves.

  566. 566 : eidasayang Says:

    dear SH…..

    already sent my email address at youtube account..check it out!!!!

  567. 567 : =P Says:

    OK – new question – who thought that the scene at end of ep 14 and beginning of 15 – THAT KISS wa way too short?

    I mean there are some kisses where I’m like enuf already – Rain/Min Ah – to name one [it got too slobbery to be passionate – imagine all that saliva smell!]

    But this – was way too short- no close up [ok I admit – I’m a sucker for these scenes] and not enuf to whet our waiting for 14 loooooonnnggg episodes! For a YEH drama – there really was too little kissing!!

    So I loved some of the MV that spliced all these memorable scenes together!!

    [I got kissing on my mind!!! LOL]

  568. 568 : eidasayang Says:

    hi =P…..
    sent your dedication for YSH on my youtube account…..and ur nickname..don’t forget to write it….kisSangHyun…what a lovely name….i like it……

    hahaha…all of u totally cheer my day…….

    hi diane……..
    don’t laugh too hard…send ur dedication too ok?:)

  569. 569 : =P Says:

    So for favourite scen no. 2 today – Cos I’m bored at work and I really can’t concentrate – not enuf medication today – Probably need to be put on drip soon!

    I loved where he wakes up from his fever and calls HN 3 times – 3 different ways – 3 different tones – but all reflecting how much he loves her.

    Man that voice – calling HN [or in this case – me] – if I were to hear it – my pulse rate would go up – palpitations would start and I would probably start hyperventilating – plus he being so close – he might just get jumped on!!

  570. 570 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back chingoo =P and Diane thnx for your youtube msg i just responded a few min ago. I got busy casting my votes too.

    Yeah =P a wedding photo(shop) with our guy, how good does it gets? hahaha that’s ok only in fake photos! did u read my msg about me boasting that his photo in my wallet is my boyfriend? hahaha one of the girls at work said oh he’s so handsome you’re lucky! hahaha yeah lucky girl in dreamland!

    hahaha kissangyun hahaha oomooooo aiggooo you’re making me laugh so loud that the neighbors of mine might knock on our door! hahaha u’r hilarious!

    ok i was about to hit the sack but thought of checking here and say g/nite but now i can’t i have to chat a little more. hahaha

    eida…thnx i go tur email i’ll courier you the photos via yahoo! hahaha just wait at ur door and sign for them ok coz his photos are so precious and priceless! hahaha

    i didn’t get any dosage of YSH thru MFL tonight only listening to his mp3 music like Bogoshipda, HL, Romance w/YEH, Princess Lulu, NES plus the MV he did.

    =P did i send you Bogoshipda thru youtube while you’re frolicking on the beach wherever? hahaha let me know so i can share it w/you.

  571. 571 : eidasayang Says:

    hi =P

    wat a memorable scenes..his voice……argh……hope he call our name by that voice tone..hahaha……

    i can get a fever just by thinking of that….hihihi

  572. 572 : =P Says:

    Which Bogoshipda? Kim Bum Soo one? Have it. Others – No!

    ES -when you say youtube blog . . . . ?? Sorry still not familiar =P

  573. 573 : sang hee Says:

    =P ur so funny dreaming again about our guy and it’s day time! hahaha yeah i agree the expression on his face when he woke up and i liked the way Hyena looked after him and landed beside him sleeping out of sheer exhaustion perhaps that night in worrying about him! Oh what a love story and they say it’s not a good drama? Maybe they’re not watching MFL helllo!

    girls i need to have my beauty rest now or i won’t look good in those fake photoshop pictures! hahaha much as i wanted to chat some more my eyes are giving up now. so i bid you all g/nite and =P i will try not to wander on corridors unless i ran into our guy! hahaha

    gnite for now and talk to you all tomorrow.

    jjal jah (g/nite)

  574. 574 : =P Says:

    Sang Hee not fair – I want to borrow your cousin for a day – 24 hours – well even 12 hours would do – just a few hours – just get 1 photoshop picture!!!!!


    I need a photo too

  575. 575 : sang hee Says:

    gosh this board is getting to be just as addictive as YSH i was about to leave to hit the sack & saw another msg from =P

    That’s his new vid from youtube singing in Japan Bogoshipda…i thought i sent it to you maybe it didn’t go through that day. I’ll re send it tomorrow or you can try to look for it on youtube too if u can’t wait for me.

    hahaha arghhh you girls even his voice is too nice that yeah eida i’ll fall into hi fever if i don’t get a dose of it everyday! hahaha

    this is really g/nite i’m so tired now.

    annyeong sangyun ssi

  576. 576 : eidasayang Says:

    hi =P…..
    so sorry..i thought u know my youtube account…..hihihi..

    my username is eidawatim…..hope u can find it…..i’ll upload YSH tribute with that account……

  577. 577 : sang hee Says:

    =P hahaha i know you’ll do anything for our guy even to borrow my cousin! I wish i had the know-how to do it so i can do it for you all but she’s got all the gadgets and she doesn’t live in my state she’s in the eastcoast and so busy with her kids but she’s lovely lovely person that is so generous of her time and always giving not receiving!

    ok really i’ll answer whatever msg i got by tomorrow. i wish we’re all in the same zone so i don’t have to bid a temp. ciao ciao

  578. 578 : eidasayang Says:

    hi =P…..

    u want to borrow SH cousin???..hihihi…

  579. 579 : sang hee Says:

    i told u this board is addictive i’m back again for a min coz i meant to tell our chingoo =P that i’m so glad she’s decided to join us here for i’ve extended my invite to her a few weeks ago but i wasn’t sure if she’ll make her time to join us and she did! mwahhhh to you my dear chingoo! The more the merrier! We can beat KSW for sure and put our guy up there on the right hand side of this screen soon!

    🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  580. 580 : eidasayang Says:

    hi SH…

    good night and have a sweet dream..
    don’t forget to dream our YSH ok….

  581. 581 : Diane Says:

    I agree, =P. That kiss at the end of ep 14 and beginning of 15 was definitely too short. We needed it longer and more close-up.

    I have re-watched (many, many times) the scene at the end of ep 14 where he leaves and goes back to her. When he is walking away and starts thinking of what she said, I start telling him to turn around, go back. Then when he does turn around, I tell him to RUN to her. Then he does. No matter how many times I watch that scene, I still tell him what to do, as if it was the first time I was seeing it. And the whole time, my heart is beating real fast, as if it was me running. Is that crazy, or what? 🙂

  582. 582 : Julee Says:

    agree with =P & diane that THE kiss was much too short and merely left our imaginations working overtime after the door closed.

    I have a sequence of beautiful pics of that moment (found online) in which someone posted it frame by frame …. so when I view it under microsoft pic office manager, I can oogle at DC moving towards HN frame by frame until that last sec ….. heavenly, haha

  583. 583 : Julee Says:

    we need another 8 comments to reach KWS so adding one more

  584. 584 : Diane Says:

    Whew! I just sat here singing to my cat, Thomas. I had the video of Helpless Love, the one done by RomajiChannel on youtube. I know I can’t pronounce a lot of the words correctly, but Thomas doesn’t know that. He likes to be held in my arms like a baby, with his head tucked under my chin. I played the video and sang along with it 4 times for him before he decided that was enough. Thomas is the only one who ever liked my singing. LOL! He must have liked that song because when I started playing the video that’s when he jumped into my arms.

  585. 585 : Julee Says:

    diane, i think you’ve just converted thomas into a YSH fan ^ ^

  586. 586 : Diane Says:

    I think so, too, Julee. LOL! Can you imagine a cat liking YSH? Why not? Our YSH is adorable, lovable, cute, charming, dreamy. *sigh*

  587. 587 : Julee Says:

    heard of the saying that music can soothe a savage beast? Our YSH’s voice can definitely soothe all of us.

    Was just getting my YSH dose (before I head off home from work) from the cyworld MV …. though not his voice, it’s a lovely song with that adorable face

  588. 588 : Julee Says:

    Time to head home, cont with chat later tonight. 2 more comments to go and we can shake KSW’s hand.

    SH must be dreaming of her fake YSH wedding right now, with all of us as her bridesmaid.

  589. 589 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals……so much fun here….

    julee…u make me laugh about SH fake marriage with YSH…hahaha…

    ok gals….i’ve made some artwork with YSH pic….i will give the link later…..

    see ya!!!!

    last but not least…….diane..i believe ur cat totally happy with your singing……:)

  590. 590 : eidasayang Says:

    ok ladies..

    already upload my art work…hihihi

    here the link…

  591. 591 : Julee Says:

    hi ES,

    just viewed your artwork, I like the ‘Taebong DC million miles away, always with you’ with all YSH’s faces

  592. 592 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee….
    totally appreciate it….i will do more art work with our YSH faces …….

    wait yaa!!!

  593. 593 : Julee Says:

    his ES, have just sent in my song suggestion for the next YSH tribute to your youtube mail.

    and we’ve just waved bye bye to KSW

  594. 594 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee
    already found that song….

    i will use that song for my next video tribute to our YSH

    thank u so much chingoo……

  595. 595 : Julee Says:

    thanks ES, I love that song

  596. 596 : =P Says:

    Bye Bye! KSW – Next target Jo Hyun Jae – although I do like him in a couple of dramas – we have our priorities don;t we?

    Thanks ES – will go look.

    Sang Hee is not the only one wedded to our guy – come on – we all are one way or another! =P Or so we dream!

  597. 597 : +\ Says:

    Look Sang Hee – a solution – ask your cousin – pretty please with sugar sprinkes and cherry on top to just do us a photo of DC and HN at the wedding shop and holding hands – then digitally remove HN’s face [sorry YEH] leaving a big blank hole – then we can all go scrambling to our attics to find a photo small enuf and clear enuf- smiling and gazing lovingly and looking at the right angle – then we can all stick cut outs of our faces in the frame – Voila!!Our very own photo with Sang Hyun Oppa.

    Or maybe the one where they are sitting in the gazebo – during the filming of ep 7 – the bike scene

    I noticed he smiled so gorgeously and had his arms around YEH [us if we get Sang Hee’s cuz’s help!!!] Maybe if we promised her a rainbow – she’d do it?


  598. 598 : sang hee Says:

    hello girls! just waking up now it’s been cold here now 7:21 a.m.

    =P ur so funny! hahaha let’s see if i can find that MFL photo at the wedding shop! i just didn’t want her to think i’m taking advantage of her kindness and generosity but i’ll try to find a photo and i’ll let u know.

    hahahaha i know that chingoos i’m not the only wedded bride of YSH we all are right? hahaha i don’t want to be the only one, we’re all in his heart ok? hahaha i luv Ju’s comment that you all are bridesmaids hahaha No Ju we’re all his BRIDE ok? hahaha

    on to another page to get more scores for him and yeah =P we’re gonna bump Jo hyun jae who i love also coz my first love resembles him! hahaha there you go i let the cat out of the bag…not Thomas the cat of Diane! hahaha

  599. 599 : =P Says:

    Dunno what’s wrong with my comp tonite – probably jealous I’m posting so much here suddenly I became +\ or some strange symbol!!!

    But that’s me!!!!

    Gonna go to sleep to dream of Sang Hyun now – well at least before I sleep to run a favourite scene thru my mind and savour the moment – would help a lot Ju if you could pass on the link you mentioned – was it Han Cinema?

    Now for tonights’s closing scene – I guess I would way that I need to review the garden scene – there too it was the end of working day for them – so to speak and both are meeting up after their days work – thus the “where’ve you been/ where you coming from – flower shop – you?”

    And then she says – `I’m cold’ – which actually means in girl speak – hug me now!!

    And he does. Sigh contentedly.

  600. 600 : =P Says:

    Good Morning Sang Hee!!! Time to hand him over to me in my dreams!

    Ha Ha! Just kidding about your cuz – I too do not want to tax her. I’ll just have to find somebody near me like my brother who is also good at photoshop and twist some arms and threaten bodily harm to get some shots done. No worries. =P

  601. 601 : sang hee Says:

    =P the gazebo matter of fact i sent the gazebo photo to her i was thinking that’s a good one to photoshop with me & YSH last night even b4 i read your msg hahaha mental telepathy my chingoo so that’s a good one too. Mind u i got this photo in the living room at the gazebo hence when i looked at it last night i thought of sending her the photo hahaha.

    hahaha send her rainbows etc. hahaha we’ll see! she bought that sophisticated software and became proficient in doing photoshop in no time! she’s really good and she did piggybacks for me and YSH on that beach where HN & DC were frolicking! hahaha drool drool melts melts hahaha

  602. 602 : sang hee Says:

    u guys still in drmland and i feelt so alone here! i’m sure Diane and Thomas are still snuggling hahaha.

    I agree with Ju your cat Diane wld be one of YSH fans soon! Like you Diane i luv that Helpless Love song and i know some of the lyrics by heart now and can’t help but sing along with our dear YSH while i play it! love it plus the Romance and his Never Ending Story from Queen.

    Your cat is super talented wow….step away on the side Garfield! hahaha Thomas is coming!

    i can’t believe we’re now 600 on board? i’ll vote after this.

    eida hello i’ll check out that work of art whatumacall it that you shared the link here. i also sent you a Kor song last night and i’ll send you some photos after this ok?

    i’ll be back here soon! don’t you guys go away oh yeah ur still in drmland sorry!

  603. 603 : Julee Says:

    hi =P, which link do you mean? … the one with the frame by frame kissing scene?

    i was looking through my saved albums of MFL ep and thought a nice photoshop moment might be at ep 14 at the seaside (after they eloped) and DC fell on top of HN when she tugged at the blanket so hard ….. HN closed her eyes in invitation for a kiss, then DC inching closer & closer …. ok, freeze right there.

  604. 604 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha..julee,SH and =P…..u’re so funny…

    julee…..hope he will freeze there and u can huge him as thight as u want..hihihi..

    hi SH….morning….i’m totally a late sleeper…..it just 1208 am at my country…..i rewatched MFL right now….still crazy about this drama….:)
    the korean song u sent to me…is it from one fine day ost? i like that song….

    ok ladies….off for a while…have to go back to my MFL….hihihi…

  605. 605 : sang hee Says:

    hello annyeong late sleepers…by now you must’ve hit the sack..i was buy sending the YSH photos to eida and here i’m back before hitting the road to go and make some dough! hahaha

    Ju i must say all the scenes are photoshop moments about these two! i sure wish i cld make photoshop with you guys but that’s not really my call and my cousin will be busy this Christmas season attending to visitors from home! huhuhu there you go the wedding photo may be the last for this year! hahaha

    eida…u sound like me before i go to bed i had to look at any epi of MFL to keep me from going and going till the next day like the energizer bunny commercial! hahaha i guess all of us can related to rewatching and rewatching we will like me and our chingoo here =P. While rewatching a month or so ago, we sent msgs to each other and share what our assessments are re MFL and she’s got a lot to say! hahaha

    well u guys are talking about that scene when they went to the ocean side and kinda tugging on the sheets, yeah that’s a nice moment and i was hoping while watching it for the first time then that he wld plant her a kiss as she looked in anticipation and wldn’t you? hahaha i’d probab grab him if he wasn’t doing anything as it was so close already! just kidding, i’m not that bold guys! hahaha anyway, i think our guy is very respectful of her even asking the ahjumma for another room, ATA BOY!

    anyway i’m heading out the door and talk again later if i can sneak from work!

    you hv a nice drmland and eida…no i didn’t have our guy in my swt drms sad to say but i’ll share it with you all if ever i drmt about him! hahaha

    don’t forget to vote for our two dramas Queen & MFL!! ciao

  606. 606 : sang hee Says:

    i was on another page this a.m. and didn’t see your msg for me =P sorry about that! yeah i’ll pass the dream to you as you sleep now ok? sweet drms then! that’s fine i know ur kidding about cuz but yeah twist your brod’s arm and am sure guys are good in comps and stuff so i can’t wait till he gets you some photoshops of our dear guy! hahaha

    i only had a dose of MFL last night and as i told eida i had to cont with ep 4 and so i did but fell really sleepy so i was just halfway and can’t even recall where i stopped! hahaha

    i also loved their scene holding hands after that hospital kiss and DC seemingly still in shock after that kiss and asked her why HN likes him? She said i didn’t say i like you! hahaha yeah right! love you is more approp words that shld hv come out fr her mouth! oh they’re so sweet & lovey dovey!

    Diane i also loved that turn-around scene DC did after lving Hyena in her hotel room, and likewise i was telling him to go back there and patch up and when he knocked on that door wow, even Gone with the Wind probab would be no match! hahahaha Not only that but the words they’ve exchanged earlier in that room is something unforgettable when DC told her you have everything and i only have myself to give you! oh goosebumps all over! hahaha

    ok girls back to work see ya all fr drmland later!
    i’ll cast my votes too!

  607. 607 : sang hee Says:

    E — is your profile artwork at soompi? so it’s asking me to register…i’ll chck back later as i think i hv already a username there but can’t remember.

  608. 608 : Julee Says:

    ok girls, I’ll now give you that heart-beat stopping frame by frame DC-HN hotel kiss, morning after in bed & drinking tea scene next pg (our YSH so handsome here) all in HD …… =P get ready your bib.

    This is a great site, another treasured find I stumbled across with over 460 pg of lovely MFL pics. Though in vietnamese, looks like some MFL fan forum …. doesn’t matter we don’t know the language, just oogle at their lovely pics. Not sure where they got them, even with some filming scenes. Just start from pg 1 and enjoy your visual feast. Plenty of lovely pics to add to your external disk.

    I also have frame by frame those scenes just prior to this kiss, where DC came to hotel to get HN, their room conversation. Now not sure where I got them, could be from this site or cyworld … will check and if I can find them again, give you the link.

    Now you can pick & choose which frame you want your face to be in THE kiss, just a breathe away from YSH *faints*. Specially for all of you …… drum roll …. here’s the link


  609. 609 : YSH Forever Says:

    Wow, ju, talk abt being resourceful ! This is a fantastic site – over 400 pgs of HD pics to drool over! Thanks a million ! What a find- a treasure trove indeed. We SHers are real lucky to hv met you. First, cyworld, now this vietnamese site, wow.

  610. 610 : sang hee Says:

    wow i must say Ju & YSH4 are both resourceful, YSH4 you found the anonymouse where we can vote multiple and now Ju with this viet site…i’m gonna check it out! hahaha ur funny Ju…get ready =P ur bib! one bib for me too pls? hahaha

    i can’t wait to see it Ju!

  611. 611 : sang hee Says:

    awesome photos….thnx again Ju for being so resourceful! i just saw some of the photos and i loved that site. imagine he’s pop also in Vietnam?

    =P i’m sure you’ll hv a feast hahaha matter of fact all of us! i always loved that look on his face in that bed scene! he’s really handsome!

  612. 612 : Julee Says:

    SH & YSH4, still drooling over those lovely pics eh? Wait until=P sees them …… think she’ll need multiple bibs, haha.

    Diane & ES …. you girls drooling yet??

  613. 613 : =P Says:

    JU you are one resourceful gal! Thanks!!

    I’ll take him in anyform frozen or otherwise – Leave the melting to me!!

    One look and I’, just a puddle on the floor – I think if he ever so much as smiles at me – I’ll probably gape at him like a fish out of water followed by idiotic smile plastered on my face and insatiable need to giggle endlessly – DUH!!!

  614. 614 : =P Says:

    OK- now that wedding picture on the viet site is waht I’m talking about – imagine – just cut out YEH’s face and plaster ours there – Now I just need to go look for one photo which fits!

  615. 615 : =P Says:

    WHEEEEE!!!!!! I see stars!!!!!

    OmoOmo!!! These stills are killing me – literally – there are so many and I have to look at them slowly and all the time I’m holding my breath – I’m blue in the face by the time I reach the end!!!!

    OK before we go on guys!! Remember to breathe!!!!!!! while watching!

    Blubber, blubber!! drool drool! melt melt!! die die!! =P

  616. 616 : =P Says:

    forget bibs – I’m using the towel!

  617. 617 : =P Says:

    After seeing the stills – how I wish the actual scene was as long at least as that forehead kiss scene – [that I found unnecessarily long!!!! – I meaN – COME ON!!]

    o YES! while I’m on it – what I did not like was that DC and HN did not call each other by name much – especially when they are together in private – and especially when DC was proposing!!! Right Sang Hee?

    Sang Hee and I think we can be better PDs!! LOL

  618. 618 : =P Says:

    While I’m still silently screaming with joy – let me tell you another of my favourite moment – and that is how DC and HN always seem to have a radar built into them that their heads will always automatically swivel and seek out each other.

    DC and HN probably use all their hair follicles as antannae and everytime they are nearby – they seek each other out!!

    Watch HN everytime she comes out of meeting she first looks for DC!!

    I would too – wouldn’t you?

    Plus I too have HN’s daydreaming disease now – O am imagining him all over the place – worse now after seeing those stills!!!

  619. 619 : Julee Says:

    Haha =P, now you have loads to drool over and all of us can get our YSH dose from these pics until his next drama.

    Love to stare at DC in one frame? …. just print it out, use as pic in wallet like SH, frame it up and can stare lovingly at it forever.

    Think the girls are too busy drooling to talk now ^ ^

  620. 620 : Diane Says:

    Sorry, just getting online today. Took an allergy pill and it knocjed me out. Can you believe I’m allergic to cats, but can’t live without them? I’m usuallyokay as long as I don’t hold Thomas too close to my face, but yesterday I held him while I was si nging, remember, and he was rubbing his head on my chin.

    Anyway, I loved that Vietnamese site for pic. Julee had let me know about that a while ago so I have been able to go thru some of the pages already.
    Oh, no! I’m having “thoughts” about our YSH while looking at the kissing scenes, then the bed scene!!!!

    This may sound crazy but sometimes when I wake from a nap, the music from Helpless Love or Romance is going thru my head! I don’t remember dreaming of anything, but the music is there. LOL!

  621. 621 : Diane Says:

    Sorry, that word was supposed to be knocked not knocjed.

  622. 622 : Julee Says:

    Haha diane, having ‘thoughts’ while oogling our handsome DC in those stills …. most likely you’re not the only one. Right girls??

  623. 623 : Julee Says:

    diane, if you’re allergic to cat fur …. try wearing a mask, I think that would help

  624. 624 : eidasayang Says:

    hi chingoos…..

    so much info too share….i’m on the site now….don’t understand any word…..but the pictures..hahaha….

    anyway…..where’s SH…..?

    p/s: gals….before forget….any dedication to our YSH? i want to make a video tribute again….send it to my youtube account ok?

  625. 625 : eidasayang Says:


    already got ur msg yesterday…..thanks yaa!!

    YSH forever!!

  626. 626 : Diane Says:

    Julee, I’m usually okay as long as I remember to take my allergy pill twice a day, but I am low on them so I am rationing them until I can buy more. The dr explained that as long as the pills are in my system I will be okay. But since I am not taking the pills every day I created this problem myself.
    What we do for love! 🙂

    I’m sure I’m not the only one with “those” thoughts while drooling over our YSH pics. That shows I am not as numb from feelings as I thought. 🙂

  627. 627 : sang hee Says:

    Ok girls…i’m just getting home hence i’ve been quiet & while at work watching all the photos that Ju shared with us! I started looking from #1 up to when i left work to #18. Check this out ladies, #17 notice on the vid how ???what’s his name hahaha i forgot now the lawyer Tae joon in MFL it’s easier for me to remember, notice how the three were posing for a photo shoot our guy & Tae joon was always trying to take his hand off YEH! i was really amused by that and you guys shld look at that.

    You missing me girls? i was still at work! hello Eida, did you recv my email with the photos as promised? i hope so!

    =P towel u’r using? hahaha ok i’ll use a blanket then! it’s bigger! hahaha One of my fave photos wld be when he was in that bed scene waking up and also of course the kissing scene! hahaha

    on to the nxt page so we can build more numbers here.

  628. 628 : Julee Says:

    hi ES, are you laughing at those pics?? Thought you would be drooling with the rest of us.

    SH & =P too busy with the oogling. And diane, we’re all human …..

  629. 629 : eidasayang Says:

    hi SH

    already got ur email..thanks for the pic yaa!!!

    i like the pic “sleepy YSH on MFL set”..hihihi..

    i’ve never send that photo before..send me more ya!!!

  630. 630 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee

    too happy got to see all that pictures actually..

    totally bright my day…..:)

  631. 631 : eidasayang Says:

    sorry SH

    typing error…..i’ve never seen that photo before actually..not send..hihihi…

  632. 632 : sang hee Says:

    now i can talk at length there’s fuel in my system now as i’ve had dinner a few min. ago! hahaha

    oh those photos girls are just amazing…how in the world did you stumble in that Viet site Ju? You’re such a resourceful girl…two thumbs up way up to those photos!

    =P yeah i knew it when i saw that wedding photo of him standing in front of her i realized that’s what you wanted done photoshop! it may not be easy as she’s not facing the screen but if you hv a photo showing your side-view then you got it! this drama doesn’t seem to get us tired watching, rewatching and yes Diane, the music HL & Romance also rings in my ears at work at home and those two are my favorites! I nvr get tired hearing both!

  633. 633 : Julee Says:

    talking about the pics on MFL set, besides the sleeping YSH there’s another 2 of him checking his hair with a handheld mirror ….. 1 of them with the laywer (can’t remember his name) laughing at him. Quite adorable there.

  634. 634 : sang hee Says:

    Good eida that you got the photos and that sleepy YSH yeah it’s cute isn’t it? He must’ve been so tired that he just took a nap on the chair! Yeah i’ll send u some more and i’m not ready for my dedication tribute to him but i hope u’r not in a big rush.

    Ju….yeah it’s ur fault i’m drooling as well as =P hahaha, she’s got towel i got a blanket! hahaha thnx again for finding that….lovely photos i still hv to continue watching but i’ll chat w/you girls first. =P is MIA (missing in action) she must be drooling at the photos as we speak! hahaha

    Girls try to see the vid on page #17 where the 3 were posing for a photo shoot and Tae joon was teasing YSH (and it was circled in red as emphasis on the hands…) i take it back it’s not a vid, it’s 3 photos now i remember but there’s also a vid altho u may not notice it as such!

  635. 635 : eidasayang Says:

    hi SH

    already have ur dinner? i’m not having my lunch yet..hihihi….
    i also like “romance”..i use that song as my handphone ringtone….
    and u now mercy the song by duffy..that’s my msg tone…

    everytihng in my daily life will relate with our YSH….can u believe that?

  636. 636 : Julee Says:

    about time for lunch so talk to you girls later. Happy oogling.

    We’re about to reach BYJ on the list.

  637. 637 : sang hee Says:

    yes Ju i’ve seen that one as well with him fixing his hair with a mirror on his hand but i’m not sure about the one with the lawyer, i’m gonna look again in my notebook on that! There’s also aplenty from hancinema of MFL photos, nice ones too but the Vietnam site is just awesome and the size of that frame by frame kiss scene hahaha and bed scene…oh…..melts his face looked so adorable! sigh sigh! hahaha let me look at our wedding picture hahahaha i’m going nuts so don’t mind me girls!

  638. 638 : sang hee Says:

    hello eida…yeah w/our time diff. it’s always the opposite…u know girls what i had? it’s Korean bibimbap and modesty aside i was the one who prepared it! it’s easy and yummy so i’ll give u some lessons also in Korean cooking hahaha.

    eida i can relate to what u’r saying coz as i’ve mentnd before his songs his photos everything about him seems to revolve around my everyday life hahaha Need I say more? hahaha I believe we’re all in the same wave length so to speak this is why it’s so relaxing to share what we’re feeling for our idol and it could be therapeutic!

    Ju have a good lunch ok? we’re going to reach BYJ soon! hahaha we’ll make it to a thousand.

  639. 639 : sang hee Says:

    hi diane…i myself am allergic to cats but not dogs…isn’t that strange? i got so many elements i’m allergic of like dust, cig. smoke, pollen, but touch wood this couple of yrs i’ve been ok. I take claritin and it works really for me!

    re the bed scene, oh i know Diane that’s one of my fave scenes and his face when he awoke beside her was so boyish looking and if YEH didn’t find him attractive I don’t know what to make of it! hahaha I think if I were YEH and his co star, I may not be able to let go of him after the drama wrapped up! hahaha crazy me, i’m not alone =P is just as crazy as i am in terms of drooling over YSH. hahaha

  640. 640 : sang hee Says:

    =P i just noticed your note there about them not calling each other by their first name and yeah we thought we cld do better as PD hahaha! Also if there’s a sequel i recall you got a better scenario of what’s to happen and you can repeat that yourself to the girls later! I think you’re good in writing scripts, so maybe one day KBS/MBC/SBS would line up for your story ala Danielle Steele! hahaha

    girls i’ll be back i just hv to go to the Viet site again and drool some more! hahaha blanket on hand, not towel that’s too small =P hahaha

  641. 641 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee

    off for a while to take my lunch..will be back after this…..

    continue drooling over our YSH..hahaha…see ya…will be back……:)

  642. 642 : =P Says:

    Stop interrupting me!!! I am stil oggling the Yoons kissing!!

  643. 643 : =P Says:

    You’re right Sang Hee – blanket to catch – towel to stuff in mouth so as to muffle the squeals and shrieks and screams of ecstasy!

  644. 644 : sang hee Says:

    hahahaha but =P i can’t find the link now it seems to be gone on this page, help pls give me the link again pretty pls. thnx hahaha

  645. 645 : =P Says:

    Scroll to Ju and 608 or try this

  646. 646 : =P Says:

    BTW I like pg 413 too – the airport!!

  647. 647 : =P Says:

    Ooo! Ooo! check out pg 372!!!!

    O DC! my poor DC!!

  648. 648 : =P Says:

    check out pg 415 – there’s this Official MFL booklet thingy – Where do we get one?

  649. 649 : =P Says:

    Lovely artwork at 416
    Man these guys are sure talented!

    Wish we could understand.

  650. 650 : =P Says:

    OK spending time at 372 now!

  651. 651 : =P Says:

    SAng Hee – piggy back at 371!!!

    Back hug – tug of war blankets – Juleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  652. 652 : nsan Says:

    There is Eng Version for Krfilm.net just go to google then type krfilm.net search and on the page u can see KST keep smiling Together (translate this page) u just click translate…..

  653. 653 : Diane Says:

    Pg 413 has some stills from the last airport scene and one is with his hand between her legs, the scene I had mentioned before. Because they are not moving, it’s easier to see that shot! LOL!

  654. 654 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha =P save those piggybacks for me and freeze it plz ok? you guys are fast in watching the clips, i’m only on p. 25 and i got to stop for a while as my heart is dugeon dugeon hahahaha thump thump!! you remember than =P right? ok thnx for the tip =P i’ll hv a look at that screen then.

    hi nsan… welcome on board and thnx for your sharing the Eng site with us!

    Diane i’m gonna check that page out!

  655. 655 : sang hee Says:

    it’s kinda quiet here ev.body seems to be at the Viet site! hahaha i’ll chck the kr film net that nsan gave us.

    yeah =P i also luv back hugs u know that my chingoo! hahaha you & i hv been to all these before such as wat our faves are so thnx for the tip and yeah blanket tuge of war blankets not bibs Ju! hahaha wahhhhh

  656. 656 : Julee Says:

    back from lunch and can see you girls are having so much fun drooling over that site. =P, you’re fast, already up to 300+ pages ….. can’t stop once you start eh? And both of you girls sound so ecstatic, haha.

    Earlier I was telling diane that for the morning after scene, the script & PD could have been a bit bolder ….. instead of HN just gingerly touching his hair, she could have caressed DC’s face, then DC reaches for her hands on his face, pulls her closer & kiss her on mouth/forehead …. to give us more @[email protected]

    I thought it strange that DC being a man was so modest that he was totally covered with his blanket in the frolicking in bed with HN scene. Oh PD JYS (hope I got his name correct), you hear us? ….. give us more drool worthy scenes. But perhaps this being a light-hearted series, they need to think of the kids watching.

  657. 657 : Diane Says:

    I have always looked at a man’s hands and there are many that have turned me off. I did love my husband’s hands, of course. On pg 372 is a very clear shot of our YSH’s hands when he is returning that barrette to HN. Love his hands!!!!!!!

  658. 658 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha….julee…u make me smile with ur comment…

    u’re right…maybe Mr. PD should show us half of YSH body…..or too sexy to show? hihihi….****i’m going crazy again..

    i also think that bed scene too short and we need more!!
    no kissing…just dong chan and hyena having fun with each other on the bed..

    i think all of us should replace that Mr PD…sorry…not sure about his name..hihihi….

  659. 659 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ju…welcome back…yeah boy =P is too fast in watching as I’m only on page 26 since i came home and in betwn i come over here to chat also but wow Diane and =P you ladies are too fast in watching the photos…blanket for drooling =P hahaha.

    I agree Ju the PD cld’ve elaborated more on that bed scene eh? but don’t forget we’re watching Kdrama and i think we shld consider ourselves lucky that the PD even included a bit of that bed scene hahaha u’r naughty Ju u want a more kinda caressing hahaha I think we cld use some more of those feast ur eyes scenes! hahaha I also noticed our guy is quite conservative and he must be a shy person in real life you’ll think!

    i think i’m gonna rest my eyes though i want to see more and that V. site is just awesome…they really spent time in MFL and am sure there’s other Kdramas they featured, and i wonder if it’s as extensive as MFL though! i can’t believe how beautiful those photos are.

    Did u guys notice a childhood photo of YEH? she’s cute but she really turned into this gorgeous gorgeous young lady! I really like her a lot! That bunny or overcrowded teeth really looks good on her. Not very many ppl can get away with that but she does!

  660. 660 : sang hee Says:

    I also noticed his hands at the time we’re watching the series when it was on and he’s got beautiful hands! I also admire men who has attractive hands! One other actor who has nice hands is park shin yang…lovely lovely hands!

  661. 661 : Julee Says:

    since we’re on his hands, there’s 1 scene I distinctly remember thinking that he has such slender nice fingers ….. the scene where HN was doing a mock presentation with DC watching, and after that he went over to her, straighten her shoulders, cupped her face in his hands, asked her to look audience in the eye …… close up shot of his fingers on her shoulders, and i was thinking, wow he has nice fingers.

  662. 662 : eidasayang Says:

    hi ladies

    i got this msg on my comment…

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    just curious…what is that?

  663. 663 : Julee Says:

    i think =P found the page which i mentioned earlier about the frame by frame of DC with HN in hotel room prior to the kiss …. pg 372.

    A big thank you to the group from this KST site for having such lovely pics, you guys/gals are awesome.

  664. 664 : Julee Says:

    hi ES, I got that ‘moderation’ message once too ….. with that comment when i was sending all of you the multiple links on cyworld & korea tourism site.

    not sure, perhaps it’s to do with the moderators need to make sure ppl are not sending in unsafe content …. and my guess is with our rapid comments posting, perhaps it seems suspiciously like spamming?

  665. 665 : eidasayang Says:

    ooo….thanks julee….maybe i’ve send too many comments here..hahaha..

    spamming? just to prove i’m a person right?hihihi..

    sang hee….i’ve agree with u..at the bed scene.. i think our guy is quite shy to show his body..conservative…but i’ve seen one of his mv….he’s look sexy there..hahaha..or maybe…he want to be a nice guy in front of YEH…respect right???i fall in luv with him more coz of this….arghh…..i’m going crazy again..hahaha…..

  666. 666 : sang hee Says:

    i think i remember that scene Ju…it’s not hard not to notice his beautiful hands or fingers…and one of the photos in Viet site there’s this photo with his elbow in view…you guys shld see his elbow too hahahaha smooth and nice!

    Eida that happened to me too the other day and Ju is right i think the moderator is making sure it’s not spam.

    anyway i’m afraid i wld have to lv you guys chatting, drooling away whatever coz tonight i’m hitting the sack early to start my way to dreamland hahaha. I’m just too tired, didn’t really sleep well last night, it’s super cold here but i’ll see you tomorrow.

