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Jang Hyun Sung

Name: 장현성 / Jang Hyun Sung (Jang Hyeon Seong)
Profession: Actor and writer
Birthdate: 1970-July-17
Birthplace: South Korea

TV Shows

VIP (SBS, 2019)
The Running Mates: Human Rights (OCN, 2019)
Angel’s Last Mission: Love (KBS2, 2019)
Doctor Prisoner (KBS2, 2019)
Praise of Death (SBS, 2018)
Dance Sports Girls (KBS2, 2018)
Twelve Nights (Channel A, 2018)
Where Stars Land (SBS, 2018)
Live (tvN, 2018)
Doubtful Victory (SBS, 2017)
Temperature of Love (SBS, 2017)
While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2017)
Seven Day Queen (KBS2, 2017)
Man to Man (jTBC, 2017)
Woman with a Suitcase (MBC, 2016)
Doctors (SBS, 2016)
Dear My Friends (tvN, 2016)
Mrs. Cop 2 (SBS, 2016)
Signal (tvN, 2016)
Cheo Yong 2 (OCN, 2015)
Assembly (KBS2, 2015)
Heard It Through the Grapevine (SBS, 2015)
Punch (SBS, 2014)
Secret Door (SBS, 2014)
Secret Love Affair (jTBC, 2014)
3 Days (SBS, 2014)
Who Are You? (tvN, 2013)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
The End of the World (jTBC, 2013)
The King of Dramas (SBS, 2012)
Five Fingers (SBS, 2012)
Big (KBS2, 2012)
Ghost (SBS, 2012)
A Wife’s Credentials (jTBC, 2012)
Salaryman Chohanji (SBS, 2012)
For the Sake of Son (KBS, 2011)
A Thousand Days’ Promise (SBS, 2011)
Vampire Prosecutor (OCN, 2011)
Sign (SBS, 2011)
Pure Pumpkin Flower (SBS, 2010)
Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (KBS2, 2010)
Jejoongwon (SBS, 2010)
The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon (KBS2, 2009)
City of Glass (SBS, 2008)
The Scale of Providence (SBS, 2008)
New Heart (MBC, 2007)
Seoul’s Sad Song (KBS2, 2007)
Golden Era of Daughter in Law (KBS, 2007)
The Great Catsby (tvN, 2007)
White Tower (MBC, 2007)
My Love (SBS, 2006)
Great Inheritance (KBS, 2006)
Precious Family (KBS, 2004)
Terms of Endearment (KBS, 2004)
Rosemary (KBC, 2003)


Steel Rain (2017)
Curtain Call (2016)
Angry Lawyer (2015)
Love Wins (2014)
C’est si bon (2014)
Hwayi (2013)
Dance of Time (2009)
Femme Fatale (2007)
The Best Romance/The Perfect Couple (2007)
Our Happy Time (2006)
Romance (2006) co-wrote and acted
The Magicians (2005)
Love is a Crazy Thing (2005)
Princess Aurora (2005)
Never to Lose (2005)
Feathers in the Wind (2004)
Springtime (2004)
Ghost House (2004)
Spider Forest (2004)
My Right to Ravage Myself (2003)
Spring Breeze (2003)
Rewind (2002)
Survival Game (2002)
Break Out (2002)
Butterfly/Nabi (2001)
Real Fiction (2000)
Shiri (1999)


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Special Actor (Mid-Length Series): Jang Hyun Sung (Heard It Through the Grapevine)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Long-Length Series) – Jang Hyun Sung (Goddess of Marriage)

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