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Yoon So Yi

Yoon So Yi 04

Name: 윤소이 / Yoon So Yi
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-05
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Hanyang High School, Dongduk Women’s University (Sports Model degree), Dongguk University (Theatre degree)
Religion: Buddhism

TV Series

The Witch Is Alive (CSTV, 2022)
Get Revenge (CSTV, 2020)
The Sun’s Seasons (KBS2, 2019)
The Last Empress (SBS, 2018)
The Lady in Dignity (jTBC, 2017)
Yeah, That’s How It Is (SBS, 2016)
Hidden Identity (tvN ,2015)
Let’s Eat 2 (tvN, 2015)
Angel’s Revenge (KBS2, 2014)
IRIS 2 (KBS2, 2013)
Color of Women (Channel A, 2011)
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011)
Hero (MBC, 2009)
City of Glass (SBS, 2008)
Auction House (MBC, 2007)
Several Questions That Make Us Happy (KBS2, 2007)
Goodbye Solo (KBS, 2006)
Say You Love Me (MBC, 2004)


Brothers in Heaven (2018)
The Lost Choices (2015)
Try to Remember (2010)
Shadowless Sword (2005)
The Twins (2004)
Arahan (2003)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actress (Special Planning Drama, Warrior Baek Dong Soo)

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  1. 1 : annalou: from phils Says:

    HI! YOON SO YI………u know its not obvious,that u are already 22 years old
    because u are a baby face ur appearance was very immature than ur age…
    dont worry if no body leaves u a message because for now ur not so popular specially in phils,because some of the commentor here are filipino which is a koreanovela big fan thats why we are not familiar with u….and maybe soon f ur drama will be telecasted here, im sure u have a floods of comments in ur profile just like the other………thx at least im the first who sended u a message……..


  2. 2 : nlal Says:

    So-yi Yoon you are very hot. Hope to see you live in Greece, Athens!!!

  3. 3 : mohan bahadur chhetri Says:

    HI! YOON SO YI………u know its not obvious,that u are already 22 years old
    because u are a baby face ur appearance was very immature than ur age…
    dont worry if no body leaves u a message because for now ur not so popular specially in phils,because some of the commentor here are filipino which is a koreanovela big fan thats why we are not familiar with u….and maybe soon f ur drama will be telecasted here, im sure u have a floods of comments in ur profile just like the other………thx at least im the first who sended u a message……..

    i like your lovely smile…..
    plz send me your any photo i like u and your smile…
    plz send me mail ok byeeeeeeeee
    iam from nepal

  4. 4 : pioneer Says:

    Hai my dear,
    YOON SO YI…………………………………………………..,
    I miss your cute smile;
    I miss your child like face,
    I want to saw you day and night too……….,

    I want your contact numbers or anythings please ……….
    I am from “INDIA” waiting your’s replies…………………..

  5. 5 : JOE MAYA Says:

    Yoon So Yi I liked the way you acted in arahan. It’s only film Ihave seen of you.You with the others gave me a lot of info since I am studying to become a ninja .

  6. 6 : ANIMESH Says:

    I LOVE U So-yi Yoon …WILL U MARRY ME …

  7. 7 : Fatih Says:

    I Love You So-yi Yoon … I am living TURKEY.Come Turkey.Please send me mail.

  8. 8 : mauie Says:

    yoon, from the time being youre not that famous, but time will come and you’ll soon to be rised even here in phil. you had an oustanding appearce in a crowd, very unique, keep tha good work yoon, more power to you

  9. 9 : albin Says:

    i m great fan of ur beauty n smile n of course martial arts……

  10. 10 : albin Says:

    contact me if u can

  11. 11 : noel Says:

    hi there! how are you? really love the way act and i find you so beautiful. stay pretty always. take care. please email me. thanks… want to be your friend.