    G/nite chingoos! 🙂 zzzzzzzzz

  667. 667 : Julee Says:

    gdnite SH, all that drooling too must have been exhausting. When you wake up, let us know which pg you’re referring to about his elbows.

    me too need to go get some work done, so chat again later. Meanwhile enjoy the site. Looks like =P is too busy drooling so we shall not disturb her ^ ^

  668. 668 : =P Says:

    Wow!! I’m really enjoying myself today with all those pics to look at!

  669. 669 : =P Says:

    So if I am incommunicado for a while you know where I am – nsan – muah Thank you – will check it out!

    Sang Hee!!! Imagine – not only us who like hands – yea!!! Yes he’s got beautiful hands – tapered fingers but not girlish – manly but elegant – and such nice nails!

    O the man is just beautiful!!

    I think we’ve all been distracted by the viet site today – thank you to our viet chingoos – you guys are fantastic!

  670. 670 : =P Says:

    Sang Hee – another must see piggy back scene – pg 367

    My secret to speed – multiple tabs ladies – multiple tabs!!

  671. 671 : =P Says:

    And my wall hug is at pg 366!!

  672. 672 : =P Says:

    OK that’s enuf for today I think. I have been sorbed in looking up that site that I have been reduced to this one syllable mumbling moron!! Ha Ha Ha!

    Today I happen to think of that great moment when DC – who had set his mind to not being able to get HN and not to expect HN to like him – looking very startled when HN charges up to him in the hospital and demands if he’s ok. – Ladies and gentlemen – the episode 12 of all ep 12’s!!!!!

    That scene was so good – DC was in Agasshi mode – so obviously he asked are you angry with me – so cute!

    [this is what I mean when I say they don’t call each other by name enuf – when he is agasshi mode he is not really thinking of her as the one he loves – i.e. – emotionally – which was how he potrayed it. Later after they got together – of course he though of her as his Agasshi but nevertheless I think there were lots of places where it was essential that he should have called her HN]

  673. 673 : =P Says:

    Then I loved the way HN squared her shoulders and took the plunge by letting out a big breath and facing DC declaring – I came because of you!!

    While he’s digesting this morsel of information – HN can’t take it anymore – [like so many of us here – i mean if DC were standing before me looking so utterly adorable and confused and cute at the same time – I’d reach over and grab him and plant a smackeroo on him – wouldn’t you? I mean I would have been dying to get my grubby little hands on him all these while!]

    So HN grabs on to him [sigh] kisses him [squeal!!!] leaving him stunned and unable to react [I mean come on – this is Agasshi – whose favourite past time is to do him bodily harm by kicking and hitting!] – I did not understand why some people did not get it – calling it a lame kiss and such – to me it was actually quite a powerful scene – the shift in dynamics was literal.

    Then the bulb went on in DC’s eyes – lightning struck – putting mobility in his limbs – he catches up to HN – and oh so tenderly kisses her- how he cherishes this woman – so inquiring – like asking HN – are you sure this is OK?


  674. 674 : =P Says:

    O ya! Bye Bye BYJ!!

  675. 675 : Julee Says:

    Haha =P, like the way you describe the agasshi mode.

    Yes I thought it strange that some viewers just didn’t get that so called lame kiss which I thought was done very well. My thinking was that DC was just too stunned to react so he simply froze …. HN was waiting for him to react and when he didn’t, she walked off either with embarrassment or disappointment. Then DC suddenly ‘woke up’ and pulled HN back for his version of a proper kiss. And it’s much too short for us, haha.

    Loved the part after their bus stop talk and when they were just walking part hand in hand, his expression of wonder & happiness was just so adorable.

  676. 676 : =P Says:

    I love you chingoos!1 Bye for now!

  677. 677 : Julee Says:

    one last comment before knocking off and heading back home ….

    =P, i’m quite impressed with your choice of words even when you are excitedly describing something …. it just grabs my attention. I think you’ll make a good commentator and writer/author, and that’s my heart-felt opinion.

  678. 678 : sang hee Says:

    Girls u all are in drmland i know that but Diane may still be asleep as she told us the other day she’s a late sleeper so she must get pretty late.

    Good morning fr this end hahahaha let me start with Ju & =P

    Ju i always told our chingoo here =P that she’s very good and eloquent in her words of describing every minut (mynut) details of MFL scenes, events what have you and I even asked her one day when we first met thru youtube if she’s a journalist? She really can be another Danielle Steele of Southeast Asia! hahaha no kidding! She even told me about the scenario if and shld KBS decided to extend the MFL drama & it was impressive. Maybe when she gets a chance she’ll share with you all the sequel she’s got in mind! hahaha

    Ok yeah the elbow scene oh gosh i shldve earmarked that one but i’m guessing page either 14 or 15? that was a scene where they first encountered each other on the road accident and he came out of his truck confronting her, then his back on the screen but his elbow was so smooth I don’t think any of a ladies’ elbow wld match with his! hahaha

    Ju ur funny yeah i was exhausted not from work but fr watching our other Viet chingoos site! hahaha However, i’m not as fast as our chingoo =P in watching & drooling over the photos coz i was only on page 28 when i stopped to hit the sack! hahaha

  679. 679 : sang hee Says:

    =P i wasn’t able to see p 371 with piggyback for some reason the photo won’t come up on the screen! Thnx for the tips on some of pages about my favorite scenes! i’m gonna look later…it’s too overwhelming hahaha.

  680. 680 : sang hee Says:

    i agree with you girls the critics called it ‘lame kiss’ ….i think the reaction from DC justified the fact that he was really stunned coz he didn’t realize HN had feelings for him! correct me if i’m wrong but that’s why he didn’t respond to her kiss at that point but when it finally sunk in to DC it was a very tender one! oh melts melts….and guys did you see how HN responded? I told =P this before that if you look closely at HN’s lips it was like how shall i put it…HN’s lips was like a fish trying to consume some water or food! hahaha i rewatched that and rewound it many times while watching! hahaha melts melts

  681. 681 : Julee Says:

    haha SH, HN consuming ‘food’ from DC’s lips, like a fish?? …. ROFLOL

  682. 682 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah yes Ju….that’s my personal assessment! hahaha you can draw your own but that’s how i describe it! hahaha bad girl (me) eh?

    i was just busy looking at some more photos & d/loaded some of them in my flash drive, then print it later! drool drool

    sleep tight now Ju, =P, eida, YSH4, Diane, gintonic (bogoshipo), nhuy and nsan!

    dream on girls! while i roll up my sleeves to make some more dough to buy some DVDs our guy would be into! hahaha

  683. 683 : sang hee Says:

    i’m sure some of u girls are still up like Ju & Eida but perhaps still drooling over some of the Viet site photos! It’s so much fun on their site as the photos are just fantastic! I’m almost saturated last night looking and drooling over them! One of my fave photos would be YSH’s waking up photo from that bed scene…his face looks angelic and happy! These two are so convincing that a lot of times while watching MFL you’d feel it’s for real that every moment they’re on you ought to savour that moment and may want you to have it frozen in time! so romantic!

    Ju you’ll see that kiss better on big screen since i got the DVD & after seeing it over/over again HN’s kiss was like oh PD another cut pls so we may repeat this scene…ROFLOL!!!

  684. 684 : eidasayang Says:


    u’re so funny…like a fish? her lip?

    i’m still in front of my com right now….

    before forget… i make another video….who’s YEH best leading man..vote!hahaha!!! just for fun actually..

    the link

  685. 685 : eidasayang Says:

    sang hee

    u already got MFL dvd?

    i have to find at the shop nearby….can wait anymore…hahaha…

  686. 686 : sang hee Says:

    girls we’re ahead of BYJ now and if this board and score doesn’t change by the weekend, then it only goes to show it’s not updated each week as they indicates on top of this page! let’s hope i’m wrong!

  687. 687 : sang hee Says:

    hi eida…yes luckily i got it from local store but i didn’t like the way it ended on this DVD they cut so much for instance as HN was on her way to the airport calling our guy…that’s not included…it jumps to DC scooping HN and spanking her behind, the wall kiss scene wasn’t even there so I wld have to scrimp and save for the boxed version coz this DVD ain’t gonna work for me if it’s incomplete, no way Jose! hahaha

    really you got another tribute? i’m gonna see after i get to work…right now i’m getting ready to leave so thnx for telling us.

    yeah like a fish either trying to eat their food or gasping for some air! hahaha ROFLOL bye for now girls! sarang hae yo to Oppa and all our chingoos here! you’re all fantastic!

  688. 688 : eidasayang Says:

    orait chingoo…
    have a nice day…
    don’t forget to check my youtube account ok??

    YSH forever!!

  689. 689 : Julee Says:

    SH, now I can’t look at that kiss without thinking of fish, haha. Yes, it was definitely much too short.

    I’m going to check out the DVD stores again tmr to see if it’s out yet, seems to have been waiting forever.

  690. 690 : eidasayang Says:

    too all YOONERS

    i make another tribute for our guy..

    the link:

    check it out!

  691. 691 : sang hee Says:

    Hello chingoos eida and ju….hahaha u made me laugh Ju now when u see a fish or Gold fish u’ll think of my comment re HN. hahaha Yeah check ur local store as the guy fr the store where i bought it tells me it’s been out after a few weeks the drama folded! can u believe that? they don’t waste time eh? i hope u find it & then u can draw ur own conclusion how HN’s lips responded to him! hahaha

    You girls are still up? Eida, i can’t wait till i see ur vid so i just finished watching & it’s so nice and i luv the photos of YEH & YSH you got there! perhaps u’ll make YSH one as who his fave leading lady is and one of the interviews on youtube about this he chose YEH! i’ll see if i can send you that vid…i’m sure Ju must’ve seen that as she’s another diehard! hahaha

    ok girls talk to you later once you wake up fr drmland. Goodnite to ya all!

    Of course YSH yong wanee (forever)!!! 🙂

  692. 692 : Julee Says:

    SH, please send me the vid of his choosing YEH, is it subbed? A while ago, I was watching the Happy Together show with MFL cast …. they’re so funny. Moon Chae Won’s account was rather creepy though.

    Have watched ES’s YEH best leading men vid ….. yeah, nice pics of the guys. Yawn, long past bedtime already …. gdnite.

  693. 693 : sang hee Says:

    zzzzzz Ju hahaha g/nite – at work now sigh sigh hahaha

    ok i’ll share that w/you but i don’t think it’s subbed but i may be wrong! talk to u boss calls me

  694. 694 : Diane Says:

    I found one pic of his elbow on pg 10, he is sticking his arm out of the window, pointing. Post #184 on pg. 19 has another pic of his elbow. It is nice and smooth!

    On pg 19, the beginning of the video on post #189, in the car after the kidnapping from the airport when HN is talking, then cuts to YSH and the face he makes there was not in MFL. I just re-watched that scene to check.

    Also, I was thinking of how some young kids think YSH is old. With that body of his, in good shape, how can anyone think he is old?

  695. 695 : eidasayang Says:


    i believe that young kids still not mature enough……hahaha…
    agreed with u…YSH has nice elbow…..

    anyway…have to sleep right now…..already rewatched MFL last episode for today..

    see u again yaa!!

  696. 696 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Diane & Edia is now in zzzzzzzzzz….You sa his elbow too Diane and I know it’s so smooth like porcelain! hahaha wow even my elbow doesn’t look that smooth! hahaha i think the one i saw was he was kind of standing by HN’s car confronting her & you see with Viet. site sometimes you can capture the close up photo & at that time his elbow was in a close up and you can see the smoothness of his skin elbow so not only his hands but elbows are flawless too! hahaha

    eida…you’re a confirmed member of the MFL addiction club…before hitting the sack u need some sangyoon-ping (sleeping) pills hahaha to see an epis first before dozing off? you sound like me! hahaha either his voice singing HL or Romance in mp3 wld put me to zzzzzzzzzz! What better way than having those pharmaceutical sleeping pills right? hahaha this way it’s safe no additives or anything but…..MFL series! hahaha

    talk to you my lunchtime is over now.

  697. 697 : sang hee Says:

    oh yes diane….i dunno why young ppl nowadays think that YSH at 36 or 37 is old? hello they just have a diff. mind-set all i can say! you’re right look at his physique? and his boyish ways if 36 is old i don’t know what is?

  698. 698 : Julee Says:

    i think to the teens, probably their idea of OLD is anyone above 30 no matter what their physique. To them, anyone above 50 must be in the jurassic age already and, if i remember from an amused comment by an ‘elder’, can just sit on an iceberg and float away, haha.

    Have not watched the elbow pics yet but could it be due to the less than sharp images as compared to HD? Will have to find those pics to see.

  699. 699 : Julee Says:

    Diane, I’ve just checked out pg 10 elbow sticking out of car window, it’s not in sharp focus but it does look smooth. The pg 19 kidnapping vid, I thought perhaps that amused look in response to HN’s plea could be a blooper that was not part of the script.

  700. 700 : eidasayang Says:

    700 comments..hahaha…all of us totally fall in luv with YSH!!!

  701. 701 : Julee Says:

    morning ES, in addition to being YSH addicts we’re now also YSH board addicts ^ ^

    It’s become a ritual ….. wake up, go check out YSH board, chat ….. go to work, sneak peaks at YSH board, chat, get work done …… home from work, check YSH board, chat some more……

    and SH, sneak peaks at YSH board during work …… risks falling onto her boss, haha

  702. 702 : YSH Forever Says:

    Our next target is to overtake Gu Hye Sun right up to Lee Dong Wook, at the rate u great gals got the numbers going ! We’ll see if this site admin will do the updating on a weekly basis as stated, as we certainly wld like to see his name up there !

  703. 703 : YSH Forever Says:

    Wow, 700 ! Could not believe this. Was too busy running around and just manage to read some of the comments here. After the drools and bibs, haha, are we now on the topics of elbows ? Whose elbows ? Oops, has to be Oppa’s elbows. right ? Smooth is it ? Dun think have the time to check, will have to depend on u gals to verify.

    Congrats, eida on the 2nd tribute to YSH. Really lovely treat seeing his gorgeous faces, and all these to the backgrd song sung no less by oppa himself ! I still have many pages to go thru re the vietnamese site – really superb pics there. Never knew his fame spread even to there and these people produce even better pics !

  704. 704 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back chingoo YSH4….can you believe this is 701 now? amazing eh? re photos fr viet site i still have a long way to go in seeing more photos…aren’t they great eh? to think that even the photos of MFL shootings are available from that site and some of them i hvnt even seen! the photos are just superb and the quality is far more better than the ones we usually see from other sites!

    yeah talk about elbows, i noticed Oppa’s elbow so smooth like porcelain! hahaha yup u need to see it but i forgot though which page it was! that’s a scene where he got off his truck from that accident in epis 1 wearing a pink shirt and confronting HN his elbow was facing the camera and it was soooooooooooooooo smooth! hahaha

    eida i still need to watch your new trib. when i get a chance! i’m sure it’s another blockbuster!

  705. 705 : sang hee Says:

    Good Morning friends/chingoos

    i agree with you Ju…we’re not only addicted to YSH but to this board as well…it seems as soon as we wake up we check this board, while having tea or coffee in the morning we come here to chat or check what’s going on etc.

    i’m at work boss calling again hahaha

  706. 706 : sang hee Says:

    my boss really shld not interrupt me from this board! hahahaha kidding

    anyway to continue with what i was saying earlier, Ju yeah u’r right the risks i’m taking just so i can come here to chat with you guys hahaha u just don’t know! Also again on that the sneak peeks i do every now & then just like a few min ago when i got interrupted! btw i sent u that vid u asked for it’s not subbed though!

    guys when i saw his elbow on that page (i can’t recall sorry) it was facing the camera so it’s a diff view you guys saw now that may not be the one i referred to…it was smooth as a baby’s skin! aigooo!

    yes eida…we all luv oppa that’s why we’re all gathering here! hihihi:)

  707. 707 : jane Says:

    If you like YSH’s performance in Queen of Housewives, you can vote it as Best Drama of the Year 2009 via:


    Pls vote by clicking the words: VOTE NOW

    So far Queen of housewives has only 1%! You are beautiful comes first then boys before flowers…

  708. 708 : Julee Says:

    thanks SH, I’ve watched the choosing YEH clip, a pity it’s not subbed. Noticed from the comments that ES laughing about the fireworks part, yeah the creator had a sense of humour like ‘Yay, YSH chose YEH’.

    Just remembered on one part of the Happy Tog with MFL cast where YSH was asked to select among the 6 ladies present who he would like to marry …. I thought he purposely avoided choosing either YEH or MCY because it would create unnecessary ‘rumours’ about him and his co-stars. So he settled for the safe option, the singer (can’t remember her name).

  709. 709 : Julee Says:

    Thanks jane, yes we’ve been voting but the % seems to hardly move. I think it would have been better if they had shown the actual no of votes per drama rather than just the %. That would at least give voters an instant feedback.

  710. 710 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee….

    i’m laughing right now with ur comments……u’re right…..the firework creator absolutely happy with his choice…..hahaha…

    i also think he try to avoid rumour by choosing that singer….i also don’t remember her name lol……his not so sincerely actually with that choice…..hahaha..

    about the video clip……one of my friend told me YSH said YEH actually more to his ideal type…..quite chubby…not too skinny..hahaha…i think he has feeling for her..hahaha…….i’ve also read somewhere….not remember which article…..YEH actually YSH fan ….she totally like tae bong character….and YSH became YEH big fan when he at military service….can u imagine that??:)

    from Happt Tog….YEH look so lovely when she fixed our oppa mic…..i hope u see that clip……other people looked busy chatting with each other but both of them just like on their own world…hahaha….

  711. 711 : eidasayang Says:

    hai YSH forever…..

    i’m glad that u like my video tribute…

    SH….another blockbuster?? waa….totally appreciate it….

  712. 712 : sang hee Says:

    i’m back for a little while b4 going home girls! i found the smooth photo of our guy it’s on p. 19! go take a look!

    u’r welcome Ju for the youtube vid! yeah it’s unfortunate not subbed! i don’t really recall that fireworks part but i’ll take another look again!

    yes eida hehehe it’s another blockbuster so keep up the good work! i hvnt seen it mind u but judging from the one you did b4 it sure wld be!

    hi jane…i hope you can join us here i know you’re a big fan also of YSH from the prev. postings here and yes we’re also voting for Queen and also pls vote for MFL ok?

  713. 713 : sang hee Says:

    i hv a feeling that both of them have feelings for each other and i’m sure you ‘ll agree that we hope we’re right! i luv these two actors, they look good together and i guess they are compatible…both funny, charming and both gorgeous!

    i was thinking it’s easier to address them as YehYsh (pronounced Yeyish) let’s start a fanclub girls YehYsh fan club. hahaha

  714. 714 : eidasayang Says:

    hi ladies…

    have u seen this clip?…once again he mentioned YEH….i believe he has a big crush with her….hahaha..

    sorry..no sub..

    the link

  715. 715 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re right sang hee……let’s start our YehYsh fan club……arghh….my yoon yoon couple……:)….

  716. 716 : sang hee Says:

    hi eida….i’ve seen that vid before & the uploader indicated that our guy mentioned about YEH…too bad no subs…and did you notice that our guy has a photo there in his early teens!

    YSH4…we now have to work on bumping KHS fr this board! we can do it, 300 + more and we’re on our way to a thousand! ok girls keep chatting away so our oppa can get a higher score!

  717. 717 : sang hee Says:

    hahahaha u liked that eh eida…YehYsh fan club! Yoonyoon is ok too!

  718. 718 : Julee Says:

    my suggestion …… 2Yoon

    usually when I watch dramas, I’d like for the main actor & actress to end up a couple in real life, sort of cont from what they were to each other in the story. But it doesn’t always happen that way.

    But girls, I think if any of us here were to be in YEH’s shoes on MFL, we’ll all fall madly in love with YSH ….. remember THE kiss??? or when he so much as gaze so sadly at us (in our fav scenes) …. and we’ll go and give him that air cannot flow through hug and says ‘don’t be sad oppa, sarangae’, haha,

  719. 719 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…julee…..i hope we can hug him so thight until the air can’t go through……saranghae oppa….*dream again*

    now i remember one of my favourite scene…..i’ve seen MFL last epi at KBS world…i’m watching it with one of my housemate…i believe all of u must remember when hyena kiss him three times… drooling….like a bullet..hahaha..

    u know what…my housemate is not korean drama fans..but suddenly she told me this….” i noticed something about that young lady….she really love to kiss her butler……did she really fall in luv him..u know what i mean..in real life..off screen….i’ve neer seen an actress kiss her actor like that…” hahaha..

    i’ve stared at her and she added ” can’t u see? they have so much fun with each other….i don’t think they on their character for that scene….they can avoid to do that scene right? it’s so strange….don’t u think they love each other?”

    i laughed so hard for her comment but my housemate still can smell something fishy about that scene…..i’ve told her that they have dating rumour before…..and u know what she said….

    “i knew that can happened..can’t u see they way they stare each other…their body language….if i don’t know both of them an artists….i will definitely say that they are lovers..”

    and the best thing is..my housemate is a pyschology teacher!!…..can u belive it? hihihi…..(i can’t lie to her coz she will know it..)


  720. 720 : eidasayang Says:

    gals…our oppa name on the list..check it out!!!!!

  721. 721 : Julee Says:

    YES! …. finally we got our YSH into the list. How long ago was that since we started our rapid fire comments …. a week??

    ES, now that we’re into psychology & body language …. I think I read somewhere, when you ‘exchange saliva’ with someone, it sort of triggers somethng in your brain (endorphins??).

    OK just had to go check up that med word from the online dictionary and here’s its definition:
    Any of a group of peptide hormones that bind to opiate receptors and are found mainly in the brain. Endorphins reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions.

    Note the last 2 words ….. affect emotions, yes no doubt about it.

  722. 722 : Julee Says:

    and so when DC kisses HN (hospital & hotel) and HN triple kissing DC, they are increasing their ‘endorphins’ for each other, haha

  723. 723 : Diane Says:

    Sang Hee Had mentioned YSH’s elbows earlier, that’s why I had to look and check out those pics. It’s unusual to see a guy with such nice elbows.

    Ooooh! Love the idea of a YehYsh fan club!!! ^_^

    You girls are the greatest! This board is addicting, mainly because of meeting you all.

    I also wish the voting results would show differently. The % has not changed at all!

  724. 724 : =P Says:

    Ha Ha! Ju -i do the exact same thing – go online -check board – work a little – check board – post -update -work with one eye on the board – update -post

    If I don’t there’s an itch and a twitch in the fingers!!

  725. 725 : sang hee Says:

    yeah we made it, his name is now on the board! wow girls kombei, let’s have some soju On The House tonight! hahahaha

    i just logged on & checked it out and voila he’s 718 something ! we did it!

    eida…u won’t believe this but my sister who is not a psychology teacher thought same thing that these two may be acting not only on-screen but she can also feel they have feelings for each other. As Ju was saying if we were in YEH’s shoes as i’ve also mentioned this earlier in one of the postings, I think it’s hard not to fall for our guy esp if you’re working with each other for 3/4 months? let’s make a bet here that in the nxt few months, or so, we prob will see in the news or hear in the news that these two have already been dating! Look at other K actors who have worked together like Choi Ji Woo and that cute guy from Smile Again forgot his name, they only came out in the open and admitted they’re dating after what, 2 years already! let’s hope these two really are dating in real life!

  726. 726 : =P Says:

    Great to see his name on the list! Chase chase JoHyunJae you are next!!

    Love all body parts – be it smooth elbows – gorgeous hands – twinkling eyes -even the crinkle at the edge of his eyes when he smiles – kissable lips and of course that fabulous voice of his

    I have not let go from my hug till air cannot get through yet – need to merge baby – need to merge!

  727. 727 : =P Says:

    Hey Sang Hee!! We too said that they must lke each other to be soooo bery comfortable with each other!

    There is no awkwardness in the BTS between these 2 – mostly we do see some awkwardness – like for eg. My Girl – the BTS for that kiss – Lee Dong Wook looked a bit awkward during the rehearsals.

    Our darling on the other hand seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself kissing YEH!! Now if only their kiss in MFL was as long as that in My Girl!!

    I still feel short changed!!

  728. 728 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Diane, i found the page it’s on 19 and his elbow was like a newborn baby! hahaha his elbows are nicer than a female elbow, my elbows are not even that smooth! hahaha Likewise Diane we’re so happy here to have met you and we’re all enjoying each other chatting away about our guy!

    =P what happen? u must be busy at work but yeah Ju is right this board is just as addictive as our oppa. imagine like tonight after heating up food for dinner, turned on the comp, turn on the dvd player so my sis & i can watch MFL while having dinner, then while dinner is not ready come to this board & check it out….hahaha these days i feel incomplete w/o visiting here! =P check out p. 19 his elbow showing on that screen is flawless!

    Wow Ju…endorphins eh….i really have a strong feeling that they developed something while doing MFL! They’re just too private and their media or paparazzis are not as audacious as in other countries perhaps!

    Eida…get some more analysis from your housemate will you please? hahaha

    YSH4 – we’ve done it our oppa is now on board.
    Girls a few weeks ago before some of you came over here, YSH4 & I aimed to have our oppa reached at least 200 at one time but look at him now 718 and counting! we’re going to bump GHS hahaha sorry Jandi!

  729. 729 : =P Says:

    Speaking of voice – I am particularly fond of hearing him say ‘Eh?!”

    Soooo cute! He says it quite often – when he is suprised or hears something strange from HN and when he’s going -what the! LOL

  730. 730 : eidasayang Says:

    julee…thanks for the medic term……can’t believe u will search for that…..

    hahaha..i’m totally addict to this side……everything for our YSH..so they will update the list every friday right…..gals..increase our guy comments to 1000……hahaha….push down everybody else..hahaha..i’ve become an evil right now…..

    u know what…..i also hope they date in real life…..even if our guy have a girlfriend…..i totally want YEH to snatch him from her..hahaha…but do u think he has gf……i don’t think so…hahaha….he look so happy to kiss YEH in MFL….i don’t think a man who has a gf will do that..don’t u agree?

    arghh….i’m listening to romance while typing this msg….so many ideas will come out from my head……smiling by myself….imagine they will performing this song at KBS drama award….ooooo..i miss their collaboration…..hope they will do another drama or movie together….this time for heavy drama…..both of them so good when it become with emotions and tears…totally perfect for each other…

    i’ve seen YSH with other actresses such as kim nam joo…gyo hye sun…..but i still think YEH is the best for him…..

  731. 731 : =P Says:

    As for psychological profiling – I am all for it – Sang Hee and I did some while chatting on youtube – didn’t we Sang Hee!!

    I mean their attraction is too palpable to ignore! So why not eh? Maybe they’ll do a SHG/HB – realise after the fact that they are meant to be together?

    I was telling SAng Hee that I think YEH matches a more mature guy, and not some pretty boy idol type man.

  732. 732 : sang hee Says:

    Yes chingoo =P i remember that we thought so too that they must like each other to be that comfortable so there must be something going on! hahaha ur funny all body parts…how about his cupid bow lips? hahaha so kissable! wheewwww melts melts! Do you really think if you were in YEH’s shoes u won’t feel anything with those kissing scenes no matter how short they may be? Of course what we’ve seen were only one shot but who knows how many takes they’ve had during the filming?

    I got to rewatch that scene in MG if their kiss scene was longer than this one! hahaha

    If u girls hv seen Bad Love and the elevator scene with KSW and ???actress?? i read that it took 10 takes for their intense kissing scene in that elevator so tell me about it! hahaha

  733. 733 : =P Says:

    In HT – our guy picked the other girl [cousin character] saying that he likes bubbly character – BUT isn’t it true also that YEH is well know to be a bubbly character on set and in real life? – oblique reference you think?

    In another vid – he did pick YEh as his ideal – so it was strange he picked that other girl – all I can say is that he is throwing off scent – especially since there was a rumour about them – and some netizens’ reaction was ridiculous.

  734. 734 : sang hee Says:

    Yes again =P psychological profiling, we’ve already gone through this while meeting at youtube! Yeah (Ne) why not? Matter of fact before MFL YEH did an interview which was published i guess in soompi? that she’s attracted to guys much older than her! So there we go! hahahaha Cham cham cham =P

    I agree Ju…i truly hope & pray they’re going to date in real life. I don’t suppose our guy has a girlfriend! Yes YEH is a better match for him….so what if their age gap is 10 years? What’s impt. is they love, trust, respect and have fun with each other. I really have a hunch that YEH has feelings for him and vice versa! Their body language in MFL spoke volumes!

  735. 735 : eidasayang Says:

    SH….i will msg my psychology friend after this…..
    i believe she will remember this couple…
    u know what….when i and her watch MFL together, she did’nt believe me when i told her that YSH sang one of the ost….then come another ost…YehYsh duet…..that’s when she said to me that YSH have such a lovely voice…she can’t believe that he can sing so well!!…..well that’s my man…..( for that time lor…) now his our man…namja..namja….

  736. 736 : =P Says:

    Gosh it would be awesome to know what he said in that Olive Interview – especially 6.20 onwards – I think they even mentioned the 11 year age difference!

    Any of our friends out there can give a summary here of the important points?

  737. 737 : =P Says:

    O dear – look at the time – guys I am soooo sad – gotta log off for now – going to give a talk at a teen seminar.

    Not about Yoon Sang Hyun and his many charms unfortunately – a much drier subject!!

    Maybe I should change topic and make it fun eh!?

    I’ll be back [channelling Terminator!]

  738. 738 : sang hee Says:

    Ok he may hv done that =P in picking the other girl just to dissuade ppl that he’s not really liking her coupled with the fact that at that time there was a rumour about them! (while typing this i’m watching MFL ep 9) As u remember =P on ep 9 this is where HN felt betrayed as the 3 stooges told her of DC’s intentions!

    anyway in one of the MFL interviews with the three leads do you girls remember that when he was asked what he hated most? he said something like girls who puts their feet on the dashing board, and YEH was quick to respond by saying she does that coz of her bad back and YSH said oh if you have a bad back that’s fine! hahaha I think he really must like her too!

  739. 739 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha eida…you’re awesome thanks! btw since =P left for a teen talk and she said a drier subject at that hahahaha what was she talking about 6.20 Olive interview any idea? I’d like to know if she’s talking about the youtube vid? thnx eida!

  740. 740 : eidasayang Says:


    10 years differences is not a big deal right…..??
    like i mentioned before…….coz YSH i’ve started to think to date a guy same age as him?? hahaha..

    and another one..at MFL interview…YEH also said that she never date someone younger than her….and i still remember YSH reaction at that time…..he said his heart will going crazy coz of that!! hahaha…that’s my man…..!

  741. 741 : sang hee Says:

    now girls we can say this board is really updated each week so let’s go for a thousand ok? aja aja

    we can make it!

    eida are we just the only ones left here? hahahaha

  742. 742 : sang hee Says:

    eida…10 yrs is nothing these days! go for it as long as he’s a good person & all that much more if he resembles our oppa, you have our blessings! hahaha just make all of us your bridesmaids as Ju was teasing me the other day about my wedding photoshop with oppa that all of you would be my b/maids was it Ju or you? hahaha

    age doesn’t matter that’s the bottom line! hahaha

    i also read about that YEH prefers older guys than her! her ex was 7 yrs older than her remember?

    we really wld be happy if these two will date & walk down the aisle. I think YEH will be better off with YSH than choosing a younger guy who would not be as responsible as our oppa!

    we already beat GHS on this board! yeyyy

  743. 743 : sang hee Says:

    eida… i’ll be back i just wanna cast my votes for a few minutes. don’t go away! hahaha

    where are the other chingoos? Ju must be at lunch?

  744. 744 : eidasayang Says:

    sang hee….

    not so sure what he talking about…..but it seems he has to pick his best leading actress and he pick YEH…..once again…..!!

    and at kiss scene BTS….YEH suddenly said YSH in a good mood…can u imagine that? after their dating rumor….he must be totally happy with that rumours……he said he back to his teen times….hahaha!! what a funny guy….YEH must fall with that humour….hihihi…

    but they not awkward to each other even after that rumour…i believe they must have a long discussion about that rumour..hahaha….he also said to YEH that the kissing scene..that’s first time for him….and YEH said the same thing to him…i believe they really want to feel comfortable with each other…..

    and other BTS…..for the final episode..at the airport……the reporter ask YSH…what is the best moment for him from MFL…he said kiss scene….he added he never had a kiss scene as much as MFL……then the reporter ask YEH about YSH comments…..she smile and said that she had kiss scene in every drama she act….but then she laugh and ask if she will get into trouble by saying that…..

    so gals…what do u think about it? worrying YSH will feel betrayed? hahaha….she look worried at that time……hihihi…..both of them totally leaving us with so many questions in our head…..too secretive about what they feel???

  745. 745 : Diane Says:

    There is an interview at dramabeans with Choi Chul Ho and YSH about QoH.


    In it is mentioned about age difference.

    >>>Choi: “……. I think he [Yoon Sang-hyun] will go for a bigger age difference, say with a woman 16 years younger.”

    Yoon: “Still, I’d have to be able to converse with her. If I can’t, it’s frustrating…”

    Choi: “I think Sang-hyun is the mental age of a young twentysomething. He’s really optimistic and bright and positive. So someone 16 years younger is perfect.” <<<

  746. 746 : eidasayang Says:

    ooo…so he like someone much younger….hahaha…..YEH…perfect for him..hahaha…..

    ok chingoos..
    have to go for a while…..need to take my cpu at com shop….

    see ya…..

  747. 747 : Julee Says:

    was called away for lunch, and with this comment we’re now on par with JHJ on the list. Now have to scroll through 24 new comments to update. At the rate we’re going, I think we’ll get to 1000 sometime next week.

    SH, =P and I are now officially the sneak-peekers (at work) on YSH board.

  748. 748 : sang hee Says:

    Ju u made me laugh…you’re crowning =P & myself the official sneak peekers at work? hahaha that’s cute i guess so!

    yeah his score is more than JHJ now. by nxt week he’ll be around 1000 the way we’re going here!

    i just got back from casting my votes.

    yeah Diane, i read that article too and his co star in Queen tells him if his wife is 16 yrs his junior maybe our guy would find someone much younger than him and if the Yoons really wld be dating and marrying in the future, Choi i must say had a prophetic tongue!

  749. 749 : sang hee Says:

    eida…i really think that these two must’ve developed something more than friendship on the set of MFL…see the photo from off camera YSH massaging YEH’s back during their break, and if you guys notice in MFL HT segment, YEH always laughing away and patting our guy on his arm whenever she thinks he’s being funny…they really got along swimmingly i must say!

    I agree again eida, YEH is the best for him! i’ve seen some other leading ladies who worked with YSH and i think YEH tops the list! Imagine her as being his favorite leading lady? that speaks volumes!

    One more thing our guy seems very easy to get along with and he doesn’t seem to be the type who gets upset or angry easily! If it’s not YEH who’ll capture his heart, the future girlfriend or wife would be the luckiest girl indeed!

  750. 750 : Julee Says:

    SH i think you’d probably read his june marie claire interview in which he talked about how he improved on his earlier mediocre acting. Here’s a quote from the last bit:

    Future plans? “I’d like to work more, so I want to marry later. I want to be an actor who acts well rather than being good-looking, someone who considers the inside more important than the exterior. I’d like to become an actor like Song Kang-ho sunbae in the future, and I really want to take on the challenge of acting as a coold-blooded character, too.”

    Unquote ….. perhaps we’ll get to see him acting as some cold-blooded character in next dramas? I think I’d prefer his DC character more. And he plans to marry later …. wonder how much later.

  751. 751 : sang hee Says:

    btw i gathered that in one of the sites there’s a list of 10 ten Korean actors like from the ones we cast our votes for our guy recently but i can’t seem to find that website or which one exactly but a friend of mine told me she saw it from one of the sites but she can’t recall which one. She also says that our guy is of course #8 and it wld be nice to see it so girls any idea which site?

  752. 752 : Julee Says:

    i tried going back to the buzz site to click on some of the links but there’s no updated list of the top 10. Tried googling but didn’t find anything either.

