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Yoon Sang Hyun 02

Name: 윤상현 / Yoon Sang Hyun
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1973-Sep-21
Height: 182cm
Weight: 74kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: B
Education: Chung Ang University
Kpop group: 5WHO

TV Shows

Perfect Wife (KBS2, 2017)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (jTBC, 2017)
Shopping King Louie (MBC, 2016)
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi (jTBC, 2016)
The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Gap Dong (tvN, 2014)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013)
Can’t Live With Losing (MBC, 2011)
Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)
Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)
The Secret of Keu Keu Island (MBC, 2008)
One Mom and Three Dads (KBS2, 2008)
Winter Bird (MBC, 2007)
Common Single (SBS, 2006)
Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)


A Dynamite Family (2014)
Love Clinique (2012)
Sunday Seoul (2006) cameo


– 2009 17th Korean Culture and Acting Awards : Best Acting Award for TV Drama (Queen of Housewives)
– 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Yoon Eun Hye in Take Care of the Young Lady)
– 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Take Care of the Young Lady)
– 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Queen of Housewives)
– 2006 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

Switzerland’s ambassador

He is appointed as “Switzerland’s Friend” by the Switzerland Tourism Authority during a ceremony last June 27, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. As a Switzerland’s ambassador, he’s going to carry out diverse promotional activities until 2012. (Source) (Translation)

Related Photo

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  1. 11251
    cheesecake Says:

    dear JV, me too..me too..being shocked at the moment. I tought that happenned coz my internet connection was broken hehehe

  2. 11252
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Moderators,
    thank you so much. I’m relieved everything’s okay now. ohh, feel sorry why there’re people out there love making bad deed. I don’t think hacking is enjoyable. we should be happy to make people happy, not the opposite. thanks dear moderator to save this board.
    I Love You


  3. 11253
    cheesecake Says:

    My Shue,
    oh, feel so curious what you are doing right now. hahaha looking forward your another wonderful artwork! can’t wait..can’t wait! hehehe

  4. 11254
    jeezvive Says:

    dear Moderators,

    Sorry to hear about that. Thank you for fixing everything now!

  5. 11255
    cheesecake Says:

    have just read the older posts of this board…Dear Julee, JV, Shan, bljv onni, Angela, YSH4 (I hope I can communicate with her someday). you guys are very funny, my chingoos! hahaha
    I know it’s too late, but I want to join that ” love topping up” game too!
    so excited! I also have gazillion of gazillions love for our yoony.
    사랑합니다 사랑합니다 사랑합니다 사랑합니다
    사랑합니다 사랑합니다 사랑합니다 사랑합니다
    사랑합니다 사랑합니다 사랑합니다…gazillion of gazillions x! heeheehee

  6. 11256
    jeezvive Says:

    I was watching Arirang TV show Showbiz Extra. They have a segment called Hot Search where they list the top online searches for the week. And guessed what toppeed the list? it is OSKA Socks! 😀

  7. 11257
    jeezvive Says:

    Hani and Shue,

    You made me laugh so hard with your comments about me and Yoony. Had so much fun reading them. So sorry if I was not able to comment right away.

    Hani, you always supports me in my dreams and delusions heehee Thank so much dear Chingoo.

    Shue, dont worry, I can share Yoony with you until we get married LOL Looking forward to your next artwork.

  8. 11258
    cheesecake Says:

    My Dear JV,
    You’re welcome, my JV. coz I think it’s cute if one of my dear chingoos become my sister in law. I hope our oppa will bring the beautiful bride JV to home. right, Julee Onni? heehee oh my, there will be two girls gazing at oppa whole day and I’ll be made busy to clean the house alone! hahahaha
    wow, happy to hear that arirang news, my JV. oska’s charm is a magic!

  9. 11259
    Julee Says:

    To shue at 11243,
    I think shan mentioned some site where you can order the Smiles mag.

    Dear chee, it’s never too late to shout out your saranghae for Yoony ^ ^
    To 상현 … my 사랑해 x 10^1 000 000 000 000 000 000

  10. 11260
    waishanho Says:

    Dear JV and Shue,

    You two will make a lovely “trisome” with our beloved Yoony! LOL.

  11. 11261
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s blog message

    2011-02-27 21:26:36
    Thank you!
    Subject: Blog

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you!
    It was really impressive! My songs!
    Just kidding!!
    It’s your looks and your encouragement.
    I was so touched by all of these!!
    Tokyo and Osaka,
    Both are awesome!

    I’m planning an interesting event for everyone to be held in SAN CLUB this year.
    Please take note!