  12. 12 : Johanda Says:

    Wow.. i really have no idea that people around the world idolize Yoon So Yi.. it must be really nice! ;p
    I do like your act in your movies! right now i’m looking for more movie where Yoon So Yi starred. Uhuh.. Yoon So Yi is really cool. by the way, i’m your fan from Indonesia but live in Australia.. Hope to see n talk to u in person!! wahahaha. only if my dream come true i guess ^^a Anyway have a good day guys!!
    Bravo for Yoon So Yi !!!

  13. 13 : ifeanyi Says:

    hi babe im a male from african after watching your flim shadowless sword i think that you are the best actor that i have ever seen in chinese flim movies. please keep it up i love to hear from you my mail [email protected] or +2347028584546 that my phone unmber

  14. 14 : khidzplay Says:

    u’r so cute ,you look like Jeon Ji-hyeon slightly, DAMN ~ ASIAN GIRLS ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ΘΘ,)

  15. 15 : eli damaskinos Says:

    hi, Yoon So Yi..

    love the way you act in Shadowless sword..
    i have to download “Arahan since you also starred there!”

    im from philippines, and im looking forward for your “koreanovelas” to be telecasted here in philippines…

    or maybe i have to download it instead of waiting..

    i already made a fans club of yours in my friendster…

    add me up..

    [email protected]


  16. 16 : Marsya Says:

    hai im from solo..
    take solo ok..
    se u in solo again..im wait you..he..he..he..

  17. 17 : Marsya Says:

    hai im from solo..
    take solo ok..
    se u in solo again..im wait you..he..he..h..

  18. 18 : Dharmesh Says:

    Dharmesh here form India. I saw only one movie ARAHAN and i become fan of u. I like martial art movies too much so u r the second actress to whom i like mos, bc z i fan of michelle yeoh too. But u r looking too sweet, i like ur smile, ur eyes i think whole over ur face, which attract me. Your action is realy nice.

    I like to give 10 points out of 10 for looks, acting and actions.

    I would be like to do friendship with u, but i know u r in sky and may be you can’t but i hopes oneday u become my friend.

    And i realy feel happy and be proud if u become my friend.

    Wish u all success and happiness of the world get in ur life.

    Bye, from a fan and ur friend(if u wish).

  19. 19 : joey Says:

    Hi Yoon So Yi.. i saw your movie shadowless sword! now, im your captive. please keep in touch..

  20. 20 : fred Says:

    hi yoon so yi

    first i really enjoy ur film shadowless sword it was very good , i love the high flying action from beginning to the end .it was very thrilling to see that kind of movie your amazing and the intire crew was great . hope to see more of you in that kind of movie, i have 1 question hoping you might able to answer at the end of the movie it show a little girl holding a sword is there a sequal where you startingall your training and fighting in the battle leading to where you become adult in search for the prince starting you of course . plz respond it would be please to hear from you. fred from the new york thank you hope to hear from from you

  21. 21 : fred Says:


    just want to say thanks n keep making movie e-mail [email protected] love to hear from u about other project

  22. 22 : Ryo Says:

    Hi , Yoon soy
    I like you , You’re very lovely when you smile.
    And…I love you forevermore… ^O^
    Good day and sweet dream too , bye ……..

  23. 23 : mike Says:


    Congratulations for the excellent performance on “Shadowless Sword.” Too bad New Line Cinema did not extend its marketing in the Philippines. But I don’t think its too late.

    I have to admit, I nearly fell in love with Soha.


  24. 24 : Michael Remolona Says:

    hi!!! im from the phillipines, but now working here in japan…i like ur martial arts style in arahan and in shadowless sword….ur really good, as an actress and a martial artist…no doubt for me that ur a real martial artist in real life(hope so?! hihihihihi)….nweiz hope to see you in a martial arts movie again…take care always!!! and more power!!!

  25. 25 : go Says:

    You rock!!!

    Who can resist the beautiful warrior princess type…

  26. 26 : eashan krishan Says:

    i just say u r beauious ………

    i love u
    merry me

  27. 27 : Luis Says:

    Hi 윤소이,

    My name is Luis, i´m from Panama(Central America). I saw one of your movies “Shadowless Sword” and i want to congratulate you for a very good work. Kisses and Hugs from this part of the earth. Cuidate mucho y ojala puedas contactarme.