    Btw, the awards ceremony should be sometime next week (15th??). Will check his cyworld site for updates.

  753. 753 : Julee Says:

    ok i found one link in the buzz vote page which gives the list of the final total & position for all 30 nominees, with just pics of the top 3.

    Go back to the same buzz voting page. Look for that small box with some words and + sign at the top right corner (just above kim bun’s image), click on it and it gives the list.

  754. 754 : eidasayang Says:

    annyeonghasheyo yoon sang hyun sshi…

    we are all YOONERS….name given to all your shippers…..


    hahaha…gals..i’m totally bored right now…..this msg count as one right? hihihi….

  755. 755 : sang hee Says:

    girls eida, ju….i just finished 2 more ep of our fave MFL drama and so i got my dosage for today hahaha. Anyway, you ought to see dramabeans poll addendum she calls it with a list of 2009 Kdramas and she indicates choose 3 of your favorites and you know something? She snubbed MFL again! So girls pls if u hv time help me out there as i left a msg asking her why she did not include MFL on the list if she’s asking for 2009 dramas of the year. I saw a couple of comments mentioning why it was ignored. If u feel like it go there and let’s post something why she’s ignored MFL! hahaha aja aja

    Dramabeans seems to be so critical of our guys plus the drama itself! I dunno why!

  756. 756 : Julee Says:

    hi ES, can rewatch MFL again haha.

    Check out this YSH MV in black and white which I stumbled upon while snooping around his website. Nice korean song and close up stills of him …. just like a tribute vid.

    Here’s the link

  757. 757 : eidasayang Says:

    SH….i’m totally angry at dramabeans actually….i still remember the writer give a comment WHATEVER to the last epi of MFL…..arghhh…..i should kill her/he!!!!

    i think that dramabeans writer totally drooling with teenagers story…..i believe u know what i mean…..such a stupid website actually…..

  758. 758 : sang hee Says:

    thnx for that tip on the buzz lis Ju…i’ll go later to check it out! u’r so resourceful!!!

    eida don’t get bored just watch MFL and come over on board to talk to us ok? hahaha i still hv to watch your other tribute coz i tried earlier and it didn’t bring me to that site rather i was brought to another page where it’s an ad of some sort!

    i have yet to go back to our other chingoos Viet site to see some more photos. i really haven’t seen half of them…..they’re so many and good ones too. oh JU & eida on p 454 you may want to d/load or save that photo of YehYsh it’s a nice one which i’ve nvr seen before! i saved it in my flash so let me know if u want so i can send it to you ok?

  759. 759 : Julee Says:

    SH, from dramabeans re-caps done on MFL which I read some time ago, I had already detected the not so favourable comments & the reviewer’s negative views. Actually I mentioned this point in my blog entry Yoon Sang Hyun MV (featuring Love Is So Difficult sung by Lee Seung Chul).

    The comments range from YSH & YEH were miscast, bad script and YEH’s mispronunciation in the early ep.

  760. 760 : Julee Says:

    SH i thought it’s way past your bedtime already?? Still too excited about YSH to sleep?

    Got some stuff to do, so ttyl.

  761. 761 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha yeah my chingoo i’m still up coz i wanna catch up with you gals! hahaha i know it’s past m b/time but just one more chat & i’ll hit the sack! i guess ur right still excited with our guy can’t sleep! hahaha i might dream about his elbow tonight! hahaha

    yeah d/beans has been so negative about the drama plus YEH…she’s not so bad with our guy but she and her fans on that site were so harsh in words for her acting etc.

    eida…i just finished watching your latest vid and it’s really great! i luv the photos which a lot of them i hvnt seen before! my flash is filled with his photos 101% already plus YEH’s…did you girls notice YEH’s photo as a very young girl? you really cannot tell that was her but it’s obviously her photo as it was embedded in her sketch as wel!

    yes eida that d/beans site favours the ones that’s not really worth our while! even in those days of her recapping MFL…i just cldn’t believe what they’re saying about the drama …. she said also something like the worst drama ever etc. Maybe they’re not watching MFL right? she’s got the wrong channel! hihihi let’s not mind them coz they just don’t know the diff.

    i think ittyl girls….time for zzzzzzzzzzzzzz so keep this board alive ok? cham cham cham (remember the Yoons by the swing at the amusement park i guess) aja aja girls!

    g/nite ya all!!! see u in the morning when i’m awake & you guys are in drmland! hihihihi

  762. 762 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i just went to that link and clicked on our guy’s b/white photo but didn’t hear him singing nor saw the vid u spoke about. anyway i’ll chck 2morrow and bid you my chingoos g/nite, really jongmal this time!

    annyeong and take care and sarang haeyo Oppa sangyun ssi!

  763. 763 : Julee Says:

    there should be a vid right on top of the 3 thumbnail pics, probably due to some download problem the vid didn’t appear. Try refreshing the page.

    I tried copying the given link, pasted it onto a fresh tab and either got that page without the vid or ‘internet explorer cannot display the webpage’. Not sure why either, perhaps should try with a different browser not IE.

  764. 764 : eidasayang Says:

    hi chingoos….
    just back from window shopping..

    i search YEH forum and found this pic..

    the link: yoon yoon couple


    anyway…i don’t know what its all about…..

  765. 765 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi ju, just checked in our fav site here and what did i see ? Your link to the b/w vid of our oppa ! Must be my v v lucky day or evening i shd say- coz i totally luv this vid with the black n white treatment and the song is beautiful ( who’s the singer i wonder ?)

    After a try or two, so lucky to get this tribute ! U are one resourceful gal, ju ! TQVM !

    Somehow they got in all the visuals which show him in the best light ever ! this b/w treatment gives a different feel and i can see the song is v carefully selected for this vid. Hats off to whoever made this !

    I see also that this site has been updated and yea! our oppa is now finally up there with the rest. But i bet not for long will his name be at THAT level, pretty soon he will have overtaken Oh Jiho and nxt to SIG !

  766. 766 : Julee Says:

    you’re welcome YSH4, glad you managed to get the vid. I had viewed the vid on my office PC but not sure why I couldn’t get back the vid when I tried the link on a fresh tab a bit later. Tried clicking direct from my comment box, got the site but no vid, strange. Nice b/w vid with those nice stills of him, not sure about singer.

    btw, i noticed your name is linked (blog??) and tried clicking on it but somehow it couldn’t go through, just got the ‘internet explorer cannot display webpage’ message. Would you mind giving me your direct website here or through my youtube mail (look for juleecwk)?

  767. 767 : Julee Says:

    Great, I managed to get the site with the vid when I just tried it on my home PC. Right click on link, select open in new tab which brings you to the site. Make sure you enable pop-ups, when vid starts click on skip ad and there you have it ….. lovely b/w close-up stills of our YSH with that love song (from the sarang hamnida the singer was declaring).

    Earlier I was checking out the DVD shop and still no MFL, can’t believe they are taking forever to bring it in ….. felt like strangling the shop owner. Ended up getting QofH instead.

  768. 768 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee……

    i believe ur at dreamland right now..hihihi..sweet dream again…..
    but u know what…i can’t stop myself from sending u this msg….as u asked……i msg my psychology housemate….

    u know what….she said she remember YehYsh coz i’m totally love them…..hahaha…..i thought she just make a joke when she asked about YehYsh birthday…so without thinking so much, i just send her the date…..

    a few minutes later…..she send me something that make me laugh so hard…… i think she become fortune teller right now…..:)

    she said yeh ( chinese zodiac – rat ) meanwhile ysh ( chinese zodiac ox ).
    that make them totally perfect for each other…..
    so i just write back what she text me……

    Very Good
    A good match as the reliable Ox listens and supports the creative Rat. Rat people are generally a little insecure from the the inside. The sturdy Ox wins over the Rat’s anxiety with its sincere dedication. Both have similar tastes when it comes to choosing a lifestyle. The Ox is capable of significant achivements and this can test the Rat’s anxiety level. The Ox finds a way to keep Rat’s insecurity at bay to make this relationship a solid one

    seriously..i like her so much..such a good friend to me…..she told me she won’t lie about this coz she found it on internet…hihihi…

  769. 769 : sang hee Says:

    good moring fr my end…i know u gals are still in drmland but this is for when you awoke!

    Eida mny thnx for that rat and ox analysis from your good psychology frnd…wow so it sounds the two are compatible eh? let’s hope they really date in real life coz i do like them both! usually if i admire an actor i’d feel a bit at edge with whoever he’s linked with, but this time is diff. i luv both of them! hihihi

    we’re getting there girls, and thanks to the newcomers for gearing up this board and made it possible for our oppa sang hyun ssi to be where he is now and yes i agree soon he’ll be closer to SIG and OJH meanwhile we’ll make him closer to YEH hahaha who has about 1,900 something!

  770. 770 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i’m sorry that ur store still hasn’t got the MFL DVD till now? you’ll enjoy QofH though meantime ur awaiting MFL DVD….i’ve been rewatching QofH esp ep 13 where he sings NES!! The expression on his face while singing is just fascinating, he sings with ‘gusto’.

    I’m gonna try to see the vid u gals are talking about, coz when i tried last night and click click the b/w image nothing happened and it was frustrating!

    thnx for the tips Ju and YSH4.

    thnx eida for the link which i’ll check after this. eida the photos you got in that youtube tribute #2 were nice too, i dunno where you got the one he’s wearing glasses, i’ve nvr seen that posing of oppa before!

  771. 771 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…sang hee..

    make him closer to YEH..i will definitely satisfy with that..
    i rewatched MFL again tonight…..i went to dvd shop but they still don’t have MFL video…so frustrated….i don’t know how long i must wait for that..

    i also feel strange coz i totally like him with yeh….i never have this feeling before if i like any other actor……..i believe his happiness is our happiness too right? hihihi…..

  772. 772 : eidasayang Says:

    hihi..sang hee…

    u like that photo?….i can send it to you..
    no problem at all

  773. 773 : Julee Says:

    looks like both ES and I are still without the MFL dvd ….. wonder what our vid shops are doing, is it so difficult to bring it in?

    SH hope you can view the vid, I’m sure you’ll like it. I was just watching it, replayed a few times and downloaded it onto my PC …. so no need to go to the site to play the vid.

  774. 774 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi ju, just got back from having a bite with some friends, so i missed yr request at 766. But it’s great to learn u managed to get thru afterall.

    I don’t have a website or blog at the moment – would like to have one once i have the time though in the near future ! And to create an MV/Tribute for YSH too. Sigh, so so much to do…but so little time…only 24 hrs in a day.

    Oh, that reminds me, have to go to that viet site- still have many many pages to go thru !

    Take care, all of u here, chingoos ! Thank u, ju, for all the sites u ferreted out for us ! A million thanks.

  775. 775 : sang hee Says:

    First of all annyeong to our 윤상현 ssi — sarang hae yo from all of us here! keep smiling and pls do another drama for us if possible with YEH! kamsamnida!

  776. 776 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha eida i nvr felt like this before with any other K actors or Hollywood actors till now. He’s got this oozing charm that as Ju said before zapping us all as we watched him on the screen! yeah we’ll make our oppa closer to YEH on the right hand side board here sooner than we expected!

    Good Luck to u eida & Ju that you get a hold of the MFL dvd soon! Our local store here got them shortly after the drama ended and I was waiting for at least a month coz that’s the norm in some stores but one w/end i thought of checking it out & much to my surprise they got it already! i hope the dvd you get though isn’t missing some parts like mine esp the last epis they cut considerably that part where HN was on her way to the airport trying to call DC….it jumps to that airport scene where she carries her and hitting her behind, then the part where HN kisses him while he was standing by the wall that’s missing! it’s just disappointing that they wld cut so much and it became blurry!

  777. 777 : sang hee Says:

    thnx chingoos here….Ju i will look at the vid and there’s no doubt i’m gonna like it too as u said!

    YSH4 bogoshipo! hahaha i know what u mean….so many things & so little time! however we still manage to come here whenever we can and look at our oppa now eh? we’ll make his score closer to YEH in due time!

    yeah eida….i loved the photos and a lot of which i hvnt seen before! i’d love to know where you browse for his good photos! hahaha thnx in adv.

    girls check out the viet site for this photo w/c i hvnt seen before of YehYsh on p. 454 it’s nice and they look very romantic! hahaha

    got 2 prepare for work and i know most of u are getting ready to hit the sack so g/nite ya all — jjal jah (in Korean).

  778. 778 : sang hee Says:

    before i log off….=P our chingoo….still drooling and tugging on the blanket while watching some more photos of our dear guy? hahaha i hope while you did the teen seminar that you didn’t have a slip of the tongue that you mentioned yoon sang ssi or mfl while talking? hahahaha talk to you again later as well as our other chingoos!

    i second the motion btw to YSH4 thanks to you chingoos for sharing the sites now & then. our chingoo Ju is one resourceful girl! hats off to you all! we’ll make our oppa’s score to a thousand in due time next to YEH’s name, how’s that for yaksok? hahaha

  779. 779 : Diane Says:

    Sang Hee, the photo on pg 454 that you mentioned, I was trying to think of what scene that was from. Isn’t it from when she was doing that seminar on safety for the women employees and was using DC as the “punching bag”? He was behind her, grabbing so she could throw him. Little did DC know what he was in for! Poor man.

    I agree with all you ladies about not being upset if our YSH was with YEH. If he was with anyone else and that person wasn’t right for him, I would be very, very upset. But with YEH, it’s good.

  780. 780 : Julee Says:

    Girls, I don’t think we should worry too much about him & his gf whoever it is or is going to be. If he’s not already with someone at the moment, he will know when that special lady makes his heart beat faster. Can’t recall his exact words about his ex-gf.

    Anyway he said in the marie claire interview he doesn’t plan to get married so soon as he wants to work hard on his career. So let’s stop worrying and just support him. Take a deep breath and free your mind ….. ohmmm …..

  781. 781 : sang hee Says:

    first of Diane, i believe that it wasn’t from any MFl scenes or segments at all, it may be one of their promo photos or i’m guessing that scene if ever was to be included was finally cut off coz i don’t recall seeing it in the drama at all! i love it didn’t you? nice photo!

    Ju, Diane & girls…i agree w/you both, let’s not worry about his romantic affairs, coz in my heart of hearts i think he’s not seriously wanting to get involved right now. My assumption is he may still trying to mend his broken heart fr his first love, after all first love nv dies! hahahaha let’s just support him accdg to our chingoos here so get this board to a thous. soon! 🙂

  782. 782 : sang hee Says:

    i think Diane and I are the only ones awake now hahaha with the time diff the girls are in drmland!

    well i just thought about this and someone said “If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot” and that seems to be the case here on this board but in more ways than one we’re not only doing a little to our beloved guy all are doing a lot for him and in the next week or weeks we’ll bump some of the guys who earned about more than a thousand like KRW i like him too but not as much as we love our oppa! 🙂 then we’re going to go try bumping Gong Yoo & his fellow QofH actor OJH! hahaha Girls get ready!!

  783. 783 : sang hee Says:

    sneaking again here….i was just looking at Viet site and our chingoos fr there really worked so hard to get all those beautiful photos avail. for fans to see! it’s overwhelming and you can tell how much they love both the Yoons! amazing photos, i can’t get over how much extensive they are and i still have lots more to see! hats off to KST website and for our resourceful gir/chingoo Ju who pointed us to that direction! kamsamnida! (it’s Ju right who shared that site? i hope i’m not mistaken and if i’m wrong pls apologies and correct me later).

  784. 784 : sang hee Says:

    oppa is now at par with Seo do young who’s another fave of mine but sorry, SDY i got another find! hahahaha

  785. 785 : sang hee Says:

    good sat. morning girls….

    Ju i was able to watch the b/w vid and enjoyed every min of it! i agree w/our chingoo YSH4 you’re so resourceful indeed! thnx a bunch

    Eida…i also saw that photo that you shared the link with us, i nvr saw that before and thnx.



  786. 786 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi gals, I will be off shortly to another outing since it’s the weekend here but check this out – i believe it is the korean version of a YSH virtual fan club, with a current membership of 8019. Listed are the activities and events carried out, including soliciting for donations.

    Try this link:


    Many thanks again to our Ju da Great for the viet site. I also like the sector which devoted so many pages to YSH.

    Check out this :

    Hello SH, bogoshipo too. Btw, been meaning to ask u for quite sometime now but slipped my mind : the burning question is – which photo of YSH that u kept in yr wallet and showed to yr office janitor such that he was bowled over by the handsomeness of your ‘boyfriend’ ! haha, i have to ask !

    Talk to u gals later. Have to leave now. Bye.

  787. 787 : Julee Says:

    morning to you too SH, it’s sat here now 8.19am. Not working today so woke up slightly late.

    We’re almost reaching LDH (she’s one of my favs too, esp after watching My Girl), she can be so hilarious. Think everyone seems to be taking a break from YSH board or most likely glued to viet site. Last nite I was still snooping around KBS to find more YSH.

  788. 788 : Julee Says:

    If you girls still haven’t send in your YSH dedication to ES, hurry so that she can do another lovely tribute to him and this time with our personal dedication. Can’t wait, and thanks in advance to ES for that.

    SH, you can get most of YSH’s pics either from cyworld or this viet site. As mentioned both have tons of it. After which you’re done with both, you can also try googling YSH with his hangul name ….. that’s another hint for you girls, and that will bring you to many Korean websites.

  789. 789 : Julee Says:

    A couple of days ago, saw from a newspaper article here that Tmax is visiting Singapore but not that crazy about them. A while ago, Lee Min Ho too dropped by for some promo but the crowd got out of control so they had to cancel the event and changed venue to another location. Fans must have been so disappointed. Like him too, he’s so cute when he smiles and prefer him without that beehive hair. But of course neither he or Tmax comes anywhere near our YSH.

    If ever YSH were to come here, I’ll be the first one to queue up to get his autograph …. and if allowed, give him a plastered to the wall hug, haha ….. dream, dream. And I’m sure ES being in same time zone, would dash over for her share of him, right ES? And both of us can them camp outside his hotel to stalk him.

  790. 790 : =P Says:

    Good morning chingoos!!!

    I go away for a little while and come back to 57 messages!!!!!! Wow!!!
    We are all YOONY!!!!

    Lee Dong Wook here we come!!! – [cue Jaws theme music!!!]

    Man you girls are fantastic. I say it again and if I don’t I do mean to – thank you for all the sites, links, pics, tributes, MVs, etc. etc. etc. Without them and chatting here life would be that much more boring!!

  791. 791 : =P Says:

    ES =P KisSAngHyun would like to hug him so tight that no air would get through [and I promise not to get any drool on him.]

  792. 792 : Julee Says:

    Yes YOONY (rhymes with looney), I think that’s what we all are. That’s a good one. We can all camp out outside his hotel and jump on him.

    Seriously I hope YSH would one day come here, that would be so great. Since Tmax, LMH & a couple of other Korean artiste (now can’t recall who) have dropped by here, it’s not impossible that YSH just might visit our region one of these days. He had already started out with Japan and I’m sure he’ll meet with his other fans elsewhere. Keep fingers XXX

  793. 793 : Julee Says:

    Thanks YSH4 for the links, just saw your comment when I scrolled down. Enjoy your outing.

    Have seen the cafedaum site before but can’t undertand the Korean content. Yes that krfilm page is lovely, with lots of YSH.

    SH, perhaps now you have that fav pic of him (bed scene) in HD no less, that would be your wallet pic??

  794. 794 : =P Says:

    Ok now I have to calm my nerves and take major doses of yonnsamhistamine -yesterday on the way to give the talk – some moron [to put it very kindly] – crashed into the bac of my car and whacked the entire bumper out of shape!!

    The impact pushed my car forwad and it actually touched the car in front! Thank goodness it was stop-start type of traffic and we were already at standstill – [that’s why the other guy is a moron – imagine banging into standstill traffic!!] and the front car only had minor scratche in the paint job. Our front was ok too!!

    So I need doses and doses of medication to get me to full Yoony mode.

  795. 795 : =P Says:

    Ju imagine him filming here ala Worlds Within!!!!

    Scream scream faint faint drool drool!!!!!!

    no balnket would help then – need drainage!

  796. 796 : Julee Says:

    So sorry to hear about your auto accident, luckily not serious. Who knows, perhaps that ‘moron’ was daydreaming about our YSH too when he/she bumped into your car.

    Pardon my ignorance but I’ve not watched Worlds Within. Who’s acting??

  797. 797 : =P Says:

    Worlds Within [The World That They Live In] Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin!! They Filmed in your part of the world!

  798. 798 : Julee Says:

    now that you mentioned it, I recall reading about it sometime ago but didn’t keep track of that. I should go and look it up.

  799. 799 : =P Says:

    It was OK. I watched it cos of Hyun Bin – dimples do slay me a bit! And there were lots of kissing there! The Directors of MFL should have taken a look here to see how many kisses are needed in a drama – I thnk there was one kiss in almost every episode!!

    They – SHG andHB are now a couple -they had chemistry during the drama – became friends and hooked up 2/3 months after drama ended – realised they do like each other after all.

  800. 800 : sang hee Says:

    wow the drmland girls are up & about! hahaha i just walked away for a little while & you gals have been chatting again w/o muoah? hahaha

    good morning all! chingoos…first of, sorry =P for your accident…just glad u’r not hurt or anything! as long as you got your yoonhistamine that’ll all go away! hahaha

    listen a lot of times i get overwhelmed here as to who i shld respond to first! you guys got some good conversation going on here from YSH4 who we shld envy as she’s going off to some w/end trip! hahaha have a good one chingoo! enjoy your trip!

  801. 801 : Julee Says:

    Hi SH, was wondering where you were. Working today?

    Lots of kissing in WW? Yeah MFL PD should have given us lots plus longer DC-HN kisses. We were all so starved of them in MFL, eh girls? All we could do was use our imagination.

  802. 802 : sang hee Says:

    Ju…i really like that b/scene photo coz his face was so alluring! hahaha
    btw did you guys see that segment on Queen of H. where his estranged wife was trying to wake him up? oh he was in his PJs but half bare and he looked so sexy! hahaha

    to answer YSH4 question re which photo i got in my wallet that i showed the janitor, that’s when he did an MFL press con and i can send u a copy if i can paste it on youtube page to send u guys! it’s one of my faves of him!

  803. 803 : Uji Says:

    already watched Take care my lady..love him very much in drama

  804. 804 : Julee Says:

    Hi to you Uji, glad you dropped by. Do join us here in our raves on YSH, we’re all crazy about him too.

    Yeah that waking up bare bodied in bed QofH scene was sexy. How could his wife just poke him with her finger? If it were us, we’d have jumped on him, right SH? haha.

  805. 805 : sang hee Says:

    Just got home chingoos fr work so while waiting for my food i thought of dropping by for a few min before getting some fuel in my system! hhaha

    Ju…you bet, if it were us? are u kidding? we’ll jump for sure! hahaha we’re not wasting any time! Girl! yeah if i may reiterate that, whey would she just poke him with i think just one finger? hahaha oh he was so attractive even in MFL when he was just waking up beside HN…drool…drool…where is our chingoo =P, no more tugging of blankets are we?

    welcome Uji, hope u’ll join us regularly, at least when you find time chat w/us so that our oppa’s board will fill up to the brim and bump SIG! hahaha

    i’ll hv dinner first ladies…i know it’s Sat. and Ju i do that too on Sats. getting up a little late so that’s perfectly fine. ciao for now.

  806. 806 : =P Says:

    I’d jump poke, hug to death, death grip cuddle, squeeze and never let go!

  807. 807 : Julee Says:

    now i’m getting this image of us girls (SH, =P and I) all jumping on TB in that bed scene ….. I think we’d probably give him a heart attack for sure LOL

  808. 808 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals..

    so much conversation here….

    hope everyday have a nice weekend….

    before forget…gals….send ur dedication to our YSH as soon as possible…..hurry up girls…hihihi…

    see u later ok…..

    SH..i will send more pic through ur email after this….i will let u knew ok….

  809. 809 : eidasayang Says:

    gals..i want to jump too…..what a sexy body..

  810. 810 : sang hee Says:

    Ju in response to your #801…yeah i was working as it’s only Friday here! What is WW acronym stands for? sorry 4 my ignorance hahaha! I know we were kinda starved and wanting for more of those kisses hahaha!

  811. 811 : Julee Says:

    and each of us fighting to get hold of our fav part of him ROFLOL. SH, you want his beautiful fingers & elbows? …. =P, prob your plastered to bed hug, me ….. ahhh, I just want to stare into those beautiful soulful eyes. And then take your pick for the rest of him, haha.

  812. 812 : sang hee Says:

    gals….talking about that QoH bed scene =P and I already talked about this befoer hvnt we? i can’t recall but i think i’ve mentioned that to you already then. hahaha

    ok girls, just hold it…one by one ok? we can’t jump at the same time hahahaha i like that =P…poke, hug to death, death grip cuddle, squeeze and never let go! i just echo your comment on that! hahaha

    Ok Eida…i’ll send mine by tonight. what did we have to do? say something to him right? oh i’ll try it in hangul ok? thnx for the photos in adv…

    Ju ok thnx for the tip in finding more photos i know i got some from Viet site and i’ll dig some more!

  813. 813 : Julee Says:

    Hey ES, where are you off to …..not joining in our bed fight for TB??

    WW is for Worlds Within which =P and I were talking about in earlier comment before you joined us. SHG & WB was filming here in our region.

  814. 814 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Ju u’r soooo funny! give him a heart attach yeah hahahaha…LOL i think i just want to snuggle with him u know what they say in dramas like “let’s stay like this for a moment” hahahaha! what say u???? ok if i have to choose also, i’d like to stare at his eyes, hang on to his arms and back hug him like HN did in MFL!!

  815. 815 : sang hee Says:

    oh I see WW…i didn’t watch the whole thing i just peeked at that time coz i liked both SHK and HB from previous projects but since we found our oppa, he’s now the only apple of my eyes! hahahaha

    really they were filming there? ommmooooo if our oppa goes there i think you gals would have a ball! don’t make me jealous now ok? hahaha

    yeah where is our chingoo ES? she’s busy maybe with the tribute. i better prepare mine so she can go ahead with her youtube tribute! girls time to wash the dishes but (kunyang) i’ll be back!

    to be cont’d.

  816. 816 : Julee Says:

    ok so SH will be back hugging YSH, =P will be front plastered to YSH and hey ….. I don’t have any space to squeeze in.

  817. 817 : sang hee Says:

    ES…i’ll send u some more photos too ok? but i guess u got more than i do so pls let me know if u want some more. thnx in advance

  818. 818 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah Ju…we’ll take turns ok i’m not greedy! i dunno about =P if she’ll let us share him! hahaha

  819. 819 : =P Says:

    I got the front! I got the front! I got the front!!
    Nothing will get thru between us – I promise!! Defeinitele not air nor an atom!

    Ha ha ha! There are 10 fingers and 10 toes left to spread around! So pick your digits chingoos and neer let go –

    I just got this image of us clinging like barnacles to our darling man – he’s sooo trapped!!!

  820. 820 : Julee Says:

    got called away. So where were we? ….. clinging like barnacles & leech.

    SH & =P, you’ll both need to let go of your death grip front & back so that our TB can breathe. And let me give him oxygen, haha

  821. 821 : =P Says:

    It’ ok I’m helping him breathe – he can do it thru osmosis!!

  822. 822 : Julee Says:

    Haha, poor TB ….. I think he’ll have a nightmare of us sumo wrestling him, unable to breathe properly and will need to go hiking in some mountain (after harabuji’s return and TY found out about his feelings for HN and he quit).

  823. 823 : sang hee Says:

    u guys won’t believe this, i wrote a lengthy one and it got lost again!

    anyway, let me join in again…i was away fr comp as i rewatched ep 9 and part of 10 but i’m back!

    =P u got the front ok by me i like a back-hug anyway hahaha and Ju will assist him w/oxygen. ES what about you? hahaha he’s really sexy in that scene!

    Let me ask you this girls: would you like oppa with or w/o moustache?
    I know me and =P already got the answer awhile back, both of us prefers him with moustache so what about you Ju, ES, YSH4 (enjoying her outing) Gintonic, Uji, Jane and others???? Your opinion counts…the polls will be closing in an hour so vote now. hahaha no need to hv multi accounts! aigooooo

  824. 824 : Julee Says:

    now I got it mixed up ….. should be DC going hiking but never mind, he’s both TB/DC.

    Perhaps we need to give TB/DC a break and let him catch his breath. SH should be lost in her dedication, ES with her tribute, =P in viet site and I with more snooping for YSH finds. Wonder where’s diane.

  825. 825 : sang hee Says:

    my comment is awaiting moderation again! weh? (why) hahaha ok i’ll wait meantime girls with or without and why?

  826. 826 : sang hee Says:

    i’m sorry i forgot about Diane to be included in my question! sorry…Diane, with or without moustache & why? hahaha

    Ju….i was busy with the msg tribute and also at same time rewatching ep 9 thru 1/2 of ten as i wanted to come here and chat again! like u said before this board is so addictive! hahaha Ju da great you are in searching for oppa’s find! you ought to be commended for e.thing you do & done! i’m not even finished with Viet site so i’m gonna look again when i get a chance.

    also girls don’t forget to vote for the 2009 kdramas while we can, i’ve been voting today while at work! hahaha my boss got busy in meetings so when the cat is away the mouse will play and go to annonymouse (as per our other resourceful girl YSH4).

    Ju hv u done your message to oppa? i just don’t know what to say in a tribute hahaha any ideas?

  827. 827 : eidasayang Says:

    hi chingoos!back again……!!!

    waa….fighting over the bed scene…..what a sexy scene…..erm…..his wife just poke him with her finger right? hahaha…if i can do that!!! but i think i will do more than that!!!

    hugging…..kissing..hahaha..i will become an evil now!!!hahaha…..

    so gals…if one thing i can do with him….erm…..hugging until the air can’t go through..like =P said earlier…..hihihi….

    sang hee..i will send the pics to you..i will choose the best one..even my art work..ok friends? wait ya….

    i rewatched MFL again today….stuck in front my com after came back from shopping…i’m so addicted to this site….but that’s better for me..hahaha

  828. 828 : Julee Says:

    you forgot to type in the anti-spam word again? Thought you were too engrossed with your dedication.

    Of course with that cute little moustache, 100% ….. I even declared it openly in my blog haha. Now that we’ve gotten so used to him with it, he would look strange without. From some of his earlier pics of him without moustache, he just looks ‘different’. I think all of us love him & his moustache besides his other body parts.

    Dedication ….. I think there’s no need to get a migrane trying to find the words, just any heart-felt words you want to tell him. Imagine you’re standing in front of him, plastered or not …. and just tell him.

  829. 829 : eidasayang Says:

    SH….i prefer our oppa with moustache….he looks smexy hot!!!!hahaha..

    for me his the only korean actor who looks so cool and sexy with moustache….never seen anyone else like that..hahaha….

    so…i want his lips…..what do u call the shape of his lips..cupid what??hahaha…i can’t remember that one..hihihi..sorry chingoos….actually…..most of his body part attract my attention..hahaha…..

  830. 830 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back eida….no prob. just whenever as i’m sending u some more and i’m just kinda busy thinking of what to say to oppa for your tribute!

    hahahaha yeah we’d been having fun talking about the bed scene in queen of H. and it’s funny how his wife just sort of poke a finger waking him up. of course will do more than that! hahaha we’re all being bad now! hahaha

    wow you’d been back shopping? that’s great! do you guys make a big celeb for Christmas? We do have a big preparation for Christmas and Koreans do too!

    eida…i asked you all girls wld you prefer oppa to have moustache or without? i think he’s really the sexiest with moustache so me & =P oredi concluded he looks good with it. Normally i am not keen on guys with moustache but with him it’s really cool and sexy! hahaha

  831. 831 : Julee Says:

    hi ES, thought you were busy with your tribute vid and didn’t have time to join in the bed fight. Not fair that SH was plastered to his back and =P to his front, leaving no room for either of us.

    We should pry both of them off and take turns giving him oxygen. Poor TB, we’re his worst nightmare.

  832. 832 : sang hee Says:

    yeah i forgot to click on the anti spam again! always in a rush to click submit that’s why! hahaha yeah i got busy also for the msg tribute so Ju can finalize her project.

    you got it Ju….he looks cute with it 100% is right! he does look odd without the moustache in some of his earlier photos! u’r cute, aside from his other body parts you said. hahaha =P must be v. busy looking at Viet site eh? i havnt finished either and did you guys notice there’s this cute Hyena doll from something like talk talk korea dot com, but it’s all in Korean so even if we want to place an order i have no idea which button to click! (:

  833. 833 : =P Says:

    Sorry Ju I’m channelling barnacles!!! So it’s gonna be hard prying me off!! MMuuuaaahhhhhahahahahaha [evil laughter!]

  834. 834 : eidasayang Says:

    hi juleee….. i went for shopping actually…

    u’re right julee….may be we should have some wrestling action with them..smack down maybe???? hahaha…i think that’s better!!! hahaha..

  835. 835 : sang hee Says:

    you made me laugh again Ju…ok ok we’ll give u a chance you and ES can take turns from my side but it’s a prob with our other chingoo =P i think she’s determined to stay in front hahaha so you & ES can fight for his back while i take a break from it (back)! hahaha

    btw Ju hv u submitted to ES your trib. msg? oh i forgot to thank you earlier for your advice that whatever comes from the heart will be ok.

    ES do we have to just shorten the msg or limit to how many words perhaps? pls let us know. thnx

  836. 836 : =P Says:

    So now I’m gonna disappear for a bit – all the wrestling in bed has tired me out and I need to revive- so I’m gonna go watch MFL for a while.

    As I pointed out to you guys earlier – there are still his 10 adorable fingers and 10 cutesy toes up for grabs – so go grab already – just leave me happily plastered to him – like plaster to cement, like peanut butter & jelly in a sandwich!!

    Oooo!!! eating in bed- 91/2 weeks anyone?
    Heh Heh Heh!! [diabolical snigger this time!]

  837. 837 : sang hee Says:

    =P where hv u been? u’r glued on that Viet site i guess ha? finish channeling barnacles? ES & Ju would like a wrestling match, knock down smashdown what have u….so what do we do now? hahaha

    you girls make me laugh!

    ES before she window shopped now it’s real shopping? wow it must be nice girl!

  838. 838 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…..this site totally bright my day!!!!

    anyway…just write as long as u want….that dedication..that’s ok for me….no prob at all…..

    hahaha..take turn…we are now become our oppa nightmares….poor tae bong…hahaha….but what to do right???? his to hotttttt!!!! …..hahaha…drooling again…..

  839. 839 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha another dosage time for MFL =P??? i just finished ep 9 and 1/2 of 10 so i can come here and chat …. now it’s ur turn! i’ll stick to his back like a Koala in the mist! hahaha you guys can fight for his ten fingers and toes, i’m not gonna let go of his back sorry Mianhanida! hahaha

    why don’t we just do a tug of war kinda thing? hahaha

  840. 840 : =P Says:

    Hey Sang Hee!! I’ve been around all morning!!

  841. 841 : sang hee Says:

    ES ok will do! thnx

    did you girls realize we’re able to bump Lee da hae now with our oppa having 800 plus by us talking so much about the bed scene? hahaha way to go girls, i told you by next week he’ll have a thousand score and will be closer and closer to his lovey dovey YEH!

  842. 842 : sang hee Says:

    =P have you? ok now we’ll let you watch MFL….we don’t wanna be blame by yobo if you get cranky coz of not being able to see our other darling! hahaha which epis are u gonna rewatch this time? i stopped at ep 10 where she got drunk and piggybacked by DC!

  843. 843 : =P Says:

    Ha ha Sang Hee!!

    Isn’t this fun!! Have not been to the viet site actually today – instead devoted my time here and rewatcing some MVs. If you come across the pic of them in the Garden S
    cene – let me know – it is my all time favourite [at the moment] though I have many favourites.