    2011-02-27 16:16:05
    Subject: Blog

    I hope it will be fun today!!!

    2011-02-26 16:37:38
    Oska in Osaka!

    Oska has come to Osaka!
    Oska again!
    I had a lot of fun with fans in Osaka ……
    Even my Japanese staff too had a good laugh…..
    I ate a lot of delicious food … thank you!

    Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?
    It would be unfortunate if you did not!
    Because I really enjoyed it!!
    From the stage, I had felt the love from the audience conveyed to me through your earnest eyes.
    I was deeply moved!
    Because of this I know I must work even harder!

    Hard work, Mr. Gong Teyu! ~
    I am counting on you again tomorrow!!

    I am now preparing and practicing for tomorrow’s activities in Osaka.
    I will do my best!!
    Everyone please come tomorrow!
    Let’s enjoy it together!!

    My agency told me that there have been concerns from fans on how I have been doing in recent days.
    To be able to hold such fan meets and to meet you face to face,
    I wish to reveal my true self to you and to chat with you with ease!
    I wish to respond to your earnestness conveyed to me through your eyes.
    So please do not worry!
    As you can see when you look at the stage!
    I am me!
    I will bring you Yoon Sang Hyun’s love and his unique personality.
    You are like my family and relatives.
    That’s why I am enthusiastically returning to you!~
    See you at the fan meet! We will have closer contact!!!
    Ladies and gentlemen, fighting!!

    2011-02-26 05:06:49
    Tokyo completed!
    Subject: Blog

    I am staff!
    The fan meet and mini live concert held in Tokyo has ended successfully.
    What did you think about it?
    There were many reporters and photographers who came for the interview prior to the concert.
    Of course Mr. Sang Hyun responded to the questions raised by reporters with smiles.
    There’s still the Osaka event. So please take care with Sang Hyun’s blog and give us your strong support.
    (We would appreciate that you keep the details of the concert, the songs and the program confidential)

    Since there are so many comments to read through, Sang Hyun will take his rest much later today.
    Thank you.

    2011-02-25 12:29:38
    Subject: Blog

    Today is the Fan meet!
    Exercised in the morning and breakfast!
    It’s now lunchtime!!
    We will meet in our best form!!

    I will do my best!

    2011-02-24 16:20:35
    It’s still raining….
    Subject: Blog

    I’ve returned to Japan after a short trip back to Korea.
    I’m back and it’s raining again~
    It’s nice to think I’ll be seeing you tomorrow
    The rain is making me nervous.
    I’m also worried about your safety~
    Will all of you be coming!?
    See you tomorrow~

    2011-02-24 13:48:21
    Participate in our game and get a gift!
    Subject: Blog

    Finally tomorrow is the fan meet in Tokyo!
    Is everyone ready?

    In commemoration of the release of the “Precious Days” album, a popular game from Amoeba Mall has been added in the mobile phone service.
    Yoon Sang Hyun has also been included as a game figure named ガチャ
    If you select ガチャ as your role in your initial task, you will be awarded 5 of my pictures as your mobile phone standby screen savers!
    ^ ^ Hahahahaha.
    If you are able to complete all the tasks, you will be awarded my autographed wallpaper.

    5 winners randomly picked from those who had completed all the tasks will receive my autographed memorabilia.

    Wow ~ ~ ~

    Autographed posters of “Precious Days” will also be given as gifts!^ ^

    Please try the challenge in this game!
    Deadline for this activity: 31st March! Please enjoy the game within this period!
    Our staff will inform you of the draw results after the event through messages!
    http://ameba-mall.jp/shop/ysh092 … 4/agreement?guid=on
    Sang Hyun Purchase!

    See you tomorrow at the fan meet!

    2011-02-21 13:39:40
    Autograph signing event today!
    Subject: Blog

    I am now having lunch.
    It’s Japanese food!
    Today fighting!

    2011-02-20 10:46:45
    Kawasaki Thank you !
    Subject: Blog

    Wow ~
    I was surrounded by a lot of fans.
    It was really fun and I was so happy!
    But it’s chilly!
    Ladies and gentlemen, take care not to catch the cold.
    Return home safely!

    2011-02-20 10:46:45
    Heart thumping ~
    Subject: Blog

    Rehearsing in Kawasaki!
    See you in a moment (^0^)/

    2011-02-19 13:49:02
    Thank you!
    Subject: Blog

    Today’s event has ended successfully.
    A lot of people came!
    Thank you! See you tomorrow
    Oska is waiting for you – Thank you –

    2011-02-19 11:02:00
    Subject: Blog

    See you later!

