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Yoon Sang Hyun 02

Name: 윤상현 / Yoon Sang Hyun
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1973-Sep-21
Height: 182cm
Weight: 74kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: B
Education: Chung Ang University
Kpop group: 5WHO

TV Shows

Perfect Wife (KBS2, 2017)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (jTBC, 2017)
Shopping King Louie (MBC, 2016)
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi (jTBC, 2016)
The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Gap Dong (tvN, 2014)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013)
Can’t Live With Losing (MBC, 2011)
Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)
Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)
The Secret of Keu Keu Island (MBC, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Winter Bird (MBC, 2007)
Common Single (SBS, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)


A Dynamite Family (2014)
Love Clinique (2012)
Sunday Seoul (2006) cameo


– 2009 17th Korean Culture and Acting Awards : Best Acting Award for TV Drama (Queen of Housewives)
– 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Yoon Eun Hye in Take Care of the Young Lady)
– 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Take Care of the Young Lady)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Queen of Housewives)
– 2006 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

Switzerland’s ambassador

He is appointed as “Switzerland’s Friend” by the Switzerland Tourism Authority during a ceremony last June 27, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. As a Switzerland’s ambassador, he’s going to carry out diverse promotional activities until 2012. (Source) (Translation)

Related Photo

(if you have any Yoon Sang Hyun pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

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11,667 Responses to “Yoon Sang Hyun”

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  1. 11151
    jeezvive Says:

    Hi Shue on comment 11136 its very hard to choose! I cant decide which looks I love the most. But if I have to, I would choose DC’s looks especially when he became butler of HN.

    Tho TB’s curls are very charming, and Oska’s hairdo is something unique and well carried by Yoony.

  2. 11152
    Sinopsis Secret Garden « maioppa Says:

    […] Bin as Kim Joo Won Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young/Oska (Joo Won’s cousin) Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul Lee Philip as Im Jong Soo Lee […]

  3. 11153
    shue Says:

    so sweet of u julee,Jv!
    it must b hard 4 u to do all the screenshots n explainations,really appreciate that!hehe
    Thanks a lot,gumawooooooooo~
    I’ve watched winter bird until episode 25,and i’m addicted to the drama already bcause of yoon sang hyun..!!
    his character as a mma boy is sooo funny and annoying also,
    and his mother really pissed me off..
    cant wait to finish it until episode 43..
    other YSH fans shud watch this drama,he’s so cute here,hehe

  4. 11154
    jeezvive Says:


    You are very dedicated! I have difficulty continuing with Winter Bird because of the slow-pace of the story. I stopped at Ep 7 (I think) the one which in Omma is forcing Dr. Joo to buy a new car.

    But I do agree that Dr. Joo is a loving and lovabale character if not for being a Mama’s Boy. He is so gentle and sweet to his wife.

    Maybe if I am not too tired with the risk of falling asleep with the slow plot development I would continue 😀

  5. 11155
    deen17 Says:

    so perfect man…
    could i get man like u…hehe… *on ur dream deen

  6. 11156
    Julee Says:

    To JV’s 11154

    That’s the reason too for me not being able to finish watching Marrying A Millionaire …. slow plot, too broody male co-star & forever weeping female lead. Just couldn’t take it haha.

    Me prefers to watch Yoony’s later dramas starting with QoH.

  7. 11157
    waishanho Says:

    More pics of the Spring collection forwarded from ysh-0921.com:





  8. 11158
    waishanho Says:

    Handsome! Handsome!





  9. 11159
    jeezvive Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Yoon Sang Hyun Oppa! <3

  10. 11160
    waishanho Says:

    4 older pics, all very manly:





  11. 11161
    waishanho Says:

    A couple of SG pics:



  12. 11162
    shue Says:

    haha..actually,i’ve been fast 4wading the drma to the scenes where sang hyun is in there..
    i don care bout other chracters..haha
    he’s so lovable..evrytym he spoke to his wife he will hug her..
    he smiled n cried a lot in this drama..everytym he said sorry he will cry..ohh mama boyy..haha

  13. 11163
    Julee Says:

    That’s understandable Shue haha …. no wonder you’re able to keep watching.

    About his crying, I very much prefer the way he does it now ….. just with his eyes alone, he can move me to tears. First time it got to me was that teaching HN bike riding scene in MFL …. so heart wrenching just to watch him go through his inner struggle within those few seconds.