    Just that gaze he gave in those few minutes -spoke volumes and volumes – every twitch, every sweeping glance and every hold he had on her – ES get you psych friend to take a glance at this garden scene and then tell us what she thinks!!

  844. 844 : eidasayang Says:

    ok gals..
    let’s play a safe game….war??? hahaha…….fight over hottie YSH….best women win!!!!

    i really can’t imagine what we’re doing right now!!!!

  845. 845 : sang hee Says:

    ES rightfully so…what to do (otto kae) if he’s too hawwtttt! hahaha i think he’s just as adorable in person as he is on camera! lovely guy.

    yeah poor Taebong and DC we’re fighting for him w/o him knowing it! hahaha

    what happen to our chingoo now Ju? still searching and searching for some more new sites? hahaha Ju da great!

  846. 846 : =P Says:

    Agree with the overtaking – that’s why I said this morning – Lee Dong Wook beware!! Ha Ha Ha!!

    Now do let me go watch MFK
    [I will not let you go – Let Me go – I will not let you go – Let me go (Queen Song) ]

    Ha ha that’s how I feel about leaving you guys – but Sang Hyun is more attractive at the moment – the MFL vortex is sucking me in – I’m in a whirlpool of desire -I need to go watch him!!!!

    I’ll Be Back!


  847. 847 : sang hee Says:

    eida reason being is that we can’t let a day passed by without talking and chanting about him! hahaha he’s a true inspiration to all of us here & we can just talk about him without feeling tired…how about that for a dosage right?

  848. 848 : Julee Says:

    girls if YSH were to drop in on the board right now and read what we’re fighting for his body parts, he’d be horrified. We are so violent …. and sooooo bad.

    So if he were to one day come here for a fan meet, he’ll need extra bodyguards and fence off an area around him. We’d have to use a pole to hand him our autograph books because no way is he going to let any of us get within touching distance.

  849. 849 : sang hee Says:

    =P that’s unfair, you were just here for a short while and you’re leaving us? you can’t do that….but ok for the love of our guy, we’ll excuse you but only for a short while! hahaha enjoy and it’s almost time for my bedtime so later youll take over.

    yeah we’ve taken over LDH and soon the next target beware who is next? i’m lazy to scroll back up there! but anyway, by nxt week we’ll be reaching a thousand!

    eida, aren’t u joining =P in rewatching MFL? you seem to be our marathon classmate as well as =P i think i’ve seen MFL now for about 6x? i dunno about =P coz she’s watched it more i guess!

    what happen to Ju? maybe it’s lunchtime now from your end?

    today at lunchtime i had an earful of our guy’s songs in my mp3 and kept rewinding the songs like Helpless Love, Romance and NES.

    where’s our other chingoo Diane? Diane must be watching MFL again also! hahaha good for you!

    the clock is ticking for my bedtime so if u don’t hear fr me girls, i’m already in drmland and i’ll share the dream if i happen to drm about our guy ok?

    few more minutes and i’ll say ciao!

  850. 850 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re right Sang hee..just make him closer to his lovey doveey YEH…..make them stuck like a leechs..or that should be us??? hahaha..

    =P…u’re right…..i will ask my psych friend about what she thinks with that garden scenes…..i think she will have another opinion about that….hahaha….i luv that scenes actually…he looks so lovely when he hug YEH….i hope that was me!!! hahaha….

  851. 851 : Diane Says:

    I definitely like our YSH with a moustache! Not a heavy one, just stubble, mostly, like in MFL. *sigh*

    We’ve been voting but the % is still not changing. Wonder why.

    I also don’t know what to say in a dedication, still thinking about it.

    I will let you girls hug and cling to our YSH while I just sit and look at those beautiful eyes and lips. I’m too old to do anything but look, anyway. haha!!!

    I’ve already gone thru a whole roll of paper towels tonite, drooling, while looking at all those photos of our YSH!

  852. 852 : sang hee Says:

    Ju u’r so right….he might need more bodyguards because all of us are fighting for him! we’re getting so vicious now hahaha! poor thing! but u know something, he seems to be the type who’d welcome anything, he seems very accommodating and passive! So….we can probably get away with it minus the ‘restraining’ order! hahaha only certain feet especially no touching….i’ll try to just touch his flawless elbows! hahaha

  853. 853 : sang hee Says:

    Now we got Diane on board! yes all of us seem unanimous with him having a moustache so he better not shave it off! hahaha Diane you can still participate, nobody’s old so just take your pick, arms, elbows and i know you got a thing with hands so maybe =P will let u have his hands! hahaha

    i noticed that the % of that poll for kdramas are not changing either, maybe they’ll count it at one time each week? it’s kinda odd isn’t it? we don’t even know if our votes are counted or what??

    eida…ur funny, make them closer like a leech! hahaha i love that! yes indeed we’ll make it closer & closer and look where we are now around 800 plus! i think most of the fans on this board for those actors may not be visiting this board as extensive as we all have been!

    i’ve been saying i’ll hit the sack but am still here! this board is really addictive! hahaha

  854. 854 : eidasayang Says:

    hi diane….u’re here……:)

    sang hee..i must hug him no matter what happen….is such a waste if i can’t do that if he standing in front of me or i can see him in real right??? hahaha…..**dream***

    and about all the bodyguards..i think we can fight with them!!! small matter right??? hahaha……

  855. 855 : Julee Says:

    SH don’t forget to pretend to faint while touching his elbows, so that he’ll catch you with his beautiful hands.

    Diane, age is just a no ….. as long as we’re breathing, we can let our imagination run wild.

  856. 856 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha..julee….once again….pretend to faint is the best tactic actually….
    i hope i can do that….hahaha….

    but we must give a chance to sang hee right??
    diane..don’t worry…we will help u to hug sang hyun…..:)

  857. 857 : Diane Says:

    Then I’ll take one of his hands, not just a finger, but the whole hand! Guess I’m being greedy, though, right?

    But I still can’t stop staring at his lips, especially when he is talking. And those expressive eyes!

  858. 858 : sang hee Says:

    =P i just saw ur comment about the garden scene….so far i hvnt seen it but i do, i’ll jot down the page and let u know.

    all day long in between tasks at work i’ve been looking at Viet site and it’s really v v impressive, those photos they posted there are just beautiful. i got some that i wanted to save in my flash d. I have to look at it as i was not even half way close to where i should be!

    ladies, much as i don’t want to say g/nite as parting is such a sweet sorrow hahaha i may have to — too bad we’re not in the same zone! however, you all have a great weekend and as Koreans would say it: Hang bok han haru bonesae yo my chingoos!

    keep on talking if you can so our guy’s score goes up and up each time! hahaha

    bye for now and see you in the morning!

  859. 859 : eidasayang Says:

    erm….suddenly i realise his pic on this board……can they replace it with other pic??? u know what i mean right?? the latest one… sexy..cool..hahaha….

    p/s: just a request….don’t blame me….hihihi…

  860. 860 : Julee Says:

    as I said earlier, the polls IT guy should let voters have the actual total votes per drama instead of % as that will give a direct feedback to voters. Because % is calculated from total poll votes, it will not move much or very fast and it might just remain the same because voters for different dramas are adding in same no of votes …. so overall % remains the same even as total votes increase.

    ES, you too remember to faint when in front of YSH so you can have excuse to get that air tight hug from him, hihi

  861. 861 : Diane Says:

    Good night, Sang Hee, sweet dreams of our YSH!

  862. 862 : Julee Says:

    diane diane, not just the hands, that is not enough. Go for it ….. while staring into his eyes, hypnotise him and join ES and me in giving him oxygen haha

  863. 863 : eidasayang Says:


    hynotise him…i like that girl…….


  864. 864 : sang hee Says:

    i was about to log off and seeing some of ur comments i can’t ignore them! hahaha

    yeah ok Ju & ES…i won’t ever forget to faint so he can carry me hahaha i want him to piggyback me from Seoul to Busan! hahaha Don’t forget his hands belong to Diane! hahaha well how about you Ju? u hvnt told us what you really want? hahaha

    yes ES it’s such a waste if you can’t even hug him up close & personal! yes Diane =P will let u have his hands and as Ju says i agree there’s no age gap among us, you can do it! his lips are like cupid bow shape it’s irresistible and i wonder how YEH felt with those kisses coz of his moustache? haahaha ticklish? hahaha bad bad girl!

    girls i got to go so keep talking really i’m sleepy now. hahaha i wish i cld stay some more as it’s Sat. anyway tomorrow but if i miss my bedtime, i won’t be able to sleep through as my bodyclock is used to that schedule.

    take care ya all Jjal jah…or g/nite

  865. 865 : sang hee Says:

    thnx i’ll let u know if i happen to dream about him! hahaha

    oxygen girls…you decide ok who gets to do what…u need not only administer oxygen you should do a mouth to mouth resuscitation! hahaha


  866. 866 : Julee Says:

    i’ve been laughing so much since we started with our wild imagination on the Tb bed scene. If YSH4 were with us and not out there hiking, wonder which body part she’ll take.

    In case you girls need to get back your breathe from all this laughing and to get your yoondose, we can always take a break. Btw ES, how’s your tribute vid coming along …. got all your YSH shots yet?

  867. 867 : Julee Says:

    SH should be on her way to YSH dreamland but in answer to her question as to which body part I want to claim …… definitely his eyes. If he were to just stare into mine (remember him catching HN when she almost fell off the stairs) …… ahhhh, heaven.

    Btw I also openly declared in my blog that I totally love his eyes so it’s on record, haha

  868. 868 : nhuy Says:

    so surprise! we have more 800 comment for him for short time
    this is forum, you can search much photo about him. let enjoy


  869. 869 : Diane Says:

    I know what I can do. I can go cook up a healthy meal for our YSH because after you girls are done with him, he will need some nourishment. Then I will feed him so I can continue looking at his lips while he eats my food!

  870. 870 : Julee Says:

    thanks for the link nhuy. Yeah, we’ve been having so much fun here and the comments coming in so rapidly at times that some of it had to wait for moderation.

    Now it’s quiet on the eastern & western front ….. most of the girls need a break from the board.

    Hi diane, you’re not sleeping yet …. should be around 3 am + in your zone now? Yes, great idea as good food is another way into a man’s heart. After our mauling, he definitely would need it.

    To those who might have dropped in while we were busy claiming YSH’s body parts and suffocating him, please do excuse us …. just joking around. We’d all be so in awe of him that probably we’d be speechless.

  871. 871 : Diane Says:

    Yes, Julee, they say the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, so I think my idea is a good one! Also it’s a good way for a man to catch a woman’s eye. That was how my husband caught me, with his cooking.
    It is almost 3:25 am here, but I don’t usually sleep too good at night. So I am checking out my favorite place, among other things.

    We do joke around a lot, but again, you are right, Julee. If we were to actually meet our YSH, we would be speechless and probably paralyzed. LOL!!

  872. 872 : Julee Says:

    Diane, have you sent ES your YSH dedication yet? Was telling SH not to give herself a migrane coming up with the perfect words ….. just your own heartfelt words.

    I think ES is probably dying to complete her masterpiece so those who have yet to send it to her, deadline’s coming. Would love to see it too.

  873. 873 : Diane Says:

    yes, I did remember to do that, Julee. She does good work, so I can’t wait, either, to see her finished product.

  874. 874 : Julee Says:

    Finally finally I got to watch the memorable TB teary confession at his late father’s funeral …. poor TB. Was worth getting the dvd for this as the links on mysoju had been broken, like for a century. Just remembered I could have watched it on AZNV.

  875. 875 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong chingoos….you guys didn’t talk a lot while i was asleep? hahaha i can’t help but laugh with you Ju and Diane…yeah a way to a man’s heart is his stomach…we each can prepare something based from our speciality but we’ll assign Diane while we’re busy with him! hahaha

    Ju yeah his eyes would be one of his greatest assets aside from the others like Diane’s fave lips. I’m almost certain if YSH4 was here & not hiking & having fun hahahaha she’ll choose his teeth! She told me once before even meeting you ladies here that she admires his perfect teeth and gum unlike other actors who obviously got their teeth capped! Mind you ladies, albeit i don’t wanna sound greedy? I like everything about him! hahahaha

    thnx nhuy for that site and hope u can join us regularly cause we’re almost reaching our goal to a thousand!!!

  876. 876 : sang hee Says:

    Ju that scene at his father’s funeral was one that really hit me with his acting ability….teary-eyed and really convincing! what a great actor he is! I also remember when you sent me that vid or link about his interview when his dad suffered a stroke that was while he’s doing QofH and it could be real tears in the drama as he was thinking about his real father! I really like his Taebong role just like his DC role! I hope he gets some recognition for either roles this year! It’s worth having the DVD as part of your collection isn’t it?

  877. 877 : Julee Says:

    YSH4 likes YSH’s teeth?? Anyone else haven’t chosen their fav part yet? Eyes, teeth, lips, moustache, fingers, elbows, his back & front ….. all these taken.

  878. 878 : Julee Says:

    yes, getting the dvd is worth it and esp when you get clear & sharp images. That’s why I don’t mind getting dvds for re-watching, it makes a difference.

    I was telling diane that i had to get the dvd for MFL because what I see on mysoju is not very sharp, and you miss out on those lovely parts such as his expression & teary eyes eg the teaching HN bike scene when he silently expressed his anyeong to HN …. his range of emotions at that moment were priceless.

  879. 879 : Diane Says:

    I think we all should admit there isn’t just one thing perfect about our YSH, that we like ALL of him. All of him is perfect to us. Whether it’s his hair, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, ears, hands, fingers, elbows, body – both front and back, moustache, even his cheeks. I haven’t checked out his feet and toes, but I’m sure they are perfect, also.

    Yeah, I’ll leave all the physical stuff to you girls. I’ll concentrate on his stomach and cook for him. I don’t mind not touching as long as I can look at him.

  880. 880 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee..

    YSH eyes are the beautiful eyes that i’ve ever seen…hope when i have a child in future….i want him/her have eyes like that….so..i have to see his eyes everyday right??hahaha…

    now i remember..YEH also mentioned before….YSH have beautiful eyes….she admitted to that….hihihi…

  881. 881 : Julee Says:

    Now his feet & toes, haha ….. any of his dramas show his feet??

  882. 882 : Diane Says:

    Well, in MFL DC andnHN are at the beach and running around bare foot, but I don’t remember getting any good look at his feet. Maybe later I’ll go look at that episode and see. But since I can only see it on my laptop, it won’t be very clear. But I’m sure his feet are perfect as the rest of him.

  883. 883 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha…don’t worry chingoo…
    i already examine his feet and toes….perfect!!!!

  884. 884 : =P Says:

    Hi there!! I’m back.
    Waht a long day it has been – besides watcing a little MFL I had a ton of errands to run – 1 thing led to another and before you knoe it an avalanche

    How nice if our darling dropped in on us like an avalanche – hitting us when we least expect it!

  885. 885 : =P Says:

    As for his toes -check out his Marie Claire spread- he was bare footed

    He looks good wet too – so after wrestling him in bed- might need to take a well deserved shower – tog?

  886. 886 : =P Says:

    I too am waiting to get ma hands on MFL dvd. Actually viikii was the clearest as far as the drama – but youtube cuts had some fantastically HD scenes – I tell you every pore could be seen.

    Sang Hee dear, yobo definitely understands craze and has also requested dvd!! Ha Ha!

  887. 887 : =P Says:

    Well it is kinda late now – Sang Hee you at work already gal? Well I am about to go to dreamland with our man. I’ve been running around like crazy and I’m knackered. Loke I said weekends tend to be busier for me than weekdays!

    Need some tender loving care from YSH or I’ll be really cranky!

  888. 888 : =P Says:

    By tomorrow morning Lee Dong Wook is history – haha! I mean I do like the man too – but we need to prioritise don’t we?

    Now for today’s favourite scene – DC has taken HN to the fundraiser and he watches her thru the window admiring her smile – then he takes her home and she goes on and on and on and on about TY!!! I loved his face when he was so fed up with HN’s incessant prattle about TY and the look of utter disgust and irritation he felt for TY – I thought he was so cute!

    Of course HN is oblivious to it all and continues her fantasies until she pushes DC’s buttons to the point her reacts – by mock kissing her – shocking her into silence.

    For me his expressions were priceless!!

  889. 889 : =P Says:

    Also – at this point – DC was engineering skinship – but I think his reaction here was purely instinctive – a reaction to his own feelings and HN’s seemingly egging him on by prattling on about TY.

    What I thougth was interesting was throughout the `accidental’ skinship – HN’s antenna was not receiving – LOL . Initially DC was also only going through the motions to try to get to HN – Only later – DC started feeling the electricity once he started acknowledhing his feelings – and HN so much later!

  890. 890 : Julee Says:

    for that scene, did they really kiss or not??

  891. 891 : =P Says:

    Whereas in our cases – our ears perk up [besides other things] – our senses tingle – minor electrical impulses start running up and down our spine – our eyes start to shine and glow in an unearthly manner – heart starts to palpitate – saliva glands work overtime, blood rushes to our heads and our finger itch to type at the very thought of, fleeting memory of, slight hint of and the mention of the name Yoon Sang Hyun!

  892. 892 : =P Says:

    No Ju unfortunately not. It would have been nice but no.

  893. 893 : Julee Says:

    yes what a pity. I quite like his rapt expression on the sleeping HN’s face while he gently pushed back her hair ….. so totally absorbed by her lips (close up)

  894. 894 : =P Says:

    so fellow Yoonies out there, I wish you Yoon dreams and good rest. Let’s get together tomorrow and share what a great date we’ve had with our Yoony.

    Tomorrow 1st thing I’m going back to the Garden Scene – somehow that is playing on my mind the most at the moment – it is just such an intimate moment. In fact Sang Hee I think this would make a great picture with him looking livingly into my eyes.

    Sigh, sigh, melt, melt. puddle, puddle!

  895. 895 : =P Says:

    Yup I too loved the rapt look he gave her – he was like studying her face – ‘who is this face that I have come to like so much!
    And then she yammers about TY – so funny!

  896. 896 : =P Says:

    I really loved the pissed look he had on

  897. 897 : =P Says:

    If memory serves me – I think he only ever really got angry – I mean downright fuming mad – with her at his former jebi bar – but even then he quickly cooled down and thought of her needs first again!

    How patient can he be – especially with one with HN’s temper – so considerate!1

    I mean all that scolding and shouting were all very affectionate – but downright angry – once – right?

  898. 898 : =P Says:

    You know the problem with this is – once you get a comment down and are ready to say goodnight – something pops into your mind and you must share it – and NOW!! Or else it niggles and nags till it’s done!!

    So saying goodnight could be a drama in itself – so long drawn!

  899. 899 : Julee Says:

    haha =P, at this rate you’ll be going on until tmr morning

  900. 900 : =P Says:

    Now I’m thinking that if I just put a few more comments down – I’d be crossing th 900 mark Yahoo!! yippee!!!

    Wouldn’t that be grand? To think that just a week ago – his name was not even listed.

    I wonder if he has his agency people looking at the net and just browsing to see if he’s popular or if anything negative gets written?
    You’d think that his agency would want to monitor fan sites to take the temperature of the fans out there!

    I think they do to some extent – otherwise YEH would not have gotten wind of the netizens slamming her acting.

    In any case – I hope that either he or his people do visit here and take back only good comments to him. All other else we are joking and having fun – We all really really love you and are major fans – is a message I hope he gets.

  901. 901 : =P Says:

    At the rate I’m going Ju this is going to be a 20 ep goodnight drama!!

    Hey I’m just 3 off the mark to 900 – wanna help?

  902. 902 : =P Says:

    Heh heh!! I was just thinking should I just go to bed or should I just put down 1 more comment – I mean how hard can that be – and guess what – my anti spam word just happens to be – easy!!

    It’s a sign!! LOL!!

  903. 903 : =P Says:


    Seriously chingoos – I’ve made it to 900 and I don’t know what to say – my anti spam word this time is – MADE!!!!!

    How freaky is that!! Now I can go to sleep happy – I can leave you all with this cliff hanger and come back tomorrow to 100 comments!!!

  904. 904 : =P Says:



  905. 905 : Julee Says:

    if he ever does see our comments on this board, what would he think about us fighting for his body parts? You & SH plastered to his front & back, haha.

    Do you think ours has the fastest rising comment board in this site? We were sort of invisible some weeks ago and now have shot past quite a few. I think they do have korean fan forums, some we’ve come across on cyworld but cannot understand the content.

  906. 906 : Diane Says:

    I love reading all your comments. Sometimes it helps me to put things into perspective when you give your views on different scenes. We all have our own way of seeing things due to our own lives and experiences, and the way we were raised and taught.

    I know I had some questions about the hospital scene in ep 15 where the grandfather told HN to find someone who could be responsible for her and the company. I couldn’t understand why no one could see how DC had been such a big help to HN, not only with her life but with her work. But Julee explained to me about the difference in classes and stuff. I appreciated her help in understanding because with my upbringing, I wasn’t really taught to look at things that way. So I sometimes need someone to point certain things out to me. That’s one of the many reasons why I miss my husband so much. He was the one usually who explained all that stuff to me.

    If his agency ever did tell him about these comments, I hope YSH understands it is only because we love him so very much!

    Anyway, I think I better take a nap now because my eyes are getting tired. I’ll be back when I wake up, though. Have a good day, girls!!

  907. 907 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi gals,got back from a most exhilarating hiking trip, got completely exhausted ( but the good kind of tiredness !) and fell into a deep slumber and now got up at 1 a.m, had a late late snack and sneaked a peak at ur comments.

    I want in too for some YSH’s body parts ! Could not bear to be left out. Aww, all the delectable parts taken ! The eyes taken by our Ju, the lips and a whole hand by Diane ( and she also cornered his stomach thru her cooking !) and =P, ES and SH the other remaining parts . The teeth is not counted as this is just fetish for me.

    But all is not lost !! To me, a real charmer must have great neck/throat on a good set of shoulder. Oh, i see u gals must have overlooked this ! Hehe, am going right for this before THAT is also taken. And….what is charisma when a guy have thin, straggly hair ? I just luv oppa’s thick soft hair ! So am booking that too !

    Ahem, most of my friends and even strangers have commented on my luscious lips and what better use of those lips but to plant intense smooches on oppa’s throat/neck and leave perfect imprint evidence of those passion ? hahaha. And all these smooches to the background music of Duffy singing in her sensual, sultry voice , going ” yeah, yeah, yeah….i love you….I am begging you… yeah, yeah, please release me….”. And of course, running my hands thru his thick hair !

    Ooops, that reminds, Eida, we are supposed to give some dedication to oppa for your next tribute ?

    Here’s mine – i got inspiration from Duffy after those smooches :

    “SangHyun ssi…i am begging for mercy !” From your slavishly-devoted YSH4ever.

    OK, since i’ve staked my claim on some of his body parts, am going off for my beauty sleep. Goodnite to those on the same time zone.

    P.S. ya, =P, quite freaky you shd have the appropriate anti spam word like ‘easy’ and ‘made’. And mine is also freaky – it is ‘pat’. haha

  908. 908 : Julee Says:

    Now that YSH4 has staked her fav spot, new image in head:

    SH plastered to YSH’s back, =P plastered to his front, YSH4 hanging onto his neck with luscious lips & running fingers thru his hair, Ju gazing deeply into his eyes (when she can find a bit of space bet =P & YSH4), Diane grabbing both his hands & feet (trying to coax him to eat), ES fighting with SH & =P for a share of his front/back.

    Poor TB-DC-YSH.

  909. 909 : sang hee Says:

    i’m back girls…was out shopping for a while till i dropped nah….kidding! i didn’t splurge just food shopping…that’s one of my passions food! hahaa

    ok i was just gone for a little while and this board went up to 900? wow!

    welcome back =P & YSH4…we envy you for having to go outing and hiking! that’s one of the things our oppa likes…to hike so if YEH turns him down you guys would have one thing in common…hiking! hahaha that’s not for me i can just stay at home and cook for him all day! hahaha Diane we’re the cooks on this board I guess!
    Ok the shoulders and neck not taken yet YSH4 so you can have that, we won’t fight with you on that coz i’m cozy behind his broad back! hahaha I feel protected and that’s good even for piggybacking which i like v. much! hahaha

    =P don’t overdose yourself now with MFL ok? tell yobo wait patiently for the release of DVD…you’ll see in close up their kiss in ep 15 at the hospital like i told you when we used to exchange views about it and i also told the girls that in close up YEH’s response to our guy’s kiss was like a fish that’s moving its lips when consuming food! hahahaha bad girl eh?

    Ju & ES…yeah ur right Ju ES and myself will have to fight for his broad back…mind you Ju you chose a good part his eyes for i love his eyes too so we may have to fight for that too! hahaha i like his cupid bow shaped lips too so i think since YSH4 says she’s got nice lips and what a waste if she can’t use that for its purpose so we’ll just take turns, you can’t have it all for yourself! hahah
    on to another board so we can add more scores.

  910. 910 : sang hee Says:

    =P i agree, i also like LDW since My Girl fame but we all have to give up one and sorry to say we’re giving him up here! hahaha i think with the rate we’re going here, we’ll soon bump Gong Yoo? what you think girls? aja aja

    i’ll be back i need to do some chores girls! this board is getting addictive! it’s Sunday now your zone and it’s 5 pm here Sat.

  911. 911 : eidasayang Says:

    sang hee…..

    every time i see fish..i will remember the kiss….
    u know what….i always take fish as my lunch…..
    yesterday my sister stared at me strangely coz i laugh when i try to eat the fish on my plate……

    what to do right? fish and hye na…..hahaha…..

  912. 912 : sang hee Says:

    hihihi eida u made me laugh…look at that ep again & tell me if i’m not right hahaha how come ur up already u shd get the email by now..the other girls must still be in drmland. hahaha

    i luv to eat fish too eida…it’s better for our health than eating too much meat right?

  913. 913 : sang hee Says:

    good morning girls….i wanna share this with you and i’m so excited really, please don’t kill me with jealousy ok? yaksuk? hahaha

    My cousin surprised me with a parcel as her Christmas present, it arrived today (oh my gosh i can’t even type sorry) in it she got me a DVD (she made) full of YSH photos plus she included the photoshop photos with me & YSH in the DVD, b/ground music Helpless Love, Romance and girls i’m speechless! She was so good that i’ve been busy feasting my eyes on our guy’s photos! It’s awesome! I told her if she’s nearby, I could just hug her so tight she won’t be able to get some air! hahaha The best present i got i must say! Then she also got the photoshop printed & framed the wedding photo! hahaha girls i got to watch the DVD and get back to you all! I’m just overwhelmed right now.

  914. 914 : Julee Says:

    SH you’re so so lucky to have such a darling cousin who made you your own YSH dvd, envy envy. Now you have another source for yoondose. Wish we could all get to see it, really the perfect X’mas present.

    Just got back from breakfast and dropped by to check out the board. It’s sunday, though not workday it’s chores day. Now I got this cyworld vid song stuck in my head, perhaps have been listening to it too much on PC & MP3.

    Seems like ES too have been afflicted by the flashback laughing bug, fish = DC-HN hospital kiss. Mine was the earlier =P drooling & SH’s fake YSH pics. Besides being incurable YSH addicts, we seem to have become YSH board addicts as well. A must check it out place or else we suffer from withdrawal symtoms (=P’s twitching fingers).

  915. 915 : =P Says:

    congratulations and Merry Christmas Sang Hee!! Wow what a fantastic gift – I’m sure we are all trying not to freak out in a jealous rage right now and to be happy for our dear chingoo – LOL!!!

    You lucky girl – go and enjoy your dvd!!!

    I had to rush to the hospital this morning – someone I know very ill – so just got back – and now rushing off again – sigh!!!! O for a restful weekend!!

    See ya all later chingoos

  916. 916 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Ju i’m so lucky and blessed to have such a darling cousin that in spite of her busy sched she’s able to go out of her way to do such a marvelous deed for me and others! she’s awesome! yeah now i have some dose of him in one click of the monitor! hahaha i know i wish i cld share it with you guys but i guess i’m too shy and private that it’s for our eyes only at this time! hahaha great great xmas present indeed!

    you shld see the photos plus the background music like Helpless Love, Romance and the other song he did I think from Princess Lulu? i’m not sure! not only that but she got me all the photoshop printed and it’s also included in DVD itself. she made me two copies of DVD coz she says in case the other one gets worn out i have a back up! hahaha she’s indeed a darling! love her really! she’s wonderful!

  917. 917 : Julee Says:

    Just read in the papers that yesterday we had this all-korean music festival Seoul’d Out here with top korean bands FT Island, Brown-eyed girls, T-max & some others with 5000+ tickets sold. Also had a feature Mad about Korea ….. our people’s obsession with kdramas, kpop, food, cosmetics ( The Faces shop with 19 branches here).

    Perhaps I should contact the organisers and make a request for them to bring in YSH. For now, will be re-watching QofH dvd while waiting for MFL (can only watch it on AZNV now).

  918. 918 : sang hee Says:

    sorry to hear about that =P…i hope she’ll be ok! hahaha yeah my cousin is just terrific! what more can u ask for xmas than our ysh! oh i was just overwhelmed i tell you!

    Ju…ur funny ES must be having flashback of the fish? hahaha if u see it on big screen you’ll probably agree with my analogy on that! hahaha i dunno it just looked like that to me!

    Ju i agree this board is getting to be addictive like our guy, as soon as i get up turn on the comp, check the board, lv a msg or something, go out to do some errands come back check this board it’s like becoming a routine for us and it seems like you’re incomplete w/o visiting this board much less leaving a msg or two! Like =P said you scroll before leaving the page and you see another comment that u feel u should acknowledge or something like that. hahaha

    sooner or later this board is going to be like the SIG score! hahaha

    let me look at the DVD again chingoos! hahaha

  919. 919 : Julee Says:

    Wow SH, 2 copies of your own YSH vid …. double, triple envy. Your cousin is a gem, she’s so thoughtful. She sure knows you very well … worn out dvd from over-watching, haha.

    =P is such a busy busy lady, always seem to be dashing around.

  920. 920 : sang hee Says:

    Ju enjoy QofH…u might be annoyed with the lead actress fr time to time so i f/ward it to the epis where our guy is mostly getting his air time! hahaha one of my fave scenes, him eating popsicles, he’s like a little kid then the scene where his wife pokes him to wake up and the funeral scene where he was really convincing, plus when he was singing to the lead actress ep 13, i rewatched that many times oredi! hahaha

  921. 921 : sang hee Says:

    yes Ju she’s a jewel indeed! i just don’t know what to say! she’s so giving and doesn’t want anything in return! yeah she knows i’m addicted to YSH and thought of making an extra copy in case it gets worn out from rewatching! hahaha she got that right. since i unwrapped the parcel i’ve played it maybe 3 times now!

    yeah =P is a busy bee (lady).

    i got my trib. sent to eida but where is she? she must still be in drmland? hahaha

  922. 922 : Julee Says:

    Have seen quite clearly on the youtube cuts our DC-HN ‘fishy’ kiss. I thought she was sort of savouring the moment, with eyes closed. If she had her eyes opened, she’d be like a fish.

    Oh, let’s not spoil THE kiss. We don’t want to burst out laughing everytime we eat fish.

  923. 923 : sang hee Says:

    Ju try to contact the organizer and ask them to invite YSH…oh that will be a big envy from us for sure if he goes there and you get to see him in person! arghhhhhhhhhh

  924. 924 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah Ju u made me laugh o-redi with that fish comment! it’ll be better on big screen when you get ur copy! savouring the moment is right hahaha and if she had her eyes open she’ll be truly like a fish…u r v funny! hahaha

  925. 925 : Julee Says:

    So you’ve already sent in your dedication, I was just about to ask you. YSH4 made me laugh with hers ….. begging for mercy indeed. ES probably is busy creating her masterpiece, it’s almost noon here and she should be up and about.

    Yes I thought too that TB was cute sucking on that ice popsicle, he’s such a kid in some scenes. There was one of him accidentally dropping his mobile when he was expecting a call from that lady, and he actually sat down on the floor trying to put back the scattered pieces. Just like a little adorable kid.

    So glad I got the dvd as it’s so nice to watch him on big screen and with such clear images. And he looks so handsome, haha.

  926. 926 : sang hee Says:

    girls we’re almost reaching a thousand with the score going up & up!

    yeah we don’t want to spoil that kiss in the hospital…actually that’s quite tender (kiss) and i really thought it was a good one! hahaha i had to rewound it for ___th xxx coz it was one of my fave scenes! hahaha
    although i liked 95% of MFL scenes!!

    Ju i hope ur having a restful weekend and taking it easy! where’s e.body? ES must be busy with her tribute! YSH4 having a beauty rest still? Diane, rewatching MFL with Thomas scrutinizing YSH’s hands or fingers? hahaha

    I hope Gintonic is ok we hvnt heard from her in a while now!

    Ju are you still voting? i hvnt today as i’d been in and out and now with the DVD from cuzz i’m gonna be glued now and then! hahaha

  927. 927 : sang hee Says:

    yeah he looked like a kid sucking on popsicle and yes Ju i remember that scene where he dropped his cell phone on the floor and see how colourful his outfit was in that scene if i’m not mistaken. he looks so dashing and sleek in Queen and his cheeks were much shallower than in MFL really handsome! I also liked that scene when he was walking with the dog he looked so arrogant but funny in a positive way! hahaha

    it’s really better on DVD isn’t it? glad u got it!

  928. 928 : Julee Says:

    I did vote off and on, but it’s kind of discouraging that the % remains at 6. Yeah we’re about to overtake HHJ and should reach 1000 before long, once the other girls come onboard.

    Got my chores to do but will chat for a bit first.

  929. 929 : sang hee Says:

    o yeah i already submitted mine which is just a short one as i didn’t know what to say and i got so much to say but just thought of making it concise as i don’t want to say too much and fill the screen on youtube! hahaha that’s cute of YSH asking for mercy! btw i hvnt checked that song again Mercy…i wld have to find time to do that i think if know which ones you guys were talking about but i can’t remember the tune now.

  930. 930 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i also noticed that the score doesn’t seem to change so it’s not certain how they do it!

    yeah we’ll reach 1 thous. in no time and if we get some more comments fr the girls it’ll be good!

    mind u i also got so much chores to do and so little time and while typing i got the MFL playing i’m not rewatching ep 11 they’re on the rooftop remember that scene? i like YEH she’s good in drama and v. convincing when she cries!

  931. 931 : Julee Says:

    Another scene which really made me LOL was when TB was with that lady at the roof top and she was asking him to allow her to repay him in installments, and camera shows him turning his face towards us viewers with that hilarious gleeful look of his before turning back to her, pretending to be all serious.

    It was because he was delighted that her paying him in installments meant he would get to see her more often. That look of his really made me LOL. So cute.

  932. 932 : Julee Says:

    Here’s the link for the YSH montage with mercy song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmsaIQ-f6dY

    A very nice vid and addictive song by Duffy.

  933. 933 : Julee Says:

    Yeah, better not to fill up the youtube screen with a too long dedication or else you’ll block YSH’s face haha … and he would need to pause the MV to read.

    Wonder if the rest of the girls had sent in theirs. Diane, me, you, YSH4 & of course ES herself ….. not sure about =P.

  934. 934 : Julee Says:

    Ok, think I’ll have to go attend to those chores and cont with chat later. Enjoy your x’mas present … and don’t wear out the dvd, ok?

  935. 935 : eidasayang Says:

    hi chingoosss….

    i’ve just got a shock news actually from my brother in law…
    his uncle die in a car accident with his other two sons…..have to go to the funeral…..

    so will meet u later ok…….


    YSH forever!!!

  936. 936 : sang hee Says:

    oh sorry eida for that news…our deepest sympathy to ur brod in law! take care! go ahead don’t worry about the board, u need to be there for them!

  937. 937 : sang hee Says:

    eida thnx for the link i think if that’s the montage then YSH4 sent that to me awhile back before we even met you girls here on board i loved it!

    yeah i dunno if it was short enuf i shld tell eida that i’ll edit it later.

    u know something? i got so many things also like chores that i’ve been procrastinating and u know what they say about that…procrastination is the thief of time! hahaha

    yeah i’ve been enjoying the DVD and the photos as well so let’s take a brk for now and see you when we see you girls!