    2011-02-18 17:49:18
    It’s been a long time. How are you!

    Oska! ~ Osaka ~

    I’m in Osaka now!

    It’s a bit chilly but I like it here. It’s been a long time Japan!
    Practice and more practice today!

    See you tomorrow!

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  12. 11262
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s blog message of 28 February 2011

    2011-02-28 21:31:16
    Back home safely!!
    Subject: Blog

    Hi everyone! It’s Butler Seo Yoon Sang Hyun.
    We had a happy time, thanks to you!
    I returned to Korea with heartfelt joy!
    Thank you so much!!
    We shall have the San Club event next ~!!
    The idea was from me.
    I want to do so many things together with you!!
    Ah~! My favorite is still mountain hiking!
    Hahahaha! ! !

    Until then, please watch Butler Seo on LaLaTV. Wait for me!!
    I am the butler to all of you!!


    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  13. 11263
    Diane Says:

    Hello dear sisters,

    There is nothing with dreaming about our sweet guy. I may be an old lady, but believe me, I still have dreams. My mind does not feel as old as my body is. It feels about 18 yrs old sometimes.

    I believe that if we stop dreaming, we may not be living. So live, love and dream, girls!!

  14. 11264
    Diane Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

  15. 11265
    bubble Says:

    good morning to all! glad tat its back to normal now 🙂

  16. 11266
    bubble Says:

    hihi JV, yes yes i saw tat too… HOT search, Osca Socks!!! hahaa… i wan it too!!

  17. 11267
    shue Says:

    wow.. really OSKA socks??
    dear chee,have you seen my post in the fan board in YSHIFC?
    that day u said u are curious about what i’m doing right?hehe

  18. 11268
    jeezvive Says:

    Hi Diane!

    Thank you! That was a very nice comment you made.

    NowI dont need to feel bad about my dreams and delusions! Heehee see you soon Yoony! 😀

  19. 11269
    jeezvive Says:

    thanks Shan for reposting the translated blog messages of Yoony. that’s a lot! Thank you thank you.

    Bubble, i regret that i only found out about that site to watch arirang tv live stream. There was an interview with Ssun before about Yoony that my friend saw. Thanks to baolin for posting that arirang weekly star news that I got to discover the live stream link.

  20. 11270
    jeezvive Says:

    Shue, you have to share here your Yoony artworks here, the man in white, man in black, and the personal artwork!

  21. 11271
    shue Says:

    jv told me to post the pics here..
    so here they are..!


    actually i’m a bit shy to show u my drawing..its not really good..i promise next time i’ll make it look better!

  22. 11272
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Shue,
    Yes..yes…my Shue, I have seen those wonderful and beautiful artworks. actually, I monitored fans board everyday whether you’ve posted the works or not. but unfortunately when you posting on YSHIFC, I must have already gone Zzzzzzzz…sleeping on my bed! oh, I lost the moment that I wait. once again, congratulation for your artworks, honey! you’re a talented artist, my Shue!

  23. 11273
    cheesecake Says:

    My Dear JV,
    You’re welcome, my JV. coz I think it’s cute if one of my dear chingoos become my sister in law. I hope our oppa will bring the beautiful bride JV to home. right, Julee Onni? heehee oh my, there will be two girls gazing at oppa whole day and I’ll be made busy to clean the house alone! hahahaha
    wow, happy to hear that arirang news, my JV. oska’s charm is a magic!

  24. 11274
    cheesecake Says:

    Really, my Julee? wow, it’s going to be so fun!
    this is yours @comment 11259:
    To 상현 … my 사랑해 x 10^1 000 000 000 000 000 000
    this is mine:
    1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
    any other chingoos want to join replaying this cute game?

  25. 11275
    cheesecake Says:

    My Shan, thank you so much for bringing back the english blog messages. very appreciate them.

    Hi, dear Diane. thank you so much for your beautiful message. I am not afraid to have a big dream now! love you..!

  26. 11276
    jeezvive Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Yoony artworks Shue 😀

  27. 11277
    bljv Says:

    Shue, beautiful Yoony artworks.. well done!

    Shan, thank you for posting here the translated Sang Hyun’s blog messages. MFL in lala tv? wow, hope it will get good response there… 🙂 Butler Seo Dong Chan i missed you!

  28. 11278
    shue Says:

    i want to join!hehe
    My love for him is INFINITY..nehh seem no one can beat me..haha..