  14. 11164
    jeezvive Says:

    In Korea, the men are the recipients of chocolates during Valentine’s Day. So here is my chocolate offering to Sang Hyun Oppa


  15. 11165
    waishanho Says:

    Some more pics of the Spring collection forwarded from Susu’s blog:





  16. 11166
    nini Says:

    ilove you yoon sang

  17. 11167
    mimi Says:

    this is sinsir is kooool

  18. 11168
    nini Says:

    wath that in drama scret gran in tae minet abe

  19. 11169
    shue Says:

    Me also..he is just brilliant when it comes to inner-struggling-i-want-to-cry-but- i cant..
    I love his chracter in MFL so damn much..he just kept evrything inside his heart and continue to serve hyena as her butler..and frankly to say..i never felt bored watching MFL again and again..its my 10th time already watching it i guess…
    OMG i really missed him,hopefully he’ll start acting in new drama again as soon as possible..!

  20. 11170
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Shue,
    welcome to YSHIFC..^_^
    yup, dear Shue, though I also didn’t finish watching the winter bird, but yoony is so cute there..I enjoy looking at him said, “omma..omma..” with a child expression. if I became his mother, I would pinch his cheeks and give him a full bag of candies…hahaha

  21. 11171
    cheesecake Says:

    hi dear deen17, mimi, and nini..
    warm welcome for all of you dear friends…our yoon sang hyun is so wonderful, right?

  22. 11172
    waishanho Says:

    Your chocolate seems really delicious JV! Wish that our Yoony would browse our broad toniight!

  23. 11173
    waishanho Says:

    Seems that we have some new friends here. Warmest welcome to deen17, mimi, and nini.


  24. 11174
    Julee Says:

    To shue @ 11169,

    Wow, 10th time rewatching MFL. Could you be our top MFL viewer? Anyone more than shue? No fast forwarding, have to watch from beginning to end. Me only 4 times hee hee.

    In answer to your question about fav hairstyle among those 3 dramas, I like all of them too.

  25. 11175
    bljv Says:

    Hi Chingoos,

    Its been a while since my last post here… I enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for all the links and pics . Ive been a silent lurker for a while.
    Welcome here Nini,Mimi, Linda, Deen17 🙂

    Ju, Shan, Jv.. help, i need help. I cant logged in to YSHIFC, everytime i log in there i got a message saying wrong password, maybe im overly excited hehe.. i tried all the password im using but still i didnt make it.
    Also pressed the “get back password” button, said my password will be sent to my email but i havent received any.. im still waiting.. 🙁 please help me, help me. I really miss Yoony.
    Thanks in advance Chingoos!!

  26. 11176
    jeezvive Says:

    Precious Days!!!!!

    I am so excited to meet you 😀

  27. 11177
    shue Says:

    thanks cheesecake:-)
    The website is great,lot of info bout him..
    hmmm ohyeah he’s so cute there!”Omma..huh?omma…”hahaa..
    but it is sad though bcause in the end he was forced by his nasty mother to divorce his wife..wonder if there is ever a mother like her in this world..so so so evil,
    poor dr.joo..huhu..

  28. 11178
    Julee Says:

    Was checking out Yoony’s Japanese blog and got the gist that during his mini live concert in Japan on 25th & 27th, there’s going to be a Oscar costume contest and lucky participants get to take a pic with him. Something about some jacket …. could it be that shiny suit?

    And they also get to ask him questions, think it’s with a handwritten note …. something like the sketch msg which they were using in SG? Sounds like fun.

    Today is the Precious Days album release !

  29. 11179
    jeezvive Says:

    Shan, on comment 11173 that’s Royce chocolate endorsed by Yoony! heehee 😀 yummy, right Ju.

  30. 11180
    Diane Says:

    Wow, so many new sisters!! And thank you for all the new (at least, new to me) photos of our sweet boy. Don’t get here as often as I wish, but when I do get on, there are so many new things to read and see!!
    My favorite look is DC. In MFL is when I really fell in live with our Yoony. Even though he is cute in all his other looks, too.

  31. 11181
    jeezvive Says:

    Dear bljv,

    Shan sent Angela an email in Chinese about your problem at Yoony’s YSHIFC. Angela replied right away.

    I sent you a PM at soompi, I hope you can check it right away.

    We miss you on board 😀

  32. 11182
    waishanho Says:

    Beware girls! These pics are ….. breath-taking!











    (All forwarded from http://www.ysh-0921.com)

  33. 11183
    waishanho Says:

    More pics from the “Precious Days” album:





    (All forwarded from http://www.ysh-0921.com)

  34. 11184
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s blog message of 15 February 2011

    2011-02-15 19:29:28
    Yoon Sang Hyun’s fan meet Special!!!
    Subject: Blog

    Hello! I am staff.
    Tomorrow is the launching day of Mr. Sang Hyun’s long-awaited first full-length album “Precious Days”!
    Please check your local CD shop.

    With the first photo-book “Smiles Bring Blessings” and the CD album “Precious Days”, you can touch the heart of Sang Hyun.
    You will also be able to vividly feel Sang Hyun too.