  938. 938 : =P Says:

    My what a day this has been – and it’s not over yet!!


    ES – condolences

    Well I sometimes I need more of me – 1 to sit here and type -1 to do chores – 1 to watch MFL and 1 to sit and relax!

    Well the day is not over yet – I still have a Christmas dinner to go to and cook for – it’s a pot bless/luck – have they not heard of catering? – why not let the chef rest – season of goodwill and all!!

    Ah Well!!!

    Let me just take a breather here!

  939. 939 : =P Says:

    I do seem to be dahing a lot don’t I? Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen – Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen – LOL

    Anyway – times like this I really need to chill and what better way than to hear him sing – ahhhhhh!!!

  940. 940 : Julee Says:

    ES so sorry about your brother-in-law’s loss, our deepest condolences to him & family.

    Hi =P, sent in your YSH dedication yet?

  941. 941 : =P Says:

    I think I did send my dedication – thru ES right? – Well if I didn’t then here it is again – Saranghae!! We hope to see you in a new project soon. Your loyal unshakeable fan – KisSangHyun =P

  942. 942 : =P Says:

    Hi my Yoony chingoos – Whew after a long day – I am finally where I belong – in front of my comp – looking at MFL MVs.

    My brains are kinda fried right now so I need to unscramble it to unwind [thanks to Diane – we all talk food now!! LOL]

    Actually – I was just scanning the MVs and I was watching the scene where DC first started working with HN and they are at the stable – DC had only been beaten up until then by HN – and HN was a scary thing to him – now he sees a softer more vulnerable side to her – when he sees her crying – you can see in his beautiful eyes – his heart softens too! His eyes show that he suddenly feels so sorry for her.
    Great scene and the favourite for today – cos that is a referenct to shich DC makes when HN askes him when he first started liking her.

  943. 943 : =P Says:

    Well, goodnight chingoos! It has been a really long day and I need to get my beauty sleep ready for my date with my man tonite – we’ll probably go to the Dream Cafe to hang out.!!

  944. 944 : Julee Says:

    Gdnite to you too =P. Was re-watching QofH just now and got the idea of copying images directly from it, just finised ep2 and saved almost all scenes with lovely pics of TB in it. Guess that’s another advantage of getting the dvd, lovely sharp images to copy.

  945. 945 : Julee Says:

    Now that I’m re-watching, I just noticed how good YSH looks in this series …. so much better looking here than in MFL. His face is definitely slimmer.

  946. 946 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoos good morning fr this end! i know u guys are in drmland still! Eida so sorry about ur brod in law once again deepest sympathy.

    Ju — u must’ve done a lot of chores as i did? i got so much more not 100% done so i’ll be here off and on.

    Ju i also think so that our guy looks much better with a slimmer face in QofH and more handsomer than in MFL! He shld lose those bit of fat on his cheeks! 🙂

    =P you got your hands full too with your activities based fr what you’re sharing with us y-day.

    talk to u guys later since most of you are in drmland!
    hello to Diane in my same zone well a few hrs ahead that is!
    already work week to you guys when u wake up so don’t work too hard!

  947. 947 : sang hee Says:

    i was about to leave the board and noticed LDW is getting closer to be bumped by our guy soon! so girls let’s work on it and get him by YEH’s side in due time!

  948. 948 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals..

    i make another tribute for our YSH…..check it out ok?


    YSH forever!!

  949. 949 : Julee Says:

    thanks ES, just watched the vid with lovely YSH pics ….. delighted to see our names at the end too.

    SH I’m sure we can manage another 29 comments to get past LDW and on next to LJK. I like the latter too but he’s not my #1. Yesterday quite a no of you girls were either busy with stuff or quiet so hope today you’re back to add in. I’ll be a bit busy at work this morning so will join in when I can.

  950. 950 : Julee Says:

    SH, not just the cheeks, I think in QofH he was overall much more slimmer. If not mistaken, both QofH & MFL were done this year so both were just some months apart.

    Just checked, QofH broadcast march 2009 & MFL aug 2009. So QofH probably filmed beg of this year followed a few months later by MFL. How different a few months make to our YSH ….. perhaps too busy to work out.

  951. 951 : Julee Says:

    I’m still at home and checking out the board, need my caffeine dose but unfortunately my supply had run out. Besides being a YSH and board addict, I’m a caffeine addict …. coffee ok, not the ‘drug’ druggie so don’t go O_O.

    Will have to get my dose when I get to work. If I go without a cup, I’ll get a headache.

  952. 952 : Julee Says:

    No caffeine ….. get a headache, need at least a cup
    No YSH ……….. get migrane, need to see his face ^ ^

  953. 953 : sang hee Says:

    hello and good morn. girls!

    wow i got to see that trib. bid Eida…after this! i can’t wait!

    yes Ju…that’s one of the things i noticed watching QoH then MFL…what a diff. it made for him not to work out…i think he loves to eat and who doesn’t? hahaha i prefer his cheeks in QofH to be honest! when i saw first part (at that time) of MFL i was surprised to see his cheeks so full of flesh. I think it’s not much of his body that put on weight, just his cheeks and YSH4 and I had a little chat about this before we even met you girls and we both agreed that that was so! hahaha

    yeah i like (liked) LDW during the MG drama etc. but i second the motion, he’s not our no. 1….i think ultimate actor for us now is YSH! I really can’t explain how much i like him, never did i like any K actors before as much as I did with our guy! I know i cannot speak for you girls, but i’m sure you all must feel the same way otherwise why are we always here? like we said b4, this board is just as addictive as our idol sanghyun ssi! hahaha

    ok hv ur coffee now we don’t want u to get migraine! hahaha it’s still Sunday here so i’m at home & just trying to do some chores as i’ve been lagging off with just every little thing around the place! it seems that the first in our diaries nowadays is YSH no more no less!

    see you girls! hv a good week ahead of us!

  954. 954 : sang hee Says:

    we’re almost reaching a thousand girls. oopps there’s a type in my earlier msg that shld be ‘vid’ not bid!

    i can almost smell your coffee Ju da grt!

    ES i sent you an amended copy of my tribute, i got so much to say i can’t even feel like leaving the others but i don’t want ur vid to be filled with all my msgs hahaha

  955. 955 : Julee Says:

    not at work yet but getting ready. Wish my side is still sunday so i can cont watching QofH and save some more TB pics. SH your fav TB bed scene in ep2 ….. have saved that of course, and without his wife’s finger haha.

  956. 956 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha you saved that? may i get pls a copy? hahaha i’d love to have it saved but i don’t have the gadgets to do so…u girls are good!

    i just finished watching ES’s vid #3 trib. and i dunno Eida where your sources are in photos, most of them i hvnt even seen???? you & Ju are very resourceful as well as our other frnd YSH4! i love his photos esp the ones showing his chopping board tummy! hahaha

  957. 957 : Julee Says:

    I just do a printscreen but I do have an HD pic of that saved from somewhere, now cannot remember. Can send it to you, let me have your email.

    Yes haven’t seen some of the pics in vid 3 and will ask ES to send to me too. Some of them were from cyworld.

  958. 958 : Julee Says:

    ok time to head out the door and get to work. Have a busy day ahead so will pop in when i can.

    Btw, hope you’ve not already worn down your personal YSH vid. How many times did you watch?


  959. 959 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha i watched it last night countless hahaha…my dear cous was smart enuf to have sent a backup as she knew exactly i’d worn it out in no time! hahaha

    ok you go Girl….work hard and not hardly working ok? hahaha we’ll be glad to see u pop in here so we can get this board closer and closer to our other girl YEH!

  960. 960 : sang hee Says:

    i didn’t even notice your other msg about the photo….i guess we’re all being so greedy when it comes to his photos! hahaha

    i’ll send u my email thru youtube account ok? thnx chingoo

    have a good day and take care! i feel like we’re family here now so we’re like, aside from Yooners, we’re sisters on YSH board! we’re having fun and we all shld just support each other unlike some other board that a frnd of mine joined a few yrs ago they became jealous with each other that bickering were just uncontrollable! I like all of us here, we’re just sharing good stuff & supporting our guy and each other which it’s the way it should be!

    Ok out the door i guess, see u when we see u and thnx in adv. for the photo. i know i’m v. impressed with some of ES’s photos, where did she get all those? hahaha

  961. 961 : sang hee Says:

    i just notice ur msg about caffeine again and didn’t sink in when i first read it as it’s hard to scroll back/forth here but it’s so cute…no caffeine, get a headache, at least a cup …No YSH get migraine need to see his face! hahaha oh i loved it! i can only say same thing altho i’m not a coffee drinker, more so green tea…in the morning and all day YSHistamine! hahaha

  962. 962 : Julee Says:

    Now savouring my java …… mmm, can you smell it? Need to sit down at my desk to drink so have a bit more time to chat.

    Of course we’re all fellow YSH addicts in suffering and board sisters. Anyway what is there to be jealous about (the other forums)? Our YSH is there for all to share …. he’s much too good to be kept secretly on some external disk for sole viewing pleasure.

  963. 963 : Julee Says:

    SH just read youtube message, got answer to the jealousy question. I suppose it’s a pity people fall out due to some misunderstanding. It’s meant to be fun so let’s not ever misunderstand some of the jokes. If it turns out a bit risque, please do let us know.

    Like the TB bed fight thing, it was just for laughs. We’ll never in a million years all jump on TB. As diane said, we might just be paralysed in front of him.

  964. 964 : Julee Says:

    ok, now really have to go off. Roger, over and out.

    Oh yes, SH will send you the TB pic tonight.

  965. 965 : sang hee Says:

    ummmmhhhh i can smell it Ju pls drink some for me ok? hahaha

    no we’re always having fun here and that’s what’s so diff. here compared to other forums…we’re here to share and share we will jokes and what have you! i really loved that joke about the b/scene and that should not be misconstrued by anyone as distasteful right? ev.body here just had a blast i think we’re all in unison…no villains or ness! yeah we’re just simply having fun, and yes indeed we’ll all freeze when we see him — we might shake his hand with respect as that’s how love is! hahaha wow do i sound serious?

    We’re YSH sisters and if something upsets us we’ll work on it and apologize and not bicker which others do some place else! We stay so cool here and just having fun that’s why i like it here v. much otherwise i think nobody among us would waste time even if we love sangyunssi v. much!

    ok i’ll go to youtube now to read it! thnx

  966. 966 : sang hee Says:

    Ju no rush…whenever you can and if u only have time! i guess we’re so hooked on oppa that i don’t wanna miss any photos he got! hahaha ES sent me some photos as well as i never a few of them fr her tribute.

    It’s pretty quiet here i guess =P is also getting ready to head out the door as well as our other chingoos ES and YSH4…too bad our time zone can’t get us all together at one time! hahaha esp with Diane & myself we’re the only ones fr this end who are still enjoying Sunday!

    talk to you girls later i got some stuff to do aside from getting some YSH dosage this time i’ll let my personal vid fr cuzz rest but i’ll saturate myself watching MFL , ep 13 i guess where i stopped last time!

  967. 967 : sang hee Says:

    i’m missing a word last sentence i meant to say i never saw few of the photos!

  968. 968 : =P Says:

    Hey Ju!! You’re like me – no coffee migraine – no YSH – die!

    I rally need my cup of java in the morn – otherwise I cannot function at all and to add to the complication now there Yoonitis!

    Heh Heh!! I can down up to 8 cups a day -[roughly the same minimum dosage of Yoony – strange isn’t it?]

  969. 969 : =P Says:

    As for us tearing each others hair out just to get plastered to Sang Hyun – nah!! We all share and share alike – although as someone mentioned before – if ever he read our description of the bed wrestling I think he’d turn pale and pray he does not meet us – it would be like him meeting the Dawn of the Dead [zombie movie] LOL

    Yoon Sang Hyun si – do not worry – we are a bunch of very witty people who are your fans and will NEVER think of doing you any harm – save in our minds – [this just in case his people do monitor sites like this]

  970. 970 : sang hee Says:

    good morning chingoo =P…..yeah we’re very civilized ppl here and witty you’re right and we don’t mean any harm! we’re just having fun and enjoying mostly sharing pleasantries and it sort of breaks the monotony in our day to day lives!

    you guys are funny, no coffee you’ll have headache, no ysh you get migraine! yoonsinatis that’s cute!

    it’s getting a bit late here so let me watch some more MFL now!

    don’t work too hard now ladies!

  971. 971 : =P Says:

    Hey Sang Hee – we’ll try to make it to a 1000 by the time you check in tomorrow.

  972. 972 : sang hee Says:

    girls 30 more msgs and we can reach a thousand…it’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago YSH4 and myself were talking about our goal here (that was before you ladies joined us here) and thanks to you gals for joining here or this board will be so lonely and boring!

    Ju now that u’ve started rewatching QofH…did you notice how our guy wears his wardrobe here and even his shoes are very colourful! he really looks so cool and yes u mentioned the other day about that scene when he turned his head and kinda made a face! he’s so funny in Queen hence he stole the show from the rest of the casts!

  973. 973 : sang hee Says:

    yes my chingoo we’l make it to a thous. hehehe then he’ll be side by side with our other fave gal YEH! I just love these two …. they look so good together.

    =P & Ju u shld see the artwork Eida did it’s quite nice! u want me to send it to you =P? i think Ju have seen it already right?

  974. 974 : sang hee Says:

    =P hahahaha u made it sound like i’m checking into a hotel hahaha…yeah we’ll make it to a thousand and soon we’ll bump mr SIG! hahaha sorry, i liked him too in “terms of endearment” with Han Ga but that’s now history since we got our ultimate actor YSH!

  975. 975 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals….

    everyone have so much fun here right??
    i’m glad all of u like my tribute…

    so…sang hee …..do u really want to know where i got all those photos? hahaha..YSH sent all of that pic to me by courier……hahaha..just kidding…….

    don’t worry gals…if u need any YSH photo from my tribute, just tell me ok…i will send it to you….most of that pic from dc inside actually….

    ok gals..see u later…need to take my lunch……

  976. 976 : sang hee Says:

    hello eida…yes i love the photos you got of our guy….most of them i hvnt seen before till your tribute, honestly! hahaha he sent it via courier…hahaha ok you got me there!

    yeah we’re having fun and wondering where you were….ok take ur lunch now! i’m rewatching MFL ep 13 now, got to have my dosage like everybody else here….right =P?

    Ju is rewatching Queen over the w/end…btw did you have to watch and click fast/fward like i did? hahaha some of the scenes with the housewives were pretty mundane i prefer the scenes of course with our one & only guy! oh i think i may have to change my msg tribute to eida….i think i’ll put ‘you’re my one and only guy till the end’. hahaha how about that girls? chingoo eida…hold on to ur tribute i may have to change it then. hahaha

    guys in that song of YehYsh in MFL Romance…the eng t/lation in one of the parts there says you’re my first and last man! hahaha isn’t that sweet?

    go to cont watching now girls….see u all soon! have ur lunch now! i got an hour more and then bedtime!

    where’s Diane? hello also to gintonic who’s been absent here…hope you’re doing fine chingoo Gintonic, Nhuy, Jane, YSH4…still have a hangover from hiking? hahaha just kidding!

  977. 977 : nsan Says:

    Hiii good news 4 u girls

    Yoon Sang-hyun Talent of the Year gimah were voted Best Dressed


  978. 978 : Julee Says:

    Just back to check out the board before i go off again, for lunch.

    Looks like =P and I have something in common, fellow caffeine addicts. Wow 8 cups, isn’t that an overdose?? I’d usually have 2 or 3 at the most, morning & afternoon and I can sleep should I have it at night. If I don’t take any, I’d get a splitting headache and would be yawning all day.

    Yes SH, his clothing in Qof H is nice …. most likely sponsored. ES, you’re so lucky YSH personally sent his pics to you, by DHL?? haha.
    Thanks in advance for sharing them with us.

    If my comment here is next before any other addition, then we’ve just reach LDW. Btw, wonder where’s diane and a few others I’ve met briefly over the last couple of weeks, haven’t got to know them very well. Also would like to reiterate, please do excuse me should I have made any comments which might have been misunderstood.

    Love this board and hope we’ll cont to have lots of sharing & laughs.
    Now off for lunch.

  979. 979 : sang hee Says:

    kamsamnida thnx nsan….i just saw his photo after seeing the link you shared here altho it’s in Korean but wow that’s great news girls!

    you’re another resourceful girl nsan! hope you come visit often!

    thnx again we are happy again with this news e.body!

  980. 980 : sang hee Says:

    Ju ur right, we’ve passed LDW wow….=P there we go LDW got bumped nxt. hahaha

    Ju….we’re ok on this board…we’re all sharing and you’re in no way posting anything past/present that wld be a misunderstnding i don’t think so and i hope me too, like my excitement y-day receiving that present from my cousin, i hope it won’t be misunderstood or misconstrued i was bragging…i was just simply very happy that anything about YSH these days is surely a treat for me and since all of us here share the same passion for him, i thought of sharing it w/you all! again i wasn’t boasting at all i thought it was something related to YSH that sharing the news would be another topic for us to enjoy!

  981. 981 : sang hee Says:

    ok girls…i have a short quiz for you all while rewatching ep 12 i guess now, do u recall when HN found herself in the house of DC then as she awoke DC gave her a piece of his mind blah blah blah (imagine him talking so fast that morning). Anyway to make it short, DC took her back to the mansion right but araboji (g/pa) told the butlers to send her off so DC & HN left & this scene where they’re walking, i’m sure =P wld have noticed this but if she doesn’t then P u need to rewatch that scene. hahaha Here’s the quiz — what did u notice about HN in that scene as she was walking on the sidewalk? This was also noticed by viikii’rs on the discussion board while MFL was currently showing and someone made a comment otherwise I myself would probab. missed it too.

    Ok i’ll check back with you gals for your answers. It doesn’t have to be now or today…hahaha we’ll find out who’s the most observant in watching MFL esp the ones (like =P & myself) who have rewatched this numerous times already!

  982. 982 : sang hee Says:

    i thot of giving u a clue….it’s the one HN was wearing, the scene changed as she was walking away something changed after that scene from what she was wearing! i’m sure you guys will have an idea now!

  983. 983 : Julee Says:

    My answer to quiz …. is it something about her high heels? or that tiny little suitcase which is hardly enough for her many clothes?

  984. 984 : Julee Says:

    Yes thanks to nsan for the link. SH if your browser has the ‘translate this page’ icon at task bar on top, you can use that …. might not be a perfect translation but it does give you an idea of the content.

  985. 985 : =P Says:

    Sang Hee – would appreciate the link

    As for your quiz – prize – photoshop of all the scenes? LOL

    Answer – HN was wearing slippers in one shot as she walked away and heels in another after that! Guess she forgot to change shoes when Director called action!

  986. 986 : =P Says:

    Yes I do take too much coffee – but once an addict – – – – –

    That’s why YSH beware – once and addict – – – – –

    Actually after 12 noon if for some reason I have yet to have my coffee – then trpible starts – besides just a headache – it turns into this almighty pain, bordering on migraine and sometimes full blown – and no coffee after that helps – till I go to sleep and wake up next day.
    So as can be expected – i’m not the easiest boss to work with after that!!

  987. 987 : =P Says:

    See my typing today sucks!!!

    Anyway – what Ju says goes for me too – I sometimes joke about lots of stuff and I don’t mean to step on any virtual toes – now that I’ve gotten that out of the way …………Give me back my YSH front!!! Somehow some air got through our hug- and I need replastering!! [this cos I’ve been away a lot this weekend – need to re-establish contact Hee hee!]

  988. 988 : Julee Says:

    =P you’re a real java junkie, with such severe withdrawal symptoms.
    Hah, just caught on to one word you mentioned there …. not the easiest ‘boss’ to work with …. so you’re the boss, then it’s ok to sneak-peek right? haha.

    Regarding that ep where HN woke up in DC’s room, I kind of enjoyed his ‘shouting’ at her to get up and when she was a bit slow, he came back in to ‘sheesh’ at her. And the next morning used his legs to wake her, haha.

  989. 989 : =P Says:

    Sang Hee – I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched MFL – not to mention randomly jumping from episode to episode and revisiting favourite scenes. I’m sure you know which favourite scene I visit the most.

    So now on to another great scene – the bamboo forest – HN had mentioned that her only memory of her Mom that she had was the warmth and security she felt after getting lost in a bamboo forest – when her Mom finds her and hugs her – cue 4/5 episodes later – after haraboji dies – HN is wandering the bamboo forest and who comes striding out – our ever so reliable and caring and loving and handsome and gorgeous – ahem – to get back to the point-

    What’s my point? [YSH – stop being so distracting!! Shoo trying to make sense here!]

    O yes – there comes DC – and he now is the closest thing to HN [symbolically] and he comes and comforts her – O such security to have those arms around you all the time!

  990. 990 : =P Says:

    Hey Ju – you got me!! But still – need to sneak a little – not very good example if caught skiving!! LOL

    O yes! i completely adore his yelling at the top of his voice – wouldn’t mind being scolded like that when accompanied by such a cute face and adorable twinkle in his eyes!!

    Also love all manner of sounds coming from him – Sheeesh and Eh? and wei to name a few – how can he make it sound so sweet?

  991. 991 : =P Says:

    A few more and we make it 1000. Hey girls why so quiet today?
    Let me tell you the cure for Monday Blues is . . . . . . . . . . . .Yoonadol – sure cure for headaches! or Yoonspirin for hangovers!

    Or better still do what I do – watch an episode of MFL at whichever favourite scene you happen to fantasise about today.

    Believ e me after grinning insanely at your comp and giggling to yourself like a schizophrenic and mumbling to yourself like a Yoony – you’ll feel so much better.

    Also you know how your are supposed to release tension and destress? Well release it here – write something!!!

  992. 992 : sang hee Says:

    wow Ju you’re very smart….impressive! hahaha ok what did u notice though? mare-ba (pls tell us)

  993. 993 : Julee Says:

    Now that you mentioned it, yes the hugging HN in bamboo forest is exactly what she described about what her mom did. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Yes, love his scolding tone ….. somehow it sounds adorable, and of course we all wouldn’t mind being ‘scolded’ by YSH …. music to our ears haha

  994. 994 : Julee Says:

    Haha SH, I like the ‘mare-ba’ you used there …. heard it in some scenes. I’m only guessing it’s something about her shoes but just now =P mentioned about her wearing slippers and then heels.

  995. 995 : sang hee Says:

    wow another smart girl =P hahahah i thot u’d guess it right coz ur one of the marathons of the MFL series! hahaha u guys are super observant! hahaha
    Prize — yeah all the photoshops hahaha of the scenes!

    u know gals i think we shldnt worry on this board as we all share stuff…one good thing we’re all in unison and we’re mostly having fun and joke around right?

    ok yup u must know the scenes even w/you eyes closed =P hahaha

    the bamboo scene yeah and Ju the way he woke her up that morning utilizing his feet that was so funny and yelling at her when she awoke and returned after a few seconds with those ‘sheesh’ and eh!!!

  996. 996 : Julee Says:

    Oh dear, just noticed the time. Was really enjoying our little chats here.

    Have to get back to work chingoos. Talk to you girls later, though I suppose SH would be in dreamland by the time we knock off from work.

  997. 997 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to say this…yes Ju that’s it the heels and then she walked away on another scene with just her sandals, then i dunno if the colour of the shoes changed or it’s the lighting but it looked to be black as she was struggling to walk on that sidewalk then as she was sitting at the bench waiting for the bus rubbing her foot it was kinda reddish!

    You both are tie in winning 1st prize….u know the first prize? A fan meet with YSH! hahahaha and I’m your chaperone! h ahahaha

    Oh and Ju thnx for that tip i’ll use that translate button then.

    Congrats to our YSH for that recognition and award for Talent of the Year….wow he deserves it 101%!!!

    One thing for sure on this board, it’s just too hard to scroll back/forth this is why sometimes you have the tendency to forget some of the things you guys talked about.

  998. 998 : sang hee Says:

    yes Ju mare ba often heard from Kdramas hahaha and remember when DC yells at HN sometimes like ppali ppali (quick quick).

    =P since ur the boss u can always sneak at your comp? hahaha i’m sure your screen or your office or desk is being obscured somehow so it may seem u’r working hahaha!

    Yeah i’ll be in drmland by the time you gals are clocking off work! it’s almost time for my beautyrest however I’m off tomorrow so i’ll be chatting with you with unlimited time then.

    coffee drinkers….try to minimize ur consumption as it’s not good for your health! I’m ur health Guru! hahaha just kidding! I love the aroma of coffee and i must admit when i was in school i had to drink coffee with my b/fast as i thought then that there’s nothing wrong with caffeine, but as we read and heard from experts now & then I switched to something lighter altho tea have caffeine too and so does chocolates. I’m sure I can say we’re all chocolate lovers! Wow by nxt week we’ll be reaching a thousand and 2 thousand and then 5 thous and SIG beware! hahaha i think his fans are quite tired already so girls we may take over to that top position sooner! hahahaha i’m getting sleepy now.

    i just finished ep 12 and to cont tomorrow with HN going to see DC in the hospital coz of his accident. You know girls what it means, one of our fave scenes as their very first REAL kiss so to speak! hahaha i can hardly wait!

  999. 999 : sang hee Says:

    =P good advice about yoonspirin & all that….mind you it does help me throughout the day, even for my coffee brks at work i’ll put a sign by my desk ‘on coffee break’ so that when someone passes by & see i’m watching on youtube (of course searching for our idol who else? i’m a one woman man hahahaha) so that 15 min. sort of legal.

    i find that our guy and MFL are really therapeutic..like today all I did was either listen to his songs and then MFL dvd while either doing some chores and it eases the stress etc.

    look here we’re almost a thousand and it’s only a matter of hours! keep up the good work girls!

  1000. 1000 : sang hee Says:

    since u guys are either back to work or still some at lunch, i’ll make this note to a thousand! yeyyyyy we’re almost there girls! getting closer to YEH!

  1001. 1001 : Julee Says:

    couldn’t help taking a last peek and just to remind SH, since you’re going to watch that hospital kiss scene, please don’t think about FISH.

    Really gotta go. Ta.

  1002. 1002 : nsan Says:

    YSH in Japan 5th Dec

    link here

  1003. 1003 : sang hee Says:

    i can’t believe i made a mark at exactly a thousand and this has been our goal from before you gals joined in. YSH4 and i were hoping to make this board a thousand and i never thought my msg there wld be marked as such!
    Now our aim is guess who? LJK again! hahaha 1,140 wld be peanuts for us Yooners….we cld easily pass 140 w/in a few days right girls?

    it’s quiet now here so i’ll probab hit the sack since we got our guy to a thousand! Kombei (cheers)

    Goodnite YSH sisters on board! I’ll let u know if i happen to have dreamed about him or as =P usually teases me walking the corridors! hahaha
    Jjal jah chingoos

  1004. 1004 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Ju i was about to leave the board and hit the sack but i saw ur msg…. oh the FISH hahaha i can’t help to think about that but i’ll try not to! hahaha ur so cute!

    thnx nsan for the links! i’ll look at it tomorrow, i’m so sleepy now it’s 11 pm here!

    Nsan thnx for sharing and chat w/us sometimes!

    really Gnite

  1005. 1005 : =P Says:

    G’nite Sang Hee and if you have to walk the corridors – make sure you have your `bodyguard’!

    Well, I am always feverishly typing comments here – so it looks like I’m hard at work all the time!!! ha Ha HA!!!

  1006. 1006 : =P Says:

    Well, maybe I’ll clock some hours in at work now and peek in in a little while!

    See you in a bit.

  1007. 1007 : Diane Says:

    Wow! I couldn’t come on for awhile due to computer problems, but I come back to so many messages! 🙂 Good thing I wrote down the number of the last message I read so I could keep up.

    I agree with Julee. No caffeine=headache, no YSH=migraine. LOL

    Loved the tribute Eida made, great photos, some I had not seen before, also.

    I also agree with Sang Hee, there is no need for jealousy, plenty of our YSH to go around. We ARE sisters here, a family. And as a family, we can joke around with each other, like we did about choosing with parts we want.

    As for noticing some things that are different in scenes, I had noticed a few when watching MFL. An example, after the fund raiser when DC was watching HN sleep in the car. When he puts his hand out to touch her face, his fingers are different from 1 scene to the next. When it shows us his face and hand moving to her face, then her face with his hand near. In one scene his fingers are bent and the other scene shows his fingers straight.

    We all, as sisters, can do anything we set our minds to do. We will get the numbers up here. And we will continue talking about our favorite scenes. 🙂

  1008. 1008 : Julee Says:

    Hi Diane, welcome back on board. For a moment there, I was a bit worried that you had not been joining us. Just wrote to you at youtube mail earlier this evening.

    Didn’t notice DC’s fingers were different in those scenes, perhaps you did since you love his fingers so much haha. I guess I was too absorbed by his eyes (my fav YSH body part). If looks could kill, I think I’d have died a thousand deaths already. Shall re-watch that scene and look at his fingers again.

  1009. 1009 : Diane Says:

    Don’t have to worry about me not joining you girls. I love it here. I did get your message, Julee, and answered it. This is my favorite place to be.

    I just realized what I wrote in my message to you on youtube and I used the phrase “sisters-in-love”. If there can be sisters-in-law, why not sisters-in-love? Isn’t that what we all are?

  1010. 1010 : Julee Says:

    Haha yes sisters in love with our #1.

    I was just re-watching that scene on HN’s face and looking out for DC’s fingers, wondering if there was anything different. After re-winding a couple of times, I think I got what you meant.

    The camera alternates between DC & HN’s face so it’s sort of going back & forth from his side & hers. Why his fingers might seem diff is probably because the cameraman films from one angle, after which DC has to repeat the same motions when they film from the other angle.

    But anyway, I thought DC’s act of gently tracing HN’s face from ear to chin feels so sensual, don’t you think? Do you agree, girls??

  1011. 1011 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi gals, just got in and wow, we are now above 1000?

    Thank u nsan, for the link showing our oppa in Japan. Managed to get the translation from korean to eng. Imperfect as it is, the translation gv a gist what’s it’s all abt but as often happen with this translation thing, sometime u will get a howler… like this one here, hahaha….

    Quote ~

    The camp paenmiting 윤상 current President of the mini-live ConcertsAs fans, along with a wealth of games and one time with Talk Part 2 paenmiting proceed across the stage on morphine was 6 hours.
    ~End Quote

    It seems YSH gave a mini 8 songs concert and the fans there have loads of fun just having him there with them! (Why am I not surprised by this?).

    Haha..the president welcoming YSH on morphine ? LOL

    Thanks again, nsan. Hope to see u here more often

  1012. 1012 : Diane Says:

    That’s what I was thinking, Julee. How many takes did they have to do for the cameraman to get that shot from both angles? So, of course, the fingers would be different. I was thinking of my husband, though. He would have been upset, saying, why can’t they keep it consistent with each shot? LOL!

    Watching that scene, I can imagine how his fingers would feel. *sigh*

  1013. 1013 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi ES, enjoyed yr no.3 tribute to our oppa. U are indeed v good at getting pics of him that none of us knew exist. And he DHL’d them to u? Envy,envy.

    Ya, girls, what’s this stuff abt jealousy ? what’s there to be jealous abt? I thought we are all sharing love here? love for oppa that is. Diane, agreed with u absolutely – we can do anything we set our mind to, and we will push up his rating on this board, we will see him receive his award re the yahoo buzz promo ( with that little help from the SHers here ), and we will discuss all our fav scenes as we see fit and we will discuss his looks, gestures, smiles, expressions, his next project or event activities etc etc. We are just having fun….and loving our oppa!

    Sisters in love – sounds cute and quite fitting.

    P.S. Belated condolence to ES’s relative.

  1014. 1014 : Julee Says:

    Haha thanks for the hilarious translation YSH4. I did use the ‘translate this page’ icon and got some gibberish too but managed to get the gist. President welcoming YSH on morphine LOLROF

    Diane, if YSH were to do that finger tracing scene with us … we wouldn’t mind if they do 100 re-takes.

  1015. 1015 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi Ju, agreed with u that oppa looks super in QoH. I actually got to ‘know’ him only in MFL and fell under his spell there. Then i started to surf the tube to find out more of this korean cutie and that was when i first saw that superb montage vid(by prajnajyn) with Duffy’s Mercy track.

    Really, he looks quite quite different in QoH – so charismatic and as aptly described, un homme fatal! But in MFL, he projects a different persona – so boyishly good looking ( albeit a little puffy in some shots) and such vitality exuding from him !

    He is such a chameleon. Without that trademark stubble on his lips, he again morph into a different sort of person, looks v unfamiliar. When he was much younger ( see the vid of him promoting that play station player- sitting on the toilet seat and got stuck, haha), again he looks totally different with chisilled(spl?) profile and v lean cheeks and no moustache. Almost unrecognisable if they did’nt put in his name there !

    But i think he looks his best in QoH. But so lovable too in MFL ! Sigh…

  1016. 1016 : Julee Says:

    Now that you mention the buzz award, the ceremony should be on tomorrow 15th if i guess correctly. Let’s look at for cyworld updates if he attended.

    YSH4, about the jealousy topic we were just saying our board here is so totally fun and uninhibited unlike some fan boards SH mentioned. So no worries, we don’t have that here …. we will cont to rave about our fav body parts and share the love.

  1017. 1017 : Julee Says:

    Actually I had been telling diane earlier that YSH looks different even in MFL ….. younger during the bike riding scene, more matured when he put on a suit (hotel scene). I thought he just looked diff throughout the whole series.

    Yes I think all of us agree he looked his best in QofH.

  1018. 1018 : Diane Says:

    Partly how I judge if a person is a good actor or not is how they look in their different works. Many actors look the same no matter what character they are portraying. No change at all. It makes you wonder, are they playing different characters or the same each time.

    Our YSH does look different in each of his different works. To me, that says he is a good actor. It’s not only in the hair color or hair style change, facial hair or not, but it’s all in how he carries himself, how he “becomes” the character.

  1019. 1019 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, his looks are quite a study- changing all the time . U r right, even within MFL itself, he looks different. A friend who is not into our oppa ( what?! just don’t understand those who claimed they r not the least bit smithen by YSH !) happened to watch the bicycle scene of him and asked who is that ‘young boy’ and later on when the frd saw oppa in the Duffy montage vid, she again asked who is this actor and remarked that this actor is definately a ‘lady killer’ ! This frd cld not even recognised that it is the same actor.

    But within the MFL drama, u r right,he looks rather ‘matured’ in other scenes. However, the most startling is the transformation if u like, from QoH to MFL.

  1020. 1020 : sang hee Says:

    i’m sure you all are in drmland my chingoos! I’m just waking up but i’m gonna chat here so when u all wake up you got something to read, just like in my case i went to bed and voila you guys were chatting away! hahaha

    wow i got so much to respond to here let’s start with welcoming back YSH4 and Diane….sorry about your comp Diane but glad you’re back & fixed it!

    Re jealousy thing – I agree with Ju it doesn’t exist here unlike what i heard from a friend about a certain forum that being a newbie along with others they weren’t welcome and indifferent with them, but here we’re all in sharing, loving our oppa so whatever we have in mind about certain scenes or about him we’re all in favour and support each other so like Diane says we’re sisters in love…i like that concept Diane!

    Thnx for the t’lation YSH4 i’m gonna go to that site again and yes thnx nsan for the link!

    on to another box so we can get this score up up and closer to YEH our other fave girl!

  1021. 1021 : YSH Forever Says:

    I know exactly what u mean, abt looking ‘the same’ in every role they play. Actually,YSH is a v v talented actor, with v good singing skill too. He is one with the ‘stuff’ as they say !