  29. 11279
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Shue,
    your “infinity” term made me tremble, Shue honey! heeheehee
    This “love topping up” game has proven that all yoonies love him soooooo much!!
    thanks for all chingoos who have created this lovely game!

  30. 11280
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear bljv onni,
    me too miss Dong Chan so much.I’m still obsesed with this yoony’s character. he’s so caring!
    Onni, I don’t like milk! dont know why! but if I dont finish my milk when having breakfast, my mom said, “drink your milk or your butler Seo will be sad!”
    Behind the Scene of mom’s trick: mom always found me re-watch MFL many times and so love Seo Jib Sa. then making this opportunity to make me finish the milk. and the smart mom always succeed to run the mission! heehee
    I’m 20 years old already. but my mom still think I’m her little girl. and I like it! heehee. oh, I love my mom and you too, my onni!

  31. 11281
    waishanho Says:


    Chick this link for Yoony’s pics. in the recent CD launching promotion activities in Japan from the Baidu Yoony board gallery:


  32. 11282
    waishanho Says:

    Arirang TV interview with Yoon Sang Hyun (2011-03-02):


    Don’t miss it! It’s in ENGLISH!

  33. 11283
    waishanho Says:

    A lovely MV made by the lovely Angela of http://www.ysh-0921.com with many Yoony pics from his Spring collection and his recent activities in Japan:


  34. 11284
    bljv Says:

    Dear Chee,

    heehee.. Your mom was so sweet like Dong Chan, wish i have a mother like yours or a butler like Seo Jibsa. Youre such a lucky cute girl!
    Everytym i rewatch MFL i feel the love between the 2 Char., Butler Seo is so sweet, so loving, it feels like when your with him youre totally secured, im deeply touched with his love to Haena and vice versa.

    In short, im inlove with their love story and inlove with butler Seo (Yoon Sang Hyun).

  35. 11285
    cheesecake Says:

    my bljv onni,
    every mom in the world is wonderful, I believe your mother is so sweet too, onni. yes, my dear onni, this man is so kindhearted, very warm. when he cried, my heart also cried. his true love to Hye Na is so pure.
    onni, I’m also a fan of yoon-yoon couple. ! I enjoy their natural chemistry. so sweet.
    our Seo Jib Sa is a dream man, right bljv Agasshi? heeheehee

  36. 11286
    shue Says:

    me too me too,dong chan nomunomunomunomu chua he!
    I wish i can find a man like him in real life..so warm,caring,loving,sweet,charming and what else should i describe him?
    I’m totally swooned by him now,hahahaha..

    and thanks shan for providing the link,you are the best!hehe

  37. 11287
    jeezvive Says:

    Hi Shue, I have email message to you and PM at Yoony’s YSHIFC

  38. 11288
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s Blog of 5 March 2011

    05/03/2011 10:47:41
    Weekend quiz!!
    Subject: Blog

    Hello everybody!!
    It’s the first weekend of March!!
    What are you doing this weekend?
    I know.
    Have you been waiting for me?!
    Have you been waiting to play this quiz with me??!

    So, please participate in this weekend quiz of Yoon Sang Hyun!!

    What is surprising about Nishinomiya?

    ① The quietness around the hotel is surprising.
    ② The lively environment around the hotel after midnight is surprising.
    ③ The desert around the hotel is surprising.

    Come on!! Please join us in this quiz!!
    I’m expecting a lot of interesting comments!!

    Have a fun and healthy weekend!

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

    Sang Hyun’s Blog of 4 March 2011

    2011-03-04 21:32:12
    How are you!!
    Subject: Blog

    How are you?
    I am fine too!!

    I am now busy with the CM shoot.
    How is everyone?
    It’s been a week since the High Touch events
    I am recharging for the next live events!!

    It’s March already!
    Let’s all welcome a good Spring!
    Fighting too!!
    Fighting too, everyone!!

    Weekend quiz tomorrow!!
    Ladies and gentlemen, see you again in this blog tomorrow!!

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  39. 11289
    waishanho Says:

    Dear chingoos, these two fabulous MVs made by Angela of http://www.ysh-0921.com with the same song will make you miss Dong Chan so much more.

    (new version: made yesterday)

    (old version: made around a year ago)

    Please enjoy watching.

  40. 11290
    waishanho Says:

    Questions and Answers in the “Smiles Bring Blessings” photo-book.

    1. 첫 데이트라고 하면? 영화관
    1. Where did you have your first date? At the Cinema.