  28. 28 : jrtorino Says:

    yoon soy yi…..

    aHhMm…..i’m came from the phillipines can you be my friend
    in friendster?????
    can you be my chatmate?????
    this is my friendster e-mail [email protected]
    and this is my yahoo mail [email protected]
    aHhHmM…. congrats for your carreer
    add me to your friendster and to your yahoo mail

    i love you yoon soy yi mwuaahHhhh

  29. 29 : joseph Says:

    i cried when your character (soha) in “shadowless sword” cause i instantly fell in love with you

    that made search about you

    anyways good luck to your shows and hpoe to see you soon on movies

    take care!!!

  30. 30 : joseph Says:

    i cried when your character (soha) in “shadowless sword” died cause i instantly fell in love with you

    that made search about you

    anyways good luck to your shows and hpoe to see you soon on movies

    take care!!!

  31. 31 : Dionizio Says:

    Hi dear Yoon so Yi, Im from Brazil….yep, away from Korea.

    but I saw shadowless… couse taht I dont understand one word of korean… but, it is wonderful very beautiful… thanks for this great performance..


    n kisses

  32. 32 : lucky Says:

    i like you most bcoz of your smiling face cute look,i really gonna love you but i m till 16 yrs old,so i can’t do anything,so plz be friendz of me

  33. 33 : lucky Says:

    i realy like you and love you

  34. 34 : lucky Says:

    i m from india,i dont think that you avoid the request of your little fan

  35. 35 : jason Says:

    Hi, I just watched the film shadowless sword.. yep it seems to take three years to get it from korea to the UK but a Very Good film!!! it is one of the best martial art films i have ever seen.

  36. 36 : Joriz Says:

    Hi.. What’s your newest upcoming movie???? I would like to marry a girl like you. Specially if your true character portrays the character you did in the “Shadowless Sword””” It was a very great film. You are very sweet. Please give me your email address. Im from philippines but working in taiwan……….Take care always………….God Bless you..

  37. 37 : from india Says:

    I am from india and ilike yoon so yi’s good looks and cute acting. She will be beautiful in the film “The twins” .”Arahan” and “Shadowless sword” are her other popular movies

  38. 38 : Suryo Says:

    Iam Indonesianees,,
    I cant talk again,,,,
    Iam your fan
    i like your style in shadowlees sword

  39. 39 : Kanagaraj Says:

    All are telling many things to impress U. I have nothing to impress U. Because you are great impresser. What I feel is nothing can impress U.

    From your Utopian World,
    [email protected]

  40. 40 : JoAnn Says:

    You are a great actress… I watch Glass Castle every week. What a nice drama.. you are a Cinderella. I read the sub titles and it is such an adicting show. Hope to see you in more shows. Keep up the good work.
    You have a fan in me living in Hawaii!!! Good Job!! Yoon So Yi (Min Joo)

  41. 41 : Junrey Ocaña Says:

    Hi Yoon So-Yi,

    I have seen Shadowless Sword movie and Auction House series of yours. It was damned good. I think in a philopher’s point of view you are a part of God’s brilliance. God has shown how good is He in doing things when he created you. You are an art no one can ever forge nor re make. Nature’s best indeed. After seeing you in the movie, the first thing that comes in my mind is that Heaven is now crowded, angels are over populated. That is why you set foot on earth.. I like to have an email message from you. My email add is [email protected]. Im a huge fan, not just that, Im a fan who is willing to face the barricades just to see you. Thanks for acting in movies and series.

  42. 42 : LuvzKoreanz101 Says:

    does anyone know where to watch this online!