  1022. 1022 : sang hee Says:

    =P thnx for that reminder about walking the corridors with bodyguards! hahaha ur funny….i need secret service men i think! hahaha

    Re fingers looking diff. which epis is that again? i wld hv to take a closer look. hahaha i know Diane seems to have a penchant for fingers hence she noticed that fairly well! hahaha have u guys seen the elbow photo yet? I saved that one in my flash so if you want i’ll share that with you, so smooth elbow…flawless! hahaha

    Re QofH — i really think he’s more good looking in that series with his face being slimmer than in MFL & I agree with you girls that he looked a bit matured in MFL compared to Queen coz his cheeks are kinda prominent in MFL being fleshy. He looks gorgeous with his thinner face and let’s hope he lose that fat on his cheeks! hahaha However, our love for him is unconditional right? with or without moustache he gets our support, with fleshy cheeks or thinner cheeks we’re with him all the way! hahaha

    love him to death, like Ju was saying if looks could kill she wld’ve died a thousand times & i cldn’t agree with you any better than that! even with his eyes closed in the photo while sleeping, he was gorgeous!

  1023. 1023 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi SH, we seem miss each other ! Bogoshipdo! Haha- got over my hiking hangover.

    Agreed, i thot our ‘family’ here r quite cozy and we r at ease with each other and also not ‘haughty’ to newbies. That’s the way we r going keep this board – open, friendly and uninhibited and full of new ‘targets’ to achieve and new, exciting items to discuss. But most of all, the LOVEEEE for YSH ! haha

  1024. 1024 : sang hee Says:

    i was just reading your comments about his diff looks in a drama & i agree also Ju that in the bike scene he was looking boyish if i may say so and in suit a bit matured. however in comparison to his looks in Queen he seems very preppy and i think it may be coz of his wardrobe there as he needs to look wealthy and on the spoiled side if you will!

    agree again he’s one talented actor….aside from his acting skills which is always outstanding even in his previous dramas like Marry a Mill. or Fireworks and Winter Bird he was already demonstrating his performance albeit he was not the lead in one or two i mentioned! It’s funny when I first saw him 3 Dads, I never noticed him but now after Queen & i rewatched the drama, he really was cute then and I remember my cousin who does the photoshop for tells me after watching Queen that he’s the same ctor in 3 Dads and she herself noticed he’s cute! Although in that drama he died in a car accident on ep 5, his acting was already superb too bad it was a short air time for him!

  1025. 1025 : Julee Says:

    SH, the finger tracing HN’s face is in ep 4.

    Now that you have both TB & DC’s sexy sleeping pics, perhaps can place one on each side of your bed and imagine yourself smack in the middle, haha ….. naughty naughty

  1026. 1026 : sang hee Says:

    yes chingoo YSH4, bogoshipo nadu (me too)….yeah we’re keeping this board, friendly, humorous, sharing, uninhibited and we always welcome new friends and share and share alike! After all we only have one thing in common………our love for YSH…..and if we joke around that’s just having fun and no other bad intentions! No malicious way only for the love of our oppa! hahahaha

    How come ur still up? the rest are in drmland already? hahaha ok good u’r over the hiking hang over! lucky girl!

    can u believe YSH4 that just a few weeks ago we’re trying to achieve the 1000 goal? and here we are over a thous. already! oh my gosh! we just have to keep chatting here i guess eh? hahaha

    u better get ur good night’s sleep or beauty rest!

    talk to you again….it’s only 9 am here and must be around 1 am Wed. your end already! sweet dreams to you and our other chingoos in your zone.

    Diane must also be asleep even though we almost have same zone! hahaha

  1027. 1027 : YSH Forever Says:

    SH, i hv in fact seen THAT elbow of his- yes, v v smooth and pinkish but i think it is more due to the lighting and focusing etc! But that does not mean his elbow might not be lovely in reality !haha

  1028. 1028 : sang hee Says:

    oh u already did ok…u’r right it cld be coz of the lighting but still it’s kinda smooth and sexy! hahahaha here we go again about body parts!

    mind u i hvnt finished watching our other chingoos Viet site, there’s too many good photos that i kept skipping and skipping to another page! maybe one of these days we’ll be able to finish those gorgeous photos!

    you’re a late sleeper like Ju and Eida.

    Eida’s missing in action! hahaha i luv her tribute too, and amazing where she gets some of the photos which we’ve never (before) seen? aha via courier eh? DHL or UPS or the joke that says Fed-UP as in Fed Express merged with UPS deliver hence they say it’s Fed Up!

  1029. 1029 : YSH Forever Says:

    ya, will hit the sack v soon after this. U know, i have a feeling that next year, which is just around the corner, YSH will come out with a big hit !

    Talk to u again when we nxt ‘meet’, chingoo

  1030. 1030 : Julee Says:

    SH my 1025 comment to you is awaiting moderation, see if it gets thru.

    Time to say goodnite chingoos. See you all tmr.

  1031. 1031 : Diane Says:

    I was sitting here thinking about why we all get along on this board and are friendly with each other, not like in other places I have been, and never returned to. I think that tells us a lot about our YSH, what kind of person he is. He has to be a kind person, a good person, for all of us to see that and carry it thru in our conversations with each other. I’m not sure if I’m using the right words or phrases to get my meaning across, but I think you all understand what I mean, right?

    If I use a wrong word or phrase, please let me know. There are times these things escape me, because of Fibro-fog.

  1032. 1032 : Julee Says:

    wow, looks like my earlier comment is still waiting for moderation, the moderators are serious people ….. nvr mind, it’s ok if it’s cancelled. SH, refer to my email reply, it’s at end of it and rgd the pics. Ahem dear moderator, I shall be a good girl and not repeat them here.

    Yes diane, I think we get what you mean about YSH’s ‘kindness’. Sometimes when you look at someone, could be a stranger you have yet to get to know personally, you get on first impressions a certain vibe from them. YSH just gives us that very likeable & lovable vibe …. my invisible ray theory again.

    An exteremely difficult to explain feeling but as we unanimously agree, he gives out that kind of vibe that just penetrates our hearts & minds totally.

  1033. 1033 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi gals, most probably most of u wld have seen this but nevertheless, indulge again! 3 songs in the vid- 1st song ‘a love to kill’ by lee soo young, 2nd song- after love by shin hye sung & lyn 3rd song- i love you by narsha & miryo.

    link here

  1034. 1034 : YSH Forever Says:

    Morning Ju, wow the moderators – i am intriqued now, what naughty stuff that got u… err ‘banned’ for that instance? Haha, i was ‘moderated once too here but there’s nothing to it – merely sending some links over ( re the Happy Together series- btw,isn’t it a hoot seeing YSH giving an impromptu haircut ? vidal sanghyun !)

    Oh well, at least we know is site is administered and well and alive.

  1035. 1035 : YSH Forever Says:

    Uh Oh….think there’s a mix up re the link to the vid i just sent. Pls ignore. Will try again. Sorry gals.

  1036. 1036 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hello gals, i hope i got it right this time. Lee Soo Young is amazing.

  1037. 1037 : Julee Says:

    Morning YSH4, is there a link error because it opens up to the same b/w YSH vid.

  1038. 1038 : Julee Says:

    thanks for the link YSH4, love the 2nd song.

    Have to get ready for work and head out the door, tty again.

  1039. 1039 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes Ju, there’s an error. I’ve put in the correct one in 1034. Hope u enjoy this if you haven’t seen it before !


  1040. 1040 : Julee Says:

    OMG girls girls, go check out cyworld lastest update. Lovely pic of our YSH holding his award. Not sure whether it’s for the Yahoo buzz.

  1041. 1041 : Diane Says:

    I just used Babel Fish to translate the subject of the photo at cyworld. This is what came out.

    “Congratulation giving ~ this year best dresser as a matter of”

  1042. 1042 : Julee Says:

    then must be the one which nsan told us about earlier, about best dressed. He looks so so handsome here.

    Hope they’ll post up the Yahoo buzz, ceremony should be today.

  1043. 1043 : Julee Says:

    Looks like the moderator finally approved my 1025 comment. So YSH4 be intrigued no more. I just meant for SH to be right in the middle of both pics, nothing more than that. Sorry moderators to have caused them unnecessary anxiety but will be mindful to behave.

  1044. 1044 : sang hee Says:

    my spam indicated tinsel…good for christmas eh?

    Chingoos, bogoshiposo…all you my sisters in love! hahaha i was just out for a while and i miss you sisters already! hahaha bogoshipo!

    This board is so addictive!

    Ju hahaha your comment almost didn’t make it eh? ok i know what you mean now hahaha ur cute! I got to see ep 4 re fingers etc.

    YSH4 yeah we got to reach more than a thousand in the nxt week or so, we’ll keep trying to reach another goal chingoos! we can do it!

    janka maneon pls wait i’ll be back again….my tea is ready!

  1045. 1045 : sang hee Says:

    Anneyong 윤상현 ssi from all of us here on this board! Congratulations for your recent award!

  1046. 1046 : =P Says:

    Hi there fellow addicts!! [coffee and YSH!]

    A bit late today – I must confess that I have been catching up on some other stuff I follow – namely Smile, You and 1N2D!!!

    As far as variety shows go – I absolutely adore 1N2D!!! I tell you nothing can get you laughing out loud better than the idiotic antics of those 6 goofballs!

    Plus – Smile, you is turning out to be a great drama after all!! Entertaining

    [P/S I’m not breaking some YSH Obsession code by watching these other stuff am I? Hee Hee!!]

    YSH will always be #1 – no worries!

  1047. 1047 : Julee Says:

    Just back from another busy morning & lunch.

    Don’t worry =P, I’m enjoying Smile You too, those 2 leads have great chemistry and plenty of laughs.

  1048. 1048 : sang hee Says:

    it happened to me again…forgot to type anti spam and wham my msg is gone with the wind! hahaha

    hello chingoos…enjoying lunch and coffee?

    =P & Ju i think SY is entertaining and i saw about 4 epis but still have to continue later! even my cousin is finding it entertaining and she’s really up to date in watching it on viikii!

    Ju i sent u email as promised! hahaha I can’t get over our guy’s photo in Queen while sleeping…even in his sleep…he looks gorgeous! here we go again eh? hahaha ok i better stop from there!

    i still hv to go and see the photo in cyworld as you mentioned earlier.

    guys i may have to hit the sack early, i had a long day so ciao for now but keep the dream alive! hahaha

    don’t work too hard all you chingoos in that zone! soon this board will match to either YEH or O Ji Ho!

  1049. 1049 : =P Says:

    Hey Ju glad to have company – I agree the 2 leads are fantastic – plus loads of laughs. Normally I don’t like ensemble – cos the leads do nto get much air time – but it’s quite ok here. Creating Destiny however is struggling in bad cliches.

    I actually watch loads of kdramas – but at the same time I’m picky too – for eg. as I’ve said before – I just cannot get started on BoF – sigh.

    What have you been watching that’s interesting?

    Might go look for Time between Dog and Wolf [or whatever] cos I like Jung Kyung Ho.

    OK confession time – I do not like Lee Jung Ki – he has not grown on me – sorry.

    Now on to my favourite scenes!!

  1050. 1050 : =P Says:

    Cannot believe I have not yet mentioned it here – I love the wcene in the Orchard – where HN goes to impress TY.

    HN is wandering round the orchard taking photos and DC is tryingn to bring her to her senses – and then they have this fantastic water fight!!!

    I love the water fight – they looked like they were having sooooo much fun – so carefree and easy between the 2 – and I espiceally likes YEH’s infamous strength coming to play – she dragged on the hose as YSH was trying to run away and he went flying!! Bith feet in the air -and you can see them laughing – and she’s squatting down to see if he was alright!!

    They should have a BTS for this scene!

    Anyone? I’ve tried to look for it but I don’t think there is – or else I am nowhere near as resourceful as you guys.


  1051. 1051 : =P Says:

    Goodness I just read over my earlier comment – and I really have to stop trying to type as fast as my brain thinks!!

    Thank goodness we are all on the same wavelength or it really comes across as gibberish!

  1052. 1052 : Julee Says:

    Just a short one before heading back to another busy pm.

    Yes I like that DC HN water fight scene as well, LOL when DC fell flat on his face. Sorry what is BTS?

    Latest I’m watching is SY, so far up to ep 20. Really enjoyed this series as the characters each have their quirks and 2 leads are great. Heard it’s 46 ep long so it’s just halfway.

  1053. 1053 : =P Says:

    BTS = Behind The Scenes

    Yea I’m up to SY -ep 23. So much laughter!
    At the same time I’ve finished You’re Beautiful and trying out Creating Destiny.

    In between all these – still watching MFL. I must admit that MFL is my most repeated drama to date!! Back to back repeat even! I know I’m Yoony!!

    Sang Hee will tell you that I’m mad about korean dramas – LOL

  1054. 1054 : Julee Says:

    Wow =P, where do you find time to watch so many dramas? You should be our official board champion Kdrama watcher, if no one else claims otherwise ^ ^

  1055. 1055 : =P Says:

    He Hee!!
    When I’m bored that’s where I am – watcing a kdrama
    I must say that they are at the very least highly entertaining

  1056. 1056 : =P Says:

    Besides MFL – this year I thnk the most likeable dramas for me were Accidental Couple/That Fool, You’re Beautiful, Shining Inheritance, and now of course Smile You.

    I also saw Worlds Within, Star’s Lovers, Who Are You.

    I don’t always watch the dramas in real time – some I watch at my leisure – some when I see is highly recommended by reviews – then I go watch – exception to that rule so far has been BoF [LOL]

    Rewatched Marrying A millionaire – just cos of YSH and now starting QoH. That would make 3 dramas I’m watching simultaneously!! Yoony aren’t I?

  1057. 1057 : =P Says:

    I may have missed out a couple of titles – cna’t remember all that I’ve watched right at this moment. I thnk I’m missing one more….hmmmmmm?

  1058. 1058 : =P Says:

    O ya – also saw Triple, Thank You and Sweet 18 [rewatched]

  1059. 1059 : =P Says:

    OK trivia time – what started your kdrama craze – i.e. Which drama did you first see which led to this Yooniness?

    For me it was Winter Sonata, followed by Beautiful Days.

    From there it snowballed till I became the nut I am today.

    My favourite leading man at that time till just recently was Lee Byung Hun – [who by the way also has killer eyes] – but sad to say he has finallly been defeated by none other then . . . . . . .[drum roll] . . . . .


  1060. 1060 : =P Says:

    So do tell which drama first kicked off your craze – it would be fun!

  1061. 1061 : Julee Says:

    My very first Kdrama was Winter Sonata and BYJ my first K-idol. Perhaps it’s his eyes (just like our YSH) that got to me, he can cry at will and I sort of love his wavy hair in that drama.

    Next it was onto weepies like Autumn Story (with SSH), Summer Scent (also SSH), Stairway to heaven …. let me check my lists.

    My lovely samsoon, princess hours, witch yoohee, iljimae, 3 dads 1 mom (didn’t notice nerdy YSH much at that time), tree of heaven, bad couple, 1% if anything, exhibition of fireworks, she is 19, who are you, boys before flowers, star lovers, which star are you from, hateful but once again, full house, sorry i love you, my girl, sassy girl chunyang, one fine day, spring waltz, snow queen, coffee prince, the legend, one fine day, hello my lady, foxy lady, snow white, vineyard man. And of course, MFL followed by QofH.

    Watched quite a no of these on mysoju. Then tried to learn hangul online. As with all of you, now ultimate K-idol is our YSH.

  1062. 1062 : Julee Says:

    Though had seen YSH in 3 dads 1 mom & exhibition of fireworks, he didn’t leave much of an impression. It was only in MFL that I got 100% zapped by him and his soulful eyes …. and the rest is history. Almost didn’t watch QofH due to title, thought it was all about housewives but decided to take a peek because YSH was in it …. glad I did, he was so funny.

  1063. 1063 : Diane Says:

    Been trying to remember my first kdrama. Can’t seem to, but can remember the first k-movies and actors that got me started looking into other Korean movies and actors, then dramas.

    April Snow with Bae Yong Jun

    …ing with Kim Rae Won

    Both those actors impressed me enough to start me looking. Before that I was watching mostly jdramas and some from TW. But can’t seem to remember the very first kdrama.

    I keep a running list (started for myself due to my brain non-functioning at times, lol) at livejournal.

  1064. 1064 : Diane Says:

    Oh, one kdrama that impressed me this year was City Hall with Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. But even though I loved that drama, and especially the proposal, no one can take the place of our YSH!

  1065. 1065 : Julee Says:

    Hi Diane, I keep a list too that’s why I managed to ‘remember’ all those titles. I saw April Snow but thought it too slow moving and boring even though I like BYJ.

    Much prefer dramas because its length allows the characters to develop while movies are much too short, merely a couple of hours so everything had to be concise. I also watched the r-rated movie Untold Scandal (with BYJ) …. with him in his birthday suit (must now use appropriate language or else my comment will end up with the moderators again, haha).

  1066. 1066 : Julee Says:

    Diane, after MFL are you watching any other kdramas right now?

    Time to knock off and head for home so will cont on board later tonight. Tty again.

  1067. 1067 : Diane Says:

    Julee, I did start IRIS, but only got to ep 11, so far. I keep stopping instead of continuing on to the next ep, for some reason. I am still going back to watch my favorite scenes in MFL.

    I did start Smile, You, but mysoju is missing some videos. I just saw the message from =P about seeing it on viikii, so I will go there to watch it.

    But can’t seem to stay away from MFL and our YSH!!!!

  1068. 1068 : Julee Says:

    Diane, with all our constant chats on YSH I suppose we just gotta go back to re-watch MFL. Wish the dvd is already available here so that I can watch it clearly on big screen and HD …. want to see those soulful eyes properly (not so sharp on mysoju) and to save pics of him from the dvd itself. Right now, QofH will have to do, good too as he looks great here.

  1069. 1069 : YSH Forever Says:

    Mmm…i think my craze for kdrama starts off with Winter Sonata, followed by Stairway to Heaven, Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent and Full House. Have watched World Within, Formidable Rivals ( Park Chae Rim is sooo adorable here !), Vineyard Man, Jolly Widows, Terms of Endearments…oh, never knew i have really gone thru THAT many! Currently watching IRIS and Jolly Widows and Three Brothers. Looks like i have to look out for Smile You and You’re Beautiful ( altho i prefer Jang Guen Seok in Hong Gil Dong as that tragic prince ).

    So, as can be seen from the above, ive gone thru quite a number of hearthrobs – BYJ, KSW, SSH, Jang Guen Seok, Song Il Gook ( in Emperor of the Sea- playing the tragic baddie…i know, i have this weakness for the intense tragic type that never gets the girl !), and…who else…ah yes, Jo Si Sub ( he died so tragically in Sorry I love You – this drama is sooo good for crying yr heart out ! He’s so talented here and i remember thinking while watching this drama that he ought to get an award for his fine and subtle acting and guess what, i read later that he did get an award for best new actor for this !)

    And, the best family drama i’ve seen so far is Mum’s Real Upset – no hearthrob for me in this drama but i got engrossed with this family’s going-ons and the casting is simply impecable, all coming in with their individual inputs/talents to produce such a great memorable drama !

    Then of course MFL this year and the rest is history. Who could hold a candle to Yoon SangHyun? I have yet to watch QoH in all its entirety, just snippets here and there on U tube but was totally smithen with him here !

  1070. 1070 : Julee Says:

    Yes JSS in Sorry I Love You made me cry so much until it gave me a bad headache and had to stop watching to recover first. That was one real weepie. At first I wasn’t sure whether the girl died in the end and had to re-watch to make sure. She committed suicide at his grave, right??

  1071. 1071 : =P Says:

    Wow you actually keep a list? I should have too – as well as some on your list – I’ve also watched Goong, Gourmet, Sad Love Story, Glass Slipper, 18 v 29, Tomato, Mr. Duke, Hwang Jini, Love Story In Harvard, Air City, All About eve, All In, Bad Couple, Only You, Couple or Trouble, Get Karl Oh Su Jong, Sunflower, Bad Love, Green Rose, Biscuit Teacher, Oh Pil Seung, Phoenix, One Fine Day, Save the Last Dance, Robbers, Really really Like You, Successful Story Breight Girl, Coffee Prince, 3 Dads 1 Mom, Wedding, When It’s at night, Witch Yoo Hee, tree of heaven, 1% if anything, who are you, star lovers, which star are you from, Likeable or Not, full house, sorry i love you, my girl, sassy girl chunyang, spring waltz, coffee prince, Hello Miss, snow white, Vineyard man, That Fool, Triple, Thank You, Winter Sonata, Autmn In My Heart, Summer Scent, Beautiful Days, Shining Inheritance, Sunlight, Spotlight, Soulmate, Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest, Marrying A Millionaire, Lovers In Prague, Three Leaf Clover, Love Letter, Nymph and Con Man [or something like that – can’t remember] ,My Love Patzzi

    These are some of the dramas – I’ll have to think about the movies!!!

    Can’t remember!

  1072. 1072 : Julee Says:

    Haha =P. your list is so so long ….. if no one else has a longer list, we really should crown you our board champion kdrama watcher.

  1073. 1073 : =P Says:

    Ah Yes, You’re Beautiful, Sweet 18, Formidable Rivals, Smile you,then there’s the one about making handbags, and the one where sisters switched at birth, First Love, A couple of other BYJ dramas [his earlier ones] – goodness can’t remember the older ones!!


  1074. 1074 : =P Says:

    Hey Ju – after listing them out [and this is just the dramas] it is kinda of scary how nuts I am!!!

  1075. 1075 : =P Says:

    Plus there are loads more that I plan to watch – including Iris and some other older titles which I have not got round to =P

  1076. 1076 : =P Says:

    Ah yes – saw Kim Sam Soon, worlds within too and one with the Antiques guy [Min Ah’s husband & the glass slipper older sis] !

    Heh Heh!! Making a list sounds good now as it is so difficult to remember the older titles.

  1077. 1077 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, Ju, she died at his graveside ! A real weepie but the good type, unlike the over the top Stairway to Heaven. JSS is perfect for this role here, and the girl who committed suicide…well, this actress did not quite grow on me.. i got too distracted by her humongous oversized lips which puts me off a bit ( v bad of me to notice such trivial stuff, but just can’t help it, haha ).

  1078. 1078 : =P Says:

    One thing though – After watching the melodramas – at one point I got fed up – cos after ALL THAT CRYING – the couple still did not end up together – dying or get separated for life!!!

    I’m like what the heck? What a waste of tears!! Not to say that I do not enjoy a good cry – but please make it worth while!!

    So I tend to like Rom Coms these days.

    A certain favourite is of course MFL!!!

  1079. 1079 : =P Says:

    Spring Waltz!! I can’t believe I missed that one – I love the OST on that one and actually hunted down the 3 disc set!

  1080. 1080 : Diane Says:

    The list I have has both dramas and movies on it, so I’m not sure of how many of each I have watched. But my lists are at
    It’s too long for me to go thru and figure out the numbers.

  1081. 1081 : Julee Says:

    yes that girl in Sorry I Love You …. she does have bee-stung lips and I thought she seems very young. KSW became my Kidol in STH, he really can cry …. can still remember that scene where he was meeting CJW, had to pretend not to know she had gone blind and bawled his heart out outside the cafe.

    Yes nowadays I don’t like those kind of over the top weepies, much prefer light-hearted dramas like My Girl, MFL and now the hilarious SY.

  1082. 1082 : Julee Says:

    Haha now we seem to be listing down all our already watched kdramas & movies ….. to be submitted for board champion kdrama watcher, tada ^ ^

  1083. 1083 : YSH Forever Says:

    At first glance, i wld think =P wld have won hands down ! But wait, wait, we have to hear from SH and ES before jumping to conclusion, haha.

  1084. 1084 : Diane Says:

    To get a count, are we separating dramas from movies, or can it be a complete list with both together?

  1085. 1085 : Julee Says:

    wonder which one among us is the champion watcher for MFL …. must be the complete series, not just certain ep. Not me as I’ve only watched it about 3-4X. Probably either YSH4, =P or SH, but not sure about diane & ES.

  1086. 1086 : =P Says:

    Hey Diane!! Something in Common? I love Shah Rukh Khan!!!

  1087. 1087 : Julee Says:

    Hi diane, maybe we should just count Kdramas and not include movies since we’re talking champion kdrama watcher

  1088. 1088 : =P Says:

    Favourite Bollywood movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!!

    ROFLOL!!! Imagine!!

  1089. 1089 : Diane Says:

    I’ve watched MFL completely 3 times only. The rest of the time are just snippets and clips and favorite scenes.

  1090. 1090 : =P Says:

    Yes Dramas first – I have not even begun listing the movies!!

    O Goodness – I’m sure I’ve missed out some dramas and will surely miss out the movies!

  1091. 1091 : Julee Says:

    =P Shah Rukh Khan is not included in the count ….. but he’s good looking isn’t he?

  1092. 1092 : =P Says:

    I may have watched MFL 5 times fully? SH would probably beat me!!

  1093. 1093 : YSH Forever Says:

    Oh yes, at one time, KSW is a real hottie ! I believe he was at his height in StHeaven but alas, his latest cinderalla man is being panned ? Or was i mistaken ? Used to rave abt him once sometime ago, but lately, inspite of ( or may be becos of) his new body makeover with those 6 packs, am put off by his penchant for dropping his clothes ( the top only mercifully) at the slightest excuse.. sorry if anyone else here still hav the hots for him. But JSS is a different story ! I read that he had done a movie with Zhang Zyi Yi ? and when they asked him how he likes kissing her,he said it was too brief to really feel anything! haha

  1094. 1094 : =P Says:

    Ha Ha Ju!! Went to Diane’s blog and saw that she listed Shah Rukh Khan!

  1095. 1095 : =P Says:

    Ya – I agree about KSW – that’s why I did not list Cinderella Man – only managed halfway – not even that actually – so not counted I guess!

  1096. 1096 : Diane Says:

    =P, you, too, about Shah Rukh Khan? I loved him when I first saw him in Kal Ho Naa Ho! What did you first see him in?

    Julee, it will take me all week to separate my list, so I guess I’ll bow out. 🙂

  1097. 1097 : =P Says:

    Looks like I have to dig into my closet and ferret out all the various dvd’s that I have and find a listing for some of the older dramas – Can’t for the life of me remember the titles!!

  1098. 1098 : =P Says:

    I think first time saw him in Dilwale Dulhane someting something and he was so cute – no hang on – it was Yes Boss! then Dilwale and of course his mega mega hit – Kuch Kuch!!!

  1099. 1099 : YSH Forever Says:

    Okay, back to our SangHyun. I’ve watched MFL only 4 times to-date. Let’s hear from SH and see how she scores.

  1100. 1100 : Julee Says:

    talking about KSW, he’s no longer that high up on my list …. no chance for him now that our YSH is right there on top. Did you all notice his buzz polls vote count …. not very high either.

    Did you girls see some recent hot pics of him with his wife & baby? Let me find the link and will post it here.

  1101. 1101 : =P Says:

    Now, lest you think that I am cheating on him – let me tell you tonite’s favourite scene –

    The ep where HN is drunk and the Bar calls her Butler – When HN accidentally brushes her lips to his – you can actually see his heart stop beating!!

    I dare any other actor to do that – my heart stopped beating with his – he literally froze inside and out – then he shook himself and looked around to see if anyone caught his betraying his feelings in public.

    OK now I am on ep 4 of my latest rewatch but this scene popped to mind. =P

  1102. 1102 : Julee Says:

    OK, here’s the link:


    Sizzling pics of KSW and wife, cute baby Luke and one bare-bodied pic (which so digusts YSH4,haha)

  1103. 1103 : YSH Forever Says:

    I just turned my back for a bit and now u gals r on Bollywood ? haha. Shah Ruk Khan – i luv seeing him with that charismatic actress…what’s her name who married another famous hindi actor …omg, i have to retrace my memory coz i left bollywood for a yr at least and now even the names i hv difficulty remembring. I luv their songs and the ubiquitous dancing and swaying, so captivating in the splendous outdoor shoots.

  1104. 1104 : =P Says:

    Now I remember!! Hotelier!

  1105. 1105 : =P Says:

    That would be Kajol who married Ajay Devgan

  1106. 1106 : Julee Says:

    yeah the typical group dancing, all decked in matching outfits ….. a must have in any bollywood movie. I don’t watch a lot of them, just occasionally and not too familiar with their names. But these Hindi actors are hot and so good looking.

  1107. 1107 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hehe, i love bare bodes as much as anyone else…but this KSW, it’s as tho the scenes where he stripped were so contrived, not part of the script but put in just so we shd admire his 6 packs !

  1108. 1108 : =P Says:

    Try dancing to one of their production numbers- I guarantee you will not be able to finish – I tried once and I was plastered!!!
    [Again my favourite word -plastered especially when coupled with YSH!]

  1109. 1109 : =P Says:

    Or were you referring to Aishwarya Rai [Miss World 1984] Who married Abishek Bachan?

    I think Kajol – cos he was only in 1 movie with the aforementioned Ash.

  1110. 1110 : YSH Forever Says:

    =P, you r just great ! That’s right, kajol !! The famous pairing of kajol and shah ruhk ! There’s one where she wore a mesmerising blue sari and doing sultry number with him – oh, that was a classic.

  1111. 1111 : Diane Says:

    Oh! You’re right about that scene at the bar, =P. I could actually feel the emotions he was going thru at the time!

  1112. 1112 : Julee Says:

    talking about being bare-bod, YSH seems to be rather shy to show his in MFL (just a little peek in the bed scene and then he was completely covered up with his blanket). Perhaps conscious of his not so toned bod compared to QofH.

  1113. 1113 : =P Says:

    In the rain? That should be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!! The Best fo The Best!

  1114. 1114 : =P Says:

    True – I too wondered why YSH so shy about baring it all – he looked good in his Marie Claire photo shoot

  1115. 1115 : YSH Forever Says:

    Thank u Ju, saw KSW at the hangukdrama link u gave. Have to admit he looks great with his bare top ( this time much nicer, not those convoluted overdone muscles when i first his 6 packs in Cruel Love ). Wish my own dad looked this good when he carried me (the baby me, that is ) haha.

  1116. 1116 : Julee Says:

    I remembered seeing one pic of him posted somewhere, in MFL after his accident and he was about to change his Tee when HN burst into his room about the giant cockroach … and it was noted that he had a little tummy there

  1117. 1117 : Julee Says:

    perhaps should go and re-watch that scene, freeze that moment and see whether we can spot his tummy.

    Yeah hot-bod dad, haha

  1118. 1118 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, =P, kuch kuch hota hai -its all coming back to me ! Best of the Best- totally agreed with u here !Ash might have the beauty but kajol has that something….v irrisistable and indefinable and long lasting. So allluring i shd say.

    YSH – if u see all his pics during his modelling days doing cosmetics shoots, etc , such great bod ! He definately had piled on some weight lately, so…..

    Nevertheless, he is still UNO NUMERO, puffy or otherwise.

  1119. 1119 : =P Says:

    YSH is the lean sinewy type of body – so if he’s toned I dunno why so shy – unless it has something to do with the age diff thing again with YEH!

  1120. 1120 : YSH Forever Says:

    Oh, lee jun ki , heere we come, watch out ! A few more comments and YSH shd have overtaken LJK.

  1121. 1121 : khin myint kyi Says:

    I like your acting in My fair lady.You are handsome.I am going to watch your Tv series.

  1122. 1122 : Julee Says:

    I just took a peek at LJK’s board and looks like his biodata list is so long. Not very fair to our YSH with just 2 columns up there. Wonder who’s sets up these pages.

  1123. 1123 : YSH Forever Says:

    YSH – i think he tends to put on the flab on his cheeks more than elswhere. In MFL, he is definately rounder overall than in QoH, but esp more so in the cheeks. But still so devastating handsome inspite of the extra lbs.

    From the Happy Tog series ( thankfully it has english sub) he seems to love diary products, so that cld explain why within such a short period of time this yr alone, he cld put on the weight. Hope he has the discipline to keep this in check coz his fame is really shooting off at dizzying speed and we as fans want nothing more than seeing him rise right to the top and image is so v important for an actor, esp for one who takes in romantic roles like our oppa !

  1124. 1124 : =P Says:

    I thnk he just needs toning – I mean he is already so lean!!

    Just looak at his forearms – when he was folding hs pants to go away the first time -you can see the muscles there -dunno – I still think it was the age thing [as ridiculous as it seems]

  1125. 1125 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi, khin myint kyi, welcome to this YSH board ! Yes, he is so handsome ! You have come to the right place to see all the love we are giving to our idol.

  1126. 1126 : =P Says:

    I wonder if the moderators are wondering waht’s going on – in just a matter of weeks our YSH has jumoed in from nowhere and overtaken so many!!

    Heh Heh!! must be giving them a headache!!

  1127. 1127 : =P Says:

    Welcome KMK!

  1128. 1128 : Julee Says:

    He mentioned during that marie claire interview that he would like to do some cold-blooded character role. I suppose he should be good in that too but prefer him as the romantic DC.

  1129. 1129 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yes, ju, our oppa’s biodate are quite bare. Even cyworld does better, listing his hobbies ( singing, drawing). And his pic here, there tons of YSH pics that are much much better than this ! Hope this won’t get moderated, haha

  1130. 1130 : Julee Says:

    yes, giving moderators a hard time having to update his position in list and keeping an eye out for any inappropriate language his uninhibited fans are posting up, haha.

    Hi to you too kmk.

  1131. 1131 : Julee Says:

    My earlier ‘innocent’ *ahem* comment had to be retained overnight for moderation. So now must be mindful to use polite language or intentiona mis-spelling to get around the ‘waiting for moderation’ part, haha

  1132. 1132 : Julee Says:

    can we pester the site admin/moderator/whoever to update YSH’s pic and include more data … we could always contribute. I’m sure we had better YSH pics amongst us.

  1133. 1133 : YSH Forever Says:

    Yup, read abt his interest in this cold-blooded role that he so wanted. And i think he wld do a good job of it as he’s a v talented actor and his eyes have that piercing quality that cld sent cold vibes too. But he had already garnered so many female fans thru his hearthrob roles and i think it cld be disastrous for his career if he switch roles suddenly !

    Perhaps when he is much older ? when it is not v tenable to play lead romantic roles ? But that is in the far future – he still have many romantic roles yet to play, as his fans now seem can’t have enuf of him and wanting to see more of him in such roles.

  1134. 1134 : =P Says:

    Ha Ha Ju – I was just *singing8 the lyrics to You’re the One Taht I Want – from Grease – and I got moderated!!

    Anyway – we all know how to keep it nice and fun here!! Don’t Worry!!

    O yes, I’m prob the only one having no idea how to get to cyworld – help?

  1135. 1135 : =P Says:

    Well, Hwang Jung Min has done several diverse roles before That Fool and he survived.

    I think YSH would too – if his cold blooded character gets redeemed by a good woman – LOL – you’re right – we do want to see him in leading man romantic type roles!!

  1136. 1136 : =P Says:

    Another actor who has diversified and not lost any fans is Lee Byung Hun.

    I am very sure that YSH will do equally well. Only thing is – much as I love YSH – I dunno if I want to see him all bloodied and bruised and beaten up not to mention him beating up others and killing!!

    I have to admit that I have not watched all of Lee Byung Hun’s stuff.

    Maybe YSH could do something like “Everybody Has Secret”?

  1137. 1137 : =P Says:

    Well it all boils down to the fact that we cannot get enuf of that gorgeous face and twinkling eyes in charm mode.

    Only trouble would be to pick his next leading lady.

    Your pick? I might suggest Lee Da Hae actually.

  1138. 1138 : YSH Forever Says:

    So should our next topic be to pester the moderator here to do the rightful thing ( according to us fans ?) haha. Put in better pic of YSH, better biodata, and many more but for the moment, those 2 wld be good enuf.