    During Yoon Sang Hyun’s mini concert and fan meet to be held on
    25th February (Gotanda Yu Hall, Tokyo) and 27th February (Osaka NHK Hall, Osaka), everyone will be able to participate in an interesting program …… Oska’s costume contest!
    The winning contestant will get a commemorative photograph with Sang Hyun dressed in the selected costume!
    As you know, Sang Hyun played the role of a Hallyu star in “Secret Garden”.
    Oska’s costume worn by Sang Hyun had attracted a lot of attention.
    Please prepare the perfect look for Oska.
    Sang Hyun will personally pick the winner for this Oska’s costume contest!
    You may participate in groups of 2 to 3 to design a simple outfit with jackets and shawls!
    The best selected costume will be worn by Sang Hyun on stage for his special performance.
    Reference sizes: Italian size 48 for upper jacket
    Exact size for jacket: shoulder 50 cm, Bust approx 100 cm, sleeves approximately 60 cm, total jacket length of about 70 cm.
    Please join us!

    There’s more!!!
    Board of requests! Let’s ask Sang Hyun questions directly!
    Anyone can participate in this special activity on that day!!!
    You are invited to write on an A4-size board questions and requests like “A wink!”, “A kiss!”, “What type of woman do you like?” etc. and raise them up for Sang Hyun to answer.
    This is a rare opportunity for you to personally ask questions! Don’t miss it!
    Meet Yoon Sang Hyun, the hottest actor in Korea right now.
    Please participate by giving us fun questions and ideas!
    You may contact us @
    Yoon Sang Hyun Official Club, Japan, “Meeting Engagement”
    (Please specify your name and contact information)
    E-mail: crossone@mbn.nifty.com
    FAX: 03-6804-2633

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  35. 11185
    Iris Says:

    He is so cute, you have a fan here in Puerto Rico, you sing so beautiful and sound so sweet, come and visit us Ricky Martin’s and Jennifer Lopez hometown

  36. 11186
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s blog message of 16 February 2011

    2011-02-16 19:36:45

    Hello everyone! I am Yoon Sang Hyun.
    Do you know what day it is today~!??
    You are right! My album is finally released!!
    I’m sorry that I could not be in Japan on its launching day.
    But I am so happy with this good news!!
    Thanks to your support, my album was ranked 17th on the Oricon Charts on the first day of release!
    I am really thankful to all of you!!
    My heartfelt gratitude!!

    It’s the start of work from now!!
    I am going to Japan this weekend.
    I will work hard!
    I very much hope to see you soon!
    Let’s meet at Nishinomiya and Kawasaki!!!

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  37. 11187
    waishanho Says:

    Isn’t this pic gorgeous?


  38. 11188
    bljv Says:

    Dear JV, Shan,

    Thank you so much for your help dear chingoos, really appreciate it. Gomawo..:), i can log in to ysh-0921 now.. Again thanks alot.. also thanks to Angela for the effort .
    Jv wait for my email.. excited to be on your mail list and am waiting for your updates about Yoony dear chingoos

  39. 11189
    jeezvive Says:

    Dear Site Admin,

    Can you please add these Precious Days Photos of Yoon Sang Hyun Oppa in our gallery… please. Thank you!


  40. 11190
    jeezvive Says:

    Hi Iris,

    Welcome to Yoon Sang Hyun English board! We are so happy and proud of “Yoony” to know that he is also very popular in Puerto Rico 😀

    Please visit here regularly and make comments about Yoon Sang Hyun, we have a lot of information to share about him.

    You can call me JV.

  41. 11191
    waishanho Says:

    Another breath-taking pic of Yoony:


  42. 11192
    waishanho Says:

    Two more adorable pics of Yoony from the “Smiles Bring Blessings”photo-book:



  43. 11193
    waishanho Says:

    Promotion clip made by Angela for the release of Yoony’s “Precious Days” CD album on 16th Feb 2011:


  44. 11194
    waishanho Says:

    Lovely promotion pic made by Susu for the “Precious Days” album:


  45. 11195
    waishanho Says:

    To bljv @ #11188, Come to join us quickly! We have been waiting for you!

    Dear JV, have you started making your screenshot instructions yet?

  46. 11196
    waishanho Says:

    Yoony in Japan at 18 Feb 2011:


  47. 11197
    waishanho Says:

    Yoony in Japan at 19 Feb 2011:






  48. 11198
    cheesecake Says:

    dear bljv onniiiiiiiiiiii……miss you….!!!
    welcome to YSHIFC, my onni! ^_^

  49. 11199
    cheesecake Says:

    Hola dear Iris…! muchas gracias for loving our Yoon Sang Hyun..welcome to this board. nice to see you!

  50. 11200
    cheesecake Says:

    Hi dear Diane, miss you…
    Dong Chan is also the best interest in my heart. I began falling in love with him when watching MFL. oh, I can’t tell how much I thank all our dear friends who have brought us so many wonderful things of our dear Yoony!

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