  43. 43 : JEMRY MALABAD Says:


  44. 44 : JEMRY MALABAD Says:


  45. 45 : JEMRY MALABAD Says:


  46. 46 : jonathan Says:

    Hello Yoon So Yi,
    I am from Switzerland and watched “shadowless sword” – you are a very beautiful woman. Very soft and tender. Congratulations. If you once dropped me an email – that would be great for me ([email protected]). All the best for you.

  47. 47 : maynard Says:


  48. 48 : BILAL Says:

    hi miss yoon u r so bueatiful i like ui miss you r so cute .

  49. 49 : BlackFeather Says:

    hahaha even my age (17) is too young i have a crash with you so yi ^^

    by the way im daniel form philippines hehe im just wishing that you will have a drama or action movie here in philippines ^^

    your so beautiful my number 1 idol ^^

    keep it up ! hehe


  50. 50 : BlackFeather Says:

    by the way i want some details about you ^^ hmmm can you post it? or mail me [email protected] ^^ coz i want to make fan clubs hehe

    thx! very much! ^^

    always take care and Godbless ^^

  51. 51 : fairus alakadarnya Says:

    aku suka banget lihat sikap kamu yang dingin. aku harap kamu membalas email or komentarku dalam bahasa Indonesia

  52. 52 : Dustin Says:

    Just looked you up after seeing Shadowless Sword. I watch movies while I work in my office. Nice being the boss..lol. Loved the movie. Just wanted you to know you have a fan in Philadelphia, USA..City of Brotherly…keep doing your thang!

  53. 53 : sut Says:

    hi………… how are you?

  54. 54 : eugene Says:

    Your picture above looks different when you appear on screen. You did a good job in “City of glass” Keep up your work and make more drama for us to watch. Love you and Lee Jin Wook.

  55. 55 : goodbye solo Says:

    hye yoon soo yi.
    i just watched goodbye solo.
    i love the drama n i love to see you with chun jung myung.
    really cute couple i’ve ever seen.
    anyway,keep it up.
    support you always. no doubt.
    hope to see you one day.

    with love from malaysia.

  56. 56 : Pepito, Deane Danel L. Says:

    “Hi…! Nice one uh!?
    I’m your big fan here in the Philippines…..
    Just drop in a comment to say



  57. 57 : sasan Says:


  58. 58 : Grizlyer Says:

    hi… Nice one owh
    i just watched your movies
    That is a Shadowless Sword
    That agood movies I like it
    you are so beautiful in that movies

    And i’m your big fans her in Indonesia
    “and I hope, I can to see or meet you”

  59. 59 : shubham Says:

    you are very beutiful.i want your potos collection pelese send on my orkut account please ………
    …………………..you look very charm.

  60. 60 : cirus Says:

    I’m one of your fan here in the Philippines…..
    Just drop in to leave you a comment:
    your so beautiful.. hmm,,, and i’m amaze with that gorgeous smile you have.. hoping that youll enjoy your life to the fullest and keep up the good work and smile lol..

    tc care.. and i like you..

  61. 61 : kevileto Says:

    i am your fan always………kevi(nagaland)

  62. 62 : Edi Says:

    Ayo bisa gak bahasa Indonesia. kalau bisa tak nikahin kamu

  63. 63 : Nasr Says:

    coba kalau bahasa indonesia

  64. 64 : Nasr Says:


  65. 65 : Alper Says:

    Hi from Türkiye. I think you are an imagination in dream and I am ever in love with you in my dreams. I hope we don’t meet anytime and anywhere and this romance always will go on.

  66. 66 : loner Says:

    I really dont know why i like you so much.Only thing i actually care about is meeting you someday.I even had a weird thought in my mind that if i could become a producer than i would offer you a job in my film and make you happy in some possible way.

  67. 67 : liurai Says:

    your action in shadowless sword film is the best. your mind, activity is good.
    bravo yoon so yi……..

  68. 68 : khun jom Says:

    i love u . . . soha . . .

  69. 69 : tester Says:

    I’m your fans from jogja…
    “pripun kabare mbak?

    I’m wait you in Borobudur….