    Haha,Ju, now u be a good girl, no naughty bits or else……

  1139. 1139 : Julee Says:

    Hi =P, here’s the link to cyworld, listed in his biodata at korea tourism website.

    link here

    Once in cyworld site, click on his 4 thumbnail pics on left, in next page click on first orange link (5 links there on left) which will bring you to his lastest update

  1140. 1140 : YSH Forever Says:

    Actually, YSH had played wimpy and foolish roles and to him, it seems like such a struggle to reach this place where he finally gets recognition as a leading romantic character. And MFL is his first and only time to date he got the lead role, so it wld be less than wise to so quickly choose a cold blooded role that is the complete opposite of what he is so good AND his fans seem to lap it up. Too soon to switch gear,in my opinion.

    U r right, =P, the relevant question here shd be- who shd be his next leading lady ! M not familiar with lee da hae, what drama is she in?

    How abt Son Je Yin – the Summer Scent actress ? Also that Bali drama.

  1141. 1141 : =P Says:

    Thank You Ju!!

    What can I say – it’s great being part of a family. So excuse me a minute while I go swoon!!~

  1142. 1142 : =P Says:

    Lee DA Hae was lead in Green Rose and My Girl and support in East of Eden

  1143. 1143 : =P Says:

    Not really into Son Ye Jin – I want someone spunky!

  1144. 1144 : Julee Says:

    Lee Da Hae was in My Girl with LDW & LJK. She’s quite a good actress, can play both comical & serious roles

  1145. 1145 : =P Says:

    Exactly Ju – that’s why I thought of her!

  1146. 1146 : =P Says:

    You know what – Sang Hee is going to shocked to her socks to find how much we’ve chatted!!!

  1147. 1147 : =P Says:

    Bye Bye Lee Jun Ki!!!!!

  1148. 1148 : Julee Says:

    yeah where’s our SH? Should be up and about at this time.

    Not into SYJ much myself, have watched her in summer scent with SSH and April Snow with BYJ. Don’t think she’s good enough for our YSH.

  1149. 1149 : =P Says:

    May try out Will It Snow This Christmas – only cuz of Go Soo.

  1150. 1150 : =P Says:

    Actually unless I thnk of someone else – I’m backing Lee Da Hae.

    She’s also tall and willowy and would match YSH quite well. plus she’s kinda cute too. She had 3 different styles in Green Rose, My Girl and Hello Miss! – so she’s quite talented.

    In Hello Miss – she cracked me up when she was playing the Agasshi!

  1151. 1151 : Julee Says:

    I keep getting this error about incorrect anti-spam word though it was already typed in prior. I think the system (what a coincidence, it’s my current anti-spam word) is overwhelmed by our comments that it has to double confirmed.

    Hah, it happened again.

  1152. 1152 : =P Says:

    Hey!! We’re catching up to YEH!!

  1153. 1153 : YSH Forever Says:

    Gals, check this out – cld this be YSH’s diary to his fans? :-

    Diary (1)ListPyeolchimPhotosSummary Fan everybody doing well here? Those taken during the drama, so that
    Yunsanghyeon October 9, 2009 00:32 Address copy 21016 views scrap 1 .

    Fan everybody doing well here?

    While filming the drama, so stop by for a long time that I saw with blogs

    Today I thought I’d leave the article said.

    Ahhh finally natneyo end. Until today the last day of filming and broadcasting is still to come I may not realize

    I finally feel like I need this broadcast.

    In the meantime, more loving sigo sigo Give Thanks jeojilcheryeokin bother me much concern.

    Sigo patronize directions of staff, Bob, when presented with a birthday celebration. Could not have time to give him an excuse, but too late

    I would just like it was grateful heart. I lived in ganghyenaui butler’s butler to be present for a given 윤상

    Thanks to everybody was so happy ^ ^ sorry, did not mind, but also a large back deuriji.

    In the past, a problem that had a computer at home, and my birthday in the company taking a super laptop seonmulhaeju

    I often blog paenkapedo going to come too often.

    The end was way too gakkeumssi your TV, please stop by often come to drink.

    I think the situation in sleep ~ sleep there’s Sweet kkusi

    Love. Hart –

  1154. 1154 : =P Says:

    Ok! Ok! We target Jang Geun Suk first!

  1155. 1155 : =P Says:

    Would appreciate a translation of the translation YSH4

    Please -at this hour of the night – only direct speech can register with me – like kiss me, hug me – no double meanings etc from YSH please!!

  1156. 1156 : Julee Says:

    YEH is still another 800 comments ahead. Hey SH, better come on board and add in your multi ‘haha’ & YSH gorgeous bod comments to narrow the gap.

    Me need to take a break now to go bathe. Just past midnight here and I still haven’t had my bath. Just now busy watching ep 22 of SY and then busy chatting here.

  1157. 1157 : =P Says:

    Hey Sang Hee – when you finally join us – I don’t envy you teh 100 over comments you have to go thru to update!! But do!! It’s been loads of fun!!

    We are picking leading ladies for our guy in his next project. My vote is – Lee Da Hae – Yours?

  1158. 1158 : YSH Forever Says:

    Haha, me making no sense of it too ! All i finally figured out is that ‘paenmiting’ means fan meeting ! LoL.

  1159. 1159 : =P Says:

    Omo – we all think alike Ju – Me too I just finished ep 23 SY while chatting here and ep 18 and 19 Creating Destiny.

    The waiting is killing so that’s why will probably start Will It Snow tomorrow as well.

  1160. 1160 : Julee Says:

    was just about to go bathe when i saw YSH4’s translation LOL, what is he saying??

    Probably to thank his fans for their support, but yes at this hour it’s hard to make out the content. Ok, will cont later if you girls are still up or SH is here.

    Got to take that bath now.

  1161. 1161 : =P Says:

    OK goodnight everybody!!!

    That’s it for me – over and out.

    Need my energy to watch dramas tmr!!

  1162. 1162 : YSH Forever Says:

    Compared to u veterans here, am just a green horn as far as leading ladies are concerned. Imagine, not even familiar with lee da hae except to spell her name. OK, next assignment – watch My Girl etc and get to know this girl who is deserving of our YSH !

  1163. 1163 : sang hee Says:

    chingoos, i hit the sack last night early as i was exhausted with so many things, doing errands and such and yes you guys are right like =P i was shocked to see so many chattings going on here w/o muahhhh! now i can’t even scroll down so much and join you from what you guys left of.

    First of, YSH4…i’ve seen MFL rewatched i meant to say…now on my 6th times. =P & I were almost in the same wavelength in terms of rewatching before we even met you guys now that i got the DVD of MFL, i think i lost count, maybe 7th incldg the first time we all were watching it.

    now on to another box so we can gain the momentum here while you all are in drmland so when u wake up you have something to read while i’m starting to get some work done at work! hahahaha

    btw where’s our other gal chingoo Eida? busy with her proj tribute? hahaha ok talk again soon.

  1164. 1164 : sang hee Says:

    =P i can’t keep up with you guys …. that’s my setback going to bed and having a beauty rest early coz i wanted so much to chat with you while u guys are in your time zone!

    anyway, even before you guys thought of this subject of our guy’s leading lady, i already got So Ye jin in mind, next wld be Ha Ji won, Kim ha neul, Yoo Jin of course coz they worked already in 3 Dads, speaking of whom, i and my photoshop cousin thought Yoo Jin in Creating Destiny wld be good also if our guy is the leading man coz this leading man in CD did u guys notice? he’s like YSH in acting skills v. funny & like his younger version. Well anyway to cont with leading ladies….another one would be yes LDH would be a good match too as she’s spunky and v. v funny in MF (YSH4 u better look at MG soon or you’ll be left out hahahaha). Then who else maybe Han ji hye?

    I like Son ye jin on top of list, Ha Ji Won and Yoo Jin and LDH!

  1165. 1165 : YSH Forever Says:

    7 more ‘bodies’ to cross over and then we could finally list YSH’s name next to SIG! Goodnite everybody, lovely chat. SH will hv to plow thru at least 3 pages, including the bollywood rave !

  1166. 1166 : sang hee Says:

    i really can’t respond anymore to the other comments of 100 accdg to you =P so i’m going to take my shower now and back later from sneaking at work and soon will be heading out the door! maybe tonight i’ll be able to stay up a little late but you see my body clock is used to going to bed at around 10:30 pm our time and beyond that i’ll feel like a zombie nxt day so i’ll see.

    btw b4 i log off…gals i also watched SY jumping from so many epis to ep 23 and i’m kinda liking it, it’s funny. then WISFC seems good too.

    oh before i forget my p/shop cousin did a make believe sequel on youtube of Boys Before Flowers (that’s one of her favorites) but i can’t paste the link till later, and she included our YSH as a cousin to Ji Hoo who’s been away practicing in the U.S. and he comes back to the hospital as a doctor. See him in Dr’s uniform gals. i will paste it here later! My cousin likes him too as her no. 1 among the over 30sh actors but she’s more into younger actors like Lee Min Ho so i cannot invite her here to join us. hahahaha

  1167. 1167 : sang hee Says:

    still up YSH4? hahaha I know what you mean so it’s not easy for me to follow through now after 100 items here while i was in drmland? oh what did i do to deserve this chingoos? hahahaha i really enjoyed reading some but i hv no time now got to start preparing for work chingoos.

    g/nite ya all

  1168. 1168 : sang hee Says:


    link to my cousin’s make believe BBF sequel….she’s got the first part somewhere but i guess you guys won’t be interested in some of the vids which didn’t include our guy but there’s a couple of episodes before this which u may want to just find from her vids! Enjoy!

    though it’s only stills and photoshop (photos) it’s still good seeing him to be a part of the sequel!

  1169. 1169 : sang hee Says:

    ok bear w/me girls….it’s not easy as YSH4 said to plow through here, i guess it’s easier to plow through a mountain of snow than here coz you guys did a good job in chatting away here hahaha.

    one at a time is all i can do at this point and jumping from one box to the nxt is taxing while u’r (sneakkkkkkkinnnn wahhhhhhhh) at work! hahahaha

    i agree with YSH4 – Son ye jin….she’s classy & quite a daring actress in that she’s v v professional, she even had some movies where she was unclothed and she was quoted in saying (not exactly verbatim here) that when she’s asked to play a role whether it asks for her to shed some clothes she doesn’t really care what other ppl might say….something to that effect so i guess she’ll be sexy for our YSH! hahahaha just a thought! she’s actually one of my no. 1 Korean actresses of all time! i love her and YEH of course ties in no. 1 with her!

  1170. 1170 : sang hee Says:

    by da time u guys wake up, this page would multiply by the rate i’m chatting away here by myself! hahaha well on to nxt topic of body! hahaha
    someone from the board i think =P says something about why our guy is shy about his body? listen our guy although we only hv known each other not long ago (hahaha as if it was an intimate one eh?) is quite modest and conservative! that’s at least my assessment of him based fr watching his body language if you will fr his dramas! however, he sure got something to flaunt about and we all know it too well, he’s got that beautiful physique! hahaha melts melts

    that scend where YehYsh went to cottage & Tae Joon came knocking on HN’s door, he quickly covered his bods but we could see it’s a sexy bod! hahaha

    i hope the moderator shld not await till this gets through hahaha

  1171. 1171 : sang hee Says:

    ok sorry moderator if i had some words there that u thought was inappropriate for this board, we’ll try to be careful.

    gals i’m awaiting moderation again! just like u did Ju! hahaha

  1172. 1172 : sang hee Says:

    ok now that it’s awaiting moderation i can keep talking towards another topic!

    we’re almost bumping Jang geum seok altho i also have his as one of my young K actors on my list but our oppa comes first sorry JGS.

  1173. 1173 : sang hee Says:

    ok now i know what else, Kdramas you’ve watched. Mine started with Lovers in Paris, gone crazy with Lee dong gun but he’s now at the bottom of my list then followed by Wint Sonata, STH, Sad Love Story, Cloud Stairs i fell for Shin dong wook also, Full House, Kim Sam Song, Glass Slippers, Mr Duke, Hotelier, Save the L. Dance, My Love Pazzi, Wonderful Life (another fave of mine) fell in love also with Kim Jae Won, L. Story in Harvard, Which Star Are You From, A Star in My heart (love Ahn jae wook also), Love Letters, Ray of Sunshine, Terms of Endearment, Goong of course, Vineyard Man, Q. Sera Sera, Summer Scent, Spring Waltz, Autumn in my Heart (another cutie Song seung hyun), Did We Really Love? (i also loved Bae yoong joon then not anymore)
    cont nxt page (the above is not necessarily in each order)

  1174. 1174 : sang hee Says:

    i think u gals are separating movies so i’ll touch on that later!
    of course of late Marrying a Mill., Fireworks, 3 Dads all with our idol, Winter Bird (on the works plus Keu keu island), Last Scandal (funny & cute) 30 K miles in search for my son, you gals shld see this nice! Super Rookie with Eric Moon, Love to Kill, Go to School Sang Dong (spell?), I’m sorry I love you (i liked So ji Sub then), Jewel in the Palace (too long i didn’t finish, all about food made me hungry while watching) if i forget something i’ll be back! hahaha

  1175. 1175 : sang hee Says:

    i reckon i mentioned this to one of you chingoos that everytime i see another kdrama and the lead actor is cute or handsome i just can’t help but like them, maybe sometimes it’s the role they’re playing too? what’s your take on this?

    by this w/end our score would probab reach more than JGS and in the nxt few weeks some of those guys would be after our guy’s name! hahaha

  1176. 1176 : sang hee Says:

    now when u guys wake up i got several for you to read through hahaha talk later got to do some work here now b4 the boss gets here.

  1177. 1177 : sang hee Says:

    just coming back fr lunch & one actress i left out from the leading ladies’ list would be Kim Jeung Eun, she did an MV w/him & she’s a funny one too and v. good actress, she may not be as pretty as Son ye jin but she’d be ok also with our guy, say you?

  1178. 1178 : Julee Says:

    Hi SH, KJE is the one who acted in Lovers In Paris isn’t she?

    Btw, your waiting for moderation comment doesn’t have anything to do with body parts, does it? I doubt the moderator/s would be sitting on the site eyeing every single comment posted, most likely they could have programmed the comment box such that any suspicious words in their list or uncommon links would be auto-directed to their moderation inbox, to be looked at when they come on.

    Since our board seems to have quite a no of waiting to be moderated comments and now even need to double confirm anti-spam word, looks like they’re paying more attn to ours ….. a bunch of highly suspicious fighting for body parts addicts.

    Let me double check if I have any inappropriate words there.

  1179. 1179 : sang hee Says:

    wake up now girls drmland time over! good morning pretty rosebuds!

    wow i enjoyed surfing at cyworld girls! just dropping by ciao again!

  1180. 1180 : sang hee Says:

    good morning chingoo Ju….yeah but i guess it’s ok now but for a while it was kinda stuck there with that msg! hahaha yup that’s her from Lovers in Paris and recent MV with our guy b/ground Lee seung chil? i’m bad w/their names sorry! hope u had a good nite’s rest and ready for that 8 cups of coffee, and caffeine free face of our guy! hahaha

    i sent u my email so it shld be waiting for you! hahaha LOL!

  1181. 1181 : sang hee Says:

    guys we’re now even with Kim Rae won who happens to be my other fave and now at the bottom list too! hahaha sorry KRW! let’s hope they update this board soon and we’re heading to go up there in due time!

  1182. 1182 : sang hee Says:

    next target will kim jeong hoon….it seems i’m filling this page with just me chatting away here so i’ll wait for you till tonight girls! i’ll pop in once in a while since i’m not super busy.

  1183. 1183 : sang hee Says:

    Ju my msgs are still under moderation! oh oh i thought it went through already i was wrong!

  1184. 1184 : Julee Says:

    SH I’m not the need at least 8 cups caffeine addict, I think that’s =P. And yes, I’m having my first cuppa now and checking out board. Will have to be getting ready for work and heading out the door shortly.

    It’ll be another busy morn for me.

  1185. 1185 : Julee Says:

    Hey girls, have any of you read this bit of news about our YSH in trouble with a recent 10 billion wond compensation lawsuit with that company? Think it was in July this year. Wonder if it’s settled yet. Here’s the link:

    link here

    Ok, have to get ready for work. Ta.

  1186. 1186 : YSH Forever Says:

  1187. 1187 : YSH Forever Says:

    Girls, anyone here recognise ( unprompted) he’s YSH in this link ? I still cld not get over that this’s him ! Younger no doubt and without that famous moustache, and very taut cheeks…..still one ought to at least make out that he’s SangHyun ssi… i think he’s a chameleon

  1188. 1188 : sang hee Says:

    hello girls and g. morning

    sorry Ju i thot it was u… that’s right it’s =P
    thnx for joggling my memory on that!

    yeah i read about that & let’s hope it’s settled but we hvn’t really heard eh?

    hello YSH thnx for that link!

    been busy too so another hour i’ll be heading home while you guys are off to work!

  1189. 1189 : Julee Says:

    Just popped by before heading off for work proper.

    Thanks YSH4 for the link. Thought he resembled kimura takuya here, should be in his earlier commercial days. Cute, getting stuck on the bowl.

  1190. 1190 : Julee Says:

    Hey =P, when I googled YSH 2009, saw your comment yesterday on kdramas watched listed 3rd in google 1st page.

  1191. 1191 : sang hee Says:

    yup that’s him, v. v funny vid… i think we’ve seen that b4 right YSH4?

  1192. 1192 : sang hee Says:

    Chingoos…..one of my frnds stumbled upon a very young YSH photo but maybe you guys have seen it already? he’s so cute and very innocent looking! 🙂 She knows i’m a diehard fan so she emailed it to me not courier as Eida wld say so.

    Speaking of eida where is she? bc with her trib. i suppose?

  1193. 1193 : =P Says:

    Yea!! I’m on Google with YSH!!! What a wonderful memory!1

    Ha Ha good morning Sang Hee – I am on my 3rd cup of coffee already this morning.

    Had to have a couple of cups last night too during our run of chatting.

    Yes YSH4 I have seen the CF – he was soo cute there too. I mean is he ever not cute?

  1194. 1194 : =P Says:

    I don’t really go fo KJE – cos she bit stiff. Kim Ha neul – hmmmm… Kim Tae Hee?????? seriously – not lively enug
    Han Ji Hye is a possibility – she can do serious and madcap too – plus she is quite vibrant.

    Our man needs someone vibrant to play against – someone who is not a dead fish in expressions -and can kiss!!! [although i must say having seen YEH in other stuff- she was pretty mild here]

    Not Kim Sun Ah!! somehow she is too brash!

  1195. 1195 : =P Says:

    #Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody – all on my own -Oooooo!!#
    Hey! Where’s everyone?

  1196. 1196 : sang hee Says:

    good morning chingoo =P, make sure you get your caffeine b4 anything else hahahaha ….yeah i was lonely too this a.m. when I awoke & see all you guys have been chatting away while i was in drmland! not walking the corridors this time, just in the MFL garden when he emerges behind me & i thought i was dreaming but it was for real! hahahaha

    anyway, ok let’s drop KJE then, nahhhhh i’m not for the KSS lady, HJH ok she can play both comedy & drama; mind u i also like Sun wo sun for him, you know his estranged wife in Queen? She cld be funny if u see their CF…i think i sent it to you =P and YSH4 a few wks ago. Let me know if u hvnt seen it & i’ll send it again!

    we’re almost reaching the 2000 mark girls so keep it up and before we know it the Yoons wld be back to back? i’ll be back but yeah where’s e.body? working hard? or hardly working? hahaha it’s your turn girls to go to work while i’ve done my part & just in front of the comp. now & after this will have a bit of dosage of our guy in MFL! I can’t live w/o him! Isn’t there a song =P ‘I can’t live without you?’ hahaha since u’d been singing away last time i thought u might know that one.

  1197. 1197 : sang hee Says:

    =P i just saw ur score in watching MFL & yes i’ve beaten you on that coz by now i’ve seen this 5 or 6 times i actually lost count! hahaha still counting and never get tired of it! i just don’t u/stand why some ppl criticized this drama and YEH coz it was really good!

    i think with the kdramas i’ve seen i still hv left out some, oh yeah Snow Queen, nah didn’t really like it, One Fine Day was ok, It Happened in Bali, i didn’t like the ending though; Coffee Prince, so so but i know a lot of ppl loved it, YEH was good in it of course; Romance, Green Rose, Attic Cat, Woman of the Sun, Tomato (a must see, it was good i also for a while liked the lead actor Kim (something), Secret Lovers, Beautiful Days, Sassy Girl Chun hyang and a lot more. I know we’re not including MFL or Queen of H as we’re all aware about these two.

    Are we doing movies or u guys done it?

  1198. 1198 : =P Says:

    We doing dramas – Ah yes, I saw Secret Lovers too – and another one with Kim So Yeon and Ryu Si Won – I can’t remember the title – home shopping theme

  1199. 1199 : =P Says:

    O yes – does Friends count> The one with Won Bin and that Japanese actress?

  1200. 1200 : Julee Says:

    hi girls, just back from lunch. Still on dramas??

    SH, your comment approved by moderator yet?

  1201. 1201 : sang hee Says:

    =P ok dramas then…i’m not sure about that home shopping drama theme, but i did like Secret Lovers as well, that’s the actor from Tomato. If you or the girls haven’t seen Tomato (on youtube) it’s a good one, an old (10 yr old) drama with Kim hye sun, it’s a nice love story as well! the only drawback – no kissing scene but overall it’s to me 2 thumbs up way up! the scenery & all that were pretty nice! got to take a shower ladies, see u soon as it’s getting late now.

  1202. 1202 : sang hee Says:

    omoooo i was about to leave the board and notice we’re only 13 more msgs away from JGS!! I really have a strong feeling we’ll be able to match SIG later! way to go girls! We’re going to make it! aja aja

  1203. 1203 : =P Says:

    the problem is I keep remembering a drama title every litle while so the initial list is not exhaustive!

  1204. 1204 : =P Says:

    Tomato was cute as you say – Kim Hee Sun could have been a little less zombie-ish but on the whole refreshing – the lead actor was very definite in his not liking the snd girl and tells her to face repeatedly despite her shenanigans and actually faces off with her – and does not leave the job to leading lady.

    Refreshing I thought. Creating Destiny is also doing something similar – in that lead actor is telling in simple english to his parasite that he will NEVER like her – but for some reason that single cell amoeba doesn’t get it!!

  1205. 1205 : =P Says:

    The other one is restaurant based – lead actress is the older sis in Glass Shoes – wait – it’ll come to me. O ya Han Jae Suk was 2nd Guy there.

    Yes, I saw Did we ever love too. Also finishe Jewel In The Palace – love cooking so that fascinated me. Also Truth, Lovers [Jang Dong Gun with an older Woman!], Propose,

    Thought it was alright.

  1206. 1206 : =P Says:

    OK I admit – I looked it up – that elusive title is – Should My Tears Show – sigh -now I can breathe

  1207. 1207 : Julee Says:

    Hi =P, I think you’re likely our champion kdrama watcher judging from you list. Looks like there is quite a no of dramas I’ve yet to watch, any special recomendation? Not weepies.

  1208. 1208 : =P Says:

    Eureka – remembered another drama – Since I Knew You – Ryu Si Won and Choi Jin Shil.

    At this rate my list will never end!!

  1209. 1209 : =P Says:

    Well Ju – don’t know if you will like them – but [depending on season, age and current obsession] I used to be obsessive about Beautiful Days, Mr. Duke, Lovers In Prague, Save The Lsat Dance – older dramas – bit of melo -but no one dies.

    Funnier of that list would be Mr. Duke – Kim Seung Woo was very good in it.

    Newer dramas – you have seen most but That Fool is great. I love the feel good feeling you get – Hawng Jung Min was awesome!

  1210. 1210 : sang hee Says:

    i’m back…if i can join in =P i did like Mr Duke i thought KSW was good in it and loved the storyline as well….kinda Cinderella guy sort of genre, this time it’s the guy who’s poor and Choi Ji (the weepy queen) did a good job and their chem. was quite good, loved the ending as well coz they finally married (oooppps i don’t mean to be a spoiler for those who hvnt seen it). I forgot Lovers in Prague where i liked the young Jang geum seuk thought who was that cutie? I liked that actress too forgot her name but she’s good!

  1211. 1211 : Julee Says:

    hey SH, guess you didn’t see my query just prior to this page. Your comment received moderator’s ok yet?

    Thought you would be in dreamland already.

  1212. 1212 : =P Says:

    Lovers In Prague had Jeon Do Yeon. I liked the dynamics there – cute stoic policeman and President’s daughter!

  1213. 1213 : =P Says:

    Save The Last Dance had Eugene in it – who now I think could be 2nd to Lee Da Hae in a full blown rom com with YSH.

  1214. 1214 : sang hee Says:

    i havnt seen Truth nor the JDG drama, hvnt finished Jewel as i got bored by the time i reached ep 35, so my DVD is still collecting dust here! hahaha

    yeah the other Unni in Glass Slippers she’s good and will be a good leading lady u think with our guy?

    i also like Kim hye sun of Smile Again drama, oh yeah i forgot that one and Sweet 18 with Lee dong gun and HJH where they fell for each other! Then there’s Love Letters, oh i liked this one too with Jo hyun jae (now in the military), then there’s another one i can’t recall the title now it’ll come to me later.

    Ju how much hv u watched since you got introduced to Kdramas? I’m sure you got lots too right?

    How about u Eida? i know Diane got some titles she mentioned, so it’s YSH4 I believe who needs to watch some more? hahaha

  1215. 1215 : eidasayang Says:

    Hi GALS….

    i’m back!!! i’ve got a headache right now!!! hahaha..

    sorry everyone..quite busy with my tribute actually….so..i put another video at my youtube account…
    check it out!!


  1216. 1216 : sang hee Says:

    no Ju i think coz it’s on the other page now? is it still waiting the moderator? the thing is it’s quite visible for everyone to see so i don’t see any logic in having it waiting but meantime you guys hv read it already?

  1217. 1217 : Julee Says:

    Now that I have the QofH dvd, I think I’ll finish with if first and watch SY whenever the ep are posted up. The latter is a bit slow, just saw ep 23 posted up yesterday and will watch this tonight. But it’s just 1 miserable ep.

    Hope by the time I finish with QofH, MFL is out.

  1218. 1218 : eidasayang Says:

    i totally like love in paris and another one my lovely sam soon…..and u know what…..honestly..i’ve never watch Coffee Prince…..everyone said it’s a good drama but i’m just not interested…hahaha….sorry CP fans…..i’m not interested with the lead actor actually…i admit his a hot guy…good looking but i still feel something is missing…..hihihi….

  1219. 1219 : Julee Says:

    Ahh ES where have you been? We’ve all missed you and waiting impatiently for your special tribute. I was re-watching your 1st YSH tribute, a million miles …. still can’t get enough of that.

    SH, I don’t think your yet to be moderated comment is visible to us but only to yourself. What no is that invisible comment??

  1220. 1220 : sang hee Says:

    Ju it’s been approved by the moderator i just chekd now. hihihi Not in drmland yet coz i luv to chat for a little while as i’m sure tomorrow you guys wld have loads of stuff again and mind u from last night’s chat i don’t suppose i finished reading your msgs yet. hahaha too many!

    Eida welcome back…ur headache cure wld be gazing at Yoon sang’s photos ok? hahaha I’ll check out ur tribute after this.

    =P i did list Yoo Jin or Eugene as his lead coz they worked togethe rin 3 Dads….u guys check out 3 Dads, their kissing scenes there ok?

  1221. 1221 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i have to check the no. but i think it’s cleared coz i don’t see the note fr moderator sitting there!

  1222. 1222 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee…

    i’ll try to finish our tribute to YSH by this weekend…..cannot confirm it yet…..
    i will inform here if i finish that tribute….

  1223. 1223 : Julee Says:

    Yes SH, do stay up a bit longer while we’re all tog as it would be soooo lonely chatting to a board of ‘sleeping’ members, haha. Last night those ladies were so enthusiastic about bollywood, got a bit lost there as I don’t watch that many Hindi movies.

    And =P was listing down her soooo long list of kdramas …. that she appeared in google search, haha

  1224. 1224 : sang hee Says:

    ok the no is 1169 and 1170 so i think it’s ok. hahaha

    eida bogoshipo! i thought u must be v. busy with your masterpiece on youtube! hihihi

    oh i dread to think i’m hitting the sack soon and leaving you chingoos behind to chat away!

    are we still on Kdramas list?

    Mind you chingoos, since MFL folded i never got to sit down & really focused on one new drama, altho i peeked at them such as YAB, Iris, CD, LYATT, SY but my mind is still with MFL hahaha I can’t explain this madness i tell you but our frnd =P here understands me fully on this matter! hahaha

  1225. 1225 : =P Says:

    Sang Hee that unni in glass Slippers would be too old!


    Hello ES! Welcome back. Have headache? Try coffee!! Having one now!

  1226. 1226 : sang hee Says:

    Eida…i’ve seen CP & you’re not missing anything…sorry also CP fans and i honestly don’t know why so many liked it…Gong Yoo is hot they say but I think our guy is much hotter! I like YEH in MFL, Goong and even Vineyard but CP altho she was good in her acting too it just didn’t hit me as much as her other projects!

  1227. 1227 : =P Says:

    I get the rest but what is LYATT?

  1228. 1228 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha….sang hee..we have the same thought…..our guy is much hotter !!!

    =P…..it’s a good idea..i will try cofee….hahaha…

  1229. 1229 : sang hee Says:

    =P is she that old? I thought so too but wasn’t sure! Ok so we’ll drop her name off our list then. hahaha Howe about Song hye koo altho she’s taken or dating HB now but only in dramas can she be our guy”s leading lady? say you? marae-ba chingoos! hahaha

    Oh how about this girl from Shining Inheritance and she was also in Spring Waltz, Ho ji someting? i can’t be good sometimes w/their names but you know the lead in SI? I actually like her, she’s also v. pretty and good actress!

  1230. 1230 : sang hee Says:

    sorry about that mianhae =P that’s Loving You A Thousand Times! hahaha

    Eida yah our guy is the hottest….he’s the apple of our eyes yong wanhee!

  1231. 1231 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re right sang hee…..

    i’ve watched goong, vineyard man and MF but not CP…..

  1232. 1232 : sang hee Says:

    girls hv u been minding the score? guess what? we’ve passed Jang geum seok already! yeyyyy!

    oh no a few more min. and i may have to bid you g/nite and got to walk the corridors again and bump into our DC! hahaha

  1233. 1233 : Julee Says:

    I’ve watched CP, and YEH & GY did have a sizzling scene at the end plus some kissy bits earlier on. It’s quite ok and a fun series.

    Ok SH, I went back to last pg to check on your ‘inappropriate’ comment and found ‘body’ (3X), saxy bod .. purpose mis-spelling here (1X), bod (1X) plus intimate (1X). Probably mention body too many times so our moderator got suspicious.

    Hope this comment gets through and not sent to moderator’s inbox since I’m repeating the inappropriate words here.

  1234. 1234 : sang hee Says:

    Ne (yes) Eida….i think i’ve seen all of YEH’s projects! She was really good in all of them!

  1235. 1235 : =P Says:

    Don’t you think YSH should play the Cinderella in his next project?

    I mean he looks completely adorable with the black frame glasses and he could have this big time makeover to capture his lady’s heart!!!

    I mean he so can be a dorky guy!!

  1236. 1236 : =P Says:

    Han Hyo Joo? Not really – – – – -Wait – Definitely noy Uhm Jung Hwa – Please!!

    Her pairing with Oh Ji Ho and Ji Jin Hee was painful to watch

  1237. 1237 : =P Says:

    O! ES – if I have not yet mentioned it – sorry and if I have – it deserves another say so – Your Tributes Are Awesome!!!


  1238. 1238 : sang hee Says:

    Ju now we know better, but it was just something that never even crossed my mind while i was writing it. hahaha careful careful i guess! hahaha No urs shld be ok as they didn’t give u any of that note or warning!

  1239. 1239 : Julee Says:

    Han Hyo Joo …. lead actress in Spring Waltz. I like her, she’s so swet.

  1240. 1240 : sang hee Says:

    wait who is jung hwa with JJH and O Ji ho? =P which drama pls? are u talking about?

    why not Han Hyo Joo? she’s same age as YEH!

  1241. 1241 : =P Says:

    Not Kim Hyun Joo either [Marrying A Mill]

    Maybe we should eliminate people and see which actress we are left with.

    Oh yes – eliminate that lead from Sorry, I love you too please.

  1242. 1242 : eidasayang Says:

    thanks =P….i’m happy that u like it…..

    ok..check my youtube account coz i make another video…but this time from MFL scene with YSH and YEH…..

    i totally fall in luv with the song that i’ve used for the video….

    fallen by richard poon…

  1243. 1243 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Ju i like her too since SW drama! she’ll be good with him right? I dunno why =P doesn’t seem to agree? hahaha Yeah and she’s sweet!
    So not Song hye ko? nobody’s in favour of her either?

  1244. 1244 : Julee Says:

    Since it’s a bit difficult to think of a suitable leading lady at such short notice, how about we think about it for a bit, go through the actress list and then come back with our choice … tomorrow.

  1245. 1245 : sang hee Says:

    oh yeah not kim from MAM….she’s quite ahhh need i say more? hahaha ok let’s boil it down to top 5 or top then shall we?
    I’ll list the top 5 or ten but not necessarily in this order:

    1. Son ye Jin
    2. Yoo Jin
    3. Ha ji won
    4. Kim ha neul
    5. Kim hye sun
    6. Han jin hye
    7. Han yo joo
    8. Yong ae (Jewl in Palace, she’s same age or younger than YSH)

    i don’t know the others.

  1246. 1246 : =P Says:

    Uhm Jung Hwa is that lady in He Who Won’t Marry and Get Karl O Su Jong

    Dunno Han Hyo Joo don’t seem compatible. YEH was super elegant and pretty. HHJ -cute?

  1247. 1247 : =P Says:

    Hey you forgot Lee Da Hae, Sang Hee.

    Somehow she is fixated in my mind at the moment. Need to go and think some more.

    Shin Min Ah?

  1248. 1248 : sang hee Says:

    Eida i’ll chk ur youtube latest tomorrow when i wake up, it’s getting late now my curfew is sounding! hahaha

    Gnite ladies/chingoos and keep chatting as our score is progressing!

    Ju good idea but i got a list anyway just a draft though.

    The bottom line is…..we want out guy to accept a new project and we ain’t hearing it yet? wae wae (why why???) hahaha

    talk to you all tomorrow!

    where’s Diane & YSH4? Gintonic has been gone also, how about Nhuy? and others?

  1249. 1249 : sang hee Says:

    oh yeah sorry i must be thinking of my drmland now that’s why.

    Ok sorry LDH….i like her too v. much since MG!

  1250. 1250 : Julee Says:

    Will confirm my choice tomorrow, need to look through the actress list.

    Now gotta finish up with some work. Tty girls again.

  1251. 1251 : =P Says:

    Night night Sang Hee.

    Don’t stay out too late with YSH! We need him too!

  1252. 1252 : sang hee Says:

    this board has crazy glue in it…i can’t seem to go away! hahaha it’s like a gum i’m stuck in it!

    i just noticed out next guy to beat is Kim Bum!

    Now it’s final girls…..goodnite and see ya all tomorrow!

  1253. 1253 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha Ok =P nite nite….i won’t take him with me this time! but I got his photo shared from by Ju as he was sleeping in Queen! hahaha so good looking even in his sleep!

    thanks girls for your company….we’re accdg to Diane sisters in love and in love we are otherwise i wld’ve gone to bed as early as 10:30 but here i am can’t seem to detach myself even though it’s 11:17 pm here now! hahaha

    sarang hae yo YSH!!! annyeong

  1254. 1254 : =P Says:

    Now just imagine YSH singing Bogoshipda as a lullaby Sang Hee – O man – I want bedtime to come soon too!!


  1255. 1255 : =P Says:

    Just an observation – I notice that YSH looks particularly good in blue!!

    [My Favourite color as it happens – hahahahaha!]

  1256. 1256 : Diane Says:

    Wow! I finally got thru reading what I had missed! I was busy checking out some of the names of your choices for leading lady. I am not good with names, but will remember them when I see their faces.