    2. 산이라고 하면? 선생(산으로 부터 많은 것, 인내,인생들을 배우니까)
    2. What do mountains make you think of? Teacher (I’ve learnt so much in the mountains: perseverance, life itself)

    3. 엄마의 맛이라고 하면? 김치
    3. What taste does mother represent? Kimchi.

    4. 집에 돌아가면 젤 처음에 하는것은? 세탁, 청소
    4.What is the first thing you do when you get home? Do my laundry and housekeeping.

    5. 보고 울어버린 영화는? 뉴 시네마 파라다이스
    5. Have you ever cried while watching a move? Which one? New Cinema Paradise.

    6. 노래방가면 반드시 부르는 곡은? JUST ONE
    6. Which one is your must-sing KTV song? JUST ONE.

    7. 애독서와? 없슴
    7. Do you have any favorite book? None.

    8. 좋아하는 과자는? 과자는 그다지 먹지않는다. 커피를 자주 마신다.
    8. Do you have any favorite cookies? I am not fond of eating sweets. I like drinking coffee.。
    Do you have any favorite cookies? I am not fond of eating sweets. I like drinking coffee.

    9. 여행해 보고 싶은 나라는? 일본의 끝에서 끝까지, 몽골, 카자흐스탄
    9. Which countries do you want to travel to? Every corner of Japan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan.

    10. 지금까지 중에서 가장 부끄러웠던 것은? 첫 드라마 촬영때 여배우 앞에서 NG를 50번 낸 것
    10. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? I had 50 NGs in front of an actress during the shooting of my first TV drama.

    11. 좋아하는 복장은? 청바지에 티셔츠
    11. What is your favorite costume? Jeans and T-shirts.

    12. 존경하는 사람은? 부모님
    12.Who do you respect the most? My parents.

    13. 도전해 보고 싶은 스포츠는? 패러글라이딩
    13. What sports do you want to play? Paragliding.

    14. 만약 전직한다면? 스테이크가게, 고급고기집
    14. What do you want to do besides performing arts? I want to open a steak shop, premium meat outlet.

    15. 자신을 색에 비유한다면 무슨 색? 초록색.좋아하는 색이다.(산,자연 좋아하니까) 군대가기전에는 파란색을 좋아했었다.
    15. Which color represents you? Green is my favorite color (Because of my love for mountains and mother nature). Before I joined the army, I used to like blue.

    16. 최장 통화시간은? 12시간
    16. What is the longest time you have ever talked on the phone? 12 hours.
    What is the longest time you have ever talked on the phone? 12 hours.

    17. 한국을 소개한다면 어디를 데리고 가겠는가? 경주
    17. Which place in Korea would you recommend? Gyeongju.

    18. 윤뱅에게 있어 사진이란? 사진 찍는 것이 좋음. 여행할때는 언제나 카메라를 가지고 간다. 사진을 찍히는 것도 좋아 한다
    18. What does photo shooting mean to you? I like to take photos. I bring my camera whenever I travel. I like to have my photos taken too.

    19. 인생에서 중요한것 3가지를 가르쳐 주세요. 노력,자신,겸허
    19. What are the three most important things in your life? Diligence, self-confidence and being humble.

    20. 스탭에게 전하고 싶은 말은? 일본:스케쥴을 너무 빡빡하게 짜지 말아주세요.그리고, 일본어를 잘 못하니까 어려운 일본어 가사는 만들지 말아 줬음 좋겠다.(난) 천재가 아냐!!(웃음)
    20.What do you want to say to the staff? To the staff in Japan: I hope you won’t make the schedule too tight. As my Japanese is not very good, please do not compose lyrics with very difficult Japanese words. (I’m) not a genius. (Haha)

    21. 좋아하는 화가는? 고흐(천재라고 생각)
    21. Who is your favorite artist? Vincent van Gogh. (I think he’s a genius)

    22. 이상적인 휴일을 보내는 법은? 여행, 낚시
    22. What is your ideal holiday? Travelling, fishing.

    23. 최근 가장 열 받았던 일은? 재판. 최근 승소해서 이젠 열 받지 않지만:
    23. What was the most recent thing which upset you? The verdict. I won the trial, so I am no longer upset.