  70. 70 : yun so Says:


  71. 71 : Lacrimoza Says:

    hi Miss Yoon So Yi and good evening.

  72. 72 : air jordans shoes Says:


  73. 73 : gila Says:

    jangan pada gilaaa donk, mana mungkin ni artis bales pesen kita…ga bakal

  74. 74 : Suzan Says:

    Hey, yoon so, you are really an action, gal, i adore you frm the twin, arahan, and of coz frm latest ‘Hero’ keep on….

  75. 75 : Love Says:

    THis is Love ………..
    I’m in America……..
    Your shadowless sword….
    Your aways in my thoughts…..
    Know that…..Princess…
    Love is Love…..warm hugs

  76. 76 : KDrama : HERO « Asianfansclub Says:

    […] Joon Ki as Jin Do Hyuk Yoon So Yi as Joo Jae In Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong Baek Yoon Shik as Jo Yong […]

  77. 77 : vincent Says:

    belated happy birthday 😀

  78. 78 : Geines Sun Says:

    soooooooo nice ilove it

  79. 79 : SAR Says:

    She looks too old for her age..maybe because she is too skinny..???

  80. 80 : melvin Says:

    UR SOO pretty

  81. 81 : Mia Says:

    In the recent drama Warrior Baek Dong Soo, she looks like 36 years old! And yet the biodata here states that she’s only 26 ??? Wow, she looks at least 10 years older…..when the current trend is for women to look younger than their actual age ?

    What’s happening? Unbelievable

  82. 82 : « YOO SEUNG HO Fan Club Says:

    […] Soo – Yeo Jin Goo as young Dong Soo Yoo Seung Ho as Yeo Woon – Park Gun Tae as young Yeo Woon Yoon So Yi as Hwang Jin Joo – Lee Hye In (이혜인) as young Jin Joo Shin Hyun Bin as Yoo Ji Sun – Nam Ji […]

  83. 83 : estetica dentara Says:

    Big thumb up for this blog post!

  84. 84 : arash Says:

    very nice

  85. 85 : porxche Says:

    u are a beauty to be hold

  86. 86 : Hero (히어로) « styrn Says:

    […] Joon Ki as Jin Do Hyuk (28) Yoon So Yi as Joo Jae In (28) Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong (28) Baek Yoon Shik as Jo Yong Deok […]

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    […] Yoon So Yi as Byun So Ra Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin Lee Soo Kyung as Wang Jin Joo […]

  88. 88 : dany Says:

    superbe actrice que je viens de découvrir dans “le règne par le sabre” .Bravo à toi Yoon so yi pour ta prestation ,dany un fan de la Belgique…amitié:-)))

  89. 89 : angel Says:

    u’re my best actress…i love u

  90. 90 : angel Says:

    u’re my best actress… yoon… fighting!!!

  91. 91 : yana Says:

    belated happy birthday!!!!!
    u’r so beautifull, hope that i cold meet you in personal

  92. 92 : Color of Woman | Novelas Coreanas Says:

    […] Yoon So Yi as Byun So Ra Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin Lee Soo Kyung as Wang Jin Joo […]

  93. 93 : [KBS 2013] IRIS2 RAW E01 | Says:

    […] Sun Hwa Yoon Je Moon Lee Jung Gil Yoo Min as Sato Eriko Cha Hyun Jung as NSS Dispatch Team Leader Yoon So Yi as Park Tae Hee Sung Dong […]

  94. 94 : Kelly wangchu shengs Says:

    Hi,it is super thing that ever since i saw many movies but wat a moral of the movie,i feel great about her acting.it is super and my favourite movie acteress, u SO-YI-YOON is the best of all.keep it up.i love it.

  95. 95 : Kelly wangchu shengs Says:

    Hi,i feel great about your acting.it is super and my favourite movie acteress, u SO-YI-YOON is the best of all.keep it up.Love it.