    I did see Coffee Prince and thought YEH was very good in that. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she is the same one who was HN!! She is a good actress. Same as when I mentioned before about how I personally judge how good of an actor someone is. What I said about our YSH being different in each role he plays, same as YEH. She was a totally different person in CP than in MFL. Not just the roles, but how she looked and carried herself, her whole body language and voice.

  1257. 1257 : Diane Says:

    I agree, =P, our YSH does look good in blue!!!

  1258. 1258 : =P Says:

    Hi Diane! Welcome back. Did you go back and read all that you missed! Ha Ha! I scrolled back just now to see Ju’s list of dramas and I had to go back 3 pages!!

    Yup I agree YEH is a chameleon and so is YSH.

    Well I am thinking that he should play a ugly duckling turn into swan dorky character – He has already been super rich and super poor – so don’t want that complication anymore.

  1259. 1259 : Diane Says:

    =P, I like your idea about the ugly duckling tun into a swan! Good idea! We have seen many dramas where that is done for the girls, why not a guy?

  1260. 1260 : =P Says:

    I guess the gals are all hard at work. What about you Diane? Bed time yet?

  1261. 1261 : Julee Says:

    Back for my cuppa and to check out board.

    =P, looks like we have another thing in common …. love blue too, esp the lighter shade

  1262. 1262 : Julee Says:

    Diane’s time now should be around 3.45 am wed?? Mine here now is 4.50 pm Wed. How about yours =P?

    Now trying to figure out everyone’s location and time diff.

  1263. 1263 : =P Says:

    Yea – we Yoonys do get along well don’t we? Speaking of coffee – sounds like a good time to have a cup of java!

  1264. 1264 : =P Says:

    I’m not far from you Ju – your neighbour actually=P

  1265. 1265 : =P Says:

    That’s how come I knew HB and SHG were filming in your town.

  1266. 1266 : Julee Says:

    So how many cups have you had already today? Mine’s the 2nd one.
    Neighbours eh?? ….. north or south?

    Just before this, I went back to earlier pages to try to locate my 1st post no 214, found it on pg 4 dated Nov 30th. Wow has it been just slightly over 2 weeks and we’ve all been chatting so much with 1000+ comments since then? Shouldn’t all of us get an award for the quickest rising fan board (most likely) and for zooming past so many others within just 2 weeks, haha.

  1267. 1267 : Diane Says:

    My time right now is 4:18 am, but I don’t sleep very good at night. Earlier my cat woke me from a nap and the song “Helpless Love” was playing in my head. Thinking maybe I am singing it too much to Thomas. ^_^

  1268. 1268 : Julee Says:

    Gosh aren’t we the ultimate YSH addicts …. he’s permanently stuck to our brains day & night, awake or asleep, haha.

    I listen to my MP3 while travelling to & from work, mostly fav korean ost & YSH songs and some songs get stuck in my brain too. Recently it was the song from the cyworld vid.

  1269. 1269 : =P Says:

    Well this coffee addict has had 4 cups today.

    Adn this addict is also bound for home.

    I am north of you. =P

  1270. 1270 : Julee Says:

    Ahh north …. at top, mid or bottom?

    Yea, time to head home too. Tty again.

  1271. 1271 : Julee Says:

    Have looked through the actresses list and narrowed down to 2 …. Lee Da Hae & Han Hyo Joo. HHJ is sweet but think she’s not as versatile as LDH, so my final choice is Lee Da Hae.

  1272. 1272 : Diane Says:

    I’ve only seen Lee Da Hae in ‘Hello Miss’, but liked her in that. So I agree, she would make a good choice.

  1273. 1273 : Julee Says:

    Hi Diane, you should watch her in My Girl if you haven’t already done so. She can be so hilarious and there were some sad scenes in which she excelled ….. that heart-rending crying at the airport, I thought she was really good in that one.

  1274. 1274 : sang hee Says:

    anyeong and good morning girls! welcome back Diane…it seems this time around you girls didn’t do much chatting as prev. night …. that’s ok by me as i didn’t hv to scroll down so much & read your 100 something msgs. hahaha

    Anyway, =P & Ju….i love color blue as well…and it does look good on our guy plus that multi colored red shirt he wears in MFL, he looks so attractive!

    I didn’t see Ju’s list of choices for our guy? where is it? Anyway your final is LDH? Ok sorry gals but i’m realy set for Son ye jin or Yoo Jin or Ha ji won the latter was cute and funny in Love so Divine with my/our ex KSW! hahaha i said ex did u guys notice that? he used to be on top of my list but after seeing so many others and now our ultimate actor, he’s an ‘ex’ now. hahaha

    If u guys hvnt seen Love So Divine, you ought too, this is however a movie so 2 hrs of your time is just a drop in a bucket, i think it’s also on mysoju!

    Wait a min. that’s unfair you guys are living close to each other…neighbors? Wow it’s exciting, then you have a chance to meet & have that fave caffeine on the corner like Starbucks? hahaha

    Hope you guys get to meet soon!

    Getting ready for work so ciao for now & ttyl!!!! anyway u guys are in drmland.

  1275. 1275 : sang hee Says:

    one more thing b4 i log off from here….Diane you shld see LDH and Go Soo in Green Rose….that’s another good drama and exciting it’s not really a heavy one but there’s a certain twist in the story that would make you feel hanging on your seat! hahaha I think it’s on soju but after watching it i thought i shld add it to my collection so i’ve seen it maybe 2x only.

  1276. 1276 : sang hee Says:

    have sweet dreams ladies! over & out!

  1277. 1277 : Julee Says:

    SH I didn’t make a list, just went online to look through all the listed Korean actress. Didn’t realise there were so many of them, many unfamilar to me. I decided to go for LDH so that’s my final choice.

    I’ve watched Love So Divine, have the dvd but not really that crazy about HJW.

    Yes I didn’t realise =P is my neighbour, now trying to find out which part she’s from (if she’ll tell me ^ ^). I know ES too is from up north. So the 3 of us can all camp outside YSH’s hotel if he ever comes here. Wonder where YSH4 is from?

  1278. 1278 : Julee Says:

    I’m watching QofH but ended up pausing so often to save TB’s image whenever he appears. At this rate, not sure when I can finish watching.

  1279. 1279 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i was about to log off & as addictive as it is of this board i thot of checking and voila you got a msg here! hahaha Ok so maybe not HJW then…i liked her in Hwang Jin yi that’s probab why she’s one on my list!
    I guess I ms/understood your msg to have had a list of stars.

    Oh you guys shld really get together then, soon! hahaha Oh if he ever goes there and you guys camp out at the hotel lobby, I’ll be joining you! hahaha Why don’t we all go to Korea and search for him? A Kor. frnd of my sister tells her that if we ever go to Korea try to hang out once in a while at the 3 top studios like SBS, MBC & KBS and there’s a lot of actors/actresses you’ll see, they even eat at the sidewalk kiosk that we see in dramas! hahaha

    Re YSH4 i can’t remember now where she’s at maybe she’ll tell us nxt time! Wow in that case it’s gonna be the 4 of you! That leaves Diane and myself from million miles away.

    BTW Ju what song was that again that stuck in your mind from Cyworld? I shld pay attn again when I go to that site!

    ciao for now


  1280. 1280 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha freeze him on the screen is what you’re doing Ju? you’ll nvr finish it then! he’s looking grt in Queen i love his acting and wardrobe so preppy and quite a teaser too! hahaha TTYL

  1281. 1281 : Diane Says:

    Green Rose and My Girl are on my ‘to watch’ list. But because I keep going back to re-watch certain things, I don’t know when I will ever get thru my list. LOL!

  1282. 1282 : sang hee Says:

    hi Diane, i know exactly the feeling! hahaha LOL you may also like Last Scandal….it’s a good one too! the actor from Iris was really funny in this drama Joo something is his name hahaha i can’t seem to figure out their names sometimes! LOL

  1283. 1283 : sang hee Says:

    our nxt target girls is Kim Bum almost there. hahaha

  1284. 1284 : Diane Says:

    I’ve watched Last Scandal twice already and loved it both times.

  1285. 1285 : sang hee Says:

    Yeah i did like it too and incidentally watched it 2x on DVD as it was not avail. online before! Diane another recommendation wld be Mr. Duke you might like this one too! Entertaining and this time it’s a male cinderella, nothing close to the Cinderella Man of KSW…which i didn’t even watch! 🙂

  1286. 1286 : sang hee Says:

    Just like you girls, I love all yoon sang’s songs but prior to going crazy about him, I’v always loved the OSTs of most Kdramas. The MFL likewise Ju I always listen on the way to work….i can memorize the lyrics now of HL and Romance as it rings in my ears everytime…just like Diane also! These days I don’t listen to other songs anymore but Korean! 🙂

  1287. 1287 : Julee Says:

    What kind of drama is Last Scandal?

    Yeah good idea, camp out at those studios until we sight YSH and then scream & jump on him, haha. Just imagine us all charging towards him, the horrified look on his face, his immediate U-turn back into the studios with us in hot pursuit, haha. His shouting ‘guards! guards!’ and then us fighting with guards while he locks himself in.

    That cyworld vid which I’ve grown so fond of and have been listening too so often is the earlier one I mentioned, a 1st Dec entry which is just 1-2 pages back from the latest. It’s the one where he’s doing some sort of prod promotion Joykolon or something and is just after the pic of him in his grey suit going onstage to receive some award. Love that korean song, thought it sounded familiar when I first heard it.

  1288. 1288 : sang hee Says:

    girls check this site from OMONA our guys won Excellence Award, not sure if you already knew?


  1289. 1289 : sang hee Says:

    With Xmas around the corner guess what my anti spam is? Santa! how appropriate!

    Anyway Ju Last Scandal’s genre is romance with a touch of comedy as Jung Joon Ho (of Mafia movie and recent Iris drama) was really funny in this drama, he made me laugh so hard in one of the episodes, my sister too liked it…the lead actress is Choi Jin Shil (may she rest in peace). Choi’s first love was JJH but when they met again accidentally she was already married but JJH never married since then, i guess there goes the saying first love never dies…anyway her husband was in debt so she tried to make both ends meet and one day their paths crossed again (with JJH). It’s nice i don’t want to give away too much but I highly recommend this one so much so i even bought a DVD.
    ciao for now. just on break.

  1290. 1290 : Julee Says:

    Thks for the omona link, nice site she has there. She’s one of the youtube girls I contacted about the buzz polls.

    My page of her site wasn’t displaying properly with some blank and I was scrolling up and down trying to locate the bit of news about YSH getting the excellence award, expecting his pic. Finally found the mention, just a line in the article below SSH’s pic. Pity no pic of YSH there.

  1291. 1291 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i was also hoping to find a photo – unfortunately none! however, it’s good to learn they both won an Excellence award eh? also when i was at KST site just now (sneaking again boss away) i found out in one of the photos indicating a yoonsanghyun dot com when i clicked it just showed a full screen photo of him but that’s it nothing else but that! strange eh?

  1292. 1292 : sang hee Says:

    sorry i was in a hurry….i meant to acknowledge ur thanks….You’re more than welcome Ju!!

  1293. 1293 : =P Says:

    Hi morning girls – first off – If YSH ever came to your neighbourhood – I can probably pick ES up and we both will drive over – pick you up and we shall camp outside wherever he is and stalk him!!

    As for charging at him – use stealth girl!!!! Never charge at prey – too much warning – stalk, position then pounce!!!

  1294. 1294 : =P Says:

    I meant your neighborhood Ju!! LOL

    Let me see now – Ha Ji Won – I have watche her in Love So Divine, Hwang Jini and 100 days of Mr. Arrogant – whilst she can be funny – it seems a tad contrived – over the top – a bit Kim Sun Ah -ish

    Lee Da Hae gets my vote cos – in Green Rose – she played this really demure, then determined and steadfast character- and cried prettily too. Then came My Girl -whoo!! she was over the top funny – but natural – and yes -Ju that airport crying scene – one of the best heartbreaking scenes I have seen!!

    In Hello Miss – she was so adorable when she had to be traditiona; – so elegant as well!!

    So all round I think she is a natural talent.

    [I wonder if her talent agent would like me to write her up!!!]

  1295. 1295 : =P Says:

    O yes! In Sweet 18 – she was hilarious too – she played a straight 2nd but was so funny as her character was one which was comedic but played straight!! If you know what I mean – dead pan humour!

  1296. 1296 : Julee Says:

    Hi =P, yes immediate neighbour but at which location …. top, middle or bottom of country. I know ES is sort of 1/3 up, are you same location as ES?

    Is LDH is Sweet 18? Ah then I must go and watch that, like her acting. Loved her in My Girl. So =P, Diane and I are voting for LDH.

  1297. 1297 : sang hee Says:

    You guys shld see Cloud Stairs if u hvnt as HJH was good in it too with my other guy (now at the bottom of list hahaha) Shin Dong Wook! I loved that drama actually!

    I like LDH too since MG and GR…HM i hvnt seen yet!

    When YSH goes to your country, it’s gonna be a blast with you 3 girls being there up close & personal! It’s possible he’ll do a promo or something! Did u guys notice that MFL hasn’t been promoted at all outside Korea? I hope they do coz it’s really one of the best Kdramas we’ve seen! I was at the Viet site again & I just got saturated with all our guy’s photos, something you’ll nvr get tired of!!

  1298. 1298 : Julee Says:

    SH SH, I can just imagine you oogling at that fav bed scene, haha

  1299. 1299 : sang hee Says:

    Ju LDH just had a small role in Sweet 18 and I believe that’s one of her first projects! She was also in another movie called Star’s Echo with Jo Hyun Jae, i’ve seen awhile back on mysoju!

    Girls actually we shldnt be looking anymore for our guy’s leading lady…we’re all his leading ladies! hahahaha woot woot 😀

  1300. 1300 : sang hee Says:

    hahahaha Ju u made me laugh….oogling did i tell u i printed it y-day and it’s now grazing my scrapbook of him! hahaha don’t forget the fish kiss! hahaha

  1301. 1301 : sang hee Says:

    guys keep coming here we’ll soon bump Kim Bum(p) hahaha

  1302. 1302 : sang hee Says:

    i was just chking the scoreboard and soon our guy will be side by side with our gal YEH! oh how wonderful!

    =P i’ve been meaning to ask you this but I keep forgetting though, aren’t you glad you joined us here? i remember that when i asked you weeks ago i assume u’r too busy but while we’re doing the Buzz voting you came on board & you guys like Ju helped this board get to where it is now, plus Diane, Eida, etc. not to mention our other chingoo who I met here YSH4!!
    I dunno where is gintonic but hope she’s ok!

    As Diane puts it we’re sisters in love! hahaha 🙂

  1303. 1303 : sang hee Says:

    i meant to add something that we’re so happy you guys joined us here! I only started I guess a few mos. ago after searching for our guy’s w/site and i found this and i thot this is grt as u need not sign up or register so i visited often as I cld thereafter, then i met YSH4 and we started exchanging views about oppa! Now we’re a happy family! 🙂

  1304. 1304 : Julee Says:

    Aye aye to that SH, glad to have met all of you and having an avenue to rant and rave about our YSH. Thought it strange though that some of those who were on this board before us have not been here again. I noticed when I checked out the earlier pages, there were a few of them.

  1305. 1305 : Julee Says:

    Now that we know this site is updated weekly and with the last one done last fri, then our should appear below or on top of Kim Bun tomorrow.

  1306. 1306 : Julee Says:

    Time to get some work done so tty again. In the meantime enjoy your fab YSH pics from the viet site and try not to drool too much SH, haha.


  1307. 1307 : =P Says:

    Hi Sang Hee – yup it’s been a blast making new chingoos and chatting here -Thanks to you!!

    I remember when you first asked me – we were still chatting on youtube – then I got busy tying up loose ends then going away for 3 weeks – so I only managed to come aboard after that!!

  1308. 1308 : =P Says:

    Ju – LDH played the ex first love in Sweet 18 – and she morphed into this different character again. Good to watch. She was nonchalant about being bad and rationalised it as well – so the humour was kinda dark undercover type!

  1309. 1309 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoos!

    =P yeah i recall that & i think i may hv sounded a brkn record then coz i kept reminding you to come and post something here hahahaha! Glad you did and now we’re like not (still) getting enuf of our guy! I remember also that every time we rewatch MFL you always have some reviews and we exchange our thoughts about certain scenes hahaha We’re both mitzchu (crazy) about MFL let alone our guy!

    Ju — i also am so happy that after the Buzz poll you’re able to check this board and now we’re all enjoying each others’ company hahaha. Mind you i thought about that as well, when you look at previous pages here, there’s quite a few who were admiring our guy but maybe they didn’t think they can go on & chat here? I don’t know! Let’s hope they re-join us again as the more the merrier!

  1310. 1310 : sang hee Says:

    Ju it’s hard not to drool about his photos….they’re just awesome! I like the photo of his when he was a teen, his face was really handsome even then…looking so innocent! His lips have been like that all along coz i think i saw one posting somewhere thinking that he may have had some cosmetic thing on his lips? I thot no way! If u see his teen photo there’s no way it was retouched or anything like that! One of my faves now is the sleeping Taebong! hahaha gorgeous face even in his sleep!

    Yes girls we’re getting there and like you said Ju this may be updated again this week so it shld be exciting to see the score go up closer and closer to our gal YEH! Speaking of whom she also has a page here of course & i think i also posted there not too long ago. hahaha

  1311. 1311 : sang hee Says:

    i’m always in a hurry to click submit and forgot to say to Ju & =P you’re welcome! so glad you both joined here!

  1312. 1312 : Julee Says:

    I came on here during the buzz polls and we were all cheering when our YSH got to #10, then #9 and amazingly #8 though the 5000+ votes diff looked so daunting. But we never gave up and it was such a great feeling that we and the rest of his voting fans out there managed to push him all the way from #11 to #8.

    I was feeling so tensed during the final night before the polls closed. But all that hard fight was worth it. Hope there’ll be an update on cyworld on the buzz awards.

    About his bow shaped lips, actually it did cross my mind that he might have done something to it but judging from his boy pic, it’s the same shape …. so of course it’s 100% original, and we love it don’t we?

  1313. 1313 : Julee Says:

    Actually Lee Jun Ki too has nice lips, small & bow shaped too. And his face is a nice oval. When I first saw him, I thought he’s ‘pretty’. But hey, we’re here to adore our YSH not LJK.

  1314. 1314 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Ju it was a very tensed moment during those weeks esp in your case having so many accounts just so his position would make it to top 10. It was all worth our while really no matter how taxing it was during those days….all for the love of our idol! He truly deserves all the attention he’s getting from us all hahaha. Up to now it’s hard to believe he made it through from 11 (imagine?) to 8th place! It’s amazing if you come to think of it!
    Let’s hope they upload something in cyworld re the Buzz awards!

  1315. 1315 : sang hee Says:

    re his bow shape lips yeah we love it and now that you broach LJK’s lips yeah it’s nice too and Rain got that shape too as well as Kim ???of Tomato drama! Our guy’s lips are the same from his teen photo to the present! Lucky him born with shapely lips hahaha!

  1316. 1316 : Julee Says:

    The current drama polls is moving at such a snails pace. MFL now at 7% & QofH just 2%. YB now dropped to 49% from 50+.

    SH have you decided on which leading lady yet?

  1317. 1317 : sang hee Says:

    i was just looking at Smile You & it’s entertaining but as I was watching i thought why is it that MFL lives you with a diff. feeling each time you watch an episode every week at that time? I remember looking forward each time I knew it’s gonna be on with subs! Maybe it’s because we love the story plus the actors in it!

    Then i tried to watch WISFC but it’s youtube source so i figured to visit our board & chat a little b4 i get my beauty rest but it’s quiet here, i think you guys must be coming back from lunch hour or something? Our other chingoos are not here tonight!

    Mind you my eyes got its nourishment for watching the Viet site and i got some more photos saved, as if i dont have enough eh? hahaha

    ttyl girls! or if u don’t see me here i must be in my zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1318. 1318 : sang hee Says:

    Ju i’ve been forgetting to vote until you mentioned now…omooo! what 7% only? I agree it’s quite slow moving at a snail’s pace is right!

    re leading lady? i’m hung up on two actresses – Yoo jin and Son ye jin! Don’t get me wrong i like LDH too but I think the two actresses would look good with our guy! So my final choice is SYJ but can i choose two? hahaha If so, I like YJ & SYJ!!! my final answer (reminds you of that tv quiz How to be a Millionaire).

    How about =P did she decide yet? Eida? YSH4? I know u and Diane are LDH!

  1319. 1319 : sang hee Says:

    chingoos….i’m going to drmland or i’m gonna be like a zombie tomorrow! u guys go ahead & chat and hve fun! almost time for you guys to head home right?

    Take care & jjal jah (g/nite)


    Sarang hae yo sangyeon ssi

  1320. 1320 : eidasayang Says:

    hi gals…

    i know i’m quite late today…

    so the list of actress that should pair up with our YSH…

    i choose Kim Sun Ah and honestly YEH once again…
    i like kim sun ah for her comic character…..hope they can pair up one day…

  1321. 1321 : =P Says:

    I’ve been with Lee Da Hae fron the outse!

    Kim Sun AH? Nooooo!!!! She’s too, too, too rough! I did not like her pairing with Lee Dong Gun – a bit off. With Cha Seung Won – so so – but I can’t see her with YSH – jarring.

    YEH again most definitely – but these actors rarely re – pair – canu’t think of any right off the bat maybe Choi Ji Woo and Lee Byung Hun? But that was drama and movie – hmmm – brain freeze!

  1322. 1322 : =P Says:

    The problem I have with Son Ye Jin – she has a melodrama face. I don;t want to watch YSH in a drama where leukaemia or some other fatal disease features ir dying or nonstop crying or just plain heartacge after heartache – like `In Soon is Pretty’ [which by the way I missed out in my list – Stairway, Autumn – ouch!

  1323. 1323 : =P Says:

    I’ve been listening to YSH sing Bogoshipda and he does it full justice. I was just thinking that he would probably do great singing Lee Eun Mi’s I Have A Lover too.

    Today I have been listening to Bogoshipda [YSH], A Fool’s Love [That Fool OST], I Have A Lover, Dalpaengi[Kyu Hyun version], Helpless Love, Once In A Lifetime {Shinhwa] and Snow Prince[SS501]

  1324. 1324 : Julee Says:

    Hi =P, you always make me LOL with your passionate protests. I wasn’t sure who KSA was when I read ES’s choice so googled her image and realised she’s the one in My Lovely Samsoon. Yes agree with you that she’s a bit ‘rough’, mian ES.

    Definitely no dying of fatal illness kind of drama. SYJ is a bit too ‘gentle’ (summer scent). Didn’t know we can include YEH, yes would like to have her again …. we love their pairing in MFL.

  1325. 1325 : Diane Says:

    At the yoonsanghyun dot com web site, did you click on the photo that came up? It will take you inside to the other pages.

    Sang Hee, I did read where you mentioned Mr. Duke and have been looking for it online. Can’t find it, so far.

    I only stick with stuff I can watch online, as long as it is free. I was using netflix, but had to quit. After hubby died, I had to seriously think about finances and stop a lot of things. My internet connection is my “lifeline” to the world, so I can’t lose that. I even gave up my phone to keep this. But I am now using the magicjack to have a phone.

    If anyone finds Mr. Duke online, please let me know.

  1326. 1326 : =P Says:

    Hey, Diane – I think it is difficult to find Mr. Duke – I tried once to find it online – not successful.

    I now have the vcd box set – you can imagine how long ago I bought it – [still vcd format] =P

  1327. 1327 : =P Says:

    Ok – I’m off to the movies now – will check in again if I have time later.

    Just wanted to catch up with you guys before I go off!!


  1328. 1328 : eidasayang Says:

    hahaha..=P…don’t mad at me…..
    but u know..’weird couple’ can be popular….hahaha..just kidding…..
    i know KSA is a bit rough…..sorry =P….

    u like i have a lover by lee eun mi..hi chingoo…u can read my mine….i like that song too….and i just finish my another MFL mv with that song….but not sang by lee eun mi….the other version…..male version by DNT….

    i will give the link later…..

  1329. 1329 : eidasayang Says:


    i also want to hear YSH sing i have a lover…..what a great song…..i believe he can melt my heart again with his lovely voice…..

  1330. 1330 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoos in drmland! since Diane is from this end let me reply to hers first:

    Diane…Mr Duke used to be avail on crunchyroll where there’s lots of Kdramas to watch but since it became licensed, they had to take it out. I’m not sure if i mentioned this earlier but I didn’t watch really online, I bought the DVD since I liked Kim seung woo after watching Hotelier so my curiosity took me farther to find Mr Duke at the local store and like our frnd =P yeah mine is a boxed set also! You can try buy online a frnd of mine always get there if she can’t find from the store and they’re cheap only about $9.00 i think for some DVDs of course it depends I guess just make sure it’s indicating Eng subs. Go to the site called malkee dot com. Good Luck! I’m sure you won’t regret it, it’s one of my favorites!

    now on to other topic girls!

  1331. 1331 : sang hee Says:

    Girls good morning when you read this….reason i didn’t include our girl YEH is bcause i think we’re talking about other leading ladies….however, she’s always #1 in my list and let’s hope they get together again if not soon, later!

    Nahhhhh i wldn’t pair our guy with KSA of Sam song….i dunno but she’s really not on my list at all.

    Ok you guys don’t favour SYJ coz of her pervious roles? That’s fair but she’s also versatile and you probab just saw her in SS which was kinda slow drama for me but she was good in others and could be funny too like in the movie My Wife Got Married! Ok my second choice then is either Han ??? of Shining Inheritance? I dunno!

  1332. 1332 : sang hee Says:

    Ok Chingoos….can you tell me where to listen to that song u guys are talking about? I Have Lover plzzzzzzzz….I’m also addicted to Korean songs and started a collection of CDs too of OSTs and of late, MFL songs esp HL and Taking Care of My heart, Romance even Hot Stuff have been playing over/over again and still don’t seem to get tired of it! Korean songs are sooooo beautiful be it a male or female singer….I’m just fascinated with them. Mind you i hardly listen to any Amer. songs anymore, my ears are glued to K songs and we have a Korean neighbor who probab is wondering why she’s hearing all K songs esp on w/ends when we’re home! hahaha She’s an ahjumma but she never gets close to her neighbors for some reason so I can’t even talk to her on a friendly basis, just annyeong when i ran into her! She may be a little on the bashful side.

    Well girls talk to you later as i prepare to roll up my sleeves again today!

    Ciao for now.

  1333. 1333 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee..
    just go to youtube and type i have a lover lee eun mi…..that song also sang by another singer..check it out!!!

  1334. 1334 : Julee Says:

    Was curious about the song you’re talking about so checked it on youtube. Lovely song …. lee eun mi has a lovely voice. Also heard the version by KRY, not bad too.

  1335. 1335 : Julee Says:

    Was looking at some of the viewers comments on this song and someone mentioned that DC said in one scene of MFL that this is his fav song. I think he did say that but can’t remember in which ep. Was it the ep where HN was staying at his place (after being kicked out by harabuji) and was working on her laptop in the garden when she was trying to find out more about him …. was asking him things like his fav food, etc?

  1336. 1336 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee…..
    DC mentioned the song on ep 13….
    hye na ask about his favourite song…he said i have a lover..
    anyway…i just make a MFL mv with that song..but sang by DNT…male version..
    will upload at youtube later..
    i will give the link….

  1337. 1337 : sang hee Says:

    wow girls u’r still up? i was thinking you’d be in drmland by now!
    by this time maybe u all are!

    Thnx Eida for that tip on youtube which i’ll check later when i get a moment!

    Ju we need to find out w/c ep is that one, maybe you’re right it cld be when they’re in the flower shop? we’ll see! oh maybe our chingoo =P wld know as she’s got MFL on her mind and must know the lines by heart at this point! hahaha

    Ok girls sleep tight and see you when you all get up on a Frid. morning in your zone whereas i’m only Thurs morn. here.

    ciao for now

  1338. 1338 : sang hee Says:

    eida that’ll be cool if u have it on your channel…u know something eida? you’re an answer to one of my prayers that someone i know would one day upload something about our guy….and believe it or not this was even before you came on board! altho my cousin include YSH once in a while in her vid upload she’s in the league of the BBF hahaha so i can’t even begin to impose on her re our guy i mean 100% like can u do this & that, i want to wait till it’s from her own accord! i guess i’m too shy! hahaha
    thanks eida for all you share/shared with us here! i can’t wait to hear the song but it’s gotta be a little later!

  1339. 1339 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee..
    i still in front of my com to finish my tribute..
    once again..hihihi..he mentioned thats song on ep 13…
    u’re right julee..when dc and hye na at garden..hye na busy with her laptop…
    i remember that scenes clearly coz both of them look so lovely at that scene..hihihi…

  1340. 1340 : eidasayang Says:

    hi sang hee……
    u really make me smile right now….thanks chingoo..
    i hope u will have a nice day with all my tribute video..hihihi…

  1341. 1341 : Julee Says:

    Looks like both ES and I are late sleepers. Don’t know why but I always felt that there’s so much that can be done at this time of night, and I like the quietness, perhaps can think better.

    Yes SH, ES is our vid girl and kamsahamnida to her for her masterpieces. And SH, it’s already half an hour into Fri morning for us now.

  1342. 1342 : Julee Says:

    Am watching TB now and pausing like every few secs to screen capture whenever he appears. I want to create pic albums for QofH with all his pics, just as what I did for MFL.

  1343. 1343 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee
    late night give me peace!! hahaha…
    i have so many ideas when i sleep late..
    i think this is a habit since i were a student…
    even nowadays i’m still with that habit..sleep around 2 or 3 am and get up at 6 am..only three hours and i’m fine with that…hihihi..crazy huh?
    julee…do u celebrate christmas? coz i though i want to make a present for u, sang hee, diane…so how about=P ?
    your present..will send by email…via courier..hihihi….

  1344. 1344 : Diane Says:

    I fell in love with that song I Have a Lover when I watched Last Scandal. She has a beautiful voice. That song always brings tears to me when I hear it, especially after I saw the translation of it.

  1345. 1345 : Julee Says:

    Haha ES, we have something in common …. the wee hours is our fav time. Perhaps it’s just the quietness but somehow it just feels so peaceful. Me too, sleep at around 2am and then get up at 6am …. not enough sleep but still don’t want to sleep early, haha.

    Was this song an OST from Last Scandal?

  1346. 1346 : eidasayang Says:

    hi chingoos..
    i just finish another mv from MFL..
    check it out ya..
    i have a lover sang by DNT..male version

    the link..

  1347. 1347 : Julee Says:

    Christmas, not really celebrating but enjoy all the pretty lights. ES, you’re making us a christmas pressie?? that’s so sweet of you ….. something with YSH in it!!

  1348. 1348 : eidasayang Says:

    u’re right…so sleepy but still doesn’t want to sleep..
    that song is from last scandal ost….
    i think just like =P said..it will be nice if we can hear YSH sing that song…
    arghh..totally melt with his voice..:)

  1349. 1349 : eidasayang Says:

    but it’s a secret..have YSH in it but..hahaha….can’t tell u now…i will send it later…wait yaa!!!
    forgot to say..i put eng sub for my new mv…

  1350. 1350 : Julee Says:

    ES, just watched the vid …. lovely. Yes it’s even better with subs because it is more meaningful for those like us who don’t understand their language. Btw, who is the singer DNT?

  1351. 1351 : Diane Says:

    I just lost the last message I wrote. I know I put in the anti-spam word because I always do it before I write. But when I hit submit comment, it took me to a page that said I had to put in the word and to hit the back button. So I lost it, Ugh!!

    Anyway, I only saw Last Scandal twice so I’m not totally positive, but I think the song I Have a Lover comes in on ep 11. It is a good song, and Lee Eun Mi has a great voice. And the drama is a good one. Of course, in my mind, nothing is as good as MFL, but other dramas are good in their way. LOL!

    If you are wondering if you should see it, it is a good story.

  1352. 1352 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee..
    i’m not too sure about the singer..
    i will try to find out later.
    anyway..have to go now..
    have to watch MFL now..hihihi…
    i’ll see u around 10 am..hope i don’t be late from that time..hihihi..

  1353. 1353 : eidasayang Says:

    hi julee..
    just found out from internet..
    DNT stand for Dragon And Tiger…..it’s korean band….i guess they debut last year…

  1354. 1354 : Julee Says:

    Gdnight ES.

    Hi Diane, that happened to me too a couple of times. Though the anti-spam word was there, the message said to re-type. Just click on the ‘go back’ button at top left corner of browser and it should bring you back to the board page with your comment intact. I think the moderators are suspicious of our board with such a high vol of comments that they need us to double confirm, haha.

    Who are the actors in Last Scandal?

  1355. 1355 : Julee Says:

    Dragon & Tiger …. LOL what a name. Thanks ES.

  1356. 1356 : Diane Says:

    Jung Joon Ho (he’s in IRIS right now) and Choi Jin Shil were in Last Scandal.

  1357. 1357 : Julee Says:

    Perhaps should check this series out sometime, when I finish QofH. I was just watching ep 4 and LOL at some of the funny scenes …. quite fun to re-watch actually. And of course there’s our good looking TB to oogle at.

    Looks like I’ll have to go zzzz now, have to work tmr. Tty again.

  1358. 1358 : sang hee Says:

    hello ladies/chingoos/girls

    I highly recommend LS also like Diane I’m of course loving MFL that tops my list but LS is a good drama, there’s touching scenes and Jung Joon ho is superb…Diane i liked ep 10 when he was dancing away all by himself acting like ‘monkey’ to the tune of “Louise Louise” what ever that song was!

    Girls check it out, it’s a good one hence I even bought the DVD! At first when a friend recommended it i thought ahhhh i dunno i thot it may be one of those nonsense dramas, but hey it got better each episode! Lovely drama and too bad with Choi’s death they didn’t continue to pursue a sequel…it wld’ve been good to see them again as they had a good chemistry!
    I love his acting Jung J H of Iris!

  1359. 1359 : sang hee Says:

    eida u sound like me my sleeping tablet is MFL let alone our guy or guys coz i love both of them the YehYsh!

    see u tmrr

  1360. 1360 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi eida, lovely vid ! You go, girl, keep making these treats, we enjoy them so much. I have always love that song by lee eun mi, she’s so good with that song, tears up every i hear that song ! This DNT, not bad at all, adding a new version with the rap bit. Thanks so much eida.

  1361. 1361 : sang hee Says:

    just a few more msgs and KB will be taken over by our guy! so girls keep up the good work!

    Ju i love our guy also in Queen..he was a teaser and hilarious…that’s the drama that really got me liking him then i had to look at his previous projs. like 3 Dads etc. He was funny already in 3 Dads altho i didn’t pay atten to him as he was unknown (to me) then. So one day i re watched 3 Dads & he was v. v . charming with his e.glasses and he cld’ve been one of the dads if he was known then (already)!!

  1362. 1362 : sang hee Says:

    hello YSH4 ur still up? late sleeper are we?

    i hv to see ur latest vid Eida when i’m on my brk, still at work now!

  1363. 1363 : sang hee Says:

    eida….i just finished watching ur latest youtube vid & it’s so nice! i luvd it! I love the song as well, first time i’ve heard that though! thnx for sharing that it’s really great, the scenes you’ve put together, esp like Ju said the one i was raving about! hahaha

  1364. 1364 : sang hee Says:

    we’re just about 12 more msgs to keep up & over with Kim Bum! so by tonight and by the time the moderator updates this our oppa hopefully will be in that spot and KB behind him chingoos!!! then nxt target Kim hyun joong!!

  1365. 1365 : YSH Forever Says:

    Hi girls, i hv checked out lee da hae which some of u hv raved abt – luckily u tube has the eng sub for epi 1 & 2. Yup, she is quite delicious here ! Very natural and impish, no wonder so many were taken by her. Good enut for me to go down to the store to get the dvd to continue from epi 2.

    After seeing LDH, have to agree that she has the spunkiness and the pi