    24. 다시 태어난다면 남자? 여자? 어느쪽? 남자(몇번을 다시 태어나도 남자!!)
    24. Which gender would you choose to be if you could be reborn again? Male or female? Male (I would definitely choose to be male no matter how many times I could be reborn)

    25. 그 이유는? 다시 태어나도 지금의 나처럼 되고 싶으니까. 내 자신이 좋으니까.자기관리가 철저히 하고 자기 일을 사랑하고 있다.내가 지금 그런 사람이
    며 다시 태어나도 지금과 같은 사람으로 태어나고 싶다.
    25. What is your reason? I want to be me again after rebirth. I like me. I like to monitor myself strictly. I like my present job. I am what I am. I hope to be the way I am if I am reborn again.

    26. 한가지 소원을 이뤄준다면? 아내가 될 사람과 빨리 만날 수 있도록
    26. If I could make one wish come true for you, what would you like to be? I hope to meet my other half as soon as possible.

    27 .좋아하는 음료는? 아이스커피
    27. What is your favorite drink? Iced coffee.

    28. 하루 몇 시간 정도 인터넷을 하는가? 1시간.그다지 하지 않는다. 아침.점심.저녁 20분씩
    28. How long do you spend online in a day? 1 hour. I don’t often go online. 20 minutes each in the morning, afternoon and at night.

    29. 잘 가는 곳은 어떤 사이트인가? 자동차 관련 사이트. 자동차 디자인에 관심이 있으니
    29. What kind of websites do you often browse? Automobiles related websites. I have a strong interest in car design.

    30. 지금 가장 하고 싶은 것은? 런닝
    30. What do you want to do the most right now? Jogging.

    31. 평균 수면 시간은? 7~8시간
    31. How many hours do you sleep on average each night? 7~8 hours.

    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho & lindanew
    Edited by: Julee

  41. 11291
    waishanho Says:

    Sorry chingoos for attaching the wrong link for the first MV brought to you in #11289. This is the correct one:


    Again this fabulous MV is made by Angela of http://www.ysh-0921.com.

  42. 11292
    bljv Says:

    Hi Chingoos,

    Shan thanks for the translated blog message and for posting Questions & answers in “Smile bring blessings” photobook. I know what JV’s favorite Yoony’s answer.. heehee
    JV you have to meet Yoony as soon as possible 🙂

    Shue, Chee Agasshi.. Dong Chan is our man, He is the one!

  43. 11293
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Shue
    your screaming “nomunomunomunomu chua he” reverberated until my bedroom. you must love Dong Chan so much like us too! heeheehee

    Dear Shan,
    Thank you so much for bringing the translated articles. so much appreciate them..^_^

  44. 11294
    jeezvive Says:

    I am missing Yoon Sang Hyun Oppa!

  45. 11295
    jeezvive Says:


    Would you mind if I post here the green Yoony-JV invite beautifully done by Hani?

  46. 11296
    cheesecake Says:

    My pleasure, dear JV. right, chingoos?

  47. 11297
    shue Says:

    yeap hanii,nominomunomunomu chua!
    yes jv,post the invitation card here,so that other fans know that sang hyun is getting married!

  48. 11298
    waishanho Says:

    Sang Hyun’s Blog of 7 March 2011

    2011-03-07 17:43:50
    Correct answer!!
    Subject: Blog

    Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation!!
    (@ ° ▽ ° @)

    The right answer is…..!!!

    Option ①!!

    And your prize from Yoon Sang Hyun for this quiz is ③!!

    All those who had chosen option ③, you’re Yoon Sang Hyun.

    There is a baseball field near the hotel.
    As it is not the baseball season yet, I did not see anyone on the field as I walked by!!
    I had heard that we were going to Osaka,
    so I thought we would be going to Dotonbori!!
    Dotonbori is famous for being the beer brewing center of Japan
    because it has the best variety of wheat!!
    Dotonbori beer is the most delicious!!
    Do you know that!!??
    I’m sorry~

    Anyway, it would be such a terrible waste not to stop by at Dotonbori when you visit Nishinomiya (^ o ^)
    I stayed in Nishinomiya for just a day.
    The quiet time was a good experience.

    Original blog article source:
    Translated source/copyright: ysh-0921.com
    Translator: waishanho
    Edited by: Julee

  49. 11299
    waishanho Says:

    Did you enjoy the MVs which links being attached at comment box #11289? Here’s the link to the first MV with English translated lyrics done by waishanho and Julee for your understanding of the very touching song:


  50. 11300
    cheesecake Says:

    Dear Shan,
    thanks my Shan for the video links. yes, I enjoyed so much. ohh I miss MFL! the beginning of one of the vids was like a movie trailer. marvellous! credit to our Angela.
    My Shan, may ask you is Angela one of yoon-yoon couple lovers? coz I found many of her fan-made videos were about this lovely couple.

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