  96. 96 : Kdrama – IRIS 2 (아이리스 시즌2) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Bum Soo sebagai Yoo Joong Won Kim Seung Woo sebagai Park Chul Young Yoon So Yi sebagai Park Tae Hee Park Jung Won sebagai agen Korut (pelayan Park Chul […]

  97. 97 : dramalover Says:

    She is beautiful, but recently (in Warrior Baek Dong Soo ), she looks older because she is too skinny. You should take care of yourself, SO-YI-YOON!!!

  98. 98 : mml Says:

    A very nice pair up with Kwon Se In in Angel’s Revenge this drama. I love to watch Angel’s Revenge the leading actor and leading actress, one is good looking and the other is sweet and beautiful and hopefully the romance will be sweet too.

    Really love to watch Angel’s Revenge ……………

  99. 99 : loi Says:

    she look like kim jung hwa.. love here. and her love interest In angel revenge!

  100. 100 : hiresh Says:

    I saw your movie arahan. and your acting in this movie is fabulous, nice.god bless you forever.i love you

  101. 101 : ajay Says:

    i love u

  102. 102 : kariam Says:

    I really lov u yoon am a big fan of u will wishing u more success in ur movie career

  103. 103 : Santosh Salve Says:

    I literally cried when i saw your video song “Davichi (다비치) – The Letter (편지) MV (Drama ver.)”. even i don’t understand Korean language. I wish all the success and happiness peace love in your life. i will always praying for you…Always follow you..Take Care

  104. 104 : alok Says:

    excellent work in angel ‘s revenge drama (keep working)

  105. 105 : k. gaurav Says:

    I hv 4 words for u, I LOVE U ALOT.

  106. 106 : Rajiv Daksh Says:

    am miss Rajiv Daksh my yoon so yi

  107. 107 : eddie Says:

    shadowless sword..the best

  108. 108 : Angel’s Revenge | My Mp4 Soju Says:

    […] CastYoon So Yi as Lee Sun YooPark Jung Chul as Jang Tae JungMoon Bo Ryung as Seo Ji HeeKwon Se In as Seo Ji […]

  109. 109 : nikul Says:

    very beautiful actors.I like you.

  110. 110 : jackque Says:

    you are such a beautiful lady i really really appriciate you girl..I love you unnie

  111. 111 : Gobinda Taid Says:

    Hi Miss Yoon, I already saw all d films of u. I don’t know whatever u think about me but I really wanna chat u…… U can contact me at +918135070130

  112. 112 : naresh Says:

    hiii yoon so yi me like your movie shawdelesh sword. i saw it about 20 time very much i like it and only 5 movies your i think very much movies your and it all in hindi language i m your best frend u r performans is very very very good dear.

  113. 113 : animesh nigam Says:

    i m from India. I became your biggest fan of your personalitu after seeing your film shadowless sword. you were looking so gorgeous

  114. 114 : wang bhutia Says:

    Hiii Yoon So yi
    I am really found of ur acting and ur cuteness too , it would be grateful n pleasure to me if U would kindly give me ur social networking sites where I can be in communicate with the stars like U. lastly I want to say from bottom of my heart I ♥ U…

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  116. 116 : vino Says:

    hi! yoon soyi i am vino from “india” u are my best actress in world i realy like you and love you very much.

  117. 117 : chetan Says:

    I really like your acting.
    In film shadowless sword.
    Yoon so hi.
    Keep it up
    From India

  118. 118 : Anas Says:

    you r superb in ur career work.
    m look u in the role of “SO-HA” and from then m ur big lover. you r Very cute specially your smile.
    can u be make my good friend???
    m wait your positive reply.

  119. 119 : Nirob Says:

    Hi YOON SOY i am Nirob. Really, nice you. do you Love me.

  120. 120 : Bashirboy Says:

    Just finished watching Shadowless Sword. You didn’t deserve to die. I like u so much. Ur crazy fan from Nigeria. @Bashirboy

  121. 121 : sumit Says:

    yyoon so swa ur move shadowless sord more than 100 time i am a biggest fan of u….ur look in very inocent and beautiful in move i like u so much

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